Posted by: Donna Cunningham | January 20, 2011

Challenge: Interpret the Uranus-Neptune Conjunction of the 1980s-90s

©1-17-2011 by Donna Cunningham, MSW

Since we’re taking a look at conjunctions lately,  let’s explore encounters between slower moving planets (Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto).  They may last anywhere from 2 years when Saturn is involved to a decade when you bring in a pair like Pluto and Uranus.

An outer planet conjunction becomes the signature of a particular subgeneration. It defines a set of issues and concerns that they struggle with. The signs and planets involved reflect the era in which they were born—including major historical events like wars, as well as the social economic, and political climate that shaped their perceptions of life and the world around them as they grew up.

Having two outer planets joined is such a complex aspect that rather than describe all of them, I wanted to focus on the subgroup that’s just coming into its own. The Uranus-Neptune Conjunction of the 1980s-90s was first in Capricorn, then in Aquarius. The oldest of them—the Capricorn cadre—are in their 20s, just finishing school and entering the workforce. The younger Aquarian bunch are still in their teens.

So here’s my challenge to you–analyzing a conjunction on your own. We’ve been talking about how to interpret a conjunction. Below are all the pieces you need to put the Uranus-Neptune aspect together. I’ll supply keywords and issues for each part of the analysis:

  • Uranus and Neptune
  • Capricorn and Aquarius
  • The 6th and 7th houses

 To enter the contest, Readers submitted a 150-word description of one of these possible combinations:

  • Uranus and Neptune in Capricorn in the 6th
  • Uranus and Neptune in Capricorn in the 7th
  • Uranus and Neptune in Aquarius in the 6th
  • Uranus and Neptune in Aquarius in the 7th

The winner in each category received one volume of my outer planet trilogy, The Outer Planets and Inner Life.  (Only one entry per person.)

 Background Information Needed to Write the Description

OPIL v3 2014 smMy ebook, The Outer Planets and Inner Life, v.3, has long chapters on subgenerations like those born with the Pluto-Uranus conjunction of the 1960s and the Uranus-Neptune conjunction of 1986-1999.

 Available at, it also deals with aspects between Saturn and Pluto, Saturn and Neptune, Saturn and Uranus. The material below is drawn from its pages.

 Since I’ve been fascinated by these aspects between the outer planets from my earliest days in astrology, I’ve watched people who have a combination like this prominent in their birth charts and have observed how contending with it shapes their lives.

It only becomes a major life task when the aspect is strongly woven into the chart. What brings these aspects into high focus would be:

  • having it in major aspect to the Sun, Moon, Ascendant, or Midheaven
  • having additional planets in a triple conjunction
  • having it as a point in a t-square, grand trine/kite, or grand cross
  • having many aspects to those planets

The Uranus-Neptune conjunction went on for a number of years, first in the latter degrees of Sagittarius, then in Capricorn, and then in Aquarius. Allowing a 10° orb—and I find that does work with outer planet conjunctions—it began in 1986, with Uranus in late Sagittarius and Neptune in early Capricorn. Uranus entered Capricorn in 1988, along with Saturn.

The conjunction continued during the entire time Neptune and Uranus were in Capricorn, with exact conjunctions in 1993-4. Uranus entered Aquarius for the first time in 1995, but remained within a range of 5° or less of Neptune that year and much of the next. Neptune finally entered Aquarius in 1998, and was strengthened by being disposed of by Uranus.

Keywords and Issues for Uranus and Neptune:

How Uranians Operate:                              How Neptunians Operate:

Change through information, reason              Redemption through sacrifice

Sudden, radical change                                         Slowly dissolve reality

Demanding freedom, equality                          May accept being a victim/martyr

Idealistic, humanitarian                                    Compassionate, service-minded

Detached, cerebral, rational                            Intuitive, subjective, romantic

Inventive, intellectual                                       Creative, artistic, imaginative

Zany, eccentric, unconventional                  Whimsical, fey

In-your-face, shocking                                     Self-effacing, etheric, hidden

Individuated, elitist, unique                              Merge into the Oneness

Keywords and Issues for Capricorn and Aquarius:

CAPRICORN: Neptune 1984-98, Uranus 1988-95; Saturn 1988-91 Keywords for Capricorn and Saturn: dealing with reality and its demands; form, structure, rigidity; recognizing limitations and lack; fears; setting and respecting boundaries; clear-cut rules, accountability; perfectionism, strenuous, goal-oriented efforts; success, accomplishments; desire for quality, maturity, age, perseverance, self-discipline, responsibility, learning from experience. Areas of Life Affected by the Transits: professions; career; big business; corporate sector; executives;  parental authority; bosses & our attitudes toward them; status; expectations & attitudes about success.
AQUARIUS: Uranus 1995-2003, Neptune 1998-2011 Keywords for Aquarius and Uranus: individuality, finding one’s uniqueness and where you fit into groups, friendship, eccentricity, inventiveness, independence, freedom, breaking with the past, becoming your own authority, adolescence; rebelling against domination; detached, cerebral; sudden, radical change; focused on society and social change; prone to sudden, radical change; demanding freedom, equality ; idealistic, humanitarian; detached, cerebral, rational; inventive, intellectual; zany, eccentric, unconventional; in-your-face, individuated, elitist, unique.      Areas of Life Affected by the Transits: Social and political movements, especially radical or extremist ones, freedom, equality—and elitism, revolution, rebels, counter-culture, splinter groups, sudden social change, divorce, earthquakes, lightning, and electricity, science and technology, pop trends and fads, especially those designed to shock, computers.

Adding in the House Position:

The house position of a conjunction shows us where the combined energies of the pair of planets are primarily focused. The areas of life and the people involved in those endeavors are matters of great concern. In this contest, we’ll  how this aspect might work in the 6th house vs. the 7th.

6th: Work and its meaning; work habits; types of jobs; coworkers and employees; health and health habits. Strong ­emphasis may show the workaholic type.  Where work is not ­satisfying, this type may fall ill. Health conditions may be ­seen–even anticipated and preventative work done–especially ­where the house is occupied by transiting planets.
7th: Partnerships—personal and business; close, committed relationships; types of people we attract; sharing. Conditions surrounding committed and long-term ­relationships, with any barriers. Where strong, it would be important to do heart-center healing on any broken or traumatic relationships.

THE  CHALLLENGE:  Okay, Readers, you’ve got all the pieces you need to create the description. 

Choose one of the 4 categories, create a 150 word description of a young person who’d fit into it, and post it in the comment section. The best description in each of the categories won a copy of one of my ebooks. 

UPDATE: The contest is over, and the best entries are here:  Best Interpretations of the Uranus-Neptune Conjunction—Contest Results.  Though the contest is over, why not give the challenge a try?  I’ve reopened the comment section. 

 Posts to help you understand conjunctions:

(Here are some additional aids for analyzing the house position of the conjunction: Download a chapter on the houses here: AGSA ch13-houses and a chart blank here:  Blank chart with house meanings. To find out who’s represented by various houses, see: A Who’s Who of your Horoscope–the Players in all 12 Houses.)

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  1. Uranus and Neptune in Capricorn in the 6th

    I have a 6th house stellium, so I will try this one.

    The 6th house concerns matters of service, I see this as the general kind of employment people take on for survival as opposed to genuine upward careers. I see people with this kind of aspect would be relatively hazy about what they want for their future, what they see themselves doing, and how to do it. I see people who might even have grandiose ideas and no practical way to get there. Neptune in Capricorn can’t be a good fit. They have these dreams, but except for a small group of them, they know they can’t get there from here. Add to the mix Uranus as well, Uranus would be bouncing off the walls. I see them taking holidays in a manner that their employers are not used to and of course carrying around all their portable electronics through every part of their lives. These people don’t sound like good employees to me either. They aren’t going to tolerate the strictures of service, so I imagine the jobs will have to change with this generation.

  2. I’ve read the instructions…BUT, would it be possible to try to describe Neptune in Capricorn in the 7th, Uranus conjunct Saturn in Sagittarius in the 6th with the Moon in Capricorn right smack in the middle (conjunct the descendant). All conjunct, different signs. Don’t even know if I can, but want to know if it is an option.

    • Sounds like that’s a chart you know. Let’s stick to the pattern, so we have a basis to compare entries. How could you even describe a pattern with four planets, two signs, and one of the angles of the chart in 150 words? Why not do it for yourself as an exercise. Donna C.

      • Oh, I thought the exercise was to use a chart we had…
        Thank you for acknowledging how hard that would be to describe…I thought I just wasn’t good at this!

  3. Uranus and Neptune in Capricorn in the 6th

    An empowered version of this conjunction would show up as a well-balanced person with an exciting career, probably in the arts, a hard- worker capable of sticking the distance to realise zany and innovative creative visions that would touch a cord with the cultural concerns of the day and likely be very successful.

    The instability of Uranus would be balanced by the grounded nature of Capricorn which would ensure the visions manifested would be of quality and substance. The inspiration of Neptune and innovations of Uranus both serve to lighten the Capricorn energy and move the focus away from just being successful to revolutionising the way a culture views that particular art form and to nourishing the collective soul.

    In opposition, or as a T-square, these disparate energies might be hard to manage, however as a conjunction – they rock.

  4. Oooh – I have your ebook already, so I’m not entering the contest, but I can’t resist trying this one on for size: Uranus and Neptune conjunct in Aquarius and House 7.

    This person might have psychic sensitivity, but certainly an orientation to spiritual seeking everywhere but in a traditional church. There is likely to be an impatience with the world’s imperfections. This person could be an inspired reformer, but could also be too easily frustrated, if the pace of change is not fast enough, to keep working toward reform long enough to see the efforts bear fruit. With House 7 involved, the person may be prone to falling in love at first sight, and the partner would be a friend as much as a lover, but the relationships are likely to be unstable. This would apply to other types of partnerships, as well, such as partnerships the person might form to pursue humanitarian and/or spiritual reforms. The idealism would be so strong, the person would probably be repeatedly disappointed, first idealizing someone and then discovering the person falls short of perfection.

  5. I’m not even going to try this, but I have noticed that among the people I know in this age group, there seems to be a very strong, emotional attachment til gadgets … might be reflecting the Aquarius group more, though.

  6. I’m usually up for a challenge and this one was quite enjoyable: )

    Uranus and Neptune in Capricorn conjunct in the 7th house

    Capricorn tends to approach making a commitment to an intimate relationship rather pragmatically and taking a long view into the future. That is, unless the sexual chemistry is particularly potent with their potential mate. It is in these situations that a Seventh House conjunction of Uranus and Neptune tends to make itself felt. The sensual earthiness of Capricorn can loosen their usually firm grasp on reality and cause them to invest their love, trust, and future on impulse. When the mists of romantic infatuation dissipate and Capricorn returns to a more reasonable state, however, they may find that they have chosen a mate who is very different from them. Their mate may not live by the same rules of behavior, follow a similar philosophy or religious tradition, or share a cultural or sub-cultural heritage. The ultimate question, therefore, is whether or not these differences can be transcended by Neptune and be the foundation upon which Uranus can build new traditions.

  7. Okay, I’ll take a stab at UR conj. NE in Aquarius in the 6th (every day work and health). I must say that whether we delineate the conjunction in Capricorn or Aquarius, Saturn is involved–Saturn being the modern ruler of Capricorn and traditional ruler of Aquarius.

    150 words start here:

    First off, just looking at the conjunction of Uranus and Neptune, we see a thirst for independence that is like a religion. So, these kids as a whole will not likely be happy in the traditional 9 to 5 setting. In fact, time off, starting at the top and making a lot of money right away will probably be the cornerstone this generation.

    This individual will probably approach their everyday tasks with aloofness, perhaps in a certain cold and calculating way, obsessed with achieving their own goals. He/she may be somewhat of a dreamer or inventor interested in bettering the collective through some sort of occupation involved with reforming the status quo, and grounded in hope and vision. Perhaps working in the green industry may be a good career choice.

    I think this configuration may present a tightly wound person who keeps their pain inside and finds relief through drugs.

    • I just wanted to add that I think this generation will revolutionize the workplace.

  8. Okay, heres my take on uranus conjunct neptune in capricorn in the 6th. (having this exact combo natally)

    Not exactly that they dont respect the higher ups, but a certain dissolution of boundaries can take place at times, authority figures suddenly finding themselves replaced by the uranus neptune person, for reasons that are unclear and ultimately not really in the best interests of either party. Unless well aspected by a planet in the 10th perhaps.
    I also think about internet addiction, or unrestrained use of gadgets interfering with the health of the person. Uranus rules electricity and neptune rules invisible things, I think of wifi, cellphones such as the iphone that are constantly putting out signals, even when turned off, constant exposure to this kind of radiation or “stuff” whatever they call it could very well turn out to be hazardous to the health of a person. (6th house).
    Working in the alternative health field …
    getting paid by ‘the man’ but still working for their own ideals and causes..

    thats all i got for now, i took the day off and now im off to enjoy it hehe.

    this doesnt majorly aspect my chart though, only neptune exactly semisextile aquarius sun.

  9. The 6th house Capricorn is persevering, slow, cautious, sure footed and ambitious in whatever they choose as their goal. Capricorn can be the most brutish beast or the Great spiritual teacher who went up to the Mt. top and knelt down .
    With Neptune in the 6th ruled by Virgo and as the ruler of its polar opposite sign of Pisces ; coupled with supposing our young person was the older spiritual soul, then they would have an open heart center and any goal would have to resonate with spiritual promptings.
    Uranus , as a higher octave of Saturn would bring in lightning intuition and innovative practical solutions regarding the life work, health, food and service on behalf of the common worker ,small animals, or even military personal.
    This could be an person whose goals would center on very old Earthy values , methods of work, diet , health and food but what is ancient or foreign can appear unusual and innovative juxtaposition todays culture .

  10. I suggest Daniel Hernandez, b. January 25, 1990, is a study for us here.

    He is the intern in Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords’ office who immediately assisted her after she was shot. His presence of mind was critical, some say, and he received a huge amount of national attention for it, including being called a hero by President Obama.

    There were many interviews with him and he spoke at the memorial service. Did anyone else notice how uniquely mature, sensitive and able Daniel Hernandez obviously is?

    The consistent way he handled himself in the spotlight struck me as remarkable for his age – well-spoken, intelligent, humble. I found myself thinking I would vote for this young man right this minute.

    He has an Aquarius Sun; with 5 planets in Capricorn: Uranus-Mercury-Neptune- Moon-Saturn-Venus

    IF he had Capricorn on the 6th, being an intern, health-conscious, service-oriented, and responsible all seem to match. In particular, assisting with good sense and excellent communication skill seem a good match for Capricorn Neptune-Uranus in the 6th.

  11. We are now an uneasy global community facing complex, planet-size problems that can’t be solved by 20th century means and mentalities. To cope with what’s coming, I think children with the Uranus/Neptune conjunction have been wired with third-millennium minds and set adrift in a larger sea.

    URANUS/NEPTUNE conjunct in CAPRICORN in the 7th HOUSE
    With Cancer rising, the 20th c. expectation would be to marry a respectable, ambitious mate and build a secure nest. But someone with this dissonant conjunction will feel impelled to question the status quo, explore beyond the box, and learn to fly solo—with close partners serving as the necessary catalyst. The challenges will be: to learn how to make deep connections without sacrificing personal boundaries and identity; to experiment with radical ideas and possibilities without becoming a rebel or an outcast; and do both while contributing something substantial to the global community. Combining planetary energies that resist structure and stability with a tendency to idealize partners is bound to produce disappointment and frequent upheavals. I foresee a series of provocative relationships that can help build the independence, competence, and self-reliance this person needs to survive/thrive in the 21st century.

  12. The first thing I thought was that conjunction before acquarius, laid the grown-the structures, for the digital, interconnected world we live in now. Is a combination advanced technology-uranus- (the fastest growth ever, in about 20, 15 years?) and the intuitive -neptune-interface with users, is a mixture between abstraction and intuition.
    So I’ll take Uranus/Neptune in Cap in 6th: Someone who has the ability to create/ work on this highly intuitive technology, not just has the vision (both planets) but can ‘make it happen’ -capricorn. So maybe works in software architecture or similar field. If that aspect happens to trine the MC, from 6th, he/she han be seen as someone remarkable in the field. Also has the ability or the potential, to work in multidisciplinary teams. Work ‘from distance’ etc…
    Think Apple technology and Windows after a while with less user friendly DOS, etc. Not coincidence that the beginning of the conjunction would transit Bill Gates 5th creative house, trining his MC and eventually transit all his 6th house, mostly in Capricorn…I was hoping to see something like that in Steve Jobs and Wozniak charts, the latter actually has some interesting elements his chart related to these ideas.
    The downsides that we know now: can be more connected to the whole world digitally, but isolated for the immediate surroundings.

    Another possibility is someone that works in health, serving as a bridge between traditional and alternative medicine. Holistic approach in a a practical way.that can use new advances and technology. And help these methods to be more widely accepted and implemented.

  13. Hello Everyone!

    I chose to analyze the Uranus-Neptune conjunction in the 6th house:

    Neptune conjunct Uranus in Capricorn is disruptive to the 6th house. Achievements will be overvalued, but the attitude towards work will be unstable and unrealistic, creating an oppressed feeling in the native. In an misguided attempt to control daily output, pharmaceutical drugs could be abused to increase work efficiency. Due to the need for unusual, unstructured work environments, self-employment will be a viable, satisfying option. Creating a progressive, holistic company to serve the needs of others is an excellent manifestation of this conjunct in the 6th house.

    Illnesses associated with mysterious etiologies or food allergies could cause physical/mental distress. Mental stress could manifest through the body, especially muscle rigidity and pinched nerves. Mineral deficiencies rooted in absorption of nutrients could cause mental and physical problems or bone diseases. These illnesses will more than likely be approached from an innovative, alternative, holistic view to health care. Preventive care is recommended.

  14. Hello, Donna

    I’ll make a last minute try for
    Uranus and Neptune in Capricorn in the 6th

    These, I think, would be people who combine their free spirit(Uranus) with tradition(Capricorn) – their ideas about society will have good chances be accepted by the common traditional thought. Their imagination and spiritual life (Neptune) might have some structure added to them (Capricorn).
    Both together might bring spiritual understanding about processes in the society or innovative approach and ideas to spirituality, which might spread among people without too much resistance, since they probably wouldn’t try to break traditional societal norms.
    This applied to the 6th house’s matters might mean people who offer their services with newly invented therapies and compassionate co-workers too.

    I think the words are approx. as much.


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