Posted by: Donna Cunningham | December 11, 2010

The Mercury-Pluto Conjunction—Grievances, Gripes, Grudges, and Grinches

©12-10-2010 by Donna Cunningham, MSW

Do you find yourself brooding a lot lately?  Rehashing old grievances in the middle of the night? Rehearsing what you’re going to say to that bitchy aunt at the family holiday dinner? In major grinch mode about gift giving?  Going off on your spouse or kids for the same niggling annoyances you usually just sigh over? Griping about everything from the weather to the slob in the next cubicle at work?

Me, too—at least for a few days, once Mercury got within glaring distance of Pluto on its way to the station.  Let’s look at why this has been such a difficult period—and what you can do to overcome it.

 Why this Conjunction is Particularly Difficult

A Mercury-Pluto conjunction like the one in the sky right now is usually over in a few days. Since Mercury went stationary and then turned retrograde within a degree of Pluto, the conjunction’s within a 5° range for an exceptionally long time, from November 26th to December 20th–basically from Thanksgiving to Christmas.

It coulda picked a better time. The holiday season is hard enough this year with our economy in such terrible state and so many world problems to worry about. Many people can’t put food on the table or pay their mortgage, so buying gifts and special treats is out the question.

The conjunction is taking place at 4-5° Capricorn, activating the signs that were hit so hard earlier this year by the Cardinal T-square and Cross. (Specifically, it would affect people whose chart contains planets or chart angles–ASC, MC, IC, or DSC– in the first few degree of Aries, Cancer, Libra, or Capricorn.)

That makes what would ordinarily be a minor event into a trigger for anger and grief for people who went through a rough time with that transit. If that’s you or people close to you, it’s a time when kindness and t.l.c. are much-needed.

 How the Conjunction Adds to Holiday Hassles

1) First of all, put your shields up whenever you’re out in the world. With all this worry and stress, the psychic pollution is intense—what I call the Cosmic Soup. For some suggestions on how to deal with it, see Neptune and the Cosmic Soup.

You may already have some shielding techniques that work for you. If not, just imagine a 5′ egg made of white light all around you, and reinforce it any time you start soaking up others’ emotions. The energies are likely to be especially toxic in stores, malls, and in traffic or on public transit.

 Office parties, with drinks flowing, are places where resentments are likely to run high, so be careful what you say.   

2) Family get-togethers this month are likely to be Mercury-Pluto minefields. People who are stressed out by the situation we’re in may be on a very short fuse, ready to take insult at a raised eyebrow, much less an unguarded remark.

Could you avoid creating feuds that last for years by keeping mum or finding a good excuse not to show up? Probably not, because then they’ll read something into your silence or your absence. The articles linked below can give you some new perspectives.

3) In all situations, do consider your words very carefully this month. As I mentioned in an earlier post, this conjunction can make your words powerfully healing OR seriously destructive.

Especially watch what you say in anger or vengefulness now, folks. These are the words that, once spoken, can never be taken back.

4) If, like me, you were born with a Mercury-Pluto aspect, you might find yourself especially affected by transiting aspects between the two planets in intervals like these.

A Mercury-Pluto First Aid Kit

I periodically fall off the forgiveness wagon into a complete relapse of obsessing over hurts and slights. It goes on for hours, usually in the middle of the night, pretty much ruining my peace of mind. This is no longer acceptable to me, so here’s what I do:

  1) I first drag out my battered copy of A Course in Miracles and open it at random—it always falls open on a long, meaty passage on forgiveness that begins to get me untangled. (http:/

2) When that has started to calm me down, I ask cosmic forces for some lavender light for compassion and forgiveness, and may even take a bath with lavender shower gel.

 3) When I feel really open to Spirit once more, with all my heart and soul, I say this mighty prayer:

Dear God of All Creation:

Please help me not to hold anything against anyone,

Nor to pass judgment on anyone or anything. 


 Fair warning:  Do not add I MEAN IT LORD unless you are ready to change. Powerful things will begin happening within a few hours and you will find yourself forgiving people indiscriminately. But take consolation from this: you’re not doing it for THEM, you’re giving yourself a gift of freedom from brooding. I will say that praying that during the recent siege of brooding shifted it right away and brought me serenity, but then this prayer and I already have a history.

 Here are some other tools and insights from Skywriter that help:   

And from Vibration Magazine, the free flower essence journal and blog:

( For more information about using essences, download the introductory chapter of my ebook, Flower Remedies: How Plants Can Heal Us here flower essence information-ch1  and order the book at

What about you, Readers? Have you been brooding lately or dwelling on past hurts? Have you canceled Christmas this year? What do you do to get yourself out of a funk or the holiday blues? Let us know about it in the comment section.

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 More Ideas to help you through the holidays:

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  1. 1) Awesome
    2) Been thinking about these things from past few days.
    3) Gonna try out the prayer.

  2. OMG! How timely! On 12/5 I took my daughter and new beau out to dinner – what a diaster! Mercury and Pluto were conjunct and set off their cardinal T’s and the other Sag and Pisces set off mine and some of theirs. I’m still speaking to my daughter but don’t want to see HIM again and dinner cost me $100…Arrrggghhh! I’m listening to my mediation tapes, exercising and fortunately will be away over Christmas…peace (LOL)

  3. Well this hit me right between the eyes. I have been brooding about things said to me since last month. Even with pray it has been dufficult to let go. I find when I’m out tears come from no where and I start shielding again. I’m saying your pray today and remembering how good forgiveness can feel.

    We had to cancel Xmas but this isn’t the first year this has happen. I am thankful for all my many blessings.

    I wish you Donna and your readers a Wonderful Holiday season and a New Year full of happiness, love, good health and prosperity. Thank you for all the help this blog has given me this year.

    • Good to hear from you, Adrienne. You’d been absent for a while, and now I can see why. You’re fighting the good fight–don’t despair. Donna

  4. Thank you Donna for this post.

    Transiting Mercury and Pluto (and soon to be Mars) are exactly conjunct my 12th house 5 degree Cap Saturn , my chart ruler. And yes, I got hit earlier this year with being laid off. I recently had to tell my family I wasn’t coming home for Christmas, so it will be the first year that I’m not there for either Thanksgiving or Christmas in a very long time. They’re taking it quite personally even though they know I went home over the summer for nephews’ graduations and I’ve been supporting myself on unemployment and savings for almost 9 months now. It’s a very hard situation but putting $500 – 700 on a charge card to fly home and board my cats for a week seems quite frivolous right now. And I spent the least amount on Christmas gifts this year than I have in a very long time.

    And you’re right, this period is dredging up a lot of old stuff that I thought I had already processed through and it’s been hard. I’ve decided to say as little as possible and have been communicating mostly through email where I can edit and re-edit before sending. I’ve even stopped making Facebook posts because so much can be misinterpreted and I’m feeling pretty vulnerable these days.

    Regarding the psychic space, one of my BFF’s has had transiting pluto conjunct her sun for the past 2 years and has been deliberating on whether or not to divorce her husband for just as long. Another new friend in my new location, has 4 degree Cap rising … her youngest son has been in trouble with the law and I just found out recently that her husband of 25+ years has been abusive the whole time. Then I realized Pluto’s conjunct her ascendant and said to her rather strongly, “It’s time for you to make some changes.” I was just discussing this very thing with my BFF on the phone yesterday … because what it all comes down to is whether the transit is happening or not, the person won’t make the necessary changes until they’re ready and everyone is ready in their own time (and even if they want the change, some people won’t make it until they have ‘all of their ducks in a row’ and are sure the outcome will be better than the current situation). But these things weigh on me and I have to stop letting that happen.

    So, I love the reminder to protect ourselves and the prayer for forgiveness. I was just sitting on my kitchen floor brushing my cats praying that Elizabeth Edwards forgave John before she passed, so that her soul didn’t take that grudge / hurt with her.

    Forgiveness is the key, Donna, for all of us. So I’ll forgive my mother right here on this post for trying to manipulate me into coming home for Christmas during a phone conversation yesterday by bringing up my friend Ann who’s currently dying from metastatic breast cancer. Without saying it, she was saying ‘If you don’t come home now, you might not see her before she dies.’ But I saw her in July and recently have come to peace with not seeing her physically again; I’ve been talking to her on the phone.

    My BFF said to me this week, “Karen, you have to stop trying to be mother to the world and take care of yourself.”

    It’s continuing to be difficult but your post reminded me that it’s difficult for many and we just have to keep soldiering through. My yoga teacher keeps saying that the main purpose of life is to enjoy it to the fullest and not to suffer. I was looking at future transits recently to see when I could anticipate a break and saw that Neptune will start squaring my Sun in 2011 … I honestly thought, “My God, does this never end? What really is the purpose of this?”

    So, your post title sums me up pretty well: Grievances, Gripes, Grudges, and Grinches

    and all I can add is …. hopefully this too shall pass … soon!

    • It WILL pass, because not even Pluto can stay in the same spot forever. Sorry you’re having such a difficult time…and that people can’t put aside their own wants and desires long enough to see it and to support you. Donna

  5. Hi Donna and Everyone,

    This is a tough, tough time. I have natal mercury in Aquarius opposite pluto in Leo and have loved having this aspect. I do not quit until I get to the bottom of an issue. My father had mercury in Scorpio so I grew up loving that pure, to the point and quickly focussing on the bottom line type energy. Currently, this transiting mercury and pluto conjunction along with mars and the nn node are transiting my 12th house conjuncting my natal moon and setting off my grand cross. The moon being the apex of a Yod. This is sheer torture.

    It feels like I’m figuring out what to do, one step at a time. First of all and very basic is I am eating the best whole foods nutrition possible, taking supplements that keep me healthy. Lots of going to bed early with the chickens. Cuddling with my dogs. I feel outside forces coming after me with a stressful grip on my whole being such as old creditors threatening garnishment of pay checks or freezing bank accounts, my boss putting tremendous pressure on me to work more often and with lousy hours and lousy winter weather, my husband has a court date in a few days when he may or may not be sentenced to jail for a bit and more. My body is so tense that it feels like my organs inside are all tensed up. There is discomfort physically and mentally. I’m using my lovely natal mercury opposite pluto to cut to the chase and dig out of this mess one step at a time. I take an action and if I feel better afterwards, then I know it was the proper thing to do. If I feel bad afterwards, I try to rectify and modify that action a bit. I saw a lawyer about the debt collector, told my boss I could not work for 1 1/2 weeks etc. If I lose my job, it was meant to be. I’m feeling better and looking for signs for my neck and face rash to take a hike. A person with a cardinal grand cross works their way out of entrappment by ACTION. Also, it’s difficult lately to stay centered. It seems as if these crazy planetary set ups are distracting from staying centered, but we must all go within and work with our inner strength, our Angels and our Source.

    Hang in there everyone! We can do this. Find your inner core strength (can you tell I have Capricorn Rising?) Take good care of yourselves and love yourselves more than you ever have before. Let us comfort each other and inspire strength to those who are not feeling strong. Remember to think before you speak.

    Love to All,

    • You’re doing good things for yourself under extreme pressure, Jan. You’ll come through this. Donna

  6. grump grump grump. Nice timing, nice advice, but what about the other 10 people at the holiday gathering?
    the best way I could describe the way I have been feeling is “fit to be tied”

  7. Is this what’s causing all the tension?
    Even before Mercury went retrograde people were acting “odd” towards me. Correcting me about things that I normally would say,being more defensive and other things like that.
    I suppose I could be misinterpreting there actions too though.
    The Mercury-Pluto conjunction is in my 7th house along with T.Mars and my T. North Node.
    What really is a pain is they’re all conjunct my N. Venus…yikes! lol!

    Thank you very much for your article Donna!~_~

  8. I’ve noticed people (including me) seem much more sensitive lately, almost as if some outer layer has suddenly been peeled away and because what’s underneath is still forming, we’re vulnerable. I also read other people’s comments and realize I have nothing to complain about.

    Don’t know why I didn’t think of it before, but transiting Pluto (in my 4th) is currently sextile my natal Scorpio Neptune (on the cusp of the 2nd/3rd), and both are forming the base of a Yod with my retrograde Gemini Mars (in the 9th) as the action point. My communications have taken on greater importance as I’ve become unavoidably enmeshed in a complex 8th house legal matter (Mars rules my 8th) that involves a mother, the family home, and several siblings. How’s that for astrology???

    This has been a long time in coming and feelings are bound to be hurt (they already have been) as lots of old stuff that probably should’ve been dealt with years ago finally gets brought out into the open. I’m choosing my words veeery carefully and allowing the facts to speak for themselves as I compose lengthy letters to be sent to various parties, including several lawyers. Hidden motives and old subversive family dynamics may (or may not) become apparent; I’m being careful not to label anyone. Aside from a few key objections based on principle, I’m just presenting the facts and letting everyone draw their own conclusions. I have to say, my previous experiences would seem to have made me particularly well suited for the job, so the positive side to all this is that I feel useful and productive.
    Next up, is a Yod involving my Gemini MC and natal 3rd house Jupiter, as transiting Pluto (and Mercury) move forward. I wonder if this will represent some new twist to the current situation, or usher in an entirely new one.

    • Doy!!! (Slapping palm against forehead) I’m sure this also very much relates to my recent decision to actively forgive my mother’s siblings by offering to give Reiki to an ailing uncle. They’ve been thanking me, but the truth is, I think I got as much out of it as they did, if not more. It was healing all the way around. The thing about forgiveness is that is that it releases us. I feel vulnerable but free, if you know what I mean.

      Of course, forgiving doesn’t mean we have to forget, nor does it mean we have to re-involve ourselves with those who’ve hurt us. I did what was right for me, and I’m glad I did.

  9. Arrrgghhhhhhh! This sucker is conjuncting my IC & opp. my natal Uranus/Moon on the MC and squaring my Ascendant.
    In the last week, I have had my loopy half-sister threaten to sue me over nothing more than a minor irritation, which is borne of her own imagination and has nothing to do with reality. She fired off such angry words onto my FaceBook page that I am at a loss of how to deal with her.
    Last night. I was riding the bus home from work and a total stranger singled me out for a paranoid verbal barrage and threatened to follow me off the bus and kill me.
    Fortunately, the bus driver and the other bus riders heard this and called the police.
    I feel like I have a frickin’ red target painted on my forehead that says: “If you are a crazy,paranoid rageaholic fire here.”
    Geese Louise, I hope this is over soon.

    • Oh my God!! That’s intense stuff! But then the connections to your birth chart are very strong. Do shield yourself heavily….it even sounds like you might need a bear buddy. When I feel extremely threatened, I summon a huge grizzly bear who is my guardian in spirit. There are plenty of bears–ask for one. Donna

      • Since I am a Leo Sun born in the Year of the Tiger, I shall summon a very large, ferocious cat!

      • Love it! I can’t do the same for my Sun sign–imagine a really big crab, and all I can think of is Crab Louie. Donna

    • I couldn’t get that image of a bear out of my head, so this morning, on the way to work, I had a bear sitting next to me. He was wearing a coat & hat and carrying a briefcase and was fiddling with his Blackberry.
      Tonight, on the way home, he will switch to his guard uniform with a badge and carry a nightstick and mace.
      If some weirdo strikes again, I will summon the big cat, too.

      • Donna, Having lived in Maryland “Maryland is for crabs” and swum many a time in the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries, I can assure you crab bites can be quite painful.
        And you live on the Left Coast. Those king and dungeness crabs are big suckers and could take quite a hunk out of a hand or foot.
        If that fails, just chase ’em off with the old crabby disposition! LOL!

  10. Had to laugh, Donna, when you presented your Mercury Pluto First Aid Kit… having a natal mercury in scorpio square to pluto, I well know what you mean!!!! Many nights are spent in this horrible loop… but I too have over the years found peace and forgiveness, and your tips will only add to my arsenal… and as you well know, we do need an arsenal to combat that powerful aspect!!! An arsenal of forgiveness and peace and compassion NOT ONLY for those we love, but for ourselves. xoRegine

  11. Yes, am familiar with all of these feelings and behaviors as I have as my closest aspect natally, Mercury opposed Pluto within less than 1′. Haven’t really explored
    this much but certainly LIVE it often. Currently have gone into serious withdrawal
    mode and cut off most of my neighborhood friends. I feel it’s right and good for
    me to be left alone. I also finally got closure with a Pluto boyfriend who has a very
    nasty habit of walking out and not talking to me for months. Believe I can stamp that one as CANCELLED.

    At the same time, this Merc/Pluto aspect makes me want to write and read and research and draw and see everything in movies and art and listen to music all the time. That’s all very beautiful for me.

    • My, yes, there are wonderful ways to use this Mercury-Pluto times–powerful processing of the past, especially this past year, and working on things you want to change and to manifest in 2011. Donna

  12. This triple conjunction is all hitting me in the 6th house, the house of health and sickness. I’ve had a cold for almost a week now.

  13. I’ve been reading Robert Wilkinson (Aquarius Papers) about The Grand Irrationality and as best I can understand it, we’re riding waves of change, so we’ve got to find our center of gravity (there’s a Capricorn word) and plant each footfall carefully, slowly and deliberately as we move forward and upward. Cappie tail in the sea and front hooves up the mountainface?
    I feel like my troubles are nothing more than self-indulgence when I read some of the comments here.
    “In keeping with the situation”, my suggestion to those who can, is to make sure to watch the old movie “Scrooge” (starring Alastair Sim) over the holiday season and then we too can echo Tiny Tim’s prayer to “God Bless Us Every One.”
    Thanks so much for your wisdom and compassion, Donna.

  14. Oh my, Donna.

    I have Mercury at the Aries Point and Pluto’s been sitting on it for months. I’m just sitting on myself because it’s just so intense. I’m broody as hell, but that’s not new. (I have a natal Mercury-Pluto quintile, and I’ve got Sun-Mars sq Pluto) I’ve been avoiding EVERYONE(ducking calls from this relative of mine for no good reason) or calling people out. (Photographic series of rude gestures and hyper personalized footnoted letters to politicians making a point, all from things they’ve put out there)I have no outlet for this obsessive digging energy. I keep finding things to toss, but that doesn’t seem to be enough.

    Much love,

  15. What changed my life and changed me from a somewhat resentful, grumpy person into a decent human being with hope and the ability to give others the benefit of the doubt and see the bigger picture was creating and sticking to a daily morning prayer.

    In the light of your article two lines of the prayer that may help others at this time are:

    Dear Divine Presence I surrender all energy I may have picked up that is not mine please lift it from me now.

    Dear Divine Presence I surrender all anger, all judgement, all blame, all resentment, all self-pity, all anxiety, all despair, please lift these energies from me now.

    Another good one is to surrender all resistances – e.g. surrender resistance to forgiving someone, surrender resistance to loving yourself, etc.

    In the hard times of my relationship it seems that only grace has got me through – and helped me to find the great treasures that lie on the other side of my greatest wounds – the mystery at the heart of the twelfth house.

    • Beautiful Jay:)

    • Wonderful prayer, Jay. It sounds like you’ve fought the good fight with your Pluto through many of the same issues. Good role model, you are, for the many Plutonians who follow this blog. Donna

      PS. I just HAD to visit your site to find out more about you, and loved your art!

  16. S P E A K I N G M Y T R U T H
    The only plutonium axe I have to verbally grind, is one that has been on my mind since I was a child. It only gets more sophisticated. It has to do with the pollution and destruction of the North American continent; ever since the first boat people landed.
    Before they came , one could drink from any stream and disease was unheard of , the continent was a rich garden that produced 70 percent of the food the world knows today ..
    Now in a short 100 years it has become a poisonous dump. There’s a new disease everyday. Indian culture , the TREE nations, Healing Herbs, Aquatic life, the Winged and Fur bearing creatures have all but disappeared and can no longer live the life the Creator intended for them….a life in harmony with the Life force. Foods have become drenched in pesticides, dyes and genetically modified so they can not reproduce after one planting.
    It reminds me of the Orcs spreading evil across the land from Mount Doom in Tolikens ” Lord of the Rings”.
    It has happened in such a short time that it is astounding.

    I have been working on a video for You Tube to visually show this state of affairs and how it has spread around the world. However I get really angry , especially at the visuals on the destruction of Indian culture and do NOT hide my disgust.
    It totally revolts me how this culture thinks its advanced! Yeah,… an advanced state of suicidal Cancer! There is name calling , which I feel bad about on one hand but really feels good on the other. This state of affairs has stopped me from publishing it and it has been in limbo.
    However I feel something must be said so I remain poised to handle it and possibly do some editing. The video captures how fast and how startling this change for the worse has been and my title is: ” How the end of the 4th age began”.
    A good book showing how the Native North and South American Indian cultures transformed the world , titled ; ” Indian Givers” by Jack Weatherford, shows all the pro life gifts from N/S Am. Indian Culture that impacted the world ; yet no recognition is given and Jack Weatherford, a professor at Macalester college in St, Paul Mn. took a lot of flack for daring to publish his findings, from white readers. Its so difficult for them to face the truth.
    Madoff s son just suicided, as the family has to give back what the father stole from others. This whole continent has been stolen and in a more grizzled fashion than anything Madoff did.
    I resent that what my ancestors preserved for future generations has been destroyed and taken from them. What chance is our development into unseen wolds given, in an brain dead environment this dominant culture has produced. Our people were advanced in unseen worlds and brought back moon dust without the use of mega polluting machinery. Of course this has all been kept quiet.
    Yes the individual human is capable of way more than internet or technology affords. But in this climate of tunnel brained autistic-ness , “let the machines do it”…. humanity has little chance to use the other 90 percent of its capability. So sad , stupid and disgusting.
    The reason Harry Potter is so fascinating is that it points to the greater capabilities possible, but one must tune out of the rat race to even develop them and if one is spiritually awakened these powers cannot be misused, even to destroy the opposition.. People intuitively know this and that is why the world of Harry Potter is so popular.
    Greed for resources has cheated all earths life forms( NOT just human) out of more than they could ever imagine possible .
    How is this for Pluto Mercury midpoint at 17 Leo opposition the Moon in 17 Aquarius. That moon may be in orb of the USA moon if one had the accurate time for the USA constitution. This opposition squares the nodes of mercury at 17 Taurus/ Scorpio in the houses of resources. The Capricorn Pluto/ mercury in the 3rd house squares natal Neptune conjunct Chiron and Jupiter and ascendant square the lunar nodes…that would make the Capricorn mercury/ Pluto very near a conjunction to the south node of the moon.
    Like you said one must be very careful HOW one says things and I really would like to have the hard truth result in a healing purification but am NOT so naive as to expect it.

    • Yes Barehand!

  17. Thank you for the Survival Guide Donna, with Neptune conjunct my Sun is Libra, I am sort of an Empath squared, (many of your readers probably are)…

    Your post gave me the fortitude to go check the flooding in the basement. Not bad enough to start that sump pump yet. But so many Pluto issues of late. I thought our Real Estate tax bill was going to slay us. It still isn’t here yet, which has me concerned. New York’s Government (Mr. B’s employer btw) is so dysfunctional, I have reason to fear it.

    What caught me by surprise was the $700 fuel oil bill earlier in the week. All shopping ended…(online, I dare not go out this time of year)… fuel oil is at $3.39 a gallon here now. Then our beloved antique Oil Burner, Pele, just stopped working, once the tank was full. I didn’t notice at first, crawling out of bed as I was at the crack of noon…;0 But now that it is 50 degrees and we are waiting for up to 4 inches of rain, she seems happy, as long as she stays dry. Two days of servicemen tracking soot in and out of the house later of course…

    Still, we have much to be thankful for. We had a Mock Yule Celebration yesterday, it seemed right for some reason. Especially since I am getting such a bad vibe from the upcoming Solstice chart. My Toys for Tots donation has been made, and we never truly celebrate in a big way here. Being estranged from Siblings helps !

    I am still practicing muteness. Though Mr. B announced he doesn’t like the Silent treatment… I have a very active *movie in my head* that may someday actually be a script or novella… We don’t drink, nor do we go to parties. In fact, Mr. B uses up his vacation time in Mid-December every year on *Use It or Lose It* Staycation.

    I just keep thinking *for every harsh aspect, there is a Trine…* and I am thankful that Mr. B was born with Mercury Rx (He was even given to the wrong Mother for a time as a newborn! ;0) Each Retrograde is full of little pleasant surprises…

    May you and all your readers be Well this Holiday Season.

  18. So that’s what mean Aunt Bernadine looks like!!! That cracked me up.

    • LOL! It’s a bit of writer’s revenge that I’ve made her a recurring character on my blog. She’ll never see it–an 80something hellion from a small town in Iowa who spends her time writing hate mail to her descendents. Donna

      • You mean Mean Aunt Bernadine really exists???? I thought she was fictional!!! OMG! OMG! You’ve Got to tell us what sign she is!!!I’m dying of curiosity!
        Would she happen to be a Virgo? She sure looks like a pissed Virgo in the drawing 🙂

      • How funny–I was offline for a while after writing that, and I was musing about what I’d write if I did a whole piece about her.

        I did come up with a title for it that will answer your question. “Aunt Bernadine–Archetypal Cancerian, or Just another Old Crab?” Donna


  19. Oh my, I have been a bit testy and judgemental on one of my groups. Guess it is time to step back and listen for a while. Will stop growling at hubby…Capricorn is the cusp of my 7th house. I also will stop staying…And I really mean it after the prayers. I just told a friend it seemed that every time I do this everything goes crazy…and I thought it was all in my head. Might be a good time to just hibernate for a while. 🙂

  20. How wld u like to have my chart??? I have merc at 5 37 cap. natal progressed moon at 4.49 cancer progressed sun at 2 aries progressed mars AT 6 aries and attending grandsons birthday celebration this eve. he is 15 today and with my big mouth at the celebration OMG…I DO BELIEVE I NEED THAT PRAYER. LOL..

  21. Helping me to make sense of day after thanksgiving – break up with my fiancee/daughters father – the cardinal cross began our earthquake.
    The vengeful words slipped through passive aggressive texts that I now regret.
    So I sit in silence waiting for this all to pass afraid of anything else I may say to make matters worse.
    The prayer is helping. Thank you. Your insight and knowledge are much appreciated.

  22. OMG, so that’s the astrological reason for some work disasters with co-workers! Mercury/Pluto is break dancing over my early Cardinal planets (Moon conj. Pluto, squaring Saturn). Pluto is transiting my 7th house…

    Just before Thanksgiving, I had an abrasive corrective criticism session from my mentor. While the core of her remarks were based on truths, the force of her criticisms were fueled by what I discovered were rumors spread about me by a project head with who I do A LOT of work. I they hurt my reputation, and I also felt very betrayed because I do good work for the project head. I will add that since I started this job, I’ve had to work to keep firm boundaries with her (otherwise she’d happily overwhelm me with her responsibilities, of which she has a reputation of doing) and have done so without disrespecting her.

    I tactfully confronted the project head about the rumors (“I need to check my calendar before making a commitment to anything and so I don’t double-book myself. A rumor has been going around that I don’t show up for things and that I don’t do my job,” to which she blatantly denied ever hearing).

    At the same time, I can thank the Pluto transit for trining my Mercury/Sun AND Mars trines in the Earth planets. At least it gives me the tenacity to keep on truckin’ (and to complete applications for other jobs, and courage to try my dang hardest to learn lessons from “the political game” at every workplace).

    • And it gives you the astuteness and groundedness to handle that very difficult/potentially dangerous situation with CLASS! It’s not well-understood, but with Pluto transits, there’s very often politics of one sort or another to deal with. Donna

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