Posted by: Donna Cunningham | May 14, 2011

Readers Ask: Question and Answer Session on Stelliums by House

©5-14-2011 by Donna Cunningham, MSW

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In this Q&A session, we’ll be looking at the ways the house position of a stellium colors its expressionFirst, we need to define what factors go into making a stellium. That question is hotly debated among astrologers.

The classical answer is that a stellium contains 4 planets in one sign or house. This stricter view holds that 2 of the 4 planets must be something other than the Sun, Mercury, and Venus 

 Since the Sun, Mercury, and Venus travel closely together in the sky at all times, it’s more common than not for them to be in the same sign and house.  . 

Modern, looser definitions might let you claim 3 planets as a stellium, especially with outer planets involved, and especially when they are conjunct. That’s called a triple conjunction or multiple conjunction, and I’m going to do a separate Q&A on that soon, so hold off on those questions.  

You may ask about 3-planet stelliums today, however, along with 4-planets or more.   Gaging by past Q&A sessions, there are likely to be many more questions than I can comfortably handle. I’ll choose the ones that provide the best teaching examples. Nothing personal. Here are some hints:

  • I’d choose questions that nail important information about stelliums.
  • I’d choose questions that illustrate other points I want to make.
  • I’d probably give preference to questions about general principles over personal examples.
  • If several people were asking about stelliums in the same house, I’d probably only answer one, except perhaps to contrast them with one another.
  • I may choose readers who’ve never had a question answered over readers who get answers in every Q&A.

UPDATE:  No more questions, folks.  Scroll down below this article to the comment section to read the Questions and my answers–someone may have asked a question similar to yours. 

How to get  more information about the house of your stellium on Skywriter:

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  1. Hello, Folks, it’s been a while since we did a Q&A session. I hope we all enjoy it as much as we usually do. I look forward to those good questions that reveal to me things I didn’t know I knew about stelliums. Donna

  2. How fun! (Placidus, birth certificate time) Yep, 2 questions: By September of this year, to begin my 2nd Saturn Return, I’ve got an amazing pile-up of planetary bodies in the 12th (7Cap – 3Aquarius): Venus and Mercury, both 7Cap, Moon 8Cap, Sun 13Cap, M/C 20Cap, Chiron 21Cap, North Node 23Cap (and my natal Asc is squared during this pile-up, in the 3rd, 3Taurus).

    What to make of such a pile-up, in such a house, to begin with? And, as the signature of my Saturn Return??

    Next ??: even though a stellium technically calls for all planets to be in the same house, I’ve got planets next door that are in close conjunction … wondering if they, indeed, can all be singing in the same choir: 9th h (23Libra – 22Scorpio (M/C)) — Neptune 24Libra, Venus 25Libra, Saturn 1Scorpio, Sun 15Scorpio … M/C 22Scorpio and 10th h (15 Sag) — Moon 27Scorpio and Mercury 29Scorpio.

    Thanks, Donna; great way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

    • Are all of your planets in stelliums? 9th-10th, 12th? So most of the rest of the houses are empty? You’ve obviously cleared the deck this time around to let go of worldly distractions and get to a laser-like focus on just a few major life tasks. This woman means business, folks!

      As for the 12th house, check out my series of articles on the 12th house. From things you’ve already shared and my visit to your excellent blog, I’d say you’re putting the finishing touches on a master class on the 12th house.

      Let me focus instead on your second question, about the 9th and 10th running together into one. No, I wouldn’t exactly consider it a single stellium because the band of the sky covered is much too wide. I’d consider Neptune-Venus-Saturn an out of sign triple conjunction, then Sun in Scorpio as part of a four-planet house stellium.

      The concentration in the 9th house makes you a natural teacher, one for whom relatedness (Venus, Libra) and Service (Neptune, Saturn) would be a huge part of the message you’d convey.

      However, you could also say that you have a stellium in Scorpio (Sun-Moon-Midheaven-Mercury) even though it’s not a stellium by house. Part of what you have to teach and communicate is how people can heal themselves. Donna

      • Sorry, I wasn’t clear … the 12th H stellium is a progression — they’ve been lining up for a while now, and will all be in place this fall, coinciding w/ my 2nd Saturn return. The 9th/10th stelliums are natal.

        Seems I chose to move everything into one big beautiful package for my 2nd Saturn return, just in time for 2012, whatever THAT means!

        Wow! What a lot of material you’ve given me to work with in this upcoming return — thank you, Donna. Astonishing.

  3. Hello Donna,
    Was hard to find a question about tonight Q&A but because i “own” a stellium i could not resist.
    When i look at a chart that has a stellium,especially if the Sun is in it,the first thing that comes in my mind is that there lies a bigger,larger than life heart,because that person is not only,lets say,Gemini but a conjunction with a Pluto makes him a little bit Scorpio,one with Uranus a Aquarius,or one with Neptune,Mars and lets say Venus, a Pisces,an Aries and a Libra as well.
    So,are people with stellium in their chart are different than other people?
    I see power in a stellium….how can you make the most of a stellium?
    I`m an 11th house stellium on the cusp of Libra-Scorpio starting with Uranus at 28`28 Libra,Mars 29`19 Libra,Mercury 29`37,Venus 00`51 Scorpio,Sun 03`28 Scorpio.
    An 11th house that starts at 11`35 Libra and ends at 05`38 Scorpio in Placidus house system with an precise birth time.
    I see my own stellium as a bunch of gifts given to me…
    Thank you,

    • Totally a gift, Inna. You have much to offer the world. With all that Libra and Scorpio in the 11th, including Venus, you are a people person with awesome people skills and charm that just won’t quit.

      In addition to having 5 planets in the stellium–nearly half of the planets in your chart–the impact is further strengthened by the fact that they are all within 5 degrees of a conjunction to one another.

      Three are in Libra within 1 degree, then 2 are in Scorpio–so some of them are what is called out-of-sign conjunctions, supposedly somewhat weaker, but I don’t find that to be so. (They’re just harder to describe.)

      HOWEVER, there is one additional strengthening factor. One of the Scorpio planets is Venus, the ruler of Libra, so Venus “disposes of” 3 of the 5 planets, all but the Sun.

      Venus-Uranus aspects can be very charismatic. See the articles about it on this blog.

      Are people with stelliums different from other people? Yes, very much so–and the more planets in the stellium, the more different. What’s special about them and their life path is that they are extremely focused on one narrow band of house matters (in this case 11th house matters). Much of their energy, their passion, their will is bound up in manifesting the most they can on that area of life.

      Thus it is possibly a good strategy to find a life work in that area–making it one of the vocational indicators–because that’s where their heart and soul are aimed. Whether they feel like a success or failure as a person often depends on how well those areas of life are going.

      So slow-moving transits to the stellium are very major eras in your life because they are turning points–times of maturing in how those life matters are approached. (Read my article on stelliums and vulnerability in the link list.)

      With the 11th, it means that friendships, groups, social causes, and even astrology are among the major focuses. Donna

      • Thank you again Donna!

  4. I was born on October 22 1979 in toronto canada at exactly 4:57pm
    The house system I use is placidus ( I got my chart on astrodeist)
    The 8th house starts on 6deg Scorpio and ends on 3 deg sag
    My stellium includes Venus at 14 deg Scorpio, moon 19 deg Scorpio, Uranus 19 deg Scorpio, and mercury at 21 deg Scorpio.
    2 aspects I feel are important for understanding how this stellium works is the mars 15 deg Leo square from the 6th house and the Chiron opposition at 12 deg tau in the second house.
    Eventhough I have such a great concentration if energy in one place I feel like 8th house issues are some what of a blind spot for me. I can’t really see them coming until seem to take over. Is it possible that a stellium creates a “can’t see the forest fir the trees” consciousness around it’s issues. Is the secret to understand this energy in its opposite house?

    • Howdy, BOS! That’s some powerful stellium. Have you taken the Pluto test yet? Probably score in the 70s. (On the front page of the blog, under “Take the Planetary Tests.”) Not only do you have four planets in scorpio, they are all conjunct within 7 degrees, and they are in the 8th, the house naturally related to Scorpio.

      What may be making it hard to “get” is that Uranus, an outer planet, may well be dominating the mix. It’s like trying to make Scorpio and Aquarius fuse together, and I do think those may be the square signs that have the most resistance to one another.

      I’m only joking slightly if I tell you you should be a rock star, for there often is a great deal of star quality in a stellium, especially mixing the personal planets like the Moon and Venus with a charismatic, maverick outer planet like Uranus.

      No doubt you find an outlet for much of it in your personal life, but you might check out the 8th house/Pluto/Scorpio vocations. (My ebook, The Outer Planets and Inner Life, v.1–The Outer Planets as Vocational Indicators, might be a help.)

      I am guessing that Pluto–the ruler of Scorpio and of your 8th house–in Capricorn is either transiting your 9th (in which case, getting some advanced training is indicated) or else already in your 10th, in which case, you’re on the road to a vocation that can put more of that Pluto power to work.

  5. How do you interpret aspects within, and to, the points of a stellium? Are all the planets and points in a stellium considered “conjunct by association?” If each planet/point is conjunct the next, are all of them considered conjunct, even if the two ends of the stellium are greater than 8 degrees apart? Example: sun/ascendant/venus/pluto/south node/mercury at the following degrees of Leo 9,14,19,20,21,26
    Same thing for other aspects, square, sextile, etc.

    • Yes, I do give wider orbs for aspects among and to planets in a multiple conjunction. They sort of link together like the cars in a train…aspecting natal planets and definitely by transit.

      Let’s take part of your example. We’ll leave off the Sun and Ascendant, because they always get more leeway on orbs, being among the 4 strongest features in a chart. (Sun and Moon, both considered “lights” and then Ascendant and Midheaven). But I would say Sun-Mercury at 15 degrees of separation is still too wide for me.

      So you have Venus 19 Leo
      Pluto 20 Leo
      Mercury 26 Leo

      Pretend the Moon is at 27 Scorpio–not to complicate your life any further! Closely square Mercury at 26 Leo. A 7 degree square from Moon to Pluto–wide, BUT the Moon is a Light PLUS Pluto disposes of (rules) that Scorpio Moon. Then, since Venus closely conjunct Pluto and is only 7 degrees from a conjunction to Mercury, they are all conjunct.

      Even though the (make believe) Scorpio Moon is 8 degrees from a square to Venus, I’d imagine it would still work as a square…especially with transits and progressions bringing them together periodically. Donna

  6. Hello Donna,
    My natal chart has 4 planets in 11th house (Placidus system, The 11th house starts at 17 cancer with mercury 23,55 cancer- mars 14,09 leo, Uranus 14,07 leo, venus 17,44 Leo inside. The 12th starts at 18,5 Leo.
    Theses four planets are rulers of 6 houses : MC (merc), AC(merc), 2nd(venus), 6th(uranus), 8th house(mars),9th(venus).
    You can freely tell me what you think of theses placements and I also have this question: Do the 4 planets in the 11th, rulers of 6 houses have more impact in my life than the 3 planets conjunct ?
    Thank you very much,

    • Hi, Claire, look at my reply to Inna, who has 5 planets in the 11th, and also my article on the vulnerability of a stellium, as it tells a story about my own 4-planet Gemini (rulers of 7 houses) stellium.

      When you have 3 planets conjunct, they have a mighty–but somewhat merged effect–not only on the natal house placement, but when there are transits to all three planets in sequence, it is a major turning point in your life because so much is at stake.

      Stelliums are like that old saying, “too many eggs in one basket.” I’ll write more about that when we have the Q&A on multiple conjunctions. Donna

  7. How does the House coloring the stellium impact it? Interesting question.
    Here’s the one I will share from my chart. From the ascendant ( sidereal) exact time. at 9 Libra, into the 12th house stellium Neptune 5 Libra,, Chiron 2 Libra,,, Amour 2 Libra and Jupiter 29 Virgo. Jupiter and Neptune are parallel. 9 Libra ascendant is conjunct Fixed Star Vindemiatrix in the constellation of Virgo.
    Does this mean that I am in a dark room peeking out with my nose out the door so this stellium energy is noticed by people? With Neptune fog involved I am misread by a lot of people or they only know a piece of me.

    • Je ne sais rien de l’Amour, but will comment on the rest. All of the bodies you mention are within a 10 degree range of the Ascendant, thus fall into the powerfully emphasized Gauquelin sectors. Yet they are in the 12th, and the Neptunian qualitiy is even more pronounced because the Ascendant, Chiron, and Jupiter are conjunct Neptune. Whatever Jupiter touches, it expands, so there’s still another boost to the Neptunian energy. (Somewhere on this blog is an article about the rule of three–that any significant message in the chart will be repeated 3 ways.)

      You are clearly intended to present Neptune to the world that surrounds you, as you do with your 12th house spiritual and service work. As you know, Neptune can be both positive and self-defeating, and can drift back and forth between those poles without so much as clearing its throat. Little surprise that people would find you misleading.

      In one of the articles in my series about the 12th house, I talk about how the patterns related to a 12th house planet conjunct the Ascendant are readily apparent for the outside world to remark on, yet the person whose planet it is may either be unconscious of it or else may believe that it’s so private others don’t notice it. Donna

      • Thanks Donna;
        I had to laugh when you said,” without so much as clearing their throat”, why I am laughing I do not know.
        However as an example of, ” they do not see all of me: I stopped off at a well known African Cafe in the cities for lunch and to query an African person. I did not know which Tribe of African they were. So I perused the people and chose one man nearby.
        I had a song and a description from dreams, of several past lives in two different African Tribes.I wanted to know what Tribe and where they were from. First I gave him a description of their body types and life style ( both different) and then sang him the song. When I was finished he got extremely excited and said it was from the land he was from where there are numerous Tribes in Ethiopia. One was a mt. dweller and the other a desert Tribe. He said the song I sang was for all the Tribes of that country. It was an Orisha of the Lion. ( I am a Leo)
        I had been campaigning for Gov. back then and even though they were not citizens of the USA, he and his friends campaigned for me. I learned this well after elections. I had been in the 6 million acre National Park where our family is the last Indians with land holding left there( in its center). I only came to town every 2 weeks for mail and supplies. Its a 4 hour paddle (….Watery Neptune island road less territory) and portage to get to where I parked my car and then its a ways into town. At a local restaurant the waitress said there was a group of Africans in , still campaigning for me and showing pictures.
        They had been thrilled to do this and I was accepted as one of them. This tickled me but they did not know the Indian me, nor the many other parts of me. This is true for even my best of friends and family.The Africans knew my heart and saw themselves ,and THIS HEART is the same for all who know me and whom I love. I see Neptune as a mirror where people see themselves.

      • Ps/ note the cultural aspect of this story( Jupiter) and had I NOT spoken to the man , we would of all just eaten our lunch in our own little worlds. Our Conscious selves merged in mutual recognition.

  8. My stellium is in Libra in the 7th house and the cusp is 8 Libra to 17 Scorpio. (Placidus, birth certificate time) The Moon is 16 Libra, Mars 18 Libra, Neptune 25 Libra and Saturn 4 Scorpio. All this is squared by Uranus in the 4th at 22 Cancer and Chiron in the 10th at 18 Capricorn. I have found that learning astrology has really helped me deal with difficult transits to the stellium, especially the outer planet ones. My question is: How can we make the concentration of energy of the stellium a positive force in our lives? Is there any way to compensate for empty houses?

    • Everyone has empty houses, but people with stelliums tend to have more empty ones, since their life plan (the one we make up in that interval before birth) meant a strong focus in a few areas of life.

      In your case, there’s much focus on the 7th, and with those 7th house planets mostly being in Libra, the sign naturally associated with the 7th, then the message is that your strength, abilities, and committment for a considerable portion of your life, are meant to be devoted to partnering others as they carry out their life plan. Especially with Neptune and Saturn involved, I’d guess there are major karmic agreements with those individuals that you have fulfilled faithfully.

      There comes a time in our lives, however, that transits and progressions mark the end of those agreements, so that you are able to evaluate what else you want to do with this life and to make new choices. I would imagine that Saturn’s transit through the Libra stellium, followed by your Saturn return is just such a window. Here’s an article that may make this clearer . Donna

  9. Hi Donna

    I have a five-planet Scorpio stellium in the 10th. It is intercepted as my MC is in Libra. The Libra north node conjuncts MC from the 9th.

    MC: 25 Libra
    Venus: 1 Sco
    Neptune: 4 Sco
    Sun: 5 Sco exact square ASC
    Jupiter: 10 Sco
    Mercury: 19 Sco exact opp Moon

    Interestingly my 4th house is also co-ruled by Mars and Venus (if you use the old-fashioned rulers) and holds 2 planets. And remarkably to me, my nephew has 6 planets in the 10th, also ruled by Libra and with 4 of these planets in Scorpio (incl a Mars/Pluto conjunction, balanced by Venus-Jupiter conj in Libra).

    I work in the arts – my vocation is easily explained taking Libra conjunct MC as the starting point for the chain of identification, fantasy, expansion and intellection suggested by the other planets.

    What I would like to know is, with such a pile up in the 10th, is this area of the chart bound to dominate or can one achieve more balance? What are the tricks?! Does one look how the stellium interacts with elsewhere in the chart? Or must I accept the inevitable imbalance with such a focus? I think this question might apply particularly to a naturally obsessive Scorpio stellium.


    • Hi, MRL, as I’ve already done some work with 10th house stelliums, let me focus instead on the question of whether a house stellium has to dominate. Others are asking similar questions.

      Maybe it’s because I have two stelliums in my chart (sextiling one another), but I don’t quite see the problem. A stellium is a GREAT GIFT, not a deficit. It’s the kind of focus that makes it possible to achieve something of merit in a single lifetime.

      A violin student who becomes an accomplished concert violinist reaps the rewards of those endless hours spent in practice. And probably has chums who try to say it’s an obsession. Any accomplishment that is worth it takes that amount of commitment.

      And, yes, of course, we have to remember to consciously create balance, as it enriches our lives and gives more depth to the work itself. Time spent developing other facets of ourselves can keep the stellium from slipping into a warped sort of obsession.

      Perhaps the balance comes from having people in your life who are strong in the opposite house of your chart–and the opposite sign from the stellium. It’s like having a missing element–other people may be your way of compensating.

      Read the articles on this blog about element imbalance–you might pick up some tips, as it’s a similar process. You’ll find links to a collection of them here: Donna

      • Thanks Donna for your time in answering my question. You remind me that I DO recognise it as a gift – thank you. To clarify the problem, for me anyway.

        Romantic relationships are elusive to me, I tend to sublimate my fantasies through work/vocation and am lonely as a result. I know the quality of what I do and even my work relationships gain from this process. But … perhaps it is my Libra NN, my Sun/Moon midpoint in the 7th, or my Taurean Moon that needs physical affection, in combination with my idealistic-beyond-belief conjunction of Venus-Neptune-Sun, that makes the imbalance hard. I want something I have difficulty getting, though I am learning, rather late in life.

        Your focus on the opposite house is spot-on. My closest friend is a Taurean, and I have other dear Taurean friends.

        with many thanks,

  10. Hi, thanks for considering my question!

    I struggle with understanding and making the most of a 6th house stellium that begins at 18 Libra (Koch houses, birth certificate time, far northern latitude) and ends at 28’38 Scorpio. Within the stellium, I have Mars in Libra, and Neptune, Sun, Mercury, and North Node in Scorpio. Jupiter is at 17 Libra right on the cusp (and well within the 6th house if using Placidus houses).

    How should I approach work and career issues with this stellium? I’ve had a checkered career, you could say, and interpersonal workplace issues usually keep me from making much money or advancing within organizations. I have big ideas and love to work independently, but I’m not naturally entrepreneurial.

    • Okay, I’m getting the picture–and there’s plenty to work with. You’re an insightful gal, and I think you could gain a great deal from a consultation with a really experienced astrologer with a psych background. I could give you some names–or maybe write to my advice column at Dell Horoscope ( Another thing that could help you get clarity is my book, Healing Pluto Problems, available from the publisher (

      You could have this lineup in ANY house and the sticking point would still boil down to relationships, but since it’s the 6th, it plays out in work relationships.

      It’s an interesting example of two different signs making up a house stellium. You start off a job with great enthusiasm (Mars-Jupiter) and a spirit of supporting others in the endeavor (Libra).

      As time goes on, though, the Scorpio dynamics kick in–The Sun, Mercury, Neptune part. Somehow you wind up feeling victimized and resentful, brooding a lot, probably getting a bit surly? What is it? Do you submerge yourself too much in the other’s agenda, letting them take the credit and reap the benefit? That’s something a session with a good astrologer would help you sort out–we can’t do it here. Clearly, there are boundary issues, probably codependency. See

      But you can work on this pattern of relationship issues getting in the way of satisfying work and make it better. With a stellium in the 6th, it’s important to do so and ultimately to find out what you want to do to make a difference in the world, because you could make an important contribution. Donna

  11. Hi Donna and thanks. I have a stellium in the 10th. MC @16 libra, 11th house cusp using pacidus is 14 scorpio. In the 10th lined up are Neptune @ 22libra, venus @ 25 libra, saturn @ 5 scorpio, and then the moon @ 10 scorpio. I get the domino effect when ever there is contact. I would like to know how having Neptune being the first to make contact colors the whole sequence of events related to that house. and a brief summary of what process the sequence as a whole would engender. Having Neptune as first contact causes a fog to descend on the whole thing for me and I cannot see it clearly. birth time from birth certificate.
    PS with saturn teasing the MC I it is of moment. aloha and thanks, U P

    • A good question, and one that applies to all stelliums, especially those involving multiple conjunctions. The zodiacal sequence of planets in a stellium is quite important, because it’s almost like a script that unfolds over and over again in one lifetime. The players may be different, the scenery may be different, the props may be different, but the down deep inside, the feelings and urges and core personalities are very similar, though they can evolve as we gain self-awareness.

      The triggers for the unfolding of events can be either transits or progressions. When they involve faster-moving planets, like say Mars or Jupiter, they are one-act plays or skits. The slower-moving the planet, the more epic the drama. Pluto, for instance, will be in Capricorn for 14 years (I believe), and thus anyone with a stellium in the Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, or Capricorn) will go through a very long sequence of events that are Plutonian in nature.

      Okay, so if act one, scene one starts with Neptune, you come on center stage with a vague dissatisfaction with what is, and a dream of making something special happen that will change your life. In the haze, you spot something or someone who you believe will do that for you. You submerge yourself in the dream, the person, the work. With Venus next, you fall a little in love (with it, with them) and give yourself over to it happily.

      Then comes Saturn in Scorpio, and reality begins to settle in–it’s harder than you thought, you have to give more of yourself, more maturity is demanded, the thing is controlling your life.

      Here’s where you get to consciously decide whether commitment and hard work is going to produce what you thought it would–whether it’s really worth it. And some time later, you get to the Moon, deciding if this is home or not, if it gives you the security and feeling of belonging you need.

      One scenario, anyway. But getting a better handle on Neptune–the codependency issues, for instance–could make you sort out the realities before investing so much it hurts.

      Folks, one way to get a handle on what a stellium means–the recurring issues that come up, the typical episodes–is to observe yourself every month for a while during the time the Moon travels through that sign and house.

      Maybe even keep a journal about it. You’ll soon recognize the pattern, which would make it easier to work with any counter-productive behaviors and pull yourself up short when you notice yourself going into it. AND you’ll also start to recognize and create the window for capitalizing on the excellent talents and gifts that stellium represents. Donna

  12. Hi Donna, Thanks for another interesting session.

    I have a 6th house stellium using the Plac. system. House begins at 26Leo; Planets are Venus 11Virgo, Merc 22Virgo, Saturn 23Vir, Sun 25Vir. Three of the four are square a 9th house Sag. moon. (Ouch).

    I may be missing the boat how to use these energies. My life has seemed to deviate from the usual interpretations.

    For instance, I was unusually healthy until mid-years, and since then have had only a chronic but easily controlled issue. I have never had an interest or history in any of the traditional Virgo or 6th house vocations. I do, however, give my best at work and promote others more easily than myself.

    Is there anything here that indicates how I could be better directing these energies? Forgot to include that birth time is accurate.

    Thank you.

    • JG, Since I’ve already done a long spiel on the 6th house for Lainie, I won’t talk about the work patterns, but will comment on how health issues crop up at midlife when there is a strong 6th house emphasis like a stellium.

      Every house has multiple meanings, and sometimes they seem so far apart as to be unrelated. When you look deeper, however, there are important connections. The ancients knew what they were doing when they put this art of ours together!

      So, what is the 6th house’s connection between work and health? Sigmund Freud was once asked what mental health consisted of, and he said, “The ability to work and to love.”

      Over the 40+ years I worked with clients, I noticed a pattern among people with a strong 6th house emphasis. They tended to be heavily invested in work for its own sake, as opposed to a drive for success. So long as they felt happy and fulfilled in their work, they were pretty healthy. Many were workaholics.

      But when they were having major transits to the 6th–anything from Saturn’s 2 1/2 year stay to Pluto’s 14 or more–then they tended to have major frustrations and disappointments with their jobs. (If they had outer planets in their 6th natally, this was particularly true during the midlife cycle of transiting Neptune square natal Neptune, transiting Uranus opposite natal Uranus, and Pluto square natal Pluto.)

      If there was no way to resolve those issues, then their health tended to suffer. It could even be an occupationally-based health problem, like with Neptune a toxicity based on environmental hazards in the workplace. Or accidents on the job with Uranus. (In these matters, a strong 6th house person can be Virgo-like.)

      I don’t know if this gives you a perspective, JG, but I hope so. Donna

  13. HOLD ON FOLKS! No more questions, please, as I already have about 35 and have no idea how many of them I will have to delete. I have to leave the comment section open in order to post replies. Try again in another Q&A–we’ve got one coming up on multiple conjunctions. Donna

    • Good one, Donna! Thank you.

  14. Thank you Donna. Great article, and you have a great sense of humor! I will check out this interesting book re the Lords of Karma. Sounds like Saturn Neptune is its own topic in a way. I can see the energy overload stelliums bring from all these great posts.

  15. i came in late but I want to thank you for all the info Donna!
    This was a great session to read.
    Very informative. Thanks for all the hard work.



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