Posted by: Donna Cunningham | January 1, 2011

Readers Ask—Q & A about the Midheaven

©1-1-11 by Donna Cunningham, MSW

This is one of Skywriter’s posts where readers ask questions about a particular area of astrology in the comment section and I answer them. We went through all 12 houses in 2010, but today we’re looking at the Midheaven, which is the 10th house cusp in most systems other than Equal and Whole Sign houses. This session is a natural transition into our first major topic of 2011—a series of  a dozen planned articles about the Midheaven’s many levels of meaning.  Some of your more basic questions may already have been answered here:  Midheaven 101—What the 10th House Cusp Shows about You. The combination of the sign on the Midheaven, any planets within a 10° range either side of the Midheaven, the condition of any planets in that house, and the ruler of the 10th all combined describe your career. That includes specific types of careers, what you are recognized for, and your lifetime achievements in your field. It also describes the type of authority figures your parents were, your relationship with bosses and other authority figures, and how you, in turn, act as an authority figure to your children and your employees, if any. However, the Midheaven is one of the major power points in your chart. Along with the Ascendant, IC, and Descendant, it’s one of the 4 angles of the chart. They’re like LIVE WIRES, in that whenever a natal or transiting planet falls near them, it is supercharged and very active in your life.  Those 4 points are also highly sensitive to transits and progressions, which generally correspond with important shifts or events in your life.  I am happy to entertain more general questions like these:

  • What’s the difference between a planet on the Midheaven and that same planet further on in the 10th?
  • Which parent does the Midheaven represent—Mom or Dad?
  • How does the parent represented by the Midheaven serve as a role model in terms of career?

That sort of thing, phrased in 25 words or less. Update: the comment section is closed,  after 35 questions.  Other people may have asked yours, so to read their questions and answers—scroll down below this article to the comment section.  The Midheaven Series: 

Readers Ask Series:  (Readers’ questions and my Answers are in the Comment Sections)

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  1. Dear Donna,

    I’d like to read your thoughts on the conjuctions of the transiting outer planets to MC. These transits are rather long, so are their results rather diffuse or concentrated? In addition, how does the natal position of the transiting planet colour its transit to MC?

    P.S. (My MC is in Cap, so it’s pretty easy to guess I have a personal agenda).
    P.S. 2 I am thrilled to be the first commenter her and first in the New Year (depends on the time zone, I realize). Happy New Year, Donna!

    • Congratulations on your timeliness. Tatiana. (I guess Lost Shoe–usually the first–must be sleeping in on New Year’s Day.) I forgot to add that piece about one question per comment, but yours are all good and reasonable questions.

      Transiting outer planets conjunct the MH (that is, crossing over from the 9th) ARE long, up to 2-3 years from the earliest approach 3 degrees before to the last approach, 3 degrees after the Midheaven.

      They are highly concentrated, due to the intensity of the outer planets, the “live wire” effect of the Midheaven. And they are high profile, since the Midheaven is your public profile and what you are known for.

      How does the natal position of the transiting planet colour its transit to MC? That’s very important to take note of, because wherever that planet goes by transit or progression, it takes its natal expression along. To totally understand a transit, you need to gain an understanding of how the person is using the natal planet up to now, for good or ill. It takes a lot of thought and analysis.

      In the case of a transit to the Midheaven, you especially need to analyze how the planet has been used previously, because the use–or abuse–of that planet is going to be revealed to your world. Donna

      • Well… actually the main computer died – appropriate for the end of a Merc retrograde! I just spent 6 hours fiddling to no avail


  2. Okay, I’ll bite…What IS the difference between a planet on the MC and that SAME planet further into the 10th?

    • All the planets in the 10th are very public and apply to the career. However, recall that the Midheaven is one of those live wires with an electrifying effect, so the planet conjunct the Midheaven is perhaps two to three times stronger than a planet toward the end of the 10th.

      It’s sort of like the Mafia. All the mob bosses are powerful on their own turf, but the capo di tutto capi rules them all. The planet on the midheaven is the capo di tutto capi. (And no, I’m not watching a Godfather marathon.) Donna

      • Thanks, Donna. (How could you tell I was Italian? Wow. You are REALLY good at this!) Happy New Year!

      • LOL! I honestly had no idea. I thought Berta might be German. Donna

  3. Happy New Year, Teach.

    The MC is often squared by the ASC. What effects can this square have on the 10th house, and how might it color the overall personality?

    • Hi, Sally! Actually, it isn’t all that common for them to be square unless you live near the equator. If you live in temperate sectors of the globe, they’re probably only square one another for about 2 hours out of the 24. (Generally while the Ascendant is in mid-Virgo to Mid-Libra and the Midheaven is in parts of Gemini to Cancer. Lucky you, with Saturn passing through the 1st the last couple of years! )

      So, is that sort of squarish quality and the associated conflicts of a square part of the Virgo/Libra personality? For instance, does the Libra people-pleasing or the Virgo modesty mitigate against going for success in a ruthless manner. Maybe so, but who’s to say that’s a bad thing?

      I’d say the squarish qualities are a more pronounced effect if there are actual natal or transiting planets as part of the picture. Donna

  4. Happy new year!
    If a planet in a stellium is conj the MC, would you look at the other planets in the stellium as conj too?

    I followed the link to the article about Gauquelin and found it very interesting that Jup is often found in the Gauquelin sector for playwrights and journalist, and the Moon is found in the charts of writers. But why wasn’t Mercury included in the Gauquelin’s work?

    • The Gauquelin’s work went on for at least 20 years in many books and an ongoing journal, and I’d be very surprised if they didn’t report on their observations about Mercury in one or more of them, but I don’t recall reading it.

      The general findings, however, were that planets within 10 degrees of any of the angles were powerfully highlighted. AND that the strongest effect was in the range 10 degrees either side of the Midheaven (that includes the last 10 degrees of the 9th house and the first 10 degrees of the 10th.)

      I give wider orbs for planets in a stellium/multiple conjunction, anyway, but especially if some of them are conjunct the Midheaven (or any of the 4 angles, actually.) Partly because a transit or progression to the earliest planet in the series will trigger a process in which the whole stellium and all its associated meanings are activated one after another. Donna

  5. I often think of the Sun as my Inner Life Coach and the Midheaven as my Inner Vocational Counselor but find it difficult to reconcile their guidance when they oppose or square one another in the natal chart.

    How do you see the relationship between the Sun and Midheaven and what is your view of challenging aspects between them?

    • What a good quesion, Mari! I see the Sun as the center of your being, your true self. If your Sun isn’t in one of the vocational houses (the 10th, 6th, or 2nd), then work isn’t where you find and express your deepest self. It’s not given to all of us to live our fullest in our work life, but if the sun were conjunct the Midheaven, it surely would be.

      If the Sun forms a hard aspect to the Midheaven (square, quincunx, or opposition), then your self and the work you wound up making a career is somewhat to considerably at odds with who you really are. Furthermore, some of your core qualities (Sun) don’t mesh well with the career path you’re on.

      With a Sun trine to the Midheaven, however, your core qualities wind up being an asset in that line of work. Thanks for making me think that through. Donna

      • That makes so much sense. Thank you and happy new year: )

  6. I’m just full of questions today. Is having a planet conjunct MC like having it’s sign on the MC (especially if it’s an outer planet such as Saturn or the ever popular Pluto)?

    • Yep, a planet conjunct the Midheaven is a BIT like having the sign it rules on the Midheaven. But only in the sense that having an avalanche hit you is a BIT like having a snowball hit you. (Okay, I’m exaggerating a BIT. Donna )

      • So the planet is the avalanche?

      • The planet conjunct the Midheaven, yes. But I was exaggerating somewhat. Donna

  7. Donna, assuming an individual does all the right things re: the job search, what astrology do you look for to indicate a job offer?

    • Mind if I jump in? Look for Charles Luntz’s ‘Vocational Guidance using Astrology’ (title may be a bit wrong, but anyway..). It answers that and a whole bunch more questions!

      • It’s a classic, written well before half the jobs people hold today had been dreamt of. It’s probably out of print under that name but may still be available in the LLewllyn Series of anthologies–it was added to How to Use Vocational Astrology for Success in the WorkPlace, edited by Noel Tyl. Donna

    • A solid offer on a specific job? I’m not so sure the chart promises a specific job, only the sort of job and promising windows. To find out if a specific job is yours, signed, sealed, and delivered, you’d probably have to ask a horary practitioner.

      And as far as promising windows, it’s not always what you’d think. Jupiter is good, and so is a trine from a transiting slow-moving planet in the 2nd or 6th to the Midheaven.

      However, Saturn is often the planet in operation when you land a job that’s hard work but going eventually to take you up the career ladder. You know, like an entry-level position in a field you’ve already worked in but you’ve had a dead-end job, whereas the new job is a small step backward yet with good promotion possibilities.

      One time I had Saturn transiting my 12th, intercepted, square my Midheaven–sounds dire, doesn’t it? But I landed a job as a social worker in the E.R. at a really rocky old hospital in one of the worst neighborhoods in Brooklyn, and within 6 weeks, I’d gotten promoted to Director of Social Work there, the best position and the most money I’d ever gotten. Donna

  8. Happy New Year! What is the effect of pluto at the midheaven and retrograde?

  9. What effect does having a natal plant on the IC (opposing the MC) have on one’s career? Does a transit to the IC have the same effect?

    This is a question I have often wondered about and it’s ironic that it’s today’s topic. I have Saturn in Cap. right on my IC. Today Pluto transit is exactly conjunct my IC.

    • A natal planet on the IC has two focuses. One is that it profoundly shapes the home life…kind of determines the emotional climate of the home…and makes the person invest that much energy in staying rooted and attending to home and family.

      The other is that the focus on the home pulls energy away from taking part in a career and public life. That’s only a problem to the extent that the person HAS to have a career out in the world. Or dreams of having one, were it not for home responsibilities. If either of those is so, then there is a conflict, and the person may be spread too thin to keep both the job and the family happy.

      But in the course of a lifetime, the children/elderly parents/whatever become less demanding and the person is not so torn in both directions. The sifting back and forth and the resolution of the conflict all usually unfold during transits to the MC/IC axis. Donna

  10. Were those of the Uranus in Cancer ‘generation’ (seems to me to be an awfully short time frame to call it a generation) born with it in a 10th house placement more likely to be caught in the historical-change crossfire regarding particularly women/mothers-family-work-career? Would this be amplified if the Uranus-Cancer points to the missing point of a T-square?

    • Very astute. Yes, for much of that generation not only had Uranus in Cancer, it was also squaring Neptune in Libra, so both women’s roles and relationships went through a great upheaval in the 1960s-70s. The 10th house (or 7th house or 4th house, for that matter) emphasis would put them in the midst of that social crucible.

      I have a chapter on the various generations with Uranus-Neptune aspects in my ebook The Outer Planets and Inner Life, v.3 (The Outer Planets in Aspect). The square seemed to feel the need for social change particularly keenly. I called them the canaries in the mineshaft. Donna

  11. Wow, Jan 1st and a Q & A already – thanks Teach!

    What is the relationship between the MC sign and the ruler of that sign? For example, a Leo MC would be ruled by Sun. The Sun is in ‘X’ house. How would the activities of the Sun’s house (in this example) affect a Leo MC (in this example)?
    Also, what’s more important: planetary aspects to the MC, or where the planet is aspecting from (so, Asc sq MC = IMPORTANT, versus wide trine from 5th to 10th, enh, not so much – BTW, neither of these apply to me, but I’ve always wanted to know if such distinctions exist).

    • Waak!! too many questions from you, so let me pick the one about the ruler of the Midheaven. It IS an emphasized planet, but it works the same way as the ruler of any house.

      And of course, the Sun’s house is important in any chart and is one–but only one–clue to possible career choices. (Each one of us has several potential career paths.)

      In this instance, with Leo on the MH and the Sun ruling it, then there’s a stronger possibility that the house the Sun is placed in COULD provide a career path.

      Let’s say it’s in the 3rd, it might show that writing or the communications fields would suit the person well as a career. Or in the 9th, then the person might be a natural teacher, so perhaps education would be a good field to go into. Donna

  12. Oh, and BTW – until the discovery of Orcus, I had no 10th house planets at all.

    Then I plugged in Orcus in Astrodienst – it’s conjunct the MC.

    So what difference does Orcus make?

    Frankly, not much, so far as I can tell. The astrologer Richard Brown noted that Orcus was ‘holding close to his secrets’. Which sounds contradictory to a blabber-mouth with Merc in Gemini in the 8th!!

  13. Sorry, sorry, last post – I promise! Donna, could you address relocation with relation to one’s MC? You mention this in passing in the ‘Midheaven 101’ article.

    My question is: If you decide to relocate, do you pick a place where the MC stays the same? Or do you just go (if you can) to a place where your Sun is now in the 10th, i.e your identity gets bound up with 10th house matters?

    *If this is inappropriate, or too complicated, I apologize :{ . Perhaps we can do a relocation Q & A – dang, that would have been a good entry for 2 weeks ago 😛 *

    • Hello, Lostshoe, sorry about the computer. If your goal in relocating is to better your career, then you’d be looking for a place to move to that has favorable connections between the best of your natal planets and the relocated Midheaven.

      The Sun and Jupiter CAN be some of the best, but only if they are favorable in the natal chart. Or, you might pick the planet most related to your career goal–Mercury, for instance. if you’re in a communications career or a writer, and natal Mercury is well-aspected. There’s a library of over 50 articles on relocation on the Continuum website (

      There are many complexities in choosing a place to live, and it’s very costly in money, time, and life force, so I’d advise consulting one of the certfied practitioners on Continuum’s list. Donna

  14. My question is related to an upcoming transit; I hope that’s ok. How will the spring 2011 stellium in Aries influence people who’ve got their MC in Aries?

    • It would depend on what degree of Aries the Midheaven was and how close the transiting planets get.

      If the Midheaven were after the Middle of Aries, not much effect, for most of the stellium consists of faster-moving inner planets that would spend only a couple of days crossing the Midheaven. Jupiter can confer some nice but not spectacular or life-changing benefits. Only Uranus would be life-changing, and it only moves to 3 Aries by the end of April, so it might be several years before it reached an Aries Midheaven any past 10 degrees.

      I’d say the major effect of the stellium would be like a highlighter pen to emphasize the house it is passing through in our charts…energize and give you an urge to make something new happen. If the Midheaven/10th house is involved, then there might be an itch to start something new career-wise, but whether it’s more than an urge, again, depends on how soon Jupiter and Uranus reach the midheaven.

      The bigger and far more interesting question would be, what would the children be like who were born with that Aries stellium? Real dynamos with more energy than their parents and teachers can contend with! And likely having come into this life with a huge mission to undertake.

      You couldn’t know what the mission would be because it’s in response to the unprecedented ways the world will change by the time they are grown. Their place in the change might be hinted at by the house the stellium is placed in. Donna

  15. Dear Donna,

    Happy 2011! What do you have to say about outer planets conjuncting the midheaven? And do you think that planets that are in the same sign of the midheaven have any sort of influence on the matters of the 10th house ? How ?

    thanks again for another sample of the series,


    • Happy 2011 to you, too, Syd. Planets in the same sign as the Midheaven that are in the 10th house but not conjunct the Midheaven do affect the career–as I was explaining earlier when talking to Berta about the capo di tutti capi.

      They’re just not as powerful. They’re additional skills the person brings to the career but also different needs and dynamics that can complicate it.

      Planets in the 9th that are the same sign as the Midheaven do affect the career and other 10th house matters IF they are within 10 degrees of the Midheaven (it’s a conjunction). If they’re not conjunct the Midheaven, then they are strictly 9th house in their expression.

      We’ll be hearing more about the outer planets conjunct the Midheaven in an article or two a bit later in the series. Donna

      • Thanks Donna,

        As you have clarified, I was refering to planet in the same sign of the midheaven, but don’t conjunct.

  16. Hi— Tell me about Scorpio MH and inconjuncts to MH, please.

    • Inconjuncts (a.k.a. quincunxes) to the Midheaven by natal OR transiting planets are really tough to deal with. The qualities of the two signs have nothing whatsoever in common, so it’s a stretch to get both sets of needs and wants met at once.

      Many people “resolve” a quincunx by denying and suppressing the needs of one of the two signs. Big mistake, as the suppressed needs can come out in at inconvenient times and in odd/inapppropriate ways.

      A planet that is quincunx to the Midheaven gives you a set of needs, wants, and traits that could be deemed unsuitable or ill-advised in the workplace for the particular career you’ve embarked on.

      For a Scorpio Midheaven, the two quincunx points would be in Gemini and Aries. Let’s say it’s a planet in Gemini, maybe Mercury or Mars. Scorpio doesn’t like its secrets and agendas blabbed all over the place, but Gemini is anything but discreet.

      Scorpio is a fixed water sign, so the career most suited to it would be one that requires depth, endurance of focus, and emotional awareness. None of these are qualities you’d expect with a restless, changeable, even somewhat flighty Gemini planet. thus the two signs are much at odds, and Gemini is going to need lots of outlets outside the workplace.

      No, folks, no more interpreting quincunxes today, so don’t ask. Maybe we should just do a Q&A on quincunxes some time! Donna

  17. Me again. How should MC and 10th house planets and transits be interpreted for someone who’s retired?

  18. Hello Donna,

    You mention the importance of progressions on the angles. For a long time I’ve wondered what the interpretation would be, if anything significant, of a Progressed MC conjuncting a Natal Asc, or approaching within a couple of degrees, or so? I’ve searched around over a long period of time for something on this, and have never found anything. Thank you in advance for your reply.


    • Hi, Leslie. The progressed MH moves just about a degree a year, so it’s likely that the progressed Midheaven wouldn’t be conjunct the natal Ascendant for anywhere from 60-120 years, depending on the number of degrees between the Midheaven and Ascendant.

      I suppose if the Midheaven ever did reach the Ascendant, then whatever the person had achieved in their career that was positive would gain recognition orwhatever they did that was negative would come to light. Donna

  19. Miz Sally, you sho do have a lotta questions, but they’re good ones. Okay, let’s take a look at how MC and 10th house planets and transits would be interpreted for someone who’s retired.

    First of all, someone with a strong MH and 10th house probably won’t retire until they’re carried out on a gurney. They live to work and work to live. I’m kinda like that myself, but I’m only retired from the things I don’t want to do any more. I’ll never stop writing.

    But let’s just suppose that they have retired. It seemed like a good idea at the time. But now that they’ve driven themselves and their partner nuts, the next thing they’ll do is to turn their avocations into vocations. And they find a volunteer job three days a week and run for president of their club and serve on the board of the local museum. And start day trading or something else just as engrossing, and find a way to make money doing it.

    Or maybe they always wanted to paint but never had time, so now they’re painting their hearts out, and before you know it they have a gallery show and get a rave review in the paper.

    So a transit to their 10th house is likely to take their life path in a whole new direction, and their volunteer work can put them in the public eye as much as their career ever did.

    Donna, retired from chart readings for going on 2 years and busy as ever. And apparently not fading from the public eye.

  20. How does the Midheaven relate to second-house issues? We usually connect career with how we earn a living, but it seems to me from a purely mechanical chart interpretation perspective there’s not necessarily any direct connection between the Midheaven and the second house. Could that pose problems for people in a culture which assumes career and money are joined at the hip, if not identical?

    • Well, many people have planets in the 2nd but nothing in the 10th or at the Midheaven. They have no “career” to speak of and no real ambitions for a long-term vocation, just have a job or sidelines of various sorts strictly to pay the rent and bills. A career assumes long-term goals and a commitment to a particular life path, a “vocation” in the sense of a calling, and a plan for getting there. Donna

  21. Hello Donna and Happy New Year,
    My question has to do with sinastry and MC.
    In a relationship,any kind of relationship, when someone planet ( like the Sun,or a outer planet) or the NN hits the MC of the other person,can the MC person feel the aspect similar to a transit? And i`m thinking of planet conjunct angle only.
    Does the planet person act like a transit? Can move things,push or help in career area?

    • Hi, Inna, I have an article in this series planned soon to address just that in some depth.

      Briefly, any person–whether it’s a lover, mentor, boss, or whatever–who has a planet conjunct your Midheaven is going to have a strong impact on how you do in your career. If it’s positive (say Venus or Jupiter) then they’re likely to support and encourage you and somehow or other be an asset. If it’s more challenging (say Mars or Neptune), then they may undermine or detract from your reputation or chances for success. Either way, they’re bound to be significant for whatever time they are in your life.

      Other aspects their planets form to your MH have an effect too, but not nearly as strong and active. Donna

  22. Hi Donna, I’m wondering what it means if the chart ruler is conjunct the MC. Does it give the MC any more importance then it already has? Or does that make the chart ruler more significant?

    • HI, Heather. For readers that aren’t familiar with the term, the chart ruler is the ruler of the Ascendant. To have the ruler of the Ascendant conjunct the Midheaven is somewhat similar to having the Midheaven ruler conjunct the Ascendant. They both say that your appearance and way of projecting yourself has a strong impact on your success potential.

      Depending on what that planet is, its sign, and aspects, that could be an asset or a drawback. Suppose you have Libra Rising, with the chart ruler, Venus conjunct the MH. That would say that your charm, beauty, and warmth would appeal to the public and greatly enhance your chances of success, especially in a line of work where people skills were all-important. On the other hand, if it were Saturn, you’d probably show yourself as capable and competent but not easy to warm up to. Donna

  23. Thanks Donna – your blogs with Q&A always raise so many questions in my mind! You have had some questions about the 10th and 2nd houses and some questions about the ruler of the 10th. I’m wondering about the impact of the ruler of the 10th, say Jupiter (Sagittarius on the MC) being found in the 2nd house.

    • I’d take it in a heartbeat! It can suggest that your career direction is also a money maker and that you handle the money-management functions in your business well. It does depend on what planet rules the 10th, however. Neptune, not so much! Donna

      • LOL – maybe the sign of someone who owns her own business as a bookkeeper/accountant. Thanks Donna and Happy New Year to you!

  24. Donna,
    How does Saturn conjunct the Midheaven 3 degrees or less in Libra effect the properties of Saturn in the 10th? Saturn being exalted in Libra and the 10th being the natural house of Capricorn the ruler of Saturn. Does this diminish the restrictive qualities of Saturn or make them more favorable? Does this make Saturn a more important planet in the natal chart than the chart ruler?


    • Saturn has a natural affinity with capricorn and the 10th house. Saturn conjunct the Midheaven is a very strong position, and, as you suggest, not an easy one.

      It would suggest coming up very hard, and possibly not really getting a foothold on the career path until the 1st Saturn return between 28-30. However, it does suggest that the person could build something very solid over time and could have good managerial and supervisory skills.

      This, of course, would depend on Saturn’s sign and aspects. As you say, Libra is a good sign for Saturn, conveying people skills and easing up on any authoritarian tendencies. So, yes, I’d say it’s helpful.

      Does it make Saturn more important than the chart ruler (i.e. ruler of the Ascendant)? Well, it IS on one of those live wire point and “exalted” (meaning it’s in it’s best sign). And supposing the chart ruler was not on an angle and was in it’s worst sign. So, Saturn is surely the stronger and more high profile. Donna

  25. Regarding an MC that’s in a grand trine – does that lessen it’s Career affect or strengthen it (the MC)?

    • It’s a good thing, ej. The energies of the other two planets flow through the Midheaven, making them assets. Donna

  26. Would you place any importance on the ruler of the MC being retrograde? How would that change your interpretation?

    • If the ruler of the Midheaven is all the person has in terms of career indicators (nothing going on in the 10th, 6th, or 2nd) and then it’s retrograde, it probably signifies that a career isn’t where the person’s focus is for this lifetime. Other areas of life (other houses) are more important to them. I’m not the retrograde maven. Donna

  27. And could you give some insight into Venus squaring the MC from the 6th?

    • Could it be that the social parts of the workplace are detracting from the work? It suggests also that workplace romances, flirtations, and crushes–especially if you’re always in lust with somebody on the job–can seriously hurt your performance and reputation by distracting your attention from your responsibilities. An affair with the boss? Not the brightest idea! Donna

  28. Hey Donna,

    I didnt know how to write you except thru here.

    Do you have a link to an article about retrogrades?

    I heard that retrogrades are a good thing (first time I heard that!)

    b/c they allow you to not go from a to z but to transcend time and go backwards

    in time at the same time you can future travel and be here now and do them all at the same time time and not be on the lineal pathway like a direct planet.

    I like that idea. It seems to be me. But is it true?

    What say you Donna???

    Blessings,, Julz

    • Retrograde planets as time machines? I don’t think so!! The person who has written best about retrogrades (a good book) is Erin Sullivan at, probably, Donna

  29. Hi Donna, Great stat for the year!
    How does a transiting trine from neptune to MC affect your career -and most importantly, how to use it effectively?
    Here’s my case: neptune and chiron have being sitting on my Mercury in 6th (ruler of MC) for a very long time activating a grand trine that involves uranus in 2nd and Sat conj MC.

    p.s I am aware of some of the potentials for self employment in the creative fields, and feel it should be great, but somehow I still need to align myself with those potentials better, and hope for transiting sat in libra to give substance/grounding to neptune. Any extra light on the matter is greatly appreciated.
    Sorry this is a long question with many personal details, but that’s one on my ‘burning questions’ list 🙂

    • Hi, Sabrina, it really is too personal, about your chart. There are tons of articles about Neptune transits on this site and also a series about the second house (use the search engines) but it does sound like you’ve got some good ideas. Donna

  30. Would a square from the 7th house to the MC mean that one is more likely to have trouble balancing, say, marriage with career? (But what if the square to the midheaven is with a positive planet like Jupiter or Venus, would that temper the tension, or possibly exacerbate it?)

    • Sea, you’re right in your interpretation, and the square–even and especially with Venus–would exacerbate it. Donna

  31. Hi Donna,

    Here’s something I’ve always wondered. If the midheaven is the highest point in the sky, then why doesn’t it square the horizon?

    • Because the earth isn’t straight up and down on it’s axis, it tilts at a 22.something degree angle. I believe that’s the reason.

      That’s all folks!! It was a fun session, and I wish you all a very good year in 2011. Donna


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