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The Sixth House and Working Relationships

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 Why the 6th House is a Relationship House
Even though the 6th house is known classically as the house of work and service, its experience covers more than just your job or volunteer activity. As the house hugging the Descendant along with the 7th house, the 6th house has much to do with our personal relationships.

Specifically, the 6th House represents your dynamic of working together with others. Regardless of what you do for a living or who you live with, the quality of your natal 6th  house will show through in the manner in which you tend to work with others.

The 6th House in a Marriage or a Partnership

Successfully living together in a home, perhaps raising children, is an undertaking that may come close to running a small business: the couple needs to get organized, divide responsibilities, define goals and keep following up on small details to ensure that everything is in order.

Since it’s often too much for one person to handle all of the tasks, cooperation is essential.

Often, it is an imbalance in this area that builds frustration in a relationship: one partner may feel that the other person is not doing his/her share, and has to be constantly reminded to do what’s necessary.

The level of responsibility may not be divided equally, resulting in one person being exhausted all of the time to keep up with everything. It could be worse – if both partners cease to take responsibility in doing what’s necessary, then things could spiral down quickly.

Planets in the Natal 6th house: How You Need to Work With Others

Planetary placements in your natal 6th house could represent your unique needs and style in working together with others.

Sun in the 6th house: Working together invigorates you. Although this will depend on the Sun sign, this position could suggest that you need to assume a leadership position when working with others, or be given enough  autonomy and independence so that you can do your own thing.

Moon in the 6th house: This has been called the “workaholic Moon” for a good reason. However, it’s also useful to think about the importance of cooperative dynamic for someone with this Moon position: She does not want to just work – she wants you to work with her and celebrate the accomplishment together when you’re done.

It’s probably correct that such a person cannot be happy with irresponsible partners that won’t show up to tackle projects with her.

Mercury in the 6th house: Others you work with may perceive you to be a born communicator. There is a need to express yourself fully, with skill and knowledge, while working together.

Venus in the 6th house: A need to work harmoniously with others. This position seems to indicate a natural grace in cooperative relationship. Depending on the rest of the horoscope, it may also suggest the need to work with others regarding artistic or beautiful things.

Mars in the 6th house: If Mars is under tension, this position could suggest a tendency to express anger or outrage while working with others. It could be an outrage against injustice, or a drive to protect someone or something that’s weaker than you. Another expression is that of working together with others in a physically demanding task.

Jupiter in the 6th house: A need to work with others in an  inspiring or uplifting way. A need to achieve and succeed through cooperation. Feeling of being capable, an optimism about teamwork.

Saturn in the 6th house: This placement may suggest someone that likes to work alone, or at least with the capacity to work well alone. There  may be a need to work with others in an organized, structured, or experienced  manner.

Uranus in the 6th house: A need to work with others doing what you perceive to be significant. A need to work with unusual, unconventional people or issues.

Neptune in the 6th house:  This may suggest cooperating with others in order to help others. There may be a strong idealism connected to the cooperative relationship.

Pluto in the 6th house: There may be a need to work with  others in a deeply insightful way, to bring about meaningful transformation.

Closing Thoughts: Impact on the 7th House

One or more planets being in the 6th house creates a powerful need to be doing something with others, both at work and in close relationships. Usually,  the energy of 6th  house  cannot be contained by just your personal relationship, and has to be explored  as concrete work projects or home improvement plans that you can accomplish.

Failure to fully express the energy in the 6th house could create  major frustration in your intimate relationship, since your partner cannot give  you the experience of work accomplishment that you should be looking for with
others. So if you feel that there is a call on your life to be doing something  significant with others, chances are that you may need to look outside of your primary relationship – and that’s a good thing.

Readers, what does your 6th house  say about your experience and style in working with others?  How does that  impact your primary relationship? Please feel free to share in the comment section!

About the Author:  Hiroki Niizato is a professional consulting astrologer in Florida, serving clients in US and abroad. He has been a practitioner of Eastern meditation path since 1997, and has been practicing astrology professionally since 2001. His website is at,  and he can be reached at


  1. Hi, Hiroki, thanks for allowing me to reprint this excellent contribution to vocational astrology.

    I also like the points you’re making about the 6th relating to the working relationship in a marriage as well–very thought-provoking. Would that apply to interpreting a composite chart as well? Donna

    • Hi Donna!

      Thank you so much for inviting me to your wonderful blog.

      I agree that these points would be pertinent in composite chart or synastry analysis of a couple living together – lack of responsibility in this area can quickly damage trust, whereas cooperative effort can strengthen it.


  2. Hi, Hiroki, how nice to come across one of your articles here.

    Although many might associate cooperation with Libra and the 7th House, it makes sense to me as the dynamic needed to bridge our personal presentation (5th House) into a working relationship with others (7th House).

    I have a Mercury-ruled 6th House, and, so far, no particular issues related to working with others.

    • Hi pdw,

      Long time! Good to see you active here as well…

      I’d see Mercury placement here as a strength, aiding in clear communication and teamwork with others.


  3. Pisces is on the 6th house cusp ruled by Neptune in the mundane chart. Spiritual ideals have to fire it definitely, to get any action. The only thing in my 6th is the part of fortune which I heard brings happiness; it opposes Jupiter and Jupiter conjuncts Chiron and Neptune. The part of Spirit is said to be opposite the part of fortune. Cultural values and healing would play a part.For example I was handed a very old Dance implement to carry for the people, at our Pow Wows. It brings healing. Its an honor and responsibility that does bring me happiness.
    I have never had a ” normal” job nor have ever married and knew at 16 ( the first proposal) that I never would. My 7th is empty as well but ruled by Aries ; the ruler Mars conjuncts Uranus. Uranus doesn’t like being fenced in.
    Not only that but I believe I have a phobia against marriage but have never been able to see its cause.Usually I can see into past lives but this one remains obscure.I see it as a phobia because of my reaction to the first proposal and the reactions to succeeding proposals. It is not rational.
    I only remember One past life in which I was married and it was perfect in every way. We were as one mind and served the people together. My oldest son in this life was our son in that life.I feel that experience satisfied me in every way and nothing can or needs to measure up to it.
    So Yeah I can see the connection between the 6th and 7th house cusp you mention. This interaction must be true for all the house cusps.Thanks much for this insight.

    • Hey, Barehand– Now we see were you got, and made, a life of healing through service! That’s some 12th you have there, with the Part of Spirit conjunct Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron. I referred to that Part a few days ago as the “Part of Impersonal Consciousness” but I think Part of Spirit is a much better moniker.
      That you recognized and celebrated this gift by the age of sixteen shows those moccasins were already where they were destined to be.
      I have Uranus/6th but will comment below as I am making a real effort to stay on topic these days. Thanks, B

    • Barehand,

      Thank you for sharing your experience! Agree with you and Berta that there is a decided emphasis on spiritual service in the measurements you shared. Glad you enjoyed the discussion on the 12th house dynamic between 6th and 7th…

      • Dear Hiroki,
        Please accept my belated thanks for your insights. I will be visiting your blog. Best, B.

  4. thanks for this i now know why im always the one “doing” and others are watching. my aquarius moon is in 6th house 13deg. opp my sun in leo 21deg. I have always been avery helpful child- woman -boss . i enoy helping other people and of course end up taking charge. However even now when im an old woman i would not want it any other way. thank you

    • Thank you Maria,

      Aquarius Moon in the 6th is the ultimate Helper! Good thing you have Sun in Leo to balance it and enjoy the accolade 🙂

  5. I really enjoyed this post. I have Cancer on the cusp of the 6th with Saturn Mars conjunct on the cusp and Pluto in Leo in the 6th. I love working on things to beautify my home and I enjoy working with men. My first Husband was very handy and we did many projects together. My second husband has no hand eye cordination and no desire. So I have hired a young man who I work well with and it gives me a lot of satisfaction to see a end result come together.

    • Hi Adrienne,

      Thank you for sharing your experience – I enjoyed reading it. Interesting that Saturn-Mars here leads to tangible work projects working with men – sounds very constructive!

  6. Hi Hiroki. Thanks for an interesting post. I have Taurus on the 6th house cusp, the house is empty. My 7th house is also in Taurus. Venus is in the 11th with a few minor aspects. I work very well with friends, I live with friends, I even write books with one. Yeah, I can see how the 7th and 6th might overlap.

    • Hi Natalie,

      Thank you for sharing your 6th-7th experience. Sounds like you have it made in this area! Can I have that 11th house Venus too?

      • Sure. I’ll trade you for some fire!

  7. I have any empty 6th house with Pisces on the cusp. My Neptune is trine my Mars on the MC. I definitely am a team player on a more spiritual kind of level (we are all one) and I like to make sure that everyone feels like they are in harmony with the group.

    • Hi Jack,

      Thank you for sharing your experience. In this case (Neptune trine Mars-MC), spiritual awareness and inspiration can provide a subtle boost to your self assertion and leadership, which could turn into charisma.

  8. well you summarized me very well. I discovered somewhere along the way that although I like to work by myself, I love being part of a team. being part of a team is what has kept me in my 9-5 job.
    I have venus, mars, jupiter and neptune all in the 6th house.

    • Now that’s a packed 6th house! 🙂 There seems to be every suggestion that your team loves you too.

  9. This is very interesting. Having an Aquarian 6th house I can relate to needing to be around unique and interesting people, and the need to work on something significant, however the only “planet” I have in the 6th is Chiron. I have struggled my whole life to find my true purpose and meaningful work, I would equate that to Chiron in the 6th.

    • Hi Angela,

      I agree – Chiron in Aquarian 6th also seems to suggest working with healer/helpers.

    • I’m a 6th house Aquarian and only have Chiron in it too, Angela! Awesome considering both of our interests/line of work. 🙂

  10. I have Uranus in the 6th house (Cancer on the cusp), and have an extremely hard time sticking to a schedule or following orders. If I absolutely have to be a part of a team, I prefer to be the leader. I always loved bosses who just left me alone, leaving me to figure out the job as I went along — and I usually came up with new and different ideas that seemed to work well in the office. As soon as telecommuting became a possibility, I began to do so (very Uranian!). I was much happier working alone at home — which fits Cancer on the 6th cusp.

    My husband (an Aries with an empty 6th, Sadge on the cusp) and I pretty much do our own thing as far as hobbies or household chores. If we have to do a project together, we often have very different ideas and approaches about how it should be done. 😉

    • I also have a Cancer Uranus in the 6th, 4 deg. below my Cancer 7th cusp, and have always worked best alone and on my own initiative. I have been fortunate that several of my bosses were “enlightened” enough to give me the space I needed to fulfill THEIR needs,–(coming and going on a flexible schedule, being the only low-level employee trusted with keys, etc.) –though in almost every instance that led to major resentment from others who were not afforded the same flexibility and trust–a trust that was probably engendered by my double Capricorn work ethic and the fact that my bosses were getting big kudos based on my ideas and innovations which I gladly shared with them…since to me it was always just a job, not a life. My life is poetry and magic—SO, I left every job suddenly and though they all “hate to see you leave”–who’s got time for all that nit-picking and back-biting?
      PS…I’ve never been fired, just ambled on…

    • Hi Colleen,

      Thank you for sharing your experience – enjoyed reading about the super Uranian 6th and telecommuting 🙂

  11. I’m a Pisces sun in the 6th house. I also have Mercury in the 6th and Venus is right on my descendant but in Aries.

    I need to be working and my job has been in law enforcement. For the last year I was out of work because of budget cuts. Fortunately money was not an issue. However I was terribly terribly depressed because I WANT to work. I feel like an empty vessel if I’m not working. The more people I work with the better. I don’t ever want to work by myself. (I’m guessing Libra ascendant also plays into this.)

    • Hi Terri,

      Thank you for sharing your experience – you must’ve been the nicest law enforcement officer! I agree with you that you need to be working with & serving others in order to shine.

  12. The 6th house is where I love to live with 3 conjunct planets Moon,Venus and my ruling planet ,Jupiter. I LOVE to work.
    I LOVE being productive,busy and it makes me feel alive.
    Not at all a team player however, with first house Uranus…..have had to learn some diplomacy with Sun and Merc in Sagitarrius…Also I have Chiron in the sixth. What Chiron in the 6th has done for me: 1) healed/is healing old wounds through productivity and increased sense of self confidence. 2) taught/teaching me humility , acceptance, and surrender-having always had several chronic health challenges…..Serve or suffer.
    I think that is an Isabelle Hickey quote.

    Molly K.

    • “Serve or Suffer” was at least an Isabel Hickey Era quote–I heard it from many astrologers then. She was one of my heroes. Donna

      • I wonder if transiting Chiron in the 6th house means ( Pisces cusp) means the same thing? That would explain some health issues.

      • Dunno, Barehand, sounds right but I’m not sure. Then best stuff on Chiron on the web is Joyce Mason’s blog(s). Donna

    • Hi Molly,

      Thank you for sharing your 6th house experience. I think your Chiron description is a keeper!

    • Hi Molly – I also have Chiron in the 6th and can totally relate to what you said about learning humility, acceptance and surrender; I bet you’ve also learned to be compassionate. Like you, I’ve had some physical challenges and serving has helped tremendously.

  13. This really hit the spot for me today. With a Pisces Asc and Moon, Sag Sun conjunct Neptune at MC, I’m always looking at Jupiter in Leo in the 6H for some guidance. What do I do? I’m at stay-at-home mama.

    My husband has been home for two weeks, unemployed, and we’ve been working in the yard, going to the gym, planning meals and so forth. I have enjoyed pounding on the treadmill next to him and shoveling dirt in the flower beds, even when he’s standing there watching me do all the work! His Virgo moon is in my 6th house.

    My point? I get it now. This gives me great insight into the workings of our relationship and what I need to feel good about him.

    THANK YOU for sharing and fitting another piece of my puzzle.

    • Hi Amy,

      Thank you for sharing your experience and the synastry with your husband – it sounds like the time of working together at home was indeed rewarding for your Jupiter!

  14. As someone with a 6th house stellium, I really appreciate this post, Hiroki. With the sun as part of that stellium, I did need a lot of autonomy (especially conjunct Uranus), but the main ingredient for me was appreciation. If there was no appreciation for my work, I moved on quickly.

    Thanks for bringing us such great guest bloggers, Donna.

    • Thank you! As the often neglected house of the horoscope, 6th house too could use some appreciation from us 🙂

  15. I have an intercepted mars in sagg in my sixth and nothing you mentionned rings a bell for me, specially the working with others in a physical way…my mars has no tension,trine to my sun an pluto and sextile to neptune, mind you i believe that interceptions are pretty big deals ! what is your take on an interception in the sixth, my boyfriend has an interception in sixth also , in virgo, but he does nothing , i mean nothing in the house , he owns the place, and when i moved in it was falling apart and neglected..we are slowy getting things fixed but i have to push him (would that be what you consider ¨drive to protect someone or something that’s weaker than you¨) he has a south node in his 4th in cancer, so i always considered him putting his energy in his 10th instead of the home a good thing ! i am really curious about interceptions in 6th though ! and what about the ruler of the 6th how would that pan out, and who is the ruler ,with the interception the cusp ? the interception? thanks for this post , as always , interesting !!! merci !

    • Hi Louise,

      You present an interesting case study here – from your narrative it seems that you’ll be the one who’ll be pushing for home improvement (or alternatively, do nothing and feel the frustration) – either way Mars will eventually have its say.

      In terms of tension, Mars would have more drive and energy (and frustration) when it has some tension. Too many easy aspects and it may just decide to take the path of least resistance (in this case you may have more tolerance toward your boyfriend’s indifference toward house chores etc.)

      Interception may pose some challenge – in this case the intercepted Mars may have to express itself via Plutonian channel, since Pluto is the ruler of the 6th cusp (I’m assuming). Do you enjoy plumbing repairs? 😛

      You can think of Jupiter (ruler of intercepted Sagittarius) as the co-ruler of the 6th along with Pluto. The image I have is that of Jupiter renting a room in Pluto’s house. Landlord is always more powerful…

  16. I love Hiroki’s work and it’s great to see it here…

    My hubby has Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto all in the 6th in Virgo and Libra. I have only Neptune in Scorpio…. no prizes for guessing who does most of the chores and peacemaking!! 🙂

    • Thanks Mandi!

      I think you must’ve done some good deeds in your past life to get so lucky 🙂

  17. I have a 6th house Libra cusp with a Mars/Neptune conjunction there. I ran a home based business with my husband in a partnership but I am the primary person. The 6th house has Scorpio interecepted there also. My husband’s Scorpio Sun is in my 6th house. I have found that I have been the primary income provider thoughout the years. We have had our ups and and down and this is mostly due to the fact that he is not pulling his weight as far as I am concerned. This remains a very sticky point in our relationship.

    • Hi Ely,

      Thank you very much for sharing your experience – your story illustrates the dynamic of 6th house imbalance affecting the 7th very well.

  18. I have nothing in the actual sixth, although Jupiter Rx in Pisces in the 5th is cuspal and almost in the 6th. My Saturn/Mercury conjunction lies in opposition in the 12th and my sixth house cusp is involved in my Watery Grand Trine.
    Working relationships? Mine are either very good (like my current job at Social Services, doing a very behind the scenes Virgo 12th House job of searching the child abuse/neglect database for offenders – since it involves kids, my 5th House Jupiter comes into play here) or hell. I am liked by and like my co-workers and bosses and get great performance reviews at this job. My last job was hell. My supervisor was a b***** and my co-workers were ill-tempered or emotionally unstable. The work was oppressive and NOT what was in my job description. I got sick and was under constant stress.
    My home life is the same: either it is smooth or frenetic. Since I have lived with the same person for 20+ years, it alternates between the two extremes or sometimes it is just in the middle.
    I have no kids, but my relationship with my cat is great!
    I always sat that I would make a lousy mom but would make some kid a wonderful fun, loving aunty!

  19. Hi Hiroki – It’s good to see you here!

    My 6th house cusp is ruled by Uranus and I have Chiron in Aquarius in the 6th. It’s directly opposite Uranus (in Leo) in the 12th and trine Venus/North Node (in Libra) in the 2nd. After reading one of your recent posts, I realized my Chiron also forms a quindecile aspect with my 12th house Pluto in Virgo, which is conjunct my Ascendant. Such an interesting (and seemingly misunderstood) aspect!

    I guess you could say I’m driven to make a meaningful difference – especially in the lives of those whose needs often get overlooked – and in a way that combines spiritual ideals with practical effort. I’m one of those annoying people who notices how little details can make a huge difference, and my instincts are very good. I don’t waste time on details that don’t matter, just those that do. And like it or not, I occasionally end up being responsible for details and duties in my daily life that are neglected by others. My husband is great, my landlord not so much – lol! I’ve had to learn to roll with the punches or else risk burning out (Moon is also in Aquarius).

    The most important thing I learned after my Chiron Return was that I have to be true to myself, which is why I’m hoping to establish a private practice as a Reiki practitioner – an entirely new line of work for me. I’ve been volunteering and find it VERY rewarding – already I have a list of people waiting for me to get set up so they can see me privately.

    I’m tired of hiding who I am and what I believe in just so I can get along. Assertive diplomacy can only achieve so much. I can’t make people care, just as I can’t control anyone but myself.:)

    Good post – thanks Donna and Hiroki.

    • LB, for some reason I can’t explain (astrologically!), your last paragraph really hit home with me. If it’s not the story of my life, it’s certainly that of the last decade or so. Eerie!!

    • Hi LB,

      Good to see you here! Thank you for sharing your experience involving Chiron in this house – definitely seems like you’re on the right track.

  20. I have Saturn and Part of Fortune in Sag in the 6th (Sag cusp), and although I work in the legal field, I prefer to work alone. Although, I get along well with others in the form of commaraderie only, but often find that I am perceived as “nice, and fun,” as well as “dependable” by employers, and co-workers, and therefore usually end up with more responsibilities than I want or get paid for — while watching others “lolly gag” and pretend to be helpless.

    I no longer wear the Mighty Mouse persona (Cancer Rising) — here I come to save the day!!!!!!!!

    Over the years, I have learned not to volunteer for any additional work projects, and to say “NO” (perceived as a team player), unless I am asked to “help.” This practice keeps me from feeling unappreciated, or victimized by individuals, who should learn to take care of themselves.


    • Hi VJ,

      Well said. Thank you for sharing the experience of having Saturn in the 6th – I can relate because I have the same placement! 🙂

  21. I often neglect this part of my chart even though I have my Sun, Mercury and Pluto all in Scorpio (almost making a stellium but not quite) located within this house!

    As I read the description of this section it really became really clear to me how I get super frustrated if I am working within a job and don’t feel apperciated, or how if I’m in a relationship with friends/family/lovers that I will really get annoyed at how much I am of ‘service’ to them but don’t recieve the same from them. I never thought of this house as being an indicater of our relationshps but thinking about it as Hiroki said it’s really intresting how this reflects the 5th house romantic parternship and 7th house marriage partnership manifesting in how we work with one another.

    Also I think that we forget how much this house is a transitional house, where we begin to come to light above the descent.

    I would really love to know how you would interpret all of my Scorpio energy within the 6th, especially having my ruler Pluto located there as well. Any insights? And thanks in advance.

    • Hi AC,

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experience.

      Regarding your particular 6th house placement, I’d consider along the lines of “what services energize and feel meaningful to me?” Since it suggests deep involvement in the area of helping and serving others. I feel that an intimate relationship alone would not be able to contain it, since there is so much power wanting to be exercised.

  22. Hiroki, your thoughts on the 6th House in the marriage chart of the new Duke and Duchess (William & Kate)? Capricorn is on the cusp and the 6th House contains Pluto squaring Venus-MC.

    Prompted by your article and the royal spotlight I took a peek… Looks like an apt reflection of the public responsibility, importance, and power connected to this couple’s working relationship. With her natal Capricorn Sun-Saturn square no small detail in the Duchess getting the job done, perhaps.

    • Hi pdw,

      Well said! Yes, underneath all the personal charm, this marriage is all about public service…So I agree!

  23. Such useful and illuminating insights Hiroki, thank you very much 🙂

    I’ll attend to my sixth house more consciously now.

    • Hi Cris,

      Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it 🙂

  24. I have Jupiter in Cancer and Pluto in Leo in the 6th. I find that I tend to “overdo” whatever I’m working on!

    In our composite chart my husband & I have Sun & Mercury in the 6th. That’s probably the best thing about our relationship–we work well together. (We met at work, too!)

    • Well put! Thank you for sharing your experience and corroborating.

  25. what an interesting concept! somehow I feel that aspects are like the signs themselves – one half on our “moon” side and the other half on our “sun” side. I njoy interchanging signs with aspects and the meaning of the relationship gets clearer for me. I have Virgo cusp 6th house no planets. mercury is in poor position in Pisces 12th, Neptune in Capricorn 10th. My sun is in last degree of Pisces also, and my chart follows the traditional sign-house relations – so strange. Moon is in Scorpio 8th with ruler Pluto retrograde there as well! are my working relations real and overly analytical?

  26. Hi,
    I have saturn in 6th house (virgo). I just worked for more than 1 year and since then I am not working at all. Work place was full of secret enemies. Work not being appreciated and lack of good bosses and colleagues were my concern. Frustrations started building up due to this. Autonomy was one thing which made me work better. I never had any problem with being a team player. I am unorganised a bit in daily life. I have not done job ever since and any thought of going to job is getting thwarted by family or situations. My DOB is 25-Nov-1981. Time:3.37pm Place:Palghat, India.

  27. Hi Angela,

    I too have Chiron in my Aquarian 6th house. I am 53 years old and STILL struggling to find my true purpose and meaningful work. How, or rather why, do you equate this to Chiron in the 6th? Have you any tips/suggestions as to how I could find my way?


    • Hi Angela – a thought I had is that Chiron, as the wounded healer, may take a lifetime to work out. Have you looked at the myth of Chiron – Google it. What is Uranus doing if Aquarius on 6th cusp?

      Health comes to mind given the 6th house. Can you relate to a wound of your own in this area?

      The Aquarian flavour has a need for independence (work for yourself) and is humanitarian (human rights).

      Ciao, Malinkar

  28. Namaste. Interesting insights into 6th house work and satisfaction. Comments requested: My natal Pluto (retro) is 2 degrees off of 7th house Leo, and in opposition to 12th house Venus and first house Jupiter-conjunct-ascendent in Aquarius. Somehow I thought my 5th house Uranus at 00-Cancer was more important.

    I’m a trained visual artist, now working as an editor for a scholar who writes on Hinduism, Buddhism, Tantra, etc. Widowed.

    • Hi Mary – If I may comment – that Pluto coming from 6th suggests profound transformation via daily life & given proximity to 7th also relationships – you may work in partnership with someone. There may be some compromise involved with opp to 12th, with 12th also bringing in the spiritual side of editing you are involved with. I’m guessing you have Cancer on 6th – which house & sign is your moon – this will give insight into what will emotionally fulfill you, which would most likely be part of your routine/daily life/work. Ciao, Malinkar

      • Thank you, Malinkar, for your observations. Yes, Cancer on the 6th, Saturn midway through the 7th in Virgo, opposite Pisces sun and Mercury in the first. 12th house moon in Capricorn.

        I feel adrift right now. The editing – yes transformational, spiritual, and relational was grounded in daily working proximity to the scholar; Their family moved 50 miles away – too far for a satisfying daily interaction. In extremely rugged backcountry, I spend a lot of time by myself.

        Again, thank you.

  29. I have Venus/Mars conj in Cancer in 6th ruling 5th, 10th & 4th – I am psychologist working in child protection – I have Gemini on 6th cusp with ruler in 7th conj my sun and Cancer on 7th cusp with ruler in 11th conj Neptune.

    I have spent 11 years as sole parent with my kids now 15 & 17 – I have put myself thru uni during this time – this has been a struggle, although very productive – the main constant has been my family, friends and hard work to get to where I am – now kids are older I guess I am totally focused on my work – workaholic.

    I have a lot of energy and work out regularly. My health is pretty good. I have an interest in health-related matters, especially around food and the benefits for different ailments. This is something that I have focused on in my parenting, referring to food types as “eat your protein, it builds your muscle” etc. I have a love of cooking. I am sensitive to sugar especially during Saturn/Venus transit (Saturn rules my 1st). I love Jamie Oliver!

    A significant relationship eludes me, so good relationships at work are important. Venus/Mars is quite good at relating and I can be quite effective in the workplace to this end.

    I have been involved in love triangle with Cancerian man for past 7 years, just ended, which is apparently common for Venus/Mars types – I have been told I am very sexual – I like a man with strong feminine side – I do not like routine, yet I don’t like chaos, so I guess I need the balance of both in my daily life.

    Thanks for listening.

  30. So interesting! At the minute my progressed sixth house has a libra cusp with Pluto, Mercury retrograde, the Sun and Uranus and mars in there with Uranus and mars opposing my moon in the 12th newly moved into Gemini. It’s a lot to interpret, but I am feeling Penelope project gear up (though only in fits and starts. My sixth house looks huge, starting at 15 degrees libra and ending at 15 degrees Sag!!! I am going to have to bone up on the old sixth methinks!! :-0 I am hoping my Gemini moon will help me lose weight too and am told that the 30th of October is a good day for me. It’s also a full moon which is great!

  31. What about a composite uranus in the 6th? opposing an aries moon in the 12th? Would that also indicate working together and helping out in unconventional ways? Or is that only for a natal chart? This is intresting the 6th house is relationship oriented

    • That’s a good interpretation, Kay, and I think you are right. Donna Cunningham


    • Hello,
      This is a great to pick,thanks for bringing it up,I would like to share my stellium in 6th house natal.
      My Sun Mars,Mercury and Pluto is in the 6th house Scorpio
      I love being in service when I can get back that energy of appreciation, if there is no appreciation I get low energy and feel like there is no point of trying so hard and trying my best if none cares but as soon as I vet one good word I feel like born again and fully charged for my best service. I love my colleagues and my boxes, I would like to say that I feel so much love from them, I always try to give my best help to a new stuff memebers and teach them explaining everything very detailed and after years when they are leaving company it happened few times that they come to me and say that because of me they are who they are who they are today and that is the greatest thing for me,nothing else I need …. It motivates me for the rest of my days to always help and be kind!
      Sorry for such a long story, I guess another typical 6th house thing with mercury in it is that I love to express myself very detailed! Thanks

      • You are making wonderful use of your stellium! Thanks for sharing your story. Donna Cunningham

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