Posted by: Donna Cunningham | February 16, 2011

Whoopi Goldberg’s Sun, Moon, and Ascendant: A Perfect Storm

©2011 by guest blogger, Vallie Travers

Whoopi Goldberg was born November 13, 1955, 12:48 PM EST, New York, NY, 74W00; 40N42.  (Data rated AA, from the birth certificate) In Whoopi’s natal astrology chart, shown below, there is a configuration that sets up a life-long tension between her public expression and her private life.

I am referring to her Aquarian Ascendant (Uranus chart ruler) which tightly squares her 9th house Scorpio Sun. Her Moon is also in Scorpio and in the 9th house.  This is a combination that shows depth (Scorpio), wisdom and desire to transform (9th house) delivered with a brilliant, comedic twist (Aquarius Ascendant). With a stellium in Scorpio including the Sun, Moon, Saturn, and Pluto, you could say that Whoopi Goldberg is a strongly Plutonian woman who goes through life with Uranus nipping at her heels.

With an Aquarian Ascendant squaring her Sun, Whoopi’s physical appearance is powerfully interesting. It communicates that she is very much her own person, someone who does not follow the herd.

This Aquarian Ascendant can appear to protect her by displaying a cool, tough exterior, but ultimately it undermines and injures her sensitive Scorpio self.

The relationship of Whoopi’s Sun, Moon and Ascendant create a perfect storm for her activism and for her talent. Unfortunately they also create a perfect storm for her controversial remarks. The fact that this hurts her is exemplified by her need to clarify-after-the-fact, which occurs a lot.

It only took a quick bit of research to see that Whoopi often makes official statements to either stand by or explain her previous statements.

 A recent example occurred during the shocking scandal with Mel Gibson.  The world listened to recordings of him ranting to his ex-partner about her apparent immodesty. He used crude language peppered with racial slurs in accusing her of asking to be gang-raped by a pack of N-word (plural).

Despite the fact that Gibson is a powerful man in Hollywood who has made many careers, his rant was so outrageous that no one spoke up in his defense. No one, that is, except Whoopi!

Her public response was to calmly declare, “I know Mel, and I know that he is not a racist.”  A few days later, she had to clarify her comments by saying that she does not condone rape.

This example is an interesting one. Whoopi used her credibility as an established, middle aged African American in Hollywood to speak out on the subject of racism.  She was basically saying, “Don’t be too quick to judge, when you don’t know the person.”

Why would she do it? There are several reasons, but the two main reasons are:

  • Because she knows full well how appearances can be deceiving.
  • Because she could not resist.

Whoopi’s Scorpio perception is sensitive to hypocrisy and motive. It also makes her nervous around any herd mentality. When she perceives a herd is forming and on the move, her Scorpio Sun and Moon get nervous, their 9th  house placement wants to advocate, and her impulsive chart ruler wants to challenge.

The fact that Whoopi’s Scorpio Sun and Moon are conjoined by sign also adds to her vulnerability. On both a conscience and unconscious level, she is in agreement with herself. This sureness of her perceptions/opinions is a double-edged sword. It gives her strength of conviction, but it also makes her vulnerable by removing the safety check of seeing other viewpoints. Not only can she be too sure of her opinions but to top it off, this all plays out in the 9th house, the house of opinionatedness!

In typical Uranian style, issues around truth and fairness pique her interest. With Scorpio and the 9th house involved, she is searching for a deeper and more meaningful truth.

Whoopi knows that her remarks are likely to be misunderstood or criticized, but with Uranus ruling her chart she just has to speak out. It hurts her but she is destined to repeat this pattern throughout her life.

In closing I wish to say that I admire Whoopi, particularly her courage. (All that Scorpio!) With Uranus conjoining my own (sensitive) Ascendant I acutely identify with this pattern of having to explain and clarify after the fact. It is awful!

As for the ‘Mel’ issue, I trust that Whoopi does know where he stands on race. After all, she is a middle aged African American with strong Scorpio in her chart. It probably takes her all of a nanosecond to sniff out any taint of racism.

(See Whoopi’s chart and bio in AstroDatabank here: Goldberg, Whoopi.)

About the Author: Vallie Travers is a student of Astrology living in Victoria, B.C. Canada. This paper is the product of an assignment in Donna Cunningham’s correspondence course.

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  1. What an inspirational lady and what a brilliant chart observation!

  2. Interesting to note that ALL of W.G.’s personal planets, plus NN, Neptune and Lilith are in the “Chiron sector”–as per Joyce Mason–with her 12th/H Chiron in the very first degree of Aquarius. Hmmm…maybe “tough love” humor is the best medicine? Add Jup/Plu 7th and she can disarm others even BEFORE she opens her mouth!
    As others have found to their dismay, a Balsalmic Scorpio Moon is not just clowning around!

  3. great analysis. balanced and perceptive.
    I have my own Aquarius Asc square Scorpio Moon in the 9th conj Uranus in the 8th. you got it very right.

    I’m glad to hear she did speak on Gibson’s behalf. I also felt he was a bit too harshly judged. I listened to the files and what I heard was hurt, and helplessness, and the anger at feeling betrayed; and used. I’m also a Capricorn, so I think I see his point as well. my Sun-Venus sextile the Scorpio Moon-Uranus from my 11th. I must admit I would’ve been on his side anyway, just bc everyone picked on him. I hate that. When someone is down, I think no one should take advantage. Not fair.

    thank you both for a very informative reading!

  4. Hi Vallie – Interesting post and chart analysis; it was very brave of you to take on such a controversial celebrity.

    This is probably my own Scorpio/Aquarius talking, but I find I’m less likely to respect the message when it doesn’t feel like it comes from a consistent place. Is the person expressing an opinion based on an underlying set of objective principles and love of justice/truth, or does it serve some personal agenda subject to mood/need – are they able to move beyond their own prejudices and self-limiting behaviors in order to achieve greater wisdom, or are they reacting from a limited perspective? And is the person’s message most strongly motivated by a need to please a particular group, shock a particular group, or are they speaking out as a way to remain true to their divine connection/higher conscience?

    Although I respect Whoopi as an actor (LOVED her in “The Color Purple” and Star Trek), and occasionally agree with her on certain important issues – such as her support of gay marriage and the proposed building of the NY City Mosque – in general, I don’t think she makes a very good role model, nor do I think she’d want to be considered one. For instance, I don’t think her comment about it not being ‘rape-rape’ when referring to Roman Polanski showed much wisdom or forethought.

    Also, sometimes I sense a certain “mean-spiritedness” in Whoopi. To her credit, maybe that’s why she came to Mel Gibson’s defense – she recognized similar imperfections in herself and didn’t want him to be defined by them, knowing we’re all greater than the sum of our parts. Not a good excuse not to work on them though. I think they both share a natal Pluto/Saturn square, so she probably relates to some of his challenges.

    • Btw, Vallie – I should have added that when I said Whoopi’s comments don’t show much wisdom or “forethought”, I do understand that’s exactly the point you were trying to make. I think your analysis in that respect is spot-on. She speaks without thinking then has to backtrack.

      I also think you’re right about her distaste for the “herd mentality” – she absolutely rebels against it. I think her personal style reflects her uniqueness.

  5. Thank you! I love Whoopi Goldberg. I don’t have much in common with Whoopi in my chart except that I have strong Scorpio in my chart and a couple of similar aspects. I admire her uniqueness and strength. Thank you again for posting this. 🙂

  6. Super job, Vallie! You have given us a fantastic example of how difficult it can be to succesfully integrate the Aquarian qualities with a watery sun and moon. There’s such a lot of empathy ~ not only with the inner person but with humanity at large. These folks give others a lot of space and (sometimes) a bit too much freedom. But who wouldn’t want the same for themselves?

    She’s a comic genius and is more than able to bring that “perfect storm” she knows so well to her characters. We see their weirdness, their vulnerability, and their capacity to overcome the most difficult circumstances. You gave us a great example of how she is able to manage those exemplary qualities.

    Even her name (Whoopi) is such a fantastic concoction of her Aquarius/Scorpio combo. I’ve always admired her, but after reading your analysis, I feel I definitely “get” her better than before. Thanks! cj

  7. Why, Vallie, you have now been published……………Congrats! 😉

    I agree Whoopi Goldberg is an intriguing astrology study. And, may I add a natural when it comes to social commentary (Aquarius Asc; Uranus trine MC), with wit (N Uranus square Mercury) and good humor (Sagittarius Venus-MC) on display. It’s easy to see how she got her start in stand-up comedy, which is all about making us laugh about the human condition (Scorpio).

    As to Mel Gibson, I admire her loyalty and trust he was not a racist around her, a celebrity friend.

    Two writing comments: I was surprised to come across the phrase “is destined to” in a modern astrological profile. And, I was surprised to come across mind-reading statements like these (unless you had an interview with her 🙂 ) –

    * Because she knows full well how appearances can be deceiving.
    * Because she could not resist.

    Best ahead with the course.

  8. Hmmm…do I stand by those statements, clarify them, or ‘apologize?’ (tongue in cheek)

    • Thanks for sharing these thoughts with Skywriter’s readers, Vallie. She’s always been fascinating to me–one of a kind, with lots of dignity, intelligence, and wisdom behind the clowing. Donna

      • PS. What’s strange to me about her pepetually having to apologize on the View is that she’s NOT that outrageous, she’s just truthful and real.

        To me, Elizabeth (the Evangelical Christian neo-conservative blonde who is Sarah Palin’s BFF) is the one who’s outrageous and offensive. I quit watching The View after a while during the Presidential campaign because I was afraid I might throw something through the tv screen at her.

        Nope, Whoopi is not outrageous, at least not compared to my friends. But then I have a Venus-Uranus conjunction in the 11th and lived in NYC for 25 years. Donna

        PSS. Am I going to wind up apologizing for this?

      • I quit watching the view for similar reasons. Except in my case, I can’t relate to any of them (Leo Uranus in the 12th square 3rd house Jupiter in Scorpio, opposite 6th house Aquarius Chiron/Moon).

  9. Great post, really enjoyed it.

  10. Thank you Vallie for writing this analysis. Seems pretty spot-on to me, as someone with Scorpio Sun exactly square Ascendant. I know what it is to qualify one’s previous statement, even to contradict it – but could this in part be typical of any Sun-Asc square, not just a Scorp/Asc one? The ‘true’ self (Sun) at odds with the ‘mask’ self or ‘personality’ (Asc)?

    I read a take on a Scorpio Ascendant square once that always struck me as being accurate too (Sue Tomkins): “a major conflict between these signs often revolves around the fact that Scorpio is deeply private, secretive and solitary whilst Aquarius is gregarious, friendly and concerned with being ‘honest'” A recipe for self-contradiction.


    • What’s strange to me is that I’ve published celebrity portraits before, and nobody ever felt the need to trash the person. Plus in the recent post about the ruler of Virgo, half the comments are trashing Virgo. And someone told me there’s been a lot of bickering on FaceBook astrology groups this week too.

      This is not a blog focused on trashing and bickering, and I can’t say it’s been a joy lately. I’ve closed the comments on this post. I did delete two comments that were particularly nasty and, frankly, smacked of racism. Discussing and having opposite points of view expressed is productive and illuminating; trashing people is not.

      There’s Much contention in the world at large, too. I had to look at the ephemeris, and there’s been an approaching Mars-Neptune conjunction for at least a week, along with faster moving planets like the Sun and Mercury and even the Full Moon. Not exactly a harmonious energy, very given to mindless, diffuse rage, displaced from its real target onto whoever. Donna


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