Posted by: Donna Cunningham | March 11, 2011

Greeting Uranus in Aries!


It’s now in Aries, as of 4:52 PM Pacific

on March 11, 2011!

Embrace the  electric new energy–

like sparklers or fireworks!


After all this fog, we needed some fire!


In defense of Uranus in Aries:

Some astrology buffs want to blame the Japan earthquake and tsunami on Uranus. Remember,  Uranus also crossed over into 0°  of Aries on May 28th last year, and there was no comparable event. And, no, I don’t think Mercury is enough of a trip wire to set off something of this magnitude. IF there is an astrological signature, it has to involve an intricate pattern with outer planet midpoints or antiscia or some obscure technique.

Despite these tragic events, I refuse to believe that Uranus’ presence in Aries for the next 7 years would mean disaster and devastation to everyone who gets a Uranus transit. There’s room for positive change and innovation too, much needed developments to lift us out of the current morass.  

Readers, what house is Uranus transiting in your chart? Do you have any wishes for a major change in the areas of life that house respresents? Leave them in the comment section.

 Articles about Uranus:

And from the 2010 Blogathon, in which  70 astrology blogs joined to explore the implications of the Cardinal Cross, here’s Auntie Moon’s collection of articles about the various ways Uranus in Aries may affect us: Uranus in Aries: Claiming a Self-Reliant Future 

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  1. Uranus, the 3rd of my “Big 3” (Chiron, Pluto, & Uranus) never ceases to amaze me. A few hours before it leaves Pisces, the earthquake strikes Japan…let us hope that everything will be alright for the Japanese.

    As for me personally, Uranus is now in my 6th house. It will be interesting to see how this will manifest itself!

  2. Hi, PP. Look back in the comment section for the last post (Crossover), as there are quite a few notes about Uranus transiting the 6th house. Donna

    • Thanks Donna! I love transits because although I know the “supposed tos” it’s always interesting to the actual manifestations, especially with Uranian transits and my being so attuned to them.

      In my 13 years studying astrology and providing chart readings, I have found that Uranus can be a ornery little devil! 🙂

      • Onrey? for sure…cussed…contrary..the joker in the deck. All words we might apply to the actual events of a Uranus transit.

        Astrologers have a hard time predicting for Uranus transits, as there always is a “wild card” quality to it. So we say about Uranus, “expect the unexpected.”

        The odd thing about it is, Uranus is predictable in one thing–its timing, as the events typically occur when the transit is exact to the minute…witness the timing of the earthquake/tsunami. Donna

      • If that’s so, in the case when Uranus is transiting the ac/dc axis, would it be safe to use its punctuality to correct our T.o.B.?
        That would place my sun approximately 19 minutes Before my ascendant. I don’t like that!

      • Excellent thought, VR. Yes, I do think Uranus transits would have special usefulness in rectification. Folks, you might use the transit tracker on the free page at the top of the blog, which covers from 1990 to 2012 to check on your time of birth.

        Look to see if you’ve had any Uranus transits to your MC/IC or your Asc/DSC during that time period as a way to see if those angles in your chart seem to be correct. Once you see an aspect on the Tracker, you’ll need to look up the exact dates of aspects in your ephemeris and then think about what was happening on those dates. (Yep, it would have to be a memorable event for you to know the exact date. Fortunately–or unfortunately–Uranus transit events tend to be pretty memorable.)

        The range for Uranus during that time period starts at 0 Capricorn and ends at 8 Aries. Also consider the square points (e.g. for 0 Cap, check 0 Aries and 0 Libra) and the trines (for 0 Cap, they are 0 Taurus and 0 Virgo). (Since the MC and IC are directly opposite one another and the ASC and DSC are directly opposite one another, you’ll automatically pick up on oppositions.) Donna

      • Still reflecting on your question, VR. In my experience, rectification of the birth time becomes more difficult when there’s a planet closely conjunct one of the angles, and especially if it’s the Sun or Moon as in your case. The transits that are most life-altering are to the MH, ASC, Sun or Moon (in approximately that order.). So if it’s an aspect to the Sun and Ascendant at nearly the same time, are you rectifying the Ascendant or just tracking a transit to the Sun. Very difficult to tell.

        I’ve written to ask for input from James Alexander, who uses Polaris Software to do very accurate rectification, and who has written an article for us before at Donna

      • I’ve been contemplating on that myself, Donna. It’s kind of a paradox, when you think of it: rectification being most difficult when it’s most necessary (if there are no planets around the angles, why bother? 3 degrees Taurus- 5 degrees Taurus, tomato -tomato!)
        I guess it all depends on how punctual this otherwise erratic gentleman truly is!
        But I have to admit, I welcome this ambiguity. I love! love! luv! my 1st House. Virgo. Sun.! Best thing ever happened to me 🙂
        On a funnier note, the moment I was born, the bells from a church across the street started ringing like crazy- quite a solar entrance, don’t you think?
        Thanks for taking the trouble! 😉

    • I find Mars is the great rectifier. It is always spot on! At the very moment it passes the asc there will be an unexpected Mars moment, a cut with a kitchen knife a jabbed toe, a cross word from/to another, a trip or fall, angry honking, scraped knee, any little mars blip directed to the physical body. Works even when there are planets close to the Asc. Keep a log a few weeks before the suspected asc degree is close and see. I have used this for years and it NEVER fails. It is uncanny. Uranus on the other hand has, in my experience, a tendency to “go off” early, late, extend it’s effect or manifest with a sudden burst. It is the mother of invention thereby.

      • Silly me, Uhane, I just saw your comment! Thanks! Next time Mars transits Virgo I’ll keep an eye 😉

    • Although Uranus’ transits do often show up very precisely aligned, experience shows that it’s not something that we can specifically rely upon. The appropriate aspects might mature in just minutes or anywhere up to about a degree and a quarter. Because if this, I would generally recommend against fine-tuning a birthtime based on Uranus (or any other planet’s) transits.

      Uranus rules my 8th House and when my Mother died, Uranus was squaring the MC/IC, very appropriate. However, the orb was 0° 39′. If I were to “fix” my birthtime based on this aspect, I would be making a false adjustment of between 2 and 3 minutes of time. I had an unexpected auto-accident (with injury) when Uranus was sesquisquaring my Ascendant. The orb at the time of the accident was 0° 27′. “Fixing” my birthtime to Uranus’ aspect in this case would be introducing a (false) 2 minute error in birthtime.

      The problem (as I see it) is that Uranus CAN line up with events with uncanny accuracy, but there is NO guarantee (event by event) that this is the case. Therefore, any adjustment of birthtime is extremely speculative! (Cross-checking with other systems is always necessary)

      The most accurate method for finding an exact birthtime remains Topocentric Primary Directions, which can get the birthtime down to the second (with enough events). Even with many events, the transits (because of their 1° 15′ orb of possibility) are often hit-or-miss in terms of refining an exact birthtime. In Topocentric Primary Directions, a Uranus aspect (as well as other planets) will mature in less than 0° 6′ for all but the conjunction/opposition, which will mature in under 0° 11′.

      Again, I recommend against using a Uranus aspect as a means of adjusting a birthtime. Uranus MIGHT be acting in a very tight orb, but then again, it MIGHT not. Adjusting the birthtime by it ASSUMES that it always acts in such a tight orb, which can be demonstrated to be false.

      Take care,


      • Very enlightening, James. Thank you very much! 🙂

      • Many thanks, James, as always! Donna

  3. Uranus is in my 10th house. It’s my least aspected planet.

    I know that I’ve been feeling some doubt about my abilities in my schooling(basically my career) lately. I love what I do and all the the things that surround it.

    Anyway, I’m curious to see what’s going to happen with this as well.

    I have T. Uranus trine N. Sun
    T. Uranus trine N.Mercury
    T.Uranus square N. Venus
    T. ” Trine N. Mars
    T. ” sextile N. Jupiter Rx
    T. ” ” sesquisquare N Saturn
    T.” ” semisextile N Chiron Rx
    T. “” Square N. Ascendant

  4. I am sure the people in Japan are just jumping with joy about this event. The earthquake & tsunami occurred on the exact point of the change over.

    • I’m sure there must be two or three of us who didn’t know that.

      Uranus crossed over into 0 degrees of Aries on May 28th last year, and there was no comparable event. And, no, I don’t think Mercury is enough of a trip wire to set off something of this magnitude.

      Despite these tragic events, I refuse to believe that Uranus’ presence in Aries for the next 7 years means disaster and devastation to everyone who gets a Uranus transit. There’s room for positive change and innovation too, much needed developments. Donna

    • Clearly, nobody sane who has been affected by this earthquake is jumping for joy. But it often happens that people look back in later years at events which seemed devastating at the time and realize that they actually led to much-needed changes that ultimately improved their lives. And we should remember that death is not the ultimate disaster (though it may seem so from the earthly perspective), but rather a birth into the world of pure spirit. People who have near-death experiences typically report a longing to continue on to the light and a sadness about returning to their earthly body, but came back because they felt some type of responsibility or unfinished business on the earth plane that they still needed to attend to.

  5. Ha Ha Ha! That’s the spirit! 🙂

  6. Loving the fireworks Donna!!!

    I have MC, Mars and Moon in early Aquarius, so looking forward to the Uranus sextile transits to those points from round about now onwards. Also I have Uranus square my Sun from April/May for one year. I’m glad the Pluto transit to my Sun came first, I’ve already started to feel freer, stronger, more assertive and more energetic.

    Can you believe it’s almost one year since the Blog-A-Thon? My oh my, where does the time go?!?

    • The Blogathon was a wonderful event, Mandi, and I’m glad you and CJ and I did it. People are still getting help from those article collections of articles about transits by Pluto, Uranus, and Saturn.

      Folks, see the main page at:

  7. Loving the new energy of Uranus in Aries. I definitely felt it last year when it spent a short time there, but really looking forward to Uranus being in Fire for the next 7 years. It is transiting my 11th house, and squaring my Ascendant and will be sextile my Moon in Gemini soon enough. Bring it on!!

  8. Forgot to say I love the Fireworks, great symbolism for this new energy.

  9. For me, Uranus will spend the next few years in my 9th house. My days of traveling the world to give astrology seminars are done, but I’m hoping this transit (with its trines to my Leo planets and sextiles to Gemini planets) will give me the boost I need to start teaching online.

    I’ve been wanting to do teleseminars about aspects and about how to create a successful blog, but the energy to do that has been lacking up to now. Here’s hoping Uranus in Aries will relight my teaching fire.

    I feel good about the prospects, because I have Uranus quintile Mars natally, so Uranus in Aries vibes to that. That quintile is the signature of my role in astrology, which I call being a trailblazer/troublemaker. Donna

  10. Blaming the earthquake/tsunami on the sign change of Uranus makes little sense in light of the devastating 2010 earthquake in Haiti. There has to be more to it.

    With the crossover Uranus will spend the next several years in my 7th house and is now opposing my moon. Sounds like a shakeup in the home/relationship department which I would prefer to be exciting and new without turning into destableized chaos. Probably unlikely.

  11. After a traumatic break-up (thanks Saturn in Libra!) I just had Uranus transit my ascendant and now I’m really looking forward to what it will bring in Aries and my first house as I am to embark on a trip around the world soon!

  12. Yay! It’s Aries! I’m really looking forward to this. My 10th house is Aries, but Uranus won’t actually go into it until April of 2012. But there’s some interesting things I still get to do with Uranus in Aries in my 9th! With Jupiter in my 10th right now, I’m laying the groundwork and priming the pump for when Uranus DOES go into my 10th. Excited!

  13. So, here is what I found when I googled “astrology” + “earthquake.” I’ve included one “popular” astrology and one “technical” astrology entry for balance.
    Master Astrologer Rick Levine says, “Today, March 11, Uranus zaps its way into Aries, striking like lighting.” “Also, Mercury the messenger conjoined Uranus on Wednesday and then blasted into Aries. These catalytic changes that precipitated an 8.9 earthquake, over 20 aftershocks of 5.5 or higher, and a tsunami are all symptoms of the tensions that are being released as Uranus, the quantum planet, surprises us with unexpected events.”
    The Lunar Eclipse activated the Japanese Moon, conjunct by 40′. At the time of the earthquake, Uranus was putting more strain on the people, being square the Japanese Moon (76′). Uranus brings unexpected, shocking events. Uranus also rules earthquakes and the nuclear industry. With Uranus on the fixed star Scheat, the events can involve catastrophes, especially concerning the ocean and water – tsunami. The Lunar South Node was conjunct the Japanese Moon (03′).

    Now does this mean that Uranus in Aries is only going to be the wanton destructor? No, of course not. Nothing occurred in either April 1927 or January 1928 when Uranus last entered Aries. Yet, one never knows with Uranus or any of the other outer planets, especially when they change signs, because their energy is so extreme.

    Personally, I love the Aries archetype and any planet transiting at 16-18 degrees Aries activates a temporary Fire Grand Trine in my chart. To me Aries is pure, unrestrained energy, which can be a very positive to shake off the fog of Pisces and get down to work.Yet, such unrestrained energy can lead to rash, dangerous actions as well.

    To quote a Japanese proverb “Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare.”

    • Thanks for being our researcher, PP! And may the grand fire trine bring you lots and lots of adventure. Donna

      • All that Pluto/Scorpio energy in my chart was just bursting out for the research on this topic, especially the historical nature of the last Uranian changeover.

        Also, thanks for the kind words: one of my favorite times of the year is almost upon us (let’s just hope I don’t get myself into too much trouble)! 😉

    • Love that proverb!

  14. Neat post! I agree that Uranus has a lot of positive things to bring to the table in Aries. We can’t blame it entirely for the tsunami in Japan.

    Uranus is transiting my 9th house (just passed the cusp at 28 Pisces). When it popped into Aries temporarily last May, I was taking my first sailing course (seems a fitting activity for 9th house “long distance travel”). I’m hoping that as Uranus transits my 9th house I’ll have more opportunities to experience the world- through travel maybe, or perhaps new opportunities with sailing. In any case, I hope it helps my feeling of “being stuck” I’ve had for the past couple of years…

  15. I’m all fired up since Uranus will be entering my first house soon! I wonder what that will bring? Especially since it will be squaring my Sun. Hope there won’t be any accidents in my future.

  16. Michael Mandeville (not an astrologer) of Earth Change Bulletin says this: “As you have seen in the ECB during the past few years, we have correlated an immense amount of tectonic behavior with the phases and extreme points of the lunar cycle.”

    I have a Moon-Sun-Mercury stellium in Aries. I feel WIRED!

  17. Uranus has been in my first house since April 2005 and will stay there until Feb 2018. Yowzers! I have to admit, though, that I didn’t notice all that much when it crossed the Ascendant. I did have it trine moon and that was something else, but really don’t notice much in terms of 1st house. I am sure I will have to come to terms with it in a few years when it opposes a stellium I have in the 7th/8th. Right now just trying to cope with my saturn return and Neptune/Chiron setting off a T-square. I do love change though, but I guess one should be careful what one wishes for!

  18. The day Uranus was at this point last year, I believe, an oil rig in the gulf of Mexico exploded. My timing may be a little off, please check, no blame of Uranus, it is just energy

    I do wish for Japan has a fast recovery….

  19. Hi Donna.
    I am posting after a break. Hope ur health is doing fine. (Health is Everything)

    URANUS. A very important aspect of my natal print.
    We had a nice discussion here
    where u labeled my Uranian through and through or head to toe as they call it. (with me accepting it with all respect & with

    Well mine has entered 5th house a bit ago and yet to travel more than 3/4th of it.
    Though i did search about 5th house issues, do you have more to say about 5th house and uranus or any blog post about this topic (which i may have missed) or other links.

    Regards 🙂

  20. Hi Donna,

    I have a technique for these things that doesn’t involve midpoints or antiscia or anything else obscure. It’s not particularly precise, but it’s been decently reliable for the few years I’ve been using it. The technique is to look for Uranus/Pluto square events when the aspect is about 8 – 10 degrees from exact. The financial crash of 2008 took place during that time frame, the earthquake in Haiti, the uprisings in Egypt, Tunisia and Libya, and quite a number of historical events as well.

    I advise clients that the world energy will be unsettled during these times, more so than during the exact squares. E.g., the events of last summer were not as dramatic on a worldwide scale as those of January 2010 when the Uranus/Pluto square was wide. Eclipses affecting the charts of the nations affected seem to play into these things too, but you don’t have to run around looking at national charts to get a general feel for the times.

    As for personal transits with Uranus in Aries, so far they have been mostly positive for my clients, and events occur when the transit is exact or close to exact.

    My 2 cents based on observation.

    • Thanks, Victoria, I know you’re more up to date on world events than I am–not a mundane astrology bone in my body! Donna

  21. It’s on my ascendant now, just about to enter the 1st. Hoping I won’t have an accident or do anything too crazy. I’m thinking about getting a short haircut and coloring my hair red though.

    • The Ascendant and 1st house do have to do with one’s appearance, but not in a superficial way–more often, a new look reflects a new outlook. Donna

  22. Oh, my gosh – you remember someone mentioned in another comment a while back about the number of Aries women getting divorces? I wasn’t even contemplating one at the time, but yesterday I went through the divorce mediation process. We finished at around 4:30 p.m., 22 minutes before Uranus crossed into Aries. So while I am not officially divorced yet, I have a signed settlement agreement and will soon have the official judgment. And yes, I am happy to be free – how’s that for embracing the Uranus energy?

    • Congratulations, I guess? Donna

      • Oh, yeah – definitely congratulations. Thanks, Donna!

  23. On another note, I think Pluto in Capricorn has a stronger connection with the earthquakes than Uranus, and is probably the primary energy involved, although there is a wide square between Pluto and Uranus still in effect, so the Uranus energy is undoubtedly playing a role. Jupiter in Aries is actually forming a closer square to Pluto right now than Uranus is. I really think it’s the three planets together, with probably an additional trigger that relates to the location of the earthquakes. Neptune occurs to me, because the tsunamis actually did more damage than the quake itself, and indeed, Neptune is currently at the cusp between Aquarius and Pisces. Plus, the Moon’s North Node is also at a cusp, having recently backed out of Capricorn and into Sagittarius.

    • Yes, Margaret, I agree, you have to remember Pluto especially given the nuclear element to all of this. And Neptune warning us about his effects in Pisces.

      • funny, I too have been thinking along those lines. I wrote something in my journal right around the time of the Haiti earthquake in January of 2010. I titled it “Earth Signs and Earthquakes.” Pluto has been in an Earth sign for several years, and it seems that strong earthquakes have been happening more frequently.

  24. Sorry to be so disorganized about my posts! – Uranus is in the middle of my House 6 right now, and my health has improved dramatically since it moved into this house.

    • Well, lucky you. Merc and Jupiter are conjunct on – what’s today – the 13th of March.

      My tongue (ruled by Merc) is swollen at the back… I can only hope it gets better.

  25. it’s in my 12th house. Who knows what to expect??? sigh.. better surprises?

    more amazing close calls? how about some distant relative leaving me a sack of dough. oh that’s right, i’m a genealogist and i know ALL of them… lol and that’s not going to happen. I guess i’m just going to sit back and watch..

  26. Since we all seem to be wondering about Uranus transits, I’ve decided that next Sunday, March 20th, Vernal Equinox and International Astrology Day, we’ll celebrate with a Q&A session on Uranus transits. I’ll be your leader, starting at 1:00 PM Pacific. Donna

    • Cool! I put it on my calendar. I’m a big fan of Uranus, though I know he bedevils some people.

  27. At last an astrologer who is on the same wavelength as myself. There is more to this earthquake than Uranus not that he isn’t assisting. I am interested in the fact that the earth has changed it’s tilt and the effect of July 2010 Solar eclipse.
    The Sun and the Moon are having a play and the planets are the ochestra.
    And yes uranus and pluto and mars are shaking and we damn well need change both in attitude as well behavior for us to evolve..this is the grand plan and astrology is the key to this knowledge our maker has provided.
    Too many astrologers are so so nice and not real. I am yet to acquire skills in full interpretation as God is taking his time with me I only know too many so called astro experts are ego driven…hope I don’t sound horrible as I am driven by truth

  28. Uranus will remain in my 12th house for a while. this year, however, it will conjoin my Chiron, I do hold out hope for what that could mean in my life.

  29. Uranus is in my 3rd house. Then, May-2015 is will cross my I.C. into my 4th house @ 17 Aries. I’m unsure what either of these is indicative of??

    It will corss over my husband’s 6th house cusp soon @ 1 Aries… that could be to do with his health perhaps? He’s retired.


    • We’ve got a Q&A session coming up on Uranus transits on the 20th. Ask me then. Donna

  30. One thing that uranus going into aries and no longer in mutual reception with neptune means we will see the blessed (for me) demise of reality TV! We will also see lots more interesting and innovating ways of exercising and keeping fit. I sing the body electric! Witman’s Worth a reread! I personally will have it in the still in the 3rd where it has been for some time. I am presuming that it will bring new unorthodox ways to get around where I live. I got rid of the car a long time ago and use a 49cc scooter/park&ride combo but have been thinking of new ways to go farther on my own and now will be the time see them manifest. I think electric personal transport will come into it’s own as will new forms of renewable energy sources for everyone! What else… It will make a square to my natal cap. mars (ruler of my 4th) @3 degrees. Mars just had a few years of pluto enemas for which is is now functioning at a more cleansed out mode. One of the ways it manifested was to cause me to have to move domiciles a few times and make me think more creatively about what new and improved “home” my heart might desire. With uranus rolling towards the IC shortly after it’s square to mars I am assuming there will be more action with how I get around to and from where I live, other short trips, neighbors and changes in my immediate environs in general informing my actions towards that heart’s desire. When Uranus makes its square to mars it will also be forming a yod with my sun (in 9th) on the applying side and saturn/moon (on 10/11cusp) on the separating side for which I can only assume there will be events causing some decision making of the awkward kind. For that yod I would welcome any replys to this post (if you are still reading this far into the post) 🙂 aloha

  31. I believe that earthquakes and other such extreme natural events are related to eclipse cycles and subsequent passage of celestial bodes over those sensitive points. BY eclipse cycles I mean not just the degree but the path it takes. In solar fire one can program the world map to show the path an eclipse takes and where it will be overhead and visible. Where it crosses is where the action is, baby. The chart and angularity of the various celestial bodies for the eclipse will give indications for the kinds of activities to look for. The length of time of the eclipse also determines it strength of manifestation.

  32. There is also evidence that solar rays have a hand in seismic activity.

  33. Uranus is transiting my 10th, starting to square my Asc/DC and Mars (exactly); exactly trining the moon in 2nd. Do I want movement in my career? I’m not sure I have the words to describe just how much – and I’m a professional writer. 🙂

  34. Good comments, All.

    Traditionally the Awakener in astrology, Uranus in Aries reflects a wakeup-shakeup-breakup call to action. The action part will be our call when and if T Uranus makes chart contacts.

    The House position adds some orientation but the question in my mind is: How can the anticipation of the unexpected prepare us for it – HA!?!

    Reviewing our personal connection to Uranian energy, in natal aspects and previous transits, may offer a dress rehearsal. Sort of. And, since many consider Uranus the planet of astrology, renewing or starting an interest in astrology may be part of T Uranus contacts now.

    • Well said, pdw, well said! I do find reviewing the history of how people have used Uranus (and other planets) a good way of looking forward at possible expressions in the future. When doing it with clients, it was also an opportunity to see how outcomes of past patterns could be changed by using the energies differently. Donna

  35. oh goodness, a really abusive old drunk I know of died yesterday “peacefully at home”
    Thanks Uranus.. he was 90 and still stalking women!

    • i just got the birth data on this guy who died. He was born June 21, 1917!
      Sun~ 0 degrees cancer
      Jupiter 28 degres taurus
      Saturn 29’49” degrees cancer
      CHIRON 29’52” pisces!!!!


  36. I have 25 points on the Uranus test. It just entered my 6th house, and since I’m unemployed – or actually started to work as a freelancer, I hope it will bring lots of work!!!

  37. In my 5th.
    I want my creativity (my writing) to be even more outrageous.
    And maybe a boyfriend (however, the guys that show some interest in me are… weird. One of them was a nazi… o_0).

  38. I also have Uranus entering my 5th house! I am looking forward to this transit. My creative life needs a revolution 😉

  39. Hi Donna, I found this apge to be interesting and thought I would give you fedback!
    On 5-25-10..I get it always a few days early…I was hit head on by an uninsured driver who totalled my car and now ..I have a BUM KNEE..omg it hurts, hard to walk etc..Left with much chest pain into the arm and up the neck. I am unemployed as soon as pluto went into Cap and I jsut feel horrible =( 21 yrs of good health..sorta, I have been saying that since 05..I think every April 1st..then it went into March mid time frame someone in my immediate family has a debilitating accident. Me or my kids. This year we have to drive on March 28th….No way! Still litigating 06 accident. So it is hard for me to stqay posative..When uranus went into Aries, two days alter I went to the ER w/ chest pains. I really feel like I might have a stroke by the summer…July? I am Aqu asc Cap moon..Leo Sun N Uranus in Leo..hey progressed will be on POF with Regal? So I will be a shining example of a screwed up female with a heart issue..j/k of course Any feedback would be apprecaited. The health part is a little scary. **hugs**

    • Tough stuff, Debbie! Sometimes strings of events like these happen in the same range of dates for a few years, but it might be a progression rather than a transit that is setting it off, and then it stops. You might want to invest in an astrologer to look it over–I’m completely retired from doing charts. Donna

  40. Uranus is at the last 3 degrees of my 7th and will be in the 8th sometime next year. The 8th being one of the houses nobody likes to talk about, contains my Sun/Juno/Mars conjunction and a few other asteroids. I haven’t taken the time to look but at some point T. Pluto. currently in the 4th and only 3 degrees from the cusp of the 5th, may end up squaring my Sun at the same time T. Uranus is conjunct it. Hmm…

    • Same here, only my Moon-Sun-Mercury is in the 2nd.

  41. Uranus is traveling through my 9th house also Donna! It is almost at full conjunction with my Aries Sun (3 degress). I have been working as a Realtor the last 11 years and I recently made the decision to move into Astrology as a full-time profession! I have been doing Readings for people on a part-time basis for 6 years. Uranus has made it nearly unbearable to stay in a career that I dislike. Uranus will also be coming to an opposition with my natal Uranus (at 11 degrees Libra-3rd house) soon. I have pondered the possibility that with real estate being so litigious, that I may be brought unwittingly into a law suite. Best to exit gracefully! Anyway, LOVE your Blog and hearing your thoughts!

  42. Uranus transits can be great or awful. I don’t know if you can predict which way it’s going to go.

    I do want to put in a good word for the rebel though – despite the fact that I do think the tsunami was stoked by Uranus is the last degrees of Pisces.

    I’ve had Uranus touch all my many many planets in Pisces in the past seven years. And it’s been absolutely fantastic. I’m sad to see the back of him. Your Aries people – enjoy!

  43. Uranus transits my 8th house now…oh my God, I’m scared! D:

  44. One interesting thing that has happened since Uranus has crossed over into Aries:
    Since Uranus tends to rule the unexpected, and the Aries symbol is a RAM and ruled by Mars, the very long shot, unseeded unexpected VCU RAMS making into the Final Four ACAA March Madness basketball tournament (Mars=sports) is just a blast.
    And the final games take place in the season of the RAM and around the Aries new Moon.

  45. Hi Donna, Concerning the Japan Earthquakes and Tsunamis, I cannot see Uranus had done this alone. I mean Pluto was the perpertrator, definitley, as it was such a huge event, Uranus maybe helping.

    • Oh, it’s the combination, for sure, with such a catastrophic event. Donna

  46. As of the Uranus test, I got 30 points.

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