Posted by: Donna Cunningham | February 14, 2011

Career Quiz—Guess the Chart Placements

©2-14-2011 by Donna Cunningham, MSW

 No doubt, you know a number of ways career choices show up in the chart. All of the following can provide clues:

  • The sign and planets in the 2nd, 6th, or 10th houses
  • The sign on the Midheaven and any aspects to it
  • The sign, house, and aspects of the Midheaven  Ruler(10th house cusp)
  • The sign and house placement of the Sun or Saturn
  • The sign and house placement of a stellium

Just for fun, however, let’s play a game in which you guess what chart placements would go along with a variety of careers—choosing a planet, sign, and house for each. 

Since there are multiple ways a particular field can show up in the vocational houses or through other career indicators, if your own choices are in the ballpark, you may be correct as well. 

For example, a career in sales might show up with Mercury placements in the 2nd, 6th, or 10th, or with Gemini placements in the career houses. Mercury’s sign and aspects could give clues as to what the person might sell.

In addition, Mercury in those houses might show any number of other careers involving communication or short-distance travel. In fact, with Gemini in the career houses, there’s a strong possibility the person would change careers a number of times.

HINT: Don’t automatically place the planet in the 2nd, 6th, or 10th unless there’s another reason for it—for instance, a CEO or public figure would go in the 10th. Think instead of the house in the chart that deals with that area of life, like the 5th for careers involving children or the 12th for nursing homes.

Cut and paste the jobs below into a word document so you can write out your guesses and your reasons for them. At the bottom, you’ll find a link to a file with my answers.


____________ Planet             Reasoning:

____________ Sign

____________ House

Marriage Counselor:

____________ Planet                         Reasoning:

____________ Sign

____________ House

Fact Checker at a Newspaper:

____________ Planet                         Reasoning:

____________ Sign

____________ House

Fact Checker at a Publishing House:

____________ Planet                          Reasoning:

____________ Sign

____________ House

Four-Star General:

____________ Planet            Reasoning:

____________ Sign

____________ House

Football Coach in High School:

____________ Planet             Reasoning:

____________ Sign

____________ House

Motivational Speaker:

____________ Planet            Reasoning:

____________ Sign

____________ House

Female Movie Star:

____________ Planet            Reasoning:

____________ Sign

____________ House


____________ Planet             Reasoning:

____________ Sign

____________ House

Restaurant Critic:

____________ Planet            Reasoning:

____________ Sign

____________ House

Forensic Pathologist:

____________ Planet            Reasoning:

____________ Sign

____________ House


____________ Planet            Reasoning:

____________ Sign

____________ House
OPIL v1-2014 sm Download a file with some possible answers here: Career Quiz–Answer Sheet.

 Readers, how did you do? Did you have alternative answers that made sense? Did you disagree with any of my choices? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

Note: Got outer planet placements in your career houses? Each of them has a long chapter in my ebook, The Outer Planets as Career Indicators (a.k.a. The Outer Planets and Inner Life, volume 1), available for $15 at Moon Maven Publications.



  1. That was fun. I got a couple of them right. I guessed sun or venus in Leo in the 5th for the female rock star, but your answer sheet has female movie star instead – venus on midheaven in pisces/aquarius.

    • Thanks, I had changed it on one but not the other. I hope the answer sheet helped you see where some of the other careers fit in. Donna

    • I just looked up a bunch of female rock stars to see if I was right, and some of them did have the Sun or Venus in Leo, but not in the fifth. A trend I noticed was Neptune conjunct the ascendant or midheaven…seems like a glamorous placement.

      • Your findings are interesting. Some people identify the most with people who they can project traits onto…and Neptune aspecting the ASC and MC are perfect “blank” canvasses. People with these chart features can respond to the public’s expectations by giving in and fulfilling them rather than “rebel” by being themselves, which may turn off the general public.

  2. I’m terrible at guessing my clients’ professions, even though I often mention interests of theirs and personality traits that ring bells for them in terms of their work. So I didn’t expect to do particularly well on this quiz. Still, I didn’t do as badly as I expected, and got three hits out of three on the four-star general! I put the football coach’s Mars in Capricorn, too, because these guys tend to be just as authoritarian in their approach as any military general.

    Thanks for a fun and enlightening quiz!

  3. I got the marriage counselor right, but not the librarian. I am a librarian. I have the Midheaven at the beginning of Libra, Venus in Capricorn in the first house and a stellium in Capricorn which is the cusp of my second house. I think the word librarian comes from libra (book). And Capricorn is the sign of organization. PS. I’m a Sagittarian with not much time for detail, but plenty able to organize!

  4. That was fun! Too new at this to figure it out, but a good learning exercise. Also, thanks for something unrelated to V-day. Why do people always spend so much energy on Valentine’s? Don’t they know my birthday is the only holiday that matters? 😮

  5. I never do charts where one must find career potentials or love probes but gave it a whirl . It wasa good astological exercise. Thanks for the information.
    In some instances I was in lock step with your answers but in others we agreed on some points but not others, The most divergent was on the Paparazzi.
    We both said 3rd house but I also included the 9th for the long distance travel some of them do. You picked Uranus and said it ruled photography but I always thought photo and movie imagery to be ruled by Neptune since it is the illusion of a reality.
    Photo imagery must be developed in a chemical bath in dark rooms.

    My picks were Mercury and Mars due to the aggressive nature of these people ( hounded Princess Diana to her death) and travel involved. You picked Capricorn/ Virgo signs and I picked Gemini since Gemini can be superficial detached in pursuits laced with aggression and prefers a wide field rather than an in depth tunnel perception.
    Thanks for the teaching you are doing on Skywriter, its been a fun learning time.

  6. I’ve been lurking here for a while, but I had to comment. I have mercury in the very tail end of my 2nd House in Virgo. My astrodienst chart interprets it in the 3rd house (which is in Libra). I just recieved my Masters in Library and Information Science! Wow!

  7. The hardest one was that about the “Marriage Counselor”- I never would have guessed the answer!!!
    As for alternative answers, I put the librarian in the 12th, I linked the motivational speaker with Neptune, maybe in the 9th conj. MC, I thought a paparazzi would probably be a Gemini (I don’t consider Leos to be particularly gossipy), and I added some taurean patience to the fact checkers (Virgos are very meticulous, but usually they’re also short-tempered), so maybe Mercury in Taurus trine Sat. in Virgo?
    I disagree with Venus in Aquarius for the movie star, I don’t believe Aquarians/ Uranians are sexy, (they’re just too cold to be hot!) but I guess that’s a matter of preference. Anyway, my guess for that was either Venus in Leo or Moon on the MC (since the moon has to do with fame, gut reactions and the like).
    But generally, I believe placements don’t indicate specific careers so much as they reveal inner motives behind career choices. (rough) e.g.: 3 people are doctors, the Taurus is in it for the money, the Capricorn for the status and the Pisces from a desire to save mankind. [Or maybe that’s just my easy way out of the responsibility of picking a career for someone through astrology..? Could be!!!]

    • Two of the first women to make names for themselves as influential gossip columnists were Hedda Hopper (born May 2, 1885) and Loeulla Parsons (born August 6, 1881). They were friends-turned-rivals. Many Leos I know are very gossipy, especially about people they consider to be influential.

    • I like what you wrote about the Moon as an indicator of the motives behind the career choice. When people ask me for help with career choices, I look to their Moon signs to see what type of setting they’d be comfortable in. E.g. Moon in Leo would need a position in which they feel they get recognized for their work, have chances for promotion or don’t have too many levels of management above them for long (i.e. a foreseeable climb to the top).

  8. I had way too much fun with this quiz and went a little crazy with the permutations. lol

    My answers were mostly similar to yours but with some additions. (Please excuse me personifying planets, signs and houses.) What’s interesting is that I have held several of these jobs (Gemini on the cusp of my 6th house with Mars there. Ha.) or know people who have (is that cheating? :P), so I know the conventional astrological wisdom but also reality. I went a little left with it, as well…

    Librarian: 100% agree.

    Four-Star General:
    Planet – also Pluto
    Sign – also Scorpio or Libra
    House – also 7th

    Pluto and Scorpio are strategic, understand psychological warfare and the ends justify the means (war, death, collateral damage). To become a four-star general, many battles were fought and won. Libra just because so many generals have Mars in Libra. I’ve found that many men with an afflicted Mars in Libra are the most combative, and if Mars isn’t afflicted, then they can move up the ranks because of their social connections. House 7 because it concerns open warfare, competitors, enemies, battlefields, and legal agreements (the endgame of war), etc.

    Fact Checker at a Newspaper: I agree with you on the planet and sign, but I don’t think it matters whether it’s in the 3rd or 9th. I have Saturn in Virgo in the 9th and I’ve had this job (as well as writing for the paper). Many newspapers are now also published (or spread by bloggers) online, and the 9th house is about publishing/broadcasting news that travels far and wide (worldwide web). Funnily, the person who recruited me for the job is a Gemini with Saturn in Virgo in the 3rd house. I wrote for the school newspaper and a community newsletter in college, too.

    Marriage Counselor:

    Mercury, Venus, Mars, Pluto
    Libra, Taurus, Cancer
    7th, 10th, 8th

    Mercury in Libra can process information with what *appears* to be objectivity, communicate in a way that doesn’t alienate either side, and there’s a high interest in relationships. Ditto Venus in Libra.

    Venus in Taurus understands that people’s values in a relationship have a lot to do with compatibility.

    Sometimes, impartiality is not helpful. Libra has a tendency to underestimate, ignore or gloss over the emotional aspects of the situation. How can you counsel people if you don’t want or can’t consider/see the emotional issues? I think Libra is a good placement for Saturn if the person is a family or divorce attorney (has the wisdom to make a fair deal on behalf of the client). A mature someone with Venus or Mars in Cancer can sympathize and encourage emotional expression (blocked emotions are often the problem in marriages).

    Venus in the 10th is seen as an authority on relationships. Mercury, Venus or Mars in the 8th can easily get to the root of the issue in most problematic marriages, which is usually money, sex, power, death, betrayal. Pluto in Taurus, Cancer or Libra in the 7th or 8th can help regenerate the marriage and intimacy.

    Football Coach in High School:

    Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Saturn, Jupiter, Pluto
    Sign Aries, Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius
    5th (what you wrote), 10th (authority)

    Sun in the 5th – many football coaches are former star athletes and have ego problems bc of unrealized dreams of fortune & fame in the pros. Good at talent development.

    Sun in the 10th – many football coaches act and are seen as a surrogate father figure. They often spend more time with the players than the biological parents.

    Mercury in the 5th – loves to talk about sports; big part of coaching is designing & communicating plays; mental versatility on the field (when plays go wrong, be able to change). Mercury in the 10th – authoritative voice (to counteract players doing what they wanna do on the field)

    Venus in the 5th – loves sports; can attract spectators and must interact with college recruiters.

    Mars, Jupiter or Pluto in the 5th – passionate, competitive, inspirational pep talks, must be able to work the players out before the game.

    What you said about Aries & Sagittarius but also Leo because of the management aspect. Aries and Sagittarius are inspirational and sporty but do not have endurance. Leo rules children and creativity (needed in sports and to deal with children!).

    Mercury or Mars in Gemini are good at reacting to what’s on the field, communicating the plays and talking others into doing their work for them. (Many top athletes have Mars in Gemini, and many athletes become coaches. Plus I know quite a few coaches with these placements.)

    Motivational Speaker: 100% agree.
    Adding Leo because of the star power to attract a large audience, high speaking fees and self-promotion (can’t persuade people to listen to you without this!).

    Female Movie Star: Now this one…In the worksheet, you have Female ROCK Star, which is a bit different from a movie star. So I will modify my answer.

    Sun, Venus, Neptune
    Leo, Scorpio, Pisces
    10th house/MC

    Sun (star/shine) or Venus (appeal) in Leo (dramatic, charisma; fan favorite; Charlize Theron and Halle Berry are Leos)

    Sun, Venus or Neptune in Scorpio (sex sells; can play dramatic roles really well; sleep her way into roles; Julia Roberts and Demi Moore are Scorpios – top/most powerful actresses in 90s)

    Sun, Venus, Neptune or ASC in Pisces (can convince producers/directors/audience that she can play any part; easily lost in the role; Dakota Fanning is Pisces and a natural even as a child; Halle Berry has Pisces ASC)

    Mars, Venus, Neptune, Pluto
    Scorpio, Capricorn, Pisces
    6th, 8th, 12th

    Here is where we differ the most. I’d say Leo for gossip columnists. The paparazzi are much more stalkeriffic now. They view celebrities as their prey and tools for getting rich. They don’t care about becoming famous themselves, so that leaves out Leo. Leo wants to be in front of the camera – not behind it.

    Mars for being assertive (or aggressive) enough to follow celebrities who try to dodge them and Pluto for being able to dig through their personal lives to unearth secrets. In order to be where the stars will be, you have to know secrets (Scorpio) and have friends in high places (Venus in Capricorn). Capricorn also likes to monetize photography talent (Neptune/Pisces). Neptune in Scorpio is addicted to the glamour and can manipulate the pictures to tell a juicy story that will sell magazines, drive website traffic, etc.

    6th house – daily habits. Paparazzi often justify their user attitudes with “It’s just a job.” Rarely are they passionate about it.

    8th house – a high interest in celebrities because of their money, sex and power. This is usually the focus of the stories their pictures are used for…

    12th house – Many of them secretly hate/envy the celebs for their “charmed” life; many hide to get the money candid shot; dig through trash and air dirty laundry (Pluto in the 12th); unnamed sources.

    Pluto in the 6th house – stalking celebs is a ritual.

    Mars in the 6th house – many paparazzi get attacked by celebs on the street or at events and have to shove other paparazzi to get into a good position on the red carpet, e.g.

    Venus in the 8th – gain from using other people’s resources (talent, looks, fame).

    Restaurant Critic:


    Add: Mercury for sharing opinions; Venus for tastes (literally & figuratively!); Saturn for judgments.

    Add: Mercury or Venus in Cancer or Taurus because…they are both highly sensual and love to eat, especially on someone else’s dime! Taurus can give very descriptive critiques, making the audience live vicariously through the Taurean’s experience. Also, there needs to be some appreciation of the food at some point because if all of the critiques are negative, then it will destroy the relationships with the restaurants (who know the famous critics).

    Mercury and Venus in Gemini likes to experiment and discover new dishes and places.

    Add: Mercury in the 10th or on the MC is an authority on whatever it communicates (professional critic). Venus in the 10th’s/MC’s tastes are made public. Saturn in the 10th/MC can become well-known for its wise discernment.

    Forensic Pathologist:

    100 agree with you.
    Add: Pluto or Mars in Virgo can research and analyze well. Also good placements for following procedure, recording data and sterilization.
    Add: 12th house. Works in solitude.


    Planets: Mercury (same reason as you), Venus (must relate to people), Mars (assertive to keep them on the phone and be able to handle/bypass rejection); Uranus (inventive, must be able to go off-script if necessary)

    Sign – agree that it depends on the product!

    House – 3rd (heavily dependent on tools – phone, computer, passing calls off to “neighbors”, etc.) 6th (ritualistic, grind job; heavily dependent on procedure; mentorships/on-the-job training); 11th (group-setting; team-based goals; often used as part of political campaigns or social causes).

    As I mentioned above, I’ve had so many of these jobs. 🙂

    • Glad you had fun with it, Jara. As I noted, there are several ways a particular field can show up one of the work houses–and all fields are increasingly complex today. Donna

  9. Fun read! If we geezers knew how to “cut and paste” I’ll bet there would have been more responses.
    I agree with Jara that the ‘motivation’ is, of course, less obvious than the inherent skill–and not so easily rated. Many people pursue, and excell in, areas that were foisted on them by family expectations rather their innate talents and, more importantly, their own aspirations…the earth-bound Sun-Saturn-Mars-Moon-types.
    So,- these ratings are fun to play with though the details are always debatable…as in “high school football coach”–they’re the wannabe’s with a bachelor’s degree…if they had real athletic skills they’d be coaching at the college + level…Earth, (Taurus?)… more likely than Fire…
    Guess I’ll ask hubby how to “cut and paste”…Well, maybe not, as my days are full already…just keeping up with this worthy blog!

    • Oh, cut and paste isn’t really necessary. You could simply print the article–anything so you could write on it. Donna

  10. Librarian!? Hey…!

  11. Forensic Pathologist:

    Pluto or Mars in Virgo 8th or 6th
    Jupiter in Scorpio 6th or 12th
    Saturn 8th
    Pluto Saturn Aspects
    No prominent Libra/Venus placements –> (ugh – the gory stuff!)

    NO Aquarius Paparazzi!
    Uranian thinking would be: WTF is interesting in other peoples life ?
    Aquarians would more likely be trend setters than watch it done by others.
    They are definitely no stalkers (that would be so boring)
    So Pluto (3rd,10th) –> mass publication, manipulation
    Venus Pluto (obsessive) aspects openly or hidden(12th, 6th)
    Mars (assertive), Neptune (lack of ethics) aspects (6th, 3rd –> slander!)

    And Jara: Yes, Leos are gossipy ! Good point putting them there,

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