Posted by: Donna Cunningham | May 1, 2011

Mayhem Alert–Worst Mother’s Day Chart EVER!

(c)5-1-2011 by Donna Cunningham, MSW

Are you planning a family get-together next Sunday for Mother’s Day? My advice—in a word—DON’T!  Browsing the ephemeris for a good weekend date for a Q&A session, I happened to notice that on Sunday, May 8th, the Moon makes a long string of squares: Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, and Mars.

All four of those planets are in war-like Aries, and the Moon is in hypersensitive, family-obsessed easily-offended and slow to forgive Cancer—the sign of Mothers, traditions, and very, very long memories.

That gift you chose so painstakingly and paid too much for?  Fagiddaboutit!   It’s not going to be enough and it’s not going to be right.

If you’re still looking for a gift for Mom, I’d highly recommend my mean Aunt Bernadine’s best-selling book, The Cancerian Credo—How to Come out on Top in Family Feuds—Outwit~Outplay~Outlast.

This may be a fitting time to share some news with Aunt Bernadine’s fans on this blog—and I know you’re out there. Recently, for some weird reason, I had the impulse to Google her.

Understand, my home town has maybe 1500 people, and she’s definitely not the sort to have a FaceBook page.

I was astonished when an obituary came up. At first, I thought it must be someone else with the same name, but it was her. She’s been dead–at age 87–all this time I was dissing her on this blog. It’s been two and a half years, and nobody told us. That’s how close of a family we are.

Her chart? She was a Cancer—what else—with Sun, Venus, and Pluto tightly conjunct in that sign and the Moon opposite all that in Capricorn. A Full Moon.

In case you’re wondering, the first Mother’s Day—a holiday instituted in the US by President Woodrow Wilson—was celebrated on May 10, 1914. Neptune was in Cancer, and there was a full Moon in Scorpio. Not what I would have picked.

If you’re still determined to have that family gathering-or can’t dodge it–then my best advice is to say nothing at all except to compliment the food.  (With  Moon in Aries, it will be overcooked, but you can live with that.)  If all else fails, you could fake a bad case of food poisoning.  Check the web for Dirty Dining nominees in your town, and tell Mom you got it from eating there.

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  1. I am planning to take your advice and have a low-key mother’s day dinner with my daughter at a restaurant we both like.

    I loved your Aunt Bernadine’s news flash – that she’s been dead (LOL). What a hoot! My maternal aunt Helen died in 2002; she divorced the family many years ago.

    My late mother, living uncle and everyone else had no clue she was dead. I did but never thought to mention it because the subject didn’t come up until Christmas 2010. I found Aunt Helen died several in 2003 when looking on the social security death index at Ironically, my own family was skeptical until I sent them the link!

  2. Thank you for the heads up!

    I was already considering the idea of celebrating Mother’s Day with my Mom this Friday rather than on Sunday for other reasons but this makes it official. Given that the Moon will be conjoining my Cancer IC-Mars-Sun and opposing my Mom’s Cappie Sun and squaring her Libra Moon, this seems like a wise decision.

  3. Hi Donna
    I have a funny Pisces Moon. It is H10 opposite Uranus in H4, both square Gemini rising. There are no good aspects to Moon or Uranus to mitigate this, and Ic rulers are in H8 and H9 as there are two sign in house 4 ,leo and virgo. Makes me wonder if i should move to where i have a good planet in IC in ACG maps?


    • Wherever you go, you take yourself along. You’ll still have Moon in Pisces opposite Uranus, so you’re not of this world, but Uranus is the planet with the most Moons–27 at last count–so you might try one of them.

      Still, if you have any nice, stolid planets in earth signs, oh, like Venus in Taurus, you might find that a good planet to put on the IC. Donna

      • sun,venus and mars in capricorn- on eastern australia they fall on the IC. In Germany on the desecendant.
        I felt very good in Australia yes

  4. Ha, ha. I just dodged the bullet, then. My lovely, but meddeling Libra aunt, has decided to try to patch things between my mother and myself, and actually tried to get us together on that weekend for the first time in 25 years. Good thing I followed my gut instinct and refused! Since both my mother and I are Virgos, this Aries stellium is not in our favour …

    • LOL. Definitely dodged a bullet. I tell you, there are times when it actually pays to be an orphan. (I was orphaned at 40.) Donna

  5. Hi Donna!!
    This article contains more information than I could possibly process: M.A.B. is dead???? You handpick the dates for the Q&A’s???? M.A.B. Didn’t have a Facebook profile????

    While Skywriter farewells the heart and soul of this community and its most iconic idol, would you care to answer a couple of questions?
    1) What sign was her moon in? And what was her rising sign?
    2) What do you mean by “She was a Cancer-*what else*”? (You can skip #2 in case you’re considering a yes to #3)
    3) Will you write that article you planned to write about her? (I believe the title was “Archetypical Cancerian or just another old Crab”. I may not be a Crab, but I rememba!)
    3) With a Sun-Venus cj she must have looked better than that, right?

    R.I.P. Poor Mean Aunt Bernadine! May God rest your soul and take you to a place more appreciative of your literary interests! Amen!

    • I thought you’d volunteered to do a fan page for MAB on FaceBook, VR. As her biggest fan and defender, you dropped the ball on that.

      1) She had the Moon in Capricorn opposite the Sun-Venus-Pluto co junction. Don’t know her Rising.
      2) A Cancer, what else, in that she fits every attribute given above under that sign. (I know, I’m a Cancer too, but it’s disposed of by my Aries Moon and verging on indecent Mars score.)
      3) Nope, no article–I thought of doing an obit with the title, “The Witch is Dead,” but decided to lay off her now that she’s gone. Wouldn’t want a haunting.
      3) (What, no 4s on your keyboard?) Actually, she looked okay–I found a xeroxed newspaper article with photo from a decade or so ago about her in the file and was reminded how much she looked like my mom…a tad teary-eyed despite myself.

      I’m not grieving MAB, but my root chakra is having a slight case of the collywobbles, as that was the very last tie to my little, rural home town and even to my home state, Iowa. No reason to ever go back there now. Finito. Donna

      PS. Yes, I hand pick the dates for the Q&A sessions–and most important things I do–at least to make sure it’s a good Moon sign for me and fitting to the activity. And then the Q&A needs to be on the weekend, since some of my readers, at least I’d guess so, have to work in the real world.

      • 4 😀 😉

      • See, I do have a 4. It’s right next to 3 #2.
        And yes, Mean Aunt Bernadine’s worthy descendant, I can count to four! 😛

      • Yikes! I knew she was a Cancer, same as my husband’s REALLY MEAN Grandma Bea, –but Capricorn Full moon? OUCH.
        Funny, or NOT, but we always believed that the vicious Queen Bea was the last of her line…had outlived all her children, their spouses, several grandchildren, etc…and that we were her only family, still dancing to her tune– But when she was 94 and entering a nursing home with all her mean marbles intact, we discovered that TWO of her younger sisters were alive and living together just 15 miles away! (Funny how kids always believe the family lines of BS, no?)… When contacted they replied: “She’s been the family troublemaker for 80 years and we REALLY don’t care to see her, ever again”.
        I’m still glad we went the extra mile, more like 666 miles, and did all we could for such a malevolent entity. The learning curve was steep…

  6. I saw those squares to the Cancer Moon too. 🙂 One of those times when not being a mother is no bad thing. My mother died four years ago so I can wax nostalgic about her comfortably. Otherwise I am part of the cardinal sign crowd who would be feeling the pain. (Libra Sun & Moon)

    Bet my Aries husband’s mother will call and annoy him though. **sigh** so I probably won’t escape all the Mom’s Day fallout! LOL


  7. Your not from Fort Dodge are you ????

    • Nope, Carole, I was born in Onawa, which is on the Missouri halfway between Souix City and Omaha, then moved to Newton and went to college in Grinnell. Donna

  8. RIP, Aunt Bernadine! @VR, I think a facebook fan page would be funny.

    Donna, I have to say, as an intuitive, when you were dissing her occasionally on this blog, I had a feeling she must be dead, but you insisted she was alive and well in your home town. When you mentioned her again today, I had a feeling she must be dead, and then I read further, and you mentioned she was! Thanks for the psychic confirmation!

    Also, very interesting that I choose to make a little bouquet TODAY for my mom of garden flowers I picked outside, instead of waiting until next week to do it. The energies just seemed ripe now for us and I took advantage of it, regardless of the early date.

    • LOL! So you knew she was dead. Well, she just seemed to me immortal–she was 87 when she died, and the last time I saw her, at maybe 82, she wasn’t any different than at 60. Donna

      • Yeah, I can understand seeing certain people in our lives as immortal… M.A.B. never dies!!! LOL!

    • Yes, Curious, MAB never dies! She’s not a woman, she’s an Idea!
      As for that Facebook page, you’re gonna have to wait till Mark what’s-his-name creates the “Enemy” button, and then maybe we’ll work sth out. If Donna volunteers her family tree chart, that is 😉

      • I’m totally serious…If you have a regular facebook profile already, go to to create a “Fan Page”– it could be under “causes/communities”… people could “LIKE” the M.A.B. Page! No need to “friend” or “enemy” anyone. LOL!

      • I ‘preciate the thought, Curious, but I’m not into social networking. AT. ALL. Nor would MAB be. She tended more to 5-page handwritten hate mail to her descendents. Donna

  9. Uh oh…….I have a mother’s day gig on May 8th. I will give serious thought to keeping myself entirely shut down……

    Why don’t you talk about the last Mercury retro which just passed ( I am still a reelin and a rockin)….I could write paragraphs on what happened/and what failed to happen to me…hideous.
    Gemini rising here….stellium in 6th house….Mercury on the descendent. Is there a remedy? (- besides Rescue Remedy? When your life goes ass over teakettle and there is one loss/disappointment after another?? Maybe a bottle of Chardonnay…

    This does have a point, Donna. I have trouble with balancing what I know astrologically (including what transits I see in the near future) with my emotional well-being. Right now Mars squres Uranus ….. ( which may well be another reason for above paragraph on Merc. Retro.)

    Guess we all have to laugh and not take anything seriously…..

    Molly K.

    • Hi, Molly, Rescue Remedy is always good in a crisis, but for the ass/teakettle times in our lives, I recommend Sweet Chestnut. Look under Healing Tools/Essences in the category list, and you”ll find a couple articles about it. Donna

  10. Hi Donna,

    So on Mother’s Day it sounds like high, manipulative expectations, lots of projections and hooks with fireworks thrown in. Maybe we should all eat BBQ in honor of the planets. How about a menu of crepes Suzette flambé, saganaki, (OPA), baked Alaska…

    I just took that Saturn in Libra transit which is sitting exactly on my lively Venus in Libra and wrote a note to a a relative who is not close to anyone else in his family. She has a personality disorder and is extremely needy and negative, gossipy, complaining, untruthful. I had tolerated a lot of entree into our lives because of pity. Well, I woke up one morning and decided it was too great an energy drain. I said in my note that after school is out I would like to go out to dinner and catch up but that meantime I am not spending time on the phone. She has stopped calling and I have peace in my home. She used to call several times a persistently. She is a Taurus. I have not done her chart because it didn’t feel right to seek that insight when there was any rancor or frustration on my part.

    I set the boundary in a kind way, in writing and wished her well. Despite my husband’s pleas I have not called her because I am sticking to my resolution. Now he has to deal with all of the chaotic, needy energy that I handled for 19 years. He is furious and amazed that I would reconfigure boundaries so calmly and mean it.

    My mother used to say, if someone does not have friends, there is usually a good reason. She had Sun conjunct Pluto at 28 Gemini. Her words always hit their mark.

    Donna, wishing you and all in your
    community a day of celebrating the nurturers in our lives, whether they are related or not.


  11. but wait, can’t we do something that moon in Aries is good for? My younger son is driving down from Canada to meet us, he’s picking up my older son on the way.
    we just planned the whole @#$#$ thing last night (and moon was VOC!)
    and then I have to go pick up my mother (with whom I have a conflicted relationship)
    and bring her over here.

    Now you have me very nervous!
    I have Uranus in cancer at 14 degrees in my 3rd house, and mars (along with venus, mercury, jupiter and uranus) is in my twelfth house Mars being pretty close to my ascendant…

    can you suggest a good Arian meal?

    • You want a household hint from ME??? Okay, I’d say pre-prepared, quick and easy, but still special. Paper plates. Donna

    • Do ya’ll like BBQ? I can’t think of a more Aries food on the planet: smoky, red meat, AND red sauce. Ordering lots of different sides helps to keep all the other signs happy as well: )

      • BBQ sounds like a very Arian idea!! great!

  12. hmm,
    maybe I can avert a crisis by “serving” with all those planets in my 12th house I got through this last weekend by giving up on my own goals and taking care of a bunch of my friends as a support for a big bike ride they are doing.
    It worked pretty well, maybe I can do the same thing for mother’s day.

    • You’ve hit on an important principle, Mimi–taking the focus off having your own agenda and doing what helps. I think, too, letting go of expectations helps. I remember a quote from one of the Seth books ages ago. He said, “the sole cause of anger is unmet expectations.” If you don’t have expectations of others, you don’t have so much to be angry about. Donna

      • Maybe I’ll just read that quotation to the gathering, thanks Donna.. I’m not the angry one. (but with Mars on my ascendant maybe I will be??? EEEEK)

  13. My mother,( Sagittarius) passed on in 76 but I have 2 sons and they both are there for me all year long. If they cant do mothers day that’s fine because I know they would if they could and that they love me.
    All that fiesty Aries is great for me being all Fire and Air so I will have fun regardless, with my New Bike and grand daughter who I am raising! I love that, go ahead, charge right in, adventurous Aries spirit! Who can tell what surprises lie in wait from old boyfriends. Aries rules my 7th.
    It looks like a busy day with all those Aries transits and transiting trines to the Transit North Node in Sagittarius; and my Leo planets. I say Bring on Mothers Day!

  14. Well, I’m screwed. Let us count the ways:
    * my mother’s birthday is always on or right around Mother’s Day (this year birthday is Tuesday).
    * she was a much neglected, unfavorite middle child and nobody has ever loved her enough in her entire life.
    * with a damn Pisces Moon– people bitch about Cancer and Scorpio moons, but JEEBUS CHRIST PISCES IS THE WORST to me. Giant WAAAAAAAAAAH!!!! and constantly butthurt all the time.
    * She must be treated like a pretty, pretty princess all Mother’s Day, everything must bow down to her. You know how people with December birthdays want a separate birthday and Christmas present situation? Try dealing with that want when you do the exact same damn thing for Mother’s Day as you would for a mother’s birthday.
    * I asked her what she wanted for her birthday and got the dreaded “nothing” answer, other than some Sephora gift certificate.
    * The craft stuff I have been working on probably won’t be done (kilns are involved, and I am not in charge of running them) before Sunday.
    * I absolutely can’t not see her on Mother’s Day, cannot avoid speaking to her, nothing.

    Shoot me now. Then again, Mother’s Day is usually like dancing on knives for me as is, so it’s not like this will be any different from the usual for me…

    • Jennifer, i think our mothers are twins separated at birth.My mother was also the neglected unliked daughter to two very young parents. Her birthday IS next to Christmas so we have that going to..
      My mother asked me to re-tile a bathroom floor for Mother’s day, something I did once myself and botched the job so badly someone else had to fix it.. So she’s getting the default, nothing!!!
      I can’t avoid it either.

      Shoot me now too.
      and to boot, my tempermental husband will be sleep deprived that day and he and my mother, well, you can guess.

      • Oh, dear, …all those “shoot me nows.” I think I overdid it on the warning (which MIGHT just possibly have been a bit of hyperbole, y’know) because now we’re getting suicide pacts among my readers with difficult moms.

        Did I mention I was orphaned at 40? Seems like it might have been one of the best things that ever happened to me. My plan for next Sunday is to space out and forget I ever had a mom. It gets easier every year. Donna

  15. ah, Donna, I am sorry for your loss. I can’t imagine feeling like i’d never had a mother. My father died almost 10 years ago and I still can’t go there (as if i never had a father) because I did.

    I think at least with Jennifer and I (and goodness, my aspects suck!)
    you resonated a chord with us based on past experiences. I wouldn’t have written
    if i was one of those gals who is best pals with her mom. I am envious of the relationship, but it could never happen with us.

    • Oh, Mimi, thanks for your thoughts. There are good reasons I never write about my Mom. (Aunt Bernadine–her big sister, idol, and mentor–is a shadow figure for her.) I made a vow never to write anything mean about her…for good reasons…so I don’t. But I never said I wouldn’t write about Mean Aunt Bernadine. Donna

  16. This whole thread has me hysterically laughing. You guys are so funny!!! I’m with you Donna. I emotionally divorced my narcissistic, abusive, jealous Scorpio Sun / Aries Moon mother when I was in my 30’s and am so happy to be an orphan. I’ve told my kids that we need to abandon all holiday expectations and just live each day in peace and appreciation of each other. Please ladies, no suicide pacts. LOL.

  17. ok, here’s the plan.
    We’re having my sons barbeque meat. That’s about as Arian as I could think of.
    All the mothers are going to prepare something the day before and bring it to the party. So no one will be cooking on mother’s day except my husband the pie baker (EEEEEEEK!)
    I’ve already warned everyone that scheduling will be a night mare so there might not be a big sit down dinner – that’s to ease expectations.
    I’ll let you all know how it’s going to turn out.

  18. Thanks for the warning Donna. My Sun/Jupiter/Pluto/NN in Leo mother wants to get together on Mother’s Day. I have found a way to get out of it the last 4-5 years and have not had good feelings about this either. Just might be backing out of this one too.

    I looked into the origin of Mother’s Day in the US a few years back and was somewhat stunned but at the same time validates why I hate this and most other holidays in the US.

    From Wikipedia:

    “One of the early calls to celebrate a Mother’s Day in the United States was the “Mother’s Day Proclamation” by Julia Ward Howe. Written in 1870, it was a pacifist reaction to the carnage of the American Civil War and the Franco-Prussian War. The Proclamation was tied to Howe’s feminist belief that women had a responsibility to shape their societies at the political level…”

    Hmm, Mother’s Day does not look anything like this.

    • Thanks for the info on the origin of Mothers Day, msfullroller .
      That’s cool and what a good idea for women to make themselves appreciated by society in general. Women didn’t get the vote until 1921.
      I do not know if its because I am an Indian from a culture where women were considered a tad more sacred than men and mass murder was relatively unknown ( death of droves of young men) , but it never ceases to shock me when I hear people talk disparaging about their mothers? We must honor them for giving us life, if for nothing else.
      I know a man who has said the most hateful viscous things about his mother ( deceased) but at other times he speaks admiringly about her? It shocks me and its is sad that some people were not loved by their mother. A root cause of unhappiness in the world.

      Karmic wise, it is said intense love or hate or both from past lives draws us in close together ( parent/ child) to work it out and bring the relationship back to harmony. Sometimes one of them agrees to let the other vent until that person sees themselves .

      So far a big vase of orange Tiger lilies came in for mothers day , today from # 1 son. My favorites….. #2 son phoned from the cities. yesterday and wished me a Happy Mothers Day, he didn’t want to miss it . I laughed and told him its not until after his birthday ! When he was born he came with a Happy Mothers day button.
      I usually do not pay too much attention to the holidays except to have a pretense to decorate and create a festive atmosphere in my house for the little romantic grand daughter ; but this blog and now the early reactions of my sons make me think they must think I’m getting old and they want to get some licks in before I croak! ha ha Must be the Aries rush.

      • Hi Barehand!

        You don’t understand how some people go about disparaging their mothers, huh?
        Though one could argue that ignorance is bliss, we can’t just keep you in the dark here! After all, that’s what friends are for, right?
        Tell you what! I think we could help you clear things up here: We can arrange for our super-moms (all of them!) to land at your front yard this time tommorow, and maybe then you’ll begin to get the picture!
        If you think you’re in a state of shock now, wait till you spend a day with these ladies!
        Not that we don’t appreciate the fact that they gave us life. We do! But we’d be even more appreciative if they didn’t try at any given chance to suck right back out of us!
        P.S. No need to thank us! We’ll be doing it out of the kindness of our hearts.
        P.S.S. To be fair, I should add that I’m now O.K. with my mom. See, I’m in that terrible age: *sigh* too old to have mother issues, too young to get my act together.
        (Mom, consider this post scriptum your Mother’s Day gift!)

        Happy Mother’s Day, BH! 🙂 (no threat implied) 🙂

  19. Thanks , and Happy Mothers Day to planet Earth. I love you and all your awesome permutations!

  20. As I promised, here’s my mother’s day.
    My husband got up and started making breakfast, pan fried potatoes and eggs. He started the potatoes and got distracted and they started burning! i got his attention and he saved them in the nick of time.
    We talked about our day, and repeated several times Donna’s advice. LOWER EXPECTATIONS.
    so my mother came, my senile mother in law, my hypochondriac niece with her two messed up kids, my two sons, one wife and one girlfriend. The girlfriend is kind of off the wall, a fourple sagg with a merc/uranus conjunction there.
    Dear Hubby made a pie and forgot to add sugar, so he took it apart and made it good. I made two veggies before hand, my mother made potatoes the day before, and then sons barbequed the meat.
    I tempted fate a little and encouraged my Dear Hubby to make garlic bread, because so many times before he’s filled the house with black smoke when he makes it. But no, that was flawless too (I told him about your prediction)
    Honestly, it was great! I know the kids hated my veggies and wasted the potatoes.

    The highlight of my evening though was this. The young lady friend who came with my kids is just 30 years old and talks sometimes about finding a sperm donor and having kids. She was sitting next to the 16 year old bratty boy (small living room) and talking about 10 second sexual encounters and popping out babies (crude humor only she can do) and the boy got more and more uncomfortable until he literally ran from the room.
    I’m still giggling.
    So… it was a rough assemblage of people – I’m not sure everyone had a good time, but I actually did.. I’m happy. Thanks Donna.

    • LOL! Great to have a report on how it worked out. What a zoo your assemblage was! Donna

    • Mimi, your hubbie sounds like a gem. Kudos to him for trying so hard to please you on Mothers Day.
      Whats with that woman Sagittarius with a mercury/ Uranus conjunction. Sounds to me like the 16 year old boy had more sense than her.
      I have one of those people in my life as well. A Sagittarius woman with a Mercury/ Uranus conjunction in Scorpio on the MC. She is with my youngest son and they have 2 beautiful daughters.
      That conjunction should produce a genius, not a loud ignorant mouth which is how the one I know, strikes me. Indeed, when I first met her and her mother I was taken aback when her mother arrived and this girl , in her super loud husky fog horn mouth hollered at her mother, ” hurry up bitch”. Her mother is way small with a sweet voice and she jerked as if she had been slapped. ( which in the Indian way of thinking, she had been.)
      I observed the tall big boned blond big mouth and was amazed at her crudeness.I suspect she pushed her mother around and abused her, when she was a teen,
      Her mother tried to act as if nothing happened and was polite and NORMAL acting. She defiantly has trouble seeing her daughter and appears a timid sweet soul though young in development.
      I surmised then, that this girl would tow the line when she darkened my door. It was all I could do to keep my hands off her and was super angry at her for her treatment of her mother. Yes I verbally tuned her up good, when she first came to my home, so she tip toes carefully and keeps the volume down, acting respectful at my house. She knows I am into Karate so she doesn’t dare to try and physically intimidate me like she bullys her own mother.
      I do not get why a mercury/ Uranus conjunction acts like this? Shock value doesn’t explain the crudeness for me.
      Plus Uranus is supposedly exulted in Scorpio.
      Any ideas anyone? Are the fine wires of Mercury getting burnt out with overload from Uranus?

  21. I posted above about the days leading up to Mother’s day were actually mostly pleasant energy with my mom, and I thought that was to avoid a big blow up on Mother’s Day itself, but perhaps this year’s wasn’t such a bad alignment for me personally, as today is my birthday!

    The awareness definitely helped, though– I arranged with my mom ahead of time what we’d do, so there wasn’t an indecisive delay and arguing. I arranged it to be just the two of us, so I could avoid being with the whole family at once, which usually is too intense for me.

    How the day panned out: I had insomnia the night before, so I wound up not sleeping much, and then left a few hours late for lunch as I was finally trying to catch up on some zzz’s in the early afternoon. Finally at 3pm, we ate, and then we went shopping for a few hours.

    Mom was frustrated at how things weren’t fitting her, but surprisingly, I didn’t get plugged into it. I did however treat her to gifts and lunch with money I didn’t have and had previously borrowed FROM her.

    All in all we had a nice afternoon together, and I slurged and got myself some new clothes. 🙂

    Note about MAB facebook page, Donna…. I meant that link for VR, not you as I didn’t think you were into Facebook, and really was just being totally silly, not serious, at all… LOL!

  22. Hi Donna,

    Fortunately, I had a very nice Mother’s Day. Did a 5-hour free reading for a young widowed mom with 2 autistic children. A lot of it was just to listen and show I understand how hard life has been for her and showing some meanings behind it all, with some glimpses of hope for the future. Took my mother to a flower show the day before, so no party at home on the day of. She was happy with that, so I was happy. Got a hand-made gift from my daugther and was invited to a dinner party in remembrance of our recently deceased friend. Before going to bed, I listened to a young girl crying over heart troubles and felt useful. I felt very loved and loving, and that’s good for a cancer moon. So, I think I lucked out this time!

    • My, Elizabeth, you did have a beautiful Mother’s Day. Do you ever recall reading that moving prayer by St. Francis of Assissi? You embodied it. Donna

      Lord, make me an instrument of your peace. Where there is hatred, let me sow love; where there is injury,pardon; where there is doubt, faith; where there is despair, hope; where there is darkness, light; and where there is sadness, joy.

      O Divine Master, grant that I may not so much seek to be consoled as to console; to be understood as to understand; to be loved as to love. For it is in giving that we receive; it is in pardoning that we are pardoned; and it is in dying that we are born to eternal life. Amen

  23. Well, hopefully most everyone HAD a WONDERFUL MOTHER’S DAY…and is wondering WHY this “damper” post was made….

    MINE WAS THE BEST EVER…and the same for friends…many of whom had experienced really difficult ones in the past.


    • i would never suggest mine was the best ever or even one of the betters. I will say that without Donna’s warnings it could have been the mother’s day from hell. We all have different aspects to our own charts, so what might have been great for one person or family might have been really bad for others.

  24. My moon is in the very earliest degree of Aries, being jolted and inspired by Uranus lately. On the spur of the moment, I corralled the husband and kids and drove to Santa Fe for the Mother’s Day weekend. Lots of walking, museums, exploring; best Mother’s Day yet, for me. But i needed to break with “tradition” for it to happen… not easy for a Capricorn!

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