Posted by: Donna Cunningham | March 18, 2011

Rescue Remedy—Dr. Bach’s Emergency Formula

©2004 by guest blogger, Rachelle Hasnas

 This article is an excerpt from Rachelle’s Pocket Guide to Bach Flower Essences and is used by permission of The Crossing Press.

 In addition to the 38 individual flower essences that Dr. Bach developed, there is also one special combination of his flower essences that was created specifically for emergency stress relief, known as Rescue Remedy (RR). This outstanding preparation is composed of five of the original 38 flower essences, and can be used with great success in any emergency situation.

The five essences comprising RR are: 

  • Clematis, addressing dizziness or loss of consciousness;
  • Cherry Plum, addressing loss of mental and/or physical control;
  • Impatiens, addressing emotional tension and/or pain;
  • Rock Rose, addressing panic and terror; and
  • Star of Bethlehem, addressing emotional or physical trauma and/or grief and loss.

RR is highly effective and always brings instant relief in cases of extreme stress when a person is close to the edge. This is the only Bach Flower Essence that has an immediate reaction time, with its effects felt usually within 15 to 20 minutes. It may also be taken as often as needed without fear of overdosing.

 Any crisis condition warrants its use. To illustrate, some of the many possible crisis situations that Rescue Remedy eases are: anxiety attacks, grief, shock and trauma, panic and hysteria.

 Even minor incidents that cause stress and anxiety, such as arguments, exams, public speaking, job interviews, visits to the doctor or dentist — all are addressed and feelings calmed with RR.

 Once you’ve personally experienced its amazing effectiveness, you’ll want to keep RR available for any emergency situation that should unexpectedly arise. RR also comes in a creme formula, with the addition of Crab Apple, the flower essence for cleansing. It is used for burns, cuts, rashes, insect bites and stings, bruises, and even helps with blemishes.

Rescue Remedy Case Histories

Sue was experiencing a major anxiety attack when she called me. She was restless and pacing, feeling overwhelmingly agitated and unable to calm herself. I suggested she put several drops of RR into a half glass of water and sip every five minutes. I asked her to call me back in a half hour.

When she called back, she was amazed at how calm and relaxed she now was. Whatever she had been experiencing was totally gone. She told me how glad she was that she had taken my advice in our last consultation,  then I recommended she have RR on hand for unexpected crises.

Vicki had recently lost her father. She had been in deep emotional pain over her loss for several weeks when a friend and client of mine told her about the Bach Flowers. Vicki came to see me and soon was using RR, at first taking it as often as she felt the need, then eventually four times a day.

Within a week, she reported that her grieving had eased up considerably and she was much more comfortable. Where she was finding it hard to cope with everyday life before, caused by her grief over her dad’s death, she was now able to resume her normal activities.

 Rescue Remedy--an emergency formulaWhen Jim came for a recent Bach consultation, he mentioned that his dog, Hercules, was afraid of thunderstorms. He wondered if the flower essences could also help his pet. I suggested he administer some RR the next time it stormed. An opportunity soon arose, and Jim called to let me know that Hercules now lives up to his name! 

I could go on and on in sharing the remarkable effects of RR liquid and cream. The above experiences should suffice in giving you a pretty good picture of the many situations that Rescue assists. If you try no other flower essence, I deeply urge you to at least experience RR. It is in my opinion that no medicine chest should be without it. Carry Rescue in your purse and glove compartment of your car for any unexpected emergency situation that arises.

Note: Please remember that Flower Essences are not a substitute for medical help — particularly in emergencies — though they are an excellent adjunct to such care. While this essence blend is helpful in cases of shock or injury, do not ever give anything by mouth to an unconscious person.

The description of Bach’s Rescue Remedy also applies to Healing Herbs’ Five Flower, a mixture made from the same flower essences as Rescue Remedy. For an addtional article on Rescue Remedy by an essence user, see Longer-Term Use of Rescue Remedy

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Rachelle Hasnas is a certified Bach Flower Therapist with a commitment to healing the body, mind, and spirit. Involved in holistic healing for over twenty years, her training includes a B.A. in Psychology, a Master’s Degree in Social Work, and certification as an astrologer and Reiki practitioner.

Rachelle conducts transformational workshops in the use of Bach flowers, astrology and meditation. Another excerpt from this book appeared in Vibration earlier as Bach Remedies to Ease the Stress of Retirement. In addition to The Pocket Guide to Bach Flower Essences, she is the author of The Essence of Bach Flowers. All of these books can be ordered from the publisher, Crossing Press.


  1. I can only say yeah!!! for Rescue Remedy. I recently used it for an adopted kitty who had been very seriously mistreated and consequently didn’t trust humans, other kitties even her own siblings,and life in general. I am not a practitioner but I did know enough to begin a routine of Rescue Remedy in her water. In a few days she was a calm and loving little thing and since she was of feral descent she won’t sleep with us still she loves us and desires interaction and pets and loves life with her brothers making up games and romping through the house with no ill will toward any of the beings in her life now.
    I try to have two large bottles around one for traveling (in my purse) and one at home. I use it whenever anyone has a nasty shock and the more sensitive will remark on how quickly they are able to return to their bodies and how peacefully they feel at home in their own skin.

  2. Poster Child for Rescue Remedy right here. 😀

    Officially, Dr. Bach did not have physical symptoms in mind when developing his system but he discovered that many times, physical symptoms would vanish once the emotional symptoms were correctly addressed.

    The only medication known to interact with Rescue Remedy or any of the Bach Flower Remedies is Antabuse. Sensitive people have reported that the grape brandy preservative triggers it.

    HOWEVER now, all the Bach Flower Remedies are available with glycerin bases and no alcohol at all. Good for any and all who wish to avoid the brandy preservative including pets and farm animals and plants and…. 😀 😀

    Imagine something that positively does help with anxiety, panic, trauma, doesn’t interact with any medications except that one, can be taken whenever needed, no possibility of overdose since they work energetically and not pharmaceutically, and do not make you feel any particular “way”.

    No, you will not feel anything except better. And that’s what we’re all after in the end, isn’t it? 🙂

    As an aside, I’m seriously considering studying to become a registered Bach Flower Remedy practitioner. They have given me a handle on my Wateryness, brought my Neptune down to Earth, they’re healing my long-term trauma, they’ve done more to help me build energetic boundaries than anything else I’ve tried to date – I cannot say enough good things about Bach Flower Remedies.

    Donna, you’re a gem to remind everyone of Bach’s Rescue Remedy. Thank you, dear one.

    Final aside: There’s an old joke about which Remedy Dr. Bach recommended for the patient who came to him for a cold? None of them, because the patient’s symptoms were purely physical. LOL

  3. In light of what’s been going on in Japan, I’ve been thinking about a particular flower essence that was supposed to have been helpful for radiation poisoning — it came out at about the time of the Chernobyl accident. I think it was from FES, and was in limited supply, and I don’t remember if it was a blend or a single essence, and it might not have even been flower-derived….

    • I dimly recall it, Charles. You might write to Patricia Kaminski at FES and ask if they’re thinking of bringing it out again. Donna

      • From the “Flower Essence Repertory – Revised and Expanded Edition”, 1992, Patricia Kaminski and Richard Katz, authors.

        Yarrow Special Formula Achillea millefolium (white) in a sea salt water base

        Positive qualities: Enhancing integrity of the etheric body, of vital formative forces

        Patterns of imbalance: Disturbance of life force and vitality by noxious radiation or pollution; residual effects of past exposure

        The very existence of our planet and the human species is threatened by the awesome and destructive force of nuclear weaponry and the extreme toxicity of nuclear waste. Nuclear energy is released through a process which directly attacks the “formative,” or etheric qualities of matter, so that matter itself is literally “dis-integrated.” This is distinguished from natural chemical processes, which transform matter but retain the essential quality of each element (e.g., forms of oxidation such as burning, rusting, or digestion). Nuclear reactions destroy the very integrity of the chemical elements involved, producing highly poisonous waste products which continue to disintegrate and destroy life. In essence, nuclear radiation is a death-oriented expression of light and fire, which assaults the very core of matter and the natural basis of life.

        Yarrow Special Formula in [sic] indicated for exposure to nuclear radiation and other forms of noxious environmental energy. It was originally developed in response to practitioner requests after the Chernobyl nuclear plant disaster in 1986. This remedy combines the remarkable light and fire processes of the Yarrow plant with the strong formative forces of potentized sea salt. By strengthening the etheric body with strong formative forces which can meet the harmful attack of radiation, Yarrow Special Formula directly counter-acts the destructive effects of radiation on the human energy field. This remedy is indicated not only for obvious exposure to nuclear fall-out, but also for the many ways in which nuclear radiation and other forms of aberrant and highly toxic energy infiltrate the modern world. Examples include video-display terminals, X-rays, radiation therapy, high-altitude radiation, and detection devices at airport terminals. Yarrow Special Formula is an immensely important remedy; it stands as a counter-shield to the destructive forces which threaten and plague human and planetary life, imparting powerful vitalizing and restorative properties.

      • And an interesting article, which was evidently written before the earthquake in Japan:

      • Excellent find, Charles, thanks!!

        Apropos of absolutely nothing, the World Figure Skating Championships were supposed to be in Tokoyo next week, but have been canceled, just to be safe. Donna

    • Charles, flower essences aren’t specific like that. That would be a pharmaceutical use, as in — here is the disease, let’s take the drug for it. The facts are that the same illness strikes people differently and — like with homeopathy — that’s how you find which remedy is correct. So we always select either for stress/trauma with an emergency remedy like Rescue, or for the specific state of being the person is experiencing from the radiation poisoning, and none of those symptoms are the ones classic to radiation poisoning. I mean: does one react with worry? blind terror? depression? hopelessness? anger? obsession with being dirty? etc. THOSE are the kinds of states that flower essences address. The radiation itself is a physical, medical issue that essences do not — and should not — claim to address.

  4. You’ve convinced me. I just bought some.

  5. Rescue Remedy is great. During last summer’s cardinal climax, I frequently used it to mitigate the energetic stress. But it was my first experience with RR that solidified my trust for it — upon taking some, I instantaneously felt an energetic change, a grounding, and a calming. People whom I know, who had no experience with flower essences, experienced similar reactions when I used them as guinea pigs.

  6. I always have Rescue Remedy on hand! Awesome stuff. It really helped me get over my fear of driving after my epic accident some years ago. I still take it before I get in the car if I have to drive in inclement weather.

    I also used to give it to my brother’s dog — she (the dog) had grand mal seizures, and the Rescue Remedy just after the seizure really helped her to re-adjust and come back to “normal.”

  7. Thanks for all the info. Since visiting here I am now interested in Flower Power and have white Yarrow that grow under my kitchen window,,,,will try to make some when its up.
    That article from Japan was interesting too. After the A Bomb dropped, they experimented with diets that expunged the radiation or heavy metals from the body as well. Will have to look that up.

    Great idea, Charles… that Yarrow effects the architectural etheric map that the body is built on. I have heard from Dr. Schultz ( uses organic herbal cures) that the body can be brought back to the harmony as laid out on the etheric map; which is perfect.
    He was told at 16 he would never make 21 because of a faulty heart. That’s what got him into healing through natural means and how he found out about the perfect body plan of this so called etheric map the body is structured on.
    Interesting stuff……thanks everyone.

  8. I never go anywhere without a little bottle of that magical stuff

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