Posted by: Donna Cunningham | March 1, 2011

Whazzup with Astrology—on Skywriter and on the Web?

©3-1-2011 by Donna Cunningham, MSW

 I’ve been doing a tune-up here on Skywriter this week to make it easier to find and use certain key features. Here are some of the improvements:

A single page along the top of the blog that includes links to all the popular tests that measure the strength of various chart features, including the planets, elements, and modes of being here: Planetary Tests.

An updated list of the 20 most-visited articles of all time from Skywriter’s two years of publication, with live links to Readers’ highest ranked posts: Readers’ Favorites.

A reorganized and updated 16-page index by subject of the 470 articles in Skywriter’s archives—a great aid for any serious student of astrology. If you save it on your hard drive rather than print it out, the links are live. (Download it at: 1-Articles Index Skywriter 3-2011.)  Here are the sections:

  • PART 1– Articles about the 12 houses…p.1
  • PART 2– Articles about the Zodiac Signs…p.3
  • PART 3A–Articles about the Inner Planets…p.3
  • PART 3B– Articles about the Outer Planets…p.6
  • PART 4—Building Blocks of Chart Interpretation (Elements, Aspects, etc.)…p.8
  • PART 5—Astrology Applications (Career, Family, Etc.)…p.10
  • PART 6: Articles for Professional Astrologers…p.12
  • PART 7: Strictly for Fun…p.14

Astrology Sites You Shouldn’t Miss on the Web:

Looking  for a good, solid, experienced astrologer to do a private session about your chart?  No matter what astrological style or specialty you prefer, you should be able to find a good one at Tony Howard’s site, Find an Astrologer.

(Tony is also an excellent web designer, as you’ll see by visiting this site. He designs for some of the top astrologers, incorporating video and other state of the art features.)

The Mountain Astrologer not only has a great hard copy magazine, its weekly blog keeps you up to the minute on newsworthy events, both in the heavens and in the headlines. I particularly liked their recent blog post on the controversy about the constellation Ophiuchus.

Do you love AstroDispatch–Blog Digest as much as I do? This invaluable daily listing of the best astrology blogs on the net needs our support so it can continue.  Over the years, it has grown huge, taking up so much spaced that the monthly payments are burdensome for Elsa and her volunteer crew to keep up.

Bloggers, if you count on links from AstroDigest to bring traffic to your site, consider that an occasional $25 donation is less costly—and more effective–than advertising costs elsewhere. Follow the link to the front page, and scroll down the right hand column until you see the Tip Jar, which enables you to make a donation through PayPal.  (Use your mouse to click on the jar itself.)

Another long-time favorite free service that has become too costly to maintain is Lynda Hill’s delightful Sabian Oracle.  If you’re lucky today, you may  find it here:  Ask The Sabian Oracle But if you want to see it restored, Donate!   It’s time we thanked our volunteer helpers by giving back!   Donna


  1. you rock, donna! thanks for the education you bring to the astrology community. 🙂

  2. great idea about the retrogrades! great idea for a guest!!

  3. I like the new tabs. 470 articles – wow!

  4. Thanks so much for the soliciting support for the Astro Dispatch. Very much appreciated, Donna! 🙂

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