Posted by: Donna Cunningham | March 3, 2011

New Moon in Pisces ~ Out of the Formless

©2011 by guest blogger, Auntie Moon 

Donna says, Auntie Moon, one of my favorite blogs, does a great job, day in and day out, of charting the phases of the Moon and inspiring us to make uplifting and productive use of them. I was especially psyched about this post, because it also seems to reflect what else is happening in just a few days—a New Uranus, as Uranus emerges from a 7-year stay in Pisces and takes up residence in Aries. Here’s what Auntie Moon has to say.

Now there is a longing ~ a desire without form, a craving to enter an unchartered realm that holds the possibility of making all our hopes and dreams come true.

The New Moon of Pisces takes us in and then releases us ~ drawing in, releasing, drawing in, and releasing again. It is the steady roll from the deep psyche that kneads our longing into form. We hold it inside, protected, floating in a rhythmic current until the time is ripe and the metamorphosis begins. The nebulous world is evolving and we must embrace it or be reabsorbed. 

This is the divine spark, the first whirlings of our creation, as yet unspoken, though the first breath is soon to be drawn in. With the outpouring of that breath, the word is set in motion and the dream is born. 

From that moment on, we have set the path ~ from an ending to a beginning. 

Pisces/Pisces, the end of the cycle. In only a few days, we’ll enter a new world and the cycle will begin again. Spring! The ancient one becomes a child.

Never let go of hope. One day you will see that it all has finally come together. What you have always wished for has finally come to be. You will look back and laugh at what has passed and you will ask yourself…How did I get through all of that? ~ Unknown 

These are the last of the formless days. We can use them to incubate our wishes for the next complete turn of the wheel. As the seasons unfold, we can watch those wishes take form. Here are a few suggestions for steps you can take during the New Moon of Pisces to help you shape the coming year.

Draw on your memories ~ Put a brief retrospective together of something you learned as the sun passed through each house of your natal chart this past year. Begin with Aries. What did he teach you? Move on to Taurus. What lesson was there for you? Do you notice similarities from year to year? 

Analyze the dream now ~ What events from this past year ~ Aries to Pisces ~ stand out as especially significant to you? Do you see their significance in your natal chart? When Aries arrives, we will slowly awaken. The past can dissolve and the details may be lost. 

Season your world ~ The seasons are the cardinal markers along the path. Did you bring something new into your life last Spring? Did you nurture it through the summer months, harvest it during the autumn, and draw on it during winter? Can you rebirth it for this new turn on your path? 

List your assets ~ What did you accomplish? No matter how small, acknowledge your wins. Do your best to let the losses go. Grieve them, and start to release them. Choose what you carry with you.  

Who were your helpers ~ They might be in your closest circle or they may have been a stranger who brought just the message you needed to hear just when you needed it most.  They may even have been an enemy. Give them your gratitude.

Are there stars in your eyes ~ What excites you, fills you with hope? Write it down on a piece of paper, draw a circle around it, and keep it someplace where you can see it every day.

What can you do today ~ Embrace a loved one, release an enemy. Encourage yourself.

Footsteps ~ Just as the waves erase our footsteps along the shoreline, let the past be the past. Stop for a moment and see where you are. This is now. Accept it or change it and move toward tomorrow.

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About the Author:  Auntie Moon says, My interest in astrology and numerology grew out of my exposure to the tarot. I’d always loved symbols and these cards hooked me in no time. All those numbers on the cards and references to signs and planets sent me on a quest to learn as much as I could about astrology and numerology. For someone who loves symbols, it was easy to see how the three systems work together.

Then, somehow, everything sort of shifted into place and it was just a part of everyday life. It felt right, natural, authentic. I’ve never waivered in my love of metaphysics. It has taught me so much about people, helping me to appreciate and respect all our different perspectives. It took me out of my tiny little world and opened so many doors to understanding. Symbolism of the signs and planets is my primary interest in astrology, and the symbolism abounds. We have the universe at our fingertips and it is for us to enjoy. I think of this as bringing the zodiac inside ~ inside our homes, our hearts, our bodies and our souls.  If you’re interested in numerology, please visit my numerology blog, Year~Seer.

Art credits:  The New Moon Theater in Neligh, Nebraska. came from WikiMedia Commons, courtesy of Ammodramus.   Picture of the orchestra came from WikiMedia Commons, courtesy of  Daniellebrewer.  Animation of the lunar phases came from Wikipedia, original upload 7 September 2005 by Tomruen [1] .


  1. Wow…..I am impressed!
    that was beautiful poetry…fitting for Pisces. I was floating along on the out and in breath of your writing. A great take on this New Moon! Thanks Donna!
    Time for the Japanese New Moon Tea ceremony!

    Cannot wait for Uranus in Aries….I love Uranus! With my Uranus / Mars conjunction / Parallel, it should be right up my alley!

    • I loved it, too. Not my poetry, but our guest blogger, Auntie Moon. Donna

  2. Woah!!
    This is crazy–I read this as I generally read anything about pisces, as my natal moon is in pisces so it always interests me- but that picture is from a tiny town theater in neligh nebraska? nuts! being from omaha, i have friends from neligh, and i never knew of such a thing. small world… pisces connects us all, like the oceans on our itsy bitsy corner of earthen sky. thanks pisces!
    and donna, and auntie moon too.
    and tiny tim.
    had to say it.

  3. I just wanted to say i recently found my birth cert. to realize I had been studing the wrong birth chart for years. Born an hour later realized I was a virgo with pisces accendent to follow where uranus will hit. Am I correct for thinking my 2nd house is where uranus is going and pisces was recently in my 1st house

    • It depends on the degree numbers on the cusps of the first and second houses. If you have late degrees of Pisces rising like 20 and then let’s say 20 degrees of Aries on the second house cusp, then Uranus will be in your first house for 5-6 years more before it goes into the second. Donna

  4. Thank you, Donna, for reprinting this piece. And thank you, too, Barehand, for the kind words. I have to agree ~ that is one snazzy theatre marquee.

  5. Thank you, Auntie Moon!
    This post makes me so curious to know what your favorite/most consulted Tarot deck would be? Guess I should be perusing your site to find out…
    Thanks, Donna, for introducing us to the best…as we computer neophytes could wander in that wilderness far too long without the real waters.

    • Hi, Berta. I tend to like the traditional RWS decks and clones, esp. Universal Waite, Morgan Greer, and Robin Wood decks. When reading for myself, I usually go for the Osho Zen deck as it allows me to really step outside myself.

      • I’m late to see it and respond but thanks for your reply. Being old school, the RWS was all I used for many years though I owned and “played” with several others –then one day I picked up the Aquarian deck and it just spoke to me…the visuals are very earthy, as am I. Will seek out the Zen deck for a look/see.

  6. I can relate to Auntie Moon I have studied Astrology, Numerology, Metaphysical properties all of my life, I think that when you know Astrology everything else just falls into place. The way I started reading Tarot cards was when I was at the Temple of the Living God almost thirty years ago doing Astrology readings the regular Tarot reader didn’t show up and in those days we were still just getting started and people still were a little afraid of us so we were few, so they asked me if I would like to try reading Tarot I said sure why not so I went down into their book store and bought a deck of cards laid them out in the pattern I knew best (the Astrology wheel) and read all day I have never looked back it was just so simple and right. I think if everyone would stop thinking that it is so difficult and just started doing it they would find that it is as natural as breathing and peace would be found within. Thank you for the thoughts on the months of the year as well finding something for each month that we have learned I really liked that. Walk Lightly and bright blessins.

  7. Wow, what a lovely image for this New Moon. We know that cinema is an art form for imagination, just like Pisces. Thank you for sharing with us, Auntie Moon.

    A Devoted Lunar Fan

  8. I am celebrating the New Moon in Pisces by going dancing and writing poetry 🙂

  9. Auntie Moon,
    What a delightful walk through the seasons, and a perfect way to take myself through the watery-ness of the Pisces New Moon. I have been wading into the water, way beyond the still touching my toes on the sand wading … coming to read this is serendipity. A life-saving way to be:)
    Thanks cj and Donna for the messages.

  10. Just nitpicking here, but…I just noticed that the New Moon theatre
    sign actually depicts an Old Moon–a common mistake. Oh, well–it’s still cool and my favorite Lillith phase, the one of my birth.
    (I’m not a Virgo–just a wet-blanket Capricorn!)

    • LOL! Pick on, Berta! Where would I be without my fact checkers? Donna

      • Was all set for Erin on retrogrades with a real zinger…Right now my natal Saturn, progressed Saturn R, and transiting SaturnR all occupy the same degree in Libra—But I see that question would be against the ground rules of her forum. Waah!

      • It sounds like a major wakeup call from Saturn. Spend some time taking natal Saturn apart, with all it’s aspects, and start working on any areas where you’re phoning it in. That way you can pull out some of Saturn’s good qualities and accomplish some really worthwhile things. Donna

  11. About the Tarot….its a great discipline. I started with the Alester Crowley Deck back in 71 ….loved the Art work but not the mentality behind it.
    I have settled on the ” Healing Earth” deck which has six suits and uses the 7 Race’s spiritual disciplines. I do readings every summer for the general public, camped in my Tipi at the local park. Its like counciling sessions for the people and works well.
    For my self I use the Healing Earth Deck most but also the Hawaiian MANA cards, The Lakota Sweat Lodge Cards, The Medicine Cards based on Animal powers, and last but not least , The Mandala Astrological Deck. It all depends on the type of questions I might have.
    As an artist and Medicine Wheel speaker I have often thought about creating my own deck based in the Medicine Wheel teachings.
    Thanks for your work here Donna and Thanks Auntie Moon for your inspired New Moon in Pisces writings!

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