Posted by: Donna Cunningham | April 6, 2011

Part 2—the Transiting Quincunx

©4-6-2011 by Donna Cunningham, MSW

If you haven’t seen Heinous Hybrids—Why the Quincunx is No Minor Aspect, I highly recommend it–and not just because I wrote it.  The sharing in the comment section is absolutely amazing!

People who have quincunxes (a.k.a inconjuncts, a 150° angle) in their birth chart were asked to write what the aspect felt like and how they were managing the tensions they create. And share they did! There were so many great insights and tips, it became a kind of self-help workshop on the care and management of the quincunx.

If you don’t have any quincunxes in your birth chart, one way to get familiar with that  energy is by tracking transiting quincunxes to natal planets–it’s really strong and palpable.  (The orb for feeling–natally or by transit–it is about 3°.)

Since I don’t have any natal quincunxes, transits have been my only experience of the tensions involved. At one point, when I’d struggled a long time with balancing my two careers of social work jobs and an astrology practice, I had transiting Uranus quincunx my Midheaven on one side and transiting Neptune quincunx it on the other.

(Uranus would represent astrology, and Neptune would represent social work, especially my brand of it, which was mainly in hospitals and chronic care facilities.)

When Uranus got to the exact quincunx of my Midheaven, I woke up one morning and said, “that’s IT!” I went to work, turned in my resignation, and never worked full time again in my life. So, yes, a transiting quincunx can be life-changing.  

One memorable set of transiting quincunxes changed ALL of our lives. From 1998-99, when he was elected Governor of Texas, Uranus in Aquarius was quincunx George W. Bush’s 13° Cancer Sun. The Midpoint of a Uranus-Neptune conjunction was 12-13° Aquarius for the early years of the new millennium. Then, from 2003-2005, Neptune in Aquarius was quincunx it.

Since the Sun of the United States is also 12° Cancer, we as a nation were heavily impacted by the erratic way he handled that pair of transits. The entire rest of the world was affected by the decisions he made during his administration as well. (For his chart, see  Bush, George W.)

A more recent transiting quincunx had a profound impact on the global economy.  Read about it here: The Saturn-Neptune Quincunx and its Part in our Economic Woes.

Do you have a transiting quincunx going on this year?  The signs and degrees affected by transiting quincunxes for the rest of 2011 are:

  • Saturn at 14-25° Libra is quincunx 14-25° Pisces and Taurus
  • Chiron at 0-5° Pisces is quincunx 0-5° Leo and Libra
  • Uranus at 1-4° Aries is quincunx 1-4° Virgo and Scorpio
  • Neptune at 28° Aquarius to 0° Pisces is quincunx 28° Cancer and Virgo to 0° Leo and Libra
  • Pluto is at 4-7° Capricorn is quincunx 4-7° Gemini and Leo

Special Case: If a natal quincunx is being set off by transit–or if a transiting planet is turning a quincunx into a yod–you really have an opportunity to work on the issues, tensions, and mixed messages of the natal quincunx.  Analyze the planets, houses, and signs involved to see what the tensions are and figure out how to give each end of it quality  time in your life.  (See Part 3: Steps in Analyzing a Quincunx plus More New Insights  for tips doing just that!)

(To find out what transiting quincunxes you may have had in the past, download my FREE TRANSIT TRACKER. This handy one-page reference summarizes the transits of Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto from 1990-2012. Use it to look back on past transits to your chart or your clients’ and to look forward for the next few years.  Download it here: Transit Transit Tracking Table for 1990-2012.)

What about you, Reader? Have you had quincunxes by transit?  What was your experience of them?  Share them in the comment section.  

But first,  since the quincunx has only a 3° orb, make sure your quincunx isn’t really a biquintile (144°):

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  1. I have one quincux natally, Venus to Mars (Cap to Leo, 11th to 6th). Right now, transiting Pluto is also making an exact quincux to the same Mars (also ruler of my empty 2nd hs). In all honesty, I have no idea what this energy brings to my life.

    There is no desire or drive towards any sorts of jobs, or health; I am working on building my self-esteem bc I’ve recently reconnected with an ex and I’m keen on doing my share and keep my ‘neediness in check (Saturn has also retrograded back in my 7th, so this may be our last chance).

    I will focus on this issue and hopefully will have some sort of insight.
    Natally, it works as a difficulty to match Venus-likes and Mars-wants and attractions.

    It may be some sort of incompatibility between life goals (Pluto transiting the 11th) and what I can get for myself based on my job and earning capabilities (the Mars), and this inconjunct may bring the facing up to the difficulties and finding some sort of working solution. But this is me thinking out loud.

    Thank you for the opportunity to think about this deeper. I will.
    Curious what others have to say about it…

    • Hi, Chris, there’s one article about Mars-Pluto aspects that may spur on some productive work.

      I think one difficulty here in manifesting what you want is that with the quincunx, the two signs want very different things (Capricorn vs. Leo), so you’d be giving conflicting messages. Since it’s Venus and Mars that are involved natally, this can be an opportunity to sort out what mixed messages you may have given in relationships.

      Who better than an ex to practice on, since there’s a history there for both of you to reflect on? There’s nothing like an old friend or an ex who pops up during a transit to show you how you’ve grown–OR NOT! Donna

      • oh, yes! lots and lots of mixed signals in this relationship. now I wonder if they were also coming from me, as well; not just him. he’s leo (Sun-Venus, just like me, in Cap), so the quincux is also played between him and I.

        and how (and if) we each have grown IS the big issue for us at the moment. since right now Saturn is transiting both our 7th, I guess it’s probably the most important test we’ll have to pass.

        reading the article you pointed to me, one idea stands right out: “the power of intention”. it sure seems like something I ‘made’ happen just by digging in my heels and wanting it; and after it ‘happened’, I felt like the dog who caught the wheel: ‘now what?’. how will this actually work, in real life…

        thank you very much. awareness is a great gift

    • Hi Cris,
      If it’s ok to butt in. Many in my family and myself, have natal mars/pluto combinations, and one thing I’ve learned about it, is that definitely has a lot to do with how our Actions and our Intentions are in tune. Best of luck!

      • hey, thanx for that, Sabrina. My friends do say I hold a lot of my thoughts to myself. (Mars rx). So that may definitely be something for me to work on.

  2. Hi Donna. Using your list, I see that I have transiting Chiron in the 3rd in Pisces quincunx mercury in Libra in the 10th, and transiting Uranus in the 4th quincunx natal Uranus in Virgo in the 9th. I’m not sure how this will play out, but I am expecting big changes in my professional life. So far, the only things showing up, are old family issues, and me wanting to move out of the country! Uranus will stay quincunx three more planets in Virgo, until 11′ Virgo, so the transit will keep the pressure for quite some time.

  3. Hi Donna,
    I am wondering about the phrasing that we could use when describing an inconjunct to a client. I liked your description of ‘pulling energy away from…’
    Could this also be described as areas where we feel conflicted? (perpectually?)

    • Yes, Vallie, they might well respond to that. But as I wrote that piece, I understood an important part of the tension of a quincunx, which is that because the two sets of needs and wants represented by the two planets, we are conflicted and we give mixed messages to the people involved in the two houses.

      This sets up tensions in the relationships with those people because they don’t know what we want or which end of the aspect we’ll show them at any given moment. Donna

  4. I have Sun in Leo in the 6th quincunx Moon in Pisces in the 1st (and also qx Jupiter in Libra, so forms a yod) and now transiting Pluto in the 11th is exactly quincunx my Sun.

    The Sun/Moon qx is a lifelong struggle between wanting to be a public or private person, and no one seems to win. I have to try to do both, possibly using the Jupiter sextile Sun (writing?). But I think the natal yod made that really hard to figure out, and it’s not like it’s a magic cure. When I get attn. my Leo Sun loves it, my Pisces Moon wants to die. So, now transiting Pluto feels like it’s forcing my hand. I am in a huge transitional phase in terms or career, creativity, marriage, and feel very stressed out by the demands on me. Pisces Moon needs way more veg-time, too. Also, I feel like if I am honest with others right now (and I understand that’s a subjective idea, but we all need to be able to speak our truth), I get a really disproportionately angry response. Things feel a little dangerous to my Moon, so I have to make sure she’s not too overwhelmed by Pluto changing everything. Pluto sextile moon might be where to focus this tension? Digging deep?

    Thanks for the discussion, Donna and everyone. Helps me to think about it.

    • Hm, that’s a good point. I also have Sun quincunx moon (Taurus/Sag) and feel like I am called to get fame, but I am also afraid of what happens when people start to notice me on a mass scale, like stalkers and crazies on the Internet. I think I am going to have to give in and get noticed one of these years, but there’s definite see-saw going on there.

    • Artemis,

      I have a similar inconjunct with Leo Sun (9th house)/Pisces Moon (4th). I certainly agree on the public/private split. Plus my Sun is square my Scorpio Rising, so I have difficulty managing how people see me.
      Have you done Donna’s planetary strength tests? That might help you to figure out if it’s Pluto that tugging at you or Neptune (if you’re Pisces Rising) or even Uranus. Sounds as if they’re all at play in your 1st and 2nd houses (and maybe Saturn in your 7th). I’ve found that it’s the planets that are strongest in our natal chart that have the most pull throughout our lives. Good luck.

  5. The planetary pairs, by nature, oppositions can be likened to the principles of yin and yang–which by nature will try to balance or achieve a homeostasis with each other. Recently, in thinking of the natural inconjuncts to a planet, it came to me that by resolving the natural inconjuncts of a planet, it would be the means of integrating the polarity point, thus bring about a unification of the energy. Of course, this balance, like homeostasis, is not static, but ever shifting and evolving.

    An example is Aries, naturally inconjunct Virgo and Scorpio, how does the impulsive, self oriented, independent Aries get to merge with another (Libra). Aries can be quite passionate, ardent, and loyal–by integrating the lessons of Scorpio. Aries can be humbled, apply discrimination to decision making by integrating the lessons of Virgo. So by handling the natural inconjuncts, Aries can merge with another and truly listen, as well as seek to have fair and equitable relationships (Libra).

  6. This article is very timely for me. I have no natal quincunxes, but the new Moon and Jupiter in Aries (transiting my 5th), has been aspecting my natal Pluto/Neptune sextile at 15 Virgo, (Pluto) and 16 Scorpio, (Neptune). Pluto is in the tenth conjunct Uranus at 14 Virgo, and the midheaven at 12 Virgo. Neptune is in the 12th. Problem is, I don’t really have a clear handle on how the sextile has played out in my life. When Jupiter entered the 5th the transition was clearly evident in my life. Recently, I’ve been carrying on, (romantically), with someone 20 years younger than myself. I guess the quincunx would explain that. But other than that, I’m not really sure….

  7. That explains a lot! I don’t have natal quincunxes either, I read your article in MA a couple of times Donna (my son has a yod, and I’m trying to figure out how to help) but it was still hard to grasp…all the comments seem to bring some needed light!

    Transiting pluto in 4H has being squaring my natal pluto and moon for a while, and now I see that is also quincunx my mars in gemini in 9th. that probably could be some of the deep anger that I’ve felt, and try to channel, but sometimes I feel my throat hurts. I’ve being working deep around the square, and my feelings with my mom, but still feel there’s no real communication (mars gemini in 9th) and that creates a LOT of frustration.

    Just an example: this Christmas, we were able to get together with family in the southeast, my sister’s place is small (and not kid friendly) so we drove for 2 days down and 2 days up and stayed in a hotel.
    One day we ask my Mom if she’d like to spend the morning at the beach with us, specially to spend some relaxing time with her only grand kid, that she hadn’t seen in a year. Her answer: Oh Gee I don’t know… are you coming to pick me up at 9 am? that’s kind of early for me, since I’ve being sleeping until much later the last few days…Seriously? We finally went and it was a beautiful day, but I was heartbroken. Weeks later over the phone, when I finally asked her why in the world she did that, she said that I just misinterpreted the whole thing, and then starts playing the victim, again. Hell NO, it was quite clear. We could barely afford to go there for few days, and honestly we could have saved some money and lots of those little heartbreaks…
    Pluto is also semisextile to natal neptune in 3rd and venus in 5th, so compassion and kindness might be my answer…. Or maybe when Uranus is opposite my already beaten up Moon (by saturn and pluto) will help me to let go.

    Thankfully, my husband keeps reminding me of how much I’ve grown in the last few years and my hard work for a loving, healthy family in our everyday life.

    Sorry for the long, too personal post! I needed to vent!

    • Hi Sabrina –

      It sounds as if you and I have a few astrological placements in common (see my comments below). Pluto is a tough teacher and can be brutal in what he reveals. But I think you’re right in that love and forgiveness (combined with a healthy dose of assertiveness) is what’s called for. Hang in there, I know how you feel.

      • Hi LB,
        Thank you so much for your words, and for sharing your experience so we can learn. We definitely have some placements in common (my asc is in late virgo and also have sextile pluto neptune, but in libra and sag, so I’d love to hear how you feel the transiting yod works with those two)
        uranus has just released a quincunx to my natal uranus in 2nd H cusp in libra and I’ve released some of the values that didn’t feel true anymore, as is now in my 7th.
        I’m sorry you had to go through such a difficult time, just when you and your mother needed comfort… My experience of pluto mars quincunx can’t compare. But l notice in both cases, the people and/or the circumstances don’t allow for an open discussion/action (mars gemini) so what’s underneath (Pluto in 4th H) doesn’t seem to have an easy way out. You’re right, pluto is a tough teacher, and I can see myself with natal pluto/moon and uranus in libra being tough on behalf of fairness. Now I need to find how to use natal mars to work this quincunx, and in my case, since natal pluto and the moon are also involved, if ‘I’m willing to give up being right in order to be happy’ as Donna so wisely says in her post about Mars and Anger. So again, love and forgiveness as you say, are the way…

        Thank you and blessings

      • Thanks Sabrina. One other thing I thought of (again, your comment reminded me), is that during the quincunx of transiting Pluto to my natal Gemini Mars, my mother and I were unable to communicate in the traditional ways (she suffered from late-stage dementia). But the most amazing thing happened in that I began to feel what she was feeling, to the point of knowing exactly what it was that she needed at the end. I’m an empath anyway, but this was extreme. Actually, I thought I was going to go out of my mind, but still, it did serve a purpose.

        My mother and I had always had an emotionally volatile relationship (natal Moon quincunx natal Pluto), but towards the end, none of that mattered anymore as we were forced through circumstances to release what had always come between us. As I said, she passed away during the transit – a short time later she came to me in a dream, looking young and beautiful and happy, and I knew she was free. I was also freed, although it took some time for me to realize it. So the experience wasn’t without its blessings.

        So there was a way, it just wasn’t through words, nor was it due to any conscious effort on my part. Maybe there’s something there for you and your mom. If I had it to do over with her (and I’d rather not), I know I’d still have loved her, but I’d like to think it would’ve been with less attachment to outcome. I was always trying to get something from her she never wanted to give. In retrospect, I don’t think I should’ve tried so hard to convince her.

        Take care!

    • LB this is really helpful, and makes so much sense to me. Thanks again 🙂

  8. Again, making me think . . . For the past few years, as transiting Uranus has moved through my 7th house, it’s formed a series of quincunxes with my 2nd house Libra placements – first my North Node and Venus, then finally my Sun. I guess the best way to sum it up would be to say that circumstances have brought me into direct contact with situations and individuals that have seriously challenged my core values as well as my sense of self-worth, forcing me to grow.

    It’s been an ongoing struggle learning how to deal with these challenges without feeding the beast (mine and theirs), especially in the beginning when some of my interactions were pretty volatile and self-defeating, not to mention unproductive. Through it all, I’ve had to learn to deal with challenging “others” with integrity and forgiveness – even when they were not nearly so generous with me. Wish I could say I’d mastered the lesson, but I’m still learning.

    On the plus side, I’ve formed some unusual friendships with people I wouldn’t normally get to know – most of these friends have very different spiritual beliefs and practices, which is fine with me, so long as they practice integrity! I hadn’t thought of it until now, but this time period also coincided with my decision to begin studying astrology once again, after a very long hiatus.

    Within the past few days, Uranus has moved out of orb and I’m beginning to feel better – like maybe my feelings are starting to align with my intentions. Now that transiting Uranus has entered Aries, it will form a Yod with my natal 12th house Pluto (in Virgo) and natal Neptune (in Scorpio) on the cusp of my 2nd/3rd. Hopefully the lessons I’ve learned (or think I’ve learned) will help me deal with whatever I’m faced with.

    • After reading Sabrina’s comment, I realized I’d also experienced a quincunx formed by transiting Pluto (also in my natal 4th) to my natal retrograde 9th house Gemini Mars (just like Sabrina). This quincunx happened during the same period as the other ones I described.

      One of the worst things to happen (right when transiting Pluto was quincunx my Mars) was that I witnessed a terrible abuse of power involving my dying mother and others like her – I became PAINFULLY aware of an almost institutionalized callousness that was definitely not my imagination. Yet when I tried to speak up about what I saw (even to 9th house authority figures), I was continually shot down because no one wanted to acknowledge what was happening. Not only that, but some people (not all) chose to make me the “problem”.

      At one point, I wasn’t even allowed to donate warm blankets to fragile people who were dying and having to do without. The lack of common sense and compassion startled me. I can NEVER go back to not knowing and any illusions I’d previously held about our so-called “civilized” society were completely shattered. My mother died and I was left feeling very bitter and angry over what I’d observed, especially since it required the willing compliance of so many people.

      It’s taken me a long time to come to terms with what I saw – the memories haunted me for several years. I guess God wanted me to SEE. Much of what I described in my previous comment had to do with me learning to forgive.

      • Tragic and inhumane–sorry for what you went through, LB. Donna

      • Thanks Donna. Love, faith and forgiveness offered the only ways through.

  9. Okay, so looks like I’ll have Chiron and Pluto quincunxing my Mars and Uranus quincunxing my ascendant….

    Yeah, I’m frightened. Right now I am having job changes (plus applying for a new job that I am halfway covering for right now). Ugh, Aries stellium in 6th… Right now the job changes if they happen are good, and I’d certainly rather make the change myself rather than get laid off. (Of course, that could happen too anyway with an Aries stellium/Uranus in 6th.) Oddly enough, the new job would be a pay cut and go to contract status, but I’d be less likely to get laid off as far as I can tell, since the job does so much that they are filling it despite budget cuts.

    • Hi Jennifer, This is a little off subject but I saw that you are a Taurus and I wondered if you looked at your solar return chart for your coming year…it would be interesting to see what house all these aries planets fall in, I looked at the solar returns for myself (aries), my mother and sister (both taurus) and aries will be making a splash (mom is 10° taurus-there will be six planets in aries that day, in the 4th house of her solar return chart)

      • Sixth house. I have sixth house Aries in every damn astrology thing this year and it’s freaking me out. I am terrified I’m going to end up permanently unemployed, kicked out of my apartment, forced to move in with my mom, and going out of my mind because I live with my mom again.

      • OR, you could wind up employed in some exciting new state of the art business you don’t even know exists yet. Or in business for yourself. You may need to upgrade your computer and technology skills in order to be eleigible. Donna

  10. Hi, and thank you Donna for a marvellous site !
    My natal Sun is 24 degrees Sag in 2nd house, quincunx Uranus 23 degrees in Taurus in 7th. Sun rules the 10th house in Leo and Uranus rules the 4th house in Aquarius.
    When transit Pluto made a YOD of this aspect from 23 Libra in my 12th house, our farmhouse burned down. Uranus rules 4th house in Aquarius. And at the very same time I god my first job here where I live. The Sun rules 10th house in Leo and the cusp of 10th house is also 25 degrees. Transit Pluto burnt down the house, and we were “forced” to build a new house.

    • A devastating event–the 4th house is so much our foundations and roots. Sorry to hear of it. Like starting over again from the very foundations. Donna

  11. I have natal:
    1) Saturn(Rx) 3th Leo square Uranus/Venus 5th Scorpio
    2) Uranus quincunxes Lilith 11 Aries

    With transit:
    1) Uranus/Lilith quincunxes Venus(natal) (5th Scorpio)
    2) Neptun/Kiron quincunxes Saturn(n) (3th Leo)
    3) Saturn conjunction Pluto(n) 5th Libra

    Right now, Uranus(tr)-Venus(n) it makes me to wish I most of my life, but I try to sit quietly and try to act wisely, to learn as much from Saturn(tr).
    Now, I got a lot of big decisions in my relationships in generaly, and on my love life, I had to do.
    I had a lot of problems between Uranus quincunxes Lilith. Lilith react like an instigator with Uranus. The bigest depresion than I ever had it was by Saturn(tr) semisquare between Saturn(n) and Uranus(n). Now all I hope is that I learned.
    I think i’m prepared for quincunxes (in 1 year) between Uranus(tr) – Uranus(n), who will be conjunct with Saturn(tr), I hope will help me trine Kiron/Neptun(tr)-Uranus(n)

  12. Some years ago, Uranus(tr) made quincunxes Pluto(natal – 5th Libra)
    and NN(tr) Aries quincunxes with Pluto and NN(natal – 6th Scorpio)

    I had an ectopic pregnancy. But Jupiter(tr) was there, conjunct with my Pluto, and i was full of energy, I moved and rezolved quickly. After I rejected 5 doctors, 2 hospitals in 2 days, I found one how saved me with one pill, I was like new in one week, my fallopian tube was saved, nobody belives me .. but is real

  13. aloha all, coming to the party a little late.. I have quincunx in the radix chart between chiron@23 cap. in the 1st/2nd and pluto@25 leo in the 8th/9th (depending on the house system used koch or placidus) Opposing Chiron is Jupiter/uranus conj@22 and 25 degrees cancer in the7th/8th. The opposition brings along flurries of intense bonding/sharing/mentoring and mending. I know all sorts of very personal things/secrets about people who move quickly in and then out of my life. I am a receptical of sorts and even strangers will reveal to me things they would feel uncomfortable telling others normally. They seem to see the solution in my person. “You look like you went through this…” and often I had. The Quincunx with pluto is where ambivalence comes into play. Where I am a conduit for others’ seeking/revealing via the opposition the intimacy is not there so much as an ambivalence. Chiron and the pluto manifest in both houses and indeed the affairs of the juxtaposing houses, with the cuspal planets, blur and blend into each other. Boundaries are the big issue and that is so 1st house and yet also manifests in 2nd house sharing as what is mine being not mine, ie; the claim would be made and I would feel it as already not mine. So it translates thusly; to share with others I will hear/hold/mentor what is most intimately of concern for them but there is a sort of ambivalence or reticence in sharing back, either because the other has gotten what they sought and that is the seemingly natural end and I am not, myself, seen at all. Or it is I who loose interest and move on. Either way their arrises a sort of.. not longing..but an ambivalence or resignation which I attribute to the quincunx.
    •By transit-I experienced both neptune/uranus cojn. by transit over chiron for a good long while back in the mid ’90s which helped my learn to bond and share without having the quincunx raining on the parade. Chiron was moving rather slowly around that time, I believe, and many people around my age (56) must have this quincunx.
    •Another set of transits that dusted my broom were the mutual receptions of uranus and neptune in late aquarius and pisces. Transiting Neptune in late aquarius in the 2nd formed a yod between radix mercury in 9th on one end, radix pluto opposing it in the middle and radix jup/uranus on the other end. Money seemed to be there yet to take action to get it seemed untoward or repugnant or a mystery or a bright star beyond my reach yet glistening and the glistening was enough.. somehow just there and yet “whatever” or “if only”.
    The Uranus transit in late pisces (3rd house) created, at the same time as the Neptune yod, a yod that folded into that neptune yod with radix ven/nep conj@22/25 in 10th on one end, mercury@20 virgo in 9th opposing it in the middle and radix pluto @25 leo on the other. I learned to finally drive a car, not just a scooter but the getting of the licence seemed to elude me for months and months. It was a time of hurry up and wait. hurry up and wait. Fits and starts, false starts, missed connections and impossible timing. I ended up just watching the ephemeris and waiting it out, living on the beach in the mechanically dubious car I learned to drive in, reading vedanta dharma books and writing haiku and generally relating to the world as if it were cloud formations. Once I did this there was a deep sense of peace and this bliss of surrender is what I think the gift of the yod (or the quincunx) really is and why it is called the “finger of god”. It is the higher octave of ambivalence.

    • “Once I did this there was a deep sense of peace and this bliss of surrender is what I think the gift of the yod (or the quincunx) really is . . .”

      Hi Uhane – Yes, I think that’s it exactly! Maybe the quincunx is only intended to feel irresolvable so that we might know the peace that comes from surrender. Not giving up or giving in, but true surrender.

  14. I have no natal quincunxes, but Uranus is now throwing me one by transit from the 8th house to my 1st house Mercury (0 Virgo) and Venus/Pluto (2 Virgo) – and to my Jupiter and Neptune (0 and 2 Scorpio) so it’s a yod (I also have the asteroid Eros at 0 Aries, if you count such things). At the same time, Neptune is transiting opposite my Mercury and not quite yet opp my Venus/Pluto. I’m really not sure how the quincunx is operating, other than some sleep disturbance. (The better for Neptune to give me vivid dreams.) I didn’t notice much last summer at Uranus 0 Aries except of course sleep disturbance then, too! Will have to see how it all plays out…

    • Uranus transits to Mercury? Forget about sleep. I had it off and on for a year, and slept 2-3 hours a night the whole time. But I wrote more than ever in my life and doggone good stuff if I do say so myself. Donna

  15. I have one of those silly charts where a bunch of planets are at about the same degree, so not an easy task to isolate the energies. I’m not even sure it’s the exact same energy natally and by transit. Natal squares seem to motivate me, whereas tr. squares usually depress me.

    Plus, as you always say, much depends on the nature of the planet doing the transit, and also, imo, on how strong the aforesaid planet is natally: tr. Pluto is trining my sun/asc as we speak, yet I don’t feel any different. But when tr. Neptune was quinq. my Virgo stellium, yeah, I heard that one, loud and clear.

    Last year’s Uranus’ ingress in Aries, I kinda missed the whole thing, as it coincided with my Saturn return and Neptune’s quincunx to n. Saturn. So, I don’t know if it’s the spring (which btw is my favourite season) or Uranus in Aries, yet I feel that slowly but steadily the thick fog of the last couple of months is eventually starting to dry up.

    Right now tr. Uranus is quincunx to my n. Mars in Scorpio. What’s it like? I’m not sure I can put it in words, but here’s a hint. There’s this song by an artist named Adele called “Rolling in the Deep”, which happens to be my current music obsession. I especially enjoy listening to this song when I’m driving on the highway. Every time it airs I can’t help it, I start changing lanes, and just when she says “we could have had it all”, I’m moving into the hi-speed lane, shifting into 5th gear, and then hit the gas hard, with a smile on my face. Well, not my usual ecstatic, quasi-belligerent grin, more of a smile of awareness, this one, when you know you screwed up, and you think to yourself “what a pity!”, yet you know that you can only move forward. And that’s what you do. That’s pretty much how this quincunx makes me feel. 🙂

    • LOL I just discovered that song a couple of days ago, is great!!! I love her voice.

  16. I just realized that Uranus is lighting up my my Moon; over the last two and a half years Uranus played up a Libra stellium of sun, north node, mercury, moon in the 12th. I have been dragged kicking and screaming back to work and being on display. I have had huge panic attacks, which are less intense, conflicts about earning money vs parenting, grief over being robbed of time, immense frustration and insights about my spouse and his limitations. My entire life has been transformed. My attitude and belief systems have been totally rebuilt. The paradigm if unique/equal us in constant play. Also, I have become aware of PTSD and reactivity in myself and others.

    Realigning friendships, finding peers that support my values, leaving toxic people behind have been part of this carnival rude. When I am given a task instead of vacillating and procrastinating and panjcking, I break it down and “bust it out”. The Mars/Neptune strain has been front and center but I have been forced to move through panic attacks and all. My old pictures if limits and harshly judging myself and others have been erased and I am a much kinder tolerant person. Uprooting old family stuff has been a big part if this warrior path. I have 25 Aquarius on the IC. Uranus is in my 5th and so I bring my kids on the ride too.

    I did not appreciate the strength of my MarsNeptune pair until after my 50th bday. Chiron has been right there with balm and humility. What a ride!!!!

  17. Back in 1976 I had two overlapping Yods that formed a perfect 6 pointed star . Coupled to this was a Grand Fixed Cross. I saw it coming but had no idea what it meant.
    It was a year of the profoundest insights and spiritual mystical experiences of my life; anyone around me saw it as well and this rarefied energy eventually jacked out my defects, plus the deepest blackest pain as past hurts came out for expression. I had never cried before ( was in my 30’s) and I cried for a year. Wild life approached close to lift me up and spirits tried as well . The experience brought plenty to contemplate…thats for sure.

  18. The most exactly inconjunct in my natal chart is Jupiter/Saturn/MC 23º Capricorn quincunx Uranus 24º Leo (5th). When I was 9 years old I decided to become an astrologer. For many years I heard the authorities in my life, “Work on something “normal!” and laughing at me. In 1988, when transiting Chiron meet 23º Gemini (forming a Yod), and transiting Pluto meet the natal Midpoint of this inconjunct, I eliminate at the drop of a hat all authorities in my life (I always say that this year I gave birth to my true self). And I start a very hard path to learn: I am free because I am responsible for me (or vice versa).

  19. Just picking up on what Artemis, Jennifer and Tamara posted above about quincunx between Sun and Moon and the pull between a public and private life.

    I have a quincunx between moon/pluto in virgo and ascendent/Jupiter in aquarius. My public persona is very open, friendly, enthusiastic, supportive of others and generous. Unfortunately Jupiter often gets way out of hand (it is also conjunct Mercury) and over-promises and generates all sorts of ideas and projects that I simply do not have the time or the heart to follow through with.

    In myself I am a hermit – sun/venus/mars/saturn in the 12th house and that moon conjunct pluto.

    Over the years a reconciliation has been made. I am more alert now to self-sabotaging behaviours when out in the world and more quickly rein in Jupiter’s over enthusiasm. Also I understand more my need for solitude, peace and dreaming – often these days Jupiter’s expression is in the form of passing on the wisdom I’ve gathered in my solitude – usually on a one to one basis which suits my moon/pluto in the 7th house perfectly.

    It is as if my moon was like a child and expected to be looked after and was shocked by Jupiter’s betrayal. Now she has grown up and accepted she must be responsible for her own needs and for negotiating with the other planets to create the life that will fulfill her.

  20. My yod-pattern relates to creativity and writing. Saturn in the 10th opposite the midpoint of my sextile to Mars in the 3rd and Venus/Mercury in the 5th. When the components of this pattern are triggered by transit (especially by any of the four planets involved) the event is marked by some form of major study or writing effort.

    In the past this has related to engineering studies and marketing programs as well as astrological writings and other major creative projects. Yes, the 150 degree aspect is no minor aspect. Dave

  21. Based on that list, transiting Chiron on my ASC (and Moon) is currently quincunx my Venus in Libra in the 7th, and transiting Uranus in my first house is quincunx my Pluto at 0 Scorp in my 8th house.

    I’m guessing the Chiron one is especially significant because it’s activating a natal quincuncx, too? I also have a natal quincunx between Pluto and my Chiron in Gemini in my 3rd. Healing and transformation are the name of the game, eh?

  22. I have Sun, Mars, Juno at 11, 13, and 15 degrees respectively in the 9th house conjunct the MC @ 20 degrees Libra, quincunx to the Part of Fortune in Pisces at 13 degrees in the 2nd house, conjunct the 3rd house cusp at 17 degrees.

    I have a hard time defining who I am and feeling secure with my identity (Part of Fortune 2nd House Pisces) without a strong man in my life (Sun Mars Juno in Libra conjunct the MC) . Since Saturn has been transiting Libra I have been single for the first time in my young adult life and I’m learning that I am strong and smart and capable all on my own. I think I used to always project my identity onto someone else and now I have to realize my own worth and abilities.

    Also, as a kid my Dad always called me the “absent-minded professor”, I think because I seemed like such a competent, smart young lady (Sun Mars Juno in Libra on the MC) but the quincunx to Pars Fortuna in Pisces on the 2nd/3rd house cusp made me messy, confused, forgetful, and careless with my possessions. Now I just shrug it off when people tease me for dropping all my pens or locking my keys in the car, but it really used to get to me because my Sun/Mars/Juno in the 9th in Libra wanted to do everything properly, balanced, right. Being teased about my Neptunian state of mind would lead to a shameful feeling about how I should have done things (2nd house ruling self esteem), and really upset my Sun/Mars/Juno in Libra (9th house idealism).

  23. Greetings to Donna and Friends,

    On Thursday, I received an email destined for someone else. It was from a friend and contained a blunt assessment of my limitations via a vis reliabilty, timeliness. It said that I was a wonderful person, but that I overvilunteered for everything and was not reliable. it gave a crueler assessment of a second woman who I also

    It was followed up with a long explanation/apology longer on the explanation than the apology.

    I was quite stung and even wept a little. So I wrote back to the “friend” saying that she was quite correct; that I was struggling with these issues as a working mother and I apologized for inconveniencing her and her friend as they tried to count heads for their event.

    I made sure that the email that I sent was fit for world wide distribution. I spoke admiringly of the woman I was paired with. And I tried to laugh.

    That day, transiting Venus in Pisces was exactly inconjunct my Venus which is in the 11th house. It is now inconjunct transiting Saturn, also in my 11th. I purchased and mailed a gift card and also sent my RSVP for the wedding as that invite arrived the next day. I actually have a conflict.

    This stung me because I have frequently defended thus woman in the circles where interact. Her daughters have babysat for us and we have attended each other’s life cycle events.
    But I see that she has lots of wounding that has nothing to do with me. My job is to shield myself from it’s fallout.

    Venus to Venus seems to let us see past veneers and masks, and to encourage us not to take projections personally.

    Thank you all for sharing your insights and riches of experience!!

    • A really tough situation to handle and quite wounding BUT you took the high road, and I have to congratulate you on thatl. Donna

      • Thank you, Donna! My grandfather used to say, “there’s no glory in skinning a goat.”

  24. “If a natal quincunx is being set off by transit–or if a transiting planet is turning a quincunx into a yod–you really have an opportunity to work on the issues, tensions, and mixed messages of the natal quincunx.” When Neptune was in this pattern with my Sun, Mercury, and Saturn back in 1999/2000, I started attending the 12-step group Adult Children of Alcoholics. I found myself returning to 12-step again now that Uranus now has a quincuxes to (only) the Sun and Mercury this time. Of course, it’s not the planets’ fault, but the transits coincide with me pursuing self help and support groups to solve personal roadblocks.

    The nice thing about the Neptune transit was the 12-step group was extremely helpful, and I was able to move past what was holding me back. The group also got a lot of healing, and (kind of sadly), it disbanded because everyone started living life again! I also learned that healing is a bit of spiraling process (yes, I’m revisiting some issues but from a different perspective and place in my life), so I’m not feeling like I “relapsed.” Sometimes we just gotta do a thing or two over again.

    • “Healing is a bit of a spiraling process.” You nailed it, Kristy! I believe there are certain sensitive points and hot zones in our charts, and each time a major transit hits one of them, similar issues tend to come up, but you’re at a different (and hopefully smarter) part of your development, so you have the opportunity to approach it differently. That’s why I liked using the transit tracker, because it alerted me readily to times when earlier transits had gone over those points. And I would trace the history with the client of what happened at those times, to see exactly what the issues could be with a current transit.
      I went to ACOA for about 3 years myself back in its infancy in NYC. It was rough, took lots of guts to deal with the pain. I’d imagine the organization is all growed up now. Donna

      • I like this, Donna, because I’ve always said that evolution, (in every sense of the word), isn’t linear, but rather spiral.

      • Sorry – should have credited Kristy with that one.

  25. Donna: I’m cheating a bit here, because this is somewhat personal, but I hope you can answer this since it’s something that wasn’t covered in the original posting, and perhaps a few other readers may relate. You talked about when a transitting planet forms a Yod with a natal Quincunx, but what about when a transiting planet forms a Yod with a natal sextile? I’m particularly interested when the person has no natal Quincunxes. In general, how would you read this?

    • You’re still going to feel the transit, Charles. Did you read the story in the body of this article about the Yod that formed to my Midheaven and how it jet propelled me out of a mainstream career and into private astrology practice?

      I haven’t got a single quincunx in my natal chart, but I can tell you the transiting ones are intense. It’s like it gives you a crash course in juggling quincunxes. That’s when the articles in this series (one more to come) can help you figure out what you’re dealing with. Donna

      • Thanks. I’m getting so many major transits right now, (Pluto square my Sun, Neptune on my Saturn), that it’s hard to sort out their effects. Having said that, some of the stories people have posted about current transitting Quincunxes sound a lot like the effects of Mercury Retrograde. Enjoying the thread immensely. (I’m disappointed when I open my email account and there are no new postings/comments).

  26. Right now I have quite a few quincunx’s through transits.

    I’m not sure about ( – ) degrees as far as orbs go so if I wasn’t supposed to use them, my apologies.

    As if 4 quincunx’s in my natal chart weren’t enough. 😀

    T.Sun qx N.Sun Scorpio .43′
    T.Sun qx N. Mars Scorpio -1.55′
    T.Mars qx N. Moon Virgo -1.15′
    T.Mars qx N.Uranus Scorpio 1.22′
    T.Saturn qx N. Midheaven Pisces -1.09′
    T. Uranus qx N. North Node Scorpio -1.29′
    T. North Node qx N. Jupiter Rx Taurus 0.58′

    Right now, I have an underlying feeling of tension and impatience. I’m also torn between being optimistic and letting myself be depressed about setbacks that are occurring around me.
    I’m feeling torn about the life I would like to lead and how I influence the personal relationships that influence my life. I’m also torn between doing just anything I want to do and the career I’m pursuing through college.
    I want something to happen,but I don’t know exactly how to go about doing it.

    I’m not sure which transits are causing causing this exactly,but I do know that it’s a real pain. 🙂

    This IS an interesting subject.

  27. Hi Again,

    I had described an unpleasant encounter with a friend via an inadvertent email. Well, I just hit another whack; this time from my uber Taurus sister-in-law! Let us bear in mind that Libra and Taurus are in themselves an incongruous pair.

    She is the married to my husband’s eldest brother. She is a judge by profession. When I voiced my frustration at the expense involved in health benefits and my husband’s insistence at remaining self employed, she attacked me for having been a stay at home mom and only working part time now. She scornfully told me that no one would ever hire my husband at his age and that I had better face that fact. She then went on to criticize me for paying someone to pick up my kids after school when I am At work.

    Here was another so called friend who was abusive in her speech and demeanor. I have been totally loyal to her, both publicly and privately. I had no idea that she was so rigid and one dimensional in her views. When I broached the topic of volatile tempers and abusive behavior in my husband and a third brother, she belittled me. And we stayed with her when our heat was cut off because my husband refused to pay the bill!

    The impetus fir these encounters is transiting Uranus at 1 Aries in the 4th inconjunct my 29 Libra Moon, 12th House.

    It is making me stop seeking the approval of
    others in the clan, ancestral group and family unit. Furthermore, it has liberated me to find a new definition if family, which transcends blood
    ties, social circles and religion. The Sun in Aries, Jupiter, and Mercury are lingering across the band if my Libra stellium and are making me stand up and be a warrior of spirit.

    I will not expect any support or sympathy from her again. It is so ironic that she deals with domestic abuse in her professional life, but refuses to see it in her own family. And since my Chiron Return, I don’t have one way conversations anymore. I have a great circle of healthy, supportive friends who honor each other’s path and who hold a place for everyone’s sorrows. But we also cheer each other on to the next plateau.

    The day after this encounter I dreamed about my long dead father and I blazed through the house purging and boxing old stuff with my new gift of time- my hours were cut in half. It was a great gift!

  28. Ok, I’m officially declaring that I’m over my head at this point. Transitively speaking, I’ve got 3 quincunxes with planets and 1 with AC (and that one is Saturn – I truly believe that anything difficult on my Taurus AC triggers that Taurus “shut down” reaction in me).

    My poor natal Uranus, which is barely aspected, is in quincunx with transiting Venus. Transiting Uranus is quincunx Moon.

    Setting off a natal quincunx? That transiting Uranus is now sextile MC (natally they’re quincunx). Transiting Venus is sextile MC as well (they’re conj in 10th natally).

    I’m lost. 😀

  29. Hi,

    Perhaps you can guide me through a most challenging time. My natal sun is 1′ sag 11th hs, moon is 1′ gemini 5th hs, Saturn is 0′ Libra 9th hs. With Neptune entering Pisces 2nd hs, I have a T square with the sun and moon, with Neptune, quincunx with Saturn.

    I can’t explain the kind of uncertainty and confusion I have experienced over the past 2 weeks as well as this physical tension that I just can’t release. Nothing seems real anymore. A kind of unnatural fear of making changes or moving forward with career ambitions has stopped me from taking advantage of opportunities. I feel immobilized and have less energy to think about, let alone doing anything about, my career. According to an ephemeris, Neptune will be going retro and will be stuck at 0′ – 1′ for a while…..what can I do to get out of this rut and the fog? Any suggestions?

  30. Sorry, Susan, A question this complex really needs a full chart session, but I am retired from doing individual charts. If you’d like a referral, I can send you a list of well-qualified astrologers. Donna

  31. Hi Donna,

    Happy New Moon. There is a lovely piece on the current New Moon and its Fingr of God formation on:
    It is written by Patricia Liles. Very in sync with the recent discussion on this topic.

    • Thanks, Kelly. I was wondering why there were Yods everywhere. It turned out that when I started working on my Dell Horoscope advice column for this month, three of the 4 letters had charts with Yods. Donna

  32. I just stumbled over this blog entry, while looking for some insight on T-Pluto quincunx my N-Mars (Leo), so I thought I’d share a little of what it seems to be doing, although to complicate matters, I have a natal yod with my Libra Sun (in the 7th house, no less!), at the apex, Saturn in Aquarius 12th house, but conj. my Asc (dragging it in), and Aries Moon in the 2nd … so it involves BOTH my lights AND my Asc. Needless to say, that sucker is a pain in my psychological arse, trying to manage it. 🙂

    Anyway, T-Neptune is setting off the Saturn-Asc via conjunction, then it will quincunx my Sun. So looking forward to that. ;p AND T-Uranus in my 1st is completing the 3rd of 4 total passes over the trigger of the yod, opposing my N-Sun.

    To say I’ve felt frustrated and depressed for the past year or two doesn’t begin to cover it! BUT what I couldn’t quite get was how flat *angry* it was making me, as well. Uranus opposing my 7th house sun combined with T-Saturn that’s been in my 7th house for a couple years (and is now gone, and the Uranus transits end in February). So the fact I’ve had little or nothing on the romantic horizon since my divorce 6 years ago is probably not a surprise.

    But what struck me is how the Pluto quincunx *may* be fitting into this. First, it inspired me to get good and angry about the weight I’d gained after breaking my ankle (around the same time as the divorce … yeah, some Saturn going on with *that*). I’d been forbidden all sorts of activities/exercise beyond walking, and I’ve always been active, so I bloated (Jupiter running through my 1st house didn’t help). But Pluto hitting my Mars gave me the kick in the ass to decide that orthopaedic surgeon had gone OVERboard. Not only do I have my ankle back (almost at full strength), but I’m back down to a normal weight, too. So that’s the positive.

    But the sorta-negative seems to be a whole lot of confusion about a relationship with a male friend (yes, from work — 6th house). Between the T-Uranus/N-Sun opposition, and the T-Pluto/N-Mars quincunx, that just blows hot and cold, hot and cold. Can’t seem to figure out if it’s going to stay platonic or take a different turn. The Pluto-Mars keeps making me obsess about it, too. ;p

    So a long entry, but hopefully useful info (and I hope I’ve understood the Pluto-Mars energy, as well). Thanks for the blog.

    • I hear you. My second son has similar yods involving the lights and ascendant. Indeed he has the Sun on the ascendant opposition/ parallel Uranus and quincunx Neptune on one side and Pluto on the other for one yod. He has another one that is entwined with this one. He has had and is having real struggles just to do anything, but he does not give up and no matter the set backs he forges ahead.He is a brilliant student in any subject but has blinders on when it comes to the women he chooses.

  33. HI Donna: Your work has always been such a jewel. I am so excited to find your blog and esp this one on the often misunderstood quincunx. I have a client who is the inventor of an important system for digitalizing medical records. 1/15/51 3:32 pm Marshall Michigan. She has Neptune on her midheaven and natal Jupiter now causing confusion/distrust between herself, the company that is middlemanning the roll out of her sales and the actual sales rep. Transiting Jupiter exited a 3 degree orb quincunx to her natal Mercury yesterday on August 11th. Trans. Jupiter is in a quincunx to her natal Jupiter until September 3rd when it will finally be beyond the 3 degree orb. Trans. Jupiter will exit a quincunx to transiting Pluto on September 21st. Trans. Jupiter will finally exit a quincunx to transiting Chiron in the 10th house on October 18th. Because this is an invention centered on information for healing, this Chiron transit of her 10th house makes perfect sense! Her first appointment between the first buyer (representing 2 hospitals ready to buy the invention) and the sales person was cancelled on July 31st due to the buyer having a stroke EN ROUTE to the sales meeting! The meeting has been reset for September 1st, Labor Day. My personal feeling is that September 3rd will bring some small initial good news and that September 21st and finally October 18th will put the remaining pieces in place so that a contract can be signed after October 18th. Since we will be in the Mercury Retro on Oct 18th, I am going to advise her to set the signing to be on Monday, October 27th with the Moon Trine Jupiter in Sadge or the 28th with her monthsly return o fthe Moon to the Capricorn (trining her moon and conjunct her sun.) Your comments on this issue would be SO appreciated—if you have a minute to look at the situ. If you need to charge me for a reply I understand. Let me know the cost. Thank you so much! Respectfully, Kari Noren-Hoshal, Evolutionary Astrologer, Baltimore, MD

    • Hi, Kari, it sounds like you could use a consultation in order to prepare for an important session with this talented client. Sorry, but I am long since retired. Donna

      • Thanks so much. Peace and Blessings to you always!

  34. I’m having T Saturn Scorpio late 10th quincunx natal moon Aries in 3rd conj 4th cusp. My work has slowed to standstill which I suppose is expected close to Xmas. Am short on finances and sick of lack of communication with partner. I feel I’m kept in dark like a mushroom and shit on from great height. Scorpio is Sooo secretative private and anti social I’m fed up with being in house (stellium in 4th Taurus) Moon rules 6th where prog Sun has been last 2yrs. Scorpio rules 10th house cusp (Equal house) and SaggiMC. When on rare occasions I do get out of four walls I can be extrovert and fiery. Scorpio and Aries and nothing in common and feel sooo frustrated by the *in action* of Saturn/Scorpio

  35. At this time I am experiencing a transiting Saturn which is 2 degrees away from entering my 12 house, quincunx my natal sun in the seventh house. Life feels as if it has ground to halt at this time…..very frustrating. There may be other things in play at this time by I’m not astute enough to see what they are. Any suggestions?

  36. Hi Donna, I’m a big fan of yours. So I have this crappy aspect of Venus in Aries quincunx Mars in Virgo. Each planet being in lamentable signs just wasn’t enough for me. Oh No!! I had to manifest them in the teeter-totter aspect, as I fondly refer to it. I had sexual confusion all my life. I never could decide if I wanted to be a whore or a paid professional, or get out of the business completely and become a housewife.

    Well, I always opted for the conventional, but never stayed the course because after a few respectable years, I got bored and sabotaged the relationship. I always said, “I want to soar like an eagle, but first i really need to sweep the garage and the grout in the bathroom is filthy! As soon as I get the stench of Comet cleanser off my skin, I jump into my gown and be gone!”

    Thanks for this forum.

    • Hi, Jewell. Such a funny but very apt way of describing that quincunx! Donna

      • Thanks for the compliment. Funny is my go-to attitude. Apt is also a big fave. This one has been with me for years since I learned what a quincunx was. At the time, that knowledge helped to resolve troubled relationships with myself and others!

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