Posted by: Donna Cunningham | November 30, 2010

Mother Earth in your Chart—What on Earth Would It Mean?

©11-30-2010 by Donna Cunningham, MSW

Yesterday I put forth my long-held theory that the Earth itself is the ruler of Taurus rather than Venus (AstroDebate—Which Sign does Venus Really Rule?).  The proposition that the Earth rules Taurus stirred up a vigorous yet respectful discussion in the comment section.  For the people who were intrigued with the idea, however, it raised more questions than it answered.

First, if you’re wondering, the Earth is placed directly opposite the Sun in your chart— in the exact degree and minute of the opposite sign and house.

Thus for every aspect the Sun makes, the Earth makes a corresponding and complementary aspect. (E.g., If the Sun trines Uranus, the Earth sextiles it.)

Above is the astronomical symbol for earth—not to be confused with the glyph for the Part of Fortune, which is slightly tilted.

 Here are some of the bigger life questions it raised for readers:

  • What would the Earth in our charts mean?
  • What qualities, needs, and urges would be attributed to it?
  • What would it bring to the house placement? 
  • How would the sign and aspects modify it?

And perhaps most important of all, since Earth is always placed directly opposite the Sun, what does that opposition mean

 In what ways does your Earth balance your Sun? How do the realities of living on the earth in physical form create a drag on our Solar directive to express ourselves fully?

 How does it ground it? And are we grounded for life?  How do we individually deal with Earth’s annual cycle of seasons, and how can we use that deep rhythm wisely?

I’m not asking you to accept that the Earth rules Taurus.  Why WOULD you accept it without more data?  An open mind, now, that would be splendid!

It’s time the Skywriter community engaged in another fun research project like the ones on the minor aspects or accidents.  What I think would be interesting and productive is for us as a group to explore our Earth placements further. 

It’s only fair that I add mine. As I mentioned yesterday, my own Earth is in Capricorn in the 6th house. I have only Neptune in earth signs, so this is a welcome addition to my chart.  In Capricornian fashion, I’ve worked very, very hard all my life overcoming a family background of poverty.

 6th house placements can indicate working in the health professions, and almost all of my social work jobs were in health care settings, where I ended as a hospital administrator before deciding to become a full-time astrologer.

 I did become prominent in our field, and my proudest contribution is a text for professionals, Counseling Principles for Astrologers. So, yes, I do think my Earth in Capricorn has a profound meaning. The opposition to my 12th house Sun is also meaningful, as my work has grounded and balanced me, forcing me to come out into the world rather than hole up in my cave like the urban hermit I am at heart. 

Readers, what about you?  Ask yourself the questions above and share about your own Earth in the comment section. Does the Earth seem to have a place in your chart and your life, and is this information meaningful? Does it add any new insights?

Here’s the original post–check out the lively debate in the comment section:  AstroDebate—Which Sign does Venus Really Rule? 

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Interested in more research?  Here are some places your input can make a difference:

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  1. My earth is opposite to yours Donna, I have Sun Capricorn conjunct the 12th house cusp and earth in Cancer conjunct in less then a degree Saturn and Mars making a stellium from the 5th over the 6th house cusp and adding yet another planet to my cardinal t sq. Can’t say that I’m happy about that possiblity. Would Earth in Cancer be a positive postion since I have both malifics there?

    I do know much of my energy in this life has been devoted to my family even though I did work. I was my husbands complete office staff and gofor plus had my own job to help . I also helped my son when he had problems and was his office manager. Plus my children have been an emotional drain on me and my health. My son is bipolar and my daughter has very very intense emotional nature. My daughter has done a lot of work on herself.

    There have been very few rewards. I am estranged from my son and haven’t seen my only living grandaughter. My daughter and I have a different relationship and it runs fairly smooth if I ignor her judgements about me. No matter what I have done phyically, emotionally, and financially for them it has never been enough.

  2. Dear Donna, I also want to know the workings of it all. About Taurus being ruled by Earth, even though it makes sense, I believe the wise ancients would have used it, that is the biggest reason I would question that. Now thinking about the earth opposite our Sun signs gives me beautiful thoughts about how we can elevate ourselves above our earthly weaknesses and desires to fulfill our souls mission as we raise above to leave Earth behind. Again with Venus I think influences Taurus but is not ruled by it, Taurus people can recognize value as in beauty, comfort etc. but tend to be sloppy in their look, we tend towards gaining weight, wearing old clothing (if it’s comfortable) we like expensive things only if they are of solid quality, but don’t care so much about how others see us. And boy it’s hard to leave that earth behind but maybe if the Sun is in the 12th not so much.

  3. Earth would also be in Capricorn for me, but in the 7th house. I have always been more than down to earth and practical when it comes to relationships. But, I always attributed that to my Venus in Virgo. I might fall head over heels for someone, but always look at the practical things. I wouldn’t even consider someone who lives by the seat of their pants not knowing where they are or what they have from day to day. Not for me.

    And in my life it does feel like a ying and yang thing for me when it comes to me and a relationship. I do feel half me and half the other person. And my life seems to have been more about me and marriage than anything else. I would rather have had more emphasis on career.

    Don’t know if any of this fits your theory.

  4. I’ve thought for a long time that Earth co-rules Taurus. It makes so much sense, just in general, and also in my chart. My Earth is in Cancer in the 9th–the only planet in Cancer and the only one in the 9th. If it rules or co-rules Taurus, then the ruler of my 7th is in the 9th–makes perfect sense, because all my long-term boyfriends until my husband were foreign. Also, I lived abroad for years.

    I’m just trying to think, though, what basic urge the astrological Earth represents. As Venus is the urge to pair up and love and beautify, and Mars is the urge to go for goals and defend boundaries and so on… What is the astrological Earth? What fundamental urge is represented by it?

    • That’s a good question, Lisa, and one we should be exploring with this group project. Just speculating–might it be the urge to embodiment and to exolore the things the body experiences…like the senses, for instance, as Taurus is a deeply sensual sign. Anyone else with ideas on what needs and urges planet Earth might signify? Donna

      • feminine principle, wisdom (ancient, primitive, instinctive), respect of nature, emotion (not watery but steady, balanced, even emotion), love, preservation, community… just some of the ideas that come to my mind right now.

        it´s funny because i have earth in pisces… in the 6th. and the sun in the 12th! i´m still trying to commit to the world in a physical responsible way but so far i haven´t been very successful and the dreamy hermit wins the battle…

        i loved your last post and this earth things is illuminating.



  5. My Earth is in Aquarius in the 12th. I prefer indoors to outdoors, technology to plant life, artifical light and controlled temperature to anything natural.

    Bad, right? I know. This despite having three personal planets in earth signs.
    But maybe explained by Earth in Aquarius.

    Thanks for this thought-provoking post.

  6. I have no Earth in my chart and all but one of my planets (Uranus) are below the horizon. An intensely private person, I’ve always thought of myself as a submarine with Uranus as my periscope, and preferred living out of sight. I had to work though, and since Captain Nemo’s job wasn’t available, for some reason I picked Interior Design, and later Design education, as palatable choices. With my Sun at 26° Scorpio in the 4th House (conjunct Venus), my “Earth” would be in at 26° Taurus in the 10th – which seems to explain my career choice amazingly well.

    I retired from full-time teaching a few years ago, and have been wondering what to do next.

    Interestingly enough – and with eerie synchronicity to this discussion – Neptune has been parked at/around 26° Aquarius for several months, exactly squaring my natal Scorpio Sun and, if Donna is right, squaring my natal ‘Earth’ as well. Furthermore (as I’m wondering what to do next), Uranus (my periscope) and Jupiter have been sitting together in my 8th house at 26° Pisces, exactly trining my natal Sun and, if Donna is right, trining natal ‘Earth’. As if that weren’t enough, Saturn is currently conjuncting my natal Moon/Neptune conjunction, Pluto is squaring my natal Moon/Neptune conjunction, and both are trining my Mid-heaven. I’m reminded of that old Chinese curse, “May you live in interesting times”…

    I’ve studied Astrology intensely for 35 years, using it for personal evolution and to help close friends, and have wistfully thought from time to time how wonderful it would be to do Astrological Counseling for a living. Inexplicably, for the past three months I have felt compelled to read Astrology books non-stop about 16 hours/day.

    If Donna is right, these squares and trines to my 10th House ‘Earth’ are triggering my reading compulsion and may be signaling that (after the dust settles) the time is ripe to hang out my shingle.

    • Hope you go for it! Sending you best wishes! Neeti

    • I see I got some aspects screwed up: transiting Uranus in Pisces is sextiling (not trining) my ‘Earth’ in Taurus, and transiting Saturn (in Libra) is certainly not trining my mid-heaven – instead it will soon be opposing it. All these outer planet transits are sure messing with my logic circuits…

  7. My Earth is conjunct my North Node in Scorpio in the second house, but I’m embarassed to say that I have NO idea what that means to me!

    • Well, I’m not accustomed to interpreting people’s Earths either, but you’re missing part of the equation:

      If your Earth and North Node are in Scorpio in the 2nd, then your Sun and South Node are in Taurus in the 8th. So it’s a strong tension between the 2nd and 8th house, with a reversal of the usual signs associated with the 2nd and 8th. So there’s some kind of role reversal/flip flopping going on where finances are concerned, (between relying on your own resourses and how other people’s resources are allocated) though only you would know what that’s all about. Too much mixing of finances and other resources, and it’s likely to get murky at times. There’s a series about personal finances on this blog with several articles about the 2nd and 8th. For instance, read this:

      Oops, I just did what I don’t do, which is chart interpretation on this blog, so forget it ever happened, folks, and don’t ask me what your Earth means…TELL me what it means. Donna

      • My Taurus Sun conj SN is in the 9th house, so my Earth would be in Scorpio conj NN in the 3rd house, all conj MC/IC. What does this mean, you ask, Donna? Good question; however I’ll take a stab based on your interpretation to Jack (no, I didn’t notice!). I tend to seek teachers & knowledge by making every living moment a classroom & thereby reading all sorts of material that shines light into dark corners, yet perhaps I AM a teacher; perhaps the very lessons that I feel the need to absorb are already an intrinsic state to be shared & it’s my life lesson to recognize my self aptitude. Based on others opinion, my interpretative life skills are quite evolved; it’s when I attempt to create an evermore personally enlightened sphere, that I seek another scholar’s guiding hand.

      • Don’t worry Donna, I won’t tell anyone, LOL! Yes, my finances are always a mess (long story) especially with Neptune also in my second, though not in conjunction with the North Node. I tend to rely on others for support when I have money problems.

        IMO, my Earth conjunct the Node in the second may be telling me to be more “down-to-earth” (practical) about my money. Wihen Saturn transits over my Neptune things will be tough, so I need to get my resources in order ASAP!

  8. My earth would be in virgo, conjunct my ASC from the 12th wich would be great since I don’y have any planet on earth signs. It could explain why I have strong tactile, hands on craft/paint habilities (but also mars in gemini trine venus could relate), and the developed sense of smell and why I like cooking (or that’s the moon in 1rst). That would also explain why the saturn transit on my 12th was so hard to deal with, adding that at some point was also contacting all angles.
    Looking for more info about the earth found out about heliocentric astrology (new to me I confess) I still need to ‘digest’ the whole thing, but my first hunch is that both charts -helio and geocentric- could complement each other and the connection between them are the Sun and the Earth. Something like spirit/mater/karma…just brainstorming here…
    Now I’m wondering how do we relate the Moon with them, and how do I see my earth conj my ASC? I’m dizzy…

  9. Maybe since Earth in our charts is always exactly opposite our Sun, it represents the anchor that grounds us by providing the necessary physical counterpart (balance) to our spirit. It makes even more sense if you believe that we’re all spiritual beings having a human (earthly) experience. Could it be that Earth’s placement in our chart, as well as the aspects it makes, tells us about the nature of what it is that helps to support us on our Earthly journey. And as is true with all balancing acts, an over-reliance on Earth can weigh us down and keep us comfortably earthbound, unconnected to Spirit.

    I’m especially interested because Earth in my chart is exactly conjunct Sedna/BM Lilith in Aries in my 8th house; it’s also just a few degrees away from my South Node. Before I even knew about Sedna or BM Lilith (or Chiron), I was painting images of those archetypes. My powerful feelings needed an outlet and giving them 2nd house form helped to transform them into something more spiritual and less physically (and psychically) overwhelming. Possibly related to this, is my ability to channel healing energy through my hands (Earth opposite Sun, which is quintile 12th house Leo Uranus, which is quintile 9th house Gemini Mars.) Also interesting is the fact that I inherited (8th house) mineral rights (Earth/Sedna) from my father (trine Saturn in the 4th).

    I’m really just wondering out loud (er, in writing). I’ll look forward to reading everyone’s comments. I think it’s great that you’re providing this forum Donna – thanks.

  10. Earth in Taurus in my 11th house. (Ha Ha, the irony)

    It ‘s conjunct my Jupiter Rx in Taurus which is opposing my Sun 177’27 opposing my Mars 179’ and opposing my Mercury 177’28 all in my 5th house.
    So my Earth would be opposing those too I presume, and it probably has the same aspect to everything else that Jupiter has.

    North Node is in Scorpio 5th and South Node is in Taurus in my 11th too.

    I’m not sure what this could mean.
    It’s interesting though.

    Thank you for this very interesting subject 😀

  11. Hi Donna,
    I will be 40 on 2nd January.

    With you mentioning about Taurus and everything blossoming. Make’s me wish I was born in the Southern Hemisphere. right now Had I been born in Australia, I would have been a Summer Baby.

    I hate the British Winter’s and the change in the Seasons bring it home to me.

    Yet I find comfort had I been born Down Under. The Land of Crocodile Dundee, a touch of the Amber Nectar Beer, and where they say G’Day Mate. I would have felt right at home. 🙂

  12. Amen to your first paragraph LB

  13. Hi Donna,

    Just a guess on my part, but I think the earth has a few functions that are also definitions one might commonly use to describe our planet, how we see it and use it, are inspired by it, utilize it as a model, all kind of in an overarching way. Landscapes/terrain, over hills and valleys, flowing with the river, sailing the seas, exploring the jungles. All of which could be metaphors for the way we describe and navigate our lives as these spiritual folks with some specific purpose to show up here. I think the simple and obvious work for me.

    But then, maybe it’s because my earth is in Taurus in the 6th house, so the physical aspects of being tend to speak to me from a lot of sides, despite the fact my rest of my chart is mostly air. Senses and sensuality, moved by all nuance of seasons and growth, all wrapped up in a overall healing mode and mission.

  14. That would make my Earth conjunct my South Node in 3rd House in Capricorn, opposite my North Node conjunct Sun in Cancer in the 9th.

    No, I don’t know what it means either.

  15. Finally paying attention to my Earth at 29 Aries, conjoining my 1 Taurus 6th house cusp. No planets in the 6th or in earth but I have quite a “green thumb” and am the one who starts the tomatoes, peppers, etc in early spring for transplanting in late May. Summers are spent working in the yard & garden, harvesting and preserving fruits & veggies for winter.

    I NEED work to keep me grounded & in good health. Went back to work part time for seven years in my fifties and didn’t miss a day to illness. If I got sick it was on my day/days off.

    Saturn makes an out-of-sign T-Square with my Sun-Earth axis . . . acts like an anchor, it does. 🙂 Those of us whose charts are short on earth need all the help we can get . . .

    Thanks again, Donna, for another opportunity to learn something useful!

    BTW – I am inclined to see this as making a case for Earth ruling Taurus instead of Venus. My Sun & Moon are in Libra and my Venus in Saggi is in my first house and those placements support my artistic gifts but not my “green thumb” nor the satisfaction I get from growing some fabulous onions for instance.

  16. This is really a great discussion! I like the idea of having Earth in my chart. It gives me associations like grounded, comfort, home, safety, balance. Perhaps the oppposition is there to balance the ego that Sun represents? There’s so much emphasis on intellect and mind, or spiritual quests in our lives, so perhaps Earth is there to remind us to get real, to be where we are at the moment and just be. I have a kiteinformation in my chart, with a stellium – sun, moon, Ur, Pluto, sextiling the grand trine in water. The focal in the kite is a JupRx/chironRx conj at 7′ and 8′ Pisces, so Earth would be right on that, creating another stellium. I think Earth would give this formation balance. All that dreamy Jup and Chiron, just wanting to float away and do something fun – or in Chir case, something nice – is kept very much under control by a strong will to work and achieve something. Or maybe not …

  17. This is a great topic, food for thought! I tend to agree with Barbara and LB about the Earth being a metaphor for our body. Mind, body, Spirit. My Earth is in Sagittarius conjunct my DSC and Jupiter, opposite Mercury (out of sign in Taurus), but sq Pluto and Chiron. I have always loved traveling to certain “pieces” of Earth, as I call it. Not touristy stuff, I mean way out of the way Crone’s Mounds. I have an incredible fascination with them, always have since I was a child.

    My body is in tune with energy spots on Earth. In my travel for work, so I would bring a little piece of Earth home with me, literally. I love working with my plants and flowers.

    Is it possible that the Earth in a person’s chart is what makes them sensitive to “coming Earth events?” I know people who literally can sense/feel things, like earthquakes and such, their body feels it in advance. I just feel energy, nothing on a large scale.

    Also, since we call the Earth Mother Gaia, is it possible that Earth would symbolize some type of feminine (Mother) love? Please don’t think I’m crazy either. It just kind of makes sense to me. I would also imagine it is how we ground ourselves, what method we use, to keep us sane in a stressed out world, a thought. I say that because landscaping and gardening has always been a great stress reliever for me.

    Thanks for taking the time Donna! 🙂

  18. My Sun at 29 Leo opposite Earth at 29 Aquarius puts Earth on the cusp of the Aquarian Age! That seems right. I have always loved the earth and hate the artificial crap. Prefer the outdoors to indoors and love all earths creatures and permutations as a magnificent mystery creation. Our Sun and Earth have done a most wondrous job. I love all the Cultures and Races of Humans in their original purity , like an unpolluted rainbow of glory unto the Creator and where the colors interface..glory glory ..EXCEPT for some of the so called MONO sheeple people who have managed to make the garden of Eden into a filthy pig pen. I can only pray there is a good explanation in some distant future for the mass murder of other far superior humans, cultures and the trashing of oceans and waters we see going on all over the world. Perhaps that is the END of the Age and 2012 will usher in the New Age coming…the new 5th world! I can’t wait! Venus will midwife us.

    • PS/ Sun in the 11th house and Earth in the 5th.

  19. For years now, I have identified the Ascendant as Earth as well as one of the angles of the chart because of how it’s calculated using our Earth time and location to establish those angular “compass points”.*

    I still use the term Ascendant when discussing astrology with other people, but, to my mind, the “Big Three” are the Sun, Moon, and Earth.

    *The eastern horizon in astrology is where the Earth meets the sky along the ecliptic (solar path) from a terrestrial point of view. This point of intersection is called the Ascendant or Rising Sign because to us earthlings, the sky appears to rise, move over our heads, and set in the opposite direction as our planets rotates.

    • Hi, Mari, this site agrees with you that the Earth is symbolized by the Ascendant:

      The ASC is a sensitive point for health-physical issues which seems to fit the physical emphasis (senses, etc.) that folks are suggesting here for Earth interpretation.

      How do you factor in the Ascendant sign ruler?

      • To me, The Earth/ASC is all about incarnation, how we embody all of the disparate energies in our charts and project them into the world.

        The sign ruler acting as the chart ruler means that the part of our psyche represented by that planet is involved in pretty much everything we do. It also highlights the house and sign in which we find our chart ruler, much as they would be emphasized by the presence of the Sun or Moon.

        I have found the synthesis of the ruling planet, both signs, focal house, and any planets in conjunction with the Earth/ASC to paint a pretty complete picture of our physical selves as we walk through life. The dysfunctions and disorders here are those of a chronic nature with which we must cope rather than cure.

        Just as Cancer is ruled by the Moon and Leo by the Sun, I am fine with the Earth ruling Taurus.

  20. What if, as Dari says, the Earth acts a “Compass Point” and as we age the Earth becomes more prominent in our charts. What if Earth is the “inner light,” the real beauty inside of us that can only rise with time? And what if we look at the Moon from an adults point of view and see our “Inner Child?” How can that help us heal? I know this is out there, but as you said Donna, open minds work best! What age would we assign for this “Earth Rising” event in us?

  21. Something you said, Donna, about Taurus loving to garden made me think that maybe Earth in a chart could mean what we need to grow, build or create. In my chart, Earth is in Pisces and the first house. I’ve certainly been busy tending to my own garden.

  22. Right on, Donna. Taurus has always been the sign of commerce and everything we (keyword) USE-even the air we breathe- has been “manufactured” by the Earth. Everything we buy, sell, trade, or share has never seemed a very “Venusian” manifestation to me either. More, please?

  23. I absolutely love this site!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sun in Gemini (12th) opposition to Capricorn (7th cusp) (no planets in the 7th). Mercury and South Node in Taurus, and Taurus Cusp (11th).

  24. Hi Donna,
    It occurred to me yesterday about Taurus and everything blooming. That it would have the opposite affect in the Southern Hemisphere.

    In that part of the World, it would be Scorpio when everything is blooming.

    I just found it an interesting perspective.

  25. Earth would be conjunct Jupiter in the 8 opposite my Sun/Neptune/Eros in the 2 which sextile my Pluto/Uranus conjunction in the 12 which trine the Jupiter/Earth conjunction. Is there a name for this strange triangle?

    My spiritual connection is when I feel the sun on my skin, the sound of the waves on a beach, when I water my plants or when I breathe. A connection to the earth itself. It is pagan and mystical. It is a part of me like the color of my eyes but it a part that I rarely share. It is my greatest weakness and the source of my strength at the same time.

    Funny side note, I cannot wear a watch for more than six months without replacing the battery. Within a year, I burn out the watch itself. Does anyone else have that problem? I am not sure if this ties in to this or not.

    • I have strange things about watches but always attributed it to my Saturn-Uranus-Venus conjunction. First of all, I will not wear one on my wrist, so that leaves, what? I’ve had many pendent watches but don’t like them much. So then I get weird digital watches to carry in my purse or pocket, but they break all too soon because they get banged around so much.

      I used to instinctively know the time to within 5 minutes and also would get to the bus stop just minutes before the bus arrived. All of that changed when Neptune was quincunx my Saturn by transit, which reinforces my belief that it’s Saturn–father time himself, a.k.a. Chronos in Greek myths. Donna

  26. When I think about Earth as Taurus ruler, maybe its place in our natal charts should show our awareness and connection with the nature, how we perceive and use the ever changing seasons, the fruits and herbs and the beauty of the nature.
    This might mean something like the Earth in the Scorpio helps regeneration by observing nature or walks in there, Pieces Earth might mean using nature for inspiration. Earth in the 6th is most likely to be using herbs for improving the health 🙂 – with bad aspects – caution when picking wild mushrooms will be needed.
    (just random example)
    When looking at the Earth’s meaning as opposing to the Sun – I’m not sure, but it could be that what Sun gives us, we have to use here (on the Earth). Like – if it gives us energy (Aries, 1st house) we should share it – our close people (Libra Earth) should benefit from it. If we have Cap. Sun, then our achievements in the carrier or our image, are meant to help our home and so on the same way with the other opposites.
    I haven’t thought about exaltation.
    As for my Scorpio Earth in the 8th – I’m not sure about it and I’m tempted to write something which might sound inappropriate, so I’ll skip and wait for the others’ explanations.

    • Yes, Dobromira, I was thinking the same about Earth in the 6th, that maybe the body would heal best with natural healing substances like herbs and also to health foods. Since the 6th also represents the workplace, I thought the person might be sensitive to toxins on the job. Donna

      • Yes, Donna! My Cancer 6th house Earth may be what makes me a medically termed “opposite reactor”. My 12th Capricorn Sun also conjuncts my Chiron. This first happened with an appendectomy (50 years ago) at 9 yrs old. The “hypo” that was supposed to “knock her out” made me hyperactive. Any other “opposite reactors” reading this post ? if so please comment as it is considered a medical enigma.

        Over the years I’ve only had general anesthiesia on two other occasions. In the ’70’s my husband was told to “go home and rest, she’ll be out for at least 10 hours”…I woke up on the table while the doctor was still washing his hands. Being anxious to get his opinion, I tried to speak–a nurse said, “Oh, my god, she’s awake”!—the anesthesiologist said, “No, that’s impossible,–she’s just talking in her sleep”. I sat halfway up and said, “She’s damn right I’m awake!…and I want to talk to the doctor, right NOW”! This caused a bit of stir in the OR…though my then husband told them, “I knew she couldn’t keep her mouth shut that long”.
        So…I take NO OTC DRUGS, ever. Not even aspirin. Only exception was mid ’80’s…with a huge head cold, (and determined to make it to work by 6 a.m. (double Capricorn)- I let my sister give me a dose of Nyquil…”to sleep”…Yeah, right…I bounced off the walls, paced the floor, crashed, and missed my “big meeting”.
        Only other general was my radical hysterectomy in ’02. I explained the “syndrome” to the anesthesiologist who just patronised me and my concerns, patted me on the head, and introduced me to the surgical nurse by saying, “She will call me as soon as you wake, Mrs. X., and that will be sometime much later than you think.”
        Sure enough, I woke on the table to a very recently vacated OR, a stunned surgical nurse, saw my own bloody uterine mess, (Waaaahhh!) still in evidence…and heard her semi-frantic page to Dr. Know-it-All…who later apoligized, sort of.
        Anyone who is still reading this post is, most likely, also an “opposite reactor”…
        I think that my Libra-Mars/Saturn/ Neptune conjunction plays a major role in this scenario….but then, I’m just saying..

  27. If you try the Heliocentric (Tropical) chart option at Astrodienst you’ll see their symbol for the Earth is Venus upside down. Very close to the symbol you show Donna except the cross is out of the circle. When I looked at my own chart this way I found a few surprises, like my Scorpio Earth being exactly conjunct the Moon from the Sun’s point of view. Don’t know what it means because i’m not sure how to interpret this type of chart, except it does resonate to think I’m never in sync with the feelings of others around me.

    One could imagine lots of connections and contrasts between Venus and Venus upside-down (as Earth). Need to think more on this. Any ideas?

    For Sally above, couldn’t help noticing that your Earth sits under fixed star Algol (26 Taurus). Everytime I think of Algol’s influence I think of ‘Gimme Shelter’ by the Stones. To see the world as a dangerous and violence-filled place might make anyone a bit of a hermit. But of course for many at this very moment it is a reality. I think Mick Jagger has a planet or point there by the way.

    • Ach, the Germans have had some different symbols for the planets over the years. I don’t know if they use them on the site, but the one for Uranus was different too, like Mars with a serious problem, if my memory serves me correctly. Donna

    • Hi Carl, were can I find that option at Astrodienst? I don’t seem to be able to find it! Thanks!

      • look under chart type options. They give you a huge warning sign!

  28. fascinating! thanks so much Donna for this investigation. my earth is at 29d Libra, in the 3rd house, conjunct Jupiter. i’m not experienced enough to have the 1st clue what this means but it is intriguing to think about … i have always loved the earth, almost as one loves a sibling (well, if you actually love your siblings! which i do, sooo much) and have advocated/’taught’ people (on a small scale/informal way) to do the same. i started the first community garden in our city which seems like an earth in the 3rd house kinda thing (get the neighbours out gardening!) ? i’m thinking too, about the connection with the sun and am remembering a line from a poem i once wrote (i write quite a bit of poetry about plants/trees/flowers, although this one was a love poem): i love you like the sun loves the earth

    so interesting to consider all this (is that my 3rd house showing?! 😉
    thanks again donna!

  29. Dear Donna …a light just went on … You are an angel …to discover my working with the Earth energies over the last 30 years is totally in sinc with my Gemini Earth conjunct Asc and 12th S Node and explains to me why I’ve always found more wisdom in nature than books… also transiting Pluto opposing SN and Earth stirred many past life memories now makes a lot more sense.

  30. i’m with you Donna ! finally my own chart makes sense, it always felt that something was missing , it was earth 🙂 and as i look at charts of those close to me…it makes sooo much sense. LB put it right in his first paragraph !!
    and i believe that it is no coincidence that now is the time to incorporate it in our charts ! merci Donna !!

  31. Earth is in Libra in the 2nd house. I think it might mean an deep appreciation for the earth and what is real. I see beauty in flowers, trees, and animals, the interconnectedness of everything and am truly amazed at how absolutely everything we need is right here on earth. Nature is the ultimate decorator, works for the benefit of all, not just a few, works with a long term view and is always color coordinated. When she is out of balance, oh boy. Like they say “when Momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy! Man is not at the top of the hierarchy to rule over all living things but must cooperate with all, especially if he wants to continue living. Earth and all other living things can survive without man but man cannot survive without either of these. Now that is not to say that we don’t have to put in any effort to convert these things to forms we can use. As a quote I read somewhere paraphrased says”Birds still have to gather the materials they need and build the nest”.

    I have nothing else in the 2nd and my Sun is in the 8th. Earth here in the 2nd may also demonstrate why I’ve always had to rely on my own resources with others benefiting from them as I try to take a balanced approach in regard to resources. Quite contrary to the Sun in the 8th descriptions of getting inheritances and being able to rely on others resources. I’ve learned this the hard way. I’m sure thanks to Jupiter trine Venus, I’ve had quite a bit of luck but I bet Earth along with Saturn has made sure I’ve had to get off my “astro” to get it. Otherwise I would have been up a creek with no paddle in sight. lol

  32. I like this very much. Taureans are such growers, home makers, hibernators. My Mercury and Jupiter are in Taurus and I’ve made the study of the Earth’s processes my vocation.

    Anyway, my Earth would be in Sag in the 2nd conjunct Neptune. It would explain my ridiculously grounded Neptune. I don’t have money issues and I don’t have love life boundary problems (Earth/Nep opposite Venus). Neptune lives in my own, personal, private, imagination – Gemini opposition or just the journey of Sagittarius?

  33. My Earth would be in Gemini 29 degrees. Could this be why I am so talkative? I always attributed that to my Moon opposite Mercury?

    My Earth would oppose my Jupiter and Neptune in Sag. Against institutionalized knowledge(Jupiter) and fanatism(Neptune). Absolutely!

    Am I working towards having a more balanced look of things and not be so moralistic? Absolutely. But I always believed that that was the challenge presented by my North node opposing Jupiter.

    The Jupiter conjuncts south node makes me repeat patterns of the past(south node). In the past(South Node) , I may have been a very moralistic high priest(Jupiter) who condemned people to hell for their “sins”.

    In this life, the challenge is to balance my highly self-righteous points of views to be more accepting of trends and societal patterns(North node in Gemini)

    I actually feel my best when I am refraining from having a strong black/white view on anything. Many people think I am confused and self-contadictory coz I don’t “pick sides” but am starting to recognise the wisdom of ambivalence.(I can also see the correlations with my draconic Sun in Libra)

    Thanks to the Earth in Gemini’s support of the North node and Vesta(Gemini). The struggle won’t be in vain….

  34. I just stumbled on to this article and the one before it and felt I needed to leave my input. My earth is in Scorpio and my sun and moon are conjunct in Taurus, Sun 12′ Tau, Moon 9’Tau and both are just the 10th house side of my MC at 2′ Tau with Venus at 18′ Tau. You would think I’d be very bullish, and I am in some ways and agree that earth has a hand in the Taurus rulership but Venus is there too. My possessions are important and define me in many ways. I’m not label conscious but quality is worth the extra money. I like simple beauty. I love plants but not gardening, I’d rather plan the flower beds then pull the weeds. Perhaps since Venus and Earth are like fraternal twins physically they rule some signs in tandem. Just my two cents.

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