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How Strong is Your Venus? Here’s the Score!

©12-1-2010, revised 1/2012 by Donna Cunningham, MSW

 Lately, we’ve been having a debate about what signs Venus really rules—most seem to agree it  rules Libra, but the controversy hinges on whether it rules Taurus or not.  My own theory is that Taurus is ruled by planet Earth.

Since your answer to the rulership question will determine your Venus score, you may wish to start by following the discussion here:

This test for Venus is part of a series I’ve designed to measure and compare the strength of the planets in your astrology chart.  These popular tests assign point values to various chart features. (In order to find them, you’ll need to be at least an intermediate student or know one who can do it for you.) In each category used, add the total score of all the factors that apply to that item, and write the total on the blank. Then add up all the items to find out how your Venus ranks.

NOTES ABOUT SCORING:  Here are the orbs I use for aspects and that I use in these tests: 8° for a conjunction or opposition, up to 6° for a square or trine, 3° for the minor aspects. (The minor aspects used here are the sextile, semisextile, quincunx, quintile, biquintile, septile, semisquare, and sesquiquadrate.) The only exception would be a conjunction or opposition to the Midheaven or Ascendant, and, using the Gauquelin research, that is 10°.

These are standard orbs among modern American astrologers. If you’re using a chart done by AstroDienst, please note that the orbs they use are wider than this and I find wider orbs not very effective in these measurements.

VERSION ONE: Venus without Taurus

____ Venus conjunct, square, trine, or opposite the Sun, Moon, Ascendant, or Midheaven, 10 points each.

____ Venus conjunct, square, trine, or opposite other planets, 5 points each.

____ Venus in minor aspect to the Sun, Moon, Ascendant, Midheaven, or other planets, 2 points each.

____ Sun, Moon, or Midheaven in Libra, 5 points each. Ascendant (chart ruler) 10 points.

____ BONUS: Venus in Libra or the 7th, 5 points.

____ Other planets in Libra, 3 points each.

____ Sun or Moon in the 7th house, 5 points each.

____ Other 7th house planets, 3 points each.

____ BONUS: Part of a major configuration like a stellium, T-square, or Grand Trine, 5.

_____ add 2-5 points for each other factor you consider important, such as Venus aspects to the nodes or having the Part of Fortune in Libra. Specify. 

VERSION 2: If you still believe that Venus also rules Taurus and the 2nd house, add the following to the total above:

____ Sun, Moon, or Midheaven in Taurus, 5 points each. Ascendant (chart ruler) 10 points.

____ BONUS: Venus in Taurus or the 2nd, 5 points.

____ Other planets in Taurus, 3 points each.

____ Sun or Moon in the 2nd house, 5 points each.

____ Other 2nd house planets, 3 points each.

____ Add 2-5 points for each other factor you consider important, such as having the Part of Fortune or a Node in Taurus. Specify 

_____ Grand Total. 0-15 low, 16-25 moderate. 26-40 strong. Over 40 off the charts!

If you have a high score, you’re an over-achiever in the matters of Venus: Venus’s sign

Interpreting your Scores—ARE you Venusian?

Issues for Venus: Relating–loving, sharing, closeness; expressing and attracting love, commitment, warmth and attractiveness, personal and social connections, cooperation and compromise, the search for harmony, sensual pleasures, luxury, charm and social graces, making self and surroundings beautiful and harmonious, fashion, fine and decorative arts.

If you had a high score, you’re an over-achiever in the matters of Venus:  Venus’s sign is very important, but here are some of the traits you may share: attractive, stylish, artistic, affectionate, romantic, sensual, sociable, charming, gracious, considerate, sometimes vain and fickle.

So, folks, how did you do?  Did you include Taurus or not? Were the test results accurate about you and your loved ones? Tell us how it went in the comment section by scrolling down past this article.

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  1. According to your scoring here, I got a very low Venus score of 15. However, Venus is the Final Depositor of my chart and the Scout planet of my Sun, so many types of chart interpretations give more weight to Venus for me.
    Although, I am not very Venusy in some ways (I don’t live for love, am not terribly romantic and not a fashionista. I’m not a girly girl.) although I do have Libra Rising.
    However, I am creative and have decorative sense and response to color and nature and you will have to pry my jewelry and my make-up from my cold dead hands before I will let them go.

    • LOL!! Well, as I noted in the instructions, there are probably 20 or more ways any given planet can be emphasized, and this is just the short version. But, hey, let’s keep your hotcha Venus a secret between us and whip it on them when they least expect it. Donna

      PS. It looks like you’re the very first person to complete this test, after all those months of my dragging my feet on it. You oughta get points for that too.

    • Help! I only answered three questions and my score is 45 already. I am sure if I knew more about astrology that it would be even higher. I decided to look into this because everyone always says I am ultra feminine even though I feel highly masculine at times; it might be due to my sun in Leo and my moon in Taurus. I feel very conflicted between my masculine and femine energies. I am trying to accept my softer more feminine side more and trying to explore my femininity via astrology. I have an ultra feminine body, face and demeanor but I feel that my mind and actions are completely masculine. For some reason I feel very uncomfortable with being seen as overly feminine.

      These are my aspects:

      Sun Leo 6.10 Ascendant Virgo 18.08
      Moon Taurus 16.27 II Libra 16.04
      Mercury Cancer 26.42 R III Scorpio 16.32
      Venus Virgo 19.59 IV Sagittarius 17.52
      Mars Capricorn 12.43 R V Capricorn 18.58
      Jupiter Pisces 22.24 R VI Aquarius 19.17
      Saturn Sagittarius 3.07 R VII Pisces 18.08
      Uranus Sagittarius 18.42 R VIII Aries 16.04
      Neptune Capricorn 3.36 R IX Taurus 16.32
      Pluto Scorpio 4.36 Midheaven Gemini 17.52
      Lilith Gemini 17.02 XI Cancer 18.58
      Asc node Aries 24.06 XII Leo 19.17

      Planet Aspect Planet Orb/Value
      Sun Conjunction Mercury 9.28 58
      Sun Trine Saturn 3.02 130
      Sun Square Pluto 1.34 -183
      Moon Trine Venus 3.33 58
      Moon Trine Mars 3.44 135
      Moon Trine Ascendant 1.41 92
      Mercury Trine Jupiter 4.17 90
      Mercury Trine Saturn 6.26 24
      Venus Trine Mars 7.16 8
      Venus Opposition Jupiter 2.25 -132
      Venus Square Uranus 1.17 -39
      Venus Conjunction Ascendant 1.52 114
      Venus Square Midheaven 2.08 -23
      Mars Conjunction Neptune 9.07 37
      Mars Trine Ascendant 5.25 25
      Jupiter Square Uranus 3.42 -46
      Jupiter Opposition Ascendant 4.17 -79
      Jupiter Square Midheaven 4.32 -18
      Uranus Square Ascendant 0.34 -27
      Uranus Opposition Midheaven 0.50 -54
      Neptune Sextile Pluto 0.60 68
      839 -601 238

      Asteroids & Chiron

      Chiron Gemini 19.53
      Ceres Virgo 29.28
      Pallas Virgo 3.53
      Juno Sagittarius 1.50
      Vesta Aries 19.30
      Fortune Aries 0.00
      South node Aries 0.00

  2. He, he. 19 when I include 7 small aspects. 5 points for Venus in Libra. I had no idea there was aspects until your series, Donna. So not so unaspected as I have believed. Empty 2nd house and no planet in Taurus, so wouldn’t have helped one bit to think Venus rules both signs. Never thought of Venus as strong factor in my chart, but there’s something about unaspected planets that seems to make them powerful. I do write romance novels/short stories, so perhaps there’s something there. It’s in my 11th so I get along fine with most people and I can be very diplomatic and charming if the occasion calls for it. Very useful for a freelancer.

    • Sounds pretty Venusian to me…especially the romance novels. I am a recent convert to the romantic suspense genre, mainly because I ran out of mysteries in my building’s community room bookshelves. Donna

      PS, Yeah, a freelancer without charm is a freelancer without assignments.

    • PS #2: Out of curiosity, what astrological signature do you have as a romance writer? I’d anticipate an important Venus-Mercury connection. Speculations in order of strength:
      Libra planets in the 3rd
      Venus in the 3rd//MAYBE the 5th, with Mercury
      Venus-Mercury aspects, though they’re pretty common since both are close to the Sun.

      • Well, Venus 21′ Libra is semi-square sun 6′, Pluto 9′ and maybe Moon 10′ Virgo in 9th, semi-sextile 21′ Scorpio Asc and 21′ Virgo MC, and finally quintile to Jup 7′ and chiron 8′ Pisces in 3rd. Mercury has no aspects to Venus, but it’s at Libra 1′, 10th house. Not sure where the romance is in this, perhaps the Pisces connection? I’ve published crime novels and horror stories for children, but always come back to the romance stories. 5th house empty. Now I make my living from my romance books. It’s fun and also nice to write something that makes people happy when they read it.

      • Thanks! I’d say the Mercury in Libra in the 10th covers it. We’re so very fortunate that we can earn a living doing what we love. So few writers do. Donna

  3. My Venus score was 44. Since I have no planets in Taurus or the 2nd house, it didn’t matter whether or not they were included.

    Looking back at all of the planetary tests, it appears that the Moon and Chiron are the strongest planets in my chart. Looking at my life, there can be little doubt that this is true, for good and ill (literally).

  4. I always thought I was pretty Venusian. Or maybe I am just pretty Taurean. I have Sun and Moon conjunct in Taurus, plus Mercury in Taurus and Venus conjunct ASC. The first half of this test pretty much eliminates all my Taurus influences, I only scored 21. But with the Taurus stuff, I scored 35. I thought that pretty clearly demonstrated the value of Venus ruling Taurus.
    I figured I would score higher, but my score was lowered by only minor aspects to Venus, and nothing in the 7th. I only have Jupiter in Libra, but it is conjunct my IC. No, I won’t ask for bonus points.

  5. 43 for me. With Sun, Mercury, Venus in Taurus and Libra rising, Venus has a huge impact on my personality. And yes, I believe it rules Taurus!

  6. Venus is not bad but not the strongest, weighed exclusively on Libra as I don’t have any Taurus/h2 factors. Top 3: Pluto (65), Moon (63), Venus (55)..would say I relate as a pretty even mixture there, more instinctual/quiet, sussing out the vibes, but still concerned with others and sweet/tame once comfortable. Appropriately, or not?, 2 of these are in my top 3 on utilizing the Pullen chart. Pullen also says I’m strongest in Air, so I wait patiently here 😀

    I would be interested in looking at those extra specific calculations (Excel). Would your formulas be printed for public viewing, Donna? (Book form, perhaps?)

    • Some of it is in the course material for my correspondence course–the antiquated version before I twigged to the fact that students were dropping out because of it. The excel sheet, frankly is a mess. Donna

  7. 27 for me. Highlights include Libra MC, Pluto in Libra, Venus conjunct Uranus, Venus square Jupiter, Venus sextile Saturn, and Moon in the 7th.

  8. 34 here, heavy on the libra side, my uranus in 2nd would only add 1. I’m quite venusian, virgo Asc and Pluto help me to keep it grounded. The uranus aquarius connection just gives it a kick *wink!*
    The moon in libra found me decorating the Christmas tree last night and eating some seasonal cake I baked a couple of days ago, all with some nice music to complete!

  9. My Venus score is 40 very strong indeed


    I have….
    Venus opposite Ascendant
    Venus trine Moon
    Venus Quintile Midheaven
    Venus Biquintile Jupiter
    Venus sesquiquadrate Saturn
    Venus Semi sextile Mercury

    Venus in 7th
    Pluto in Libra
    Jupiter Rx in Taurus

    attractive(I’ve been told I am), artistic, affectionate, romantic, sensual, sociable(sometimes), charming(when I want to be), gracious, considerate, sometimes vain (more insecure about appearance than anything)

    Also…I want to make my surroundings beautiful and I love things that I percieve as beautiful….nature….colors….sparkly things:-)….music….dancing etc.

    • I’ve been messing around with western sidereal astrology….from that perspective I would have sun in Libra 29’27 which, though not extraordinarily significant, would tack on 5 points.

      • Hmm. These tests are designed for Western tropical astrology, so the signs would be off for most placements. I don’t know what kind of adjustments you’d have to make for sidereal astrology, but it would be major. The scores would all be wrong. Donna

      • Wow! That much huh? Thank you for letting me know. 🙂

        Please excuse me for asking…especially since this isn’t exactly the appropriate subject matter,..why would here would be such a difference? Is it just because of the 23-24 degrees(depending on which Sidereal)? I’m just trying to understand.

        Thank you again:-)

        Also, I’m not sure if this is appropriate or not as well,but Happy Holidays!

      • No problem. What that 23+ degree difference between Tropical and sidereal does is to shift some of the planets backward a sign, so let’s say you have several planets or even the Ascendant in early to middle Libra tropically, then in sidereal, they’d move back into Virgo, and all their points would be deducted from the Venus score. Donna

      • Ok. So, it’s just the shift backwards that makes the difference. Maybe I was overthinking it just a little bit. 🙂

        Thank you very much for explaining:-)

  10. 31, from Venus in Libra in 7th, aspects, other 7th house planets. If I do it the second way I have 41. Either way is fine, not sure if Venus rules Taurus anymore. These tests were fun.

  11. Pfff! I’ll never ace a test!
    1st version:[32], 2nd version:[39]
    But don’t worry about me, I learned from the best!

    • Minus the exclamation marks and minus 5 points-astrodienst’s fault (you’re robbing me!)

  12. I got a 41 and it certainly makes sense, with a Libra Venus (and Stellium) etc.
    Cooperation, compromise, appreciation for beauty in art, food, music, nature.. you name it..

  13. Got 52 using just Libra…Taurus really wouldn’t help me much anyway, the only thing it would contribute is Chiron in Taurus in 2nd, which isn’t huge. I keep getting high scores for all the tests!

  14. 30 pts – Sun-Moon in Libra and Venus in first, conjunct ASC.Taurus adds nothing to my total.

    I am known for being pleasant and easy to get along with. Compromise and cooperating with others is a very big deal. A peaceful and attractive home environment is necessary to stay sane. Loud voices, discordant music, really tacky art all bug me. 🙂

  15. 40 points. very strong. ^_^

  16. Yowza – 60 points without counting Jupiter and Mars conjunct in Taurus, 66 with. Maybe that’s why I can’t decide whether I think Venus still does or doesn’t rule Taurus. That 6 points is just a drop in the bucket. Yes, I’m Venusian all right, but a bunch of these points are from squares and oppositions, so nobody should be jealous. 😉

  17. 27 maybe higher – but I always considered myself a Venusian. I have a 10th house Sun in Taurus and a 9th house Venus in Aries. Venus is very well aspected (Friends with Jupiter, Mercury, Moon, and Uranus).

  18. With Venus conjunct the Asc. and 3 planets, opposite my 7th house Moon, square Mars, and trine Midheaven, my score is 47. Counting my Sun and Mercury in Taurus, and Jupiter in the 2nd house, my score is 56. Very Venusian, yes indeed!

  19. 20 with libra, 22 with taurus. i’ve really got very little taurus going on – just south node there. but i do have pluto & mercury in the 2nd house and in libra. my venus is in the 12th in leo about 13 degrees from my ascendant and i’ve got nothing in the 7th. i’ve never felt very venusian, so no surprises on scoring. well…there is one thing…i can really sing. i’ve always attributed that to venus in leo, but my venus is retrograde in the 12th and for YEARS nobody knew i could sing (well, except when i was a kid, my music teachers always picked up on it, gave me solos and told me i have perfect pitch – but then i went wayyyy into my 20s barely singing). then i tried karaoke and i get compliments from strangers, friends, family but i feel kinda sheepish about it. i’m more a closeted singer. that is big venus influence in my life, that i can tell!

    • Hi, Erin, Each sign rules a body part, and Taurus rules the throat, so many singers have something in Taurus, for the resonance. Donna

  20. well….13! Not surprised! But I have made a living in Art & the Home Design field for many years…………….love life not so much!
    have done well with free lance sales……..could be my Gemini ASC?
    venus aries 10, conjunct mercury 16 aries, semisextile uranus 17 taurus, & the sun 13 taurus.
    Oh that gives me a few more points. 2 + 13 = 15.

  21. I scored 43 on the Venus test and only 4 on the Taurus. Having such a high Venus score makes me thankful I have Saturn right on my IC, (never thought I would say that!)

  22. I have always felt close to the planet Venus…ever since High school when 2 of my best friends and my family members were undergoing intense psychological pressure. One had his father die and he went into a catatonic state and shock treatments were used to get him back. The other, a girl friend was in a foster home and with the least sign of rejection ( much imagined) she would go into a catatonic state that would last 3 days . She went in crying and when she returned she was crying. I held her in my arms but when she was gone, she was gone her foster parents said. It was shocking for me to see. Then my brother and mother were flipping out. My brother was taken away from my mother because they made each other worse. My mother had her thyroid taken out when we were very little and she was in menopause which cause the hormones to plummet. They really didn’t understand that back then. Later ,during my Sr. year, she was institutionalized for a few years and eventually stabilized and lived out a normal life. Her moon was in Taurus which rules the Throat and thyroid. The moon rules over the ( earned from past life) physical inheritance, personality bodies; ie Physical, emotional and mental( brain) equipment. Is it a 25 watt bulb or a 200 watt bulb?
    Anyway the teen years and the last year of High school are touchy enough without everyone flipping out around me. My closest people. I was in emotional turmoil.
    I was the favored one in art class and always was given the only easel. But I was short tempered and none dare talk to me because of the pressure going on.I had been assigned to a special group in English and we could choose our own subject. Mine was Man ( later woman) and the Universe.
    I remember standing in my room trying to maintain…it was all very painful to see them suffering so, when suddenly a green healing energy enveloped me. Comforting and nurturing.
    Suddenly I was given a picture of all over the world and all the various scenes going on at once. I KNEW it was VENUS with me. I gleaned the understanding that ” this scene I was in shall pass into another one. That I was a spec in the Universe and that we all had a part to play. Mine was insignificant in the face of all the scenes going on.” I understood more than I can say. The effect was that it gave me the strength to stand firm and optimistic for the future. At the time I knew nothing about the Mayan or Greek myths of Venus or of astrology. But I knew it was Venus.
    That morning upon rising I painted a picture on my wall ; of a woman emerging from the sea, purified and the Sun was on the horizon. Since then I know we ( Earthlings) are watched over by the spirit of Venus. She is our big sister, older and wiser.

    My Venus is conjunct / parallel Saturn both at 20 degrees in Cancer in the 10th house 9 degrees from the MC so I did not count it as conjunct the MC.
    It seems that on physical body levels, Venus is associated to Taurus and perhaps on mental ( wattage grounding) levels, to Libra. However on soul levels Venus esoterically rules or is informed by the Constellation Gemini. A soul chart can only be done if the subject knows beyond a shadow of doubt that they are NOT their body .( persona, physical, emotional or mental capacity.) My Venus/ Saturn is in the equal house/ sign of Cancer but is in the Constellation of Gemini. You know the Constellations are not a neat 30 degrees. Gemini is one of the Long ones. Venus/ Saturn also conjunct fixed star Castor by 1 degree Saturn being the tighter. According to Joesph E. Rigor, ” The Power of the Fixed Stars” ( he only uses personal planet conjunctions up to Jupiter):
    The conjunction to Venus: ” These natives have the ability to overcome adversity, and generally lead a life that is out of the ordinary. This conjunction is not particularly good for marriage unless the marriage partner is of a congenial nature. The more negative nativities can experience many problems, marital turbulence, even sublime illness. ” I knew at 16 yrs old I would never marry and here I am 65 and never been married. I’m in good health.
    The Venus/ Saturn conjunction also conjuncts the North node of Pluto. Pluto, Uranus and Mars and MC stellium parallel are within a 2 degree Paralleled to the Saturn Venus conjunction. They are all parallel each other and I can see how that works out. It gets snarled for sure ! ha ha ha
    Venus/ Saturn quintile Chiron at 2 Libra , which conjuncts Neptune in Libra at 5 degrees . and Libra ascendant at 9 . From the other end Jupiter at 29 Virgo conjuncts Chiron. Jupiter and Neptune are parallel . Hope this helps…good questions about Venus!

  23. PS/ I counted 41

    • Born under retro mercury I always take more look see and came up with 62 points .

  24. Its me again. I searched your site for information on the ” Burning Fields of Scorpio” but found nothing. Do you know of it? There is a person I know of who has an exact conjunction of Mercury / Uranus/ MC at 26 degrees Scorpio. She has the loudest biggest negative mouth I ever encountered. What appears as an aspect of genius is NOT manifesting. Can it be burnt up in the Scorpio” Burning field” I have heard of and do you know the degrees in Scorpio this covers?

  25. 59 points very strong Venus, most of my points are from minor aspects with Venus, plus Venus in Libra, plus Neptune and Saturn conjuncting on either side. Midheaven in Taurus along with POF

    From the time I picked up my first crayon I knew I was going to be an artist. Art supplies just came to me without even asking. When I was a kid, my neighbor was a teacher and brought crayons to me. At school the school nurse gave me my first acrylics and told me to paint on fabric to help my asthma.

    I studied fashion design, and always made my own clothes and doll clothes. I can’t imagine a life with out art, creating, beauty and classical music. I love pastel colors and and am drawn to harmonious colors. I have even studied color healing.

    When I was working other jobs to support art, I would get my hair styled once a week, love reading about relationships, talking about relationships, being in a relationship, many of my friends have Libra sun, Libra rising or prominent Venus (Venus first house).
    My husbands vertex conjuncts my Venus exactly and he has a stellium in Leo (including Venus) which conjuncts my ascendant.

  26. Score of 45 using Taurus– it would be a lot lower if I did not (Taurus stellium). Which seems reasonable to me. I think Earth needs to stay neutral because we’re on it and the way we do astrology is based on how the other planets act around us.

  27. My poor Venus in Libra doesn’t stand a chance against my Sun, Saturn, Pluto and Chiron, which are all 50 something. Venus scored a measly 11 points:( That’s using Version 1, but it wouldn’t be any different w/ V2, since none of it applies to my chart anyway. Hmmmm, I wonder if that’s why I’m divorced, live alone and am single?!! LOL

  28. As Venus is the final depositor of of my chart & for her significant placement (conj MH & its conj Sun, sq ASC & its conj Pluto, finally trining Moon & its conj Jupiter), I assumed Venus would knock all my other scores outta the ballpark. Libra Venus = 55 & Taurus Venus = 68, representing a 13pt differential that means little in your scoring interpretations. Venus is on par with my Moon score (54) & Chiron score (54); but I’m running on solar power (Sun = 90)…my humble ego never saw that coming!

  29. 30 without Taurus, 39 with – in either case, Strong. It also rules my Libra North Node, which I think makes it important.
    Also, since my Venus is conjoined Pluto that gives it power, though not necessarily any stronger!

  30. 28 with no Taurus points. Venus in the 12th is usually described as weak and/or worse, but I’ve always liked art, and I think here the placement in Gemini also goes to working with my hands.

  31. Donna, sorry if I’m asking a no-brainer question, I have Venus conjunct the IC therefore it is Square my AC and in Opposition to my MC. Does that mean I count them as separate to get 20 points?
    When I saw the test I thought “I’ll probably get very low marks” since Venus is unaspected in my chart.
    Natalie above writes romance novels, I am a voracious reader of romance novels! In fact I probably read enough of them to write one of my own entirely composed of all the bits that I’ve read everywhere.
    I find it hard to get connected with Venus. But my course of study and career will be in the Arts.

    My friend has 60 (with Taurus) she just ooooozes the Venusian Vibe.

    • Hi, Heidi. You don’t get points for Venus conjunct the IC, but yes, it is automatically opposite the MC, so you get points for that. However it is NOT automatically square the Ascendant because the Ascendant and Midheaven are not always at 90 degree angles to one another–only in certain signs. So check it out to see if it is really square by degree. Donna

      • Well whaddya know, I get 20 points just from Venus Square AC and Opposite MC, making Venus actually rather strong! I gotta start channelling my inner Botticelli now.

  32. I have “tested” a few of the charts of my nearest and dearest for their planetary strengths. The results have really given me plenty to ponder. They add a whole other layer to the interpretation, which is always good.

    I would like your input as to how you interpret the overall pattern of the tests taken together. I imagine that overall test results that include very high and low scores would show a definite focus whereas scores that are within a similar range would mean a less focused approach. I do, however, wonder how you view the lowest scores. I also wonder how you see the difference between a pattern of mostly high to very high scores vs one that is lower almost across the board.

    • Those are good questions, Mari, but alas I have no answers for you because I retired from doing clients’ charts over a year ago, and these tests are more recent than that. The best source for answers would be Skywriter readers who have now done all the tests and who can compare them to what they know about an overview of their charts, so let’s ask them.

      Readers, do your strongest and weakest scores on the planetary tests reflect your experience of how various chart features work? Were the highest scores consistent with your experience of the strongest features in your chart? Did you have more high scores than low overall? How did the lowest scores match your experience of those planets? Do the scores as a whole reflect areas of life where you are strongly focused? Did you learn anything new about yourself through the series of tests? Donna

      • Hi Donna! In the past 5 months I’ve learned more on astrology that I did in the past 5 years. You’ve made astrology speak to me, and for that I’ll always be grateful to you. But I’m still seriously stupid when it comes to chart interpretation, I simply can’t do that without cheating (by cheating I mean that I have to know the person), and these tests have been of tremendous help towards this direction. Though most scores were spot on, some were a bit off, and it was through pondering on what went wrong with the later that I’ve managed to formulate some hypothesis onto how to read a chart, that I can’t wait to put to test in other people’s charts! So what I loved most about the series is how thought provoking it’s been. And once again thanx, you’re the best teacher in the world!

      • Yes, I believe so. My strongest aspect is Moon/Pluto, they’re both in strong aspect to all angles, and angular each themselves, but I never really took their angularity into their strength, which the tests showed, as they came up in the top 2 I believe, and Venus as #3, and guess what Venus is conj Moon so yes I do relate. Venus/Moon/Pluto issues have run a very strong current through my life, the others as well, but not at such ‘high definition.’ Pluto is in the 4th, and the security needs it pertains to have to be met or really there is no point. And overall I have more low scores, the lowest is Jupiter @ 9 pts, which is quite apt in my world view, actually (lacking the belief that things will always turn out sunny side up), although so far I have been given very positive dramatic changes with my Jupiter returns, so not wholly uninfluenced. The only thing I was confused about was why the chart ruler in a certain house was not given added strength, maybe that factor is in the correspondence course, but overall I was really pleased and liked that you added your personal touch to the tests vis-a-vis your direct experiences. Thank you.

      • By far my Scorpio Moon at 69 is dominant with Capricorn Jupiter next at 48. The way I’m described is as being far more Scorpionic than being like my Sun sign of Sagittarius. My poor Sun weighed in at 24.

        As the scores shake out I’m an OPP. With the exception of my puny Leo Uranus at 13, all my higher scores are outer planets.

        The way I’ve seen OPP described as sometimes being “late bloomers” fits me. I’m still trying to figure out who I am and I’ll be 50 next Tuesday. My Scorpionic positives are just now maturing but man, are they useful! Wish I’d had this insight 30 years ago.

  33. I included Taurus for a score of 27.Without Taurus it would have been 20. Not very high.

  34. 45 counting Taurus planets, 35 not counting them. So, either way pretty Venusian. 🙂

  35. 45 not counting Taurus/2nd house – plus my NN in Libra conjunct MC (not counted)
    I have a artistic occupation and have loved art from when I was a child, and I am a hopeless romantic (Venus conjunct Neptune and Sun all square ASC). I love beautiful things.

  36. I would ask questions that might be of interest to everyone.
    Sun 24
    Moon 57
    Mercury 50
    Mars 37
    Venus 15 (20)
    Jupiter 23
    Saturn 57
    Uranus 32
    Neptune 23
    Pluto 24

    What does a dominant Moon-Saturn?

    I can read what does a high score of Venus.. and a low score!?

    • If the Moon and Saturn were the strongest planets, you’d be a mix of Cancerian and Capricorn qualities–maybe like Moon in Capricorn. As for Venus, there is a list of qualities of the Venusian person in the post, and the high scoring person would have many of those qualities emphasized in their nature, while a low Venus score would make it harder to express those qualities…not very social, for instance, or have difficulty expressing affection. Donna

  37. My strongest scores are Venus, Saturn, and Moon, which does not surprise me, since they occupy my 1st and 7th houses, aspecting each other as well as Mars in 10th. My life has been a lot about beauty and art, relationships, togetherness and separation, emotional issues, esteem, being hard on myself (and others).

    Mercury was surprisingly low considering that I have Gemini Asc. and 3 planets in Gemini. However, Mercury itself, in Taurus in the 12th house, only aspects the North Nodes (square). Sun was weak, appropriate to my Sun in 12th house!

    It is interesting to see what friends scores are. They point up the strengths in the chart and I can see their tendencies more clearly.

  38. Well, heeeeeer’s Venus!

    without Taurus: 30
    with Taurus: 35

    Taurus Asc but no planets in Taurus or 2nd house.

    Honestly, I expected a higher Venus score since mine is conj MC and Taurus is my Asc but you know what that would say to this laywoman? That your thoughts on Taurus being ruled by Earth makes sense.

    I am SO RIDICULOUSLY SENSITIVE when it come to Earth things like weather, earthquakes, volcanoes, solar flares/solar storms and the like. If I consider my chart to be ruled by Earth, suddenly things in my chart make sense in a whole ‘nother way.

    Bravo, good show, excellent series of articles and all that!

  39. I snagged a 67 (71 w/ Taurus, but that’s almost irrelevant given the libra-score).

    This is interesting timing, for me, to stumble across the scoring system. My chart is a sort of tug-of-war w/ a Libra ascendant and Saturn/Jupiter conjunct, in opposition to Sun/Mars/Venus conjunct in Aries on the dec (my MC/IC are square). My Capricorn Moon is just barely out of square. So, I’ve spent some time recently fussing over the question of chart rulership. My Saturn is pretty key (50). But Mars (56) and the Sun (60) are moderately strong, w/ close runners up in Jupiter (43) and Pluto (15).

    Given a Cap moon and a repetition of Saturn themes (just polished off that return, and generally identify with Saturnine archetypes), I have always overlooked Venus in my chart. I don’t consider myself particularly artistic/creative, or even slightly romantic. But I do toy with a range of aesthetic preoccupations, and the general consensus is that I am a “nice/sweet person.” Talk about first impressions. 😉

    But the recent Venus retrograde hit me pretty hard. Now, looking at that score… I suppose I’ve underestimated the pretty planet’s role in my chart!

  40. 50 w/ Libra alone – truly a nice guy w/ lots of love to give! A little fluffy too, I may add ;D

    V conjuct Moon – (10)
    V opposite MC – (10)
    V square AC – (10)
    V trine Mars – (5)
    V trine Chiron – (5)
    V semi-square Sun (2nd hs) – (2)
    V semi-sextile Mercury – (2)
    Pluto in Libra – (3)
    Uranus (2nd hs) in Libra – (3)

    Libra on the 2nd hs cusp….but didn’t account for Taurus.

    Wonder if the Galactic Center nestled in between the Venus, NN, and Moon (Stellium) would hold any significance in boosting it up just a tad bit? All at the reaction point of a Boomerang Yod.

    The power of love to used to heal / transform / attract others has worked wonders in my life…however, often at the expense of jealousy & envy. Truly a Scorp w/ a 1st hs Pluto in Libra! 😉

    Thx a bunch, this was fun!

  41. 51 points (48 if no Taurus) so a high score indeed. Yet I have always been a tomboy: even at 41.
    I love the contrast between me as the Amazon and me as the Goddess 😀

  42. A couple of aspects were out of orb so 24 (31 if inc Taurus). I expected the score to be higher as it’s the most aspected planet in my chart.

    Overall I have no really high or low scores. Lowest is Jupiter at 22 and highest is Sun at 36. Guess this means I identify with all the planets pretty equally? A complicated, contradictory, fixed Queen!

  43. How very fun ! I don’t really think of myself as being Venusian …yet my score came in at 55. Off I went to total up the other big players in my chart…Moon (78 !) and Uranus (54). Since they are angular they seemed to have had their way so far in my life.
    With this Jupiter/Uranus transit trine my natal Venus currently…I think Venus is getting some juice and maybe can be heard at the moment. I’ve always wondered what was going on there with it being posited in Scorpio exactly square Pluto. Also it disposits my Libra Moon…which lives in 4…I do crave beautiful environments.
    The Taurus was a non issue….no points there.
    Altho it does rule my eleventh and its amazing how many Taureans I know besides being married to one…I’m always attracted to them.

  44. Finally, a (“terribly tentative”) decision about what sign(s) Venus rules! If it weren’t for Venus in the 7th house and the many minor aspects, I’d have a score of 0. lol Even when I included Taurus/2nd house, it only added 3 points to my score (reaching with the Chiron in Taurus).

    No wonder I’m always on the lookout for a partner who can take the initiative in charming the people around us. I can do it in spurts (Mercury-ruled 7th house), but then I get exhausted by the energies of the people who I attract with my “charm”.

  45. Sun conjunct Venus in Cancer in the 10th, part of a grand water trine with Neptune and Chiron. Venus sextile Mars in the 8th,Pluto in the 12th.Mars in Taurus.

  46. These are fun and interesting.
    I have only done three of the tests but will eventually do them all.
    So Far
    Uranus: 37
    Moon: 47
    Venus: 63 +3 for Taurus
    These are the ones that vibed stongest for me so no doubt they will be the stronger scores. Might go do sun now though. Thanks 🙂

  47. I got 28 however the test doesn’t take into consideration my Venus in the 7th is in Aires, a detriment. I may be flirtatious, fun and sexy but with Venus in Aires, I have a hard time making a relationship work!

  48. I guess 5 (with Taurus), my midheaven is in Taurus. My venus only makes 1 wide major aspect with pluto and 2 other wide minor aspects.

  49. Here’s all my scores from strongest to weakest;

    Venus 64
    Sun 62
    Pluto 47
    Moon 44
    Mars 41
    Jupiter 37
    Neptune 32
    Saturn 31
    Uranus 28
    Mercury 20

  50. I got 33 o_o But I consider Venus the strongest planet in my chart anyway. It rules the day AND hour I was born, is in Pisces in the 7th (conjunct my descendant/opposition my ascendant) and trine pluto in Scorpio. It’s also a singleton, being the only planet in a mutable sign. Needless to say, I just live, think, and breath ~LOVE~ 🙂

  51. PART I
    venus trine moon——————————–10

    venus trine uranus——————————-5
    venus trine neptune—————————–5
    venus opposite pluto—————————-5

    venus semisquare sun————————–2
    venus sesquiquadrate jupiter——————2
    venus biquintile midheaven——————–2

    midheaven in libra——————————-5

    jupiter in libra————————————-3

    mercury in 7th house—————————3.

    venus-moon-uranus grand trine————–5
    venus-moon-neptune grand trine————-5

    part of fortune in libra—————————2

    venus in taurus————————————5

    saturn in 2nd house——————————3.

    whooooh. i really think i’m a venusian!

  52. 35! (Better than my sun score be far!)

  53. Can I work out other planet scores using the same method (except using other planets signs and houses)? Also, don’t you consider points for Venus if it’s in an angular house?

    • There are tests for all the planets. You get points if a planet is within 10 of an angle, as per the research of the Gauquelin’s.

  54. I scored a 69!
    I think I also score in the 60s on the Pluto test.

  55. Venus opp MC = 10
    Venus con Pluto = 5
    Venus trine Mars, Jupiter = 10
    Venus sextile Neptune = 2

    Mars in 7th = 3
    Venus con Acrux = 2

    MC in Taurus = 5

    = 37 🙂

  56. This is what I can see immediately from my chart:

    10 Venus square Moon
    5 Venus trine Pluto
    5 Venus opposite Neptune
    5 Venus conjunct Mercury
    10 Libra AC
    3 Libra Saturn
    3 Libra Jupiter
    3 Libra Pluto
    5 Venus part of stellium
    5 Venus part of T-Square
    2 Libra Juno
    2 Venus semi-sextile Chiron
    3 Libra Saturn conj AC
    3 Libra Jupiter conj AC

    3 Taurus Mars
    3 Taurus Chiron
    3 Uranus in 2nd house
    5 Taurus Mars trines AC

    My Venus energy is already off the hook just from plain view. I’m sure if there’s more factors taken into consideration, it would be higher.

    I think I do use my Venusian energies often but not in the most traditional sense. I don’t wear make-up and I don’t own a comb even though my hair is a lion’s mane. Everyone thinks that my sense of style is impeccable and I’m good at dressing people. I love clothes and sewing. I don’t flirt but I’m pretty friendly and people say my presence is calming and happy. I can’t do interior design if my life depended on it but I do have a great eye for design and color in general.

  57. My Venus is 27. Venus is in conjunction to 2 other planets and I have a couple of 7th house planets.

  58. Also, it is 2 if I do the Taurus one lol.

  59. Conjunct MC – 10
    Square ASC – 10
    Opposite Moon – 10
    Trine Neptune – 5
    Square Mars – 5
    Square Uranus – 5
    Sextile Pluto – 2
    Sextile Saturn – 2
    Biquintile Jupiter – 2
    Pluto, Saturn & Mercury in Libra – 9
    T-square w/ Mars & Moon – 5
    Other (Orient Planet) – 2

    TOTAL: 67

    I’m a Venusian but my Pluto is much stronger…muuuuuaaaahhhh!

    • I meant Quintile Jupiter

  60. Uhm, I scored a 53… I can’t say I didn’t expect to have a strong Venus (I’m obsessed with finding true love, I consider an existence without love meaningless, I’ve tried to commit suicide after my first boyfriend left me, etc) but that strong? Wow. I also have a strong Sun (58), Moon (44) and Mercury (43). Also, my Juno is in Libra but I didn’t add any points for that because Juno is an asteroid. Oh btw, I didn’t include Taurus (if it makes any difference, I have Cupido in Taurus). Off to take the next tests!

  61. 14…including Taurus and the 2nd house, the result is still 17 points. The lowest point for me so far.

    I have no planet in Taurus, only one in Libra, only one in 2nd house and totally empty 5th and 7th house (even including 9 asteroids!)

    I also have Venus in Scorpio conjunct Pluto as well as Saturn in 11th house. I often feel that expressing love, relating to others and socializing, especially with opposite sex and groups, is difficult and tiresome.

    However, I appreciate anything concerning art, though not fashion. 🙂 Love is also a big issue (problem?) in my life.

  62. including taurus 31 score of course I am a Libra myself…

  63. do i get 5 points each for 3 stellium configurations and 2 grand trines in my natal chart?

    • You get 5 points for each planet involved in each stellium or major configuration. For instance , if Venus is part of a stellium AND a Grand trine, the Venus score gets 5 points for each. Donna

  64. By the way, I didn’t use the same orbs you do for this test. For me it’s most important can I relate to this aspect with wide orb or not. For example, I have Mercury square Jupiter with 7° orb, and I can relate to it. My thinking is sloppy and lazy, and I prefer the big picture to details, I hate details. That’s why I hate projects. I’ve done project(s) with my friend and she often says that I should write more about thing X because I didn’t write enough/too little details. I have Mercury square Mars as well with same orb, and I’m argumentative.

    I believe that orbs are personal thing, everyone should use orb that they find appealing.

  65. WOOPS wrong topic…. Another prove of my sloppiness LOL

  66. 71-79 (I don’t know my exact time of birth) with Taurus, although I don’t really know how to trace grand trines or t squares, so it might be more. I know this is an old post, but felt like commenting as I was surprised to find I scored this high!
    Kind of makes me wonder why my love life is such a disaster :-S
    (my love of chocolate and perfume is perfectly accounted for, though!)

    • Artemis, even without a time of birth or any possible major configuration, this is quite a high Venus score. As for relationships, that kind of score makes love an important need and craving of yours, but perhaps so important as to put excess stress on the relationship. (For instance, perhaps making you too needy or possessive, like a love addict.) For more details about what, exactly, is going on in your relationships, you’d benefit from a chart interpretation by a professional astrologer. (I’m retired.) If that’s too costly, I’d suggest you write to the Astrology at Work column at Dell Horoscope Magazine with your birth information and some of the particulars about important past/present love relationships. The address is Regards, Donna Cunningham

  67. Hi Donna, thanks for responding! And for the wonderful blog. 🙂
    Focusing too much on relationships… could be. I am definitely having a birth chart reading. Again, thanks!

  68. Hi Donna – I have a problem with this Venus test in that anyone with planets in Taurus, well, they end up not counting for anything, since there is no test for the planet earth! And as a person with three planets in Taurus, I’d like to see you do the test for Earth, so we can start to see what it could mean. Earthy quality? Growth, fecundity, as you mentioned above? If we separate Venusian qualities (harmony, partnership, beauty) from Taurus qualities usually assigned those, we are left with earthy, grounded, practical, nurturing in a physical tactile way. It would be interesting to see how many people score a strong Earth, and what that could possibly mean. This also means, as I would guess you know, that planets in the second house would go to Earth, not count for the Venus score. My three planets would like to know they have meaning too 🙂 Sun, Venus and Mercury, so it’s not like I can ignore them! and none in the second house. Have you had enough feedback that you think you could do a test of a test for Earth?

    Sorry – I just saw the” terribly tentative test for earth in your chart”! I’ll go do it and let you know!! (My mercury just couldn’t wait…..)

  69. Twenty-two. Not surprised. Venus is in my first house and conjunct my Leo ascendant, but it’s also conjunct my Mercury. Head and heart. It squares my Neptune, which I believe gave me unrealistic ideas about relationships in my youth that good, old-fashioned experience took care of.

  70. Back. After I did mine, the family said “pick me! Pick me!” so as time has allowed today I’ve worked on them. I’m working my way through my daughter’s and did it both ways since she’s a Taurus ascendant. Assuming I subtracted the six points she got for her two seventh-house planets if I chose Team Taurus, the scores were only four points apart with inclusion of the Taurus ascendant. Either way, it was strong, which is odd because she’s … not, in many ways (though she has great style and artistic ability, she’s definitely not vain).

  71. and if there are planets in the second house and also in the seventh house?
    I add up all?

    • Only if you believe that Venus rules both Libra and Taurus, which I don’t. There are articles on the blog about that controversy.

  72. gm sir,
    dob 21/09/1982
    time 18.10
    place Navsari,gujarat.

    sir , i want to know when will i get married to a bueatifull girl, will she be NRI, and any chance to settle abroad?
    i have
    surkra in 7th,
    mars in 10th swarashi
    rahu in 5th uchha rasi

    thank in advance sir
    waiting ur reply


    • That kind of question is too complicated to be answered in a blog comment. You really need to work with an astrologer, most likely a Vedic one. (Miss) Donna Cunningham.

      • yes, but some glimpse madam ….

      • Not on your life. I am not calculating your chart and interpreting it. I am very busy writing a book and I am retired from doing charts.

  73. hello my name is shilpi agrawal my birth date is – 6may 1991 time -6:33 P.M. place firozabad , plz tell me venus position in my horoscope..

    • It’s at 26 Gemini. Did you know you can get a whole chart for free at Astrolabe? It includes a 3-page interpretation. Donna

  74. I’ve got 27 score, not very impressive lol!

  75. 53 without Taurus, and either 76 OR 69 depending on how many points i should count for my mars in Taurus in the Seventh (3 or 10?). I have Pluto in Libra and Mars in Taurus in the Seventh: both are my rulers. If i “double-dip” and count both as ten points then the score is 76.
    I would say “this is embarrassing,” but then I wouldn’t be able to eat chocolate covered grapes whilst I recline and let my mud mask dry!

  76. I got 46,hurray!!!!!!!!!1 :)))))))

  77. score of 56 add Taurus 61. Not surprised as Venus rules my chart but thus far all my planets are strong. I actually think my Venus is weakened by placements (house/signs)….but your test offers no deductions.

  78. Hi-I feel very LOW with my score-

    I have Venus Trine the mid Heaven,Trine Neptune,Opposite Pluto, and conjunct Chiron. No Minor aspects
    Moon in Libra, Libra Ascendant and I gave it 5 points because this holds major significance for me Vertex in Taurus = 45 Points.
    Absolutely every very important person in my Life whom has/had* ever loved me or taken care of me (death/estrangement*) has been a Taurus

    and I have NEVER been married a day in my life! and I am 50 years old.
    could have been 50 points if we included the conjunction of Uranus to Pluto
    ha! 50/50-maybe this is the year I actually marry a Taurus (Tee Hee !)

  79. I think I might have “won” this test so far based on what I see in other comments… I have at least 60 points with just the Libra (and I was being conservative with minor aspects and didn’t even include some) and at least 86 once Taurus is factored in there. Here’s what I have:

    Venus in Pisces trine MC and then minor aspects to Mercury, Sun & Moon (which are conjunct), ASC, Saturn & Point of Fortune (all three conjunct within 1′ in Libra), Pluto, and Jupiter
    Libra Ascendant, Mars, Saturn, and Pluto (and Point of Fortune)
    My Sun & Moon are in the 7th house
    I’m also pretty sure that Venus is conjunct my nodes (she is at 18′ Pisces and North node is 16′ Cancer) and I didn’t even include that in my original calculations…

    And now for the Taurus:
    My Sun & Moon are conjunct in the 7th house in Taurus
    Mercury & Chiron also in Taurus (but 8th house)
    Uranus in the 2nd house

    Now for the clincher… I have two big Yods in my chart, both very tight aspects. One is a boomerang Yod involving Mars in Libra, Uranus in Sag with Sun/Moon conjunction in 7th house Taurus as the apex (opposite Jupiter in Scorpio by 1-2′ and also very loosely opposite Pluto in Libra). Then I also have a Yod involving Mercury in Taurus and Venus in Pisces pointing at my ASC/Saturn/PoF conjunction in Libra. Sooooo yeah, quite a lot of Venusian energy going on there even if you don’t count the Taurus! (I happen to agree with your theory that Taurus is probably ruled by Earth, which would be opposite my Sun and thus the “boomerang” aspect of that big Yod–conjunct Jupiter and in my first house, no less!)

    As I’ve gotten older, studied astrology and also gotten more of a handle on these Yod energies (well, I like to hope I have at least!), I do notice differences in the Libran vs Taurean aspects of my personality, although it’s actually tougher to claim the Taurus because of the Sun & Moon in the 7th and 1st house Libra making everything about “relationships” anyway. Meanwhile having Venus in Pisces has been SO DIFFICULT for me because even though I want a romantic relationship so badly (if I’m honest with myself), having my chart ruler in such a nebulous, dreamy, idealistic sign makes it pretty much impossible to manifest my dreams and true desires here on Earth so I keep ending up heartbroken and emotionally crushed, so I often just prefer to be single/alone in that regard. Sun & Moon are trine Neptune too and I don’t know how that impacts things.

    Basically even though my chart is mega-Venusian I’m not sure I can speak to the Libra vs Taurus thing in an unbiased way, since I’m still trying to sort out these intense energetic dynamics I was born with. But feel free to email me or respond in the comments if you have any specific questions, I can take a stab at them at least. 🙂

    • Hi, Ava, you’re certainly in the running for top score. And thanks for sharing your reasoning about Libra vs. Taurus sides of yourself. The test is complicated, as I’ve left it up to people to decided for themselves whether to keep Taurus as a Venus-ruled sign or not. Donna

  80. What if my chart is so aspected so on each test i take, my score is at least 40? i mean, i got mercury 66, uranus 60, saturn 60, neptune 51, moon 48, venus 44 and pluto 41.

    • Hi, Ivana. That type of scores usually happens when the person has many aspects in their chart, especially in one of the major configurations like a T-square, Grand Trine, or stellium. Donna

  81. So, I took the venus and moon one. The moon was several years ago and I believe I scored the highest, 114. But interestingly my venus is my chart ruler and I also had a high score (I don’t know if it’s the highest) but I scored an 88:) all from libra. My moon is conjunct my ascendant in libra, practically on top of it, around .27 degrees. Less than 1 degree. And my moon and ascendant square practically everything in my chart. My venus sun and my neptune (which sits closely on the IC in house 3.. So maybe it could be interpreted in house 4) are in house 4. With everything residing in the 3rd and 2nd house. I have all these squares and conjunctions in my chart. What does that mean? Am I going to struggle all of my life? Lol thank you for these tests!

    • Hello, Chandra. That’s an important question you’re asking, and one that really cannot be answered in the depth it deserves without seeing where that planetary combination fits into your natal chart. To do it justice would go far beyond a brief reply in the comment section and would require a private consultation with an astrologer. I retired from chart consultations several years ago in order to focus on book projects, but can send you a list of astrologers whose work I know and respect.

      If finances are a consideration, you might consider submitting your question to Eileen McCabe, the advice columnist at Dell Horoscope magazine. Like myself, she has a Master’s Degree in Social Work and many years of experience in both astrology and counseling. Read more about her work and how to submit a question here:

  82. Wow so I scored 71 for Venus! (Moon was number 1 with 84 and Pluto number 3 with 69) I find my results nice for being a Scorpio. I feel Venus greatly and I think this adds to it my suspicions of it being a major planet. It also proves that its the dominant planet in my stellium. I didn’t use Taurus. Never fitted Venus much for me ( I think it might be a co-ruler with another planet like Earth or maybe an “undiscovered” one?) I don’t have much going on in Taurus either xD I did all of the planets but not Chiron.

    • Hi, Amber, we had quite a debate about Taurus/Venus here on Skywriter some time ago. I have never felt comfortable with Venus ruling Taurus, and years ago I read a book by Isabel Pagan in which she nominated Planet Earth as the ruler. It’s so much more like Taureans, whereas Librans are much more like Venus.

      If you’re wondering where the Earth is in your chart, it’s always directly opposite the Sun. Donna

  83. 67 points here 🙂

  84. Venus never held much of an appeal to me (being a scorpio Ascendant, I felt it dominated the rest of my chart).
    But oh my, 67p seem steep enough to further investigate.

  85. Really thank you. Your calculating way is very simple yet effective. As a novice, I have found some good advice from your website. I appreciate your effort and hope you add more in-depth articles.

  86. I like these tests as they are interesting and fun and it looks like it draws in people who are novices in astrology. That’s great! I have Venus trine Saturn and both trine the MC. Solar Fire says that is a Grand Trine but others seem to believe that only planets can be considered in major configurations. May I have your opinion? My Venus score was 41 w/o the Grand Trine and Taurus and 51 if I include both. I have used the scores mainly to rank and compare the planets as all my planets score strong or off the charts except Uranus and Pluto. Still like the tests though as they make me research things I might not have otherwise. Thanks.

    • I kinda go with those who say three planets needed, but still very, very important that there are trines on both sides of the Midheaven. You counted the points for them, right? Donna

      • Thanks, I’m inclined that way also. I counted the individual trines from Venus to Saturn and MC, not the one from Saturn to MC.

  87. I got a score of 27 which is strong. What would you say if venus is strong in my chart, is part of a stellium of 5 planets in gemini in the 11th house and is also retrograde? What kind of an impact would the retrograde have on my stellium and venus traits?

    • I haven’t done much with retrogrades, so you might want to check out Erin Sullivan’s book on that topic. As for stelliums, I also have a stellium of four planets in Gemini in the 11th, and it has been a life-long blessing that is not without its challenges as well. You’d find a lot of insight in my ebook, The Stellium Handbook. Donna

  88. i have got 50, libra ascendant and venus in libra, and lot of aspects..i am venusian so this test works for me 🙂
    What do you think about lilith in exact conjunction to the ascendant, in first house..? lilith energy is completely different, its raw sexuality and power, more like pluto, right?

    • I can’t really say, Mag, as I don’t work with either Lilith. It’s confusing, as there’s an asteroid named Lilith, as well as something called the Black Moon Lilith. That one is up to serious no good, in Pisces, in my 8th house, conjunct my South Node. I simply Do NOT want to know about that one, and who can blame me?

      Look up bloggers on line who might be more experienced with it. Donna

  89. The maximum distance between the Sun and Venus in any natal chart is 46 degrees .
    This means that the only “major” aspect that can exist between the Sun and Venus is the conjunction .
    In no natal chart there sextile , trine , square , quincunx nor opposition between the Sun and Venus.

  90. Well, 47 without the “Taurean input” – and I’m a Taurus 🙂 And it really rings true, I am a dedicated hedonist, and enjoy beauty immensely (I also tend to find it wherever, swooning over how incredible yellow leaves of a gingko tree look against an indigo night sky); I love good literature and fine art; when it comes to interior design, I can “appreciate” minimalism (especially the lack of clutter), but I could never fall in love with bare walls, strict lines, austerity or, heaven forbid, concrete. Speaking of falling in love – I’m definitely the voracious, uninhibited type (that would be my Aries Venus)… Love the feeling, but it gets me in trouble more often than not. And that Mars in Libra speaks of my diplomatic skills… and of a lack of assertiveness. Not to mention the effects of a Venus-Moon trine – while I really enjoy its good sides, perhaps the best description I’ve ever read of this aspect is “you don’t really like to work hard, or play hard, for that matter”. So, yeah… it takes a whole lot of mental effort to get to work when it’s a gorgeous day outside, and everything just smells so incredible… Oh, and I’m a dancer. Have been for almost 25 years. I do my best to serve the Goddess 🙂

  91. Wow, I got 60! Venus conjunct MC, trine ASC, sextile moon. Venus trine pluto, square Saturn, opposite neptune. Also Sun and moon in 7th house. Seems I’m very ‘venusian’ lol.

  92. Got a big ole score of 8 here! hahah Haven’t seen anything that low reported. What I find interesting about this is I have Venus at 16 Leo in the 11th House, and currently Venus is retrograde preparing to go direct at 14 Leo. This retrograde period is highlighting/pushing out final karmic contracts in love, relationships and money. I feel my Venus is so weak because even though Venus in Leo is a thoughtful, outward lover; based on other aspects, I believe that i have transcended my karmic contracts concentrated in Vesuvian energy and this current retrograde going direct basically identical to my chart shows “coming home to self love”. Thoughts on this ? Cheers.

  93. Very Fun test! Thanks so much!

    Over 40 points, thanks to 7th house Venus on the Descendant, a trine to Saturn, and Neptune in the 7th.

    I did include Taurus Ascendant and Taurus Rx Jupiter, but am happy to start contemplating Taurus as possibly “Earth”…

    I did not include Vertex in (6th) Libra, nor the 2nd House (Gemini) North Node, as I wasn’t sure if they added any Venusian goodies to my total.

    Love and beauty are super important, but not without challenging depths, thanks to Venus and Neptune being in Scorpio, and Mars in 5th – which is part of my mid 1960s Virgo Stellium…(I can be super shy and lacking confidence about my worth and looks – even when I am told otherwise).

    Thanks again for the fun test! Can’t wait to do the other planets…

  94. I also use Earth as ruler of Taurus… I have Venus conjunct my Sun, but also, Earth in Libra, which ought to affect the score. Lovely to discover that you include Earth in the chart! I’ve been doing that for thirty years, ever since I stumbled across a paragraph in March & McEvers’ ‘The Only Way to Learn Astrology’ which described Earth, gave its glyph and suggested an association with Taurus… I immediately adopted it and it has served me well over the years. I absolutely agree with your pov in the AstroDebate post about Venus.

    Incidentally, I also include Chiron as ruler of Virgo, as I read Barbara Hand Clow’s ‘Chiron: Rainbow Bridge to the Outer Planets’ around the same time. As a Virgo Ascendant, it makes much more sense as ruler of my chart than flighty Mercury! How could Mercury rule an earth element sign? Doesn’t make sense… twelve planets, twelve signs, it works.

  95. I did it according to the first version, and my score was 65.

  96. I don’t know how to show the minor aspect(except the sextile) on but I still got quite a high score:

    1st test: 77
    2nd test: 15
    Grand total: 92

    I’m not very into relationships though. Probably because of my moon in Aries?

  97. Well, I’m happy to see someone (who commented just above) got a higher score than I did…because I got 88, which is downright scary. Features are there, but I have to be honest that I was not expecting such a high score…the planet is in a stellium with 4 other planets (some pretty serious such as Pluto and Saturn), plus I have Scorpio rising. I actually took the test to determine the alpha dog in my stellium- I had my bets on Pluto, but this is interesting information. Gotta watch out for the little guy (i.e. Venus), so to speak.

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