Posted by: Donna Cunningham | February 5, 2011

Chiron Potpourri—a Q&A Session with Joyce Mason

Donna Cunningham says:  Joyce Mason is a longtime  friend and colleague in the fields of astrology and flower essences.   Her blog, Radical Virgo, is full of original perspectives and sparkling wit. For many years, she has specialized in Chiron, including her ebooks Chiron and Wholeness: A Primer and Poems to Heal the Healer: The 12 Chiron Signs.

(The first ebook is a solid introduction to the subject and the second focuses on the wounding to healing cycle of each Chiron sign. See Joyce’s website to purchase. )

She’s going to be leading today’s general session on Chiron and another next Saturday on Chiron transits. Here’s Joyce:

My earlier post, Chiron Cycles and Life’s Purpose, introduced you to Chiron’s 50-year cycle and to Chiron’s transits to itself. Now that you’ve got an overall sense of how Chiron guides us toward wholeness in this cycle, you might have some specific questions. Ask anything you want about Chiron (signs, houses, aspects) with the exception of questions about transits. We’ll have a separate Q&A on transits February 12, so save your transit questions for that special Chiron topic. 

Since the most notable teachers throughout history use the tool of story, I am interested in gathering personal anecdotes of all kinds about Chiron for my Chiron book in progress.

I don’t mean to put your stories in the comment section for this session, but to join my Chiron Research Group and e-mail them to me later. See Chiron Research for details.

This Q&A exchange is your opportunity to ask me questions about Chiron that may help you get more background to contribute those stories to the research.

One of the perks of joining the Chiron Research group is that I’ll compute Chiron cycles for anyone who wants look at them for themselves—and share their discoveries in the research.

 Chiron Cycles and Life’s Purpose will set a context for the Chiron cycle works overall. To learn how that larger cycle works for you specifically, too, I will compute the research group members’ four points.

Joyce will consider your Q&A exchange open to use for her research unless you note otherwise and thanks you in advance for being part of the volunteer team.

The Q&A rules—the same as for other sessions in our series: 
  •  One question per person per session
  • Make them questions we all can learn from.
  • No specific and detailed questions about your own chart
  • No cross communication between readers this time
  • No long personal histories—save them for the research group
  • Per agreement with Joyce, only 25 questions this time

Note: to keep it fair to as many readers as possible and to  our guest blogger, your question will be edited or deleted if you ask more than one question or if it’s a detailed personal question about your chart. 

(An example of a question that would be deleted is, “I have Chiron in Virgo in the 8th squared by Mars and Saturn in Sagittarius in the 11th. How come I’m always falling in love with my friends, but they never want to date me?”)

After three hours, the questions are closed. To see if someone asked your questions, scroll down below this post . Don’t miss Joyce’s second session, next Saturday, February 12th at 1:30 PM Pacific time about transits and cycles of Chiron. 

More of Joyce’s articles on Chiron:

About the author: Joyce Mason has been a practicing astrologer for 22 years. She’s been a writer ever since she could hold a pencil. Her specialties are Chiron, the sign of Virgo, and living on the upside of the zodiac. Her trademark is depth with humor. Learn more about Joyce, her blogs, and her library of articles on topics from A to Zzz (astrology to dreamwork) on her Writer-Astrologer Joyce Mason website: Visit  Hot Flashbacks, Cool Insights for this series, as well as The Radical Virgo for her newest articles on Chiron and updates to older favorites.  See Joyce’s website to purchase her ebooks Chiron and Wholeness: A Primer and Poems to Heal the Healer: The 12 Chiron Signs.) 


  1. Folks, please welcome Joyce Mason. Joyce, we thank you for sharing your experience with Chiron and giving Skywriter’s readers the chance to ask you questions about it.

    I’m excited about your Chiron research project, because I feel that only by gathering real-life examples of what happens under a Chiron transit can we move out of theory and into a real and valid understanding of what it means. Donna

  2. Hello Joyce! My question is: what the significance of Chiron being retrograde in the natal chart? I haven’t been able to find much information about this, and I’d greatly appreciate some insight. Thank you!

    • Thanks, Mims, for this great opening question. Retrogrades in general tend to be experienced more subtly and sometimes in a delayed or “time-released” way, almost like a cold capsule. When it comes to Chiron and the wounding and healing process, one way it may manifest is that the “pain” that trips you up might be subconscious. You may not be aware of something that happened to you as a child that is a knee-jerk trigger as an adult.

      The newest studies on “emotional intelligence” tell us that the most powerful memories are those subconscious ones. The studies also say we react, often strongly, to something that even remotely resembles the trauma.

      Personal example: I’m adopted, didn’t consciously know till I was 8. I reacted to separations from my parents. So, it might mean that your Chiron and what’s going on with you in terms of a chronic stumbling block could need some depth probing to find and work with. It’s worth the scuba diving inside yourself!

  3. Thanks, Donna. I’m happy to be hear and eager to answer your readers’ Chiron questions. Here we go!

  4. Hi Joyce, good evening from London. I was just wondering if you’ve found Chiron to be more comfortable/more easily expressed in some signs than others?

    • Fascinating question, Mandi. I can’t say that I’ve noticed any particular “ease” with Chiron by sign, but you’ve given me a new “something to look for” in the research. I guess the real question is whether some signs find dealing with pain-to-wholeness cycle and the stumbling blocks it brings easier than others.

      If we look to the nature of the signs in general, and simply apply that sign to Chiron, I don’t think Chiron in Aries would be too excited to wait around to get unstuck from some kind of energy block! 🙂

      On the other hand, Chiron in Capricorn often has harsh beginnings and is sort of wired to dealing with discomfort–same with Chiron in Scorpio. I do think there’s probably a difference, so thank you for giving me something I can attempt to quantify further in the Chiron research project.

      • Thanks Joyce, BTW, while I was reading your comment on Chiron in Scorpio, the song Sexual Healing came on the TV ~ gotta love those cosmic synchronicity moments!

  5. What sign do you assign Chiron as ruler?

    • Hi, Peggy. That’s not an answer I can give you in 25-words or less, but it’s an absolutely perfect question for this forum. First, let me refer you to my article, “Wholeness and the Inner Marriage: The Chiron Sector” which details my theory on Chiron’s rulership:

      In a nutshell, I believe Chiron rules no sign in particular but rather the Virgo to Sagittarius sector of the zodiac, which I term the Chiron Sector. Rather than explain what’s already in the article, I hope this will pique the curiosity of enough readers to check it out.

  6. Thank you, Joyce, for contributing your time and expertise.
    How does Chiron tend to show our life purpose through our wounding?

    • Hi, Mel! I was hoping someone would ask that question. Chiron involves a wounding-to-healing cycle that acts as a divine directional device, keeping us on track in our quest for wholeness. Of course, the type of wound is designed especially for your evolutionary arc and needs.

      It works something like this. You incur the Chironic wound, which could be from circumstances of birth or a later physical or emotional pain. Like all pain, we first attempt to avoid it, creating a vicious cycle of one step forward, two steps backwards in our quest for fulfillment. We don’t want to re-encounter the pain, and avoidance of the pain keeps us stuck.

      Eventually, the stuck pain is just *too* painful. We’re willing to face it, get to the root of it and break through. This is so liberating; we want to share what we’ve learned with others. A huge component of Chiron is offering up what we know about a specific kind of suffering. That’s why the Chironic wound often holds the key to your vocation or true calling.

      I call breaking through the wound being your own hero. It takes bravery. There’s a reason why Chiron of mythology mentored heroes. Not only do they save their own lives, they often save the lives of others in some way—or save the day by modeling how you deal with certain sticky life situations. Life involves that P-word (pain) at times, either physical, emotional or spiritual.

      Chiron shows us the higher value of it and how to work with it till we become all we can be—fulfilled. There’s nothing more fulfilling than taking who you are and all you’ve learned into the moment your special You-ness and skills are needed. I call these Chironic vocational moments. I’ve had a few lately. They are goose-bumpy great!

  7. Hi Joyce.
    For years, I have struggled to understand just what a Chiron that is in Aries but also in the 12th house is trying to tell me. What exactly is an Aries approach to Chiron in the 12th house???

    How would you interpret/reconcile a placement like this in which the sign and house seem rather like oil and water?

    • Another great question, Mari. We all have that basic issue with the parts of our chart and various aspects of our selves that are in “stressful” aspect to each other, as well as those parts of us that don’t exactly relate smoothly to others’ parts. It’s sort of the perennial astrological and life question.

      However, I think you’re onto something with your oil and water analogy by looking at the qualities of the sign and house.

      Chiron in Aries often has a strong need to discover his or her true identity. Those with this position may have difficulty “finding themselves” or have issues with self-confidence. Another possibility is a history of abuse or pain caused by competition, anger, or violence. Aries is the god of war. There’s a suggestion of difficulty finding personal fire, defending oneself, etc. Blending that with the 12th house, it suggests an environment where that was made probably more difficult by enmeshment or a lot of “merging” where it may be hard for Chiron in Aries see him- or herself out of the “soup” of family or environment.

      A suggestion for exploring this would be to avoid 12th house environments as an adult, at least for awhile, to focus on the qualities of Chiron in Aries. That might mean more one-on-one work rather than in groups. Chiron in Aries needs to focus on Self to heal.

      Chiron in Aries in the 12th may still be drawn to compassionate pursuits of the 12th house like caring for others, working with dreams and psychic visions–but once a stronger Self is established through exploring Chiron in this sign, it isn’t as easy to get lost in the 12th house of merging, if that’s one’s natal placement.

      • Fascinating 🙂

      • wow! i just had a total “aha” moment reading this answer. thanks, joyce!!!

  8. My question is about when chiron squares a personal planet in the natal chart. Is such a placement, such a wounding, an insurmountable challenge to a healthy whole self?

    • Goldy, you’ve asked another great question. The answer is no. It just means that the planet squaring Chiron is asking you to use the relationship between these two planets, archetypes or aspects of yourself for ongoing growth.

      The square is like a constant reminder that these two forces must be dealt with in your healing curve. (When it feel more like a constant irritation, remember that irritation is how an oyster makes a pearl.)

      To illustrate, if Chiron is square to Venus, you might find that your wounding and healing often involves one-on-one relationship. If it’s Mars, it might involve competition or aggressiveness of others. And to add the right spice or frosting to this question, the square is an awesome angle for rounding out the edges of people. Many real “stars” who have accomplished a lot in the world have prominent squares. Think of it as a catalyst and bringing a certain subject matter to your wounding-to-healing cycle.

  9. Hi Joyce! Having Chiron conj the moon means that always this person will carried emotional wounds? or with relationship with woman or her mother for instance?

    • Hi, Rosario! Emotional wounds and issues with mother and women are likely to be an ongoing learning curriculum for Chiron conjunct Moon. This gives me another opportunity to put Chiron in perspective. Unfortunately, Chiron got “stuck” with the label “wounded healer.” That makes him as stuck in our consciousness in his wound as we are in our own wounding. We’ve got to break out of this image of Chiron.

      Approximately 75% of what we know about Chiron’s meaning comes from the Greek myth. There is a resolution to Chiron’s suffering. He trades places with Prometheus, who was chained to a rock for eternity for stealing fire from the gods. Prometheus represents the collective or community by symbolism. Chiron offers to suffer for humanity in the larger symbolic sense. The gods are so pleased by his altruism, they release him from his immortality, allow him to die, and raise him to the heavens in a constellation.

      This doesn’t mean we have to wait till we literally die to be out of our Chironic pain. It means we need to use what we’ve learned through our struggles with it to help others–and to be willing to let a part of our selves die so we can get to that “denouement” of getting to heaven in the figurative sense.

      When we focus on helping others, it’s amazing how much our pain gets put into perspective. In fact, several of my readers and friends have noticed that if they have a physical pain, they don’t notice it whenever they’re doing what they consider true work helping others.

      • Such good and illuminating answers, Joyce!! We’re really getting a great lesson here! Donna

  10. Hi Joyce
    I’ve been anxiously awaiting this session! I’m a big “fan” of Chiron (ie. I feel it is a key player in the chart) but there is still so much to learn/understand. I’m not even sure what to ask! I think I’m really curious about Chiron’s orbit and what, if anything, it might say about our global wounds (individually but also in light of “we are all one” kind of thought).

    So, I guess my question is what do you think about the implications of Chiron’s long stay in Aries, if any? Is Chiron’s orbit itself pointing to a tendency to address our wounds in a ‘separatist/individualistic’ way (ie. thinking we’re the only ones suffering) and do we need to look to relationship as a way of healing? (Two question marks but it’s only one question, really 😉

    • Wow, Tara. What a cool question! It never even occurred to me to view Chiron’s unusual orbital pattern in that way. It’s not something I could answer “by the seat of my pants” in this session without giving it a lot of thought. My first inclination is to say that Chiron is in Pisces nearly as long as it is in Aries, so I’m not convinced that it’s the orbital pattern that points us toward healing through relationship, as a Libran complement to Chiron’s lengthy stay in Aries and any “trying to go it alone” implications.

      Lots of times when we have intuitions (a very Chironic thing, in general, because mythical Chiron’s mom was a psychic sea nymph and he inherited those skills), we come up with the right idea or direction, whether or not we hit on the reason why it’s the answer. Many of the early astrologers felt it was significant that Chiron is in its perihelion in Libra. Since perihelion means closest to the Sun in its orbit, you could look at it this way. At perihelion, Chiron is most “lit up,” and when it is, it’s in the sign of relationship.

      Another thing to contemplate: Chiron was wounded at a wedding ceremony. So, somehow, the wound is relational and the healing has to do with a marriage or merger, whether parts of our selves or our Self relating to others, including our relationship to Spirit.

  11. Hello

    My question is about Chiron in aspects to other natal planets, as a part of a Yod or a T-square or other such pattern. Do you have examples of such cases, so we can catch how to interpret them when we see them?

    • Hi, Dobromira. I just had a technical glitch and lost my entire reply to you. 😦 Starting over, great question and it gives me an opportunity to address Chiron and aspect configurations. There is nothing “special” about how Chiron is interpreted in these cases compared to any other planet. It simply means that when Chiron is activated by transit (next Q&A on 2/12), the other planets in the configuration are also in play. So, this Chiron is a little more complex and has company in the wounding-to-healing cycle–always the same cast of planetary players.

      I will say this about the yod. Barbara Hand Clow considers it a very Chironic aspect–or at least one kind of yod. In her book “Chiron: Rainbow Bridge Between the Inner and Outer Planets,” she addresses the yod starting on p. 120. She considers the yod a “dynamic process in consciousness.” It’s her opinion that the waxing yod or Finger of God is ruled by Chiron, the waning by Pluto.

  12. I really want to understand Chiron better………….
    My score CQ was only 27 which surprised me..I felt it should be higher.
    I am having difficulty in framing a generic question that doesn’t pertain specifically to my chart……….
    1. how important is Chiron contact with the nodes? How would you interpret Chiron trine the N node? What input or influence would that have on the basic soul mission of the N node?

    • Hi, Pat! Your question, like many others, is allowing me to make some generic statements I hoped to cover. Thank you for that! First, don’t take the Chiron Quotient (CQ) or Chiron Resonance Score (Chi-Res) too seriously. The purpose of these quizzes, which are not scientifically designed, is to help people explore their Chiron and to help them, perhaps, to uncover that there may be “more to Chiron” in their chart than they had previously thought. I don’t think my own Chi-Q score is that high considering my passion, devotion (OK, darn near obsession!) with Chiron.

      The opposite can happen, too. You can be left wondering why you’re so “into it” without a lot of emphasis in your chart. The bottom line: If you love Chiron, that’s good enough. You might, like me, discover that some asteroid you’ve been too busy to get into actually unlocks the whole reason for your “thing” with Chiron.

      That said (and in retrospect, I should have included it in the quiz), Chiron conjunct North Node is highly suggestive of a lifetime as a teacher, healer, or mentor. I’d see the soul mission as service. It will be colored by the sign and house where Chiron is located, of course, too.

  13. What decides whether someone who is wounded will fail or become a healer ? Is it that fated ? Is it like someone with Capricorn prominent is gonna come out of it and Pisces is gonna stay stuck in rut with the wound? In that case isn’t it unfair

    • Hi, Gaara. I don’t believe astrology is fated, whether we’re talking about Chiron or any other part of our horoscope. I believe our charts reflect the physical, psycho-social, and spiritual characteristics we bring into this lifetime–sort of an imprint of our state of soul evolution. What we do with it is up to us, so we decide whether or not we become healers or heal ourselves.

      There may be parts of our charts that are more challenging than others, but what Chiron teaches us is that in working through our pain, we often find the key that unlocks our true place in the world–how we give back. That ultimately brings joy to ourselves and others. It does often involve courage though.

      This gives me a chance to talk about heroism. I call breaking through the wound being your own hero. It takes bravery. There’s a reason why Chiron of mythology mentored heroes. Not only do they save their own lives, they often save the lives of others in some way—or save the day by modeling how you deal with certain sticky life situations. Life involves that P-word (pain) at times, either physical, emotional or spiritual. Chiron shows us the higher value of it and how to work with it till we become all we can be—fulfilled.

  14. If it is not too late,
    I’d be interested to know if a wound of Chiron is only signified by it’s house and sign, or if aspects play into the wounding/healing scenario?
    What if a Chiron placement is trined an angle or part of a T-square, or opposed a stellium?

    • Hi, EJ! Short answer–they all count, as with any other planet. Trining an angle is nice, but I’d consider Chiron to have more impact if it was conjunct, square, or opposed an angle. Those are the aspects we usually look to as having the most weight when the angles are involved.

      In the case of opposed a stellium, there might be an opportunity to integrate the complementary energy through Chiron. Just a for-instance: Say a person had a stellium in Pisces and had a hard time bringing his or her intuitive skills into practical application. With Chiron in Virgo, the earthy grounding energy of Virgo and both Virgo’s and Chiron’s concern with service may be able to help gather up the individual’s Pisces parts and put them to work. He or she might actually making money helping others, a win-win for both giver and receiver.

  15. Hi Joyce, you’ve talked about the Chiron aspects up to the age of 50, but what about the ones after that? There will be a square and if we live long enough an opposition and if we live even longer another square.

    • Hi, Judy, hold that question for next week’s session. Joyce will be handling questions about Chiron cycles and transits then. Donna

      PS. This is probably as good of a place as any to put in a plug for Joyce’s ebooks on Chiron, which are full of rich details on this planet.

  16. What orbs do you use for Chiron’s transits, i.e. how much time (or how many degrees) do we experience Chiron before/after it hits the exact aspect? And how do you approach Chiron’s retrograde transits? Some astrologers believe that with outer planets doing retro dance back and forth we do not get the full force of the transit until the transiting planet finally moves in direct motion…

    FROM DONNA: Tatiana, this is a great question, BUT NOBODY seems to read directions. The questions on transits are for next week. This session is for natal features.

  17. I don`t know if this is a proper question.Anyway, what about Chiron in synastry?
    I mean close aspects of Chiron in one chart with personal planets in another chart.

    • Nice question, Inna. I think Chiron is important in synastry. It can be an indicator of “continuing karmic business” between the pair of people involved. Chiron/Venus may have unresolved pain to make right as lovers or spouses in a past relationship. Chiron/Saturn may have had a painful child/father relationship. Of course, if you don’t believe in reincarnation, the following applies in any case–there may be pain and healing involving relationship issues for Venus and control issues for Saturn … and so on around the zodiac according to the meaning of each specific planet.

      Since I don’t have to get permission to share this, I’ll use a personal example. My husband and I are born only 10 days apart, same year. Our Chirons are conjunct within a degree. Our relationship is extremely karmic, and while I don’t credit that all to Chiron, the Chironic symbolism between us is rather off the chart. Hoping people on this forum won’t think I’m a whack-a-do for believing in past lives, I am aware through past-life regression of a lifetime where I was literally wounded and my current husband (also my husband in that life) took care of me. In our current life, he has had a lot of health issues. I’m returning the favor. This topic in and of itself would make some fascinating Chiron research.

      After a couple of hours of this Q&A, I’m now convinced I’ll be writing at least three books on this topic! You are all the best, giving me more food for thought and writing than I could have imagined!

      • Thank you for sharing that much on Chiron 🙂

  18. Hello,
    My chironic score is very high (around 60). Can I enjoy any positive of that feature at some time in my life or the advantages are only for others? Thank you,

    Note: edited so there’s only one question. Donna

    • Hi, Claire. This is another question that allows me an opportunity to share some important general information. As mentioned in a previous response, getting to positive Chiron and the blessings from the pain takes courage–sometimes even bullheaded stubbornness to continue working on yourself till you understand the reason for the pain and transcend it.

      One of the most brilliant things I ever read about Chiron was written by an astrologer named Stan Riddle. He was distinguishing between the energies of Chiron and Pluto. He said Pluto transforms but Chiron transmutes. He further defined transmute as “having the same thing happen, but you see it differently.”

      This gets to the difference between healing and a cure. We may or may not be able to cure our illness, our birth defect, or in the case of Michael J. Fox, his Parkinson’s Disease. But Michael is healed! He has shown the way to deal with pain and and a seemingly unfair throw of the dice by letting it impact his life as little as possible and never his can-do attitude. The can-do attitude is positive Chiron to the max. Positive Chiron is the saying, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” Through his disease, he’s found his cause and way to give back–and especially through his books which encourage people everywhere to grab life by the horns and shake it a little instead of staying stuck in their wounding.

      The trans

  19. How does chiron conjunct the ascendant affect one’s appearance?

    • Obviously, this can vary widely, especially considering Chiron’s sign and aspects. One I’ve seen that’s quite literal to the Chiron myth is someone walking with a limp or some other trouble with his or her legs. These individuals can often be “composite” beings in some way. While not conjunct his ASC, President Barack Obama has Chiron in the 1st house, so a similar theme. He is half-black and half-white, but since his African genes dominate, you wouldn’t know that unless you knew his background. His is subtle. With other mixed race people, it might be more overt. It’s easy to see they are a blend of more than one background.

      Generically speaking, there’s more likelihood of a person with this placement having some sort of visible physical handicap or composite appearance. This could also involve someone’s being less gender specific in appearance where you’re not sure at first if the person is male or female. These are just some of the possible variations. Considering Chiron was half-man and half-horse, a person would have to go a long way to beat that startling composite appearance!

  20. Hello Joyce! I have to say that thanks to you ladies, I’m giving a deeper look at Chiron. It’s being always a mystery to me.
    My question is how do you see Chiron near the angles and the houses involved? If it’s a long question to answer, I’ll be happy to hear about Chiron the 7th.
    Thank you!

    • Thanks, Sabrina, for giving me the leeway for the shortcut. Let me make general statements about the other 3 angles but focus on the 7th. (Chiron is about both/and solutions instead of either/or.)

      Chiron on the ASC tends to have strong identification with Chiron and everything he stands for, often feeling left-out, alone in the world, and having to overcome feelings of being misfit. This often leads to tremendous “self-reclamation” in the end, if he or she follows the healing path.

      Chiron in the 4th tends toward painful early childhood and all that implies. The wound may come through mother or heritage or the family of birth in some way.

      Chiron in the 10th, along with the 1st, is one of the strongest Chiron placements. This individual may have experienced the a blemish to his or her reputation that is painful or may have inherited one as the child of someone in a public scandal. The wounding-to-healing curve concerns station in life, personal contribution to the public good, long-term career, ambition, fame, and authority. This individual could ultimately bring Chironic style healing to the “corporate” or governmental world, being a go-between healer, the kind of person who does it in ways that are under the radar.

      Now, onto the 7th. Chiron on this angle is concerned with relationship, partnerships,social awareness, legalities, justice, and aesthetics. This individual experiences both wounding and healing through others. This happens to be my personal placement of Chiron, near the DSC, and one of my more recent insights is how my past relationship were an enmeshed ball of both pain and pleasure. As I have grown through my own Chironic healing cycle, I’ve discovered I can also choose relationships that are mostly a pleasure and not a pain! 🙂

  21. Hi Joyce! My natal Chiron is in Taurus in the 9th (about 15 degrees from my MC, which of course is not a conjunction, but I thought I should mention it anyway!)
    Could you share a few thoughts on this placement?

    • Chiron in Taurus often has wounds that impact his or her value system and need to be loved. This can lead to sacrificing Self on the Altar of “Love Me,” buying into religious, family, or community standards that may be damaging in the long term to your personal growth. Material values may also come into play, growing up with too much or too little money–or having some mixed-up notion about buying love. On the healing side, gardening, cooking, and bodywork both heal this Chiron sign and are possible vocations.

      In the 9th House, you may look for answers on your healing quest in philosophy, higher education, spiritual journeys. Long-distance travel and contact with foreigners or foreign cultures may be one of your primary vehicles of personal expansion. Because your wounding and healing cycle is also related to these topics, you may have issues with dogma that was damaging or unpleasant experiences with educators or teachers. You may use Chiron’s “composite nature” to heal your own wounds by piecing together from many cultures your own healing tools.

      I’m a practical Virgo. If it were my Chiron house and sign, I’d start by going to a Paris cooking school and soak up some healing food, wine, and see where else it led me. Worked for Julia Child.

  22. Greetings,

    Do those born with Chiron in a particular sign share “the mission” of dealing with that sign’s particular issue? I am thinking of baby boomers with Chiron in Aquarius. Thank you!

    • Hi, Kelly. I think there can be a certain “generational” implication to Chiron in some signs, but not all of them. Chiron spends a very uneven transit through the signs. In Leo through Scorpio, for example, Chiron isn’t in any one of those signs as long as a generation. (Not even 2 years in the shortest sign, Libra.) Chiron in Aquarius is only 5-6 years, so that’s iffy, even, unless something very culturally defining happened during those six years. But it’s in Pisces and Aries 9-10 years, so those signs might have some generational influence. You can’t look at it without other astro-factors. You could say that because the last time Chiron was in Pisces, it was the ’60s and there was a huge cultural impact … but that was concurrent with Pluto conjunct Uranus, that decade had multiple influences. Read my article on Chiron in Pisces for more details:

  23. I´m loving this session. My question: Any thoughts on a Taurus Chiron in the Eight House?

    Thank you, even if there is not time for my question, this session is very inspiring.

    • I covered Chiron in Taurus in one of the questions above, Elise. So, focusing on the 8th House, I’m going to share a snippet from my book, “Chiron and Wholeness: A Primer.”

      This house stands out on the block like the Munsters’30 haunted mansion. It requires a parallel to the show’s offbeat sense of humor to cope with some
      of its darker themes: death and rebirth, sexuality, power, endings and beginnings, and inheritance (often a nightmare if you’ve ever had the “pleasure” of finding out which of your relatives have fangs). But fear not, Chiron in the 8th! This is also the house that fosters psychic perceptions and awareness, permanent change, and resonance with life’s mysteries, not to mention transcendence.

      I hope this is helpful and reminds you to keep your sense of humor when it comes to Chiron in the 8th house!

  24. Hi Joyce and Donna,
    this may be too late for an answer but I thought it important enough to post anyway, as pause for thought. Given that Chiron seems to be constantly related to childhood wounding, it’s very difficult for a parent to see her/his child’s chart without feeling a certain culpability for whatever Chiron brings. Just wondered what your thinking may be on this. Thank you for your great work, both!

    • Lynne, what a practical–and I’m sure painful–parental question. This is where my belief in karma and reincarnation really does it for me. At some level, we chose it all. You chose your parents, and your kids chose you. Life is a personally designed growth curriculum. It takes a long time before we get to the point of learning that some of our most important and poignant lessons are learned through pain via the people we love most. It may not feel like it, but it’s an honor to serve in that role for someone. Your children are blessed to have a mom who is concerned about the fact that learning is not always gentle.

      Have you notice how difficult it is to learn except “the hard way?” This is how we learn early in our wounding-to-healing curve. Eventually, we “get” that there are other ways we can learn, even though joy.

      Since Chiron is so connected to life’s purpose and true calling, just think. If it weren’t for whatever “issues” they have in early childhood, they’d never get to that place of joyous fullfillment.

  25. Hi, Joyce.

    You mentioned that you think Chiron rules the Virgo to Sag sector of the chart. Is there any place in the chart (sign or house) that you would label Chiron as exalted?


    • Another interesting and great question, CJ. You might have just helped me sort something out! While I do believe that Chiron rules no sign in particular, I always say, “If it has to rule a sign, it’s Virgo.” Since that doesn’t feel exactly right to me, I think you might have given me the answer. Virgo may be where Chiron is exalted.

      This remains a matter of opinion. Among the major Chiron writers, Melanie Reihardt says Chiron rules Sag, Barbara Hand Clow says Virgo, Zane Stein and I (and a number of others) don’t believe it rules a specific sign. I love how my Chiron Sector theory encompasses the span of the zodiac where most people want to place rulership. (A very Mercury in Libra solution.)

      The Virgoan aspects of Chiron are the healing arts and music (Virgo/Pisces axis) and the enormous amount of day-to-day repetitive teaching it must have taken to turn out heroes. This wasn’t college stuff. It was practical. Chiron rules hands-on healing, another Virgo link.

  26. Hi Joyce!

    Well, now that I’m learning how to post a question, (Homer Simpson “doh!”), I’ll ask again. I am a healer and flower essence practitioner specializing in trauma and addiction, and fascinated with Chiron. How about Chiron sandwiched in a stellium in any house, particularly the 12th in Aquarius?


    • Hi, Diane! Well, your occupation sounds very Chiron in Aquarius in the 12th! 🙂 Assuming it’s a stellium, all in Aquarius, I suspect Chiron focalizes the energy in the stellium since the healing arts are involved. The wound of Chiron in Aquarius is being different. A Chiron in Aquarius on the healing path will discover how well the “different” stuff heals, in other words, complementary medicine–off the beaten path of the Saturnian world. My BFF has Chiron in Aquarius, and she is my model of experimentation when it comes to healing modalities. Little exists that she hasn’t tried. I think having Chiron there softens the tendency of Aquarian planets to be more detached. How can you be detached from someone when you’re in a healing realationship?

      The 12th would definitely be the place Chiron would like to work with addiction issues as well as therapies that might involve dreams, guided imagery, art therapy, and so on.

      Hope this helps!

  27. I’ll just throw this out there because I think it is so ODD! And yes I am using my PERSONAL chart, the personal is political, & I may have discovered a Generational wounding?
    My first Chiron square, came when I was 6, exact the 2nd week in September 1945. However, when we dropped the atomic bombs on Hiroshima & Nagasaki, Aug. 6 & 9, it was within 5o of my Chiron; first house Cancer!
    I have long thought that the assassination of JFK was a Generational wounding for the Boomers age 10 – 14 give or take. My own children were under 6 and secure at home with parents, ( who kept their own shock low key) not yet struggling with relating to the outside world.
    Next week I have a very specific transiting Chiron/conjunct. Neptune question! It relates but is also Universal.
    This session is great, really gets the old brain cells working!

    Oh yes and Kelly’s question above really relates to my statement re: Boomers!


  28. I’ve been thinking…I can’t think of anything more personal in someone’s life than his *wound*.Even when the wound is sociologically common, it is still typically experienced by the individual as sth special or unique in his life (in the isolating sense of the word), even taboo, in some cases. So, I was wondering, how come sth as private as one’s trauma is ruled by a generational planet? Is there a rationale or etiology of some sort behind the obvious irony?
    I realise that this is hardly a question, and since I did read the rules, I’m barely hoping for an answer 🙂

    DONNA: We’ll count that as a comment rather than a question, as we’re at the end AND you already had one.

  29. Hi Joyce and Donna,

    Fascinating session. Questions may be over, but I’ll ask this all the same….
    I’ve noticed with great frequency, that many great creative works grow out of the artists’ wound. The artists (be they visual, literary, dramatic, etc.) continue to re-story this wounding narrative, to examine it from all angles, and eventually, if fortunate, to heal it, find beauty in the imperfection, hope in despair, rebirth or regeneration. As this relates to Chiron, I’m wondering to what degree you see Chiron, it’s placement and aspects, as a way of interpreting how creatively one might be called to ‘tell the story’ of wounding and healing. Does Chiron often figure strongly in the charts of creative artists?

    • We’re now at the end of the 25 questions Joyce agreed to answer for us, so these last few questions are more like comments that Joyce can reply to if she wishes, but no more questions folks.

      I have to leave the comment section open for now so that Joyce can write, but will delete any additional questions.

      Joyce, as always, you have gone far beyond the call of duty and done such a capable and brilliant job! I for one learned a great deal and look forward to your session on Chiron transits and cycles next Saturday. Donna

      • Donna, thanks for the opportunity to share my passion about Chiron. (My Chiron’s in Scorpio. There has to be some passion somewhere, right?)

        I hope I’ll catch all of you who had more questions or comments in my Chiron Research and/or next week’s Q&A on Chiron transits.

        It’s been a joy to learn together.

        Blessings All,

    • Lisa, beautiful question. I utterly agree that the artist’s creativity grows out of the Chironic wound. As a literary artist myself, I keep telling my story knowing that my story is bigger than myself. Early on when I wrote poetry and read it in public (’70s), I discovered that the more personal it was, the more universal. Maybe my circumstances were slightly different from those hearing it, but my experiences and insights hit a chord of human truth. This is part of what we do, through art, in the “giving back” piece of the wounding-to-healing cycle. I have to admit, my best poetry came out of pain.

      I have observed that artists do have strong Chirons. Your question gives me an opportunity to discuss something exciting–Chiron’s return to the sign of Pisces after its retrograde back into Aquarius since mid-2010. Chiron returns and moves forward in Pisces on Feb. 8. This will be the chance for everyone to use the arts more as healing tools. Chiron was a musician and all types of artistic expression as healing are likely to flourish during this cycle.

      In fact, Chiron’s first dip into Pisces last year was what catalyzed the birth of my e-book, “Poems to Heal the Healer: The 12 Chiron Signs.” Here’s that link to the Chiron in Pisces article one more time:

      Thanks for bringing us up-to-date in your question with where Chiron’s going next.

  30. Too late for the questions, so just wanted to way thanks for the great insights here, Joyce! Looking forward to the 12th!

  31. i was too busy enjoying reading all the Q&A to get a question in! 🙂

    thanks, joyce, for coming back to do this and i look forward to the transits discussion next saturday!

    also, thanks to donna for these guest Q&A’s and setting up specific times to start them. 😀



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