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80 Qualities of Venus in the 12th or other Venus-Neptune Combinations

© 2010 by guest blogger, Victoria Bazeley of the Midlife Transits blog

Venus in the 12th house, Venus in Pisces, Venus-Neptune aspects and Neptune in the 7th house can manifest in similar ways, because Neptune, the 12th house, and Pisces are all related energies and because Venus rules the 7th house of relationships. (Neptune in Libra–a placement shared by a whole generation–can have some of these qualities as well if it’s strong in the chart.)

Below, I’m including a list of ways the combination may manifest, just to show you how a single natal placement can have such a large variety of meanings over the course of a lifetime. Think about your own Venus, 12th house, Pisces, and Neptune placements. What can you learn about your own nature from this list?

Venus in the 12th house, Venus-Neptune aspects, Venus in Pisces,  or Neptune in the 7th house can be expressed in any of the following ways, from undesirable to highly desirable:

  • Difficulty feeling loved
  • Hidden artistic and/or musical talents or interests
  • Being too ‘nice’ as a form of self-undoing
  • Placing a strong value on compassion and sympathy
  • Problems with balance, hearing, or the throat (Venus rules balance and the throat)
  • Attracting Piscean or Neptunian people into your life
  • Hidden laziness
  • Hidden sensuality
  • Love of fantasy
  • Love of solitude or nature
  • Love of sleep as a Venus indulgence
  • Lack of possessiveness
  • Lack of interest in material goods or objects
  • The desire for unusual or open relationships
  • Dislike of relationship commitment (vague Neptune in the house of committed relationships)
  • Romantic attraction to artists, alcoholics, or people with drug problems
  • Romantic partners who keep secrets
  • Partners with strong psychic or intuitive abilities
  • Romantic attitude toward marriage
  • A strong relationship with God or spirituality
  • Projecting a ‘halo’ or saintly aura (12th house influences near the Ascendant)
  • An empathetic or even empathic relationship toward everyone
  • Hidden mystical experiences
  • Intuitive people skills
  • Difficulty relaxing unless one is alone
  • Behind-the-scenes charitable acts
  • Falling in love with a person in prison or with a chronic illness
  • Satisfying and enjoyable work in a 12th house institution such as a hospital, hospice, mental health institution, etc.
  • Feeling loved by God or the universe
  • A love life or financial life that improves with time as one taps into the 12th house gifts
  • A lifelong quest for love, money, or spiritual satisfaction
  • Secret admirers
  • A willingness to embrace a wide range of spiritual practices or beliefs
  • Placing a strong value on a holistic approach to life’s problems
  • Love of the ocean, sailing, or water sports
  • An affinity for hypnosis and/or working with the subconscious mind
  • Love of photography
  • Preferring to play a ‘back-up’ or behind the scenes role rather than being front and center
  • A soft voice
  • Lack of discriminating taste
  • Feeling one loves all things equally
  • Addiction to shopping
  • Spending money on spiritual or artistic pursuits
  • Idealism about love or money
  • Attracting a ‘soul mate’
  • Money from working behind the scenes in film, dance, or an artistic field
  • The desire to keep one’s relationships private
  • Not being aware of who is attracted to you
  • Attracting others as a downfall
  • Being perceived by the public as spiritual, spacy, or artistic
  • Being addicted to love
  • The ability to express love through artistic means
  • Associating love with sacrifice
  • Becoming a victim of people who say they love you
  • Saving someone you love
  • Carelessness in relationships or the opposite, excessive caring
  • Impracticality as a downfall
  • Lack of greed
  • Placing little value on common sense
  • Idealizing ‘spiritual currency’ or spiritual values over worldly success
  • Preferring contemplation to action
  • Tendency to give in
  • Desire to go with the flow
  • Belief in universal values rather than individual differences
  • Being ‘too flexible’ as a downfall
  • Seen as being hard to define
  • Glamorous image
  • Deceptive image or feeling you are not seen accurately
  • Being idealized by others
  • Subconsciously seductive
  • Having a relaxed appearance
  • Appearing to be casual or relaxed about relationships
  • Taking an ‘easy come, easy go’ attitude
  • Immersive, all-consuming relationships
  • Looking for a spiritual rather than sexual partner
  • Detachment about possessions
  • Spirituality as a resource
  • Diffuse or muted emotions
  • Carelessness with money
  • Lack of concern with financial security
  • Believing ‘God will provide’
  • Denying oneself material comforts
  • Refusal to play favorites

As it happens, I have all three of these placements! In keeping with the 12th house desire for privacy, I won’t tell which of these manifestations apply to me.

(This is an excerpt from a longer article on the Midlife Transits blog: 12th House Extravaganza! )

Readers who have these placements, please share how they’re working for you in the comment section.  Where on the spectrum of Venus-Neptune expressions do you fit? How have you grown in the ways you use them with maturity?

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  1. I never quite fathomed why Venus is exalted in Pisces. It’s true that Venus rules the arts, and in that respect it’s exaltation in Pisces does make sense. It’s fall in Virgo is also pretty eloquent.

    But I’m not so sure that when it comes to keeping the balance in a relationship Pisces are the right guys for the job. Plus, though they are indeed very sensitive and compassionate, they experience love in a more ‘universal’ way, directed to the world at large, rather than centered in a particular person.
    My guess is that Venus feels much more at home when in Leo. Being exalted in that sign would make much more sense, at least to me.
    Just a silly morning thought,matching with the melancholy of this cloudy morning…

    • Good question, VR. Venus in Leo, though charming and with lots of panache, can be self-agrandizing, narcissistic and self-centered, not qualities that make Venus exalted.

      Exaltation is a sign has the possibility to bring out the best, highest qualities of the planet placed in it. It’s not necessarily an easy or comfortable sign, and can require some growing into as the person evolves.

      It is exalted in Pisces due to the compassion and altruism of that placement. My friend and neighbor has it, and I swear she is a saint. She befriends people who are lost souls and gives so much of herself without expecting a return. Venus in Leo–vaunted as “generous and magnanimous”–generally gives with the expectation of loyalty, admiration, obedience, and constant attention.

      Many of the exalted placements take a bit of thought. For instance, Mars is exalted in Capricorn, yet Mars-Saturn aspects are very difficult and sometimes paralyzing due to lack of confidence or bravery. Yet, Mars in Capricorn can be a superb leader or organizer. Donna

      • Really appreciate this explanation of exaltation….

  2. I have Neptune in the late degrees of Libra, it makes a semi-sextile to Venus in Scorpio in my chart. Pisces is the ruler of my 2nd house, as well as having 16 degrees of it in the latter half of my 1st. A lot of these descriptions are spot on – as 2nd house has a lot to do with what you value and your self worth, and then Neptune being in Libra as you say…many are not so good to admit to lol. Are there any redeeming qualities to bring out????

    • I think a lot of the qualities are very redeeming, but here’s another one to add to the list that can be very helpful to develop: intuitive people skills

      • Tee hee! I’ll go back and add that to the list–there were really only 79, but 80 sounded more substantial, so I fudged it.

        Incidentally, Folks, that’s Victoria Bazely, who wrote this excellent piece. Thanks so much for letting me reprint it. Donna

      • Alrighty then! Intuitive people skills is one I will gladly admit to, comes in handy often for me!

  3. I started laughing out loud in recognition of myself reading this list. I have Merc/Venus conj in Gemini in the 2nd….both trine Neptune in Libra in the 6th. Venus trines Neptune exactly. So in love with love. Neptune exactly squares my Cancer Mars/Uranus conjunction, sextiles Pluto and my North Node/moon. I love pisces people, have always been into spirituality vs. religion, have had an ongoing dialogue with God since I was a little child. Believe in angels, am an artist and love ALL the arts, and get totally swept away with good music. Thank God for my Cap moon, my only earth planet, although aspected by Neptune and in the 8th house – cap keeps me grounded along with an artistic, sensual, but earthy Taurus rising.

  4. I have Neptune in Libra in the 7th house. My Neptune squares Mercury, trines Uranus, sextiles Pluto semisextiles the MC, and bi Quintiles the Asc. I can identify myself in your list. All the outer planets are aspected. I have 4 planets in earth to keep me grounded.

    I have a dear friend and also a family member who also fit and both have three planets in the 12th.

  5. That’s quite an impressive display, Victoria.

    In good company, the famous ‘quiet Beatle’ – who had a 5th House Pisces Venus opposed 12th ruler Neptune – shared his artistry and idealism with the world.

    When you’ve seen beyond yourself, then you may find, peace of mind is waiting there.–George Harrison

  6. “WOW” what a (fitting) list! I have a Venus/Sun/Mercury stellium in Virgo in the 12th. Having spent the first 18 years of my life suffering extreme trauma from consistently violent and overwhelming abuse (by my mother) I believe it is the influence of Venus that disallowed me from bitterness; rather my underlying and overruling desire has ALWAYS been to find what is good and beautiful EVERYWHERE.

    • I had similar experiences and I agree. That’s a good insight. Although in my own case, I also give props to a very strong optimistic Jupiter that’s always been sure that something good is just around the corner, even when the available evidence doesn’t support that faith.

  7. Neptune, late Libra, 12th house cusp? You mean everybody isn’t like this? Lol! What’s wrong with them? What’s wrong with me? What’s wrong with them? What’s wrong with me?

    • I’m talking to myself again. That would be venus moving to square with Neptune?

      • Hi Ponder! You think you’re talking to yourself. But we, your invisible friends, are listening! Sending you love!

    • Gosh nray, love. That’s a word I haven’t heard in a very long time. 😀

      • I haven’t heard “gosh” in a while. 🙂

  8. Everytime I type “my moon is in taurus” I feel like I’m lying, like I’m promising sth I cannot deliver. Same thing with Neptune. Venus inconj. Nept, Pisces in the 7th, Nept. in an angular house sq. part of my stellium, Nept. score somewhere between 40 and 50-I don’t recall exactly.
    All the same, I never managed to work out a way to incorporate Neptune into my system. It’s like a buzz in my ears, I know it’s there, but I pretend I don’t hear it, most of the times. Maybe that’s why these people/things keep happening to me.
    So, good aspects, bad aspects, lots of aspects, when you have a Virgo sun anything Neptunian is oppositional in principle.

  9. Wow, it’s so cool to see all these Venus/Neptune people coming out of the closet!

  10. Hi Donna, thank you for sharing this post of Victoria Bazeley’s. I loved it!

  11. Hello,
    My venus is in Leo conjunct mars and uranus in 11th and venus is 2 degrees from 12th. progressed venus has crossed the 12th almost all my life and has been over my ascendant for 6 years but turned retrograde in 2007 on my ascendant (the year I faced a divorce) and will be again in 12th in some years for the rest of my life probably. I’m kind of afraid and little discouraged of that. However,with a sun in 10th, I’m rarely unnoticed.
    Like writen in texts, I notice I’m more introverted and solitary and less inclined to to be at the first place since progressed venus is retro. I prefer to be efficient and helpful in the background but sometimes I miss acknowledgment of my efforts. Prospect lovers I could meet from my everyday activities are not very interresting (married, not available or problems of all sorts ) yet I don’t actively search . I hope venus retrograde in 12th won’t obstruct all possibilities of healthy love.
    Thank you for reading, Claire.

  12. “Venus in the 12th house, Venus in Pisces, Venus-Neptune aspects and Neptune in the 7th house”

    Since I have ALL of these placements I started to count how much of 80 would affect me. I stopped before I was halfway because most of it is applicable. Some things stronger than others. Love, relationships? What are those? Something you see on TV or in the movies I suppose? Desire to feel it too, so deeply that it frightens most people. Must be the Pluto opposition coming in.

    Found a way to love myself and my sensitivity though. Now I’ve decided to really “go with the flow” it feels so much better.

  13. Very interesting post, thank you!

    I only have Venus opposition Neptune and most of the above apply to me, LOL. I would say at least 80% apply. It’s a tight aspect (<2 degree orb) but possibly amplified by the fact that it's on my 2nd/8th house axis (my values and my interdependency with others).

  14. I have Venus opposite Neptune, too, and identify with lots and lots of the items on the list. Venus is in my 7th house (and Aries) as well (Neptune in House 1 and Libra), and there’s a Pluto-trine-Venus aspect that amplifies the pattern. Generally, most of the traits that come with this are more pleasant for the people around me than they are for me (the bit about excessive flexibility being a downfall rings true), but I’m working on developing better boundaries, so I hope this will change!

    • “Generally, most of the traits that come with this are more pleasant for the people around me than they are for me…”

      Oh, yes. Same here. Empathy especially can be pleasant for the recipient and painful for the empath!

      • I hear you. I suffered behind this til I was 21. Only one of those people ever followed my advice and freed herself. Not good odds so I cut it off like a canker sore and realized most sob story people like their dungeon and really only want to pull you in with them. I enjoyed my life when I washed my hands of them until my youngest son grew up and ( Venus in the 12th trine Neptune in the 8th) started dragging in crazy sick women and had children with them. So now I grit my teeth and do what I can for the grand children ( a beacon of stability and example of how else life can be), but must stand back as well to avoid the slippery slope of the emphatic.
        I reserve Neptune near the ascendant and conjunct / Chiron / Jupiter from the 12th – quintile Venus/ Saturn conjunction in the 10th) for better things.

  15. Venus trine neptune. Neptune in the 7th of sag. Relate (cringing!) to that list like it is (or was?) my holy grail lol. By that – have worked out why my first few relationships were so weird. Now that i have had my sat return though, have kind of turned on myself, no more long distance or fantasy relationships (I hope). BTW, the long dist love thing must be a neptune / sag in the 7th thing you reckon? Sag being traveller / wanderer?
    Normal relationships? heh, dodged that bullet. But left wondering where my ideal is now…

  16. Hi Donna, with a Sun-Mercury-Venus stellium in Taurus in the 12th house, I find most of these traits apply to me. Having reached mid-life, I have managed to outgrow many of the negative, self-undoing types of traits, but certainly not all. 😉 The self-awareness and perspective that comes with age are a great help. While I don’t have any direct Neptune-Venus aspects, I feel like a cousin to Pisceans with my 12th house emphasis. Really looking forward to Neptune’s imminent transit of Pisces.

  17. My long time housemate (and former lover…long story, that…) is Venus in Virgo RETROGRADE in 12. Boy howdy!
    He hasn’t fallen in love with a prisoner but he does work as a correctional officer! (It’s in, work, work…)
    About 90% of these qualities, for good or ill, describe this guy to a T and why our relationship was such a PITA for me.
    I have Venus in 10 in Cancer, Mars in 1 in Scorpio. I do have Neptune Ascending in Libra so I can have that Piscean flavor about me, but the vagueness of the Venus in 12 qualities always have vexed me.

  18. I could tick off about 70 of your points. Very surprising, because I only have Nept in the 12th. And how could that account for all that? So then I looked closer. I have Venus at 22 Libra in the 11th semi-sextile Asc at 21′ Scorpio. Neptune is smack in the middle at 11′ Scorpio. And since I have a Scorpio Asc, I do have a Taurus DC. And Neptune is trining Jup/Chiron in Pisces in the 3rd. So mystery solved! I love this kind of posts where I suddenly see something in my chart I have never noticed before. The last post about unaspected planets and now this one, is showing that natal Venus isn’t very “dormant” in my chart after all. Thanks!

  19. I have to laugh at the “not being aware that someone is attracted to you” entry. A man that I know has a 12th house Sun/Venus conjunction in Virgo. (need I say more?)

    He has had an interesting life, and yet was clueless about the physical signals that women show when attracted to a man. (lots of smiling, tilt of the head, touching his upper arm, too much laughing etc.)
    He didn’t have a clue!!!
    When I explained this stuff to him, he shood his head lamenting that he had missed so many signals over the years.
    This is a man whom women are attracted to, yet he has crushes from afar…. so 12th house!

    • Haha! I have Venus trine Neptune and can completely relate to that! I feel like the secret admirers kind of go hand in hand with not being aware when people are attracted to you. It’s not that I don’t register the signals intellectually, it’s just that they don’t come across loud and clear on an emotional level. I do have crushes from afar… and my fair share of platonic relationships with women, which, as a sensualist double Taurus, goes deeply against the grain.
      Also, these type of relationships seem to happen completely out of my control. Hopefully I can figure it out sometime!

    • Too true about the Venus in Virgo in 12 male!
      My friend with the 12th House Venus Retrograde in Virgo has to be just about the most clueless male I’ve ever met vis-a-vis women. He could have a drooling naked woman throw herself right on him and he would wonder if she was ill and needed help. LOL!
      He some how thinks that if he didn’t read it in a book (and intelligent as he is, he doesn’t know where or how to find such information) then he won’t be able to function.
      I have Venus in 10, which gives the opposite problem. I sometimes think people are flirting and interested when they are not!

      • Aw, they probably are.

  20. I haven’t read the comments yet.

    I was always glad that my Venus doesn’t aspect any of the Big Guys, you know? It has a sesquiquadrate to Jupiter and that’s about it (well, also it quincunxs quiron, but never mind that now).

    It rules my 7th (taurus), and my 12th (libra). To me love is pain. I never get happy and have a difficulty expressing what I’m feeling (Virgo Venus).

    Ups – forgot that natally my venus sextiles uranus.

    I loved all the possible manifestations that you listed. I’m not saying they apply to me – I just loved reading them.

    I was always quite glad to know that my Venus and Neptune Don’t aspect – However! In the Draconic chart the Draconic Venus conjuncts natal Neptune by 6 degrees – so there seems to be a connection there. But! Keeping with the secrecy theme, I’m not very aware of the way it expresses itself.

    • I must be enjoying my own private mercury retograde ._.

      My venus Does Not sextiles my uranus – it’s only a semisextile.

  21. I have Venus in Pisces (which is part of a stellium) and squaring Neptune. Gosh, quite a few things on that list apply to me.

    I wouldn’t call myself spacy or vague though, since I consider myself organised and practical. I would be taking careful notes afterwards if I had a one-with-the universe experience, LOL. 🙂

  22. what a great topic!

    my leo venus is retrograde in 12 with pisces on the 7 cusp.

    – in my teens, i really didn’t pay any attention to boys, wasn’t needing or wanting of a relationship and then BAM! right near the end of 12th grade this 9th grader piscean boy finally made it clear he was hitting on me (i had NO clue!). and it was the most innocent relationship of my life – so special and sweet. i still love him 18 years later, looking back on it.

    – i realized with this list, that never am i EVER aware that someone is hitting on me until they nearly knock me over. one time, this guy i had been chatting with put his arm around me and whispered that i was hot. my reaction? “yeah, it’s pretty warm here.” !!! he thought i was being coy!!

    -it was well into my 20s before i realized i can really sing – and it took a LOT of other people to point it out for me to recognize it (house 12 & retrograde probably big contributors there).

    – my progressed venus just passed over my virgo ascendant a year or so ago and i’m 35. on the one hand, i’ve just never been a person who MUST find or have love in my life – these things tend to happen TO me, rather than me pursuing anyone. i don’t know how to flirt to save my life. in fact, the word “flirt” is goofy to me! i have no idea if/when i will ever be in a relationship again and my last one was an inappropriate one where, again, it hit me out of left field.

    – i also have had a few relationships with alcoholics and light drug-users, though i myself have never done (and will never do) any drugs and i rarely drink. but i have definitely tried to play the “savior” and it took me several tries to get the “lesson” that it’s not my job to make someone better and i’m finally mature enough to recognize i don’t want to! i also was in an open relationship (with a leo!) once and will never repeat that again, either.

    i went through my list of partners a while back and realized that most have had sun, moon or ascendant in pisces. if i ever get involved again and he’s got a piscean quality, i sure do hope it IS a spiritual relationship. i would welcome that at this point in my life.

    • i completely forgot my hearing loss! that’s funny because my entire childhood seemed consumed by surgeries and doctor appointments to deal with this. i had a tumor in my right ear which dissolved two of the three little bones, thus creating my hearing loss. hearing loss is one of the items on the 80-list.

      i also recall reading in some old old astrology book with a green cloth cover and the guy had two initials with his last name, but it escapes me – that jupiter in the 8th afflicted represents damage to the right ear. (me –> jupiter retrograde in aries in the 8th)

      anyway, this is more a record for anyone reading through to see how many of these traits from the 80-list are accurate for venus-jupiter/12th house folks.

  23. Neptune in Libra in the 2nd house…Pisces on 7th. I can certainly identify with many if not most of your list. The one that I was really glad to see (because it isn’t usually mentioned) was “Feeling one loves all things equally”…I took me until I was in my forties to realize that the reason I didn’t have favorites (especially with animals) was because I truly love them all. For years I beat myself up because I couldn’t choose a “favorite”. You would be surprised how many teachers want you to write about your favorite whatever…it was always painful to choose.
    I think one of the shocking realizations with these placements is to find out others do not feel the same.

    • Donna,

      I had the same experience but wondered all throughout childhood how other people were able to choose favorites. And why. And how it felt to have favorites.

    • Funny! My dad always said that he doesn’t get what people mean when they claim to have a favourite child, and of course we’d give him hell for it: “Oh, come on, cut the crap, you can’t love us All equally, and even if you do love us all the same, you must Like one better!”.
      I turns out, we all have the same sun- venus aspect. What do you know, the man was being honest!! Maybe that’s his moon in the 12th?
      P.S. I should mention that the aspect I was referring to is the semisquare. [I guess when you love all people equally, there’s not enough room in your heart for a conjunction! 😀 ]
      P.S.S. It goes without saying that choosing favourites has never been a problem for me!

  24. Venus in Pisces trine Jupiter in 12 but on the ascendant, Neptune exactly opposite
    Venus trine Mercury, square Sag moon. Oh the longing, the passion, the need to help all those dear. lost boys! I still care for and communicate with almost all of my loves, even the imperfect ones. With Venus in Pisces in the 9th and Neptune in the 3rd these relationships involve hours of compassionate talk and music.
    My daughter has Pisces on the 7th conjunct Jupiter which makes a grand trine to Cancer Sun and Scorpio Neptune. She has been married four times which may be connected to her Leo venus stellium in the 12th.(see description of leo venus above)
    Most of the list is all too accurate,but I would add that Pisces Venus never really finds that perfect partner. I was 65 before finding the best and current love who credits our longevity to my flexability(or am I somewhat of a pushover?)

  25. Donna, great job with the graphics on your blog. I enjoy your personal touch and especially love the sparkling heart of aqua here.

  26. Some of these things definitely apply to me. Alot of them actually.
    My Neptune is in the 5th house, Venus in Virgo in the 1st house. But I have Venus trine Neptune. Seems to be a strong aspect.
    Are harmonious aspects “good” or “bad” in this case?

  27. Venus in the 12th, tightly conjunct sun and saturn (less than a degree apart) with a wide square to Neptune. Neptune the highest scoring planet in the tests plus currently have progressed sun and mars in pisces.

    At least 80% of the list applies, which was a surprise as I thought the tight conjunction with sun and saturn would have modified the expression of venus a lot more.

    Perhaps that is due to the high level of neptune/pisces in my chart – mars the other relationship planet is also in the 12th.

    I did my 12th house service as a nurse then a teacher before a mid-thirties shift to being an artist. Am now a happy hermit, artist working in my studio surrounded by the beauties of nature – my art is all about soul cycles – going into the underworld for healing etc, but I’ve never been able to let go of the need for it to be beautiful.

    Have avoided relationships with alcoholics etc – perhaps that was Saturn looking after me, though for a long time was attracted to men who emotionally were still wounded boys. Happy to report that at forty-one after a lot of inner work finally attracted a man who took emotional responsibility for himself and we are now seven years happy together.

    Never worried about money, always had enough, mostly because I don’t have a need for things – have been disconcerted by other women’s spending on shoes, cosmetics and clothes etc, now I know why – but spending on artistic and spiritual pursuits – no problem, that’s where the money goes.

  28. This is interesting…I could have sworn I left a reply under Donna’s comment this morning, but I can’t seem to find it. I guess Neptune once again worked his magic!!
    Hopefully, it’ll pop up on it’s own anytime now- I’m too mutable to type the same thing twice!!
    Have a nice day all 🙂

    • Which Donna though? Donna F. also commented. I didn’t see any reply under my little essay on exaltation, and I wouldn’t have expected you to let that one slide. (Smiley face, or maybe winky face.) Donna

      • HaHa! It was a reply to the Donna that has a hard time playing favourites.
        But you’re right, it was pretty hard to let that one slide!!! I did manage to bite my tongue though, so to not go off-track, out of courtesy to your guest. Plus, I’ll take your word for it!!!
        P.S. I think I’m ready to re-type my comment now! (aik!)
        P.S.S. “Panache”: God, I’ve been looking for this word, like, forever!!
        Cheers 🙂

  29. God, you’re such an enabler, you know that? 🙂 All right, here it goes:
    1) I attest to the Piscean sainthood. I know lots of Pisces who are always there for the underdog. But I also know of Pisces who are the first to hit the road when tragedy occurs, in order to shield themselves from the strong reaction it evokes in them. (My sister has a Sun- Nept. Conj. In the 12th. Try and race that girl to her car!)
    2) When it comes to relationships, I’m sure you’ve heard of Pisces cheating on their mates and/or telling huge lies (not my sis!). Yes, sometimes they lie to not hurt your feelings, but at times they do so cuz it’s simply in their best interest.
    3) It’s true that they ask nothing in return, but at some point they can’t help but feel drained, and that’s usually when all the whining and the self-pity starts. Plus, they’re not devoid of messianic tendencies either.
    4) What’s wrong with reciprocity in relationships? It seems to me that there’s a strong social imperative set out to guilt people into loving Everybody unconditionally. I just won’t buy into that. It sounds unnatural and, frankly, inhuman.
    5) Through my Neptune transits I did experience a so-called hypersensitivity to the human suffering, but I wouldn’t call that love, it was more of a ‘dizzy benevolence’ on my part. And though I did try my best to help every single lost soul that came my way, my response to people who were doing fine in their lives varied from scornful indifference to downright resentment: “How can these cold-hearted bastards go on with their lives when there are all these homeless people in the streets?” (Yeah, I know!!) (O.K., maybe I’m pushing it!-a bit.)
    [Note: Just being the devil’s advocate here Pisces, this is not a balanced argument, so no offense intended.]
    While I’m no expert in Leos, my N.N. made sure that I’d be surrounded by these folks all my life, so, here’s what I’ve observed.
    1) While they can be huge PsITA, these people have a soul- you can’t take that away from them. They’re all about love. They tell you so, show you so, they shower you with gifts, they even take pleasure in indulging your every whim. They’re very loyal ( lots of Leos I know ended up marrying their high-school sweethearts), and they’d never lie to a person they love/respect (and to them, love and respect is pretty much the same thing, you can’t have one without the other, which imo is one of their finest qualities.)
    2) “They give with the expectation of loyalty, admiration, obedience, and constant attention.” Frankly, who doesn’t?
    3) They do expect these things in return, but here’s the catch: they Don’t withhold their love until they’re convinced you admire them, will be loyal to them e.t.c. On the contrary, they throw their love at you immediately and quite often, disproportionately (causing my virgoan eyes to cross in astonishment: ‘wow, where did That come from?!’)
    4) As for the narcissistic tendencies, I’ve questioned them about it. They claim that when they sense that their efforts go unappreciated and their feelings are being disregarded, Then they feel the urge to return the favor, which leads to them being perceived as self-centered. Imo that attitude is very balancing/ contributing to the maintenance of a healthy equilibrium in relationships, and thus pretty venusian in essence.
    5) In observing them (and also judging from my strong sun) I feel these guys have a strange confidence in an almost magic ability of theirs to bring out the best in people. Though they do acknowledge the fact that there’s a lot of meanness and misery in the world and in all of us, they perceive themselves as “magnets for the good” of some sort (hence the magnanimity). That to me is a hell more helpful and inspiring than the usual Piscean approach: “Oh, my poor baby can’t quit doing drugs, so I have to work double shifts to put food on the table”.
    [Note: Just being the devil’s advocate here Leos, this is not a balanced argument, so don’t carve this in stone.]
    Just some thoughts, to light up the spirits, so to speak. As for the exaltation of Venus, I think I’m gonna leave this one to professional astrologers. The only expertise I’d ever claim when it comes to astrology (and not without reluctance), is that on Virgos- those heartless freaks!
    Regards 🙂

    • Hi VR: I have a Pisces ASC and Neptune aspecting some personal planets. Your comments did not offend.

      I also have a Leo Sun: You comments deeply appreciated! 🙂

      • To VR…I don’t get it? Why are you attacking Neptunians?

      • Hi Donna! If my comment came across as an attack, I apologize-it wasn’t meant as such. I happen to love all signs- studying astrology does that to you; and, ever since my Neptune transits, I’ve grown a deep respect for the sign Pisces, in particular. All I’m saying is that imho Neptune describes better the totality of Pisces’ nature, and maybe -now that they have Neptune- they should ‘release’ Venus. But, again, that’s not for me to decide!! At any rate, I’m sorry if my comment made Neptunians feel uncomfortable 🙂

        @nray: Thanks 🙂

      • I should add that I’m a neptunian myself: I’m very intuitive, imagination ranks very high in my appreciation, and, unfortunately, I’m the queen of feeling guilty- you can guilt me into jumping off a cliff.

      • VR: I haven’t studied exaltations, debilities and falls very much, but a good friend of mine and a wonderful astrologer Jeremy Neal uses them to great effect. So do many other astrologers. It’s an old system. (And I bet Skyscript explains it in great historical detail.) But Pisces is not holding on to Venus, Venus just digs it when she’s there. Like Mars exults (ha! a pun) in Capricorn.

        To go back to your earlier comment, of course every energy has a shadow or dark side. Thank you for sharing your prespective. It’s not always easy to talk about the dark side.

        But then there are also so many rainbows in all the energies we have or that we see. Like in these comments. It’s lovely. xxx

      • Nray, let me just say…this is soo leonine of you… I couldn’t help but smile…! Thanks for taking the trouble- you really didn’t have to 🙂

  30. I’ve never thought of myself as a Neptunian, (I’m more Plutonian/Uranian), so I’m amazed at how many of these are spot-on. I have a 12th house Neptune in Scorpio, 11 degrees from the AS. It widely squares my Venus, (8 degree orb). My MA/VE midpoint, (both planets in Leo in the 9th) very closely squares Neptune. Is that all it takes, or should I be looking for something more?

    • If it walks like a Venus-Neptune, thinks like a Venus-Neptune, and acts like a Venus-Neptune, then it probably IS a Venus-Neptune. Donna

      • Quack. 🙂

    • yours, my friend, is one of the fish not questioning the presence of water. 🙂

  31. I have Pisces on the Ascendant, and my chart ruler is therefore Neptune. I have Neptune conjunct Venus on my MC (Nep 10th/Ven 9th). I have been trying to figure out a new path for my career and this list is going to be really helpful and relevant, thanks!!!

  32. I have venus (ruling my 7th and 12th) in pisces in a t-square with neptune at the apex. I believe my earthy sun and moon, and perhaps 5th house venus, keeps me from detrimental self-sacrifice. But…. wishing for a secret affair, an unavailable mate, dreaming about what could be? It coexists right along side my devotion to my loyal but heavy-drinking husband. Plus I have no idea what money is (neptune in 2nd). really, no clue.

    I learned a lot when pluto- my chart ruler- conjuncted neptune at the same time venus progressed into a trine. I was bold enough to really act on those dreams and wow, truly they were just dreams! I accept that i idealize, agonize from afar, but i try not to let it coerce me into making regrettable decisions.

    Still, it’s a huge part of my personality for better or worse.

  33. Hi Donna etal, Lesse… I have Neptune conj.ven in late libra, conj. the MC. There are numerous other aspects to this pair in the chart coloring it’s expression. There are a lot of the qualities mentioned above that fit me or at least my view of how I have interpreted the reality I have created for myself. I feel the expression of nep/ven connection or connection is one that morphs over time radically. The following are memories from childhood only, not adult considerations. I will post later about more recent manifestations of nep/ven conj. including transits acting upon it (you don’t consider secondary progressions, no?)
    • (nep/ven/MC square chiron in the 2nd.) one of my earliest memory is of getting my sister to walk when they said she would not. When she did I was ignored and when I expressed my role in it I was not believed. So not being believed by those close to me. This is a thread that ran through my early years till I ran away from home.
    • When I was 6 I was diagnosed with “lazy eye(ven.)” and a patch put over my good eye(nep).
    • (nep/ven)the eye did not improve, having been diagnosed too late.
    • (nep/ven in libra)I was made to feel both victim and to blame (disbelief again) by loved ones.
    • (nep/ven sex AC, sex pluto in 8th)early childhood fugue states of blissful rapture just being near others in crowds, like school.
    •(nep/ven/square ur/jup in 8th) having felt total connectedness and yet unable to effectively share it.
    •(nep/ven/MC in tsquare with ur/jup and chiron) having been considered an idiot savant artistically
    • (nep/ven/ on MC square chiron in the 2nd.) having been considered as possessing no other stills other than artistic ie; not being seen as a total person or for who I was but as a figure to be regarded with mistrust, pity, fear, saintly attributes, fulfiller of the vicarious aspiration of others and/or other separating human emotions. This is a very big one for nep/ven connections to contend with!!! And n my case they are in libra! The tendency to be regarded as a projection screen for others’ fears, hopes aspirations, etc.
    • (nep/ ven square uranus) feelings of both hyper connectedness on a global sense and yet hyper alone personally

    As you can see I was left to commune with myself a lot to self reflect as a child. Moon in scorpio and a few good years of Reichian therapy during the years pluto passed over it and 3 planets (including radix pluto) in the 8th helped too. 🙂

  34. I have Saturn in the 7th house with Neptune. Saturn wants the ambition, and Neptune wants to be artistic. My family upbringing in regards to expressing my artitstic side was not encouraging, to be successful in life, according to them, you had to make lots of money. Material things are important for survival, but there is more to life than owning a lot of stuff. Until I found a Facebook group that encouraged my artistic side, I felt like a stranger in a strange land.

    BTW I have Aquarius ruling the 12th. My Venus sextiles Uranus. So I’ve been hiding my genius all these years because I’ve been afraid to express it. With a little help from my friends I’m letting it all hang out 🙂

    • Hi, Katley, thanks for sharing. There’s an article about Saturn-Neptune aspects on Skywriter here that I think you’d relate to: The comment section for that one is amazing, how many people shared stories that were eerilly alike. Donna

      • thanks, Donna, I read the comments and found them enlightening. Saturn rules my 10th (Capricorn) and I am not totally comfortable with Capricorn energy, I think with me the Neptune energy is stronger because I’ve always had an interest in the arts, music and writing. My goal is to have enough money so I can devote myself to writing since few people are fortunate enough to make a living solely through artistic endeavors. It’s materialism vs. idealism.

      • The “trick’ is to learn how to be Neptunian in a Saturnian way…quality work on your endeavors, responsible use of gifts and talents, and learning how to sustain yourself. Some people I think have used the combination well are astrotwins healer/teacher Caroline Myss and astrologer Karen Hamaker-Zondag. Donna Cunningham

  35. Hi Erin, what you said registered with me. I have Jupiter afflicted in the 8th house but am only now having hearing problem . Saturn will soon be transiting that Libra position this year and next.

  36. I have Venus 12th house, which was transited by Neptune 10 years ago.
    Everything applies to me.
    Romanticism, desire to be alone, meditate and nature.
    Nature, nature, nature, stars, stars
    A huge amount of love
    Softness and easy going, go with the flow
    Big inner emotions
    Cosmic thoughts
    Like arts and aesthetics
    Like colors
    Love music, especially soothing and melodic one

  37. …81st: having a ‘phantom’ lover.
    …82nd: devious.

  38. “The “trick’ is to learn how to be Neptunian in a Saturnian way…quality work on your endeavors, responsible use of gifts and talents, and learning how to sustain yourself.”

    How true, Donna. I love Neptune-Saturn effects in my life and my relationships – solidly mystic or mystically solid. Water and earth that becomes clay perfect for potterymaking.

  39. Hello, Donna!
    I have Venus, ruler of my chart in Pisces, 12th house and I do possess some of the traits listed in the post.
    Also, VR, your comment made a lot of sense to me. I have a tendency to offer unconditional love but that’s it – I try to keep it at intentional level only or express it in some other way, not direct it to people, because it’s not fair and it may not be human. We are living on earth so we must play by earthy rules.
    Also, about helping others – I have a tendency to feel sorry for people and to feel the pain but I do not interfere unless I see they want to help themselves.
    As far as I am concerned the traits conferred by Venus in Pisces are extremely personal, I try to integrate them and control them as much as I can.
    In a professional partnership this aspect soothes my tough demeanour.
    But I can’t be a Pisces Venus in intimate partnerships – it’s suicide!

    Also, I agree about the weirdness of Venus being exalted in Pisces. At its best this aspect can give saints and saints never end up well on Earth. Maybe this aspect offers hapiness in other worlds, but for people that live on Earth it provides more sorrow than happiness. And I know that some have mentioned that it gets better with age-like all 12th house placements, but what you miss at 20 you can’t relive at 40 or 60. There are parts of life that are absolutely erased.

  40. Erm I have venus squared neptune exact and I am suffering from sudden hearing loss, balance problems and tinnitus. I have wondered about medical astrology and if it would help. Little is known about sudden hearing loss as it is rare.

  41. Venus in Aquarius in 12

    Venus Trine Jupiter 1°34
    Venus Sextile Saturn 4°01
    Venus Trine Neptune 4°10
    Venus Opposition Pluto 0°21

    Neptune in Scorpio in 8th house

    If I relate to this list is it a indicator that my chart is connected to it?
    one that was not true was lack of possessiveness.

    • Mostly the Venus trining Neptune and Jupiter, as Jupiter expands whatever it touches. Donna

  42. I have the Sun conjunct Venus in the 10th trine Neptune,which is retrograde in Scorpio in my 2nd house.Neptune is part of a T-square with Mars in the 8th and the Moon in Leo in the 11th. It is also part of a grand water trine with Sun/Venus and Chiron.I don’t know if you count that as 2 grand water trines,one with the Sun and one with Venus. My NN is in Pisces conjuncting my descendant.That looks pretty Neptunian to me—Do you have any comments on any of these placements??

  43. I have Venus in Pisces conjunct my Pisces ascendant, with the Sun and Moon in Capricorn in the 11th. Neptune has been travelling through my 12th house for the past 12 years and it has been one heck of an experience, let me tell ya that, with my Mercury in Aquarius there.

    But now, it’s like I just want to wake up and get on with things, I feel like I have been asleep for soooo long. A troubling sleep at times, at other times, very sweet. I have learned alot, mostly about Capricorn stuff, like boundaries and lightening up and being kind instead of being judgmental. I feel good about the combination of Uranus in Aries (where my Saturn is in the 1st) and Neptune coming into Pisces. Maybe we will learn something really neat.

  44. Saggitarius Neptune in the 7th house, on the cusp of the 8th (with placidus or equal houses!) conj Ceres, and if allowing for an orb of eight degrees to conjunct Venus and Neptune, then the stellum crosses to the 8th house with Venus, Mercury, Juno, the Sun, and MC. In placidus this involves houses 7-9. So everything but Neptune & Ceres is in the 8th . . . but to continue . . .

    Neptune trines Mars,

    opposes the Moon,

    and sextiles Pluto, very tightly.

    Make’s me awfully “Neptunian”- for a Capricorn! In fact if it wasn’t for the cynical wit and intense depressions, I wouldn’t be identifiable as one. Let’s just say your list is revealing. Haven’t met too many more grand earth trine Caps who are into Reiki, Kabbalah, Chinese medicine, Qi Gong, and talking to trees and rocks and faereys . . . I think I scored above forty on the test there, with chiron and south node in the 12 house too.

    By the way, for any of you out there with planets/angles (or both) in the early bit of Capricorn, may the fates be merciful.

    Also immediately following transit of Pluto conj Sun & MC( 3X with retrogrades . .) which started just when I caught my breath from Saturn return, with saturn as one corner of the Grand Trine. . .) I’m getting into Neptune transiting opposite Saturn . . . which I guess also means sextile chiron and the sun, trine Jupiter, and now that I think of it, 150 degrees from the vertex . . . not to mention this will also eventually mean Neptune sextile everything else in the stellum, including Neptune!

    I hear Neptune transits can be “foggy” or “confusing”. Like I thought anything made sense after the last two years!

    I will say that this complex of geometry makes a mockery of the steriotypes of venus in Sag & Neptune in the 7th, except maybe being victimized by partners from time to time . . . . loyalty tends to be a bigger fault of mine than fickleness.

    By the by, any advice for what one with this type of natal chart should do when finding themselves completely in love with a person whose Mars conj their Neptune and who’s north node conj their 12 house chiron!? Naturally, she’s a Pisces.

    And as I know some of you are wondering, no, it didn’t just happen now that Neptune started raining down hyperdimensional moonbeams. . . it started almost 8 years ago . . . I’m not THAT into martyrdom, it’s just that people like that trait in a flunky . . .

  45. I have Mercury conjunct Venus and my ascendant in Taurus oposition Neptune in Scorpio in the 7th House. My cursory view of the article concurs.

  46. My younger son has Venus in Aries in the 12th house in an approaching exact Trine by 2 degrees to Neptune in Sag in the 8th house.
    He has a sensitive and spiritualized love energy.
    His Venus 17 forms a Yod by opposition to Pluto 17 ( exact) and Quincunx to the midpoint of North Node in Virgo 14 and Moon in Virgo 22 in the 5th H,.Also quncunx Uranus at 19 Scorpio just into his 7th house cusp.
    Another intertwined Yod Uranus 19 Scorpio opposition his Taurus Sun 17 on the Ascendant quincunx Neptune 19 Sag and quincunx Pluto 17 Libra 6th h. Its all intertwined.The Sun and Uranus are also parallel.

    He is brilliant in any subject but his personal relationships with physically or emotionally damaged women are a nightmare. However he has produced 3 very beautiful daughters that are definite anomalies pertaining to the defects of their parents.
    My son is a genius but socially hes of midget development and seems blind to these women who are very negative for and towards him. He seems better able to distinguish, real friends in friendships.
    He has a sharp edged mentality with Mercury conjunct Mars in Aries also in the 12 at 24/25 degrees….thats 7 degrees from Venus, so may be too far to count as a conjunction to Venus.
    He a great writer and excellent editor.His first love is Science.
    When he was six years old he made a paper thing he wore on his wrist and it demonstrated how air lifts planes off the ground. One morning when he was 5 he walked in and said;” Well Saturn transits into Libra today!” I was surprised and ran to my ephemeris and sure enough it did ! He always said Saturn was his favorite planet.
    When he was 6 I was trying to inspire him about our trip to ” Iron World” a place where there was outdoor music, entertainments and craft shows and rides. I was demonstrating blanket coat making there. So I said Movie Stars will be there. He asked;” will Alfred Hitchcock be there too?” I was startled to say the least…I more expected him to ask about Donald Duck! ha ha

  47. Oh gOd…where do I start??? I have a Neptune/Venus/Moon Stellium. The Neptune/Venus Conjunction Trines Jupiter in Pisces ( 5th House ). First husband was ( and I believe still is ) addicted to drugs ( alcohol, tobacco and painkillers ). I was 18 when I first met him and told him after a three week romance that I was going to move on. He began to cry and said that he needed my help to quit using drugs. Being the sucker that I am ( or was ) I paused for a few seconds to mull over the reality of what that would look like and I really could not see myself saying ‘no’ to anyone….much less someone I was intimately involved with. I felt a resignation and so went about nursing a man-boy.
    It did not end well for me or my sons.
    After 10 years I picked up my few belongings and four sons and left. I was not thinking of entering into another relationship as I was a full time mother and full time college student. There was no time for “relating” but I somehow managed to come into contact with this young man who stalked me all the way down the aisle of matrimony.
    What can I say to justify these deadly and toxic choices?….Just look at that Venus/Neptune/Moon combo in the 1st House, and, in Scorp no less, and that pathetic Jupiter in Pisces making a Trine to the equally debilitated Venus and Neptune. I think most people could see me coming from a mile away. I should add that I have a Libra Ascendant…not an easy birth chart.

    I am in my third marriage but I can gladly report that my Venus/Neptune and Jupiter are all doing very well. In this relationship I have been shown how to develop boundaries ( only because my husband has very firm ones was I able to do this work ) and save my sympathy for those who are vulnerable and in need of our protection. Men-babies and beggars no longer elicit any sympathy from me what-so-ever.

    I can see that the key to solving any personal problem begins with a deep self examination and mountains of objectivity. I was able to let go of the most damaging and negative aspects of the Venus/Neptune contact by simply facing reality.

    Good subject.

  48. Hello Donna….thanks so much for your Blogs ! I’m grateful to be able to share with others of a like mind !

    I submitted a response to one of your bloggers earlier today, regarding my 12th house Venus in Taurus, being opposed by transiting Saturn in my Scorpio 7th house !

    I just read through your Venus 12th house list of attributes….no wonder I’m feeling so jammed right-now ! Your insights are very helpful…at least I don’t feel quite so nuts. The past three years have been a butt-kicker, beginning with my second Saturn return, and now Saturn is taking a poke at my 7th house. I may just crawl under my bed and refuse to answer the telephone / door-bell etc.

    Thanks also to all you other good folks for your Wisdom, honesty (and courage). I will only crawl out from under the bed to read your messages !… Richard

  49. With Leo Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, and Jupiter in the 12th house, I identify with many of the traits on the list.

  50. Well I have sun and mercury in the 12th in Libra, and venus and neptune in the first, so pretty much the whole list, lol. But something I’ve often wondered, if you have venus conjuct any planet, does that mean you get the positive side of that planet? for instance I have none of the negative bits of neptune, like addictions, instead I have the high end, compassion and clairvoyance. I always assumed the positive was highlighted bc of venus.

    • The answer to your question about Venus bringing out the positive side of any planet it’s conjunct is…..that depends! It’s kinda complicated, as it depends on how happy both planets are in their signs and what other planets both of them are aspecting. It sounds like you’re doing a good job with that Venus-Neptune conjunction, though.

      And I tend to believe that any conjunction can bring out either the worst and the best of both planets, depending on the situation. For example, I have Venus and Saturn conjunct (well, Uranus is in the conjunction too, but let’s not go into that.) I say that I have an unlucky Venus because it’s conjunct Saturn (not an easy aspect where love is concerned.) On, the other hand, I swear that I have a lucky Saturn because it is conjunct Venus. For instance, I have an incredible sense of timing and a knack of being in the right place at the right time. I also have a certain kind of luck when I go out of my way to do the right thing for the sake of integrity…the kind of lucky windfalls where people say, “You must be living right.” Donna

  51. I have 4 planets in 12th house, Venus included. I’ve never been a believer in astrology, but it’s scary how good this fits me.

  52. I have venus opposite neptune and neptune in the seventh house. i can say i began loving people for no apparent reason. all my relationships have been with people who already had boyfriends or husbands, i was able to give up on all of them except for one…but should i have been too weak to push them away (if not for saturn in 4th) then i would have gotten into plenty of trouble with adultery or with their boyfriends lol, otherwise i would have fathered sons of people who i have no feelings for. taking off the rose colored glasses. thankfully this neptune transit is ending very soon and the saturn in 4th is also going to lose its negativity pretty much at the same time. Otherwise, the rest of my chart is wonderful, gonna leave it at that, thanx!

  53. too funny and spot on! thank you for taking the time to note it all down for the rest of us. I admit I score at least 95%+… Venus conjunct Mercury conjunct Ascendant late degrees in the 12th. The Moon in Capricorn and Mars in Virgo hold a few of those “out there” qualities in check- sometimes- as well a host of other challenging aspects. Most folks think having Taurus on the Ascendant mean a love of objects and possessions and I am so NOT that, this helps to explain. Jupiter in Aries in the 11th keep me undeterred and moving on.
    Much gratitude for shedding light….

  54. Venus in Pisces in 2nd quincunx Neptune in Libra in 9th, so in Mutual Reception. Was surprised to see Lack of concern for Financial Security on the list but that’s me. Now in retirement regretting I wasn’t more concerned; a love addict and probably do want a spiritual relationship more than a sexual one. Also quincunx Pluto in Leo in 7th and NN also in 7th, so relationships are something I should be working on. Have enjoyed the immersive aspect of relations in the past and haven’t any idea who is attracted to me and assume no one could be, or could only if I could provide money/possessions or the possibility of providing those. I think I am learning to embrace the lonely spiritual path. Love the ocean so deny myself by living in the desert, lol.

  55. Donna, just re read you article and it fits my oldest grand daughter, who has venus opposite neptune….however neptune is part of a grand air tine t0
    mercury and the moon. Her Sun trines Uranus so I pray she is not sidetracked by a druggie but finds someone brilliant!

    • Hi, Barehand, good to hear from you. Well, if she’s one who listens to you, then talk to her about it–forewarned is forearmed. Donna Cunningham

  56. Secret admirers, hidden attraction to art. I feel so deeply, but once I speak my feelings, people are scared off by their depth and intensity. Instead, I’ve learned to give more to my friendships and ties with my family in an effort to relieve my love addiction. there always seems to be a potential love interest though, it’s so hard not to want to try everything at least once even if it’s detrimental.

  57. A beautiful song by Jefferson Airplane called “Today” is very Venus-Neptune. It includes the lyrics “I’m so full of love/ I could burst apart/ And start to cry” and my personal favorite “Today, everything you want/ I swear it will all come true/ Today, I realize how much/ I’m in love with you”. Oh if only love were that easy! That’s Venus-Neptune: idealized love. The other alternative: a “beautiful” mess.

    I have the heart of a lion (Venus in Leo), but I’ll always be able to relate to Venus-Neptune. Venus rules my 5th and 12th houses. Neptune is in my 7th house. I am Neptunian and I’m drawn to Neptunian men and relationships. I’ve experienced the best and worst Neptune has to offer.

    My deepest love was unrequited. It was five years ago and the transits were unbelievable. Transiting stellium of Jupiter, Neptune, and Chiron conjoined my Midheaven and opposed my Venus. Delusions of grand love! In synastry his Neptune was conjunct my Dsc. exact, his North Node conjunct my Chiron, and my Venus completed a grand trine with his Venus and Neptune. I thought he was the most beautiful person in the world. If he had told me to jump off a bridge I probably would have. I let Neptune blindside me and my heart paid the price in the end. You live and you learn.

  58. Well that list describes my life…12th house Aries Venus. It is painful at times; a joy at times. Confusing for others.

  59. SPOT ON.

  60. I have venus in virgo in the 12th house. I relate with some topics from the list, specially the first, difficulty feeling loved by others, which is very true to me. I suspect I’m in a unrequited love too. The guy has saturn in sagittarius which squares my venus in virgo ( and at this moment there is this transit sat – venus ), he has venus in aquarius, I have moon in taurus etc. He already know I like him but I don’t believe he likes me because he just gives me vague answers, don’t say neither yes nor no. I suspect he is playing games.

    I agree with Milana, I also need to learn how to spread this huge love to other people. I’m trying to do with among some family members, I don’t have close friends outside my family ( only acquaintances ) but I want to do more voluntary work.

  61. Venus in 12th House Pisces, & Venus 5 degrees applying Sextile.

    I am a photographer, trying to become a videographer, and an animator.
    I wish I didn’t wasn’t too nice sometimes where I give up me time.
    Definitely have an easier understanding in human psychology than a fire sign would. (My Scorpio Moon helps)
    I love romance. I am a sucker for holding hands.
    Often times I really just go with the flow. Life takes me where it takes me. Obstacles are just easier to swim around rather than crushing through them. If I could live in water all day, I probably would. I find reason to be around water. (My photography works are becoming more and more underwater related.)
    I think and feel better when I am near water. (snow included).
    I love immersing myself in daydreams. Dreams are just as fun.
    Idea Factory. (12th house)

    I usually surround myself with lot’s of beautiful models. Men and women. (Venus being exalted in 12th house)
    I pride my works in finding elegance in photos. (Venus Pisces)

    Check my webpage to understand my vision if intrigued.

    • I saw youtube site, really beautiful photos.

      • your site I meant.

      • @natha Thank you for the compliment! 😀

  62. I have venus in pisces in 2nd house and my neptune in 12th house tight conjunction to my ascendant. Its like you are describing me here. All of them apply to me, scary :))

    • Sorry if it adds up to a scary picture, Dicle. But it serves as a spur to become aware of these self-defeating tendencies and to start addressing them more consciously. One place to start would be the free download of a chapter on co-dependency under the FREE tab of the front page of Skywriter. Donna

  63. Great article & comments!
    It took a bit of reading until I saw that Jamie shares my moon/Neptune/Venus stellium, mine is in 8th house Scorpio, they’re all 4 degrees apart.

    Also, I’m glad another appreciates their 12th house Saturn square to stellium as I do. (Except that my painfully the pragmatic Saturn came with intercepted Aquarius–chronic musculoskeletal troubles.) Perhaps Sun in cap (critical 0 degrees of course!) would rather the ‘shame’ of debilitation to that of a habitual stalker, lol. But the funniest thing about this is reading others’ accounts because I relate so profoundly to their experiences. It is funny when you look back on it, grow from it, & yes Neptune, use your wisdom to comfort and reassure and educate others. Saturn return this year was a day at the shore in comparison with the journey getting here…

    Jupiter & Chiron 1st house, Pisces rising, trine the moody stellium, Why Neptune’s conjunct natal Jupiter during my 29 year Saturn return is beyond me- but I keep digging through the web…

  64. Saturn at 12 degrees 12th house (Capricorn intercepted 1st house Moon, Mercury, Venus) Sun is Aquarius (Saturn conventional ruler) squaring Neptune in 10th. That list tells me inside-out. I have given the shirt off of my back without recognition and nothing in return. Ouch. Over and over again. I’ve had to isolate myself in self-preservation. Meditation is a gift given for my studiousness. Like magic and I am consoled even when sitting in an alleyway penniless. STILL I’d like to be with you but I no longer have parents to depend on. Maybe tea then?!

  65. Hello,
    Does it count if you have a Pisces descendant with no planets in the 7th? If it does, then I have all of these!

    • Yes, it would count, since Pisces is ruled by Neptune. Donna Cunningham

  66. I also have all 3!
    Confused as where to start 🙂
    95% of these are easy relatable

    • I also have all 3!
      Confused as where to start 🙂
      95% of these are easy relatable
      Venus in pisces (11°) in the 12th house
      Neptune 7th Libra (20°)

  67. Would you say that someone with a twelve house Venus is doomed to never be content with love. So many articles are saying that there will be an element of “suffering” in romantic relationships. Thank you for your response.

    • The word doomed should ever be used in analyzing a chart. And any astrologer
      who says you are doomed is not a professional. Donna

      • My daughter (named after Audrey Hepburn) has Sun-Asc Taurus and Venus in 12th (Neptune at T-square and Mars in Libra opposing Venus). A nice person indeed. Married to a man who has terror surface. She has asserted to doing coaching. She remains the ever loving person and criticizes but is compassionate. My best memory of her is sitting in the car and after a love song on the radio was sung she wasn’t ‘moved’ where I am swept away. I consider her emotion more true to compassion. The opposite sex cannot be projected upon with every emotion particularly ones pieces of confused ‘love’.

      • An astute comment, Eileen. Thanks for adding that insight to our discussion.
        Donna Cunningham

    • Not because it’s doomed to be “forever alone” but probably because we tend to be dreamers. And we tend to stick to our stories. And how good of a lover we might want insert all the best traits and expect them all. Or for heaven sakes be friend zoned. We tend to symbolize if we ever like someone and treat them as god. When in reality some might just want to be treated like a human with flaws.

      People sometimes think that they might not want to disappoint you when they don’t fit the bill. Some might consider it fake. Some just can’t “even”. Some don’t like that freedom that is required by Pisces when they fly into Neverland.

      That is probably why Pisces / 12th house escape to art in general. There you might learn beauty, and someone who share similar traits or someone that appreciate the beauty that Venus oozes.

      • A beautiful and loving interpretation. Thank you.

        For those who believe an aspect or placement in their chart “dooms” them, I think you might find the articles on this blog about “thought forms” and how to get rid of them. Thought forms are created by negative beliefs that are repeated over and over, until they are entrenched in our aura. They then attract
        the very hurtful situations we expect. Donna Cunningham

        this blog.

  68. Gosh, i have all three of these
    Venus in Pisces11°in the 12th
    Pisces asend
    Neptune in the 7th in libra20°
    I would say more half of the list applies 🙂

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