Posted by: Donna Cunningham | December 14, 2010

Skywriter’s Top Miniseries of 2010—AND a Contest

©12-14-2010 by Donna Cunningham, MSW

 Skywriter specializes in series of articles that explore a topic in depth. We’ve had some popular megaseries like the Q&A session on the 12 houses and the tests for planetary strength. Since those two series ended this month, I’m running a contest where readers can win copies of my ebooks if they send in the best suggestions for new series for 2011.

You’ll also find links below to some of Readers’ favorite miniseries this past year—maybe some of them will spark an idea for a winning contest entry.

 Contest Details—How to Enter and Win

How you can enter: Leave your idea in the comment section of this post—one suggestion per entry. One-liners are not likely to win—describe the possible series in some depth.

If the ideas are identical, the earlier one wins, as determined by the time/date stamp on the comment. If someone else has already submitted a particular topic but your slant on it is substantially different, leave it anyway.

Prizes: The winners receive their choice of my ebooks. (See the selection at Moon Maven Publications.) 

The Grand Prize Winner gets my Outer Planet Trilogy—the 3-volume set—or any 3 ebooks of their choosing.

 The Honorable Mentions get their choice of one ebook. How many Honorables? As many as appeal to me for possible series.

Contest Deadline: Saturday, December 18th at Noon Pacific Time.

Qualities I’m looking for in a winning entry:

  • Original, creative suggestions, one per entry
  • An understanding of my particular slant on astrology
  • Topics with enough facets for a series of several articles
  • Details about the concept (not just a one liner listing “transits” or “aspects”)
  • Room for reader participation (as in the Q&A series or the tests)
  • An understanding of the limitations of a blog format
  • No chart calculation or interpretation of individual charts required
  • Best of all, an idea that makes me say, “I can’t wait for 2011—I’ve gotta write about this now!”

A good entry might go like this: “I’d like to see a series of articles about particular planets in the 12th house, stressing their positive, growth-producing qualities as well as ways that people have overcome some of the pitfalls associated with it.  For instance, there could be separate articles on the negative and postive ways difficult planets like Mars or Saturn could be expressed. In the comment section, readers with that particular chart feature would share their experiences and what they’re doing to overcome any negative expressions.”  

Readers’ Favorite Miniseries of 2010

In addition to the longer series, we’ve also had a number of miniseries that explore smaller facets of a larger topic like the 12th house or the minor aspects. Based on Readers’ enthusiastic participation, they’ve gotten great benefit out of these in-depth explorations. Since many new readers have signed on in the past couple of months, I wouldn’t want you to miss them. Below are links to Reader’s top favorites.

 Series on the “Minor” Aspects: Last summer we did a research project on the lesser-known aspects like the semisquare and septile, since there’s almost no information about how they affect our lives. Readers were asked to look for these aspects in their charts and to report on how that correlates with issues and circumstances they’ve faced. There were over 500 detailed replies, making this group effort a significant contribution to our field. (The comment sections are still open, and we’d welcome your examples.) Here are 9 articles about the lesser-known aspects:

 The Complete Miniseries on the 12th house:  The 12th house has such a bad rap in astrology that many with significant placements there are left fearful or ashamed by what they read. Since I have my Sun and Jupiter there and wouldn’t have it any other way, I made it my mission to shed a more positive light in it.

Relocation and Astro*Carto*Graphy Articles: I’m a certified Astro*Carto*Graphy practitioner, and with so many people needing to relocate for jobs during this financial crisis, I wanted to share some helpful perspectives on this stressful life passage.

Posts Related to Boundaries:  Many of Skywriter’s regular participants have Pluto or Neptune scores that are 50 or over, and many of them come from families with serious boundary issues. Since that’s one area I’ve done lots of work on, I created this series. Don’t miss the comment sections for these posts, as the sharing is powerful.

 Posts about Chiron:  While Chiron isn’t my personal strength, we’ve had a number of guest blogs on the topic this year.

 Good News for Chiron Lovers: As Chiron switches signs into Pisces in February, Joyce Mason, a long-time expert on Chiron, will be joining us twice–once for a Q&A Session and again for a research project on Chiron.   (Need a Chiron ephemeris?  Find a free one online here: Chiron Midnight Ephemeris | 1st of Every Month | 1920 – 2020 )

Articles for Professional Astrologers: One of my missions for Skywriter is to support professionals and those who wish to become astrologers in offering high-quality services. Here are some of the posts:

(Coming later this month—A Q&A session on building an astrology practice, hopefully the first in a monthly series for professional astrologers during 2011. Suggested topics welcome.)

UPDATE:  12/19.  The contest is closed but you can read the entries in the comment section. See the results in tomorrow’s post to hear about some upcoming series for 2011.  

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  1. I have two suggestions eclipses or finding people in your chart. Example you have 4 children 1st child 5th house 2 nd child 7th house etc. Where do you find your spouses grandparents and so on.

    • Ah, what you’re talking about is a technique called derivational charts. Actually, I already have someone in mind to do a guest blog on that for our Q&A series next year.

      One suggestion per entry, folks. So the one I’d consider here is eclipses. More detailed description of articles in the proposed series has a better shot, however. Donna

  2. One of the things on my study list is debility and dignity of planets in signs. Also fall, detriment and exaltation.

  3. I was thinking of a way to look at the “generational” impact of the Big Three–Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto on specific components of society eg. the roles of men and women and how they are evolving with the movement of the larger planets through the signs. Then add the “intermediates” Jupiter and Saturn and finally the personal planets to finesse the kind of sub-trends within the bigger trends.

    I know for myself, looking at the changing roles of men and women; the changing face of marriage through the lens of astrology helped a great deal to resolve issues of guilt and blame. I was able to figure out where I fit within the bigger “waves” of change and how my individuality, based on the more personal planets interfacing with big ones, then adds certain hues and nuances to the big shifts I am a part of. I have used this perspective with friends, to their reported benefit. I apologize if this is not a particular area of interest of yours, Donna. I don’t know your work intimately yet. Judith

    • Cool!
      To that I’d add how each generation is likely to respond to the current configurations (e.g. How will the pluto-uranus in virgo generation handle Pluto’s ingress in Capricorn e.t.c.)

  4. I’m thinking maybe a synastry house placement Q&A series here, and stick to planets in houses since so many people are confused on who’s doing what to whom in terms of house influence. So there would be a post for each house, maybe starting with the angular houses and moving on to succedent, then cadent, or you could start with the fire houses and move to earth, air, water.

    And it wouldn’t be confined to romantic, it could include friendship, any kind of synastry placement. Of course it wouldn’t be in depth as aspects should be separately analyzed; the comments section would include one house placement per person, to make it simple so that no one would would get confused and ask too many questions, since I know that’s an issue here.

  5. I like the synastry idea, but I would do it with outer to inner planets first, i.e., how someone’s Uranus aspecting my personal planets would manifest.

  6. I also like the idea of a series on the Moon in synastry, since I do feel that the emotional component is often overlooked. The posts could be with each having a certain emphasis, for example Moon in aspect to Mars or in the 1st, to cover both bases.

    The comments would just center on Mars/Moon dynamics for that part of the series, so they could ask about moon in the partner’s 1st or moon square mars, etc., or how Aries Moons operate in relating.

    Then go on to other dynamics: Moon/Sun, Moon/Mercury, etc. to fully explore Lunar issues in relationships, of course again limited to 1 question per person. You’ve done some significant work with the natal Moon already, so I think this would be a nice offshoot from that, allowing the Moon to be explored in depth with regard to synastry.

  7. I wouldn’t say no to more AstroDebates (ever since that mind-blowing debate on Venus’ ruling sign, who would, really?)
    And it could be combined with astro-research. For example:

    1)You could do a piece on Chiron’s alleged rulership of Virgo and then ask readers with a natal sun-chiron conj. to comment on whether or not they share virgoan traits. Or, you could do the same for people with sun in aquarius, asking what the transiting chiron conj. to their sun was like.

    2)You could do a piece on orbs (i.e. 8′ or 10′ for conjunctions, 3′ or 6′ for sextiles e.t.c.), and then ask the readers if they find wider aspects to be working, encouraging them to make a case for each orb/aspect they claim.

    But generally, whatever irreverent ideas you may have- that you’d be reluctant to put in a book or a TMA article, bring them on. If it’s up to me, the crazier, the better!!

    • Heh, Heh, Heh. I’ll put on my irreverent hat–the one with the googoo eyeballs on springs–and get back to you. Donna

  8. You could do an “Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About (sign/planet/aspect) and Were Afraid to Ask” series.

    Here, you would entertain the more dark/extreme/atypical manifestations of each placement, the stuff that rarely-if ever- appear in textbooks. I feel that a blog, being an ephemeral medium and all, is the perfect place for sth like this.

    And in the comment section, the readers could either a)agree and state what other features in their charts reinforce the placement, turning it from a mere possibility to a fact, or b) disagree and mention what other placements in their charts contradict it.
    Here’s a rather mild example (I’m keeping my fingers crossed for more radical statements 🙂 )
    You say “I’ve seen Jupiter in the 1st in charts of obese people”
    One reader comments “Yes, I’m overweight, I do have jup. in the 1st, and also sun in taurus”
    And another one goes “I have jup. in the 1st and am skinny, BUT Saturn is in the 1st, too. And though I, too, have a taurus planet, in my case, it’s opp. by mars”

    • VR: I like your suggestion!

      P.S. Perhaps you have strong Scorpio, Pluto?

      • Me? Strong Scorpio/Pluto? What in the world made you think that about me? 🙂

    • You are truly on a roll, VR. Excellent suggestions. Donna

  9. That’s funny, I was just about to give a strong That’s Cool vote for VR’s suggestion when nray popped in ahead of me. I have Scorpio Rising, and a T square between Pluto, (conjunct my midheaven) Saturn and Sun, so there you go!

    • Hi Judy, I have a Scorpio Moon.

      Sometimes we have to be brutual, bring the ugliness out into the light, let everyone see it so that healing can occur. It’s not a popular way. And not everyone’s way and it does not have to be. But I think Pluto/Scorpio people understand. 🙂

      • Yes they do, nray!

      • Hi, nray! I paid a visit to your blog, and let me just say, I’m mesmerized! There’s something about the way you write that touches sth deep inside of me. And I should have known just by looking at your picture that you’re a Leo-Pluto combination.-Someone very dear to me also has this combination.
        (Not to mention your President/my imaginery boyfriend!) 🙂
        So, to put it in your own words, “nice to meet you”!

      • Oh, you’re not american!! Well, in that case, it might be helpful to explain that I was refering to the U.S. President. I have no idea who is president in your country, and I wouldn’t want to harass the wrong president!
        (Needless to say, I can’t stop laughing)

      • I’m Indian. And I’m very glad you liked my blog! You were referring to Obama, huh? Yep, Sun in Leo 🙂

      • Sun in Leo AND a Moon-Pluto square 🙂

  10. The fifth house has some funny connotations. Gambling, having fun, creating, having children, playfulness, your first child. I’d like to see more details on what planets there mean.

  11. I’d love to see a “SLAM THE SIGNS/PLANETS/ASPECTS” series. Unfortunately, it has come to my attention that you’re too polite to slam any sign but your own (poor mean aunt Bernadine!), so let me try to sell it to you:

    Say the topic is: “Let’s slam Virgos”
    First, you start with a dislaimer (I love Virgos, I harbour no animosity against this wonderful, modest, hardworking sign, bluh,bluh,bluh)
    Then, you add links to all the positive articles on Virgos here on Skywriter.
    And, then, you give us your best shot!
    Finally, you ask readers to share opinions on and experiences with Virgos.
    In the comment section, people could state what it is that bugs them with not only virgo boyfriends/relatives/friends and colleagues, but also with the virgo within them (if they happen to have virgo placements)

    This way, we could get a better handle on the matter of astrocompatibility, with results far more interesting, factual and eloquent than the typical “you’re a trine, you’re a square, you’re an inconj.”

    And also, the real life stories could give rise to ideas onto how to combine incompatible themes of a chart (I’d have a lot to say on this!!)

    Last but not least, it could shed some light to facets of incompatibility between supposedly compatible signs (e.g. are you sure virgos are compatible with caps, and to what extent?- I’d have alot to say on this too!)
    I can see how this idea -as the aforementioned- could get you into trouble but please, consider it.

    I feel that there’s an ambience of trust and benevolence here, that wouldn’t put people on the defense. Thus, I think it’s time we all took this to the next level (from politely tip-toeing around potential insults to outspokenly speaking our minds and sharing our experiences), and I honestly believe that people with a sense of humour would take it the right way and really enjoy it; after all, the truth is neither negative nor mean, it’s just the truth, and it’s nice when it’s out there!

  12. I also like the idea of a series working with Nodal Rulers in the chart, aspects, houses. Then each part of the series could focus on a planet/luminary as the ruler of an node and its possible integration in the chart, via aspects, house placements, not all touched on of course, but just a few to give some examples.

    The Comments section could be responses by people with those planets as their nodal ruler and if they’ve experienced that same issue as well, regarding a particular aspect or house placement, and it would be the door to discuss the rest of the nodal areas by those interested in that particular part of the series. The signs of the Nodes are touched on enough as it is by others, but the rulers I think deserve some more discussion.

  13. I would like to see a series about the Nodes, in particular the South Node and how it’s placement by sign and house affects our addictions, bad habits and the life lessons we are having to release/overcome as well as when aspected by natal and transiting planets. Thus, healing can occur by working with the North Node to let go of the “bad” South Node behavior. The word “bad” is relative too! You get the idea, I hope!

  14. Another is ‘How to Work With A Disgruntled Venus’ for example, and have one for each planet/luminary. Not focusing on aspects or house, just influences gone awry and how to get back in touch with them and work with them on a more constructive level.

    We all have some sort of chart affliction (well vast majority) and there’s something run off course, so if there could be suggestions to get planets back on track, that would be heaven. Also personal examples you could draw on from past consultations. You could include flower essences here, funny anecdotes, etc.

    • Forgot about the Comments section for this one, it would have readers responding if they’ve tried suggested remedies and if/how they’ve helped, and of course also contributing their own ideas through personal experience of getting a hold of energies gone awry.

  15. Something about Astrology & the Arts could also be interesting, and each topic would focus on a different aspect: directing, painting, music, home decorating, dancing, acting, architecture etc. You could link to charts of examples, give your own findings on for example music, which aspects, etc. are great for classical, and encourage readers to share the artistic medium that has their interest and what chart dynamic do they think reflects this.

    • I like this idea!

  16. I’d be interested in a little twist on VR’s “slam” idea – mention the negative ways in which various planetary energies can be used, and then talk about ways in which a person who has trouble with these negative energies can shift the manifestation to the positive. You’re great at suggesting Bach Flower Remedies, for example, and your Pluto book has a lot of great ideas for meditation/visualization healing exercises.

  17. Hello Donna!

    I´d love to read a series about the Midheaven. The Midheaven is contemplated as so significant, however I haven´t read anything really clarifying yet about this topic.

    The series could include aspects from the Midheaven to the planets; meaning of the rulers of the Midheaven and placements of this rulers in other houses; most hard aspects and how to mend this difficulties; and/or differences between the Midheaven and the Ascendant (what´s their importance in a chart and how they work together for the good or for the bad?)…

    I hope you like the suggestion, there are actually many more fascinating themes like the one of the series about the 12th house that you suggested! I´d love that one!

  18. Hi all,

    I’d love to see a series on how to be the best professional astrologer/counselor, etc. Things like how to deal with problems such as:

    * doorknob questions (when the client keeps quiet about an important issue untl you’re saying “goodbye” at the door)

    * people who need more help than you can give (I have a list of resources, but what do you do when someone’s being pursued by evil demons or haunted by past lives?)

    * clients who want you to use an older chart, and think the reading should be cheaper because you don’t have to create a chart

    * clients who want to bring in charts of their family so you can go over those, too

    * clients who want you to tell them it’s okay to get pregnant when their husband doesn’t want kids, etc.

    I have my own ideas about these, but would love yours. And I’m sure you have all kinds of tips & tricks that make readings better. Perhaps you could talk about how you manage to keep a practice going when you don’t have time to do a syastry chart between yourself and every client, or the chart of the day and your client, etc..

    Would love your, and your readers’ expertise on this topic.

  19. Given the transformational times we are in, a series devoted to Pluto would be most helpful – with full reader sharing – e.g.

    Embracing the Taurus/Scorpio polarity, understanding how this archetype plays out in distortion and in wholeness – the challenges and triumphs readers have experienced.

    Pluto generations: what it means to have Pluto in Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio and Sag – not in cook book style! but more in where the different wounds lie and what treasures those generations have to offer – and how Pluto in the various elements is expressed.

    Obviously the current Pluto in Capricorn major transit: in particular what the Pluto/Capricorn energies demand of us internally in terms of transformation and how that is reflected in the outer world.

    The energies that will be brought to the surface as various of the quicker moving planets transit Pluto in Capricorn.

    Pluto shadows – looking at how Pluto placements in our charts indicate what needs to die in us and what has died that needs to be reborn – I guess this would be an exercise in learning to synthesize and put together the energies of two or more planets or signs.

    The dangers of Pluto projection – claiming the wounds we see in others and finding them in ourselves – how to deal with the really dark aspects that hover just out of sight in our own psyche and yet are seen so clearly in others!

    As Gandi said: “The only devils in the world are those running in our own hearts. That is where the real battle should be fought.”

    One of the things I love about astrology is its mandala/circular nature – all the splits are contained within the whole, there is no them and us, it is all us, and the understanding and gathering of the fragments helps create the wholeness and healing that we all so desperately long for – and as a community on this blog we are a part of.

    • Hi, Jay, I think you’re kind of new here, but if you use the search engine, you’ll find at least 30 articles about Pluto on this blog and a big cadre of fellow Plutonians in the comment sections of those articles. Any number of articles about Pluto in Capricorn as well. Plutonian spoken here, for sure. Still some of the questions in your list would be good future articles. Donna

  20. Hey,
    I just read this and love everyone’s suggestions! I’m going to have to put my thinking cap on, but I’d be quite pleased to have some of the previous suggestions covered as my prize. Happy holidays everyone!

  21. I would love to see a series about the signs of the zodiac. Here were a few topics that spring to mind for blogging and/or open discussion:

    – How do modes and elements combine synergistically to create signs? Is there something else that is part of this blend, such as a complementary theme in opposing signs?

    – What personal or contemporary expression can be connected to the archetypal energies of each sign?

    – What is the nature of the relationship between ruling planets, signs, and houses in the natal chart?

    – sign strength

  22. Because few Astrology books cover them in depth, I’d like to see a series on UNUSUAL CHART CONFIGURATIONS. If it’s extensive enough it could easily fill the whole year. We could probably learn a lot about these configurations through comments from readers who have/live them. Possibilities include:

    Stelliums: their impact on houses & aspects; how a stellium’s conjunction with the Ascendant can color the personality; how these effects change or intensify if the stellium contains 2 or more outer planets

    Elements: the effects of too much or too little Air [Earth] [Water] [Fire] on the personality [relationships]; what if one or more elements are missing entirely

    Placement: what does it mean to have all planets below [above] the horizon; to have all planets to the east [west] of the meridian; to have all/most planets in a single quadrant

    Rarely discussed aspects: an exploration of what it means to have a Quintile; Septile; Nonile

    Rarely discussed Aspect Patterns: in-depth investigation of the T-Square; Grand Cross; Grand Trine [minor Grand Trine]; Bucket; Kite; Mystic Rectangle; Yod

    • Several good possibilities there, Sally.

      There is already a miniseries on stelliums that begins here: On those posts, check out the comment section for readers’ experiences with their own stelliums.

      And there are lots of posts on the elements, so check them out using the search engine, including tests to measure the strength of the elements in your chart. Still it’s a topic that we come back to periodically.

      AND we did a long series of posts last summer on the minor aspects–look at the links in this article above. Donna

      • “Stelliums: their impact on houses & aspects; how a stellium’s conjunction with the Ascendant can color the personality;”

        Truth be told, I’ve been praying for an article on 1st house stelliums ever since I got here!! [The rest of my chart, you’ve pretty much covered it ;D ]
        While textbooks promise to explore planets in the 1st, they usually end up talking about the AC, which is frustrating (I know how I look, I have a mirror for that, I look in it every morning, thank you very much-what I don’t know is what to do with this dynamite of concentrated energy!), not to mention ironic (as if 1st housers actually give a damn about how they come across!!)
        But generally, stelliums in whatever house intrigue me. Though I have no idea how big a deal a non-angular stellium or one that doesn’t involve the sun is, I suspect it still makes for a huge chart feature, since it’s where the energy of 3 or more houses is led.
        So, long story short, still praying… 🙂

      • Oh, I can’t believe it didn’t read the code for *grin*! How am I spozed to be convincing without grining?! So, where it says ;D do me a favour and visualize a huge grin with sparkling white teeth!

      • And, after you do that, it wouldn’t hurt to visualize an extra “n” where it says *grining*
        [Boy, am I in a good mood today or what? Mercury Rx-Pluto bite me!]

  23. Relocation! I am meeting many people who have relocated from California, South America, and Europe to NJ. Their angles, houses and planet placements are dramatically different from the Natal chart. I would like to know from readers how relocation has affected their lives, fortunes and misfortunes.

    • Go back to the article above and look among the miniseries, as there’s a list of articles about relocation, as well as a link to Continuum’s library of over 50 articles on the subject. Still, we’ve never done a post where readers shared their own experiences, so I’d be open to at least one post on that. Donna

  24. Great suggestions! How about outer/inner triple conjunctions? Everyone knows the “cookbook” interpretations of outer planet conjunctions -but what about when those two outers are in tight conjunction with a personal planet? Only those with personal experience can give an indication of what that feels like natally and how it reacts to transits. It wouldn’t be too large a topic if posed as: “Do you have a tight Saturn-Neptune conjunction with a personal planet”?
    The relative rarity of waaay outer planet conjunctions in our lifetimes could make for an interesting and manageable topic if limited in orb.
    And, Donna, you get to pick the outer conjunctions…there must be ones you have dealt with but are still very curious about.
    Gimme ‘dat e-book! best, B

    • I’ve explored aspects between the outer planets in depth in my ebook, The Outer Planets and Inner Life, volume 3, with separate chapters on Saturn-Pluto, Saturn-Uranus, Saturn-Neptune, and Uranus-Neptune aspects.

      But not triple conjunctions, unless you count the posts on this blog where I drool over Johnny Depp and his Mars-Pluto-Uranus conjunction in Virgo, which he shares with Robert Downey Jr. Like here:

      I’ll think about your suggestion today when I go to see Johnny’s latest movie, The Tourist, with Angelina Jolie. Or maybe I’ll just drift and dream. Donna

      PS. The triple conjunction I’m thinking of exploring is in the charts of young adults born in the 1980s-90s with Uranus and Neptune conjunct in Capricorn and even Saturn at some points. I first did their charts when they were children, at the request of their parents and grandparents, and now they’re beginning to show up in consultation rooms and forums, looking for answers about this feature of their charts.

      • If I can add to that, there’s another triple conjunction of Mars/Saturn/Pluto, to my knowledge it occurred in Leo, Libra & Scorpio most recently, and this one has my interest if you could cover it in that series.

      • Exactly. Think I need to find a chart for Clara Bow!…if she was “the IT girl” to her generation, well, Depp and Downey
        are “the IT guys” of theirs- -(and ours, no matter how long we may have been celibate)…
        That projected JUNGIAN SHADOW animus, always Plutonian yet “tuned in”, just reaches out and grabs us–no matter how far one may be removed from pop culture and the media’s celeb/sexual buzz…and they remain among the icons that one always remembers seeing for THAT very “first time”…and, yes, I mean that in a deflowering sense, though on a very unconscious subliminally projected level.
        Downey’s brilliant performance in LESS THAN ZERO was downplayed by the critics as ‘some young Hollywood dopehead playing himsel”…yet to follow that up with ‘CHAPLIN’ and be denied the the Oscar he deserved …well, I really think it was because he just plain Plutonian-scared them.
        Your P.S…I have a nephew born in late “80’s…still have hopes that his natal progressions will finally move him out of his parents comfy rose- colored McMansion.
        Best, B.
        My P.S….I haven’t been to a theatre in years but hope you enjoyed the show!

      • Lonake, do you mean the triple conjunction of Mars-Pluto-Saturn in Leo? It’s shared by Hillary Clinton AND Al Gore, so if you’ve got it, depending on your political leanings, it’s either really awesome or really awful! I already wrote about that somewhere, and I’ll reprint it IF I can recall where, the Clinton administration having faded in my holey memory. Donna

      • Hi Donna, yes that’s it exactly. I have the triple conjunction in Libra, however my political interests are more on the side of human rights and social equality as realities as opposed to ideals, rather than pushing myself forward in any political sphere. But that line-up also occurred in Scorpio, so I thought it would be a good addition to the article/series idea that Berta brought forth. Would love to read what you wrote re:the stellium in Leo, if found. From what I can see it gives a strong concentration of masculine energy, even though Pluto is feminine (?) there’s a strong will.

  25. Wow…what a flurry of response! In the time I took to make my suggestion I see others have been very busy along similar lines of thought. You’ve struck a bell-cord, Donna.

  26. Lots of good suggestions here:) Looks like 2011 is shaping up to be a good year on your blog Donna!

    I’d like to build on a prior suggestion and expand it a bit: A series on overall chart configurations, not just stelliums, but an overview of a “bucket chart” where all of the planets are spread out among a few houses in a row except for one that acts as the handle; when planets are equally distributed among the houses, when 2 houses contain 6 of the 10 planets or 3 have nine of the 10, when all of the planets are above the horizon or below the horizon. You’ve covered the houses well and the strength of the planets and the roles of various planets. This series would be about how an astrologer assesses a chart from how the planets are distributed across the chart as a whole.

  27. You’ll surely want to do a Uranus-Pluto Preparedness Kit. Those whose natal planets have already been affected by one/both of these transits could offer a picture of what it was like, how they handled it, what they learned. . .

  28. Here’s another possibility: discuss the difference between direct and retrograde natal planets. Take each planet in turn (of those which Rx, of course), discuss the differences, ask for input/reaction.

  29. There are already some very nice ideas for series here. What I was thinking about might be similar to that already said but anyway – during Q&A series about the 12 houses I often wanted to ask more about the transits and transiting aspects. For example 8th house covers so many aspects from our lives that I find it difficult to imagine how a transit would show its influence. Also, when it comes to forming aspects with natal planets – it also is a very useful knowledge – similar to what you recently wrote about the Mercury-Pluto conjunction – a single advice like to watch out what we are saying in such moments was very valuable (we should be careful with words anytime, but still a very good advice for the present moment)
    * What I suggest is a series covering a planet forming aspects with natal planets or going trough houses, for example:
    Mars forming trines, squares to natal planets and so on and going trough houses – this way Mars’s influence will be more systematically represented and we can feel its energy better in the examples, that when reading a description of the planet.
    The same way for the other planets can make several posts and also, you can split aspects from house transiting and in any case you can void making 12 of something, because readers, already having some examples can guess the missing parts in the comments.

  30. Hi
    I would like to read a series about lunar and solar eclipses, and the effects of them transiting houses, especially inreference to solstice and or equinox happening conjunctly.
    I’m a Cancer and feel so close to the Moon…don’t you?
    For example: The Total Gemini lunar eclipse on 12-21-2010 is close to the Winter Solstice and to my husbands solar return/birthday and occurs in his 7th house of partners, and I am working on reading what significance that has…

  31. How about the rare Red Moon eclipse ? I have noticed the ordinary full moon often means organic substance is less dense. But how would the red cast light from earth ; the full red moon eclipse ,change this? Anyone born at the Red Moon eclipse?

    and may be the ” Burning Ground ” between 15 Libra to 15 Scorpio. Is there some kind of orc cloud in the heavens there? Anyone have planets there and what is the noticed effect ?

  32. How about a series on affinities, and more subtle attractions in synastry. Such as:
    Someone with Sun/Saturn square natally being attracted to someone whose Saturn is conjunct their sun, in order to “resolve” their natal square.
    Or, instead of Sun/Moon conjunction in synastry, the ruler of the Sun conjunct the partner’s moon. (A once removed connection)
    Or, someone with Sun/Uranus square natally being attracted to someone with Sun Uranus trine natally (again, to learn how to resolve their own square)
    Or, both people having Venus/Saturn conjunct natally.
    Or a woman with Sun/Uranus quincunx natally being attracted to a man with Moon/Uranus quincunx natally.
    Anyway, people could comment on things they’ve noticed in their own relationships that are not common synastry “rules” but seem to be significant in the attraction, and for what reasons.
    Maybe this is just for one article, I don’t know if it merits a series. Anyway, it’s an idea.
    Thanks, Donna

  33. I have a suggestion – lately I’ve become fascinated looking at hemispheric and quadrant emphasis. Are the majority of planets above or below the horizon – left or right of IC/MC – in which quadrant 1,2,3 or 4. I think it would also be interesting to compare where everyone’s luminaries are? I’m wondering if sun above the horizon is more tied to extraverts or not? Moon below the horizon or in 12th house, more introverted perhaps? Plus there is always the debate between modern and traditional interpretations of where to start counting the quadrants.

    My friends and I have also been adding a look at empty houses and how the cusp energy plays out with this as well as trying to match it up to Myers Briggs patterns. It has been lots of fun and quite informative. I would love to hear what you and others think about these topics that are so often overlooked. – Kimber

  34. Another idea: a series on what not to do during a Mercury Rx that’s based on real life experiences. I’ve been doing my own little research project over the years regarding people who marry during Mercury Rx. I usually use celebrities for this research; whenever I hear of people getting divorced, I find their wedding date and then check the ephemeris to see if Merc was Rx. 9 times out of 10 it was. Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett Johansson are the latest example of this; wed 9/27/08. I’d be interested to know what other people have found based on their family, friends, clients, etc. experiences during these periods. I’m not trying to fuel ‘the hysteria’ but rather have a discussion based on factual events.

    • Interesting project you’ve outlined, Karen. I’ve heard statistics for years that in some parts of the country (California, for sure), half of all marriages end in divorce.

      It would be important to correct for the amount of time each year (percentage-wise) Mercury is retrograde vs. how much time it is direct. Since Mercury is retrograde about 3-4 weeks maybe 4 times a year, that would be no more than 16 weeks retrograde out of the 52 weeks a year. Donna

  35. One theme I would like to suggest is to look at planetary pairs and how they can be integrated in the natal chart analysis. As far as I understand it, there is a wide range of planetary pairs that can be considered in an astrological delineation, and some planets can be paired with more than one planet.

    You could look at the more obvious ones, like Sun/Moon and Venus/Mars, to a combination like Jupiter/Saturn (expansion vs. contraction), or to planetary pairs which rule opposite signs, such as Moon/Saturn, Sun/Saturn (Leo/Aquarius), Mercury/Jupiter.

    For each planetary pair, you could explore how the underlying theme may present and express itself in someone life, according to the natal placement of those two planets and the resulting degree of integration or afinity between them.

  36. Another idea is to do a series on the mythology behind the astrological signs and planets. Here you could discuss the traits more commonly attributed to each sign, or to each planet, in light of the myths which can be related to them. Although this can seem pretty basic to experienced astrologers, I think it would be interesting to have your view on the subject. Also, readers could be asked identify an emphasised sign or a particularly strong planet in their charts, and to give feedback on how much they identify themselves with what is said about the related mythology.

    • Sorry, Carla, I don’t do myths OR archetypes AT. All. My approach, based on my background in social work (MSW) is focused on problem solving. There are tons of Jungian astrologers out there, though, so Google them and you should find one to write the series of your dreams. One blog that might suit you is Elizabeth Spring, whose south node blog is on my blog roll. Donna

  37. Last but not the least, I would like to suggest a series on planetary cycles at a mundane astrology level, discussing not only the cycle and relationship between the planets involved, but also relating the cycle turning points (conjuntcion/square/opposition/square) to actual historical events.

    For instance, one article could analyse the Jupiter/Saturn cycle and identify major events which have taken place in the previous cycles. Other articles could look to the Uranus/Jupiter cycle, the Uranus/pluto cycle, and so on.

  38. I would be interested in a series of articles focusing on how to determine what aspects may have the most influence in a chart full of aspects. If you have a chart that has oppositions, squares, t-squares, grand trines and conjunctions, many of those planets and aspects are inter-related. How do you begin to understand how those aspects interact and which ones may overshadow others?

  39. It’s everything here exactly…what I was looking for 🙂 I’m so happy that I step in right here.

  40. Rap of the gavel: This contest is officially closed. Results tomorrow. Thanks so much to everyone who participated. Donna Cunningham


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