Posted by: Donna Cunningham | June 7, 2011

Gemini—Can You Hear Me Now?

©2011 by Guest Blogger, Matthew David Savinar

The sign of the Messenger and the Teacher, Gemini is known for being perceptive, versatile, curious, dexterous, quick moving, and highly communicative.

Symbolized as a pair of Twins, the Gemini portion of your chart is the area in life in which you excel at sending and receiving information, quickly making connections, cross-pollinating, and coming up with novel ideas.

In people’s bodies Gemini rules the lungs, the arms, and the ability to process information.

On the planet, Gemini rules the air, the trade winds, the atmospheric currents, and pollinators such as bumblebees and butterflies.

In the economy Gemini rules the news media, daily publications, writers and journalists, teachers and lecturers, public relations and local marketing, networking events, radio shows and podcasts, telephone lines and cell phones, and peoples’ daily commutes within the immediate neighborhood.

Geminian entertainers may lack Leo’s natural stage presence but can often make up for it through their use of language. Professional wrestler Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, for instance, is a Taurus Sun whose Mars, Venus, and Saturn are all in quick-witted and verbally dexterous Gemini. Exceptional on the microphone and an extraordinary athlete, Johnson’s popularity stemmed as much, if not more, from his hilarious promos than his in-ring performances. (See Video)

The sign of dexterity, individuals with Gemini emphasized in their chart can often excel at a wide-variety of divergent endeavors. Johnson’s appearance in the 2007 film “Be Cool”, in which he portrays a gay country music singer, is an excellent example of Geminian dexterity at work.

A professional football player before becoming a wrestler, Johnson’s scene with John Travolta, viewable here, in which he acts out a scene from “Bring It On” (a 2001 film about high school cheerleaders) must be seen to be believed.

Gemini, like all signs, has a dark side. As the sign of perceptions and making connections, Gemini can mentally spin out of control if it allows itself to be overwhelmed by the streams of perceptions and infinite connections that bombard its senses.

Astrologer Steven Forrest has explained that if you want to understand the Gemini shadow imagine a pair of twins inside a airplane hanger in which a 747 has been detonated into 10,000 pieces. The twins are each given a bottle of Methadrine and told they have 72 hours to reassemble the 747. Trying to make sense of the subsequent chaos unleashed in that hanger should give you a good for feel for the Gemini shadow.

Confusion is another component of Gemini’s dark side. In their book, Astrology Uncut: The Street Smart Guide to the Stars, authors Sonya Magett and Rob Marriot cite Prince and Latoya Jackson as two examples of the Geminian penchant for confusion. While Prince is known for his creativity and novelty, he has pulled some stunts (such as changing his name to an unpronounceable symbol) that have left others simply baffled.

On a more extreme note, Latoya Jackson’s Gemini-possessed antics are so baffling and varied it’s actually hard to make sense of them. If you enjoy attempting to untangle mind-boggingly complex and confusing puzzles, you might enjoy perusing her Wikipedia page

About the Author: Matt Savinar was born and raised in California. He received his undergraduate degree in Political Science from the University of California at Davis. He received his law degree from the University of California at Hastings College of the Law, is a California licensed attorney. Matt is best known for his work on Peak Oil and related environmental/financial issues. (See: History of LATOC) Matt offers astrological consultations by email, phone, or in-office in Sebastopol, California. Contact Matt by email: mattsavinar “at sign” or visit his blog at


  1. I am a Gemini myself, but somehow I feel like I am not that typical Gemini. I think that it is because of my Gemini sun in the 12th house. I’ve been hearing a lot of the sun placement in the 12th house. Could you please make a blog about Gemini in the 12th house. Thank you :).

  2. Mars conjunct/ parallel Uranus in Gemini in the 9th house. College was a great expansion for me. It was like coming out of a dark small room into a whole new world of unlimited expansion in consciousness…I flowered there and it was also a time of 60’s activism which ended in the occult underground of the times.
    My vision changed and I could see in every direction at once. This scared me as I thought I was a freak. Since I had NOT been on the spiritual search or heard of a Great Grand mother saw like this all the time, I shut out this development as best I could.. It did re emerge from time to time and I knew I could develop it.
    All I could think of at the time, is how great it would be in a fight with more than one person , because I would see every move they made.
    I was in Art college and this eye sight made me understand Cezanne s paintings better.

    Plus it would be great in giving a speech to a large audience because I could look at each individually. This would work in transferring thought and talking to them each in their heads much like its shown in the ” Lord of the Rings” movie, when the Queen Elf talks to the Companions. Later the Dali Lama gave the Black Hat ceremony in California and that ceremony transfers knowledge to the huge audience at once.
    One would think it would be confusing but it is not…its just as clear as if doing one at a time.

  3. @Barehand: people with Gemini emphasized tend to be very dexterous mentally, the types who could be on facebook, on their cell phone, reading an article all at once and talking to somebody in real life all at the same time So if there was any sign that could talk “individually” to each person in a crowd all at the same time I suppose it would be Gemini.

    But do keep in mind the liabilities of a Geminian emphasis: getting bombarded by so many perceptions that the Twins spin out of control mentally.

  4. Hello, Donna and Matthew,

    Gemini is my rising sign, ruling 1st and second house (Placidus house system) with Uranus R at 28 degrees in the 2nd house opposing Sun, Mercury, and Jup in the 8th across the Sag-Cap cusp. Nervous tension has been the bane of my existence, plus a heavy dose of foot-in-mouth disease as well. A former boss once accused me of being “erratic.” Gee, no kidding!

    Contrast the above set-up with 5 planets in Earth signs and you get the Jekyll-Hyde effect of responsible do-bee versus free spirit. How can I find some balance between these two extremes emotionally, professionally or any other way? Life is short and getter shorter! I feel like I’ve waited too long to figure this out.

    Thanks for another interesting discussion!


  5. Hi Matt and Donna – I have retrograde Gemini Mars in the 9th (conjunct the MC), square 12th house Pluto in Virgo, trine my Aquarius Moon in the 5th, quincunx Neptune (in Scorpio conjunct Mercury/Jupiter, right on the cusp of the 2nd/3rd), quintile 12th house Leo Uranus and biquintile my 2nd house Libra Sun. Those are my Gemini “credentials” – lol!

    I think I have a certain talent for synthesizing information from various sources, as well as for being able to communicate the bottom line – which often differs from the bottom line that’s being presented. I can simplify complex information or conversely, understand complex aspects of situations that may have been over-simplified/misrepresented. This gift takes many forms – I ‘m also able to pick up on subtle information received during social interactions and/or energetic healing. And in my former career, I was known for being able to juggle a number of different tasks while establishing priorities and conveying critical information, even in emergency situations.

    I’m a very fast typist (I often freeze up our computer’s keyboard) and in my much younger days I was a sprinter, amateur wrestler and championship jump-roper! Ironically, I never considered myself athletic, just coordinated. I’m still a good dancer, although shoulder injuries (also Gemini) make it difficult sometimes to let loose the way I’d like to.

    Thanks for sharing your astrological insights, Matt. I hope we see more.

    • Wow LB!

      • Oh, Michelle – my Virgo rising is feeling embarrassed. If you’re wowing at some of my physical achievements, I was just a kid at the time and it didn’t amount to all that much. The most significant thing to come of my wrestling career was that my very first boyfriend DUMPED me when one of the school’s PE teachers had me take on the boys after I beat all of the girl’s at Leg Wrestling. He was a Leo (and a twin, now that I think about it).

        I am still a VERY fast typist though – ha ha ha!

  6. Amy,

    What are the earth signs in particular? I wouldn’t beat yourself up too much for having “waited too long to figure it out”. As I’ve said a few times when being chastiszed for tardiness “Hey, If I didn’t show up at all, this could be considered early!”.

  7. @LB:

    Interesting all the different things you can do. The jump roping made me laugh for some reason, that is so totally Gemini. Double dutch in particular I bet. Here is some content I have saved for Leo time, you might relate to the Gemini parts:

    Consider author Tim Ferris (born July 22nd 1977 in East Hampton, New York) as an example of Gemini’s prowess with both mimicry and the written word. Ferriss, who has Mars/Venus/Jupiter all in Gemini – used to have a show on the History Channel called “Trial by Fire” in which he would master in days practices that normally take years.

    That show had evolved out of his his blog where Ferriss – who describes his work as “life-hacking” – features dozens of how-to videos of himself doing everything from standing on his head to racing sports cars to practicing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu to breakdancing to lighting an upside down fire to boiling the perfect egg to performing magic tricks with a ball point pen. Only a person with a heavy Gemini emphasis in their chart would dare to immerse themselves in such a wide variety of projects let alone engineer a successful career writing a diary (blog) about doing so.

    • Hi Matt,

      Tim Ferriss also has a close Saturn/Mercury conjunction and Virgo Moon which may play into his rather intense preoccupation with methodology and time management – not that that has anything to do with Gemini. My own progressed Mercury is retrograde in Gemini.

  8. @LB: just reread your post regardiing the wrestling. The Ferris guy was an amaetur wrestler, apparently pretty successful on the kickboxing/mma circuit, and also a break-dancer. You’ll have to wade through his constant ego displays and not so subtle sense of self-importance (Sun, Merc, Jupiter in Leo) if you check out any of his books but he does manage to cross-pollinate among incredibly divergent areas, which is what Gemini is so great at.

    • Wow, I’m not nearly so accomplished – not by a long shot! My talents more fall under the category of knowing a little bit about a lot of things. I think I may have unintentionally misrepresented myself – my wrestling was done at school or with other kids in the “hood”. I did have a natural talent though.

      Several of my astro-twins (born on the same day/year) are far more accomplished – if I remember correctly, one of them is a professional wrestler, one is a football player and two are dancers/choreographers. One is a pianist and another is a writer. Multi-talented actor, Viggo Mortensen is one of them.

      I LOVED double dutch! Also dodge-ball and tag-football – they would seem to fall under Gemini’s influence. Mostly, I’m a good communicator – lol!

  9. Gemini Mercury conj Gemini Venus in the 2nd house, both trine Nept in Libra in the 6th, opp 0Cap moon in the 8th, sextile pluto in the 5th. I also have Cancer sun in the 3rd. I was an elementary school art teacher, teaching 800 kids a week art, k-5. Before that I was a production asst. for Time Magazine, constantly talking to advertisers and in-house production people to put out Ads for Time, Sports Illustrated and People magazines weekly. I seemed to thrive on a frenetic communications schedule. I used to say working in print advertising then back in the 80s in Manhattan and putting out a weekly mag was like a furious game of mental ping-pong on the phones communicating with dozens of people on each ad. Loved it. Loved teaching the kids art – let me be a kid too – and teaching…all that talking and running around.
    My Mom and I didn’t communicate well – that opposition was tough on me. Oh and Dad was a Gemini – but more with a mathematical application to it.

  10. Hi, Matt,

    Thank you for the adivice about kicking myself around. As for the Earth signs, my Moon-Saturn conj in Virgo (Saturn squares Asc) trines Merc and Jup in Cappy. Moon also trines Mars at 19 Cap. I’m looking forward to Jupiter in Taurus whare itwill conj NN and complete a Grand Trine in Earth signs. I’m hoping for inspiration and the drive to use it constructively.


  11. Hi Matt and Donna,

    Great points about Gemini! When thinking about the Gemini friends or clients I know, there is often a quality of “OK, what’s he/she into NOW?” Especially if I haven’t seen them in a few months – they seem to be following a completely different roadmap from last time (I’m Scorpio, so I just don’t get this.)

    In the best cases this could result in wildly creative diversification like Prince or Latoya Jackson, but other times they seem to just end up confusing themselves out of indecision. What I’ve observed is that the level of self-confidence needs to be pretty high in order for them to overcome indecision and take action.

  12. @ Amy: a tip I picked up from astrologer Linda Rose form Berkeley CA is that when a planet conjuncts the moon, the moon tends to express as the sign associated with the planet. So in your case that Virgo Moon is almost like an honary Cappy moon. Which means you have *a lot* of Cappy in you.

    Maybe brainstorm how Prince (a Gemini), Martin Luther King (a Cappy), and Don King (a Sagittarius) might get on the same page together. Yes, a very interesting tour bus with the three of them that would make. The cap needs a “great work” of some sort, the sag loves to promote, and the Gemini loves to chat and play.

    And, of course, any investments in the NN and the NN ruler always pay dividends. Michelle at has a great series of brainstorm(s) on each of the north nodes in each house.

  13. What a wonderful article, Matt. I love all the rulership info. What you said about making all those connections ~ I have a love of/problem with that. I don’t have anything in Gemini, but I am always making connections. (Maybe that’s a Pluto/Gemini conjunction thing?) It can become endless sometimes, running deeper and deeper and gets me incredibly distracted from my original thought. I just did a post about Gemini being the line that connects the various dots of information, and good things do come from that.

    I find that often when the Moon passes through my Gemini 5th house that my creativity seems to dry up. What’s up with that? Could it be that I am I stymied by too much information ~ the confusion factor you mention?

  14. Hi Matt,
    I have been looking for some time for a keyword or brief phrase to describe my experience of Gemini and I finally found it in your blog post. I have my Mercury in Gemini in the Third House and it is connected by tight aspects to my Moon, Saturn, and all three outer planets. I have seen the butterfly as the totem of my Gemini self for years but it wasn’t until today that I realized that cross-pollination really is what this aspect of me and my life is all about. Thanks for the insight: )

    I created this soul collage to illustrate how Gemini expresses itself in my life:

  15. Hello, Matt, What do you think of the theory that postulates: Gemini in the chart shows what a person tends to have more than one of in life. ( I think I read it in one of Dana Gerhardt’s writings) It seems to hold true for me; my Gemini 9th house has made me a collector of philosophies and religions. Comparative Religion was my major in college, though I never finished my undergraduate degree, since I had to move when my husband got a job at another university; college towns being another 9th house commodity that I possess in multiples. Just wondering what your thoughts are on the Gemini house/multiplicities in life idea. Thanks! Mary

  16. @Mary

    100% agree. I didn’t know Dana G. had said that but my thinking has been: I have no planets in Gemini myself BUT my 11th house of the social network/goals/dreams has Gem on the cusp. That has been the arena of life where I’ve experienced and animated the Gemini themes of diversity and cross-pollination. I’ve always been involved in divergent groups: attorneys and astrologers, permaculture activists and business people, etc

    Same goes for others: wherever you have Gemini is where you will experience and animate gemini themes of diversity, divergency, cross-pollination even if you don’t have any planets. Bette Davis, the famous actress, had 3 planets in Gemini in her 7th. She had four husbands! I have a friend with Gem on the cusp of her 6th, she has three jobs.

    I think of Gem as either butterflies or pollinators or as the neural connections like in a network of computers. (Although Aquarius might be involved there too.) Example: Pluto was in Gemini when the telephone really got going and lots of wires (connections) were being put up.

    @CJ: Don’t know what would be causing that but the Moon is linked to the tides, correct? So when the moon passes through a section of the chart the tide might come in or go out. In natal chart analysis, where ever the moon is is where fortunes will rise and fall, just like the moon. Some time, like nights when the moon is full, everything will be totally illuminated. But other times, total darkness. Perhaps the same is true for the days it passes through certain sectors of the chart.

  17. Hi Matt, Donna, fellow bloggers,

    I have moon and mars in gemini and totally identify with the description. The positives are often mentioned, and I agree with that and more.

    But Matt, about the dark side of gemini…it’s so true. My mind spins out of control at the end of a busy day with clients and information overload.

    Having uranus rising and mercury trine uranus adds more mental electricity and flashes of perceptions and ideas. All great for my work where concepts, feelings, ideas and perceptions are all needed yet I need to ground myself almost every other day, especially if I do too many things/be too social.

    The analogy from S. Forrest hits home 100% for me: ‘imagine a pair of twins inside a airplane hanger in which a 747 has been detonated into 10,000 pieces. The twins are each given a bottle of Methadrine and told they have 72 hours to reassemble the 747.’

    That’s exactly how I can feel at times. Then it’s time to backpedal a bit and take care of my autonomic nervous system and self-soothe or stop the frenzy (aka my actions, reading, thinking, talking to others) for a while.

    Meditation, classical music, and Reiki can help, and I let go of coffee a while back. Even when I’m tired, if I drink it, it makes things worse as then I’m tired and spinning inside. Having gemini energy and a strong mercury I don’t think I really need caffeine, just good sleep.

    About sleep, I wonder if other people here with Gemini planets have this same thing with sleep. If i don’t get enough of it (in my case 6 hours minimum), the dark side of gemini is there at the very start of the day. So the older I get, the more I take my sleep seriously.

    I’m curious about Forrest’s book? Matt, could you please share the title?

    Thanks in advance.



  18. Hi Cris,
    I totally understand the mind spinning stuff – Gemini’s dark side. I used to rev it up with coffee when I was younger, but have quit it too. Aerobic exercise seems to calm my system down….I’m sooo much better the days I’ve been to the gym.. I might say I go to the gym (or take a walk in a park-like setting or by the water) for my mind as much as my body.

    Steven Forrest’s book is “The Inner Sky”. You will enjoy it!

    best wishes,


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