Posted by: Donna Cunningham | January 11, 2011

Use Jupiter Transits to the Vocational Houses for a Career Boost

©1-11-11 at 1:11 pm by Donna Cunningham, MSW

 Jupiter expands your horizons in ways that suit the sign it’s transiting.  Its passage through Aries can help you bring an energetic, bold, innovative, and fiery new approach to the parts of your chart it transits.

If it’s passing through one of your career houses—the 10th, 6th, or 2nd—you’ll have an advantage in this period when so many business are slowing down.  Here are some good ways to use it. 

Jupiter transits are excellent times for advertising and outreach, so in this sign, it’s time to go high profile in order to keep a competitive edge in a tough market. Call on forward-thinking professionals for help in designing creative and attractive promotional materials like ads, business cards, brochures, flyers, and maybe even a blog or web page.

There’s also an element of luck and of being the right person in the right place at the right time with Jupiter transits through the vocational houses. However, for those lucky breaks to pan out, you also need to be prepared with all the right stuff and the right attitude.

Given Jupiter’s natural connection to the 9th and Sagittarius, Jupiter transits to a particular house can mean that some course work during that period–either taking a course or teaching one–can open up new opportunities.

Jupiter in the Second: An expansive mood and willingness to take risks, reach out in new ways, and do needed advertising and promotion results in more money coming in this year. Money can come in from raises or bonuses on the job, growth in the person’s own business, or from a sideline that’s a temporary source of extra cash.

Don’t get cocky and spend it as fast as it comes in, believing the cash flow will always be this good.  When Jupiter leaves this house, it isn’t coming back for another 12-13 years!

(For more tips on how to capitalize on this transit, see Skywriter’s series on the 2nd house, starting here:  Your 2nd House—A Clue to Extra Income .)

Jupiter in the Sixth:  There’s a boost to the work flow because of promoting the business, perhaps incorporating some public education and outreach, or because the field itself is enjoying a temporary boom.

It’s a year when you can benefit from an energetic and positive outlook, but the wisdom comes in not over-expanding beyond your own or your company’s capacity to meet the new demands once this banner year is over. Remember, this is also the house of health so overwork or living too large can be a drain.

Jupiter in the Ninth and Tenth: During Jupiter’s transit of the 9th (the house of higher education), you’d do well to take courses or seminars to improve your job skills, as they can pay off now in increased opportunities when it hits the Midheaven and crosses into the 10th.

Or, you may prosper from doing outreach in terms of lectures and workshops or publications that bring you into the public eye, enhance your reputation and attract new business.

Once it’s in your 10th, (the house of career) grab the opportunity and use it to the utmost, for this is a boom year in terms of potential progress toward long-range goals, but Jupiter only works if you work it.

Put your best, most solid work out there and operate in ways that are ethically beyond reproach, because public exposure also brings public scrutiny.

Jupiter transits to other Houses If Jupiter isn’t traveling through a career house, you may still be able to use that spirit of outreach and expansion to boost your business. If it’s in the 3rd, write or speak about your line of work for local media.

If it’s in the 11th, use this year to network and get connected with business people or professionals in related fields to exchange information and support one another.

If it’s in the 12th, go low profile this year and use the interval to reassess your life path, connect with your spiritual side and to figure out how you may be sabotaging yourself. As Jupiter emerges into the 1st, you’ll have a renewed sense of what to offer the world.  (See Transits from the 12th House to the 1st–Like Night and Day.)

And so on. To figure out what it means in your own chart, download a chapter on the houses here: AGSA ch13-houses and a chart blank here:  Blank chart with house meanings.

Are you Getting your Jupiter Return this Year?

 If you have Jupiter in Aries natally, you’re experiencing what’s called your Jupiter return, that brief, shining moment once in 12-13 years when transiting Jupiter comes back to the same sign, house, and degree it was when you were born. No doubt your astrologer is calling you up to congratulate you—especially if it’s in a career house at birth.

Pop astrology hype to the contrary, “major” Jupiter aspects like the return are neither as weighty nor as major as all that. They pass too quickly, they lead us to be overly optimistic, and they tend as much to excess as to wisdom.

And excess can be ruinous, especially for those cocky, headstrong, rash  and even RAMbunctious Jupiter in Aries natives.

If the Jupiter return were all it took to pull a bollixed-up life back together, then every headhunter, counseling agency and detox center could close down permanently. We’d all just sit around and wait for those 12-year intervals when Jupiter waltzed back to the place it was when we were born.

  What to Expect from Jupiter Transits in General

Yes, Jupiter transits can bring opportunities, but if we lie back and expect the cosmos to wait on us, they won’t come to much. So, yes, Jupiter in the career houses can bring luck, the kind that comes from being the right person in the right place at the right time.

But what if you’re the right person—BUT you’re not prepared to take advantage of the opportunity. If you haven’t put the sweat equity into updating your skills or the resume or portfolio, then that opportunity may just pass you by.

JUPITER ONLY WORKS IF YOU WORK IT!  And it generally benefits from a side order of Saturn.

What do I mean by a side order of Saturn?  I mean putting in the hard, disciplined work to be prepared to take advantage of Jupiter’s boosts by having something of quality to offer. And all the other positive Saturn traits like persistence, being willing to go that extra mile, and planning ahead.  (See Why Saturn has as much to do with Luck as Jupiter .)

Let’s brainstorm, folks! If Jupiter in Aries is in one of your career houses—or a house that might translate into a business advantage, how could you use it this year?  Share it with us in the comment section.

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  1. Well, I can’t see how it will advance me much at my ‘day job’ because I have neither the credentials nor the desire to expand there and I am near state retirement age anyway, but I can see me slowly starting a second career with my art and maybe doing online research work for others.
    Maybe at least there won’t be layoffs in my ‘day job’.
    And I can start the art and design work from my home. My art has been taking a very spiritual turn. I could see many astrologers, new-age practitioners and some religious groups needing my services as well as individuals wanting my art.
    The transit for me is in the 6th House but it will soon hit into that grand cross and affect my IC/MC/Moon/Uranus/Asc/Mars, so it will be interesting to say the least.

  2. Talk about 1 11 11, a good friend was just commenting the other day on her boyfriends birthday on 11 11 1940 , and he passed away this morning at 4AM. He certainly was connected two those numbers.

    Transit Jupiter is one degree from an opposition to my natal Jupiter. Then it will oppose Chiron ( 2 Libra) and then Neptune ( 5 Libra). When it crosses my 9 Aries 7th house cusp it will trine my 10 degree Pluto in the 10th house…….perhaps my Responsibility towards the Public at large will get an intense boost ? May be I will take on an upbeat partnership?

    About the oppositions, before and around Christmas , all three of my brothers became ill for different reason..the youngest and oldest recovered after operations and the middle one has yet to get the help he desires. Yesterday the youngest s brothers neighbors house burnt down causing damage to his house that’s 2 ft away. They are OK and at his wife s sisters place now.

    My youngest son has his two babies and is struggling in college . The mother is away to serve time in the workhouse and get medical treatment. He is having a difficult time and now I feel I should rescue the babies but I have no car.

    My friend wants to come stay with me as she needs recovery time from the devastating news of her boyfriends death. She is still recovering from brain damage from an attack at work she was victim of about a year ago.

    My middle brother remains in ill health and may also call on me soon.

    I have 3 paintings due at months end.

    When it rains it pours and at least we are not in Australia !

  3. Jupiter is in my 12th house, almost conjunct my natal Jupiter (4 degrees Aries) Jupiter Trines my sun (8th house) and opposes my mars. Mars is in the 6th house (career-ish) and that’s where transiting Saturn is too! It’s Saturn return time for me!
    I think Saturn is winning this one. I will probably not retire and commence with my life as an artist yet.
    I’ll keep practicing. If I don’t, I won’t be ready when the time comes.

  4. Jupiter is transiting my 4th, and will very soon oppose Merc in the 10th at 1′ Libra. Would an opposition slow things down? I’ve just decided to take on two more projects, and I work from home, so perhaps not?

    • Sounds like a good balance between being home and putting your work out in the world. Donna

  5. Jupiter is in my 1st house now, in conjunction with my natal Piscean Mars. I have just graduated and am looking for a job.

    I think I’ve spent the past year, when Jupiter transited from my 12th to the 1st, finding back the optimism and abundant joy that used to characterise my personality.
    I’ve also been spending time thinking about what I want out of my vocation and what I want to offer the world, only recently I have solidified that in my heart and mind.

    So I’m looking for journalism (local media) jobs now that will enable me to fulfill humanitarian purposes, to reach out, to satiate my constant curiosity and to enable people to know what I have learnt.
    My natal Jupiter is in the 3rd house, MC in Sag. I can see why I want to write, serve, reach out and expand, and probably behave like Tigger from Winnie The Pooh stories while I’m at it. *bounce bounce bounce bounce*

  6. Ah, this is good info for me. Jupiter zipping through my 9th house, you say it’s a sign of more education and schooling. Lately I have been thinking of going back to school to get an MFA in an obscure antiquarian specialty of no professional value, at the cost probably of $20k in additional student loan debt. Actually, I am trying NOT to think about doing that.
    I can’t believe Jupiter blasts through Aries so quickly. It crosses my Aries MC and then enters Taurus (my home sign) in early June. That all sounds good to me.

  7. Around March 1st, tJupiter in 12th will square my nJupiter. It’ll set off my Jupiter/Juno/Saturn in Cap in 9th right as tPluto is 3o conj nJupiter.

    Things are already lining up for this to be a year of integration for me. Gonna work on getting those new 9th/2th House gears meshing and stop them from grinding every time I shift.

    I’m wanting to drive again, can you tell? LOL

    Off to read your Transits from 12th right now.

  8. Donna, your post is so on-point for me, I literally spent 1-11-11 cleaning through every pore of my home to weed out everything unnecessary to my growth, it just felt “right,” not on any to-do list, just felt the thing “to do” and only later in the day did I ponder for a minute on the numerical order of it. Re: Jupiter, I looked him up and he is currently transiting my 9th, and actually I went back to school last August to finish my degree in spring ’11, and I notice Jupiter was conj my progressed Sun at the time, and now I see it’ll be conjunct the MC off by 2 degrees or so in the month that I get that darn degree. Thank you so much for this timely article!

    • Sounds like your innate sense of timing is spot on–you’re already doing everything you need to capitalize on the coming transit of Jupiter through the 10th. Donna

  9. Jupiter will transit my 12th when it’s in Aries….however, on the very day Jupiter hit my MC in Aquarius two years ago, I started a new job (I was interviewed for the job when the transiting Node was conjunct Venus, also in the 10th)…astrology works!

  10. Hi Donna, today 1-11-1 is my birthday. I also am having a progressed full moon in March. I need to get my numerology book a check what my year will be like. Jupiter is in my first but will be transiting my second also this year. It all sounds like a good year ahead.

    • Wishing you a good solar return. At the very end of the month, Gretchen Lawlor will be doing a Q&A here on the progressed Moon, so do ask about the progressed Full Moon. Donna

  11. In my experience, Jupiter on the Midheaven could also bring about a significant relationship. Or maybe that’s Saturn, I’m not sure, they hit my mc together, back in the day.

    • Hmm. It would only mean a relationship if Jupiter (or in your case Jupiter and Saturn) were somehow related to the 7th house or Venus in the natal chart. Donna

    • At that time everything was aspecting everything in my chart, but I thought that the MC factor was what makes the difference between casual flings and important people in our lives. Since it’s not, it’s just me then, taking my love life with a teaspoon of (extra) drama, as usual.

      People, scratch that and go back to work!

  12. Thanks for the “heads up”…I have already returned to school and Jupiter will be entering my 8th house this month. I can plan on using the Jupiter transit of my 9th house to lay some ground work for Jupiter on MH.

    • Jupiter transiting the 8th is good for scholarships, fellowships, grants, or other ways to finance an education. Donna C.

  13. Hey Donna,

    Please keep going and do all the other signs too.

    Please!!!! Its going into my 4th

    • That’s not how this blog works, JuliaAna. I only give examples and let the person put things together for themselves…helps them learn to interpret astrological aspects by themselves. Donna

  14. I have Jupiter in Aries 11° in the 10th conjunct my midheaven, I did have a major career break 12-13 years ago, though it seemed poised to happen and I had been preparing for it for sometime, whereas now, I am not sure if things seem so clearly lined up and I have been in a kind of holding pattern for the last 5 years in terms of my career. The career break at that time was very outward, and public, whereas now, my life has become much more inward and contemplative. Though it does intuitively feel like I may have a change of career, I have slowly turned my focus to death, dying and spirituality over the last few years (from writing and art), but it feels like I still have more steps and decisions to take before that change happens. I guess the transit hasn’t yet happened, so who knows. It does feel like incubation time.

    I actually have a lot of guilt over this placement, astrologers have looked at my chart, and breathlessly asked what I do for a living, and when I tell them, they seem quite deflated.

  15. Thank’s for this post, Donna!
    As Jupiter enters Aries, it enters my 6th house and I can’t wait for it. I will put some effort into advertising!

  16. Well, I was a little discouraged when I first started reading this, but then I noticed how quickly Jupiter is going to move through Aries! My 2nd house starts at 25 Aries, ends at 25 Taurus. So I’ll have Jupiter hanging out there from May 14 2011 (not that long a wait!) to May 22 of 2012. I have an appointment tomorrow to meet with a person down at welfare to see if I qualify for aid/food stamps. I really could use some Jupiterian help! I wish there was a way that I could apply my skills to make money, haven’t found a job in 1,000 applications yet. It’s been so crazy, job market’s been terrible especially out here in Southern CA. But I’ll keep trying, this really gives me some hope to look forward to. I just hope it’s not the other way, money draining out!

    • Read that article on the 2nd house as a way to make extra money–you could do one or more things part time until you find full-time work. Donna

      • I did and didn’t come up with too many helpful conclusions…I have 2nd house cusp at 25 Aries. Aries keywords: leadership, aggression, self-reliance, extroversion, confidence- definitely skills I lack! Careers that would jump out are military (noooooo), fire fighter or police, athletics, anything that’s a leadership role, maybe something entrepreneurial like sales? This is like 150% not me, things I really have a strong aversion to and don’t do particularly well. Or maybe that’s telling me something. I have Chiron at 21 Taurus- Chiron right off suggests teaching, something I’ve been actively pursuing to no avail here (takes some time to build up a music studio. Can’t teach at my apartment which doesnt help). Or healing through a more earthy way- massage (would take a large investment of time and money), maybe counseling especially about things like self-worth, material things, money, sex, values? (I am not qualified to do so). Any other ideas?

      • By the way, many if not most of these applications have included part time, temp, or contract positions. I’m certainly not being choosy! Yet still no job.

      • Also house ruler is Leo Mars in 6th, which is reasonably well aspected. It is in a T-square with Chiron mentioned above though, and with Uranus in Scorpio. So it would definitely mean there is a lot of energy to be used (I’ve been a workaholic before), also could point towards the health profession (have no qualifications though) though with Leo it could point towards performing/creating, which is what my “career” is thus far (musician). Things I think will be much better in the long run in my new city with this (so far so good) but it takes time to get enough gigs to sustain oneself. Doesn’t help that I keep getting in trouble for busking without a permit (I haven’t won the permit lotteries yet around here, boo)

  17. I’m having a Jupiter return this year! it’s in my 11th house, 9 degrees 48. Natally (is that a word?), my Jupiter is retrograde. Is that significant? my natal Saturn is on my Midheaven conj the moon in AQU. Transiting Saturn is in my 5th house.

    I’m not a pro astrologer so I’m not sure what all that means but I AM expecting creative opportunities and issues/projects I have been working on diligently for quite awhile now to come to fruition. Previously, I’ve had problems in my life from people being jealous or downright hostile and holding me back but now that I’m more aware I try to steer clear of that kind of energy. I used to keep my light down so that others felt more comfortable (it was a matter of survival when young) but now I’m committed to not doing that anymore even if I have to go it alone! I also figured out how to handle jealousy coming from others a bit better now – in the past, I didn’t always recognize it for what it was and would end up sabotaging myself. It will be interesting to see how Jupiter transforms my relationships to be more helpful and supportive. My key word/intention for 2011 (I don’t make resolutions per se) is ALLOW. I am allowing all that I have been asking, working for and intending to come to me and I allow myself to graciously receive it! I’m still taking inspired action towards my goals however I’m excited and curious to see how it will all unfold and come together.

    thanks Donna for a great post!

    Happy new year!

    P.S. I’m also curious about what 11.11.11 at 11:11 (am/pm) may portend! 😉

  18. Thank you for the invitation to share, Donna.

    Jupiter moves out of my 10th house mid March. 6 weeks to “WORK IT”!!!!
    Could you say just a bit more about this statement: “And it generally benefits from a side order of Saturn.”??

    Caroline Sutherland is a Medical Intuitive – she recommended a book: Little Book of Big Promises, by Peggy Rometo. Cool concept, it’s like ‘interactive’. Read a chapter visit her website listen to the guided meditation. In my visualization White Buffalo Woman shows up, plus a few other meaningful members of the race who have impacted me deeply. I take the inspiration and develop “Buffalo Woman Workshops”. It is not my intention to charge money, for I trust income will develop as the program unfolds. I agree w/ myself to just show up and share with other women what I’ve learned over the years about How To: detox & destress, energize the body/mind, achieve weight loss & vitality, and devolop intuition. All in a 2 hour Free Workshop. Got the blog, the biz cards, the presentation & outline, the vision. All created 3 mos ago.
    Dropped it like a hot potato. According to your 1/11/11 post, Ms Cunningham, best get my arse back in gear and use that Benefic God to benefit Self & Others! Fear. Fear. Fear, to show up! Marketing ideas welcome.

    • By “a side order of Saturn,” I mean putting in the hard, disciplined work to be prepared to take advantage of Jupiter’s boosts by having something of quality to offer. And all the other positive Saturn traits like persistence, being willing to go that extra mile, and planning ahead. Donna

  19. I also have jupiter in Aries conjunct my midheaven, however its also conjunct chiron and square saturn in the 12th. I have been going through an inward study period for about 4 years since I graduated with a Masters degree in social after going through a traumatic loss and and consecutive illness as saturn return transited my 12th house. Since my saturn return, I have been seriously studying astrology and flower essences.

    About 12 years ago I began working as the program director of a nonprofit producing videos about social justice issues with inner city youth after graduating from undergraduate film school. I wonder if my Jupiter returns will brings another step out into the world of career this spring. I suppose now is a good time for me to keep studying as Jupiter transits through the 9th. My progressed moon is now in the 10th but it sure was fun exploring while it was going through the 9th!

    • That’s one good way of figuring out what can happen under a recurring cycle, Jen. In the case of Jupiter, looking back 12 years or so to see if there are parallels between today’s possibilities and what you were doing then. I love to see a planet emerging into the 10th after a stay in the 9th–the work of getting an education taken to a professional level. Donna

  20. I seem to have more opportunities as far as my career goes.
    I also feel compelled to develop my career more.

    I currently have Transiting Jupiter in Pisces in my 10th house it’s conjunct Transiting Uranus in Pisces

    T. Jupiter trine N. Mars
    T. Jupiter biquintile N. North Node
    T. Jupiter Square N. Ascendant

    T. Jupiter conjunct T. Uranus

  21. During transiting Jupiter sextile my MC, I was offered a job that turned out to be the longest lasting and the most lucrative of my life so far. Also, the owners of the company I work for have been unusually generous! Jupiter was sextile my Midheaven exactly from the 7th house. I had to go through some hell for a few years in my line of work before this happened though.

  22. Hm, I don’t know what to do with it in my sixth house. Especially since right now I am low on work stuff to do and got told that I might get moved to part time (aiee).

    • Open up to new opportunities, as it sounds like that particular chapter is closing. Preparing a resume often helps a person do some productive thinking about what skills they have and what new ones they might need in order to keep up with market developments.

      Given Jupiter’s natural connection to the 9th and Sagittarius, Jupiter transits to a particular house can mean that some course work during that period–either taking a course or teaching one–can open up new opportunities. Donna

  23. Jupiter is right on my IC right now opposite natal Jupiter at my MC and will be in my 4th house for a bit opposite my 10th, wonder if that will have any effect, I can hope … with jupiter up there it helps to keep my hope alive 🙂 I do all my business online so I have been toying with the idea of updating my banners, blogs and such. Also, am signed up for more advanced graphic art classes to keep up with technology so hopefully I am headed in the right direction!

  24. Jupiter is in my 3rd house in Aries (together with Sun, Mercury and Chiron). I’m getting my Jupiter return this year. This coincides with the end of my maternity leave (have been at home with the kids for 5 years now) and return to my job as a teacher. So I hope this Jupiter transit will boost my teaching activities! Plus, I’d love to do some translating again, after a long hiatus. My natal Jupiter is in exact opposition to natal Pluto in the 9th house …. maybe this will be a good year to start again, given that this opposition is activated by multiple transits 🙂

  25. Hi and thank you for this post. This year 2011 i have as well my Jupiter return and it is and will be transiting my 10th house. I suppose it is a good thing. The worse thing is in my natal chart Jupiter squares my Moon which is the ruler of my Cancer rising…
    Some struggles at my workplace are already on scenes…i’m not sure what to expect and what am i should to do…

  26. thank you for this post,it is valuable, pathfinder and noteable.

  27. Hi all I am having Jupiter transit my 6th house now and coming up on conjunctions to Sun, Merc and Saturn in Taurus..this was an enlightening article as I just posted on a forum about how I wondered if I should look for new job opportunities or stick it out at the old one where work has gotten so slow I can’t afford to lose so many hours and someone mentioned the Jupiter transit. More school would be nice but money wise, not so much. I’m curious if you know if having a planet transit opposite an empty house would indicate anything?? Thanks for the great posts as usual!

    • Open up to the possibility of a new job or of better opportunities in the old one–better $ for sure with all in Taurus. Reach out, put your resume/portolio/connections out there.

      A planet transiting opposite an empty house couldn’t form any aspects to planets in that house, so it wouldn’t impact the empty house. Donna

  28. I do accept as true with all of the ideas you have presented to your post.
    They’re really convincing and can certainly work. Still, the posts are too short for novices. May just you please lengthen them a little from next time? Thanks for the post.

    • Blog post are meant to be shorter than regular articles. I am writing a book and just doing what I can for the blog. As one of my readers, would you rather than I spent what little time I have for writing working on a book or writing blog posts? Oh wait–you don’t get to make that decision for me! Donna

  29. Here it is Jan 2013 and Jupiter is hovering in Gemini….it was in my ninth house but retrograded out again and during this I was asked to do a column for a local Newspaper and got the first copy in on time but the editoer, an elder man took sick and had been hospitalized with the flu which has been in the news lately.

  30. yes, jupiter has been dancing back & forth in the early degrees of my 10th house since last fall when i lost my job and decided to go all out investing in my own business as an editor/proofreader/writer. so far, so good!

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