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Things You May Not Know about The 5th House and Children

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 Among an array of pleasurable things, the 5th house is your children. The planets, signs, and aspects in that house describe your children as well as your relationship with them.

If you have more than one child, it still shows ALL your children and what’s going on with them. For instance, my mother had Moon in Aquarius in the 5th  (a full Moon with her Leo Sun) and had three children, all described by Aquarius or Uranus:

  • My brother had Sun, Venus, and Mercury conjunct in Aquarius
  • My sister had Aquarius Rising
  • I’m an astrologer, thus a Uranian type, with Uranus semisquare the Moon and Midheaven

What’s important to understand, however, is that the relationship is the crux of the matter–the 5th house planet doesn’t so much describe the child in totality as a human being as it does how the parent perceives/receives the child.

Over the years, I’ve often had occasion to look at the charts of people who belong to the same family.  I’ve  come to believe that many families have a ruling planet—one that is prominent in all their charts and that describes the family composition and history in a nutshell.

My family’s ruling planet is Uranus. You’ve read about the children’s charts above. My mother not only had an Aquarian Moon but had a Yod with Uranus in Pisces at the peak. My father had Jupiter, Uranus, and the Midheaven in Aquarius all within 1° of one another. Were we a conventional family? Not on your life!

You may suspect what that ruling planet is if several members of your family share a particular gift like music–or a particular affliction like dyslexia.

Still, your children are different from one another in important ways, so how does that show up in your chart?

For one thing, if you have more than one planet in the 5th, it can indicate more than one child and may even indicate each child’s gender and nature. Let’s say the earliest planet is the Moon and the second is Mars—most likely the earlier one is a girl and the second is a boy.

However, that combination might instead indicate that the older is a Cancer and the second is an Aries. Or it might describe their temperaments—one being lunar and the other like Mars. You may even discover, as you follow your chart over time, that transits to the first planet represent one child and transits to the second represent the other.

(If you’d like to look back at past transits to your 5th, download my handy  Transit Tracking Table for 1990-2012.)

However, the elaborate—and confusing—system of derivative houses holds that the 1st child is represented by the 5th house, the 2nd child is shown by the 7th house, and so on:

“Children are thought to be a 5th house issue. These would be natural children of the body (kids) or the mind (creativity). The oldest child is also described by the 5th. The second child would be the 7th house along with the 5th. This 7th house child would be most like your spouse.

” The third child would be the 9th house along with the 5th, and so forth around the chart. If you were to have 5 children, the 5th child would be most like you because that child would be represented by the 5th and the 1st houses. Children of your spouse, adopted children, fostering of children are each represented by your 11th house.”  Marilyn Muir in The Family – The People of the Astrological Houses

(For more information about this system, see Derivative house – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.)

What if the 5th house is empty? Will you be childless?

An empty house doesn’t mean you’ll never have what it represents, it just means that it’s not your priority in life. Our energy and attention goes to the houses that have planets in them, especially any that have two or more. When a planet transits an empty house, then events tend to happen related to that house.

So if you have transits to the 5th, you MIGHT have a child OR children might become important in some other way. For instance you might become an aunt and fall head over heels crazy about the baby. Or you might get a job where service to children is involved.

Here’s something I’ve wondered about.  What does the 5th house look like if you have an only child? Saturn in the 5th? Anybody? I know that traditionally, Saturn in the 5th may indicate children coming late in life or difficulty in having children.

What about Grandchildren?

I would even go so far as to say that the 5th house shows your children’s children, at least during 5th house transits. Saturn transits often show new roles you assume. When traveling through the 5th, it can show you taking on the role of grandparent, especially at the birth of first or significant grandchildren.

Outer planet transits to one of your 5th house planets may show a grandchild, especially one you wind up being deeply involved with. (Again, the derivative house setup is different, according to Muir, and places grandchildren in your 9th house.)

What does a 5th house Sun indicate?

Though this is by no means universally true, I’ve known any number of 5th house Suns who were the favored child, especially with male offspring. Unless there are difficult aspects, they were the adored child, the one who could do no wrong, and unfortunately they were never encouraged to grow up.

Men with this placement may expect their wives and sweethearts to spoil them like Mama did, and so it may be hard for them to adjust to adult responsibilities.

(Spoiled children generally grow up to be spoiled adults, expecting the world to indulge them like their doting parents and grandparents did, and throwing tantrums when they don’t get their way.  It’s never a favor to spoil a child.)

Careers involving children like daycare or pediatric nursing can be seen in the 5th house, especially where:

  •  the Midheaven (10th house) ruler is placed in the 5th
  • a planet that aspects the Midheaven is placed in the 5th or
  •  the 5th house ruler is placed in the 10th.  

A Saturn transit to the 5th can show taking on responsibility for children, in this instance a professional responsibility. I babysat constantly during my teen years while Saturn transited my 5th.  I then had nothing to do with children until Saturn again transited my 5th, a two-year period when I worked with schoolchildren in a psychiatric clinic.

Doing writers’ charts has been one of my specialties—and my joys.  Any number of them published children’s books during a Jupiter transit to their 5th.

Transits to 5th house planets can also show events in the lives of offspring.

Client’s 5th house transits often coincided with a shift in one of their adult children’s lives. A trine to a 5th house planet may occur when one of your adult children gets a promotion or other positive career development. A difficult outer planet transit to one of your 5th house planets may reflect a difficult passage in their lives—for instance, a divorce under a Uranus transit.

Tough 5th House Transits may coincide with difficult passages in your relationship with a son or daughter. 

Almost any time a client or advice column reader asks about a change for the worse in their relationship with their children or an estrangement, it shows up in the 5th house.  This is true regardless of their ages—anything from teenage turbulence to a feud between a senior citizen and a grown children.

The transiting planets pinpoint the major issues, although naturally I then do a chart comparison to find out more about the stresses in their connection.

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New-Insights-into-the-Astrology-Chart-220x300This is an excerpt from Donna’s 2014 ebook, New Insights into the Astrology Chart, a collection of 25 essays. To learn more, download a sampler of its contents here:
Sampler–New Insights-Cunningham  The ebook, delivered by email is $15. (order it here:

Readers, do you have children, and what does your 5th house show about them and about your relationship with them?  If you have more than one, does the derivative house system describe how they are different?  Share your observations with us in the comment section.

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NOTE: this post sparked a lovely discussion and exchange of chart data.  See some of it here:   Highlights of Our Discussion on the 5th House and Children.

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  1. What a wonderfully informative post!

    I haven’t checked to see my family’s ruling planet, but my brothers and I all have water sign moons. One in each sign 🙂

    I know someone with a 5th house sun and I confirm: Mama did spoil him!

    I have Saturn in the fifth and I’m 35. No children yet.

    • capricorn on the 5th and moon in aquarius just short of conjunction to the 6th by less than a degree. i too am 35, nray, and no kids!

    • Husband dob 23/12/1978 time is 4:30 pm wife dob is 25/6/ 1986 time is 1:30 am when get child and so many problems in my marriage problems

      • Prakash, I don’t do chart interpretations for clients any more, but could send you a list of good astrologers if you want a session. Donna

  2. Thanks for posting this, DC!

  3. I’m curious about the coming Uranus in Aries transit, as both my daughters fifth house is ruled by Aries. Btw, I had 5 grandsons (2 from eldest and three from youngest) before having a grand-daughter. With both girls 5th house Aries cusp I have a total of 7 grandsons. And only two grand-daughters. My youngest grandkids are TRIPLETS, two boys and a girl.
    I have a Taurus 5th house cusp and have two daughters, no sons.
    My mother has Uranus in the fifth with Pisces on the cusp. She’s very religious and has never accepted that none of her 5 children remained in her church/cult.

    • I think that I am a product of the same church/cult. It sure did hurt those of us who didn’t fit.

    • A transit to a house is like background music (Uranus would bring a restlessness and growing desire for a big change, a fresh start) until the transiting planet actually aspects a natal planet or angle like the Asc or MH.) Donna

  4. My 5th house Saturn(24′) and Jupiter(27′) in Capricorn is reflected in an ectopic pregnancy at 20, and a daughter at 27. She was a prodigy of delight until she became defiant at age 10, and parlayed that into destructive behavior that came close to destroying herself and breaking me. At 21 now, I have had to distance myself and leave her in the care of her father.

    • Ouch, these “hostages to fortune” can bring heartache like no other. Donna

      • please define ‘hostages to fortune” thanks

      • Here’s what I found on Wikipedia:

        When ‘giving hostage to fortune’, does ‘fortune’ represent a desired outcome? And to give ‘hostage’ to it would be to make a comment or perform an action in which you don’t fully know the outcome, but you’re making it or doing it, anyway? (talk) 00:08, 6 July 2010 (UTC)
        literally, and somewhat colloquially, it means doing something that may come back to bite you in the a$$ later if you’re unlucky. e.g. if you have a torrid, semi-public affair, and then decide to run for congress 10 years later, you’re chances of succeeding are completely at the mercy (i.e. hostage to) fortune (personified). it’s not a good thing usually. –Ludwigs2 00:17, 6 July 2010 (UTC)It comes from the historical meaning of hostage (see also wikt:hostage). If you were a king, and there were political tensions with a neighboring country, you might send one of your children as a hostage, as a guarantee that you’re not going to attack them, and they’d do the same. In this phrase, I think the moral is that Fortune is fickle, not to be trusted with things you care about. Indeterminate (talk) 20:08, 6 July 2010 (UTC)A little late to the party, but I have always understood and used the phrase in this sense: “He that hath wife and children hath given hostages to fortune, for they are impediments to great enterprises, either of virtue or mischief.” Francis Bacon. 1561-1626 Gog the Mild

      • thanks.
        I thought it might be a description of Saturn applying to Jupiter in Cap or something… or a general principal of conjunctions and applying aspects

      • Not what I had in mind. A figure of speech, only, and apparently not an apt one.

  5. Wonderful post Donna! It is just-so-gosh-darn-accurate. Interesting timing too… Charlie Sheen has Sun/Uranus/Pluto in the 5th house. He-ain’t-never-gonna-grow-up! FYI: Saturn is entering Charlie’s 6th house, and his TV series has been put on hold.

    My example is a bit sad. My chart has Saturn in Scorpio in my 5th house… and it squares Pluto.
    My 1st son is very Scorpio. Tragically he aquired a severe mental illness as he became an adult.
    It is all there, in my chart. I realize now that Saturn was criss-crossing over my Ascendant during the 9 month period in which he was conceived, and born.
    He is 35 now and I have nothing but admiration for his courage and strength.

    • As for the derivative question: It works in my chart, in theory. Saturn is in my 5th and ruling my 7th. The 2nd child is not a Capricorn, but the Saturn discribes my relationship with him.

      • Ah, the relationship is the crux of the matter–the 5th house planet doesn’t so much describe the child in totality as it does how the parent perceives/receives the child. I’ll have to go add that to the post–thanks! Donna

    • Such a sad story. If Saturn was crossing your Ascendant when he was born, that means his natal Saturn will always be on your Ascendant, which would probably mean you’ll always feel a deep sense of responsibility for him and concern for his well-being, even if he never has another episode of mental illness. Donna

  6. I can relate to this post. My first child is a Cancer and my 5th house is ruled by the moon. Saturn conjunct Mars in Cancer. Saturn sit on the 5th and Mars in the 6th.

    Saturn transits in Cancer 2004 & 2005 were very difficult times with my Son. My second and only living grandchild was born in 2005. I was given very limited access to her. I thought this was because of the terrible car accident my son had that took the life of my first grand daughther

    Dec 31, 2008 was the last time I saw my then 3 yr old grand daughter at that time Uranus was trine, Saturn sextile and Neptiune quincunx.

    In 2011 & 2012 Saturn will be square this position again. I send love to my grand daughter but these aspects looks like more pain coming.
    When my Cancer Saturn & Mars are aspected it also sets off my cardinal t sq so it it is always a very difficult time.

    My family consist of me being Capricorn Sun with a total of 6 cardinal planets My Daughter with Libra Sun with 4 cardinal planets and my son Cancer Sun with 5 cardinal planets. my deceased husband and the childrens father had several Aries and Libra planets. So we are a very cardinal family.

    Saturn in Libra in the late degrees will be aspecting all of our Suns in 2011 & 2012.

    With Saturn in the 5th I had my children in my twenties and no real birth problems but did also have 2 miscarriages.


  7. I have Capricorn on the cusp of the 5th with Saturn in the 1st and no desire whatsoever to become a mother. My guess is that if I ever were to have a child, with this placement I’d be an authoritarian, cold and selfish mother?
    I can’t wait for more life stories to get a gist of how else this placement could play out!!

    • O.K., I’m officially scared by what people are sharing about this placement.
      P.S. I’m a big fan of families of choice, so I always say that instead of having a baby of my own, I’d rather adopt a kid from an impoverished country or a country at war (maybe Africa or Asia, coz I’m also very fond of biracial families). That way we get to hand-pick one another and both be sure that we like each other.
      Interestingly enough, I have Venus in my Cancer 11th, and Neptune in my Sag. 4th. I guess one should never doubt his intuition!

      • CHOICE is why we study astrology. No one is saying you HAVE to have a child or that FATE will force you to give birth. It seems like half the people who have responded have chosen to be childless. I am one of them.

        The 5th house also has a lot of other meanings–like romance, creativity, and leisure activities–and I have already blocked out an article on those meanings. I originally planned to include them all in this one. It’s just that I found so many things I knew about children that I decided to divide it into two articles. Donna

      • Point well taken, parenthood is a matter of choice- most of the times. But having to cope with the excruciating pain of raising a sick child, that’s not a choice anyone would ever make. And I’m not saying it’s fate, but it isn’t fair either.
        P.S. Is it just me or does “becoming a mother” sound awfully similar to “becoming my mother”?

      • Yeah, well that’s a big reason I never became a mother! Donna

  8. I have a very small 5th house (Aries cusp), and no children – nor have I ever wanted any. But interesting about planet ruling family. In my family we have one Scorpio Sun, and three (perhaps 4) Scorpio Asc, so Pluto is definitely up there, carrying a torch! I write children’s books, so now I have to check to see transits!

    • Let me know about those transits, Natalie. If you have a run of a number of years when you were writing them, I’d expect it to coincide with one of the slower-moving planets crossing through that house. Donna

      • I did check, but couldn’t really see any outer planets moving through late degree Aries/early Taurus at the time. My first childrens book was published fall 2007, 2n fall 2008, 3rd fall 2009, and the last two days ago. I think this migh reflect the fact that I am writing these books more for the money than for anything else. Pluto has been travelling through my 2nd house all this time (I have a big 2nd house). Writing children’s books are not really my forte. It’s fun and all, but mostly they are quickly written, and give a good advance so that I can go on to write the stuff I really love. So no Enid Blyton or Rawlings, I’m afraid …

      • Interesting, Natalie, thanks. And, yes, what we do under transits to the 2nd is more for the money than anything else. Donna

  9. Great post, Donna, thank you. I’ve always struggled with trying to suss out what the 5th house was saying to me about my three children (two girls, one boy, sun signs Gemini, Aquarius, Aries, and they all have prominent Taurus placements). Ruled by Pluto in Libra in the 3rd house, My 5th house holds Neptune and a heavily aspected Moon in Sagittarius. My moon squares my Virgo stellium (Mercury, Mars, Sun) in the 3H, opposes Saturn in Gemini in the 11H and makes a tight sextile to Uranus in Libra in the 4H. Neptune makes a trine to Venus in Leo in my 1H.

    They are all good children: smart, artistic, well-mannered; they live with Dad (he and I separated over a year ago); but sometimes I feel like I’m a stranger to them and vice versa. Ironically enough, I’m in the midst of trying to figure out the astrology driving the dynamics of my family of origin as Saturn transits my 4th house. I told someone a year ago that my own family experiences felt like one big foggy mess and it’s hard for me to accept all of the not so good things about how things turned out with my kids and family.

    As for the derivative house question, I’ll have to give that a bit more thought. Food for thought is good.

    • “Food for thought is good.” Yes, but the derivative houses give me mental indigestion.

      If you’re working on family of origin dynamics, I think you’d get lots out of the Mothers and Daughters booklet for Skywriter subscribers. Another author who has a good book on families is Erin Sullivan ( Donna

  10. I have Aquarius on my 5th House Cusp. I have no kids and never wanted any although I do love kids. I am the person kids gravitiate to in public places. I seem to be more a teacher-type figure to them.
    I just don’t have the mothering urge. With Aquarius there, I want my freedom and from what I’ve seen of the mothering urge in others, it seems to not only cover the kids’ childhood but extends to well into the kids’ middle age. Not for me. Too confining!
    I was an only child. As far as signs running through my family: Cancer, Uranus, Virgo and Pluto! I have three planets, including the Moon, in Cancer. My mother, her two sisters and their mother all had Moon in Cancer! We all have (had) Uranus aspects to the Moon.
    My Dad had Sun in Cancer with Pluto there and I have Pluto conjunct the Sun in Leo.
    My mother had Virgo Sun conjunct Mars, my dad had Virgo Rising and I have Saturn conjunct Mercury in Virgo.

    • Seems like I see a fair amount of couples with the woman’s moon the same as the man’s sun…..

      • Yes, Beverly. Have you ever heard about the research done by Carl Jung, the famous analyst, on compatibility? His wife and daughter were astrologers, so he often used the charts of his patients. Anyway, he did a research study on long and happy marriages. He found that conjunctions between the Sun of one partner and the Moon of the other was a strong one, as well as one partner’s Moon on the other partner’s Moon. Donna

        Here’s a summary I found at:

        “During the study of horoscope charts of the married and unmarried couples, he discovered a number of fascinating correspondences. Prior to this research, traditional astrology had determined that a correspondence signifying marriage was usually indicated in a relationship of the Sun and Moon. This usually appeared when a comparison was made of the horoscope charts of spouses. Jung complied astrological data which he used to complete a statistical study concerning married couples.

        Nearly 500 marriages and approximately 1,000 horoscopes were included in his experiment.His statistical study resulted in a notably high significant tendency in the case of those married for the woman’s Moon to be in conjunction (union) with the man’s Sun. The results proved statistically that the correlations in the study corresponded with astrological expectations.”

        Read more from original site.

  11. My N node is in the 5th, 8o Scorpio. Aside from the astroid Ixion, I have no planets there with 29o Virgo on the cusp, ruler, Mercury. However the 6th house cusp is 12 Scorpio, so all of Venus ruled Libra is contained in the 5th, ruler of my 13o Taurus Sun, and 12th house.
    Yes both my kids had Libra Asc. Son was a Libra Sun as well and did take after his Father.
    And now with St aturn passing through 5th house once again, am going to teach Art to kids…….but with a bigger initiative this time………..A regular newsletter produced; with intent to sneak some civics & history into the fun of producing a publication. They are disconnected from the Democratic tradition far more than my peer group, & I hope to correct that.
    ( My first early ambition was to illustrate children’s books, not entirely set aside.

    • How well your life fits your chart, Pat! With Libra there and Scorpio intercepted, that 5th house is huge (42 degrees wide). The major effect of an interception like that is that when a transiting planet gets into that house, it stays there a lot longer than a regular house.

      So this time around, Saturn reflects all the skills, abilities, and life experience you’ve acquired since the last time Saturn transited that house close to 30 years ago. That will give you lots of opportunities to take your work and concerns with children to a whole new level, as respresented by the newsletter, teaching art, and possibily illustrating children’s books. Use it well–it’s a harvest time! Donna

    • Pat, nice illustration.

      The essence of the 5th House to me is learning to give our-Self with love and confidence. Saturn at best is an excellent instructor. Venus-Libra are all about designing…

      Good luck with your venture.

  12. My heart goes out to you Skywriters who have had such sensitive and sobering 5th House experience.

    The relationship I have been contemplating lately, as a parent, is the connection between our children and our hopes and wishes for them (and us), that is, our 5th-11th Houses, their rulers in aspect, etc.

    • Great insight, pdw! I don’t know if that fits the derivative house setup, but it sure fits what parents go through. And what we offspring go through trying to rid ourselves of the burden of living up to our parent’s dreams when they don’t fit who we really are and what we want to do with our lives. Donna

  13. Family of origin ruling planet: Definitely Uranus, with a touch of Neptune added to the mix.Usually, we all do what we doggone like (Uranus), and then we give out the “I did it all for you” speech (Neptune).
    OR – occassionally, we do do it for you (Neptune),but then we give you hell for having to do that (Uranus)
    Talk about guilt trips on free spirits!

    • Are Uranus and Neptune in aspect natally (like, say, the Uranus-Neptune square of the 1950s)? If so, that would explain why you can’t get one without the other. Donna

      • My parents have the square, we all have the sextile, but both planets are strong in my family’s charts anyway (i.e. my mother has an Aquarius moon and a sun-neptune conj., one of my siblings has a sun-neptune conj. and Uranus on the MC, part of a T-square e.t.c.). But I think what really-really brings them together is Pluto and Venus- also strong in our charts!
        P.S. I just noticed sth in the main article that made my heart pound; I honestly hope it’s just a typo…

  14. Here’s a funny one for you: my mother (who had a lot of children and perfectly healthy pregnancies) has Jupiter in her 5th house. Her (kinda) problem was being too fertile!

    There’s more: her Jupiter conjuncts my ascendant. All my life we’ve been complimented on how much we look and sound alike!

    The other funny piece of that is my Jupiter is on her ascendant an in my 9th house. I was her “buddy” growing up (and eventually had to loosen those apron strings!). I don’t think I need to rectify my chart with these connections!! LOL!!

  15. Sag on 5th house cusp with Moon in Capricorn therein. Moon trines MC and is also part of a yod with VE in Scorpio in the 4th and UR at the apex (and in the 10th house) in Gemini. Ruler of 5th (JU) in 3rd at 1 Scorpio.

    Never wanted children, but got pregnant by surprise at 34. Had a Scorpio son (he has a Cancer Moon). His dad is heavy in the Virgo Department, and son has a stellium in the 6th).

    Son is wonderful (now 30). After having him, I wished I had more (but only if they could be like him).

    Always thought maybe someday we might go into business together.

    Now I’m thinking I would like to see him settle down with a nice girl and have kids–so opposite of what I was! Unfortunately, he seems unable to commit. Says he doesn’t want children. Hmmnn

    I have a Pluto transit that will hit that moon in 2018. I’m scared. Very scared.

    • Interesting. My moon is in capricorn in the 5th house too and I am currently pregnant and due on Oct. 25th (so scorpio, and she could have her moon in cancer).
      Weird “coincidence”, but anyway thanks for posting. I was worried there was some kind of sign that I would be a bad mother and your post put me at ease. No one has told me that they think I am going to be a good mother and it kind of makes me sad… of course I don’t need to point out that I assume control over whether or not I will be a good mother.

  16. I have an empty (but for Chiron) Aquarius 5th house, no children, don’t want any (I’m a gay male). I have three half siblings, and I look to Saturn in the third for them. We have all had difficult childhoods.

    My Chiron, to me, symbolizes the childhood wounds I have had to heal. Interesting also that the fifth rules leisure and play, as I was not able to play with the other children due to an overprotective Aquarian grandmother. Chiron is Aquarius meant I was “different” and I was, both physically and emotionally.

    • Also interesting is that the person I felt closest to in my family was an aunt, also an Aquarius.

  17. very interesting reading!

    I have Cancer on my 5th (and 6th). Moon in Scorpio though, in my 9th and conj Uranus, chart ruler. I’m 33, no kids in sight. All of these reflect my mom’s aspects.

    My mom has Gemini on the 5th cusp – my MC ruler is in Gemini.
    Her Mercury is in Aqua – my Asc is in Aqua, my Moon is conj Uranus and my Sun-Venus are in my 11th.

    I know she lost several pregnancies and even one baby before having me (the newborn died a couple of days after birth). Her 5th ruler, Mercury sits in her 1st, conjunct her Sun, opposing Pluto-Chiron (in the 7th) and squaring Jupiter-Saturn (in the 3rd).

    and making a sextile to Mars in her 11th. I was born when she was 37, by c-section (surgery), when Solar Arc Mars reached her Ascendant.

    She had to undergo serious medical treatment to keep this pregnancy and was hospitalized for 6 of the 9 months.
    I was fascinated to discover this: my MC ruler, Jupiter is retrograde at 29 Gemini. when transiting Jupiter first reached that degree – while I was still a fetus – my mom had a medical procedure done to help her keep the pregnancy(me). that’s when her long stay in the hospital began. it had just entered her 6th house.

    Mom and I have the exact same Venus and Moon. it’s must be that 5th ruler of hers conjunct her Sun. 🙂

  18. I have ruler of the 5th in the 8th house. I also have Pluto in my 5th house.
    I had my first pregnancy aborted, and my third.
    Ironically, right after my first abortion I met a man whose wife had miscarried their first child. He had the same pluto & sun placement that I had.

    I have two healthy wonderful sons, one was planned the other was not. Both have fire sign ascendants (My 5th house starts at Leo)

  19. I have Saturn in the 5th and my son is an only child!

    I also had him when I was 39. I have Aquarius on the cusp of the 5th , and while he is a Pisces, he has a stellium in Aquarius, with Uranus in Aquarius conj the Sun.
    Oh, and Uranus and Neptune were both transiting my 5th when I had him.

    I’m a Capricorn, his MC is conj my Sun, and he has Saturn in the 1st aspecting his Sun.

    It’s all there – 🙂

  20. I have a 5th house saturn in sag, only planet and have an only child, a son, born when i was 40. He has a capricorn moon and was born with heart issues which he outgrew by about 5 years old!! I’m a cancer and he has cancer rising…

    Wow – very intriguing ideas!!

    p.s. – i forgot to say, saturn trines my venus, mars and uranus leo on my leo rising??? wonder if that shows up in there??

  21. I’ve always wanted children, even when I was a teenager. I can’t figure out what keeps me from having them biologically. I can’t figure out where it shows up in my chart either.

    In Koch/Equal house I have Uranus,North Node,Vertex,Sun,Mars,Mercury in my 5th in Scorpio, but Libra rules my 5th.

    I have O.O.B’s least aspected Venus in my 7th house conjunct my descendant.

    That’s as far as I can “see” for myself.

    I have no children of my own. Though I’m married and thus have two wonderful,smart,strong willed and talented step children 🙂 . A girl and a boy. The boy is high functioning autistic. The girl is a “normal” teenage Aries girl.

    Aries sun/Scorpio moon/Taurus rising and he’s Aquarius sun/I think Capricorn moon/Capricorn rising signs.

    My husband has Sagittarius on the cusp of his 6th house with no planets in his 6th. He has his 6th house ruler…..Jupiter Rx in Libra 00′ in his 2nd house conjunct Uranus Rx in Libra 01′ and then Saturn in Aries and Venus Rx in Aries in his 9th house.

    So I figure that’s where his fatherhood shows up. I’m just guessing.

    This is a very interesting post. I’ve always been curious about how this plays out in not only my own but other people’s charts as well.

  22. I have a pluto & jupiter conjunct cancer ascendant, a fifth house with scorpio intercepted and an early sagittarius moon. My fifth and only child has her cancer sun conjunct my ascendant and we look and sound very much alike (father was scorpio)
    I was in a state of euphoria for the first years of her life and still love her without reservation. During the early transits of Pluto to sagittarius my house burned down, my two grandchildren were born..son with sun conjunct pluto on my moon, daughter with
    sun conjunct my pluto, capricorn moon conjunct my saturn, both full moon children…my grandson is most like me, my granddaughter a little cool. During this pluto transit my mother died who had pluto opposition uranus. Family emphasis is pluto, uranus and jupiter…decidedly not traditional.

  23. My fifth house begins at the very end of Aries (29). I have three children but no planets in either Aries or Taurus. I would say my oldest son has one big Martian quality… an explosive temper, but I would really have characterized him more Neptunian, (Neptune is the first planet after his ascendant and he has three planets in his 12th house), or Uranian (he has Uranus in the 12th conjunct his ascendant, and sun and Mercury conjunct in Aquarius.) Both their father and I have Aquarian moons. My 2nd son is a Gemini (my seventh house) completely like a Gemini and much more like my ex-husband than the other two. My third child, (daughter) has an even more explosive temper than my first son (Mars), and her ascendant is in my 9th house!!! But I would have characterized her as more Uranian (Aquarius sun conjunct Saturn, Uranus conjunct Neptune, Mars and the North Node all in Capricorn her 5th house) She wants no children so we will see what happens with all those 5th house planets. She has Venus in the fifth house too!

  24. You asked about saturn in the 5th. Here’s one example:

    I am a Virgo with saturn in Pisces the 5th and have one child (Virgo also). Husband is Pisces. She has rheumatoid arthritis which she contracted when she was a child of 7. She is 48 years old and has used a wheelchair since high school.

    My saturn squares jupiter in Sag in the 2nd and is opposite sun and neptune in Virgo the 11th, trine moon in Cancer in the 9th, and quincunx mars in Leo in the 10th. I often wonder what I would have done if I had been knowledgeable about astrology before I had her. Was there a way to prevent the arthritis? No way to know, I guess. Sorry if this is too long.

    • Not too long at all, BH. Thank you for giving us this example. R.A. is such a painful disease-sorry to hear she’s had it so long.

      (The first square of transiting Saturn to natal Saturn is at age 7–and the cycle continues from there on at about 7-year intervals.) Donna

      • That’s an interesting point about the Saturn square.

        Here’s an amusing fact – she has a stellium in Virgo in the 5th house and writes a sports column for the Sunday paper where she works! (Maybe she should gamble for a living with that 5th house. LOL) She is a gifted writer which is a blessing because she can support herself with her writing.

      • Thank you for the post and sharing with us.
        I am a Pisces with Saturn 10°41′ Я Virgo, in House V:
        Saturn Aspects
        Sun opposite Saturn orb -1°46′
        Venus sesqui-quadrate Saturn orb +0°07′
        does it mean I shouldn’t have children please?

  25. Family astrological patterns are cool! My husband and I are both Sagittarians (me the 9th; he the 12th). Our first born has Sagittarius rising (with the Moon and Jupiter in the first) and she has a Cancer sun (Cancer ruling my 5th). My second child a boy is Leo rising with Saturn in Virgo in the first house. Virgo rules my 7th and I have Saturn there on the Descendant. It gets way cooler! Both kids have Mars in Taurus, closely conjunct my husband and my natal Chiron. Husband’s 5th is ruled by Taurus and he has Mars conjunct his Capricorn ascendant. Both kids have moons conjunct Jupiter (Sagittarius parents).

  26. This info fits so well! My small family of 3 (partner & 1 child) all have Aquarian moons. Interesting that I have Saturn in the 5th sextile Moon with Cap Asc & 1. always knew that I would have a child later in life 2. felt very strongly about being a stay home Mum in the early years & 3. experience this child as my teacher & muse, as I try to be for her- I am an artist and I have painted a huge mandala of her birthchart for her bedroom! My partner has Uranus following Pluto in his 5th- first daughter of his is Plutonic for sure with Scorpio moon, while our child together is the Uranian.

  27. I have pluto in the 5th house and two sons. I always took mothering very very seriously. I discovered that I could not drink (or anything else!) and be a good mother, so being a teetotaler ended up being a natural for me. When my sons didn’t learn to read in school I taught them at home (after school) when they didn’t learn their math, I taught them that. I could not bear to leave them, I always felt bad that I had to work full time as they were growing up so my precious time with them was evenings and weekends. So i was not a mother who went to Hawaii or wherever, leaving my children behind.
    My sons grew up and are healthy. They brag to their friends about how great their parents were, so I guess being a Pluto kind of mom isn’t so bad.

    • Not bad at all Mimi! I have moon pluto conj and we take our children (and every child, I believe) seriously. We are very, very protective. And I’ve noticed that some pluto moms I know, have had to learn to raise their kids without the help of the women in their families, has that being true for you as well? I hope my children are proud of us the same way!

  28. I don`t know if it`s appropiate for this topic to ask…but….if the ruler of the 5th is in the 11th house might mean that children are adopted?
    As for the planets in the 5th…i don`t have any so i guess children are a matter of choice in this case.

    • Do you mean in the derivative house technique? I don’t know about adopted children there, but have seen some clients’ charts where adoption was pursued.

      It showed up mostly in transits to the adoptive parent’s charts. Well, actually, now that I think of it, all the NYC clients who consulted me about adoption were planning to adopt as single parents or Lesbian couples, and all the adoptions were of infants in foreign countries. And the transits all involved Neptune to the MC or IC.

      Any other astrologers with experience with charts of adoptive parents–or, for that matter, with birth mothers giving children up for adoption? Oh, wait, I do know one woman who gave up a child when transiting Neptune was around her Scorpio Moon/Midheaven conjunction. Neptune again. Donna

  29. I wanted to add the father information in addition to my previous pluto post. He is a scorpio with a sagittarius venus and saturn in the fifth house. Our daughter has her sun on his cancer moon pluto jupiter and my ascendant jupiter pluto. Our grandson has sun pluto on grandfather’s venus and my moon. His children after our divorce have moon pluto conjunctions and are all living with him(ages 38 27 24) as the subsequent wives have left!

  30. Great article Donna!

    My fifth house is ruled by Aquarius. I also have Chiron in Aquarius in the 5th. I have one stepson and one adopted son. I use to teach elementary school but am now leaning towards my first love, fine art. Here’s the interesting part. My mom was an Aquarian, one of my brothers is an Aquarian. My father was a Libra, I have a Libra ascendent. My other brother is a Libra. Finally, my youngest brother is a Taurean but I am a Virgo so our earth signs meld well.
    I also have Saturn in Capricorn in the third. I got along well with my brothers but being the eldest and only girl in a Latin household guess who got stuck with all the babysitting duties? And oh yes, all those males! I felt rather lonely despite it all.
    I found it interesting that you mentioned looking to the 11th for step and adopted children. With Leo on the cusp of my 11th house, yes, I hear them roar (it could have somethng to do with all that testosterone!)
    BTW – no, we were never what you would call a “typical” family. Half Swiss, half Mexican, an eccentric, beautiful mother, a gambling absent father and a brood of unique siblings! The 5th house for me has been a challenge to say the least. BUT I wouldn’t change a thing about my life!

  31. Ruler of my 5th house, Mercury, is IN the 5th house, along with Venus & Sun – all in Libra.
    I was an apple of my father’s eye, grew up feeling like a princess – a bit special & helpless – but around my first Saturn return I came down to earth & started reclaiming my personal power…

    I have two sons, both absolutely central to my life. First one – Libra Sun, second – Capricorn Sun (maybe Saturn in my 7th house has something to do with it).

    At the moment Saturn is transiting my 5th House & I’m hoping for a first grandchild. My older son & his girlfriend of 5 years have recently bought a house together…

    My younger son has Pluto & Chiron in his Sagittarian 5th House (not conjunct). Since his ambition is to become a composer (he is only 10) – is having Chiron in the 5th house of creativity good or bad for profession in creative esthetics?

    Fifth house is my favorite place!

    Thank you…

    • Oh, it’s a grand house, Alicia, probably the best of the 12. I’m planning a second post on the other meanings of the 5th, like creativity, romance, and fun. Donna

  32. I have Saturn in Aquarius in the 5th ruling my 5th. The only aspects it makes is a semi-sextile to my Sun and a sextile to my Jupiter. I have only one daughter and had her during my first Saturn return. She is very talented and disciplined, as signified by Saturn in Aquarius. But she is also the reason why I don’t know how to have fun. Being a single mom, all my energy has been focused on raising my daughter.

    Her Saturn closely trines my Ascendant in Libra and she has Sun in Libra.

    It’s funny, since Saturn also rules my 4th, my daughter has been my “family”. Now that she’s away for college, I feel almost all alone, even though I had moved home to live with my mom so I can pay for my daughter’s college tuition.

    I love my daughter very much, but I can see that she was how I learned “responsibilities” and hard work.

  33. Saturn in sag, in my 5th house – only 1 child, a leo. difficult birth. thank you for blog, always so interesting.

  34. Just like your mother, Donna, my Aquarius Moon is in my 5th. Although I’ve never had children of my own, I’m actually very maternal and become very emotionally attached to the kids I care for/work with. To some extent, I tend to nurture/mother everyone, including my own mother before she passed away.

    My Aquarius Moon trines my Midhaven (and 2nd house Ceres) and is exactly square my Scorpio Mercury (ruler of my MC), right on the cusp of the 3rd. It’s also opposite my 12th house Leo Uranus. My former career was working in a special education environment – kids with learning and/or emotional challenges. Someday, I’d love to volunteer giving Reiki to preemie babies.

    My mom had Mars (in Aquarius – conjunct my Moon) in her 5th. Unfortunately, it describes our relationship and the way she viewed me much of the time.

  35. daughter is in my 2nd-1st child Aries, 2nd is in my 7th house-virgo, 3rd in Cap and I was under when he was born, we dont have a exact time but either my 12th or 1st house. All have mercury and sun in there sign and Gemini rules my 5th

  36. I’m an only-child and my mum’s got Saturn in the 5th house conjunct mercury as earliest planet, which is me, the Gemini daughter. Amazing!

  37. Very intresting, in my family all we have Jupiter strong 🙂
    All the people talk about their childen, but I want children. How?
    I have three planets in 5th – Pluto (Libra) Venus and Uranus (Scorpio).
    My Moon is in Aquarius IX (trine with Pluto and sextil with Sun VI and Jupiter XI). I know that a Moon in Aquarius meens that is not easy to stay pregnant, but your mother has broken this rule, and she give my hope.
    I want a child, but I hope in a trine, rather than a transit, because I don’t think I live so much. In a trine of Jupiter with natal Pluto, or actual Saturn (because i’m Sagittarius)
    It is truthful? Thank for all, I’ll read this article more and more … 🙂

  38. I have Saturn, in Capricorn in the 5th, and my child, my son has Moon in Capricorn.
    I had a difficult pregnancy and a caesarian birth and he was born with the cord wrapped around his neck.
    My hopes of a ‘natural birth’ went completely by the way-side….I vowed I wouldn’t get pregnant again…it was too traumatic and I’m very happy to have such a lovely young man in my life:)
    I now supervise the care for my younger Capricorn sister, who has Down’s syndrome, and she is represented by my Jupiter in the 5th in Capricorn. (practical philosophy)
    Both my sister and my son have Pisces Asc, my son’s is exactly conjunct my Sun in Pisces.
    My sister’s Asc, Saturn and Chiron exactly conjunct my Mercury in Pisces (retrograde) and I have to ‘speak up’ for her when she gets over-looked or neglected because of her learning difficulty…today being one of those days.
    Amazing stuff Astrology…thanx for that article Donna:)
    In peace

  39. Pluto and Neptune rule strong in my family of origin and also in my “mini-family” consisting of my bi-racial son and me. My fifth house is ruled by my 12th house aries sun (intercepted) and contains uranus first, nnode conj pluto second. My son is strongly uranian, but also strongly plutonian. (He is NOT spoiled, I wish he would be a bit…) His Pisces Sun is in 5 and he has also uranus in 5 (in opposition to my uranus). He has a scorpio moon in 1st house. I just checked the transits when he was born and there was no planet going over my fifth house, but a lot of stuff going on to my fifth house (uranus and mercury opposite my 5th house uranus), hopefully luckily the transits to my 5th house pluto/nnode were trines from chiron and mars and a sextile from jupiter.
    This pluto/mars connection runs through my family as well. Both my pisces parents have their pluto exactly conjunct my mars which is in cancer in 3rd conj IC.
    My sons dads chart to who he has no contact since he was 6 months old (my doing), has six inconjuncts to my sons chart and his pluto opposes sons uranus and chiron conjuncts it, lots of conjuncts there and oppositions. their synastry chart is completely stuffed with red, blue and green lines.

    I have not understood it all yet, but working on it…… thanks for a brilliant post again Donna

  40. I love the 5th! (although I’m starting to like the 8th a lot too).
    I always enjoyed children, my Aq venus is in my 5th and trines my moon, and my son’s sun is in libra conj it. the cusp on 5th is in late Cap and Saturn is conjunct my MC, so you can imagine I’m very serious about childcare. And started in my 30’s. Thankfully venus makes the whole thing more fun! My husband moon in taurus falls in 5th, again, a venus child.
    Is interesting that when I got pregnant, chiron in transit was conj Venus in 5th and saturn was entering my 12th. I had a wonderful pregnancy overall, I felt blessed and walking in clouds even, if we didn’t have much and daddy had worries about work. At some point I had to be in bed-rest to prevent early delivery, but both my son and I were healthy and had loving friends around. He has venus and saturn in 12th.
    On the creative side, I started painting murals for children after my son was born. Painting is something I always enjoyed but got more ‘real’ from that point.

  41. This (as always!) is a fascinating post and ensuing discussion. My 5th house is empty but its ruler, Saturn, is in Taurus in the 9th house, forming a loose stellium with Mercury & Venus (10,18,20 degrees). I am not at all a ‘strict’ parent and I’m very unconventional (family bed, unschooling, dirt-makes-you-grow kinda parent) so I’m not sure how to interpret this. Someone said something about an empty 5th house meaning you’re a parent by choice (certainly that is the case with me – and I don’t have any ‘issues’ with my kids really). People used to remark that they couldn’t keep their kids out of school because they’d get sick of having them around but I never felt that way … it seemed like the most natural place in the world for them to be.
    I do think my kids see me as the sort of ‘ideal’ mom: baking & cooking from scratch, sewing/knitting things for them, growing our food etc. Classic Venus in Taurus eh?

    • Yes, Taurus is the “Earth Mother” sign, good natural instincts. Donna

  42. Very interesting post and comments. I have Uranus ruling the 5th, on my midheaven, opposite a Mars (ruling the 7th) Jupiter (ruling 3rd) conjunction. Three pregnancies came early, I wanted my independence, no relationship was stable enough to have children, and so I had three abortions early. (Uranus opposite mars) Anyway, independence won out and also unstable/changeable relationships. I have worked with children creatively though and enjoyed it.

  43. Cool post, thanks once again Donna!! I have Cancer Moon in the 5th, with Moon ruling the 5th. I’m age 29 and realized pretty early on (I want to say age 8 or 9?) that I didn’t want kids, or at least, if I was going to have kids, I would adopt them. Just no urge to pass the genes on. Still no kids and I wouldn’t want to have them without a life-partner. I’m not sure if I would consider being in a relationship with someone who already had kids, I’m at the age where that is starting to be an issue. Either way, my cat is my “child”. We have been through some rough times but have come through a lot in the last 2.5 years. My moon is square to Sat/Jup/Merc/Pluto/Sun, and inconjunct to Neptune. One can see where there’s some hesitation and misgivings. I do have Uranus trine Moon as my positive aspect. I am a musician, loved art and music and poetry as a kid. I think one of my life challenges is to somehow “birth” creativity, which I’ve had repressed (either due to my own nature or mostly through outside forces). Not sure about teaching, I’m not the best teacher in terms how how people want things taught in Amerika these days, but I do really well one on one, and with special needs kids. My teaching style is pretty psychological. How does the 5th house relate to teaching? There’s a question, for me I feel it must be involved somehow.

    As for family traits…not sure but cardinal houses seem to be involved, as well as a lot of earth (except for me!) and decent amount of fire. My brother is a Cap with a lot of planets in Cap/Sag (sort of maverick, doing his own thing. In the army though which is pretty Arian), sister (Sun/Moon/Merc/Ven in Aries, Lib Asc), Mom is Aries with Tau moon, Dad Tau Sun Virgo Moon. I once had an astrologer tell me my chart was pretty different from others in my family, it was her feeling that for whatever reason I had to be “placed” quickly and took what I could get. But who knows- my mom’s Chiron and N node (Cap) are opposite my N node and Moon (Can)- seems a little karmic here.

    • Hmm, teaching to me is more of a Jupiter and 9th house occupation–that’s what’s strong in terms of charts of clients and other people I know. But now I see that that’s more about teaching college level or things we study as adults. Children have so seldom been part of my life that I lose sight of that. So, when it comes to teaching kids, the 5th is more likely. Donna

  44. Is there ever a fifth house configuration that denies biological children, generally?

    My fifth house cusp is ruled by an afflicted Pluto. (I’ve read in places that applying aspects to the cusp ruler from slower planets show the number of children –so you see the problem with Pluto.) I have Uranus and Venus there. I keep yo-yoing back between wanting a kid and not wanting one, but I’m over 30 and it’s unlikely.

    • Childbirth itself is ruled by the 8th, and so difficult 8th house placements can show difficulty in conceiving or giving birth. But that in itself does not necessarily exclude children from your life–given adoption, new fertility treatments, and other options.

      Pluto in the 5th has meant a variety of things–like, in the old days, “having” to get married due to pregnancy–or a variety of murky reasons to have a child (like to hold a marriage together or to force a man to marry you) that backfires.

      I spent about 5 years as a social worker in ob-gyn clinics and saw many pregnancies that were essentially traps that made the child deeply resented by both parents when the child’s birth didn’t produce the results it was supposed to. The child paid for it, most of all. Donna

      • This is a great post, I am thrilled to find this. I too have Saturn in the 5th in Gemini and my ASC is 2 degrees Capricorn. No children. I just turned 41 and have always thought I would have children by 25, but life did not play out that way. I have now met a wonderful man who is 43 and I am praying we have a child. I read in this post childbirth has to do with the 8th and am wondering if anyone has the same planets I do in the 8th – Sun in Virgo in 8th, Venus in Virgo in 8th and Mercury in Leo in 8th – Not sure if Pluto in Virgo in 9 will affect childbirth or pregnancy. The ruler of my 5th(Gemini) is Mercury and in the 8th and the Ruler of my 8th (Virgo) is also in the 8th. I am not sure if this is a very good placement or very bad… Any guidance is appreciated. Thanks Donna, great information here !

  45. Thank you for this article! Three planets in the fifth – venus, and a saturn/moon conjunction, all in Scorpio, although Libra is on the cusp at 29 degrees. I have one child, a daughter, who is lovely, highly creative and a free spirit with a Sagittarius stellium in her 1st. My pregnancy was difficult, and we have worked through, for the most part, my control/saturn issues regarding her. Astrology has been an invaluable help, bringing awareness about that issue for us both, we both study astrology.
    I have worked (saturn) at various creative pursuits all my life, my only ‘outward’ success has been in publishing poetry (Sun/Neptune conj.) I have had difficulty seeing creative projects through to completion, although I am more consistent as I have gotten older. I have been very supportive of my daughter’s own creative explorations, and play spontaneously and creatively with other children in my life. I am the oldest daughter in a family of eight, grew up caring for the five younger siblings. At present, I baby-sit three great-nephews once a week – I cannot seem to get away from work with children. I also mothered my own mother in her last three years of life. She was a capricorn sun, and my moon is conj saturn.
    Having my daughter brought to light(Scorpio) issues having to do with my own nurturing.
    My poetry group consists of older women, another moon/saturn connection – In my fifties, I am the youngster of the group! I get along well with children, especially preschoolers – within my immediate family circle, there have been a few that seemed to ‘recognize me’ when they were toddlers – a past life connection, I have always thought.

  46. i like this post. the 5th house has always been a curiousity for me because i got no planets in there. does this mean, i will never have children? but what i have there is pars fortunae. im wondering what you think about this?

    • An empty house doesn’t mean you’ll never have it, it just means that it’s not your priority in life. Our energy and attention goes to the houses that have planets in them, especially any that have two or more. When a planet transits an empty house, then events tend to happen related to that house.

      So if you have transits to the 5th, you MIGHT have a child OR children might become important in some other way. For instance you might become an aunt and fall head over heels crazy about the baby. Or you might get a job where service to children is involved. Donna

      • hi donna- thank you for that insight. you are right, having children of my own is NOT that of priority. but i noticed about myself is that children really makes me happy. sort of their presence is therapeutic for me. my family, we are known in our neighborhood to adopt and care for babies and kids of our neighbors. me, in particular.

  47. Hi, I have Mercury ruling my 5th (Gemini) and my daughter is a Gemini.
    My Mercury is on my Ascendant (capricorn), conjucting my Moon (my daughter’s Asc is Cancer) and my Saturn. I was 40 when she was born and I didn’t have any desire to have kids, before I turned 38.

    • Nana, it’s reassuring to see moms who had babies later on.

  48. Hello, I have Venus in Gemini in the 5th house … (which is otherwise ruled by Taurus) I have two children who are very good-looking (both with Sun conj. Venus in their charts) and also very talkative!

    My husband has Saturn in his 5th house, so the one-child suggestion raised does not apply to him. But he takes parenting very seriously!

  49. Fifth house hmmmm….. I have an Aquarian (approaching full moon) in the fifth with asteroid Urania conjunct it. The moon and Uranus were the most aspected in my chart and make an exact trine to each other. I knew at 16 I would never marry because I love freedom and personal sovereignty more. However I also knew I would want and have children. I always felt I would have 3.
    #1 Son was born when I was 21 and he has a Virgo stellium of Sun Pluto Uranus and Venus opposition Saturn conjunct Chiron Pisces. The Pisces planets fill in a Grand water trine to the Moon conjunct Neptune and the south node in Scorpio and Jupiter in Cancer on the MC. This son is a very successful Artist ( in my artistic foot tracks) and with similar thinking but he would never admit that. He has always been a practical salt of the earth person and no worry to me. I always knew he would do the right thing.He ran off at 14 to establish his own turf and become his own man.
    During the pregnancy with him I kept getting the Phoenix sign and that is what happened. It transformed me and I went to Art college when he was a year old.
    Son # 2 born 13 years later, is a Taurus Sun on his ascendant with a stellium in Aries in the 12th house. The Sun opposes and Parallels Uranus and is forming a yod to Neptune in Sag and Pluto in Libra. He has 2 Yods involving the Aries stellium. His moon is in Virgo square Neptune and conjunct Saturn and the North node.
    I was experimenting with blowing up the atoms of Herbs when I was pregnant with him and besides being artistic he is extremely good at science. He is brilliant in almost any subject. However socially he picks women with serious physical social and wears blinders. He thinks they are more interesting than normal woman. I have always been forced to worry about him and at 30 he is just finding his footing and loosening the apron strings.He leans on me a lot and is warm and cuddly and always wants to be home on holidays, whereas my first son who cares strongly for me does not demonstrate it with hugs, or in coming home but with actions. They both live in the same area I live however and I am Close to them both.
    One son seems to take all comers ( women) and the other sets his bar so high no one would reach it. He has had no children. The younger son is making up for it and has 3 beautiful daughters.

    The first one I have raised since birth and she is the 3rd one I knew I would raise, only I thought I would give birth to 3. Both sons were born premature but healthy and screaming before the umbilical was cut.
    My first Grand daughter is a Gemini with Libra rising and her moon conjuncts the ascendant from the 12th, Her Moon trines Neptune in Aquarius and Mercury in Gemini. Her Gemini Sun trines Uranus. Her North node and Saturn conjunct my Uranus. She and I are both fire and air dominantly. Her Jupiter sits on my Venus Saturn conjunction in Cancer.
    In contrast to my sons who are Earth signs her chart fits harmoniously together with mine and we are cut from the same cloth.
    My ascendant, the birth mothers ascendant and her ascendant are all conjuct and we 3 get along very well. Her natural mother is a Pisces and in Assisted Living. She is an extremely artistic person and suffers from some brain damage due to childhood encephalitis. Emotional trauma happened to her after that and she doesn’t seem able to get past it. She is an extremely beautiful woman with the coloring of snow white, very intelligent but with snafus on a practical level and has a problem with drugs. She is like a daughter to me and I keep close contact with her family out east who are raising her other 5 children. Her mother is extremely relived I am here to raise my grand daughter and watch over her daughter.
    I first got my grand daughter when the transiting Neptune/ Chiron Uranus crossed into my 5th house. They are not all out and it looks like the second woman who had 2 more grand daughters with my second son is not able to care for them . However second son has struggled valiantly to take them but with difficulty while he is in his 3rd year of college so all that is still up in the air.

    • I am now raising my second two grand daughters after a 3 year battle in the courts. Like my two sons they are a Taurus and Virgo. As a Leo with a 5th house moon in Aquarius I do enjoy children!

      • You have quite a lot on your plate, Barehand, but it sounds rewarding. Is raising kids more wonderful, the second time around?

        All my best, Donna Cunningham

  50. Hi! I’ve been away from this website and astrology for a while, and it’s exciting to be re-engaging in a few ways.

    This isn’t a question as it seems like this conversation has closed. I’m just leaving some thoughts. About the 5th house, I wonder about relationships to parents. My experiences have led to me ponder and investigate how people might recreate (or riff on) what they’ve experienced in families of origin in other parts of their lives, especially in the families they build as adults. I think this in part drew me to the cycles/themes/brew of astrology.

    So, I have no planets in the 5th, which is in Leo. My mom is a Leo sun with pluto conjuct, and maybe a Leo moon. She experiences a great deal of pain, is terrified of emotions, and essentially took all of her anger out on me for about ten years. From what I can gather, this is mostly due to unresolved issues about her own family (who I barely know due to reasons of geography, culture, and finally a severe estrangement the set in during my early adolescence), and just a need to attack that was more comfortable for her to connect with than her need for connection and healing. I’d wonder about getting this stuff tied up with my relationships with children, even though stuff with mom is more resolved, at least transformed. In the middle of my Saturn return, children seem nice, but aren’t a priority or an area of focus (the no planets thing?) … and I’m queer so they could require some planning.

    On the other hand, the other aspects of the 5th house – play, leisure, and to a lesser extent romance, have all grown in importance and take a more central role in my life than they ever have. That’s been incredibly healing and, ironically, have made me feel like an adult, someone able to parent.

    • Welcome back, Petals. There’s another article in the hopper about other facets of the 5th house you mention (romance, creativity, fun), but it has to wait in line behind some other pieces in the schedule. Like another Q&A session on Chiron on Saturday.

      As for how children’s relationships with their parents feel to the children, that’s not the 5th, that could be to the Moon for the mother or the MC/IC axis. And the Sun or the MC/IC axis. Donna

  51. What would happen if you have Saturn in the 5th, but also Jupiter? They are seemingly opposite types of energy, do they work together, cancel each other out? Thanks!

    • With 2 planets in the 5th, you might be talking about two different children–or, especially if they are conjunct, you could be talking about a child who blends those two energies (as Barak Obama so classily does) or else alternates Jupiter and Saturn moods. I happen to be a fan of Jupiter-Saturn aspects, that quality of gravitas and integrity that produces good quality work. Donna

      • Thanks 🙂

      • I have a fifth house virgo with saturn and jupiterin .While saturn was transiting my 5th house, in 2010 (my first saturn return ) my son was born .He has a capricorn moon ,gemini sun and sagittarius rising. i am single mom .My son is very responsible, he acts like an adult ,is very friendly thanks to his Sagittarius rising ,clever from mercury . He is a quick learner of foreign languages.
        Beautiful post .Thank you

  52. No planets in my 5th; Aquarius is the sign on the cusp. Uranus is conjunct my moon in Cancer. I never thought I would have kids, and even though the pregnancy was an accident, I also thought a lot about whether I would go ahead & carry & raise the child. I decided to go ahead, being confident I could do it my own way!

    I was a free spirit – no job, no education, just a lot of outrageous ideas and a certain amount of artistic talent! The baby’s father and I lived together (with a bunch of other hippies) in a log cabin, and that’s where the baby was born. A midwife was supposed to come, but arrived late, and so we delivered the baby ourselves. Everything went fine.

    He was also quite easy to raise, but I became more and more conventional as he got older. Got a job, bought a house, etc. My moon/Uranus conjunction has the square to Saturn in the 1st, so that’s probably got a lot to do with my developing a sense of responsibility from the process of raising a child.

    He reflects my Uranus-ruled 5th by having the moon in Aquarius. However, it squares his Taurus sun, and so he’s quite traditional in many ways. I would say that sometimes his traditional approach seems like a rebellion against me! We have opposing political opinions, for example.

    He also has an unoccupied 5th house, with the sun ruling it. He and his wife have one small daughter, who is bright & beautiful & truly the apple of their eye. He jokes that he never gets any attention when he goes anywhere with her; it’s like traveling with a rock star! (He was equally charming as a toddler.)

    His wife also has an unoccupied 5th house with Pluto ruling it, and with Pluto square a rising Saturn. She wants more kids, but has had trouble with pregnancies, including having an ectopic one which was quite dangerous for her.

  53. Wow, incredible responses! My family of origin, definitely Mercurial. My father is a Gemini and my mother is either late Virgo or Libra. I am a Cancer with Gemini rising and have a Mercury ruled 5th house. I really never wanted to bring children into this world, I felt it was not the responsible thing to do. Once I decided to have children, I loved the entire process. I was able to stay at home with them and have to admit I am an awesome mother! In hindsight, I wished I had more children.

    Saturn in 5th. No problems with fertility. Just sober thoughts about motherhood.
    I ‘ve had 5 pregnancies and 2 live births.
    My first child is a Gemini Sun (daughter) with a Cancer Moon and a late Virgo rising! This fits the mercurial family.
    My 2nd born is a Capricorn (male) with zero Leo rising and has no Gemini / Virgo planets. However, he has a stellium in Sagittarius which is the ruler of my 7th house.
    This is where the derivative house works also.
    Their Dad is more fixed in nature.

    I have always found that whatever I am looking for I seem to be able to explain away in Astrology and at times I feel that we can connect anything in Astrology and that has me skeptical. Do you know what I mean? I am not demeaning the science of astrology but its just that you can creatively explain things away using astrology. Whether that is good or bad, I dont know.

    • Ely, I agree that there’s not a lot of critical/scientific thinking in astrology and the metaphysical arena. It doesn’t mean that there isn’t anything to it, it’s just that by and large we aren’t trained or educated to deal with data that way. Donna

  54. I wonder how many people with Mercury in the fifth or Gemini on the cusp of that house have twins or higher order multiples? I think that would be an interesting topic for a future post.

    • First there would have to be lots of people who have twins reporting in as to what they had on their 5th house. Anyone have any data? Donna

      • I have fraternal twin girls. Cancer is on the cusp of my 5th and I have Mercury and Pluto in that house. What’s really weird is that my son, who is adopted, and his sisters share the same moon sign, Sagittarius.

      • Strange, Katley, but children in the same family do often share the same Moon sign (or aspects), describing their mother. Did you “pick” him or did an agency pick him for you? Donna

      • my son was adopted from an agency. What’s also weird is that he has the same rising sign (Virgo) as his sisters. I have the same moon sign as my kids but at an earlier degree. The girls’ moon signs are conjunct their grandfather’s sun. It seems that signs tend to run in families.

  55. I have a V house jupiter, exactly conjunct with chiron and my wonderful daughter’s sun; it’s trine nepune in scorpio and sextile semisxtile respectively my capricorn sun and my aquarius saturn/moon; it’s opposite uranus pluto conjunct in 11. I had two miscarriages before this very late daughter ( i were 40) she came as a surprise, an irregular cicle child. My husband like me has strong saturn uranus values ( aquarius sun mercury, capricorn asc); my daughter has 11 house sun, aquarius midheaven exactly conjunct with the father’s sun and a beautifule aquarius moon saturn trine and the moon exactly cnj my moon! as parents we’re very serious but also very respectful of her; for now more saturnian than uranian but we’ll see, she’s only 8 yo.

  56. It took me a while to figure out the astrological “signature” of my family of origin. It would have to be Mars. Mars rules all of our charts: my Mom has a Scorpio ASC and my Dad and I have Aries ASCs. We all have airy Moons as well: my Dad had an Aquarius Moon and my Mom and I have Libra Moons.

    I found our 5th houses quite interesting as well. My parents had not planned on having children and were surprised by my Mom’s pregnancy. My Mom was 38 and my Dad was 45 when I was born, which is not unusual now but was back in the 60s, especially for an only child.

    My Mom’s 5th house has Pisces on the cusp and her Uranus in Aries. My Dad’s 5th had Cancer on the cusp and his Neptune in Leo. In both cases, the signs and houses are very decriptive of their approaches to parenting.

    My Leo 5th house just barely contains my Jupiter in Virgo (by the Koch system, but I consider it shared with my 6th house). I also have my Sun, Venus, and Mars in Cancer. I have never really wanted children of my own. I did go through a brief mother fantasy phase in my early 20s, but it passed quickly and has yet to return. I have expressed my Leo-5th house-Jupiter by teaching art to kids and giving somewhat extravagant presents to the children in my circle of friends and family. My mothering appears to reserved for cats ; )

  57. I have Pluto and Uranus/Virgo conjunct and sitting right on my 5th cusp; Aquarius MC (with Saturn in Pisces in 10th). We did have some fertility issues and I was 38 when I gave birth.

    My only son is an Aquarius (stellium in 4th with Sun, Moon; Sun conjunct Uranus in Pisces on his 5th cusp). My due date was Feb 16. Since my family has a lot of Pisces/Neptune signatures, I thought for sure my son would be born late and a Pisces. Not. He was born on his due date and a major Aquarius.
    During the pregnancy I had to have major surgery in 5th month to remove a cyst. High risk and delicate procedure but everything went fine. He was born in perfect health and full-term.

    A year before son was conceived I had a miscarriage, but for some reason we knew we’d eventually have a child and took it as encouraging sign I could conceive, rather than devastating. I conceived my son when solar eclipse exactly conjunct AC/Moon in Gemini. Maybe knowing the eclipse was coming gave me hope. I’ve always thought the Pluto sitting on my 5th cusp represents this child and Uranus is my son.

    As for family signatures, Gemini is important for several of us. My paternal grandmother and I have AC and Moon (same degree), my mother also has Gemini Moon. My niece has Gemini AC. Once you start looking at the shared elements it’s amazing how interconnected families are.

    Great post Donna. Love learning more about families, children and astrology.

  58. I’m weird: despite having an empty 5th House with Gemini on the cusp all I ever wanted from life was children. I have Sun combust Mercury–would that explain it? I have 3 lovely daughters, but we are not close, a source of great pain for me.

  59. Great post! Thanks 🙂
    I don’t have children yet but I really want to. Unfortunately I have Saturn in the 5th. My 5th house is also in Capricorn…I guess this is really bad news then?
    Otherwise I have Uranus and Neptune in the 5th house, too. Does that mean I can still hope for more than one child?

    • With three planets in the 5th, you definitely could have more than one child. I take it that you were born between 1988-91, in that subgeneration with Uranus, Saturn, and Neptune in Capricorn, much of that time in a triple conjunction.
      What’s important to understand is that this is not just you, but that every single person born on the planet in those 2 1/2 years has that combination. Naturally, it might fall in any one of the 12 houses, with about a 1 in 12 chance that it would be the 5th.

      I take outer planet combinations like this one or like the Pluto-Uranus conjunction of the 1960s to show world conditions that deeply affect the lives of the whole group born with it. And given that the conjunction in this instance is in Capricorn and that Pluto is now transiting Capricorn, I believe that it has to do with what we’ve done to the earth itself. Yours is a generation that will be deeply affected by earth changes and overcrowding, and will have to find the solutions to it.

      Since it is in the 5th for you, you may feel a special responsibility to children, not only your own but children around the world or here at home who have not been so lucky or well-cared for. Neptune is often involved with adoptions, so you could possibly decide to adopt children from other countries or special needs kids–or to be a foster mother to such kids. (I haven’t seen any charts of foster children or parents–has anyone else?)

      And since the combination shows what kind of children you would have, then your children will also share that deep sense of responsibility for others who need help, which you’d pass on by example.

      So, don’t so much view this as a problem that is yours alone, but a generational problem that you are bound to address. Donna

  60. Dear Donna: I’m so glad I found your blog and this subject as I’ve recently had Saturn move into my 5th house where my natal Neptune at 0 Scorpio resides. My only child has just turned 16 and has recently been telling me how much ‘he hates me and always has’… ‘doesn’t respect me and never has’… he’s a very conscious individual with the Neptune/Uranus/Moon conjunct in late Cap degrees and has a very strict and serious personality…

    I have one child consciously conceived at Uranus opposition time at age 38. He is a 13 degree Sag, his Sun exactly conjuct my own North Node and his Uranus is exactly opposite my own Uranus at 22 Cancer which is in my 2nd house.

    My son also shares with me a Jupiter/Pluto conjunction but his in Scorpio in his 4th (my 6th) and mine in Leo in my 3rd (his 1rst-conjoining his natal Mars rising). Our powerhouse conjunctions square each other. With his being in my 6th house.

    As far as family charts go-every one of my 3 siblings and father also have 13 degree Libra planets which is my mother’s Sun position. My son has his third house at 13 degrees Libra. I am the only one without a 13 degree Libra planet/house and I have always been the odd man out in my family too.

    I am hoping that this Saturn transit through my 5th house with that Scorpio Neptune which is my 10th house ruling planet and also of my Pisces Sun shapes me up into the creative individual I used to enjoy being. So that my son can enjoy that part of me that has been squelched for a long time and create with me. He is very talented artistically and musically. I feel like I must really focus on him and his talents right now.

  61. and ps to my post above Donna, my son and I have mutually receptive Saturns to our Suns which square each other also! His Saturn is in Pisces in his 7th and mine is in Sagittarius in my 6th. Could it be his Saturn conjoining my Sun which causes him to be so hyper critical of me and everything I do, think, say? My Saturn is at 2 degrees Sag so is not exactly on top of his 13 degree Sag Sun.

    • What comes to me immediately is the question of who was parent to who and in how many past lives. Donna

  62. Thank you Donna… though it may sound strange-he spiritually called out to me and I answered his call for conception though I had no man in my life I definitely felt the need to conceive right then in early 1994… think it was March 14th.

    I didn’t think it would matter, he having no father in his life but it really has bothered both of us that we did not have a loving man to witness and experience his life growing up until I remarried at his age of seven. Then he died two years ago when my son was 14… I had heard that having Saturn squaring your Sun is indicative of having ‘no father involved with your life’.

    When he was about seven he asked me if I remembered ‘when we all lived together in this big beautiful TENT-he had a wife he just loved so much and they had all these children they just loved… and there was a horse with them that was so big they could all ride him at once’… he was looking bedazzled remembering this and I was following along with him and told him ‘no I’m sorry I don’t remember that, but it sounds so beautiful’. And he got kind of teary and said ‘don’t you remember mom?”

    I found his being born with the same degree as my NNode and the Uranus opposite Uranus exact to almost the second unusual. He and my mother were born 60 years apart and her progressed Sun was at his 13 degree Sag Sun too. They are very close and actually more alike and compatible than he and I are. She’s always called him ‘her boy’. hmmmm

    One good thing about being older is having experienced the cycles of Saturn before in your houses. The last time Saturn was in my 5th, I was at the absolute peak of my creative work. I didn’t have my child creation then though… now I do.

    My son also has had his progressed Sun go into 0 Capricorn squaring my 0 Libra moon… an aspect that with other people has proven to be a painful relationship. I don’t know if I should get Saturnian on him to get him to be ‘nice’ or if I should work with these energies to straighten my own creative life out. My husband just died an awful way and my son is blaming me for our being ‘alone’ now.

    • A beautiful story, Shariles. Thank you for sharing it. What a special child! Donna

  63. will i have children with sun and murcury in fifth house(libra)??i would really appreciate your reply.

    • It seems likely, and maybe more than one, but would also depend on aspects to those planets. Donna

      • hi donna,

        thank u so much for replying donna…i am really touched.
        I had an ectopic pregnancy, which was life threatening.I don’t have any knowledge about astrology. I am sending you my Birth Details.For my peace of mind i want to know that in future whether i’ll be able to conceive?
        DOB:-14 nov 1980
        Time of Birth:-2036 hrs


      • Sorry, Sanghamitra, I no longer do chart readings, as I’m retired. Donna

    • according to ur chart u have sun conjunct uranus in ur 5th house and scorpio om the cups of this house

  64. I am new to astrology, so am not sure if I am explaining this correctly. I have one planet in my fifth house and that is the Moon. The fifth house and the Moon are in Aquarius. My moon trines midheaven venus and mercury and is sextile to neptune. The Sun also trines my moon..not sure what all that means. My big question though is this. My step father’s mother did a natal chart for me that was later lost. However, one thing we all remembered was that it mentioned me having three boys. I am pregnant with my third son now, but woudl like to have more children and perhaps a girl. I do not understand how she figured this out or if anyone is able to tell me if I may have a girl or more children. Any help/comments will be appreciated.Thank you!

  65. I forgot to mention my Moon is trine Pluto also…if that changes anything.

  66. This was a very interesting article, and kind of blew my mind. I am an Aries and I have NOTHING in the fifth house, which was in Pisces at my birth. My first child- son (36), is a Sag, second-daughter (34) is Pisces, third-daughter (29) is also Aries. I loved being a mom and enjoyed raising my children, and had close relationships with my daughters, not so much with my son. Their father died last year and all three stopped talking to me – transferred anger and unresolved issues, according to a psychologist. From your information, which is new to me, I surmise that all the energy from being a mom is now being transferred to the two houses where most of my planets,etc. reside which in my natal chart, which is Aries – 6th house, and Libra – 12th house. Very interesting info indeed, which I will meditate upon. Thank you very much.

    • Hi, Stefani, what a painful situation. Grief is a very Plutonian process, and people that aren’t handling their powerlessness–and anger–over death or loss often want to blame it on someone else, hence the family feuds that so often arise then.

      Try talking to their Higher Selves consistently, and it eventually does penetrate. Donna

  67. Late to the post, but…….I have Gemini on the 5th cusp, it is also on the 4th…..well it could mean twins right?? I have 3 sons, 2 of them were born 3 days short of a yr apart! They are both in their early 30’s now, but when they were growing up, I was often asked if they were twins! My youngest is 4 yrs younger, and on my 7th cusp is Leo (sibling to the 5th house), that is the sign of his Asc!

  68. Dear Donna! This was very interesting post! Still one question is torturing me: I have huge stellium in my 5th house. Sun, Mercury, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune – all of them are there. Plus there are my progressed Mars and also Venus Retrograde which moved from the 6th house. No doubt, 5th house issues are very important for me but I have not succeed in any of them. I don’t know whether it is right or wrong, but me personal opinion is that the 5th house disrupts whole structure of my life. Clearly, most of my houses are empty with their rulers in the 5th. So, I think that I cannot use their potentials because they are locked out n the 5th house which appears to me very loaded and heavy. I lose in every aspect of my life. I wonder if anybody has experienced the same or could give some advice how to solve this problem. Thank you!

    • You’re very young yet (born about 1988-989, I’d guess), Maria, and Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune do not come into their potential until late 20s and into maturity. I have Uranus and Saturn conjunct also and was deeply unhappy during my 20s, until I found astrology and discovered I was meant to be an astrologer just around my Saturn return. It has been a very fulfilling career. So, it’s too soon for you to have discovered whatever is your true life path. Maybe it has do with some art form or technology that won’t be developed for another 5 years or more.

      You have not, however, been uniquely singled out for misery and torture, but are unstead part of a vast generation of young people all around the globe. Uranus, Neptune, and Saturn were all in Capricorn during parts of 1987-89. In the winter months of those years, the Sun, Moon, Mercury, and Venus in Capricorn joined the parade. Those stelliums are extremely uncommon from a historical perspective, yet represent personal obstacles and opportunities for that entire subgeneration. Vast numbers of people your age were born around the globe in that era with stelliums of four to six planets in Capricorn.

      How many are we talking about? If you’ll forgive my using an imprecise tool——to make a rough estimate, something like 360,000 children are born on this planet each day now. The birth rate in the U.S. was about the same in the late 1980s as now . According to long-range census statistics, the U.S. birth rate is consistently lower from November through March . I’ve seen figures to suggest this pattern also holds true in other Northern Hemisphere countries. So, who knows, maybe the number of children born worldwide in those winter months of 1987-89 was only 340,000 a day, or even 330,000? It’s still as many as 2 million a week born with huge, unusual Capricorn stelliums.

      These negative and dire conclusions you are drawing (“the 5th disrupts the whole structure of my life…I lose in every aspect of my life”) do nothing but depress you. With Mercury (the mind) conjunct Saturn and Neptune, it is extremely important not to let the imagination run rampant into some negative, dark future but instead to discipline it.

      This is a misuse of astrology, and frankly I think you’d be happier if you put astrology aside for a few years and just focus, one day at a time, on discovering what your gifts and talents really are. Donna

  69. Donna, thank you for reply! You have rightly guessed. I really belong to the 1988-1989 generation. Indeed, my problems are very common among my subgeneration. We stand out from the rest of young population with our stubbornness and heavy mindedness. Too much of Capricorn is there.
    I am happy to hear that someday I will be able to use potentials of Uranus, Saturn and Neptune. I really don’t know what I should do now or what my talents are, though I tried many things. Thank you for your advise, I’ll keep searching!

    • I wonder, Maria, with that 5th house stellium, if you’d ever consider doing volunteer work with unfortunate children–say reading (or telling) stories to children on burn wards or perhaps tutoring children in homeless shelters who’ve fallen behind in school. You’d be doing a great deal of good, it would take your mind off your own troubles, and I daresay they could teach you a great deal as well, with their indominatable spirit despite hardship. The secret behind service is that you always get so very much more than you give. And, who knows, it might even lead to a vocation. Donna

      • Donna, I’m a bit shocked now, because my name is Maria-related name, it’s Marita and you have referred to me twice as Maria, though I have not indicated my name 😀 Another shocking fact is that I have already done such volunteer work. I went to Romania on internship and there I participated in a volunteer project where my responsibilities included tutoring gypsy children who live in very miserable conditions and also providing with psychological help children which have been infected with HIV/AIDS from birth and therefore are very weak and disabled. This was a very stressful time for me, though if possible, I would go there again. In my own country (I live in Georgia) conditions are so bad that nobody really cares about poor or disabled people, so it’s not even possible to launch any volunteer project. You are absolutely right. I would do such volunteer work with great enthusiasm, but now this work is not really available for me. I don’t know ,maybe I should wait 🙂 Marita

      • Nothing supernatural–I got your name–or part of it- from your email address, which shows on my screen though not to the other readers. Perhaps dealing with AIDS children is too drastic, since a Mercury-Neptune conjunction would make you like a psychic spongue. Help a neighbor child or something manageable. Donna

  70. Thank you very much for your advise! 🙂

  71. I have Saturn in the 5th if I use Whole Signs, which I have been using for almost 2 years, now.
    Not just Saturn, but Saturn-Uranus-Neptune all conjunct in Capricorn, which happen to be my only Cardinal planets.
    My family is very Saturnian/Cardinal.
    Father is a Capricorn Sun, with a Mars-Saturn-Neptune conjunction in Libra, square Uranus. Mother has a Sun-Mercury-Saturn conjunction in Libra.
    Sister is a Capricorn Moon, Mercury, and Venus, with Saturn opposite her Mercury.

  72. I read saturn in the 5th also shows you being someone who was not accepted as an individual, and felt unloved as a consequence.

  73. and here’s something sister and I both haver Uranus in the 5th. She also has North Node, though, and I have Saturn and Nepune in there..I guess my kids will either be crazy, or crippled…
    The funny thing is I never, ever, ever, ever even considered the possibility of having kids.
    I was always told I would grow out of it with age, but am 22 now and not feeeling much better.
    Now I’m thinking MAYBE, but definitely not earlier than 40.

  74. Hi Donna, I was wondering what Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune in Capricorn in the 5th house could possibly mean? I love children and would love to have a number of my own, and children take well to me when I’m around, almost regarding me with a mentor/teacher-like awe. But I’m Pisces sun with a marked expression of my Aquarian energies in Venus and Mars, so maybe this can explain this fondness for children and teaching?

    From reading the comments I’m now very anxious that I might have a lot of trouble with pregnancies. But I would really love to mother a relatively big family some day.

    • Hi, Liane, pregnancy itself is more related to the 8th. With 3 in the 5th, I’d see several kids, maybe even adoptees from abroad. Donna

  75. A very interesting subject and something i have thought about quite a bit as I don’t seem to match what would be expected.

    I have sun/juno and mercury in my 5th house (sun being chart ruler Leo asc)
    5th house cusp Sagittarius.

    I have had 2 pregnancies, both of them horrible and I have one son, who has social problems (aspergers) I am the most unmotherly character that you could imagine, I don’t like babies and young children I find them tedious if Im honest.

    My sun/juno conjunction does make an trine to my MC and I work as a college lecturer (19-18 year olds) although these also are not my 1st choice of people, I do become in their eyes like a surrogate mother and even when they leave college, still ask me things!

    My sun conjunct juno has no bad aspects – grand trine with moon and MC
    although my mercury has issues being rx conjunct South node, and square to uranus/pluto/mars and trine asc.

    Why my home children thing is such a mess I dont know??

    • It could be aspects to the Moon, the maternal side of us. Donna

      • I’m with Donna on that.

        And about asteroids, for children and mothering, I’d look at Ceres, not Juno.

  76. hi this is my first time here, am fascinated to know all this, am curious to know when il conceive?.. my date of birth is 28th jan 1980 born at 11:45 am, i have mars , saturn and jupiter in my 5 th house if am not wrong, my husbands birth date is 6-7-79, born at 5:15 am … have to get ourselves checked by gyn soon… i love babies and want to know wht it feels like to be a mother.. any input would be appreciated , thanks very much.

  77. Hi,
    I have a lot of planets in the 5th house, some good ones and some bad ones – Moon(Libra 22.3), Saturn (Libra 20.55 R), Pluto(Libra 26.27 R) and Jupiter (in scorpio 9.55 R).
    Mars (Libra 16.43 R) is in the 6th house in conjunction with Saturn as well as in conjunction with Pluto. In the 8th house I have Venus.
    I am quite worried about not being able to have kids (haven t tried yet) or having some serious problems with them, based on interpretation by one astrologist. Interesting is that so many planets here are in Libra. I don t know whether there is any connection to parents when it comes to this house, but my mother was a Libra and she committed suicide when I was 18 in year 2000. I also did not have the best relationship to her, not that we fighted or something like that but I always felt that we were not so close to eachother as a mother and a daughter should be, while I adored my father.

  78. I have Cancer on the 5th house, ruled by Libra moon in the 7th. (My mom was a Cancer who had six children).

    In my fifth house, I have 3 planets: Mercury/Uranus conjunction in Cancer and sun in Leo. Out of 3 pregnancies (all unplanned), I had one live birth after my Saturn return. For most of my daughter’s upbringing, I was a single mom.

    My Taurus daughter has an Aquarius moon. Capricorn is on her 5th house, which is also home to Neptune and Mars. Saturn rules the 5th from the 4th house in Sadge. At 25, she is in no hurry to have children and is very focused on her career — wants to have a stable home life and $$ in the bank before she starts a family. Transiting Pluto is now in her 5th house and may trigger something — not sure it will be a pregnancy. She lives with her boyfriend and the relationship may be unraveling or becoming unhealthy. Am encouraging her to take dance and yoga classes to have more fulfillment during this transit.

    Don’t know about grandchildren, I have an empty 9th house cusped by Sagittarius. Jupiter, which rules the house, is located in the 4th house in Cancer, squared by Libra moon. Will be interesting to see how it plays out. Maybe I’ll sponsor exchange students?!

  79. I have an empty 5th house aquarius, opposite my sun leo in the 11th. I never wanted children and do not like being around children, nor do I like dating men with kids of any age. When I was a child, I never liked other kids and couldn’t wait to grow up and get away from them. And no, I’m not from an abusive family nor an abusive background and all of that poppycock. Just how I am. My father never laid a hand on me. However, my mother’s pisces mars is in a tight opposition of my stellium in virgo – uranus conjunct pluto conjunct venus in the 12th house. I wonder if this has something to do with my abhorrence for child bearing or being near any kind of child under any circumstances? Does anyone have any insight to this? Not to mention I have asteroids Juno & Vesta in the 5th house in opposition to my sun. Anything that has to do with kids, I am thee exact opposite. I won’t sit in a restaurant with children. Tried to have my tubes tied at age 19, but had to wait until I was 26 and having an absolute fit when someone tried to tell me how I should feel and what I should think about life regarding children. Greatest day of my life was my tying my tubes without ever bearing a kid.

    I am now in my mid 40’s; I am trying to work with this deep dislike I have for children. Needless to say, it ain’t workin’ ladies and gentlemen! This is pretty deep, man . . . . Still trying to understand this deep dislike I have for brats. My parents weren’t great and should have never bore kids, but they weren’t bad people. Just no parenting skills. How can a person not like kids when they were a kid and during the time when they were a kid!? In the summer of 1975 when I was 10, I consciously made the decision not to have children. I told my useless mother about my decision and she just looked at me like I was nuts. Now it it’s 36 years later and I love throwing it in her face how I knew what I was talking about and proud of my decision. And Im not one of these people who would hurt kids and dogs, I’m never near either of them!

    • I think the positive thing is that you recognized early on that kids should not be part of your life plan and you took steps to make that so. It saved you–and any possible children–from what could have been a very unhappy situation. Far better than the people who don’t want kids but go on ahead and have them and abuse them. Donna

      PS. Children who shriek at the top of their voices in restaurants and their parents do nothing ruin dining out for everyone.

  80. I have 20 cancer on the fifth house cusp (moon in virgo in the 7th), mercury in leo in the fifth at 0 degrees, a tight conjunction of sun 15′ 55″/jupiter 15’37” in leo in the fifth, I’m 44 and have no children – I can’t figure out what is hitting all of this that would make it not so. I long for children so badly, a year or so ago, there was a full moon hitting my fifth house cusp and my doctor said I wouldn’t have children, and at the time I was hoping the news would be I was pregnant.

    Any thoughts?

  81. Hallo Donna,
    thank you for your notes here. I should go sleep and I stayed all night wake up reading your text and comments.
    I will be 33yo this year and because I am a Cancer with the ASC in Scorpion, I never was thinking about something else then to have children and to write two books, one roman and another about spirituality, Universe, etc.
    However I never can find men which will want the children with me, so as I have clear mind, I never can push the male to have children, but as I am older and older I start to be very sad about it. My boyfriend told me he dont want children, also. That he dont want to bring child to this world, he is 5 yo younger then me.
    As my 5th houses its empty, have a sign Aries, and Pisces. I am not good at astrology like you are here, I also looked at my boyfriend and he have two planets in the 5th house – Neptun and Jupiter, (maybe he hide before me one secreat that he even can have already one child when he was studing abroad:-) I am not sure about it. perhaps Jupiter 12 Capricon connecting with red line Sun in 8th house 15 Aries, and also with Mercur in 9th house in Taurus and also with Saturn in 4th house in Scorpion. And the second planet Neptun in 5th house with red line Venus in 8th house in Pisces, .also with Mercur in 9th house in Taurus and also with Pluto in 3rd house in Scorpion. all his 5th house its in Capricon.
    I know he could have also another partner with who he can have children, but I was interested about it,
    Actually, I dont know what its all mean as I think he can have one his child and his woman can have dificulty with that pregnancy ( but this child will be wanted ) and also he can have another children from the side of his partner , so he will be step-father to that child or adopted from abroad?

  82. What a great article!

    I have jupiter in Aquarius in my 5th house, and I have one son. (so far).

    But what a son..

  83. My natal 5th house is empty, I am a sag with leo boy girl twins, had them when I was 33 and I became preg living abroad. Saturn for me retrograded in my 4th house

  84. I have jupiter, mars and saturn in my 5th house in leo.The saturn is very close the 6th house. my first child who is a libra with leo rising born after a very long and painfull labor and we discovered after she born she is missing her fingers in her left hand. she is a very happy, active, athletic and artistic girl, she like arguing:) my second daughter born in 2 minutes very easy delivery and she has a virgo moon and I have my seventh house at virgo with uranus. my husband has leo rising just like my first born and my second daughter has taurus rising just like me. and very strange, I dont know the meaning but my second daughters all the house cups fall into same signs with me all 12 of them.

    • Hi, Gildas. I’m guessing you mean that your second daughter’s Ascendant and house cusps are the same as yours. People never seem to talk about that as a good compatability factor, but it makes for an easy connection as you do many things the same way without even having to talk about it. Donna

  85. Thank you.

  86. Really interesting post. Happy to hear all positives stories about loved childs. I also love children they make my heart sing. A friend of mine keep saying you must have a child you will be healed trough having a child. I keep saying I don´t believe that I must have a child of my own. The world is full of children who needs grow ups showing love.

    Im 37 soon 38.Sometimes I feel like yes I would love to have a child but I´m not so sure of parenthood and If its the ultimate for me.Yes I have alot of love but a child need so much practical stuff also.And I have learned trough all my life to bee so independent so a child would change my life so complete and I also love tranqulity but also love when things happen so not totally easy to get this opposites alltogether.

    I have jupiter in Pisces in the fifth house. Pisces ruling my Fifth house.

    Pisces also rules my sixth house and I have Moon in Aries in the Sixth house.

    I have Neptune in Sagittarius in my Second house.Scorpio ruling my Second house. I have North node in Sagittarius in the Third house.
    Taurus is ruling my eight house.
    I also have Saturn in Cancer in Ninth house. Capricorn also rules my fourth house…
    But I think that the thing confuse the most is that I have a Stellium in the the Twelfth house in opposition to my Moon in the Sixth house.
    I have Sun,Mars,Pluto in the twelfth house in Libra and Venus in the Twelfth house in Virgo.
    And Virgo also rules my Twelfth house. So I have come to a conclusion that I think It´s best for me without own children. That I can hug others children and that animals can be like children also. My friend nagging every day now and saying: You just fooling yourself. You would be the best mum in the world. Im not so shore of that. Do you have any refelections any att all would be interesting. Love, light Marianne

  87. Nice post.. My 5th house is Virgo, ruled by Mercury and house by Mars. Mercury is in the 6th house. I had 3 abortions and sad I have no children. I believe in astrology!

  88. Interesting post, really…., having the Sun in Aries (16° of Leo) and Mercury in Taurus in 5th i’m addicted to my 2 lovely kids :-), the first has a Scorpio Sun(mars the ruler of my 5th house is in scorpio) with a Leo rising and the second has a Taurus Sun with a Leo rising to :-), i think that they do really represent my 5th natally house. christella

  89. Hello, I’m not sure if this topic is still available but I’m gonna say my story anyway:)
    I’m a woman with Cancer Sun tightly conjunct Jupiter, both on Midheaven but 2 degrees away in 9th house. Ruler of the Ascendant is Venus found in late Leo 11th House, in conjunction with Leo Saturn just 1 degree away and Moon (at 0 degreesin Virgo) 2 degrees away. I also have Mars in 11th House. So I have Cancer Midheaven ruler in 11th house, ascendant ruler Venus in 11th house, 4th house ruler Saturn in 11th house, 7th house ruler Mars in 11th house. My empty 5th house is in late Aquarius with Uranus in Scorpio in 2nd house, sextiling Mars in Virgo, squaring Mercury(ruling 12th and 9th) in Leo and trining Midheaven and also trining Sun and Jupiter.
    It’s said that many planets in 11th house means adoption or stepparenting but I dont have stepchildren, at least not yet.
    I also read that Venus conjunct with Saturn and Moon means you’ll never have kids. I had an abortion when I was 20 (wrong moment and father to keep the baby) now I am 34 and thinking more and more about having children. I am actually not only thinking, I am aspiring and in a very deep hunger for having MY OWN children.
    Unfortunately I am single for 2 years now because I have to say I am very picky when it comes with men. I had 3 long relationships and remained friends with the 3 men (maybe this is 11th house influence about friendship) Somehow I expect that when Saturn (ruler of my 4th) will be in Scorpio exactly conjuncting my natal 12degrees Uranus(ruler of my 5th) in Scorpio and also trining my natal Sun, Jupiter and Midheaven in Cancer I will be able to conceive…if I will find a man:) Neptune is also transiting my 5th house opposing early Virgo Moon and late Venus and Saturn but also will trine my natal Uranus.
    I have so many doubts about having kids because all the people around me discourage me about this. Even my parents, even if they want grandchildren, they say to me that I will never be able to have kids, they’re mocking me being single for 2 years and about me being responsible with my life. But all of these don’t stop me wanting to have children but make me depressed and very,very sad. Normally I am a very happy and optimistic person, highly artistic( I am a songwriter and also an artist), good looking and good health.
    What do you thing about it?

  90. Thanks for this; I have Taurus and Saturn in my 5th house, I was pregnant twice one unfortunately was terminated cause I was “too young” and one miscarriage at the age of 40 I am now 42 and I am freaking out, I am in love, very happy with my husband, money doesn’t flow yet, but working on it, we will love to become parents. I wonder if the fact that I have taurus too will change things in a more positive way.

  91. First you should look on the aspects between Saturn and Venus (since Venus is rulling your 5th), Venus’s sign and house and other aspect these 2 planets make with other planets.Many times Saturn in 5th is a sign of a late mature life pregnancy so maybe it’s your case too.

  92. hello,

    can you give your place of birth and time of birth. I will make a prediction about your fifth house.

    • Hi Pinky; Thank you so much for your reply. I was born in Argentina in a town called “Venado Tuerto” 33°44′59″S 61°58′01″W UT-3:00
      on the 15/08/1970 at 16:45 my mom used to say 16:30 but I am Leo on Acuario for sure. You are so very sweet to do that for me, I feel hopeless and also, I am feeling again very scared about being pregnant,is not that I don’t want it, I just have an irrational fear of all the changes in my body, health wise.

      • your fifth house has saturn in aries which is debilitated, and also the ruler of aries mars is in 8th house and combust and mars is also debilitated. the only hope is now your are running jupiter period so now it is good time for you to have children. pray to Lord Krishna everyday so that he may bless you with children. Give the hope to God and ask him to give children.

      • @ annawelikeyourstyle . I was reading this astrological website, where Nina the astrologer does fertility astrology, if you are interested.

  93. My family validates almost all this info! My mother had three kids. Uranus in Aries was in her 5th, and my parents thought their first son was a genius. He was very intelligent, a daredevil, super-hyper, and very neurotic. His Sun was in his 5th, he was my mother’s favorite, and he remained a bit of a baby all his life. Next came me, and my mother’s 7th house contained Jupiter. I took after my father, who had a Sun/Jupiter conjunction (I have a 9th house Sadge Moon). But I’m also a double Aquarius, reflecting my mother’s 5th house Uranus as well. My mother’s 9th house (and 5th) would reflect my younger brother. She had Pluto in the 9th, and my younger brother is Scorpio rising. And again reflecting my mother’s 5th house Uranus, he has Uranus conjunct his Leo Sun.

    • Excelllent examples, Colleen. These astrological patterns definitely run in families. I thiink Erin Sullivan has a major book on the astrology of family relationships. ( )

  94. This is odd I was just thinking about this post, we will go for IVF next month but the chances are really low, I guess I have the worst chart ever for this matters.

    • I honestly don’t know much about using astrology for conception, Anna. There’s a British astrologer who has had excellent results and has quite a following among doctors. I’ll look her up and give you a link. Donna

      Okay, yes I found it. Nicki Smuts at

      • Thank you Donna, you are an angel but my chart says no kids I am currently pretty depressed after visiting the fertility dr and telling us the horrid news, only 10% chances for me. God bless you all

      • Sorry to hear it, Anna.

    • Anna, I was just reading your post, and wondered if you could look at alternatives, to help with your fertility. IVF can take such a huge toll, physically and mentally. It might be worth pursuing every avenue ( fertility astrology alternative medicine/ nutrition/herbalism/hypnotherapy / acupuncture/reflexology etc, etc) before giving up. Look at that 10% and see where that could take you. Saturn in the 5th, as Carmen points, could mean late parenthood and a very responsible one at that. A sister of one of my friends , struggled for years and years to get pregnant. She then decided to try out acupuncture for relaxation. It turned out this helped to keep her monthly cycle regular. She eventually became pregnant. It may be something like checking the hormonal levels are at optimum level, rather than opting for IVF. Good luck! 🙂

      • I’m not sure if I mentioned it or not on this post, but there’s an astrologer in England who works with OB-GYN doctors all the time using astrological cycles for conception, very successfully. Her name is Nikki Smuts, look up her site on the internet. Donna

  95. Dear Donna,
    Thank you for this site. I have very worrying situation which seems to be due to my planetary arrangements of horoscope. The 5th house of mine is Leo ruled by Sun and Mars is there. The Sun is in Libra, with the zero power. My husband 5th house ruler is also have zero power. ( Mercury) , We don’t have children as I had 3 abortions, I want to know if there is a help by adopting a child. Please reply.

    • Having Mars in the 5th in Leo is a strong indication of having a male child. Donna

      • Dear Donna,
        I greatly thank for your kind quick reply. may be then the other planetary influences like Venus in eighth house or Jupiter in sixth house?

      • Yes, Asha. The 5th house is the children you raise; the 8th is about childbirth. Perhaps today’s state of the art OB/GYN can override those “rules” drawn up in ancient times. Donna

      • This is so interesting, Donna. My mother, whose big (painful) secret was that she had to give her first-born daughter up for adoption, had Chiron in her 8th house (conjunct my 8th house South Node)

  96. Oh, the 8th house is about childbirth then? I have Leo on 8th house cusp. What do you mean with childbirth? (sorry english is not my first language and I can get a bit anxious about this subjet) I think we are going to try egg donation

    • The experience of giving birth to a child. This is not my specialty, however, and you might want to look up British Astrologer, Nikki Smuts, who works with OB/GYN doctors in the UK. Donna

  97. Hmm This article makes me wonder what a 5th house moon opposed by Saturn in the 11th would mean for a woman. I have this placement and at 27 have never been pregnant. My significant other has a child already and is looking to gain full custody. I wonder if that’s the Saturn opposition in effect. His saturn conjuncts mine natally so who knows :-/

    • Forgot to mention that my 5th house moon is conjunct Chiron in Gemini and the tip of a yod formed by my Neptune/ASC in cap and Pluto/mc in scorpio. Not entirely sure how that affects any of this but it all seems so potent and intense!

  98. One of my friends has got Venus in the 5th squaring Saturn in the 2nd. She tried to get pregnant, but failed. When transitting Saturn conjoined her Venus – at age 35 – she suddenly got pregnant, and got another child two years later when transitting Saturn was still inn her 5th.

  99. I have an empty fifth house, ruled by virgo…literally no Virgo in my chart.
    The strange thing about what your saying is for me personally, I adore my children, they are the centerfold in my life and my main focus!!!! I seriously feel like I was meant to just have a million babies haha…could you point to where else indicates children!?
    Guess what though!— I have two girls and theyre both virgos!! Both have water moons, im a Pisces with a Scorpio moon and a lot ofother water planets 🙂
    Thanks for your time

  100. hello my date of birth is 11th may 1971, at 23.10. place of birth 16.75 north and 81.7 East. i have saturn in taurus and my lagna is capricorn. i had a misscarriage in december 2011. i am trying to have babies from the last 4 years no luck. will i have babies. my venus is in 3rd house in piceses and jupiter is in scorpio which is retrograde and my moon is in scorpio which is delibelated. can anyone help me. i had one ivf failure last year.

    • Look for information on conception by the Moon, also the website of Nikki Smuts, an English astrologer who works with gynecologists with good success. Donna

  101. I don’t really get it…house 10 and 5 on my natal chart are empty. I have Jupiter in my 7th house. What does it mean? I looked in a few websites but i could not find a thing. Can you help me? e-mail me on Thank you.

    • Polina, to answer your question, I’d have to calculate and study your entire chart, which is something a professional astrologer does for a consultation. I am retired from doing consultations. I believe, however, that there may be a post about empty houses on this blog, so try the onsite search engine. Donna

  102. @ Donna or anyone, I have mercury, moon, south node and Sun in the fifth house. I enjoy being very creative, but what would those energies in this house indicate about creativity and /or relationships children? I don’t have any children of my own.

  103. I have mars/venus/chiron opp uranus in the 5th house. I’m getting essure soon, the permanent birth control. Don’t know how this is going to apply to me. I don’t mind being an aunt, actually. I make a rocking aunt, just not really into the whole motherhood thing. I look at that more as a cancerian need, and I don’t identify with that role as a woman at all, I identify more with venus and she’s not really the mothering type from what I understand. (unless she’s in cancer perhaps)

    • The 5th doesn’t necessarily mean your children, it could be other children who come to mean something to you. Donna

  104. Since I was about 18 yrs . old I’ve thought about adoption rather than biological children. I’m 29 currently, in a saturn return and with someone for 2 yrs who is saturnine himself. Apart from that, I’ve always been deathly afraid of giving birth, fearing so much that I would physically perish from labor and birth. From losing too much blood and not being strong enough to recover.
    What’s strange about my biggest fear is that around 10 or 11 yrs old a psychic told me that my guardian angel is someone from the family of my mother’s husband who died in childbirth.
    I didn’t remember this until a few years ago & it sort of creeps me out. My 5th house begins in Scorpio w/ a mars/saturn conjunction, both squaring an 8th sun in Aquarius; its ruler Uranus in Sagittarius intercepts, trine a 10th housemoon.

    • May I also add that with the interception of Uranus, making a close conjunction is the dragon’s tail and vertex.

      Thanks for the article, it was nice to see so much viewer feedback.

  105. I have a question and although I dabble in astrology, I’m no pro. I “knew” at 42 when I conceived my daughter and she is an unusual child and is now 23. She is highly creative, was in “gifted” classes, knows 4 languages, lived in 3 countries so far, and hopes to one day have her own business. The “glitch” is – and this is what I’m wondering, is that she has not had a period in years, and only had a few when she was on birth control. She is not keen (at this point) on having children, and I’m wondering if her chart reflects this as maybe her “life’s path?” Creativity vs. children…

    She has a stellium – six planets – all in Capricorn in her 5th house. She has Mars, Uranus, Neptune, Saturn, Venus and Mercury all in Capricorn (her sun in Aquarius in her 6th) & Virgo rising. Because she does not get periods, is that an indication of all the Capricorn (Saturn) in her chart, especially the 5th house? Is it likely she will never have children? She is not planning to, however, I wonder if she “chose” this configuration – (she was 3 weeks late when born) to do other creative things?

    I have a blog on WordPress, too, (not astrology but mediumship & have had unusual encounters even with spirits before they were born) and wonder if the chart is of the soul’s own choosing? As I said, I am not a pro, and a friend of mine you used to read for referred me to your blog – which I am grateful for! My daughter plans to move to another country in a year or so, but she is concerned about no periods and if she’d be sterile? I merely told her that with all that Capricorn there that she may well be headed in a direction of creativity instead of having children. Did I do wrong??

    Thanks for this very interesting blog – it is fascinating!! ☺

    • Hi, Sharon, your daughter is part of a very unusual generation born in 1988-89 with a Capricorn stellium that includes a very rare triple conjunction of Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. Every single child on the planet born in 1989 and six months of 1988 had this conjunction, millions of them world wide. I have been studying them for several years now. It’s much too complicated to explain in less than pages and pages–in fact, the book I am writing on stelliums has a chapter devoted to them. I believe that these souls had a purpose in incarnating together at the same time, a purpose that might very well have to do with saving the earth itself from all we’ve done to it. I can’t say whether your daughter will have children or not, but if she is in fact sterile, it’s all a part of her life plan as a member of that special generation. Donna

      • Thanks, Donna. I’m aware that the three planets were in conjunction, only she has an additional 3 in the 5th – which I’m assuming contributes to her very creative and unusual nature. If you are ever interviewing children from that time period (she was actually born in Feb. 1990), she would most likely be willing to participate, as she is also fascinated by spiritual aspects of life. I always look forward to what she will do next! Thanks so much for your reply.

      • She might be interested in the 4-week fall seminar I and Gretchen Lawlor are doing for young people with those stelliums. Stay tuned for an announcement. Donna

  106. I can’t relate to this article at all, please don’t hate me because of that!
    I have a completely empty 5th house, house cusp is Pisces, ruler of the house cusp is in the 3rd house in Sag. There is nothing which indicates children, but I have a daughter who is a Libra. And I was 22 when I gave a birth, so I was pretty young as well.
    So what does that mean then?

    • Why would I hate you if your experience is different? There are lots of factors involved. As I hope I mentioned in the article, when there are major transits passing through the 5th house, children are likely to come into your life, whether by birth or adoption, or sometimes just in your job or because your best friend has had a child. Donna

      • Thank you Donna:)
        My daughter was planned but it still has something to do with transits?
        I would love to know the other factors because I can’t find any information about it and since my 5th house is empty and has no aspects with anything at all, I’m dying to know how come that I have a kid (who was planned) and probably I will have a 2nd as well.

      • Transits show the action, they do not create it. Have you tracked your transits for her birth? (The planets in her natal chart are the transits at the time of her birth.) Other than transits, there are progressed planets, like perhaps the progressed Moon moving through that house, I can’t think of any other factors in the 5th. As I may have mentioned in the article, the 8th house is childbirth itself, so check transits there too. (I cannot work with your birth chart, as I’m writing a book.) Donna

  107. I don’t know if this is a FAR stretch…You mentioned families ruling planet. I looked at both my parents charts and they both got an empty 5th house both ruled by Aries.

    My brother, sister, and mother all have Mars conjunct in Libra. That squares both my Mars in Cancer and my dads Mars in Capricorn,

    Would that work for a families ruling planet?

    There’s also another weird pattern…between my siblings…

    Virgo Sun – Cancer Venus
    Aries Sun – Aquarius Venus
    Cancer Sun – Taurus Venus

    All 3 of us got Venus 45 degrees away from the Sun plus all in the same phase. I don’t know if that means anything. Another astrologer got a bunch of writings on the meaning of Venus in different phases.

    • It sounds like you’ve spotted some patterns, Allan. Now delve into the meanings of those chart features, and you’ll have lots of new insight into your family. Donna

  108. mars and saturn at 3 position, jupitar and pluto at 4, uranes at 5, vinus neptune and ketu at 6, sun and mercury at 7, and rahu at 12th , having financial issues and what about future and how about having a child

    • Hi, Heet, you can’t ask for an off-the-top of your head interpretation of such major issues on a blog. My suggestion would be that you write to Eileen McCabe, the advice columnist at Dell Horoscope Magazine for an interpretation in her advice column. She has a great background, a Master’s Degree in Social Work and decades of experience as a professional astrologer. Include your date, time, and place of birth plus more detailed information about these questions. For instance what field are you in, what exactly are your financial issues, and are you married? Send the email care of Donna Cunningham

  109. Thanks for this super informative post! I have Jupiter in Pisces in the 5th, and have one child, a Sag. 🙂 Not sure if I’ll have any more. Funny with that placement, right? Although my Jupiter does square Saturn. And Chiron! Ha. Also, my son has Chiron in the third,I wonder if that’s a “lonely only” thing.

    Pretty sure our little family has Uranus prominently as well. I got pregnant with t. Uranus conjunct my sun, and have a mars uranus conjunction which squares my sun and mercury. My partner has mars in aquarius and uranus in the 4th. Our son has an aquarius moon, and sun square uranus as well, but signs opposite mine, so that my sun conjuncts his uranus, and vice versa, and my suns degree is his exact IC cusp.

    Ok, didn’t mean to write a book of a comment! Thanks again, Donna!

  110. i have staurn(retro) in Gemini 1st house and Sun,Merc andf Mars in in 5th house with venus,moon and rahuin 6th and jupiter in 9th house
    will i have children. will they have longevity and be good in nature

  111. i have staurn(retro) in Gemini 1st house and Sun,Merc andf Mars in in 5th house with venus,moon and rahuin 6th and jupiter in 9th house
    will i have children. will they have longevity and be good in nature

    • Your children’s longevity is not the kind of question Western astrology could or even Should address. Donna Cunningham

      • I could not understand the reply. Should i deem this as a bias answering the questions asked. Is there a diff in western and oriental astrology… does science has bias …. Answer me … surely i will not bother you again Donna.

      • What I am trying to say is that in the codes of ethics for various Western astrology organizations, it is considered unethical to predict death, and I fully agree with that principle. Also, vedic astrology has the knowledge of how to predict death, whereas western astrology does not. No bias is intended. Donna

  112. I am an Airies with 5th House(Leo) Cusps by Mars. The 8th house cusps by Venous. Had recurrent miscarriages and no children. In the 6th House Jupiter, Mercury & ‘Ketu” (descending lunar node) suffers form PCOS and complications. So Sad but I am educated.

    • DH and I both have Mars in the 5th House, mine in Pisces, his in Leo…..two miscarriages and a full term stillbirth (medical malpractice), no living children…..we fostered for a short while…..

      • So sad, Beverly. Sorry to hear it.

  113. My husband, myself and our first born son are all Leos. We jokingly call ourselves the Leo Trio because the constellation Leo has three galaxies in it which is referred to as the Leo Trio. From what I know about us Leos is that we are very prideful and self righteous at times, however my trio family and I get along great. Do you think this is a match made in heaven, or what?

    • The Leo trio–I bet it’s fun to come to your house for a party. I didn’t know that about the three galaxies in Leo! No wonder Leo’s are bigger than life. Donna

  114. Saturn in the fifth here. Pregnant at 24, easy pregnancy, easy delivery. Wonderful, loving, affectionate child.

    Therefore, I do not believe that planets in the 5th indicate the nature, gender or amount of children. Rather, from my experiences, a more accurate indication of those things can be found in the native’s Moon and its applying aspects at birth.

    • The first positive comment in this whole thread about saturn in the 5th. I think saturn gets a bad wrap. In my studies saturn is rewarding over discipline and time and can gift greater than jupiter. Saturn shifts come with maturity and wisdom as well as structure and practice . My cousin has a grand trinw with saturn in the fifth pieces moon in the first and Uranus in the 8th in libra. Saturn semi squares get venus in the 12th ( conjunct asc) . She is 42 with a son who she feels is from a deep past life. Even though there were previous losses when she was young like mc, she still had a child. So don’t feel doomed by this folks. A lot of this ominous thinking comes from fear of saturn . Also squares are still contacts and wanting to find resolution. Sometimes that might create ibs rivals but by no means impossibilities. If you have 5th hpuse saturn and you want children follow your heart-not your chart💝💝💝

      • Sorry for typos! I’m on my cell phone.

  115. I need someone to read my children and their genders in my birthchart .. I am so illiterate about all this 😦

    • I will send you a list of professional astrologers whose work I know and respect. Donna

  116. Moon – Mars Conjunction, 7 June 2014 – Synoptical Chart

  117. Fifth house Saturn/Pluto here. Easy pregnancy and delivery. Pregnant at 24; delivered at 25 – the ideal age for a first child.

    So I don’t buy the old school textbook nonsense of Saturn in the 5th meaning miscarriages, horrible pregnancies, late-in-life pregnancies and etc.

    Personally, I’ve found the applying aspects of the Moon to be a stronger indicator of children, and all natal Moon aspects to indicate fertility. I have a natal Moon-Venus trine, which makes me very fertile despite my Moon being in detriment in Capricorn. When I was born, the Moon’s first applying aspect was a Trine to my Taurus Venus – my first child was a girl, and a Taurus no less, and very attached to me. This gels with my mother’s second Moon aspect, a sextile to V in Aquarius – my sister is a Pisces with many planets in Aquarius, and is very, very attached to my mother (perhaps to an unhealthy degree).

  118. Hello my dear!!
    I’ve read this article a few times now, it’s wonderful thank you. But I have a question that has caused me some confusion.

    My fifth house is empty, however having children has always been so important to me, I remember being little and always wanting to play mommy, as an adult I still yearn to have many children.

    I have two girls… Interesting enough both are Virgo babes and my fifth house ruler is Virgo! (Taurus rising) some charts show me having an interception in which Leo is actually house ruler of 4th and 5th, making my 6th house ruler Virgo and in my 6th house I have a Scorpio moon and Scorpio Pluto.

    What doyou make of this!!? Any feedback is so appreciated.
    Thank you!

    • Since you already have two children, your empty 5th obviously doesn’t mean that you’d be childless–that should be reassuring to all the readers who worry about their empty 5th houses.

      As for additional children, you’d be looking instead at transits to your Moon or planets in the 8th, which rules actual childbirth. If you wanted a prediction about that, you’d need to consult a professional astrologer. I’m retired from doing chart consultations. Donna

  119. Dear Donna,
    I’m sorry, if I’m repeating an earlier post of mine which I have sent, but cannot see on the page.

    So I have Sag Jupiter conj Neptune, plus Mars (out of the conjunction) in H5. Sag is intercepted, as the 5th starts in Scorpio and ends in Cap. No planets in those signs.

    I’m 43 and have one child who was born when I was 38. I would love to have a second child, which I thought is indicated by Mars (my first child must be indicated by the Jup/Nep combo, as she has her ASC right on this conjunction and she herself has the Jup/Nep conjunction, though in Aquarius). However after the birth of my first child I have started to have early menopausa symptoms and haven’t been able to concieve ever since. What else can that Mars indicate in my 5th if I’m not to have another child?

    Thanks for your answer in advance!

    • Oh, plenty of things. I call the 5th house the Fun House, because it represents all kinds of recreational and creative endeavors, not to mention the biggest kick of all–a great romance. With Mars there, you might have a great quickening of life force energy by regular practice of some sort of sport or exercise program. You might be surprised to find yourself enlivened by some kind of competition, even games. Donna

  120. OK, for symbols it probably doesn’t matter which manifestation they “choose”, but for me it was a deep crises and I’m still asking myself “why me?”. I don’t care much about physical activity, but I’m kinda can’t let the second child topic go (with Scorpio on h5 cusp how could I be anything else but “obsessed”). I thought it was a kinda natal promise so to say… plus with Jupiter in rulership I thought I would be given what I want…

    I’m not sure if it has been mentioned here, but I heard that the applying aspects of H5 lord will give the answer to the “how many children will I have
    ?” question. And by applying aspect they don’t mean a realistic one, where the quicker planet perfects the aspect. So e.g. my H5 lord, Mars is at 25 degree Sag, and though my Moon is at 18 Gemini, that doesn’t count as an applying, but a separating aspect, as Mars is at a later degree. Do you tend to agree with this idea?

    • Klara, I am not and have never claimed to be an expert in the astrology of conception, so you’d need to consult someone who is. We astrologers tend to specialize and cannot possibly be versed in every specialization within the vast field of astrology. (It encompasses everything from psychological astrology, which is my specialty, to medical to horary to electional to mundane to the stock market and a dozen more branches.) Try visiting the site of Nikki Smuts, a famous British astrologer who works in that branch of astrology, and who works with doctors there. It’s Donna

      • Thank you Donna.

      • I got Eileene Mcabe’s info from this blog and had a really unpleasant reading from her and also in accurate. She is most def not an expert on conception and was rather ominous. I will check this link out… hoping its a better one to send to a friend as my experience with Eileene was a huge downer that took a long while to get over even to find the courage to pursue my pregnancy. She had so many wonderful credentials and lots of experience I thought she would have been more conscience of the info she delivered to a client.

      • Sorry to hear that. Donna

  121. This is great. Although there is no mention of cusp signs on the 5th. There is a quick reference to saturn in the 5th having an only child, but what if it’s on the cusp of the 5th and IC? My half sister has the same placement and works with young teen mothers. Saturn in Gemini also can indicate twins or extremely mental , communicative relationship with your child.

  122. Hello Donna! If you are still replying here, do you work with interceptions? My 5th starts in last of Virgo, ‘trapping’ Libra and Pluto, and ends with a little Scorpio. No klds yet at 35, but haven’t had the chance to date much (Venus Conjunct Saturn in 4th). My Aries Moon is opposite in 11th, and do to female disorder, (PCOS) have thought I’d have to adopt if I wanted kids, which I do, though that flip-flops sometimes (Saturn in 4th?). I have a whole document of astrology-related to children, and have thought of many names for both genders. I would love some comments, Thank you!

    • Hi, Jennifer. The thing about interceptions is that they might be different with different house systems–meaning you can wind up with different signs on the cusps in Placidus, Koch, equal house or whole sign houses. Thus, in interpreting a house, in I pay more attention to any planets in a house plus the signs of those planets. Planets are always stronger than cusp signs, as they describe the action going on in that house. Donna

  123. Im very curious to know if having the ruling planet in its own house strengthens the likelihood of passing that sign onto ones children?

    I have capricorn on my 5th house cusp and saturn in the 5th but in Aquarius.
    My family sign is most definitely leo, but I have noticed that we all have quite strong Saturnian energy playing throughout our dynamic (Oi, saturn/sun is not fun). Looking at my chart, it almost seems as if my mothers side of the family (I am also the first born) gave me a huge interweaving of Saturn and the sun, as I have a leo sun in the 11th house as well as Saturn in 5th.
    It almost seems as if I do have a child, they are destined to be Saturnian! With saturn opposed my venus and square Pluto, it might not be likely though…here’s hoping!

    • While children are sometimes very different from their parents, in your case, with the 5th house involved, it’s likely yours would be Saturnian.

  124. Hello! I am now trying to figure out what my very “crowded” 5th house might mean as I started taking seriously both things – becoming a mother and creativity. No children yet. The only thing I am sure of is that it is dueto saturn.
    I have a stellium of saturn,mars and moon in a conjunction with jupiter a 10 degrees apart in intercepted Virgo!!! The ruler of 5th – sun is square this stellium and opposite neptune in 8th house. Seems a complete puzzle to me!

  125. Our family ruler is Mercury. I’m a virgo rising, with pisces sun in virgo’s natural house 6 along with Mars and Venus. My husband has sun, moon, saturn and north node in virgo. My oldest daughter has virgo rising and virgo moon (scorpio sun). My youngest daughter has sun, moon and mercury in virgo and she’s a 0 degrees libra rising. We are the virgo family for sure! 🙂

  126. Forgot to write that I of course have mercury in my fifth house along with my south node!

  127. Twins…just an idea I’d always think about. 🙂 Than later found out about my 5th house cusp-gemini~
    Funny how mom has a saturnine child- her chart would have saturn in pisces in 5th. (not sure of her cusp exactly) we have the same capricorn moon conjunct!
    And my father was a heavy capricorn: sun,mercury,venus,mars,saturn.
    To delve into details even more, I check out asteroids for fun, and my DNA is in capricorn, exactly on my moon/neptune conjunction and uranus.
    So genetics in astrology don’t lie! no, no.

  128. Is fascinating how many people I know who had two children (or two pregnancies) have either Mercury or Gemini in the 5th house, Even more often the ruler of the 5th is in Gemini.

  129. Saturn retrograde in 5th house of libra. Two children within a year of eachother at age of 27.

    • This is the thread that keeps on giving 😊 wondering what an 8th house libra pluto sqaure a 5th house gemini saturn implies? Anyone have a square between 5th and 8th? I have hormonal issues that make pregnancy a sensitive issue that would require a plan.Donna says 8th house describes birth and 5th house discribes the child… Feel free to chime in fellow 5th housers!

  130. Reblogged this on bunnyrabbitsworld.

  131. I’m a classic example of Mercury and Venus in Sagittarius in the 5th house in good aspect in my chart. I am a daycare worker by profession – studied Early Childhood Education in college (Sagittarius) and often interact with children from other cultures (diversified) in my work in schools and daycares. My son is a musician (Venus) and I also bring music into my work. I totally love what I do and have done for the past thirty years or so and regard it more as a fun interest than a job. I write songs and stories for children (Mercury in the 5th) and have also written movie scripts (5th house) as well as novels, poetry and travel blogs. I’m quite popular on Trip Advisor where I love to spin tales of my many long journeys. I’ve travelled widely by bus, train, plane, car – sometimes at the drop of a hat (very Sagittarius) and enjoy picking up phrases in foreign languages. I’m a bit of an optimist, not keen on details in my communications, but can always see the bright side of situations. I’m not interested in technical details but try my best. I shine in philosophy, religion and New Age truth. I am fascinated by other cultures. I love the entertainment industry but don’t want to be tied down to it or anything else, for that matter – must keep the freedom! My grandchildren are girls (2) who are beautiful (Venus in 5) as is my son (handsome) – they are the beautiful people, but then, so are all children! As Saturn has been transiting my 5th house lately I’ve been working with special needs children but was able to bring a ray of happiness into their lives with play dough and toys and activities that were badly needed. I’m seriously working on my book manuscript and music right now, hoping to polish up, package and sell what has been created before. In 2017 Jupiter will enter my 3rd house and sextile Saturn transiting my 5th house. Wish me luck!

    • Great description of those 5th house placements, Maureen. Since Jupiter, like Sag and the 9th house, has to do with both publishing and education, your luck at marketing your manuscript might be enhanced by taking a writing course. Donna

  132. hi there I find this fascinating. I don’t have any biological children (although I had a molar pregnancy miscarriage about 8 years ago).
    I do have 3 planets in the 5th House (in Sag) – Jupiter, Neptune and Mars. I also have a podcast called Unclassified Woman for women who are childfree or childless but creating lives of purpose and meaning beyond traditional paradigms. Many of these women are very creative and are birthing many things, just not necessarily biological children. It’s made me curious about the 5th house activity for all of these women including myself. My partner has two children though too.

    • It sounds like you’re doing wonderful work, Michelle. Donna

  133. Hi, I love reading your blog sometimes and you have very interesting posts, especially this one! The fifth house is one of my favorites and very important to me. I have a a stellium in this house with three planets in Sagittarius: sun, mercury, and Pluto. My sun forms a close conjunction with Pluto and my mercury, a very loose conjunction but they’re all together. I know Sagittarius is supposed to be a very cheerful, care free sort of sign but I’m guessing since Pluto is involved, my future children might be intense and a bit more plutonian in nature? I don’t know, I’ll just have to wait and see 🙂

    By the way, my older sister has moon in cancer in her 5th house. She has 3 children right now. One of them happens to have a cancer sun in the 4th house (whadya know lol) and another child with a cancer rising and Jupiter in cancer conjunct her ascendant from the 12th house.

  134. Hi,
    I have Saturn in my 5th with Capricorn on the cusp (Aquarius takes half the house and is my family sign). I’m a fine artist/teacher, Sun 10th house Gemini. Never thought about having kids until now that im 26 years old. Im worried I might have trouble, since Saturn is the only planet there aspecting Venus in Taurus and Moon in Aries-, both in 8th house- and Jupiter in Cancer in 10th house. The Venus aspect being a sextile and Moon and Jupiter harsh aspects. I have a feeling I can have one very nice childbirth experience but difficulty raising the child.

    My question is, I want to direct my profession toward children (school,art, childrens books) Would this be wise?

    I am very creative and academic in nature (virgo rising, mercury in 9th gemini) and feel that working with children would be my biggest life mission/challenge (my chart seems to point at this but I can’t read it clearly).

    I appreciate if someone can shed some light, love this blog!

    • Hi, Tami. Saturn in the 5th and Capricorn on the Cusp would certainly go along with having a child later in life, but also can indicate using your creative gifts professionally to help children in the ways you describe. Donna Cunningham

  135. Hi Donna,
    I have been following this blog for a while, thank you for the post and sharing with us.
    I am a Pisces with Saturn 10°41′ Я Virgo, in House V:
    Saturn Aspects
    Sun opposite Saturn orb -1°46′
    Venus sesqui-quadrate Saturn orb +0°07′
    does it mean I shouldn’t have children please?
    I appreciate if you could help, thanks in advance.

    • I’m not really qualified to comment on whether someone “should” have a child–childbirth isn’t one of my specialties. You might check out the website of Nicoli Smutts, at


      • thank you for prompt reply

  136. I literally don’t have ANYTHING indicating kids. I have empty 5th house Gemini. The planet mercury isn’t aspecting ANYTHING. And it’s in the 11th house. (I don’t want adopted kids) but it’s sextile to Ceres and it trines the vertex if that even counts. Does this mean I’ll never have kids of my own ? That aren’t adopted ? What does this mean.

    • I also would love to hear donna expand on the ruler of the 5th . In this. case mercury. This was a great form and post that got alot of replies. Dosent the 11th represent the house of wishes and dreams and friendships too? I have gemini on rhe fith and my mercury is conjunct jupiter in the first house pices. Donna! Please guide us!

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