Posted by: Donna Cunningham | June 2, 2011

Jaycee Dugard’s Mother gives Birth Data

©6-2-2011 by Donna Cunningham, MSW

Today, June 2, 2011, was the sentencing of Phillip and Nancy Garrido for the abduction and 18 years of imprisonment and sexual abuse of Jaycee Dugard. Phillip Garrido, 60, received a sentence of 431 years to life in prison, while Nancy Garrido, 55, was sentenced to 36 years to life in prison.

 In addition to reading a victim impact statement by her daughter, Terry Probyn delivered her own statement at the sentencing of Phillip and Nancy Garrido, June 2, 2011. Here is part of it, as reported in the online: 

“I am Terry Probyn, and my oldest daughter is Jaycee Lee Dugard. On May 3rd, 1980, at 10:52 at night, Jaycee was born, my precious little baby daughter: healthy and happy to be here, a true miracle and certainly a gift from God.

All 6 pounds, 4 ounces, she was mine to love, to nurture, to take care of. She was a part of me, my pride and joy — blonde hair, blue eyes, my sweet baby girl. She would smile and coo, and my whole world lit up. I lived and breathed for that baby. She is what life is worth living for.

And then, on June, 10th, 1991, my world went dark. My sunshine was taken away”

 It’s not entirely clear where she was born, but one of the missing children websites gives her birthplace as Anaheim, CA, so the chart below is calculated for that location. (  The family was living inSouth Lake Tahoe when she was taken at age 11.


A photo of Garrido’s parole papers in a slide show on gives his date of birth as April 5, 1951. 

See the rest of her mother’s statement here: The statement of Terry Probyn, Dugard’s mother.

Jaycee’s own statement is here: The victim impact statement of Jaycee Dugard, as read in court by her mother, June 2, 2011.

Readers, feel free to do with this information what you will.  I am on a heavy writing deadline and not available, but did want to pass this along.   Donna


  1. Thank you, Donna!

  2. Thank you for posting this.

  3. Pluto on the midheaven. Pat Tillman – the NFL player who was killed in AFghanistan – also had Pluto on the midheaven. There were rumors, including in his own unit, that it might have been fratricide but that it was covered up to make everything look nice. Which is, sadly, the dark side to Pluto in Libra

    So two people with Pluto in Libra on the MC, and both are public symbols of Plutonian themes.

  4. Yikes. 9th Saturn squaring both Moon/Nep/Asc OP 7th Cusp Venus with its quincunx to Scorpio Uranus sq that 8th Mars/Jupiter… super tight 5th Sun/Chiron shows a childhood stolen–though its earthy trine to 9th Saturn shows fortitude, endurance, survival–and one heck of a karmic payment. Pluto 10th adds the public display.
    When first I saw Jon Benet Ramsey’s chart it was equally chilling. The outcome for hers was more specific.

  5. First thing I noted was Pluto on MC as well, along with Neptune on Asc …. the deception of who she was (living in plain sight for 18 years), plus the conjunction of sun & chiron (wounding) in the 5th house of children (and her children come from the wound). To be clear, what I mean about Neptune on ASC is that others didn’t see her for who she really is. Not that she was purposely being deceptive. Believe humans can get used to almost any conditions; after a while she accepted her fate and stopped trying to run away, like POW’s, etc. People saw her, but didn’t see HER. I don’t know how you get over those 18 years, personally. It will be very interesting to watch her story unfold. Mars & Jupiter conjunct in 8th; when I first saw it, thought, that’s supposed to be beneficial, where was the benefit? Then thought of the $20M settlement she got from state of CA since they never ‘found her’ – again there in plain sight basically. Money buys freedom of choice, but doesn’t guarantee healing. I pray for her healing.

  6. Karen, the benefit may be that she survived!

  7. Neptune on the Asc is also associated with movie stars which seems odd at first but it makes total sense. As Karen puts it, “she was seen but not seen”. The same goes for movie stars, we see them but not as they really are. That’s basically what was going on but in far more horrific way.

    Didn’t know she got a $20 mill settlement. I don’t know how anybody can heal from what’ she’s been through but with $20 mil maybe 2x weekly reiki sessions (or something like that) over the course of 10-15 years and work with people who are experts at ptsd, well one can hope she can recoup her life.

  8. oh my, this is literally my exact birth chart save for the moon. i had no idea she shared my birth info. kind of shocking to see this.

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