Posted by: Donna Cunningham | April 14, 2011

Part 4: How to Harmonize the Tensions of a Quincunx

©4-14-11 by Donna Cunningham, MSW

The Skywriter community has been conducting an intensive study of quincunxes in the natal chart and by transit. The comment sections on this series of posts almost became a self-help workshop as Readers analyzed how their quincunxes worked and shared how they dealt with the tensions of this aspect. Collected here are some of their healing suggestions.

Kelly has Mars in Gemini quincunx Neptune in Scorpio:  “My journey has included incorporating mindful warrior energy into my life and walking the path of the warrior with my children. We all do mixed martial arts. Also, I distribute legal resources to clients of a social service agency so I rescue those in need of help. The line between clients and helpers is often blurry.”

LB suggests the use of Reiki and other energy work to harmonize the energies of the two planets:  I’ve definitely learned with my quincunxes that anytime I try to satisfy one planet while denying the other, I’m left frustrated and confused. So in that respect, it’s much healthier for me to surrender it all to a higher will (a.k.a. Universal LOVE) where issues can be resolved in a way that isn’t either/or. ”

Tamara suggested people do my planetary strength tests to see which of the two planets in the quincunx is dominant. (Take the Planetary Tests) Then you’d want to find ways to support the lower-scoring planet’s wants and needs to keep it happy.

Fabienne says, “I noticed that the quincunx seems to operate by instinct and intuition. And eventually I will get where I wanted to go, if I was able to formulate my goals. Just don’t ask me how I got there. No clue. “

And I replied, “Very interesting. It sounds like you are saying quincunxes are self-correcting in some way.”

To Tatiana, who was playing out an imagined dialogue between a natal quincunx between two planets now being set off by transits, I replied, “You’re having a productive dialogue between two parts of yourself. One thing you can do, folks, is to write out the dialogue and just see what develops.

“Or get an astrology buddy to play it out with you in Astrodrama style, each of you taking the role of one of the planets. The planets will speak up if you’re willing to listen.”

Judith says, “My son made a joke that I thought captured one possible avenue of riding the dynamism of a quincunx.

“He said maybe what people call “finding God” happens when they keep going at something in a persistent and focused, but not dogged or obsessive manner all the while saying to themselves, ‘no way; no way’.

“Then, one day, without having a clue how exactly it happened, they have reached that ‘no way’ place and then they have to say Yah-weh!”

“It seems to me that there are no two more dissimilar entities than one’s head and one’s heart and that whatever helps in the harmonization of those two, is essentially what allows for flow in a quincunx or yod. Humour, joy, gratitude, reverence; wisdom disguised as folly–those are the big ones for me.”

Commenting on Charles Jayne’s observation that the quincunx’s tension is often relieved through humor, CJ Wright says, “I love the example of William Shatner, with his Sun-Neptune quincunx. Maybe that’s what we do with our mismatched parts ~ embrace them, learn to love them, and turn something oddly annoying into something fun (and in Shatner’s case, profitable).

“Is this our Ugly Duckling aspect we have to grow into before finding its beauty?”

The Radical Virgo – Joyce Mason (our resident expert on Chiron) cites the need to work at developing tolerance for others who are very different from ourselves. She shares this story:

“Once I worked for a woman who was an archetypal Leo. She had a long-term, off-and-on relationship with a Pisces. (Quincunx Suns) He drove her crazy. I haven’t seen such a case of intolerance of another’s way of being, so much so, she projected her angst onto others.

“She persecuted a male Pisces employee she supervised. (Actually, at the time she supervised two male Pisces, but she really nailed one of them.) She was constantly criticizing him for his Piscesness, and it was so bad, he was considered filing a grievance for discrimination based on astrological sign. (I hate to say it, but I think he really had a good case.) It was long ago, and I think he finally found another job.

“The story illustrates the issue of the quincunx and tolerance. This woman refused to find the redeeming value or positive characteristics in the sign that inconjuncts her Sun sign. Obviously, something drew her to her Pisces boyfriend in a big way, or he wouldn’t have had such an impact on her. It’s all in the mind … and opening it.”

Flower Essences to Help Harmonize a Quincunx

 Joyce Mason isn’t the sort to just spot a problem and drop it in your lap—she also had some excellent suggestions about flower essences to help with the aspect.

(For those of you who aren’t familiar with flower essences, download the introductory chapter of my ebook, Flower Remedies—How Plants’ Energies Can Heal Us: flower essence information-ch1.)

Joyce explained, “Basically, the quincunx requires a lot of tolerance and open-mindedness to handle, that’s why I’m thinking essences have a lot to offer. Tolerance is the difference between the Aries and Virgo finding each other interesting rather than weird or ‘not their type.’

“I found a lot of good essence candidates in the Online Repertory – Flower Essence Society in the section on Tolerance:

  • Beech – seeing the value of differences in others
  • Calendula – tolerance for what others are saying, being receptive
  • Impatiens – accepting different (slower) rhythms and the pace of others
  • Quaking Grass – ability to work with the ideas of others in a group
  • Vervain – allowing others their own beliefs
  • Vine – respecting free will of others

“Other ideas: Sagebrush to cleanse perception and avoid stereotyped or fixed concepts which prevent fresh or original perceptions.

“Shasta Daisy – aids synthesis of ideas to form a meaningful whole (never in your wildest dreams? Why not?).

“Lastly, Zinnia comes to mind for sparking childlike originality and inventiveness.

“Again, it’s all in the perception and all these essences in some way open the mind and creative process to accept the full kaleidoscope of what it takes to be human—and however the bits of very different colored glass fall to form whole picture.”

To that I replied, “Tolerance for yourself is also crucial. Self-acceptance can be a key to inner peace with quincunxes.

Essences for self-acceptance and alienation could be helpful: Goldenrod for holding to your own beliefs and path when they are different from the norm. Shooting Star when you feel alienated because you are different. (Both are from the Flower Essence Society.)”

Dr. Deborah Bier, my co-editor for Vibration Flower Essence Blog, suggested any generalist essence, given the stress and strain of the dissonance involved.  A generalist—also called a toner—is an essence like Self-Heal that can be added to any mixture to make all the essences in the combination work more smoothly. (See: Strength for Your Essence Mixtures: Add a Toner.)

She adds, “I would recommend any Whole Energy Essences Recovery essence, given that they help us reconnect with our inner strengths following a disturbance. In particular:

  • Helleborine (recover intellect) if the dissonance is highly mental.
  • Calendula (recover safety ) if it’s emotional;
  • White Snake Root (recover resilience) if it’s physical.
  • Lobelia (recover calm), too, if it’s got you all jangled up.”

In the exchange between Joyce, Deborah, and myself, I was also reminded that Desert Alchemy® Flower Essences has a collection of essences called Plants & Planets Formulas.

Perhaps a mixture made of the formulas for the two planets involved would help you resolve the aspect.

 (If these possibilities for healing intrigue you, see A Collection of Articles about Combining Essences and Astrology.)

Readers who have quincunxes in your chart—how have you managed the energies in this aspect? What helps you? Please share your tips with us in the comment section.

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Art credit:  These beautiful deco-like ladies were discovered in a collection on, and I couldn’t pass them up. They didn’t exactly portray a quincunx, but then, what does?


  1. Hi Donna, the whole series has being incredible. I need to go back o my own past transiting quincunxes to learn more, but as I was reading the rest of the comments about the quincunx this morning, and as it seems with neptune transiting my mercury and now jupiter, I need to read things several times, let the words ‘soak in’ and then something else comes out.

    So, I thought about how aging -gracefully or not- seems to share similarities with the quincunx. Growing up, I heard family friends, especially women (amazing women btw) talk about how he felt young and alive inside, but having to deal with the fact that their bodies were changing and not always could keep up.

    Then you see the ones that have learned how to harmonize this process with grace,wisdom and certainly humor, and the ones that have resisted. (you get something like Meryl Streep vs. Joan Rivers!)

    • Thanks so much, Sabrina. It HAS been quite an amazing series to work on, and I’m glad it proved helpful to you.

      Meryl Streep vs. Joan Rivers–now there’s a quincunx right there! I just had to look Rivers up in AstroDataBank to see if she had any quincunxes because she surely has that energy. She has a Mars-Jupiter conjunction in Virgo quincunx Saturn in Aquarius. Yep, she doesn’t take kindly to aging; she’s become a caricature of herself in the same way William Shatner has.

      I wonder if aging is a special trial/test of the quincunx. Donna

      • WOW! I just went and looked up Meryl Streep on AstroDataBank. She has a Jupiter-Saturn quincunx too. But Jupiter is in Aquarius and Saturn is in Virgo. AND Jupiter is the Apex of a Yod, with a Sun-Uranus conjunction in Cancer forming the other leg.

        It’s amazing what an excellent case example you intuitively plucked out of thin air. This is just such a meaty topic. Donna

    • LOL I was just doing the same thing! In Joan’s case, mars the ruler of her asc is in quincunx saturn. In Meryl’s case, is her sun/uranus that is sextile saturn to help the yod. Some Aquarius, uranus, saturn energy.
      I felt compelled to learn more about quincunxes and yods, my kid has sextile sun/moon with uranus as the apex of a yod, is not super tight, but I’ve being scratching my head for a long time, as I don’t have them. Thanks for such helpful tool Donna!

      • I’m still pondering the idea of aging being a test of how we manage quincunxes. The older person is given a certain leeway to be as eccentric as they like–it’s almost expected, seen as an endearing trait almost or at the very least forgiveable.

        The absolute icon of aging gracefully has to be Betty White, enjoying a great renaissance of popularity in her 80s. Thinking she must have some quincunxes going for her, I revisited her chart. She has a Saturn-Uranus quincunx with Uranus in Pisces and Saturn in Libra (3rd Saturn return and her Uranus return in the past few years.)

        She also has a quincunx between Mercury in Aquarius and Pluto in Cancer, and I must say, she can be very, very raw for someone who comes across as a sweet old lady. I saw her on Craig Fergueson one night, and she was on a tear that visibly shocked even Craig, who’s pretty risque.

        Here’s the chart:

      • Betty White yes! amazing how she can manage to come up with those sharp and juicy comments, and at the same time being a lovely lady…brilliant (even appear slightly disoriented…heheh).
        Btw the mercury/pluto aspect reference is most illuminating! I don’t have a natal connection there so this was a great -and fun! example.

  2. I think energy work is excellent in resolving potentially discordant energies. Sound healing with tuning forks immediately comes to mind. There are amazing Planetary Tuning forks that go through the nerves and affect us at the physical, cellular and beyond levels.

    As I mentioned in the original quincux post, I think another way to harmonize is to focus on the polarity point of the apex, which I guess would be the midpoint of the sextiling planets–that is what I think the purpose of the quincux is–to resolve that opposition (balance the yin and yang of it). So with the Streep example above that would be Leo–which makes sense of her creativity in her work.

    • Yes! and it would fall right around her ASC, so she’s able to project that. The uranus, and Aq energy allows not to take herself too seriously, while saturn provides substance to the creativity.

    • Great suggestions, Lisa Ange. I’ve never worked much with sound as a healing tool, as I’m supersensitive to it. My home is totally silent at all times except when I watch something on tv. But that’s probably all the more indication that sound is a powerful healer.

      Hmm. Ages ago, my friend Andrew Ramer channeled some chants for the planets that were amazing. For a time, I used to make rosaries with a particular color for two planets in aspect. I recall coming across it when I moved last summer, but I was in a frenzy of getting rid of things, so I hope I didn’t throw it out or give it away. It might help in working through the quincunx. Donna

    • Hi Lisa – I agree, there’s definitely something very unifying about sound.

      I’ve found certain music – especially the sound of crystal singing bowls – to be very healing. I use both when I’m giving Reiki. Clients seem to find the sounds very relaxing and they help to “ground” me by putting me in touch with my heart, as opposed to my head. My Scorpio Neptune is on the cusp of the 3rd and is quincunx my 9th house Gemini Mars.

      As a side note, certain music always helps me to feel more in touch with my higher self – it’s a great way to calm the tension between any challenging aspect, including my quincunxes. And I have a few favorite DVDs of ocean scenes (one features light-houses) that help me to get back in touch with that core place beyond thoughts and ideas.

      If it sounds as if I’m deferring to Neptune, my Gemini Mars likes it when I take a nice long walk through the woods, or along the ocean. Dancing to beautiful music does the trick as well.

      I’m lovin’ this series, Donna!

  3. My youngest son has always been a puzzle. He has a chart with intertwined YODS. He was born at Sunrise …a double Taurus with the Sun ascendant opposition Parallel Uranus in Scorpio. This Sun is the apex of a Yod. and is quincunx Pluto in Libra in the 6th and Neptune in Sagittarius in the 8th. The 3 outter planets !
    As if this inst enough, his Pluto in Libra is opposition Venus in Aries in the 12th , which is quincunx Uranus in the 7th in Scorpio and the Moon in Virgo in the 5th. he has a mercury Mars conjunction in Aries in the 12th, also within orb to a quincunx to the Virgo Moon.
    He has always had a brilliant mind in any subject, Science being his favorite and his early childhood drawings showed every angle of a subject. Something many adult artists have trouble with. He came by it naturally. He knew all the shorelines in the world as a young child and often made drawings about what it would look like after the change. He wrote some of the most poignant poetry as a teen and could look at a plane when he was six and invent a gadget that would demonstrate how air lifts planes off the ground. He naturally understands how things work.
    He needs and likes his private time ( full 12 th house. Besides the Aries planets there he has Chiron at 10 Taurus within 7 degree orb to his Sun at 17 and it trines his Saturn at 7 Virgo.North Node at 14 Virgo and the Moon at 22 Virgo.
    I enjoyed his childhood eminently and our time in a 6 million acre wilderness of Islands and lakes is one of my most happy life memories.
    However when he hit puberty all hell broke loose. he hitch hiked around the continent and saw the underbelly of it. When he came back he was like a stranger and it took time for him to heal and recover some of his old self that I can recognize.
    He has picked up with some of the neediest crazed women on the planet . They always have some major physical, psychological problem. He had the most beautiful sweet Artist daughter with one ( I am raising) and now with another he has had 2 more sweet baby girls! This mother has a lot of problems as well but they are struggling on to try and raise them. Her manic bi polar outbursts keep them on a rocky road.She has thyroid problems and Hepatitis C. and a bad back from a car accident. She knows she has to get the shots for the Hepatitis C but hasn’t done it yet. She can be very stubborn. He always has the best advice for people in trouble but NOT for himself. He has a Wilderness Rescue certificate.
    WHAT is the deal? What flower essence will help him get through this. He gets very nervous when shes in one of her episodes. He is a full time college student and in his 3rd year. This college focus seems to ad pressure but is also a safe haven.Hopefully he will graduate and use his smarts to earn a living, support his family and help with the ( science) environmental problems the planet faces.
    Of course I worry about him, her and the babies. The little nearly 2 yr old is also a Taurus and seems to have inherited her Dads brains. The other is a Virgo, 7 months old and is already a mover.

    • It’s a very complicated process, choosing an essence mixture, BH. Two that might help are in the codependency area–Bach’s Red Chestnut for those who worry about other people, perhaps also Red Clover (FES), for those who get thrown off by other people’s emotions. Another might be Pink Yarrow (FES) which acts as a shield from soaking up the energies of family and other close people.

      Have you ever visited Vibration Magazine’s blog? There are many articles there about individual remedies that would help in knowing which ones fit best. There’s a search engine there that covers all the archives–you can input the name of the remedy or the healing issue and get a list of links to specific articles. Donna

      • Thanks Dunna….Red and laveder wild clover is all around our area and I tried planting pink yarrow last summer but it did not come up. We have a lot of wild white yarrow here. I have wild sage and have found out that my sons Mayan sign is blade of Grass and so the Quaking Grass you reccomended might be aprapo, espically since last talking to you. Since then the babies were taken away from the mother by social services, A neighbor accused her of child abuse. They have done everything to give the mother a chance as if she was a normal person, which she isnt because of her many problems. My lawyer advised I not intervene unless the make a move on her and my sons parental right. Thats happened and I am now part of the case and if my son cannot satisfy them then it looks as if I could be raising 2 more grand daughters. My son has completed his anger management and Fatherhood classes and is even getting a teaching certificate so he can help form other groups for fathers. Thats why the essences you mention on group intigration seems like a good one for him.
        I hadnt realized you replyed to me until now because I have been gone awhile from internet and can only get back periodically. Thanks again! Hope all is well in your world..

  4. Donna,
    This is an amazing series. I’ve always been confounded by the numerous inconjuncts and yod in my chart. No matter how many books I read on the topic I never felt as if I really understood them. This makes perfect sense as did your earlier post where you described the two planets involved as repellent to one another like the opposite polarities of magnets.

    Whew! I’m not nuts – it’s just my quincunxes acting up!

    • Glad it’s helped, Angela. I’ve enjoyed exploring it with all of you–quincunxes were originally mysterious to me, too, since I don’t have any. It’s mainly by experiencing transiting quincunxes over the years that I came to understand them on a visceral level. Donna

  5. Hi Donna, Interesting and difficult subject, I’m glad you are writing on it. I have an odd quincunx because the planets, Venus and Mars, though less than a degree apart with this aspect, are in opposite signs and opposite houses. One might think that makes them relate more easily but I’m not so sure – the mismatch seems to operate pretty powerfully to me. (Venus is in the 1st degree of Scorpio at the beginning of the 10 house, Mars in the last degree of Taurus near the end of the 4 house). I don’t think it helps that both are in detriment.

    Romantic relationships are very difficult for me. I have read various suggestions about handling this aspect and the one I remember is that I would make a positive use of it if I sculpted my body via exercise! (I guess this is bringing physical activity [Mars] and beauty [Venus] together, without having to involve another person in one’s internal struggle.) Well, perhaps this could work for me, i have worked up my bod occasionally but I tend to laziness, and besides, I would rather be able to make it work for relating to other people… Sigh! It is my life’s struggle.

    I think my quincunx is interesting in relation to the usual ways of interpreting them, because I’m quite familiar with both Scorpio and Taurus energy and as opposites they share qualities that quincunx signs do not – but, it doesn’t help. The 150 degrees is strong enough in itself to have an impact.


    • Well done, MRL! And so interesting that being in opposite signs doesn’t help–it’s that 150 degree angle itself, I think, that generates a considerable tension. And, yes, I’d think that planets that aren’t comfortable in their signs (detriment or fall) would make any aspect, but especially a quincunx, harder to harmonize. Thanks for that observation. Donna

  6. My Yod is the following:-
    Sextile between Venus in Gemini in the 8th house and Uranus in Leo in the 9th both inconjunct Saturn (retrograde) in Cap in the 3rd.
    And with Mercury in Cancer in 8th at the mid-point of the sextile opposite Saturn.

    So it is a focused Yod or boomerang as I’ve also seen it called.
    Darryl Gunzberg once told me that people with Yods have less free will than others – they decide to go in a certain direction but somehow are channelled in another, often completely contradictory direction ….& this has certainly been my experience.

    My Yod is about life and death, ideas and beliefs 8th, 9th / 3rd axis …..

    I love systems, all belief systems that make life the universe and everything fit together! Whether in Philosophy, Esoteric/Spiritual or Scientific.
    I don’t differentiate between any. All are as valid and useful as each other.

    I love ideas that unify the world and our experience of it & am interested in ALL ideas and have never identified with one set of beliefs as too me…. all are valid and complimentary…
    I have a science degree from University and am as happy with science and technology as I am with Astrology and the esoteric and i dont identify myself either as a scientist or Astrologer…
    or will depending on the moment and place in time – I’d say i was both!
    To me they are not mutually exclusive.

    For me the key seems to be to keep open to all ideas and never to narrow myself into any avenue where I would be fixed or need to justify my views.
    If someone queries the contradictions (& they do!)
    I just shrug my shoulders and laugh! It’s their problem after all not mine.

    I also have friends from all social backgrounds, paupers and millionaires and most in between & from many different countries and vocations …
    From Scientists and Monks, anothers vocation is a source of huge interest to me….

    The key to my Yod has always to be inclusive of everyone and to respect all ideas and people as unique,
    Choice less awareness in action – I think this defines my Yod and my life, as whenever I’ve tried to become identified with one group or another fate has sent me in a different direction, the key has always been to embrace the new whilst enjoying the variety.
    Some people find my eclecticism seriously annoying!

    • A masterful and thorough analysis, Niyati. Well done!

      It sounds as though self-acceptance has been a key to inner peace here, and I’d say that’s something that would help people who have quincunxes.

      The flower essences for self-acceptance and alienation could be helpful. Goldenrod for holding to your own beliefs and path when they are different from the norm. Shooting Star when you feel alienated because you are different. (Both from the Flower Essence Society. Donna

      • Self-acceptance when its written here sounds such a strong and agreeable thing!
        Yet when you desperately want to ‘belong’ to a group of people or a life style …. & when you are unable to do so it is so painful.
        The Yod is a huge teacher… of acceptance!
        Pema Chodrun much have quincunxes or a Yod in her chart as all her teachings resonates of them.
        I listened to her teaching ‘When things fall apart’ every day for a few years!!!! LOL!

      • I love her and her work, too. WikiPedia says she was born Deirdre Blomfield-Brown July 14, 1936 (1936-07-14) (age 74) New York City, New York, United States. No quincunxes, lots of trines (Pisces-Cancer) possible mutable t-square. Cancer Sun/Taurus Moon. Donna

    • You do not annoy me…I agree with your take .

  7. I think of trying to harmonize a quincunx, say between Cancer and Aquarius for example, as having Nelson Mandela and Rick James living together as roommates. how in the heck that is going to work? I mean maybe divide the apartment in two or something, and have weekly meetings to keep each other abreast of what is going on in the other part of the apartment?

  8. QUINCUNX UPDATE: a couple of days after posting this last article in a series on quincunxes, I starting working on my monthly advice column for Dell Horoscope, which always includes four letters from readers.

    There’s almost always a theme, though I have no idea what it is when I select the letters. You won’t be entirely gobsmacked to know that the theme turned out to be Quincunxes. All of the letters had at least two of them in the early degrees of signs being transited by Uranus in early Aries and Neptune in early Pisces.

    Furthermore, three of the four readers had Yods in those early degrees, and one beseiged soul had three interlocking Yods in that area. Several of you have expressed a wish that I interpret a Yod. You got your wish–only you”ll have to wait until MidAugust and buy the September issue of Dell Horoscope magazine to read it.

    Donna, who is over being surprised at the incessent sychronicity of astrological events.

    • Donna I almost forgot…..yesterday on You Tube an astrologer from South America gave a good talk on the up comming Quincunxes that will occur Dec 21st 2012. The big date on the Galactic return which makes the end of the 4th age and beginning of the 5th age. Another video of a Mayan also addressed this from a Mayan scientific perspective on world happenings. Both speakers were a compliment to what the other said.
      The western astrologer said 2 major quincunxes starting with the first on November 21st . Venus conjunct Saturn in Scorpio sextile Pluto conjunct Mars in Capricorn, with both conjunctions quincunx Jupiter conjunct Lilith in Gemini. He sees Lillith as an aspect of the Earth since it is a satilite of the earth like the moon is. The Sun in Sag is midpoint the sextile and opposite Jupiter. The inverse midpoint is always the outcome of the Yod.
      Then on Dec 21st Saturn in Scorpio sextile Pluto in Cap , both quincunx Jupiter/ Lilith. This time Venus in Sag is the inverse midpoint in Sag.
      In breif with his interpretation, he gave out this meditation.

      ” As I make choices to empower myself,
      I must consider the communities Health.
      for in the balance of give and take,
      a whole new reality we will create. ”
      The Mayan complimented this by saying there will be 8 minute of peak higher vibration and that we should meditate on what we would like to see ( hold open for higher understanding) in the new 5th world coming.
      He advised we write down any new awareness we may have then. The time to be vigilent in new inner awareness is from Dec 21st to Dec 23 high noon.We must act on our new understandings to maintain the higher wattage and make it a fact in our reality. Some may temporarity lose orientation and the watch the animals for this.
      Meanwhile he said scientists ar doing an ongoing experiment with the proton colider , looking for anti matter. He said the pyrimids were built to protect against the disruption of the earths force feild at this time and that they are taking counter measures to protect earth from the ignorant playing around of scientists. We who can ground a higher understanding must meditate also to protect earth. He also added that during the 8 minutes of alighnment with the Galactic center we will have a chance to see the error of our ways.
      We will all get to see how these quincunxes work in our personal lives as we get a cosmic lesson on Quincunxes. Venus our big sister will be the inverse apex in Sag and she will strive to help us. Its very exciting and I hope to prepare during the 3 days with the sweat lodge. The Mayan speaker said all ways that we each use will be good.

      • Hello, Barehand, thanks for sharing what he said. It sounds much like what my friends who just published a book on Ascension are saying about that time period. (See the 500 page book at People coming from very different perspectives do often come up with the same conclusions. I’m either prepared for whatever transpires or not, but have done all I can. Donna

  9. It is very interesting thinking of the quincunx and realizing that I have My Cancer Sun, Quincunx my Sag Moon and I never realized this. And, I have never felt it was a problem, just a tug in two different directions that I have learned to enjoy. The Sag Moon pulls my Cancer Sun out of it’s shell. It gets me traveling and yearning to go places, where the Cancer Sun can be content to just sit at home. And for me it is a wonderful blend. To me they are good for each other. I think I would be a homebound hermit crab without my Sagittarius Moon, that yearns to wander. LOL

    • Susie, good analysis. I’m a Cancer too, and find Sag to be a wonderful Moon sign. After all, Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius, is supposed to be “exalted” (meaning at its best) in Cancer. Donna

  10. What would you recommend a Pisces Sun 26° and :Leo Moon 25° to do to ease tensions?

    • Go to Hawaii on a vacation, or, even better, live there!

  11. This was posted quite a while ago, but the quincunx series was a great read, thank you, Donna.

    I have Mercury in Leo quincunx Neptune in Capricorn (3rd and 8th houses). I haven’t paid attention to it a whole lot before, but I’m getting the feeling I should. For one, both are retrograde, and two, Mercury is the ruler of my chart. What further complicates it is that I have Pluto square my Mercury — the sextile between Neptune and Pluto is 0’46 degrees in my chart!

    I’ve read that the sextile (or trine if from the other possible quincunx side) and square can show an escape route, a point of commonality between the two quincunx planets. For me, this is a generational sextile with Pluto!

    Mercury contains pride, pushy and wants to create, and Neptune humility before the physical plane, asks to see beyond it and to let go.

    I remember, in a particularly low moment, someone said to me, “You must stop wanting something before it will come to you,” and I retorted, “If I don’t want it anymore, what’s the point of it coming THEN?”

    Pluto has broken and rebuilt, allowing for more receptivity… my will is not the only one, Pluto says, there a greater purpose, and I need to be humble; Neptune sextile is about construction. And so I switch between constant self-absorbed chatter, to be knocked down by Pluto, a quieting, allowing a silent observance of the universe. And in those moments I feel like there might be a key to the quincunx.

    Still a long journey. Thank you again!

    • You’re doing a great job of analyzing and dealing with the challenges, Spoken. Good work! Donna

  12. I’m very late the the quincunx party but have been really excited to find such interesting and generous sharing of ideas.
    I have two quincunxes – one between Sun in Aries (2nd) and Pluto in Scorpio (9th) particularly interests me as my grandma has sun-pluto trine and my mum has a square. I’m a beginner astrology student but I feel there is something interesting to gauge out of this about the attitude/relationship to power and control.
    I feel it as a source of guilt – whenever i do anything openly me-first (aries) I feel guilty for not using my energy in the service of something for the greater good. I always feel like I SHOULD be out campaigning and working for the things i believe in, for big world change but I actually rarely put that into practice. It’s hard to isolate what is the quincunx specifically (pluto is also opposite venus and square my ascendent in Aquarius) but i’m hoping to keep looking at it and probing it. I actually find the sun a very hard planet to conceptualise and work with. Anyway, my main takeaway is this difficulty in how one can pay proper attention to ones own self and self care AND work for collective transformation of the world/collective and I hope that working this out fairly young (i’m nearly 25) will help!

  13. Forgot to say my Venus conjunct / parallel Saturn in the 10th quincunxes the moon in Aquarius in the 5th. In my youth I wanted to go to art collage but got pregnant with my 1st son and did not want to get married ever! I always wanted children but not then and felt it might ruin my chances for art collage. But as it turned out I went and graduated. Back then unwed mothers were unheard of . 3 men tried paying off my hospital bill and two promised to pay my way through college, they all wanted to marry me and “save” me but I knew at 16 I would never marry and wanted to go to college under my own was a rocky time, going by faith in life, not knowing where it would lead; but it all worked out. That’s one way this quincunxe worked out.i have to think about it more to see more. For sure it’s turned out that children and their well being are always more important to me than career goals. Maybe it’s because I’m a Leo?

    • Forgot to mention that transit jupiter retro in Virgo is filling in a yod. It must be cultural art Venus/ saturn in cancer septile jupiter Virgo to moon in Aquarius . Works out with me designing and making dance dresses with moccasins for the 3 granddaughters and re tooling my jingle dress for the forth coming pow wows this summer juxtaposition applying for a writers grant for a book I’ve been wanting to get out.

  14. Ok, I am new on here and have a question about quincunx. I have read on a couple of other sites about signs sharing a planet and compatibility. Regarding Aries/Scorpio – they are quincunx, but share a planet. Every scorpio I know has been attracted to Aries (supposed to be mutual). I am Scorpio and its true for me too. I have a Scorpio sun, mercury, venus and mars. (Jupiter and Saturn are in water as well) I I should have little affintiy for Aries. For some reason and despite all odds, I am very attracted to Aries men (to be fair I have a Sag moon, which may help. What I have read is that because they share Mars, that it forms a bond which negates some of the negative. Do you think that is true?

    By the way, My Asc is Gemini and I have a quincunx between it and mercury and Pluto and Jupiter. Im new to Astrology and learning so I have NO idea what that means.

    I’m sorry if you covered this elsewhere. I looked, but couldn’t find it.

    • It’s true that Aries and Scorpio were both considered ruled by Mars until Pluto was discovered, and they both have a desire to conquer, but they handle it differently. And many of the people in both signs are very sexual. Donna

  15. With 12 quincunx angles (eight of those creating four Yods), my life has clearly been devoted to balancing conflicting energies. It comes down to honoring the contradictions within yourself, of which I have MANY. You simply can’t be quantified in simple terms when you have so many quincunxes. And you may have many interests that have no seeming connection to each other. My feminist tendencies make no sense when combined with my deep, undying love for hip-hop, but that’s just who I am.

    I have found that as a result of this abundance of quincunxes (with the help of my many planets in Sagittarius and Libra Midheaven), I am really good at helping other people sort out conflict and see things from a different angle that can give them perspective and resolve their issues.

    I also find, as an Aries sun, that I tend to call in an insane amount of Virgo energy into my life, and while from a sun sign perspective that’s not typically compatible, I’m so used to that energy that it’s actually a comfortable place for me to be. Even my dog is a quadruple Virgo (and totally on accident…I adopted him before I started studying astrology seriously).

    • Great use of your quincunxes, Alison! Thanks for sharing your observations. I do think that Aries-Virgo is one of the better combos. Virgo sees what’s wrong, and Aries has a Can Do attitude and the energy to go fox it. (Leadership plus discernment.) Donna Cunningham

  16. On the 2nd of Janouary 2017 i was fired through telephone while i was on season holiday after 10 years of devotion and strong work. It was my Midheaven quincunx with the transiting Neptune and Mars at zero orb. It was such a shock, i was yeling like crazy i dont believe it, after all i have done, when i was waiting for a big thank you, through a rise or a bonus!
    it was 10 days ago when during the last meeting i started yelling as i felt pressure again. I decided to take a long season holiday of 15 days and come back in the new year fully recharged and relaxed. Unfortunately this didnt happen and now i feel terrifed. I almost forced this 2 months ago, but then i thought it again and decided to work out our dissagreements as i felt safe there. I wish I could say that i believe there will soon come the day when i would happily yel YEH YEH as you mention above. I have to go tomorrow to pick up my things and hope everything comes back where it was with a little rise in my salary at least. Hopefully planets listen to this wish. I will come back . ..

    • What an awful set of events! I hope things come right for you. Donna

  17. I forgot to mention that the same day there was an exact quincunx (zero orb) of transiting chiron with my natal North Node in my 10th house as well as an exact quincunx (zero orb) of transiting chiron with my Juno in my 10th house. Thesame and even stronger aspect of transiting Saturn and Jupiter with my Phsyche and my natal sysiphus, while the transiting sun was at an exact quincunx (zero orb) on December 31st when i couldnt answer his first call that he said he had decided to send me home. I am terrified please help

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