Posted by: Donna Cunningham | January 29, 2011

A Q&A Session on the Progressed Moon by Gretchen Lawlor

Donna Cunningham says: Since I only work with transits, I’ve been promising to invite a guest blogger to do a Question and Answer session about progressions, another predictive method. Today’s session will be lead by my longtime colleague and friend, Gretchen Lawlor, an astrologer, teacher, and writer for the past 40 years, who specializes in the Progressed Moon. In order to participate, you’ll want to know the current sign and degree of your secondary progressed Moon, and what house of the natal chart it’s traveling through. (You can have it done for free at Free Chart Selection – Astrodienst or Astrolabe’s Free Astro rt Data Input Page.)

If you need a basic orientation, start with Gretchen’s article here: The Progressed Moon through the 12 Houses.

How the Session Works:  The process is the same as previous Q&A sessions here on Skywriter. Readers will pose questions related to the topic by scrolling down past this post to the comment section. Gretchen will write her insights beneath your question.

Since Progressions are a vast topic, Gretchen would like to narrow the range to the the Secondary Progressed Moon, focusing on the following areas:

  • The Progressed Moon sign
  • The House it’s traveling through in your birth chart
  • General questions about the Progressed Moon

If you need a basic orientation, start with Gretchen’s article here: The Progressed Moon through the 12 Houses.

NOTE:  After a rapid-paced question and answer session, the comments are  now closed to additional questions.  However, you may find that someone else has asked the question you had in mind, so see what we’ve been discussing in the comment section. 

NOTE: Gretchen has also written an excellent article on the current controversy about the so-called 13th zodiac sign, Ophiuchus here: No, Your Zodiac Sign Isn’t Wrong.  

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Gretchen Lawlor has been a professional astrologer for nearly 40 years. Her predictive work has been published in We’Moon Almanac for the last 20 years, including the WeMoon 2011 Datebook, which you can order online.  She has taught at many gatherings and conferences in the U.S., U.K. and in her native New Zealand.

Experiential and applicable astrology holds a particular fascination for her, encouraging the development of plenty of innovative tools and techniques. She has a special passion for sharing astrology with high school students, which she has been doing for years.  For more information and a collection of articles, visit her website, Gretchen Lawlor, Astrologer.  Write to her at  for more information and to receive her free astrological ezine.

Past Q&A Sessions by Guest Bloggers:


  1. Hello, Readers, Hello, Gretchen. It’s a treat to welcome my Sister/Friend Gretchen here and to watch her get excited about what we do in these sessions and on this blog. Enjoy one another!

    PLEASE NOTE: Many of you are newcomers and don’t know the rules for our Q&A sessions. Please read them. Questions that are too detailed about your chart or containing multiple questions will be edited OR deleted. Donna

    • Donna, Thanks for inviting me to this wonderful teaching/exchange of ideas forum. I’m impressed with the caliber of questions, intrigued to hear from you all joining us today with your questions to me about using the progressed Moon.

  2. Hello! My progressed Moon is currently at 1 degree Pisces. My Ascendant and natal Moon are both at 2 degrees Pisces, so my progressed Moon is technically still in my 12th house, but obviously it’s right on the verge of transitioning into my 1st. I’m wondering what I can do to best handle this transition, especially considering a major angle and major personal planet are involved.

    Thank you!

    (Donna: see the answer several screens below.)

  3. Hi Gretchen and Donna,How about when the secondary progressed moon forms a hard angle aspect with natal planets ie square or opposition..for me personally my progressed 6th house moon is squaring my natal mars neptune conjuction in scorpio and the third house… Adam

    • Adam, Pay attention to the house of the P. Moon as the foundational piece of information. 6th- your body, and especially your stomach and digestions may be be manifesting the difficult aspects, requiring you to be more attentive to sustaining daily routines and often a change in diet.

  4. Hello, Donna, and hello Gretchen and thank you both for making this Q&A session on the progressed moon possible. My progressed moon just moved into my natal 11th house in January. Currently, it is at 15 Taurus and is moving to conjoin my progressed midheaven at 16 Taurus. Thank you in advance for any insights you can provide.

    (Note: the answer appears a screen or so below.)

  5. Hi Gretchen,
    Progressed moon in 19 degrees Sag. near the end of the 4th house? Ops, 3/4 of the way throught the 4th house.

    • VT, Good point about progressed position by house and sign, when they seem incongruent. Start with the house position.

      P.Moon in the 4th is particularly potent, suggesting change at a deep emotional level is being asked of you in order for you to grow. Take stock of familial stories and patterns, particularly for what now feels inappropriate, constrictive expectations. The P. Moon amplifies the emotional responses to each house- and offers and invitation to make changes.

  6. Hi Gretchen;
    Finally found you! Thanks for this opportunity.

    My progressed moon is 22 degrees 32 Mn. Cancer in the natal 10th house. MC is 11 degrees 32 Mn.

    Natal Venus conjunct/ parallel Saturn. 20 degrees 45 Mn and 20 degrees 9 Mn.

    Progressed Saturn is 24 degrees. 48 Mn. Cancer and its conjunct progressed Mars at 24 degrees 49 Mn Cancer.

    Therefore the progressed Moon is wedged between both these conjunctions in the Natal 10th house but the progressed 8th house.

    Transit Saturn has turned retrograde in my first house.

    Is the natal 10th and progressed 8th house equal in strength or is the 10th stronger?

    My 98 yr. old Aunt just passed and her Wake is today. It means a lot to all our relatives but I am unable to attend due to other issues on the home front.

    There are other long standing ” life Work” issues, too much to go into, but I have been planning action in this regard for a year now.It will involve helping the future generations and a cultural school. I am 65 and raising an 8 yr. old grand daughter since her birth.

    • Barehand, These Q&A sessions aren’t like our usual comment exchanges where details and sharing back and forth are encouraged.

      To be fair to the person leading the sessions–as well as to the others who want a chance to have an answer–we limit ourselves to one question that doesn’t involve multiple positions and aspects in the chart. Sorry to hear about your aunt. Donna

      • Gee does this mean I do not get to hear what P moon in the 10 conjunct progressed Mars and Saturn mean? May be THIS is what it means hey?

      • Barehand, I had to think about what one essential response I could make to your complex posting. P. Moon in 10th house- an opportunity to review your role in your community and its emotional rewards. P. Moon amplifies the emotional agendas involved in the matters of a house, sometimes making them so extreme that you cannot help but notice that you need to make changes.

  7. Forgot to click the Notify me buttons…..

    • Thanks for the reply. You are right….I see the extreme changes a coming down the line right now. It will soon be time for constructive action.
      I am enjoying the questions , answers and Skywriters in general. Thanks to two great astro ladies.

  8. Theresa, I would be curious about what you have already been noticing in the last month, as you are well within orb of the natal placements- making this time the beginning of your Lunar Return.

    Pisces/12th house progressed Moon, notice where you are feeling as though you no longer belong, how/when you are watching yourself repeat old patterns. Perhaps less able to do something than simply allowing things to happen. Last month of an opportunity to let go of anything that holds you in an old emotional habit- anything that evokes a feeling of being just too draining to keep up.

    • As to what I’ve been noticing–lately I’ve been making the effort to be more aware of and accepting of my emotions, rather that trying to disregard, escape from, or wallow in them, which I have the tendency to do (your “repeating old patterns” comment definitely hits home!). I’ve also recently started paying more attention to the phases and sign of the transiting Moon in order to keep track of how it affects how I feel, and so far that’s been very helpful.

      (Er, I don’t mean for this to be another question, just a response–hope that’s allowed! 🙂 Thanks again to Gretchen and Donna for doing this!)

  9. Hi. A Cancer Rising, my P. moon ingresses Aries next month. I have completely had my fill of the Pisces phase, ‘n wonder how best to direct the upcoming energies. Thanks much

    • Keva, You’re going to feel much more courageous, just go do something differently. In Pisces P. Moon often holds you or binds you, until you are completely tied, bored… of it all and more ready to take chances, on anything!

      At the end of the old cycle (and I have to be thinking of Jupiter and Uranus entering Aries as well) don’t be attached to outcome, experiment, watch your attention turn to something totally unexpected.

      • thanks, Gretchen~appreciate it! 🙂

  10. Hi all, My progressed moon is 2 degrees into sag., 2 degrees shy of the 12th. I would love to hear your thoughts about the progressed moon as a bringer/releaser of people into one’s life and any thought you would like to share about the progressed moon aspecting luminaries by other than conjunctions. aloha, U. P.

    • Uhane, I’ve noticed that there is often an accentuation of the pressure to change when the P. Moon is leaving a house. In your case, the 11th- so changes in friends, peers, allies makes sense. Pay attention to how they are influencing your sense of what the future might bring.

      The P. Moon by phase is a whole other subject, cannot consider it here in any depth, but would encourage you to go back in your own history and note P.Moon by square and opposition and look for signs. One of the best ways to learn about the P.Moon- get dates in your life and what was happening.

      • thanks, great advise. I will do so. and yes the new sandbox-new playmates issues is indeed a of moment. aloha, U

  11. Hello Cancer Rising, Of course you would be here curious about tuning into the Moon. Remember that the Progressed Moon is drawing your attention to matters of the house (and/or matters of the sign- though as I pointed out, it is often easier to see the influence of the P.Moon by house, for starters). In your 11th house it is asking you to reconsider your long range plans, your priorities. The Moon brings up old emotional responses that may or may no longer serve you- for review. This may also include old relationships that once served and supported you but may be stale,and for your evolution, may need to change or be released.

    Conjunct progressed MC- I pay less attention progressions to progressions, and am also cautious about progressed angles until I have seen the signs of their influence (as they are so dependent upon an exact time of birth). Watch out for some opportunity to be seen in a new light- through your job or reputation.

    • Gretchen, thank you very much for responding to my comment. To confirm your insight, I’ve already begun cleaning house as it relates to longstanding friendships that have been rubbing me the wrong way for years. I’ll be watching my progressed moon carefully this year because it will be moving to trine my natal Virgo planets (mercury, mars and sun) along with my progressed Venus in virgo, all in my 3H. This is exciting stuff. Thank you again.

  12. Hello, Gretchen,

    I have the progressed moon in 4th and it will be in 5th this summer. It is true that we are more introvert and we tend more to be at home with this. Will it be possible someone will enter or leave home when the prog moon is in the 4th? I’ m waiting for an adoption, Can it be a good sign?

    I forgot to tell some details. I’m a cancer with a virgo rising. My 4th house is in sag and the progressed moon is now in cap leaving a conjunction to natal saturn in 4th. When it will enter in 5th it will be trine my ascendant.
    Thank you for your patience,
    Thank you in advance,

    • Claire, Yes, you are getting the essence- expect changes in the matters of the house P. Moon is occupying, and especially in the last three months. Your question is more than I can consider in this setting, though sounds as though you are more inward in focus, nesting in preparation- good to be getting everything ready around the home.

  13. Hi Gretchen,

    My progressed moon is at 3 degrees of Cancer in my 9th house creeping up on my south node at 6 degrees of Cancer. I’d like to leave my job at a university to launch my own business doing psychic readings, astrology and healing. Can this be the ticket to releasing that karma?

    • Linda, Progressed Moon over south node definitely amplifies old habits, somewhat like a healing crisis, to let you push through to a place of greater balance in your life. Sounds big- use your earthy cap. north node to have a good business plan in place before you jump.

      • Gretchen,

        Thanks so much for your insight. I have been really focusing on that north node to construct a business plan.

  14. Hi Gretchen (and Thank You Donna for hosting!)

    My head’s spinning from reading and attempting to understand progressions, tertiaries, solar arcs, etc, but i’ll try and restrict the number of qs I have (what, Donna didn’t warn you about my long lists of qs 😉 )

    Anyway, what’s the difference between a Progressed Moon and a Progressed *New* Moon?
    (Second question deleted. Don’t say I didn’t warn ya, LS! Donna)

    • Lostshoe, P. Moon refers to the symbolic movement of the Moon through houses and signs; Progressed New Moon is a specific time when the P. Moon returns to the degree held by your natal Moon. This happens every 27-29 years, in broad sync with the Saturn return.

  15. Hello Donna and Gretchen!
    I loved the article about the progressed moon in the 12 houses. Very very useful.

    well, with coffee and tim~tam in hand, here goes my question: I’m curious about your general take on the progressed moon in a child’s chart. In your experience, what are the most important elements to look at. (My own child’s case, now the progressed moon in a the very end of virgo in the 1rst house, in some time it will make it’s first conjunction to his natal sun, which I imagine is a very important milestone in his growth as an individual)

    Thank you so much, hope you are having fun!

    • Oh Sabrina, Good question, I feel like writing a whole article on this subject! I would have to also be considering how old your child is, and where his natal Moon is, for starters. Remember to start with the houses, so his own autonomy is an issue. I’d be looking at your natal chart too- to consider your parenting style and strengths. As a mother myself, I have always loved the old adage “Heal the mother and the child will be well”.

      • It would be wonderful!!! there is so little written about the subject. And Thank you for your response, you can tell my own p. moon is in 5th house 😉

  16. Is it common for someone (a family member, friend, etc.) to die when the moon progresses through scorpio or the 8th house?

    • Annie, At least the deep issues of Moon in Scorpio or 8th house within oneself about death and transformation will come up. I’m not comfortable with suggesting someone will die at a specific time when I look at a chart, but I would counsel you to focus upon your emotional connection with that person, so you can contribute to a good clean transition- when it comes. It may be purely your own inner process.

  17. Hi Gretchen

    This is a question for a friends mum who is currently in deep depression.

    Her progressed moon is currently moving through her 12th house (Cancer) and is shortly to be conjunct with her natal moon/pluto conjunction. – what are the gifts/challenges of this transit?

    • Jay, I’d want to know more about the deep depression. Is this person in danger of hurting herself? Does she have good support around her, inc. medical support?

      As astrologers we need to be wise and careful with what we take on, this is a situation where I would tread very carefully and recommend a good team of practical, emotional and medical support especially as P. Moon approaches it’s natal return. Moon/Pluto is a signature of emotional intensity and extremes, and she could do good work in resolving old issues- with the right support system. I’d refer you to Donna’s book Healing Pluto Problems, as an incredible source of insight into Pluto.

  18. Progressed moon in Ares in the 11th house opposition the natal sun in the 5th. Any comments, suggestions?

    • PSD, Find new friends to explore some creative projects with you- and choose ones that have some social or cultural impact. P. Moon defers to natal Sun in 5th, though being a Libra Sun, you need to find buddies to bring out your best shine.

  19. Hi Gretchen. Within a month or so I will a “progressed new moon” at 1°Aquarius (in my 6th house, using the Koch House system, and on the cusp of my 7th house using the Equal House system).

    I’ve heard that the ‘progressed new moon’ is a big deal, but don’t know what it means or how it operates. Will you please explain what’s in store?

    • Sally, Yes, the progressed New Moon is indicating you have done a complete cycle of emotional awakening, and are launching a new emotional cycle of development. Kind of like a fresh slate, unencumbered.

      I am intrigued to see how many people on this q & a session are at P. New Moon or P. Aries. Ties in powerfully with Jupiter into Aries jan 22, and and Uranus to Aries on March 11, interweaving of a 12 year and an 88 year of evolutionary awakening, a new era for us all. Those of you experiencing a P. Moon coincidence with this would be seeing the changes in very personal ways. Less resistance? More able to inspire those around you?

  20. Hi Gretchen,
    My question involves understanding where my progressed moon at 9 sag. In my natal chart it is 2 degrees away from my ascendant at 11 sag, so almost in my first house.

    But when looking at the progressed planets do we use the houses from our natal chart or our progressed chart? In my progressed chart the progressed moon would be in my 10th house.

    • Toni, Keep it simple, use progressed planets to natal houses.

  21. Hi Gretchen – My progressed Moon is in the early degrees of Capricorn, and is going through my natal 4th house. I’d love to know your thoughts on the significance of outer planetary transits – particularly Pluto – which was recently conjunct my progressed Moon. Very soon, my progressed Moon will trine my natal 12th house Pluto.

    If I’ve asked too general of a question, I apologize. I’d be grateful for any answer you think may be of interest to others. Thanks!

    • LB, I try to not get too astrologically technical with my clients, so I stay with progressed to natal, and with conjunctions, squares and oppositions- all supporting the Moon’s effect of causing and encouraging change.

      Students of astrology are a different crowd, where watching all these possible influences is how you learn. So, take note and see what you discover. I’d point you back to the P. Moon in the 4th house and say, make your enquiries personally applicable. Search your own history, Pluto wants you to peel away some layers of familial obsessions.

      • Thanks again, Gretchen. I appreciate your answer, which makes sense. Not only does Pluto want me to deal with family obsessions, but also family taboos. It’s like finding buried treasure I didn’t even know existed.

  22. HI! thanks for the opportunity. P moon is at 14 Aqu. approaching conjunction to the 4th house cusp at 16. You wrote the prog moon in the 4 invites to change in inward, yet aquarius is not very home oriented. Also do you see p moon on the IC happening with home changes situations? I have no planets in the 4th. Thanks so so much!!!

    • Gaia, Try considering your uniqueness within the family story, and experiment with some changes in home that might make you feel more comfortable. Astrology often requires that one free associates and makes up stories to weave together the various influences. Sometimes they just aren’t congruent.

  23. Hi
    I aml having a progressed full moon in March this year. My Progressed Sun is in Pisces in the first house and my progressed full moon is in the 7th in Virgo. Virgo is an intercepted sign. What does this full moon really mean in my life.

    • Adrienne, I think you are referring to P. Moon opposing P.Sun. I would consider it a minor influence, though perhaps tension encouraging you to stand back and see some benefit in collaborating with significant other rather than stonewalling.

  24. hi gretchen (and thanks, donna, for setting up a time for this!!),

    my progressed moon is going through taurus in the 9th (coming up on my south node in the next year) and will hit my MC in gemini in july 2012. i can’t help but look forward & feel anxious about that transition, but my question has nothing to do with that! 😛

    instead…i would like to know how to think positively about the progressed moon going through the 12th (in my case, leo) – it’s quite a few years away, but maybe others would find this useful info, too.

    sidenote to annie’s question about p. moon in 8th/scorpio: mine was in 8th when my dad died, who’s p. moon was ALSO in 8th conjunct my virgo sun, coincidentally. however, none of my siblings or mother had p. moon there in their charts. i definitely don’t think it automatically means someone’s going to die. don’t be worried, if you are!

    • Erin, I liked your question about how to look positively at P. Moon through the 12th house. Believe me, when it gets there you will be ready to release the past, because it will feel too stifling to keep up an old way of responding to life.
      To assist the process, plan a spiritual retreat or take up dance or photography or an instrument- purely for yourself. Find something that you can surrender to, it will help you let go.

  25. Hi Gretchen! Progressed moon is at 24′ 36 Gem in 7th, conj progressed DC at 23′, trining natal Venus at 22′ Liba 22. Could you say something about this conjunction/mooon in 7th? Thank you!

    • P. Moon in 7th, easier emotional rapport, good connections, Venus trine supports this. Trines are easy energy, but may not bring about anything unless you apply it to some desire. Look to refresh lines of communication, be open to new people.

    • Sorry, I think I might have misunderstood. P-Moon would be in my natal 8th house, just entered, actually. So now I’m confused. Sorry about that. What would be significant about a trine between natal venus and p-moon? I’ll think I’ll stick to that …

  26. Hello Gretchen,

    I would like to know what your advice is for people having their Progressed Moon return to their Natal spot. What is the importance of this moment?
    My Progressed Moon is at 11’20 Aries in my 12th house.
    Thank you!

    • Devil Mood, That’s your progressed New Moon, I’ve mentioned it in other replies. Look for fresh starts, new healthy impulses. Feeling freed up from old engagements, old stories.

      • Yes, I only realised that was the term for it when you replied to Sally. 🙂

  27. Quick question, just trying to make sure I’ve got the right Secondary Progressed Moon calculations.

    I looked at the recommended link at Astrodienst, I wasn’t quite sure what is the correct chart to see this. They have progressions and tertiary progressions. I assume that Secondary Progression is related to seconds (1 sec per year progression) and it’s not related to primary secondary tertiary.

    My own astro software only has one progression calc, it agrees with the Astrodienst regular old Progressed Chart, so I’m assuming this confirms that most astro software is doing a Secondary Progression when it just says “Progressed Chart.”

    Not so quick question: since we’re dealing with progressed Moon, I’m wondering if there is any related interpretation of progressed lunar nodes. Do the progressed nodes even move fast enough to change? It looks like they don’t really, but I had my node move from 1 Scorpio (natal) to 27 Libra (both 3rd house). If the progressed nodes really move so slowly, I figure it’s significant if they change signs.

    • Charles, the most common progressions are day-for-a-year, so you can assume that’s what most systems are using.

      If you look in an ephemeris,( we old astrologers carry around beat up books full of the planetary positions), you look at each day after your birth as representing a year of your life. Symboic rather than literal, though they definitely carry influence. Often it is more in attitude and expectations than in specific events.
      Sun through Mars, and the angles (esp asc and mc) are the only ones that move in a way that is helpful for progressions, nodes move so slowly you cannot use them as timers.

  28. Hi Gretchen,
    I will soon have Progressed Moon conjuct my Natal Pluto…11th house in Leo. Any suggestions as to how I can duck and weave my way through this period? Thanks in advance, and welcome..the Qs and As are very interesting. Cheers, Lin

    • 11th house P. Moon is nourished in its process by allowing yourself to be more fluid about your priorities and intentions, they need to be a true expression of yourself now.

      You will be more sensitive to the emotional rapport between yourself and others. Let this inform you of needed changes. Moon is instinctive, so if you find yourself overreacting to friends in ways that cause pain, either the friend or the attitude needs changing.

  29. Hi- can you comment on the progressed moon in synestry if it hits the other person’s ascendant MC, or personal planets. Thanks!!

    • Kelly, Quick response, these people are highlighting something they know well for you to learn.

  30. Hi Gretchen,

    Now that I’m clear on what a prog New Moon is (had mine in 2001), what is called when the prog Moon conjoins the prog Sun? That happened a couple of years ago in Capricorn and boy oh boy, did I get serious about finances!
    thanks for to both you & Donna for educating us further!! 😀


    • Diane, I too have noticed intensification when progressed Moon conjoins P Sun, and found little comment on this anywhere. What I ended up with was that it was because of the intensification caused by the two lights at the same point. So I refer to it as a laser focus upon a particular area.

      I don’t have time in this session but would encourage you to consider an interweaving of the house this occurred in and Capricorn. So much of the true work of astrology is in knowing the basics and then doing free association with the themes. Thanks for great question.

      • It was in my second house . . . LOL


  31. Hope I’m not late to the party! My progressed moon will be crossing over into my 7th house later this year. I have no earth planets and my DC is in Virgo, though with 4 planets in 7th (Libra to boot) I know that house is important. What can I do that would use the next bit of time well and take advantage of the position?

    • Dizzy, I had to respond to you, with no earth and such a perfect name- made me chuckle. You are being invited to learn a lot about Earth through people close to you, personal or professional partners. It may be through some difficulty and frustration, and yet, the great thing about no earth is that you wont have impenetrable boundaries to becoming more earthy through these connections.

      That’s the last for this session, what fun, great questions, plenty of them.
      And thank you Donna for the experience.

  32. NOTE: We have reached the number of questions that Gretchen and I agreed on, given her busy schedule. Sorry this time has been so short–that seems to happen with our guest bloggers, as the topics are very popular! (I think I MIGHT be just the slightest bit jealous!)

    Thank you, Gretchen, for coming to share your knowledge of the progressed Moon and its cycles with us! As always, it seems like our love of astrology (flower essences, healing, homeopathy, you name it) is the same, but the things we know are different, and we always enjoy learning and exploring together.

    Our next guest is Joyce Mason, who will lead two sessions on Chiron on February 5th and 12th. Watch for more information on those sessions. Donna


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