Posted by: Donna Cunningham | January 6, 2011

Readers Ask: Q&A about the Moon’s Nodes by Donna Van Toen

©1-6-2011 by Donna Van Toen

 Donna Cunningham says: I’m happy to introduce my long-time colleague, Donna Van Toen of Toronto, Canada. She’s leading our very first guest Question and Answer session—a new series with two guests experts per month handling astrology topics that fall outside my specialties. This one will deal with a subject that comes up at every Q&A session we have: The Nodes of the Moon.

She is well qualified to address your questions. She’s the internationally-known author of  The Astrologer’s Node Book and instructor of a 10-session online course on the Nodes at the International Academy of Astrology starting January 12th. (See the course description here: Understanding the Moon’s Nodes.)

How the Session Works:  The process is the same as previous Q&A sessions here on Skywriter. Readers will pose questions related to the topic by scrolling down past this post to the comment section. Donna Van Toen will write her insights beneath your question.

(To avoid confusion between the two Donnas, let’s call our guest Donna VT, and refer to Donna Cunningham as DRC.)

If you’d like to read all the questions and answers, check the box below your question, and they’ll be sent to your email box.

Since the Nodes are a vast topic, Donna VT would like to narrow the range to the North and South Nodes in the natal chart, focusing on the following areas:

  • House placements of the nodes
  • Aspects to the Nodes
  • Node contacts in chart comparison

 If you need a basic orientation to the Nodes, start with Donna VT’s article here: The Moon’s Nodes–An Expert’s PerspectiveThen bring on the questions!

UPDATE:  Wowza!!! So many readers came flocking to ask questions about the nodes that we quickly reached the agreed-upon limit!  However, check out the comment section anyway–perhaps someone else has asked a question related to your own.

About Our Guest Blogger: Donna Van Toen is a teaching/consulting astrologer, book reviewer for NCGR memberletter, and the convener of SOTA, an annual astrology conference held in late October of each year. (This year it’s in Niagara Falls, NY from October 27-29). She has lectured extensively throughout North America as well as in Australia, New Zealand, and Turkey. She is currently working on revisions to The Astrologer’s Node Book. She may be reached at or  (currently under construction).

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  1. Welcome to Skywriter, Donna VT! Thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge about the Moon’s Nodes today. I know our readers have stored up a great many questions about them.

    I’d like to kick off today’s session by posing a question that’s a summary of ones we keep getting in our current series of articles about the Midheaven.

    How would you compare the North Node on the Midheaven/South Node on the IC with the reverse positions–the South Node on the Midheaven/North Node on the IC? DRC

    • Hi Donna.

      And thanks for inviting me.
      To answer your question, the Nodes on the MC/IC axis really indicate a dilemma between inner life and outer world or upbringing and societal expectations or perhaps home life and public life.

      If the North Node is what you shy away from, then North Node on the Tenth invariably indicates someone who shies away from the limelight or shies away from. Sometimes these are people whose family demands are such that they feel unable to actualize their potentials to the fullest.

      For example, I have several people in my files who have become the child designated to look after Mom or Dad in later years, sometimes to the point of having to relocate, give up their career, etc. Other times, the family conditioning is such that for one reason or another the person is discouraged from finding a career — or at least discouraged from finding one outside of the family business.

      In contrast, the North Node conjunct the IC or in the Fourth CAN be the workaholic. Or it can be someone who will take on any job or role — even a demeaning one — in order to get ahead. So they are hard-working and willing to pull themselves up by the bootstraps, but at the same time, there can be a tendency to somehow try to “escape” your roots.

      These are the people who say “I don’t EVER want to live/be the way my parents were, or the way I was brought up.

      Does that help?

  2. Instead of calling Donna DRC, couldn’t we just call her ‘El Rei’ or something? 😀

    Anyhoo, to move on to my question:

    Saturn opposing the nodes: Another astrologer told me this was ‘Saturn being “in the bends”‘; i.e, no matter what choice in life is made, there’s a sense of discomfort about it.
    I know this is a general kind of q, but could you offer your comments on this type of aspect, from your experience, and perhaps offer a general way to work around it?

    • One question at a time and not detailed about your own chart–as a regular here, Lostshoe, you know the drill. Donna VT, I’ve deleted one question here and picked the one that would have the most general interest.
      DRC, a.k.a. El Rei–or shouldn’t that be La Reina?

      • Sorry Donna!

    • Ok Lostshoe,

      I am not a classical/traditional astrologer, but I THINK a planet at the bendings usually refers to a planet squaring the Nodal axis. I could be wrong. But yes, that definition of a planet squaring the Nodes is spot on.

      If, however, a planet is opposing a Node, it must be conjunct the opposite one. That’s how it is. If it’s conjunct the North Node, I would tend to see this as an indicator of success potential and being growth oriented, but as is the case with Saturn, that growth or success is damned hard work.

      If it’s conjunct the South Node, then there is a dilemma in terms of fitting in or living with yourself. You work hard, get ahead, and then either feel that you don’t fit in where you are or that you no longer fit in within your old circle. Some people at that point move backwards again; others tough it out and continue to move forward, often with a feeling of “you can’t go home any more”.

      So how do you work around this? The answer to that is in your natal chart. Find a planet that trines/sextiles the ends of the Nodal axis. Generally there’s a self-esteem issue here, and sometimes counseling helps on that front.

      On another level, working with things like transits or numerology seem to help raise consciousness and help you act when the time is right. There are also gems, herbs, and colors that you can work with, though if we get into that I will never get beyond this question! Hope that helps.

      • D’oh! So right – it’s supposed to be SQUAre, NOT opposition – sorry and thanks!

  3. Hi Donna VT! What does it mean when the Nodes form major aspects to all the outer planets, chiron included?(My NN is in Leo in the 12th btw)
    Thank you!

    • Hi VR,

      It simply means that the Nodes form major aspects to all your outer planets. It’s a generational thing. So the times you were born in play a very great role in your conditioning. Do you ever feel that there was another, “better” life or era and that you’re living in the wrong place or wrong time?

      • Nope, my SN in Aquarius is having a ball in this era!

  4. Hello

    My question is – what does nodal axis aspecting (conj./square) the ascendant/descendant axis mean in a natal chart or synastry? From my experience such aspects are important in synastry, but I’m not sure how they actually work. I have looked for information on this topic, but most authors focus on planets conj. nodes.

    • Hi Dobromira,

      The Nodes conjoining the Ascendant/Descendant axis natal generally indicate a fair bit of charisma. North Node conjunct the Ascendant in my experience generally is an indicator of popularity or at least good ability to get along with others, but at the same time this gift can sometimes impede your ability to do your own thing. You’re so sensitive to the needs of your environment it makes it hard sometimes to just do what you want.

      If it’s the South Node conjunct the Ascendant, this makes it harder to meet what I call “kindred spirits”. You meet people, but there are sometimes a lot of estrangements or leave-takings because they just don’t want to go where you’re going on do what you want to do. So this is one of the ones that sometimes indicates a late marriage or a preference for the single life.

      The square to the Asc./Desc. axis suggests that somehow you find your environment discordant or find that it makes it hard to have the sort of lifestyle you want.

      When we get into synastry, I would consider conjunctions between the Nodes and the Asc,/Desc. axis quite compelling. You may even feel you’ve known one another in a past life.

      The square CAN be an indicator that your lifestyles just don’t mesh or that there’s really something about the other person that you just don’t want to put up with in your life. Or sometimes your lifestyles are such that despite the attraction (and there is usually either attraction or attraction/repulsion with these) you just can’t seem to connect. Like you work days and he works nights or something. While these are not the kiss of death to a relationship, you really need to look at the whole picture…

      • Thank you for the detailed answer. I have tested part of these aspects personally (I have the square) and in relationship (with the conjuction) and I find them working the way you said.

      • I have the South Node near the Ascendant and I concur with what you said about not quite fitting in and having friends that almost fit or fit for awhile and then go away. Most of my good friends live in another area. It seems as soon as I make a close friend, they move. I made made some close friends on the Internet that seem closer than the ones I have met and I may never meet these folks in person.
        I always seem the odd person out in groups (except for work) and am always on the fringes of such groups, never making any real friends in them.
        I am single and although I have lived with men, I never have found someone who wanted to make a legal commitment.
        Pluto/Sun in 11 and Uranus/Moon on the MC sq. those Nodes just intensify this trend, for good or ill.

        And I have been told I possess abundant charisma (or at least I did in my youth!)

  5. What’s your advice when it comes to the issue of NN incompatibility to the rest of the chart? [e.g. Suppose NN is in Aries in the 8th, in a chart were Mars is not strong, the 1st is unoccupied,and there are no Scorpio placements, or suppose SN is conj. the Sun]

    • That Node is compatible with something VR. You simply have to look at the whole chart and see how to work with it.

  6. Yes, I’m full of the theory questions today:

    Do fixed stars influence the nodes in any way?

    • Hi again,

      Yes, they seem to, but I’m not a fixed star expert. We need Diana Rosenberg or Bernadette Brady for that. Suffice to say that fixed stars work and so do asteroids and minor planets. It’s just a case of how much work and digging you want to do to get that little nugget of insight out.

      For me, the asteroids yield information very quickly while the fixed stars require a whole bunch of pondering and translating to current times and circumstances.

  7. I’m generalizing when I say this, but we all fear a Saturn transit. But I’ve heard that a Saturn transit to the True Node is actually a good thing. It’s even better if Saturn retrogrades and goes over it again. Is that true?

    • Hi, Terri, Donna VT isn’t answering questions about transits today, just the natal nodes. DRC

  8. (DRC: question edited to one question of general interest)

    I am having difficulty, interpreting NN Virgo, in the 11th House. It seems at odds/ conflicting. NN Virgo, seeking solitary sanctuary, spiritual devotion…… the house representing groups & organizations. How does that work?

    • Pat,

      Virgo needs to be of service. And it’s in the 11th. So what you need to do in order to grow is be of service to a group, an organization, etc. Meanwhile, Pisces South Node in the 5th is screaming “Yeah- But what about my meditation time, or my Moon phase rituals, or my creativity.

      The deal with the North Node in the 11th house is that you don’t want to get tangled up in other people’s problems to the detriment of your own creative pursuits or whatever else delights the inner child.

      So there needs to be a balance. The volunteer work can inspire you and lead you to make valuable contacts, but overdo it and you have no time to pursue those passions that led you to the group in the first place.

      Does this make sense?

  9. Hi

    I was wondering what Pluto square Nodes means. Thanks.

    (Note: DVT’s informative answer is about a screen further down. DRC)

  10. What’s your take on Aquarius Chiron conjunct M.C. square Scorpio North Node (6th house) / Taurus South Node (12th house)?
    This is the only aspect to the Nodes in the chart.

    DRC: Folks, this is an example of a question that contains too many specific details about your own chart. Those kinds of questions are against the rules for this post.

  11. Donna VT: What if anything, is significant with a natal planet of one person’s chart exact conjunction to the natal NN or SN of another person, (i.e., one’s natal Merc conj another’s natal NN)? Thank you in advance for your insight.

    • Hi L.J.

      This is always important. North Node conjunctions to your natal planets say this person will push you to grow. In my experience, there is a certain amount of attraction/repulsion in the dynamic as well as a fair bit of projection.

      This person is pushing you to grow — and you know you need to — but they’re probably taking you into all kinds of alien territory, feeling, and experience. And there tends to be a fear that if they go away, you won’t be able to do, feel, or experience this any more. For example, with Mercury, there would be some new learning and some provocative exchanges of idea.

      If it were instead the South Node, then there would be a sort of instant familiarity that is quite comfortable. You like this person right away because they think like you. Which, on the minus side CAN mean they discourage you from growing.

      In both instances, there can be a feeling of having known this person in a past life or some kind of fatedness, and yes, I would consider both of these to be attraction factors.

  12. Dear Donna VT: Would you give me an insight on an Aquarius South Node conjunct Saturn 9th exactly squaring a Scorpio Neptune 6th? I would really appreciate it.

  13. What are some of the differences in experiences/intensity or the transformational nature of the nodal return vs the counter nodal return?

    DRC: Folks, questions about the natal nodes ONLY for this post. This helps to narrow down an incredibly vast subject, or else Donna VT would have to move in here full time! Her 10-week Node course at the International College of Astrology covers a wide range of topics and would be a smart move for a professional astrologer or someone who’s studying to become one.

  14. Hello, Donna VT,
    Do you find any significance in the nodes aspecting Arabian Parts?

    • Jen,

      This one comes very close to a consultation question. I don’t feel I can do it justice without looking at the chart. Sorry…

    • Berta,

      I do very little work with Arabian Parts. Sorry…

  15. Good morning Donna VT and Donna C!
    If the question is valid: I’m very curious about your experience on the effects of an important eclipse (like the one on this past dec 21st) right on the NN. Especially if is connected to the Asc/ Dec or MC/IC axis

    Just as a note:When a similar eclipse happened 19 years ago, very strong political and social events occurred in my home country (that has a saturn/mercury opp near those degrees, and conj my nodal axis in 4th and 10 houses) that changed the future of the country, not for the better unfortunately. I don’t live there anymore.

    • Hi Kayla, Re: Pluto square the Nodes.
      Any time a planet is square the Nodes, there is a feeling of “damned if you do, damned if you don’t”. You don’t know what to do with it because no matter what you do you’re either not entirely happy with the results, or you have to do or put up with things you’re not too crazy about.

      In Pluto’s case, we’re dealing with a generational planet, so there may be a certain amount of feeling out of step with the times. Mostly, though, there is a feeling that relationships are a burden, dealings with other people are a burden, etc. You’re asked to share what you don’t want to share, understand what you don’t want to hear (let alone understand and deal with), etc.

      At the same time, there is also a lot of intensity, passion, and charisma. So people are drawn to you like a magnet. Problem is, sometimes what they lay at your feet is not what you want at all. So the dilemma becomes “How do I get them to take this away without losing the relationship entirely?”

      Hope that makes some sense.

    • Sabrina,

      This is actually an eclipse question and therefore a transit question. It’s best dealt with another time.

      • Yeah sorry about that! I realized it after posting but was still crossing my fingers. Thanks anyway.

  16. Just here to verify what you said about the North Node conjunct the MC which I have. I just now responded to the blog on Quintiles and said….the cosmos was always throwing me into the limelight which I do not like but sometimes have to anyway, depending on circumstances.I am comfortable in the lime light…just would rather be off doing other things.

    Question; what if a person has planets on both the North and South nodes? I know a person who has one planet just past by 2 degrees a conjunction to the South Node whilst the other planet on the North node is within 2 degrees approaching conjunction?

    • Hi Barehand.
      Ok, my keyword for opposition is culmination. Something is coming to a head in this lifetime. So that planetary opposition is going to be a strong theme and a big dilemma in this person’s life.

      In my experience, the North Node end of the opposition is probably the stuff you’ll shy away from, as symbolized by the planet, but that isn’t always the case. It depends on the overall chart, whether or not that planet is dignified, and whether or not there is a progression or transit (specifically a conjunction) putting pressure on the North Node planet.

      Hope that helps…

  17. Hi Donna VT … welcome to Skywriter (I’m new here myself) and thanks for sharing your wealth of knowledge!

    I’m not sure my question is worthy of taking up a spot but I’d really love to know your answer and since I rarely make it to Q&As before comments are closed, I’m gonna go for it 😉

    What orb do you use in determining aspects to the nodes? Does it change for personal/outer planets/angles (ie. tighter if Pluto is involved)?
    thanks so much!

    • Hi Tara,

      I was waiting for somebody to ask about orbs…Thanks!

      In general, I try to keep my orbs tight, simply because I look at asteroids, midpoints, and other bits of astro flotsam and jetsam. My rule of thumb is that aspects of up to 3 degrees pretty much always have significance. Aspects with a four or five degree orb sometimes have significance.

      Aspects with an orb exceeding 5 degrees may or may not work, and you need to query your client before engaging your mouth or typing fingers. I have seen conjunctions with a 6 or even 7 degree orb work, but often the other aspects don’t. A lot depends on the overall chart.

  18. Hi Donna,
    What would be the various benefits of having a Nodal reversal with another person?
    Their South Node conjunct your North Node…
    Aside from the possible “soulmate” definition.
    It seems to me that a continuous see-saw effect might occur, especially when it’s a romantic relationship.
    (See reply further down the page. DRC)
    Sorry for my last post.

    • Hi Tara,

      I was waiting for somebody to ask about orbs…Thanks!

      In general, I try to keep my orbs tight, simply because I look at asteroids, midpoints, and other bits of astro flotsam and jetsam. My rule of thumb is that aspects of up to 3 degrees pretty much always have significance. Aspects with a four or five degree orb sometimes have significance. Aspects with an orb exceeding 5 degrees may or may not work, and you need to query your client before engaging your mouth or typing fingers. I have seen conjunctions with a 6 or even 7 degree orb work, but often the other aspects don’t. A lot depends on the overall chart.

    • Hi Cine, South Node conjunct North Node in synastry? Good question! Put very simply, they’ve been where you’re going and vice versa. This can be a very good linkage, providing balance and perspective — though once in a while it may also be frictional.

      A lot depends on the rest of the synastry, but I’d see this as a plus. Your find it in friendships, mentoring, romantic relationships, and all kinds of stuff. Of course there will also be a roughly 9-10 year age difference (or more)that needs to be taken into account…

    • Hi Cine,
      Good question! Put very simply, they’ve been where you’re going and vice versa. This can be a very good linkage, providing balance and perspective — though once in a while it may also be frictional. A lot depends on the rest of the synastry, but I’d see this as a plus. Your find it in friendships, mentoring, romantic relationships, and all kinds of stuff. Of course there will also be a roughly 9-10 year age difference (or more)that needs to be taken into account…

  19. Greetings to both Donna´s,

    i was wondering what can you tell us about the notorious natal Saturn in conjunction to the South Node?

    I´ve couldn’t help but notice that the information we have the chance to work with somehow tends to overlook the generational magnitude of it´s nature, as Saturn in fact dosnt proceed all that fast to be a purely personal influence. What can you tell us about it from a more flexible perspective, what are we dealing with as a generation that is born under the South Nodal Saturn seal ?

    Thank you for your kind response,

    love, Sha

    • Hi Sha,

      I think any conjunction between Saturn and anything else gets branded as “notorious” simply because Saturn, while necessary, simply doesn’t symbolize the more “fun” components of life. Also, older books tend to suggest that the South Node itself is kind of Saturnine in flavor because it’s about tradition, getting stuck, etc.

      Generationally, there can be societally-imposed impositions of some sort or some sort of “rules” that you aren’t very partial too.

      Personally, this tends to give a feeling of somehow being out of touch with trends or traditions or a feeling that you “should” be content but there’s something missing. And “what’s missing” is over there at the North Node.

      • Hi Donna,

        yes i´m not focusing on the notorious part, it was purely ironicaly meant. I´m aware this aspect reflects social imbalance of some kind marked on those born under it´s influence, but i must define this question more throughly, how to internalize this Saturn´s configuration in an adequate way, becouse, wanting-not wanting, you cant deny it. What do you usualy advice to your clients when intercepting this natal aspect ?

        Thank you and very grateful for the advice,
        love, Sha

  20. What are your thoughts on a Cancer NN conjuct the Midheaven in the 10th house?
    I´m asking this because I always read interpretations of the NN/SN in Cancer OR the 4th house (and of the NN/SN in Capricorn OR the 10th house) but what if these signs are in the opposite houses?

    Thank you for this opportunity to ask.

    • Hi Elise,

      First of all, those interps of planet/point in Cancer or 4th house bug the heck out of me. Signs and houses, while similar, are not identical. I say this as someone with a first house Mars in Pisces who by no stretch of the imagination could be mistaken for a Mars in Aries!

      But to get back to your question, thank you — this is another one I was hoping someone would ask. What you’ve got here is what I call a switchie. The Node is in the sign traditionally associated with the opposite house.When you have a switchie, the balance of those Nodes and those houses becomes ever so important. In this case, we would be talking largely about the balance between work and private life or between inner and outer life. And it becomes important to make time for both. Sometimes this suggests that the parents sent mixed messages to you about career or occasionally marriage and family life.

      Other times it indicates someone who works from home or possibly someone whose career has to do with land, property, home services, etc. Or it could mean that you visit people’s homes as part of your work, for example as a social worker or child service worker.

      The bottom line is that there’s a strong synergy between these two houses and a strong emphasis on the need for balance.

      Oh, yeah, and did I say work could be feast or famine? It’s possible.

      Hope that helps.

  21. I’ll try this one:
    In families, what a particular, repetitive aspect to the nodes might mean? in my family a lot have saturn Conj SN. But it could be really any aspect that seems to run in families. My guess is that all share a common task?
    Thanks again!

    • Hi Sabrina,

      This is very common. You could be right insofar as them all having a specific task. Or it could be that there’s some kind of genetic linking. That’s been suggested to me by more scientifically trained astrologers as well as by some schools of thought who feel our DNA is indicated in our charts.

  22. Hi Donna’s! Happy 2011!

    Donna VT: Thank you for sharing your expertise here.

    My question is: What if the Nodes (8th house NN/ 2nd house SN) square planets in opposition (5/11th houses)? Does the North Node end up indicating some point of balance between the planets involved which could also lead to growth? What’d be the significance of the modality and house type involved, eg cardinal/succedent?

    DRC: Hopefully, this question has abided by the laws on the stone tablets provided for this blog. I do not intend to sin. 😉 *bows in deference*

    – Yuri

    • Iconoclaste,

      This is another good question. What you’ve got here is “sort of” a Grand Cross, so the quality becomes very important in terms of how you handle it. Any time you find a configuration like this, it increases the importance of the planetary opposition as well as the nodal axis. That “damned if you do; damned if you don’t” theme becomes emphasized in terms of both planets.

      As for a point of balance, the North Node COULD become a point of balance, but often it does not — simply because you generally shy away from what is symbolized by the North Node. I would be looking at this configuration with an eye to dignities of the planets, mediating planets ( planets that make a sextile to one end of the planetary or Nodal opposition and a trine to the other) and other factors for a way out of the dilemma.

      I realize this is perhaps a little vague, but this is one of those cases where a chart would help. If we were live, I’d put one up on the whiteboard…

  23. I have SN in the 10 and NN in the 4th but they are conjunct by 2 degrees the next cusp. How would you read them ? You mentioned square and opposition what about a trine to the nodes from Jupiter Chiron.

    • Hi Adrienne,

      Since we have 2 questions here and the second one is really more of a consultation question, I’ll only be dealing with the first one.

      It sounds like your Nodes are in 4th/10th but conjunct the 5th/11th cusp axis. They’re still in the 4th/10th. Remember, that the Nodes primarily move retrograde, so they will be progressing (or if you prefer regressing) through your 4th and 10th. That’s where the action is.

  24. How would you interpret a NN that is only 12 minutes behind the ASC in the 12th house yet in the same sign as the ASC?
    Would you count it as 12th house, 1st house, or both?

    (This has been particularly tricky for me as the NN sign is Aries and, therefore, either a comfy or distinctly uncomfy fit with the houses in question.)

    • Hi Mari,
      See my comment to Adrienne. The NN will be progressing through the 12th, so I would tend to treat it as 12th house assuming you’re pretty sure of your birth time.

      However, it’s also definitely conjunct the Ascendant and for that reason would give the charisma and possibly popularity we talked about earlier. When something is in the 12th this close to the Ascendant, we are looking at something you hold in reserve for special occasions. Definitely more than meets they eye here — and it’s not all bad…

      • That makes so much sense, particularly given the retrograde movement.

  25. Can nodes “complete” a Grand Cross in a chart? In a chart that otherwise has a T-square but has one of the nodes conjunct the bottom of the T, does the other node make the the Big Fat durned-if-you-do, durned-if-you-don’t? Thanks, both Donnas for this interesting topic!

    • Hi Marcia,

      The Nodes can’t “complete” a grand cross because they are in and of themselves an axis. What you’ve got here is a T-square with nodal involvement, and the Node sitting in the “empty leg” position becomes an outlet point for the T-square, which will then tend to express in a North Nodal or South Nodal fashion.

      Does that make sense?

  26. Will you add some insight to south node conjoined Moon & Saturn?
    Depression & mother issues are obvious, but is there more?

    • Hi Vallie,

      Depression, mother issues, being put at a disadvantage, having difficulty adapting to challenges, change, and what you didn’t grow up with would be the first things that come to mind. Also guilt and a lot of “oh lord I am not worthy” stuff being conditioned. The plus side would be excellent self-control and probably good planning skills, but the tendency to play it safe and settle for the devil you know might be awfully strong.

  27. We seem to have reached the end of the session. It went really fast. I’d like to thank all of your for your great questions and thank Donna especially for letting me answer them. Perhaps we can do this again another time. Until then, please DO check out my IAA course on the Moon’s Nodes, or feel free to ask me about SOTA , consultations or other classes.

    As a virgin blogger, I would like to thank all of you for making this such a positive experience for me.

    Donna Van Toen

    • Yes, the time raced by! There were so many questions, it took only 4 hours to reach the limits we two Donnas had agreed on. And the post hasn’t even gone out to my subscribers by email! Well, I figured it would be a very popular topic.

      Donna VT, you were magnificent!! As always, solid, down to earth, and very readable. I learned so very much myself, and you readers, as always asked very intelligent and interesting questions. Thanks, Donna

      The 2nd Q&A by a guest will be about the Progressed Moon, led on 1/29/11 by Gretchen Lawlor. I’ll keep you posted.


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