Posted by: Donna Cunningham | April 2, 2011

Uranus Transits—A Question and Answer Session

©4-2-2011 by Donna Cunningham, MSW

 This Q&A session is about transits from Uranus in Aries to the natal chart. We will focus on understanding what the house position of transiting Uranus means, and how the natal Uranus placement plays into the outcome of the transit.


Here’s the information I will need in order to answer your question:

  • What house Uranus is transiting, and the degree and sign where that house begins (the cusp)
  • What planets in that house Uranus will cross before exiting
  • What house and sign Uranus is placed in natally
  • What MAJOR aspects it forms natally
  • Life history relevant to the house being transited, BRIEFLY summarized in one paragraph.
  • Are you surprised at all the information I need? There are likely to be a number of surprises today, but Uranus is the planet of surprises, the Expect the Unexpected whirlwind and coyote influence of the solar system.

I must confess I don’t know how well this process will work or whether it will work at all, for I’ve never tried doing transits without a chart to look at.

Since Readers liked my recent tutorial on transits to a 1st house Mars (Risk Assessment: Observations on Mars Conjunct the Ascendant and Danger), what I’d like to do here is show my process of reasoning in analyzing Uranus transits, more than necessarily making a prediction.  

I MAY ask the Reader whose question I am addressing for additional information, or I MAY simply explain what other information I’d ask for in a client consultation.

I also have no idea how many Readers I can comfortably answer, probably fewer than in our usual Q&A session.

AND, I reserve the right to pick which questions I will answer, based on general interest and on the wish to include a variety of houses in the mix. For the sake of fairness, I will give priority today to Readers who have never had a question addressed in a Q&A over those regulars who are quick enough to get in a question regularly.

If I’m foolish enough to make a definite prediction about a Uranus transit in Aries–a wild card planet in a sign it hasn’t entered in the lifetime of any astrologer I know of who’s still in practice–I make no guarantee that it will be accurate.

I might hit it lucky; I might not. But the matters of the house it is transiting and the history of how you’ve used Uranus in the past can at least give us a ballpark estimate of areas of life impacted and of issues that are likely to arise.

(As Dr. Phil says, the best predictor of the future is the past, and in a real consultation, we’d go into depth about your past use of Uranus’ energies and any risk factors as well as exciting potentials before I would venture a prediction.)

If you don’t know a lot about the house Uranus is transiting in your chart, here are some links to take you deeper: 

More articles about natal and transiting Uranus: 

UPDATE:  THE COMMENT SECTION S CLOSED. There are only 12 houses, so it’s very likely someone will have asked a question related to yours.  (The 12th house already has about 6 questions!)   To see the questions and answers, scr0ll down below this post into the comment section.



  1. Tx Uranus is in my 3rd house. By May-2014 it will cross my I.C. into my 4th house @ 17 Aries. I’m unsure what either of these is indicative of? I have natal Uranus at 13 Gemini in the 6th house. Aquarius is on my natal 2nd house cusp (no natal planets there). I have no other planets around or near those degree. No natal planets in the 3rd house, none in the 4th house, and only Uranus in my natal 6th. My husband and I are both retired. Thank you Donna… v/r Leslie

    • I’m glad you mentioned being retired, because this transit could partially be a vocational question. When a planet conjuncts the IC, it simultaneously opposes the MC (these two angles are always the same degree, opposite signs). And in addition, your natal Uranus is involved with two other vocational houses, the 2nd and 6th. In a non-retired person, it could mean a change in jobs/career directions that includes a relocation.

      Since you’re retired, then my guess would be that in 2014 or therabouts (if the birth time is precise) the two of you will be moving to a place quite different from where you live now. A different state, probably, a different climate, and concievably a group situation like a senior complex with better services and plenty of activities. Or, you might become a snowbird, with summer and winter residences.

      When Uranus transits the IC and then goes on to aspect one or more 4th house planets, the person often spends several years moving around before settling down, so I advise them to travel light and shed possessions that would tie them down. In your case, that’s not so, so it may only be one move. Donna

      • Thank you so much Donna. I think it will be April 2015 when it will be exact on my I.C. at 17 Aries, I believe I was off a year. It will be close enough for contact the year before of course, but goes Rx at 16 Aries. Tx Uranus has just crossed my husband’s 6 house cusp at 1 Aries. Hard to tell what April 2015 will bring either of us, IF anybody is still here with the way the world situation is going presently!! I appreciate your reply and your assessment of my IC, since we are both retired and work/career isn’t a future issue for either of us. Thanks again very much, I’m enjoying reading the other comments and questions!

  2. Donna,
    I don’t have a personal question but I do want to know more about your technique for breaking the news to someone that their Uranus transit may involve change that could be really hard for them to manage, especially in the relationship and/or work realm.Thanks for this session,

    • What a good question, Maria! Well, there’s no one way, as so much depends on the client and their state of readiness for change. I’d be testing them out for that, inch by inch (I am, after all, a Crab-creature.)

      Let’s say it’s a Uranus transit to the 7th house, to the Descendant, or to a planet in the 7th, in which case, I’d be scoping the birth chart out for information about how they function in a committed relationship. And I’d be saying things like, “with Uranus doing blah, blah, blah to your 7th, I’m wondering if your mate is considering some big changes.”

      And maybe they say something like, “Yes, his career is at a standstill and he’s wanting to go into another line of work.” There’s a clue. So I ask, “is that creating some tension in your relationship?” And we see how the person answers that.

      I describe some kinds of Uranian scenarios in a relationship, like needing more space or currently starting to get involved in new interests that they don’t share, etc. etc.

      And maybe there ARE some issues coming up, and we discuss the ways Uranus can make way for growth for both of them, because they both need to grow and allow each other room to breathe. So it’s kind of a counseling session, really, not just a chart reading.

      Using the birth chart, we’d identify the issues that maybe always have been there, or maybe are only becoming real issues now because they’re at a new stage in their personal development and in the relationship itself. If the issues seem to be serious, then I suggest they explore them with a counselor, either separately or together, in order to prevent a rift. Donna

      • Thanks Donna, It’s always a situation to work thru and I appreciate the insight

  3. Hi Donna,

    Uranus is now in my 5th house, 21 Pisces to 18 Aries, no natal planets there.

    It is at 15 Leo in the 9th, and my MC is at 25 Leo in my natal chart. It makes a T square to my 14 Scorpio Ascendant and Chiron at 17 Aquarius. Lots of sextiles to Libra Sun, Venus and widely tribes natal Saturn in Sagittarius in the 2nd house.

    I have had interrupted college, left with incomplete papers and never went back. Married someone with oppositional tendencies. Explored many paths of spirit and formally converted to a different religion, but weave Buddhism and warrior code in to our family life. Currently work in social service and build bridges to resources at home and at work. How can I use this great puer energy to express my own creativity, not just through my kids and work?

    • Okay, Kelly, this is a different facet of the 5th house, so let’s have a look since we’re talking about an empty house natally that’s now getting a rocket boost to move it front and center. Those sextiles from natal Uranus to Libra planets could also use a fire lit under them.

      (I don’t recall if I’ve published anything about sextiles on this blog, but I always say that the keyword for a sextile is “Oh, that!” It seems like when I try to boost clients’ self-esteem by talking about their sextiles, they shrug and say, “Oh, that!” It’s an undervalued gift–taken for granted, trotted out when needed, and then forgotten again.)

      Okay, so is there a lesson here that might be of use to anyone with Uranus transiting an empty natal house?

      Given that this house represents areas of life that may largely have been neglected (and in fact the sign Aries hasn’t had a major transit in our lifetime other than Saturn about 15 years ago), then this is a major opportunity to finally explore and make something of the matters of that house. Milk the excitement of it–Uranus loves to experiment and find a way to show its genius.

      But you have to take responsibility for making it happen. Uranus is the DIY (Do It Yourself) Kid. So make a commitment to yourself that it’s your right to do something new, even if it means breaking old routines and letting other people grow up and fend for themselves a bit more.

      Kelly, I don’t get a sense from you or from this bit of your chart what your creative bent or talents might be. You need to devote some thought to it, and given that your Uranus is in the 9th natally, I’d say your best route for developing whatever that talent is would be to take classes, even adult ed classes, so it doesn’t become about performance instead of fun. Donna

  4. Can you describe what a person experiencing a Uranus transit from the twelfth house to the first can expect? Just curious 🙂

    • Hi, Katley, several people have asked about what happens when Uranus has been transiting the 12th and then moves into the 1st, so I’ll answer once for everyone.

      To get the general principles about transits that shift from the 12th to the 1st, I would suggest that people read this article –maybe even start there: .

      (That article is part of a miniseries of articles on the 12th house that I’d highly recommend you read if it’s a strong part of your chart.)

      Then to specifically address Uranus transits through the 12th, realize that Uranus stays in a house for approximately 7 years, so there’s sometimes a process that’s been going on for quite a while, probably mainly underground. You might have been either suppressing or hiding something important about yourself–either from the world or from yourself–and if that’s so, you may have engaged in self-destructive behavior to cover it up.

      When Uranus emerges from the 12th and crosses the Ascendant into the first, you’ll bring it into the open, unwilling or unable to suppress such a vital part of yourself any more.

      (The 12th is one of the health houses, so if a self-destructive pattern has potential physical consequences, it’s time to use astrological knowledge to help yourself. Get real about taking care of yourself and doing some preventive routines.)

      Not all retreats from the world are self-destructive, and so maybe you’ve been through a period of spiritual practice or studied ways to be of service. when Uranus crosses the Ascendant, you are finally confident enough to share your gifts with the world–with no small amount of charisma.

      The general principle, however, is that of showing the world some facet of yourself that has been held back for a number of years. Donna

  5. Uranus is transiting my 7th house (Cusp at 7 Aries) and there are no planets in my 7th. My natal Uranus is at 11 Leo and opposes my Venus at 8 and my Chiron at 13 Aquarius. It is also trine my natal Saturn at 17 Sag , my sun is at 26 Sag all in my 3rd.

    Uranus has already transited ALL my planets. I married with Uranus conjunct my Mars and moved to a foreign country with Uranus conjunct my Sun. I lost my husband due to a terminal illness with Uranus conjunct my Chiron.

    I am a Life Coach and TRE Practitioner and I am looking for people who share my vision and would like to work together with me in a team. I am also looking for an exciting and inspring personal relationship – erotic or romantic, preferably both. What do you say about my chances ?

    By the way…I follow your Q & A but have never posted a question before 🙂

    • Suzanne, I will answer briefly. It sounds like you’ve made Uranus your lifework, and despite the tough times, you’ve found some healthy, wholesome ways to use that energy.

      You have good natal connections between Uranus and Venus and the natal trine from Uranus to your Descendant (7th cusp), so you are fully capable of forming successful Uranian partnerships in love and work.

      What makes this window special is that transiting Uranus will be setting off those natal aspects between Venus, Uranus, and the Descendant, forming a Grand fire trine.

      So the transiting Uranus aspects are “echoing” natal aspects of the same planets in the natal chart. See this article about why echoing transits are so important: Donna

  6. I wonder whether the natal house cusp ruled by Uranus is always implicated in the interpretation of the transited house.

    • Good question, T, and one I intended to explain, as it’s very important. Here is where transits are different–in my experience–than the natal chart.

      The reason I asked for the natal house position of Uranus is that when I delve deeply into a transiting planet–in this case, Uranus–I start by getting a very clear picture of how the person has been using Uranus’ energy up to now, or how they appear to be changing in the way they’ve used Uranus in recent transits. That comes from analyzing the house, sign, and aspects of natal Uranus–and then confirming it with the person during the session.

      The reason for this is because it’s not big, bad Uranus out there in the solar system that we have to worry about. It’s Uranus inside the person’s psyche and what they are doing with that universal human need to explore who they are as an individual and to try to fit that uniqueness into a connection to the world and people around them.

      The natal Uranus house position is a very important part of that picture–it shows the arena where they have tested out their unique contribution to the world and tried to find a way to be who they are and still be connected. (The house it rules is only a miniscule part of that total picture.)

      And the sum total of all their efforts and strategies and fuck ups in that arena (natal house) is what they carry along when transting Uranus shows up in a new house in their chart.

      So when I analyse a Uranus transit, I want to know where Uranus came from originally and what they’ve been doing with it all these years, as that is the best indication of what they may be going to do with it now. Donna

      PS, just so you know, I use the same process with any major transiting planet–analyzing Pluto’s natal house, sign, and aspects for a Pluto transit, and so on.

  7. Hi Donna,

    Transiting uranus just entered my empty 5th house in Aries (1 degrees 10 Aries), ruled by Mars in Gemini in my eighth house (and in a 10 degrees conjunction with my Gemini moon in the same house.)

    Natal Uranus is 6 Scorpio in my 12th house and conjunct my 11 Scorpio Ascendant. Uranus trines my 29 Aquarius mercury which conjuncts my 29 Aquarius IC. My Sun is 18 Pisces and it’s in the 4th house.

    During the planet’s transit in my 4th house I became strongly aware of repressed childhood memories, beliefs and wounds and how these were influencing my choices, emotional responses and many more areas in my life. And I changed countries, homes and jobs very often.

    After the uranian awakenings (around the conjunction to my sun), I changed careers and began training as a child psychotherapist. I currently work at a primary school in London, UK. So my work links imagination, creativity, and exploration of feelings.

    I’m curious about this transit after seeing uranus painful yet life-changing revelations. I want to play and explore more in life and in love, so it’s good that it’s in the 5th for a while. I wonder if you could tell me your views regarding the links between the different houses and planets involved in this transit.

    (Neptune’s just entered my 4th house…ay! After the uranus phase I’d love a break, no more house moves, please! Talking to the cosmos now 🙂 )


    • Hi, Chris, thank you for the history of Uranus’s transit through your 4th, because it gives me a clear picture of how courageously you operate–grace under fire–and not flinching from difficult emotional healing work.

      It also illustrates how the houses that are adjacent to one another are naturally related, that the unfolding in the life matters of one house opens the door for the unfolding in the life matters associated with the one that follows…and how we grow in the course of a lifetime by putting the transiting planet’s energies to work in one house after another after another. (The Hubers, Swiss Astrologers, have a system, I think they call it Age Progression, which brilliantly illustrates this unfolding. )

      At any rate, as Uranus has moved its focus from the 4th to the 5th in your chart, you are quite naturally opening up to experiment with what you discovered in those rather harrowing years. Feeling an interest in children and using what you learned about your own childhod to help some of them.

      Since Uranus is the planet associated with adolescence, you may revisit your own adolescence rather intensely now, picking up any dropped stiches that kept it from being a happy time. You may then discover that you have a great deal to offer teens who are trying to sort out those major adolescent issues like their identity and belonging. And dating–just as you’re wanting to try your wings in that realm. And you’ll teach those teens and they’ll teach you and you’ll all have a good time doing it together. You rock! Donna

  8. Hi Donna,

    Don’t know if I’m too late, but…

    The house Uranus is transiting and the degree and sign where that house begins (the cusp)

    6th house, 28 degrees Pisces

    What planets in that house Uranus will cross before exiting

    Venus at 7 degrees Aries
    DC at 18 degrees Aries

    What house and sign Uranus is placed in natally
    10th house 8 degrees Leo

    What MAJOR aspects it forms natally

    Square Neptune and NN in Scoripo in first house (First house begins in Libra)
    Trine Venus in Aries

    Life history relevant to the house being transited, BRIEFLY summarized in one paragraph.

    Lots of different work, like variety. Health issues limit my ability to work. Main themes: communication, the environment. Degrees in Science and Public Administration. People see me as more capable than I experience myself.

    Many thanks for your great work.


    • Hello, Margo, you’re another with Uranus involved both in natal and transiting placements in the vocational houses.

      The fact that Uranus is conjunct your Midheaven natally and is now in the 6th is really a turning point in your life. (Recall that I wrote earlier about the house Uranus comes from natally as a key to the current potentials.)

      I see the ultimate goal/best case scenario of a Uranus on the midheaven person as self-employment. As transiting Uranus has traveled from the 10th through those many houses in your lifetime, I’d guess that you’ve picked up a great variety of skills and life experiences that have equipped you to function independently and intelligently in a wide variety of venues. Thus this transit looks like an excellent window for you to be able to make that happen.

      If we were having a session, you and I would have a long talk about that Uranus-Neptune natal square from the 10th to the 1st…quite a long one. Because I think it would speak volumes about the health issues you’ve faced–and could concievably face again with transiting Uranus in the 6th. We’d talk about your psychic and physical sensitivity to workplace toxins (human and mechanical) and ways to shield yourself. (There are a number of articles about that on Skywriter, starting here: )

      You’ll also find a long section on Uranus transits to the vocational houses about midway in this article: Donna

  9. I forgot to add the past history of Uranus in my life. When square my Moon from Cap I was a young teen and I felt total upheaval; I was moved from the town I had lived in all my young life. Uranus trine my Moon I moved myself very quickly and smoothly and it was a positive change. Now I am quite unhappy with my neighbors but I am afraid to move for fear of the future/money. I have Chiron 14* Ar oppose Moon and square MC/Nadir so every time Uranus hits the Moon and angles the Chiron is also in play. It seems such an obvious wounding pattern within the home as it’s Nadir, Moon, Chiron. I have these junctures where I feel I cannot take anymore and I must shed everything and be free to start over.

  10. Wow! This is fantastic! Thanks so much Donna. It’s a bit of a surprise that I’m online today to participate 🙂

    I’m not sure how to frame my question so I’ll start by answering yours.
    Uranus is transiting my 8th house (26 Pisces cusp)
    The only ‘planet’ in there is Chiron at 7 Aries.
    My natal Uranus is in 2nd house at 5 Libra, conjunct my 7 Libra moon and opposing the aforementioned Chiron. Depending on orbs, it trines Mars 0 Gemini (sextile Neptune at 0 Sag if that matters).

    I’m not sure what to say about my life history re the 8th house … I kinda want to focus on the other people’s resources bit – as in I don’t seem to have access to any of them! 😉 haha but I guess that’s why they are other peoples’! Could it relate to child support payments at all? It’s prob Saturn transiting my 2nd but I really feel like boundaries are a big thing for me right now, and I’m especially being challenged by my ex.

    I’d be just as thrilled to talk about sexual exploration though! 😉

    • Me, too, Tara, I’d rather talk about sexual exploration, and Uranus transting the 8th is plenty of impetus to do just that. (Folks, if you have Uranus transiting your 8th, start with this: ) However, it’s more practical and productive to talk about what’s been going on with your 2nd house/8th house axis for quite some time already.

      Folks, recall that series of aspects last year involving Uranus, Saturn, and Pluto that formed a cardinal t-square and then a cardinal cross? Well, Uranus was the planet that lagged behind and retreated back into Pisces for 7 months. Now it’s back in Aries, and what it’s doing is to complete a process that Pluto and Saturn began in forming a series of aspects to planets in the early part of the Cardinal signs.

      So all Uranus is doing right now is bringing up the same issues that many of you grappled with under the transits by Pluto and Saturn–issue in the areas of life (i.e. houses) those transits were taking place. Pluto and Saturn being what they are, many of us opted to just patch things up and hope they stayed patched, at least until we had time to get stronger and think things through. Uranus doesn’t want to patch things up, it wants to try something new. Really, really new, and maybe, just maybe, doggone exciting.

      For you, Tara, the oppositions between transiting Uranus and transiting Saturn have been triggering your 2nd/8th house axis for about a year and a half, so the ongoing lesson has been about balancing your own resources with others, not the easiest trick for a mom on her own, but with those aspects, I wouldn’t count on your ex for the long run.

      If I were working with your chart, I’d be exploring what’s going on in those houses natally and what they’d be telling us about any emotional baggage you have where earning your own money vs. getting support from others is concerned. Since I’m retired and not doing that now, I’d suggest you read the series here on Skywriter about personal finances and the 2nd and 8th houses. Start here: . Donna

  11. Hi Donna – what a brave and adventurous session you’ve taken on.

    Uranus is currently in my first house which begins at aquarius 13 – will transit second house cusp at Aries 15

    The only planet in Aries is Eris.

    Natally Uranus is at 29 Leo 7th house.

    Major natal aspects are opposition Mercury (21aqua) and Chiron (4pisces)

    History: Uranus is chart ruler and every major change in my life has been on a Uranus transit: career changes, relationship changes, breakups and starts, moving from UK to NZ.

    My question: Uranus is currently sextile my sun/saturn/venus at 2/3 aquarius and will sextile ascendent/jupiter at 13 aquarius just before crossing the 2nd house cusp. Any ideas what that sextile with the ascendent/jupiter so close to the house cusp change will mean? – In the last year I’ve re-invented myself from printmaker to picture-book author/illustrator. Have just sent out first book to agents – any help from astrological quarters in getting my work out into the world?

  12. Hi Donna,
    Hope i’m not too late – my question is in relation to an upcoming midlife transit.
    Transiting Uranus is in my 11th house, the cusp of which begins at 28 degrees 43 secs. By the 2nd June this year Transiting Uranus will oppose my natal Uranus in the 5th house, which rules my 10th house. By the way data is based on Equal House.

    Many thanks.

    • Hi, Lorna–congratulations on hitting Midlife….it can be a very exciting and fulfilling time because you’ve had some seasoning, paid some dues, grown up a good bit. .

      As many of you may know, the midlife series of transits consists of transiting Uranus opposite natal Uranus, transiting Pluto square natal Pluto, Neptune square natal Neptune, and Saturn opposite natal Saturn. (If you’re in that series, there are a few astrology books out there that can guide you through it.)

      Uranus opposite natal Uranus is one of the more exciting parts of it, kinda like adolescence, but with more of a clue of what life’s all about, and maybe some spare change to play around with while you rediscover parts of yourself you’ve neglected.

      And in your case, you get to have it in two of the more pleasurable houses of the chart, the 11th (friendship, groups, social causes) and 5th (children, romance, creativity, leisure activities).

      Sounds good to me, but then in a real session, I’d have to take those houses apart and grill you to see if there are any risky expressions of Uranus in the 5th natally and transiting Uranus in the 11th that could throw a wrench in the works–troubled teenage offspring, loose cannon boyfriends, dysfunctional group dynamics, friends that aren’t wrapped too tight. Then we’d start to get a picture of anything that could go wrong, as well as exciting potential developments that could give you a whole new sense of your gifts and abilities.

      What transiting Uranus does in its opposition to natal Uranus is to free you up to follow the road not taken, even if only in a way that doesn’t undo your accomplishments on the road you did take. You’ve paid some dues, earned some freedom. Donna

  13. thank you so much for the one question option.. 🙂 .. truly

    plz understand, and picture (not difficult for you donna)..

    I have natal Pluto in First house in Libra (6 degree), Saturn in 10th house in Cancer (2 degree).. Uranus in 2nd house (libra)

    by transit- transiting Pluto is in my 4th house and transiting URANUS in my 7th.
    it is making a GRAND CROSS of my natal and transit chart – all in angular houses.(plus Vocational/ Financial)

    in my Natal Chart.. they are all linked;
    Pluto is SQuare Saturn
    Saturn Trine Uranus
    Uranus Opposite Mars(8th- Aries)

    — this grand square/ cross is a grind- I am not a complaining person (sag sun in 4th), but it is too much.. WE DID talk sometime back and you asked me to read ”healing plutonian problems’, if you remember.

    I got divorced last month- the legal battles are on going- I am as singularized as one can be.

    my question is ””’if the if the transiting Uranus-Saturn-Pluto Cardinal Triangle finds 4th leg for someone with planet (saturn in my case) in early degree of Cancer, how can one live this Grand-Cross and make it a proficient experience”’?…

    (it is all in Angular Houses- and my North Node is on 29th Degree Sag- an Aries-Point)

    thank you so much,

    • Hi, SS. Your birth chart is so complex and the transiting picture is setting off so many points at once, that it’s not possible to analyze it in a setting like this one.

      If ever in your life you were going to invest in a top-notch astrologer, this would be a really worthwhile time. If you can do that, I’ll give you the names of some extremely competent, well-grounded astrologers with decades of experience who can work with you over the phone. Hell, I’ll even give you (gasp) the name of the person who does my chart when I need an outside opinion. Donna


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