Posted by: Donna Cunningham | January 18, 2011

How to Analyze a Conjunction

© 1-18-2011 by Donna Cunningham, MSW

A conjunction—when two planets stand together in the chart within a range of 0-8°–is  perhaps the easiest aspect to interpret because the two planets are generally in the same sign and house.  Let’s go through the step-by-step process of analyzing a conjunction.

 1) Before getting deeper into your analysis, think about whether the two planets are a good match or not. Some planets—like Mercury or Jupiter or Venus and the Moon have some related functions in our lives and can  coexist in harmony even if the aspect they form to one another is a hard one.

Others, like the Sun and Saturn or Mars and Neptune are going to make an uneasy coupling even in the best of aspects. Let’s pick one of the more difficult duos—the Sun and Saturn.

Compare the two signs they rule. The Sun rules Leo, the sign at the peak of summer sunshine. Saturn rules Capricorn, the sign in the darkest days of winter. Leo is upbeat and naturally confident; Capricorn can be dour and self-doubting, beleiving that no matter how hard they work, they’re never ENOUGH.  You get a feeling already, then, that a Sun-Saturn conjunction may not be the best  aspect to have.

2) Think about the two planets’ natural functions and issues, and list some keywords and phrases that represent them.

The Sun’s functions and issues:  Self-concept, identity, self-expression, what self-worth and self-confidence is based on. The Sun is the core of our being, and the Sun’s sign, house, and aspects give us a sense of who we are and what we’re capable of–in brief, it’s our identity. You’d be listing your Sun’s qualities if you described yourself as “I’m the kind of person who . . . ” When the Sun is underemphasized or challenged by difficult aspects, the person can be self-effacing and experience low self-esteem, a poor self-concept or even self-hate.

 Saturn’s functions and issues: structure, discipline, desire for quality and accomplishment, career success delays, limitations, the father and other authority figures, maturity, perseverance, accountability, realism, learning from experience. Saturnian traits include perfectionism, workaholism, being authoritarian, fearfulness or anxiety, tendency toward depression.

3) Using these qualities, begin to mix and match them and speculate on how they enhance or restrict one another. Here are a few possibilities with a Sun-Saturn conjunction:

 The Sun is our self-confidence, but Saturn tends toward self-doubt and perfection, toward never feeling good enough. 

The Sun is what our self-worth is based on; Saturn above all values accomplishment and career success. Sounds like a workaholic in the making. 

Saturn represents the father and other authority figures; the Sun represents the identity; therefore people with Sun-Saturn aspects may  identify with their father and based their self-esteem on his approval or disapproval.

 4) Look at how the signs they’re placed in modify the picture.  

Consider the sign of the first planet—is it a sign it’s naturally happy in, or does it barely tolerate its stay in that sign?  (It might be happy in a sign in the same element as the sign it rules, for instance.)   

Let’s suppose the Sun and Saturn are conjunct in Virgo. Saturn is fairly well placed in Virgo, as it’s another earth sign and has the same work ethic and desire for quality as Capricorn, the sign Saturn rules. The Sun, however, would be less contented, as Virgo is self-critical and modest, giving the Sun little opportunity to shine.

Compare that with Sun conjunct Saturn in Aries. While the Sun would feel at home with assertive, energetic Aries, Saturn would be unhappy with Aries’ impatience and rashness.

(There is an ancient system of classifying planets in signs according to how comfortable they are that Claire Martin has written about here: Planets in Exaltation, Detriment and Fall – Astrodienst. These classifications deliver a judgement about whether a placement is “good” or “bad”, “weak” or “strong, based on an ancient system of  religious and cultural values you are asked to swallow whole.  Rather than memorizing their judgements, I’d rather see you learn for yourself about these placements by taking the planet, sign, and house apart and analyzing them. )

5) Consider the house placement for the areas of life the conjunction is most occupied with, since these matters consume a considerable amount of energy.   

Second House: Attitudes regarding money and ­possessions are shown here, as well as ways of making money and ­dealing with it. Where there is chronic financial difficulty, healing around prosperity may be needed.

Having the Sun and Saturn  together in the 2nd can make financial security an important criteria for feeling good about yourself—your net worth is a big part of your self-worth.

Third House: How the person thinks and communicates, any barriers ­to learning, writing, speaking. Describes situations with ­siblings and other close relatives (not parents) as well as any problems regarding them. Any difficulties with neighbors and the ­impact of the surrounding environment.

Saturn in the 3rd can indicate a late  bloomer academically, but  often a deep thinker who blooms into a true scholar.

The conjunction to the Sun suggests that early scholastic difficulties could lead to a lack of self-confidence. The person may have been often compared to an older sibling who was more successful.

These are the steps you would follow in beginning to analyze a conjunction.   I hope it gives you a starting point. 

Readers, use this process to analyze a conjunction in your own chart.  What did you discover about yourself by doing it?

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  1. Hi Donna, how lucky I was today that you picked the Sun – Saturn conjuncion out of all possibilities because that’s me. The conjunction is in the 3rd house Sagittarius and yes, I looked up to my father for a long time and I was a slow learner. I also skipped academics for setting up a family and working in a family business (MC in cancer) and only now that I am 53 and a widow and my kids have their own family – I use all my experience and skills in Coaching people with an emphasis on the mind-body connection. I’d like to know if an out-of-sign conjunction like my Neptune in Scorpio conj my Jupiter in Libra is necessarily a minor influence compared to the Sun-Saturn or if the weight depends on the aspects too. Thank you for your great service Donna, you never heard from me but I read and enjoy your work every day.

    • How funny that I even picked the 3rd house. Thanks for sharing how it worked.

      As for out of sign conjunctions, look at the Q&A session on conjunctions, where I talked about Obama’s Saturn in Capricorn/Jupiter in Aquarius conjunction in the 12th. (In the comment section. Donna

  2. Leo ascendant, Sun conj. Neptune in Libra in the second. Sun and Neptune sextile Saturn and Pluto in Leo in the 12th.

    A real bleeding heart.

    Give my money away and then fret over it. Dream about winning the lottery so I can help all the homeless people and also adopt all the kids on the local news program that features orphans.

    Not happy unless I’m working in art or some creative field (Taurus MC). Want to retire so I can paint, make jewelry, etc., but am too insecure about money. Right now I’m working as an administrator and am totally miserable.

  3. Thanks for the series on aspects. It’s always great to go back to the building blocks of chart analysis.

    I have Sun opposite Saturn, and can identify with some of what is said here. Isn’t it true that the first point in looking at aspects is that there IS an aspect? There are many possible layers of nuance, of course, but the fact that two points are in relationship to one another gives the first clue, no matter the aspect.

    As you say, it’s first important to note whether the planets are compatible in analyzing the aspect. Pluto in aspect to the Moon is tough, even if it’s a trine. The same could probably be said about Sun-Saturn contacts.

  4. I have, in Tropical, Sun conjunct Mars… Sun conjunct Mercury… and Mercury conjunct Mars, in Scorpio in my 5th house.

    I think that these aspects lose there energies among one another and act as one body especially since they form a stellium, which I already talked about in your stellium article. 🙂

    What’s your opinion on planets that are combust?

    I hope you have a good day/evening.
    Thank you Donna!

    • Hi, I already wrote quite a long explanation of planets combust the Sun in the Q&A session on conjunctions. Check it out Donna

      • Very good explanation…. I agree with you….it makes more sense than the classic ideas too me as well….. thank you.

  5. I read elsewhere here about peoples take on the Mars Uranus Pluto conjunction in a certain movie stars chart ( can’t think of his name off hand) ; he was into guns and staring in macho roles. I was never attracted to that movie star and that my impression of him in Pirates of the Caribbean was that he was too feminine looking and pretty to carry off being a brute force tough guy type. Its interesting he wants to play act Micheal Jackson and that proves my point to me if no one else.

    That being said….I have the same conjunction ( Pluto in Leo Parallel the Mar Uranus ( 3 degree) conjunction /parallel in Gemini.
    This can be a very magical aspect in the 9th house.

    Magic taking place with certain physical feats like in magical running that Tibetan Monks were reported doing. The working of Chi energy in higher forms of the martial arts the Asians are more familiar with. Or as occurred in the foot races of Native Americans, or in the cross continent travels of their Spiritual leaders and messengers..

    There is a place where one is so in tune with spirit that this can happen as easily and naturally as in, spontaneous breathing. Martial feats are based in use of Chi , NOT brute physical strength.
    Nor would guns matter, because time could be slowed down and the s l o w moving bullet turned back from whence it came. Such are a few of the perks of a dominating Uranus energy.
    Some older low budget Asian martial Arts movies get into the magic of Chi in this way.

    I say dominating Uranus energy because both Mars and Pluto along with Earth are considered non sacred planets in Esoteric astrology. It means they as one body have NOT realized their essential sacredness , thus nothing is respected as sacred. That’s why Uranus energy could transcend them and dominate.

    Uranus is an important Sacred Planet and key in the final raising of the kundilini. I am definitely NOT ready for that one, but I have had previews of the future possibilities. Uranus is the strongest in my chart.

  6. Help with the conjunction of Saturn and Mars plus put Saturn in detriment and Mars in fall.

    • Hard to know if that’s “good” or “bad”–it does weaken a conjunction that we wouldn’t want strong. I’m gonna have to find a link to a site that explains those classifications of exaltation, detriment, and fall…’cuz I’m sure not going to write about it. Donna

      Ah, here’s a decent one by Claire Martin:

  7. I have a Saturn/Pluto conjunction (in Leo, 12th house) and Pluto is less than 1° off my Ascendant. Since I also have Sun and two other planets in Scorpio, Plutonian issues are a major theme in my life. With no planets in earth signs, Saturn is a solitary representative of that element in my chart. It’s always been hard for me to distinguish between the two energies and understand how they’re operating in my life. Thinking about Donna’s ‘question of the day’ sparked a revelation of sorts.

    I realize that whenever I’ve used Pluto energy irresponsibly, Saturn has “materialized” the result so blatantly and obviously that all the world can see it. It’s like I produced a giant turd emblazoned with my name that’s too big to hide, too smelly to ignore, and too ugly to rationalize away. Shame and humiliation are excellent teachers (Saturn) and compelling incentives for transformation (Pluto). The story of my life.

    Thank you again, Donna – this time for being such a good midwife.

    • It’s a tough conjunction, Sally, no doubt about it. I started my inquiries into the outer planet aspects to one another more than 40 years ago because my baby sister had Saturn, Pluto, and the Sun conjunct in Leo, and I met any number of young women her age when back, then when I worked in ob/gyn.

      Hers is in the 6th, and she’s had devastating health problem since she was 21 (Transiting Saturn forms aspects to its natal position every 7 years.) There’s a chapter on that aspect in my ebook, The Outer Planets and Inner Life, v.3. Donna

      • Believe me, given the horrors this conjunction can signify (like those your sister has had to cope with), I feel blessed that I’ve gotten off so easy. Strangely enough, I’ve come to love it for the understanding it’s brought me. Its difficulties seem miniscule compared its fruits.

        For anyone laboring under this conjunction, I recommend the poem “Invictus”.

      • My Dad had Sun/Saturn/Pluto in Cancer near the MC. Excellent salesman but a domestic tyrant, abuser and an alcoholic and possibly a sociopath.
        I think it is an almost impossible conjunct for a normal mortal to handle.

  8. Libra Sun conjunct Scorpio Neptune in the 2nd means I must honor my spiritual values in the way that I earn a living and handle money – people are more important than money and/or things, although I am responsible and I do like my creature comforts. I’ve always given freely and generously.

    I believe this out of sign conjunction also gives my art an other-worldly quality, and my relationships a depth they might not ordinarily have.

    My Scorpio Neptune is also conjunct my Scorpio Mercury and Jupiter, both right on (and in) the 3rd. I can be VERY lucky where money is concerned, and have been especially lucky when gambling (Jupiter squares 5th house Moon). I’ve also inherited money (Scorpio’s influence), but it was a lot of work and involved dealing with some less than helpful influences.

    Neighbors, communications, and situations encountered on short trips, can either be very wonderful or very challenging – even dangerous. I’ve met some of the kindest people, but also some of the most manipulative, bullying, dishonest, and/or addicted ones. Nothing is ever small. When problems come up with neighbors, they’re generally BIG ones that involve dishonesty and/or lack of boundaries – coincidentally, we’re dealing with that right now.

    Our neighbors consist of three different roomates, with three distinctly different energies. The most Neptunian of the three confesses to me, and just yesterday sent me a 2-page guilt-ridden note that his other two roomates were not aware of. The other two are far less respectful, to say the least.

    I just thought of something. Our neighbors aren’t only roommates, they’re ruse-mates. I think that sums up the more challenging aspect of my 3rd house Scorpio conjunctions as it relates to neighbors.

    On the other hand, I’ve had some of the most amazing experiences and have been truly blessed by them – I seem to attract angels. My faith is big.

  9. I have Sun/Pluto in Leo in a Cazimi conjunction in 11. Groups and friends and hopes/ideas have been both a blessing and a curse for me.
    I am the lightning rod in any group that attracts any attack energy and only since I have gotten a bit older has that mellowed. I have learned to handle it better. A prophet is scorned in their own time.
    That energy was especially powerful when I was in junior high school and anytime I get around a church and/or group of spiritual seekers. If the “devil” is in any group, it will come chase me down and try to get me to leave. I am a truth teller in groups and will call out deception and hypocrisy.
    I have very strong insight into people.
    My friends tend to be deep and very long term but as soon as we get close they move out of town!
    Sometimes people just disappear from my life with no notice, no reason given. That can be disconcerting.

  10. Continuing with the Sun/Saturn example – what happens if another planet is involved in close conjunction – e.g. Venus? Now, I imagine Venus would get on well with the Sun, but not at all well with Saturn. This would turn the odd couple into a threesome – but would it end up two against one as can so often happen with threes and give the Sun/Venus more strength of expression over the Saturn?

    I happen to have this tight conjunction – a challenge as it occurs in the twelfth house – so neither the Sun or Venus are particularly comfortable there, nor are they naturally suited to being in Aquarius

    If I had to describe myself I would say I am a serious person, a hermit by preference, who loves beauty, wisdom and the souls journey, and those are about the only things I’m interested in, although I do have an ironic sense of humour, a gift, ironically, of Saturn. If I think of changing/saving the world, it is through beauty, wisdom and humour – oh, and loyalty – another great gift of Saturn – loyalty to ourselves, each other and our planet.

    • Hi, Jay, A good description of that triple conjunction.

      I have a Venus-Saturn aspect too, and I always say I have a tough Venus but a lucky Saturn, because it always seems that when I’m doing positive Saturn things, lucky things happen–the kind where people say, “You must be living right.” I also benefit from an innate sense of the right timing for things.

      Here’s an article on Venus-Saturn aspects on this site that you may relate to: Donna

  11. I have Uranus conjunct my Moon at 5 & 7 degrees of Libra, in the 2nd house. Sometimes I crave close emotional connection and other times I’m such a loner and wish everyone would scram!
    I haven’t figured out yet how it fits with my 2nd house and am just beginning to work (no pun intended!) on figuring out what my vocational houses show.

    I’ve also got a Venus/Merc conjunction in Taurus in the 9th and have absolutely no idea how it affects me!

    • I often find people with Taurus in the 9th have a Buddhist-like connection with the Divine through communing with nature. And they learn slowly, concretely, through the senses (touch, smell, sight) and repeatedly going over something, but then when they have it, they have it solidly. Donna

      • wow, you summed me up in that first line! i don’t think that came to me until after my saturn return though … i also have saturn in the 9th (and my sun too, although it’s 29Aries)
        thanks Donna, for taking the time to reply … i was just telling a friend last night that one of the biggest current gifts of astrology for me is about being understood/known – by others, yes but mostly by myself and it’s in having “me” reflected back to me through my chart that is helping

  12. Hi Donna!

    I have 3 conjunctions: Moon/Uranus in Sag in the 1st house.

    My family’s of “foreign” origins, and even though, I was born in the US and am a native speaker of English, I’ve looked “foreign” to people when I lived in the US, and I must say that I’ve often been drawn and feel comfortable with the exotic/unusual. I’d say I’m fiercely emotionally independent … related to my other conjunctions, too.

    Sun/Mercury in Aries in the 5th house.

    While growing up, I always identified with my teachers (also a Sag thing, I’m sure) and was a nerd/intellectual-identified child. I get great joy out of learning and writing, too. Self-awareness and self-understanding have been a major concern of mine for all of my life as far back as I can remember.

    Saturn/Pluto in Libra in the 11th house.

    I grew up seeing how abusive a marriage can be. My father and mother were horribly violent with each other, e.g. my mother would beat my father, my father would rape my mother & cheat on her quite often. Luckily, that was “just” a 10 year marriage, and I think they’ve matured a lot. This along with other things are very tied to my politics including my attraction to feminisms and other social movement theories.

    – I was gonna remark that I thought Saturn/Pluto in Libra was “easier,” but I realized that was my Sag optimism speaking. 😉

    Always look forward to learn more from you. Thanks,


    • Is the Pluto-Saturn conjunction tougher in Leo than Libra? Hmmm. Different issues, different kinds of pain.

      Leo being fixed fire is stubborn, just keeps doing the same old stuff that hurts like hell and never seems to learn. Prides itself on being a survivor, and doesn’t get that doing the same thing that brings terrible pain over and over isn’t being a survivor, it’s being stupid.

      The issues for the conjunction in Libra are different, don’t know that they’re less painful. It’s that crap about how you look being the measure of your worth and about going to any length to get and keep a relationship, no matter how demeaning and dehumanizing it is, because you believe your survival depends on it.

      I’m not saying it’s universal with either conjunction, just when it’s strong in the chart. Donna

      • I just realized something with your comment.

        Not so much anymore the lengths I’ll go to to keep a relationship … I think now I’m on the other expression of that … maybe the other side of the coin …

        But, I’ve learned to be defensively friendly. Charm people before they can attack you. Never saw that in my chart until now. I even use flirting as a weapon/shield … how Libra-esque? 😉

        Wow. and then my Venus (I guess the ruler of the conjunction) is in Pisces and as my friends have put it; I flirt with the room. As with anything Plutonian, it also backfires.

        thanks for that moment. seeing a few connections finally. 🙂

        – Yuri

      • Thanks for that insight, Yuri–it adds to our understanding of how it works in Libra. Donna

  13. What’s a Cazimi conjunction?

    • Being really close to the Sun.

      • Thanks Donna. I have always used the term “combustion.”

      • Yes, that’s another term for it.

  14. Have been reading several of your MC blogs today and then this. Thank you for all that you share. Your info certainly helps a lot and I am grateful for your wisdom.

    With a Saturn/Pluto conj., 10/12*Leo in sixth, yes, I can be stubborn and make repetitive mistakes, per your info. Authority issues–bosses have tended to be far less brilliant than me and I don’t suffer fools gladly. Also, men in family have failed me, rape by two of them before I was three years old [not a chronic situation, traumatic neverthless] and dad keeping us near poverty level, so no model as to how to solve problems due to no money. I was told the men failing me was my Saturn/Pluto. Sun is also in sixth, 26* Cancer, not conjunct Saturn/Pluto.

    Just realizing Saturn/Pluto conjunction also squares my 7*Sag MC. Combined with the early sexual abuse as a partial cause, does this mean I have problems with getting on with career? I do sometimes, other times have great success. Now working for self and need to move with career, but something is stopping me. Saturn was just on my progressed Sun, causing delay. Now it is off. If it matters, Ascendant is 20 Aquarius. Thank you so much.

    • Hi Liz,

      Just wanted to thank you for sharing your experiences and expressions of Saturn/Pluto, and I just want to say that I’m sorry that’s happened to you.

      I also relate to what you said about your authority issues. I often find/found myself in these power struggles with authority at work (including now, even as a “freelancer”) or in my former university and have this deep distrust of authority figures. Of course, that distrust comes from feeling betrayed quite a few times.

      Now I wonder … do you feel that you also distrust yourself as an authority? or your own authority?

      I can relate to self-doubt with these issues and maybe it’s because we’ve seen such abuses of power that we’re so sensitive to the responsibility that comes with it.

      I’ve been wanting to continue my studies, but I’m so skeptical of having another authority figure in my life that I realize that I commit slowly to whatever plans of education … even trying to figure out how to further my studies without being affiliated with a particular institution.

      I might be completely off, but I just wanted to share my thoughts that these discussions are triggering.



      • Lizbeth and Yuri, I want to say thank you so much for sharing on the Saturn/Pluto conjunction. Though I have the opposition, I relate to everything y’all have said. Painful to read but another necessary step toward healing for me.

  15. Oops, meant to add that this last eclipse was exactly opposite my sun and I have nothing in the tenth. This full moon is conjunct my Cancer Sun, so perhaps this is why this is the first time you are hearing from me.
    Wishing you many blessings and an abundant new year.
    Thank you again,

  16. First off, I want to say how much I enjoy your blog Donna. I am just a beginner in astrology and have learned quite a bit from your posts.

    So, I’m definitely a noob in astrology compared to most of the other people who have commented here. Nevertheless, I’d like to hear any tips or pointers you and the others may have about how to improve and deepen this analysis of my Sun-Jupiter conjunction. This is my first attempt at analyzing conjunctions, so here goes:

    Sun in Pisces, Jupiter in Aries, all in the third house
    Because of the influence of this conjunction, I am a person who has an expansive, open minded personality. I enjoy formulating and expressing personal philosophies about life. I seek deeper understanding and meaning as well as a better sense of who I am in relation to the greater whole. I attract luck, especially in education, intellectual pursuits and communication. Perhaps travel is indicated as a part of forming and expanding my identity in addition to serving educational functions (I did briefly study in in a foreign country about 5 years ago). My younger brother (sibling relations – 3rd house) and I always have a great time together, with lots of laughter and fun.

    These are the connections that I’ve made so far. I’d like to hear any other considerations that could add to the comprehensiveness of this analysis. Thanks 🙂

    • Wow, for a “noob,” you’re doing great at putting things together! This isprobably not the first lifetime you’ve studied astrology. Why don’t you give the contest for interpreting the Uranus-Neptune conjunction a try?

      I have Sun and Jupiter conjunct in the 12th, which is a bit like Pisces. I may have written about the aspect in one of my posts on the 12th house on this blog. But you nailed the main points–AND added in the pertainent parts of the 3rd. Donna

  17. I have a Venus/Merc conjunction in Capricorn, and it’s just about the best/easiest thing in my chart. 🙂

    @Tara, I’m surprised you have no idea how your Venus/Merc conjunction affects you, especially in Venus’s own sign of Taurus. Surely you have a lovely speaking voice, enjoy words (especially the feel of words on your tongue, etc.) Many people with this conjunction are writers (I was). I’d guess you have a good sense of design, in the home, the garden, etc. Possibly artistic talent, especially in something like jewelry-making, sculpture, pottery, etc. … Just some ideas.

    • Hi Colleen – I do love my garden (though I didn’t “actively” design it … it just kind of happened) with its winding paths and secret spots 🙂 and people tell me I’m a good writer but I must have some other block that takes away from my experience of myself (not sure that makes sense – I mean that I often don’t see myself the way others swear up and down I am … it could be as simple as a deep-seated low self-esteem? dunno). Anyway, thanks so much for pointing out those examples.

  18. i try to understand about sun and Saturn conjunction in 10th house with mercury………. i read your this article and find some understanding why i am not reach to success in profession point
    thanking you

    • Don’t lose faith, rkch–keep working on it. When Saturn is involved in a career house, it’s something that takes longer to achieve because that work is more complicated and demanding than most people aim for. Donna Cunningham

  19. Hi, Donna. This question is about conjunctions between personal planets and outer planets. I know you have a similar opinion but I just want to go further to ask if there’s any time when the SIGN that the outer planet is in matters.

    I have definitely noticed that when a personal planet has an outer planet conjunct, the sign it’s in doesn’t seem noticeable, just the planetary blend. My sister in law has a Sag Sun and Neptune conjunct. There is no sign of any Sagittarius traits, just Sun and Neptune. She is the very best example, actually, of this phenomenon, as she also has Sag Mercury conjunct Neptune, Libra Pluto conjunct Libra Venus and Moon!

    Imagine my shock when I first saw her chart, expecting to see water signs all over. Then I saw the conjunctions. This girl has NO water signs at all, yet she is is a natural medium having many experiences with spirits, very sensitive, almost too much, and cries…also she is very deep and dark and silent..very moody. Neptune and Pluto conjunct those personal planets! The signs her personal planets are in seem to melt away, haha.

    But sometimes I find myself wondering if Uranus, Neptune and Pluto could be somehow influenced by the sign it’s in. Actually, I don’t think Pluto is. It’s such a heavy energy that it will always be just Pluto.

    Would Saturn in Aries actually speed up and energize heavy slow Saturn? I sometimes think, No Way. I go back and forth so often that I’m making myself crazy.

    But with Uranus, could signs like Plsces and Scorpio dull the electric energy? Would Sagittarius Neptune make Neptune less watery? A Sagittarius Neptune does seem very different than a Scorpio Neptune.

    Sometimes I think that the outer planet’s sign matters more if the planet is angular and prominent in the natal chart. Do you have any rule about the outer planets’ sign? Or should it go case by case, chart by chart?

    • Good questions and observations, Cathy. I have always found with the outer planet conjunctions (either to inner or outer planets) that the outer planet trumps the sign. For instance, even in someone who has no water in their chart, a Sun-Pluto conjunction would be like a Scorpio on steroids. Likewise Neptune and Uranus can dominate the sign. Yet, over long years of study, I can see vast differences between, say, Pluto in Leo vs. Virgo vs. Pluto in Libra, vs. Pluto in Scorpio. It’s more of a generational thing, and yet those outer planet signs do make a difference. D0nna

  20. Thanks, Donna. I think I am getting it, after much thought and working out the planets combined with signs. OK, so are you saying that in SOME instances – let’s take your Sun/Pluto example, say in Virgo – a Virgo Sun/Pluto conjunction will seem very much like Scorpio Sun, but with a Virgo twist? And other cases it’s more like just Scorpio, regardless of sign?

    Would an out of sign conjunction of Mercury in Libra conjunct Neptune in Scorpio be more like Mercury in Pisces/Scorpio combination, to give that Libra a watery overlay?

    • Yes, those are good interpretations, Kathy. An out of sign aspect does work, but focus more on the qualities of the planet involved.

  21. I have sun and saturn along with rahu in 10th house and now i get it whats going on! thanks for nice article!
    If have any solutions to improve situations?

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