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Inner Planets Conjunct the Midheaven—Are You Larger than Life?

©4-17-11 by Donna Cunningham, MSW

New-Insights-into-the-Astrology-Chart-220x300This is an excerpt from Donna’s 2014 ebook, New Insights into the Astrology Chart, a collection of 25 essays. To learn more, download a sampler of its contents here: SAMPLER 2015 NEW INSIGHTS The ebook, delivered by email is $15
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We’ve already talked about the way people with a planet closely conjunct the Ascendant are bound to be noticed by those in their immediate environment. What observers see isn’t necessarily the real person—they generally notice the qualities of that 1st house planet, strongly projected at the cost of seeing the whole person. (How Does your First House Give the Wrong Impression?)

The same is true of a planet conjunct the Midheaven within a 10° range on either the 10th house or 9th house side, except that it covers a much wider arena. The Midheaven shows your impact on the public at large, even people who may never meet you or see you in person.

It’s what gets written up in the local newspaper or the alumni newsletter or featured on the corporate website. It’s you as an officer in your club, showing up at the annual fundraiser, resplendent with a new hairdo and a killer outfit. It’s you as the CEO of a corporation that has factories in Costa Rica that you’ve never visited, yet the policies you make impact the lives of the workers there.

When the Midheaven is involved rather than the Ascendant, in short, what you are known for is the role you play in your career or your community, rather than your personality or physical attributes.

Living up to—or Living Down the Dominant Parent

 One of the things your Midheaven represents is the dominant parent, whether it’s Mom or Dad, and what kind of a role model they were in pursuing a career. It describes their effect on your career choice and on your success potential.

The effect becomes more complicated when there’s a planet conjunct the Midheaven, because this often shows a parent who was a larger than life figure with a recognizable name in the community.

They may have been notable for their accomplishments, in which case, you’d feel you had to live up to them. Or, they have been notorious for their worst characteristics, in which case, you’d have to live them down. In either case, that planet on the Midheaven puts you in the public eye, and people expect you’ll take after your parent.

 High School Heroes and Hotties–How They Fit into the Mix

High school is often the stage of life when our identity starts to emerge and when future career choices and potentials begin to be noticeable. It’s also when we struggle with our relationships with authority figures, trying to establish our separateness and independence.

Since students with planets conjunct the Midheaven are often among the most visible, I’ve also suggested below which roles in the high school hierarchy that each inner planet conjunction to the Midheaven might be assigned.  (Some of the same patterns and roles may carry forward into our college experience as well. )

What an Inner Planet on the Midheaven Shows about the Career

 Below are some—but by no means all—of the typical scenarios for each of the innermost planets from the Sun to Jupiter. If the description doesn’t ring true, look at the scenarios for other planets that form squares, oppositions, or trines to the Midheaven.

For instance, if you have Mercury conjunct the Midheaven but Mars squares it, you may have some of the traits described under Mars.  If you have the Sun on the Midheaven, that’s usually a good thing, UNLESS THE PLANET IS BADLY ASPECTED OR POORLY PLACED in a sign that doesn’t suit it well.

UPBAPP—there, I’ve just made up an abbreviation to use so I don’t have to repeat it for each example, because it’s an important consideration for each of these placements.   (You’ll see why UPBAPP is so important when you read some of the stories in the comment section.)

 Sun conjunct the Midheaven:  UPBAPP, you have a strong presence, and it’s impossible to ignore you.  Your natural confidence and poise inspires trust and marks you as the unquestioned person in charge, so you are likely to be promoted into an executive position.

Who were you in High School? Class President, Most Likely to Succeed, Homecoming King.

Who did you have to live up to or live down? Dad, his public persona, CEO of the company, Employee  of the year, Lifetime Achievement Award.

Mercury conjunct the Midheaven:  UPBAPP, you are a disseminator of information, writer, speaker, the person who knows the newest thing first, and the last person people would be advised to confide their secrets to.

Since Mercury can represent either words or hands, you might also be very skilled in some craft that requires great dexterity, like a master carpenter.  Another asset in any field is your salesmanship and ability to talk to anybody about anything.

Who were you in High School? Debate team captain, reporter or gossip columnist for the school paper, class clown.

Who did you have to live up to or live down? A sister or brother who was a big deal in your school and your family and that everyone compared you to. Or, one of your siblings may have taken on some of the parental responsibility for you. 

Venus conjunct the Midheaven:  UPBAPP, your warmth, charm, and striking appearance make people gravitate to you.  Using your social network, you can have lucky breaks based on who you know.

You’d do well in fields where people skills are emphasized, like fashion, modeling, matchmaking, wedding planner, mediator, event coordinator, or hair stylist.

Who were you in High School? Prom Queen or King, Most Popular Girl or Guy.

Who did you have to live up to or live down? Your gorgeous Mom, older sister, aunt or cousin who wore the tiara on the homecoming float. Talented artist or performer.

Mars conjunct the Midheaven: UPBAPP, you are driven, competitive, a natural leader—maybe even the Alpha dog type.  You’re happier in physically demanding work than in the drudgery of a desk job.

Who were you in High School? Track star, football captain, MVP, head cheerleader, bully, hunka hunka burnin’ love.

Who did you have to live up to or live down? A competitive, testosterone-oozing male authority figure; a sports champion, gun-collecting hunter, or war hero in the family. An Alpha Dog type, adventurer, or pioneer in some field.

Jupiter conjunct the Midheaven:  Like the Sun conjunct the Midheaven, UPBAPP, you have a presence that’s hard to ignore.

Unlike the Sun, people don’t see you as only out for yourself, but instead as someone trying to improve life for others, too, by sharing your faith and wisdom. With an upbeat, positive attitude, you’re highly likely to succeed.  You could be a lawyer, teacher, or a motivational speaker, traveling the world.

Who were you in High School? Class Vice President, Editor of the School Paper, Merit Scholar, Valedictorian.

Who did you have to live up to or live down? A parent who was a teacher or lawyer or who, though self-taught, placed a high value on education and self-improvement.  A favorite teacher or minister.  A metaphysical/spiritual author or guru whose teachings inspired you and changed your life.

A Case Example—the Moon Conjunct the Midheaven

You may have noticed that Moon conjunct the Midheaven wasn’t included in the list above.  Astrologers can have blind spots for placements in their own charts, and this, apparently is one of mine, because I do have the Moon close to the Midheaven.  It’s in the 9th in Aries, and it tightly squares my 12th house Sun.

I tried to recall who I was in high school, and the simple answer was NOBODY!  I did well enough to win a full scholarship to college, but wasn’t the Valedictorian or Salutatorian.  Maybe in the top 10, but who remembers even #3 in the class?

I wasn’t President of anything, and my only extracurricular activity was Latin Club.  I wasn’t in any of the popular cliques—my friends and I were a bunch of nerds who worked to earn Campfire Girls badges and good grades.  For sure, I wasn’t on any sports teams. I was first runner-up for Class Poet—big whoop!

So who was I—and how was I lunar?  I was terribly shy and tended to stay in the background.

We were very poor, a fact that seemed to have been readily apparent to my classmates and teachers. I had an early career that was lunar–I babysat about 4 nights a week to pay for my clothing and a bit of fun.

My mother dominated our dysfunctional family, and when she said jump, I said, yes, ma’am, how high?  So I didn’t work to live up to her or live her down, I just struggled to find a way to live WITH her until I was old enough to leave home.

So, no, I didn’t stand out, not to my classmates anyway. Maybe the teens are too early an age to be a standout as a lunar type. A lunar standout might be Mother of the Year, or Betty Crocker Bakeoff Winner.  Or a feminist pioneer or advice columnist for family problems.

But it’s a 9th house Moon, and from the 3rd grade on, I stood out to my teachers, mainly women, and idolized them.  They could see how hard I worked and how determined I was to go to college.  They encouraged and supported me, fondly, and I don’t know what would have become of me without their kindness.  So, yes, I guess I was lunar.

But What About….

I can almost anticipate some of your questions, so let me answer you now.

You’re probably asking, “What does it mean if an inner planet is in the 10th but not conjunct the Midheaven?  Does it mean the same thing? “

I’d say, no, not to such a marked degree. It’s more of a pure vocational indicator—with the same type of careers listed above—but it’s less likely that either you or your parents would be called larger than life figures.

Or, you may want to know, “What if I relocate to a place where an inner planet like Jupiter or Venus is on the Midheaven?  Does that ensure my success?”

My answer is: UPBAPP.  It depends on what Venus or Jupiter or the Sun is like in your birth chart, because the same pattern will come out in the new location, but in a much higher profile way.

Wherever you go, you take yourself along. A great Venus is a great Venus, and a crappy Venus is a crappy Venus, no matter where you wind up. (A miniseries on relocation astrology starts here:  Chart Patterns for Relocation—What’s Yours?)

And, finally, I hear you clamoring, “What about Outer Planets on the Midheaven?”  Well, folks, I wrote a whole book on the outer planets in career positions, including detailed consideration of their aspects to the Midheaven. It’s The Outer Planets and Inner Life, Volume One—Outer Planets as Vocational Indicators.  It would be well worth a $15 investment. ( I’m just sayin’. 

New-Insights-into-the-Astrology-Chart-220x300This is an excerpt from Donna’s 2014 ebook, New Insights into the Astrology Chart, a collection of 25 essays. To learn more, download a sampler of its contents here: SAMPLER 2015 NEW INSIGHTS The ebook, delivered by email is $15
.  Order here:

Readers, do you have an inner planet conjunct the Midheaven or know someone who does?  Would larger than life describe what it’s like?  Tell us about it in the comment section so we can all learn more about how these placements show up in our lives.

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  1. I have Mars conjunct the Midheaven, and my personality does not match up with that placement at all. Perhaps because it’s in Cancer? I have frequent trouble with assertiveness and aggression – either I’m too passive or too assertive, usually the former. I’m definitely too passive in my career. Not sure what other chart factors modify this Mars placement.

    • The only aspect to my Midheaven/Mars is Neptune trining within 2 degrees.

    • Yeah, me too. It’s in Leo (though square the Sun, hence the BADLY ASPECTED). I am not a born athlete– I have zero flexibility, I’m an average-to-short girl with a big gut. I couldn’t be one if I wanted to be. I am not an Alpha Dog, I wasn’t class president, I refuse to lead unless there’s absolutely nobody else around to do it. I was a nerd hiding in the corner hoping nobody would pick on me. And I loathe Alpha Dogs.

      • You are have a way with words…! you are extremely funny, even if you meant all that in seriousness. Curious about your mercury and Uranus now…

  2. Hi Donna,

    I’ve been immersing myself in social media and the job search lately and haven’t spent much time on your blog; my loss, I know! But in zooming through my Firefox tabs this a.m., your new blog post title caught my eye and I had to stop to read it. I have Mars, Sun, Mercury all conjunct MC and Jupiter in a wider orb to it. Your definitions seemed right on to me! I was in National Honor Society, a writer for my HS newspaper and graduated in the top 10% of my class. I would have been more involved in HS except I had responsibility for my younger brother & sister after school. Interesting that you indicate that for Mercury on MC; it worked both ways for me, my older sister took care of me when I was younger and then I did the same for the younger ones as a teen.

    In my work life, I’ve always been central to some project or in a role of responsibility. Leading, communicating, seeing the bigger picture, etc. And this is all despite a badly aspected Sun & Mercury (square moon & pluto).

    The only thing the blog post didn’t cover is that people sometimes perceive me as much more aggressive or competitive than I am or intend to be; chalk it up to Mars conjunct MC. That has been a problem at work at times; people are easily threatened. When I think I’m just speaking my mind or offering up an idea, others take it as a challenge. That is unfortunate and often I sit trying to figure out the best way to say something so that the idea is communicated and no one gets pissed about it. Mercury Rx helps with this a bit and is also helpful since I have Merc in Sag:) (Open mouth, insert foot:)

    But by mid life, I just chalk it up to who I am and try to be as self aware as possible as when communicating. Just hit me that my nickname for myself as a “Walking head” could be because my sun & mercury are conjunct w/in two degrees. Duh.

    Hope you are well!

    • I was expecting to find a number of people with Sun and Mercury both conjunct the Midheaven, since Mercury is never more than 27°45′ apart from the Sun.

      But in your case, it sounds like a triple conjunction or even a stellium–a real powerhouse. Thanks for illustrating so many of these aspects at once. Donna

  3. My story is a bit of a stretch to today’s topic.

    I have both Neptune and Mercury conj MC, both in the 10th and although Mercury is 10 degrees away, I can still see myself in that description, sorta.

    I’ve always been some sort of class or year leader; the one other students came to negotiate deals with the faculty professors during a strike, or the one teachers came to enforce order among students. Not sure why :-)) and this may well be Neptune conj MC.

    I also have Leo Mars trining MC and Pluto sextiling it, and even a semisextile from Venus, so it’s a complex mix.With Sun-Venus in the peers’ 11 house, this may be why I always got elected. I guess I am seen as something of a ‘big mouth’, someone who isn’t afraid to confront injustice and authority figures, and often others count on me to “tell it as it is”, even though I rarely actually do it. I’m actually more diplomatic than people think I am.

    Yes, I’m having a terrible time keeping secrets, especially since everyone seems to want to tell me theirs. My personal brand of solution is to ‘forget’ really important secrets, so that they don’t blurt out unexpectedly in search for the “truth”, in true Sag fashion.

    Since Neptune and Mercury are both conj my MC, there was a long time when I was known as the story-teller. I started telling kids fairy tales while I was in kindergarten and way into teen years.

    I make great efforts not to lie or exaggerate in any way, but I do seem to have a reputation for ‘artistic interpretation of the truth’ – and hard as I tried, I cannot seem to shake it. I do it to make them laugh, but it sticks to my image like glue. Otherwise I’m a perfectly responsible and realistic Capricorn Sun-Venus, but few people know it (which annoys me to bits). It probably doesn’t help that Neptune co-rules my 1st and trines Mars. I sometimes doubt myself and wonder if others may be right after all…

  4. I’ve always been confused as to how to interpret my 10th house as I only have Chiron there in Aquarius, with Cap is on the midheaven. Chiron opposes Cancer Mars/Uranus and Leo Jupiter in the 4th. I am a portrait artist, strong interests in psychology, art, spirituality and astrology.

  5. Wow, you’ve just made a ‘click’ in my chart!

    Although I don’t have a conjunction, I have a Moon Mercury opposition that sits square my MC. They represent my mother and sister and how they quashed my Leo MC. My Scorpio Sun Mother (my scorpio moon) sang the praises of my Taurean Sun sister (my Taurus mercury) and I lived in my sister’s shadow, unnoticed.

    I wasn’t really anything at school (although would loved to have been noticed and probably was to a certain extent because I worked hard, but I never pushed myself into the limelight) and have always lived the Mercury side of my opposition. The more I’ve achieved with age, the more my Leo MC has shone, and so my confidence continues to grow. My challenge is to release a supressed Scorpio Moon and let it live, somehow, with my Mercury and MC. My moon in quincunx Chiron – I’m still thinking about that one!

    Thanks Donna

    • A great illustration–I was hoping to hear from other Moon/Midheaven aspects and to compare them with my own. It really must be true that Moon/Midheaven aspects take time to grow into. Donna

      • Yes, could be. Even with my sporty Mars Jupiter square, I didn’t really get accepted at school. Mind you, we both have Saturn/Uranus aspects so that’s not ideal for fitting in with the masses!

      • Yeah, but Uranus-Saturn aspects get better as we get older, and they’re especially neat in the senior years when you’re expected to be a bit eccentric. Donna

  6. Hi Donna,
    Our oldest son has a 7degree Libra MC with the following conjunctions: Venus at 0 Libra, Mars and Mercury both at 5 Libra, Pluto at 10 Libra. Later in the 10th is also Uranus and North Node at 5 Scorpio.

    He has a very public, (googling his name returns 300,000+ results), all consuming career in an artistic field. He has known what he wanted to do since he was a child and never wavered. When we caution him about working too hard/much the response is, “I love what I do, even if I wasn’t getting paid to do this, I would still do it.”

    For his last birthday I gave him an Astrological Consultation as a gift and of course he’s never found the time to schedule it because he’s ALWAYS WORKING!

    • Thanks for sharing, D. What a powerhouse! He’s going somewhere for sure. Donna

  7. Hi Donna. I have Mercury 1’10 Libra conj MC 21’35 Virgo. It’s also square Mars. Your Mercury description is right on the spot, except I’m not very good at talking to people. I was the class clown through most of my school years. I was also editor of the yearbook. I had to live down an older sister who was my mother’s love child. She was pretty, charming, intelligent and, because she was born “out of wedlock”, she got sympathy points from the rest of the family. (Although neither of us knew we didn’t have the same father until we were in our teens. That sure explained a lot). To top it all off, she was also atlethic. It was me on one side, and the entire family on the other. I realized early on that there was no way I could compete with all that, so I lived my life below the radar while she got all the expectations. Which was actually good for me. Today I’m a successful writer, and my sister is stuck in a pattern way too narrow for anyone to live with. (My inner Pluto is thrilled with this of course, my inner Virgo slightly horrified). I also became the one to take care of our baby sister when I was 11, although two days after graduating from high school, I was outta there, and the responsibility fell to my older sister.
    The Mars description didn’t fit at all, but I think that might be because my Mars is in Cancer, so not very aggressive or competitive. The only physical demanding thing I ever did was to carry home all the library books. I’m certainly no leader figure and I doubt anyone would follow me anywhere. (Well, they do, but that’s because I have the map and the passports, and I know where the hotel is …that’s a Virgo thing).

    • I was reading your lunar description and it fits eerily so. I was shy (despite being the clown) and tended to fade into the background. Big mother issues, and if it hadn’t been for a few teachers who encouraged me and told me I should write, I’m not sure I would have managed to break free. I have Moon in the 9th at 10’58 Virgo and the MC in Virgo at 21’35. That’s a bit too wide, isn’t it?

      • If the Moon fits, wear it! Being that the orb is just a hair past 10 degrees and that it IS one of the two lights (Sun and Moon), it sounds like the conjunction is working, especially if you’re finding it eerily accurate. Donna

  8. Its difficult to isolate a factor such as what impacts the MC without considering all players. I have heavy interplay on both the ascendant and MC. The Ascendant factors highly impacting the MC factors. So without going into all that I do have a story about my Venus Saturn exact conjunction paralleled Saturn that is 9 degrees from the MC.
    I am an artist and in some quarters am known as that. One time I had the occasion to travel to NC which put my Venus/Saturn right on the MC. I was toting a canvas I was in process of working on. No sooner had I arrived off the bus and was seated in a restaurant ordering coffee when two gentlemen of the local area approached and asked to see my canvas. I considered it an occult piece and and back in Mn it had drawn no comment from my friends who saw me working on it. It was far from finished. However these two business men completely understood it and loved it. This was an amazing surprise! They further asked me if I could do a job for them but I declined saying I was just passing through. They continued talking and one gave me a gift of a homemade bar of soap ( good for the skin beauty product). It was obvious if I ever wanted to be a well know successful artist I should live on that relocation line. I love incognito better.
    You say the MC is how the public perceives a person. I also have
    The Mars conjunct parallel Uranus and they both parallel Pluto in Leo and all 3 parallel the MC. Pluto is septile Chiron in the 12th.
    My youngest son in his youth was incarcerated in Prison. He told me there was an Indian group there that stuck together and amongst them was a super bully to other inmates…Indians and Non Indians alike. When the bully found out I was the Mother he avoided my son like the plague. and even protected him. One day he confided to my son, that he saw me in visions and knew what I could do. It turned out this had been going on for some time because when he was out he dated a close woman friends daughter. If I stopped by and he was there he fled out the back door. Who knows what some of the MC public harbors?
    Walking on the wild side one must be of good intent. A tiny mistake and its instant retribution, one is honed in the fire of experience. Some people call it , ” growing pains”! On another field of action, there is so much more to the mystery of Life to be embraced ……

  9. There are lots of aspects to my Gemini Midhaven and my public image has gone through many changes. As far as conjunctions go, the closest one is to the Fixed Star, Aldebaran, known for many things (my dad was a war hero). My 9th house retrograde Mars is also loosely conjunct; it squares Pluto in the 12th (conjunct my Ascendant), trines my 5th house Moon, is quincunx Neptune (which is biquintile my MC), quintiles my 12th house Uranus, biquintiles my 2nd house Sun, and . . . forms the one grand trine in my chart involving Ceres, the Moon and MC – if you count Ceres. And my MC squares my shy Virgo rising.

    Mars and Pluto are co-rulers of my 3rd house of neighbors, as well as my dad’s intense Scorpio Sun – both influences were initially very oppressive in terms of my developing sense of self and the way I related to the world at large. In retrospect, both were blessings in disguise.

    My situation is kind of strange in that I think I reached my “peak” when circumstances forced me to switch elementary schools as a kid, and I began to attend an out-of-district school located in one of our town’s wealthier neighborhoods.

    I was shocked to discover I had value there; I became very popular and was voted class president as well as president of a local youth group. Up until then, my leadership abilities had been pretty much squashed. I won several art contests where my art ended up being featured publicly, and at lunch-time I’d ham it up by entertaining my friends singing songs from “Funny Girl” – before that, I’d learned to keep my mouth shut and blend in. And I discovered my talent for dancing was appreciated, as were my other physical gifts. Although I was never particularly athletic, I did receive lots of recognition for the few things I was good at, mostly involving strength, speed and agility – I won several competitions and people noticed me.

    After that, it was all downhill for many years as my retrograde Mars went back into hiding. Like you Donna, I was painfully shy in high school even though I was friends with everyone (the nerds and popular kids), but hated the attention I got from popular boys – I was a late bloomer and didn’t really date until much later. A well-known modeling/casting agency signed me (even offering to pay for my pictures), but I was far too shy to follow through. I did appear as an extra in a movie once, but my scene got cut – lol!

    In high school, I was known for being a good dancer (I was the teacher’s aide), but other than that, people mostly thought of me as a good listener who was “mellow” (how I learned to HATE that word!). I think that was probably Neptune’s influence combined with retrograde Mars. I held a job and babysat to earn extra money – my childcare skills were much in demand (Ceres trine Moon trine MC).

    After high school, I broke out of my shell once again and for a time I was known for being pretty wild (Mars/Pluto and/or Mars/Uranus), although was still considered trustworthy, likeable, and always a good listener. Eventually, I re-discovered my managerial talents and my integrity began to find a voice, which naturally has caused mixed reactions in terms of public perception. No big surprise that once I started to speak up, not everyone liked me. I managed a special ed office in a very challenging environment for many years (again, Ceres/Moon/MC). Whatever people thought of me, I was at least considered very capable and trustworthy.

    Kind of off subject, but one interesting side note is that this year’s precessed Solar Return has asteroid Reiki exactly conjunct my SR Midhaven, and this has been the year I made the major career change.

    • As hard as it is to believe I forgot anything, my 3rd house Scorpio Jupiter (conjunct Mercury/Neptune) is closely quincunx my Gemini Midhaven. That aspect alone explains a lot!

  10. Erm, not conjunct exactly, no. But! There’s Uranus trine MC, within 2 degrees (Uranus @ 1 Sag, MC @ 3 Leo). Uranus in 1st as well.

    I’m not larger than life – but I can come across that way, or as pretty darn wierd in public, a LOT of the time.

  11. oh I love it! My DH (with sun conj mh in sagittarius) was class president in the 8th grade. He was also constantly in trouble. He ended up spending two weeks in the first grader’s class as a punishment for misdeeds. the first graders LOVED having him in THEIR class.
    He is bigger than life. Every one knows him and they either love him (most of them) or hate him. No halfway. It’s the same way at his office. He gets into trouble and has all these people who love him and defend him.
    you know the old nursery rhyme, “when she was good, she was very very good, and when she was bad, she was horrid”

    his father was well known in the community for being a nasty curmudgeon. thanks for the info!!

  12. 10th House MC at 10 degrees Leo, Mars at 11 deg. Leo, Jupiter at 9 deg. Leo. MC squares 1st H Scorpio Saturn, opposes 4th House Aqua Chiron.

    25 years as an activist on local, regional and national levels – speaking, writing, traveling, getting folks fired up to create positive change. Raised in a family of teachers; no father but mother and grandmother known and respected for many things, tough acts to follow but did so with their guidance and support. Never afraid to speak truth to power, learned early on to develop unassailable arguments about why things need to change to have justice and parity. With all that at the top of my chart, I earned a reputation for being tough to deal with, had to learn to leave the Sherman tank at home when the battle called for a slingshot! Still trying to not project Aqua 4th H Chiron on everyone and everything . . . with varying success.

    Thanks for this great topic, Donna, as usual, it’s an eye-opener!

  13. Oh, forgot to add: I have 12H Neptune in Libra tightly conj. Scorpio Ascendant – people I’ve worked with are always surprised to find out how ‘spiritual’ and ‘nice’ I am!

  14. my older son has moon conjunct MH in Capricorn, not a happy place for the moon. Like you, he was not in the clique or particularly popular, he did have his own group of friends. His grades were only slightly better than average, except in one thing: music. He always got straight A’s there and ended up winning a contest for best in the State for a solo on his particular instrument one year, getting second and 3rd in two other years.
    He now as an adult has a notoriety similar to his father’s, except without the edge. Everyone knows him, all the ladies love him as a friend.

    • oh the mother thing… I’m the mother. um. I guess I was the major influence in my kids’ lives, i don’t know that i would call myself domineering. 🙂

      neither of my sons were intimidated by me..

      • Well, I doubt that their Moons were in Aries like mine! My brother had Moon in Aries too, though not on the Midheaven, squared by Saturn in Cancer, and my sister has the Moon on the Midheaven in Scorpio. Like a wee family history, that. Donna

  15. I have Nep (10th) conj MC with an orb of 3’45”, and Venus (9th) with an orb of 6’45”. The Venus description above does not fit me AT ALL. I have physical traits of classical beauty (great hair, just model height so not too tall, skinny, long legs, nice eyes) but people never see me as standing out as attractive; dudes never go, she’s hot! Totally unpopular, never really had much in the way of friends until VERY recently. Still have problems in social interaction though I’ve come a LONG way. Only thing (though it IS something) is that I have been a musician for a living, my favorite genre is world music (9th and Venus in Sag); also been active in early music. I never considered it badly aspected, but maybe- is ssq to Sun and Pluto, sextile Sat, squ Asc, and loosely conj Nep. Of course my chart as a whole I think explains this but it’s pretty striking to me. What do you think of an OP sort of taking over the IP? Neptune on MC describes me way more.

    • Dur, just realized that Nep on my MC is my chart ruler. THAT would give it some more influence too!

    • I think you are right, that Neptune has taken over, or you could say it’s a Venus-MH-Neptune conjunction, which would be right for a musician. The two planets are widely conjunct (9 degrees) but being on the angle and both conjunct the MH, I’d say it’s a conjunction. Did you ever do the Neptune test? Links at the top of the blog. Donna

  16. Donna, I have some similarities to your chart. 9th house Moon conjunct my MC (2 degrees), sextile my 12th house Sun. I also have a 10th house Saturn closely conjunct (1 degree) my MC and Moon.

    It’s hard to separate my Moon and Saturn, but like you, I was very shy in school (actually I still am extremely shy). I did very well throughout my school years and into college, but I was never popular.

    I no longer have a job, much less a career, due to medical disability, so there’s my 10th house Saturn. 😉 But I worked for a number of years in non-profits (the American Heart Association, animal welfare), so I guess that’s sort of lunar. Oh, I also babysat all through high school and into college.

    Everything you said about your mother fits mine. My mother was domineering and laid down the law, especially on me since I was the only girl in the family.

  17. I have the Sun in Taurus (in the 10th) and Chiron also in Taurus (in the 9th) conjunct the MC. I am a healer and share spirituality and love inspiring and motivating others, so Chiron in that special 9th house sector seems to fit me very well. (I have 3 inner planets in a stellium in the 9th also, further away.)

    But the Sun is the apex of a yod, also with Uranus opposite it on the IC. A Moon/Pluto conjunction in the 3rd is quincunx the Sun, and Neptune at the end of the 4th is the other quincunx.

    I don’t remember if that is considered a special configuration besides a Yod, with that extra opposition in there? Whether you would call my MC badly aspected or highly aspected is up for debate, I suppose.

    In high school I was voted “most intelligent girl” and also “most unique style” as I really started dressing to get attention when I changed high schools in 10th grade.

    You could say I was well known and “popular” for being the smart weird girl! I was always academically gifted, and excelled in school without trying too hard. I was 3rd in the class, and in a program of Electronic engineering, being the only girl most of the program– so I got a lot of attention from all those boys- and even won a state award for a female student perusing career nontraditional for her gender. I also have 3 brothers and so focus on me being the “only girl” was a definitely identity forming factor and there was a lot of emphasis on that in my family). I didn’t stay in engineering because of severe family problems, and I suddenly left home– (Uranus and Neptune in 4th). I was outcast and labeled a “problem child” though it wasn’t me that was the problem. I still did extremely well in school despite numerous absences and that inspired jealousy from other students.

    People do say I inspire natural trust and have poise, especially with the Sun in Taurus- (I’ve been called “graceful” and “having classic beauty” and have a soothing pleasing voice and congenial infectious laugh.)

    BUT the less evolved parts of the Sun/MC conjunction are definitely factors that have held me back– lots of self-consciousness, and insecurities/self doubt/self sabotage- all those “self” words you talk about, Donna. It hasn’t helped that my Saturn is in the 1st house in Virgo, where I habitually berate myself and hide out, unsure if I’m really worth anything. It’s gotten better as I’ve gotten older and have been able to heal many issues.

    College was MUCH better- and I really shined at my 2 year school– I was involved with many extra curricular groups- including the newspaper, college dance company, a couple writing clubs, Honor Society, Foreign Film Series, among others, and won several awards academically and even one for those extracurriculars.

    For the past 10 years I have felt held back by family problems again from getting my career really launched– feeling misunderstood through most of it. It’s fascinating how all of these experiences are reflected in the chart!

    • The Sun/MC being at the peak of a Yod would give it an extra “ping”. I don’t know if you’ve been following the miniseries on the quincunx lately here, but it would give you more insights.

      (See the list of recent articles at the top right hand side of the blog.) One reader said the planet opposite the peak of the Yod–Uranus in your case–was what eases the Yod. that would explain the weirdness and smartness qualities people saw in you. Donna

  18. Hi Donna,
    The HS metaphor simply doesn’t ring true for me; those years were the bane of my adolescence. My TAU MH is flanked by 9H TAU sun & 10H TAU venus; MH is also trined by VIR moon & jupiter (they conj each other). I think the fly in this ointment is SoNode in TAU lies between sun & MH, thereby SCO NoNode opposes & then AQU chiron T-sqs the nodes from my 6H. Then put LEO pluto conj ASC, both squaring MH…all I can say is that HS left so much to be desired & I would never return to those years again! Perhaps if my family had not moved me to a new school system at such a crucially social time plus some major home dramas during those years, my experience may have been different, but alas “letting go” & “detached empowerment” were then & always will be my life lesson to learn.

    • If the description doesn’t fit, it sounds like the Pluto/Asc square and Chiron squares canceled out the Sun-Venus-MH conjunction. The outer planets are way more powerful than the inner ones. That’s where the UPBAPP disclaimer comes in. Donna

      • It sure would have helped to know this back then…but isn’t that the dream of most: to return to the past with the knowledge of today. I’ve still so far to go when comes to my Pluto & Chiron in this lifetime! Thanks, Donna.

  19. Hi Donna!

    I find your articles on vocational issues very instructive & inspiring. I also get a lot out of the readers’ comments…

    What about Saturn conjunct the Midheaven? Your ebook covers vocational issues with the outer planets – Uranus, Neptune & Pluto, & in the article you go up to Jupiter. Is Saturn another blind spot of yours?

    My younger son has Saturn, ruler of his 6th house, conjunct the Taurus MH. He also has a stellium in the 7th house (Acquarius) with Sun-Neptune on the cusp. I wonder what that all means – how is he going to be seen by the world?

    Thank you Donna,


    • It’s not a blind spot, it’s just that Saturn aspects of every kind are much stronger than the planets up to Jupiter, nearly as strong as an outer planet there. It acts as a gateway between the inner and outer planets.

      Saturn-Midheaven conjunctions are difficult to contend with, and don’t generally come into their own career-wise until the Saturn return of the late 20s.

      It could suggest a stern and demanding set of parents, or even that a child was raised with or by a grandparent, a single parent struggling to make ends meet, or a set of parents who didn’t have children until later in life.

      The high school student with Saturn on the Midheaven probably wouldn’t have time to participate much in school activities due to responsibilities at home, the need to work after school and on weekends, or restrictions by the parents.

      This seriousness and strong sense of responsibility ultimately becomes an asset in the career, making a good administrator.

      How blind is that? Donna

  20. Plug for Donna’s Outer Planets & Vocations ebook – best $15 you’ll spend for OPPeeps. Vocations yes, but the simple validation that what we’re like is OK TO BE cannot be bought.

    Aquarius Venus in 10th conj MC but square Scorpio Moon, square Scorpio Neptune (both in 6th), and quincunx Virgo Pluto in 5th so Badly Aspected by my uninformed estimation. Also got Cap Saturn in 9th 10o & a few secs from Cap MC. Taurus Asc.

    In high school, I was already in show business. Performing was consuming & I loved it. By my senior year I was one perfectionist diva. I was aware of a tremendous amount of jealousy from the other drama geeks but honestly, I didn’t care. We Beautiful People were far too busy for anything but ourselves, our work, and each other.

    The only person who made high school tolerable for me died just before his 31st birthday. He is the man I should have married. He was a dead-ringer for Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker.

    I’m so good at illusion that with a little application, I can make anyone believe anything about anyone including what they believe about me. Gemini/Sag 2nd/8th axis and Sun in 8th. People threw money at me just for showing up. Never missed a performance either, ever, in 20 years. Can’t swear to this one but I don’t believe I ever missed a rehearsal either.

    I know two people with Sun conj MC. They’re leaders even when they’re not “in charge”. They’re both amazing beyond what I can describe.

    Right this minute, Scorpio-transiting Moon is between my natal Moon and Neptune, Scorpio Ascending so in a bit of a mood swing. I miss performing, composing, everything about show business. Might be good to get back into it, maybe someday. 🙂

  21. I’m puzzled over this blog subject.
    I don’t have anything within 10 degrees of my MC in either direction, and my Pisces 10th house is empty as well. (Absent parents, and in foster home institutions from 6 mos to 6 yrs approx – no one at all to best or or be modeled after)

    BUT – I am (more than) frequently called on or recognized as a leader, helper, knowledgeable person to turn to – in most social or work situations.

    I do have Sun trine MC, but also my 2nd house VE & MA are inconjucnt – So where is this opinion of me as leader – go-to person – by others coming from?

    It is a First house Sun, and the other two planets are part of a 2nd/3rd house Leo Stellium (5 planets) – is that doing it?

    The blog’s description looks like a fit – but none of the placements described do.


    • Sun trine MC should have many of the qualities of the conjunction, and from what you say, it fits. Donna

  22. Donna, do you know what kind of baby you were? Before my son became a toddler, he was the most amazing baby… EASY, placid, sweet…. I had no idea what NORMAL babies were until I had my second… Since the first year of your life… isn’t it ruled by the moon? I wondered if that had something to do with it.

    • Mimi, I have Moon conj. MC (and Uranus) I was told I was an ultra serene baby! My mother said I never cried for the first three years of my life except once when I was teething.

      • aha!!!

      • Same here … Moon/Sat conj MC and I was a very placid baby and toddler, even when I had casts and braces put on my legs to correct for being pigeon-toed.

    • I think age 2 was probably the happiest year of my life–I was the only child and only grandchild, still, and was doted on by my loving grandmother and all her old lady friends.

      I was well-advanced for my age and still a sunny child (Ascendant hadn’t yet progressed to the conjunction of Pluto.)

      When I visited my little rural home town after both parents had died, I was surprised/moved at how many former neighbors and family friends had my baby pictures, but none of my younger brother and sister. Yep, I was a standout at that age. Neat insight, Mimi! Donna

      • seems to me that is a characteristic of moon conjunct MH how about that?!

      • I wonder how many Moon-Midheaven women are the oldest child and wind up taking care of their baby sisters and brothers. I sure did. Donna

    • I was the youngest until my babysister was born when I was 11. I took care of her to the extend that she called me mom. So was she, btw, but she has Moon in Cancer, not in conj with MC. I was easy and happy as a baby, I was told. Interesting that this comes from the Moon/MC connection.

    • Mimi, I have two daughters 18 months apart, my second one has a moon /MC conjunction in Gemini & she was a very peaceful baby who slept all through the night from 5 weeks old.
      The one notable thing about my moon /MC daughter was as a baby she refused to sleep in a crib or anywhere except in the bed beside me until she was 6 months old. She was such an easy baby compared with her elder sister.

  23. I have Moon conjunct MC (and conj Uranus) within 3 degrees. I was a very high achiever when I was in elementary school and was and only child and the apple of both of my parents eyes. Then the sh*t storm hit in my family: family problems, domestic violence and just general pure misery reigned from when I was about 12 to just about the time I graduated high school. My grades fell. In elementary school I was not popular but I was respected. In high school, I was LESS than a nobody; I was a total pariah and the subject of almost constant bullying because I was so different. My grades fell. Between the family lunacy and high school pain, I had a nervous breakdown.
    As adult, that Moon on the MC (in Cancer, no less) has shown itself as always being recognized where ever I go. I can’t go anywhere in public that I don’t see people I know. Even when I go to NY City, a city of 7,000,000+, I run into people from VA!
    I used to manage a rooming house, a very Moon in Cancer MC job.
    And I have big bazooooms. LOL!

    • Mel, my son is like that too. We always used to bump into people that knew him and far as I know this is still happening to him… Donna? how about you?

    • I have big bazooooms too, MEL. My Scorpio Moon is conj Scorpio Neptune & Scorpio Desc.

      My bazooooms are literally magical. XD

      I understand if you delete this, Donna. 😀

      • LOL! I won’t delete it, but I did delete that part of the post before publishing it, because I didn’t think I should post the fact that my greatest accomplishment with Moon conjunct MC was that I had the best boobs in my class. Donna

      • I wondered what THAT was about. LOL

      • Big boobs is a Moon thing?!?!???
        So much for my Cancer Venus and killer Moon score. 😕
        Yeah, I know: UPBA.
        On the other hand, with that Venus elevated and multi-aspected, I could always buy myself a pair of those. 😎

        Hilarious post, Donna!

      • Thanks, VR. Well, Cancerian boobs seem to go to either extreme–big ones or flat chested. Donna

  24. Gimme the disclaimer, please…lol…With my 10th Scorpio Venus just past my Scorpio MC and exactly square Pluto in the eighth…I gotta tell ya,-…it was such a RELIEF when I got old enough that fixed-sign men quit following me like dogs. Their constant pestering threw the first 40 years of my life WAAAY off track!

    • My retrograde Mars (ruler of my 8th) is conjunct my MC and square 12th house Pluto, and throughout my life -from early childhood up until I hit my 50’s – I was also a magnet for unwanted sexual (and sometimes romantic) attention. One of the best things about getting older has been a greater sense of freedom now that I no longer have that (invisible to me) flashing sign above my head!

      • Yes, one of the great things about being post-menopausal is that those hormones and pherenomes no longer are such a distraction. Donna

      • Wow, LB…I hear you. I have Cardinal 12th house placements also and I think we should both take note of the fact that the NEON SIGN will always be flashing–even when we are just ‘the nice old lady on the block’.
        Maybe I should have written: “following me like the dogs they are”…? because mentioning this phenomenon once got me called “conceited”–but I’m NOT bragging, I’m complaining!
        Almost every one of my stalkers had a Scorpio moon. I am a bookish double Capricorn, not flirtacious by any stretch of the imagination, and a very private type of person– NOT a “people person”…(even that phrase sets my teeth on edge!).
        So…one of these stalkers was just a cabdriver I hailed outside the Denver airport in 1969 for the 1/2 hour ride to a girl chum’s house in Boulder, –where he showed up the next day with flowers and gifts and tales of “undying love” from “another dimension”…We, with a house full of people supporiting us, blew him off and laughed about it –but the joke was on ME. He had seen the tags on my bags with my parent’s address in Michigan…He called them repeatedly, asking for “Emira”, the name he had given me, claiming that I was a “goddess of love from another dimension”…!
        CREEP ALERT…that casual chum of mine was murdered about the time the calls stopped.
        Don’t ever let your guard down, LB!

      • Scary, scary story, Berta. Donna

      • Thanks Berta. I knew what you meant and understood you weren’t bragging. Whether it’s Venus or Mars up at the Midhaven, it’s no fun being stalked or objectified by someone who thinks you hold the key to unlocking their Plutonian obsessions – it can be dangerous and scary. Like you, I’ll always remain aware.

        As for my own Plutonian tendencies, Donna is right in that the passage of time has helped.

    • Berta and Stormlaughter you’re cracking me up! Yep, some weak willed men will do anything for boobs. Why one time when I was in my late 60’s rabid feminist faze and sported a Mohawk haircut….: I had to get a book of poetry printed fast. I heard of a sexist printer who jacked both his wife and secretary around and surmised he deserved what was coming. So I put on a blond wig, short skirt , BIG BOOBS and a see through blouse and went to his office. He stumbled all over himself and couldn’t sign a contract fast enough. Informing me that part of the cut price deal meant he and I would do the printing after hours. That night I showed up as my true rabid feminist Mohawk self ,and cracked the whip until all 100 copies were done; each poem with its own special color and textured paper! As we worked and he read a few of the poems he would freak out! ” We can’t get in trouble for this, he’d ask. ” Naw, I’m an artist ,” Id say and then scream,” Get to work I haven’t got all night!” Ha ha ha, When we were finished he was furious and waived a copy of the book at me and hollered , ” and now get out !” Guess he wont be falling for boobs again. I never did like guys that take advantage of women because they are smaller and physically weaker or just treat them like meat in the market. If I get mad enough I would do almost anything…..
      On the other hand some of the worst case scenario hitch hiking experiences with male thugs, was on the Full Moon in Scorpio ……I always got away due to friends on the other side.
      After a few experiences on the Scorpio Full Moon I learned NOT to hitchhike then! Who needs it! the word CREEPS would NOT begin to do them justice, some were highly occult, while others were run of the mill perverts.
      Hitch hiking aside; as a young woman I have been under at least 11 attempted sexual assaults, mostly just walking down the street, by crazed would be rapists. They never got to lay one finger on me and were always neutralized in one way or another . They were the ones who ended up running for their lives.Jerkoffs..GRRRRRRRR Its a drag, women have to put up with this!

  25. My Mars in Taurus is 10 degrees from my MC, but I’m not at all competitive and not a leader! I did enjoy working independently as a freelancer, but couldn’t make enough money at it. I don’t think of my Mars as being afflicted, although it is out-of-sign square Mercury, Venus and Pluto in Virgo – but these all trine my MC. I think a preference for independence must be mostly how that Mars up there works. But alas not enough drive to make that happen.

    • Mars can be somewhat sluggish in Taurus…Ferdinand the bull, smelling the flowers. Well, all the fixed sign Mars are slow starters for that matter. See Donna

      • Excellent! Hating my job right now because they’ve given me yet another rushed writing project. My efficient, conscientious Virgo planets comply and I always meet deadlines, but my Mars is PO’d! Plus being rushed it will be far from perfect, for which I’ll get criticized. Oy. This is helpful, Donna. Trying to think out my next career move…

  26. Hi Donna:

    I have one question and a comment. My question is what is the influence of any inner planets on the IC closely opposing an empty – no planets – the MC?

    My comment was on the relocation question you answered. “What if I relocate to a place where an inner planet like Jupiter or Venus is on the Midheaven? Does that ensure my success?”
    I would like to offer my own experience. I have a dissociated Jupiter in Aquarius conjunction with Saturn in Capricorn. My Jupiter does not peep, gagged, bound and dominated he is by Saturn.
    However, when my chart is relocated to Paris, France, my Jupiter then is exactly on the MC in the 10th house and Saturn falls in the 9th house, also conjunct the MC. And I can feel the shift in energy. That Jupiter exact on the MC comes alive, kicking and roaring and I experience all the feelings associated with Jupiter (joyfulness, faith, optimism, etc…).
    I know it’s not hard to be happy in Paris, but it is such a different feeling from what I am used to. Very noticeable. I could never understand that change in feeling until I learned astrology and did a relocation chart.

    • Thanks for the relocation example, Fabienne. I can imagine you doing quite well and being well-liked in Paris.

      As for the planet on the IC opposite the MC, what an excellent question, and one that could almost merit an article all for itself. The short version, however, is that it exerts somewhat of a drag on the career because the person is more of a homebody who doesn’t feel all that comfortable out in the world or in the spotlight.

      It’s not the same as a 12th house square, where the person is an ascetic or monk-like individual who spends their life in retreat from the world, or perhaps a person who engages in self-sabotaging habits or behaviors that undermine their chances of success.

      Sometimes the IC-conjunction person might dream of a career, but has made commitments to tend the home fires and cannot really go for a career full on because of those domestic obligations.

      A helpful transit or progression like a trine/sextile to the MC/IC axis can signal that those obligations are met or manageable now, so the person gets to go for that career dream–and has the advantage of greater maturity and seasoning.

      So, it’s not really a negative aspect, more a matter of the priorities the person established and the karmic agreements they made in making the plan for this lifetime in the period before birth. It wouldn’t show up on a resume, but is as important an accomplishment as career success when the lifetime is over. Donna

  27. Thank you Donna for your reply. I’ve just realised it might have come across as rude – my comment about the blind spot. Not intended that way – I do that all the time – come across rough around the edges – due to Mars conjunct Ascendent in Gemini.

    Anyway, you nailed the Saturn conjunct the Midheaven in my son’s case. He is only 10. I had him when I was 42 & my husband was 47. He has older brothers though. I am a demanding parent – he does a lot of sports and plays two music instruments – all that after school – so regular hard work is good part of his life. He wants to become a composer when he grows up.

    Thank you Donna.


  28. Thank you Donna about this article. It solved a few questions I always had.

    I have Sun in the 10th in Gemini conjunct Midheaven (Mercury in Gemini as well in the 9th, but not in conjunction).
    I also have a Virgo Ascendant conjunct Pluto, Jupiter and Uranus in that order.
    Having all those planets squaring my sun (and luckily also trine my Moon in Taurus) along with the Virgo ascendant, makes what you wrote about the sun conj. Midheaven quite the opposite in my case. That is, I don’t get noticed and I don’t come across as a powerful personality, not a person in charge, more like a quiet, reserved, efficient and calm person. As for the promotions, I do get them, but due to the organizational and communication skills and ability to learn quickly and handle information, foreign languages and multitask.
    Although I don’t do it intentionally, I seem to be more like the person behind the scenes and close to powerful figures morphing things in a quiet but effective way (all that Pluto I guess).
    My sun, squared by all these planets and the ascendant, also reflects my relationship with my father, who was a very authoritative figure, so I would either hide my beliefs, convictions, myself (again, Pluto I guess) and be patient until the day I would leave home, or at times rebel (Uranus). This is all past now though, and I don’t hold any grudges.

    At my profession I do enjoy a good reputation though.
    I hope this helps as a case of Sun conjuct Midheaven with challenging aspects.

    • Yes, Evi, that’s a good example of a MH conjunction that doesn’t get to work because of square aspects–in modest Virgo, no less. UPBAPP personified! Donna

  29. Hi Donna

    Venus is conj my midheaven in Libra. Reading thru your descriptions of all the inner planets I saw more like little scraps from each. Certainly I’d have to cross out the beauty/attractive part in my parents, siblings, myself, no such luck. I was the class vice president but even now it seems kind of weird I was ever in that position. I feel it was ‘once removed’ if that makes sense. I was involved in all sorts of clubs, school activities, baked and decorated the best cake! The event coordinator fits best I think.

    I think the best clue I got regarding some form of presence I was putting out surprised me. Learned this many many years past HS. A former boss said to me only a few yrs ago, when you’re not here (I was in a supervisory position), no one does anything. He said, they’re always looking to you. It was really a reprimand. At that point I was caring for an elderly relative and my arrival time at work was erratic. I thought he was just trying to guilt me, I’m not there on time so no one else works??? What, they’re all just sitting around waiting for the door to open? I didn’t believe it then or now, but maybe he was saying something else to me that even he didn’t realize?

  30. Donna, it seems like your counseling career satisfied both legs of your MC-Moon square 12th Sun – first, in social service and then in individual consultation (astrology).

    My son, another oldest child, has Sagittarius Uranus-Jupiter-MC-Moon (all within 6 degrees) square his Pisces Sun in the Aquarius 1st. His is a mutable square and he struggled a bit selecting a career path. Looks like he ended up picking what was familiar to him (Moon): Always an excellent student, he went back to get the masters in ed and now is in application pools hoping to get a job for the fall. His intelligent, friendly personality and his astrology seem to fit teaching; though I do hope Uranus reflects social tolerance rather than professional dissatisfaction. To go along with the sensitivity suggested by a Pisces Sun square, my son has Crohn’s Disease which may affect his working life at some point (although, gratefully, it’s in remission right now).

    • PDW, was your son an easy baby???

      • I think he was pretty normal. And, thankfully, he tolerated being with a new mom fairly well. 🙂 I didn’t have any younger siblings or babysitting experience in my background.

  31. ok PDw no one else to compare to. Thanks

  32. I have Jupiter exact on my Midheaven in Sagg, and your interpretation was pretty spot-on for me. And yep, I was valedictorian 😉 I used to teach college students, too, and had the highest approval rating in my department. Truthfully, I’m sometimes baffled by how frequently people, sometimes complete strangers, confide in and trust me. (I’m certainly not complaining, though!)

  33. Very interesting article. I have sun and mercury in capricorn, conjunct MH in capricorn. I don’t really relate to the head of class comment or (yet) to the CEO comment. I believe this is because both the sun and mercury are squared by pluto and uranus in 7th house and chiron on the ascendent. I have always craved attention, but at the same time been fearful of the possible consequences of it (not helped by a number of incidences in early life involving public humiliation). I have a great fear of public speaking. However I am feeling like things are changing and giving me the potential to get in touch with my sun and mercury, conjunct MH. This may be helped by current transits of uranus across my ascendent and transiting pluto sitting exactly on my sun.

  34. Happy with this topic, I have been trying to find out my exact conjunction of Mars and Neptune (10 degr Sag) close to my MC (4 degr) and NorthNode (8 degr). Its seems like the biggest thing to slve in my life: what is my (career) purpose? I’m 36 now and still don’t know. Good at languages (studied Literature) and love psychology and medicine (worked as a medical secretary). My real dream is to earn my living with writing. Could this conjunction be Mom and Dad both? Dad was a CEO in old folks-care, Mom is an artist but never earned much with that. I think I could be anything I want (except being a mathematician) but just don’t KNOW!!! My talents and thoughts on career and experience don’t focus at one point (sigh… Neptune). I am longing for Marspower, but maybe Neptune is just too foggy and too wet and extinguishes the Marsfire? Also, Jupiter in first house is tightly squaring Mars-Nept. Any thoughts on this?

    • A flower essence that is helpful in sorting out career direction among many choices (multitalented, Neptunian types) is the Bach remedy Wild Oat, which you can get at health food stores or metaphysical bookstores. Donna

  35. Aha, so I can beat Neptune with some fume? 🙂

    • Oh, no, flower essences aren’t the same as aroma therapy at all. Check the category, healing, here and read some of the articles about it. (There’s a download of an introductory chapter about them in several articles, but I can’t make a download link work in the comment section.) Donna

  36. Donna,

    I have moon in aries at 20 degrees, midheaven at 21 degrees aries, a nearly precise conjunction

    here is my career history:

    • wow, Matt, you’re awesome. But were you a good baby? Popular in school?
      I will read more of your blog now.

  37. Not terribly popular in school, had a couple friends, was not anonymous but not a social butterfly either (Sun, Merc, Jupiter all in Cancer, all in the 12th)

    Raised holy hell as a baby: Merc and Jupiter square the Moon.

    • very interesting Matt! that square to Merc and Jupiter sure changed things.

      Niyati, I love to hear about your kids. Imagine if the easier one was first. My second child was a rude awakening for me!!

  38. addendum: but, similar to Donna, I did very well academically.

  39. I have sun Pluto Saturn and Venus on mc in libra. I wasn’t popular or anything in high school. I was shy and wallflowery. I didn’t like drawing attention to myself. Must have been the Saturn. I sure hope my career will be good; as of now it’s still in a holding place.

  40. I know a girl with Mars conjunct MC, square Sun, trine Pluto, sextile Neptune.
    Her Mars is in Pisces.
    I think she was mostly known for her beauty, so maybe a leader in that department. She is quite the narcissist too. Likes to brag about her “conquests”. She also has Venus and Mercury conjunct Asc.

  41. As for me, I have asteroid Eros conjunct MC…though I have no idea what this could mean. I feel rather invisible.

  42. when I was a young child I was very popular growing up in Berlin. I returned there in my adulthood having not been espcially popular in the intervening years, and it was incredible everybody loved me they thought I was fantastic. it was weird. I had been doing some work on my personal interations just before i went there, but it is only now that I find out that my Venus (well aspected) was directly overhead in Berlin at the time of my birth. It makes me wonder whetherI should try choosing the place i live each year depending on the goals I have. I’ve calculated Amsterdam would have had Jupiter overhead at the time of my birth. Worth a try since Jupiter seems to be the most active planet in my chart.

    • Hi, Andre, what you’ve hit upon is actually a separate branch of astrology called locational astrology. You can order a map of the world (called an Astro*Carto*Graphy map) that shows all the places in the world where each planet is highlighted. For a large collection of articles on the subject and a list of certified practitioners, go to Donna

  43. Hi Donna,

    I noticed that my solar return chart for this year has both venus and jupiter conjunct the MC in gemini. I’m such a private person and wonder if these aspects are going to propel me into the ‘public eye’ in some way? And do these aspects influence the dating scene in anyway?

  44. Also, those aspects are opposite the north node in aries!

  45. solar north node in aries is in the 3rd house. (sorry for so many responses)

  46. Could anyone answer this question about midheaven aspect? I have venus in Aquarius in the 7th house ( 9 degrees) and midheaven in Aries (17 degrees). I checked to see if this made a sextile aspect, but realised it was just 2 degrees out….. as sextiles are supposedly at 6 degrees. However, when i read about venus- midheaven associations, I found it really resonatesd such a lot with me and made more sense with having an Aries midheaven. The venus-midheaven links I could relate to , were: seen as a diplomat, mediator/ enjoying art and beauty, having art as a career, hating conflicts. I teach English to foreign/second language students, but in my spare time, I am a dancer/dancer teacher and writer ( on art, dance/culture/language/history/art/dance history etc) and I have always enjoyed art; I studied at college and university level; in addition, I have worked as mediator and case worker etc in employment/ general rights and benefits , and am also a union represenatative at my place of work. Although , it is 2 degrees out, because art has always been a great part of my life ( be it painting, drawing,writing, dancing or learning to play musical instruments and I am both an amateur and professional in an art subject ) could I actually claim this as a sextile? It feels very real to me, and I have always known people see me as a diplomat and a dedicated artist ( which i am coming to terms with). Saturn(pisces) semi sextile venus, and venus sextile mercury and moon ( conjunction in Sagittarius). What do people think?

    • Actually, I use 0-3 degrees for a sextile or other minor aspect, so there has to be another explanation. The Saturn semisextile Venus might be part of it, if the orb is right, since Saturn is related to the Midheaven as a career indicator. It might be from some other Midheaven aspect, such as Neptune, which also has to do with the arts, or perhaps a planet in Libra aspecting the Midheaven. Donna Cunningham

  47. Hi Donna, thanks for that insight. It’s got me thinking. My saturn semi sextile is very tight: venus is 9 degrees (Aquarius) with saturn (pisces) at 11 degrees ( 8th house) .I had forgotten about saturn and its tenth house associations. I have neptune in Scorpio at 21 degrees, in the 4th house . In the Astrodienst table, my neptune trines my saturn ( Scorpio- Pisces). Other midheaven aspects for me , are: uranus/pluto (conj virgo) quincunx midheaven , moon sesiquadrate midheaven and chiron semi-sextile midheaven. I’m not sure how those work, though. Thanks, once again!

  48. I have sun trine mc, and jupiter trine mc, and uranus conjunct saturn, conjunct moon all conjunct the mc in sag, and I was never popular, I was the silent mysterious person, that everyone knew but I knew no one. I als have a aqua rising and a cancer sun.

    and I have venus virgo square mc and venus in the 7th.

    I was not popular matter of fact I was bullied and teased behind my back.

  49. I have Sun, Venus and Chiron –all in Gemini and the 9th– conjunct the MC. Uranus is opposite the Sun; Neptune and Pluto make a yod with Venus as the apex. All three outer-planets are retrograde. I don’t have any planets on the Virgo Asc.

    High School was an uncomfortable experience for me: I stood out a lot for a mix of reasons, but avoided the attention and refused to get involved with any of the cliques. Socializing was painful, but that didn’t stop me from joining the french club, sewing for the drama club, playing tennis and the piano, and running cross country.

    I stuck with my tight group of artsy (and unusual) friends. I interacted with others by doing things with them silently. Definitely weird. I was liked though, by a surprising number of people, and trusted with too much responsibility. Maybe because I always helped without being asked to and didn’t want thanks for it.

    Recently my closest friend told me that I had a fan club of kids who were too scared to talk to me, but thought I was “really nice and cool.” I don’t know what to think about that. Makes me want to run off to a different city to avoid them. I should have been home-schooled.

    • What a story, Liz! I wonder whether Chiron played a part in it. Being high profile isn’t always easy or comfortable. My Moon is on the Midheaven but in the 9th, and being a published author has put me in the spotlight, but I’ve never been comfortable there. Donna

      • I would feel the same, I think, if I were in your place. The idea of it gives me an itchy/achy feeling. But then there’s the pleasure of just listening to others and finding what we have in common, or helping them with a problem. So the discomfort is worthwhile?

      • That’s it, exactly, Liz. And kind of squirmy at a conference when people who love my work surround me. I used to hide out in my room! Is it worth it? Well, it’s given me a lot of confidence in my abilities that helps me move forward in ways that have been controversial. And a feeling of doing good in the world.

        Astrologically, it’s that my Moon is on the Midheaven squaring my 12th house Sun. Do you have 12th house planets? If so, there’s a series of more than a dozen articles on the 12th on this blog. (Use the search engine at the top right hand corner of the front page.) Donna

  50. Yes! Finally someone writes about reiki review.

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    with us. Please keep us up to date like this. Thanks for sharing.

  52. Chiron conjunction MC . “Failed State”, similar to undelivered mail or left on the shelf=no obvious need to buy this “product person” with this placement.

  53. Saturn conj. MC. Relative has this. No taking on of family responsibility, in fact just the opposite. Had to be thrown out of house because he bled the family finances (Saturn square Venus). Enormous ambition in regard to the outward world, would walk over dead bodies to get what was wanted.

  54. I have both Jupiter and Venus on midheaven according to you. Venus close Jupiter 8 degrees away. Jupiter in Aries Venus in Taurus. Both are 9th house. I was extremely popular in the first few years in school when I lived in Berlin but not after we moved away. I was popular again when I returned to Berlin in my 40s. And yet the conjunction was closer in London where I lived most of my life and was born, so I’m not sure why I always seem so preter-naturally popular in Berlin.
    I certainly wasn’t known for my beauty. I was the smartest and the most religious kid in school. I got attention from teachers for my writing. I am now a writer. I loved acting and tended to get the leads until in my later teens when the roles went to the pretty girls. I read that gaugelin found that writers tended to have either Venus or Jupiter just past the midheaven in the 9th house.

  55. Relocation can change things if you are farther north or south, on one hand, or east or west of the relocated Midheaven. Donna

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