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The Midheaven in Synastry—Meaningful Career Connections

©1-3-2011 by Donna Cunningham, MSW

 What should you expect when a planet in someone’s chart is conjunct your Midheaven? How are they likely to affect your vocation and your life?

Briefly, any person–whether it’s a boss, parent, mentor, lover, friend, relative, or whatever–who has a planet conjunct your Midheaven within about 3-4° is going to have a strong impact on your career. Here are some of the ways they do.

If the contact is a positive one (say Venus or Jupiter) then they’re likely to support and encourage you and generally be an asset. If it’s more challenging (like Mars or Neptune), then they may undermine you or detract from your reputation or chances for success. Either way, they’re bound to be significant for whatever time they are in your life…and may leave a lasting imprint for all time.

People you’re close to–family, partners, lovers, and friends–can have an impact on your career. Look for Midheaven contacts there, too.  If they support and encourage you in your aspirations, it’s easier to keep the faith and work toward your dreams.

If they disparage your gifts and abilities and say you’ll never make it, it’s easier to grow discouraged and give up.  Remember, they’re only one person, and they probably don’t know diddlysquat about the field you’re aiming for!

You can even be affected by a Midheaven contact with someone famous or someone prominent in your field that you’ve never met in person but whose work inspires and influences you.

If you look up their chart in AstroDataBank’s Birthdata Collection or at least find their date of birth online or in a Who’s Who, you’re very likely to find a conjunction to your Midheaven.

Contacts by all the Planets—Allies or Detractors?

The descriptions that follow are necessarily brief—this is a blog post, not a book chapter. They’re a starting place for you to draw your own conclusions by considering all the positive and negative interpretations of each planet and the sign it’s in, then applying them to the relationship.

Especially watch for an aspect from a planet related to the nature of your career—which could be your Midheaven ruler or connected to your 10th, 6th, or 2nd house.

If you’re in a Venusian career involving fashion, beauty, or matchmaking, you’d like to see their Venus conjunct or in a positive aspect to your Midheaven. If it were a Plutonian career like counselor, healer, stock trader, insurance agent, or mortician, then a Pluto contact might not be a bad thing. If you’re a teacher, look for Jupiter, and for writing or other forms of communication, look for Mercury.

(Note: The accuracy of these summaries depends on the sign and aspects of the planets involved.  For instance,  the Moon is often a nurturing influence, but the Moon in Capricorn woman is much too busy with her own career to coddle you and won’t hesitate to deliver a much-needed kick in the keister.)

Their Sun conjunct your Midheaven: Not necessarily favorable—they’re the ones who naturally shine in this environment and may not make room for you in the spotlight. It’s entirely possible that they’ll benefit more from this contact than you do.

Your work makes them look good, but you may not get much credit from the public exposure unless you insist on it.

Their Moon conjunct your Midheaven: This should be a nurturing connection for the most part, possibly female, who tends to your insecurities, mops up your crises, and then bakes cookies to console you. (No cookies?  Well, I can hope!)

She may worry about your career and any dangers it entails more than you do. One drawback is that she may baby you too much when what is needed to move to the next level at work is a good kick in the pants.

Their Mercury conjunct your Midheaven: This is someone who can be a good idea person or sounding board for moves you’re thinking of making. They’re likely to generate a buzz about your work and may hook you up with FaceBook and other online sites for promoting your work. They’ll keep you informed on new developments and what’s happening in your field. Just don’t tell them anything you don’t want broadcast to the world at large.

Their Venus conjunct your Midheaven: As mentioned above, this person is an asset in any field having to do with beauty or people skills. Their charm and popularity show to good effect in public appearances, so do drag them along. Their warmth and genuine affection for you makes them a great support in cultivating contacts you need for your business.

Their Mars conjunct your Midheaven: You’re likely to run into competition and jockeying for position with this person, unless you can convert it into a win/win situation for both of you. They have a goal or mission in mind, and unfortunately, it’s pretty much the same as yours. The up side? This person is in the Worthy Opponent category and will force you to bring your A Game to the table.

Their Jupiter conjunct your Midheaven: Unless their own Jupiter is in a world of trouble, this is almost always a benefactor, generous in their support without a lot of strings attached. They may function as a teacher, mentor, or role model, happily sharing what they know so that you can be a success. They’re usually well regarded in the field and will help you make the right contracts to move up the ladder.

Their Saturn conjunct your Midheaven: This can also be a mentor, but a business-like one who expects a great deal of maturity and accountability from you. As an employer or parent, they can be very tough and won’t cut you a lot of slack. If you put in the sweat equity to do high-quality work, they’ll respect and reward you.

Their Uranus conjunct your Midheaven:  Their motto? “I’m here to Rock. Your. World!” Iconoclasts and rebels of the first order, they may provide just the impetus you need to break out of a career track that’s gone stale. Their revolutionary ideas could become the next great thing. Don’t hire them on staff, though; bring them on as independent contractors or consultants. They’re not gonna punch any clocks, and you might very well wind up needing deniability.

Their Neptune conjunct your Midheaven: If this is a boss or parent, you may very well idolize them for their inspirations and visionary/spiritual qualities, yet become an enabler for their worst flaws.

If you cover for their addictions or other failings, you may wind up being the scapegoat who gets the blame when things go bad. Accountability is a foreign concept to them. Run, Bambi!

Their Pluto conjunct your Midheaven: An exceedingly mixed blessing. This is someone whose power—whether political or healing—can transform your career from mediocrity to great success. They can connect you to the Higher Ups in your field, and their political astuteness is uncanny. As long as you remain under their wing/thumb and do what they suggest, they’re a great asset. If you grow up, move out on your own, and start to outshine them, you’re toast.

Their Nodes conjunct your Midheaven/IC Axis:  The North and South Nodes are said to represent important connections—even karmic ones—and that would be doubly true if their Nodes were placed across the 4th/10th cusps. If this is a difficult relationship, it would be worth exploring the stories of past lives where the two of you were family or shared a vocation.

How about Other Aspects to the Midheaven?

Though conjunctions to your Midheaven are by far the most potent in impact, other aspects to your MH also have an effect, but not nearly as strong and active. For an in-depth example of how the four possible squares to the Midheaven work, see the article about Neptune linked below. The oppositions drain energy away from the career by insisting on equal time for the matters of the house involved.

Trines to the Midheaven, especially from the 2nd and 6th, are a great asset, as they bring money management skills and a good work ethic into play. Sextiles, though minor, represent helpful people (folks who do you favors) and areas of life that give you some wiggle room with your work pressures.

Readers, in browsing through your chart collection or looking up the planets of people who’ve been important in your career, what Midheaven contacts do you notice?  Share about that planet and what light it sheds on the relationship in the comment section.

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  1. J-Y Cousteau: His mercury conj. my MC, his sun-pluto conj. in my 10th. I love the fact that he practically invented a career path for himself, one that combined knowledge, research and art. Instead of seeking a job in say National Geographic, he carved his own path, created sth huge from scratch, and managed to leave his distinctive mark in the world. Maybe not as huge as N.G. one might say,but hey, a hell more unique and interesting, and definitely more inspiring and appealling, to me at least.

    Fridtjof Nansen: His Uranus falls in my 10th (his jup.-sat. conj. is conj. my natal jup., his sun near my pluto). I luv his sense of adventure, his insatiable quest for knowledge, his daredevilry, his obsessive nature and his unflinching will to survive. A natural born pioneer, pushing himself to the limit. Badass. The very definition of.

    Last but not least, you my lady. Your Gemini stellium falls in my 10th, with uranus almost in exact conj. to my mc. I’ve said before that you’ve made astrology speak to me, and I meant every word. You may not know this, but sometimes you make it sooo hard for me to stick to my decision that astrology is just a hobby to me. I’m a nerd, for Christ’s sake, can’t you just let me be? 🙂

    • LOL! My Uranus conjunct your MH? I’ve been accused of that before, but thankfully the people who had it were pretty far out themselves, so they deserved it.

      You don’t by any chance have a two foot long beard and hair down to your hiney? (That described one of the lucky people who had it.) Donna

      • Well, I didn’t! (deserve it)
        As for the beard, nope, for the time being, but I trust in you, so check again next year!

  2. Donna, this one presents a meaningful challenge for the discerning job hunter: Discreetly find out your boss-to-be’s birth data before you accept a job offer.

    Even without an exact time, the day and year will reveal all his/her planet placements except the Moon.

    • Hahaha, good one! I’m looking for a day job right now, will keep this in mind, thanks!

  3. Great post, DC! Happy new year! xxx

    • Thanks, Neeti, and to you, too. And to all my readers who helped make 2010 so rewarding.

  4. Wishing you a glorious 2011 Donna!

    This post is really interesting as this aspect in synastry is currently demanding lots of my attention. Their Moon and Saturn in conjunct my Leo MC. The Moon is lovely, giving my a huge chill out source in my hectic life (sadly no cookies yet!). The Saturn is tricky though, being over the border in Virgo. I find their very specific and sometimes odd/obsessive ways grate against my Leo MC ego. As much as I hate to admit it, they don’t make me look good!! Add to the fact that my own Moon and Mercury are a t-square to my MC, it sets all sorts of see-sawing emotions and thoughts off. I doubt this aspect will ever be easy, just depends on whether I can get used to it and see if they can do something amazing for my career. Too early to tell yet.

    A question though, if you don’t mind answering. Do you think my MC t-square to Moon and Mercury could ever be satisfied? Would two very different jobs be an easier route?

    • Well, the Leo Moon and Saturn in Virgo are two very different energies, so it would take a very complex vocation to satisfy both. What could it be, what could it be?

      I’ve got it–a costume designer/wardrobe chief for the theater or movies? Director of a children’s theater company? Personal assistant to a diva like Madonna? Overseer for the kitchen in the family quarters in the White House? That sort of Leo/Virgo blend of skills. Aim high! Donna

  5. Very interesting post, thank you! My Sun is exactly conjunct my nephew’s MC, and I’ve always wondered what that meant. I don’t see him or have much contact with him, since he lives in another state. I’d like to be a help or inspiration to him, but right now he isn’t all that interested in his old aunt. 😉

  6. The people who have played the biggest roles in encouraging me to discover hidden talents related to my new career path, all share conjunctions to my natal Mercury/Jupiter/Neptune (in Scorpio) – Mercury rules my Gemini Midhaven, which is biquintile Neptune.

    One person has her Chiron conjunct my Mercury and her Neptune trine my MC; and the other (who I consider to be a sort of mentor) has her Uranus/Sun/North Node conjunct my Scorpio planets and her Pluto trine my MC. My husband – with his Sun/Neptune conjunct my Mercury, as well as his Chiron trine my MC (and conjunct my Moon) – has always been supportive.

    My dad’s Moon was conjunct my Midhaven, and although he was never particularly encouraging, he was “proud” of what I accomplished professionally. Of course, he’s probably rolling over in his grave right about now (LOL!). I have to admit he played a profound role in shaping the person I am, as well as the person I’m becoming. My long-time former employer had his Venus conjunct my MC, and on a superficial level at least, we always got along. He kept me around for 20 years (until the business closed), so I guess that’s saying something. My MC and ruler of my MC (Mercury) are quincunx, so finding a way to satisfy both has been challenging.

    Good post that got me to thinking – thanks.

    • Good details, LB and excellent examples of the trines from Neptune and Pluto to the MH. Donna

    • I was VERY inspired by the story of Joan of Arc (weird, I know). Even weirder (but maybe not so much if you know me), is that my Midhaven sits at the exact midpoint of her Saturn/Pluto, both of which are in Gemini and within 7 degrees of my MC – which is exactly conjunct the Fixed Star, Aldebaran. She said she was led by Saint Michael, and Aldebaran is associated with the Archangel Michael.

      Interestingly, my own Saturn/Pluto midpoint figures prominently in my astrology, seeing as how my Sun is conjunct. We have a bunch of other weird connections as well, including her Chiron conjunct my Mercury/Jupiter and her North Node exactly conjunct my Chiron. Actually, it’s kind of freaky.

      • Fascinating, LB. Not weird at all if someone affects you powerfully.

        So she was born at a much earlier Pluto/Saturn conjunction? It was a signature of the Clinton and Bush administrations (but in Leo) Al Gore, Hillary Clinton, then Dick Cheney and Laura Bush. Donna

      • Hi Donna – The chart I pulled up for Joan of Arc was from – they have her Saturn at 2 Gemini 51 and her Pluto at 16 Gemini 52, so they’re pretty far apart. But if that’s accurate, the midpoint would be exactly (less than a minute) conjunct my Midhaven at 9 Gemini 52.

        I’ve been wondering about Pluto conjunct Saturn, so thanks for the examples. Astrologer Carol Willis refers to the Saturn/Pluto midpoint as “initiatory”, leading to “direct encounters with God/Spirit” as well as karmic situations – wow, does that fit.

      • 2 Gemini 51? My Uranus is at precisely 2 Gemini 51! I wonder if that isn’t some kind of warrior-female degree? I always say that my role in astrology is to be a trail blazer/trouble maker. Donna

      • How funny! After reading your comment, I had to look up your chart since apparently your Uranus is conjunct my Mars (within a degree). And ironically enough, my Uranus is conjunct your Mars. How weird is that?

        That would also mean your Uranus is widely conjunct my Midhaven – no big surprise there! No beard here though. At least not yet. 🙂

      • So it’s a Mars/Uranus conjunction on both part. I do have a quintile between Mars and Uranus natally, so hopefully it means I have a gift for leading you into exciting new ideas about astrology. But it might just mean I have a gift for occasionally ticking you off. Donna

      • Oh Donna, you’ve absolutely led me to discover new things about astrology, which in turn has led to discovering more about myself. Your insights about my Pluto aspects have been amazingly healing, and I’ll always be grateful.

        As far as occasionally ticking me off, who doesn’t??? I’m known for speaking up when I “disagree” – I also have a natal Mars/Uranus quintile, so hopefully it only provokes thought in considering another perspective. My Leo Uranus is in the 12th, so I have a gift for occasionally ticking EVYERONE off, but it’s never meant to cause harm.

  7. Hi Donna,

    my question is not about Midheaven in Synastry which I apologize but
    I was thinking as every Sun Sign has their own ruling planets and some of those planets are faster moving than other, so does that bring some common traits for individuals whose ruling planet are outer planets and vice versa ?

    • Hi, Hilton, I think I understand what you’re asking. The outer planets–Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto–relate to conditions that challenge the human collective to evolve, and so their signs–Aquarius, Pisces, and Scorpio–are involved with dealing with those universal issues on a personal level and in so doing, to discover ways for all of us to grow.

      You’ll find a great many articles about the outer planets on this blog, so use the search engine here to find ones that pertain to your own life. Donna

  8. It seems to me you all have your mentors’/bosses’ birth data. I so envy you, guys! I always shy away from asking. One time I asked my college professor what sign he was, and he looked at me as if I was asking him on a date. He finally answered-in astonishment-, but didn’t return the question. Afraid that would confirm the date, I guess..

    • One easy way is to gather everyone’s birth dates for office parties or at least a birthday card distribution. You won’t know their birth time but you will know most planet placements. If you go out to celebrate (a good thing to do anyway!) and you REALLY want to know birth time, ask people to share how/when they were born. People usually like talking about this and often do know when they were born, at least approximately.

  9. Happy New Year Donna belated as it is:) I really enjoy your work and I appreciate your insights…never dull my friend. Can you tell me your thoughts of someone’s vertex touching /conjuncting another’s midheaven? Don’t know if this interests you but would love to see a series on the Vertex and it’s significance. Thank you, Patrice

    • Sorry, Patrice, I haven’t worked with or even thought about the Vertex in at least 40 years. Google it, and you’ll come up with someone who does. Donna

      • There, folks, is OUR honest teaching astrologer. I know of few others with the up-front guts to say, “I don’t know and/or deal with that”…or just plain find it non-relavant.
        You go, Donna!

      • Thank you, Berta. With Jupiter in the 12th, I’ve always been more honest than was really good for business, but I can’t pretend to be who or what I am not. However, now that I am a retired person, I really don’t ever need to pretend to know more than I do, so it gives me a freedom that astrologers who have to support a family and need to build a practice don’t always have. Donna

  10. My dad was always very supportive of my education and careers – very generous with financial support when I changed from teaching to being an artist – his Jupiter in Sag is conjunct my MC – a fairly wide orb of 8 degrees but very obviously manifesting. Interesting his mercury is exactly opposite my MC – it used to drive my mad that he never praised or celebrated my successes – but would say oh well it’s only what I expected of you (I think he was afraid that if he praised my I might give up and rest on my laurels!)

    My partner’s Mars in Cancer falls into my empty sixth house and is inconjunct my MC. He also doesn’t say much about my work and any favourable comment is high praise indeed. However he does support me financially, happy to go out and do his healing work, leaving me in my studio to work on very long term projects like picture books and novels. This is where the sign a planet is in does modify the energy – he is capable of giving me a kick up the pants if I am procrastinating, but a very gentle one.

    All this financial support could also be to do with me having Neptune in the eighth house sextile moon/pluto and semi-sextile MC. The amazing thing is none of this money has ever come with ties – at least I’ve never felt them, perhaps this is to do MC in Sag – absolute faith in being supported in my career and so never feeling dependent on any one source of support.

    • Just realised my partner’s Ceres – dwarf planet of nurturing and protection – is exactly conjunct my Jupiter – ruler of my MC – and also conjunct my ASC and Mercury

  11. I know someone who’s Chiron and Descendant are conjunct my MC. Also his Neptune and Venus are trine my MC. (Koch/Equal)

    I admire his creative abilities/talent and I think that his unique perspective on the world is really cool… he’s dyslexic. :-] So he see’s things differently, which I can relate to. :-]

    This person is a friend/boss of mine. He encourages my creativity as far as Graphic Design goes,but doesn’t want me to learn fine art(??can we say confused??). He makes promises as far as teaching me more(I’ve just gotten started more or less) and then doesn’t keep them. When we work together we get a lot done and we come up with some really cool ideas.

    My husband has his Mercury,Chiron, NN and Sun all in my 10th house.
    I admire his creativity and intellect. I think he’s incredibly talented in many area’s. I believe I’ve learned a lot from him as far as being creative goes.

    He wasn’t encouraging in my educational choices…at first…..we used to argue about it, up until a couple years ago and now he tries to get me whatever I need to learn.

    • About that boss (“He encourages my creativity as far as Graphic Design goes,but doesn’t want me to learn fine art(??can we say confused??). He makes promises as far as teaching me more and then doesn’t keep them.”), this sounds very Neptunian. A trine doesn’t wipe out the negative qualities of Neptune, just makes them seem less discordant. Donna

      • You make a good point. That could explain it.:-]

        That “does” sound very Neptunian. He has a lot of Neptune in his chart too. It makes major(if you count a sextile as major) aspects to 6 of his planets plus his Ascendant. Plus the Neptune Q Uranus and Neptune semisquare Mars he has.

        Your help is greatly appreciated…Thank you!:-]

  12. Oh, btw,thank you for bringing up the Bo) subject Donna

  13. Hello Donna,
    Great post tonight,,thank you,
    I want to share from my experience on MC sinastry.
    Someone very special to me hits my MC with their NN and Pluto,which makes their SN conjunct my IC and also my Moon.
    Very strong connection,he did change my whole life in a good way but not in a very kind way.Virgo MC and NN,Pisces SN,IC and Moon.
    What i want to say is, i think, in a nodes-axes conjunction the nodes person affect not only your career choice,but your life as a whole.Of course, this depends on other aspects in both charts.
    The NN person can act as a very good PR for your career giving you the best advice,pushing you in a positive way,but the down point of this sinastry aspect is that the comfort zone of SN-IC conjunction is left far behind,which perhaps is not bad thing but it feels bad.
    In my case,with the Moon also conjunct my IC and his SN,it was very hard,my feelings were never important for him or the the way i feel about him changing my life,all that mattered was my career choice and how i get to point he wanted me to achieve.
    I think also that this sinastry aspect makes two people connected for the whole life even so they are not in a romantic relationhip nor they are relatives.

    • Thanks for sharing that, Inna. Very good to hear your story and get some insight into the Nodes on that axis.

      BTW folks, great news! I just nailed down our first guest Q&A leader, Donna Van Toen, who’ll be doing a session on the nodes in just a few days. I know Donna VT forever, and she’s the author of a good book on the nodes. Donna

    • I agree that a MH/planet synastry could be a life-long contact, because the MH concerns can be lifelong–a career path or life direction can be our major commitment for 40 years or longer. I still love and honor the memories of school teachers, older neighbors and others who believed in me and believed I would make something of myself even though I came from a very poor family where none of the previous generations had even finished high school. Donna

  14. Just yesterday I was contemplating the idea of support, and decided my dad and a close friend are my most consistent supporters. After reading your post, I checked, and both have planets right there. My Dad’s Moon conjoins my MC, and my grandfather’s Moon conj. Dad’s MC. My brother’s Mars is very close, and we do tend to be combative. Unfortunately, my Dad’s Venus/Neptune is right on my brother’s MC; he supports everything he does without regard for nitty-gritty detail, which has probably facilitated a lot of business dealings that went south, what with that Venus/Neptune combined with my brother’s Sun opp. Neptune. It’s too bad. No one can say anything.

    As for important people, all my favorite musicians, artists, writers, etc. have planets that conj. my MC. How funny! Right down to Shaun Cassidy when I was in the 4th grade. 🙂

  15. Great post, Donna, on an often overlooked area. Thanks!

  16. A certain person’s Libra Chiron is square to my Midheaven, and this person’s insecurities acted as a serious blockage to my ability to put the necessary focus into my career. Constant, emotional interruptions, and I felt guilty about not attending to this person’s “needs.” No longer an influence, thank goodness!

  17. Great post, made me look through quite few charts and make some discoveries!
    About 4 of good (really good) friends in college have Jupiter or Saturn conj my MC, or planets in my Asc and 1rst house. A couple of them have their NN conj my asc and sq MC. One has her Moon conjunct my mercury in Aq trine my MC, at some point few of us moved into her house (moon!) to work in our thesis projects for a couple of months, computers, chunky drawing tables and all.
    Another friend that was co-worker and sort of a mentor, has her Sat conj my MC from the 9th H while her mars and Uranus trine it, I admire her a lot, she works hard, with a clear vision of what she wants, she doesn’t rush unnecessarily and is very generous and resourceful. (unfortunately, I can’t remember the birth year from few other mentors and professors)
    my parents were supportive in ‘different’ ways, both of them have Uranus near my MC. My mom’s mercury trines it, and my Dad’s sun trines it too.
    My aunt’s mars and moon trine my MC, she’s being always very supportive and preoccupied.
    About people I haven’t personally met but have had a strong positive influence in different areas: In astrology only, is amazing, lots of contacts to my mercury, 10th and MC from uranus, or jupiter, sometimes mercury or even the moon. Contacts to my 9th at the same time, which makes perfect sense 😉
    And just for the heck of it, I checked the date the university -I studied and taught years ago- was founded, and tadaaa: it has a jupiter opp to saturn and neptune that falls on my 3rd and 9th houses just on my natal opp to mars and neptune. At the same time it’s mercury trines both my mercury and MC and it has a water grand trine that falls in my career houses.

    Thank you Donna and happy new moon!

  18. I enjoyed this little exercise very much. I discovered that my husband of 32 years has Mars conjunct my MH, and that he, my sons and my father all have their natal saturn (my MH is 18deg capricorn) in my 6th house.
    So it does all make sense, my husband, while being my best friend and biggest supporter, due to his own shortcomings has kept me working for these entire 32 years. My sons as well. My father, on the other hand, I can’t figure out what he’s doing there. And my mother? she has Mercury conjunct my MH. I’m not sure about your interpretation of that one, though. Finally my sister has Chiron conjunct my MH and haha, HER saturn is in my 6th house too. Good grief, do I have to work until I am 90?
    My question: How come almost everyone has SATURN in my 6th house??

    • Now that is an interesting question, Mimi, and much of it would have to do with your own chart. We attract people with similar astrological placements to our own–AND astrological placements and even degree numbers tend to run in families. Donna

      • degree numbers run in families? you mean like (for example) aries 8, libra 8, scorpio 8?
        or do you just mean everyone has libra 8?

      • Oh, for instance, everyone in my father has something at 13 degrees of Leo except my father. Donna

  19. oh, I found the astrodatabase on Astrodienst.
    I looked up Grandma Moses, and sure enough, her Mars is conjunct my midheaven!
    Ever since I was a little girl, I have been inspired by how she lived the typical woman’s life, working hard helping her family then raising her children, and then finally after that was all done, she started painting and became famous when she was 78 years old. I hope I don’t have to wait THAT long…

  20. This post was very informative. I have often wondered why I didn’t get much support from my daughter. She is in the beauty business and I make jewelry. She has a Neptune Jupiter conjunct on my Sag mid heaven.

    Does the Jupiter Neptune conjunction just mean a lot of Neptune?

    • The way I was taught to understand Jupiter aspects is that they expand the energy of whatever planet they touch…sometimes to the point of exaggeration. I’ve known quite a lot of Jupiter-Neptune conjunctions, and that does make them very Neptunian.

      For instance, Bill Clinton has Venus-Jupiter-Neptune conjunct in Libra in the first house. That was his charm and empathy (“I feel your pain!”) but also his ruinous sexual addiction (“I feel your boobs.”)

      Since Jupiter rules Sag, to have Jupiter conjunct Neptune in Sag would increase the Jupiter effect. I do have to say, however, that of all the Neptune generations I’ve known–people born with Neptune in Leo through Neptune in Cap–Neptune in Sag is the one I find most uplifting. Donna

  21. Donna:

    Happy new year!

    I find that my MC (Gemini 1) is conjunct with your Uranus. Besides, my Jupiter (Aquarius 9) which is loosely trine to my MC, is in close degrees to your Gemini Saturn and Venus. And also your Mars conjunct my Mercury (13Leo17), ruler of MC. Could the knowledge I am learn from you become one kind of my careers one day in future?

    I couldn’t find many more people whom has planets conjunct with my MC.

    My supervisor is a special person, my guru. He didn’t have any planets at my MC, but he has Sun, Mercury, Uranus sextile to my MC, and Chiron trine my MC. But in our Composite Chart, Mars conjunct my natal MC, Uranus&Pluto are trine to my MC. Sun& Mercury conjunct my natal Mercury, ruler of MC. And Moon is trine to my Mercury, and Chiron trine my Mercury from another direction. All are in close precision to the degree of my rule of MC. Isn’t this very amazing???

    One student has Chiron conjunct my MC. He did give me advice. But I am often frustrated by him although he didn’t mean to do so. My Sun squares my MC, and Neptune & Pluto quincunx my MC. Is it true that due to my own reasons, people having conjunctions to my MC would make me less comfortable than those who have trines to it?

    • Happy New Year to you,too, Justin. You ask: “Is it true that due to my own reasons, people having conjunctions to my MC would make me less comfortable than those who have trines to it?”

      Well, a conjunction to the Midheaven is far more intense than a trine, so depending on the planet in question, a trine is probably more in your comfort zone. Gemini doesn’t necessarily like intense. The trine is less impactful, in terms of long-term effect on your career, though. It’s kind of a take it or leave it aspect. Donna

  22. My boyfriend’s Saturn is within one degree of my midheaven in Pisces. Yes, we work at the same institution (an animal conservation non-for profit) and he possesses very diligent, thorough, saturn-esque behaviours.

  23. Two people with Pluto conjunct my Midheaven tried to mentor me. When I rejected this mentoring, they joined up to sabotage my reputation. Still. They won’t stop.

    Someone with Jupiter conjunct my Midheaven gives me good career advice, jobs and contacts.

    • Chilling about those Pluto conjunct the Midheaven career connections, but surely not unheard of. One thing I didn’t mention is that Pluto is a slow-moving, generational planet, and so it doesn’t travel more than 2-3 degrees in a whole year. That means that if you have your Midheaven in that degree range of signs that Pluto has traveled through in certain years during a particular decade (say parts of the 1960s for Pluto in Virgo), then all bosses born in those particular years could potentially have Pluto on your Midheaven.

      (Actually, they’d have Pluto AND Uranus both on your Midheaven, because the two planets were conjunct in Virgo most of the 1960s. Now, THAT would be brutal!!)

      But can you assume that all bosses with Pluto on your Midheaven would wind up throwing you under the bus? First of all, it would need to be within about 3 degrees of your Midheaven degree. Second, it would depend on how strong Pluto was in their chart–if it makes tough aspects, like to Saturn or Mars intheir chart, it’s more likely. Third, it would depend on other aspects to your Midheaven and how tough your own Pluto is.

      In your case, based on history, I’d say figure out how old those two bosses were and look for bosses that are older than that by a few years. Donna

  24. today, by accident, i discovered my new boss’s birthday! i also knew where she was born (no birthtime – that might be an odd thing to ask at this point). but on date & place alone, i know that her sun is within a 2-degree orb of my MC (on the 10th side) in gemini. i KNEW she was a gemini given the nature of her business and her personality when i interviewed with her – she’s chatty, very cerebral but very fun and light-hearted – and in the three days i’ve been supporting her, she comes at me with 20 things at a time! anyway, even though birthtime is unknown, i’m very certain her moon is in virgo very close to my ascendant.

    donna, in your article, you write that a boss’s sun conjunct your MC is not always good because they will have the limelight over you, but given my job as an admin this makes perfect sense! i consider it a blessing for my work. 😉 i knew when i first met her, we clicked instantly. i think her moon near my ascendant is also helpful for our business relationship as she has a very demanding position (president of the company) and yet doesn’t abuse me (emotionally/verbally) as her assistant. i get her logic and practicality and i also respond well to the frenzied pace of the workload.

    just my two bits on this subject matter, now that i have a little info on her chart! i am loving the whole midheaven series, donna – great timing in my life right now! hehehe

  25. Donna,

    What is the significance of one’s MC conjunct one’s Chiron in Capricorn? Don’t think that was covered one this subject.

    Thanks for all you do!

    • Hi, Chickie. I don’t work much with Chiron, but Joyce Mason of The Radical Virgo blog is our resident expert. Visit her blog and see the wealth of info on Chiron there. Donna

  26. My maternal grandmother, who passed away five years ago all too soon at the tender age of 92, had a Saturn, Venus, Mercury, Pluto conjunction directly on my Cancer MC.

    I cannot think of a greater boosting support to all my endeavours than hers, she thought I was the bomb and still does, I’m sure…

    • PS. hope your hands are recovering and you’re doing fine:-)

  27. Great article, thanks!

    Any thoughts on Sun quincux MC in synastry?

    Thanks again

  28. I’m sorry to revive a years old post again, but it is impressive how you were spot on with this! (and as a good old scorpio, reviving is my business haha!)

    Years ago, my academic carrer went downhill when saturn hit my libra stellium in the 9th. My advisor at that time, pushed me into 1000 different directions (that I couldn’t cope with) and then blamed everything on me. His Neptune is exact conjunct with my MC at 23 Scorpio. Also, he has South Node conjunct to my Sun, and his Mercury conjunct my Neptune.

    Now, years later, I’m into litigation about this, and the process is going to be decided by the time saturn now hits my MC and his Neptune. (Only more 5 degrees to go! go saturn go!). A few months after, saturn will hit his Sun.

    Saturn is a Scorpio’s best friend.

    And btw, about besties, my best friend, who is a cancer male, has his moon conjunct NN in his natal, and also conjuncts my MC. He’s one of the most nurturing relationships I have in life.

    So, again, your article was spot on, and very unique. I wish there were more articles about synastries and axis points… it is so hard to find information about DC and IC….

    • Terrific example, Arya. Thanks for sharing it. Donna

  29. Hi Donna. The most betwixt-and-between relationship I have ever had is with a man whose MC trines my MC, and mine his. Our Suns both conjunct each other’s AC, and our Neptunes are conjunct as are our Plutos. Mars opposes Mars. The list goes on. I only saw our synastry chart less than a month ago and have been trying to let it help me understand how to find a way to not keep running away from the awesome fearsome dynamism, as we both have, off and on, having only met a few years ago, though I was pulled to uproot myself a year and a half ago and move nearby, to be closer to the promise I felt this coupling might bring. At this point, we rarely spend time together.

    It is helpful to explore this aspect, so I thank you. One thing our Midheaven trine has brought me, I feel, is an etheric companionship in finally embracing my professional side, which I have squirmed against my whole life. His unaspected Sun is in Capricorn, which is my rising sign; my sun is at the end of Virgo, and that is his rising placement. We are both Mars square Pluto, and we have that aspect in synastry too. I feel that is what has compelled the Midheaven trine to actualize itself between us. He has been reluctant to take me seriously without a serious role in life, and I have been reluctant (my whole life) to take on a professional role, somewhat rebelling against expectations, and also fearing my own inadequacy AND my power. I have always wanted to be valued for who I am on the inside; I know how to put on my capable-competent persona, but for me it’s a glib mask, and not the cherished oxygen tank that feeds my deeper swirlings within. And so there’s been this tug-of-war between us, him wanting the outer manifestations of success realized, me wanting the inner realizations manifested. And that tug-of-war has mirrored some of my recent transits, whereby I am finally fueling my mini grand trine toward my high Midheaven Neptune/Jupiter, shaky, yet certain that now is the time to start the journey upward.

    Funny thing, he saw me as his professional coach in our first year, from afar, and once I moved closer geographically, at last enjoying the sparky stuff between us, we eventually shifted to a more etheric trine, where a non-verbal hum replaced the chatter of support. Yes, he is celebrating my recent shift, though cautiously eyeing it–and us–as am I, and also cautiously eyeing myself and watching how I respond (or don’t) to the change of scenery, still a bit reluctant to take this path, but knowing I must. I still feel quite strongly that I don’t want him to be drawn for trophy reasons, but now I am more engaged to not shoot myself in the foot by not achieving simply because of my rebellious persona. I know he has something to do with that. His Neptune comes zooming in–big time–right into my Neptune, right at my Midheaven, the outlet of my chart. And his Neptune is the outlet of a t-square. So it’s an odd mix, still negotiating the boundaries, at this point only holding his hand in the etheric and letting the trine fuel me as I fueled him in the physical world, aware that there is some major destiny here, one I can only handle one day at a time. It is too overwhelming to look at the larger implications. The trine seems to hover like a halo. He appreciated me as a sounding board to polish his professionalism a year or two ago, and I appreciate that he has let me wander away into the etheric and spend more time with him there than anywhere, occasionally hearing him praise my professional reachings whenever we happen to speak. A lot of tension is held in memory, rumbling below the surface. And so I honor the occasional peeks we take to notice that each has a hand still holding the other in a helping embrace.

    And that’s all it may ever be. Even though my Venus trines his Sun, and my Chiron conjuncts his Venus, and my Saturn conjuncts his Node. His progressed moon is only a couple of degrees behind mine, both beginning to take on light. All I know, today, is that we each as individuals feel our Midheavens separately, valuing different outcomes—his material, mine spiritual—and that may be what separates us from a physical union, however passionate it may be. We both have powerful beliefs of what we are on Earth to do, and have led solitary lives in our quests. Our Neptune fusion is more precious to me than anything, and mine is fused to my Midheaven, the focus of his trine. It feels like we met to at least hold hands at this juncture. So far, we haven’t let go to veer in other directions. Honestly, I don’t feel I will ever let go. I am aware that he was there, entrined in the ether, when I finally stood up and started walking, from having crouched so low for so long, and I am grateful for the warmth of his hand, and how it primed me to finally take some other hands that were offered, not quite so warm, like Pluto and Saturn and Mars, helping me embrace the dream that is only now beginning to take form. So we shall see where we wander. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could get in step and ground it in our earthy ways.

  30. p.s. the smog from Neptune addictions made me reach for a higher atmosphere, one where I can breathe and still contact him, be contacted, just in a different way, removed from that baser reality. I am powerless over it all, and the trine seems to shine up here. I hope it will guide us.

  31. Sorry, Donna, it’s so close that I’m not expressing what my main point is, which supports your statements above, about another’s Neptune conjuncting one’s Midheaven, which his does, and is THE downfall to all that other pretty stuff, it’s what keeps us apart in the day-to-day. I don’t want to be the enabler, been there done that enough in the past, and so I’m grateful to have learned that lesson before I met him, and though I’m sad that we haven’t found a way to be together in a traditional sense, I am comforted that the trine is counterbalancing the conjunction, is bridging Midheaven to Midheaven, giving our Neptunes a place to express outside of the physical world. There is a kind of heaven above the smog.

  32. Hi 🙂 Interesting . My MC is conjuc by my favourite actor called Tom Hiddleston , when last August I met him , he pushed my buttons , and that year in August I made a phone call to my local drama group . We are going to do 6 shows . His Venus conjuct my MC . 🙂

  33. “Their Pluto conjunct your Midheaven… as long as you remain under their wing/thumb and do what they suggest, they’re a great asset. If you grow up, move out on your own, and start to outshine them, you’re toast”

    If the Pluto person takes the house person as an enemy, the relationship is irrevocably broken, with bad professional reputation spread in their field, because Pluto is karmic are there reversals possible, or is it permanent? Is there more information on this situation?

    • It’s important to have more understanding of the past life history of the relationship in order to know more about the karma between them. For that you’d need a session with a qualified past life therapist rather than an astrologer. I would highly recommend Patricia Walsh, who is both an astrologer and a major figure in the field of past life therapy. You’ll find her site on the internet. Donna Cunningham

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