Posted by: Donna Cunningham | February 12, 2011

Chiron Transits—a Q&A Session by Joyce Mason

Donna Cunningham says: My long-time friend and colleague, Joyce Mason of the Radical Virgo blog has become Skywriter’s resident expert on Chiron. Her articles and comments on the subject are much appreciated here. Her ebooks, Chiron and Wholeness: A Primer and Poems to Heal the Healer: The 12 Chiron Signs are available on Joyce’s website and in the sidebar of her Radical Virgo blog.  

In her Question and Answer session last week, Joyce generously shared her knowledge of Chiron placements in the natal chart. Today, she’s agreed to answer your questions about Chiron transits. (If you haven’t read Joyce’s introduction to this topic, however, that’s a good place to start: Chiron Cycles and Life’s Purpose.)

Here’s Joyce:

In this Q&A, you can ask about any transit of Chiron to a natal planet—including aspects to itself in the Chiron cycle. What do you want to know or share about your Chiron transits?

This exchange will give us a chance to see some general themes of Chiron transits, as well as appreciating how specific Chiron can be to our personal need for getting to wholeness.

Example: One woman, during her Chiron Return, became a “dog magnet.” The message was surely about Chiron’s dual nature and her need to operate from the purest, most “instinctual” side of her spiritual nature.  

As mentioned in the last Q&A, I am interested in gathering personal anecdotes of all kinds about Chiron, including transits, for my book in progress on Chiron. Here’s an opportunity to share your experiences and/or ask me questions about them, starting in this Q &A exchange. See Chiron Research for details.

Note:  I’ll consider your Q&A exchange open to use for my research unless you note otherwise and thank you in advance for being part of the volunteer team.

 The Q&A rules—the same as for other sessions in our series: 

  •  One question per person per session
  • Make them questions we all can learn from.
  • No specific and detailed questions about your own chart
  • No cross communication between readers this time
  • No long personal histories this time—save them for the Chiron Research group
  • Per agreement with Joyce, only 25 questions this time

Chiron Transits for the next 6 months:  1/1/11 27 AQ; 2/1  29AQ; 3/1  1 PI;4/1  3PI; 5/1  4PI; 6/1  5PI stationary; 7/1   5PI RX;  8/1 4PI RX. 

UPDATE:  After 4 hours and 25 questions, the comment section is closed.  To see our readers’ excellent questions and Joyce’s detailed and carefully thought-through answers, scroll down below this post.   Perhaps someone has touched on the question you would have asked.

More of Joyce’s articles on Chiron:

Note:  Chiron and Wholeness: A Primer and Poems to Heal the Healer: The 12 Chiron Signs are available on Joyce’s website and in the sidebar of her Radical Virgo blog.  

 About the author: Joyce Mason has been a practicing astrologer for 22 years. She’s been a writer ever since she could hold a pencil. Her specialties are Chiron, the sign of Virgo, and living on the upside of the zodiac. Her trademark is depth with humor. Learn more about Joyce, her blogs, and her library of articles on topics from A to Zzz (astrology to dreamwork) on her Writer-Astrologer Joyce Mason website: Visit  The Radical Virgo for her newest articles on Chiron and updates to older favorites.

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  1. Welcome to our Question and Answer Session about Chiron transits, led by guest blogger Joyce Mason. See a rough estimate of Chiron’s positions from now through August above.

    Joyce, thank you so much for agreeing to share your knowledge of Chiron transits with Skywriter’s readers. I’m certain it will be as fascinating as last Saturday’s session on natal Chiron placements. Donna Cunningham

  2. Hi Donna! Hi Joyce!
    I’m between “tr. Chiron opp. Sun” and ”tr. Chiron conj. Descendant”, but I can’t decide so surprise me! Whichever you like best!

  3. Ok, What could a person expect when Chiron transits into their 12th house and squares Mars at the same time?

    and for a personal thing; When I had my Chiron return, I became very involved with my family’s origin, including learning language, meeting people and traveling overseas. And I have chiron in the 9th house.

    • Hi, Mimi–

      With T-Chiron in the 12th by transit, I would expect that 12th house issues will be up for healing for you. Where in your life have you merged too much with others? Not had firm boundaries? Are there any issues with substances? On the positive, Chiron inherited psychic skills from his mother. Is this an area where you want to open up more? Develop your skills? Or your skills in music, poetry, or the healing arts that are Pisces oriented with Chiron in that sign?

      Because T-Chiron activates N-Mars, I would say it’s important to proceed with caution, as you might also be triggering areas where you have other wounds or have been hurt in the past. As another astrologer once reminded me, Mars was “the wounder” before we had Chiron. Mars can also energize, so I’d advise looking to see how you can energize the best of the 12th house Chiron is visiting for healing and evolution while being ready and awakened to any issues of past pain that might come up for resolution. Hope this helps.

      • thanks Joyce, not my transit, but i know a couple people with that happening..
        thanks for doing this!

  4. Wow, that VR is fast!

    Hi Donna & Joyce … the comments got closed last week before I had a chance to say thanks for the thoughtful answer, not only to my question but to all of them! I am loving this opportunity to learn about Chiron from such a great teacher.

    My question is: when transiting pluto hits your natal chiron (whether square, opp, conjunct or even trine – unless it makes a signifcant difference), how would you best work with the energies of pluto to ‘make the most’ of this opportunity as it pertains to healing?

    • Hi, Joyce. Tara asked my question! Specifically conjunct in the 12th. Thanks!

      • Thanks for this great question, Tara. The combo of Pluto and Chiron can be very evocative. These two energies both often involve pain and loss, but they also pack a wallop for healing resolution like you would not believe. To give a personal example the other way around (T-Chiron conjunct N-Pluto), you might want to read my article “The Depths of Change:”

        It’s a time when surrender and openness to all sorts of healing modalities is paramount, including taking the time for introspection and processing what you’re going to be learning. This is about molting–peeling of layers of yourself.

        One thing I feel bound to share (no Promethus bound pun intended). Another theme is more traditional surgical methods in healing versus more holistic ones. I learned during my experience of these two archetypes together to remember that Chiron was both an herbalist AND a surgeon.

        So, whether healing is up on the physical or emotional levels, explore all options. They are all there for you like an artist’s pallette for using to meet your special needs during a very transitional time. Because you are into astrology and this mindset, this could be a time to truly clear out any blocks to move forward into all you can be.

      • Berta, thanks for making it easy by mind-melding on others’ questions! 🙂 I think I covered Chiron and Pluto together in Tara’s question and the 12th in Mimi’s.

        Those two archetypes in the 12th could conceivably render you psychic to the max during this time, and if you are not used to handling that kind of sensitivity, I suggest working with a professional with these skills, who can help you learn the importance of things like grounding and protecting yourself.

        Also, it’s very important to develop relationships with others who have these skills so you don’t feel like you’re “losing it” when you hear your late, great Grandma making comments in your ear … or similar info received unbidden, if you catch my drift.

        In the 12th, it’s crucial to know what’s grounded and real … and I also repeat all the concerns about analyzing any issues around over-merging and while opening to the gifts that this duo bring. In the end, they are awesome, but you’ve got to be both brave and willing to work it.

      • Thanks, Joyce. You asked if I “catch [your] drift”. My 12th natal Chiron is less than 30 minutes from natal Sun–so yes, I do. I’ll be joining your project for more understanding.

  5. Hi, VR – First, I think I need to clarify the question. Do you mean you had the Chiron opposite Sun transit recently and you’re going to have Chiron conjunct DSC soon? Assuming so, I think I’d like to go with the latter, to address just one.

    I have Chiron near the DSC natally, and without coloring this discussion too much with my own stuff, I have an interesting share in that regard. A very close male astrologer friend of my also has his natal Chiron in the exact same place–5-6 degrees from the DSC. We are both utter Chironoholics. He was among the earliest researchers in a group of people trying to decipher Chiron’s meaning after discovery.

    It’s like we have a close relationship with Chiron due to our Chirons being placed near the 7th house cusp. Of course, relationship is where a lot of wounding and healing takes place, as well. I would love to hear back to you on how this ultimately plays out for you.

    You’re here getting Chironized, so the “close relationship with Chiron” angle may already be in progress. And, of course, wounding and healing themes in close one-on-ones could be up–or someone “being Chiron” for you in a close relationship such as a mentor or healer.

  6. ok confused here just started looking at chiron…sits natally @ 28 degrees Leo 7th house..North Node sits at 0 degree Virgo I am at that cusp on North Node…feel like something important here???

    • From Donna: looking ahead, Joyce, there are a number of questions about Chiron transits of the 7th, 7th house planets, or the Descendent–an early theme for this week, it looks like.

      Can we group them altogether with some general principles of Chiron 7th house transits–so we’ll be able to accomodate questions about other Chiron transits? Donna

      • That would be fine with me. I’ll see if I can’t do that!

    • I’d say so, Bill! First, let me comment that Chiron in Leo can be exceptionally playful when it comes to the whole business of wounding and healing. This Chiron sign is often good at theatre, comedy, Astrodrama–all those things that heal through laughter. We share our pain; we laugh; we release.

      With a Virgo North Node (I assume you mean natally), there is also a sense that this incarnation is about healing and service … it’s a major mission for this time ’round. I consider Chiron in relationship to the nodes, especially the NN, to indicate a person who will relate to and likely live Chiron’s story in many ways. Similar to Chiron in the 1st or conjunct ASC, you “are” Chiron this lifetime.

      Right now with Chiron in early Pisces, T-Chiron is also opposed your No. Node, therefore on your natal So. Node. This might be the time you’ll discover healing arts related to Chiron from the past–whether in this life or previous ones, if you believe in them. Welcome to the Chiron club!

      • Oh Boy; you just gave me 20 minutes of ‘chills’. Read what you wrote to VR about the 7th house…where I also have Pluto which squares Scorpio Sun and Venus conjunct. And seems all relationships were intense ‘work, and when the ‘work’ was done, I was forced to move on, if I did not move on first. Where do I contact you directly? Presently dealing with three vibrations…all past lives/ including twin flame, and another born six monthes to the day apart from the TF with 4 planets sitting on my 7th house..and another birthday almost to the day right inbetween…. ALL UNAVAILABLE….kinda like WTF is going on here. And yes, I am a healer (whatever that might mean). Would be nice to ‘figure out’ what is going on here, why? on many fronts including timing etc….and seems I should be reading up on Chiron. Thanks!

  7. What is the energy of Transiting Pluto in Capricorn, opposing Natal Chiron in Cancer?
    That would affect the generation, whose first Chiron square happened following the first atomic bomb explosions used aggressively against another country.

    • Pat, very deep and astute question. I would expect that generation affected by the atomic bomb to have a resurgence of that wounding for further healing in some form while Pluto opposes the natal Chiron placement. Also, with Pluto in Cap, I have to wonder about some sort of “institutional” retribution–perhaps acknowledgment of harm that has not been public or forthcoming in the past. T-Pluto opposed N-Chiron in Cancer feels like a healing crisis, but like I’ve mentioned in other responses about these two energies together, it also packs the power of resolution. I can see a lot of pain resurfacing for people to deal with, receive more support than they have in the past, and release a world of pain. Hopefully, if this is written about at all, we will be reminded how bombs are not the answer–so right-on as a topic with Pluto(nium).

  8. (Donna: edited out personal chart)

    To make my question a little more general, let’s say, how would we work with or experience the energies of a T-square including natal Chiron that is turned into a grand cross by transiting Chiron?

    • Dizzy, you give me an opportunity to make some important general statements about Chiron transits. Transits tend to psych us out. Our eyes glaze over. They trip our Fear of the Unknown Meter. We think they are mysterious forces that will really upset the applecart of our lives. True, sometimes they do. But how painful they are depends on how quickly we’re willing to get the point of what the transit is here to teach us—and how willing we are to embrace change and pick up those rolling apples.

      Also, we tend in our transit fear to forget everything we know astrologically or otherwise. Transits only add flavoring to your natal Chiron configuration. Say the T-square involves Pluto, Venus and Chiron—with Chiron focal. Now comes Uranus by transit adding an extra square to the party. Simply consider the qualities of the transiting planet. Uranus electrifies, brings the unexpected, breakthrough and excitement. Through a Uranus/Venus experience (unexpected, exciting lover? sudden change in fortune?), your whole Chiron configuration lights up and then some. Since planets of transformation and healing are involved in your T-square (Pluto and Chiron), chances are you’ve encountered not just an exciting relationship or financial turnabout; it’s likely to lead to healing breakthrough.

      Sure, it’s a Grand Cross. But squares bring tensions to resolve, and such a transit ultimately could bring a high degree of healing. It could also be an unfun financial reversal in the form of a downturn that triggers healing, but if that gets you to work with and release a Chironic core wound about self-worth, it will ultimately turn into a healing resolution. A practical motto when Chiron or any other transit is more challenging: “Short-term pain for long-term gain.”

      Getting there is not always half the fun with some transits. But focus on the outcome and envision it—being there. In order to get to the wholeness or resolution, this is the path you’ve been given to walk. Take the right hiking supplies, starting with a positive attitude. It’ll be the difference between a rocky journey and an adventure. Remember, when it morphs into a new aspect configuration, it brings the energy of the new planet and an extra nudge to get to the wholeness side of healing.

  9. Many of us will be experiencing squares or inconjuncts from Chiron to our outer planets. How best to deal with these energies. If I had to pick one: Chiron square Uranus or Chiron inconjunct Pluto.

    • Mary, excellent question. Chiron in its astronomical position between Saturn and the outers is a bridge, as Barbara Hand Clow said in her Chiron book title. Chiron helps us work better with the outers. Since one of the planets it bridges directly is Uranus, here is how I see the Chiron/Uranus square. In its purest energy, Uranus is rebellion and change NOW, regardless of consequences. It will tear down without looking back. Chiron, on the other hand, is much more about step-by-step organic change. It carries some of Saturn with it over the Rainbow Bridge. Chiron tones down Uranus and amps up Saturn. It helps us come to solutions that are not old and stuck, but it also helps us not throw out the baby with the bath water–those parts of the traditional that work. So, to me, Chiron meeting your natal Uranus will have a mitigating role. The parts of Uranus that may sometimes get you into trouble are likely to be “rounded” into a more integrated Uranus and one that works for you and others rather than the rebellion that often alienates.

      Chiron inconjunct Pluto is likely to require some sort of adjustment, as inconjuncts or quincunxes usually do. How do you “do Pluto” now? The question to ask yourself is what part of your handling of this archetype may need tune-up. Chiron does bring that can-do spirit, the serving despite pain and making the most of it for self and others. Do read what Barbara Clow wrote about inconjuncts in Rainbow Bridge. I quoted it in the last Q&A. It might help! Hope this does, too.

  10. Hey Donna & Joyce, hope this afternoon is going swimmingly for both of you!

    My question: What are the lessons, impacts, etc. surrounding healing and one’s wound that can be expected when Chiron conjuncts the nodal axis (North or South Node)?

    Thanks! Have a wonderful day! 🙂

    • Hi, Plutonian Persona — We have a “code in our Nodes” today and a bit of a theme shaping up! I consider the conjunction to the Nodes by transit to Chironize your mission at this time in your life. If you haven’t been drawn to healing arts, teaching, mentoring, or any of Chiron’s jobs, this is a time in life where those aspects of the archetype may draw you and even act a bit like a career counselor. You’re getting a chance to try on being a beloved mentor, someone who brings out the best in others–in whatever form fits your natal chart, personality, and style. This may be a future vocation or a stepping stone to a different one. As to the healing wounds part, it will make you aware of any painful blockages up for removal to keep you on course for this life. I think of the Nodes as the past journey (SN) and current journey (NN).

      If you have Chiron conjunct the nodes natally, where you’re headed this lifetime is probably already intimately involved with Chiron’s archetype. The difference between natal and transiting is that the Chironic influence is temporary, so you want to grab whatever gifts it presents while you can.

      • Thanks Joyce! Your interpretation solidifies my basic thoughts….we Virgo North Nodes have some old, karmic wounds to heal now that Chiron has entered Pisces! 🙂

  11. Hi Joyce. What can I expect from a chiron return, hitting a chiron/jup conj in the 3rd? And in Pisces?

    • Hi, Natalie! I’ve noticed some general things about Chiron’s transits to itself, including the Return that seem to be patterns—but not necessarily in any particular order in the cycle of 1st square, opposition, 2nd square and Return. The topics most seen are an awareness or experience of the Chironic wound—or a chance to revisit it. The other two topics tend to be a turning-point toward one’s true vocation or an integration of a missing part, patching a “hole” in your wholeness.

      While it’s impossible to say which one of those it will be for you, those would be things to be on the lookout for. Also, with Chiron and Jupiter conjunct in the 3rd natally, there is also the principle of expansion for you with Chiron’s partnership with Jupiter. I would imagine that teachers and mentors would be key figures for you, for weal or woe. Also siblings. With the 3rd house, your Chiron lives in a place where communication issues impacted you. Sometimes that can be style of communication, such as a family that yelled a lot and you were sensitive and could barely take it … or it can be what was conveyed to you that stifled your communication, such as ,”Children should be seen and not heard.” These themes will most likely be repeated at the Return.

      An important thing for us to remember is that our Chiron Return is just our natal Chiron configuration re-emphasized the 2nd time around. But we’re not an infant, and we can embrace and grow from what this Great Teacher is bringing us for our next level of learning in the School of Life.

    • Thanks, Joyce. I’m going to try to sneak in a question here, and hope that Donna will let it pass. Would it be an idea to look at circumstanses around the birth, to see themes if you want, to work on during the Chiron return?

      Donna: Nope, Natalie, you’re out of luck. We only get 25 questions and we’re up to 21, so let’s give another reader a chance.

  12. Hi donna and joyce, thanks for doing this! I am wondering how a Chiron transit would manifest.. For instance: The wounding and healing transformation would take place in the house Chiron is transiting, and through the Planets affairs governing..

    For instance with Chiron transiting the 6th house trine Venus in the second.. The focus of wound and transformation would take place involved in one’s work or service and through one’s sense of values used as a resource…

    • Hi, Adam–That’s a pretty darn good guess, I’d say! Another possibility that comes to mind is that T-Chiron in your 6th may also involve personal healing of either physical or emotional “wounds” and trine Venus, if you need any healing in the areas of finances, environment or ambience, etc., you’d be getting Chiron’s help and blessings in that way, too. A transit is temporary. It could be that as Chiron transits your 6th, some minor ailment becomes more acute and in the process, you discover something that enhances your values or stumble on your true vocation. Trine Venus in the 2nd, perhaps it is lucrative. There has been more than one person laid up with a broken leg or in bed two weeks with the flu who finally gets enough downtime to sort something out and come up with amazing insights that have a highly catalytic effect on his or or her life. Chironic energy acts a lot like a catalyst. Wishing you well!

  13. Oh & thank you Donna & Joyce for giving this workshop. I LOVE IT, So focused on Chiron I forgot to be gracious.

    • You’re so welcome, Pat.

  14. Hello Joyce –
    Thank you so much for sharing your wealth of knowledge on Chiron. Can you give us some insight into Chiron transiting the Midheaven?

    Happy Saturday!

    • Sandy, I think that’s an exciting transit indeed. Since the Midheaven has to do with public life and how we are often seen in public by others, this can be an awesome time for using Chiron’s mythical talents out in the world and modeling those with which you resonate. For example, teaching and mentoring could be on the agenda for you. Training of all kinds, as mythical Chiron taught his students very practical skills like hunting/archery (literal survival skills), the martial arts, but also the creative arts like music. Like music? Is it time to join a rock band or choir?

      Being fair to all the possibilities, this could be at time when you feel more “exposed” about your wounds that are not healed or your stumbling blocks. (Say you have problems speaking in public. It might feel worse than ever, and you might feel everyone can tell, even if they can’t.) You will likely get a feel, early-on in the transit, if this sort of thing is a theme.

      If so, and if it were me, I’d run not walk to whatever kind of help I may need to enlist to make this a period of personal growth … especially if I were doing it in front of God and Everyone, so to speak. If you begin to experience this theme in the transit, you might want to clear your calendar to find plenty of solitude, alternating with your needs to be out in the world. You’d need that down time to process the old pain Chiron is bringing up for you to work through. If you do, you greatly lessen the likelihood of feeling exposed or having your “pain pop out” when you don’t want it to out in the world.

      Hope these tools and suggestions are helpful.

  15. Hi Joyce! My question is what are the effects of Chiron crossing the Desendant with Chiron in the 7th?

    DONNA: Since there are a number of questions related to the Descendant and 7th house transits of Chiron, look above to Joyce’s answers.

  16. Hi Joyce! What could someone expect when transiting Chiron conjuncts a major angle AND a major planet (the ascendant and the moon, for example)?

    • Hi, Mims! So, this is a person with Moon near the ASC, which often manifests as “heart on sleeve.” Possible themes are increased psychic awareness, which is often how Chiron blends with the Moon. Chiron can also bring a short-term wounding in body, emotions, or mind/spirit–or awareness of old wounds for cleansing.

      This could be a time of healing tears, especially because this is a sensitive Moon placement to begin with. This is a good, releasing kind of crying. Example: When I was looking for my birth families and found out my ethnic background, I was trying to learn as much as I could about the 3 nationalities I never knew I had. I am 1/4 Hungarian, and I came across this proverb, “The Hungarian is happiest when he is in tears.” That was the kind of crying I did during my search and find. Tears of relief, tears of joy, tears of completion.

      It’s a time when relating to Chiron in a big way is very likely. Natal Chiron/ASC is “being” Chiron. This is being Chiron for now. Hope that helps!

  17. Hi, Can you comment on the power struggle of keeping creativity alive with natal Chiron retrograde in Scorpio, which is also the 8th house, square Pluto in 5th house.

    • Hi, Chironic Woman! I can see how that would be tricky. Chiron Rx in Scorpio does not exactly want be “out there,” but to transform and create in the 5th (Pluto), that seems to be what’s being asked of you. It’s the equivalent of demanding that an introvert go on a reality show to paint, write, or however she creates on nationwide TV. (I share your Chiron sign, square Pluto, and I actually had a very debilitating childhood incident just like that. Didn’t even realize till this second, that might have been where I got the metaphor.)

      Because of the depth involved in these Pluto-ruled placements and the fact of Pluto’s involvement in the square, I’m going to suggest something that might sound a little unusual for starters. Revisit the Ceres/Demeter myth where Prosperina or Persephone (Greek or Roman, pick your version) abducts Ceres’ daughter and absconds with her to the underworld. A crazed and bereft Ceres demands her daughter back. Ceres is actually the only person in Greek mythology, another astrologer pointed out recently, to cut any kind of deal with Pluto. Persephone got to come back to the upper world half the year.

      So, I’m going to suggest that you become Ceres and demand, for starters, that this square come to a compromise and allow you to express your unbridled creativity in a safe space at least half of the time. Or work up to half-time. And when that works, demand more. Ceres was a very uppity woman. She got away with it. You can, too.

      Other more practical suggestions–you can work with flower essences to ease the discomfort and let go of some of the blocked feelings. Lots on essences on my blog and Donna’s. Most important of all, you have to have a sense of humor with this placement, especially Chiron in the 8th. See the quote from my e-book on Chiron re: Chiron in the 8th in last week’s Q&A. Nothing will serve to heal you better than your sense of humor, even if it’s likely a gallows sense of humor. As you laugh and release any of the Chironic pain, it will be replaced with healing inspiration.

  18. Dear Joyce, Chiron and Neptune in transit have being conjunct my mercury for a while, and soon Jupiter @ 0 Pisces. As you can imagine, it’s being confusing! I’d love to hear your insight on how it works and how to tell Chiron from Neptune. they’re now in 6h activating a grand trine with sat and Uranus. Thank you so much!

    • Hi, Sabrina– Let’s focus on how to tell the difference between the energy of Chiron and Neptune. Both have a quality of compassion, but Neptune is much more about merging or over-merging, confusion, fogging things over–and on its positive side, ecstasy which can be accessed through things like spirituality, dance, music, art or drugs and alcohol.

      Chiron is a much more grounded energy. For starters, Chiron in mythology was half-horse, and I daresay, there are few critters more earthy. Mythical Chiron was absolutely practical. He honed heroes by teaching them day-to-day life skills and the skills for enjoying life, too, like music and the arts.

      Chiron to Mercury is much more likely to bring you into helpful communication and service. You may find yourself wanting to explore healing modalities or becoming a professional in those kinds of holistic skills. Feel like taking classes? I’d suspect that as one possibility. Chiron/Mercury is about disseminating helpful, useful information about life … and it can bring you the same.

      Neptune/Mercury is likely to be experienced as increased intuitive skills (which Chiron could also do), but as likely, you might find yourself having a hard time putting thoughts into words and not being clear in your communications with others.

      Looking at these two sets of qualifiers, I hope the energies are clearer. The placements all bode healing, expansion and an opportunity to serve. With the trine, it should be a pleasant experience–whichever planet dominates at any given moment.

    • Thank you Joyce, surely more clear now. I’ve being more inclined into natural and alternative healing methods than I already was, and trying to find the root of things in that area. Also working with natural and healthier materials in my field. I can see now that is definitely Chiron especially in the last part, very helpful!. Btw I realize now the question was personal, apologies.

  19. thanks for the 2nd Q&A, joyce & donna!

    please elaborate on transiting chiron opposing natal venus (if house gives more depth – venus in 12th, chiron in 6th).

    have a wonderful day!


    • Erin, with Chiron transiting the 6th opposed N-Venus in the 12th, I would expect that healing would be up on topics of relationship and boundaries. Has your 12th house Venus over-merged as a habit? Chiron will help you come to terms with this during his sojourn in the 6th. I actually love oppositions and have learned to work with them by imagining them this way. Something placed opposite me is directly in my field of vision where I can see it clearly and relate to it, often for the first time. Since 12th house planets sometimes can be surrounded by foggy denial, as the house ruled by Neptune, this is a blessing in disguise. You get to see Chiron and your needs for healing very clearly, if you choose to have the eyes to see.

      Chiron is also transiting the house of service and day-to-day work. What habits might you need to change relating to relationship? And how can you serve others by sharing what you learn in the process?

      All best!

  20. Returning with the question I stupidly asked last week and was deservedly reprimanded: what orbs do you use for Chiron transits (in other words, when do we start and stop feeling the transit influence)? Secondly, when Chiron crosses an important natal point three time by going into retrograde and direct again, which transit is the most important one?

    • Welcome back, Tatiana! Orbs are tricky. They are guidelines. I think with Chiron, 6 degrees seems to work best. The truth is, if you feel the archetypal energy, it’s “in orb” for you. I think six is solid; you might go larger in considering a Chiron transit in orb if you’re a “transit sensitive.” The bottom line, if looking for yourself, when you see a transit even 8-10 degrees out, make a note to yourself to start observing when you begin to get clear indication of that transiting planet’s theme. Do this with Chiron. If you’re doing someone else’s chart, let them know it’s coming and give a wide berth on when they might expect its impacts. Certainly, the closer the more the effects are likely to be felt… but transits are a process. The real work of a transit can often happen long after it’s exact in the phase of synthesizing the information. I think that’s part of a transit, too. We shouldn’t get too literal.

      I wish I had a magic answer on the 3 hits with retrogrades. Because Chiron mentored heroes one-on-one, he does the same for us as an energy. Because of that, the “hero’s” style of receiving the transit experience and information it holds varies. Some people get it on the first hit, use the retrograde to get inner and refine their experience of the lessons, and by the last direct motion, the are synthesizing and integrating the experience. Others aren’t as quick on the uptake. For them, the last hit might be the most important because they finally “get it.” It may take them another six months to integrate it–even longer. The best indicator is your own memory and journals of how you’ve responded to transits, including Chiron’s.

  21. Hi Joyce. My question: since Chiron’s work seems to be all about ‘healing’, do any of its aspects signal a good (or bad) time for major surgery? Thanks.

    PS I meant to say ‘transiting aspects’. Sorry for the confusion.

    • Sally, I asked Donna to reopen the comments because I inadvertently overlooked your question—and it was such a good one!

      About timing surgery, I have a couple of astrological and “other” opinions. The traditional rulers of surgery and surgeons are Mars and Aries, to which you can add Pluto, Scorpio and the 8th house by more modern rulership. (Before Pluto was discovered, Mars was the ruler of these activities. Now they are co-ruled.) I’d also look to a good placement of Chiron. Mythological Chiron was both a surgeon and an herbalist, and he’d probably advise you two use a combination of methods that would enhance healing. For instance, Donna and I are both flower essence practitioners. There are several essences that are supportive when undergoing surgery.

      Unless the surgery is minor, personally, I get electional astrology advice. Electional astrology is aimed at helping you choose the date that’s most supportive of a positive outcome for the activity, in this case, the surgery. Electional is a specialty with complex rules that I have never undertaken to learn to a comfortable level of competence. Donna or I can refer you to someone with this specialty, if you’re interested. If you don’t want to go that far, I find the annual Electional Planning Guide by Joann Hamper very helpful. You can read my interview with Joann on my blog where the Guide is linked for purchase, if interested:

      Finally, sometimes you just have to trust your gut instincts on a date. I was having surgery a couple of years ago, and my doctor only performs them one day a week. My choices were bad and worse from an electional perspective. The universe sent me loud signals that one of the dates was good for me despite all astrological objectivity—too long to get into here. In the end, it’s our inner GPS we have to trust. My surgery had a bit of a complication, but it was no big deal in the end. The results couldn’t have been better—and I got another layer deeper in trusting my intuition.

  22. Is healing very powerful with an opposition? eg. If Chiron is in the 8th, oppositing Pluto in the second house. Is this an opportunity for financial patterns to be healed?

    • This is a wonderful opportunity!
      Refering to VTs question about the opposition to Pluto (but here it´s the 7H ruler) and mix it with progressive MC conjoined by transiting Chiron.
      Thanks Joyce and Donna.

      • Bibbe, if progressed MC is also conjoined by Chiron, in addition to my remarks to VR, you might want to catch the comments above on Chiron transiting the natal MC. Same themes. Potential for careers or career-shifts on Chironic topics (healing, teaching) or having your healing process more visible to others.

        Thanks for participating!

    • Sorry I skipped your question temporarily, VT. Inadvertent! I will assume you mean T-Chiron in the 8th opposite N-Pluto in the 2nd. The answer is yes. Healing financial patterns is a likely possibility. Since the 8th rules inheritance and others’ resources, I think family patterns regarding money might be revealed. One thing it took me many years to figure out, personally, is that Venus isn’t just about money; it also is about self-worth. We often connect money to self-worth, rightfully or not. The best example involves inheritance. In their grief and often pained state, relatives fight and become not themselves over the money left. It has more to do with viewing the money as a statement of how much the relative cared about each of them. The “split” may have been for different reasons, but each person tends to equate dollars to “how much dad cared about me.”

      This money and worth thing can be very convoluted, and it would be a good time during this transit to see if you have any issues in that regard. Also, as the 2nd is where we make money, Chiron may have some ideas for you there. As I said in a prior comment, the opposition puts things right across from us where we can see them, often for the first time.

  23. I would like to know your opinion about what signs Chiron feels strong or weak in. Thank you.

    • Jen, we talked about this a little last week when Mandi asked me in what sign I thought Chiron might be exalted. If I had to choose one, it would be Virgo. (Check last week’s Q&A for details.) Since we derive an estimated 75% of Chiron’s meaning from mythology, I’d look to the Chiron myth to answer that question. Chiron’s life’s work involved teaching and mentoring, including teaching very practical life skills. This is one of the reasons I believe Chiron is most connected with the Virgo-to-Sag sector of the zodiac. Again, see last week’s dialogue.

      That said, I really think that if the main point in the wounding-to-healing-to-wholeness cycle is to become whole, there can be no strong or weak Chiron sign. The wound you were given to work with is the perfect one for you. It was designed to give you the best shot at completion in this lifetime. Also, mythical Chiron was known for his versatility. There isn’t a single sign that doesn’t shine through in one part or another of Chiron’s story. Some are just more prominent than others, namely the signs from Virgo through Sag.

  24. Can you talk about Chiron return and/or Natal chiron in 4th…

    Donna C says: For the Chiron return, see Joyce’s answer to Natalie, above, and also read her article on the Chiron cycle, including the return linked above; for questions about natal Chiron, see last week’s Q&A session with Joyce.)

  25. Hi Joyce, thanks for bringing your research to Donna’s doorstep and answering some of our questions, too. I’m still open to participating in your Chiron Research Group.

    (Donna: edited out repeat question on Chiron returns)

    What is the difference between a “challenging” Chiron transit with hard aspects to a natal planet and a “helpful” one with easy aspects? To some extent, aren’t all Chiron transits painfully reactivating old wounds?

    • Ah, Jara, yes and no. True, all Chiron transits tend to activate old wounds at some level, but the style of the experience tends to more “in your face” with the hard aspects compared to, say, a trine or sextile. I’ve been waiting for an opportunity to share some of the following, so thank you for asking this!

      We really need to get out of the mindset for any transiting body that involves Saturn and beyond: “See a transit coming, duck and run for cover.” What we need to be asking ourselves, instead, is what does this transit bring me to learn? This is particularly true of Chiron as a teacher and mentor to us in his planetary archetype. His job is to make a hero out of us … the ultimate adventurer. His job is to help us change our attitude toward the quest.

      When we duck or run, we make the Chironic pain more acute and lingering. This pain has been personally designed into your Chiron configuration to help you grow. Its purpose is not to keep you stuck. Its purpose is to give you enough discomfort that you release, let go, and begin moving on to share what you learned from that discomfort.

      Analogy: In deep tissue massage (a very Chironic hands-on healing skill), the therapist will often ask you to take deep releasing breaths as he or she presses way down into the place you’re hurting. If you let go, the therapist’s pressure on the trigger point will help you release the pain. If you don’t, you will be screaming in agony! Let’s not make our transits screams of agony, starting with a fearful mindset. Let’s make them hopeful opportunities to breathe deeper–to in-spire more and allow our spirits and selves to become more alive in our physical vehicles.

      Those “hard” aspect transits to Chiron might just be the biggest opportunities of all to heal ourselves.

  26. Hello Joyce,
    Thank you for your sessions. Can you talk about the chiron return in 6th (aquarius) I just lived conjunct transiting neptune? Natal Chiron is conjunct natal moon.
    Thank you very much in advance

    • Claire, as I grok both your Chiron Return transit and natal configuration, I would suspect that the Return may have brought you an opportunity to discover how you might serve in a very “unusual” way. Chiron in Aquarius often carries the pain of feeling different. The Chiron Return can bring that to a whole new octave by finding your true calling because of how you’ve explored The Different.

      ChiAquarii (how’s that for a hybrid term in honor of a hybrid guy?)–they often find the most unique modalities for both giving and receiving healing. With Neptune in the mix, it would most likely involve intuitive arts , literally a healing “art” as much as a science. Chances are you’re still processing your Chiron Return. I always recommend journaling as a tool. Just the act of writing it down makes what you’re learning more concrete. Also, pay attention to your dreams with Neptune involved in the mix. You might be releasing a lot of past pain, still, and synthesizing the Return experience in your night movies. Dreams can do a lot of that for you.

  27. Hi Joyce (and Donna):

    I am wondering about Chiron as a link to nature and adventure. I haven’t done a sophisticated study of Chiron but watching him in my own chart brings up questions about the “wounded healer” side. I’ve seen a lot about animals and a lot about traveling.

    And there seems to be something about adventure, hair-raising escapes, and brinksmanship with him, too. I do have one anecdote to relate–I was driving on a winding mountain road at night and a stag showed up in the middle of the road with the headlights reflected from his magnificent eyes. I had to apply the brakes HARD to avoid hitting him and he bounded away. This was within a few days of my Chiron return.

    • Misty, I am just delighted that you asked this, because it’s an aspect of Chiron I haven’t had a chance to comment on yet.

      Wow about the stag story! As it says in the prelude to this Q&A, animal stories are common in Chiron cycles. Chiron was half-man and half-horse, and the horse represents our more instinctual nature. Chiron represents a balance of our spiritual and physical sides. The wild centaurs in his story who raped and pillaged the forest and women are the “shadow” of Chiron, the wisest and “different” centaur.

      Chiron was also keeper of the forest. His foster parents were Apollo and Artemis, and she was the consumate Archer in ancient Greece, the Queen of the Forest. This is where Chiron learned his archery skills. But it’s also where he learned the love of forest and its creatures. Chiron is closely connected to ecology and healing the earth.

      I’m wondering if you have Chiron in Sag! Look up the word “hero.” You will be surprised at all the swashbuckling and adventurous words you find. After all, these are the guys Chiron taught … and if you have Chiron in Sag or not, that’s part of the story … more so in your case, if you do! 🙂

  28. Hi Joyce!
    Hope I make it into the 25! This question revolves around Chiron’s recent ingress into Pisces (again). To give a little background, my Mom died from COPD last April 20th when Chiron first moved into Pisces, and her mother died about 1937 from tuberculosis; her birthday was Feb 9, 1891, with her moon at 0 Pisces. I just came down with a horrible case of the flu (I have asthma) on Tuesday as Chiron moved back into Pisces. My question is this? Can Chiron transits trigger generational/bloodline karma in terms of wounds, physical and otherwise? My birthday is Feb 18th, and I have been ill several times around my birthday.

    Thanks for your insight!


    • You’re definitely in the 25, Diane. But I hope you don’t mind if I chime in with something. It sounds like what is going on in your family with lung disease is related to something they teach about in classical Homeopathy.

      They believed that there was something called a miasm that ran in families, a susceptibility that sprang up in the genetic line when an ancestor had something like tuberculosis or syphllis or schizophrenia.

      There is actually a remedy for the TB miasm, so I would strongly suggest that you go to a good, well-trained classical homeopath (NOT a naturopath that took homeopathy 101 and 102) and relate your family history. (Find listings here: Donna

      • Thanks Donna!

        Of course it’s fine if you chime in; it’s not only fine it’s delightful! I first learned about miasms in “The Encyclopedia of Flower Remedies” (Harvey, Cochrane) back in the mid 90’s. Although I am a flower essence practitioner, i have never treated myself with any of the essences they recommend for tuberculosis miasm which are, Eucalyptus, Green Rose, Blackberry, Cotton, Hops, Live Forever and Red Clover. Any thoughts about any of these? I used to give my Mom Yerba Santa and she said that helped her more than anything. Any thoughts? Hope it’s ok to ask the question here; maybe it will help someone else. I want to be free of this burden…



      • I can’t see flower essences going deeply enough to knock out a miasm. IF you did have the TB miasm (which of course I’m not qualified to diagnose) then it would take a very high potency homeopathic remedy, like 1M. I think this is the first time I’ve suggested a homeopathic on this blog, but I was strongly impelled to do so. Donna

    • Diane, this certainly sounds like what may be happening in your case. The most interesting astrology class I ever took was Family Astrology where we look at patterns in familial charts. (Popular Native American drummer Mary Youngblood lives here in Sacramento. She, her, daughter, and granddaughter all have the same Cancer birthday. Three generations!) Imagine this family has the same “birthday issue” with transits.

      Know it’s a time to take very good care of yourself, and use all the Chironic tools of complementary medicine, both the Western style to the degree it’s appropriate, and herbs and other modalities. I’d also look to find the common life issues and whether there is a deeper “genetic issue” you’re needing to heal. Is there some wound that crossed generations? If so, to get to the root of it, you may need to dig deep into family history to understand and heal the issue.

  29. 2 observations re” the atomic bomb, pluto/chiron. aspect.
    I realize I have been sensitized to this topic. Several years ago on Link TV, there was a documentary about an anti war group Including several Japanese survivors. traveling in the USA to raise awareness of the devestation, that had been caused.
    The school officials of an Atlanta School, decided it was not appropriate and denied them entrance…so they held forth in the public street….The students who gathered around were shocked and horrified, they’d never thought about it before.
    There was a Japanese Manga exhibit at the MOMA in Brooklyn. The curator gave a brilliant analysis , of how the genre, is an unconscious revenge for the destruction.
    The manga characters of arrested childlike development, follow the thread of the stories, and our youth got totally hooked on this and spent billions into the Japanese coffers! mmmmmmmmmmmmm!

    I think it must have been August Sept of 2007?, in the NYTimes if anyone wants to research it.

    • Thank you for sharing this, Pat. I’d like to look that up … Speaking of articles, consider writing one on Chiron/Pluto and the bomb. You’re passionate about it. You would enlighten a lot of people, as you have us, here.

  30. Yes, Jara, I agree. It does feel as if Chiron has taken over Prometheus’ curse. Rather than dying/and permanently healing the wound, it feels as if each Chiron transit goes deeper and deeper into the wounding, like the eagle eating Prometheus’ liver. This is not without tremendous benefit, yet it is challenging–as each healing is transformed, deeper wounding is revealed. ** So Joyce, I’m wondering, is this the job of Chiron in the chart? To be the eagle?

    (Or, am I perceiving this through my limited lens of a Sun conjunct Chiron and Pholus in a grand cross? When the wound is an indelible mark, you see it everywhere.) How does one separate one’s own wound from other’s wounds and not blur the two when analyzing a chart — or living a life, for that matter? Can the healer ever REALLY “heal thy self?”

    I’m trying to unravel the deeper wisdom in how the transits create a spiraling aspect of wounding/healing/deeper wounding revealed–wondering if this process ever stops or if it is ever meant to. Maybe it would be helpful to have a different way to frame wounding? Any of your insight on this topic would be helpful. Thanks for all you’ve shared on this topic within this format and your site–both are rich in wisdom.

    • Hi, Lisa– I think for some people and for some time periods, Chiron can indeed be the eagle pecking at their liver. Yet I also know many people, astrologers included, who say Chiron “doesn’t do much” in their charts. They don’t even resonate to Chiron, much less feel that kind of intense effect. So, I don’t think it’s “across the board.” I think this gets back to Chiron’s offering a personalized prescription for healing according to sign, house, and aspects.

      My observation, so far, is that some people do seem to come to some level of healing and wholeness by their Chiron Return. Others do not. The work continues. People are starting to live to 100 as a common occurrence now. Imagine 2 Chiron Returns!

      Chiron in our chart is like an old war injury. There will always be some residual pain that will kick up at times, during key transits, but most people continue to resolve it a little more each time. There’s a big “if” to that, though, and that’s if we’re working it. I mentioned this several times last week. My experience is that Chiron involves effort. (Those heroes went to school a long time.) If you want to break through the pain and the barrier it has become to being all you are in your life, it takes determination and willingness to face the pain and work with it to release.

      I’m actually working on a way to reframe the concept of wounding, but it’s not cooked yet. Thank you for reminding me how much that is needed. Stay tuned; I’m in there learning with all of you. At 34 years, Chiron is still relatively “new” in our consciousness, so the journey continues.

    • I relate to the “spiraling effect” you mention. It’s a bit of an astrological cliche to say that Chiron is the “wounded healer”. But what does that mean, really? Let’s say that I burned myself and it is still an open wound. Even though I put a band-aid and ointment on it (healing), it will hurt if someone pokes at it. The poking (hard transit) is activating the wound but it is not directly healing it. The poking may serve the purpose of making me even more aware of it so that I treat it very tenderly and, thus, help it to “heal” (scar) more quickly. But it’s still an issue that will probably never go away. I will have the memory of the burn forever and the scar as a reminder. Every time I’m near heat (soft transit), I will remember…

      Maybe I can use this newfound knowledge to help others treat their burns. Maybe the memory is enough for me to prevent myself from experiencing future burns…but the original wound never really heals. The part that is left out is that it’s hard to help others with their similar wounds if you’re still suffering from your own. These transits activate the suffering, in my opinion.

      Perhaps this is felt more intensely if there are many aspects (especially hard ones) to Chiron (especially from planets in sensitive areas of the chart), which is partially the case for me. Is it for you, too?

      I’m interested in reframing this wounded concept, too.

  31. With Chiron retrograde in 11th, oposite with Venus in 5th (Scorpio, Venus is square with Saturn and the Moon, which are in oposition) I don’t feel any healing when help others, where I help I lose. How can I bring the love in my life?

    I forgot to tell you, that Chiron in transit make sextile with natal Chiron and trine with natal Venus. The question is more like a joke, but sincerly i want to understand how and who must heal first, me or others?

    • Stefania, yours is a lovely question to end on. Chiron opposed Venus–or any Chiron and Venus or 7th house issues–often involve relationships that are a mixture of pain and pleasure. With Chiron in the 11th, I’d focus on how you can heal and help others through group efforts, where these skills can be developed in less personal relationships, ones in which you don’t have the same degree of investment as a one-on-one. The Chironic skills you gain in the 11th will eventually help you in the one-on-ones. Whenever a planet is in Scorpio, there is often a great deal of surrender necessary. Ironic (a word so close to Chironic, it can’t be a mistake): In my own case and in the case of many people I know, when we “gave up on relationship” is when we ultimately found the one that works. Intense longing for something tends to repel it from us. Now, I know I’m asking a lot when Venus is in Scorpio! Still, if we don’t learn this about our Scorpio planets, we draw dark Scorpio energy instead. And we both know how much fun that is! 🙂

      Another reason to focus on the 11th is that a deep friendship is the best basis for any “romantic” relationship. If you don’t really like the guy (which isn’t the same as loving him), it won’t work, ultimately. I don’t even want to tell you how hard it was for me to learn that as a Chiron in Scorpio conjunct DSC!

      Lastly–and this is what I really wanted to end on–we are works in progress. If working as a healer is our destiny, if we resonate to Chiron in that sense, we can’t wait around until we’re in perfect shape. That’s doubtful to happen in one lifetime. But on the other hand, it’s a really good idea to feel fairly solid in our own healing curve before we put out our shingle as a professional healer. Or at least to the degree that we do no harm.

      Keep your sense of humor. I’ll never stop saying how important it is–the greatest healing tool in our medicine bag.

      Thanks to you, Stefania, and to all of you for your contributions to this incredible learning experience!

  32. I’m still gleaning insights from re-reading Joyce’s posts. Thanks for bringing her to my attention. With this transit of Pluto over my tight (all within 1 degree) 12th H. conjunction of Chiron, Sun, Juno, AND my Part of Fortune -on a Cardinal Cross, well,…WHEW…there can never be any real sorting out the influence but you sure have helped! (Part of Fortuna=Donna?).
    Too bad about Whoopie…I see what you meant about a forum. We all tend to get windy, off topic, and self-involved…but vitriol? It must have been a low moment for you. So..Buck up and back at ’em!…Okay?

    • Thanks, Berta, I did just need a bit of affirmation today. I never like to cut off a legitimate discussion, but that was nasty. Donna


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