Posted by: Donna Cunningham | January 25, 2011

I See Dead People’s Charts–Amelia Earhart

©1-25-2011 by Donna Cunningham, MSW

 Years ago, I read that Carl Jung’s wife and daughter were astrologers and that every year on his birthday, they did his progressions for the year. They felt that the progressed aspects correlated with the unfolding of Jungian psychology as a field and constituted his legacy.

Curious, I began looking at the charts of dead notables when something about them hit the news. Sometimes it was a scandalous revelation, sometimes an honor bestowed on them years after their death, but whatever it was, it seemed to show up in the chart in ways that made sense astrologically. In this article and one to follow,  I’ll present some recent examples, with links to their charts and bios on AstroDataBank.

 Case #1: Amelia Earhart—Found at Last?

Aviation pioneer Amelia Earhart was a media darling in the 1930s. She achieved a number of aviation records: 

  • first woman to fly across the Atlantic
  • first woman to fly across the US nonstop
  • first woman to win the distinguished Flying Cross
  • second person to fly solo across the Atlantic, in 1932
  • first person to solo from Hawaii to California, in 1935

She has remained an intriguing figure ever since her disappearance on July 2, 1937 during an attempt to be the first to fly clear around the globe. More than 70 years after her mysterious end, she again became newsworthy. In 2009, she was the subject of a biographical movie, Amelia, starring Hillary Swank and Richard Gere.

In 2010, there were a series of announcements about bones and artifacts including a compact and aviation equipment found on Nikumaroro, a small, remote island in the Pacific. The discoveries have led scientist to believe they may have found her at last. They are trying to extract DNA from the bones and match them with the DNA donated by members of the Earhart family.

See her chart above and her bio on AstroDataBank here: Earhart, Amelia. It is an altogether fascinating chart, with a multiple conjunction of four planets in the mutable air sign Gemini—the Moon, Pluto, Venus, and Neptune, all within 10°.

Conjunctions dominate her chart. She has them in Gemini, Leo, Virgo, and Scorpio–including a stellium of four planets in Geminni. The Sun-Mercury conjunction in Leo gave her star quality. Her Mars-Jupiter conjunction attests to her courage, and some might say her foolhardiness.

Amelia Earhart & her friend Eleanor Roosevelt

What really made her an aviation pioneer, I believe, was her Uranus-Saturn conjunction, for Uranus rules scientific innovations and would be the planet most associated with aviation. It was in Scorpio and, unfortunately, showed that she died pursuing her passion.

And it was that conjunction that was most highlighted in her chart by transits. The important transiting Uranus-Saturn opposition from Virgo to Pisces of 2009-10 formed trines and sextiles to her natal conjunction. When an aspect in the birth chart is repeated in some form by transit, it often brings events and situations related to the natal position.

It will be interesting to see whether DNA testing finally solves this mystery. My feeling is that it’s going to take some time—scientists are a cautious bunch. It would be more likely to be proven or disproven when Pluto in Capricorn trines her Mars-Jupiter conjunction in Virgo in 2013.

(For more information and pictures of this iconic figure, see The Official Website of Amelia Earhart  and a video about the bone’s discovery here:  Bones Found on Island Might Be Amelia Earhart’s – ABC News.)

UPDATE, 7/2/2013: A reader reminded me that I’d predicted more conclusive evidence in 2013, and it came to pass.  Amelia Earhart Fans: A Closer Birth Time and New Evidence about Her Crash

New evidence includes some old, lost photos of the possible wreckage and also a jar of freckle cream on the deserted island in the Pacific.  The freckle cream seems conclusive to me, because it’s known that she hated her freckles and was always using the cream. The odds of any other woman with freckles crashing on that island are really low. 

The reader also mentioned that Earhart herself said her birth time could have been half and hour either way, and that half an hour earlier gives Aries rising rather than Taurus.  Aries is much more likely for a courageous pioneer like herself.  Here’s a link to further recent information:


What about you, Readers? Do you have any cases in your files of charts that showed events long after the person’s death? Share them with us in the comment section.

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  1. God, how I envy charts like this one! Very strong and focused on a couple of things and very not interested in all the rest-perfect!

    • That’s pretty much how my chart is–a series of conjunctions, and not one thing to suggest I’d ever dust or throw a dinner party. Donna

      • Wow! Never dust or throw a dinner party. That is me! But the stellium book is what I need….only Mars and Neptune in my chart are singletons. And they are my only opposition. Everything else is two big conjunctions. The early 1940s charts often look like that.

    • Right!! Ghrrr to you then 🙂
      And ghrrr to your “ruler of the sun conj. MC” a.k.a. “I AM my work”, too .
      (That placement is to me an envy category in it’s own right!)

  2. Looking at the 7th house is interesting (SA conj. UR at 24 and 25 Scorpio respectively) trine that 4th house Sun at 1 Leo (with Mercury not that far away at 10 Leo).

    Her views on relationships and marriage were unconventional. George Putnam, who was divorced, proposed to Amelia six times before she accepted.

    According to Wikipedia:

    “She referred to her marriage as a ‘partnership’ with ‘dual control.’ In a letter written to Putnam and hand delivered to him on the day of the wedding, she wrote, ‘I want you to understand I shall not hold you to any midaevil [sic] code of faithfulness to me nor shall I consider myself bound to you similarly.’

    Earhart’s ideas on marriage were liberal for the time as she believed in equal responsibilities for both “breadwinners” and pointedly kept her own name rather than being referred to as Mrs. Putnam. When The New York Times, per the rules of its stylebook, insisted on referring to her as Mrs. Putnam, she laughed it off. GP also learned quite soon that he would be called ‘Mr. Earhart.'”

    Her father was an alcoholic. I wonder if that trine from the 4th house Leo Sun to the 7th SA conj. UR in Sco was behind the way she thought about her relationships with men.

    • Pat, interesting comment;,
      Amalia sounds like a true feminist in that she had a natural respect for her own sovereignty. I have a similar interplay with Saturn and Uranus , only it includes Venus, Mars and Pluto. I knew when I was 16 I would never marry due to the disrespect of Women in this USA culture and because I am very jealous of my FREEDOM which presides over anything else; except children. Ultimately I do not like the distraction of a man underfoot and it irks me that an unrelated ( by blood) person thinks they can demand or expect anything from me. This comes from the TRADITION of Native Am. Indian culture where, for example, a life mate might ask , ” where were you all day” it was considered a sign of possession and mental illness on their part and grounds to separate. There was RESPECT for another persons freedom and mystery. Our culture enjoyed FREEDOM personally , socially and politically and women were held to be a little more SACRED than men.
      Ameilas TRADITION ( Saturn ) came in when she Married . Marriage in this culture where woman becomes the hand maiden of the male was not to her liking but she did Marry. It wasn’t until the late 50’s that women started to get divorces and they were treated as prostitutes and their children shunned at school. It would have been even more repressed for women back in Amelia s day. She certainly was a trail blazer.

  3. Swedish Author Steig Larrson died of a heart attack in 2004 and did not live to see the massive success of his Millennium Trilogy novels.

    Interestingly, the film of his first book The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo was released in his native Sweden in Feb 2009 when transiting Neptune in Chiron in Aquarius were EXACTLY opposite his natal Sun-Pluto conjunction in Leo. At the same time, Secondary Progressed Moon was conjunct natal Moon by an orb of 5 degrees (although I was using a noon chart, so that’s probably not entirely accurate).

    The film was released in the UK and US in March 2010, to huge critical acclaim despite it being a foreign language film. In 2010, it was impossible to get on the tube without seeing someone reading one of the books…a massive publishing phenomenon. Around that time tr. Jupiter was conjunct SP Moon (again, with the birthtime caveat). Transiting Pluto was square natal Venus in Libra (a singleton planet). The huge fortune he amassed posthumously is still being fought over by his family and his partner.

    The natal Sun-Pluto conjunction Trines Mars in Sagittarius and Sextiles Neptune in Libra…Oh and I should mention that Mercury is also conjunct Sun-Pluto, although a little wide – 7 degrees from the Sun and 9 degrees from Pluto
    a bio I found online ( reads “Stieg Larsson was known for his workaholic lifestyle. He ran the anti-racist magazine Expo and wrote freelance articles aimed at exposing Swedish neo-Nazis by night, and worked at the TT news agency as a graphic artist and journalist by day.” Fascinating!

    Data: 15 Aug 54, Skelleftehamn, Sweden. Time unknown

    • Great case, Mandi!What a shame. Donna

    • Could that Sun-Pluto con also account for that awful situation with his inheritance?

      • I reckon so Natalie, esp. as Pluto can be associated with great wealth and also with death and inheritances too due to its natural association with the 8th house

  4. Great example in The Chart Lives On category, Donna. I am impressed with so many ‘firsts’ and not an Aries, Cardinal or Angular planet in the mix. T Saturn at her MC in September-October looks like an important time of ‘life’ development…

    Mandi, thanks for posting. I have seen the first two movies and enjoyed your example.

    • Hi, PDW, a new comment on the post came in, indicating that AE herself said the birth time could have been half an hour either way. Half an hour earlier would have given her Aries rising, fitting for a courageous pioneer like her. Donna

  5. Just came across an equine example for astrologically-minded horse fans – Triple Crown winner Secretariat, b. March 30, 1970; Doswell, VA; 12;10am (Wiki).

    Aries Sun-Capricorn Moon – Heated ambition fulfilled with administration; a racing success.

    Sun-Moon rulers, Mars and Saturn, in his Taurus 5th House – What matters is winning competition.

    His Sun at IC opposed Uranus at MC – Extraordinary performance; exceptional heritage.

    Pluto has been transiting his 1st House N Moon, renewing his legacy with the 2010 release of the movie Secretariat.

    • Way to go, PDW!! How neat to have the birth data and to know that the principle works on animals too! Donna

  6. Thanks, pdw! I’ve been trying to get accurate astro info on Secretariat for a long time! Amy

    • Glad to assist a race fan, Amy.

      Too bad Wiki does not cite a source for the birth time (such as a book) to verify its authenticity.

  7. This is neat. I’ve always been fascinated by Amelia. Such strength.

    • I think it’s all those conjunctions, Cathie. They can give tremendous focus and force of will. Donna

  8. This rings a chord with me. My father did some very bad things. I am not sure how to say this. I was his favorite child and therefore I got the best part of him. But due to things he did, he is not much in favor with the rest of the family, but i cherish him for all his imperfections for how he raised me. This past week I ran into a cousin (Thank you facebook) who gave me an entirely different perspective of my father; the perspective from her father (his younger brother) and our grandparents, his parents. They adored him! He was steady and hardworking, a dutiful son, he got his brother established in a business that enabled him to support his own family.
    my father’s transits this weekend: Saturn conjunct midheaven, Pluto conjunct his venus and two chiron transits… transit chiron conjuncting his Uranus, and transit Jupiter conjuncting his Chiron. oh Mercury was transiting his Venus too! He died in 2003.

    • Good to have a confirmation that this principle works with ordinary people too, not just notables. I thought as much. Donna

  9. and of course there were the fantastic transits my stepfather had a month after he died, at his memorial service!!!

  10. Donna, I am incredibly impressed with this medium, we get more of your incredible accumulated wisdom, and all off the cuff! Amelia’s Capricorn MC ruled by Saturn in 7th conjunct Uranus, could you comment upon that in terms of her public reputation?

    • Well, I’ve already mentioned that the Uranus-Saturn conjunction may have been part of what marked her as being an aviation pioneer, as Uranus rules science and technology, but the fact that Saturn rules her Midheaven makes that an even stronger possibility. (It’s the same in astrology, which Uranus also rules–the Uranus-Saturn aspects often are pioneers in our field too.) Donna

  11. Your prediction of more Earhart news in 2013 had proven spot on, Donna. Someone just posted this link on FB yesterday, July 2nd, the anniversary of her disappearance:

    By the way, gryphonastrology has pointed out that Earhart herself said her tob is approximate, to half an hour either side. Such an adjustment backwards could give her an Ascedant in Aries – far more likely than Taurus given the life she led.

    Either way, I wonder how long she lived on her remote island, if the bones found were hers, and what in her chart might indicate death at sea or on land?

    • Hmm. I don’t recall making that prediction–thanks for reminding me. What I read (on Bing?) was that they’d found a jar of freckle cream, and that she used it all the time because she hated her freckles. That was conclusive proof for me because what are the chances of a jar of freckle cream showing up on a deserted island in the Pacific? Glad to hear that about the time of birth–Aries is definitely suited to the brave pioneer she was. Thanks for the link to the article, will be interested to see what it says. Donna

  12. Thanks for that snippet – I’d read about a cosmetics bottle being found but not that it was freckle cream. That does sound decisive. What an awful way to die – stranded and alone…

    For another example of transits to a dead person’s chart, the discovery of King Richard III’s body in Leicester last September is a neat example. Paul Saunders of Solaris posted about this at the time, pointing out the Pluto trine and Neptune opp to his MC (and posting a synastry chart of the time of discovery plus natal). Another astrologer mentioned Regulus in this context too, but I can’t find that reference right now. We did have a long thread about this at the time on my own FB page but that’s hard to search! (and it’s a ‘private’ page)

    • I didn’t know that about King Richard–fascinating! Donna

  13. If you move her chart to 11 PM to get an Aries Ascendant it fits her lifestyle as previously noted

    This revised chart also places Scorpio on the 8th cusp, house of death and co-ruler Pluto is in the sign of Gemini and within conjunction of Neptune, the planet of illusion, delusion and confusion.
    And this fits the facts for the years of confusion as to what happen to her.

    Saturn and Uranus remain in the 7th and fit the marriage delay.

    The Moon represents the public and when it connects to the 10th, the house of the public image it highlights the individual.
    The Moon quincunxes the M/C along with Pluto and Venus
    The Moon also sextiles Mercury in Leo who also quincunxes the MC
    And this forms a Yod.

    And Mars and Jupiter conjunct in Virgo trines the M/C. Lots of M/C contacts.

    If we change the time again to make the MC 13 degrees Cardinal sign Aries, a critical degree, it would fit a strong desire to establish her career especially one totally dominated by males.

    Also note the 6th, house of work with 2 planets in Virgo the sign of perfection adding to her need to prove herself in all areas during the early days of flying.

    Or you can change the Ascendant to be 26 degrees Cardinal sign Aries, another critical degree, which can be an indicator of a individual with a driving, focused force.

    Sun in Leo is the final dispositor and in the 4th, the house of the home and home country.
    Where the Sun is, is where a person shines. And in her home country of U.S.A., she attracted a lot of attention back then with the Sun so positioned.

    Remember this time in American History, 100 years ago, when women were not suppose to do more than be housewives, mothers, and followers.

    Amelia Earhart in her own way proved that women are more capable of other things and just as equal as men.

    You can see the revised chart at this free link site that I have no connection with. I just use it frequently for demo purposes.

    • An excellent and thorough analysis, John. Thanks for sharing it! Donna

  14. The small bone found on Niku thought to be part of a human hand/finger turned out a piece from a turtle’s body.

    Huge miss that could’ve have solved the mystery…

    A partial skeleton was born found on Niku under a tree in the 1940s by a British officer who surmised it was female. The skeleton was sent to Fiji for analysis by a doctor who concluded it was a male. Unfortunately today the bones are not with us. They were misplaced or destroyed during WWII. The only thing available is the doctor’s report giving the bones’ measurements, etc. They (the measurements) were entered into a modern forensic anthropology program that determined a European female. The concrete proof of the actual bones for DNA is gone, but I totally believe those bones were hers or navigator Fred Noonan’s who went missing with her. I’m a believer in TIGHAR although they’re widely seen as kooks. Since 1989 they’ve gathered lots of evidence on Niku I view as definite castaway activity. I hope one day they’ll find the plane (they think it’s in islands’ water; hopefully it’s survived 70+ years). Searching the water again this year they think they spotted an anomaly and are going to investigate it as soon as the money’s raised to go back.

    • Thanks so much for the update, Cat. I am–and ever shall be–eager to know about developments. Donna

    • Ditto! Fascinating stuff.
      It would be amazing if they found the plane

    • Wow, what an amazing story of your family, Nush! I’m glad you shared it with us. I haven’t done much on nodal connections, but it would surely make a good survey among Skywriter readers. I am deeply absorbed in a writing project now (another ebook), but if I get to a place of taking time off, I’d consider putting the question up. If so would it be okay to share part of the story (Nodes only and no personal details)? Donna

      • Hello Donna,

        Sure you may put it up for discussion. You may include the whole story except for years (1983, 2007 etc).


      • Thanks, Nush. As I say, I’m focusing on the book just now, but sometimes I get fed up with the lonely work of book writing and just want to share with my peeps on the blog–an insightful lot. Donna

  15. Hello Donna,

    I came here googling dead people’s charts. Because i was checking out charts of my parents and dead ancestors. Something was screaming at me through all those charts. NODES. Both my parents (who are still alive) and two of my grand parents (who are dead) all have their natal nodes squaring mine. At the death of two of them tr. nodes were conjunct my natal nodes.

    I was very fond of my maternal grandma who’s natal nodes were square mine. She died when i was 9 years old in 1983. So at her death tr. nodes were conj. my natal nodes (reversed).
    24 years later in 2007 when the tr. nodes returned to her natal position (i.e. Squaring my natal nodes) i became pregnant. It happened around the time of her birthday and i caught myself remembering her after a long time! I had no clue or interest about astrology or reincarnation at that time. But i miscarried.

    I became pregnant again the following year. I happen to know the exact date of conception. And it was the exact 25th death anniversary date of grandma! I gave birth to a wonderful boy who is now 5 years old. I am no longer with the boy’s father; we separated.

    But the story doesn’t end there. Now i have a partner who has his natal nodes around the same degrees as my mother, father and dead grandma. And he has a son from his previous marriage who also has natal nodes at the same degree as all of them. My partner has thoughts about seeking custody of the boy so he could be with us.

    I am almost certain when tr. nodes square my natal nodes next time, i am either going to get a step son (partner’s son), get pregnant, give birth to a baby, lose a parent/partner to death or die myself and go see grandma……:)

    What are your thoughts Donna, have you come across stories like this one?

  16. When I initially commented I clicked the “Notify me when new comments are added” checkbox and
    now each time a comment is added I get three emails with the same comment.
    Is there any way you can remove me from that service? Appreciate it!

    • I’ve heard from a couple of people who ran into that in the past, and I don’t know for certain what to do. If you’re a subscriber, you might try unsubscribing for a while, maybe then resubscribing with a different email address. Donna

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