Posted by: Donna Cunningham | January 8, 2011

Research Question—What did You Want to Be when You Grew Up?

©1-8-2011 by Donna Cunningham, MSW

 At what age do children have a sense of their destiny? When you were a child, did you have a dream of what you’d be when you grew up? Does your astrology chart reflect that dream, even if you never got the chance to fulfill it?

Of course, many children haven’t the slightest notion of what they want to be, other than a vague fantasy about becoming a movie idol or a rock star. It varies every few months according to their latest hero—astronaut, firefighter, soldier, or doctor. 

 But then there are the dream-driven children—the ones with a strong, clear sense of a calling from an early age. They want to make a difference in the world, and they know exactly how they’ll do it. Not all of them get the opportunity to follow that chosen path, sadly, but the dream lingers with them.

 I’m curious about childhood ambitions and how a person’s astrology chart reflects them. I’m guessing the dreamers’ Midheaven, or the 6th and 10th houses are strong, but would love to hear from others. Consider this a mini research project.

 One Dream-Driven Child’s Story

I was one of those kids with a dream and the drive to make it happen—any way, any how. Though the dream did vary as I grew up, it always involved going away to school. We were very poor, but I was totally committed to getting an education. 

By 7 or 8, I was sure I’d be a teacher when I grew up, just like the teachers who were so good to me. (In my chart, it’s reflected in my 9th house Moon conjunct the Midheaven and my Sun-Jupiter conjunction.) 

From 10-12, I was primed to be a minister like my idol, the Reverend Everett Epperson, who was gifted with youngsters. He believed in me and promised to see I that I was able to go to bible college down in Missouri. (Another slant on that 9th house Moon and Sun-Jupiter conjunction.)

By age 14, God and I were no longer on speaking terms. We’d left our home town, and my family had begun an alcoholic meltdown. I decided that what I needed to do was become a psychiatrist. (Pluto conjunct my Ascendant, 12th house Sun.) 

In high school, I was befriended by my French teacher, Mr. Orthner, and his lady friend, the girls’ guidance counselor. Once more, I wanted to teach, and my love of languages made that the logical choice.  (Stellium in Gemini, 9th house Moon, Sun-Jupiter.)

And, thanks to a scholarship, that’s what I settled on though college until my junior year, when a final family meltdown sent me to therapy and a change of majors to psychology. I chose social work for graduate school. (Pluto conjunct my Ascendant, 12th house Sun.)  

So my serial career choices were teacher, preacher, and shrink, all of which are reflected in my chart. In a strange way, my ultimate destination—astrology—was a blend of the three. However, if you’d told me at any age before 26 that I’d turn out to be an astrologer known around the world for her books, I would have thought you were quite thoroughly mad. 

 Readers, if you had a dream about what you’d be when you grew up, how did it show up in your astrology chart? How old were you when you knew? And what became of that dream? We’re dreamers here, too, many of us, so share it with us in the comment section.  

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  1. Good morning Donna! Thank you for your amazing writing and insights on this blog. I love the current thread of topics.

    I never knew what I’ve wanted to be when I grow up and although I’ve been hatching plans for a radical career change which I’m right at the brink of executing, I’m worried I just might chicken out! I’ve had many passions including music and horses when I was young, but never really saw myself as a professional in either of those areas. I’ve figured out what I am comfortable with at work by learning what I don’t like, and moving away from it.

    Items of note in my chart…Aquarius Sun tightly conjunct Midheaven in the 9th. Followed by a stellium in a Pisces 10th of Mercury, Mars, Saturn and Chiron. Chiron and Mercury are not conjunt each other, but both of them are conjunct Mars and Saturn. Mercury is also conjunct the Midheavan.

    Saturn & Chiron are directly opposite Pluto & Uranus tightly conjunct in a Virgo 4th. Add in a 12th house Jupiter conjunct the Ascendant and you get a nice little T-square. I also have Neptune in the 6th in Scorpio.

    I also have Venus & Moon conjunct in the 8th at the very end of Capricorn. I hear moon in Capricorn women tend to be very career driven. I am a bit of workaholic and tend to have poor boundaries about amount of work and responsibilities taken on at work….I tend to get in the mindset of “If I don’t do it, nobody will”

    In your quizes, Saturn is my highest point earner, with a whopping 63 (ouch).

    So what is my radical career change…Information Technology Manager\Information Security Conusultant to a healer\energy worker, which I’ve come to as a passion much later in life. Earlier on, I would have poo-pooed that sort of thing. “I wish that I knew what I know now, when I was younger” (Ronnie Lane song)

    Thanks to all for reading…

    • So you are very much Aquarius/Uranus and Pisces/Neptune in the vocational spheres. Not to hype my own books–VR just did a great job of that, unsolicited testimony–but my ebook on the outer planets as career indicators might give you more insight into what the possibilities are. ( ) Donna

      • Agreed on your summary of the influences of my vocational spheres. I’ll be curious to see if the Aquarius\Uranus &\or Picses\Neptune influences will show up in your research for others being nebulous about their dream career well into their adult years. Really the opposite of what you are asking, but I thought it relevant.

        As for the book, I read VR’s summary earlier and thought “I really need that!” I will say that more than ideas (lots of those thanks to Gemini and Aquarius influences) I need courage, or a kick out of the nest. I vacillate between needing someone else to confirm that my career change is the right thing to do and that I’m meant to be doing healing work, and worry about the financial security, so it’s taken me a while to manifest this change.

        I should thank wise old Saturn for keeping me from making a rash decision:-) I suspect your book will help me keep some of these divergent forces in perspective. Thank you!

    • Hi Sandy, there’s an old blond joke that goes sth like this: “A blond is driving in the highway. Suddenly, she hears a traffic announcement on the radio: ‘Attention, a driver on highway 66 is driving against traffic!’ To that she responds ‘it isn’t just one, it’s all of them!'” IMO, this joke summarizes how outer planet people feel in this world, and how others make them feel.

      “I vacillate between needing someone else to confirm that my career change is the right thing to do”
      What you say reminds me of myself till a couple of years ago. It was some months before my saturn return that I realised that there’s no such thing as the right thing to do, and I don’t have to convince anyone that my thing is the right thing, coz I don’t need permission from anyone to pursue my dreams, since I’m the one who will ultimately have to live with the consequences (of pursuing it and of not pursuing it).
      I had to get sick to realize that in the end you either believe in yourself and your dream or you don’t, you either have the guts and the grit to go for it or you don’t, and you either have the determination and the stubborness a successful outcome requires or you don’t. Noone could or would or should provide this for you. This is not about them, it’s about you.
      So, instead of scattering valuable time and energy around, search for the strength you crave for within yourself. DO read Donna’s book. It’s an eye-opener.
      [And excuse my harsh tone, I’m not mad at you, I’m mad at (old) me 🙂 ]

      • That’s hilarious about the blond. I wish I’d heard that one when I was younger!!!! And that’s how I feel about my whole life, having Uranus on the midheaven, Neptune Rising, Saturn square my sun, and Pluto conjunct my moon and square my mercury.

        To have the courage to continue driving on the wrong side of the street requires an ABUNDANCE OF FAITH.

        P.S. — With Saturn square my 3rd house sun in Sag, I’ve always wanted to be a teacher since I was a little girl. But with Uranus on my midheaven, I have taught many different things!!!!

      • With Uranus on the Midheaven, you’ll teach many things (even astrology one day), do many things, develop many possibilities. I ALMOST envy it, but do have a semisquare from Uranus to my MH. Donna

  2. I wanted to be an astronaut, I grew up with the fledgling space program. But back then, astronauts came from the military and I hated the military. Uranus on my ascendant, definitely.
    But I ended up mostly being an artist and writer (Venus and Mercury on my MC) aside from being a computer geek (that pesky Uranus again).

  3. Hi Donna! After 2 days of non-stop reading, I’m finally 1 chapter afar from finishing your e-book trilogy.
    And I have to say, never in my life have I read sth that sincere, astute, outspoken, penetrating and at the same time caring on the Outer Planet People. Every OPP should do himself a favor and take the time to read these books!
    The one on vocation, I wish I’d read it when I was 20, it would have saved me so much time and effort.. But even now that I’m an old cow, reading it had such a relieving and reassuring effect on me.
    The one on Venus/Mars aspects, well I happen to have 4/5 of them, so maybe I should send you my picture for illustration of future editions!
    Last, but not least, v.3 on O.P. generations. What an amazing blend of astrology, sociology and history! The part where you virtually predicted/heralded Obama’s assuming of office gave me goose-bumps. Other parts, more relevant to my life and the lives of my own- I’m not gonna say which- brought tears to my eyes.
    But I guess there’s no greater solace than the truth.
    Thanks again for this outrageously generous treat. You truly are a Sun conj. Jupiter person of the finest kind 🙂

    • Wow!! Thanks for the rave review, VR! I kinda liked those books myself. Volume 3, on aspects between the outer planets (like Saturn-Pluto or Uranus-Neptune is pretty much my life work, because I was fascinated by them from my very earliest days in astrology. Donna

      • While reading v.3, I had a thought on Uranus-Neptune aspects and the collective. I wouldn’t dare to post it in public, but maybe I’ll mail it to you later in the day.
        P.S. The year I was born, all planets from Jupiter out were at about 20 degrees of consecutive signs: Jup./Sat. 20 Virgo, Pluto 20 Libra, Uranus 20 Scorpio, Neptune 20 Sag., plus Chiron 20 Taurus. But noone ever gave us the credit of a generation! 😦 I checked wikipedia for notables, hardly any- there’s definitely sth wrong with us!

  4. I have clear memory of my infant hood and childhood. Here’s what appeared before age 7. The first cycle.
    As an Infant my maternal Grandmother played with me ( she died 12 years before I was born) and showed me our Clan sign over and over. As an Adult I was gifted with a Peoples Pipe ( there are few) for this Clan. It is known that if this Clan appears to the child, that child has been set aside to be a teacher.This Grandmother was an Artist and cut out the symbol with a scissors faster than one could draw it. I have a Bachelors of Fine Arts and one year toward a MFA.
    At about two I was visited by the Toltec God of Vegetation.

    At 3 years my father did something from old Indian culture and it was designed to show if the child would carry out the usual role for males and females. He stood with a bow and arrow in one hand and a doll in the other. My brother went first and toddled up to the bow and arrow without hesitation and took them. Then it was my turn. I felt very anxious not to miss either. I ran fast and grabbed both the doll and the bow and arrow. By this my father must have guessed I would be a female O Gitche Da. He then proceeded to show me boxing techniques. He was an undefeated Golden Gloves Boxer. I was talented as a fighter which my brother wasn’t and had no taste for. By age 7, I performed O’Gitche Da duty for 4 years in Boarding school; a warrior protector of the other girls.I took the heat off them by being a decoy duck.

    By age 5 our family was queried to have my brother and I on TV to do Indian dancing but my mother refused it. Ever since throughout my life opportunities have come up to do TV or to be an entertainment performer or be in Plays, or perform as a dancer but I have never liked it and always turned it down. I like teaching and speaking but not entertaining large audiences. I love Dancing for its own sake or as part of Ceremony with a spiritual cause.

    By age 6 I had a deep experience with the Sun and my Heart center which set me deeply and irrevocably in my ways for the rest of my life. It was the beginning of my 4 directions Medicine Wheel training and today I give Medicine Wheel talks.

    My tenth house holds Pluto in Leo and a Venus/ Saturn parallel conjunction. The Ninth house has the Mars/ Uranus parallel conjunction parallel Pluto and the MC. Uranus quintiles the Sun while Venus/ Saturn quintile Neptune. Neptune is close to the Ascendant by 4 degrees from the 12 th house. Neptune conjuncts Chiron and Jupiter in the 12th. My Moon ( exact) Trines Uranus which conjuncts Mars by 3 degrees and exactly parallels it..The Aquarius Moon quincunxes Venus / Saturn and opposes the Mercury Pluto midpoint both in Leo. Venus/Saturn also parallels Mars/Uranus. Pretty snarled up hey? Ha ha

    Anyhow I threw in the moon mercury/ Pluto thing since that rules the childhood and I have such clear memory. I even remember peeing in my diapers, clenching my gums when being burped because of the sting on my back , breast feeding and getting my baby picture taken….etc

  5. Hi Donna,

    Many times I have reflected that I knew my own path when I was younger than at other times when I was older. For me, I think the Nodes represent my path the clearest. My Nodes are Virgo (S) Pisces (N) houses 5-11. When I was young, my outlet was drawing, reading, movies. I loved the designs of Edith Head in the movies of my youth and wanted to be a fashion designer–Venus conjunct my South Node Virgo, house 5. I took my love of art, and in my teens decided I was going to be an art teacher instead–MC Capricorn–opposed by Mars/Uranus in Cancer on the IC/squared by Jupiter opposed Neptune. In the midst of it all I fell in love with Dr Ben Casey, et al, and felt I should be a doctor–early on that was discouraged–finances, too long schooling. I got off my path for varying reasons–never became an art teacher. Later went back to school, in Western Medicine for awhile–worked with spinal surgeons–Capricorn MC, Jupiter in Aries House 12. For now have been an energy healer–Pisces North Node Conjunct Ceres (house 11 ruled by Aquarius), trined by my Mars/Uranus conjunction in Cancer on the IC.

    I now see how the art/design was probably past life gifts, and a means of me to connect with the divine outside of religious structures. The healer also in a grand trine of Chiron in Sag (conjunct the GC) trining Aries ascendant, and Mercury (fire houses 9-1-5). Now, I want to get back to doing some artwork that I have neglected in too many years.

    Always enjoy your posts and writings.

    • Very interesting about the Nodes, Lisa Ange, and your description of your path verifies it very well.

      My nodes do go along with what you say. I have Uranus, Saturn and Venus conjunct in Gemini, and they all square my Virgo/Pisces nodes. So I guess Astrology WAS part of the plan all along! Donna

      • saturn square the nodes – fun stuff, eh?!

        My stellium’s involved in squaring the nodes too – sort of. Mars is at 11 Libra, Saturn at 15 Libra (it’s stationary!): Each squares the nodes directly. But Saturn is right in the middle of the stellium involving Mars, Saturn, Pluto, and Jupiter.

        On the other side of the chart, there’s Eris at 15 Aries, square the nodes – I wish we knew more about her! Hey, wait a minute, *that’s* something I can comment on, career-wise! I’ve always had problems with female bossy-boots types. They irritate the heck out of me. But then, they generally have a good relationship (Libra) with the boss (Saturn) in the office, which leads to the unspoken code (12th) of being able to do what they want. (well, anyway, that’s my best estimation of Eris in 6th exactly opposed to Saturn in 12th)

  6. When I was in grade school, I thought I’d be a teacher because I wanted to help children learn the truth about the world. I have no idea where I go that idea from, but I remember not liking my teachers and felt they were dumbing us down.

    Half-way through Grade school I decided I wanted to do something with outer-space (Not a astronaut, because I figured you had to have a super-human body to do that, and my body was normal and healthy, don’t know how I came to that conclusion either.) Anywho, thought I’d go into the field searching and discovering new stars, recording the skies and whatnot…. but later on I saw the movie “Contact” with Jodi Foster and realized that the money funding space programs is decided by the governement, so projects could stall if certain people didn’t like what I was doing or didn’t like me….. I didn’t like that I could have control over my own projects and would be controlled by others for funding…..

    During my romance with outer-space, before I decided I couldn’t waste my life learning that only to be controlled by others… I was drawing a sketching a whole lot… right after my disappointment with a space career, I did my first painting and started working on set designs for a school play in “middle school”. I got a lot of surprised reactions from my work, which was a surpise to me because I was no where in league with Michaelangelo, so I was surprise anyone thought it was good… Later on I thought about going into Narritive comics and art, because I like stories, you can tell the truth in them as a sub plot, and expand readers minds….

    Right now I’m going back to school for a degree in Science Education. However I may never use the degree. I need to be in school right now, expand my mind a bit more, it actually helps my artwork more, and gives me discipline. I don’t believe in Art school for 80% of the cases out there, I think art schools are ripping our children off, but in a bigger way, we have no one telling these kids that if their going to do art, they need to disapline themselves and teach themselves at their own pase. LOL! Unless your going to Berkley, or one of the top 5% of Art schools in the country, your not even good enough at the moment, or disaplned enough to take on a appentiship….. lol, sorry for the long art rant…

    As far as my chart goes… I have a Stellum in Sagittarius (Saturn, Sun, Uranus) in the 2nd Square My Pisces Stelluim in the 5th House (Mars, Jupiter, Moon) North Node in Aries(6th) Trine my Sun. Ruler of my 6th is in the 5th, Ruler of the 10th is in the Second, and Ruler of the 2nd is in the 5th, which is also ruler of the fifth.

    I can see the dream for teaching.. I can see the dream for Astronomy too (Uranus near my sun and squaring my 5th house)… I can really see the art career, WOW! But I also see how going to school for Science (Uranus) pushes (Square) my art more(5th house), this in turn makes me for disaplined!!! (Sqaures back to Saturn)

    My moon in my fifth rules my 9th house, which also has my part of fortune in it (I think, I’m confused about the night/day rules for part of fortune, and since I’m born at 3:41am, I think I’m a night baby????) Anywho part of fortune in cancer with the moon in 5th means I feel fortune when I can nurture ideas and projects to full maturation… useally creativity or children, and when it’s creativity I wanna publish it! When it’s children I wanna take them on a world-trip!

    It’s interesting you brought this up… I remembered my dream of becoming a astronomer a few months ago, and feel like I’m still kinda able to fulfill that dream somehow in the future by learning astrology. I started thinking about how if you do dream, you put your hopes out into the universe and they come back to you in sometimes weird opportunities, sometimes you don’t realise untill a little time has passed that you got what you where hoping for…

    • “if you do dream, you put your hopes out into the universe and they come back to you in sometimes weird opportunities, sometimes you don’t realise untill a little time has passed that you got what you where hoping for…”

      Boy, ain’t it the truth! Did you ever take an astronomy course? I get the impression few astrology students do any more, but the one I took surely helped me make sense of the physical realities of the planets and the zodiac. And I took my students from an astrology class I taught at an alcohol treatment center to the planetarium once, and we all were just rocked by seeing Saturn through it. Donna

      • Yeah, took some astronomy courses. I actually plan on adding more advance astronomy classes to my course load as I get further along in my classes, but in some cases you have to be invited in or accepted… I’m not sure how instructors will feel about have a student in their advance classes with no intention of becoming a astronomer.

        I really do love space. The planets, the Stars. Astrology brings words to the romantic vision I have of them. LOL, I can be annoying to my close ones, Why doesn’t everyone else think Saturn is as cool as I do? Why don’t you wanna stare at the full moon? Why don’t you wanna go to the beach with me for the meteor shower. I feel like I’m a little kid with love for T-rexs.

        Fixed Stars is a big love affair for me, since I can visually go trace the stars and link the myths.. then figure out how they play out as personal myths.

      • I encourage any astrologer to take a astronomy course (And learn how to build a home-made telescope, always Fun!) I agree that understanding the physical realities of the planets touches something inside. When you look at them, there’s more understanding…

        I love space pictures by amateur astronomers too! I notice some astrologers will take pictures of the current moon from time to time and post it. I love it!

  7. Oh such perfect timing!! I was just talking about this last night. I have seen so few books on children, but thought wow as a parent it seems one could help shape their child for what is alignment with who they are. By the time I was 17 I was told what I would be and here I sit @ 43 miserable and trying to decide now what!!! I am new to astrology so can’t pick it out from my chart. I have been told by astrologers I should be a writer – another should that has never really resonated. My 9th house is myLibra Sun and S. Node. In my 10th house is Mercury & Neptune in Scorpio – perhaps leading to constant discontent in jobs. Mercury sextiles my capricorn rising. Neptune trines my Chiron in Pisces.

    My memories. As a kid I LOVED animal shows watched them endlessly. So around 8-9 I wanted to be a vet. Then somewhere in there I wanted to be a lawyer – maybe around 11. Then in high school I wanted to study fashion design and travel abroad. In college I wanted to minor in dance and study psychology. I was fascinated with kids with autism for some reason. In my saturn return period I started studying child psychology for a period of time and considered movement therapy. I got intimated and heard my dad’s voice and went back to grad school in health administration – following that was a deep deep depression. I had good self-awareness I would have known what a mistake that was!! But I muscled through it! I am back to considering psychology or perhaps finding health administration jobs overseas.

    That is my spiel!
    Love this post!!!

    • That depression you had when you went to grad school for something you really didn’t want to do is a really important indication…Saturn is “muscling through” but it also is depression. And I think that a lot of folks who made the “practical choice” and stick with something they hate are taking antidepressants today–there’s an epidemic of depession happening because so many of us feel we have little choice but to keep that hated job.

      I had a great education, a master’s degree in social work, and a job as a director of social when transiting Uranus and Pluto both were quincunx my Midheaven at once. I woke up one morning and said, NO MORE and resigned that very day to work full time toward an astrology practice. Gutsy or nutsy, hard to say. I paid for it dearly for many years.

      The road less taken is a really tough one, but when you’re an Outer Planet Person, the day comes when that’s all you can do and remain true to yourself. Donnna

      • Yeah, I have a lot more self awareness now. My issue is I am not sure what the road less taken is. Interesting about the transits. If I am reading my chart right Uranus will Uranus my mid-heaven when it moves into Aries. Pluto still sitting on my 12th. I have been doing a lot of work trying to determine that road. 🙂

      • How interesting that you say Saturn is ‘muscling through’ – I’ve had muscle pain from the time I was 13. Teh pain started in my shoulders and has now spread to various muscle groups throughout my body. It’s a chronic thing.

        DC, you just gave my mind something to chew on! Merc trine Saturn just got activated! Thanks!

      • Sorry, that sounds tough! Donna

  8. Midheaven in Scorpio…and a high-scoring Plutonian.

    I wanted to be a psychiatrist. I didn’t really know what a psychiatrist did, but I knew I wanted to be one.

    Turns out, I am one, without even trying.

  9. When I was 10 or 11 years old we had to write an essay at school about where we’d see ourselves in 20 years. I wrote that I’d work as a graphic designer and that’s what I ended up doing (well, as one of my two jobs) – though only at the age of 27 and after a long journey of twisted career choices.
    You see, there’s not a single artist in my whole family and no self-employed person, so no one encouraged me to explore my creativity or provided any advice. In fact, I believed I was lacking creativity despite my mercury-uranus opposition that always caused me to, well, think (and say) quite strange and sometimes shocking things way outside the box.
    But first things first: Having finished my a-levels, I didn’t have the faintest idea about what to study. I chose political science and opted out after half a year because there it was so little about changing things (my 11th house sun + mercury) but rather about policies, strategies, and administration.
    After that I applied for psychology but wasn’t accepted (it’s a highly requested subject in Germany and admission choices are solely based on your a-level grades, which have to be astronomically high to get a place). Since I felt I had to study something v. quickly to become independent and earn my own money, I chose a related area, Adult Education – definitely the wrong choice (no planets in my pisces 9th house). I started a related career in teaching English as a second language to adults but gave up on that because I was just plain boring (I’m a gemini 😉 ) and income prospects where low. Funnily enough, I had a long time relationship with a teacher for driving instructors during that time.
    During my last years at university I started working at a software development company as student assistant. A colleague there introduced me to user interface and web design. He was a former web designer and painter and provided me with the basics of the job. Nevertheless, during my time at the company I was allowed to write concepts and to programme – but never to do any actual design.
    When my time at the company had run out it was the more or less obvious choice for me to start a freelance business (saturn conj. Libra IC in 4th house) as web designer, which I expanded to include print design later.
    My strong sense of asthetics might be related to that strong stellium in Libra with Mars (3rd house), Saturn, Pluto, and Jupiter (4th). Mercury is trining these from my gemini 11th – and I do view my job first and foremost as a communication facilitation, getting a message through (my specialty is typogrpahy) – in a beautiful way. The need to actually create and manifest beautiful things might be represented by venus and the moon in taurus in my 10th house.
    Oh, and my second job – I could *never* only do one thing as a gemini – is peforming Argentine tango (uranus/neptune in sag. 5th and an Aquarius desc. that always wants to exchange ideas with a partner (libra) rather than groups). The current partner, of course, is a teacher again 😉 . I wonder why I feel so drawn to that profession… except for the painter every boyfriend and every affair of the last 10 years belonged to it.

  10. Hi friend: With Aries MC; Pluto,Venus conj in 10th……..Saturn in Libra 3rd & as a double Leo it seems my childhood (cultural mandate at that time) I thought I wanted to be a nurse. I would have made a terrible nurse; dying with each patient. I became an entrepreneur in business of floristry, leaded glass, picture framing and, lastly, a gift shop where I became a Spiritual Director (Holy Listener) Grateful to that Libran Saturn. Amazing how we seem to find our “destiny” ……….so in the “cloud of lunknowing”

  11. Interesting question. As a kid I didn’t really think about “what I wanted to do when I grew up,” and it never occurred to me to get a job–I didn’t know anyone with a job and boss; my parents were both self-employed and working out of their homes, my uncle was a struggling actor, my grandfather was a professor emeritus who also acted as an expert witness (i.e., was self employed)… My 10th/4th axis is Leo/Aquarius, with nothing but the nodes in them (NN Aquarius 4th), and the rulers of those houses are squared (Sun Capricorn 3rd, Uranus Libra 12th). As you might imagine that creates a bit of an authority “issue,” haha. Aspects to the 10th/4th include Neptune and Chiron trine MC/sextile IC, and Uranus trine IC/sextile MC.

    I just wanted to be something amazing in the arts and entertainment area. Variously that included movie star, rock star, stage actress, Olympic figure skater or gymnast (Venus-Mars conj in 1st house), fashion designer and writer (Sun conj Mercury in 3rd). I was also obsessed with certain foreign countries (Moon in Sag, ruling 9th house; Venus-Jupiter-Neptune conjunction [Mars is too far from the latter two planets to count as conjunct them]). I ended up going to college in a foreign country.

  12. This is such a nice post. In my case, I´ve been dreaming with the idea of becoming an actress since the day I saw an Ingrid Bergman movie on TV (the film was “Gaslight”). I was 10. My first dream was to be a model, though (Libra rising). When I was 16 I started to dance and tried to become a ballerina (Pisces on the 6th) but it was too late for that and abandoned the idea 3 years later. My teachers wanted me to study Spanish because I was really good writing (I´m Spanish). But I studied Drama. I didn´t end the training, though, my shyness and insecurities (Sun in the 12th squaring Neptune in the 3rd among other features) made the time I spent in acting school not an easy one. However I still want to be an actor (maybe my Mercury conjunct the Ascendant in a stellium with Pluto and Saturn and my Leo Moon…). Anyway, now I want to make a comeback to school (Saturn return) to try to finally earn a degree, but this time I feel more like studying Philosophy, but without giving up my acting and writing. I´m publishing a poetry book this year, a book a wrote several years ago (my Cancer NN in the MH has someting to do with the poetry, maybe, or again my Neptune, who knows! I also have Jupiter in the 2nd house, in Scorpio).

    I can´t really make further connections with my chart, but I´m learning a lot with you, Donna. Now what I need is leaving this depression I´ve been suffering mostly in silence, the most of my life, behind!

  13. When I was a child I remember wanting to be a teacher, a writer/poet, and a photographer. Also wanted to be a singer and/or actor. I used to give pretend Oscar acceptance speeches to the bathroom mirror. 😉

    I have Sun conj. Neptune (Sag) in the 10th with Mercury (also Sag) tightly conj. the MC. So I can see how all of these yearnings correlate. I remember in my early twenties saying that I wanted my words to impact the world in some way, whether through song lyrics or poetry or *something*. 🙂 So the Mercury conj. MC definitely makes total sense (supported by a sextile from a Jup/Saturn conjunction in the 8th). And of course Sun/Neptune in the 10th wants to express itself through art for the world to see. 🙂

    What I have found out in my adult life is that I definitely need to either work for myself or have a great deal of autonomy in the work that I do (and correlating roughly with my Saturn return which was direct last October, I have gotten to the point of fine-tuning how that will work for me).

    On New Year’s Day 2009 I started a website to do online tarot readings, and I have a website now with an astrology/tarot blog where I offer tarot readings still (I also do readings in-person now, which I was afraid of doing at the beginning but I make more money with those and like the connection I have with clients). I was offering astrology readings as well, something that I had added last year (I’ve been studying tarot and astrology for the same length of time) but just yesterday removed the astrology offerings. I don’t get many requests for them, and I think it’s likely because I’m not really ready to do them. I can analyze a chart, sure, but how does that knowledge/understanding translate to a practice? For some reason I understand how to read tarot for people in a way that is healing and helpful, but I haven’t figured it out for astrology. I’ll get there, I’m sure, but I’m not there yet. 🙂 You don’t do consultations anymore, right? How and why did you make that choice?

    Astro/Tarot blogging is something I’ve just started a couple months ago, and I think my merc/MC shows itself here as well.

    I see Chiron and the nodes playing out in my career choices too, and the three points actually form a t-square with each other (Chiron in Taurus in the 3rd, SN in Aqua in the 12th, NN in Leo in the 6th). NN is ruled by my Sun in the 10th. For 5 intense years until recently I was a worker’s rights activist who gave up my own identity to support a cause that made me very angry and spiritually deadened me (SN in AQUA 12th house) and I think the NN here is about claiming back my identity and warmth and sense of individuality and being able to provide healing services (6thH). My own healing process often correlates with the wounds my clients are having (this is where I see Chiron acting in the t-square). Sometimes when I am speaking to a client, I could be saying the very same things to myself based on my own momentary issues/problems. 😉

    Anyway… this is an excellent website! I’m glad to find it at this point in both my career and spiritual journey. Thanks for the tips to other astro-bloggers also (nice free page)! Where is this quiz people are talking about where we find out which planet is strongest for us?

  14. Hi Donna. Nice research topic! I started writing very early, but the idea that this could become a living, it was so huge it just never seemed real. When I was growing up, nobody I knew even read books. It was so far out of my reach, but it would never go away, and something made me stick with it. My writing career sort of happened when I was focusing on other things. My first career choice was Indian Chief, actually. Then I wanted to be an artist. Nobody I knew growing up had careers. You finished school and got a job to pay your bills while life happened. But with a stellium (in Virgo) in the 9th opposed by Jup/Chiron, more than anything I wanted to go to University and to write. It sounded so great. And I did, but I didn’t study for a career, I took subjects that interested me without much of a plan. I did study psychology for a year (Nept 12th), but it wasn’t something I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I wanted to be an operasinger at one point, but soon realized I’d actually have to open my mouth and sing in front of people. I’ve got Sat sq Merc so not good at speaking in public, no. I finally started translating books, to make extra money and to be able to be a freelancer. And all the while I would write. But I never thought of it as a career, it was just something I had to do. And then when I managed so sell some of my short stories, I finally had the guts to actually write a book. I have Merc in the 10th conj MC, and the Moon in the 9th also conj the MC. So very much a writer’s chart, I think.

    • I always love to hear from other writers about their path, and yes Merc/MH and Moon/MH in the 9th are two solid indicators, not just of writing talent, but of the discipline to make a profesional of it and to be published. Donna

  15. I have never figured out what I wanted to do. All the jobs I had along the way I enjoyed, but I never found a career path and that is my one regret.

    Sun in Cancer in the 1st, Sag on the 6th and Moon in Sag. Pisces at the midheaven and Jupiter in the 10th in Aires. Grand trine with Jupiter, Moon and Mercury and Pluto in Leo in 2nd.

    So many thing appealed to me along the way, but I never felt enough of a pull in any direction to make a career choice. Too bad I didn’t have astrology to point me in the right direction when I was young, because now it is a little too late.

    I have always enjoyed finances, and also psychology.

    • If you enjoyed them, I am not sure it matters about career. I met a women when I was 27 who was in her 70’s. She had many many many jobs including CPA, photographer, designer, etc. I can’t remember them all, but I remember being so impressed! She seemed so unafraid to follow what she enjoyed where I was constantly tortured by this voice that told me to have a career. Here I sit at 43 not sure I want a career anymore, but to follow things I enjoy.

    • Susie, I think Debbie is spot on! Of course I too have a Fishy Midheaven and can’t quite get a ‘fix’ on the career thing. Gemini rising doesn’t lend itself to much focus either, and our Saggy Moons in the house of daily grind, surely resist being tied down to WORK that aint fun. However, our Earthy Suns – mine in Cap – require security. And boy, oh boy it sure seems like I should have a true blue CAREER..
      Where’s your Norh Node? Mine falls in the 5th in Libra – my “career”, for now, is early childhood. I sing, i dance, i create, i laugh, i play, i do a little kid yoga, every day (pisces MC??)! They worship the ground I work on – the authoritarian nature of my Sun likes that. But I must admit, that same Sun never believes that what I do is enough in the eyes of society. And darnit, the pay sucks!
      Thank you for your post. As I share w/ you I articulate that which I have never really appreciated in me. Or, recognize the aliveness and utter spot on astro in me own chart! You’re the Greatest – Thanks!

      • Hi, KAT. Your angles and Moon are all in Mutable signs, which tend to change direction often, and often to be able to synthesize all those career paths into something unique. Gemini, especially has a gift for transferability of skills from one sort of task to another. Zipporah Dobyns used to write about “The Mutable Dilemma.” (You might find her book by that name in You might enjoy taking the test for mutables here: (PS, that supercapable Cap Moon is a saving grace for the strongly mutable.) Donna

  16. You write that Chiron plays a part in the career. This seems to be true as how
    can be truly be all we an be until we heal the wounds within us. Once we do
    then we can help others. I have Virgo on the MC and for the past ten years have
    been a Reiki Master. I also have a major interest in health and foods that we eat
    and how they affect us. My problem is that people are not ready to hear much
    of what I might say so find that I have to ‘show’ them by being healthy and eating
    a vegan diet. I am almost 60 but look like late 40’s.
    My Mercury is opposed by Saturn so I need to be careful how I present what I
    say also and not push any agenda as it seems to meet with ‘opposition’.
    I struggle even at this age to be stronger in the self esteem department. I think
    this is why I had a difficult time with careers all of my life.

  17. My earliest memory is wanting to be a teacher. Then as soon as I learned to read I wanted to write books & travel the world. Over the years this changed to journalism, but the underlying dream to write books never left me.

    I did Economics & Political Science at University & ended up in a bank where I moved through the ranks into middle management & eventually project management. I now do (plus facilities management, change management & risk management) this in a global IT corporation.

    I have an empty 6th (Leo) & 10th house (Sag) with Jupiter in Cancer in the 5th trine the Sun/Moon (in Pisces in the 1st) and Neptune (in Scorpio in the 9th) and sextile Uranus/Pluto (in Virgo in the 7th).

    And I still want to write books & travel the world when I grow up.

    • Never too late to write, Jo, because the seasoning that years of living gives us enriches the pool of material that we draw from when we write. I didn’t publish books or travel the world to speak about astrology until my 40s. Donna

      • My dream job title? Chick Lit author/World Traveller….

  18. From the age of 2, I wanted to play piano. I remember hearing (seeing) my mom play the classics and I burned inside to learn music. By the age of 8 I wanted to be a doctor. I was always bringing home wounded animals.
    I never lost the ‘burn’ for both of those fields….but some
    pre-med courses frightened me spitless and instead, I got a degree in music.

    Never regretted this, because, being incredibly Plutonian, I would have become a doctor and turned right around to learn the alternative healing methods . After 42 years of prof. piano playing , I am now using music as a way to cheer people up, and hopefully ,change their energy to remind them that their lives aren’t finished……lots and lots of seniors in ‘ facilities’. Have a certificate in Massage therapy :which is an entree for me to practice Reiki and energy work. (without being jailed or burned at the stake)….and this work is healing for me as well, never having sufficiently bonded to either parent, I crave connection.

    Gemini rising, Pluto, Saturn conjunct on the IC in Leo, Aquarian midheaven, stellium of Jupiter,Moon and Venus in Scorpio in the 6th(intercepted house)…Sun in Sagitarrius in the 7th conjunct Mars at 1 degree Capricorn.

    I am now using some astrology and some intuition to help people who are in emotional trouble or who need care from a warm heart. I have been in the ‘tank’ innumerable times so there but for Great Spirit go I…..someone like me HAS to have a MISSION. Moon in last Balsamic phase before the new moon -natally, the last planet Moon went over was Chiron.
    in the 6th)…
    Don’t we all get peace from the sense astrology makes in our lives?


  19. It was split then for me, much like it is now but I’m still connected to both.

    The first thing I wanted to be when I grew up was a housewife. Now, what I really meant when I said “housewife” to people was that I wanted to serve a house ~ take care of it. I even knew what kind of house I wanted. I didn’t have strong maternal instincts (and don’t have children), but I had a strong desire to have my own house, even then. Indicators: Cancer on the 6th, with Uranus, Sun and Venus in the 6th.

    My kid “job” was a writer. I mean that’s what I couldn’t stop myself from doing as a kid. I wrote all the time. I carried a notebook and pencils with me everywhere and wrote poetry mostly, but a few short plays and maybe an occasional story. Indicators: Moon/Merc conjunction in the 3rd.

    I’m still doing both ~ caring for a house and writing ~ though I don’t write poetry anymore.

    • P.S. Neither one of those jobs pays me except in personal reward. (Pisces on the 2nd) It seems the universe always provides, though.

      • I understand!

        Do you have a strong Vesta?

        Mine is almost exactly conjunct my Saturn in my Aries First House and more widely conjunct my ASC. I also have a Cancer Mars-Sun-Venus stellium in the 4th house.

        My dreams were less about money-making career options and more about caretaking as well. I dreamed of living in a cottage that was both in the woods and near the ocean, healing sick and injured people and animals with herbal medicines, and taking care of my home, garden, and menagerie. I have pictures that I drew at three years-old depicting this dream. I was thrilled the first time I watched The Three Lives of Thomasina and met Laurie the Witch. This was exactly what I wanted.

        My kid “jobs” were mostly artsy: I drew, danced, played piano, and wrote stories. I also created little altarsand shrines all over the place.

      • Oops, I accidentally hit enter.

        (I have an empty 2nd and 10th house with a Capricorn MID. My Virgo 6th house contains a stellium of Pluto-Uranus-Pallas a my SN in Libra just before the DES.)

    • How interesting that you wanted to be a housewife! In the many different fantasies I played out as a child, that aspect never came into it. When I was 7, i had picked out names for the 8 children (4 boys and 4 girls) I was going to have! But No housewife stuff !
      I drew like you wrote though. (and had 2 sons)

  20. I’m just plain a dreamer I guess… big portion of my natal (Cancer) planets are in the 7th house, guess I always just wanted to grow up, get married, have a family and be a mom. That worked out for a few years and then it all fell apart. I have Neptune in Libra in the 9th. It squares most of my Cancer planets from 1 thru 10 degrees in the 7th. Though my Scorpio moon trines them all from the 10th hse. Guess the ‘grass always seemed greener’ on the other side of the fence for me… and unfortunately still does. Whatever decision I ‘finally’ do make, I usually regret it and wish I’d went with the other option, when then ‘looks greener’ on the other side of the fence. I’ve always had a mysterious longing for ‘something’ but was never clear what it was. Mars conj Jupiter in the 8th trines my Asc. Uranus Gemini in the 6th. Pluto in Leo on 7/8 cusp squares my Scorpio moon. I am still unsure what I want to be ‘when I grow up’… but since I’m in my mid 60’s now, what does it really matter *ha, ha* and I’m still ‘dreaming’. I enjoy reading the research questions and all the answers! Great concept Donna!

    • Several of the things you said made me remember a Bach Flower Remedy that might help you and several of the others that wrote today. It’s Wild Oat, and it’s for the person with several talents or interests who can’t seem to settle on one for a vocation. You’ll find them in many health food stores, and if you look in the search engine here under flower remedies or essences, there’s a chapter taken from my flower essence ebook to download to learn how to mix and use them. Donna

      • Thank you Donna… I will definitely check out this wild oat flower remedy essence. Thanks again for your research forums… they’re very good.

  21. For a time I wanted to be a Madame Curie–find a cure that would make an important change in the world. Perhaps it was the influence of 29 Scorpio MC and Pluto in the 6th. I eventually downsized my aspirations!

    I was encouraged to teach, so for a good while I studied math (Mercury sextile Saturn?); then finally settled on Foreign Language. My nodes square Venus in the 3rd; Venus exactly sextiles Jupiter in the 6th, which squares the Aries stellium (Moon, Sun, Mercury) in the 2nd House. It was a good fit for me.

  22. First thing I thought I wanted to be, around age 7, was a nun! I wasn’t the evangelical type but I really bought into that jaysus thing, more of a person with a deep sense of faith and love of studying/contemplation (Sun in 8th, also conj Pluto, Merc, Jup, Sat). Then I wanted to be a teacher, though I wasn’t really sure why. I think it was because teachers were the main people who gave me any sort of positive attention- didn’t really get that at home. This was only a vague thing though, people always would ask me what I wanted to be and they would get mad when I said I didn’t know. Then they would tell me I should be an astrophysicist, or a doctor, or a lawyer, or editor of a newspaper, etc. All these people feel that pursuing music, which is what I ended up doing the last few years, was a total waste of time and talent. Now I’m at a cross-roads, I just moved to the other side of the country and still have not scored a steady gig yet. I am looking for any type of stable work at this point, just to put food on the table and a roof over my head, and have filled out over 1,000 applications in the last two months. I’m about ready to give everything up at times here. No real leads though in the long run it seems the music stuff will be more successful than the last city I was in. I probably am going to apply for welfare and food stamps this week, something I never believed I would do. I have Neptune and Venus on my MC, a whole lot of confusion about what I should/could be doing with my life. I am 29 and going through my first Saturn return too, probably doesn’t help lol!

  23. I wanted to make furniture (both crafts person and designer), and to have my own brand/shop. Don’t know where it could be reflected. Nothing conj the Asc or Mc or Sun. You said to look at the 10th, there’s nothing in there..but I do have Aries Mc which may point to being an entrepreneur & it’s ruled by Mars in Libra in the 3rd, conj Saturn conj Pluto. In the 6th I have Moon conj Venus in Capricorn.

  24. Hello Donna!

    Nice research and I’m happy to participate as much as I can.
    When I had been around 9 I had written some short stories which later, I have forgotten. They are very funny now, I wrote that I wanted to become an archaeologist – to discover ancient cities, to contact the spirits of my ancestors to help me with where to dig and to have a camera to take pictures of the excavations. The only from these that I nowadays do, is taking pictures (landscapes and wildlife) since I have a camera from some years 🙂
    Later in high school I wanted to be a psychologist, because people seem interesting for understanding, but I now ended up with a master degree as a computer engineer (for financial and parental reasons), dreaming to be a good writer and making jewels out of gemstones.

    2nd – Taurus Sun conj Merc, both opposite Pluto and trine Neptune.
    6th – Leo on the cusp
    10th – Sagg. on the cusp, close to Uranus from the 9th (5 degrees), Neptune is in there, but far from the cusp and Venus is trine the cusp from the 1st.

    I still don’t know what I will become later, but for the purposes of the research:
    I think picture-taking activities might be connected with the Pieces Asc or the aspects to Neptune. There are sports and street photographers though – it is still photography, but not my kind. Тhe interest in people and psychology might be from the 12th house Moon in Aquarius, but this isn’t a well paid field here so I wasn’t supposed to consider it seriously and… I didn’t. Computer and electronics are nice, well paid fields, but I didn’t dream to be a computer programmer for sure, despite Uranus close to the 10th.

  25. I have a very similar situation as Sandy. Stellium in 11th house Pisces (Sun, Venus, Chiron, Saturn and a bunch of miscellaneous astreroids and centaurs) opposed to 5th house Virgo (Pluto, Uranus, Mars). The Stellium all funnels into a scorpio neptune in the 7th house.

    I didn’t know what I wanted to do as a child. I did know strongly that after all the years in school, I didn’t want to be a school teacher. I did discover my muse, music, at a young age. (Pisces Venus, Taurus ascendant) However by highschool, probably so emeshed with mom, I accepted her fear based desires for me. I went to college and studied math and economics. I had a 3.5 grade point average until the middle of my sophmore year when some force within overcame me and I literally couldn’t study. I’ll have to go back and look for Saturn.

    I first discovered my shadow neptune and started experimenting with pot and alcohol to get through these blocks and eventually changed my major to music. But soon as I gratudated, I took a job in corporate America which I stayed in for over 20 years.

    During those years, my chiron kept getting stronger. I started with an intense study of chinese and ayruvedic herbal systems, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Reiki and a bunch of others. When my Uranus/Uranus transit occurred, I got layed off my corporate job, got a severance and got on a plane and went from workshop to workshop studying various fields of energy medicine, energy psychology, clairvoyant healing, quantam healing and literally read 100’s of books. I rededicated myself to my spiritual path and focused on all healing that seeks to rid oneself of past influences. I can objectively say that I became an excellent healer surpassing almost all my teachers and practioners that helped me during my growth periods.

    That all being said, I still am not sure how this is all going to play out. I don’t want to spend hours in a small office giving one hour sessions to individuals not yet ready or able to handle their own material. I see myself teaching others and writing overtime. One of the challenges is that I have a wide variety of interests and expertises and feel stifled if I can only focus on one.

    I highly recommend Donna’s book on the outer planets and vocation for it gives an individual with the same challenges a context for these planetary alignments. I also recommend reading Thomas Merton’s book “No Man Is an Island” He dedicates an entire chapter to the idea of discovering one’s true vocation and how truly rare it is. And for a lighter look at the subject, listen to Chris Rock’s stand-up bit on “Career vs Job” While at times, a bit vulgar, he is a keen observer of human nature. You can find the video on youtube.

    • Love the career vs job!! Chris Rock fan though!

      • me too! me too! bravo David —

    • Ah, our family enmeshments…. What would we do without them 😀

      Interesting how you say you surpassed your teachers. I’ve had physical / muscular issues for years; I tend to be a better judge of myself than any physical / physio therapist.

    • David, your story was helpful for me. I’m familiar with the shadow Neptune. Chris makes good points about Career vs. Job. Perhaps I need to ask him about my 10th house. 🙂

  26. I took tap, ballet and acrobats briefly. Acrobats evolved into yoga by my first saturn return not a ballerina.
    I played “getting married”. My chart has a bucket singleton moon mid heaven.

    • Interesting, June because I do often see yoga coming into a person’s life under Saturn transits. It must be ruled by Saturn, as it’s all about forms and restructuring the body, and it’s a spiritual discipline. Donna

      • That, and you have to do it right – or you’ll be sooorry 🙂

  27. Regine: To have the courage to continue driving on the wrong side of the street requires an ABUNDANCE OF FAITH.
    Well put. In my time, the 70’s, my cool radical gemini yoga teacher got me into creative writing at the college up Northern BC. They all migrated up there where expression was freer. No “don’t walk on the grass signs”. Lots of free countryside.
    People whose arms stuck out of too short sleeved blouses but the poetry was sung and the themes were “I came home and he had just moved in” neither of us spoke. original. We learned there were many black sheep. We were not alone. We could create. We could be heard. There was a place for us.

    • Sounds like a great place. Thanks for responding. Of course among many black sheep the Uranian person will want to be white again. That’s the trouble with Uranus. 🙂 Regine

  28. i gotta post first and then go back up and read everyone’s posts! 😛

    i had VERY specific plans as a child. i think when i was 5 or 6 and taking tap, ballet, and gymnastics, i thought the best thing i could be as a grown up was a pig farmer/ballerina/donut maker – in that order! mind you, i have gemini on the midheaven, so of course the more jobs, the better! i grew up in iowa and thought pigs were cool. i was taking ballet, thus the ballerina part. and then i really wanted to EAT all the donuts i’d be making (sweet tooth!). 🙂

    around third grade, my mom would bring me with her to my dad’s office where she was his secretary and she’d let me plunk out little stories i’d make up on her typewriter. i also won a big writing award that year in mrs. denhart’s class, so i started thinking i should become a writer (again, the gemini midheaven plus gemini mars in the 10th trine my libra mercury within 1′ orb in the 2nd). this stuck with me for years until 9th grade when i was doing well in math and thought maybe i’d go into the family accounting business (grandpa & two uncles) by major in the subject at college. but then we moved to oregon the next year where i got heavily involved in drama (also did children’s theater as a little kid, too) and decided to major in theatre arts – which i did.

    my venus in leo is retrograde in the 12th trine aries jupiter in the 8th – i have always been told by various people about my strong presence and also have a very good voice and perfect pitch for singing. even still, my sun is in the 1st (virgo). although i performed well and LOVED being a theatre major, once i graduated i gave it all up. i didn’t think i could pursue the dream in any practical sense (the virgo in me is quite strong!). the practical virgo led me into administrative work and over the past 12 years, i have steadily ascended the ranks to support the highest-level executives – CEO/CFO/Presidents – and make very good money doing it.

    in fact, i start my new job (after losing my last one at the end of october) with a small, privately-owned wealth management bank (jupiter in aries in the 8th house of “other people’s money) supporting a female president who i am so excited to work for! i will even have my own office for the first time in my administrative career (i’ve always been in cubes). saturn has been moving through my 2nd house of money passing my libra pluto and nearly conjunct my libra mercury and opposed my jupiter in that 8th house – i feel VERY strongly that all of this is connected to getting this bank position and i’ve never felt more fortunate in my life, career-wise. even the two months i’ve been out of work, i’ve had a good attitude about it all – i have no bitterness about my former employer and accepted having my position terminated considerably well – they were really surprised how well i took it!

    anyway, blah blah blah. thanks for reading if you got all the way through this, people! i used to struggle with being an admin because i’m pretty independent and think i could do just as well working for myself (aquarius moon in 6th house), but four months ago, i really took a look at what i wanted and needed to feel emotionally and financially secure work-wise and finally found self-acceptance in my field and that my skills are quite valuable – and i swear to god, once i got that in my heart, the universe heard me and freed me from a job i didn’t care for or felt appreciated at and throughout my interview process with the bank, everyone treated me so well – i feel absolutely confident that i’ve found my “home”/career!

    ok, i’m done. i promise. 🙂

    • @Erin

      ha! I got all the way through it. 🙂 Sometimes Saturn transits can be really hard for people, but when you buck up and accept responsibility (which sometimes includes hardship or lack) then Saturn generally pays attention and rewards you for that. It sounds like that has been your approach. 🙂

      Do you have any planets in Capricorn?

      • thanks for reading it, gabby. haha! i saw that transiting saturn would be entering my 2nd house and really wondered how i would “take” it. i’ve not always had a good attitude about things, but i hit 35 in september and suddenly my mind has opened and i’m less worried about the OUTCOME of things. i seem to have a little more faith.

        in august, i heard the rumors about layoffs at my old company and really got worked up about it internally for basically the whole month and then i stopped feeling sorry for myself (knowing instinctively my job would be part of cuts) and got proactive – it changed my whole outlook. i smiled when they gave me the news. i swear, they probably thought i was insane. i almost laughed in the chair! i do remember making a few jokes!

        my 5th house capricorn is empty – no capricorn planets. saturn is in the 11th in cancer opposed (out of sign) my moon in aquarius which is right on the 6th cusp. i have had bouts of depression through parts of my childhood and 20s, but have never taken medication. prefer therapy and “working it out”. i just remembered, too, that my dad was a taurus with capricorn rising – and he was a MAJOR influence on me and the “practicalities” of life and work. i used to resent it, but have come to appreciate some of it.

    • @Erin

      Saturn opposition Moon still seems pretty relevant. Yesterday at Kathy Rose’s website ( I was reading this article of hers that was published here: about how she sees aspects between Saturn and the luminaries playing out for her clients. It was a pretty cool article… I recommend reading it, though it may or may not resonate for you.

      I have also lately found myself gladly taking on a more Saturnian/capricornian attitude about things, maybe spurred on by my Saturn return that was direct back in October? I also have moon and mars in cap.

      I have also had difficulty with depression in my twenties, and I also have never taken Rx meditation for it. I’ve taken St. John’s Wort and this stuff called GABA (which actually really helped my social anxiety), and I’ve done therapy (thinking of going back again actually) and I agree that a holistic approach is a lot more helpful than just numbing it all with some serotonin booster. 😉 But I don’t know, different things may work for different people. I was just always afraid of that kind of stuff because my mother was prescribed lithium and other anti-depressants and I never witnessed that being especially healing for her. :/

      • i will check out that article, gabby, thank you! regarding the anti-depressants and depression topic: depression seems to run in my family – my dad, his mother, my brother, myself. my mom and brother also have anxiety issues (which i have had very mildly and kind of see that at the mercurial part of me). they’ve all been on various prescription drugs. i agree that everyone needs to work it out in their own best way. you and i are in the same boat as far as our methods!

  29. Hi Donna – With my Gemini Midhaven (and Mars conjunct), my career aspirations have changed quite a bit over the years. When I was really young – maybe 7 or 8 – I wanted to be a nurse (Virgo rising, with Pluto conjunct coming from the 12th; Chiron in the 6th opposite Uranus in the 12th) or a teacher (Mars in the 9th conjunct the MC forming a grand trine with Moon in the 5th and Ceres in the 2nd; ruler of the Midhaven, Mercury, conjunct Jupiter in the 2nd/3rd.)

    Then I took my first dance class and fell in love with dancing. I loved it so much, I began to dream of becoming a professional dancer – for many years that’s all I could think of. Not exactly sure what to attribute that to – maybe the Moon/Mars trine, or else my 2nd house Libra Sun conjunct Scorpio Neptune/Mercury/Jupiter in the 2nd/3rd. My Moon and Neptune are square, with the Moon biquintile my Ascendant and Neptune biquintile the MC which is conjunct Mars. I’m thinking dancing has to have a strong Neptune/Mars connection – mine are quincunx, which is probably why my dreams never came to fruition.

    Somewhere along the line (in high school), I thought I might want to start up my own childcare business. I started babysitting at the age of 12 and kept on babysitting even when I had a full-time job in my 20’s – Moon in the 5th again, square Mercury/Neptune/Jupiter in the 2nd/3rd.

    I never ran my own childcare, nor did I become a teacher, nurse or dancer. But I did eventually end up working as the office manager for a non-profit, special-education school, where I spent the bulk of my career working closely with teachers, students and therapists; I was as close as they got to a school nurse.

    I guess I’ve come full circle now, hoping to establish a new career as an energy worker/healer (like Sandy). I think that relates to the Chiron/Uranus opposition I already mentioned, as well as my Sun quintile 12th house Uranus (conjunct Asteroid Reiki) and biquintile Mars/Part of Fortune (exactly conjunct). Maybe my Pluto aspects and 3rd house Scorpio planets play a role as well. I’m drawn to the very old and the very young (Saturn in the 4th) – my new dream is to someday work with preemie babies.

    My mind makes so many connections, I better stop while I’m ahead, else my comment will be longer than your post. 🙂

  30. Most of my planets are at or below the horizon, arranged in teams: Saturn & Pluto conjunct my ASC (Leo); Neptune & Moon (in Libra) are conjunct in my 2nd house; Jupiter, Venus & Sun (in Scorpio), along with Mercury, Mars and South Node (in Sag) live as a conjunction-linked stellium in my 4th house. The only planet above the horizon is Uranus (11th house, Gemini), which, in keeping with the team theme, is loosely conjunct North Node (10th house, also Gemini).

    I never wanted to “be” anything in particular “when I grew up”. I was fascinated by too many things to narrow my focus to one activity or subject. Rather, I wanted (and still want) to spend all my time figuring out the “why” of things, understanding what makes things tick. That led to the discovery and exploration of motive power, patterns, meta-patterns, and creative magic… which eventually (and I think inevitably) led to Design & Design Education as my two vocations and Astrology as my avocation.

  31. Ah, DC. How you and Elsa (on elsaelsa) do fling open my deep, dark secrets.

    All I wanted as a child was to become a librarian (Sun in 9th, wide-almost-non-conjunction @ orb of 9 degrees to NN). I’d have been so happy to be far, far away from horrible people (Stellium in the 12th house, with Mars, Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter) and horrible things said to hurt my feelings (Sun in Cancer), and I’d be happy forever, surrounded by books (Sun in 9th, Virgo Moon)

    Alternatively, I wanted to teach – I come from a South Indian brahmin family, both my parents taught in various capacities, and I believe I teach better than I study. I would have loved to have been an academic and a professor – I believe I would have been a great lecturer – but was told by my Capricorn father that I couldn’t get a PhD, since I would be having children (this was when I was 16 or so).

    On the other hand, I loove love luurrve movies (Neptune in the 2nd in Sag). Sadly, I have no talent in acting or story-telling or writing (Neptune opposition Sun, Mercury in 8th Gemini trines Saturn in 12th Libra; South Node in Capricorn square Saturn in Libra – gah!)

    I am also fascinated by psychology (Mercury in the 8th, 12th house stellium).

    So….. what did I do with all this love of books, movies and academics? Nothing much really. ***WARNING: SOB STORY AHEAD*** I believe my chart holds a great deal of frustration. I never knew I was depressed or that i had ADD / executive function problems until 2009. family and cultural enmeshment meant that i tried, i really did, to ‘do the proper thing’. OK, maybe I half-assed this (did I mention I have an EXACT Uranus-Venus opposition – down to the degree). Meaning I got teh safe, steady banking jobs, as well as the arranged marriage.
    ***END OF SOB STORY***

    The marriage ended, I was never very good at the banking. And yet… that cultural programming is still strong – after all, if i do what my chart says i’m good at, what if I still fail? What if I can’t live on the money it makes? What if there’s no financial stability? All good, solid questions for my first Saturn return.

    So, DC, that’s what I wanted to be when I grew up – and I never did!

    • If you are in your first Saturn return – you have plenty of time do the things you wanted to do. I asked all those questions you asked during my first Saturn return. IT is that cultural programming or in my case my dad’s fear of failure and poverty that are really asking those questions. The questions were not really mine, but I took it on. So, I turned my back on what was actually making me happy and went the tried and true route. I ended up horribly depressed for years. Only now @ 43 am I coming out of that depression and once again facing what do I want to be when I grow up because what I am doing now isn’t working. It will take tremendous courage and faith on your part, but have to ask yourself are you worth it?

      • I got such cold chills reading your reply Lotus Jewel. I’m not sure why but I too had to deal with my dad’s politics which tied in to his failure. But he wasn’t really a failure as time has swung in the direction he spoke of. But different types of programming coming at us. I took the one that said I would self sabatoge myself and guarded that thought so if it came up I said “no you don’t” I’m in charge. in essence. Same with a guy I wanted to sleep with. I sat on the couch for an hour listening to all the parental thoughts and then said ok but now I’m the one responsible. It’s up to me. Same for cancer. But I did the work. I just did it “my way”. Cleansing…
        Failures were scraps of materials not needed for my ultimate destination which would be Uranus 8 degrees asc. gemini transcendence of duality.
        It is said by the way to look to the degree on the asc which will follow you lifetimes as your goal. My friend has the quitar as a sabian symbol on the ascendent. He’s got my guitar and learned a lot but still a long ways to go as he is good at many things and very needy.

  32. Hi Donna,
    My Grand daughter Roseblossom wanted me to post what she wants to be.
    RB is 8 years old and has home study. She wants to be a Model , Dancer or Entertainer. She is a Gemini Sun in the 9th that is making a Trine to Uranus in Aquarius . She has Venus in Leo in the 10th opposition Neptune. Her Venus makes a kite with her Grand Air trine. She has a 14 degree Cancer MC with Mars at 13 Cancer , Vesta at 18 Cancer and Jupiter at 20 Cancer. She is in Karate and won a Ribbon for making the most progress of any student in Northern Minnesota. She has been in ballet and is a pow wow dancer. She loves entertaining for others and is not shy but holds back on ,one on one exchanges with people she doesn’t know well and wont talk or even acknowledge strangers.. She believes in only one best friend. She also draws and paints everyday. She wants to have a big fancy house and girl children she can dress up. In fact she would be interested in having a shop that specializes in dressing up babies and little children.

  33. I can’t help but not write, For 70 years now I have wanted to be a Forest Ranger. Of course that long ago, it was not for a female. So I raised kids, did office work, all respectable. But I planted trees in every yard I ever lived in, in every state. I still love the pine trees and now I can at least live among them, if I can’t be the Ranger I wanted to be. Maybe my next time around, huh?

    • So Barb – just curious, what’s your astrology? doing respectable stuff and loving trees? thanks

  34. Hi there! Aqua Rising-Scorpio Midheaven & ruler of Asc + MC are conjunct: Mars-Pluto-Uranus tight together in the 8th.

    I did not so much vizualise a job as such but a lifestyle. I wanted to write, i wanted magic as part of my everyday life and i wanted to work at home. For some reason i always thought i would have children to different men, sort of Catherine Deneuve like and i did…but this is Moon in Libra (ruler of my 6th) speaking as well.

    Thank you for the chance to think about this question!

    • Welcome, MM, have been to your beautiful blog a few times; nice to see you here. I am well familiar with that Mars-Pluto-Uranus conjunction and use it in my correspondance course because both Johnny Depp and Robert Downey JR. have it in the 1st house. Lots of powerful charisma and craftsmanship with their work. No doubt you can really turn it into magic if you like. Donna

  35. I wanted to be a singer until I was 5 years old and then in addition to that I wanted to write short stories with poetry and I wanted to draw(I hear I was fond of unicorns :-D)

    I guess when I was about 9-10 years old I wanted to be Veterinarian. (Tropical Virgo Moon 3rd house and/or Neptune in Tropical Sagittarius 6th house)

    When I was about 16, I think I wanted to be a Psychologist. When I was about 21 I thought about being a nutritionist. Not too long ago I considered adding Electronics to my degree in Art. I mean the degree in art that I’m currently working on.

    I’m still thinking about it.

    I can’t exactly figure out what in my chart would make me want to be a singer.
    I can see the writer and I can see the drawing,but not the singing.

    Gemini Rising-Pisces Midheaven(Sidereal Aquarius)-ruler of Midheaven Neptune in 6th and Jupiter Rx in 11th or ruler of Sidereal MC Uranus in 5th and ruler of Ascendant Mercury Scorpio in 5th (Koch)

    Jupiter Rx quindecile Neptune (the 165’kind)- Mercury 5th opposite Jupiter Rx Taurus-Mercury quincunx Ascendant and BiSeptile Midheaven

    Uranus trine Midheaven and Uranus trine Ascendant(wide orb around 9′)

    This is a really cool research project.
    I wish I knew more about aspects and how they place out in career,etc.

    I hope what I put in here helps your research. :o]

  36. My earliest memory is being in a “cage” built with two 4-legged kitchen stools, the one upside down, the other one the right way around on top of the first one, and pretending to be a lion. That is what I wanted. Not a lion tamer (I have always hated the phenomenon of circus) but a lion. Always loved all animals. Funnily enough I am a rising Leo and a brave Aries Sun.

    I also wanted to be a ballet dancer, and used to perform, dressed in flimsy underwear, every time we had visitors. I was a tomboy and this role of mine was a bit surprising but then, I do have Venus in Taurus in 10th.

    I was a keen reader from the age of 5 and wrote a lot myself, also used to entertain my friends with my stories. This is probably the result of the Mercury at 0 Aries in 9th -Uranus in Cancer in 12th – Saturn in Sagittarius in 5th triangle I am using at the moment to write my blog.

    Later on, in high school, I decided to become a human-rigths lawyer (Jupiter in 1st house, Sun+Mercury in 9th, Saturn+NN in Sag.

    In real life, I had a long and succesful career in travel (Saturn in Sag, 1st house Jupiter, 9th house Sun+Mercury). At the moment the Mercury-Uranus-Saturn triangle is very active again and writing seems to be my future. Hopefully this is not just a case of wishful thinking!

  37. As long as I remember I have always wanted to be a “doctor”. There has never been any question in my mind about this. I also have very strong leanings toward the “arts” but I earn my keep as a medical practitioner with a secret life of an artist of sorts. My Sun, Asc, Merc, Nept are all conjunct in Scorpio 1st house, my Moon in Virgo opposite Chiron in Aries 5th and mid-heaven in Leo. Venus in Libra…. sidling next to Jupiter and Uranus.

    And I find your lessons in astrology very informative, Donna. Thank you 🙂

  38. I do not remember too much from my early childhood, but I clearly remember that we had to make a drawing in kindergarten on what we want to be when growing up. And I drew a red stable with three windows and two horses from each window were looking out. And it meant: HORSE BREEDER.
    I have Chiron right on my Descendant with no aspect in Aries. Jupiter in Pisces in the 5th. with and exact square with Neptune in Sag. (mutual reception) in the 2nd. Neptune is rules 5th and 6th and also conj. NN. Jupiter also trines Scorpio Mars in the 1st.

    At elementary school I still thougth I would be a horse breader. My parents tried to modify that path toward a veterinarian, but I could not really identify with that.

    As a kid I spent all my summers at my grandparent’s in a small village, where the vet invited the kids to go riding horses free of charge, three times a week (an advantage to grow up in a socialist country). So I was very lucky to ride all summers long. I collected pictures of horses, most of my toys were horses, I drew horses all time, though I couldn’t really draw. Later, as I needed no babysitting for summers, riding had finished and my mother chose me to play volleyball, which I did quite succesfully for 15 years.

    At high school I was good student, but had no idea of what to be. Horse breeding obviously was not a choice for a girl. My mother suggested me to study business.
    My father is a math teacher in college. At that time my mother worked at a book publishing company, now she runs her own second hand book store.
    I have a Scorpio Sun (co-ruler of 10th) on the 2nd house cusp tightly conjunct Venus (1st h. ruler) receving an exact trine from Saturn in the 9th.

    So I finished with a master’s degree in business and worked as MARKETING MANAGER at several multi-national companies for quite above country average wage for 10 years. That made it possible to buy a horse 6 years ago, at the age of 30. I restarted riding at the age of 26. This is when I started to read astrology books as well.
    The longest period I was able to spend at a company was 5 and half years but the last 3 years were like walking in a desert with no water and no direction. So in the meantime I went for my second masters degree as a RIDING TRAINER.

    My MC is in Cancer and gets and exact square from my tightly (1sec) conjunct Libra Mercury and Uranus from the 1st house. 10th house ruler Moon is conjunct 2nd house ruler Pluto in the 12th.

    About 2 years ago as I finished the trainer school and I couldn’t stand walking in the desert any more and was thinking about quitting and starting to teach horse riding and counseling astrology instead of being a marketing manager for windscreen washers, but not seeing the point how to start it from nothing – I mean no history in these jobs, not wanting to leave the stable salary, my secondary progressed Sun received a square from transiting Uranus and I WAS FIRED. Felt great relief!

    The last 2 years were quite interesting with new business opportunities and tries and losses, and the chance to start with two riding students, now 5, but still concentrating on some safer seeming private business source of income. Now at 36, it was only 2 months ago (tr. Saturn conj. Pluto-Moon) when I decided that I will become a full time HORSE RIDING TRAINER. I have never felt that inner peace that I feel now. 🙂

    In the last couple of years I developed my own structure of riding and training the horse and the rider. I read everything about riding and watch everybody riding and collect everything that fits my system and I blend it with my own experience and make strategy for it, implement it in everyday work. Traditional riders look at me like an ufo, but my method works well with every horse and every beginner so far. So I would like to develop my system to grand prix level dressage, have my own riding school and than train happy first class horses and riders making them able to achieve whatever they would like with their knowlede.

    So I will not be a horse breeder as thougt in kindergarten but will work with horses. I will teach as my father does and will run my own business as my mother does.

    I plan to start counseling in astrology later as I get more wiser and more confident in chart reading.

    I have no 10th and 6th house planets. But the feeling to follow this dream is very strong. I think the strong MC contact makes it, in line with the theory of Noel Tyl.
    I do not really know what the Cancer MC means in my case. Classical mothering nature is quite far from me, I do not even want to have a kid. But I can communicate with them as easily when teaching as with horses and I have their respect and I respect them a lot. (Did I just give the answer? :))

    It is the last couple of years and my decision about my future that makes me start to understand my own chart. 🙂

    Gabby R.

    • Gabby, I adored your story! Wonder how many of us, if we were to pull out our kinde drawings, would have our potential futures unveiled??!
      I don’t know if you answered your own ? to the Cancer MC – I do know it makes me want to delve deeply into your astrogolgy and explore the posssibilities. hmmmmm….. thank you.

      • Thank you Kat! Probably time will answer my question… 🙂

    • I, too loved your story. What’s in your 12th house??

      I drew horses from the time I was 3 years old, and when i was in my 20s I moved to a place (Idaho) where I could (and did) have horses. I am so glad for the experience.
      Good riding instructors are hard to find!

      • Thanks MImi!

        I have a Pluto-Moon conj. in the 12th, 3 degree orb. And yes, my grandmother was the nurturing one.

        The fact that it is very hard to find a good instructor really motivates me! I feel so sorry for those riders having no clue and not getting the right instruction.

        I have a 5 year old rider, who said to me one day that she wants to be a riding instructor. And guess what, she has Chiron right on her DC just like I do :), Libra Moon with Pluto contact just like me 🙂

  39. I didn’t have ambitions for myself but other folk did – Neptune in Scorpio rising LOL. Unable (at the time) to say no to studying medicine as per father’s ambition I went for the failure option – ruler Venus in Scorpio square Pluto at 0 Virgo.

    Got a job as a computer operator in a local university and loved it (Uranus in 9th conj MC). Daundered around doing low level IT jobs/getting married to the wrong man til transitting Saturn crossed Asc when I got unmarried and moved away.

    Worked for last 28 years in university IT in various roles – didn’t plan moves at all but always worked out that I moved onto interesting innovative roles. Began to run out of steam for this one about 5 years back and had opportunity to become a union negotiator for 5000 people (grand trine in fire, Mars in Aries in 6th w Sat in Sag/2nd,Uranus in Leo/9th?, Mars opp Jup in Libra/11th) which was fascinating – management training at the sharp end.

    Last 15 years have been able to work parttime in day job and develop other areas eg astrology – given readings on/off (Uranus again), family history book (Merc in Capricorn in 3rd?, Saturn in Sag in 2nd?), unique mixed media scuplture (Moon in Taurus in 7th/Venus in Scorpio in 2nd?)

    Saturn crosses my Ascendant again from Dec 2011 to Sep 2012 – got a strong sense of coming up to a new cycle. Noticed that nothing is ever wasted so expect to come up with a new blend of existing skills and some new ones.

  40. Hi Donna and everyone. This is a great question. I had an early dream that has changed over the years.

    When I was 5-10, I wanted to attend a specific university because it shared the same name as my parents’ high school. After graduation, I wanted to attend law school to become an attorney. It felt like destiny. Asc-MC. Moon-MC. Virgo rules my MC and Mercury rules my 7th house. 8th house Sun aspects Saturn in the 9th.

    When I was 10, my dad became an attorney. His Sun is in my 10th house…next to my Pluto, which squares my 8th house Sun and trines my Mars. Because I didn’t want to be like him, I changed my direction and searched for a new major. It was fruitless for me to disengage from him, though. We are very similar (Rulers of my 4th AND 10th houses are in the 8th house). Eventually, my path will lead me back to law because I will inherit his law firm under our family name.

    When I was 16, I was accepted into my dream university but chose to go to another school on a whim because a friend was attending there. Ruler of the 11th (Venus) in the 7th aspects MC. Mars aspects Saturn. Sun aspects Saturn and North Node (conj. MC).

    In college, I decided on Marketing because it was a mix of business, psychology and sociology. But I was more drawn to my psychology and sociology classes more than my business classes. Every time I wanted to change majors and career direction to mainly psychology, I let others’ opinion sway me away from the decision. 7th and 8th house planets (Sun+Mercury+Mars+Jupiter) aspect 10th house Pluto, 12th house Moon-Uranus conjunction in Scorpio aspects my MC.

    Ever since I could remember, I’ve been praised for my creative writing skills, but I never thought about becoming a professional writer (1st house Neptune aspects my Virgo MC). When I was 8 years old, I began keeping a journal, writing fiction for the neighborhood kids to read (Mercury-Neptune) and my friends and I started a book club. Writing always felt a means of expression or a means to an end, not the final destination.

    I’m slowly changing my mind about this because of the responses I still get from my writing. My easiest money comes from broadcasting and writing my opinions. Ruler of my 2nd house in the 9th house. Venus in Gemini (7th house) and Mars in Gemini (6/7th house). You don’t think Mercury rules Virgo but I do, which makes Mercury the ruler of my MC. It’s the strongest planet in my chart (according to # of aspects and your strong Mercury quiz).

    I’m at a point where I want to change my vocation, but am not sure what I want to do now. All I know is that it should and will involve communication and healing of some sort (10th house Pluto. Sun, Moon and MC aspects Chiron. 8th and 12th house planets).

    I’ve been studying astrology for years now and have stumbled into getting paid for consultations (again, because of my writings not my desire to become an astrologer). The #1 question I get is about career direction. Meanwhile, I’m lost about mine (Neptune square MC). I welcome any opinions on the matter.

    • ” The #1 question I get is about career direction. Meanwhile, I’m lost about mine (Neptune square MC). I welcome any opinions on the matter.”

      FANCY THAT! Perhaps it is a truism: we teach what we must/want/need to learn???

      • Hehe. That sounds true to me, Kat. But I feel like a fraud helping them discover their vocation when I don’t know mine.

        I’m learning so much by reading the stories here, though…

  41. Please excuse the typos. I have a lot on my mind right now…

  42. Big topic! Thanks. I’ve always had a strong sense of calling: 9th house Sun conjunct MC; 10th house Moon conjunct MC; 10th house Mercury (natally Rx) conjunct MC. But … focus and direction have changed several times, or gone through several iterations, and/or it took a while to gather all the higher learning needed (4 planets in the 9th): 10th house Sun (conjunct MC) square Pluto; 12th house Chiron opposing 6th. house Uranus (Rx natally); and 6th house South Node. Oh, yes. Pluto’s squaring my MC.

    And. Overall, I’m a very strong outer planet person, with very strong Scorpionic energies, and my Sun squares my Asc. with my Part of Fortune in the 1st house = I’ve had to work really hard to figure out who I am, and who I am IS what I will do — my destiny.

    I wanted to be an explorer, a discoverer of new things when young. Then, a surgeon. Then, social worker. Always art and writing have called me, but never considered them for a career. Thought classical musician was it for a while, when younger. Finally got to psychologist, focusing on the synergy of art and healing. And now, it’s astrology.

    Forgot! MC is Scorpio. Thanks, Donna, this is GREAT.

  43. I didn’t have an answer to the ‘what do you want to do when you grow up question’ when I was a child. Although I remember at one point I wanted to work in a book shop. As a teenager I probably wanted to be a computer programmer. I took a degree in maths because I was good at it and found it interesting and thought it would probably be useful. When I was 18 I discovered astrology and taught myself how to calculate a horoscope, every since then I have really wanted to be an astrologer and have studied it a lot but have never gotten further than that.

    I did a masters after my degree, also mathematical but more business related, and then ended up doing financial/spreadsheet work. Found the finance stuff really dull but I’m good with spreadsheets and it met my urge to do programming. I worked for a number of years in an investement bank but felt a sort of moral disgust for it so I became a maths teacher instead a couple of years ago. I don’t remember ever wanting to be a teacher when I was young but it feels much better than banking. Ultimately I would like to combine teaching and astrology in some way, maybe doing each part time.

    Astrologically, I have Sun tightly conjunct Mercury (in Cancer), both conjunt the Asc (from the 12th) and all three trine to Uranus (in Scorpio) and the MC (in Pisces), and squaring Pluto. I think the maths and computing stuff is the Mercury trine Uranus, but I would also associate this with the astrology. I have the Moon in Sagittarius in the 6th opposing Jupiter and these I would associate with the teaching. My Pisces MC is squared by Neptune in the 6th which is why I think I’ve found it very confusing to work out what to do for a career.

  44. I am in the camp of didn’t know what I wanted to be when I grew up. Can’t remember anyone asking, or anyone telling (parentally speaking). There were no great expectations required of me, as there were for many above. Good and Bad.
    Freedom (moon trine uranus) was my gig, as a little one escaped into nature as often as possible. There were very few kids in the hood. It was me and the water & the sand & birds and fish. And the row boat (pisces MC?).

    Early school years deep compassion for the underdog – mentally challenged, ecnomically disadvantaged, racially isolated. I’d use my fists if necessary to protect those being ridiculed.
    In 7th grade my book report was on Reincarnation. You could find perhaps a paragraph in the ecyclopedia and maybe 3-4 books at the library by Edgar Cayce. Jimmy’s was on the Stock Market – I was fascinated (Capricorn Sun)

    High school – drugs, sex and rock & roll. Still no inkling of what I was to “be” when I grew up. Nobody asked and nobody cared – had to figure it out on my own. Astrology helped to make sense of my life then, still does. Career direction continues to be a mystery. Meanwhile, I worked w/ the disenfranchised: the mentally ill, the elderly, kids at risk.

    During my 20th year I married. I’ve made a career out of it! Most longstanding comittment I’ve ever made in my entire life (saturn in 7th) and believe me, it can be hard work at times. I was barren for 16yrs (air on the 5th hse cusp) until technology intervened and made me a Mama! (moon/uranus). Lately, I find myself giving a great deal of thought about what our kids will be when they grow up (college around the corner). Somehow this concern ties into me thinking I have not yet become “it” – what I wanna “be”. Can’t quite put my finger on the pulse of it.
    Did I mention I married a man who is not only my Saturn in the 7th (keep in mind Sag is on the cusp!) but I’m thinking he is also my Venus in Cap in the 8th. Which lends itself to giving me the gift and the freedom to publish a yoga book for kids, to play & sing & dance & create & have fun & laugh ALOT on a daily basis with the little ones I teach (ruler of the MC; Neptune and Jupiter in the 5th house of kids/creativity/pleasure. And my precious Saggy Moon in the 6th – Plus! Sun ruling the 3rd). Holy cow! Here I am being a little kid when I’m all grown up (5th hse North Node), for now. Stay tuned as both Chiron & Neptune will soon pass by the Spot on the Top.

    • Hey Kat,

      I have Uranus trine moon, the main “good ‘n’ easy” aspect it has (Saturn/Jup/Merc/Pluto squ moon; N Node conjunct moon, Nep inconjunct moon, Asc s-sq moon. Do have a sextile with Chiron though I’m not sure always how Chiron “works” in my chart). I really related to your running off into the woods to escape and be with nature, to roam wild there- I did the same thing in my childhood and have been starting to do this again recently.

      • Oops, forgot Sun square moon in that mess too

  45. Hi Donna,

    I don’t think I ever as a kid said I wanted to be a fireman, teacher, etc.. I was more clear about what I didn’t want to do – and many of those things ended up being my job or situations where I worked. At the same time I always had a vague notion of the type of position I wanted. I wanted to run something, a program, a business, a something, but in a more non-convential manner. For instance, working as equals/a collaboration – no hierarchy to stand in the way, rather it be just a supportive ground sort of situation, where the buck stops but also no overbearing authority.

    As I’ve mentioned, I’m learning astrology as you teach here, so I suspect the big cluster of stuff with my Midheaven all have their input. MC in Libra which is also my sun sign. Then there’s Saturn, Neptune, Venus and Mars all in Libra, too.

    Thanks for the continuing education. Your posts always guide me to delve deeper and I think I am really starting to connect dots I never thought I would.


  46. Your question, Donna, brought back my first desire, to own one hundred horses.

    (Own them mind you, not do anything with them.) Being raised on a farm I didn’t know many options. Sun and mercury in Taurus, 11th house, Venus in 10th.
    Been on a farm all my life, and probably will never leave. Love to garden and raise anything green or with fur, wool or feathers. The only thing I feel I can do well is raise little things to be big things. In everything else I feel like a remarkable failure.

    My mother was always asking me that I was going to be and I never seemed to come up with the answer she wanted. (Moon Neptune conj, Libra in fifth.)

    Way back then we women were allowed to be nurses, teachers, a mother and, YUCK, housewife. Which implied that one would have to have a husband and I, with Mars retrograde didn’t want that. I am always amazed how people can’t seem to wrap their minds around the fact that I DO NOT want a man. Of course it boggles my mind when a woman WANTS a man. Like, for what?

    I did take the option of being a teacher. Aquarius MC, Jupiter in 10th, Uranus conj Gemini ascendant. But didn’t amount to much, substitute for a few years, later did teach adults and loved that, but that was very short lived. (Empty second Cancer house, ruled by moon in fifth. Empty Eighth house, Capricorn, Saturn in 4th.)

    Have a grand square (Venus, Mars, Chiron and Asc) in mutable signs, tenth, sixth and fourth houses. I suppose I should expect change?

    Have worked as a photographer, and in a photo shop, and lots of little jobs, sometime as many as three at at time, plus the farm.

    The first psychic I went to told me I would be good at writing and watercolours. (I didn’t know what watercolour was!) First Reflexologist told me I’d be good at healing work. I could not see how that would help the cows. The first astrologer that I went to told me I could write of children’s books and illustrate them. Can you believe none of them said farming?

    I was a massage therapist and loved that until Uranus went over my MC. What a kick in the . . . career.

    This body demanded time off, and I’ve been searching for quite a few years, what I can so with limited physical body. I guess my search wasn’t going well enough for the Universe, because I’ve recently torn cartilage in both knees and broken one leg. How’s that for slowing a person down?

    For the fun of it I’ve been painting and going to art classes and art clubs. I love the people (unique souls) and I just love messing in paint. I think I may have finally grown up and I want to be an artist. (Neptune in the fifth, the impossible dreamer, in mutual reception to Venus in the tenth.)

    I’ve tinkered with Astrology for many years, but I never want to do consultations. Maybe write a column for the newspapers on say, the upcoming weather. Have taken the first part of Weather Forecasting by Carolyn Egan, and I still might do that.
    Uranus (1st) trine Jupiter (10), progressed mercury in Gemini, approaching the first house.

    But, the upcoming Jupiter Uranus conjunction in Aries will knock on my 10th house North Node and I can hardly wait for that.

    As Donna has kindly pointed out I have an unusual chart with three signs in my 10th and 4th houses. (Aquarius, Pisces and Aries 10th. Leo, Virgo and Libra, 4th.). I feel like I’ve done the Aquarius/teacher phase and wandered in the Pisces haze, and now, ready to enter the Aries phase.

    Looking forward to that, I think?

    • Hi Judy! Great analysis of yourself!

      Your earthy planets would well be happy with the farming option, supported by 4th house Saturn. But your 10th house ruler Uranus on your Asc in Gemini definitely wants you to try several things (without male support :)), before you will be able to blend the needs of all your planets in a vocation.
      You’re on the way! Good luck!

      Gabby R.

    • but what about the horses?? did you get any?

  47. So funny, Donna, some of the themes in your horoscope are reflected in mine. I also have the Moon conjunct MH, albeit from the 10th house and the Sun in a loose conjunction in Jupiter in the 12th.

    My earliest dream job seems being a priest (teaching, preaching and a little bit of showmanship – the cusp of my 6th house is in Leo). That’s what happens when you’re brought up in a predominantly Roman Catholic country. It’s also a useful lesson in horoscope vs. external circumstances – had I been born in a Protestant family, who knows, I might have become a minister. Anyway, soon I had to realize this path of career was closed for me but I firmly believe that if I ever have a granddaughter, I want her to be an RC bishop 🙂 I have Eris on my Asc so I believe in women fighting for their rights.

    At school, I was an overall good student, but soon langugages turned out to be my forte and I ended up as a college teacher of foreign languages and literature (Jupiter conjunct Sun, cusp of the 9th in Sag). And recently I was dragged by my students (my Sun is, after all, in the 12th) into doing bit parts in their theatre group, so the part of me that enjoys showmanship a little bit is satisfied as well.

    My job requires doing lots of academic writing, but I still dream of going into creative writing – after all, in my chart Mercury is even more closely conjunct Jupiter than the Sun and according to your planetary score quizzes, the Moon is my strongest planet. I remember reading somewhere that a strong Moon is very good for writers since it gives them empathy, so maybe in the end I’ll manage to muster enough energy to write something not for an academic journal.

    • The astrological and vocational parallels surely are uncanny, Tatiana! Donna

  48. Growing up I was one of those middle-class kids with the round the clock schedules (from school to german classes to piano classes to painting classes to math tutoring to bed -at last!), so it’s fair to say I got a pretty good taste of everything.
    My parents wanted me to follow a conventional status-oriented capricornian career path like my sisters. I, in turn, was giving out fiery speeches about work being the modern equivelant of slavery (Uranus in the 3rd, Aquarius SN), assuring everyone I met that I’d never work and that I’d become an eternal student, instead.(Sun,merc,jup conj. in Virgo). Back in the day, I didn’t even want to go to college, it seemed very restricting or traditional or predictable for my wild adolescent tastes (thank god I chickened out of that!)
    But I was secretly dreaming of doing sth huge (angular sun?1st house stellium? plutonian megalomania?), I just couldn’t figure out what that could be. I knew I didn’t wanna be an actress or a pop-star or famous, but, apart from that, no ideas! So, I started with plan A.
    After studying some -ologies and some languages, I now have my choice of respectable careers, but here’s the catch- I hate all of my choices (studying sth is one thing, making a career of it is yet another, and I stubbornly refused to make that link when I had the choice). But since it’s pay time for being a headstrong brat, I just chose the least appalling one and went for it. The most painful thing about it is not the job itself, it’s that I can’t identify with my life anymore, it’s like living in someone else’s body.
    Oh, I finally figured out what that ‘big thing’ could be for me (sth that would incorporate all facets of my chart) at 23, but, for reasons I don’t want to go into right now, I couldn’t go for it at that time.
    But after spending 3 full years of my life (26-29) in a vengeful, self-destructive mode, I think I’m ready to start working to that direction. Only this time I’ll choose the safest way possible, no more foolish risks. And, frankly, at this point, I don’t even care about results, even to know I’ve tried and failed would be soo liberating.
    People here have shared profound stories of parental/societal sabotage. And though that is true for most of us, I’d like to share some thoughts on self-sabotage, which to me is what ultimately brings us down, and -astrologically- is directly linked to contradicting themes in our charts, imo.
    I feel I have 3 competing, not-in-speaking-terms-most-of-the-time selves. There’s my virgo stellium-strong pluto self that wants to work 20 hours a day to accomplish sth great. There’s my mutable self that wants to travel the world, spending 2 years in each country amassing experiences, and last (and least), there’s this tiny taurus-cancer part of me that just wants a nice warm house and a simple life spent between yoga and sculpturing classes,away from obsessions and paranoid nonsense.
    As for astrology, I don’t know if it would have helped me. I never liked Gemini (my MC) careers (writting, teaching, children, journalism etc) nor Virgo careers (doctor,health care practitioner,librarian etc). Plus, an astrologer would probably pinpoint my weak saturn (scored 0/10, your orbs/my orbs), my mutability and my 2nd-8th opp. and scare the hell out of me!
    Out of curiosity, in your experience, what do 1st house suns/stelliums usually do for a living?

    • My friend doesn’t have a stellium but he does have Mars and Sun conjunct the Ascendant (gemini). He is a soloist musician now, but he is really more like an entertainer. He and his parents say that when he was younger he wanted to be an actor, but the trumpet thing had him hooked. He made his fame by playing in the Canadian Brass, which often had a lot of humor and acting as part of the show. Two cents’ worth, though really it seems like the influence of Sun (leonine qualities- superstar, acting, entertainment, performing) with Gemini (always moving, talkative, friendly), and a little Mars of course (ambition, energy)

      PS- Funny note, the Canadian Brass vets any potential members for the group with their astrologer before hiring them. True story!

      • Wise people there @ the Canadian Brass, Dizzy. Thanks for the response 🙂
        P.S. Love your nick!

      • BTW, is your boyfriend’s conjunction opposed by Neptune in Sag., maybe?
        That could explain the talent in music. (I have sun on the asc but I can’t sing a note, and I call my piano years “years of my martyrdom” 🙂 -mom wouldn’t let me quit)

  49. When I was young, I dreamed of being an archaeologist or geologist, as I was always curious to see what was below the surface, literally. I ended up going into admin roles, as I didn’t have the grades to achieve either role. Ah, well.

    Anyway, I found out I have a stellium in the 8th house (Mercury, Venus and Jupiter) – that could explain my interests! I watch archaeological programs and read related magazines, it keeps the stellium happy.

    • 😉 I always thought archaeology would be fascinating, but sounded too boring. I like the idea, but the day-to-day of it YAWN. I have a Stellium in the 8th -Virgo – Pluto, Uranus, Jupiter, & Venus. I am learning more about Pluto and wonder if my life work is just digging out of the 8th! 🙂 Or perhaps a better word choice is deep sea diving! It is interesting the last thing I have ever ever wanted to do is dive – a huge fear of being underwater.

      • Hmm… the day-to-day stuff didn’t sound too bad, since I’m a details-oriented person. 😉 That could be explained by my Sun sextile a 12th house Saturn (looking for secrets in a methodical way?) and a Capricorn sixth house (a down to earth way of working?).

        Your 8th house Pluto does sound like a deep sea diving activity, that’s for sure! Or maybe exploring caves (going into the underworld, literally).

    • I love the archeology magazine too, but never had an interest in it when I was growing up. My high school boyfriend did, though, but it turned out that he became a nurse. Go figure. Donna

    • Love the idea of “keeping the stellium happy”. Mine loves to watch travel programs and reading sc-fi … it’s in the 9th.

  50. Hi Donna,

    when I was a kid, I wanted to be a farmer or a ZOO attendant. I wanted to look after animals until I was about 14, when my parents decided I was good at learning and sent me to a grammar school. Don’t know what accounts for my early animal obsession (IC in Taurus? Moon in Cancer?). Anyway, at grammar school, my favourites were English (I’m not a native) and history, so I went to study these, at Prague Uni, and became fond of the idea of teaching. So this is what I am now … a college teacher! The corresponding constellations would be: Sun conjunct Mercury conjunct Chiron in the 3rd house (Aries), and, perhaps, Venus in the 5th (Gemini) … I love showing off a bit in class 🙂

    But … recently, Pluto crossed my Cap Ascendant and is currently sextiling my Scorpio MC (conjunct Uranus from the 9th), and squaring my Jupiter-Pluto opposition … (3-9 house) and somehow, I’ve really got into astrology. I’m a beginner, and don’t even dream of doing it as my career, but the pull is very strong indeed.

    However, I think what whatever I do, there will always be an element of teaching, communicating information, and a bit of caring too (Cancer Moon trine MC).

  51. Hi Donna, great discussion, as always!

    Late coming to it, but I wanted to be a model, or air hostess, or nurse, or married to a rich man. These are not in my chart just reflective of the role models I was given when I was young. Thankfully I never did any of it (although perhaps a rich man would have been nice!)…

    However, when I think about what I did when I was very young..I had an insatiable appetite for books and used to write and illustrate stories…it wasn’t until I was in my twenties that this finally grew into a desire to be a writer, a desire still unfulfilled, as I’ve yet to finish/publish a book. Still, in astrology I have found my perfect writing medium and for the last two years have been writing articles and blog posts. The book dream is still alive and actually seems more alive than ever.

    My chart is dominated by a Jupiter in Gemini-Mercury in Sagittarius mutual reception in the 1st/7th. Also, Gemini ASC conjunct. Gemini N.N. Certainly, many of my jobs have been Geminian in flavour ~ teacher and secretary amongst them. I even worked in a TV newsroom for about three years, preparing scripts etc. My chart is also quite Aquarian, with MC in Aquarius and Moon, Mars and Venus all in the 10th in Aquarius. (Moon and Mars are closely conjunct the MC and both form a sesq. to Uranus and Pluto). I have worked in PR and Marketing (sports related), in technology (marketing and secretarial) and currently for a charity (in an administrative role) and of course, my small astrology practice.

    • Hi, Mandi, it sounds like you’re on your way to realizing that dream of being a writer. Given that 1st/7th mutual reception, I’d wonder if having a writing partner would give you a missing support–certainly you were a great partner for CJ and I in doing the Blogathon.

      One thing that has sustained me a good deal over the years is subscribing to the writing magazines (Writer’s Digest and the Writer). They give me lots of good writing tips and motivate me to keep writing, but, most importantly, they nurture my identity as a professional writer by making me feel like I belong among them.
      (For people who can’t afford the subscriptions, most public libraries have the current ones and tons of back issues.) Donna

      • Thanks Donna for the tips and the encouragement. Having a writing partner is food for thought as well, I will def. look into that.

  52. Well, for a very long time I wanted to be a vet really badly (Leo Moon + Cancer AC ?). I knew I wanted to heal animals instead of people, since it seemed to me that people were the ones causing most of the animal suffering (too much stuff in Virgo, I suppose… feels like I’ve been trying to make my peace with mankind all my life). In time, I realized I could not become a vet simply because I couldn’t stand dealing with animal suffering: it was a much too painful experience for me, emotionally (again, Leo Moon + Cancer AC, IMO). At the same time, I enjoyed mixing colourful liquids in small bottles, so I pursued math and biology and chemistry, and ended up with a degree in Bioengineering. Since then I have turned my back on 2 PhD offers, mostly due to personal choices: I have always put my personal life in front of my career (Saturn opposite MC? I wonder…), refusing to sacrifice the former to the latter. Another reason was that, as much as I like research, I need to feel there is a pratical purpose to what I’m doing, something that can have a REAL positive short-term effect on peoples lives, and so far none of the long-term projects I’ve been offered would take me in that direction. For 8 years I have been working in molecular diagnostics in the health sector. And the natal chart: Cap Sun and Merc, 6th house; Virgo Jup and Sat in 3rd house. Grand trine involving Sun, Jup and Chiron in Taurus, 10th house. I love my job, but it is just not enough anymore, so I have been studying astrology and loving the way it allows me to better understand the depths of human nature, both individually and collectively. Learning Astrology has been giving me a sense of fullfilment that I never felt before (finally putting to good use that 8th house Venus in Aquarius, squaring the Scorpio Uranus in the 5th). Still I long for something more, a more visible position in the world (Aries MC). Just haven’t figured out how to get there… yet 🙂

    About the nodes: My NN is in Virgo, so I am aware I need to focus on self-improvement and bringing all those wonderful Virgo gifts into the workplace. At times though I still feel an urge to escape the daily work (ah, that Pisces SN), as if the everyday routine became an unbearable burden… To avoid such a “useless” drive (Cap needs to be productive, always! ;-), I have been directing my spirituality to more “earthy” rituals, which ground me as I so need it and at the same time provide me with a kind of profound peace of mind that no “Pisces escape” has ever given me.

  53. EGYPTIAN Archaeologist. (Scorpio MC, Pluto 8th)…Always pictured myself working alone, bossing around my indigenous crew, (12th Cap Sun) and wearing a glamourous costume, (Venus 10th Scorpio). I craved adventure and higher learning, (Moon/Mercury Sag).
    These same natal aspects account for my brief facination with being a nun. After visiting a convent (cool, dark, mysterious, quiet) where women did “good things”, had a Mother Superior, and wore black all the time. Alas, they only believed in one god.

  54. I hope I’m not too late. When I was a little kid I wanted to be an artist. I already was an artist. I also wanted to be a teacher, a nurse and a veterinarian (not necessarily in that order) but those were things I wanted to be, not what I actually was.
    In 9th grade, I took art (and did every year in High School except one) and I had a great teacher. Sometime during that year, she told me that Art was not a good career choice, i would starve. Being a dutiful child (is that my capricorn MH?) I immediately changed my plans and started a search that lasted for 40 years. That’s right, 40 years of sometimes intense soul searching. A couple years ago, I figured it out, I was meant to be an artist, and in my free time I am pursuing that very thing.
    So I look back to those days, trying to figure out when that was to find an aspect.

    I had Uranus and pluto leaving my natal 5th house, and Jupiter in my second house. That’s about the time I had that talk with that teacher. Ironically, I won the art award that year at 9th grade graduation. I was very proud of that little award, but now I look and see Mercury and Jupiter were at the IC when I got that award.
    I continued with art in school but never with the same intensity, it was now downgraded to a hobby.

    • correction, only Pluto was natally in my 5th house, Uranus was natallly right at the IC, in the 3rd..

    • Hi MImi – Your comment reminded me of my own squashed dreams of being an artist. So squashed though, that I never even really dreamed it as a child. It remained in the background like some kind of vague longing, although I think I had some innate talent. I never took any formal art classes, yet managed to win several art contests as a kid. I don’t ever remember any adult commenting or encouraging in that direction, so I never did a thing with it. I don’t think it ever even occurred to me, even though like you, I think I was probably meant to be an artist (among other things).

      Many years later, (during the last Jupiter/Uranus conjunction which was conjunct my 5th house Aquarius Moon) I began to pursue it as a serious hobby and sold quite a few prints without really trying. An astrologer recently used one of my pieces (of a horse) on her blog.

      Like you, I’m sensitive to discouragement, particularly from authority type figures. When I began to think about other ways to earn a living and asked one astrologer during a reading if she saw it as a potential career, she responded with something along the lines of “Well, it wouldn’t be fine art.” (which it wouldn’t), and I felt squashed once again.

      I’m wondering if you have any squares to your natal 5th house planet(s)? I attribute my lack of encouragement to my natal 4th house Saturn, which sits at the exact midpoint of my Moon square Mercury/Neptune/Jupiter. Does your Capricorn MC square anything in your chart?

      I’m glad you’re pursuing your art. I know how it feeds the soul. Sorry for the long comment, but your comment really struck a chord.

      • I do not have any squares to Pluto in the 5th house. I have south node in Virgo there (in the 5th house).

        Some children are so impressionable, like you and I, wanting to please our authority figures. Sigh.. thank YOU for posting. no apologies for long comments allowed. 🙂

      • so my sun and moon do square the south node, but i didn’t think aspects to the nodes counted.

    • Hi MImi – Thanks for responding. I checked out your site and your art is amazing; Pluto’s influence is apparent. So then you have Sun/Moon square the Nodes? If I understood correctly, then it seems connecting with others and using the internet (11th house North Node) as a way to share your art (5th house South Node) would be an ideal way to blend the best of both. I definitely think aspects to the Nodes count.

  55. My earliest recollection of what I wanted to be when I grew up was a nurse. I think there was an innate desire to help people (Moon in the 7th, South Node in Pisces). In fourth grade, the coolest Christmas present I got was a microscope so I could look at my own blood cells that my pediatrician had given me a slide of in encouragement of my budding scientific mind (Moon in Gemini, Saturn in Virgo square Mercury in Sagittarius, North Node in Virgo).

    Somewhere, owing to my Gemini Moon, I started dabbling in astronomy. I got a planetarium for Christmas and the “Audubon Field Guide to the Night Sky”. I became fascinated with the stars (3 planets and ASC in Sagittarius) and dreamed of interstellar travel. I also got pretty interested in earth sciences and wanted to be a meteorologist and predict the weather. By 10 years old, I wanted to be a writer or a poet (Mercury conjunct Neptune). There’s Gemini again, all over the place with ideas and ambitions.

    When I entered middle school, I had some deeply discouraging setbacks in my learning as I struggled to keep up with science and math. I shut down and turned towards art, another talent of mine, and continued my writing. I convinced myself I wasn’t smart enough to be a scientist and when I thought about exploring astronomy again, my father warned me that I would have to know physics to be a astronomer. I shut down again.

    Leaving high school, I started to move towards my MC in Libra. I went to college for creative writing, but lost confidence in myself again after a couple of years. By the time I graduated, I had a double degree in Communications and Studio Art. I self taught myself web design (Libra MC, Sun conjunct Uranus) and stepped into the nascent field at the time.

    Now I want to be an astrologer when I grow up. In a way it’s gone full circle — the love of science, analytical thought (Mercury square Saturn), the wanting to help people. The only element out of left field are my growing intuitive skills. Saturn square two of my personal planets really put a damper on my confidence growing up, but I’m starting to grow into my Pluto in Libra conjunct my MC now that I’ve hit my Saturn Return.

  56. I think I wanted to be a teacher, like lots of kids since they’re one of your main role models. Otherwise I never seemed to know (maybe Neptune conjunct my IC in 3rd). I do remember writing from very young – had many pen pals over the years, including long letter exchanges with my mother’s uncle who lived in Florida who I never met. I can still see his handwriting on those crisp stationery pages almost 50 years later. I have Mercury, Venus and Pluto conjunct in Virgo first house sextile Jupiter/Neptune in Scorpio in the 3rd. My North Node is in Libra in the 3rd house. My whole professional career has been in writing (training/marketing first in high tech, now in medical/pharma).

  57. A funny habit of mine has something to with the ‘what do you want to be when you grow up’ question. As a very small kid, I liked carrying around an attache. I found a Fisher Price doctor bag w/ play dr. toys and loved it! I carried it with me everywhere! I also liked carrying around an FB portable school desk with crayons, paper, and pencils.

    When I finished college and landed my first regular job, I had a leather attache with my reading, paper, pens, and “activity stuff.” I like having something to do, always (Gemini Rising trine Uranus, Virgo Sun & Mercury, Aquarius MC also trine Uranus). I still carry that beat-up attache at age 37!! Yes, I always figured I needed to do something with my mind and imagination (and to a degree, detective work) for any career I choose!

    • I can just see you as a little tyke, carrying around that bag! Donna

  58. Hello Donna,
    When I was a young child, I wanted to be a nun very very badly. I used to talk to God a lot; I read books about medieval mystics like St. Catherine of Sienna; St.Theresa of Avila etc. Later (after discovering boys and chucking the nun idea!) the vision changed to being some kind of mystic doctor like Albert Schweitzer. I was not at all interested in AFrica however. I was, since early childhood, totally taken by the Far East–Pearl Buck was my favourite author. I did not get into med school the first time around and ended up training as a physiotherapist. As soon as I graduated I was all set to go to Sarawak in northern Indonesia for a two year stint as a Canadian-equivalent of Peace Corps volunteer (CUSo). At nearly the eleventh hour of those plans, that job was cancelled and I ended up going to AFrica after all–WestAFrica where I worked for three years, ages 23-26. I returned to Canada; moved to the east coast and went to med school; my dream of being a tropical medicine doctor again revitalized. However, once I ended up in medical school I found myself drawn to Psychiatry. …and the story goes on … Today I am a psychiatrist who has integrated a host of “alternative” modalities into her practice including acupuncture, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Yoga, centring and focussing techniques, flow dance, chanting and all sorts of breath work. I used astrology openly in my practice for more than two years before I stopped practicing in late 2009. Today, I am a 55 year old stay at home mom (divorced as of tomorrow!) to my adopted 7 year old Ethiopian son and I do independent research in neuroscience AND I am writing spoken word poetry about the evolution of consciousness; I am completing the writing of a musical stage production; a children’s book will be published in the fall; and I am making stain glass; creating labyrynths, and running a doggie day care to pay the bills. All of my creative work centres on themes that perhaps I can summarize as the science of spirituality.
    My natal Pluto is conjunct Midheaven in early Virgo; square Saturn which is conjunct my ascendent in Scorpio; Pluto is opposite my Mercury in the third house Aquarius; Mercury is 7 degrees conjunct my sun in Aquarius; Neptune is in LIbra in the 12th house square Uranus in the 9th and Jupiter in the 8th; Jupiter and Uranus are tightly conjunct in Cancer; Venus, in second house Capricorn is trine my Midheaven; Mars is in Aries fifth house sextile my sun. Neptune is trine my Sun. I have no planets in my sixth house (Taurus). In my 10th house is my moon (in Virgo) which is inconjunct to both my Sun and Mars.
    Sorry, I don’t really know enough to say clearly what positions and aspects fit with what part of my story but I thought I would throw all of this in anyway just to see if it is of interest to you.

    • Quite a fascinating story, Judith, and you were clearly one of those dream-driven children like myself. The strength of Pluto in your chart–all those aspects–is about what it would take to complete the education needed for psychiatry. I’d be interested to see what sort of score you got on the Pluto test. (It’s one of a series of tests for the strength of the planets, here: . ) All the outer planets sound strong–you’re what we call an Outer Planet Person.

      If tomorrow is D-Day (Divorce), do something kind for yourself. Donna

  59. As always, I bite on these cute posts and end up digging a whole lot more! Thanks for another post that brings me into self search mode.
    I share a lot of the experiences others shared here, especially related to having many interests. MH in gemini, Asc virgo so mercury rules both, and it is in th 6th in Aq, conjunct Jupiter in pisces that rules IC (where NN is) so jupiter seems to expand the range of interest.
    As a kid, loved animals, and documentaries about them and archeology or anthropology. But then you’d find me, almost invariably, immersed in drawing, painting, mixing, molding or building something. If you see my school notebooks, the pages from front-to back were neat, with detailed notes, then the last few pages back-to front full of drawings and symbols, always drawn to symbols and loved everything that was creative, magical, secret and mysterious (pluto/moon there, trining venus in 5th I’d say, and Pisces sun) most drawings had to do with the feminine, flowing, colorful images. I ended up studying Graphic Design and Architecture (saturn in gemini MH) I’ve worked in, and enjoy everything related to design in one way or another.

    I’m finding hard to articulate the whole picture since a lot of planets are involved, but it seems that neptune transit activating the trine in career houses is pouring over creative endeavors and a renovated interest in astrology.

    p.s I need to get my hands on that book of OP in career houses soon!

  60. Hello again, Donna!
    Thank you for your kind words.

    My planet scores are as follows:
    Pluto 65; Saturn 58; Uranus 40; Neptune 35; Mercury 65; and Moon 19. Strong outer planets for sure; plus a strong Mercury.

    re: Divorce. In early February, I am hosting a Marriage Celebration evening for invited women friends at a lovely Victorian house owned by the local business women’s organization. I was a very kind, loving, and committed wife and I want to honour that. The evening will include singing; spoken word; and spontaneous sharing of the good, the bad, and the ugly as well as the unrehearsed performance of a fractured fairy tale that I have written, by lucky members of the audience who have drawn a role out of a hat. On the invitation it says: It’s my party and I’ll sing, laugh, dance, cry and tell jokes if I want to!


    • I guess you could say, I wanted to be you when I grew up. However, with Neptune in my 2nd house in Libra; North node in Pisces in my 7th house, and Saturn conj the South node in my 1st house, I aspired to fulfill the fairytale. Wish I was able to be part of your celebration.
      I’ve returned to school to study psychology and I love it.

      Donna K.

  61. Hi Donna,

    Hope there’s still time for this research.

    I’ll mix two points first and then talk about my chart aspects/vocational houses-angles.

    Careers (moon and mars in gemini gives me tons of ideas/temptations):

    Nun – age 9 (The Sound of Music and my love for music plus some neptune awakening I was having for sure…yet liked boys too much to go for it plus being the only believer of a creator/s/Spirit in a family of atheists was pretty challenging and discouraging to say the least)

    Teacher – age 10 (had my younger brother sitting while I taught him, using a blackboard in my room)

    Actress – ages 10 to 16 (was the lead in many school plays up till I was fed up of being casted as a male character and never a girl because at 1.76m I was ‘too tall’ for a girl) Think I’ll join an amateur group one day and see how it is.

    To be of service to people – age 11 (wrote this bit in a letter to my mum)

    Singer or/and musician – ages ‘from ever’ to ‘now’ (was in choirs as a teen; have gone to individual and group classes; sing in the shower and at home; learned Spanish guitar for some years)

    Writer – started age 11 and have been on and off about it. Published first personal work last year after having done so with some professional work. Nothing major yet hoping to do some more. Have sun trines saturn yet would love to have more saturnian energy in my chart, especially after all I learned via many hard aspects to planets from saturn in the last years.

    Lawyer – teenage years. Got to study many types of laws during my business degree. Loved and excelled at it yet it was a lot of reading and felt I better finish the first degree.

    I won’t go on as I’ve tried many hats in the last decade.


    -Trainee child counsellor/psychotherapist, would like to do some family therapy sessions in schools. Learn lots about boundaries in my training, hooray!

    -Have thought lately of becoming a trainer (teacher) regarding setting up counselling in schools, to complement the first job.

    -Still sing at home, might do something public one day if I dare…Will learn to play the piano (give it a go, Gemini speaking, and see…would love to)

    Chart (cues for teaching and writing, helping professions, music and spiritual inclinations)

    -Lack of earth in the chart and grew up in a family with lots of earth (so this neptunian chick was deemed as pretty spaced out…chose to be saturnian in my twenties and it took an uranus transit and the current neptune conjunction to my mercury to remind me that I’m a pisces and neptunian, and that’s great!)

    -Pisces sun (4th house) square neptune (2nd house), square moon (8th house), trine saturn (in the 9th house ruling 3rd) and square mars (8th house)
    -Leo midheaven
    -Scorpio rising, 12th house uranus conjunct ascendant
    -2nd house sagittarius; 6th house aries with jupiter inside (it trines midheaven, sextiles mars and venus and mercury); mars sextiles midheaven
    -venus and mercury (conjunct) opposite midheaven

    Want to stop writing now, uff!

    Best, C

  62. My Midheaven as a child was Taurus, and to my recent surprise one occupation that has to do with is being a singer, which I always wanted to be. I sing now in public and on youtube but I didn’t start till five years ago when I was 50. I’ve been studying astrology and am thinking possibly my Chiron wound in Aquarius and both my parents’ wounds in Taurus might have had something to do with the prevention of it from happening until so late in life. My mom was the dominant parent and had a Taurus Sun. What happens though when our Progressed Midheaven changes signs? I mean I had major jaw problems for 20 years, btw, it wasn’t just that I didn’t try; I couldn’t have, except actually, ironically, it is where the jaw lands when one sings that shows the correct bite. I just don’t see the freewill in anything with this Chiron deal. The more aware I become the more I see that no one makes mistakes, they just weave their life through the maze.

    • My teacher, Rod Chase used to tell me that Taurus was good for singers, as it rules the throat. I believe the Chiron return is in the 50s somewhere. Donna

  63. Hi Donna, I’m a bit late to respond but I’ll give it a go, anyways. As a very young child I was fascinated with art, paintings, furniture, houses, etc. My father was a master carpenter and was always dabbled with construction. Natally I have Mars, Saturn, Moon conjunct in the 4th house. My midhaven is Taurus (and I loved to sing as a child, as well). But, I was fascinated with the interiors of people’s homes, architecture and stained glass in our church, etc. As young as 3 years old, I remember I would lie down on the living room carpet and stare at the ceiling. I figured out that the ceiling was exactly like the floor plan (only with no furniture to deal with) and I could re-decorate the room from there. I was particularly annoyed with the overhead light fixture, however. And, had to work around that. As far as my chart…I have Mercury at 1 degree Capricorn conjunct Venus and the Sun in the 5th house. I did grow up to be an interior designer. I enjoyed the creative aspect of the field but found a great deal of frustration, as well. My 6th house has Chiron in Capricorn conjunct North Node. I think this was where a bit of the frustration came in. I truly wished to help my clients achieve a personal space that reflected their personalities and where they could lead a healthy existence. What I didn’t bargain for were the petty arguments amongst the couples, blatant power trips with regard to budget and/or lack of respect or courtesy directed towards me (who was just trying to help them and do her job). I’m now retired from this field and I do miss the creative aspect but do not miss the other less positive aspects!

    • Interesting peek into a field I knew little about, Dee. I have to say dealing with interior design clients sounds a lot like what I experienced when I was web designer for a few years. I love the creative process, but the clients were flat out neurotic. Even people I had known well and who I thought were well-adjusted turned neurotic and difficult when it came to their web pages. Donna

  64. Wonderful site, excellent subject. At around 4 years of age I dreamed of being a dressmaker, like my mother. I achieved my dream,after my children were born I worked from home, Cancer on MC, I loved my work. Then I had another dream to have boutique, this was achieved to learn astrology in 6 lessons (smile) I quickly learnt if I lived to be 100 I would never stop learning. I dreamed of helping others to help turn this world into a better place. Although I achieved my professional certificate, today it is just a hobby, if anyone needs help from the astrogical viewpoint I am only to happy to help.
    My Moon in Leo conj. Pluto in the 10th & trine Saturn in the 6th, shows wonderful possibities, yet I have allowed south node conj. MC plus a stationary Neptune in the 12th in Virgo to throw a spanner in the works. My Neptune makes hard aspects to my stellium in the 8th, Saturn & Jupiter.

  65. Since a very early age I had a strong desire to change the “world”. I knew, instinctively, that it was corrupt and intrinsically misogynistic in nature. I felt very different from my family and peer group and had many clashes with both. I have Venus Retrograde in Scorpio so I do not share the same value system as what is currently in place. I have Mars in Leo in the 10th H. Conjunct my NN is the MC…in opposition to Saturn in Aquarius which is conjunct my SN. Not a very good set-up as I am pulled back into past life behaviourial patterns by Saturn……not to mention I have very heavy responsibilities to a very large family. :/
    Having a Balsamic Moon Phase points clearly to me being a “seed planter” for the next generation as well as being a catalyst for massive change having Pluto conjunct Uranus in the 11th House. Jupiter in Pisces opposses Uranus so this is a grand desire to bring about change on a grand scale. As I grew to understand that there was a structure in place that appeared to give one an opportunity to manifest such a destiny I decided that I would become an attorney for children ( Leo Midheaven / Libra Rising ) thus working my way up into Congress and possibly a higher position ( yes, I contemplated becoming the first woman president of America, lol ) so as to create a wider orb of influence. I absolutely detest this current paradigm and have never been swayed from this revulsion of such an unbalanced and cruel world.
    I enrolled in pre-law studies after the birth of my 3rd child and felt that I was moving in the “right” direction.
    When I first attended college it was at the behest of my mother who prompted me to take up Journalism as I was a prolific writer and was told by my teachers that my work was publishable ( Sagittarius Sun conj. Merc in the2nd, Gemini on the 9th H cusp ? ) Not sure where this writing talent shows up in my chart but this talent seems to have “left the building” once I became a wife and mother.
    Anyway, I come from a background of incest and physical abuse so my focus was not entirely on my personal desires. I have Neptune conj. Venus and Moon in Scorpio ( 1st H ) and so have very few boundaries….or self interest.
    An Astrologer once told me that this was the “Leaky boat syndrome” and it has definitely manifested in this way through my lack of understanding why I allow people to harm my person. With Jupiter in Pisces making a trine to this stellium I really have no self interest at all! My focus has always been on helping others. I did not finish these studies as my parents disowned me at this point when they learned that I was having an intimate relationship with my boyfriend. Without any extended family or friends I found myself quite homeless. I decided to join the military ( Mars in the 10th H ) but was told that they did not have a vacancy until a much later time. In the interim I made a very “bad” choice to take a road trip with my boyfriend to visit his brothers in New Orleans. Very, very stupid on my part. I ended up stranded and beholden to others for my survival. ( I do have to say that I was shown this eventuality in a dream when I was 15 so perhaps it was destiny.) Ok, fast forward to 1988 when I enrolled in pre-law studies. I had 3 children and a very abusive and lazy husband so was overwhelmed with the responsibilty of caring for my large family ( Saturn in the 4th ) so in 1993 had to give up the dream of finishing school and becoming an instrument for change.
    During this period I got an insiders view of the “justice system” and became so disillusioned with the entire “system” that I knew that there was no such thing as inspiring change through a corrupt and closed-looped system. Trust me, we are fooled into thinking there is a justice system. There is none.

    Ok, so my focus vascillated between surviving economic hardships with my four sons to desiring to make necessary changes in the world. I realized, though, in 2000 that the change must begin with me so I took up the study of Astrology.

    I also had a massive love and desire for theatre life but have no ability to put myself in the spotlight ( Moon in the 1st H I suppose creates a need for privacy )….although that Leo NN sure has a desire to shine it’s light!
    As I mature I realize that the ultimate desire for that “spotlight” must provide a channel or conduit to which this light allows for the reflection of all light sources. Everyone must be allowed center stage.
    It is not lost on me that a Leo Midheaven has a powerful position in the world and with great power comes great responsibility. The adjudication of such a position requires one to hone and refine their skills with true wisdom and dignity thus transfering this power to others in loving brotherhood. Being one who has never enjoyed subservience I could never imagine myself as being a subverter. It goes against my very nature.

    Right now, I am bound to my home through a medical malpractice ( Saturn in the 4th H ) so have given up any and all dreams of being a positive change in this world ( except for my little sphere of influence). Not to mention that the education system is designed for mere profit and allows one a minimum of expressing their true potential at this current time.

    I do use the computer to do research and voice my opinion but am not using it to it’s full potential…or mine. ( This is clearly Uranus at work in the 111th H along with that Aquarius 4th H! ) When one door closes, another opens? I must go think about this long and hard.

    Thanks for keeping us on our toes, Donna. It helps a great deal to do this introspective work.

  66. oh my goodness! the last time i posted on this thread was two years ago, january 8th & 9th. i have a MAJOR update that pertains specifically to childhood dreams and the birthchart.

    two years ago, i posted just a day or two before starting a new job working as an executive assistant for the president of a small bank. when i nabbed this job, i thought i’d won the lottery! i had four interviews, met a lot of employees, and thought my boss was a dream come true. well, it took less than three weeks into the job to realize i was working for a neurotic narcissistic sociopath. i made a grave mistake accepting the position, but i also felt trapped (having been unemployed for two months prior to this and the economy was still really bad here in the US). so i told myself to give it a year, maybe it was just an adjustment period, i would come around and see the benefits of sticking it out. just a refresher on my chart, i have gemini on the midheaven and mars in the same sign and 10th house trine my libra mercury within 1 degree orb. these two planets also trine my aquarius moon on the cusp of the 6th. (if it’s easier, here are my stats: 9/16/75, born in davenport, iowa at 5:32 a.m.)

    my boss, as it turns out, is a GEMINI. and one could argue that the universe (from my perspective, with my gemini midheaven) revolved around her! most of my work centered around her schedule, making appointments, changing appointments, dropping appointments, resetting appointments (she changed her mind hourly). the second biggest task was setting up her vacations – hotel stays, car rentals, airline tickets. this is really all i ever did, i’m not kidding! and god forbid if i accidentally booked her in a regular KING room instead of king DELUXE – i’d never hear the end of it. mind you, i am a virgo and have my own persnickety perfectionist tendencies. her MOON is in virgo, so it was kind of like i was dealing with MYSELF and getting double the internal/external criticism! that said, i generally did a great job. it’s just that i grew to HATE working there, specifically under her.

    my job ended on 10/12/12. after weeks of extreme anxiety and panic attacks in the middle of the night from the overwhelm of feeling my every move and task was under extreme scrutiny coupled with the fact that my boss would routinely volunteer me to help others in the office do their projects (other admins, not executives – admins with very little knowledge or training as admins, though she hired them), but then would pull me off of these projects in any given moment when she felt i was “less available” to her needs – i just lost it. i succumbed to the pressure, and i got up and walked out! it was horrible. my heart felt like it was going to explode out my chest as i grabbed the elevator. i was in full panic attack – and, mind you, never in my LIFE have i had anxiety attacks until this job.

    the whole affair was a mess. my boss told me i had abandoned my desk and had therefore “resigned” and this was the same afternoon. she called in the report to HR and told everyone in the office i had quit. what i had done was had a meltdown and she had zero tolerance for it and told me as much. thankfully, when i got a hold of HR they agreed that she reacted too quickly, but since i was an employee “at will” she could let me go in whatever way she wished! but HR agreed that i could collect unemployment.

    here’s where my update gets good: saturn had been going through libra (my 2nd house) nearly two years. almost to the day i lost my job, saturn moved on to scorpio and the 3rd house! not only did i lose my job, but i had also let my house go over the past year. the foreclosure was set for 10/23/12. this was not sad to me. i was RELIEVED because it’d been nothing but a burden. i moved in with my mom last april and i know that’s not a popular choice to many adults, but i actually enjoy living with her and we get along great and i think i’m good company for her since my dad passed away five years ago (coincidentally, 10/23 but of 2007).

    i decided after the horrible experience of my last job that it was time i start really doing the thing i’d wanted to do since i was a kid – WRITE. that’s what i posted way up above on 1/8/11 and that is what i do now. i started my own business and i provide editorial services as a freelance editor and writer! the gemini midheaven is in FULL BLOOM! furthermore, it fits with my rebel aquarius moon in the 6th and gemini mars in the 10th (both screaming for independence and “my own way”) trine my 2nd house mercury in libra. and now saturn is moving through the 3rd house of communications – i’m working really hard to establish myself, i have a few steady clients, and am growing the business. in fact, i am probably more disciplined and determined (saturn) than i’ve felt in eons. plus pluto in capricorn has danced along the cusp of my 5th house and i am feeling so much more alive and creative! it took me about a month after i lost my job to land my first contract with an academic publisher, proofreading textbooks. do you know what held me back for so long from pursuing this? well, me, duh. but specifically, i had zero confidence and i really believed nobody would be able to look past my resume of admin, admin, admin. but i recreated my resume to showcase all those skills i’d picked up over the past 14 years and THAT’S what clients see!

    sorry for the diatribe, but i just saw this thread and reread my old post and … well, you know … “hindsight is always 20/20” as the saying goes! i have always been a little behind in life, but finally feel like i’m doing things on MY terms, MY way. i never wanted to be an admin, never dreamed of it. it feels good to finally move forward in what has always felt natural to me. and it’s right there in the birthchart! thanks for reading.

  67. It is to read these comments two years later. Where does the time
    go!? I stayed another two years hating what I did. In December I moved
    to Nigeria working for MSF. I will be here until June. I am not sure
    this is the lifestyle I ultimately want, but I feel I DID something.
    Who knows what is next, but I know I will NOT go back to health care
    administration! the next two years will be interesting as Saturn
    transits my 10th house where Neptune and Mercury reside. I believe it
    crosses my midheaven SOON.

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