Posted by: Donna Cunningham | June 9, 2011

Four Big Things You May Not Know about Stelliums

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UPDATE 11/11/13: My new astrology/self help book, The Stellium Handbook: An Owner’s Manual for People with Stelliums or handbookcvrsmTriple Conjunctions is finally available.  Read about it  and download a free sampler of book excerpts here:  Finally, The Stellium Handbook is Here!

 This series of articles is meant for you if your chart or the chart of someone you’re close to has a stellium. That’s a cluster of 4 or more planets within 30° of the zodiac. With one sign or house so highly emphasized, there’s a laser-like focus on a single area of life that can bring great accomplishments if rightly directed.

 The more complicated the stellium—and, believe me, they can get complicated—the steeper the learning curve. Figuring out how to juggle the wants, needs, and issues of so many planets at once can be like earning an advanced degree…in night school…a few credits at a time…periodically interrupted by pressing personal concerns.  

Relax, though, you have plenty of time to finish this particular degree—the rest of your life. If you’re lucky and your specialty isn’t Olympic speed skating, you’ll do much better as you grow into the stellium. Maturity, which generally comes with Saturn cycles, brings depth and experience to the gifts that combination conveys. 

Astrology is a great guidebook for studying combinations like these and understanding what The Cosmos has in mind for you this time around. I’m a pretty decent tour guide because I’ve been doing people’s charts for over 40 years. And, oh yes, I’ve been working on a stellium of my own for the past 69 years–4 planets in Gemini in the 11th.

What I’d like to do here is to share secrets about this crucial chart feature and a tip on how to integrate the factors it contains.

1) Why some people don’t identify with their stellium sign: When people find out they have several planets in one sign, it’s fairly common for them to protest that they’re not like that sign at all. More than a few of them sputter that they HATE that sign! ( Can you spell projection?) A cluster in the 12th, in particular, can result in denial or suppression of that sign’s qualities, as they’re often disowned or unconscious.

 There are a couple of other reasons. One is that the house of a stellium outweighs the sign because all those energies are single-mindedly focused on the areas of life that house depicts.

Since each house is loosely associated with a particular sign of the zodiac, a concentration of planets in one house may convey some of the qualities of that sign.

 For instance, in my years as a social worker, I often had jobs in health care settings and did my coworkers’ charts. You’d think there’d be lots of Virgo, but that’s not the case. What really stood out were major concentrations in the 6th, which is naturally associated with Virgo. 

So think about the sign naturally associated with the stellium’s house and consider whether there are qualities that resemble it—the 3rd for Gemini, for instance, or the 4th for Cancer.  

Finally, most people who don’t relate to their stellium sign have one or more outer planets as part of the mix. What I’ve always seen with outer planet aspects is that the planet outweighs the sign. A person with Neptune strongly integrated into the combination can be more Piscean than any Pisces, regardless of the sign placement. Someone with Uranus in the stellium has strong Aquarian traits. Someone with a cluster where Pluto is conjunct other planets will come across as a Scorpio.  

2) What the empty houses in a stellium chart mean: If you have four or more planets in one house, you’re bound to have more vacant houses than occupied ones.

 It helps to understand that the singular concentration of energy in one house shows where you’re most invested and therefore where you can make a fine contribution to the world.

The price, however, is that you may not achieve a great deal in other areas of life—perhaps areas our society considers crucial and can make you feel wrong for not fulflling.   

If your 5th house is empty, for example, it doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t have children, though you may choose not to. You’re likely to be a distracted parent because so much time and energy is invested elsewhere. If you have tons of planets in your 7th but the 11th is empty, you’re all about your partnership, so you probably won’t make much time for friendships or groups.  

The placement of an empty house’s ruler shows where that energy is diverted, and so the stellium’s house would contain rulers of at least four other houses. My 4 Gemini planets in the 11th include Mercury, Venus, Saturn, and Uranus. Those are the rulers of my 3rd, 4th, 6th, 7th, 8th, and 11th houses. I’ve got a lot riding on my friendships, and as a result, other areas of life aren’t so major in the scheme of things.   

3) How to understand the pieces of the stellium: The birth chart is the owner’s manual for your stellium. For a start in understanding how it works, get a computer printout that describes house positions, signs, and aspects. No computerized analysis can synthesize the complexities of a stellium, but it’s a way to begin to understand the pieces of the puzzle. The ideal, of course, would be a session with a seasoned professional zeroing in on that part of your chart. 

One good way to get a working knowledge of how the various parts of a stellium operate is to observe yourself for a few months as the Moon crosses, squares, trines, or opposes that sign and house. It might help to keep a journal. Also watch closely what happens in the month or two each year that the Sun, Mercury, and Venus transit that area.  

You’ll notice issues and emotions that arise time after time, typical rough spots that occur, and the usual players in your dramas. You’ll soon recognize patterns, making it easier to work through any counter-productive behaviors and pull yourself up short when you feel yourself heading into them. You’ll also start to recognize peak productive periods and create windows for capitalizing on the excellent talents that grouping represents.  

4) How to find the Alpha Dog planet in a stellium: In learning how to micromanage a stellium, the key is to discover which is the dominant planet in the group. Like the Alpha Dog in a pack, that planet is going to run the show, and if Alphie isn’t happy, nobody’s happy. If you want something out of one of the other planets in the pack, you need to give Alphie a chew toy to keep him contented.   

What on earth do I mean? Well, suppose Uranus turns out to be the dominant planet in a stellium, and yet you struggle to suppress your wild, inventive, maverick side in that area of life. Uranus is NOT going to play nice—it’s going to come out snarling at just the wrong time or pee on the boss’s leg.

You need to find entertaining but essentially harmless diversions for Uranus…a big old chew toy. That way, you can loosen up the energies of the other factors in the mix and start using them for your goals.

How do you know which is the Alpha Dog? You may already have an intuitive hit, just from pondering it. For confirmation, you could take the tests here on Skywriter to measure the strength of each planet in the stellium. (If two of the scores are nearly identical, you’d better stock up on chew toys!) For links to the tests  for the planets, elements, and modes, seePlanetary Tests.

There are other clues as to the top dog. If the ruler of the Ascendant or Midheaven is part of the stellium, that may be the one you’re looking for. Or, if the ruler of the sign or house involved is part of the stellium, that might give it an edge. My Mercury in Gemini rules the sign and—in some systems—the house of my 4-planet Gemini stellium. It bores easily and insists on lots of variety in its chew toys.

Other than that, you may come to sense the dominant planet as you follow the Moon through the cluster month after month and observe each of the planets in turn as the Moon crosses it.

 As you track transits over the long run, you might notice that one planet in the stellium is often under siege when a major event happens. That one MAY be Alphie.  (Here’s a handy downloadable summary of transits over the past few years:  HO-transit trackingtable-1990-2020.)

One final clue:  which planet in the stellium is the most brilliant AND the most trouble?

UPDATE 11/11/13: My new astrology/self help book, The Stellium Handbook: An Owner’s Manual for People with Stelliums or Triple Conjunctions is finally available.  Read about it  and download a free sampler of book excerpts here:  Finally, The Stellium Handbook is Here!

Readers, stelliums are really complicated and would take an hour-long consultation to explore, so please don’t ask for an  interpretation in the comment section.  I’m retired from doing consultations in order to write books.

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More things you may not know:

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  1. It’s hard to tell for me as far as what my stellium alpha dog planet is, even with your tests, ugh. Though I tested really high for my sun.

    I was wondering though, could a stellium in scorpio in the 5th house act like Pluto in the 5th house?

    Pluto isn’t really strong in my chart according to your tests,plus it’s a singleton,but I’ve read the descriptions of Pluto in 5th and I can relate to much of the description or could it be that it’s just the odd combination of planets that I have?

    My stellium consists of Uranus,Sun,Mars,Mercury(sun,mars,mercury are conjunct) in Scorpio in that order in my 5th house which is ruled by Libra.

    • Hi, Joyrjw, yes, Scorpio planets in the 5th would be like having Pluto in the 5th. Although with Uranus in the mix, it would have an Aquarian tinge as well. Donna

      • Ok. Thank You very much.
        That makes sense now and yes, I can feel the aquarian tinge as well.

        Could this apply to other stelliums as well? Like a Libra stellium in the 2nd house being like Venus in the 2nd or Leo stellium in the 12th being like Sun in the 12th ,as just two examples.

        I imagine it could or would,but I thought I’d ask so that other people who might be learning could see it as a visual. 🙂

      • Yes to all the examples. It’s part of that helpful but not infallible system where the sign, house, and planet are all seen as connected. They don’t all ring true to me–for instance the 1st house, to me, isn’t much like Mars or Aries–but some are very similar. Donna

  2. hello from berlin

    i dont have a stellium myself, but with my uranus/pluto in 12th opposing saturn/chiron in 6th im surrounded by wonderful(ly) challenged friends and relatives.

    my sweet and serious little brother has an immense 12th house beginning in aquarius, with a stellium including an exact aquarius sun/moon conjunction mercury & venus in pisces, chiron & saturn on each side of the ascendant, opposing uranus/pluto in 6th.

    he claims to remember nothing of what happened in our childhood, no interest in what cant be proven, thank you very much, and he has found happiness working as an airforce pilot.

    our intense and forever childlike mother has an exact sun/moon/mercury conjunction in scorpio in 3rd opposing uranus and squaring pluto (and for the stellium a libra venus in 2nd). no wonder, the two of them dont really get along.. since im currently in germany i of course guess its a saturn thing:))

    my poetic father has saturn & sun in aries in 8th and mercury, venus, uranus, mars in taurus in 9th, you can count a stellium from saturn to uranus and another from mercury to mars.. sun squaring pluto in 11th and mars uranus squaring neptune moon in 1st

    both my father and my mother have neptune on the ascendant and sort of forget stuff, they forgot telling us that they had divorced and other minor details, to make up for it both of them forgot to leave the house and stayed there for 11 years with various partners..

    being stelliumless but having sun moon and mercury in 11th the last squaring neptune, i seem to be the only one who knows what actually has been going on in the family, pluto in 12 helps too of course..

    • just wanted to say that I love your insightful comments on this and your surroundings. 🙂 this is why I enjoy astrology as a psychotherapy tool even as a sceptic, brings so much insight but in a bit more poetical way (and it’s totally your Pluto/ur in 12th making you this smart) 🙂

  3. PS my sister also sort of knows, but as stuff got too colourful she left home when she was 16. her stellium includes uranus, mercury, mars in leo in 9th and pluto and venus on MC.. squaring moon and jupiter in 1st in scorpio

  4. I’m one of those children of the late 60s who have a lot of planets piled up in Virgo. Six, to be exact, all in my seventh house: the sun, Jupiter, Pluto, Mercury, Venus, and Uranus. According to your tests, Pluto and Venus are the strongest.

    I’d say I’m very much a Virgo, but a lot of Libra traits come out too.

    I haven’t spent a lot of time thinking about how the stellium works for me, but I have to say that relationships are a challenge. Even though I go into them with reckless abandon, with Jupiter and Uranus in the mix, I’m never sure I want to be there. Yet they tend to last a while — and when they end, it takes a really long time to let go (thank you, Pluto).

    The empty houses? I’m just not as interested as most other people are, it seems.

    What I’d like to know is what happens when the stellium (or part of it) makes up part of a yod? Does it change how the yod feels or operates? I have Pluto-Mercury-Venus on one side of a sextile with Neptune, both in quinqux to Saturn. My moon opposes Saturn. Someday before I die, I hope to figure out how that whole thing works.

    Thanks for a great blog!

    • Virgo planets in the 7th can’t be satisfied with a poor choice of mate, and once committed take those vows of “til death do us part” quite literally.

      Yods are really complex. The widest orb for a quincunx is 3 degrees–beyond that, it may be a biquintile. To analyze a Yod, you need to really take apart each of the quincunxes involved, plus the houses they’re placed in, then the sextile that holds it all together. It would take at least a book chapter to analyze even one of them, so to try to do it on a blog is futile. A really good book about it is The Yod Book, by Karen Hammaker-Zondag. Donna

      • i suppose i cant really count to 30. i have mercury 17 leo moon 25 leo sun 2 virgo all in 11th house, uranus 14 virgo and pluto 15 virgo, so i guess that makes me a full-rate member of the stellium family? uranus of course rules.

      • Hmm. Unless all those planets are in the 11th (it sounded like Pluto and Uranus might not be), then you just miss a stellium both ways…3 planets in the 11th, 3 planets in Virgo. But still quite a concentration. Donna

  5. This explains to me why I relate so well to the Scorpios in my family. I have a stellium in the 8th house in Leo composed of the Sun, Mars, Venus, Pluto, Jupiter and Mercury.

    I have always felt that I was an atypical Leo in some ways, and knew that I had an innate understanding of Scorpios that seemed instinctual.

    I’m very 8th house and Plutonian. I’m an analyzer to the core of my being. I love to dig into things and find out what’s under the surface. My father was in the military so I was born in a different place than the rest of my family – Missouri – the “show me state.” My mother has always said that this fits me perfectly, that I don’t accept anything just because someone said it’s so, that it has to be proven to me. She is so right!

    I adore astrology!

  6. I have the Sun, Saturn, and Pluto in Scorpio in my 8th house. My Mercury is also in Scorpio, but it’s in the 9th house. For me, the hard part has been balancing so much Scorp energy with the other two major features of my chart: My moon is exact on my Ascendant in Pisces, and my Jupiter is exact on my Midheaven in Saggitarius. My emotions/reactions and the way I come across in public is often at odds with my true personality, and that’s caused some stress. I’m working on accepting all aspects of my personality (and especially trying to tap into the Scorp strength without viewing my more emotional Piscean side as a weakness.)

    • Forgot to add–about empty houses, my 2nd, 5th, 6th, 11th, and 12th houses are all empty, unless I add a ton of asteroids. Chiron’s in my 3rd, and my North Node is in my 4th, but otherwise, everything is in houses 7-10 (except my moon in 1, as I mentioned). Thanks for the info about this; I’ve always wondered about it and it seems like there hasn’t been much written about it.

    • Welcome to Skywriter, Miya and other newscomers. It seems like today is 8th house day. There are quite a number of articles about the 8th on this blog. Start here: Donna

    • Hello i know exactly what you mean. The Scorp energy is so strong that i have been struggling to feel what I am and how i am all my life. It is only now that i put my head in to astrology more that things are starting to fall in to place and i find it extremely useful to control my feelings and shatter life in to its own standing pieces.. rethink, observe and use each one separately. Everything actually started making sense when T Saturn passed my N Pluto. I am now 28,5 years old and i can intensely feel and understand things like i couldn’t for whole of my past life.

      Pluto, Sun, Saturn, Mercury, Moon in Scorpio in 8th House
      Pisces Ascendant

      Thank you all for sharing, and you Donna *

    • I have the same issues..four planets incl sun,moon, mc in scorpio, Pluto leading stellium in 8h, “softer, sensitive planets in 12th house with neptune, moon stellium in tenth opposite my actual vulnerability/self-worth/core in IC taurus with chiron exact conjunct, mars in virgo squaring off intense scorpio stellium with lilith..I actually feel super-sensitive, emotional, a tender, warm, naive, trusting, spontaneous, Pisces and moon like person, but as thankful as I am for the intense and transformative pl energy, I just don’t like when it is obstructing the other parts of my personality.. I have to learn a) realisation of inner creativity to the outward world b) self-expression and practical action except for the IC thing , I know, but it’s so frustrating when people don’t see your sensitivity and vulnerability just because you seen so sco..

      • As I said, to me, astrology is a more symbolic and poetic way of traditional psychotherapy ;). But as this article say, I have troubles understanding my stellium. it’s sextiling the moon, Venus, neptune, a yod quintile too. Pluto-Jupiter-mercury-Saturn in 8th Libra. The most positive aspect of it is that I guess it can be related to transformative ways of making art, or other Libra connections, but I really don’t get Libra, not really a fan of symmetry and balance and shallowness, albeit I prolly totally misinterpret her. i do want to make connections, creativity, like people, and art. i like the Saturn because it help me realize I have to connect and manifest into actual reality and the seriousness of it , so to say :), but I also need more Gemini and Leo, I think, mostly creative internally not so much externally, as I really would wish for. i always like Gemini people and appreciate their playfulness and immidiate brash interaction.. I also want people to see my piscerian/moon sensitivity more obviously. I would really appreciate some clues on how to handle such a metallic-like stellium though?

      • The reason I ask is that I already feel the depth and transformative creative potential of it, but I alteady have so much Pluto, and want several other personality aspects to be realized more. i dislike staticness and equilibirums, I like creativity, sensitivity, playfulness as well as seriousness and a sense of belonging to the now, spontanity and emotional trusting capability. A sort of naivity and sensitivity as well as ju-me-ur action and ne inspiration.. And both shallowness and depth..i like the pl passion, but there need to be ways to channel it more nuanced and complex, too. ( I ‘ m mostly imploding.)

  7. My husband has Saturn on the cusp of the 5th, then Mercury, Venus, Moon, Neptune, and Sun all within 17 degrees in his 5th House. Libra is is 5th House.

    He has Jupiter smack on his MC. His profession is as a Judge.

    Would Venus be the Ruler because it’s in Libra?

  8. I wish I was more Virgo – it would be so nice to be organized. Unfortunatly I’m more like that kid on Peanuts, the one with the dust clouds, except my cloud is debris, I leave a trail of clutter wherever I am. I have a 4 planet stellium in Virgo, and don’t really fit the profile. I’m not sure which planet is the Alpha dog, but Uranus is the one that stands out in my mind – on the planetary tests, Sun got 27, Pluto 48, Uranus 45 and Moon 49. Most people who meet me thinks I’m a bit odd. My 7th and 5th house are very smalland empty, and I don’t have a husband or children, don’t want to be tied down. The stellium is in the 9th and I can totally relate to the Sag – I love to travel and never want to go home. My work keeps me glued to the computer and that means I don’t live a very exciting life. I focus very strongly when I write and I am ambitious (Pluto), I write about emotions since I am a romance writer (Moon) and the Sun likes organizing the materal, doing research, collecting information, doing spell checks etc. Uranus gets bored. So when I write, I have a DVD running in the upper right corner of my computer screen – the chewing toy …

    • Hi, Natalie, That crop of stelliums in the late 60s that included the Pluto-Uranus conjunction in Virgo is very complex–and often very gifted. Its primary characteristics are seldom Virgoan, yet still retain Virgo overtones. I wrote a whole chapter about it in my ebook, The Outer Planets and Inner Life, v.3: The Outer Planets in Combination.

      You can get a sense of the combination where it applies to work here: . Donna

    • Sounds awesome for a writer, but perhaps you need to express the earthy and wild side of Virgo too, like heading out into wild nature, practising bushcraft skills, while getting emerged, evolved and inspirated by the adventure of it? 🙂

      • The earthy moon/pagan high priestess/sage comes to mind also, or just a young carefree woman roaming around but also exploring depths of the natural world and it’s inhabitants. Fueling your purpose by more earthy passion and through complex ways with that ingeniouity, while still being yourself and always looking for adventure and growth. Virgos are adventurous.

    • Supressing your earthy side would probably lead virgo to clutter inside the home instead to bring natural order back with some chaos 🙂

  9. Great blog! I am currently now pondering what my alpha dog planet must be as a Pisces!

    • Well, naturally the ruler of Pisces is Neptune, but it’s not the Alpha Dog of the stellium unless the stellium is also in Pisces. Donna

  10. Really enjoyed this post, look forward to the series.
    I have a stellium (12th-1st in Leo) and so do both my kids (one on the MC, on in the 6th). Recently I had been trying to persuade the 6th house boy to pursue his interest in becoming a counselor for troubled youth. Your description of your social work co-worker’s and their 6th house raised my eyebrows!!

    My stellium has always felt non-Leo. A 12th house sun and Pluto in the mix i think translate to less of the classic Leo-ego thing and more like….”unwanted attention.”…Also…I am a big secret keeper…really a compartmentalizer….meaning whole segments of my life i keep separate from others…professional/personal, extended family/nuclear family….i confess…i build barriers.

    However…in the midst of the second saturn return…i just brought out Bach Willow…and am committed to utilizing the ambient TRANSFORMATIVE ENERGIES 🙂 I also have Pluto currently trining my MC by transit to assist in effecting the transformation! 🙂

  11. My stellium is in Libra in the 6th house. I am SOOOO tired of health issues, REALLY really really. So I’m an expert on my own physical issues. That doesn’t make easier when more show up (like dandelions in a garden) each with its own little charms.

    I don’t really identify with LIbra, but have known some wonderful handsome graceful people who were Librans. so i don’t dislike the sign at all. I hope that this sign does color me “Libra” just a little bit. When I take tests I always come out Capricorn; and I have no planets in Capricorn, but it IS on my MH and then there’s that #$@$ Saturn again.

    My big dog I am fairly certain is Saturn. as I type this, Transit saturn is right on top of mine and I am tired of being tired.
    wah wah wah.
    Yes, it could be much much worse.

    • “You may be weary–women do get weary, wearing the same shabby dress,
      but when you’re weary, try a little tenderness.”

      You’re entitled to wah, Mimi. A flower remedy that might give you a good deal of comfort is the Bach remedy, Oak. I see it as a great solace for Saturn/Capriciorn types. It’s for the stalwart type that works very hard all their lives and rarely complain, but they come to a point of finally being very tired of the struggle. Donna

      • Oak! I love oak trees. I’ll have to see if my health food store has that. Thank you. But I really am going to retire. April… 299 days to go. 🙂 I realize however, that retirement is only going to solve some of the issues. thank you again for your kind words

  12. My daugther has 4 planets in the 8th Pluto at zero Libra, Uranus 14 Libra, Sun 20 Libra and Mercury 25 Libra. Since I don’t really have a good understanding of the 8th house it’s difficult to understand. She also has Venus in Scorpio at 3 degrees in the 9th not sure if you would consider that close enough to be part of the stellium.

    • Probably not part of the stellium since it’s a different house and sign, although it’s 8 degree out of sign conjunction to Mercury. On the other hand, it IS Venus, the ruler of Libra and dispositor of the four 8th house Libra planets.

      We seem to be having an 8th house day–you’re one of several asking about it–so again, look at the series of articles about the 8th that starts here: Donna

  13. Hi Donna,
    I have 5 planets in Aquarius- Sun/ Moon/ Jupiter conjunction and Mercury/ Venus conjunction, all in the 4th house. Uranus, the ruler of all of the Aquarian planets is in Cancer in the 9th and connects by major or minor aspects to all of the 4th house planets. I had a score of 80 for the Moon (Alpha dog) and 54 for Uranus. I know that I am very sensitive and have felt alienated most of my life. I finally moved from the place where I was born and have relocated to the West Coast. I feel like I have found the tribe/ family of choice that I have been seeking. I continue to struggle with oversensitivity but have much more awareness around it now. Thanks for the article, it was very helpful.

  14. I think I understand my stellium less the more I learn(!).. but perhaps this owes to the interception that occurs through the stellium.

    I mentioned on the multi-conj/stell test page I have six planets in 26deg of arc, in following order Lib: Mercury, Saturn, Pluto // Scorp: Venus, Sun, Jupiter. That “//” is the 5th house cusp which sits in late Libra, and the house intercepts Scorpio.

    According to the strength tests my Sun is the alpha dog and I do notice, heavily through lunar aspects, that its my Sun that keeps trying to get out. I have never really owned my Scorpio Sun, in fact I feel extremely Piscean in solitude and Leonine when out and about. I have been known to tell white lies to perfect strangers in bars that I am in fact a Pisces! I felt I owed that Piscean nature to my strongest planet, a Pisces moon on the midheaven, but I never really thought to consider the Leo fiery facade might be reflected from the 4/5th stellium with an Alpha Dog sun. Hmmmm.

    As for empty houses, I notice with my friends that those dearest to me are the ones who have planets and placements that typically fall within my empty houses.

    • “as for empty houses, I notice with my friends that those dearest to me are the ones who have planets and placements that typically fall within my empty houses”

      VERY cool. I will check that out, thanks Samala!

  15. Hi Donna! I am learning so much from this site, thank you! Ok. I have a very busy pisces 12th house. My moon, sun and jupiter conjunct my ascendant, and also mercury is a bit further down. I really do identify with this house, as I usually feel as though I’m living life underwater and things are somewhat blurry. I’m not sure which is my dominant planet, but probably it would be my moon, though to be honest my emotions are a bit of an enigma to me. It could also be jupiter, because I’ve always lead a very lucky, somewhat charmed life. My empty houses do ring true to me. My 2nd I can see, as I am really not a materialistic person. My 3rd, I have a lot of siblings, but we don’t have much to do with each other, except on facebook. Interestingly, my 5th is empty, but I have 4 children that I cherish more than anything, but I’m a bit of a bore. Then my 6th, which is funny, because I think a lot about my health, but don’t put much action into taking care of it on a consistent level. I love astrology, thanks so so much for helping me to understand it better! Harmony

    • Hi, Harmony, your Neptune score would probably be off the map. and all the more so because it’s Pisces planets inthe Pisces-related 12th house. There’s an entire series of articles about the 12th that you’d probably relate to.
      I’m trying to create a link to it, but getting nowhere. Try the search engine on the right hand side, and type in 12th house Sun. Donna

  16. My stellium is in Libra- Saturn/Jupiter/Mercury/Pluto/Sun. My sun is 8th and the rest are late 7th, though I’m still waiting for some of these to kick in (jup in 7th/libra, hello 1,000s of partners and “big”, or “drama” relationships?? where are ya? lol). At 29 still I have never had a boyfriend and hardly any dates (all of which I asked), men just don’t seem to see me as a potential partner.

    My Sun has the highest score of these but I have yet to figure out how this all plays out. I know my Cancer moon/N Node in 5th, which squares all these and is my highest chart score is definitely in the mix. I guess learning how my sun and moon can live together…heh heh. I like your input about finding the big dog, it’s often hard for me to see “who’s on first”. For me, Saturn seems to play a big role, maybe partly since it is the first I encounter in the stellium, and maybe because my S Node is Cap too? (past behavior patterns/memories?). It doesn’t have as high a score as some other planets.

  17. My Stellium consists of 4 planets in Cancer in the 8th house; Sun and Uranus both 23 degrees, Mercury 9 degrees conjunct to Jupiter 11 degrees. I immediately identified with this stellium. I appear to be Cancerian, not everyone gets my Scorpio Ascending/8th house intensity right away or my Uranian streak. Sun/Uranus are in an exact square to Neptun. Moon widely opposes my Sun/Uranus from Aquarius. 8th house matters as regards the exploration of the unconscious, feeling feelings and finding insights and meanings have been important to my life since I am a teen, for 4 decades. By profession I am a bodyworker. I specialized in Aquatic Bodywork (Watsu) which suited me to perfection. Astrology has fascinated me for the last 4 decades, but of late I have been feeling rebellious, so I am happy to have found this site where maybe I can get my groove back. om

    • Your profession as a bodyworker/healer is a great expression of that 8th house stellium, all the more since Cancer is a water sign. As a fellow Cancerian, watsu is intriguing. To me, the greatest thing I do with my body is swimming–it feels so good after. Donna

      • Ooh, yay. I have 8th house sun (my other planets of stellium are end of 7th and nearly in 8th; Pluto closest to Sun in conjunction) and was thinking that my recent career change to acupuncture sort of “satisfies” my 8th house-ness of healing. Saturn likey too since it’s a 12 semester, really intense program (going through Saturn return now).

        I’d say for you, if I may, as well as myself, that this 8th house thing probably goes beyond profession. It’s a way of being, and a vocation as well. Welcome to the site!

      • Donna, swimming is good, being floated in warm water by a skilled bodyworker is better and can be truly awe inspiring. I hope you will get a chance to experience this if you have not yet. This is a great forum you created, I miss it. Happy almost full moon and wishing you a healthy new year, may your wrists have healed.

  18. My co-worker has Sun, Moon, Venus, SN and Mars in Aqua, 6th house. She acts like an Aqua but she also has the critical eye of a Virgo and works in the social system. She inisists that she hates Virgos, although our boss and her husband (both people that she admires and that she has been in long term relationships with) have Virgo in them – one has a stellium in Virgo, the other has NN cnj Mars in Virgo. I told her once that she might have some Virgo traits herself …she looked shocked and she refuses to believe it.
    I just thought this is a perfect example of what you said in point 1.

    • Absolutely, Elisei, and all the more prone to denying the Virgo-like characteristics because Aquarius is quincunx–and antithetical–to Virgo. Donna

  19. Hello Donna,
    thank you for your posts. Very enlightening! This one in particular was very helpful!
    Although I don’t have a stellium, I have a multiple conjunction in Virgo: Pluto, Jupiter and Uranus (as well as the NN) in the 1st house conjucting the Ascendant. As all these planets trine also my Taurus Moon and square my Gemini Sun and MC, it is a bit difficult to understand what is happing.
    I do have some traits of Virgo (super organized at work for example – a big mess at home though). Pluto is the leader of the pact, (followed in strength by Mercury in Gemini, not a member of the conjuction) and followed by Jupiter and Uranus as they are all close by and form the same aspects (all <10 degrees).
    I feel a great urge to constantly improve myself and make some sort of a ”Journey into the Light” (from the dark Adolescence to the almost-bright-getting-brighter late 30s early 40s). Some tips on how to keep that Pluto busy would be welcome, should you have the time and wish to do so!!!
    Some comments on the experience of the multiple conjunction being transited by Saturn: its effect as it was crossing the Ascendant in 2009 was dramatic. For a brief period, I almost fell ill. I could feel it in my body!!! Finally, I did the right thing with my life, made some drastic changes and I calmed down.
    Thank you for the tip about watching the effect of the moon and Sun, Venus, Mercury. I will do that!

    • Thank you, Evi. Multiple conjunctions are much like stelliums, in a condensed version, and often form the core of a really gifted stellium. How to keep Pluto busy? Well, it sounds like you’re already doing so, with that intense journey for self-transformation and emerging from the darkness into the light. And those journeys involving natal Pluto are of long duration, so you may feel at times like you’ll never get there. (Take it from one with a similar multiple conjunction including Pluto conjunct the Ascendant, it does get better.) Stop at the occasional oasis and pamper yourself to restore the energy for the long haul.

      Thanks for the input on the transit to your multiple conjunction. I’ll have much more to say about it as the series unfolds. Donna

  20. Hello, I’ve Pluto, Uranus, Mercury, Mars, Venus and Sun in the 9th house (Libra/Scorp). All conjunct between 28º30′ Libra and 3º50′ Scorp, except Pluto at 7º43′ Libra. Uranus is the puppy (I’m Aqua rising as well).
    I don’t feel I am doing anything usefull out of my stellium, and from the little I’ve read, it’s suppossed to be a “good” one?. At the same time Pluto is in transit through my 11th, feels like my Uranian sector is being “attacked” by some freezing ray!

  21. Excellent blog post Donna ~ Thank you! I have to dig up the tests again to see which one is my Alpha Dog between Mars, Sun, Mercury and Jupiter (within 18 degrees). Think it’s Mars or the Sun. Signing in as a guest these days … still in the job hunt & don’t need anyone who doesn’t understand astrology to judge me because I do 🙂 Thanks again, Karen

  22. P.S. Just went back through my 30+ astro charts using the 30 degree rule: sister right before me has 6 planets in Leo between 0 – 29 degrees, with Leo rising. Um, do you think she’s a Leo much? I’ve heard her roar a few times! 🙂 She leads my charts w/ 6 planets w/in 30 degrees. Have a few others with 5 planets within 30 degrees. Intense to say the least.

  23. My oldest son has a Virgo stellium . Venus 11 , Vesta 15, Pluto 18, Uranus 20, Sun 25 all in Virgo in the 11th house. The ruler Mercury is just into the 12th house cusp at 2 Libra so Venus and Mercury would be in mutual reception. A double ruler or alpha dog?

    This stellium is opposition, 26 Saturn conjunct 23 Chiron in Pisces in the 5th house. He has a Grand water trine from Jupiter 28 conjunct/ Parallel the MC 29 in Cancer Trine the Scorpio Moon 17, South node 18, and Neptune 20 Scorpio near the 2
    21 Scorpio 2nd house cusp.
    He has never married or had children but is a prolific artist ( painter) and very successful at selling his work.. He teaches kids Art on the side of a full time job as the computer graphics artist for a T-shirt shop. He has been in Plays, does all the posters for local music groups and plays the drums in a band. He was with First Responders and a member of the local volunteer fire brigade and has a large following of well wishers and patrons of his Art.
    He has never given me grief like his little brother( 13 years apart in age) and I could always count on him to make the right decisions.

  24. Just for the heck of it I will share that my younger son has a Pisces stellium in the 2nd house. New moon, Sun, Venus and Mars. Now, according to what you say, the rulers of his 8th, 4th and 5th houses are all in there in that 2nd house
    This guy also has Neptune in the last minutes of Sagittarius, a bare 10 minutes before the ascendant in the 12th house. His mom is an astrologer so i was dead accurate about his birth time. 🙂
    He’s brilliant, hard working, both physically and in intellectual pursuits. With that strategic Neptune, you’d think he was very spiritual, but no, instead he’s a master cynic, and working on a phd in Math! When he was a baby, he started creeping around on hands and knees before he was 5 months old. SPOOKY! that kid was (and still is) driven.
    He also has mercury in the 2nd house but lucky for him, it’s in Aquarius, which I think tempers the flaky Pisces affect. He married a controlling Leo and I can see why it works so well, he’s hopeless in a lot of social situations, he can’t make up his mind. Before that wife found him, he was totally clueless about women. He’d say things to me (about the whole female sex) that I found to be incredible. But YOUR MOTHER is not like that! I’d cry.. and he would just shake his head. Watching this guy unfold, mature has been VERY interesting. he’s gone the spectrum from the complete slacker to Mr PhD

    • oh goodness, his wife has a stellium in LEO with 3 planets (Sun, Jupiter and Venus ) in the 7th house and mercury in the 6th. hehehehehe. Well, I’ll say one thing, she is DEFINITELY a typical Leo. 🙂

  25. Hi, Donna,

    Thanks for another intriguing discussion! I don’t have stellium but do have a triple conj in the 8th (another 8th house person) with Sun in last degree of Sag and Merc and Jup in the first 8 degrees in Cappy. Those three planets are also my strongest (scored in the 50s on the tests) after Saturn which scored 69.

    I’ve always looked at that 8th house conj through the lens of the natal Uranus opposition from Gemini – my “inner rebel” has shot me down more than once! Also, transiting Pluto has been no so gently massaging the whole conj-oppostion set-up for the last few years. At the moment I don’t have really clear picture of the energies within the conj, but those other cosmic energies are showing me a numbers of challenges (lost job, health, sold condo, move to elderly housing, etc). But I also know somehow that it’s all for the best in end.

    Thanks again, Amy

  26. Interesting!!

    My son has a sixth house stellium: VE in Virgo, JU, SA and PL in Libra, and SU in Scorpio (close to the descendant). Libra in intercepted and Virgo is on the cusp. VE, JU and SA square his Cancer Moon on the third house cusp.

    I just started getting into astrology when I looked at his chart and thought, “This kid would be GREAT at using art in some way to psychologically help people.” He has always been gifted musically.

    In college he announced he would be majoring in advertising and minoring in business. I thought to myself, “That isn’t going to work.” And I told him so. He disagreed and went on to win three Addy awards and graduate on the Dean’s List.

    Six months into his career, I get a call. “I hate advertising. I don’t want to do this.”

    A short while later, out of the blue, he’s offered a job with a non-profit mentoring at-risk youth and teaching them music.

    Needless to say, it was his dream job. And yes, he does have to delve into their heads to get them to understand the benefits of getting an education. To date, two of his students (former gang members) are on scholarships to a prestigious music college on the East Coast.

    True story.

    • True story and a fitting ending. Thanks for sharing. Donna

  27. I use Placidus house, and my stellium is in 8th house, mercury, mars, sun, moon, pluto all together. Everything is in Virgo, except Pluto in Libra. The planetary tests show that I score high in pluto, moon, and mercury. I can’t tell which is the alpha dog, although I feel that mercury is always fully in control, especially it rules over most directly except Pluto.

    I spend an exorbitant amount of time in “joint finance” or stock market, investing, trading, researching, etc. However, my day job is not finance-related at all. The amount of time I spent in 8th house rivals easily to the 40 hours that I spent on my day job.

    I just noticed that my Pluto is also at a more critical degree in my natal chart which can resonate through transit combination with Venus, Jupiter, Neptune, and Part-of-Fortune.

    I guess that’s more studies for financial astrology tonight.

    • It’s really strange how many 8th house stelliums gathered here (and not much else). Interesting roll of the dice, but that’s what blogging is all about. Interesting, too, about how many facets of the 8th showed up. Donna

      • Hi Donna,
        I’ll add my 2 stelliums to the 8H group:
        Gemini 8H: Sun 4*, Jupiter 7*, NN 13*, Venus 16*
        Virgo 11H: Uranus 10*, Pluto 13*, Mars 15*
        Midlife crisis indeed! Just read your stellium in Virgo article.

  28. Hi Donna, Hope u r gud.

    How about this? Real good party going on in 3 neighbor houses 12th , 1st n 2nd? Difficult chart, is it?

    As of now, Female native is facing issues with marriage (finding a appropriate person, even in so called arranged marriage). You got any advise or time frame for it happening?

    • FxGuy, good to hear from you, but you know I don’t comment on individual charts as I’m retired. Donna

      • May be you can shed some general info on stelliums in 12th and 1st house ?
        And is it true that people, who have a concentrated mass (a lot of stelliums) like in the chart posted above, have their life as….regular alternating patterns of calm periods and volatile ones?

      • Yes, transits are the reason a person with a stellium may experience long periods where nothing much is happening and then periods where everything seems to happen at once. That’s especially true when part of the stellium is a triple conjunction.
        For house postions of stelliums read the comments to my Q&A on that topic here: . For the 12th house stellium, read the series of articles on the 12th house starting here: . Donna

      • FxGuy…yeah I would say that’s right. I have one stellium in the 12 but near ascendant and a conglomerate across the MC and its definitely Peaceful , Spiritual introspection in Nature versus intense volatile, dangerous goings on! Wouldn’t trade it for anything because I thrive in both circumstances.

  29. I’m thinking the person who invented the phrase “when it rains, it pours” had a stellium!!

  30. Had a chart done and told that I have three: 1) 4 planets in Sagittarius (Pallas, Lilith, the Moon and the North Node) all in the 2nd house
    2) 3 planets in Gemini (Mercury, Venus and the South Node) all in the 8th house
    3) You have 3 planets in Cancer (the Sun, Mars and Uranus)…would LOVE to understand this better!

    • Well, stick around and read all the materials about stelliums and about the houses involved. You’ll piece it together bit by bit, and there are more stellium articles down the pipe. Donna

  31. Stellium in leo, 3rd house: jupiter 14, venus 23, mars 25, sun and pluto 26.
    Gemini at 23 on ascendent. IC at 0 virgo.
    Neptune 25 Libra; Saturn 15 Scorpio in 5th.
    Mercury 10 and Moon 27 Virgo in 4th

    I’m psychically exhausted from recent Uranus and Neptune oppositions, and another year of Neptune conjuncting my midheaven. Sigh…..

    Donna, your observations above really resonated. Ive always felt more Gemini/Scorpio than Leo. I find when I “act like a leo” , I am not happy or proud of myself. Much more secure and happy as a scorpio hidden in 3rd house pursuits! Lifetime journey of trying to integrate Leo traits in a manner that feels “me”.

    • A third house stellium like that–you have the power to go very deep with your communication–could communicate/write about healing topics too. Donna

  32. I have a five-planet stellium in the 9th house in Cancer. Four of those planets (Venus, Sun, Moon, Mars) are a multiple conjunction within a 3 degree orb which includes the midheaven @ 6 Cancer. Mercury is within 10 degrees, but in Gemini.

    A fab astrologer told me that there is such great potential in this “tiara” of gems at the top of my chart, but alas I don’t feel I’ve lived up to that potential. My career has not been stellar or the focus of my life; I put the ex-hubby’s career first for a decade and focused intently on domestic life–homemaking and child rearing–and loved it. I divorced and got a Masters degree, and now in my 40s, I’m working on getting hours to become a licensed therapist. My contemporaries are in their mid-late 20s and sometime I feel like I’m 15 years behind on the career path. I’m waiting for the 9th house/MC secrets to reveal themselves to me!

    With the multi-conjunctions/stellium, transits hit one after the other, like multiple speed bumps. I know to read up and strategize/radically accept what is coming and deal with it.

    • Look at it this way, Jane. You fulfilled one of the curriculum tracks for Cancer–successfully raising a family. And that is, indeed one part of your curriculum–no life experience is ever wasted, there are no detours–and getting the Master’s and lisense is the second major one. Each astrologer/therapist/healer has a background we bring to our field that is a combination of all our experiences and skills. Your seasoning and experience in family life, I suspect, is a big part of what you’ll bring to your clients. Donna

    • My wife has MC in Cancer in an empty 10th house. Based on the facts and my knowledge, her “career” is Home-maker without any single doubt. Home-maker IS a career too, and a difficult one too (just paying my due respects to all the wives with/without children out there).

  33. So three planets is not a stellium? I started studying astrology almost 30 years ago because I was stumped by all the descriptions of Capricorn – they didn’t sound like me. I have the Sun, Mercury, and Venus in late Cap. Very interesting to read that many people don’t identify with their stellium. I’ve tried everything over the years to explain it – oh it’s the late degree of the Sun, or it’s my Scorp asc, or my Neptune in the 1st. More recently I’ve discovered more esoteric readings of Cap, and also of Taur/2nd house, that make so much more sense with the way I express my “earthiness.” I’ve also learned to admit that there’s some traditional Cap stuff that applies to me. :-}

    • Welcome, earth angel. No, as you’ll see in an earlier article in this series, three planets do not make a stellium, especially if they are the Sun, Mercury, and Venus. Those three are always so close together in the zodiac that they are very often in the same sign. According to the accepted definition, a stellium is four planets or more, of which only two can include the Sun, Mercury, or Venus plus at least two other planets.

      I think where the confusion comes in is that a triple conjunction (e.g. if the Sun, Mercury and Venus are within about a 10 degree range of one another), that’s a high impact grouping of planets that can act nearly as strongly as a stellium. Donna

  34. Hello Donna! well I don’t have stelliums but few dear ones do, so it’s quite intriguin for me. I just loved what you said about finding the alpha dog of the stellium, and giving him something to chew on, so the other energies can also participate. It reminded me a phrase my dad used a lot, about giving the ego a bone to grind, so consciousness can arise. (stellium in scorpio in 12th).
    I’ve just being able to take a peek of some of your posts lately, but miss you and the skywriter community and all these juicy topics! Hope to find more time in the near future… I’m in the middle of moving to another state, with today’s eclipse falling in my IC, NN opp natal saturn…Iuhuuu!

  35. Hi Donna, I have a question about the Alpha dog in a stellium. What if the chart ruler, the MC ruler, the IC ruler, and the ruler of the Sun are all in the stellium?

    • Each of those separate factors makes the stellium–and the house it is in–more important in the scheme of things. There’s a lot riding on the matters of that house–it matters so deeply and is probably why you are here. Focus on finding out all you can about how to do the things that house is about constructively and learn how to use those planets superbly well, and over the decades of your life you will accomplish a great deal to be proud of. But that doesn’t tell me–or you–which is the Alpha Dog. That you have to find out by trial and error and by watching what happens to each of the stellium planets during transits. Donna

      • Thanks Donna. It’s the 8th house for me that’s involved. :\ Heavy subject matter as it is learning to work with the different energies would do me well. I’ve seen each planet rise up to different occasions. Some are more successful than others but they are each strong when they need to be. I’ll keep my eye on it more carefully now. Thanks again.

      • It seems like you’re not alone in seeking to use an 8th house stellium well. Look at the comment section of other articles in the stellium series, including one in the Q&A about transits. And also a series of articles on the 8th house starting here: . Donna

  36. Hmm. A bit suprised to realize that my alpha-planet is mercury, but yes I would say my mind is brilliant (and in leo, as you might’ve guessed from that statement) but it’s also what gives me most grief. Mentally, I just NEVER SHUT UP! And also, with a Virgo ASC and Gemini MC, I suppose it makes perfect sense; but I do have mars tightly conjunct my ascendant. Donna, if you read this – even with mars so close to my ascendant, is my chart still considered to be ruled by mercury?

    My stellium is in the 11th house: venus/jupiter/mercury in late leo, conjunct my early virgo sun. It’s a lot of happy-go-lucky energy, but the stellium is opposed to my moon in pisces so that definitely dampens the enthusiasm, to say the least…

    Thanks for a great blog, Donna; I learn something new with each post!

    • The “chart ruler” is the ruler of the first house, no matter what’s conjunct the Ascendant, so that would be the ruler of Virgo. There’s still a controversy over the ruler of Virgo, traditionally Mercury, but many like Chiron for it. Donna

  37. I have 5 planets all in Libra, all in the 11th house. Scorpio Sun and Asc. Pluto
    and even Part of fortune all reside there. This mean the chart ruler, the house ruler, and the sign ruler are all involved in my stellium. So which is the top dog? Not so sure. I have a hard time understanding my 11th house stellium. My priorities and interests are not friends, groups, community. I do feel very Plutonian and Venusian! Venus and Pluto are a degree apart. Huge interests in sex, death, other deep dark subjects, and transformation. Huge interest in Love, romance, beauty, style, fashion, self improvement, antiques, decorating, artistic creations. I do feel Uranian in my love of oddities, antiques, odd music, unusual upbringing, and my nature of going against what’s popular or what’s mainstream. But I have always felt sort of disconnected with the 11th house. Except when the 11th house is associated with hopes and wishes, cause I’m full of that!!! Any thoughts on what the 11th house is really all about?

    • The Alpha dog is something you get to know only by following the Moon and other planets around the chart and seeing what happens when they form aspects to one after another of the stellium parts. My suspects for you would be either Venus or Pluto.

      The article about the incredible vulnerability of a stellium is based on my own 11th house stellium, so do read that. There are several articles on the 11th and friendship here. Check this one out and then follow the links to articles about the 11th at the end of the article: Donna

  38. Donna your site and your articles kept me up until the wee hours of the morning last night! Thanks for these links, I will be reading them shortly.

    • LOL! Gretchen, thanks, I’m glad you’re enjoying yourself. Donna

  39. This is interesting reading. I am beginning to think that Pluto is the Alpha in my Pluto-Uranus-Sun-Venus stellium in the 7th house and VIrgo. I am always looking deeper, which might seem good, but can become a hindrance if you can’t trust people. I have trouble completely letting go of the past also. It’s good to be aware of where these issues are coming from, because that isn’t the person I want to me. I wonder if deeper study or focus on something could satisfy Pluto and allow me to let up in the rest of my life?

    • Hi Caroline, I’m working on a tool to help distinguish the alpha planet and to become more aware of when you’re using it constructively and when you are misusing it, but I would suspect Pluto as well in your group. Read the various books on Pluto (by Green and Greene, as well as my book, Healing Pluto Problems) to gain a perspective on its uses. Donna

  40. Thank you for the positive bent towards your views on stelliums. I have read some articles that lean towards stelliums as downfalls versus a concentration of powerful energy that once channeled can be used for great purposes.

    I have a Sun Conjunct Uranus with Mercury (all in Scorpio) and Jupiter (Libra) in my 7th house. Also, Jupiter overlaps into my sixth and conjuncts Saturn and Pluto (both in Libra, too) there (as well as the 7th house Mercury). Because Jupiter touches most of the planets, is it safe to assume it could be the ‘Alpha’?

    I have always been curious about Uranus’ influence as a top dog. I yearn for a deep romantic partnership yet have never had one. I love doing charts for others and delving into any subject (namely spirituality, philosophy, and psychology) and sharing these insights with others for their own growth. However, its my goal to become more self aware and to enable ‘like attracting like’ principles into my life versus 7th house projecting less desirable traits in my relationships.

    Any insight or links to discover my own in the subject of stelliums would be so beneficial. Many thanks in advance!

  41. thanks for this article on Stellium Donna! I´m a 5 planets stellium on the 7th house cuspid on Scorpio and all the planets on Sagittarius! They are in order: Mercury, Saturn, Venus, Uranus and Sun! As my Ascendant is Taurus, my Alpha planet should be Venus, right?

    • Big time stellium there, Caio! I have several young astrology friends with that sort of stellium in Sag, and they are quality people! I also had a young woman with that Sag stellium as a private editor when I reissued An Astrological Guide to Self-Awareness–absolutely superb! But, no, Venus is the “chart ruler,” meaning the ruler of the Ascendant, but that doesn’t make it the Alpha Dog. The Alpha Dog for a stellium is the one of the stellium planets that is the strongest and most dominant of that bunch. Finding out which one is a process of observing and eliminating all but that one. Start by taking the planetary tests for the four in the stelliuk, then watchng what happens as the Moon passes over the stellium each months and the faster moving planets each year plus any slow-moving planets by transit. Donna

  42. thanks Donna, i will make the planetary tests and the observations you pointed. The Moon passes over the stellium when she is transiting the 7th house?
    I got to ask you a question: all my planets are concentrated on this 7th house stellium, a 8th house Neptune in Capricorn, a 9th house Moon (0º) and Jupiter in Aquarius (vertex beetween them) and a Mars at 5th house´s last degree (some astrologers said it can be cosidered a 6th house Mars) and a 6th house Pluto, both Pluto and Mars in Scorpio forming a conjunction. Midheaven in Pisces.

    I´m 26. It took so long for me to be open to love, 23 yeas (finally I´m over the moon with my girl, we have a deep respecful love and caring) but now my huge question is how will I make a living, gain money, I´m at the moment trying to quit a career path (in tv and movie photograph) that´s not giving me any hope or pleasure, and trying to establish another path related to law, or maybe an scholar path but I´m uncertain about it… What I most love to do is writing poetry and ficction, and dream alot about getting a book published someday that will be a mark and a healing one on a collective unconcious level, but I know I´m not ready yet.

    I convinced myself that the law or scholar path is decisive element to mature my writing process and I´m believin it can help…

    am I totally nuts?

    • Oh, in order to comment on a career choice, I’d have to see the whole chart, especially the 3 career houses (2, 6, 10 and the Midheaven and its aspects), and I can’t cover that in the depth it deserves on a blog. You could copy what you wrote below and send it plus your complete birth information (date, year, time, and place plus where you live now) to my Dell Horoscope column for consideration. The email is . Donna

  43. Later in life than I wish I had, I am only now really taking astrology seriously. My Leo stellium of Pluto/Saturn/Mars in the 10th, Mars is in 11th in some house systems…was clearly a source of a lot of energy and career focus. Pisces Sun, Aquarian moon, Libra ASC, I am more introvert and yet I had the audacity to create a very innovative career in healthcare and had tremendous confidence, earned for sure, was an unflappable public speaker, but always a puzzle to me and my mother as it didn’t seem predictable when I was growing up too shy to speak up. I have Mercury and Moon in Aquarius opposition to that stellium and know that I struggled always with self doubt which I compensated for by earning more degrees and credentials than anyone though necessary, If that is a reasonable interpretation of the dynamics I probably could have made more of my career if I had known astrology and managed those energies better. Thanks Donna I have only just found your site and am really enjoying and learning a lot..

    • Hi, Elly, glad you found this. What you have is a triple conjunction rather than a stellium, but it’s a powerhouse combination! Both Hillary Clinton and Al Gore have the same one, and they’ve done very well with it. And with Saturn in the mix, it becomes easier to feel confident about your abilities because you’ve accumulated a track record. Donna

  44. Hello Ma’am,

    I have read that you are not doing consultations at this time and I hope that you are feeling good and doing well. I have an urgent need. My 16 year old grandson who has been living with me for the past 7 years is in crisis. Over about the past 2 years he has been having problems (drug use, vandalism and disturbing writings) which have led to his expulsion from school for the remainder of the year. He has 4 planets in Virgo in the 11th house and because of your expertise I am turning to you. Can you provide a referral or some guidance? His birth date is 26 Aug 95, 10:25 PM in Atlanta, GA.

    I would be so grateful for any help. I am so worried about him and I just do not seem to be able to help him.

    Deborah Adams

    • Hi, Deborah, I do indeed know someone who would be perfect for this situation. I’ll write to you by email. Donna

      • Oh, wonderful! Thank you so much!

      • Hi Donna, If you know someone to refer me to that would be wonderful, unless of course you are doing consultations again? My “powerhouse combination” of Pluto, Mars, Saturn in Leo has been severely hampered due to health issues. Feeling like I am failing my planetary potential I could use some insight and timing advice. I hope your hands are better. Thank you, Elly

  45. I have a Leo eighth house stellium(sun,mercury, Venus, mars and jupiter) and a Capricorn first house stellium (moon, Uranus, Neptune, true node) anybody able to tell me what a dual stellium may mean

    • It means you’re a very complicated person, with lots of potential gifts, but also lots of learning to do to make the most of your potential. Stelliums represent a life-long learning curve, but the mastery of those energies gets easier with maturity, especially after the first Saturn return at age 28 or so. In the fall, I’ll be teaching an online class for people with that Capricorn stellium, and I’m writing a book on the subject of how to make the most of a stelliums’ gifts. (If you want to be notified about the class, sign up for a subscription to this blog.) Donna Cunningham

      • Thank you Donna. 🙂 I appreciate your insight.

  46. my Leo stellium is ruled by Jupiter?

  47. hi donna, i started reading your blog yesterday, i have trouble doing anything else since. i have mercury, neptune, uranus and saturn in capricorn in houses 7 and 8 (saturn). also i have venus in sagitarius, its all in all 31 degres apart from venus til saturn, do i count venus in my stellium? i have houses 1,4,5,9,10,11 empty. i realize now it is very significant and it makes a lot of sense, of why i have very few friendships and i dont do much group socializing.
    i dont really feel like a capricorn, i mean the outerplanets move so slow almost everyone born the same year as i has a stellium with neptune uranus and saturn, i get how it works with close planets, but what if all my stellium is made of outerplanets except mercury ?

    thanks 🙂

    • There are two kinds of stelliums–one in which all the planets are in the same sign, and one in which they are in the same house. If Venus is in the same house as Mercury, Neptune, and Uranus, then it would be a stellium by house, but it sounds like you also have a stellium by sign (the four planets in Capricorn.) Another way Venus would be brought into the picture is if it were conjunct the early Capricorn planets, all within 10 degrees. One big reason you may not feel much Capricorn effect is because Uranus as part of the picture adds a bit of Aquarian energy and Neptune as part of the picture adds some Piscean qualities. You–and others born n 1988-89 with so many planets in Capricorn are juggling a lot of different drives and needs as represented by the outer planets in the stellium. You’ll grow into it–a stellium represents a life-long learning curve, take it from a 70-year old with Uranus and Saturn in her stellium. Best wishes, Donbna

  48. My stellium freaked me out, I honestly don’t know what to make of my natal chart and most if not everyone I show it too can’t give me a straight answer or they are just afraid to do so.
    So here’s the skinny on it. I have what they call a bucket chart.

    Saturn in retro, in my 5th… taurus

    Neptune and Venus in my 11……in Scorpio

    Jupiter and moon in my 10….in scorpio

    And last but not least……….Sun, Uranus, Pluto, Mercur, Mars in my 9th….sun and Uranus in libra , the rest in virgo

    If anyone can make sense of this let me know I’ve been searching for an answer for as long as I can remember.

    I haven’t had an easy life, I’ve hit yet another crater in my life and can’t see the silver lining to any of it, surely some one can help me.


  49. I have a four planet stellium in Scorpio and the 8th house.
    Sun 13.55 Scorp
    Mars 14.24 Scorp
    Moon 18.17 Scorp
    Pluto 20.01 Scorp
    In relation to that I have a Uranus-Neptune-North node conjunct in Capricorn at sextiles with the stellium
    The stellium is sesquisquare to my Pisces rising and semisquare to my Venus, which is itself in opposition to my rising.
    For the other planets –
    S. node – 12.44 Cancer
    Jupiter – 10.2 Virgo
    Venus – 27.28 Virgo
    Mercury – 3.2 Sag
    Uranus – 10.48 Cap
    N. node – 12.44 Cap
    Neptune – 14.27 Cap
    Saturn – 1.04 Aquarius
    I have no retrogrades and generally express the Pisces rising as well as got stuck in the delusional tendencies of Cancer for several years.
    Any help with further interpreting the stellium and its influence in the chart would be greatly appreciated.

    • Hi, Austin, the two clusters of planets in your chart–Scorpio and Capricorn–are huge influences but hard to explain concisely. I am working on a book on the topic, and as part of the preparation for it, am doing a series of seminars on stelliums–one now in progress and one in the fall. If you think you’d be interested, sign up for a subscription here and you’ll get a notice automatically. Donna

  50. Hi Donna,

    This is the first time that I’ve come across your website and I am very impressed with your insight – direct and constructive. I was wondering if you do personal chart readings?

    I have a very limited understanding of astrology but have been attempting to read and understand some dilemmas that have been plaguing me, something like life being on a loop….. perhaps you could shed some light and point me in the right direction.

    Would love to hear from you.


  51. Hi Donna,

    This is a great find.

    As for me, I have Sun, Uranus, Neptune ,Jupiter, South Node in Sagittarius. and Vertex in Capricorn all in 8th.

    Sun,Uranus, Neptune and Jupiter are rulers of the 4th,10th, 11th and 8th house respectively.

    I think my “Alpha” planet is Jupiter. According to, it is the second strongest after Pluto(another 8th house associate) and since it is in its own house and rules the sign of Sagittarius, it then must be strongest.

    I wouldn’t say that I strongly identify with Scorpio energy. My ascendnat opposes my Venus and Saturn in 7th and so I could be “projecting” this energy to someone else.

    When I was young, I had an intense fascination with religion and then suddenly at age 7, my whole perspective on religion began to slowly change. Now I would say that my opinions are more Uranian in nature than Jupiter/Saturn , because they have such a “Utopian” feel.

    I am interested in the arts(Neptune) , but more in the line of being “behind the scenes” and writing scripts for TV’s and Series. As yet, this has not been realised as my day job is in Marketing but it is a dream that I am slowly pursuing.

    My writing style however, is very 8th house in feel. It explores the so-called “taboo” topics of sexuality(8th house) in a optimistic lighhearted way(Sagittarius). I write a lot of sexuality focused stories.

    The other place where I think the eighth house shows up is in my reading materials. I like to read insightful, deep, metaphysical topics(The divine Matrix, The Law of attraction, The power of Now etc) to somehow “control” the elements of life. I have a fascination for genetic cloning, “Alien” themed subjects and esoteric history. The driving force with all these books is to understand what is possible beyond what we will “know” in our respective lifetimes.

    But I don’t like to get spooked. I believe I am more in a search for answers than for truth(because “truth” is what everybody assumes/ believes and “the answer” is what I , personaly, have experienced and can attest to).


  52. Hello Donna, I have the same stellium [Libra- Saturn/Jupiter/Mercury/Pluto/Sun with all of them in 6th house] in my birth chart, October 1981. Dizzy showed before a similar stellium. I don’t have that problem with men… but lately too much work hardly allows me to mingle with people and I’m without a date since ages!
    I think in my case, Pluto has the higher score! So, I feel like a libra, but with Taurus as ascendant and Pluto in my stellium I’m not so sure about being completely into an air sign.
    Sun/Pluto conjunction effect feels big!!! Every time I get into something, I change all around me, renovate things.
    Still, it doesn’t matter what people think since the introspection in my life is so extreme that I live into the illusions and not in real life.
    Cusp sign is Aquarius, squared with the stellium.
    I’m worry about that void houses are important ones!!! 1, 2, 5, 9, 10, 11, 12

    Thanks Donna!

    • It’s true that where you use your energy (i.e. where the planets are placed) is where you get the most results, but don’t be overly concerned. Look for the rulers of the empty houses–that is, the planet that rules the sign on the cusp of the house–for example, if Aries is on the cusp of an empty house, look for Mars’ house. See if they’re in the stellium, as it means you may fulfill the needs of the empty house in the course of pursuing the stellium. For example, if the ruler of the second is in the stellium house, then it shows the potential for earning money as you work on the matters of the stellium’s house. Donna

  53. Hi Donna,
    Love your blog!
    I have a Capricorn stellium, 5 houses (uranus, mars, jupiter, neptune, saturn) all in the 5th house. My sun is pisces , leo rising, mercury conjunct moon in aquarius. I also have my venus, jupiter, midheaven in taurus. my other houses are all (7th, 8th, and 9th). I can definitely relate to Capricorn. I’ve always sort of felt it was my destiny to become a freedom fighter like Martin Luther King, and I know he was a Capricorn. But I’m also into fashion, and would love to be a famous designer with a fashion empire. (5th house?) I struggle with being very flamboyant and fiery on the inside, but coming across as ‘too nice’ to everyone. I’m very ambitious and goal-oriented, but I would love to know how my stellium could help me be more ‘me’ which is I guess more outspoken & free. (sorry for writing a book!) Thanks!

    • Jameca, the only way I could answer your many questions about your stellium would be if I wrote a book myself! And, as it happens, I’m doing that very thing right now as well as teaching a course for professionals about your generation and its many Capricorn stelliums. The book won’t be done for a while, but you might sign up for a subscription to my new blog, in order to be notified as the work progresses. With a stellium in the fifth, Pisces Sun, and Leo Rising, you’d certainly have a lot of creativity and no doubt a flair for fashion. Donna Cunningham

  54. Hi Donna,
    I recently found that I have a stellium that includes my Sun, Jupiter, Mercury, Mars, Moon and Pluto. Although the stellium starts in Libra, it is based mostly in my 11th house of Scorpio. My sun and jupiter are the only planets in Libra and while I have always resonated more closely with Scorpio, everyone says that I am the epitome of a Libra woman; calm, cool and collected, but on the inside my emotions run far deeper than I can even put into words. I have also come to the conclusion that my sun and pluto are the two alpha planets. As for the 11th house influence, I would drop almost anything for a friend and am very hurt when they won’t do the same for me. And after I have been hurt by a friend, I isolate myself thinking that they’ll miss me once they realize how good of a friend I really am. While I am oh so aware of this, I believe that the Libra side of the stellium disallows my ability to talk/do anything about it, rather I just “forget about it” because I want everything to be good between my friends and I. I am also currently dealing with a heavy Saturn transit (while I’m only 18!) that will cover my entire stellium in the next 2 years, my Sun and Jupiter are feeling the start right now. And it is an exhausting feeling. With this stellium, I also have 7 houses empty (3,4,5,6,7,8 and 12). I can’t say that I feel like I’m missing much, but I might not even know what I’m missing.

    • Hi, Claudia, and welcome to the world of Stelliums. Yes, it does sound like Pluto is your Alpha, and all that you describe about your friendships sounds Plutonian–and so potentially painful. If there are parts of that pattern that you’d like to change rather than to struggle with them for years, you might want to get a copy of my book, /Healing Pluto Problems /from /Red Wheel/Weiser/ *. //*/Donna/

  55. Hello Donna

    I follow vedic astrology but it does not explain stelliums the way you have explained in this article.I am fascinated with all the information you have provided above.
    My details-2nd sep 1979 10:05 am Patiala(India)

    I feel the transit does not apply to me until they come in contact with the 5-11 house. I have a stellium in the 11th house.
    Transit of North Node,Jupiter through my 5th house was very exciting. Conjunction in my 11th house was good.

    My personal experience is there must be a planet in my 5th and 11th house to activate the 5/11 axis and my stellium.

    Please share your views on my chart.

  56. Greetings all,

    Sagittarius sun /Gemini moon, Sagittarius Rising

    I have a stellium of planets in my first house; the sun, Mercury, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune.

    I also seem to have a stellium of planets in Capricorn; Mercury, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune.

    I was wondering if anyone could shed some light on my predicament. If you need my whole chart I can send it to you.

    If it helps I have Jupiter retrograde in Cancer.

    Mars is in Scorpio, Pluto is in Scorpio, Lilith is in Scorpio, with Scorpio ruling the 12th house.

    • Hi, Solar. Yes, you do have two kinds of stelliums:
      A stellium by sign: Mercury, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune in Capricorn
      A stellium by house: Mercury, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune plus Sun in the first.
      As the two kinds of stelliums mostly overlap, they don’t create tension with one another, but rather strengthen the potential of all those Capricorn energies.

      In a couple of weeks, my Stellium Tool Kit will be out, and it would help you put the pieces together. Donna

      • Thanks for the reply, Donna.

        I definitely feel a very strong Capricorn/Saturn influence in my life. I’ve had issues with my family and father since a child and have always been the person the rest of my family rely on when they need something.

        I also find myself thinking and acting in a much more conservative way then an everyday Sag sun/Sag ascendant. Im always the person who filters out the bad ideas or lost causes in my group of peers, yet they also seek me out for guidance on personal issues. I’ve always been the quiet observer and a very deep thinker to the point where it interferes with my everyday life.

        I’d consider myself emotionally detached from most situations (Gemini moon) but I always feel that if it was necessary I have a storehouse of emotional energy waiting at my disposal. It’s as if it lays dormant until I either can’t control it or I deem it necessary to express myself.

        As a child I was incredibly outgoing and assertive and had a ton of friends and new people around me at all times. Now as I grow older I still have my very close friends but I’m much less engaging with people I see as not important to me, and I’ve become much more old fashioned in my pleasures.

        I guess my question is would you say my heavy Capricorn/Saturn influences would denote me more of a Sag/Cap cusp type person or am I just going through a Saturn maturing stage?

        Any input would be graciously appreciated, since I have a hard time with so many influences on my first house and the polarization of my sun/moon, sometimes I get lost trying to find the answer.

  57. Hi Donna, thanks for the great article!
    I have a Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto stellium (Libra) in my Virgo 6th house. I have my Sun, Mercury, and Uranus (Scorpio) in my Libra 7th house. Since I am a natal Scorpio and my 7th house (29 degrees LIbra) is intercepted by Scorpio. Would it be safe to say that Pluto is my super planet? How would I find my super planet? I am Plutonian for sure,but my Venus (in Capricorn) is the highest in my chart (9th house Sag) and though I have 3 planets in Scorpio and 3 in Libra, I feel the sign of LIbra is strongest in my chart. Any insights would be welcome. 🙂

  58. I am from aquarious lagna; my 8th house is virgo sign having sun,mars and mercury all put together.pls 10th house is having rahu in scorpio and 5th is with saturn in gemini and 7th house is with venus in leo. my career and personal life pls.

  59. Thanks for writing on this topic with some depth and insight.

    The mashup of sun-venus-saturn-mercury (and these if you want to include them: north node, chiron) are in my seventh house. I can’t say I have ever felt obsessive about any of my relationships. But the part about feeling submerged by the relationship or the other person has happened more than once.

    Singlehood is kind of awesome in comparison.


    • Unbroken link to my chart:

  60. Donna, I happened upon your site and find you impressive in your wisdom and ability to make your topic understandable.

    I have never really understood the focus of my stellium, but am coming to the conclusion that there must be something workable here. I think it holds the key to far more than my (presently diminished) bank account. I would like to understand more about how to use the information stored in my H2 as a way to focus more on empowerment, than lack of.

    I have the second house cup at 8 Libra. The line up is: Mars at 1, Fortuna at 5, and in the H2 Saturn at 12, Venus at 18, and Neptune at 20 Libra.
    I have a plethora of polarized experiences.
    I also am a Sun Sag and Scorpio Moon, both in H3.

    Of course I love all things cultural/beauty/Libra and am gifted in the arts….I know the romance of these things and can influence outwardly in a good way with this ability. The money (2H) issue is always looming… matter the talent, I have not been able to bring this middle or even, thus far…..I have not quite been able to get the key and be able to “flip” this. I look, and “it” all looks/appears stable/successful, but am kept with confines I have not been able to shift.

    If this were the story of the ant and the grasshopper, I am a bit more like the ant with that Saturn in H2, but found in the position of the grasshopper when winter rolled around.

    I understand karma, and cleansing, but I also understand that we can choose to place effort/energy for our own elevation or not. I need to better understand my allies here and how to transform this territory.

    Thank you for your work and for the generosity of your knowledge.

  61. Hello
    nice Article, very interesting to read

    I have a Stellium in Libra in the1 House with all Planets within 5 degree Orb. konjunction. and max 3 degree away from ascendant.
    ruler Venus is a part of the stellium @ the ascendant in libra
    its Mercury Venus Mars Pluto Ascendant konjunction Square MC in Cancer.
    Dominant Planet i think its Pluto.
    I tend to extreme behaviors … sometimes a life like a Crazy rollercoaster.
    The Planets are Rulers from 1,2,7,8 and 9 home.
    Insanity and genius … two extremes they cannot together but booth are a part of each other.

    P.S. Sorry for bad english

  62. this is the Chart.

  63. Are stelliums in angular houses even more pronounced? I have a 5 planet stellium in the 4th house, with the ASC ruler (mercury) exactly conjunct the IC. I have read that outer planets in a stellium are less significant personally. However my Uranus-Pluto conjunction here has pretty well dominated my life. I’m curious if that’s because the angular house has imbued it with more significance.

    • Patricia, so much material on stelliums, I don’t know where to begin. I do not agree that outer planets in a stellium are less significant–all my observations are that, as you have noted, they do tend to dominate. When two outer planets are conjunct as part of it, they are so slow moving that they affect an entire subgeneration, in terms of big issues they represent, but those big issues have an intense effect on the indivuals that have them woven strongly into their chart, as they would be in a stellium or multiple conjunction. For the Pluto-Uranus conjunction in Virgo that was in range during much of the 60s, the big issue for vast numbers of that group has the meaning of work and the ongoing search for Right Livelihood (finding a satisfying career that serves the collective as well).

      Oh, and yes, when a stellium planet is within 10 degrees of one of the four chart angles (Ascendant, Midheaven, IC, or Descendant), it is very strong indeed.

      I’ve just published an ebooklet on stelliums desinged to help understand individual stelliums, The Stellium Tool Kit. See the post elsewhere on this site. Donna Cunningham

      • i have seen the picture of my chart is a litl bit small.
        here again.

        my personality in short

        – a little bit crazy with sub personalities … like an actor but serious.
        – a missfortune magnet … horrible life.
        – ugly appear but a body like Bruce lee.
        – dont like close friendships … very distant person and non conformist.

      • I see that you have a stellium of 4 planets in Libra in the 12th house, so do search for and read the 7 articles on the 12th house on this blog. I have a good friend born very close to the same day as you with the same stellium but in the 5th house. He is absolutely brilliant, and totally charming. The Mercury-Mars-Pluto conjunction you both have makes for a very sharp and perceptive mind–like a steel trap! Watch your thinking, however, and keep it focused on achieving positive things, as a Mars-Pluto conjunction has tremendous power to manifest what it focuses on, for good or for ill. Read my article about Mars-Pluto aspects here: Donna

      • “For the Pluto-Uranus conjunction in Virgo that was in range during much of the 60s, the big issue for vast numbers of that group has the meaning of work and the ongoing search for Right Livelihood (finding a satisfying career that serves the collective as well).”
        Thanks for making this excellent comment, Donna! You may have answered the ponderings of my mind regarding my conj/stellium in Virgo. I feel like this is my mission and major obstacle, with most of the planets in my 2nd emphasizing the ‘value-driven vocation’ kind of attitude. Just makes it kind of difficult because that pretty much necessitates a life-long uncertain journey, not a concise answer and outcome as I would like. I’ve always figured my very strong relationship with my hippy mother was responsible for my identifying with many of her generation, but maybe it is this weird stellium too. Kinda sucks that I don’t have the same cohort “supporting” my efforts, but what can ya do. Also sucks that interpretations of the 2nd are so heavy on the material end of the spectrum–of course I want stable income, but I am very far from being a stockbroker or the like! Mine are probably very colored by my Moon in Pisces 8th, Jupiter rising, all earth career houses and Chiron Taurus MC. Sometimes I just want to collect a paycheck, ya know?! Haha. As a side note, I only wish you had clones who were NOT in retirement–there is simply no replacement for the brilliant way you read charts. Long time fan of your Dell column, the one thing that convinced me that astrology is not some underwaterbasketweaving-fancy of my mother’s but a very necessary and practical tool in which I only wish I had your insight.

      • Thank you so much for your kind words. Your generation with the conjunction in Virgo are my heros–such high quality contributions, regardless of the field.

        I also cannot understand why–with such an amazing Uranus–there are not more great astrologers from your generation. Maybe you are just too practical and grounded? Donna

  64. my niece & nephew are twins and have 5 planets in the 11th house – sun- 13:38:02, moon 7:16:43,,jup 11:26:19,, ket 16:54:44, mer 17:00:54
    with asc in aries

  65. Mercury, Mars, Uranus and Neptune are all in the 4th House and those planets’ sign is Capricorn. Pluto is in the 4th House but the sign is Scorpio.

    What does this mean??

    • You were one of a generation born in the late 1980s-mid 1990s with stelliums in Capricorn. Stelliums are very complicated to interpret, so many chart features acting on one sign and house of the chart that it can’t be boiled down to a sentence or a paragraph. In fact, I’m in the middle of writing an entire book to help people with stelliums interpret and manage these complicated combinations. Hang in there! Donna Cunningham

  66. Hello!
    Very interesting read. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

    I have a Stellium on the 8th house, Gemini. It involves Venus (ruler as my Asc is Libra), Mercury (this one falls in Taurus, not Gemini yet), Sun and Chiron. It all clicks a lot to what I want to study now which is some kind of alternative healing techniques like Chinese Medicine, Homeopathy, Acupuncture, etc.

  67. I have a natal stellium of 4 planets plus Vertex in my fifth house which is mostly virgo (Venus, Sun, Mars, Pluto). Sidearal.

    When in march 2009,
    1. a transiting stellium of 5 planets (Uranus, Mercury, Venus, Sun, Moon) happened in the opposing sign (Pisces) while
    2. transiting saturn was conjunct my stellium venus
    3. and transiting Pluto squared my stellium sun
    i gave birth to a child, whose vertex is bingo on my vertex as well. Also, I read somewhere that transiting venus-sun conjunction affecting a natal critical points gives a profound/ transformative ‘relationship’ event. On the day when my son was born the transiting Sun-venus conjunction was exactly opposite my super tightly conjunct mars-pluto conjunction of the stellium. Circumstances of this birth were most unusual, unexpected and shocking to the whole family to say the least.

    Looking back i realize most of my past romances started during a point within Feb-April, which is when a stellium is likely in Pisces.

    Recently when transting Uranus was opposite this mars-pluto conj., i met a man whose natal chart is too compatible to mine mirroring mine in many ways, to where it is driving me crazy and giving me sleepless nights (We have at least 25 DOUBLE WHAMMIES including ASC conj. DSC., Eros conj. Psyche, Sun conjunct Moon, Uranus conj. Mars etc)

    So i think Mars is my alphie because he is my ascendant lord and pluto co-alphie because he is a heavy weight and conjunct mars.
    I am looking forward to a similar stellium in Pisces in the coming weeks. Next year when Mars returns to the stellium in April it will be part of a grand square of Uranus, Jupiter and Pluto. I am expecting some big drama.

  68. I have a Leo stellium in h6… Sun,moon,merc, and mars… My moon and merc are combust both 1.5 orb behind the sun.. My sun is widely conjunction mars.. 9 orbs.

    Although Leo does describe my inner self, my actions and behavior is way more Virgo.
    Both my kids have Virgo moons, I think that alone shows how much Virgo I display outer ward…

    Even with all that Leo, I’m not out going, I have very few friends, mostly just through work.. I’m introverted and I go to work and come home… My Venus in h4… In cancer…. My Venus is a singleton… I feel my Venus very strongly, only it’s surrounded my fire

    I’m not in a medical profession, I prefer behind the scenes type of work… I like to work alone at my own pace..
    I am the Leo mgr though. 😉

    • Hi, Shawna, my long observation, people who have several planets placed in certain houses are often more like the sign associated with that house than they are the actual sign of the planets there. I noticed it first and most often with the 6th house, which is associated with Virgo. In my early days in astrology, my jobs were in medical settings, and of course, I eagerly did as many coworkers charts as possible, expecting I’d find lots of Virgo Suns and Moons. That wasn’t the case at all, I was surprised to discover. Instead, they tended to have jam-packed 6th houses, regardless of their actual signs. (You’re not in a medical setting but it sounds like your work ethic is almost textbook Virgo and not at all Leo, despite the stellium.) Donna

      • Yes.. Thank u… I agree having 4 personally planets in h6 over ride the Leo, and gives me heavy Virgo traits… Saturn sections my stellium also, which grounds me… I have an earth void, but I think the packed h6 makes up for it…..
        Also my Leo has progressed in Virgo since age 15..

        The medical industry never really interested me, although social work, and law enforcement did.

        I’m in the travel industry, I just kind of fell into it by chance…
        I have Jupiter in h10 and Saturn in h3…
        I think that’s where my career is showing…

        My Pisces asc along with the packed h6, makes me very uncomfortable around strangers… I work behind the scenes, no customer contact… But I’m still the boss, so I’m good…lol

        What I notice mostly is that I show people the Virgo side of me… Later on, once I have trust and effect ion I will then express my Leo…. I don’t just show that side of me, to just anyone…

        Thanks for the article and the reply.. Much appreciated.

      • A very interesting analysis, Shawna–even more than the health focus, the 6th does show a really strong work ethic. And I think social work is a 6th house profession. Donna

  69. If calculated correctly, my score is 149 for a stellum in Virgo splayed across the 1st and 12th houses, using a Placidus chart as follows:

    1st House
    Sun – Virgo
    Moon – Virgo
    Ascendant – Virgo
    Mars – Virgo

    12th House
    Venus – Virgo (sometimes read in 1st house)
    Pluto – Virgo

    Uranus and Mercury are also in 12th house both in Leo


    Sun conjunct Ascendant, Moon, Venus, Pluto
    Moon conjunct Ascendant, Pluto
    Venus conjunct Ascendant, Pluto
    Pluto conjunct Ascendant
    Mercury conjunct Venus, Pluto (and Uranus)

    10 degrees to Ascendant and Midheaven

    Moon conjunct Ascendant within 6.0 degrees
    Neptune sextile Ascendant within 3.8 degrees
    Venus conjunct Ascendant within 1.9 degrees
    Pluto conjunct Ascendant within 4.5 degrees
    Sun square Midheaven within 5.3 degrees

    Plus I have a yod aspect — Neptune in Scorpio sextile to Virgo stellum quincunxing my south node in Aries. And Chiron retrograde in Aquarius in my 6th house.

    Other than a huge amount of karmic payback in this lifetime, I’m not sure why I have such intense Virgo energy. Am also not sure what my soul purpose is meant to do with this energy other than heal (hopefully on a spiritual/energetic/love level rather than medical healing). It would be interesting to know what your first reaction would be if you saw this stellum in a chart and how you would guide a person to make the best use of that Virgo energy, which as you can imagine is rather overwhelming given the classic ‘critical nature’ associated with Virgos.

    Thanks very much.

  70. I have a 5 planet stellium in my Sun sign (Virgo), which is intercepted in the 7th house, and 3 planets of the 5 are in Virgo, two of them in Libra. As I started to interest myself to astrology I wondered what this meant. My Sun is also intercepted with Jupiter and Saturn, which is co-ruler of my ascendant Aquarius.

    As I remember I never felt that I hate Virgo: my mom and some relatives are Virgos as well and I am fond of their manner. But I certainly felt that I am not that punctual, down to earth, humorless type. And nor are they. I guess Virgo is sometimes a misinterpreted sign.

    What I think about regarding this stellium is that finding a proper relationship is hard, because people don’t see me as I see myself, it is mainly harder to get to know me well as others. I remember to be contious about my actions at an early age but often got startled by how other saw me. And that made me wonder and and ponder if I truly know myself. My lesson was to say yes, I know myself and I am aware of my actions and my motives.

  71. Hi Donna,
    I’d like to know more about myself and have found Astrology a great way to learn. I have Mars/Sun at 16″ cancer and Uranus at 18″, all in the 2nd house.
    Plus Venus, Jupiter and the Moon are in close proximity in the 12th house, Gemini.

    Any thoughts? Thanks,


    • Hi, Daniel, you don’t have a stellium, as they must have at least four planets, but what you do have are two triple conjunctions, and the triple conjunctions are quite strong and often seen in entertainers and other iconic figures. You could learn to interpret them and find stress busters by using my Stellium Tool Kit, which you can read about on the front page of this blog under “Stellium Information.” Also, there’s a series of a dozen articles on the 12th house here on SkyWriter, which you can find by using the onsite search engine at the top right hand corner of the front page. I believe there is also an article or two about Mars-Uranus conjunctions. Donna

  72. I see a protective unusual male spirit, loved by the gals!

  73. Hi Donna, the May 25, 2013 lunar eclipse is opposing my solar return and is my birthday…Sun 4 conj Jupiter 7 and N. Node 13 conj. Venus 16 in Gemini in 8H. 8H stellium squares an almost stellium in Virgo Uranus 10/Pluto 13/Mars 15. Sadly, loss of income is already in the works. Happy Memorial weekend!

  74. Hi there, Donna!

    I have a stellium of six planets in Capricorn (Mars-3rd House, Uranus-3rd House, Neptune-3rd House, Mercury-4th House, Venus-4th House, Saturn-4th House) in Capricorn, all conjunct with my IC. That’s a pretty complicated soup – I know! I also have Sun and True Node in Aquarius, also in the Fourth House, but slightly apart from the stellium. Obviously, the Third and Fourth Houses are the most important in my chart..
    I’spose I do come off as a bit serious because of my Capricorn influence, so I do identify with my stellium. I also have a well aspected Pluto in my second house, so I also reflect a bit of Scorpio at times 🙂

    • Hello, animated. Yep, that’s a huge stellium. You are part of a gigantic and extraordinary group born during 1988-99 with that triple conjunction of Saturn-Uranus-Neptune in Capricorn–millions worldwide. Every child born on the planet in 5 months of 1988 and every single day of 1989 had it, and during the winter months, there were Sun, Mercury, and Venus in Capricorn as well. I’ve made a special study of your group, have lectured, and taught seminars, and will have a chapter about it in my book on stelliums to be published this fall. (The Stellium Handbook: An Owner’s Manual) Sign up for a subscription to Skywriter, and you’ll be notified when it’s ready. Donna

  75. Hi

    I have stellium in 9th house (jupiter, mercury, venus and neptune. i am aries asc and sag sun sign. what the stellium indicates to my chart?

    • Hi, Archer, interpreting a stellium is very complex, so no quick and easy answers here. I’m writing a book on the subject. There are a few articles on Stelliums here on Skywriter, so start by reading those. Donna

  76. I thought this was really helpful.

    I have a six-planet stellium in Capricorn in the 7th house. I took your tests and Venus was the strongest planet by about 12 points, but once I realized that the planet ruling my MC could be the alpha dog, I became confused between Venus and Neptune.

    Can there be two alpha dogs or just one? Also, ALL of the stellium planets oppose my ascendant. Does this mean they’re all trying to, for lack of a better phrase, “beat it up”? That’d be pretty mean. What does that mean?

    • Hi, Darrah, I’ve been studying your huge generation with the Capricorn stelliums (about 1988-95 or so), and those stelliums are complicated but powerful. I’ll be teaching an online seminar about it this fall with Gretchen Lawlor–stay tuned for an announcement if it sounds like something helpful.

      No, planets conjunct the Descendant (the 7th house cusp) and therefore opposite the Ascendant DON’T beat up the Ascendant. They describe who we attract as partners and intensify the importance of relationships. Again, this is too complicated to address on a blog post, but it is one of the topics in that seminar and is a chapter in the book I’m finishing on stelliums. (To receive notices about the seminar and book, subscribe to this blog.)

      As for the Alpha Dog, it’s not as simple as which one has the highest score, because they could be virtually tied. You have to test it out by watching what happens as the monthly Moon triggers those planets and see which one reacts the most strongly. I’d venture to say that Venus is yours, given that its 6 planets in the 7th, the house of relationships, and Venus is most associated with the 7th and most associated with love. Donna

      • I am really interested in any info you have about this Capi generation as my SO has this aspect. She has Neptune, Saturn, Vesta and Uranus in Capi on her 9th house but very close to her MC. I think it’s very influential on her and it clashes a lot with her other Stellium on her 5th in Leo with Her South Node, Mars, Venus and Mercury.

  77. Hi
    Thank you for this interesting article. In return I will follow your plea for personal impressions on my stellium.
    I have a stellium in the 4th house in Virgo with Pluto, a fused Mars and Jupiter, Uranus, also the South Node, and Mercury are placed in this house.
    Uranus, Node, and Mercury are situated in Libra. Libra does seem farther away from me, but I believe this roots in the fact that my subn sign is Scorpio (Sun and Neptune in 5th house). The stellium is opposed by Chiron and Saturn (opp. Mercury) in 10. I have an uncommon family of women, don’t know nothing about my father, am deeply routed, very independent, have a strong access to dreams and can act well on my intuition, have a very good perception for my body, I feel like an old soul. I prefer introversion to extroversion. I believe the best horoscope classification I have read was called Aztec Horoscope and my sign was “Movement”; I love change. I can start a Thousand things but might need a long time to finish them, if at all. On the other hand, at the office, I seem to work best when multitasking. I have a good memory (at my first job, the trainees gave me the nickname “Computer” for the amount of stuff I could memorize). I don’t have much respect for the authorities, but a lot of moral courage. What else could be linked to my stellium? Hm, I am member of a club for the intellectually gifted. And even if this comment might not aide the impression, I am quite shy and not talkative. I like the idea of living in a silent monastery. (But with the Sun in 5 it is not suprising that I have favored being a mother.)

    My child has a stellium with 6 planets involved in the 11th an 12th house.
    Sun (Capricorn) and Jupiter (Sagittarius) are in conjunct in 10 but, as pointed ot, in different signs.
    The stellium is Merury and Mars fused, Moon, Neptune, Uranus in 11 and Venus in 12. Moon, Neptune, Uranus are combined in a T-Square with the Nodes. During toddler and pre-school age he was very open, straigthforward, active, self-dependent, and inventive. The first deep encounter with a social institution, I am referring to school, was decelerating. He went from private school to secondary school, to secondary technical school, to secondary modern school. In the end he graduated as pupil with the best results but was definitely not wiling to invest any more time into school. After this he was having a phase of intent social withdrawal (but not in a depressive, more in a self-contained, independent way). I am curious to experience how his story is going to unfold, even though I have the feeling that his time of bright florescence might well lie after my fading away, i.e., in his older days.

    I have bookmarked your page and will surely come back to read more of your articles.

    Have a nice time,

    • … I didn’t really answer your questions, so:

      Do you identify with your stellium sign—and if not, why don’t you?

      I feel like a Scorpio through and through, but I believe to have different Virgo characterisitics. But maybe it is simlpy difficult to distinct if the feeling of the depth (of the soul) is rooting in Scorpio or in house 4 😉

      What happens with the empty houses?

      I can only say something for 2 and 7, for the others there is nothing coming to mind right now.
      2: I am not good in the aspects of saving money.
      7: I am a single by choice, and guess that I have already been this in my fantasy as a child.

      And which planet is the Alpha Dog?
      Not sure, this is a new idea to me, but I believe it is Pluto. (Or could it be Uranus?)

      And I believe that in times when Venus, Sun, and Mercury start to wander along my stellium (the period between August and October) I start to get very active, brooding, and initiative. This might also mean, I will/prepare to quit my job and move somewhere else. I will look at this with more attention now.


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    I love this. Great info on stelliums!! Shine on!

  79. hi donna,

    i have stellium in 8th house sagittarius

    mercury & venus 21 sag
    jupiter 13 sag
    neptune 2 sag

    and sun 29 scorpio. and 2 T squares.

    is it rare birth chart?

    • They’re all rare, Archer, which is why I’ve been working on a book about stelliums and how to interpret them. It’s due out in a week or two, so stay tuned. Donna

  80. 5 planets In Libra, mars in the eighth house. Saturn Venus moon and Neptune in the ninth. Sagittarian sun.
    I definitely relate to both the Sagittarian quality of the Stellium and the Libra quality. Saturn rules the roost. Uranus square in cancer, Jupiter loosely opposite in Aries. Uranus/ saturn square with personal planets quite difficult.Clearly feel the cycle when the sun in particular goes through Libra but even more so when Mars passes through every two years. Emotional turmoil and social upheaval often occur. Mars is about to pass through again in December 2013 into first 5 months of 2014, as mars will retrograde over the area. Also transiting Uranus entering into picture. Preparing to do artistic creative healing during this next six months. Striving to be responsive rather than reactive to the dynamics. Any suggestions? Over time able to see a most unusual kind of gift is active in this stellium dynamic, however painful and often involves much sacrifice. Need to cultivate heightened sense of surrender.
    Any thoughts?

    • Hi, Shar, stelliums are really complicated, and an interpretation would take pages of writing. That’s what The Stellium Handbook is designed to do–to help a person with a stellium make sense of their own chart. I am retired from doing chart interpretation in order to devote my time to writing. Donna

  81. Hello again! 🙂 I have 4 planets in house 1 : the moon, saturn,neptun,and uranus with saturn badly aspected, uranus and neptune retrograde ..and 3 planets in house 4 : the sun, mercury and venus. How would I be described because a stelium in house 1 isn it like having multiple can I integrate all this? How an astrologer would describe such a person? Thanks.

    • Narina, you are part of a generation of millions of people born around the world in 1988-90 with that Uranus-Neptune-Saturn conjunction in Capricorn. It’s far too complicated to analyze in a blog comment–and too important in your life, especially so strongly emphasized by being near the Ascendant. Mynew book on stelliums would lead you through the analysis, step by step, and it also devotes an entire chapter to that super-conjunction. Read about it here:

      Oh, and P.S. all three planets were retrograde and conjunct for five months of 1989. So, it isn’t just about you, it’s about your whole generation.

  82. Thank you! ( I am born in 92..and I think that Saturn is in Aquarius-only Neptune and Uranus in Capricorn…so maybe, this changes a little) And yes, I am aware that it’s not all about me, I didn’t say that.Just wanted to know more about it.They are huge planets who take their time to move. I will read everything related to it. Have a good day!

  83. Hello…I am a pain in the butt, I know…just wondering about the dark side of astrology,ok,no..ab dark side of humanity…recently ve’been reading about schizo, psychopaths,murder, rape and victims and planetary aspects .Why would I do that?:! no idea. But somewhat people who are on the bright side of life are annoying( personal opinion)…dark must be integrated, without evil where will be the good? Ok. now here’s the most stupid question I ever asked : Is there any slight risk of me being a victim of murder/rape just because of mars square uranus, venus opposite pluto, saturn square pluto, sun opposite pluto? The astrologers on that site..would say to others : oh..just because you have mars square uranus that won;t happened necessarily to you, than on other :oh just because you have venus square sat…etc. …it were different sites, various…and after reading them all..I have an 3 “evil ” that from their perspective make me a victim. Can you please give me a link about saturn and pluto? And yes…I am staying away from bad boys.

    • Hi, Narina, I share your reservations about astrologers who are what I call “terminally positive” and who only report on tough chart aspects in the most glowing terms, never seeing the problems. They leave their clients open to being blind-sided when something bad happens, rather than being open to discussing the difficult potentials in a particular natal aspect or transit.

      My approach to discussing difficult chart placements, especially if those parts of the chart are being set off by tough transits, is a best case/worst case approach. I describe the aspect and then ask the client questions to find out how they have realistically used the combination in the past and how they are using it now. If they’re using it well now, I’m less concerned. However, if they are using it self-destructively now or if past events related to the combination have been traumatic, then we need to take the negative potential seriously.

      For instance, suppose a Mars/Uranus conjunction, square, or opposition is being triggered by transiting Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, or Pluto. And let’s further suppose they are in a relationship with a guy who has a volatile temper, a history of violence, or has been in a battering relationship in the past. Then the potential for being a victim is very serious. Or, suppose, with that combination, they have been accident prone. Suppose they admit to reckless driving, driving under the influence, or texting while they are driving. Then I would warn them that an accident is possible during the time period in question. Or it might involve any number of risky behaviors, like going out to clubs and coming home with strangers.

      * It’s not about big, bad Mars and Uranus up in the sky, just waiting to make you a victim. It’s about how you handle the parts of you that Mars and Uranus represent. *

      The possibility of being a victim isn’t the first thing I ‘d think of with Pluto aspects to Venus and the Sun. It’s more a question of getting involved repeatedly in intense and compelling relationships where control issues, possessiveness, and jealousy become serious issues. That can be passionate but eventually toxic and terribly painful. If that describes your relationships, you might gain a good deal of self-awareness by reading my book, Healing Pluto Problems.

      I hope this helps. Donna Cunningham

  84. Thank you! I was indeed in a toxic relationship where emotional and verbal abuse happened to me. I tried to let go of that person ….and said I’d leave that person 4 times. Only succeded in doing so 2 times. And now for good. I thought I he calls me..just “as friends”…but last night almost made me I don’t know how succesfull I was. From what I issues are jealousy and posessivness..I have it in me..but not always manifesting..and’s because I have low self-esteem..and I know that reason also. But it was an almot hell -relationship to get involved with a guy who was playing mind-games and saying thinngs like ” I can cheat you. But I don’t. But how can you know for sure..oh common..I was joking. ” Nope. He was a playboy with a long history. And he was my first relationship. I talked to a psychologue and that person told me to stop protecting him and assuming all the blame .Now I think he has major issues ..complexity issues which he hides using his long sexual history, to be seen as a real man.
    and verbal intimidation.. I am jealous ..but I amount confidence when I feel that somebody appreciates me and I can feel his sincerity,. We both don;t have a father..and he also’s got venus opposed pluto..and sun opposed moon..and many more…Oky..sorry for the long and boring intro ..into my personal life.But I think an astrologer would want to know also about social and psychological issues to get a wider frame..excuse me if I am in the wrong.I want to read everything about it. MILLION THANKS!

  85. And one more thing…I re-read the message I sent…and I sound like a selfish shrew blaming all on the boy. Sometimes I am. The realiity kicks harder. He is responsibile for his behaviour..and I am responsible for accepting his behaviour. My fear is that I will go on with this pattern. While other people pass through..rape,incest, hurricanes…here am I bitching about things like this. I am not proud of this . And now I really want to say an honest “thank you”-it counts more than the previous million thanks. Just because you listened to this. It makes a huge difference. That’s it.

    • Oh, Narina, don’t put yourself down for your relationship. We love with the heart, not the head, and it’s really hard to let go of a passionate relationship. I broke up with the love of my life 13 times before I was finally able to get out of it. I don’t know how my friends put up with listening to me about him all those years, but they did. Donna

  86. Dear Donna, Thank you for this fascinating info. I’m only just getting into astrology, and only just found out about stelliums as I was wondering what would be the impact of having 5 planets in my 6th house): pluto (under libra), saturn & jupiter (under scorpio) and the moon and uranus (under saggitarius).

    The thing is I find it very hard to motivate myself to do menial tasks, both at work and at home. I am messy, disorganized and a tad lazy (or I just prefer to have my focus elsewhere) only when I feel like I am really contributing to the wellbeing of others with my work am I satisfied.

    I am a capricorn with gemini ascendant, and my north node in 1st house cancer, but besides being fairly practical, I have never related to my capricorn sun side at all, I work because I have to, and occasionally when I find that I am actually really helping others through my work, I really do derive pleasure from it, but generally, I’d much rather spend my time exploring spiritual pursuits, learning to meditate or starting a family and being a caregiver.

    I read somewhere that this many planets in the 6th house could also indicate that you could become a mentor to others, and that’s a role I’d find endlessly more fulfilling, but I’m not sure if this is not just wishful thinking on my end. I had understood that the North node indicates what your main task in this lifetime should be, so with my north node being 1st house cancer wouldn’t that resonate with being a caregiver or nurturer, much more than the ambitious career oriented woman I don’t feel that I am despite all these planets in my 6th house & my capricorn sun sign?

    • Hello, Mussi. Stelliums contain many contradictions because the planets in the group often have many qualities that are at odds with one another. It’s far too complicated to analyze in a blog comment–and too important in your life. My new book on stelliums would lead you through the analysis, step by step, and it also devotes an entire chapter to that super-conjunction. Read about it here:

  87. I have 6 Planets in Aquarius including Sun,Moon ,Ascending,Venus,Jupiter,and Mercury .I always wondered why I can’t ever seem to get a balance on things ,I am always at one Extreme or another.

  88. i have 5 planets in my 10th house libra – they are mercury, venus,sun,saturn and jupiter all in libra. can i know the effects?

    • Well I personally think that you are very ambitious (10th house) will be successful and spend most of your energies into your career. Your public image is not in conflict with who you are (you libra sun). Look up famous people with full 10 house and get happy lol. 🙂 I really can’t say much else you need to be more specific and to include the whole chart. And I think definitely Social responsibility, being diplomatic, and finding the balance in your life will be important themes of your life. Finding balance through your career. This is just a little brainstorming, hope this helps.

  89. Hello Donna,

    Excuse me for my grammar mistakes, since English is not my first language. I would like to thank you for writing this great article on stelliums, I had a hard time finding anything noteworthy and something that deepened my understanding on this subject.I have a stellium and had a very hard time figuring out my alpha planet and what role the stellium took in my life.
    My stellium is Jupiter (26 libr)- sun (1 scorp) conj. , and mars (19 scorp) – mercury (22 scorp) – pluto (24 scorp) conj all in the third house; Pluto is conj IC (28 scorp) and maybe true node 4 sagg. The problem is that I have a Virgo rising (mercury chart ruler) and the stellium is in the scorpio so mars and pluto are the rulers and in the 3rd house of communications. On my strongest planets are Mercury,saturn, and pluto in the descending order. I can’t say that I relate more to gemini then to scorpio (perhaps of the rulers in place and the sun being present there), but I can feel the restless and anxious energy of the gemini, I am always mentally intense and wired and find it hard to relax and stop my mind from running over thousand and thousand thoughts per second lol. I am a deep thinker. Sometimes I say something while I’m still deep in my thoughts that relates to what I am thinking but nobody else understands me and I always have to go back and explain my whole thought process and how I got there. But I am not sure how to work with this stellium, and strangely enough I have been always bad with my speeches, learning languages, or writing. However something I have found out quite recently about myself is that I am able to always open some “new truths” to myself while talking to someone or debating. I know all of them on my own but I am only able to synthesize and make it conscious while talking to somebody or debating. Otherwise those hidden “truths” are staying below the surface keep on torturing and keeping me restless. I think I just did it again. 🙂 I stop here cause I am all fired up again and keep coming up with new and new ideas to share and talk about 🙂 Well I was just hoping to hear your input on these thoughts of mine and if you could help me by giving your opinion or (anyone else’s who is willing to help) on my alpha planet.

    Thank you in advance, and hopefully you can spare me some of painful brooding over this subject 🙂

    • Hello, Restless, and also Ramya, you both have big stelliums, and it is so important to sort out all the pieces and how they work together. They can be great gifts, and yet they are so complicated and such a huge focus of energy in one area of life, that it’s hard to keep a balance. There’s just no way to give you a short answer in the comment section. My ebook on stelliums, The Stellium Handbook, will give you insight into each piece…the house, sign, and all the planets involved..and then you can print out the interpretations for each piece. It also gives you self-help tools for each planet involved, and something called a Stellium Worksheet that you create for yourself. Donna

  90. I have a stellium including Uranus,jupiter,mars,moon in 1st house Aquarius. pluto ,mercury in 11th house sagi and saturn 3rd house aries. Surprisingly,i have no planet in eastern hemisphere,lol. (my uranus is dominant).

  91. Hi Donna! I’ve heard you say four planets, and I’ve heard you say three planets. Would you include the angles/points as “planets”? I have a conjunction of Sun13’/VenusRx15’/MC16’/Uranus16′ in Scorpio, 11th house (I’m using Whole Sign Houses), and I relate to a lot of what I’ve read here and in your confessional article about your own 11th house stellium (Help! I love my friend more than he loves me!!). Mine is getting activated right now by exact aspects (sextile and quincunx) from Pluto and Uranus, as well as trines from Chiron and Jupiter. This is definitely a wild time for me.

    So, before these transits, I’ve had my focus squarely fixed on my 12th house (Merc3’/Mars4′ and Neptune in Sag; Mercury and Mars make a trine to Jupiter in the 8th and a square to Saturn in the 9th), — but now I’m thinking these are largely 11th house matters. I’ve been trying to work out issues around organized religion — i.e. am I destined to be an outsider (honestly, Donna, I think I’m a Cathar; HELP! my people were exterminated in the 13th century!!), or can I “infiltrate” and reform from within (I seem both drawn to and repelled by the structure). Despite conservative elements in the church, I really want to belong to a Catholic or Episcopal community, but my interpretations of their doctrines are fairly unique (from a very psychological/archetypal, paradoxical, and mystical perspective), and I don’t want to have to be dishonest, evasive, or surreptitious about that.

    As a refuge from this conundrum, I throw myself into a book I’m writing (mostly aphorisms and homilies; “Humility works hard to satisfy its pride”, etc.), but, of course, that’s just another tangle of serpents.

    You don’t have to offer any answers — I know you don’t really do that — but maybe my story can provide some further insight for your work. Thanks for listening. I love your work.

    • Hi, Stephen. I don’t work with whole sign houses, so I don’t know how it works, but how did the MC wind up in your 11th house? The reason I wouldn’t use WS houses in interpreting is 1) it buries the true Midheaven, which is a point of power that strengthens a planet conjunct it considerably, and 2) the house placement of a stellium is very important, as it reveals much about what areas of life the energy of the stellium is focused on.

      Three planets are a triple conjunction, not a stellium, but more notables have triple conjunctions than steliums. The Midheaven doesn’t count as a planet would, but it considerably enhances the power of that potent Scorpio trio.

      Interesting about the Cathars…and Scorpio can have that reforming zeal. Donna

  92. Thank you, Donna. That’s encouraging about the “notables”. My Uranus is definitely powerful — in fact, I’ve never seen its equal (besides what I described, it also rules my Moon and parallels both my Sun and Moon). I hear what you’re saying, and I often resort back to Placidus, but I’ve had so many significant “hits” with the Whole Sign system, it’s been hard to cast aside. Interpretations of the Sagittarius planets in the 12th make particular sense to me. I don’t relate much to the 10th, at all. I’m anything but worldly, and have no career to speak of — I collect disability, and my ambitions, though substantial, seem to be more of the 11th house ideal variety. Thank you again. Stephen

  93. Hi Donna,

    Thanks for a great article and all of your responses to comments are very interesting and generous, too.

    I’m still a little bit confused as to whether I have a stellium or rather just two lots of three planets in conjunction all in the same house.

    I have North Node, Sun, Venus, Neptune all conjunct in Sagg at the very end of my tenth house and Mars, Mercury, Mid Heaven all conjunct at the beginning of the tenth house all conjunct Uranus that sits just outside of the tenth in the 9th house.

    Does this class as a stellium? Thank you for your time.


    • The north node doesn’t count as a planet nor does the Midheaven, but you do have a stellium with Sun, Venus, Neptune, Mars, and Mercury in the 10th. There are two kinds of stelliums–stelliums that consist of four or more planets in one sign (a stellium by sign) plus stelliums that consist of four or more planets in the same house (a stellium by house).

      In addition, the Sun, Venus, and Neptune form a triple conjunction–a very strong aspect I also cover in The Stellium Handbook. Mars, Mercury, and Uranus are also a triple conjunction, made even stronger by being on the Midheaven.

      If you’re wanting to explore all those planets in the tenth, The Handbook will explain each part of the combination piece by piece, along with ways to get the most out of the combination. Donna

      • Thanks Donna. My mind was in information overload! I have just sent through though the funds to purchase your book. Am really looking forward to reading. The excerpt is great.

  94. Is it possible for a planet is is not officially part of a stellium (but related by triple conjunction) to be an alpha dog of a stellium? I’m pretty certain my Uranus is… It sits just shy of my tenth house stellium in Scorpio on the 9th house/10th house cusp. It conjuncts Mercury, then Mars – following these respectively are Sun, Venus, Neptune all in Sagittarius (sun by just a hair breadth).

    In my reckoning it becomes the leading planet of the stellium. Would you agree, Donna or other commenters? It is also my chart ruler (aquarius ascendent).

    If not Uranus next in line would be Neptune. Neptune is conjunct my Sun and Venus. Square my Moon and Jupiter. My moon and Jupiter are in Pisces (more Neptune) in the second house. The whole lot is trined by Saturn in the 6th which has a steadying affect, I suppose…

    I think my chew toy for Uranus is astrology! I’m a painter and jeweller but have to spend at least a portion of every day reading or studying astrology
    If not astrology then at least some type of philosophical text.

    • It’s possible that Uranus is Alpha. It is strong by virtue of being on the Midheaven, plus it is the lead planet in the combination. And your chart ruler as well. TYo determine the Alpha planet you have to observe it in action in various situations and see if it’s the strongest influence. (Follow the Moon through your stellium a few months.) No one else can determine your Alpha, you have to observe it for a while. Donna

      • This is so intense. So many things about my childhood, early adult hood, life (!) are becoming clear. I’ve already written ten pages on the Pluto transits alone and have just gotten my boyfriend to buy me your book to send as I’m in the country right now.

        It’s so interesting – any outer planet that leads into the stelium also has a big effect as it transits the stellium in your formative years. For instance, Uranus on my midheaven is my lead planet to the stellium in the 10th house and although Pluto is not conjunct it is not that far away in the 9th house, the same house as Uranus my chart ruler and the house of my Sun/Sagittarius.

        I can track the course of Pluto’s transit over my stellium and through the houses very clearly. I’ve also been madly seeking out and looking up significant people in my life’s charts and there is a strong Pluto influence.

        My grandfather was a feared standover man in the Melbourne underworld though I never met him he of course influenced what my Father expressly DIDN’T want to be but didn’t know how not to be in away. All my parents ever wanted was a nice family and white picket fence and in some ways they created it by divorcing Pluto entirely from their lives. My Mother has Pluto conjunct Sun and had a traumatic upbringing, too. She is the most gentle and poignantly tender person you could ever meet and has been invalid in bed for many many years my Mum, Dad and Sister all live together in a full on toxic atmosphere, my sister has very bad mental problems, aggressive behaviors and plays the role as scapegoat in a way for all the family woes. It’s like SHE is living out Mum and Dad’s boiling unexpressed rage! I shared a room with her most of my childhood and she was very domineering and physical, once breaking my arm in a fight. It’s very bad for her. It’s tragic. She is underneath it all very sensitive, whip smart and has an almost preternatural instinct for keying into psychological weaknesses in other people which is unfortunately used for manipulation but if channeled could have been brilliant at some type of profession, she has Pluto square Mars and square a few other tgings too and not one planet in water, she only has one planet in earth, her sun.

        And this is really freaky, most of my boyfriends have significant Pluto. 4 have had Sun conjunct Pluto like my Mum. Woah. That was like… really weird to see. The other 2 Pluto in the first house and lots of Scorpio. All ended really really really badly. Traumatic. Not abusive or anything like that but a coldness that felt unbearable. I’m getting to the bottom of why I want these relationships so much. Why I want to merge with this energy in such an obsessive way, of course they always start off so well in the beginning.

        It makes me think of this poem that I saw, can’t remember the author.

        I had an Aunt from Yucatán who brought a python from a man and kept it as a pet.
        She died because she never knew some some simple little rules and few,
        The snake us living yet!

      • Sorry for the super long comment. I guess what I’m trying to say is that although Pluto does not necessarily look that significant in my chart in regards to aspects, it’s proximity leading up to my stellium and therefore it’s transitory influence makes it significant indeed.

        Sorry also for the many spelling and grammatical errors I only have my phone for internet.

  95. Hi Donna,

    It’s really amazing how you continue to answer all these comments. It makes me smile. Well, I hope I’m one of those who can be enlightned by your wisdom 🙂

    I am hoping you could help me figure out if I have a stellium or if it’s just me trying hard to connect the dots.

    I have Mercury, Moon and Pluto in 6th house Libra. But my Venus (my 6th house ruler) it’s at the end of 5th house, like 89′ from the line.
    All of these sounds like I’m trying to force myself into stellium but I also have Sun, Mercury and Venus in Libra.

    I am 99% Libra. Not 100% because I’m not always in love or having many partners because of my 7th house Saturn 🙂 Well, I am also a little bit of Virgo (my Mars says that too) because I find logic, compassion, justice and ethic values for life.

    Hope you can help me.

    • Hi, Maria, there are two kinds of stelliums–stelliums by sign and stelliums by house. You have 5 planets in Libra, so you definitely have a stellium by sign. And with planets so near the 5th/6th cusp, you might just have a stellium by house as well. If your time of birth is off by just four minutes, the house cusp would change….and we seldom have a birth time, even on a birth certificate that is precise to the minute. Don’t worry–you’re one of us stellium folks!

      If you wanted to analyse your stellium and all it’s conjunctions piece by piece, you might have a look at my new ebook, the Stellium Handbook. Donna

  96. Hi, Donna thank you so much for your answer 🙂 I explained myself wrong. Sorry. I have Sun, Venus & Mercury in Libra. My Moon & Pluto are in Scorpio. It seems like I have a tight flow between the 5th (Virgo) & the 6th (Libra) because 3 planets in the 5h (Mars, Sun, Venus) and planets in the 6th (Mercury, Moon, Pluto).

    I told you I was trying hard to connect the dots :p

    Stellium Handbook? I’m already searching for it!

    Thanks, again, for your prompt reply 🙂

    • So, with 3 planets in the 5th and 3 in the 6th, you might find yourself working in a career that’s involved with children, romance, leisure activities, or creativity. The Handbook is an ebook, and e not in stores. See the tab “My Books” on the front page of Skywriter. Donna

  97. I was just reading the sample of your book and I was puzzled (Yup, again) by the notion of triple conjunction. Those 3 planets in the 6th house might or miggnt not be the case. Mercury is at 27º45′ Libra, Pluto is at 8º28′ Scorpio and Moon is at 17º47. I know, two of the planets must be less than 8º apart. But the Moon is involved 🙂

    I’m sorry for bothering you this much but I’m a Gemini Rising in the pursuit of knowledge.

    Anyway, thanks, again and again 🙂

    • No, I think it’s too wide for a triple conjunction. Just see it as a concentration of energy in the 6th house, and therefore a strong emphasis on the matters of that house, like daily work or health concerns.

  98. Thanks, Donna.

    I think your totally right. That house has a lot of emphasis in my life. I was raised by my grandmother so being the eldest I had to take care of the house. A few years ago my grandmother had a stroke so she just lost a lot of her energy. I had just finished my master in Social Communication. I had to stay at home. It still drives me mad because sometimes it’s like very boring to have all that responsability in my hands. But it’s my dutie 🙂 The only way I can escape and recharge my energies is by playing drums at our fantastic bag pipe and percussion group 🙂

    Thank you again for replying every time 🙂

    • It must be very frustrating to be ready to start a new career and then have it interrupted. I do believe, however, that everything unfolds in its Diving Right Time, and nothing happens before its time. There are important reasons for delays. (usually related to Saturn natally and/or by transit.)

      In the meantime, what kinds of things can you do now to be fully prepared when you’re free to begin your career? If social communication is related to the internet or other digital media, can you get valuable experience right online that would be a good point on your resume? Even, perhaps volunteer work, like leading or facilitating discussions about social issues. Donna

  99. You stil surprise me 🙂 Thanks for the advices 🙂 In Portugal we use to say that ‘to stop is to die’. So, yes, I’m always doing something. I wrote in an online fashion magazine, RTRO, I’m the financial director and the spokeperson of my college musical group – iPUM – (we travell around the country to perform) and since last year I teach in a studies center. The first two are volunteer 🙂 I used to write for a newspaper and sing in our college choir but I had to let it go because I had so little time. Maybe I should invest more in stuff about my caree but I like to do a lot of different things 🙂

    I do believe, as you said, that everything has it’s time and place. I deed down now I wasn’t ready. Now I am. I had to grow in so many ways. I’m almost 27 (13 days) and I feel like my Saturn return it’s going to teach me a lot of new things 🙂

    Thanks for the bright reply 🙂

    • *I deep down Know

  100. I have sun,uranus,mars,mercury ,asc-node in scorpio my daughter has sun ,moon,mercury,mars,ascendent in libra .I start to worry about her she is not herself when she is with her friends .I dont trust people easily but she always do .She is too good so that her friends taking adventage of her so pls tell me how a scorpio stellium mom like myself to raise a libra stelluim daughter .I appreciate ur help (sorry for my english thats not my mother langauge)

    • That’s an important question you’re asking, Nainnipa, and one that really cannot be answered in the depth it deserves without seeing where that planetary combination fits into her natal chart. To do it justice would go far beyond a brief reply in the comment section and would require a private consultation with an astrologer. I retired from chart consultations several years ago in order to focus on book projects. If you write to me at, I can send you a list of astrologers whose work I know and respect, but I should explain that these are professionals and there is a fee for their services.

      If finances are a consideration, you might consider submitting your question to Eileen McCabe, the advice columnist at Dell Horoscope magazine. Like myself, she has a Master’s Degree in Social Work and many years of experience in both astrology and counseling. Read more about her work and how to submit a question here:

      Donna Cunningham

  101. Hi,
    I have 5 planets-mercury, sun, uranus, lilith and pluto in my 9th house (LIBRA) and i’ll be really thankful if any of you can tell the significance of this.

    • My ebook The Stellium Handbook gives you interpretations of each piece of your stellium that you can save in a file and print out. Donna

  102. What about when the Alfa dog goes retrograde by progression?

    • Barehand, good to hear from you. I have to say, those are two topics I have very little to say about, as I don’t use progressions AND retrogrades are something I have no visceral experience with. I was born with no planets retrograde and will never have a planet go retrograde by progression, except in the most unlikely case that I live to be 200. Can’t help you there!

      • HI Donna, what with the ongoing Uranus square Pluto on my angles I have been busy.
        Being born with a retrograde mercury which went direct when I was 11 years old; its been my experience to have communication problems before 11 years old.. Specially since Pluto acted in consort with the sun on one side of mercury and Sun on the other, all opposition the moon in Aquarius.
        Whenever I made an observation and communicated it I was misunderstood and suffered for it because the perceptions went deeper than I knew and the focus of my point was shifted by the recipient and I became the target of anger.
        So I gave up trying to communicate and just did symbols and if they didn’t get it I was unconcerned and happily went my way.
        It changed when mercury went direct and I analysed my perceptions for the first time…. before speaking, thus communications went better. Before it went direct , intuition was my only guide. If the intuition from the heart said so, then it was fact.
        Uranus is my alpha dog and it went retro by progression some years back, in the 9th house.Its in Gemini. It trines and sextiles the above opposition , so Uranus has always been a fun friend . I will have to contemplate that retro action . Was hoping you would have insight on it.

      • Thanks for the observations, BareHand, they all sound consistent with a natal Mercury retrograde.

  103. Another question….I have mars conjunct/parallel Uranus….its not the alpha dog but hangs with him…what influence does a planet have, that’s conjunct the alpha?

    • It’s more about what influence the alpha has on the other planet. I think I have an article about Mars-Uranus aspects on the blog. Use the search function at the top right hand corner of the home page. Donna

  104. Enjoyed your knowledge and writing 😍😍😍

  105. Donna, I’m a fan now. Found your blog when I looked up my Gemini-Cancer stellium in 11th & 12th house. My Alpha Dog also Mercury. I also have huge amount ART in my family, and have Venus in Leo conj. Ascendant. I was LOL reading your spot on comments, and currently I’m very interested in buckets, charts with everything in one hemisphere and a single planet handle. Best regards, will look at your blog again.

  106. Hi Donna, Just wondered if you had seen the TMA article on the powerhouse stellium of Sun, Pluto, Saturn and Mercury in Capricorn within 1.3 degrees of each other on Jan 12 2020 (my birthday, lol)? Jupiter and south node are also in Cap. I wonder how it will affect those young people with the 88-90 Cap stellium? Pluto and Saturn are EXACTLY conjunct (same minute) and Sun only 47 minutes away. Explosive mixture? When they got together in Aug 47 India and Pakistan became nations (amongst horrific loss of life) and again when they got together in Nov 83 the movie Gandhi premiered in Delhi; also both US and Russia peformed nuclear tests.

    • Hi, Bob, no, I hadn’t seen the article and of course had no idea there’d be a lineup like that in 2020.

      I dedicated an entire chapter of The Stellium Handbook to the Cap Stellium generation and trying to hep them understand their special gifts, needs, and challenges. ( In fact, they were the real stimulus for writing that book.)

      It’s hard to say how the 2020 transit will affect them. One way or another it’s likely to have a big impact on them collectively and indivdually. However, much will depend on whether they are stuck in the negative qualities of those planets or whether they have been working toward developing the exceptional qualities.

      Even for those who have been stuck, however, it’s bound to be a catalyst for getting unstuck. And many of those who are using the qualities in the best ways will step forward to help the collective meet whatever challenges or difficulties arise at that time. Regards, Donna

    • Also, by my calculations, transiting Saturn for most of them would be having their Saturn return to their natal Saturn–an exceedingly important aspect to natal Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. Donna

      • Good observation. I also like the Vedic concept of Sade Sati (7.5 years) of the entry of Saturn into the sign before (Sagittarius) and lasting until the end of the sign after (Aquarius). I hope you are right and that those who are using qualities in the best ways are able to lead the collective in overcoming the challenges and difficulties arising in the last 20 years or so. I like your positive outlook on things. I find it interesting that at the end of that 7.5 years (about 2022-23) that the USA will experience its first Pluto return. Thanks much for all your articles and insights into astrology.

  107. Hi Donna!
    I am not going to ask anything about my capricorn stellium, but I have a question about wether what I have in 4th house can be considered a stellium as well. So I have a taurus ic. further down there is mercury and venus in taurus/sun in gemini conjunct venus at 6 degrees, but sun is not conjunct mercury. POF too, conjunct both sun and venus. Can it still be considered a stellium? or is just a cluster of energy? capricornian influences override a whole lot the rest of my chart.

    • Hi, Narina. The concentration in the 3rd is not a stellium and not even a triple conjunction, since the sun isn’t conjunct both. Still, any house with three planets is bound to strongly emphasized, and the house the Sun occupies is a very important part of your identity. Donna

  108. Thank you very much, Donna!
    I founded out a bit earlier from your book excerpt! That those 3 planets aren;t usually considered a stellium. tehehehe
    It’s still my ole capricorn stellium on the asc the one which matters.
    Maybe it’s because of mercury rx. in 1st house but I can;t grasp/understand how we can find the alpha planet in a stellium?
    Would it be difficult to find about that?

    • There’s an article on the Alpha planet on the blog, but lots more in the Stellium Handbook. Donna

      • Thank you!

  109. Hi Donna, just beginning my dive into astrology – there’s so much to learn. I have a stellium in Scorpio (Venus, Jupiter, Mercury, Sun) as well as 8th house in Scorpio (Sun, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Uranus). I took your test and scored 34 Pluto but actually Venus was alpha at 49. Do you think the Venus would help soften all the Pluto stuff a bit? And would that be considered two stelliums (one in Scorpio, and one in the 8th house) or is it just one in the same thing? Thank you!

    • Hi, Lacey, you have two kinds of stelliums (even though they are the same planets and signs). One is a stellium in Scorpio and heother 9is a stellium in thr 8th. Venus, Jupiter, Mercury and Venus are all benign planets, so I would expect good energy from them. Donna

      • Thanks for your reply! Looks like I need to explore your Stellium Handbook 🙂

  110. I have Mercury .Saturn ,Uranus ,and my North Node all in Capricorn in the 8th house?How could this be interpreted ?Especially The North Node which also sextiles my Pluto.

    • Hi, Caitlin, stelliums are complicated to interpret, and it’s not possible to do it in a brief note in the comment section. If you want to have a session with a professional astrologer, I can send you a list of ones I recommend. Or, for about $35, you could get a computerized chart interpretation, although they would just do the parts, not the stellium as a whole.

      Another thing you might want to look into is my ebook, The Stelllium Handbook, which contains tools for putting together the various pieces/ It’s the only book on the topic and is available on my website, Donna Cunningham

  111. Donna- you are one of my favorite authors, and Moon Signs was one of the first books on the subject I ever read. Can’t believe I’m writing you!

    Stelliums? I’ll tell you about stelliums. Pluto, Venus, Mars, Sun, Uranus and Moon in the first house. All in Libra except for the moon, which is in Scorpio. (Should also mention that Saturn is square everything, from the 10th).

    How does one keep it together with so many conjunctions in one place? i’ve heard that the thing to do is focus on the 7th house — rely more on relationships, partnerships, cooperation with others to achieve my goals. Does that make sense to You, Donna?

    • Well, it only resembles the 7th house because the Libra planets, with Venus in that combination
      would give you a strong focus on relationships, beauty, and making your home and appearance pleasant.

      The fact that the stellium is on the first house, which is how you present yourself to people who
      meet you would increase the desire–and ability–to show the world a pleasant, harmonious, and attractive
      person. Donna

  112. Hi Donna,
    I am still new with all this things. I have my moon in 8° Pisces, my sun in 6° Capricorn and my rising in 26° Aquarius.

    My sun sign (6° Capricorn), 20° Mars, 22° Mercury, 24° Neptune, and 29° Uranus in my 12th house Capricorn.

    So basically everything is there. Actually, almost everything in the same houses. My natal chart looks empty in the other houses as the other planets are in pairs.

    Venus is in 6° Aquarius and goes along with my rising sign in 26° Aquarius.
    Jupiter is 28° Sagittarius, also Pluto is in 1° Sagittarius.
    Lastly, Saturn is in 19° Pisces with my moon sign 8° Pisces.

    No planets are retrograde and my north node is in Libra, which causes my south node to be in Aries. My midhe

    Do you know what this means?

    I have always been told I was such a capricorn because I have always worked too hard in everything. I have been having a perfect GPA for years and I always achieve what I want. However,

    I am very emotional because of my moon in pisces so I work completely in helping other people and finding solutions for existing problems. I often volunteer with helping nature, conservation of species, children, and victims of abuse. I always put others before me, so I am living my north node.

    But I am curious about why everything is all together. I can’t stop feeling that it could be something not that positive. It’s true that at my 21 years I haven’t had a boyfriend and that I rarely feel the neccesity of having someone else. I tend to focus in working, volunteering, and studying.

    I have no interest for material things, either. I have no interest in anything else, which makes me feel empty constantly whenever I approach people that care about it. I never care about gossips, trends, prejudice, social status, etc. I just care about the person and I help them. But I barely see what people wear, the houses where they live, and even their bodies/faces. I never see that, since I never remember or notice those details. I remember who they are, and their habits.

    I am sorry for the long message, Donna! I just felt like I needed someone to help me understand myself a little bit. Sorry! Thank you for your time.

    Have a wonderful week,

    • Oh, I was going to say that my Midheaven is in Scorpio, along with Ceres. But that’s it! 🙂

      Thank you,

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