Posted by: Donna Cunningham | March 10, 2011

Crossover—Uranus moves from Pisces to Aries

©3-10-2011 by Donna Cunningham

I don’t know about you, but it’s seemed like the Cosmic Soup has been pretty thick and murky these last few days.

What’s that, you ask? 

It’s that big vat of feelings and situations simmering on the back burner in our Collective Kitchen all the time. We’re all feeding on it. What’s in the pot changes every day, and we don’t know what we’ll get, but the pot is always there.

For me, it’s been a general funk. I don’t want to write, can’t think of anything worth writing, ready to believe I might never write again. I’m bored to death with everything—nothing I want to do, nothing I want to read, nothing I want to watch, and nobody I want to get together with.

And when I call somebody to bitch and moan about my mental state, rather than sympathizing like a good friend would, they tell me that I’m not all that special, because they and everyone else they know are in exactly the same state of mind.

That’s when I know it’s time to haul out the ephemeris and see what’s going on with the Cosmic Soup.

It looks like an electric malfunction—Uranus AND Mercury are conjunct at 29° Pisces, poised to leap in tandem into Aries any minute. They’re like a loose wire, misfiring in the Neptunian fog.

Not only that, but Neptune itself is poised at 29° Aquarius all month, ready to ooze into Pisces for the first time in our lives. So it’s a murky, jerky Neptunian soup we’re in.

How about you?  Are you chowing down on Cosmic Soup with the rest of us? If so, maybe these articles from Skywriter’s archives will help you sort it out.  (If it’s especially thick where you are, start here: Neptune and the Cosmic Soup–How Psychic Contagion Depletes Us .)

UPDATE:  Tonight, on the 10:00 PM news, they are announcing an 8.9 earthquake in Japan, with aftershocks in the 6s and 7s, along with a tsunami of 30′ waves.  Perhaps those of us 0n the West Coast/Pacific Rim were responding to the buildup of pressure leading to it

I just checked the earthquake map for Oregon, and yesterday we had a 5.0.  I am extremely sensitive to even 2.0 tremors here in Oregon. I feel quite an erratic mess for a day or two beforehand and then rapidly settle down after. One symptom that should alert me that a quake is impending is when I start thinking I ought to make an appointment with a neurologist.  Donna

A retrospective of Uranus in Pisces:

 Looking ahead to Uranus in Aries:

And from the 2010 Blogathon, in which  70 astrology blogs joined to explore the implications of the Cardinal Cross, here’s Auntie Moon’s collection of articles about the various ways Uranus in Aries may affect us: Uranus in Aries: Claiming a Self-Reliant Future 

So, Readers, how are you doing?  Are you in the Soup? Are you relieved that Uranus is crossing into Aries?  Or do you worry about it?  Share your thoughts about the crossover in the comment section.  

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  1. Well if feeling like you are in the dark about just about everything fits this mold, that is me. We have had problems and misunderstandings and confusion with everything we have done since the middle of Feb and I am afraid to leave the house for fear of screwing something up.

    I also have Neptune in opposition to my Mercury and Pluto in my second and from what I read that really can add to the confusion, especially with all the purchases or services we have had done. We have had problems with every transaction in the last month. I even had one person tell me I gave them a counterfeit 50!

    And my computer acts like it is possessed by a demon. Not even my computer group can help me with it. I need a change, so I hope something is about to shift. 🙂

    • I have this same thing going on, though mine has been ongoing for over a year… I can’t seem to move forward with anythinng, have no inspiration or enthusiasm about anything… I keep thinking it HAS to be this home we bought, something is wrong here… but I really don’t know what it is… I just keep looking for answers to why I’m in this mode.

      • LJ, we just bought a car and it has been one problem after another and I keep saying why did we do this. Now I am reluctant to make a move to do anything. But as I look at the rest of the world I see that things are changing and people don’t like change. Maybe Uranus into Aries is the jumpstart we will all welcome.

    • That is a good point… we are doing the same thing… asking ourselves “why did we do this?” It’s like everything I do, I seem to regret and wish I hadn’t, or with I’d have chosen the ‘other’ option. It’s been like that with most everything for quite some time. Now, it’s like… I don’t want to do anything, make any decision, because I will probably regret it… and just as you say, I’m simply reluctant to make any decision, if I don’t have to! I keep telling myself, perhaps its me that needs an ‘attitude adjustment’… Thanks for your reply, and if there is ‘comfort in numbers’… it’s comforting to know that it isn’t just happening to me.

      [LJ, we just bought a car and it has been one problem after another and I keep saying why did we do this. Now I am reluctant to make a move to do anything. But as I look at the rest of the world I see that things are changing and people don’t like change. Maybe Uranus into Aries is the jumpstart we will all welcome.]


      PAMMY 7-4-1961 BORN IN LOS ANGELES @ 7:55 AM







      • Pammy, I am way beyond retired, to the point where this blog is all I can give to the world. I will email you a list of astrologers, several of whom have psychotherapy credentials. Make your proposition to them. Best of luck. Donna

      • Pammy, if you can read any of Donna’s books – they will help. Her work on Pluto helped me thru some very dark days in my life. Just remember its a process and not something that will be resolved quickly. You can do it!

  2. Ha ha! No confusion with me! Uranus into Aries is exactly opposing my Libra ascendant at 0 degrees, and squaring my Mars at 2 degrees Cancer. Lots of energy is passing from me to others and back to me again. It’s an interesting experience, to say the least. Hope I survive it (only half kidding!).

  3. With Uranus at 29 Pisces from the 6th H, it opposes my Jupiter at 29 Virgo in the 12th H. Then it will tick off Chiron and Amour at 2 Libra, and Neptune at 5 Libra and my Asc. at 9 Libra. Then there is transit Neptune in the 5th H at 29 Aquarius opposition my Sun at 29 Leo in the 11th H.

    Me thinks this relates to me raising my 1st grand daughter, from her birth, who is 8. That the same son, the father has another 2 daughters , ages 1 1/2 and 5 months. This mother is unstable like the first mother is My ( youngest) son struggles with the situation, and in his heart of hearts does not want to give up on the mother and 2 more daughters, but it is really hard for him as he is trying to finish college so he has a chance for a good job needed to support them. Because of her state the whole thing is iffy.
    I have also been planing to move and take foster girls to teach Culture etc. However I am beginning to suspect I might have to take the little ones. I do not look forward to being tied down by this. My first grand daughter is at the age where we are both mobile and able to really have fun learning together.I wanted foster girls her age.

    In general I look forward to Uranus in Aries and have always super enjoyed any transits of Uranus because natal Uranus is conjunct Mars in Gemini and well aspected to my Sun and Moon.

    But I have trepidations concerning the square, transit Uranus in Aries will make to Pluto in Capricorn. By then transit Pluto will be on my Nader.
    30 years ago I had a technicolor vision of future times, about a southern chunk of the Precambrian shield moving.
    The Precambrian Shield is the oldest bedrock in the world and survived several destructions of Earth; it stretches from here to the Hudson Bay area and reaches deep into the earth. If it moves everything moves. All else floats on Magma.
    In the vision it did NOT move as one body but rather only a southern chunk did and it caused devastation in our area. Our ancestral home and 40 mile long lake, disappeared! There were sign posts in the vision and all of them have now come to fruition. I feel the Uranus square to Pluto will be the astrological trigger. This is the biggest reason I am moving and why I have trepidation about this aspect.

    Warning people is NOT easy because people just think you are coo coo. Or they cannot uproot and are fatalistic or nonchalant and will happily go with the flow; which is cool.Not so cool when one of the nonchalant is the oldest son!

    I want to ( besides foster girls) set up a receiving ground of food, shelter and first aid for escapees, in an area close by. I saw in the vision that many survivors would be in a state of shock and unable to care for themselves.

    It would be great to write it all off as me laboring under Neptunes fog ; however I am not willing to take that chance since I have always dreamed true.
    My humorous Neptune side thinks this situation calls me to write THEE Rock N’ Roll song of the century.

    • Barehand, you rock sooo bad, you should be a rock band!!!

    • I agree with VR, you rock!!!!! 😉

  4. Exactly. I feel like everything is going down hill, what’s the use, when do I get off this merry-go-round, everything is showing itself at it’s worst, and I have many impulses to prepare by paring down, downsizing, wanting to pair up with like minded souls, but I can’t decide when the actual moment to act will be. I feel that a tipping point is coming but I am not sure what to do exactly because it seems so overwhelming and enormous.
    Now, I might be deathly sick, might go broke, no, it’s not that bad, but get life insurance just in case, buy a house on the beach in a far away archipelago before it all goes haywire. Well, who knows?
    And the people in my life that I wish would grow up, get off drugs, stop being cruel, ask me out- don’t!
    They don’t have a clue either! It’s all parallel universes and too risky to deal with. I just want to stay home and protect myself.

    • Your last comment is right on for me…stay home and protect myself! At least you know it isn’t all you as your read the posts. We had problems and deceptions on many things we have done lately and I keep wondering to myself, aren’t they listening to me?

    • “Stay home and protect myself”.

      Boy Susan (and Susie), can I ever relate. If you read my comment below, you’ll see I’ve been feeling the same thing. Makes me realize how valid the feeling is. And I’ve also experienced lots of Neptunian deception. You’re not alone.

    • Oh man…. EVERYTHING you said, Susan, goes for me too! Glad to know I’m not the only body being dragged around in the undertow. Looking for that moment of release when I get flung back out to sea and then can swim determinedly back to shore! A new shore, of course… but land nevertheless!

  5. Thick and murky, huh? I’d add cold and dark, like when someone dies, that sort of thing. Myself, being by nature a person of dark costitution and negative mentality, I’ve been struggling with this type of feelings my entire life, and I think I’ve somehow developped a mechanism of some sort to work my way through these periods.
    Basically, what I do is ignore me, and just refuse to be overwhelmed by this mood. I pretend it’s not there, try to keep busy, try to not think about it, and certainly don’t talk about it. I’ve also found that being with people helps- I have an asc-sun conj., so I’m conditioned to behave like a sunshine even when I’m anything but. Another trick that is pretty embarrassing but works- at least for me- is, well, talking to myself (!). So, when I feel besieged by a negative frame of mind, I go to the mirror and order myself to shut up or get it together or whatever. And, for the rest part, I try to keep in mind that this too shall pass.
    As for Uranus’ ingress in Aries, it scares the heck out of me. After all, it will be transiting my 8th, and this can’t be good, right?
    P.S. I’m sorry you feel this way Donna, but one thing I’m sure of, you Will write again. You’re a Writting Machine! 🙂

    • Thank you, VR. I think I’ve just needed a rest and renewal period. I’m reading back issues of my writers’ magazines and some books about writing like Bird by Bird and Writing Down the Bones to revive my interest in writing.

      When I go through an ansty period like this, I just try not to inflict myself on others. If I’m getting on my own nerves, there’s no doubt I’d get on other people’s too. Donna

      • I love “Bird by Bird”; inspirational for me.

      • Angst, retreat, ennui, dread…seems like we’re all waiting for the “other shoe to drop”. It’s palpable and looming–an existential Jungian shadow of clashing archetypes.
        I’m just wanting to curl up with the best non-fiction essay writers…even if they’re ‘preaching to the choir’ of kindred souls.
        ‘Writing Down the Bones’, yes!…also anything by Diane Ackerman–(‘ A Natural History of the Senses’)–, or Annie Dillard’s ‘Pilgrim At Tinker Creek’, etc., and Kathleen Norris; ‘Cloister Walk’ and ‘Dakota’, Thomas Merton, Clarissa Pinkola-Estes’ : ‘Women Who Run With the Wolves’…
        What I’m trying to express here is that these are the post-industrial times when practicism fails us…when not only politics, religion and technology but even our personal experiential systems, (including astrology) can only nurture the Zeitgeist…that unruly Beast eating the planet one prairie and one rain forest at a time.
        Only the poets can speak truth to us now…

      • Since we’re “not inflicting ourselves on others”…how about a sidebar of “Books and Authors” that are non-astrological?…where you/we could just make suggestions?

      • By all means, go ahead, Berta. I’d start by nominating Amanda Owen, whose excerpts from a book about learning how to receive were printed here recently. Donna

      • Hi Donna
        I am finally catching up and saw this thread. I hope you are feeling better. I love ‘Bird by Bird.’ I’m glad you mentioned it. I may pick it up again.
        And thank you for recommending my book 🙂

  6. Donna, does Uranus being in a critical degree in Pisces have anything to do with what’s going on, rather than just an upcoming change of signs?

    • Good question, Jack. Perhaps one of the reasons the 29th degree of signs is called a critical degree is precisely because the planet that enters it is getting ready to make the change of signs.

      And the 29th degree of Pisces especially, since it is the final degree of the zodiac, therefore the planet that crosses it is about to enter a brand new cycle at 0 Aries. That would be my best guess. Donna

      • According to Sakoian & Acker, Predictive Astrology-any planet at 29 or 0 degrees is Anarectic or called a ” fate degree”.
        The matters influenced by a planet at this degree have reached a critical phase of development and must be dealt with. These must be handled at the appropriate times, such as being aspected by major transits or Eclipses. The individual will feel a sense of urgency and any attempt to ignore warnings or delay dealing with the affairs will result in major failure and frustration. In considering the influences of the planet at anaretic degree , the house ruler, its depositing planet and its decanate and duad should also be considered.( What does duad, mean please?)
        With my comment above one can see natal Sun at 29 Leo in the 11th and Jupiter in Virgo at 29 in the 12th concern major self expression and leadership in groups , plus Jupiters rich Cultural heritage to be shared deposited by Mercury ( 25 Leo R)…the youth; together with Sun ,in opposition ( to transit 29 Neptune in Aquarius 5th H ..children. I cant express how much I feel like I am treading a huge watery undertow that drags me back from a goal I clearly see.
        This blog and the questions brought up shall serve to help me muster a Herculean effort to GET ON WITH IT! Thanks much!

  7. I have been getting this overwhelming urge to write (Uranus and Mercury are trine my natal Mercury). The problem I have is that there’s little time to devote to what I enjoy best, since my life is so busy with a must-do list.

    By the way I also had some car trouble this week and it was discovered and fixed just in time. (is that luck or what?)

    • The usual recommendation is to get up half an hour early and write. Or take half of your lunch hour. We find time for the things that matter–the rest is our way of avoiding the fear of creativity. Donna

      • Getting up early doesn’t work for me. I’d rather burn the night oil than wake with the roosters. So that’s when I write, after the chores are done (provided it’s not too late), since sleep is important, too. The problem is getting up late for work in the a.m. And I hate alarm clocks.

  8. Nice to know what’s going on – I’m feeling tired and sluggish most of the time too. I’m actually looking forward to Uranus changing signs, a change would be nice. Any change – to a certain degree. Uranus will oppose natal Mercury in 10th, so I’m hoping this will boost my writing career. I also looked at Neptune, and it will start to oppose a stellium in the 9th – first Uranus at 1′ Virgo, then Sun, Pluto and finally Moon at 10’Virgo. I’m even looking forward to this now, although I do have reservations about Neptunes fogginess – I’m hoping for lots of inspiration! When Pluto entered Capricorn and trined the stellium, I finally got something published again after a few years of nothing, and now I’m writing full time, so no disasters, please. I’d like to keep doing what I’m doing!

    • I’m with you Natalie! I feel tired, sluggish, and sleepy, and not working doesn’t help. I have Aries on the 10th house cusp, so hopefully the Wheel of Fortune will bring unexpected life-altering good fortune.

      Here’s to change!


  9. Hi Donna,
    The events happening in Libya are causing me deep sadness. The tide has turned, the rebels are being pounded. It is going to be bad for them, very bad. I am sure that this affects us all in a depressive way.
    Uranus moving into Aries is violence & rebellion…. but I want happy endings. Waaaahhhh

    Personally, my Ascendant is at 28 degrees, so everything is firing off of my Gauquelin sectors.
    Yet at the same time, with my Midheaven at 1 degrees of Aries, I’m energised.

    • It is sad about Libya. We can’t go in and try to save them…we can barely finance our own government. Donna

  10. Well, I guess it’s good to know I’m not alone in what I’ve been picking up on. Especially these last few days as I’ve remained inside and tried to connect via the internet. I’ve had the strangest feeling, as if something big (???) is about to happen and something else is about to end. So I’ve been hibernating, killing time, waiting, waiting. . . and my dreams the past two nights have had a recurring theme – something very unpleasant and very much a potential manifestation of Uranus in Aries. It feels volatile and unsafe, and I want to hide from it, whatever “it” is.

    I’m very empathic, and when I went out shopping the other day, I returned home feeling frustrated and angry. Don’t know why, since everyone was pleasant and all went well – at least on the surface.

    These past months have been strange too – I’m all set to move forward with big new plans, yet something holds me back. It’s like I’m waiting for something to resolve, knowing the sand is still shifting beneath my feet.

    Thanks for posting this, Donna.

  11. I had my apartment flooded, I spent two weeks out of it and over a month cleaning afterwards. I am getting new stuff to do at work, THANK GOD, but am at risk of layoffs come the summer anyway and probably will get booted out the door when it comes. I have gotten dumped by a lot of friends and I’m getting really tired of that. My mother has found herself a new Internet boyfriend. And that’s only the last 2 months and a week and a half.

    I’m afraid I will not be able to deal with or even survive the impending Uranus in my sixth. I have no idea how the hell I can ever get employed again if I lose this. I don’t know how I’m not going to end up moving home with Mom and never getting a job again, because looking at my solar return chart, I’m so doomed. (Birthday is in April… yeah.)

    • Hi, Jennifer, I know it’s scary out there, but Uranus transits through the career houses, while they can be a period of instability,generally lead to greater freedom, like being an independent contractor or having your own business. See these articles: and Donna

      • Uranus is at 29 Pisces opposing my Jupiter at 29 Virgo. Its been in the 6th house and I have found that I can barely do anything with what I have always done , like hand making the historical blanket coats with embellishments including embroidry , astrology soul charts, writing, painting ; but anything new is green lights all the way.
        It was my introduction to the computer world and my taking up Karate which has increased my bone density and brought back better health. I feel strong and good.I am experimenting with healthy drinks and organic good fresh foods. Astrologically I began doing event charts for the many natural disaster around the world. Anything new seems to work out well but doing old things seems to take a lot of super effort.

  12. I have to take it one day at a time to get through. I know if I have expectation of any body but myself I’m setting myself up for disappointment. As far as Uranus going into Aries I am concerned. I have a cardonal t sq and Aries is my open end. Have no idea what challenges this will bring but I find if I think of the things I’m thankful for and ask what I need to learn from this experience to make it a win win I tend to do better. It’s not to say that I have this down pat because I have been known to go kicking and screaming. Wishing you all the best the universe has to offer.

  13. Heh, my 29 Libra Sun always whines and moans when a major outer planet hits 29 degrees. I keep telling myself “this too will pass” 🙂

    All the interruptions around my house have made it difficult to stay focused and my fixed sign Mercury NEEDS peace & quiet or I lose my train of thought. Mercury-Uranus conj yesterday was a jolt to the nervous system.


  14. I’m just waiting if all that mess I have had last 5 years, will start all over again. Uranus dwells still in my 7th 2 more years. Has anybody has Uranus in 7th right now?
    It’s been a real roller coast and I really hope things will start to settle down soon.

    I feel nothing interests me, like something will come but I don’t know what it will be.

    • Hi Hilton
      Uranus just moved out of my 7th house sometime last year – it had been transiting my 7th since early 2004 … incidentally, when it was nearly exact conjunct my DC, my husband and I split up. We had been married nearly 10 years and had 3 children. We had a very unconventional split (living together for more than a full year after deciding to ‘separate’ – at the time it was more about giving each other the freedom to pursue potential relationships outside the marriage) and in fact he is in my basement right now dealing with some rising water levels for me! He ended up buying the adjacent house (semi-detached) so that we could keep the kids under one roof. All in all it has been a very positive time. I have discovered deep love and while none of it has turned into a lasting relationship, I am still friends with 2 of the 3 men (the third coincided with Neptune squaring my Venus and let’s just say I’m glad that will NEVER happen again in my lifetime … absolutely awful!).

      • Hi Tara,

        sorry I’m kind of laughing here (not in a bad way tho)..just like my story!!!!
        At least we are still alive 😀 … I wish life will turn to be easier for us. I guess you have learnt something valuable from relationships during these years as well as I have. My gosh, life can really be full of suprises.

        p.s Would be nice to chat with you privately, if you are interested in?

        I wish you all the best Tara 🙂

    • Oh, laughing is good! I’d welcome a chat … you can email me at be-the-change @

  15. I’ve been having the same feelings. I have the Sun-Venus-Mercury in Pisces in the fifth house, and I can’t remember the last time I wrote in my journal or blogged. Writing is such a big deal to me, and brings me a great deal of comfort, yet my mind feels blank most of the time.

    I promised myself this year I would really delve into my Metaphysical studies, but I have books I’ve ordered still in boxes. I cannot focus to save my life. I no longer watch television, and my brain feels like mush! I keep asking myself, “Nicole, what the heck is wrong with you?!”

    I spoke with my ex last night (He’s a Sagittarius) we have a daughter together, and I had a meltdown over the phone. I cried until my head felt like it was going to explode, but I started to feel a little better! 🙂

  16. Uranus in Aries will be entering my 6th house (I have Chiron @ 14 deg there), So I am a bit concerned about my health. I’m looking into healing techniques, and I’ve taken up meditation to calm me a bit. I spend a tremendous a mount of time freaking out about things. I have Libra Rising @ 21 degrees so Uranus will be entering my 7th house also. Saturn in currently in my 12th house, and soon Neptune will be entering Pisces, and Chiron is currently in Pisces as well. A lot of pain from my past has been creeping up on me. It’s difficult.

    When everyone discusses staying home and “Hiding”, I can so relate to this. I walk down the street, and I expect an anvil to fall on me like in the cartoons!

    • Hi Nicole,

      Uranus is leaving my sixth house. I was diagnosed with cancer in August of 2009 and had a kidney removed and now I am fine. The point I want to make is that I think Uranus in the sixth will have health issues come up all of a sudden. Just as suddenly as I was diagnosed, my surgery came less than two months later. Quickly in and quickly out seems to be Uranus’ specialty.

      • Ah, so sorry. I can see why you’d be concerned. One thing I have observed over the years is that 6th house transits are more less likely to signify health problems when the person is happy and fulfilled in their work. Uranus transiting the 6th can be a time of experimenting with a variety of exciting lines of work, leading eventually to self-employment, so I hope that’s how it goes for you.

        The other thing I would expect with Uranus in Aries transiting the 6th is that state of the art technology would have a huge impact on the line of work. In order to stay relevant and employed, it would be important to keep up with those technological advances. Luddites, is your pride in being counter-culture worth losing your livelihood? Donna


      • The other thing I would expect with Uranus in Aries transiting the 6th is that state of the art technology would have a huge impact on the line of work. In order to stay relevant and employed, it would be important to keep up with those technological advances. Luddites, is your pride in being counter-culture worth losing your livelihood? Donna

    • Hi Nicole – I also have my natal Chiron in the 6th and if there’s one thing Uranus transits have taught me, it’s that we must first discover, then learn to value our uniqueness in whatever form it takes – all while remaining true to our highest calling. Uranus may shake up your old wounds, make you look at them a little differently or maybe force you to deal with them; you might even have a sudden epiphany! When T.Uranus joined my natal Chiron, I took on greater responsibilities related to work and family, and in doing so it brought up old issues related to self-worth. I started to wonder if I’d allowed other people to define me in ways that didn’t really fit, and if I’d limited myself by always living up to both their best and worst expectations of me.

      In my case, Uranus’ transit didn’t have a physical manifestation, but even if you do face some physical challenge, just remember it won’t define you – you’re more than the sum of your parts. Every lesson you face will only help to make you a little more assertive, a little bit surer of yourself in spite of your imperfections, and probably a little bit more tolerant of the imperfections in others. You don’t have to earn your worth, and you don’t have all the answers; you’re valuable even when you’re vulnerable.

      Do whatever you’re called to do – if improving your technological skills is what you need (and enjoy), then like Donna said, don’t let fear hold you back. On the other hand, there are any number of good reasons why someone might be unwilling, unable (or uninterested) in keeping up with the latest technology. If it doesn’t fit for you, then try and discover something that does (maybe some form of healing).

      There’s no reason for you to ever feel “less than”. I know because that’s just how I felt during and right after my Chiron Return (obviously, I didn’t get the full message during Uranus’ transit – lol!) Ironically, I questioned my worth because I was no longer able to “keep up”, either physically or technologically. Ultimately, it ended up being a blessing in disguise, since it led to a new and exciting path – thank God we all have different gifts! Eventually I found another way and learned to accept my imperfections in the process. Hang in there!

  17. Raises hand ! Have you missed me here ? ;0 I have been questioning So many things lately, where I put my time and energy, whether the input is worth the outcome. Others might call it depression, but as someone Very Familiar with that, I can honestly say, No It Isn’t. It is a malaise, a feeling of not even knowing What I want, and finding that the usual methods are not working. I just have no rudder. Haven’t really since October and my Solar Return. If you were to tell me my Wish was going to come true, besides World Peace and the health and happiness of loved ones, I would have nothing. In the last 24 hours though, things have begun to look up a wee bit and I do have some very cautious optimism.

    And here I was just thinking it was the horrendous weather we have had in the NorthEast US this Winter, and oil prices. Well enough with this. Bring it on !

  18. my own life is good, fairly calm actually, even with my 2 degree Libra Mars and my husband’s 0 degree Libra Saturn.
    What i am seeing that has me on edge is the big picture, namely, Wisconsin, Ohio, Florida, etc, the hostile take overs and the awakening of the masses against it.
    And of course Libya
    And all the threatened pockets of wildlife all over the world one by one losing what they need to survive.
    I know we are on the eve of a huge awakening and I am afraid of what the world is going to look like when we get to the other side…

  19. Soup is definitely ON. And, as for me, the shoe dropped this week when a best dear friend died suddenly. I have been in dread for 2 months. More or less. My progressed sun, merc and moon are in Pisces…….but, being Plutonian, I rather enjoy murk. It gives me something to fight back at.
    Oopps there goes my preposition-itis. Makes me mad not to have motivation especially before an important concert. Instead, I am on face-book and commenting here. Back to the 88’s. Donna, keep on keepin on.

    Molly K.

  20. Two weeks ago I had a weird infected-looking cut on my ankle, then last weekend I took a trip south and did a poor job with sunscreen – my feet are okay, legs are okay, ankles are burnt to a crisp!

    Rex Bills: Aries for burns, Uranus for ankles. Yeah, sometimes it is that literal!

    Uranus has just entered my 10th and the job is looking up and up (though the computers have been having server problems all week), with great opportunities opening for a sort of ‘freestyle’ position within the company.

  21. Over the last six weeks I’ve pulled seven tarot cards – every one a trump – a little freaky – definitely big stuff going on somewhere in the psyche. Today got the Hanged Man and that felt like a relief – this is what Pisces is all about, waiting, becoming one with the cosmos, letting dream and the deep psyche do their renewal stuff without us being in control – and the reward is deep knowledge and insight.

    Much perspective has been given by the Christchurch earthquake – though we had no damage I felt both the September one and the latest one. Over a third of those who lived in Christchurch have left and become refugees throughout New Zealand. 50,000 homes at least are condemned. We are all donating food and clothes, caravans to live in etc. Barehand, I understand your concern all too well. It has been incredible to be a part of – tragedy and shock on the one hand and a huge opening of hearts and practical help on the other.

    Whenever times are challenging the best way through for me is to stay centered – literally breathing into my sacral chakra – and ask the Divine for the grace to get through in the most loving way.

    • Thanks Jay I needed that confirmation and from all the others who are feeling at a loss. Its a world thing we are all tuned in on. As people who observe via astrology , the subtle energies as they impact our lives, we should be able to lift ourselves up to meet the challenge. May the FORCE be with you all!

  22. Throw in the fact that March 9 was the first day of the 9th and final wave of the Mayan Calendar, and the soup thickens. Or boils over.
    The following was a quote I picked up regarding this:
    “Today is the start of the shift into the 9th wave of the Mayan calendar. It lasts 260 days. From now on we’re going to experience life at 18X speed. Each time frame takes only 20 days instead of 360 as were used to since 1999.As the evolution of consciousness accelerates, we will experience the shift differently, depending on our perceptions, intentions and conditioning. One thing seems clear: what will happen is up to us. So it’s important to take some time to purify the mind, open our hearts, and align with the soul and higher truth and connect with others who are consciously making this journey in service to all beings. ”

    And so Uranus and Neptune are not the only harbingers of change and higher consciousness in the coming months. Also read “Conversations with Angels” by D.B. Ashuah. An amazing journey ahead.

    I myself am 0 degrees Sag, so Nep. will be square my sun and Uranus trine.

  23. I have Moon at 29 Libra and IC at 25 Aquarius. Past year was the best and worst of times. I cannot judge good and bad: I got a great job with double the hours and with benefits. I am away from my family and friends more. I am able to pay off medical bills but have less time for all my 12th house meditation etc. Husband has two brothers getting divorced. Have been informally fostering son’s friend whose parents are divorced. Uranus is transiting my 5th and natally is in the 9th conjunct MC. At work a gorgeous woman had a huge fight with her husband by phone screamed that she wanted a divorce and made some Scorpio themed remarks and stormed out. Also I learned about tapping this week. Underneath gratitude,is despair at the abyss of prime time culture and screen addiction which is how my husband spends time with our kids. Finding much inspiration in the metaphor of spiritual warrior. Great article on battling laziness and hiding behind masks in this March Shambala Sun.

    My elderly car would not start after costly repair- weird noise was a screwdriver rft my the mechanic. It unplugged the alternator on it’s journey out!

    Found lots of spills of sticky liquids and was mindful of containers . Expect that stray sparks will need grounding in the cycle ahead. Blessings


    • my 2 K. with lots (7 planets and angles) of action btwn 25 and 29 degrees, mostly carnal. “It was the best of times it was the worst of times..”

  24. I am pretty excited about Uranus moving into Aries. I have Chiron at 7d Aries, in exact opposition with my moon at 7d Libra. Natal Uranus is in there at 5d Libra. With Pluto currently torturing me from Capricorn, I feel like Uranus will help shake up any ‘stuck’ energy. Plus, the world badly needs a change. It’s easy to become afraid that it will be violent and turbulent but then I think to Aries and the seedlings coming up out of the earth without thought for what awaits them. Initially the shock of the unstable early spring conditions might be a little harsh but in the end, that “jump” was necessary. Aries looks before s/he leaps and there isn’t always water in the pool but to me, Uranus says there doesn’t need to be … just cuz someone said that’s the way it is doesn’t mean that’s the way it has to be.

  25. Donna, just a thought (wouldn’t dare to call it a suggestion!):
    Since you’re not in the mood for writting right now, and given the fact that 4+1 biggies are shifting signs as we speak (Uranus, Neptune, Chiron, and (let’s not forget) N.Node, plus Pluto still fresh in Capricorn), why not open up forums where people could share how transits of these planets through the houses played out in their lives?
    This way we could all learn from others’ experience/ practical knowledge, plus you get to keep the blog active in a non-burdensome for you way, and also -who knows- maybe you’ll find the inspiration you seek to revive your interest in writting in some of people’s responses.
    P.S. Your update was the first thought I made the minute I heard the devastating news from Japan this morning. 😉

    • Hi, VR. I don’t do forums–would not be willing to moderate one. There are already astrology forums in several places on the net, or if someone wants to open up one for Skywriter readers, I’ll be glad to publicize it. Donna

      • By forums I meant ‘comment sections’, like this one, but, point well taken!!

  26. can anyone say “TSUNAMI”?? or Huge Earthquake!

    • Or a potential nuclear meltdown?

      It’s bad enough as it is – I hope not.

    • I know, I spent all day glued to the T.V. and I still can’t believe my eyes!

      • I’ve been glued to the tv as well, only managing a few hours of sleep; every time my husband moved, I thought we were having an earthquake. Thankfully, the Tsunami Warnings for our area haven’t amounted to much so far.

        There’s been so much devastation in such a short period of time. Looks like Uranus in Pisces is going out with a BANG!

      • Yeah, I bet Gaddafi is having a ball in Libya right now, as we speak. With all eyes on Japan, he can now butcher his people without anyone noticing. Brrrrr!
        Let’s just hope that Uranus exiting Pisces is accountable for all this mess, and not the Uranus-Pluto square, back in 8 degree orb since late February!

  27. Hi, All, hang in there through any turbulence.

    I think of out of sorts, off the grid thinking-communication with Uranus-Mercury combinations; and receptivity to surprise and new ideas, with individual chart contact.

    Mercury will be moving on to deliver this message to Jupiter for expansion at 10 Aries (looks exact on March 16), such as an action plan.

    Mercury-Uranus in my world: This combo contacts my Node, and I had a personal communication scare this AM. A power outage yesterday (!) messed up some files I was working on. This morning I thought I dealt with the auto-recovered files appropriately but, no, I lost one – my personal journal of ideas. EEEK! I know little about computers but, thankfully, was able to surf and follow tutorials and find it. I then promptly signed up for Carbonite, an automatic file backup service that I have been meaning to get for awhile…

  28. yes! uranus-mercury was like a jolt, as Diane said. internet was on and off for a lot of people I know, I got sick, etc. It’s being a different week, but I’m sort of looking forward to Uranus entering aries once and for all, at least whatever comes will be more defined and clear (when jupiter did, the day before was also a bit shaky, this one on a much deeper level I sense)
    I’m pretty sure after tomorrow we’ll all have a much needed cosmic energy kick! (in the best possible sense 😉

    • one can hope!

  29. I’ve been feeling the exact opposite Donna – filled with excitement, enthusiasm and feeling very clear. Uranus will shortly semi-sextile my Sun and I have a stellium in Aries. It is very much like being switched on and woken up!

    I do of course feel very sad for the people affected by the earthquake. I notice that planets leaving signs tend to also leave a calling card. They are in my prayers.

  30. Uranus in Aries certainly started with a BANG, or EARTHQUAKE and TSUNAMI. seems it’s going to be shaky next seven years

  31. As Rilke says to the young seeker/poet if the questions have no answers embrace the questions. This holds true for the nebulous nature of the neptunian/pisces tinge. Having lived with a prominent neptune I am at home with unanswered questions and uncertainty.
    There are times, though, when I am not even able to go into a wal mart without having everyone invading my head. I just freeze and am awash in the flow of humanity’s longings. Grocery stores are somehow different because the focus is on food and the collective din is more focused and less avarice. I find that it is even more focused and gentle in the fresh fruit and veggies section and that, indeed, eating, fondling, talking to, hanging out with fresh foods with plenty of enzyms helps enormously! Enzyms are one of the keys to life itself and one of it’s most basic quickening agents. Perhaps that is why they are good for such times. I am blessed with a nep/uranus square which creates a sense of individuality. Even in the most wishy washy of neptunian onslaughts I somehow always have a thread to lead me back which I never seem to lose hold of. When I am not sure what to do doing nothing is really the best thing to do, while holding onto that thread. Doing it as a conscious decision is the key and using the time to dream up a brave new world for myself. I am not saying I am always a master cojourer but that these are the tools I use in such times to greater or lesser effect. One of the things most presciuos about neptune and the most treacherous is it’s ability to slip sideways out of time. It can feel like one is trapped in entropy seemingly forever because “forever” takes on the guise of “all things not yet attained”. One wishes to take hold the reigns and manage the horse, move towards the quixotic windmill, as it were, but it have meandered into the fields of eternity to recharge on the nutrients only found in such rich grasses that grow outside of the time space continuum. It will be sated soon enough. In the meantime let the questions be the answers and the horse eat it’s fill.

    • I had been going to say go to a farmers’ market instead of wal-mart! Sounds like you found a happy medium in the produce section. I personally can’t/don’t go to big-box shops for that very reason … they just suck the life out of you (and are built on having sucked the life out of everything else). Your ending words brought to mind a quote I’ve long loved: “We are most deeply asleep at the switch when we fancy we control any switches at all” – Annie Dilliard

      • right on T, Here, for some things, there is only the big box (or mail away for it). We have plenty farmers markets too where I love to hang out. I live on a mostly rural island (Very neptunian choice).

    • “if the questions have no answers embrace the questions.” Beautiful! And Neptunian to the core. Sometimes I think of the 4 mutable signs as all having one of the ways of dealing with the quest for answers.

      Gemini, all questions, superficial answers.
      Virgo, discriminating, practical applications
      Sag, the bigger questions, but convinced it has the answers
      Pisces, sees the questions as so big there are no answers.

      Donna, content at 68 not to have any answers

      • 🙂

  32. Id like to start my entry into the soup by saying that my mind is spinning from all these ingredients – quite a tastey blend. My initial intension was to state that I am so looking forward to this Uranius transit into Aries for personal reasons, of course.

    Last May, when Uranus initially moved into Aries, I left my now ex live in lover on a whim – tired of living in a dejected and rejected mode Basically I resented the shift in power in our relationship, but it was much deeper than that as it turns out. I supported him through school and he landed a good first job on a progressive career path, which continues to pay off for him. I helped, but he did the work.

    Naturally. with the retrograde period much self analysis of our entire situation has since brought us back to where we were at that time. Yesterday after another heated discussion about what went wrong between us and our individual takes on cause and effect, he was clear that once the money he owes me is paid (like this weekend), he wants absolutely NO CONTACT WITH ME, EVER AGAIN – and this is this is a really good thing. As much as neither of us wanted this, it is what we both need. To take responsibility of and control over our own actions – not to be tied to another in a lopsided relationship.
    I have learned that by trying to make life easier for him and neglecting my own needs made me resentful. His sense of needing to protect me (from myself mostly) made him resentful of my insubordination. His attempts to offer assistance in my situation were but a drop in the bucket, really insignificant and ineffective and futile; a pathetic attempt to be my man when he is now already tied to another woman – NOT MY PROBLEM!

    Now we are free to be two fish swimming in opposite directions to find our own ways to where we are meant to be in the soup. I hope the effect of this impending earthquake, for me at least frees me to be where I am meant to be, unattached to another miss-matched partner – free of what was turning into a very emotionally crippling co-dependent relationship.

    As Uranus moves into Aries this time we will part ways – each in a better place. I had quite a bit of internal growth to attain while trying to let go of him and his emotional subconscious ties to me kept holding me back. Since Jupiter moved into Aries, it has been very self revealing to me. I am not sure yet why, but the past couple weeks were very cathartic – crying over what I am left to face on my own and finally spurred into action to have him repay me the money he owes.

    Already I feel free. With nothing but memories – a clean slate to start the new cycle. A free agent, I will select any potential partners with great care and scrutiny as I have learned much about my own needs in this time.

    BTW – the current transits all affect crital points and planets in our charts. This will be a time of great transformations for us both. The Phoenix will arise from the ashes – and life goes on. . .

  33. I don’t know why I always feel Uranian transits physically since I’m more Neptunian than Uranian. But on Wednesday, the day Mercury was conjoining Uranus and then passing into Aries, I awoke with my entire head aching. It was as if my sinuses were vibrating. It took several meditations, a brief nap, some aspirin and Mercury moving into Aries to get myself back to some kind of normal. I’m hoping Uranus’s shift this evening works a similar magic and that some of the sogginess starts to dry up. I am longing for the heat of some creative fire.
    Thank you, Donna, for the Bird By Bird suggestion, and for reminding me that our lives touch people in ways we could never anticipate.

  34. Donna, I can’t tell you how grateful I am you wrote this post about the cosmic soup! THANK YOU!!! I was even thinking about sending you a box of chocolates to cheer you up 🙂 The days before today, I’ve been feeling exactly the same way you do (did?): “nothing I want to do, nothing I want to read, nothing I want to watch, and nobody I want to get together with.” I didn’t even want to listen to music. My frustration levels were off the charts and I raged like a two year old. I thought I was losing it and often in total despair, and/or in tears. Strange things have been going on in my life for more than a year now, like being extremely psychic, and being flooded with extreme fear or anger. Most of the time I can’t go outside, because I tend to get crazy from all the influences. And all the time I thought it was ME going berserk and having an early midlife crisis! [3 of my friends told me to see a shrink, so I wasn’t the only one…]. So to read about ‘the cosmic soup’ [and comments] was such a relief! Learned a lot from it. The past 24 hours were hell [also physical], but I’m feeling somewhat better today, and I really hope U do 2! Thanks again!

    • Yes, Marie, thanks, little by little, I’m coming back, still feel like my nerve ends are loose wires. If anyone else feels that way, try a homeopathic preparation by Boiron at the health food store called Kali Phos…a cell salt for Aries, actually.

      Chocolates, hmm? All donations cheerfully accepted. Donna

  35. Emergency preparedness anyone? Most cities have a volunteer corps and a website for suggestions on essential supplies, sheltering in place, etc. Not a bad time to review our practical preparations for the unexpected. That is my second house Saturn speaking…prepare and innovate!

    Donna, thank you for the homeopathic recommendations.


  36. Uranus/Earthquake/tsunami….we need to expect the unexpected and just be ready.
    My solar return for the next birthday has a gazillion planets in Aries in the 6th and 7th houses opposed by a !st house Saturn in Libra. Must make note to keep foot out of mouth. After being unemployed for over 2 1/2 years (Sat conj MC), I have a tiny, part time job. Its very far from paying the bills but I am ok with it. Things have to get better – just maybe not as fast as I would like.

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