Posted by: Donna Cunningham | May 27, 2011

New Test! Impact Scores for Stelliums and Multiple Conjunctions

(c)5-27-2011 by Donna Cunningham, MSW

UPDATE:  With the help of reader feedback, the test has been revised for clarity, ease of use, and accuracy.  I’d suggest you use the new version, which has downloadable copy of the test.  It’s located here: Skywriter’s Impact Test for Stelliums and Multiple Conjunctions–Version 2.0. However, you may enjoy reading the comment section for this post, which has input and scores from over 150 readers.


Stelliums and multiple conjunctions supposedly add Star Quality to a horoscope. Because several planets are concentrated in a small area of the zodiac, they identify something very special about the individual. 

How many planets does it take to make a stellium? The classical rule was four planets, of which two had to be something other than the Sun, Mercury, or Venus since those three are usually very close together in the zodiac.

Modern interpretations lean toward three planets or more—but is that stretching the definition too far?  I’m inclined to think three is not a stellium–especially if it’s the Sun, Mercury, and Venus in the same sign, because they’re so close together in the zodiac all the time.  If  three planets are conjunct, however, they form a multiple conjunction and are strong.

How stellar is your stellium? Are some stronger than others? How rare or how common are various stelliums?

I’m devoting the next year to researching questions like these in preparation for my lecture at UAC in May, 2012. You’re invited to come along in this journey of discovery.

 And what about multiple conjunctions–three or more planets in range of a conjunction*, with a bit more allowance than a regular conjunction? Are they as strong as a stellium—or even stronger?

Is there more juice in a multiple conjunction and therefore more star power? Ask the fans of Johnny Depp and Robert Downey, Jr, both of whom share a conjunction of Mars, Pluto, and Uranus in the first house. (For charts see their AstroDataBank files at Depp, Johnny and Downey, Robert Jr. )

 (*A note on orbs: The orb for a conjunction is usually 8° but can be extended to 10° in a multiple conjunction if Planet A and Planet B are conjunct, while Planet B and Planet C are conjunct, but Planets A and C are slightly too wide for a conjunction.)

Today I was inspired to create a test to measure the strength of a stellium or multiple conjunction and therefore to find out their comparative strength.  

It’s similar to the tests I’ve created to measure the strength of a single planet or element in your horoscope. They’ve been a popular feature on Skywriter—you can see links to them here: Planetary Tests. (The test for Pluto tops the list, since nearly 15,000 people have taken that test so far.) 

You may wonder why I’ve assigned a certain numerical value to some chart features and a lesser one for another.  These aren’t scientific measures, of course—that would be impossible. They’re just estimates based on over 40 years of observing clients, notables, and friends through the lens of their charts.  

 That’s why I’d value your feedback on how well this test measures stelliums and multiple conjunctions. Try it out on charts in your collection.  

Many of you want to include the dozens of asteroids, Black Lillith, the vertex, chart ruler, and myriads of other chart features in your stellium. If I included all those things, the test would be too complicated and there would be no such thing as a standard score, so, no, even though they might strengthen your score, don’t report them here in the comment section.

As for why the outermost planets get higher scores than the inner planets, it’s because they are observably higher in impact on our world.  They relate to issues and trends in the collective–global and universal trends rather than personal ones–and therefore the person with the outer planets strongly featured in the horoscope is more attuned to such issues and more likely to come up with solutions or the next big step in humanity’s evolution.  Dare I say transpersonal or even archetypal figures?

Note:  For the most accurate picture, don’t use Whole Sign Houses to score this test, as in that system, the house cusps are automatically set at 0° of the sign on the cusp. Thus, any stellium by sign is automatically a stellium by house as well, skewing the scores.  

(As explained in Robert Hand’s Whole Sign Houses: the Oldest House System, the zodiac degree found on the ascendant in the whole sign house system is not the beginning of the 1st house. The 1st house—and all the other houses—start at 0° of the sign in question and end with 30°. Whole sign houses are similar to equal houses, except that equal houses start and end at the cusp, whole sign houses start at 0° of the sign on the cusp and end 30° later. This means the Midheaven is unrelated to any house cusp, plus there are no intercepted signs or houses.)  

In case you don’t have many stelliums in your collection of charts, here are links to AstroDataBank records of some famous people whose charts have either stelliums or multiple conjunctions or both so that you can practice scoring. Post the scores in the comment section so we can see how the scores rank, and we’ll list them here:   

Bieber, Justin    Fanning, Dakota  William, Prince (1982)   Damon, Matt  Shields, Brooke    Sheen, Charlie   

How to Find the Impact Score: Note: This test is a work in process and is being updated as scores come in.  The revisions are shown in red.

Check what you’re measuring: ___ 4 planet stellium ___3 planet multiple conjunction ___4 planet multiple conjunction ____ Other: ________________ 

_____ 5 points per planet in a stellium or in a multiple conjunction placed in the same house. (So, 3 planets=15, 4=20, and so on.)

_____ 4 points per planet in a stellium or in a multiple conjunction placed in the same sign.

_____ 7 points if the Sun or Moon is included in the group. (14 for both of them.)

_____ 7 points per outermost planet (Saturn, Chiron, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto) included in the group.

_____ 5 points per inner planet included in the group.

_____ 4 extra points per planet that is part of the group AND is also conjunct the Ascendant,  Midheaven, or Node. (No points for a planet that is in the group but not conjunct the Ascendant, Midheaven, or Node.)

_____ 4 points for each separate conjunction involved in the stellium or multiple  conjunction. (For example, a conjunction of Mars-Pluto-Uranus scores 4 for Mars-Pluto, 4 for Pluto-Uranus, and 4 for Mars-Uranus, for a total of 12.)   

_____ HIGH PROFILE BONUS:  Add 10 points if the stellium or multiple is in the 1st, 10th, or the 9th near the midheaven, as these are the positions of most visibility to the public. 

_____ LOW PROFILE DEDUCTION: Subtract 20 points if the stellium or multiple conjunction is in the 12th, 4th, or 6th house, as these are positions where the person is uncomfortable in the public eye and may be less visible. 


 Since this is a brand new test, I have no idea what would be a moderate score vs. a blockbuster, so please tell me what kinds of scores you’re getting by posting them in the comment section. 

 I’ll venture say that I scored pretty well with my 4-planet stellium in Gemini (including a triple conjunction) in the 11th (score 50) and a 3-planet Leo stellium/triple conjunction on the Ascendant in the 1st (score 67), for a total of 117.

 For a complete list of Skywriter’s tests of the strength of planets, elements, and modes, see Planetary Tests. 

Articles about Stelliums on Skywriter

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  1. Do I get extra points for being the first to comment? With it being so close to bedtime, I’m not even sure I counted right, but I came up with a score of 61. My stellium would fall under the “Other” category, since it involves a total of 5 planets, plus a Node with all but 1 planet in the same house but in 2 different signs. Not all of the planets are conjunct one another.

    I didn’t give myself the first 8 points because the last planet (Jupiter) falls in another house, although there are at least 3 planets conjunct in the same house – 2 of the planets in that conjunction are Sun/Mercury, so maybe they wouldn’t count anyway. I hope I did that right. Scoring this test was a little trickier than usual, at least for me. 🙂

    • Hooray, LB! Thanks for being the first. I’m not quite clear without seeing it. Sun-Mercury-Whatever being conjunct would count as a triple conjunction, maybe just not as a stellium. I dunno–this test is brand, shiny new. Donna

      • Thanks, Donna. Okay, so maybe I score 69. 2nd house Venus, North Node and Sun are all conjunct in Libra. Then Libra Sun is conjunct Scorpio Neptune (but nothing else in Libra), while Scorpio Neptune is also conjunct both Mercury and Jupiter in Scorpio. Libra Sun and Scorpio Mercury are within 10 degrees – I counted them as conjunct since Neptune connects them, and both are in the same house.

        Jupiter is the only planet that definitely falls in the next house (3rd) – Neptune and Mercury are right on the cusp of the 2nd/3rd.

  2. Hi Donna!
    I’ve got an 8th house stellium in Capricorn consisting of Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune; my Sun also conjuncts all of these planets but I’m not sure whether to include the Sun within the actual calculation. I’ll just post two different scores, one with the sun included and the other without.

    1.) 66 (including Sun)
    2.) 59(no sun)

    • Hi, AG, definitely include the Sun, so 66. I’m guessing you were born in 1989-93, one of the super-Cap generation.

      Lots of Capricorn stelliums in those years, wintertimes especially, when the Sun, Mercury, and Venus would also have been in Cap. The scores should be off the charts, so I’m expecting great things of your generation.

      The house position is crucial when you get that kind of stellium because it shows the areas of lfe where that powerhouse energy is going to be deployed.

      Stay tuned, AG, as I’m planning to do a Question and Answer session on that stellium in the next few weeks. Donna

      • Awesome! I’ll keep an eye out for the Q&A session. My score has now been relegated to a 46 due to the new criteria for 4th,8th, and 12th house stelliums but I do have two more planets in Capricorn that conjunct each other and 1 out of sign planet; these planets are in the 9th so I may have some re-calculating to do. Thanks Donna!

    • Alright, after all the new revisions, I finally got a chance to sit down and re-calculate everything. Here are my new scores:

      4 planet stellium: 92
      3 planet multiple conjunction: 44

      Grand total = 136 pts.

      • I’m still fainting! Great score. Thanks for sticking with it. Donna

  3. 37 here for Mars (19) Saturn (21) Pluto (26) conjunct in Libra but only 2 are in the 3rd and one is in the 4th, so they are conj an angle (IC 25) just not one of the biggies 😦 Mars/Saturn in the 3rd packs plenty punch for me, so Pluto there would prob be overkill anyway! 30s and 40s might be mid-range..?

    • Hi, Lonake, yes, I’m thinking it might be midrange. We’ll see as the results come in. That conjunction can’t be all bad in Libra–Mario Lopez, terminally hot, has it. Donna

  4. If I did this correctly,hopefully I did,I scored 54 points with a 4 planet stellium made up of Uranus,NN, Sun, Mars, Mercury all in Scorpio in my 5th house using equal house or Koch, in Koch my 5th house is intercepted and in libra,but in Equal house it’s in Libra anyway….so I guess it doesn’t make much difference.(???).
    My Uranus is conjunct my NN and then my Sun,Mars,Mercury are conjunct.

    • Hi, joyrjw, I didn’t want to say it in the post, but I think Equal House probably also skews the results artificially. Wow, some Scorpio stellium–in the 5th, lots of star quality, especially including Uranus in the mix. You could be a rock star! Donna

      • 🙂 No, you did mention equal house being similar to whole sign,but that’s why I also mentioned that I use Koch, which has the same placements as equal house for me. I mentioned equal house for the sake of being thorough.

        Wow! on the part of me being a rock star, that would be pretty cool. It’s something I’ve only day dreamed about. If I could get past my frustrating lack of confidence/shy traits (virgo moon, sun square saturn (???)) I probably would do that or something similar. 🙂

        Thank You Donna!

    • TWEAK ALERT: Version 2.0 of the test will be published soon, incorporating all changes and clarifications. Here’s the most important change, because it makes it possible to distinguish between a 4, 5, 6, etc. planet stellium. All the changes are marked in red in the version above.
      Check what you’re measuring: _x__ 4 planet stellium _x__3 planet multiple conjunction ___4 planet multiple conjunction ____ Other: ________________

      __20___ 5 points per planet in a stellium or in a multiple conjunction* placed in the same house. (So, 3 planets=15, 4=20, and so on. The Nodes, Ascendant, and Midheaven are not counted here but further down in the test.)

      __16___ 4 points per planet in a stellium or in a multiple conjunction placed in the same sign.

      = 36

      Is this in addition to the score we originally got? Please pardon me for stupid questions.:-)

      It doesn’t look like that’s the case, it looks like you just made an alteration as opposed to an addition to the test.

      __7___ 7 points if the Sun or Moon is included in the group. (14 for both of them.)

      __7___ 7 points per outermost planet (Saturn, Chiron, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto) included in the group.

      __10___ 5 points per inner planet included in the group.

      _4____ 4 extra points per planet that is part of the group AND is also conjunct the Ascendant, Midheaven, or Node. (No points for a planet that is in the group but not conjunct the Ascendant, Midheaven, or Node.)

      ___12__ 4 points for each separate conjunction involved in the stellium or multiple conjunction. (For example, a conjunction of Mars-Pluto-Uranus scores 4 for Mars-Pluto, 4 for Pluto-Uranus, and 4 for Mars-Uranus, for a total of 12.)

      _____ HIGH PROFILE BONUS: Add 10 points if the stellium or multiple is in the 1st, 10th, or the 9th near the midheaven, as these are the positions of most visibility to the public.

      _____ LOW PROFILE DEDUCTION: Subtract 20 points if the stellium or multiple conjunction is in the 12th, 4th, or 6th house, as these are positions where the person is uncomfortable in the public eye and may be less visible.


      • You’re right, it’s not extra scores, just the revised edition. It will be published here soon. Great score. Donna

  5. Not sure whether i have done it correctly or not, but my score is 47. I have 9th house stellium in Capricorn, that consists of Uranus (10), Neptune (14), Sun (16). My sun also loosely conjunct Saturn (26), can it still be considered as part of my stellium? It also conjuncts north node (28), venus in aquarius (2) and MC (2).

    • Hi, Ruby. The Sun-Saturn probably works at 10 degrees apart, especially because it’s the Sun. Not part of the multiple conjunction to the rest of the early Cap planets, but as long as it’s in the same sign, it’s part of the Cap stellium, as is Venus. The 9th house prominence makes your education crucial as well as your quest to find the meaning of life. Over time, your spiritual quest will probably lead you to be a teacher on that path.

      As I mentioned to AG, I’m planning to do a Question and Answer session on that Capricorn stellium in the next few weeks. Donna

  6. SO interesting Donna.
    All my Indigo clients have stelliums….they’re part of the Indigo generation I wrote about

    more cluster charts here

    • Hi, Mary, very interesting. I’d be curious as to how those charts scored on this new test. Donna

    • Mary, I visited the site about Indigos and I am quite intrigued! I had been told that my daughter was a “Crystal Child” which may be just another name for the same phenomenon, or perhaps a minor generational difference (she was born in 1999). I am looking forward to your further writings on the subject!

  7. If I did this right, I ended up with a score of 65. My stellium is in the 9th, all planets in Virgo, (9th house cusp in Leo, though). Technically the first and the last are just within range of a wide conj. Uranus: 1’16, Sun: 6’39, Pluto: 9’45 and Moon 10’58. The moon is in a wide conj to the MC at 21’35 Virgo.The stellium is pretty strong since its also at the sextiling end of a kite, so lots of mojo. Back when I used to read sun sign descriptions of Virgo, it was always so off. Why wasn’t I orderly and organised? Understanding more of the stellium cleared this up for me – I now blame Uranus for this … One other thing, Moon in Aq fits more with me, and that’s weird since the Moon is in a wider conj to Uranus. So the energies are entwined, no doubt about it.

    • Great score, Natalie, and wonderful for a published author. The Pluto-Uranus conjunction in Virgo was the seed, when combined with more Virgo planets, for lots of exceptionally capable artisans and alternative health professionals. Donna

  8. 39 points here. Mercury, Venus and Pluto conjunct in Virgo in 1st house. Venus and Pluto are actually conjoined at 2 Virgo, Merc at 0 Virgo.

  9. 39 for me too. Mercury, Sun, Venus, South Node in Taurus in the 8th house. Sun and Mercury conjunct (in combustion) and Venus conjunct Node.

  10. 70 for me. I have two three planet multiple conjunctions – Sun, Chiron in Libra & Jupiter in Scorpio on the cusp of 12th and Mars, Mercury in Scorpio conj ASC w/Venus in Sagittarius in first.

    Whatever “star quality” I have is hidden away or oddly expressed. For instance, very few of those folks in my daily life have any idea about my extensive network of friends, clients & colleagues here in cyber-space or that I have a thriving blog/website devoted to astrology.

    • Impressive score, Diane. With the 12th house planets and the Scorpio factor, it’s not surprising you’d “hide your light under a bushel” but it’s possible to be a 12th house shining light all the same among those who know your selfless work to inspire others. Donna

  11. Hmm.. I have Sun/Moon/Mercury/SNode in Taurus, but Merc/SNode is split into another house, just barely across my midheaven. So by all the scoring guidelines, my 3-planet stellium gets downgraded in importance. I’m not even sure how to score this, but let me try:

    6pts – Sun/Moon/Merc in Taurus (no points for S Node)
    7pts – Sun or moon in sign (should I award 14 for Sun & Moon?)
    5pts – Merc (Inner planet. Are Sun & Moon inner planets?)
    4pts – Merc within 4′ of Midheaven (should I give 4 for S Node within 4′ too?)
    4pts – Sun/Moon exact conjunct. (should I award 4 for S Node/Merc exact conjunct too?)

    26 measly points. I’m trying to be accurate. I’m a little cautious on these tests now, since I’m going to have to go back and recalculate every one of those planetary tests, due to rectifying my birth chart with that new data on Daylight Savings Time changing my birth by 1 hour.

    • Chart rectification=Identity crisis–and a pain in the neck! Donna

    • Charles, if I may, how did that feel like? Was it an “aha” moment or a WTF are you talking about thing? And exactly how comfortable were you with the former version of your chart?

      • I didn’t really do rectification in any sense it’s normally used. The problem was, I could find no accurate records of Daylight Savings Time implementation in my birthplace. I thought it was DST at my birth time. I found authoritative info that it wasn’t. I hesitate to identify the source of this info, for fear of inciting a crush of requests.

        Now this explained a lot. The old DST chart had Venus at my midheaven. That didn’t sound like me. I struggled to understand that chart and it was definitely impeding my understanding of astrology generally. The aspects were all right, but the angles and houses weren’t necessarily right. But I kind of liked the bad chart, it had all sorts of inscrutable features like intercepted houses and a stellium in the 10th (instead of split 9th/10th).

        But the corrected chart without DST works much better. It put Mercury at my midheaven and Neptune at my IC. That is most definitely correct, anyone who knows me would say I am more of a thinker than a lover, and that Merc/Neptune exact opposition on my MC/IC axis (and on my nodes too) explains my interest in mystical thinking. Also the new chart put Uranus in my 12th house instead of my 1st. I was just reading Michael Lutin the other day, he said that Uranus in the 12th means people are always stabbing you in the back, the moment your back is turned, and you never see it coming. Oh yeah that sounds familiar.

      • It’s a good feeling to finally have a chart that fits. the next stage is to go back to events in your life to see if they fit, then look ahead to see the next transits to the rectified ASC and Midheaven and watch to see if events occur that fit the rectified angles. Donna

  12. I have multiple multiple conjunctions! Haha, so I wasnt sure how to break them up and test them here. However, in the interest of learning, the planets are in Libra: Merc 21, Saturn 26, Pluto 27 .. in Scorpio: Venus 3, Sun 5, Jupiter 17 .. in Saggie: Ura 3.

    Merc, Saturn, Pluto in the 4th house. Venus, Sun, Jup, Uranus in 5th. My 5th house cusp is Libra 28 and Scorpio intercepted and contained entirely in the 5th.

    With that said, I calculated four different groups:

    A) As multi conj: Merc, Saturn, Pluto = 45
    B) As multi conj: Saturn, Pluto, Venus, Sun = 55
    C) As stellium in 5th: Venus, Sun, Jup, Uranus = 41
    D) As a fun massive conglomeration owing to Libra ruling the 5th (Merc, Saturn, Pluto, Venus, Sun) = 68

    Feel free to tell me I’ve done this wrong! 😉 I can send you my chart if it helps.

    • Nope, I think you’ve got it right–all the multiple conjunctions you found match what I found. So what is the total–no, wait, don’t tell me, I get nosebleeds at that altitude!!

      I bow in humility–I honestly thought my little Gemini and Leo bunches were hot stuff. That’s where the need for feedback comes in–thanks to all of you for your input. Donna

      • I’m not even sure how to total it! I would say for sure group A and B and C (as a 5th house stellium) count. So.. 141.

        Group D is wide since over fourteen degrees with Pluto as lynchpin. But would I add that A+B+C (and get 209)? Or would I use it in place of group A and B (and get C+D=109)?

        All in the interpretation of what counts as a stellium, whether by tight conj, by house, or by sign. I really want to thank you for taking on stelliums!! I’m baffled by mine a lot as there are six planets lined up all within 26 degrees of the sky and all planets but Moon fall within houses 4, 5, 6. That leaves a TON of empty space in my natal!

      • Six planets in 26 degree of arc? Wowza. I have an invaluable book of tables computer-generated by Neil Michelsen (Tables of Planetary Phenomena) and one of the tables is for 5 or more planets clustered in 20 degrees of arc or less. You probably fit there–date of birth? Donna

      • DOB = Oct 28, 1982 (10:37pm in FL, USA). The cluster goes from 21 Lib to 17 Sco.

    • I was thinking you would use the configuration as a stellium including the 4th/5th houses and Libra/Scorpio. This gives a total 77. I don’t know what to do about deductions being half of the stellium falls in the 4th house (maybe deduct 10 pts). What do you guys think? feel free to correct me please, I am always learning!

  13. 3 planet conjunction in the 4th. Sun-Mars-Uranus in Cancer, score 53. I call it an unusual form of star quality 🙂

    • Unusual, yes–as it so mixes introvert/extrovert, timid crab/fearless Mars-Uranus. must be uncomfortable at times trying to keep both qualities in balance. Strong advocate for those who need our care. Donna

  14. 39. Sun/Mercury/Uranus in Scorpio all conjunct but split between the 7th/8th.

  15. 3 Planet conjunction in the 1st in Virgo.
    ASC 20 Vir
    Pluto 22 Vir
    Jupiter 26 Vir
    SNode 26 Vir
    Uranus 29 Vir
    score 65
    Not a star at all! Rather low key. Too much Virgo!

    • Self-effacing, maybe, but supercompetent. The personal manager/star behind the stars who need the applause. Donna

  16. I scored my eleven- year old daughter’s chart first. She came up 98, with a Sun/Chiron/Pluto stellium in Sagittarius in the second house, and Mars/Uranus/Neptune stellium in Aquarius, in the third house.

    She only made it through pre-school in the conventional school system; they ran scads of tests on her and the general conclusion was,”Very high IQ, sweet kid, but why is she so weird?”

    So we’ve been homeschooling since then (her 3rd house stellium is just two degrees from her fourth house cusp). She has a few friends in the homeschooling community who were born the same week as she was and went through a similar experience in the conventional school system; it’s not easy for these Sag/Aquarius kids sometimes!

    • Amazing score, Mary, and it sounds like one amazing child! Homeschooling is probably a good choice, as the system would try to bed her into the “normal” mold, when she is clearly meant for something extraordinary in her life.

      With a 3rd house stellium, I’d encourage her to write and express her unique ideas and perceptions. Donna

  17. I’m looking at Evi’s score above and wondering if perhaps outer planets in the mix should get a higher point rating? My score for a stellium on the Ascendant came in at 87, but 3 of the players are the more common sun/merc/venus. Looking at Evi’s Pluto, Jupiter, Uranus on the Ascendant…..seems like a whopper of an energetic contribution?

    Also one question on my own calculation re: the Node. I included points for the Node involvement per the instructions, but wondered in the final point calculation on “separate conjunctions,” do we use the Node again in that calculation? Without the node in last calculation my score would be 87, with it 107.

    9/15/19/20/21/26 Leo
    Sun/Asc/Venus/Pluto/South Node/Merc

    • Confusing, I guesss. What I’m saying is that the Node doesn’t count as a planet per se in the stellium, but you do get the bonus points if a planet is conjunct it. The outermost planets (Saturn, Chiron, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto) do get a higher score as part of a stellium or multiple conjunction–7 points vs. 5 for an inner planet. Donna

  18. Hi Donna

    I checked two charts I am working on atm.

    Chart A scores 38, with Venus at 1 Aq 26, Mercury 8 Aq 35, Chiron 17 Aq 53, and Sun 22 Aq 57.

    This chart also has another ”sort of” stellium but I don’t think it comes into the category as you have outlined it…. It is MC 26 Libra 45, Jupiter 1 Scorpio 38, Neptune 4 scorpio 45, and N Node 5 scorpio 09. Does this count for anything?

    Chart B scores 75 I think – Mercury 17 Leo 16, Pluto 21 Leo 15, S Node 21 Leo 22, Sun 23 Leo 17, Asc 0 Virgo 17…… then there is Venus at 7 Virgo 41 but I didn’t count that as it is conjunct the Asc but not any of the 12th house points. Should I include it do you think?

    • Chart A with the Midheaven conjunctions of Jupiter and Neptune doesn’t count as a second stellium, no. And chart B, Venus is not part of the stellium, though widely conjunct the Sun. Donna

  19. I have a 3 planet stellium/triple conjunction that scored 43.

    Mars (8 Cancer)+ Sun (12 Cancer)+ Venus (16 Cancer), all in the 4th House conjunct the IC.

    I think of these three as my roots: they keep me grounded and give me the nourishment I need to for strength and growth.

  20. Well I scored 56 with my Capricorn stellium. I have Mercury, Saturn, North Node, Uranus, and Neptune in the 6th house. I did the calculations in my head because I have my chart memorized lol! So might be off by a little, mental math was never my strong point (Saturn conjunct Mercury). I’m looking forward to that Q&A about the Capricorn Stellium! Thank you for another great quiz Donna 🙂

  21. NOTICE: I just made a change in the test, based on the feedback so far about certain houses where people don’t feel they have star quality. You may have to adjust your scores accordingly:

    HIGH PROFILE BONUS: Add 20 points if the stellium or multiple conjunction is in the 1st, 10th, or the 9th near the midheaven, as these are the positions of most visibility to the public. This is definitely a work in process.

    LOW PROFILE DEDUCTION: Subtract 20 points if the stellium or multiple conjunction is in the 12th, 4th, or 8th house, as these are positions where the person is uncomfortable in the public eye and may be less visible.

    (So now my puny little Leo score of 57 becomes 77. Smiles smugly.) Donna

    • Jeez. That gives me a score of 85 if the whole stellium counts, not just the Moon that is actually conj the MC. Perhaps I should send this test result to the marketing people at the publishing house …

      • LOL!!! I’m sure they’d be impressed–maybe even put it on your book jacket. Do mention it in your press releases. Donna

    • Not to be a killjoy on a day we’re massively rising to stardom, and I can only speak for My chart, but I feel that these tests would fit me better if we’d triple the points we get when the sun and/or moon are involved. e.g. the score of someone with a sun- neptune cj should be unreachable for a person with say several neptune aspects to personal planets. After all, sun and -to a lesser extent- moon cover about 90% of who we are. Just a thought. 🙂

    • Glad to see the change, Donna, as I was about to suggest it-
      (smiles smugly).
      Also,– an allowance for the chart ruler in a stellium or multiple conjunction–especially if it squares or opposes the Asc. without conjuncting other angles.
      Busy weekend,- had to speed-read thru posts, sure I missed lots…but we’re on the right track! Best, B.

  22. Asc/Sun/Merc/Jup/Sat in Virgo. I guess that makes it a stellium even in the strictest sense of the term. 87 points with the bonus. (smart move!)

    I’m afraid I can’t comment extensively on it (my Virgo sun says it’s pathetic to claim star quality on grounds of an astrological configuration!), however if you have something nice to say about it now is the time: the eclipse is killing me!

    Oh, and if people keep giving themselves points for Chiron and the nodes let me know so I can add the points for a couple of asteroids I have, also in Virgo. I can’t not ace the stellium test!!! (Berta, I heard that! 😛 )

    • You definitely aced it. LOL! I have the smartest, funniest readers–not to mention High Scoring. It’s a good thing for me that I deleted a challenge that was in the original draft of the test–that anybody who had better scores than mine would get a free ebook. Whew! Talk about chutzpah! Donna

    • Days later, but, –heard WHAT, VR?
      Had to read your post several times before I grokked that you might be referring to a much older one I made about competition for scores?
      I’ve got an hour to kill so, heck, I’ll throw my hat in! Stay tuned….Best, B

      • Okay, I’m computed.
        My 3 planets in the 9th score at 67 points. My son’s FIVE planets in the 2nd score 74…(all four personals plus Saturn)… the succedent 2nd accounting for the minor difference –which I did find surprising.
        Donna, please, may I suggest that you number the questions/criteria? (I find myself always assigning numbers or letters to the planetary tests). Ammending the test would be easier to insert?—- as: 1, 1a,..; 4, 4b..
        You know my SAGMO can’t resist handing out homework!
        Best, B

      • Hi, Berta, I see the confusion. Hmm. But to add numbers might be even more confusing, because they’re already there to show how much score to give each item. So it would look like” _____ 4. 5 points for….” I could, however, give them letters (A, B, C.) Thanks for the input, as I’m working on a version 2.0 of the test. Donna

        PS. Done. I’m, trying to catch all the places where the instructions need to be clearer. So, Sag to your heart’s content.

  23. I have 4 planets in Libra: the Moon conj. Pluto. Venus almost stands on its own 10 degrees away from the Moon/Pluto aspect, and then it’s 7 degrees away from Uranus (the latter which forms a trine to my ascendant). These are all in the 5th house!

    I will add these aspects are tempered with a Virgo Sun/Mercury conj., so I suppose this has kept my feet on the ground or perhaps all the air would had turned me into an airhead (lol)…

  24. I scored a 58 – I have the same Virgo stellium that you mentioned above that both Johnny Depp and Robert Downey Jr. have. Mars/Uranus/Pluto in Virgo in the 1st house. The conjunction is somewhat tight with 5 d between the three of them.

    • Amazing! Have you been to sea? Or Disney World? Donna

    • just realized I got a bit confused with the “outermost planet” question. I only counted 7 for Pluto but didn’t add 7 for Uranus – wasn’t sure if I was supposed to – if I should’ve included the 7 points for Uranus, that brings my score up to 65.

      • Oh, definitely count Uranus. That’s a big star quality factor. Donna

  25. haha! Yes I have been to Disneyworld, I just wish I earned as much money as Johnny Depp does! I think he got $30 million for the most recent Pirates movie…

  26. Okay…I think I have 73 points. Not sure exactly as the last planet in my stellium is in the 8th. In order: Sat/Jup/Merc/Pluto/Sun in Libra (born 1981). Saturn and Sun are 12 apart so not a conjunction I counted, but man, do I ever feel it in my chart. I guess it’s because they bookend the stellium, and Saturn is the first guy you run into. I also didn’t recount the sun as an inner planet since we already added points for it in step 3 with the luminaries.

    Wish I could throw on a few more points as that wild bunch is square to Moon/N Node in Cancer/5th. The battle between my emotions, head, heart/essential self, destiny even- it never ends. “What am I [supposed to be] doing here? on planet earth?”

  27. I have a triple conj in Aries intercepted in the 2nd House consisting of Moon-Sun-Mercury.

    My score is 55. Not a rock star, but have enjoyed enough success to make me happy!

    • Revised score: 68

  28. my score is 63 (with the 20pt subtraction), considering my 12th house Scorpio quad planet conjunction of Mars (16 d), Sun (10 d), Mercury (7 d), Uranus (7 d) plus NN at 3 degrees Scorpio. the only planet technically conjunct my Scorpio Asc. (21 d) is mars, but the rest form a train type figuration to my Asc., so i only used mars for the question about planets conjunct the Asc.

    Juno can be thrown in this mix, conjunct my NN, but from Libra. So i don’t count this, either.

    Thank you for the great test!

    • Birthdata:

      November 2, 1976 7:18AM
      Hazlehurst, MS

  29. 47pts. (Merc 5, Uranus, 6, Mars 15, Venus 17 in Leo) 2nd house.

    My 3rd house Pluto 28 Leo, was 1 degree out of the 10degree orb rules.
    And My 1st house, Sun Can 22, was 3 degrees out of the 10degree orb rules.

    Plus – the stellium is in the 2nd house, not on the high profile list.

    Notes for Donna’s research – the stellium planets do trine my 6th Sag Saturn 8 Rx, and Uranus,, Mars, & Venus oppose my 8th hs. Chiron in Aqu 16.
    All told, using Placidus- it’s an active chart – the 4 planets have 21 aspects (w/Chiron & nNode)included.

    good luck on your research

  30. Hi Donna
    I have a score of 100 for a single Scorpio stellium in the 10th of five planets, two of which are conjunct the MC (in late Libra). MC-Venus-Neptune-Sun-Jupiter-Mercury. Emotional? Obsessive? Idealistic? You bet, I feel my score every day. And Pluto is sextile to it from the 8th.

    Yours, MRL

  31. Hi Donna,

    I came out at 55 with 4 planets in the 6th, in Scorpio….3 conjunct- Moon17,Jupiter 18,Venus 19. Also, part of the stellium is square to Pluto,Leo 13, and Chiron at 5 Scorpio is square Saturn at 8 Leo. IMHO maybe there should be some extra points for intense aspects to the potentially hot energetic of a stellium. Sometimes I just have to beat myself up. 6th house……

    Molly K.

  32. I think my score is 79. Venus/Uranus (both Leo 5) conjunct Leo 6 ASC conjunct Mars Leo 9, all which square my scorpio moon 6 / neptune libra 29 in the 4th… yes, I feel it often and it is mostly painful, and it does confuses people as it adds ‘sparkle’ to my personality…

  33. Actually it is 95 (or 99 if I had included one orb of 9 degrees). I realised when rereading your instructions that I had accidentally added 5 at the beginning to signify the number of planets!

  34. Well I have 2 stelliums affecting the MC and Ascendant, though never thought I was a stellium person, more of a conjunction person cause everyone has a partner except Pluto.
    I know this works together because of my experiences in life.
    Stellium # 1
    Mars 20 , Uranus 17 Gemini, conjunct and parallel . 9th house
    Venus 20 , Saturn 20 Cancer, (constellation Gemini) conjunct / parallel in the 10th
    MC 11 30 Cancer North Node 8 Cancer ( constellation Gemini )
    All of the above parallel Pluto in Leo in the 10th
    All of the above parallel each other.
    These are within one degree except Saturn is just past one degree heading towards within 2 degrees. So I see Mars Uranus, Venus, Saturn and Pluto in cahoots….I have been chased and undergone attempted assaults from political vested interests and in my youth attacked 11 times by would be rapists. None of them were successful and if I want to I can be deadly but I try to always be just and above board and walk a straight and razor edged path. If I make a mistake I gladly pay the price , dust myself off and try again. There is no defeat, no giving up.
    Leo Pluto definitely stiffens up Gemini. I do astrology, Hand analysis and Tarot, Sun Dancing etc Am an Artist painter of pictures, poet, writer. activist in the political arena. Been on TV and delivered speeches to large audiences like the World Cup with visiting foreign countries. There were definite political undertones and fighting the so called Law during most of it,sometimes this law is used to attempt to silence the truth. Thats only part of the story.
    The score is 117 ????
    I didn’t count that Uranus conjuncts fixed Star Rigel by 0ne degree and Mars conjuncts fixed star Bellatrix ( that fits) while Venus / Saturn conjuncts fixed Star Castor and the north node of Pluto. Sirius is on the MC. Uranus also conjuncts asteroid Sappho ( I do poetry)

    Stellium #2

    Jupiter 29 Virgo. Chiron and Amour 2 Libra, Neptune 5 Libra, Ascendant 9 Libra, Pallas 14 Libra and Lillith 17 Libra. Ascendant conjuncts fixed Star Vindermaitrix. All in the Constellation of Virgo me thinks. score 103
    We talked about this on another blog.
    This is my art world and ventures into the occult side of things whilst in seclusion. I love my private times in nature. I am a recluse some of the time but when the need arises can be just as comfortable in the public. Not shy at all ….the bigger the audience the better my message because of the greater abundance of others served. Score 103
    Total 220……wow my favorite number 22 ! E- gads

    Its cool that Pallas/ Lillith fills in a Grand Air Trine to Uranus Mars in Gemini and my moon at 17 Aquarius. While Pluto is 52 degrees from Chiron Amour….this ties both stelliums together…oh Neptune squares the nodes as well.
    I know I am being bad counting parallels but they work for me. Thanks Donna you made me put on my thinking cap and get a good break from the dramas at large.

    • Hang in there, Barehand!
      …”everyone has a partner, except Pluto”?…–and he doesn’t dance to our tune so we need to “fight the power”…
      I know Donna does not use fixed stars very much, if at all. But I have found only the 1st magnitudes to be significant–and then only on the angles, conjunct the lights or, especially, Uranus.
      Hope your Twin Cities quest worked out well for you!
      Best, B.

      • Thanks for the well wishes Berta;
        the twin cities thing is an ongoing process. It turned out different than I suspected, but is no surprise.
        Indeed it clarified parts of the situation.

        Fixed Star Regulus conjuncts my Sun to the minute and seems to indicate an assortment of past lives, each a piece of the interpretation for the Star. It quintiles Uranus exact and does pop out when we need it.( laughing at memories)

      • Regulus…and it’s “courageous and frank charachter”…why am I not surprised?
        My rising star is Vega…and I claim it!… and am so thankful for the times when it has claimed me.

    • Checking back to hit that reply button. Hope to see you soon, Barehand.

      • Vega is 1st mag. and looks to be beneficial according to ,” The Power of Fixed Stars” by Joesph E. Rigor. Some of them have spooky interpretations. I would guess the Fixed Stars wouldn’t have too much impact unless we have graduated out of our solar system. But then a wise Elder once said , the people use to touch the stars.

    • Look for Reinhold Ebertin’s “Fixed Stars and Their Interpretation”, 1971…translated as “Ebertin-Hoffman’s”, etc. and re-published by the American Federation of Astrologers. It’s my favorite.
      If the people no longer touch the stars, maybe the stars still reach out to them?

  35. I have a triple conjunction on the Sag-Cap cusp. Sun – 29 Sag, Merc – 4 Cap and Jupe – 8 Cap. Alas, I had to subtract the 20 pts because the conj is in my 8th house, which leaves me with a stingy 12 points. No rock star here!

    Sooooo, I agree with Molly that powerful aspects to the stellium/conj from other planets should be in the mix somehow. Because I’d like – WANT! – to include the strong oppostion from my Uranus at 28.5 Gemini Rx. However, my Virgo Moon/Saturn conjuction (trining the 8th house planets will not allow me to bend the rules….

    Thanks for an great discussion, Donna!


  36. With my South Node and five planets in Virgo (including Sun and Moon), all in the 8th House, I scored 79. With Leo on the cusp of the 8th, I at least get another flavor sprinkled in there. Your tests are such a fun way to learn more….thanks, mame

  37. i am not sure if mine is a 3 planet stellium or 4 planet multiconjunction…. its all in the 11th house: saturn (libra 17) pluto (libra 25) jupiter (libra 27) mercury (scorpio 5)… but if i got it right… it should be around 50 or 52…. i have always wonder what a packed 11th house like this is about… with both saturn and jupiter in it… was it about groups or friends?
    thanks for the dicussion anyway 🙂

    • Hi, Crystal, If all the planets are in the 11th, it’s a 4-planet house stellium, but not a stellium by sign. But I would extend the orb for a Saturn-Pluto-Jupiter multiple conjunction. In one of the recent posts (“ARe you and your Friend codependent”) you’ll find a list of links to articles about the 11th house and friendships. Donna

  38. 45 points for Venus/Uranus/Pluto triple conjunction in Virgo 3rd house. Compared to the other scores here, that makes me less of a rockstar than the average rockstar. Always a bridesmaid . . .

  39. I did wonder about the whole “combust” concept as it applies to stelliums. My triple conjunction/stellium has Mars and Venus both 4 degrees from the central Sun. I wonder if this double “combust” decreases its strength?

    • You know, Mari, I’ve always had serious reservations about the combust concept. My observation over the 40+ years I’ve been doing charts is that a planet that close to the Sun does not weaken/disappear. Instead, when you observe them, they become like super examples of the Sun sign they represent. So a person with Mars conjunct the Sun is more like an Aries than an Aries is. It’s especially true with the outer planets. A Sun-Uranus conjunction is more strongly Uranian than any Aquarian. A Sun-Puto can out-Pluto a Scorpio. I know, I know, they’ll haul me into Combust Court for that heretical observation. Donna

      • I appreciate your heretical thinking and thank you for sharing your years of experience. I have pretty much avoided combusts. When I tried applying the “combust weakener” concept to my old, familiar charts several years ago, it was not a good fit for any with planets close to the sun.

        This was especially true for my husband with his 3rd house triple conjunction/stellium. He has Uranus 30 seconds from his Libra Sun with Mercury 1 degree away on the other side. He may be a Libra in the fairness department (you should see him divvy up food into equal servings; ) but he truly is just as much a child of Mercury and Uranus. He is a software engineer by trade who learned to program and build computers on his own at 14. He has also learned and put into practice every manner of DIY skill from carpentry, plasterwork, and masonry to electrical and plumbing work in order to renovate and maintain this old house of ours. He is also a social, religious, and political anomaly in his family; a heretic in his own right!

      • Exactly! Always pleased to meet a fellow heretic in our field. Donna

    • Donna does that apply to Mercury combust the Sun as well?

      • Yes, it makes for a very mercurial, quick-witted person, often with a good sense of humor. Donna

      • I, too, agree with your interpretation of the “combust” configuration, Donna, as Mercury is combust my Sun by one SECOND! To me it means that what I think/say is who I am. Conversely, I am also able to clearly express who I am. No need to guess; if you want to know, I’ll tell you! Furthermore, communication has been an important part of my life–I am a retired foreign language teacher.

      • Wow! We really ought to do a research post on this question. Perhaps we don’t really know what the ancient astrologers were getting at when they made that rule. A lot does get lost in the translation and over the centuries. I know it’s a rule in horary. Any horary astrologers out there that can shed light on the question? Donna

      • Does it have another effect being that its also retrograde? My experience in youth is that I could be talking with someone when suddenly I was transported to a place ( hard to describe) of oneness with the life force that was a peaceful, tranquil state of just BEING. My brother use to wonder where I went during those times!
        One time it happened just as I got the microphone at my college graduation ceremony and I had a powerful revelation that totally changed the speech I was about to give and impacted my understanding of Life juxtaposition other people and how to live it!
        Since being older , this does not occur like it did in my youth.

      • Donna I thought an exact conjuction to the Sun was a Casimi and combust was that it was a conjunction of 5 degrees and in toward the the Sun and that the non- exactness of the aspect has another impact.???

      • I’m not talking about a Casimi–exactness would be very rare–but about a conjunction of 8 degrees or less, which has a strong impact of the sort I mentioned. Donna

  40. If I have this right…. 83 points for a 4 planet stellium and 57 points for a 3 planet conjunction in Aquarius\Pisces in the 9th/10th.

    The Stellium in Pisces, 10th house
    MC 1 Pisces
    Mercury 7
    Mars 14
    Saturn 17
    Chiron 20

    3 Planet Conjunction
    Sun 9th, 28 Aquarius
    MC1 Pisces
    Mercury 7 Pisces
    Mars 14 Pisces

    The Stellium is part of a T-square to boot. Still trying to figure out what it all means 🙂

    • That’s one powerhouse chart. With Aquarius and Pisces, you’re not the worldly sort, more attuned to transpersonal, collective concerns. Donna

      • Hi Donna, Well….ascendent was a typo! Should be MC at 1 Pisces. In my calculation I only gave myself 8 points for the Mercury and Mars conjunct the Ascendent, but as I reread the instruction, it says 4 points per each planet in the group conjunct the Ascendent. If I’m clear, does that mean, because part of the group is conjunct the ascendent, even though Saturn and Chiron are not, I should get 16 points instead of 8?

        Also, what I was most curious about is if I should treat the Sun as part of the Stellium, or should I treat it and the Mercury, Mars, Sun as a separate grouping?

        Thanks for clarifying!

      • Clarifying or confuddling? You’re still saying Ascendant, when it appears you mean Midheaven. In that particular part of the scoring, you only get points for the planets that are part of a stellium or Multiple Conjunction AND are actually conjunct the Ascendant or Midheaven. But if both Mercury and Mars are conjunct it, then you get 8 points total, no points for the planets that are not conjunct it. Donna

      • Okay, at least I’m laughing at myself for being unclear:-) Mea Culpa! You are correct, I I meant Midheaven instead of Ascendent. I believe I’m clear now on the scoring. Thank you!

        Thanks for your patience – happy Memorial Day!

  41. Maybe this a dumb question, but I got 39 pts when I calculated for my triple conjunction in Cancer in the 9th: (Mars @15º; Sun @22º; Venus @28º. I left out Mercury @1º Cancer in the 8th because of the wide orb. Is that correct? When I add in Mercury, I end up with only 36pts. Does it qualify as a triple conjunction, plus a singleton? or an actual stellium, given that it’s different houses?

    If you were to include asteroids, I’d add another 40 pts for Uranus/Pluto/Pallas Athene in Virgo in the 11th.

    • Hi, Kerrie, Since Mars and Venus are 13 degrees apart, it doesn’t qualify as a triple conjunction. But the 4 Cancer planets qualify as a stellium by sign, though not a stellium by house. Donna

  42. Dear Donna!

    I have two stelliums: one with four planets, the other one includes three planets.
    My Virgo stellium is quite clear since the planets are really close to each other (Moon and Uranus 12, Pluto 14 and Mars 16) all in the third house (Placidus chart). Here I scored 64 points.

    My second stellium in Pisces includes Venus and Chiron 18 and Sun 25 all in the ninth house. Here I scored 45 points.

    Overall I scored 109 points.

    Although my inner feeling would say that I should include Saturn 9 into the Pisces stellium, I left it out in this competition. I have a strong feeling that Saturn is a part of my second stellium, though I have to admit this may be due to its position being in opposition to Moon/Uranus (3 degree orb).


    • Huge Scores, Jaana, and Saturn is part of the Pisces stellium. If it’s not in the 9th with the other Pisces planets, it’s still part of a stellium by sign. You must be born in ?1967 with the Saturn opposition to the Virgo planets. Donna

      • LOL, you make it sound like something special J

        If I include Saturn to my Pisces stellium I score overall 122.

        Quite close, Donna, I was born 1965!

  43. Hi Donna so glad for this new test. I have a stellium that includes the south node so I counted that in the stellium. Uranus 29 virgo, Jupiter 26 virgo, pluto 22 virgo and my nn is at 28 pisces so can I assume the s node is at 28 virgo? All this is at my midheaven and retrograde… Still trying to figure out how this is going to manifest in my life, I have experienced that things take a very long time to come my way and am thinking that may be the effect of the retrograde planets? Anyway, another fun test thank you!

    • I forgot to state the score I got which was 73 and not sure if I did it right, added enough for each planet.

    • Hi, Cathie, yes your SN would be at 28 Virgo. It doesn’t count as a planet, but you get points for the conjunctions of SN to UR (5 points), JU (5 points) and PL (5 points). PLUS, since it’s all conjunct the Midheaven, another UR (5 points), JU (5 points) and PL (5 points). Total just for that part =30.

      Those of you with outer planet conjunctions (eg Uranus-Pluto or Neptune-Uranus) definitely ought to consider investing $15 in my ebook, The Outer Planets and Inner Life, volume 3: Aspects between the Outer Planets, available at There are whole chapters on each of those combinations. Donna

  44. Hi Donna,
    I’m not sure if you still reply, as I write from Athens, Greece and we have quite a lot time difference!
    So, I ‘m not sure if I’m talking about a stellium or a multiple conjuction. Here I am:
    Mars 10 Capricorn (12th house)
    Venus 11 Cap (12th house)
    Sun 16 Cap (12th house)
    Asc 20 Cap
    Moon 26 cap
    Mercury 29 cap
    Saturn 0 Aquarius
    All these should be considered as two multiple conjuctions, or as a stellium?

    Thank you very much!


    • Welcome, Nana, there’s no problem about time differences, because this is an ongoing thread. An impressive collection of planets! Here are the separate pieces of the test to be scored:
      1) the 6 Capricorn planets get 7 points as a stellium by sign
      2) the 3 Capricorn planets in the 12th would be scored as a multiple conjunction
      3) all 3 Capricorn planets would also be scored as a conjunction to the Ascendant, 4 points each
      4) HOWEVER, you lose 20 points because they’re in the low profile 12th house
      5) The Moon, Mercury, and Saturn in the 1st would be scored as a multiple conjunction (even though out of sign)
      6) AND that multiple conjunction gets 4 points each for the conjunction to the Ascendant
      7)AND you get the 20 point High Profile bonus for a 1st house group. (Donna giveth and she taketh away.)
      So, it’s complicated–it’s a stellium plus 2 multiple conjunctions.

      Hope that example helps you to score, and also clarifies some of it for other readers. Don’t everybody ask me to do your scoring, folks. I want to keep what hair I havd left. Donna

  45. If i got this test right my score is exactly..0. Does that mean i have no star quality? My Jupiter in the 10th does not like. 😦

    • Zero? I didn’t suppose that was possible–but I guess we’re only hearing from the superstars. My condolences. Donna

      • “I didn’t suppose that was possible”, said the woman that made below zero scores possible!!! lol!

      • Not I. I did not create charts that have no stelliums or multiple conjunctions. That was Our Lord, and he made bunches of them. Donna

      • Yet you did create the deduction rule, which could cause a person with a 12H multiple cj to score -5.
        But not to worry- Jesus still loves you: his stellium stays intact in the 2nd 😉

      • -5. oh, horrors. Well this is a work in progress. Donna

  46. Donna,
    Assuming I followed your rules 🙂 correctly my score is 117.

    First 3 planet stellium in Virgo in the 10th house includes Pluto, Moon and Uranus all conjunct
    Second 3 other (2 planets + ASC) in Scorpio in the 1st House including ASC, Neptune and Mars.

    Thanks Donna always insightful and fun at the same time. Fond regards,Patrice

  47. Hi, My brother’s chart has two stelliums-sun, saturn, jupiter & pluto in libra in the 7th and moon, venus & uranus in scorpio in the 8th, his mercury is also in scorpio but in the 7th weakly conjunct pluto-if i subtract 20 pts for the 8th the combined score is 81, but I’m not sure if I should seeing as it is a scorpio stellium in the scorpio house?

    • Yes, I’d imagine being in the 8th does make it more Scorpionic. What he has as a second stellium is a stellium by sign in Scorpio, so there are points for that. Donna

    • No points for it being a Scorpio Stellium in the 8th, though it strengthens it. Including Mercury, he’d get points for a Scorpio stellium by sign. Donna

  48. Hi Donna,

    Read thru post & comments; not sure how to score this:

    Mars 22 Scorp MC 23 Scorp (Juno 23) Sun 0 Sag Merc 2 Sag (Pallas 5) Jup 10 Sag

    All Sag planets in the 10th. In the 7th, there’s:

    Uranus 21 Leo Moon 2 Virgo Pluto 6 Virgo

    Based on your guidelines above, come up with around 63 for the MC/10th house stuff. I didn’t count the asteroids, just thru them in there for the fun of it:) Not sure if 7th house planets qualify?

    Great test ~ didn’t realize there are so many stellium folks out there! Just for the heck of it, decided to jump into to see how many of the 30 some odd charts I have in there have stelliums. Turns out, of the seven kids in my family, 5 of us have stelliums! Oldest brother takes the cake with 5 planets in 12th:

    Jup 14 Canc Merc 16 Canc Uranus 24 Canc Moon 29 Canc Sun 5 Leo Asc 9 Leo

    The sister right before me; all Leo planets in 1st house:

    ASC 15 Leo Merc 19 Leo Mars 20 Leo Venus 26 Leo Pluto 29 Leo

    No wonder I always say to people, “You think I’m intense, you should meet the rest of my family!”

    Here’s the one that really caught my eye, the retired NFL quarterback who’s my “romantic fantasy QB” has 3 separate stelliums!

    10th house:

    Merc 19 Scorp, Nept 22 Scorp, Sun 28 Scorp; Venus 2 Sag in 11th house

    8th house:

    Pluto 20 Virgo, Mars & Uranus both at 23 Virgo

    2nd house:

    Moon 17 Pisces, Chiron 21 Pisc, Saturn 22 Pisc

    Very Interesting!

    • Astrological features do run in families, and stelliums are one that does. Your 7th house planets count as a multiple conjunction rather than a stellium. Donna

  49. Hey Donna–Well I can’t get near your 127….which I believe would put you at the superstar apex–we lesser mortals should probably fold our hands on this one.

    But for your research, I ended up with Sun (Virgo), Neptune and Saturn (Libra) in the 7th and Pluto, Mars (Leo), Mercury and Venus (Virgo) in the 6th for a total of 63 points–the Pluto/Mars are an almost exact conjunction as well.

    Have a great weekend!

  50. a moderate score – either 42 or 48

    5th house stellium of venus 27virgo (out of sign conj) pluto 3libra, and mars 17libra conj uranus 18libra.

    btw, for accuracy’s sake must mention that slap bang in the middle of this 5th house stellium i have the vertex at 11libra, also any number of minor asteroids packed in there all in libra as well – though i ignored all of it.

    similarly, i may or may not have a tri-conj on the DSC 26scorpio: with mercury 27scorpio, lilith 27scorpio, neptune 3saggitarius

    good luck with the research, and thanks for the blog!

    • There are dozens and dozens of asteroids, and where would you stop? I only include chiron. (broken record) Donna

  51. 53 for my Cap 4 planet stellium, only 32 for the 6th house/Sag 3 planet stellium, the score weakened because Mars is at 0 Capricorn and not Sag.

    You didn’t mention Ceres, which is in my 4 planet group (as is the POF and DC) – should I count her in?

    I have asteroids tied into my 6th house stellium: Juno, Pallas and Vesta – would these have an effect on the grouping, or are they irrelevant?

    • There are dozens and dozens of asteroids, and where would you stop? I only include chiron. Donna

  52. Stelliums and multiple conjunctions adding Star Quality to an individuals’ horoscope, this is something really new to me. Thanks for narrating some unknown about Stelliums and multiple conjunctions so beautifully over here. Great share..!!

  53. Hi Donna, I scored 67 with a band starting in the 11th of Venus at 12 Libra followed by Sun, N Node, Mercury, Moon all in Libra. Followed in Scorpio by Neptune, Jupiter and Asc which is at 14 Scorpio. I had an 87 but took off points for the 12th house crowd.

    Does this mean I am an uber co dependent? Ha ha!

    Cannot wait to read more on this!

  54. Hi Donna,

    Just checking in for your research purposes. My Sun, Mercury, Venus stellium in Taurus, conjunct MH + SN included (both Taurus as well) = 64 points.
    Yes, I’m very Taurean, but this is flavored by my stellium’s square to Leo ASC/Pluto conjunction & trine to Virgo Moon/Jupiter conjunction.

  55. Hi Donna–I wonder if you would talk about 3-planet groupings in a house? I understand that a stellium would consist of 4 planets, but what do we make of the “3 car pile up”, so to speak–especially if they don’t include two of the three usual suspects–sun, mercury, venus? What if they are not conjunct? I ask because this configuration seems to weight the chart to some degree. Just curious. And BTW–thanks so much for the time you take on this site. Very generous of you.

    • Hi, Lee, well, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking as I work on this test and observe the results on people’s scores. And I see that I don’t believe that three planets in a house or sign make a stellium. It’s strong, yes, but they’d have to be a triple conjunction to be a real powerhouse. Donna

      • Are you considering three planets within 10 degrees a triple conjunction?

      • Yes, Karen. As the instructions note:
        (*A note on orbs: The orb for a conjunction is usually 8° but can be extended to 10° in a multiple conjunction if Planet A and Planet B are conjunct, while Planet B and Planet C are conjunct, but Planets A and C are slightly too wide for a conjunction.) Donna

  56. TWEAK NOTICE: I’m still working on this brand new test and pondering what the scoring should be, so please bear with me.

    I was realizing that if you get points for each planet in the stellium conjunct the Ascendant and then get 20 points because they’re in the first house, it’s inflating the total. Same with a planet getting points for being conjunct the Midheaven and then 20 points for being in the 10th. So I reduced the points for being in the 1st, 10th, and 9th from 20 to 10. Donna

  57. Okay given the tweaks here is my new score for a 4 planet stellium in Scorpio–First House (ASC, Neptune, Chiron + Mars and a 3 planet conjunction in Virgo–10th House (Moon, Pluto, Uranus.)

    BTW, if you saw my chart you would see that most of my planets plus the key asteroids fall in the 10th-1st Houses—lots going on. Lastly, all the Scorpio makes my Sun in Libra go missing appropriate it is in my 12th house as is my Venus in Scorpio. Donna, I own your Pluto and outer planets books can’t thank you enough, Patrice.

    128 points

  58. 10th H stellium in Leo, includes
    Sun at 4
    Jupiter at 9
    MC at 10
    Mars at 11
    (also have Pluto at 25, no points scored tho)
    Total points for Leo 10th: 80

    9th H 3 planet multiple conjunction in Cancer, includes
    Venus at 25
    Merc at 26
    Uranus at 28 (6 deg away from Sun but in different sign/house)
    Total points for Cancer 9th: 63

    Not too sure I scored it correctly, but together I got a total of143, including both tweaks.

    • Sounds right although you should count Pluto in Leo for planets in that sign and house. Amazing scores, Pep! Donna

  59. Hi Donna, quickly looked at stars’ charts linked above & have random comments:

    Dakota Fanning: Sun conj Saturn (serious); Merc & Mars in Aquarius (she has kind of a different; ‘otherworldly’ quality) … makes sense. I’m wondering what Uranus sitting on MC means long term for her?

    Prince William: See all the 9th house stuff (still two signs; wide degrees) but am really wondering about the sun, moon, node in 7th. Do you count the node here? Diana’s sun & merc were conj Wills’ sun & moon & she had Sag rising too; bond between them hard to miss. Kate has cancer moon as well. Have “run the numbers” between them & looks good.

    Matt Damon: more than the stellium the overriding thing strikes me: What a kite! Seriously, that is some kite in his chart. Really interested to see how all of the 8th house stuff plays out over his life as well.

    Brooke Shields: See the 9th / MC stellium but found the Venus conjunct MC (her modeling career) with moon there as well (her mother was her mgr for years) almost more interesting:)

    Charlie Sheen: Sun, Pluto & Uranus conjunct; says it all doesn’t it? Explosions; power & control issues … Wow! OK, #winning makes more sense now. He was a sad shooting star on Twitter.

    • Thanks for the observations, Karen. The Nodes are not counted as planets in a stellium or multiple conjunction, but are given points (along with the Midheaven and Ascendant) in another part of the test. Donna

  60. Thanks, Donna! So, add 7 points then? Which would bring it up to 150? Shocking – I am so not a rock star! I’d rather hide under the rock (Scorp. Asc./Moon).

    • lol!!! 😆 😆 😆
      And -goes without saying- congrats!!!

  61. I ran your test against a chart of a friend of mine who received an enormous advance for a fantasy epic that is now getting maximum push from the publisher. The stellium involves 4 planets (Pluto, Jupiter, Mars, Uranus). The south node is conjunct the most western planet but not the others so I didn’t count as a planet or as being part of the stellium. Most of the planets are in the 4th house. The string of conjunctions spans signs (Virgo/Libra).

    Including your deduction for the “hidden” house and not counting the node except for it’s conjunction the score is 55. However, given that writers of long fantasy epics must be very hermit-like to get the thing finished I hated having to correct for the 4th house as that placement seems essential to the major accomplishment this person achieved.

    • I can relate to your writer friend. The hermit qualities are helpful in getting the writing done, but a great detriment when it comes to actually promoting a book, which more and more falls in the author’s lap, since publisher do less and less of it. Your friend’s book must be awesome, if the publisher is actually lifting a finger! Donna

      • The book is indeed awesome and getting the kind of publisher effort most of us can only dream about. Press interviews, sighing at a major book fair, and of course, on publication, those pyramids of books at the front of the store.

        But the venue for publicizing books has shifted to the web in a way where its a lot easier for us hermits to promote our work without leaving home than it used to be. I would venture to suggest that a well-aspected Uranus really helps in that regard. I’ve been earning my living writing (mostly nonfiction) since the 1980s and doing 98% of my publicity online since the days when “online” meant Compuserve. It’s worked very well for me which I attribute to a Venus-Uranus conjunction in Gemini, well-aspected to other chart factors.

        My friend has Uranus involved in her stellium and says she probably wouldn’t have become published had it not been for meeting people on the web who fell in love with snippets of her book she posted and urged her to submit it. She’s a Scorpio who had been writing for her own entertainment for years with no idea how good she was.

        And even with the kind of push she’s getting most of the publicity she’s doing is in the form of interviews with bloggers in her genre. That’s what my current publisher sets up for me, too–when they bother to set up anything, which as you so rightly observed, doesn’t happen often.

      • Wonderful to hear of both your success. And, yes, I suspect a good Uranus is a huge asset–maybe especially in the SciFy genre. Most agents–and publishers–won’t even look at you today unless you have a good “platform” already established on the web. Terrific! Donna

      • Exactly. We hermits (I prefer the term “anchorites”) can dish it but we can’t take it.
        I’ve ignored repeated invites to juried academic poetry conferences. I send the submissions but when
        the paperwork arrives I decide that I really couldn’t go because…well,…there’s this 9th Sat/Mars/Nep thing…
        it’s called “driving with the brakes on”.

  62. TWEAK ALERT: Version 2.0 of the test will be published soon, incorporating all changes and clarifications. Here’s the most important change, because it makes it possible to distinguish between a 4, 5, 6, etc. planet stellium. All the changes are marked in red in the version above.

    _____ 5 points per planet in a stellium or in a multiple conjunction* placed in the same house. (So, 3 planets=15, 4=20, and so on. The Nodes, Ascendant, and Midheaven are not counted here but further down in the test.)

    _____ 4 points per planet in a stellium or in a multiple conjunction placed in the same sign.

    thanks for your input, folks! Donna

  63. I am new here and have being reading heaps of posts. Donna great work!!
    I added up a friends stellium=117
    14 deg jup/venus/mars/sun/pluto to 26degs in leo , moon / mercury in 8 degs virgo
    asc-12 virgo .Stellium all in the 12th house. Saturn sq jupiter exact 14sc

  64. Is this thread still live?
    I have a wide stellium in Cancer, in 9th & 10th houses straddling my MC:
    Mars 3’50, Moon 5’10, MC 12’54, Jupiter 15’37, Sun 23’48
    I got a score of 58.
    I’m a bit puzzled how to understand a stellium in the sign as opposed to in a house… I mean, I know I’m massively Cancer, but beyond that, what does it mean?!

    • Hi, Indigirl, yes the thread is alive and well. A stellium in a house means that those planets are intensely focused on the areas of life that house represents. So, a stellium in the 11th means a strong focus on friendship, groups, and networking. A stellium in the 3rd can mean that siblings, other near relatives, and communication are very important. A stellium in the 6th means a great deal of energy is concentrated on work for it’s own sake, and perhaps on health issues. For more information on what the houses mean, see the category “Houses” in the right hand column of this blog–tons of articles–or the free chapter on houses in the tab “Free”. Donna

      • Thanks for the reply Donna, but I should have been more clear with my question: I do understand a stellium in a house; what I don’t understand is a stellium in a sign, which is what I have: it’s spread out in Cancer in both the 9th & 10th houses. I get that I’m *very* Cancer, but beyond that… ??

      • Your Cancerian nature is focused on the matters of those two houses–among them, a career (10th) and on finding and sharing with others your spiritual nature (the 9th). Donna

  65. sigh. There is this guy with Moon-Jupiter-Saturn stellium in Libra in the 4th house. All in all, it gives him a rather modest score of 38 but this stellium is on my Vertex. And because of my Cap moon (see your excellent post on Personal Ads for Moon Signs) I’m pining in silence.

  66. Saturn 22 Pisces 33′
    Mercury 22 Pisces 58′
    Chiron 23 Pisces 13′

    All are in the 7th house so that gives me a score of 58.

  67. I forgot to add to my reply my parents stellium/multiple conjunction. I thought it might add to the research a bit even though I don’t have their birth times.

    Mom: Pluto 6 Leo
    Jupiter 7 Leo
    Sun 11 Leo
    NN 15 Leo

    Dad: Uranus 22 Taurus
    Mercury 26 Taurus
    Sun 28 Taurus

    I came up with a score of 42 for Mom, not counting the Pluto/NN or Jupiter/NN. Was not sure if they were close enough. Dad’s score was 43.

    Pretty high without the house placements.

  68. Hi donna. First of all I have to say I love your astrology blogs. They are very fresh, full of humor and very informative. Being a student of this subject I find myself learning something new everytime I read your blogs and It’s very exciting :-).

    This particular blog really caught my attention because it revolves around a certain aspect type which is what I’m learning about now. Of course I used my chart and got an off the chart score of 127. BANANAS LOL. I have two house stelliums. 4 planets in the 11th house in Sagittarius and 3 planets in the 9th house in libra-scorpio conjunction the MC. My 9th house stellium is a multiple conjunction as well along with conjunctions throughout the chart. Details:

    mars 26 libra 11 + moon 28 libra 55 + Pluto 6 scorpio 15 + MC 9 scorpio 12 in 9th
    mercury 28 scorpio 46 in tenth + saturn 2 sag 33 + venus 6 sag 24 sun 16 sag 29 + uranus 18 sag 06 in the 11th house

    This is the very first time I made a comment on one of your blogs and I enjoy the learning aspect of it all. If it’s not too late I was wondering if I can have your feedback to help me learn more about how stelliums, multiple conjunctions work in any chart. Also, with your expertise in this subject, how does this apply best to my chart based on the score I calculated. Your feedback is greatly appreciated :-).

    • Hi, Ivory, welcome to Skywriter. You must be part of a generation born in the mid 1980s with Sag stelliums–a great bunch I’m just getting to know. Fabulous score! I don’t comment on individual charts because I’m retired from doing them, but we’re just starting on a year-long stellium project that should give you lots of insights. Start here: Donna

      • Yep your right I was born around 1985 and great Q & A article on stelliums. I think I found the answer to the questions I have about my own chart and others. Thanks :-).

      • Well, stick around, because there’s lots more coming over time! The reason I’m focusing on it is 1)because I love a good, meaty topic like that one, and 2) I’ll be giving a lecture on it at the big United Astrology Conference next May, and there’s lots of research to be done before that. Donna

  69. 97 here, with moon (1 Libra) + MC (1 Libra) + Jupiter (0 Libra) + Uranus(0 Libra) + Pluto (23 Virgo) + NN (22 Virgo). Still don’t know what to make of it.

  70. Hi Donna, I so love your blogs and newsletters. Thanks for all you do! I scored 70 for my Scorpio stellium conjuncting 9th/10th houses- Mars, Neptune, N. Node and Moon. I wish I could say which planet has taken the lead – seems like it depends on what catches the focus. Having Neptune in the mix most definitely explains why I can’t figure it out…:) Don’t want to get personal here – so I will spare everyone the details…but it has been a challenging life for sure. Thanks again Donna.

  71. Hi,
    I have a 3 planet conjunction in Virgo in the 12th house – Pluto (2˚.58) Mars (5˚17) & Venus (13˚10), so P and V are just over 10˚. I feel their strength as being under wraps. Definitely have done the supporting other people’s visions and made them happen, though now am looking for my way to put myself out in the world. (Alt medicine, astrology etc). And with my Chiron return just passed, and Prog Sun crossing my ASC later this year, after most of my life in the 12th, I think the energy of these 3 is ready to come out more. They come to 46 pts.

    Thanks for your great newsletters!

  72. Hello,

    I have in 11th house Mercury, Venus, and Pluto in stellium, Pluto is in Virgo, inner planets in the end of Leo, the 11th house begins on 16 Leo and ends 14 Virgo (Placidus).
    My total count is 44 pts.

    While you could think that I love to party and have a good time I feel quite uncomfotable in situations too light. I lke more to dicuss deep secrets with others. And I often find me as a home maid psycoligist while people like to consult me. I also have quite few good friends but with thouse we always have discussions over the truth and deep secrets.
    I hate small talk.. I also can tell to a person things that he or she doesn’t want to know about him/herself. I find it very obvious and cannot understand why others cannot see it the same way.

    Thank you for publishing these free newsletters

    • Welcome Pipa. No, given that your stellium is in Virgo and includes Pluto, I wouldn’t expect a party girl. You’d be more inclined to deep private conversation on private, personal matters. If you were to belong to group, I think it would be a very serious one, possible devoted to research or healing. Donna

      • Thanks Donna,
        Only Pluto is in Virgo, Venus and Mercury are in Leo. That’s the reason I talked about partying. I do belong some groups one is reseaching astrology and another healing and things beyond this world, like soul and we do read Kryon channelling texts too.

        Then I would like to ask if you’ll count as a stellium while I have my NN 24 Libra and Jupiter 0 Scorpio and Neptune 2 Scorpio? Or is the orb too wide?


      • It sounds like Pluto is the Alpha Dog in that bunch and happily engaged. As for the other cluster, it’s not a stellium at all. It’s a close conjunction of two planets (Jupiter and Neptune). In the test you get points for a conjunction to the Nodes but probably not past 5 degrees, plus here it’s out of sign. Donna

  73. Correct, 4 points for each 4-planet stellium in sign (so, 8) and 5 points for each 4-planet stellium in house (so 10), then taking all the planets from there on in. Donna

  74. Hi Donna,

    Gemini stellium in 8th:
    sun 0 mercury 8 uranus 21 and NN 2 – I calculated 48 points,
    which seems rather anemic compared to some of the huge scores others have.
    I did not like having to give up 10 points for 8th house placement (:

    Also, I don’t think NN should be discounted as being not as valuable as a planet.

    It is certainly true, that sex & money & metaphysical/occult studies have been in the forefront of my experiences.

    Despite being on the seeming low side of scoring, I believe my stellium is strong.

    Interestingly, I’ve just realized none of the stellium receives any squares or oppositions.
    No, that is saved for a whopping saturn leo in the 10th square mars/venus taurus conjunction in the 7th which hasn’t been that much fun to deal with.
    The stellium gets a nice trine from 12th neptune 8 libra.

    Enjoy visiting your site, and I have purchased many of your books thru the years.

    Almost forgot, I’m not sure which is alpha dog…I frankly think my North Node is the
    most important…is that possible in the stellium test scheme of things?

  75. Thanks for yet another great post. I have a score of 61 for a 3 planet conjunction in the 7th House:

    Venus 13 Virgo
    Uranus 22 Virgo
    Pluto 19 Virgo

    I certainly believe this is as strong as a stellium given that the effect seems very powerful: I constantly think about the relationship that I don’t have. I wouldn’t say I’m obsessive but I would describe it as the “missing tooth” syndrome. Just as you run your tongue over the space where the tooth was, I seem to run my thoughtsabout as frequently over the “space” where the missing relationship should be. I will add that this has only been achieved with effort, otherwise I’d rarely think about much else. 🙂

  76. Hi, I just took the test, I think I scored 107 although I’m not sure if I should be including more…

    I have Mercury at 29 Sag (10th house)
    Sun at 4 Cap
    Uranus at 9 Cap
    Neptune at 13 Cap
    Venus at 18 Cap
    Saturn at 25 Cap
    Sun to Saturn all in 11th house
    and finally my North Node at 28 Cap (12th house)

    So, I didn’t include the multiple conjunction of Sun, Uranus and Neptune since I wasn’t sure if it would already be included.

    I am just beginning to learn what this all means for me :S

    • Include scores for each part of the multiple conjunction plus for Neptune conj Venus and Venus conj Saturn. Also Merc conj Sun –o\ut of sign but only 4 degrees off. Donna

      • Ok…so, if I understand you correctly I calculate for the two multiple conjunctions separately, then the stellium?

        This would give me 203, which seems abnormally large. Is this possible?

      • Well, you’d only get to count each pair of planets as a conjunction once, but still 2 multiple conjunctions and a stellium would score fairly high. Donna

      • Just to note: Pluto is transiting over this Stellium…talk about vulnerability in one area of life…not mention it will last another 14 years! Luckily, change is one of my 11th house friends

      • This is how I calculated it…

        Sun/Uranus/Neptune multi conj

        15 pts for same house
        12 pts for same sign
        7 pts for sun
        14 pts for outer planets
        = 48 pts

        Venus/Neptune/ Uranus Multi conj

        15 same house
        12 same sign
        14 outerplanets
        5 inner planet
        =45 pts

        Stellium Sun/Uranus/neptune/Venus/Saturn + North Node and Mercury

        25 pts same house
        12 pts same sign
        7 pts for sun
        5 inner planet
        4 saturn conjunt north node
        28 for all the conjuntions (7 in total)
        = 110
        Add er all up and I get 203….Does this look right? and what on Earth does this mean for me! I have to say thank you for all your articles on the 11th house! This is such an important area in my life, and is becoming more so. If for your research you need any more input on how this has affected me, please let me know. I would be happy to help.

      • Would appreciate a summary in the comment section of the article, “The Incredible vulnerability a stellium creates.” Donna

  77. Hi, everyone,

    Christine, I share your concern about Pluto transiting my 8th house triple conjunction across the Sag-Cap border. It’s been a rough ride so far, but Pluto is now trining Saturn, then moon, both in Virgo. Even so, stability isn’t Pluoto’s middle name. Coming next year, Pluto conjunction Jup at 8 Cap and ruler of 7th and 8th houses. I think I’m finally learning to roll with it all, tho’ there’s some fear as well. On the up-side, I’m curious to see what I can build from all the “transformation.”

    Thanks for keeping thos one going, Donna!

    Best to all, Amy

  78. Hi Donna,
    For a 6 planet stellium in the 12th house (Mar12’Leo, Jup10’Leo,Sun07′ Leo,Mercury00’Leo, Ur28’Cancer, and Ven28’Cancer, came up with a total of 112. There are 14 conjunctions in this chart.
    This stellium in the 12th house is opposite Chiron02’Aquarius in the 6th. Do you have any idea of how this would affect someone? Thanks. Oh, and by the way Inna, you have the same name as my Grandma- it’s the only other time in my life that I’ve heard that name.

  79. 3/28/1949 5planets N.node 4Aries 8th house 2Aries9th house 4planets8th house 1planet Pisces so was that during a nu moon? what’s the effect? Sun,moon,mercury,venus,mars&node

  80. Hey Donna,

    Thanks for this little test. It helped me put one of my stelliums in perspective.

    It would seem that my stellium of the Sun, Mercury, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune in the 1st House scored me a total of 112.

    I also have a 4 planet stellium in Capricorn that was rated at 86 points.

    I’m assuming both these stelliums play a large role in my personality make up. Being a Sag with heavy Capricorn traits.

    • Yes, SS, you are right. Also, I’m assuming that the Capricorn stellium is not the same as the first house stellium, but rather might be in the 2nd? Another thing to consider is that the matters involved in the first quarter of the chart gets a great deal of your attention, and thus that there are many empty houses.

      I’ve just been reading a book about empty houses and other “voids” in a chart, that you might find very informative. It’s by Janis Huntley, called */Astrological Voids/*, and I ordered it on Donna

      • Thanks for the reply,

        Yes, my Capricorn stellium is in the 2nd house.

        I’m glad you brought that up about empty Houses though, because I’ve always wondered what it really meant. I’ve read a couple different interpretations of empty houses. Some say it denotes a “natural knack” for that aspect in your life, others seem to think its a part of your life that shouldn’t or isn’t as big of a focus. While others say the rulers of the houses can be found by looking at the ruling planet and how it is aspected.

        I’ve always believed astrology is the most personal science and largely based on personal interpretation, but I also realize their are laws that govern everything, and people tend to find what their looking for.

        I’m highly intrigued by it all though since psychology was my major in college and understanding people and why they act has always been paramount to me. Each day I learn more and realize how little I knew the day before! Like yourself, I consider myself a lifelong student, and astrology has only fueled that fire.

        Thanks again.

  81. I hope this post is still active. Just came across it today (love your website).

    I have a 3-planet conjunction in the 9th. I’m used to whole signs and sidereal zodiac so trying out the equal house was a bit of a trip. My conjunctions are usually in the 10th house with Taurus. I was surprised by the equal house setup — the 9th house has Taurus on the cusp, but the planets are all in Gemini. ???

    Not sure how to interpret that. Though it would explain my dualities…hmm.

    Venus 0Gemini
    Chiron 3Gemini
    Sun 5Gemini — exactly conjunct the MC
    N.Node 6Gemini

    Score: 78

  82. Hi Donna,
    My score came out at 188.
    I’ll give the info here and let you have a go at this…
    I have 6 planets conjunct in 9th & 10th houses: Sun, Mars, Mercury, Venus, Pluto, Uranus.(Cancer & Leo) Seems like a mid-heaven? I have Neptune squaring them in my 1st house ascendant Libra. I have a trine with Saturn in Scorpio with the 6. Have no idea where Chiron is; forgot my nodes as well!!

    Perhaps I misunderstood the system? Anyway, it’s been a wild life, with lots of adventures. Happy to discuss more, as you are focusing on stelliums.
    Thanks! Janet

    • I’d imagione, with 6 planets in a stellium, that you could get a score that high, especially if the ruler of the stellium’s sign is part of it. Donna, hard at work writing a book on stelliums.

  83. By my calculation I scored a 119.
    I have:
    Sun 23
    Moon 20
    Venus 18
    Saturn 24
    Pluto 26
    All in Libra in the 10th house.

    • All conjunt my Midheaven at 20 degrees in Libra in 10th house.

  84. I have a 4 planet stellium and my south node in Sagittarius in the 6th house. Neptune, jupiter and sun all conjunct.
    uranus 10° 12′
    south node 15° 55′
    jupiter 22° 17′
    sun 23° 27′
    neptune 28° 44′
    My total score with the new test is 78.

    • Some of my favorite stelliums are Sagittarian ones. I’ll be posting an article soon about an amazing quadreplegic with a huge Sag stellium who is a motivational speaker. Stay tuned! Donna

  85. I got a 76 with a fifth house stellium in Pisces (mars, sun, mercury, chiron) multiple conjunctions. And the fifth house is currently being transited this month by neptune chiron venus mars etc…yikes! i have read that one transiting planet can activate a stellium but six in a relatively short period of time? i am a single social worker with no children…

  86. Starting to explore my stellium…learning to pull my Saturn out from where he’s apparently hiding his face. Where is my concentrated Capricorn? 🙂

    Data point for your scoring system: 116. Five-planet stellium in the first house; quadruple conjunction Uranus-Sun-Saturn-Neptune, with Uranus conjunct AC. Mercury tries to sneak into Aquarius, but he can’t escape!

  87. My daughter has (between 11deg 51min and 21deg 50min of Capricorn – all in the Third House) Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Neptune and Uranus for a score of 151.

  88. Hi Donna,
    Do you also do individual charts? And what is the cost? I have 6 plus midheaven on the cusp of Cancer and Leo. Neptune 1st house; Moon and Saturn in the 2nd. Thanks for all your knowledge and sharing with us! Janet

    • Hi, Janet, I’m retired from doing charts, but will send you a list of people whose work I know and respect, including a couple who’ll work well with stelliums. Donna

  89. Wow! I got a 110, and that was using only the planets in my 10th house stellium (MC 22 deg Sag, with a mars conjunction at 26 deg Sag) and not including my Saturn and Venus in Cap since they land in my 11th house. (This is the correct way to do it, I assume, if you’re testing by house, not sign?)

    I have a really high concentration of planets (8 total) in the 10th-11th house of my chart, including the Sun and Moon so I’m not that surprised by the results. I’ll include the house cusps in my list below.

    Here’s the breakdown of the planets with degree & sign for your data collection purposes, I hope it helps!. 🙂

    MC 22 deg 42 min Sag
    Mars 26 deg 25 min Sag

    Uranus 7 deg 25 min Cap
    Moon 8 deg Cap
    Mercury 10 deg 54 min Cap
    Neptune 12 deg 54 min Cap

    11th House 14 deg 17 min Cap
    Saturn 18 deg 23 min Cap
    Venus 25 deg 15 min Cap (Retrograde)

    Sun 4 deg 20 min Aq

    12th House 9 deg 36 min Aq

    • No, your score is probably higher. There are two kinds of stelliums–one by sign (your 11th house planets) and one by sign, regardless of house. So your seven Capricorn planets are a stellium–and a huge one. I would imagine you were born in 1988 or 1989, with what I call a superconjunction of Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune–one of over 100,000 young people world-wide born with that trio.

      My new ebook, The Stellium Handbook, was just published–a self-help/astrology book with lots of tools for self-understanding. A whole chapter in devoted to your age group. See the post about it here: Donna

  90. 171? 4 planets – saturn, Jupiter, Venus, Pluto in Libra 10th house and Sun, Moon, Mercury in virgo 9th house.

    • Entirely within the range of possibility, with two clusters involved. Donna Cunningham

  91. Hi,

    I scored 46 and have a stelium in my fourth house and in Sagittarius, it consists of: Mars, Moon, Saturn and Uranus….HELP???!?!?!

    Thanks 🙂

    • Check out the posts about stelliums on this blog and my self-help ebook, The Stellium Handbook. Donna

      • hello, I have a six planet stellium in my first house. The strength reads 151 by the Donna method. I have three planets sun moon and Saturn conjunct ascendant.
        Other planets involved are Jupiter Pluto and Mercury. All in first house with mercury in Scorpio still in the first house.
        born 29th september 1981 in trichur kerala.
        ascendent at 5 libra
        i have sun at 5 libra still in 1st house.
        saturn at 11 libra
        moon at 15 libra.
        jupitr at 17 libra.
        pluto at 23 libra.
        mercury at 1 scorpio.

        total score of 151. i calculated 15 degrees jupiter orb with sun and mercury. but i have no doubt that i can feel this force. i do not feel the melanchony of a saturn sun/ saturn moon or saturn mercury. i do feel the jupiter pullback when it comes to these longer orbs.

        by planet test, sun scores equally with moon. at 67. however, far from it, i do not feel i am a strong willed solar person. though i have a leadership role to play in everyday life.
        sun is the lead in this stellium. however, i feel jupiter and saturn are more the alpha dogs in this stellium.
        hope you have some analysis for me Ms Donna.

  92. i enjoyed reading your books Ms Donna.

    • hey, the post above, i have an argument about the first house being image related.

      I feel very strongly towards self development. I find the inner self is my focus area. my innermost beliefs and systems and its improvement is my focus of life. I do not care about how the world views me. I care more about I know myself as GOD would know me. Thus i consider this area, inner self.

  93. I found this page through googling for multiple conjunctions because my son has 5 separate conjunctions.

    Sun conjunct Saturn Libra (5degrees)
    Mars conjunct Venus Scorpio (4 degrees)
    Pluto conjunct Node Capricorn (5 degrees)
    Neptune conjunct Chiron Aquarius (0 degrees)
    Jupiter conjunct Uranus Pisces (1 degree)

    Is there a Skywriter score for this lot? Lol

    • Lots of conjunctions for sure. No scores for that, but strongly focused energy in several places. Donna

      • Lol. Quite by chance I noticed an article referring to libra sun and Aries moon full moon. That’s within a few hours of my son’s birth, so there were tonnes of lengthy articles about the full moon and all these conjunctions. It has been really helpful reading them all 🙂

  94. If I did the math correctly I have a Stellium in the 10th House, or it’s just close enough to be a big mess. Score: 108.
    10th House: 9°17 Leo – 12°12 Virgo
    Mercury 12°30 Leo
    Jupiter 22°19 Leo
    Venus 29°34 Leo
    Sun 0°02 Virgo
    Moon 11°35 Virgo
    MC 9°17 Leo
    N. Node 8°26 Virgo

    I know it’s been a minute since this post was written, but hopefully it will be informative for your research.


    • Yes, I’d count them all as in the 10th house, a major career placement. Lots of pizzazz with the Leo, but the Sun Moon and Node in Virgo also give you a good work ethic and the ability to develop lots of practical skills. To get more details, you might want my ebook, The Stellium Handbook, to help you analyze each piece of the puzzle.

      You might also be interested in a post several months back on the meaning of planets in the 29th degree of a sign. (use the onsite search engine at the top of the right hand column o the front page.) The 29th degree of Leo is especially strong, as it’s conjunct the fixed star REgulus (a.k.a. the Kingmaker.)

      Donna Cunningham

  95. This test was very helpful for determining the overall energy of a stellium/ multiple conjunction. I have a 4 planet conjunction (Sun, Mercury, Neptune, Uranus in 6th house Capricorn) with 57 points. I also have a 3 planet conjunction (Mars, Mercury, Uranus on the 7th house cusp in Aquarius) for 63 points. Relationships are short, but passionate and aggressive. Same for any venture regarding daily routines and lifestyle. Mental thoughts are off the wall and hard to control. Meditation has helped greatly. Mercury is so badly aspected here that I am considering undertaking a 40 day mantra discipline specifically for these 6th house Mercury issues. But I’ afraid the other planetary energies might feel neglected! Has anyone reading tackled such a beast and how??

    • Hi, Vesta. There are hundreds of thousands of people all over the world born with stelliums in Capricorn during the late 1980s to early 1990s during a rare set of conjunctions between Neptune and Uranus, and an even rarer triple conjunction of Uranus, Neptune, and Saturn.

      It is an exceptional generation of old souls with much potential to help solve the huge problems our world faces today. Capricorn is the sign of a late bloomer, and it will take quite a while to grow into all the possibilities. I’ve written an ebook on stelliums, with a chapter devoted to this generation. It’s called The Stellium Handbook, and it has tools to analyze all the different conjunctions in the combination.

      Your Mars/Mercury/Uranus is not a drawback, it can be absolutely brilliant and full of new ideas and inspirations. There’s just so much energy involved that it will take time to learn to harness it. Meditation and other disciplines can help.

      So, no, you are not alone–there are plenty of companions for you on your path. Donna Cunningham

    • PS. It occurs to me that there is a Buddhist practice that could help a lot in learning how to keep your thoughts focused. It is called mindfulness. Look it up.

      Donna Cunningham

      • Hi Donna, Thank you so much for responding and with such inspirational words no less! I’ve been reading through your blog for HOURS and have discovered I actually have a 5 PLANET STELLIUM with Neptune/Sun/Uranus/Mercury/Mars (in the order of their respective degrees). All of the information you make so readily available is too nice to pass up. I will be ordering your book TONIGHT. Thank you again for your wisdom and kindness (:

      • I’m glad it’s helping–you have so much to contribute to the world, but as a stellium person myself, I can tell you that the energies are so complex that we grow into them and master them gradually. My best wishes. Donna

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