Posted by: Donna Cunningham | May 31, 2011

How to View an Eclipse

There’s a solar eclipse on June 1st at 11 Gemini, one of four eclipses this year.  If you want to view a solar or lunar eclipse safely and with the best possible results, see this very complete and helpful article on WikiHow: Eclipse alert, June 1. How to View an Eclipse.

Here’s my astrological take on eclipses:   Eclipses–How do They Affect You?

Links to NASA’S  descriptions of this year’s eclipses: NASAEclipses During 2011

And, from NASA Science News for May 31, 2011: A solar eclipse in the middle of the night? Yes, it can happen. Sky  watchers in the Arctic will witness such an event on June 1st when the Moon partially eclipses the midnight sun. FULL STORY at

Articles about the Moon on Skywriter:


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