Posted by: Donna Cunningham | December 24, 2010

Are You an Air Type? Here’s the Score!

©12-24-2010 by Donna Cunningham, MSW

Similar to the other tests for the planets, elements, and modes here on Skywriter, this is a test to see how strong the air signs, their rulers, and the associated houses are in your chart.  Here’s an overview of this trio of air-related chart factors:

Sign:Gemini Ruler: Mercury Associated House: 3rd:  Communication; thinking and learning style; siblings and near relatives; neighbors; basic coursework; commuting.
 Libra  Venus 7th: Partnerships—personal and business; close, committed relationships; types of people we attract; sharing.
 Aquarius  Uranus 11th:  Friendship; relationship to peer group; group membership; networks; social consciousness, social activism; aspirations

 People who score high on the air are element are apt to be both verbal and sociable, spending lots of time on the phone or internet. Plenty of them are charmers whose flirtations don’t mean half of what you hope they do.

As many are born communicators, they may excel in the language arts like writing or speaking.  Often of an intellectual bent, they may entertain new and even controversial ideas and share them with anyone who’ll listen. They like to discuss things, if only in the abstract, but these cerebral folks detest emotional scenes and are likely to distance themselves when one erupts. 

One problem with an excess of air can be a certain flightiness and difficulty in turning those bright ideas into practical, real life applications. (There’s a reason they call some of us air heads and others will-o’-the-wisps!) 

Those who lack the air element may have trouble dealing with abstract ideas or communicating what’s going on with them. 

The tests in this series aren’t a perfect scientific measurement—that’s impossible. They’re just meant as a simple and fun way to find out the strongest influences in your birth chart.

The Test for Air Types—What’s your Score?

____ Sun, Moon, Ascendant, or Midheaven in Gemini, Libra, or Aquarius.  5 points each.

____  Other planets (including Chiron) in Gemini, Libra, or Aquarius. 3 points each.

____ Sun or Moon in the air houses, the 3rd, 7th, or 11th . 5 points each. 

____  Other planets (including Chiron)  in the 3rd, 7th, or 11th house.  3 points each. 

____  10% of your Mercury Score (See How Strong is your Mercury? Here’s the Score!) Rounded off (44.4 points=4,  44.5 points =5). If you don’t remember, guesstimate.

____  10% of your Venus Score (See  How Strong is Your Venus? Here’s the Score!)

____  10% of your Uranus Score (See How Strong is your Uranus? Here’s the Score! ) 

____ BONUS: Uranus within 10° of a conjunction to the Sun, Moon, Ascendant, or Midheaven. 15 points each. (This is the single strongest factor in making you an airy person. Other aspects to these points are already included in the planetary scores)

_____ BONUS: Mercury within 10° of a conjunction to the Sun, Moon, Ascendant, or Midheaven. 5 points each. (Not nearly as mentally hyperactive as Uranus in the same position.) But none for Venus as it is not essentially cerebral or nerdy.

Total all the chart features that apply.  I’m just guessing on how people will score, but based on totals for the water and fire scales, it’s likely that a score below 20 would be considered weak, 20-35 would be moderate, and anything above 35 would be considered strong. 

Uranus in Aries, SkywriterAnd, yes, no doubt, there are a myriad of other factors that could add to your airy nature—I’ll just bet you airy folk can come up with a list of 20. I’m opting to keep this to a few crucial factors in order to simplify the math and  standardize the scores. 

For the purpose of standard reporting in the comment section:  Don’t use the Part of Fortune, the Vertex, Antivertex, Part of Fortune, Sedna, Eris, or the bazillion asteroids other than Chiron.

For your own purposes, use anything you doggoned well please. If you’ve ever jumped out of a plane or gone parasailing, give yourself a handful of bonus points.  If you never leave home without a book—or a Kindle—give yourself points. If you text, tweet, and blog in your dreams, give yourself points. 

How did you do?  Since this is a completely new test, you’re a beta tester and your input is valuable. Let us know your score in the comment section down below this article so we can see what the range of scores is on this test.  

In case you missed them, here are the popular astrology tests:

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  1. I scored 39. Uranus on my ASC and Sun/Moon in the 11th really raised that score. I thought I was a fairly earthy type, being a triple Taurus, but as an intellectual and general smart guy I also figured I was somewhat airy, although I didn’t see where that was coming from. Now I do. I guess I’ll find out what my earthly quotient is soon, since that’s the only element left.

    Oh BTW, I was confused about what to do with the Venus score, since there were two versions, one without Venus ruling Taurus and the 2nd house, and one with. I took the one with Venus ruling Taurus, but that only added 2 points.

    • I’d say it’s still up to the person which of the two Venus scores they use. (Although the differences in reported scores mostly seem small.)

      If you think that’s bad, wait until we get to the earth test–in fact, if we do–where the rulers of both Virgo and Chiron are up for grabs. I suspect we’re going to have to have another AstroDebate, this one about the ruler of Virgo, before I’d venture an earth test. Donna

  2. Ha ha – I scored 13. My only air placement is Aquarius on the Descendant, and I have my Uranus/Pluto conjunction in the 11th. That’s it. It’s interesting, though, that I write and teach English, and I’m always interested in a new ideas. Maybe it’s the connection to Sun in the 9th.

  3. 38.

  4. I scored 27, which is in line with my general feeling of elemental balance.

  5. 22. Have a wonderful Christmas, Donna.

  6. If I did everything correctly….

    Air:33 moderate

    Fire:54 strong
    Water: 34 strong
    Earth: ???

    Ascendant: Gemini 29’05
    Pluto in Libra

    Moon in 3rd

    1 planet 7th
    1 planet plus chiron Rx 11th

    Mercury score: 4
    Venus Score:4
    Uranus score:3

    Happy Holidays Donna!

  7. 60 pts – I really am an air-head. Who would have thunk? It’s really Uranus’ fault, being conj the Sun and Moon. No bunjy-jumping, though. But I do read everywhere – I’ve even tried reading in the shower, although that particular experience did not work out very well. The librarian was not amused … But
    I scored 64 on the water test, and 27 on fire – so water and air – that’s bubbles for you … Looking forward to earth!
    Best wishes for the holidays, Donna!

  8. I scored 49/50 (guess it’s not really fair to count the extra point from the Taurus-derived venus score)…I am impressed partly because all those “air head planets” are only in 1 sign (Libra), and my 3rd and 11th houses are empty (technically Chiron is almost in it, and S node is in Cap…not really close enough for horseshoes this time around). I don’t feel particularly airy, though I guess one would definitely categorize me as the nerdy/intellectual type. People usually guess I’m a Cap or a Scorpio (have sun loosely conjunct saturn and more closely conjunct pluto, also my sun is in the 8th). I know better, though, since I have a hard time following projects to completion, I like to read, browse, peruse, but seem not to be an expert in any one thing, or for the things I know, I never seem to turn it into anything solid. So I guess that’s pretty air-y!

    • Yikes…well that was an airhead comment. I meant in the parenthetical comment, Chiron was almost in the 3rd, and I have S Node in Cap, in the ELEVENTH. Whoops!

    • Ah, that’s what these tests of the elements are designed to reveal. It’s not just about the signs–the airy planets themselves are powerful in creating intelligence and communication skills…especially Mercury and Uranus Donna

  9. 33 – uranus is right on the cusp of my 3rd house and i think that speaks a lot for my ADD!! i don’t like the term multi-tasker, but the fact is that i do five things at the same time as my norm. that doesn’t mean i ever get anything done though!

    “If you never leave home without a book—or a Kindle—give yourself points. If you text, tweet, and blog in your dreams, give yourself points.”

    **bonus points for my kindle and addictions to texting & blogging!! :P**

    merry xmas & happy new year to all!

  10. Hi Donna, Merry Merry Christmas!
    53 without adding any bonus. My Sun in the 11th house approaching opposition to the Moon in Aquarius. Moon is in exact Trine to Uranus and Uranus is quintile the Sun exact. That should be worth a bonus similar to a conjunction , since Uranus was my highest score of 71. So that brings it to 68.
    I do blog and make movies to express opinions; which could be Neptune in Libra on the Ascendant that should be worth 5 points , which brings the score to 73.
    I think of Fire as the mind and Air as buddhi which is intuitive knowing amongst other concepts.
    I consider the Wind spirit as my Uncle who gets down on me when I make mistakes and just plain likes to play rough with me like a cat with a mouse ….just for sport. Keeps me from getting too puffed up when I am out canoeing the big lake.
    Maternal Uncles in Native Indian culture were the ones who did this to keep children in line. The Thunder Beings are my Clan so I think that’s why the Wind is my Uncle and why it disciplines me.

    • LOVED hearing about the Wind beings from the Native American perspective! I have always loved the wind, and the earliest things I ever wrote, as a teen, were poems about the wind. When I lived on the Olympic Pennisula for 4 years in my 50s, I was so joyful hearing the wind howl at night like some demented creature. And to feel a strong wind blowing me around is bliss. The air elementals are beloved friends. Donna, stellium in Gemini, including Mercury.

      • Ha ha ha I got a kick out of your reply.
        Boy do I need you on my side! Put in a good word for me please.
        You must be a favorite of the Wind. I have never written poetry to the wind but am guilty of the opposite at times!
        I get it, when I forget to mention the Wind in my prayers for Earth, or forgetting them in my prayers ,when crossing the big lake.
        I know what you mean about the gentle spring or summer breezes around ones body….and love that too.I once knew an Irishman that could call them for play.

      • When I lived on the Olympic Penninsula for 4 years, I so dearly loved the winds (Chinook winds, perhaps) that I would drum with them. And I was (briefly, thank God) in touch with the spirit of a Native drummer who had gone mad with the winds, and he came to me for help. I often get “guides” who teach me things, then reveal that they didn’t die well and need help crossing over. Not so much any more, but they were wonderful teachers. Donna

  11. 54 – I do not talk that much! Do I?

    I just might read that much.

    Wonderful test.

    You have a very merry holidays and a great 2011 – will that be possible? Sure let’s make the intention for 2011 to be wonderful and it will.


  12. Always looking forward to these tests. hahaha. So thank you. 🙂

    Just a question, Donna: if a person’s chart shows strong influences from certain modes and elements, would they also have some special relationship with the signs that correspond to the mode/element combination? eg, if a person has a strongly watery chart and then a chart that’s strongly fixed, would that also indicate strong Scorpionic tendencies even if Pluto isn’t strongly configured or the sign itself isn’t highlighted … ?

    I’m also curious as to why you excluded Mercury in the bonus section. Is it because of its connection to Virgo?

    Another general question: can an excess of an element create a feeling of “lack” of another? eg, you score moderate on Air, but have an excess of Fire/Earth.

    Hope these questions don’t seem off topic because they are in fact inspired by these tests. Thanks so much for any input. 🙂

    Happy Holidays, Donna!



    • Hi, Yuri, glad you enjoy. No, I wouldn’t see a similarity between the elements or modes like those that exist between a planet or house and a sign. Why Scorpio only for the watery signs rather than Cancer or Pisces, for instance?

      I put Uranus for a bonus because it’s the most cerebral planet and unmistakable influence, whereas both the rulerships for Mercury (Gemini and/or Virgo) and Venus (Libra and/or Taurus) are in question, plus they’re not so exclusively cerebral.

      The other question you pose (“can an excess of an element create a feeling of “lack” of another? eg, you score moderate on Air, but have an excess of Fire/Earth.”) is interesting and probably would merit an article all by itself. For instance, what would a person be like who is strong in water and air but average in earth and lacking in fire?
      Or a person who is strong in earth and fire, but missing water and little air?

      I’d find it most noteworthy if a person was strong in the complementary elements–e.g. fire and air–and weak in the other complementary elements–earth and water– or vice versa. Those pairs used to be known as masculine/positive (fire and air) or else feminine/negative (earth and water), but I’m not sure what we call them now that we’re bloody politically correct. Donna

      • Hi, Donna.

        Thanks so much for the response. 🙂

        I should clarify my 1st question … what I meant was a single chart showing a strong Fixed/Water emphasis … if that would create a very Scorpionic (being THE fixed water sign) synthesis in interpreting that chart, regardless of what planets/signs are in and of themselves highlighted?

        Now I’m curious about … what is uncerebral about Mercury? Never really was able to see it any other way even with its link to Virgo. Hadn’t really read up on any arguments that gave Mercury less than cerebral traits. (Would be soooo looking forward to an Astrodebate on Virgo’s rulership … *smiles*)

        Venus, I can totally see that. hahahah.

        And yea, those have been articles I’ve often been looking for which I don’t really find, but one which actually synthesizes elemental strengths & weaknesses because I imagine both missing and having an excess of elements at the same time (or having two excesses or double the lack) would be dealt with quite differently than just merely having that lack or excess alone.

        Thanks, again!


      • Okay, I just added 5 point bonus for Mercury conjunct the Sun, Moon, Ascendant or Midheaven, as it IS cerebral (where Venus definitely is not). I don’t have any question that Mercury rules Gemini, just whether it rules Virgo.

        Anyway, I do see what you’re getting at–even using the traditional way of scoring the elements and modes, there’s a point at which you might say, “I’m strongest in fixed signs and water signs, so that makes me a bit like Scorpio.” (For instance, I’m Cancer, but am strongest in cardinal and fire, so that makes me Aries-like.) But let’s not add in that complication, because for the student or novice, the tests are already too verging on too complex. Donna

  13. Merry Christmas!

    I scored a 70, but, I already knew I was quite airy having a Gemini signature in my chart!

    Good thing I chose a profession where I talk for a living!

  14. I am one of those individuals that has no air element in my chart. I’ve spend much time considering the challenges associated with lack of air element and how that manifests within me because I don’t relate to any of the descriptions I’ve read. I don’t see any evidence that I lack the ability to grasp abstract idea’s and seem to do it as well as most. Certainly, there were area’s where I struggeled in school such as math and physics but in the end I graduated top ten in my highschool class. I am a voracious reader and when I research something I go exceedingly deep and I am very complete. I have an extremely high water element so I am immersed in the depths of the unconscious and connect to those parts better than most. And so it is difficult to explain those processes to those not connected to their inner depths but not due to a lack of ability but preference. When I was a kid and my mother asked me how was school, I never had an answer. When my wife asks me how my day was, the answer is good. Simply because the energy and depth of my answer would be well behind the answers they are looking for. I also don’t take well to being disturbed when I am immersed in my dreamy piscean bliss or absorbed in some inner process.

    The explanation that mosts resonates with me is that the elements relate to what Jung called the four functions. Air element representing the thinking function. Lack of air element can often manifest as what would be called the monkey mind. Do I have it and has it given me challenges in my spiritual practice? Absolutely. But I don’t know any spiritual seeker who has not had to tackle that issue. Unlike expressing ones inner process’s or abstract idea’s, it is difficult to have any benchmark to how much my monkey mind is any worse than anybody elses. I have found good strageties to get by it and it takes a great deal of discipline but once I’ve entered that “sacred space” I am there.

    It has been said to me that my interest in astrology is an attempt to ground in and balance my air element. I am a healer and trained in the intuitive arts and can recognize character structures and subpersonalities without the aide of a chart. ultimately, it’s just recognizing and reading energy. I think it is something that we all do. I do shy away from the very mechanical aspects of astrology but I assume like most people involved in astrology, I am fascinated with the idea of how the planetary vibrations effect our personalities, behavior and occur syncronistically with major events in our life. So I am still on the fence on whether my pursuit of astrology knowledge is my attempt at bringing in air element. From a healing perspective, after you’ve ascertained as much information as you can or on somebody else, you have to drop it all and enter that space of “no mind” and simply allow. And that I seem to be able to do.

    Look forward to hearing others experience of low or no air element.


    • I made an “air” head move. I took Donna’s test after I replied. I assumed I was zero air because that’s what astrology programs tell me including my Time Passages. I also recently had a reading with a very well renowned and well published astrologer and we spent the first half hour talking about my lack of planets in the air signs. Hmmm? That gives me great pause. Include the 11th house where I have my sun and a stellium of planets and that changes. 10% of a very high Uranian and Venus score and I get 38 for air element. Which obviously isn’t nothing. Calculate only by planet placement in the signs and I am Zero. Scratching my head.

      • Hi, David, you’ve given excellent detail in your two comments, and you sound quite airy from your descriptions. The major reason I created these tests is to combat a widespread misconception about the elements. The signs in our charts aren’t the only thing that make an element strong. The Planets and their aspects are always stronger than signs alone, and the houses associated with the elements play a role as well.

        So often, I’ve had clients or students complain, for instance that they have no water in their charts, so they must not be very emotional. However, in getting to know them well, it’s clear that they are deeply emotional.

        Then the chart reveals that they have very strong Pluto or Neptune influences–say Pluto conjunct the Moon and Neptune conjunct the Ascendant and square the Sun. Or maybe the Moon is very high-focus in the chart.

        Those aspects more than compensate for the lack of water signs in the chart. Could anyone really argue that a person with Pluto conjunct the Moon lacks emotional depth?

        Likewise, a missing air element by sign can more than be compensated for by a strong Uranus or Mercury, plus such things as a strong 3rd or 11th house. Would any astrologer seriously claim that someone with Mercury conjunct Uranus is lacking in intellect?

        And that appears to be the case with your supposed lack of air element, both with the scores and the way you describe yourself. And, no, the software doesn’t adjust for that, because software can calculate a chart but not synthesize the various features.

        Nor do most astrologers see it the way I do. But signs are not the be all and end all of astrology, so rote application of traditional rules misses the mark. What’s needed is a more holistic view. When an element appears to be missing, look for other chart features that compensate. Donna

      • Donna, Thank you for clarifying this subject. What a Christmas gift to realize, I got air!

  15. Strange, I only got 34 on this test.

    That’s including 4 planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Pluto) in Libra and Aquarius Ascendant. I also got 85 on the Water type test.

  16. Only a 12 for me.

    Strange, too, because I’ve been called Spock all my life. On the MBTI I score as an intuitive thinker, an “outside the box” type and so highly as a “thinker” I might as well have not scored any “feeler” emotions of any sort.

    And sadly, I flirt like a whore and always have. I’ve been on Twitter for 21 months and will soon reach 14,000 tweets.

    Maybe I should add some personal points for Venus in Aquarius in the Gauquelin sector in 10th? Maybe a few for Mars in 3rd opposite Jupiter/Saturn conjunction? One or two for Uranus opposite Aquarius Chiron?

    And I even used my very slightly higher Taurus-Venus percentage. No ideas here. 😦

    • heeheehee! I rechecked my Tweets and I’m actually fewer than 150 shy of 15,000 in 21 months.

      Chatter-chatter-chatter! 😀

      • Mars anywhere must be pretty powerful. Mine’s Rx in Cancer in 3rd House, Cancer cusp, but being opposite my Jupiter/Saturn conj in Capricorn in 9th might be the source of my chatteryness. Oh, and I have a nice Sag Mercury/Aquarius Venus sextile that might be helping.

        Perhaps I’ve been fooling people into believing that abundance of words equals abundance of intellect? 😀

        I’m going to print out your explanation to David, Donna. That’s the kind of information that’s priceless to an unschooled like me.

      • Thanks, Parin, in fact I was thinking to expanding it into a post. Donna

  17. Hello David and All, I like the term Absence of Air (or whichever element) because it avoids the words ‘lack’ and ‘missing’ which are negative triggers, in my opinion, and unproductive.

    When I come across the absence of planets in an element I consider it an emphasis on that element, in some way. Sometimes it appears to be a motivational emphasis, e.g., Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook founder and Time’s 2010 Person of the Year, has an Absence of Air planets.

    • Hmm, I think I like your term…although a total absence of air–or water–or fire–would mean death.

      And, yes, an element that is a low score is often one that we spend much of our lives compensating for by consciously cultivating it. I have nothing but Neptune in earth, so for me, I manage to be fairly grounded in dealing with material concerns by paying attention to them consistently, but it never comes naturally. Donna

  18. Validation. Oh so validating. Scored 47. No wonder I must meditate! And no wonder writing my book on living with diabetes, is taking me as long as it is. Such a lonely life the writer! P.S. And I’m a Cancer!

    • Sigh, as a fellow writer, I confess I get lonely too, and yet the solitude (and refraining from email, phone, and idle conversation) is what allows me to focus on writing something substantial. Donna

  19. 62 for air. I am not terribly cerebral, in that I don’t spend much time in abstract thought but I am smart.
    I got 40 for Fire and 79 for water. I expect I will score relatively low in earth.

  20. Air 47 – not a surprise as I have sun, venus, saturn, jupiter, mercury and ascendent in Aquarius.

    Yes, I love reading and writing – but despite the Aquarian emphasis I am absolutely not social. I can do social if I have to with Jupiter/Mercury conjunct ascendent in aquarius, but by preference I am a hermit. (I don’t do technological social either – apart from this blog – emails are business only, no texts, no tweets, no facebook.)

    The hermit comes, I think, from having sun and venus tightly conjunct saturn in the twelfth house and moon conjunct pluto.

    My water score beats my air score at 51 but no-one would have guessed including my husband who always used to say I was too airy lacking in emotional depth. Hah! He knows better now – I guess us moon conjunct pluto (7th house) types just hide our emotions until we feel we can really trust the other.

  21. 32 w/o the bonus; 52 with it. It’s funny because I never quite considered myself an airhead, even with being a double Libra (Sun and Ascendant). My first house Scorpio stellium tends to skew everything in the water direction, along with my Cancer MC.

    However, with Uranus and Mercury being very strong in my chart (both 1st house, conjunct Moon, and conjunct one another by a single degree) I can see the air influence.

    At the core, I truly have the “heart-head” conundrum going on: I lead with strong feelings and my thoughts/judgments tend to get clouded by those feelings…

  22. These tests are really useful in revealing how true astrology works.
    A friend of mine has no planets in air signs, but is very intelligent and well educated. It turns out he has an air score of 35, because of Mercury and Uranus 5 degrees on both sides of the ascendant and the Sun in the 11th. Thanks to you I have more arguments to convince him astrology actually works.

    Above, you mentioned something like the tests are complicated for some and you made simplifications, but please, don’t simplify them too much. They aren’t difficult at all now, we, your readers, can cope with them and wouldn’t object more knowledge or detail. At least, that’s what I think (air score 29)

    Happy holidays, Donna!

  23. No points for virgo placements? We’re cerebral… 🙄
    I scored about 38 points. I think it means “I can’t shut up. I wish I could”
    Happy new year, Donna!

    • Happy NY to you, too, VR. No points for Virgo because it’s not an air sign, it’s an earth sign. Donna

  24. Hi Donna. I scored 47. Both of my parents and brother have their Suns in air signs. I’m the only one born under a water sign but I scored more airy than all of them! By the way, I did all of the math calculations in my head. 🙂

  25. Hey, I scored 43, my highest so far. And thanks for pointing out that Uranus is cerebral, I hadn’t clocked. But that’s where most of my score comes from, Uranus on the ascendant. I love reading and writing, addicted to the internet, a perpetual student, loves learning, my mind never shuts up and often gives me trouble with sleep. But with Saturn sextile Mercury I’m really drawn to verbal airy types, because I am not. Sadly this also means I’m sucked in by those flirts and then feel disgust that they are only playing a game – a sure sign of my Gemini Venus semi-sq Saturn. Airy fairies get my top spot for sure!

  26. My only air signs in my chart is gemini rising. Otherwise i am full of earth water and little bit fire. Still i got 55 points from this.

    I have growing obsession towards science, philosophy, abstract thinking. But i am not witty in conversations, im a wanderer and daydreamer. I get lost in my thoughts and sometimes i have difficulties to explain them.

  27. Why uranus near sun, moon, ascendant or midheaven is the most strongest factor to make you airy person? I have uranus near midheaven and moon!

    • Because Uranus is a very brilliant, brainy, and cerebral influence–like the sign it rules, Aquarius, that’s air rather than water, fire or earth. Donna

  28. I can’t believe I just saw this test today! I got 45 points by having med to high scores in mercury, uranus and venus, and ‘only’ 7 planets in air 😉

  29. I don’t think I took this one before. I do have a question my Uranus is conjunct the IC bt 4 degrees does that count for anything?

    • It counts as an opposition to the Midheaven, just as a conjunction to the Descendant counts as an opposition to the Ascendant. Otherwise you’d be scoring double for it. Donna

  30. 29.

    ASC, Pluto in Libra
    Mercury in Gemini
    Chiron in 7th House
    Neptune in 3rd House

    Mercury score was 35
    Venus score was 46
    Uranus score was 27

  31. 76. Oops. At least my Earth score is pretty high too (not nearly as high.) Water and Fire are low. What little Fire I have is pretty darn awesome since it’s Saturn trine Pluto.

    Venus – 18
    Mercury – 27
    Uranus – 87

    Mars in Libra, Uranus in Aquarius, Saturn in the 3rd, Pluto in the 11th, Sun in Aquarius, Asc in Aquarius, Sun conjunct Uranus, Asc conjunct Uranus

    Adding in the Uranus conjunctions made it rocket up from a “mere” 36 to a 76. At least I didn’t get the VOC Moon in Gemini to make it worse. I would’ve liked to have the Moon in Gemini, just not VOC. It would’ve gotten rid of my singleton Pluto however…

    • OK, I admit I left out the parallels to my Sun and Asc from Uranus because I thought 15 points was too much and I thought I was cheating. Actually, it’s 106. I’m only a little more than half as airy as that other dude is mutable, so it works.

      • …And don’t even let me start with latitude. I’ll have to re-calculate my Uranus score and it’ll probably go over 100. I probably get extra Air points just for going to the trouble to learn (Air function) those things…

  32. 25 here. Sun in Aquarius and Midheaven in Gemini. Moon in 7th House. Very high Mercury score and moderate Venus and Uranus.

  33. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, a paltry nine. It’s worth noting that the 7th and 11th are ruled by Air signs (Aquarius and Gemini, respectively), but unless I start traipsing through those bazillion asteroids I have no air in my chart — my score came solely from the Mercury/Venus/Uranus percentages. Thank goodness for Earth or I would evaporate in all that Water/Fire-generated steam. I can understand (and enjoy discussing) abstracts, but the detachment of air is something I have difficulty grasping. I write well and have been told I explain things well, but I always thought this may be more attributable to my ability to tune in to people (including their learning styles). I often have difficulty communicating what’s going on with me; that part of the “weak Air” description is spot-on for me.

  34. I scored 50. No surprise as i have a stellium in Aquarius in 1st house and my Uranus is in 1st house too.

  35. …55. Yeah, pretty much expecting that.

  36. Donna, you morphed my world. This whole time I thought I was an earth dominant! My final results were at least shoking~~

    Water 61
    Air 60
    Earth 34-without the addition of venus in taurus
    Fire 21

    The fire lack is not surprising since it came that way with other methods. But on everything else I was considered all earth, with little water and air. BUT, I suppose, the sun in air and chart ruler in air, plus a very High mercury, all score to that.
    And the water is due to a proeminent neptune and a High moon!

    May I ask, if you take a sun opp pluto at 9 deg into consideration and pluto cj MC at 9 36/ 10′ ? This might give more accuracy to my results, please!

    Thank you!

    • Fun discovery, and that’s what the elements add to the picture. And I’d say yes to both those 9 degree aspect. Here’s why: the area within 10 degrees of the Midheaven/IC axis or the Ascendant/Descendant axis has been shown in research by the Gauquelins to be especially strong. So anything within 10 degrees of those points is a conjunction or opposition. Donna

      • Thank you very much, Donna!
        This was such an important discovery. Water takes it all with 72 points. But I have a huge dose of capricorn in the chart.
        Anyway, it’s soothing to know that it’s not all about earth.
        I usually am very sensitive, but always attributed to moon/neptune conjunct in 1st at 0 degrees.

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