Posted by: Donna Cunningham | June 11, 2011

Skywriter’s Impact Test for Stelliums and Multiple Conjunctions–Version 2.0

©6-11-2011 by Donna Cunningham

This is a test to measure the strength of stelliums or multiple conjunctions and therefore to find out their comparative strength. It’s similar to the tests I’ve created to measure the strength of a single planet or element in your horoscope. They’ve been a popular feature on Skywriter—you can see links to them here: Planetary Tests. (The test for Pluto tops the list, since nearly 15,000 people have taken that test so far.)

UPDATE 11/11/13: My new astrology/self help book, The Stellium Handbook: An Owner’s Manual for People with Stelliums orhandbookcvrsm Triple Conjunctions is finally available.  Read about it  and download a free sampler of book excerpts here:  Finally, The Stellium Handbook is Here!

For this test, you may wonder why I’ve assigned a certain numerical value to some chart features and a lesser one for another. These aren’t scientific measures, of course—that would be impossible. They’re just estimates based on over 40 years of observing clients, notables, and friends through the lens of their charts. That’s why I’d value your feedback on how well this test measures stelliums and multiple conjunctions. Try it out on charts in your collection.

Many of you will want to include dozens of asteroids, Black Lillith, the vertex, antivertex, chart ruler, and myriads of other chart features in your stellium. If I included all the possible influences, the test would be hopelessly complicated and there would be no such thing as a standard score. Even though they might strengthen your score, don’t report them here in the comment section.

As for why the outermost planets get higher scores than the inner planets, it’s because they are observably higher in impact on our world. They relate to issues and trends in the collective–global and universal trends rather than personal ones–and therefore the person with the outer planets strongly featured in the horoscope is more attuned to such issues and more likely to come up with solutions or the next big step in humanity’s evolution.

(A note on orbs: The orb for a conjunction is usually 8° but can be extended to 10° in a multiple conjunction if Planet A and Planet B are conjunct, while Planet B and Planet C are conjunct, but Planets A and C are slightly too wide for a conjunction.)

Note: For the most accurate picture, don’t use Whole Sign Houses to score this test, as in that system, the house cusps are automatically set at 0° of the sign on the cusp. Thus, any stellium by sign is automatically a stellium by house as well, skewing the scores. The same would apply to the Equal House system. 

How to Find the Impact Score:   (Download a printable version here: Stellium Test 1 page.)

Check what you’re measuring: ___ 4 planet stellium ___3 planet multiple conjunction  ___4 planet multiple conjunction ____ Other: ________________

_____A. 5 points per planet in a stellium or in a multiple conjunction* placed in the same house, regardless of sign. (So, 3 planets=15, 4=20, and so on. The Nodes, Ascendant, and Midheaven are not counted here but further down in the test.)

_____B. 4 points per planet in a stellium or in a multiple conjunction placed in the same sign, regardless of house. (Where a stellium is in one house and sign, both
sets of points count.)

_____ C. 7 points if the Sun or Moon is included in the group. (If both of them are included, the total is 14.)

_____ D. 7 points per outermost planet (Saturn, Chiron, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto) included in the group.

_____ E. 5 points per inner planet included in the group.

_____F. 4 points for each separate conjunction involved in the stellium or multiple conjunction. (For example, a conjunction of Mars-Pluto-Uranus scores 4 for Mars-Pluto, 4 for Pluto-Uranus, and 4 for Mars-Uranus, for a total of 12.)

_____ G. 4 extra points per planet that is part of the group AND is also within 10° of the Ascendant or Midheaven (in the Gauquelin sectors) or within 5° of the North or
South Node. (No points for a planet that is in the group but not conjunct the Ascendant, Midheaven, or Node.)

_____H.  HIGH PROFILE BONUS: Add 10 points if the stellium or multiple conjunction is in the 1st, 10th, or the 9th near the Midheaven, as these are the positions of most visibility to the public.

_____I. LOW PROFILE DEDUCTION: Subtract 10 points if the stellium or multiple conjunction is in the 12th, 4th, 8th or 6th house, as these are positions where the person is uncomfortable in the public eye and may be less visible.


Readers, since this is a brand new test, I have no idea what would be a moderate score vs. a blockbuster, so please tell me what kinds of scores you’re getting by posting them in the comment section. Thanks for your participation in this process–your questions are helping me to make the instructions clearer.

Readers, stelliums are really complicated and would take an hour-long consultation to explore, so please don’t ask for an  interpretation in the comment section.  I’m retired from doing consultations in order to write books.

 Articles about Stelliums on Skywriter:

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  1. i have mars-venus-sun respectively at 12,14,18 of capricorn- house 9 begins at 18 capricorn
    saturn,mercury,jupiter at 0,3, and 12 aquarius. The MC is at 10 aquarius

    it appears aquarius is stronger but im not sure wether the capricorn planets more towards the 9th or 8th houses

    • Not to make it more complicated, but the cusps (house divisions) depend on the house system you’re using. I recommend that people with stelliums try out several house systems to see which most accurately describes the events and situations in their lives. Donna

      • well i use placidus. Sun in 9 but Mars-venus in 8 might decrease the number of points a bit
        But in equal house Capricorn is all in h8, aquarius is all in 9 but Jupiter,Mercury and South node are conjunct MC in h9

      • Equal House skews the results, because the cusps are rigidly fixed–and the Midheaven is hidden. Donna

      • what if the ruler of one conjunction is involved in another conjunction?
        My capricorn stellium is ruled by saturn which is in aquarius with jupiter,mewrcury MC and S. Node

      • No extra points for that.

  2. My oh my, I got a score of 117, after subtracting 10 points. My stellium is 6 planets, all conjunct, and only one planet is out of sign, and all in the 8th house.

    I wonder if this is why I come across too intensely for some people. I have those days where I’m “on” and in your face, and others where I quietly withdraw – which feels so typically Scorpio and not at all Leo, which is the sign of my stellium.

    It feels bipolar to me at times, but I always wrote it off to PMS. Now that I’m postmenopausal, I no longer have that excuse.

    • Big score, Marsha–that lion must roar some days! If Pluto in Leo is part of the stellium, that’s part of the reason you’d have some Scorpio traits, especially during times when the Moon or inner planets are in Scorpio. Donna

    • Marsha, yes, a crowded 8th is something to contend with, I am right there with you.

  3. Hello,

    I got 72 for a triple conjunction (Mercury-Saturn-Pluto) in Libra in the 1st house! I think it´s a lot.

    Then I got 44 for another triple conjunction (Jupiter Mars-Uranus) in Scorpio/Sagittarius the 2nd house, which sounds a little more moderate.



  4. I got 65 on the first test, but now I got 95, so I’m not sure about the math A: 4 planets: 20. B: In VIrgo: 16. C: Sun and Moon: 14. D: Pluto and Uranus: 14. E: 0. F: Pr conj: 16. G: Moon conj MC: 4 H: 9th house.

  5. I got 66 for my Cancer stellium: Mars & Moon in 9th, MC, Jupiter & Sun in 10th. Jupiter & Moon run the show 🙂

  6. I scored a 47 (after subtracting 10 points for 8th house) under the revised rules. A much higher score than my first attempt and it feels about right. Like some other 8th house folks, I tend to stay in the background, or at least try not to tempt authority figures, and stuff my feelings until my Uranus senses a power trip in the works. then I “liberate” myself but pay dearly. I’m trying to learn how to handle the extremes.

    Best, Amy

  7. My daughter was born 11/26/82 she has sun+uranus 4’sag, merc 8’sag, ven 9’sag in the 9th. Nep 25’sag cj MH 21′ sag. I think her score is 124. (Koch + Placidus). If I use Porphyry her Jup 23’Scorp is in the 9th also and her score might be 128. Rising sign is Pisces 14′. She’s a super sag. 2 MS degrees in engineering, works for military on missle design, travels frequently, very independent, runs marathons, considering a PhD, not married.

  8. I got 43 again, I think that’s what I scored last time anyway. Scorpio stellium split between the 7th/8th. I subtracted 10 points.

  9. Hi Donna,
    My score is 126, 5 planets in Virgo in the 8th, 4 planets in Gemini and 2 plus the Node in Leo. All my planets are in the 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th house. I’m pretty sure I added it right.
    It’s the outer planets plus sun and moon the jolted the score.

    • Great power in the Mercury-ruled signs–your mind must be very busy, day and night. Donna

      • Donna you are right, the times my mind is quiet are so are so rare, and so beautiful.

  10. I got 69
    9th house Virgo
    Pluto at 0
    Sun at 7
    Mars at 14
    MC at 15
    and to square it off (pun intended) Sat at 7of Sag,in my first house.

  11. I got 56 points for my triple conjunction of Mars, Pluto and Mercury in the 7th house in Libra

    • Harness that mind, and you’ve got real manifestation mojo! Read about it here: Donna

      • Haha, yes, I know! I started to realize my manifestation power a a while ago and am applying it mainly to my career goals right now (transiting Pluto in 10th house). I went from being on social welfare to sustaining myself through my self-built online business. And I’m not done yet! I’m on a fantastic journey and enjoying every minute of it 🙂
        p.s I bought the Venus/Mars-outer planets ebook. With Pluto, Uranus, Mars and Mercury in Libra, 7th house, I definitely had to buy it!

      • Good going, Yamile! Transits can bring strengths and powers of a stellium to fruition. Donna

      • Hello, I just took the test I scored 94. we are similar; I have mercury, venus, mars, and pluto in libra (all within a few degrees) in the 7th. My virgo sun in in the 7th too.

  12. I took this for my husband: Uranus/Sun/Moon (tight conjunctions) plus Venus all in Cancer in the 11th house all in supersensitive Cancer: 84 in the house of friendship. Fondest expression? ” One big happy family!”

  13. Koch system reads at a lower score than Equal house, 66 to 82pts.
    The different read being the Leo Pluto 1 degree out of orb and over in 3rd. in Koch System.

    But The Koch feels more of a true read to me.
    The last post for this topic test scores has my particulars about my 2nd house Leo 4 planet stellium.

    • Hi, EJ. When a planet is that close to the cusp, we can never be sure where it really begins–the birth time easily could be off by a few minutes–so I’d tend to count it as part of the stellium. Donna

  14. I have 107, though I *really* wish I could add another 4 for a wide (12) orb Saturn-Sun conjunction, which people seem to pick up on and I feel. Oh well, I’ve more than enough to keep me in trouble heh heh

    • Oh yes, fwiw- the stellium is within 12 degrees in Libra. All planets in 7th excepting Sun, who is in 8th.

  15. Hi Donna. 71 points here. Mercury-Sun-SoNode-MidHeaven-Venus all in Taurus (13-25 degrees). Based on prior testing, it’s the 90point Sun that’s Alpha. This bullish powerhouse certainly hinders development of my Scopio NoNode! urghhhh

    • Alpha Sun, no doubt about it! Well, it lends some fire to all that fixed earth. Donna

  16. Hello Donna,
    58, mercury 16, sun 22, pluto 24, all in Leo , all in 3rd house…funny thing i never considered my mercury conjunct pluto,since i never went past 7 degrees for conjunctions !?

    • Yes, I’ ve always used 8 degrees for conjunctions, and also since both Mercury and Pluto are conjunct the Sun, it’s a triple conjunction anyway. Donna

  17. I’m confused. Do I get to use both A and B? I have four planets in the tenth house, so that’s 20 points. Three of them are in the same sign – do I get to add 12 more points?

    • A is for planets in a house if it’s a stellium (4=20); B is for planets in sign if there is a stellium by sign, which it sounds like it’s not a stelliium by sign, so no points. Donna

      • OK, gotcha – thanks.

        So here’s the spread: MC 11 Vi, UR 12 Vi, PL 15 Vi, ME 26 Vi, and Sun 7 Li, all in the 10th, giving me a score of 68. So I guess that’s how 10th-house-ian I am, but should I drop points since Uranus, which can be anti-10th house, is in the mix?

        If I look at it as a stellium-by-sign, which might make sense, since some house systems put the Sun in the 11th, I get 53 points. So that’s how Virgoan I am. Would I add points since Mercury is in the mix? But, wait – if I were determining how Virgoan I am, I would consider other factors, such as the strength of Chiron, no? So that’s not what this says. Hmmm….

        I couldn’t really say that the house is stronger than the sign for me – they both seem pretty strong – but, I dunno, you might have to ask someone who knows me well, (if you can find one).

        Not sure if I buy into this whole point system, and what it would seem to imply, but glad that we’re working it out. Not sure if I’ve helped….

      • Thanks for simplifying it, Chas (not!!). With only three planets in Virgo, it doesn’t count as a stellium by sign–you get points later in the test for each of them that form conjunctions to the Midheaven. (They form a killer triple conjunction, however–no wonder you’re such a smart, painstaking fella.) But it’s definitely a stellium by house.

        Nope, don’t deduct points for Uranus in the 10th. It’s a stellar placement and not likely to hide its gifts for long, even though it’s counter-culture. Donna

  18. I have 78 points for my 5 planets stellium in my 8th house. If I increase the orb for conjunction to about 10.5 degree, it will be 86 points. The lower points may be consistent with the fact that my stellium only controls 2 out of 5 empty houses if I count Chiron, or 3 out of 6 empty houses if I don’t count Chiron.

  19. I scored an 80 for my 4 planet Libra stellium in the 12th House.

    I’m not sure if this was addressed already, but do squares/trines to other housed planets count at all? Thanks Donna!

    • Hi, inaness, long time no see. Aspects to the stellium planets don’t count as part of the stellium score, but they do complicate–and energize–the picture. Those are the dynamic forces that help bring out a stellium’s potential. Donna

  20. I have a 5 planet stellium (plus the North Node) in the 3rd consisting of….

    Jupiter at 18 Libra
    Mars at 25 Libra
    Neptune at 2 Scorpio
    Sun at 9 Scorpio
    North Node at 10 Scorpio
    Mercury at 15 Scorpio

    I am not sure if I calculated this correctly but based on my understanding of each scoring section, I accrued a total of 95 points:

    A. – 25 for having 5 planets in one house;
    B – 7 points for the Sun being included in the stellium
    C – 12 points (4 each for Sun, Mercury & Neptune in same sign)
    D – 7 points for Neptune (being an outer planet involved in the stellium)
    E – 20 points (5 each for inner planets Sun, Mercury, Mars and Jupiter in stellium)
    F – 12 points (4 each for Sun/Neptune, Sun/Mercury and Mars/Jupiter conjunction)
    G – 12 points (4 each for Sun, Neptune and Mercury conjunct North Node)
    H & I = 0 points

  21. I so love these tests, Donna!

    I’ve got 163 points for my two stelliums, 86 points for my 3rd house Virgo stellium and 77 points for my 9th house Pisces stellium (here I didn’t include the very wide Sun-Saturn conjunction in Pisces when counting the points for the separate conjunctions, i.e. Saturn at 9 and Sun at 25 brought together by Venus-Chiron at 18).


    • Whoa! You may be the champ, Jaana! And all the more so because the two stelliums are in the opposite signs and houses, creating a great need to balance the two sets of needs and interests. Donna

  22. I have 4 planets in the 9th house- a triple conjunction of the inner planets: Mercury (27’57”), Mars (25’06”), and Venus (“19’56”) in Aries, and then Chiron (9’59”) in the Gauquelin section of the 9th, conjunct the MC (16’13”) and though a bit wider orb, my Sun (18’28”) in Taurus. Forgot to include the score: a 42, without including Chiron.

    Would this constitute a stellium in the 9th, even though Chiron is not conjunct the other 3 planets? In personal experience, I’ve discovered that Chiron is a key planet in my chart- perhaps due to it being in that special section of the 9th? I find it highly influential to my life path as I am a healer and natural teacher, and with 5 planets (Sun, Moon, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto) involved in a Chiron influenced Yod formation, Chiron’s influence in my chart is undeniable, and I believe makes my 9th house stronger, though it does feel a bit on it’s own from that triplet’s influence.

    Thanks for these assessments, Donna!!

    • There are two kinds of stelliums, Curious–stelliums by sign and stelliums by house–and the planets don’t have to be conjunct one another. You have a righteous stellium by house, especially with Chiron conjunct the Midheaven. Donna

  23. My score is around 108 or might be 187 if what I have is a double stellium and I calculated the conjunctions correctly. I may have under-valued conjunctions in Part (F) due to lack of astrology knowledge. I know this is long. I didn’t feel I could report a score of 187 without the details. I do know my stellium is very powerful and Pluto is in charge!

    I have a 6 planet stellium in 9th
    Plus a 5 planet stellium in Leo (if this counts, since I counted same planets in 9th house stellium above)
    I have:
    Sun in Cancer at 27′ in 9 (Leo cusp)
    Mercury in Leo at 15′ in 9
    Venus in Leo at 23′ in 9
    Mars in Leo at 18′ in 9
    Uranus in Leo at 6′ in 9
    Pluto in Leo at 29′ in 9

    A – 30 points for having 6 planets in 9
    (Probably have multiple conjunctions too, don’t know enough to figure that out.)
    B – 20 points for having 5 planets in Leo
    C – 7 points for having Sun in 9
    D – 14 points for having Uranus and Pluto in 9
    – 14 points for having Uranus and Pluto in Leo (if this is counted also)
    E – 15 points for having Mercury, Venus and Mars in 9
    – 15 points for having Mercury, Venus and Mars in Leo (if this is counted)
    F – 44 points for conjunctions (24 pts for conjuncts in 9 + 20 pts for conjuncts in Leo)
    (I’m not sure both of them count)
    – Sun conjunct Uranus
    – Mercury conjunct Venus, Mars, and Uranus
    – Venus conjunct Mars and Pluto
    G – 4 points for having Venus conjunct MC
    – 4 points for having Pluto conjunct MC
    H – 10 points Bonus for stellium in 9
    – 10 points Bonus for stellium in Leo (if this is counted also)

    So, my score is either around 108 or 187.

    Adding to the mixture:
    Scorpio Ascendant
    Moon in Taurus in 6
    Neptune and True Node in 12 in Scorpio

    In a post on stelliums a few days ago, I think you asked for comments on how we experience our stelliums, so here goes.

    Pluto leads the pack! He is at 29’47’45’ of MC in 9 (I experience Pluto as most dominate of my stellium. Add Scorpio ascendant for reinforcement!) It feels like Pluto is more in charge than Leo, though Leo characteristics insist on presenting sometimes too much. Pluto and I are good friends now that I’ve learned how not to resist him so much! I’ve transformed many times. I study everything, very academic. I travel extensively. No surprise either! I do love to talk also.

    An astrologer told me that I will enjoy travel in foreign places. I’ve come to understand that I AM the foreigner! I think my stellium/s make me feel foreign. Everywhere I go even usual stomping grounds and conversations in familiar relationships, it is like I am visiting for the first time observing, discovering, and learning new things and usually seeing a deeper truth than those around me.

    Pluto and the powerhouse in 9 described above used to get me some odd labels esp from my family. Now that I moderately understand the astrological energy, I don’t feel as crazy as people used to say I was! Astrology has brought so much order and understanding to my world! I can better utilize flower essences too now that I’m clearer on where the hot spots are. This information on stelliums is particularly valuable to me.

    Love this blog, Donna! Thank you for all you put into it and freely teach!

  24. Testet only 58 myself, but checked my nephew with 104 (born prenatally, disabled) – 5 planets incl sun, PLUTO plus nnode all in scorpio in 5. He is a plutonian whenever you saw one, uses his disability to manipulate. He is the flagship plutonian in a plutonian family…. incl sun, jupiter and pluto as apex of a tSquare with mars/moon opposition, need I say more.

  25. I got 66 points for my 8th house Sagittarius stellium 🙂 4 planets, Sun, Moon, Saturn, and Uranus, with the Sun, Moon, and Saturn in conjunction. I dont think the 8th house is very strong with me… I have had a total lack of everything 8th house related in my life. But my Sag is very, very strong.

    • There are quite a number of articles about the 8th house on this blog–a very intricate house that has to do with much more than sex and death. Use the onsite search engine or look under the category “houses” Donna

  26. Interesting! My Saggitarius stellium (Uranus, Jupiter conjunct Midheaven, Neptune) got a 48, and my 8th/9th house Scorpio stellium (Mercury, Sun, Saturn conjunct Pluto) got a 47 (assuming I did my math right, of course).

    I do feel that I manage to balance those energies well most of the time, so it would make sense that they’re about even.

    These test are great, thank you for putting them together!

  27. Donna,
    I always find these tests illuminating and a hell of lot of fun thank you. My Scorpio stellium in the 1st nets 65 points and my multiple Virgo conj in the 10th gets another 70 …feels right overall. I’m work hard play hard and intense is a apt adjective that describes me to a T. Neptune rules the Scorpio stellium and our little friend Pluto rules the multiple conj…dreamy intensity or big dreams:)

  28. Using these specs:Jupiter 29, Chiron 2, Neptune 5 and Asc. 9…..= 76

    • Just did my second one which is across the MC 9th and 10 houses was 176

      • There is a 3rd one that I hesitate to include because it is outside the specs but does operate as one so here it is. 3 planets in Leo, Sun , Mercury and Pluto. Except Sun 29 Leo and Mercury 25 Leo retrograde and Pluto is 10 Leo but the Moon in Aquarius at 17 degrees exactly opposes the Pluto / mercury midpoint; and so it acts as one, specially with Leo in the 11th house which is the Aquarian house….56 points…didn’t count it as rolling conjunction and did it just for fun. Pluto ties into the other two stelliums by aspects and the moon is a handle on the bucket pattern( stands alone in its hemisphere) and also ties by aspect into the other two stelliums.

  29. Hi Donna

    I get 116 for this new version, for a single 5 planet stellium in Scorpio in the 10th. I counted only 1 planet conjunct the MC, though could add another if I went to 10 degrees not 8.

    Almost the same as Marsha, and likewise intense!


    • Oh, thanks for bringing that up! I do count a planet within 10 degrees of the Ascendant or MH as conjunct–the Gauquelin sectors. I’ll have to make that change on the test. However, on reflection, I think 10 is too wide for a Node conjunction, so I’ve changed the orb to 5 degrees.

      Thanks for your questions, folks! It’s helping me to make changes so that the instructions are clearer. Donna

  30. 79 points for Mars-Moon-Venus in Aquarius in the 10th house conjunct the MC. I’ve noticed I ‘do’ the planets in the order they appear in my chart – Mars first, then Moon and finally Venus

    • Hi, Mandi, yes you’re exactly right–the transits, you see, are setting off the planets in the stellium in sequence, though if they’re conjunct, the direct-retrograde-direct motion across the swatch makes it several repetitions of the same or similar issues coming to a head. I definitely need to write about transits to stelliums. Big, meaty stuff. Donna

  31. 138 with new guidelines. Leo stellium in the 10th and 9th H Cancer mulitple conjunction. Can’t wait to see the results of your research Donna! Will you publish somewhere the paper you’ll be presenting?

    • Eventually I’ll publish it–or maybe sell the MP3. Lots of pieces yet to develop, and the cool thing is, I’m also finding out a lot of things I didn’t know I knew. I want to do some more Q&A sessions on stelliums, but am pondering exactly how to keep it simple enough to answer on a blog. Donna

  32. Hi Donna, I have done the test.. been busy or would have checked sooner. I scored 89 on my stellium of nep (conj MC)→ven→sat→moon
    (black moon and ceres are in the mix but I did not count them as per your request)
    . It seems right and does influence the my standing in the world to a great degree. There will shortly be a Saturn visitation across this stellium and these days (it is still in 9th to move into 10th in sep) there does seem to be a lot of prep for a new geclee card line and other art related biz. while my head is still clear from saturn’s last conj. with mercury and subsequent □ to natal mars. I have been making lots contacts since then. Lets hope sat. lends some corporeality to the first of the stellium contacts, nep. which will hopefully not throw mud on my own best efforts. ……. Last time, after working a few years of a body of work in film I went on tour with them when sat. went into 10th. When sat. hit nep. everything went squishy and existential again for awhile which seemed to charm those who expect such things from artists (ven) until it got too intense (sat) and I just wanted to crawl into a cocoon (moon) etc…, aloha, U P

    sorry failed to mention that the bodies and planets of my stellium are all in the “Via combust” or late libra, early scorpio.

  33. I am wondering ..are you going to extend the test to consider other aspects to the stellium, such as T squares and grand trines?

    • Nope. Every chart feature has aspects, and figuring out how they all fit together is what chart interpretation is all about. But to add all the features that a stellium is connected to would make the test impossibly complicated. Donna

  34. Hi, I’m so very grateful for finding your site and all the wonderful info you provide.
    I’d not heard of stelliums until now…it seems I have two, 4 planets in my 11th house cancer/leo and 4 in my 12th leo/virgo. I scored 141 after deducting for 12th house.
    I have also done all the other tests and well what can I say I’m a living contradiction…..I’ve always felt different to say the least….now I know why 🙂

  35. my score is 149. 11th house. starts with uranus, venus, jupiter, sun, mercury, mars, pluto.

  36. Thanks for the update Donna! I tested out three groups (A and B from my comment on the first version).

    A. Multi conj in Libra .. old score: 45 // new score: 48
    B. 5th house stellium .. old score: 41 // new score: 65

    I feel good adding these together because there are no planets shared between the two groups even though they are knocking on each others doors .. total: 113

    Pretty fun! The only score that changed a ton was for that big six-planet pile up that is not within one sign or one house but does all fall within 30 deg of arc. That went from 68 to 90 (and incorporates the above A and B groups) .. although I’m still not sure its a “stellium” or just a traffic jam. 😉 Thanks again for another stellium-themed post!

  37. Awesome test, im so glad i just happened to stumble on this now when its so recent and popular!

    I got 136… Maybe someone would like to check to see if it adds up. I have 5 planets in the first house and 6 if u include venus at 0.01 , which i did for this test. I have the sun, mercury and neptune in capricorn all conjunct i think, and sagittarius venus uranus and ascendant. Seems oddly high! I can relate to another person who scored 117 in that the mood swings sometimes seem kind of extreme. I def have a big personality that i cant stop, but i think all the stelliums challenge eachother sometimes. Usually i count venus in my 12th house where it actually is but since its at 0.01 degrees i heard cusps can someyimes mean both

  38. I am going to own up to loving this and getting to understand stelliums..but I am struggling (but determined to get it sorted!)..could someone help me out please? Neptune Libra 16.53; Sun Libra 11.43; Venus 1.37 all 9 th House. Saturn Virgo 25.05; Mercury (love him, my fave guy!) 24.14 and lastly (eek!) Pluto Leo 19.21 all 8th House. One thing it did lead me to look at was the ’empty Houses’..oh yes..absolutely spot on!!!

    Thank you so much to anyone who gets to grips with numbers better than I do…

  39. 70 points: pluto/moon conjuct then venus/uranus conjunct (7 degrees apart). This occurs in my 5th house.

    When I was much younger I enjoyed a peculiar combination of sports and art/dance (now it doesn’t puzzle me since both are ruled by the 5th house). I also have a Sun/Mercury conjunct. in Virgo. As much as I wanted to write The Great American Novel, I went the practical route by using 5th house skills to create new things in academic settings (oh, and the venus/uranus combo helps with charming grumpy old professors, resistant students, or bewildered returning students who wouldn’t had been as receptive to learning & libraries)!

  40. Well, I have a 5 planet stellium in Capricorn; (Mercury, Moon, Venus, Mars, Neptune) BUT they aren’t all conjunct so I’m not sure if its really considered a stellium. (Mercury-Moon conjunct- 7th house; Mars-Venus conj.- 8th house; Venus-Neptune conj.- 8th house)
    I wasn’t quite sure of the directions but I’m PRETTY confident I did it correctly. I did the 3 Planet Multiple Conjunction. My total was 42. It WOULD’VE been 52 but I had to subtract because of the conjunction in my 8th house.

    • As long as it more than 4 planets in a sign or house, it’s a stellium, as long as it’s not Sun, Mercury, Venus as 3 of them. Donna

  41. Ran the test for my pal Ivy who is the proud owner of a 6 planet Libra stellium in the 7th house and she gets a whopping: 132 points! Whew. (Planets include Pluto, Saturn, Sun, Moon, Venus, Mercury.)

  42. I scored 75 on my Libra stellium gathered around my Ascendant. I’m not sure I counted right Saturn 14, Venus 15, Asc 17, Neptune 20 all square Uranus 17 Cancer conj MC 20 Cancer from 9th. I was born in IN home of nightmare accurate birthtimes. I think this is correct because the Sabian symbol for my MC is so accurate. I am a musician (electronic) and singer. I can see very little but music and love.I have paid dearly for this personally but wouldn’t change a thing!

  43. Donna, I think I got a 107
    I have Uranus 5′ Capricorn, Sun 6′ Capricorn, Moon 8′ Capricorn, Neptune 11′ Capricorn, Saturn 15′ Capricorn, and Mercury 25′ Capricorn. I did not count Mercury fully because of the degree variance, and since it is in my 5th house where the others are all in my 4th house.

    Interesting notes are that my Jupiter is in 5′ Cancer, Opposite the Sun, Moon, Uranus, and Neptune, and that my Rising Sign is in Virgo (another earth sign).

    I’d love to read your thoughts! (Haven’t seen too many scores listed in the low-100 range).


    • HI, Scott, welcome to Skywriter. That’s one impressive multiple conjunction–I’d count it as six planets in the conjunction since they are a sequence of conjunctions all within 10 degrees.
      5 of them for Uranus,
      3 additional for the Sun
      2 additional for the Moon
      1 additional for Saturn
      Sun and Moon as part of the group
      2 outer planets ” ” ”
      I suspect you’ve scored yourself too low, because you need to score each conjunction in that string, then the stellium by sign (which would include Mercury) AND the stellium by house (which would not include Mercury). Try again. Donna

      • I recalculated per your insights and came up with a score of 139 (149-10 for the 4th house). I think that’s a more accurate number 🙂


      • There you go, Scott! I knew it had to be more than that, with such a huge stellium. Donna

  44. Hi, Donna

    I think I have what you call a “power house” stellium. I scored 123, if I did the math correctly.

    Here are the details:
    – Sun, Mercury, Mars, Venus, and Uranus in the 1st house.
    – Sun, Venus, Uranus, and Ascendant close conjunct (within 2 degrees) in Scorpio.
    – Mercury and Mars close conjunct (within 3 degrees) in Sagittarius, with Neptune a few degrees off of conjunct, still in Sagittarius.

    This is interesting… I think the stellium of 1st house planets makes up for a near-lack of cardinal energy elsewhere in my chart. If you’re interested in looking more closely, for whatever reason, I’ll send you my birth info. I’d be interested in what you have to say, since the energy of my first house stellium has often beguiled me. I try to use it constructively!

    Thanks! Your site is fantastic.

    • Hi, JJ. Usually Sun-Mercury-Venus doesn’t count in a stellium of 4 planets as they’re always within close range, but in this case, it’s 5 planets, so I’d say yes. Besides the 1st house planets, Mars in the first would addsome cardinality. Donna

      • Ah, ha! Thanks… that makes a lot of sense.

  45. Hi! Awsome test 🙂

    I have 5 planets on Sag, 4th house + Lilith.
    Sun, Uranus, Venus, mercury, Neptune and the Lilith. i don´t know if this one is a planet or not, and how much point should it be given. so for the 5 other planets, I think I scored 24 ??? ( yes defenetly not comfortable in public 😦 ) . mabe I´m yrong in my counting? what yould this mean please 🙂 ?

    • Not Lillith, Nodes, or any of the dozen asteroids people are using. Donna

  46. I retested myself and got a 68 for my Mars/Uranus/Pluto in Virgo stellium in the 1st house.

    Not sure yet who is alpha dog in the stellium. Likely Pluto although when I did the planetary tests, Mars scored higher.

  47. Well my daughter one of those babies born Jan.12, 1994. She came early (never thought she would be born then…told people no she will not come at that time) Ha.
    She has a score of 140. & 7 planets in a stellium/ Capricorn/2house . Capricorn starting at the cusb at16 Mars at 17 ending at Moon 29.. So she was born with the there Moon too…Soon to be 18 years old. Sag raising but I had to hold for her in school because she seemed slow & not bright. She was slow but very bright & a bit of a perfectionist , very steady as she matures.

  48. Here from TMA! Your article hit home considering I have Saturn, Neptune and Uranus in Capricorn, as well as my Moon. All are in the seventh house, so I scored 88. This whole setup is opposite my Ascendant and Sun, so I feel a constant battle between myself and others. Thank you for all your amazing work!

    • Welcome, Amanda! Glad you liked the article on stelliums. I’m hoping to hear more from your generation as time goes on, because it’s exceptional grouping of planets, and nobody besides yourselves really know what it’s like to live it. What did you think of Wendell Perry’s article on Neptune in Capricorn? Donna

      • Donna–sorry for such a late reply! Time sure flies by…. Whoops! The article was fascinating… Especially reflecting on it now after the Occupy movement. I remember that TMA issue came out right as it was starting to get big. How she wrote about this generation having a lack of an ability to reach for the stars, and is more focused on self-interest and realism, in particular, spoke for that movement. It was a literal Capricorn “grounding” based on a distrust of how money is spread in the US. Jessica Murray wrote about the movement, but I was hoping for some extra focus on my Capricorn stellium generation.

        I have to say though, I’m a little worried about Neptune in Capricorn for myself because of something you wrote in TMA a long time ago. Something like, individuals with their MC in Pisces may not realize until their 40s what career they really want… So I’m beginning to wonder what my place is in this big karmic change you just blogged about. Looks like I need to get your career e-book! 😉

  49. Hi,
    if I count Chiron my score is 95, without it it’s 75, still pretty high I’d say. I have Saturn, Mercury, Sun, Venus and Chiron (+ north node) in Aries, in the 12th house (AC is Taurus, so the ruler of the AC is the part of the stellium, MC is in Capricorn, so the ruler of the MC is also there).
    Sat, Mer, Sun and Ven are conjuct whereas Chiron is conjuct to the node.

    I am certainly opinionated and have strong likes and dislikes and usually I have a clear idea what I want etc, but I still do not feel like your typical Aries. However I don’t feel like Pisces either. So I don’t know. I think my Saturn is pretty strong.
    I cannot make sense of my 12th house. What would be the strength of the stellium in the 12th? Or what would be the best way to express it?

    • Hello, Ari. Use the seach engine on the top right hand corner of this blog and type in “12th house” or “twelfth house.” You’ll find a series of articles on the 12th house, including one on 12th house Suns. Donna

  50. I have the Sun on a course where it eclipses a few planets in a row over a few days. It was eclipsing Jupiter and Uranus on my birthday, but Jupiter was in the preceding sign. This was happening on my Ascendant. I got a 62 for this, and I left out Neptune, despite being conjunct Jupiter, for simplicity, as well as not counting parallels in this case. I also have a 1st house rather than a 12th house stellium with 4 Capricorn planets as Jupiter is counted in the 1st and Venus and Mercury basically count as 1 planet when totaling stelliums.

  51. May have gotten the calculations wrong, but for the sake of research I got a score of 186. This being two stelliums that are prominent. First one consisting of sun, moon, mercury, venus, jupiter, in aquarius 3rd house and asc., mars, saturn, uranus, in sagittarius 1st house.

  52. October 11,1957:
    SUN@17 degrees of Libra in the second house with a Placidus system.
    I came up with a score of 106.
    I was unsure about G. I have 48 points there.
    Mercury is in the 1st house on the cusp of the second in some systems but I relate to both interpretations.
    I experience it as:
    Mercury: my thoughts instigate my action = Mars: instigates expansion of action = magnified Jupiter action feeds my being = Sun: I become fully enmeshed in what I do.
    Well something like that, they all probably feed on each other.
    I think my 11 degree Virgo rising made me shy in my youth, but mostly I’ve outgrown that and easily find myself in the public eye now.
    My soon to be 20 y.o. daughter:
    November 13,1991:
    SUN@20 degrees of Scorpio for a total of 80
    She is painfully shy, but does not hesitate to speak out if someone oversteps boundaries. I think as she gains her sense of self her shyness will dissipate.
    She has an awesome sense of humor, has me laughing every day.
    I look forward to more info. on this! 😀

  53. I scored 151 on this test. I was born in Feb 1962 with a stellium in Aquarius.

  54. i scored 158. I was born Jan. 6 1994 with a stellium in Capricorn all in the 5th house degrees from 1st planet in the stellium to the last is 8. I also have jupiter, pluto, and moon in scorpio in the 3rd and pluto is conjunct my IC by 1 degree. saturn in aquarius. Anyone get a similar score? good tes.t I wondered about it.

  55. I scored 71 on this test, and I was born on Feb. 22, 1997 (Aquarius-Pisces cusp?) with a stellium in Aquarius (Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Uranus). Venus and Mercury are in the 11th house, but Jupiter and Uranus are in the 10th house. Uranus is probably the dominant planet in there. I think that I have a considerable amount of Aquarian influence in me.

  56. My ex has a 76 score on a four planet stellium in virgo in the 4th which includes sun,uranus, mercury and pluto. He also scored 37 as a plutonian and 29 as an uranian. He has control issues, he is eccentric, never has a steady job if any and cannot see depth in situations. Vengeance, no emotions and untrust are his keywords.

  57. I’m not entirely sure if I’m doing this right… Moon, Mercury, Venus conjunct midheaven. Sun, mercury, Neptune, Saturn in 9th. Moon, Venus, North node and Vesta in 10th. (Sun Conjunct Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, I don’t think this one counts, but I’m not entirely sure). I guess I’m confused because 2 of them are in midheaven so I’m not entirely sure how to add it up..

    • Are they all in the same sign? North Node and Vesta aren’t counted, and of the trio of Sun, Mercury, and Venus, only two count toward a stellium, because the three of them travel so close together all the time that they are in the same sign about 50 days a year. Donna

      • Thanks for your reply:) Sun, mercury and venus?
        I’m not sure, what you are asking.. So I’ll just do this, Sun Capricorn, Moon Aquarius, Mercury Capricorn, Venus Aquarius, Mars Saggitarius, Jupiter Cancer, Saturn Capricorn, Uranus Capricorn, Neptune Capricorn, Pluto Scorpio. Aquarius Midheaven, Taurus Ascendant,
        Sun 9th, Moon 10th, Mercury 9th, Venus 10th, Mars 7th, Jupiter 2nd, Saturn 9th, Uranus 8th, Neptune 9th and Pluto 6th.
        Thanks for help 🙂

      • Gotcha, Austin. Okay, so, you do have a stellium by sign in Capricorn of Sun, Mercury, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. AND you do have a stellium in the 9th of all those Capricorn planets except Uranus. So, it’s a stellium by sign and house in Capricorn, which makes it double strong. (I’m developing material for a book on stelliums, and eventually, I’ll be doing something online with a group of young people born with those stelliums in Capricorn, though not for a few months. The best way to get a notice about that would be to subscribe to this blog.) Donna

  58. Wow, fascinating test! I scored a 184 with my stelliums in Pisces and Virgo.

  59. Sorry it took me so long to reply, I need to check my email more often :-\. So that would make 2 Stelliums right? One by sign(capricorn)and one in the 9th house? Thanks so much for your help by the way :). I was wondering though, as far as my aspects go… Do I have another stellium in my midheaven, i.e having my Moon conjunct Midheaven, Mercury conjunct Midheaven and Venus Conjunct Midheaven? In your original reply to what I asked in the beginning, you said “…of the trio of Sun, Mercury, and Venus, only two count toward a stellium, because the three of them travel so close together all the time that they are in the same sign about 50 days a year.” I’m still a little confused about this, was there a miscommunication about the possible stellium towards the midheaven? As far as it being Sun, moon, and Venus as opposed to Moon, Mercury and Venus? Or was what you said in reference to something that I am still oblivious to? haha.
    Thanks for all your help 🙂

    • HMM. The Midheaven and Ascendant don’t count as active pieces of the stellium like a planet would, but when planets are conjunct either of them, they really gain in power. I’d say that what you have is a triple conjunction (which can be nearly as strong as a stellium as it’s so compact) of Moon, Mercury, and Venus on the Midheaven.

      What I’m trying to say is that if people have the Sun, Venus, and Mercury all in one sign, that’s not really a stellium, as it’s true about 50 days a year. So if you had another planet in the picture, say the Moon, then two of the trio (Sun, Venus, OR Mercury) would count toward a stellium or triple conjunction but not all three. So Moon, Venus, and Mercury would count–or Moon, Sun, Venus–or Moon, Sun, Mercury–but not Moon, Sun, Mercury, Venus. Donna

  60. Hmm, I took this test and got 94.

    Born: 26/11/1981, 8:30pm, London, England.

    Sun, Moon, Merc, Ura, and Nep in 5th House.

    Sun, Moon, Ura, and Nep in Sag.

    Sun is conjunct Merc, Moon and Ura; Ura is conjunct Merc, Moon and Sun.

    With all that though, I don’t feel and experience myself as all that “starry” in day-to-day life, even taking the Leo Asc into account; I do, however, feel “different”, for better and worse.

    • I’d be interested in further insight.

  61. I’m a novice with astrology and I’m not sure I understand what all counts in a stellium. My birth date is 12/07/82 8:07PM in california. I have six planets in my fifth house. My fifth house cusp is 22 degrees scorpio. My jupiter is 26.16 degrees scorpio. My sun, mercury, venus, uranus and neptune are all in sagittarius in the fifth house. Mercury, venus and neptune are conjunct within 3 degrees. So do all six planets count in the stellium, or only the ones that are conjunct?

    Thanks for all the info on stelliums, by the way!

    • Yes, Jessie, they do all count in your fifth house stellium. In fact, you’d count as both a sterllium by sign and by house. The Mercury, V enus, and Neptune count as a triple conjunction, so they are a very strong core to the stellium. I’m at work on a book avbout stelliums, so sign up for a subscription to the blog, as that’s where the announcement will be. Regards, Donna

  62. I got 77 for a sun-venus-neptune conjunction in sag ( on MC and conjunct NN) but also have 3 planets in Scorpio although only 2 are conjunct (Mars-mercury) so I guess that does not count???

    This is an interesting experiment Donna – can’t wait for your book!

    • What a beautiful triple conjunction Godsukes! Sagittarius is my absolute favorite sign for Neptune. The only way thhe Scorpio planets would count is if they are in the same house as the Sag planets. That would be a stelllium by house rather than sign. Donna

      • Thanks for the reply Donna. My sag sun is just before my MC so is technically in the 9th house along with the mercury-mars conjunction. My other scorpio planet is Uranus but sits in the 8th…

        On a totally different topic, I have just finished your healing Pluto problems book – I am right in the middle of the pluto square pluto transit (natal at 8.39 libra) and being a 8th house pluto, have been pulling my entire life apart in the process. Your book has been an absolute blessing and just what I needed. Thank you.

  63. Hi Donna,
    If you’re still taking scores, I’d like to submit my daughter’s for consideration:
    Born: April 2, 2009; 5:50am, Beverly, Massachusetts

    House 12 – Aquarius: Jupiter-19, Chiron-24, Neptune-25
    House 12 – Pisces: Mars-14, Uranus-23
    AC in Pisces-25
    House 1 – Aries: Venus-3, Sun-12, Mercury-15

    Final Score: *183 (*Could be more: had some confusion with what should or should not be included in a few of the calculations)

    Since she’s only 3, I can’t desribe what she experiences first-hand. However, I can tell you that she’s very intelligent- pure energy infused with warm sensitivity and an excellent sense of humor. I am no expert, but I must admit I’ve never seen a natal chart quite like hers (you should see how the Moon, Saturn and Pluto play into this). Perhaps I’m biased, but she never ceases to amaze me.

    Thank you so much for posting all of this enlightening (and helpful) information.

    • Hi, Shannon, what an amazing little being! With such a strong 12th house, including Jupiter, and with Pisces rising as well, she is surely here to serve the planet and to follow the spiritual path. You might want to read the series of articles on the 12th house, especially the one about Jupiter in the 12th. If you wanted more of an interpretation of her chart, you might want to write to my Dell Horoscope advice column, submitting the email to I would imagine there were quite a few babies born during that long Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron conjunction whose family would like to hear about it as well. Donna

  64. Thanks so much for your reply and referral, Donna. I look forward to contacting Dell Horoscope and getting some more insight!
    Warm regards, Shannon

  65. 146… Is that possible?

    • Oh, sorry. Looked through other comments, seems like computer calculator is ok and my brains work well (since there are a lot higher scores than mine, phew).

      Very interesting
      Thank you!

  66. Hi! My score is, apparently, 155. My stellium includes mars (16º), venus (18º), sun (19º), neptune (20º), uranus(22º) and mercury (23º), in capricorn, second house. I would like to know which one of them could be the ‘alpha dog’… maybe neptune, I don’t know.
    Thank you for so much information, the ‘Four Big Things You May Not Know about Stelliums’ was really helpful.
    Oh, and I was born in January 10, 1994, at 03h10, Rio de Janeiro.
    Thank you again!

    • Hi, the Alpha Dog planet is not something anyone else can figure out for you. The best way is by following the Moon around your chart each month for a while and observing which of the planets in your stellium seems to be the most active and dominant. Donna

  67. My friend scored a 97 with five planets in the third house. He has Saturn conjunct Uranus in Sag, the sun, Mercury and Neptune conjunct in Capricorn. Which planet is the Alpha dog here?

    • As noted earlier, the Alpha Dog planet is not something anyone else can figure out for you. The best way is by following the Moon around your chart each month for a while and observing which of the planets in your stellium seems to be the most active and dominant. Donna

  68. I scored 98. Very interesting.

  69. Hi Donna… I’ve been reading you for a bit now.. and don’t understand completely how to read the degrees on my chart, however. I am a Cancer (June 22) with a 5 Cancer & 7th house stellium… sun 1°, moon 8°, mercury 17°, Venus 0°, and Uranus 13° in Cancer and 7th house. (Placidus) … I’m an acquired taste, to say the least. Not everybody’s cuppa tea. 😉 A lopsided lil’ feeling philosopher. I’d love to get even a bit of your take on this. I have loved reading all the expanded stuff on stelliums and transits. Thank you for being here!

    • Thanks, Cate/Donna. That’s quite a great stellium you’ve got there. I would wonder if Uranus in Cancer is dominant (that is, Alpha Dog), rather than the Moon, as it is conjunct the Moon and Mercury. Uranus is uneasy in Cancer, in much that same that Aquarius and Cancer are an uneasy match, their needs conflicting with one anoher strongly. Everything Cancer/Moon needs to feel secure and rooted, Uranus rebels against in the name of freedom and of breaking free of the past. Donna

    • An “acquired taste,” eh? I’ve been characterized as such also. IMHO, we have to really, really want to be born on the 22nd; it would seem that we had to fight off the summer solstice. My similar chart- 6/22 sun 1* merc 3*R venus 3*R plus uran 26* Gemini all 7th H. I admit to a saturn/ pluto conjunction in Leo… which marks me as 1948. That’s in the 6th H. I scored an 80 at least. Probably okay for an older person. It’s the young, for whom we were the indigo trailblazers, who will be the esoteric stars. Wherein it has been written.

      Q for DONNA C.– I’m not convinced the “high profile bonus” is a beneficence. Do we really want to encourage the John Edwards syndrome? Some of the best esoteric, spiritually evolved, or mystically gifted people were/are very much NOT public. One of the markers for a real adept is that they are hidden. I’ve known a few, some w/n religious orders, some very much outside of any specific tradition. But they all were rather humble and avoided the spotlight. Ever notice how many of the contemporary “just lose your ego” advocates have their own pictures conspicuously displayed on the covers of their books?

      • A good point, Rafi. I wasn’t really trying to say that a high profile position was either good or bad, just that such a person would have more impact on their environment. Donna

  70. Oh… and I’m “actually” a Donna too! =)

  71. Oh… thank you Donna. I never expected you to respond so quickly. Very generous of you! I’m just beginning to grok my conflicts via my chart. I also just discovered that my Chiron is also in Cancer, and didn’t mention the built-in issues of having Sagittarius ascending. You know, (lol) I’m a pretty sharp cookie, but my head gets full to the bursting with this stuff. Just when I think I sort of grasp the significance, it wafts away. I will start to pay attention to Uranus in the coming months. I have such respect for your vast experience and acumen! Hope your hands continue to improve. Light light!! =)

  72. I should stop typing now… It’s Sirius in Cancer.. Chiron in Capricorn. Hushing up now. 😉

  73. dear donna

    I got 42 point .
    as I hv south node, mar, Jupiter and Saturn in 4 house. already subtract like u did mention.
    thnks ,

  74. 73pts for Sun, Moon, Venus, and Mercury in Aries and Moon, Venus, and Mercury in the 5th, plus conjuctions between them…

  75. I got 58 points for a three planet conjunction in Virgo:
    Uranus 14 Virgo
    Pluto 16 Virgo
    Mars 21 Virgo (all 3rd house)
    The IC is at 29 Virgo. I don’t know if that’s considered part of the conjunction or not.

    The configuariton is part of a grand square, too, with:
    Chiron 14 Pisces (9th House)
    Mercuary 21 Sag
    So. Node 22 Sag. (both 6th House)
    No. Node 22 Gem. (12th House)

    My mind is very active (maybe too active), and I’ve always had a lot of nervous tension. However, I often have a lot of insights into things.

    My sun is in Capricorn, and my asc. is Cancer.

  76. I got a solid score of 100, after subtracting my 10 points.
    I’ve got a 5 planet stellium, all in Capricorn, all in the sixth house. Explains why I like to break my back at work!

    The Sun, Mercury, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune all tightly packed together is like a huge magnifying glass of energy.

    But, my moon is in Cancer, in the 12th house, opposite pretty much all of those planets. So emotionally I get a break!

    All this hides behind my Leo ascendant, which is always fun. ;D

    • Hi, Kneazle, you’re part of a huge group of people born in 1988-89 with Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune conjunct–in fact, every child born on the planet in 1989 has that. but then in the winter, like you, have the Sun, Mercury, or Venus involved too. We astrologers are just starting to figure out what it all means, because there hasn’t been anything like it in decades. I’m teaching a class about it for professional astrologers, but eventually, there will be a class just for those who have it, so stay tuned. Donna Cunningham.

  77. Hi Donna

    I got a score of 143.

    I have Sun,Jupiter,Venus,Mercury, Saturn and North Node in my 11th house.

    My details-2nd sep 1979 10:05 am 1979 patiala(india)

  78. I have two stelliums with all planets in trine to each other, a 3-part and a 4-part. Not sure how to assess impact.

  79. I scored a 96 with stelliums mostly in same house and all with same sign of Libra in first house which include Pluto, Uranus, Sun & Mercury. Pluto is conj. a Virgo ascendant. Not to mention I have strong scores for Uranus, Pluto, Mercury, Mars & especially my Sun, and all of which are involved in trines and grand trines with Mars, Saturn, MC & lunar nodes. I am now on a mission to figure out what the heck is going on with me! I feel like something deep inside needs to be unleashed to reach my full potential- I just don’t know where to start….
    And that is not the half of it! I recently met a man who I fell deeply in love with and had the most amazing multi-dimensional connection with, and who I believe in my heart is my soulmate. We have the most unbelievably compatible chart that I have ever seen, yet I am already married, have kids, and even if I dared to …the man lives 600 miles away.
    And to top that off, immediately after meeting what I consider my ultimate soulmate, I experienced an unintentional spiritual Kundalini awakening after learning how to do remote dowsing. This was all so unexpected-I never thought I would actually meet someone who I felt such a cosmic connection with, not to mention, I have never even heard of Kundalini, that is until just recently! Life is immensely mysterious, interesting and transforming for me right now and that is why I am here! Any suggestions or help on ANY of the above would be much appreciated!
    DOB Oct. 14, 1971 5am CST

  80. I scored 130 with 6 planets in the 1st house – 5 personal planets in Scorpio. I feel that I’ve never quite understood my own chart! Even after studying astrology for a number of years.

  81. Hi Donna,

    I got 73. I have 5 planets in Aquarius. Mercury 2″32 in 3rd. Moon 12″12 in 4th. Sun 22″57′-Mars 23″57-Saturn 25″27 conjunct in 4th house.

  82. I got a 97 for a 4 planet and MC stellium in libra in the 10th. Sun, mercury, venus, MC conjunct pluto. Sun conjunct MC. Mercury conjunct venus. I think that I did the math correctly. This score seems about right compared to the others.

    I just read something really interesting tonight. You’re MC doesn’t become actualized in the outer until after your saturn return??? Does anyone else know about this?

    Anyway, very interesting test!

  83. Hi Donna. Good night from Barcelona (Spain) I’ve just done the Stellium test and my score is 81 (if it’s right) My ASC is in Acuarius 18º, Mars 22º, Moon 24º Chiron 29º Venus 9º piscis and Mecury 12º Sun 3º Aries. The second house cusp 7º Aries. I hope this can help you with the score. Thank you for the blog and for all. Best wishes! Virginia

  84. Hi Donna… Just found this site although your books taught me mulch of my understanding of astrology and human nature over the years! I humbly thank you for helping me understand the patterns and release some self-judgment while embracing a clearer self-awareness.
    Thought I’d weigh in on the stelliums test. Born 1:22p Denver,CO Mar 4, 1965 gives me a Pisces/Aries stellium in my 9th conjunct MH totaling 158…and opposite a 3-planet Uranus/Pluto/Mars in Virgo totaling 58. (Combined 216!)
    Although I’ve studied, studied, studied my chart every transit seems like a long storm I need to wait out. Before one aspect registers the next (and often multiple) hits.
    Did your planet scoring system to find 8 planets off the chart (Mer93, Nep78!) with Moon strong and Venus moderate. Have always known my manifesting strengths but have been frustrated that those manifestations seem to get blown away in the star storms to other hands. I definitely know the Pisces path of letting go but it is still frustrating.
    Thanks again, you’re a fab teacher!

    • Hi, Lisa, that’s quite a impressive score. Yes, with stelliums and multiple conjunctions, the test scores for planets within a stellium tend to be much higher than the average chart. I am about to release The Stellium Tool Kit, meant as a way for people to understand their stelliums better, so stay tuned. Donna

  85. Capricorn Sun, Mercury, Uranus and Neptune in sagittarius 9th house.
    Total 125

  86. Planet and Midheaven placement:
    Sun 24 degrees 38′ Virgo 10th house
    Midheaven 21 degrees 45′ Virgo 9th house
    Mercury 16 degrees 06′ Virgo 9th house
    Uranus 15 degrees 50′ Virgo 9th house
    Pluto 16 degrees 25′ Virgo 9th house

    Relevant conjunctions:
    Mercury conj Uranus – orb 0 degrees 16′
    Mercury conj Pluto – orb 0 degrees 18′
    Uranus conj Pluto – orb 0 degrees 34′
    Sun conj Pluto – orb 8 degrees 12′
    Sun conj Mercury – orb 8 degrees 31′
    Sun conj Uranus – orb 8 degrees 47′
    Sun conj Midheaven – orb 2 degrees 52′
    Pluto conj Midheaven – orb 5 degrees 19′
    Mercury conj Midheaven – orb 5 degrees 38′
    Uranus conj Midheaven – orb 5 degrees 54′

    I included the data in case I made a mistake. I am not sure if I should have included the sun since the orb is large than 8 degrees between it and the three other planets and the interim object or B in the A-B-C rule is Midheaven.
    score 107

  87. I have a 5 planet Scorpio stellium in my 10th house (also ruled by Scorpio in my chart) with 8 Conjunctions between the planets in that house. I’m not sure if I calculated this right, but my score (as I calculated it) is 149.

    Here’s my stats from the 10th house stellium:

    Sun – Scorpio
    Mercury – Scorpio
    Venus – Scorpio
    Mars – Scorpio
    Uranus – Scorpio
    MC – Scorpio

    Sun Conjunction MC Orb 1°31′
    Mercury Conjunction Venus Orb 3°18′
    Mercury Conjunction Mars Orb 4°06′
    Venus Conjunction Uranus Orb 4°07′
    Venus Conjunction Mars Orb 7°25′
    Mercury Conjunction Uranus Orb 7°26′
    Uranus Conjunction MC Orb 8°36′
    Sun Conjunction Uranus Orb 10°07

  88. I have a 4 planet stellium and my south node in Sagittarius in the 6th house. Neptune, jupiter and sun all conjunct.
    uranus 10° 12′
    south node 15° 55′
    jupiter 22° 17′
    sun 23° 27′
    neptune 28° 44′
    My total score is 96.

  89. I don’t have stelliums or multiple conjunctions, but I’ve got three sets of conjunctions in mutable signs : Moon-Mercury in Sagittarius, Saturn-Chiron in Pisces and Uranus-Pluto in Virgo. Moon squares with Saturn, and Saturn opposes Uranus-Pluto. I have south node( Sagittarius) conjunct moon and mercury ( moon 4 degrees, mercury 7 degrees and south node 5 degrees) in the 5th house ( that’s not quite a stellium? Does three make stellium.Although I have the sun at 28 degrees (Sagittarius) in the 5th house, it doesn’t make any conjnuction with the other 3 Sagittarian planets, so couldn’t qualify as a stellium. Interesting though, with three sets of conjunctions….

    • Hi, Zoraida, what you’ve got is called a t-square in the mutable signs, which is a major configuration in itself. If you haven’t read up on t-squares, it’s quite dynamic though sometimes difficult. Look for material on the t-squares on the web. Donna

      • I hadn’t realised this was a t-square, even in mutuable signs. My mercury squares Saturn, as well. I’ve read about the challenges of having a t-square, so thanks for that, Donna. I will check that one , out!

  90. I have since discovered I have another mutuable t-square : Uranus- Pluto (Virgo) squares Jupiter (Gemini), Jupiter squares Chiron (Pisces); Chiron/Saturn opposite Uranus-Pluto…. Astrodienst adds my Sun (opposite Jupiter) as a square to Uranus (but not Pluto), so that is a possible t-square, too? I know Astrodient uses wide orbs, but I think I can relate to Sun square Uranus, unless it’s my quirky Venus in Aquarius! In any case, I have Venus sextile Mercury/Moon , Neptune sextile Uranus-Pluto, and Neptune trine Saturn to off- set the energies of the t-square(s). I’ll have a go at the stellium/conjunction test, here, and see what comes up!

    • Depending on the orbs, if all 4 mutable signs are involved, it might even be a Grand Cross, which is like a t-square but involving all 4 signs in a particular mode. Donna

  91. I have 4 conjunctions in Sagittarius (9th House): Sun, Mercury, Saturn & Uranus with a total score of 105. Uranus fell within exactly 10 degrees of the MC, the others were off by 11 – 15 degrees.

    I also have 3 conjunctions in Scorpio (7th – Placidus or 8th – Whole): Moon, Mars & Pluto with a total score of 58. I only deducted half the points (5) since I can relate to both houses. Using Placidus, the stellium hugs the 8th house cusp.

  92. I scored 132. I have a five planet stellium in capricorn in second house. Uranus, Mars, Neptunus, Saturn and Venus. What does this mean? I am a beginner in astrology

  93. My score was 76. My Sun, Uranus, Mercury, and Saturn Stellium in Sagittarius in my 8th house, all with a 4 degree orb or less of one another.

  94. I’m not sure about one of the questions so I think my results won’t come out correctly. Although I have my Venus, Uranus and Neptune all in Capricorn in the 8th house. I also have Venus conjunct Mars 4 14 degree’s, Venus conjunct Uranus at 3 53 degrees, Venus conjunct Neptune at 2 11 degree’s, and Uranus conjunct Neptune at 1 41 degree’s. What does that mean?

  95. I have a 5 planet stellium, with the Sun and Mercury in the middle, conjuncting 3 outer planets.

    1Cap Sun conj. 2Cap Merc, 7Cap Nep, 27Sag Uranus, 24Sag Saturn,

    A pretty heavy mix of personal and social. Born 12/24/1987, Canberra, AUS @ 4:52PM EDST. All planets in the 8th House, which lost me 10 points. But I feel the Capricorn element should bump it up because their success and values are definitely placed in the social sphere. I believe I scored 102 with your system, minus 10 for the 8th House. Sun & Mercury conjunct Saturn, Uranus AND Neptune is a pretty rare occurence indeed…

    • I have moon/mercury/south node and sun in Sagittarius in the 5th house- moon and mercury conjunct and south node conjuncts moon . I also have uranus/pluto in virgo in 3rd (Placidus, but are in 2nd house /cusp in Koch) and saturn-chiron conjunction in Pisces (8th, Saturn, 9th Chiron in Placidus, but both in 8th, in Koch, with Chiron on just on 8th/9th cusp) . Do conjunctions in mutable signs have any effects in terms of versatility/stability/focus?

      • Hi, Zoraida, yes, the mutable signs affect the conjunctions–in both positive and negative ways, depending on how you use them. The versatility and adaptability is certainly an asset, as it tends to result in a long list of skills. If there’s not enough stick-to-it-iveness, then it’s harder to take things to an end result. As a person with a stellium in Gemini, I’ve learned to break a project or goal into a series of smaller, achievable, and rewarding projects. Donna

  96. I’m curious as to why you don’t score the DC and or the 7th house as being “public” and given that the DC is on a Gauqeulin sector. I think that deserves some points 🙂 Ha. I think My Mars in Leo exactly Conjunct my DC is throwing the fit about it. He doesn’t like to be ignored. Lol.

    I have two Stelliums. One in the 7th and one in the 8th.

    I’ll start with the 8th all in Libra:
    1)Sun 13/Pluto 18/Venus 24/ Mercury 29
    2)Sun Conjunct Pluto –> Pluto Conjunct Venus –> Venus Conjunct Merc
    3) 3 Conjunctions.
    4) The Sun & Pluto are involved; Venus & Mercury too
    5) low profile deduction. Though I might disagree, I think this oozes out. And my Plutonian score was 79.

    7th House Stellium Leo/Virgo

    1) Mars 7 Conjunct my DC exact in Leo
    2) Jupiter 1 Virgo/ Saturn 20 Virgo
    3) NN 6 Virgo Conjunct Jupiter
    4) Gauquelin Sector involvement

    What do you think, Donna?

    • Hi, Tera, the planets on the DSC and IC get scores by virtue of making squares and oppositions to the ASC or MH. Not neglected. And a stellium is four or more planets in one sign or house, so the 4 in the 8th is definitely a stellium. The planets in the 7th are not a stellium. The North Node doesn’t count as a planet, but you can award bonus points for its presence. There are three planets in the 7th in two signs, but no conjunctions. (And not a triple conjunction, which is a powerful force on its own.) So it’s a strong 7th house emphasis but not a stellium. I don’t make up the rules, it’s a classic teaching. Donna

  97. If I have done this correctly: score 122

    Check what you’re measuring: stellium

    LIBRA: (H1) Pluto 0°, (H1) Moon 2°, (H1) Uranus 14°, (H2) Sun 23°, (H2) Mercury 29° (H2) SCORPIO: Venus 6°

    A. 30 (H1 x3= 15 / H2 x3= 15)
    B. 20 (x5)
    C. 14 (x2)
    D. 14 (x2)
    E. 10 (x2)
    F. 16 (x4)
    G. 8 (x2)
    H. 10 (H1)

    • Can’t do it, Jen. I would have to create your chart and aspects and then do the scores, and that’s a lot of work. I am busy writing a book on stelliums. Donna

  98. My husband’s triple conjunction (Mars, Pluto, Uranus in Virgo) yielded a 78. He scored 0 on questions C, G, H, and I. Those outer planets really bumped his score up.

  99. I scored 72. Now what? What does that mean? Please elaborate or provide links as to what the number total represents. Thanks!

    • Hi, Linda, 72 means that your stellium is unusually intense and impactful. As to what you’re intensely focused on, you have to take the stellium apart piece by piece, including the planets, sign, and house involved. That’s an incredibly complicated and individual chart feature, and I am writing a long book on the topic, so there’s no way to do that sort of analysis in a few sentences here. There are a number of articles about stelliums on this blog, so start there by using the onsite search engine on the front page. The book will be out in the fall. Donna Cunningham

      • I will do as you suggested and check out the blogs. Good luck with your upcoming book!!! By the way, my stellium consists of my sun, Venus, Mercury and Neptune in the 5th house which in my case is Libra …with two conjunctions among them. I always wondered about the impact of such a cluster and am glad to know that information on this exists. I will enjoy exploring!

  100. I scored a 75 for my 9th house (or 10th house, depending on which system) stellium of Sun and Mars in Libra, and Neptune and Mercury in Scorpio. Mercury is also opposite my moon, which is the handle of my bucket. Not to mention that they form a t-square with Uranus. Yikes. Because of the bucket formation, I don’t know what to do with this stellium. There are certainly strong mother issues (major communication problems, among other things), but I also love to travel and even lived overseas for a while. I also loved college and learning in general. Does your book address this kind of thing?

    • Yes, it will, Susan. It has chapters about the stelliums’ sign, house, and the planets within it. Watch for an announcement about mid-September. Donna

  101. Score of 99, 4 Scorpio planets in 10th house. 3 of them conjunct e/o and Libra MC w/Neptune the closest to MC. The 4th planet, Scorpio Moon out 10 deg. from the rest.
    Score 32 8th house stellium

    Almost all of my planets are contained within 8th, 10th, 11th houses w/exception of Saturn in 12th (only 1 deg from Asc, some say it’s in the 1st?)

    • Strong stellium scores, Patricia. When a planet is that close to the Ascendant and you wonder if its in the 12th or 1st, the absolute answer depends on how close the birth time is to exact. Four minutes difference in birth time could shift your Saturn from the 12th to the 1st. If the time reported is something like on the hour, quarter hour, half hour or quarter til the next, then there’s a very big chance that it’s been rounded off, even on the birth certificate. At any rate, a planet that close to the Ascendant has a strong influence on how you project yourself to the world, so it’s in a Saturnian way, regardless of which of the two houses it’s in. Donna

      • Thanks Donna. My birthtime was not reported on my Birth Certificate. 11:05 am was reported by mother, who says she specifically remembers. I can’t remember the full details of the story, only that I think it had something to do with missing breakfast AND lunch. lol She’s a Taurus btw 😉 But yes; I have always felt and likely project that Saturn influence. Besides Saturn being so close to my Ascendant, my ascendant is Capricorn and my father is also. Friends have always looked to me to be the stable, voice of reason and they become very uncomfortable if I ever happen to personally get rattled or act out of that character. lol! I do think Saturn has served me well though; even w/4 planets, all that Scorpio emotion doesn’t often get out of hand in the way it does with my many Scorpio friends.

        I actually happened upon your site while looking for information on those 10th Scorpio planets being snugged up so close to my Libra MC (I definitely feel the Libra influence too.) particularly Neptune being the closest and most elevated planet in my chart. I recognized your name immediately. 🙂 I haven’t read lately but I loved your articles in Dell Horoscope (which I started reading back in the 70’s think when I was around 12) Astrologers have usually tended to point out my 4 Scorp planets in the 10th (Neptune, Mars, Sun, Moon) But other than oooo etc. they never really said a lot about except that they are usually surprised I’m not in public office or at least something public…Doesn’t really feel like my cup of tea. Life hasn’t exactly been easy and at almost 54, I’m still trying to find what I wanna do when I grow up. :p So have been investigating a little more. Happy to have stumbled across the wealth of information you have so generously provided us.

        Thanks for taking the time to comment and your wonderful service! Many Blessings to you and yours ~

        and Hello and Best wishes to the other Patricia! 🙂

      • If you started reading me at 12, that would probably make you my longest and strongest fan. I’ve noticed that many people come in and out of studying astrology, as at different ages we turn to it again for more self-knowledge. Donna

  102. I’m glad to have discovered your writings on stelliums by way of your article in Mountain Astrologer – the June/July one – about Top dogs. Still trying to figure out my own Stellium top dog, which I believe is probably Pluto — lots of endings in my life. Stellium of 5 planets in 11th house – with Leo flavor, incl conjunct of Merc,Pluto, moon on the one end, and broad Venus, Sun conjunct at the first part – 0 degree sun in Leo.
    It’s been a complicated life, and this most recent config with Pluto, Mars, Uranus seems to be pushing me in big directions to take full charge of transitions I need to make toward independent self-sufficiency. While the focus is on friendship, I gather, in the 11th house, it seems the isolation of Pluto type — maybe while getting to know myself better — has taken certain precedence. I always seem to be struggling for connection on deeper levels, but seem to be coming to a point where I must discover that deeper connection within, instead of projecting that onto others. (I suppose with Mars in 2nd house Scorpio there is more emphasis on the Scorpio energies.) Through my art, perhaps. I’ll read more about others’ experiences and watch for your book when it goes into print.

    Thank you, Donna.

    I am another “Patricia”.

    • Hi, Patricia, welcome to Skywriter. A lot going on here–an upcoming seminar on the Capricorn stellium generation and in about 6 weeks, the debut of my text, The Stellium Handbook. If you’d like to be notified of events, sign up for a subscription.

      Like you, I have a stellium in the 11th, so you’ll find an article on how it makes you vulnerable by using our search engine, along with other articles on the 11th (one on boundaries and friendship). I’d say that Pluto there makes for a select few friends, but that a fear of isolation or abandonment tends to make you hold on for dear life.

      From what you say about your process, I’d say you’re at a turning point toward better relationships. Sometimes, that turning point includes a time of being alone on purpose, so that when you again start to form new friendships, they are less of a life and death matter and so are healthier. Hope that helps! Donna

      • Thank you, Donna. I’ve signed up for a subscription and look forward to getting news about your stellium book.

        I do identify with what you say about Pluto and fear of isolation/abandonment. Yet, I imagine my Uranus in 10th house Cancer plays a role in my tendency to challenge my fears. Puts me through a fair share of challenges, especially since I have NO planets in mutable signs. Oh well, I usually call it another growth experience (when I’m not whining to myself about the risks I take). I’d like to believe you’re correct regards the temporary shift to aloneness.
        There seems to be an ongoing striving to find my “tribe” (once I learned that term), along with finding a path that feels right for life purpose/income source.

        I’ll think of myself as a late bloomer when I graduate at the age of 61 with my first college degree in a few months. 🙂

        Warm regards,

      • That’s amazing, Patricia. Well, we stellium folks have a lot of planets to develop, so we have to remain in the game longer than most. I am finishing my 14th or 15th book at 71, and my astro twin, Ballet troup leader and choreographer, Elliot Feld, just debuted his 167th ballet to great critical acclaim, so I have no doubt you’ll really hit your stride in your 70s too. I wonder if we DO live longer than most? Einstein surely did. Donna

  103. Hi, I wonder why the IC is not considered in the calculation and what is going on with Jupiter, it is also not considered? I listed 74 points. I had followed the link to find out, which is the Alpha Dog, but am a bit disappointed since this info is not helpful in this respect.

    • Finding your Alpha dog is a process–you need the planetary scores tests your stellium planets, and you need to observe the two highest scoring planets in the stellium for a few months to see what happens when the Moon crosses through your stellium. The IC is accounted for by scoring any oppositions to the Ascendant. If Jupiter iws part of your stellium, of course it is considered.

  104. I seem to have 112! 🙂

  105. Dear Donna,
    What to say about the stellium in 10th in Aries (Moon, Mars, Mercury, Venus, also Juno and Vesta) all in opposition to Pluto in 4th in Libra? (btw, this is the only air element placement.) Thank you!

  106. Score 101 – conjunction pluto late virgo, mercury2 libra, uranus 4 libra, sun 8 libra, jupiter 14 libra 10th house

  107. Not sure if I did all the calculations correctly, but I got 74 for my stellium in virgo:
    2nd house: mars at 7, sun at 10
    3rd house: venus at 13, mercury barely tacked on at 22.

    I’m new to astrology and have a long way to go towards understanding my stellium…I’m off to read your other articles about stelliums!

  108. Total Score: 68 for a triple planet conjunction

    Mars, Uranus, Pluto in Virgo in the 1st house (equal house)

    My triple moves into the 2nd house using Placidus or 1st and 2nd in Koch.

    Same configuration as Johnny Depp and Robert Downey Jr 🙂 And ironically same configuration as my husband, even though we were born 1.5 years apart. Although some might read that as being volatile in synastry, I figure it takes one to know one! We get very well and have many other positive chart contacts.

    Thanks so much for your work on this topic, Donna!

  109. I have:
    – Sun at 2 degrees, 43 minutes, 1 second Virgo
    – Mercury at 16 degrees, 1 minute, 52 seconds Virgo
    – Uranus at 9 degrees, 56 minutes, 34 seconds Virgo, and
    – Pluto at 13 degrees, 34 minutes, and 35 seconds Virgo.
    All are in the 9th house.

    The Ascendant is at 11 degrees, 37 minutes Sagittarius.

    The Midheaven is at 9 degrees, 5 minutes Libra.

    There are conjunctions with Sun-Uranus, Mercury-Uranus, Mercury-Pluto, and Uranus-Pluto.

    I scored 78 on the stellium test.

    According to your other tests, Mercury is the strongest planet in the stellium, followed by the Sun and Uranus, and Pluto last. All have high scores, but Mercury was about 75, Sun and Uranus about 54, and Pluto about 43.

    I do consider myself to have strong Virgo traits, but I also have strong Sagittarian traits because of my rising sign and the house in which the stellium resides.

    Beyond that, I have Moon in Aries (5 degrees, 42 minutes, 22 seconds, third house) inconjunct my Virgo Sun. It creates some dissonance, but aside from the Moon and my rising sign, there is no fire in my chart, so I consider it something of a blessing. The only air in my chart is the Libra midheaven and the true/north node at 22 degrees, 55 minutes, 23 seconds Gemini.

    Saturn, at 1 degree, 34 minutes, 55 seconds Pisces in the third house, directly opposes the Sun and Uranus and tends to put the brakes on some things. As I’m getting older, I’m learning how to deal with the influence of Saturn and trying not to let its influence become repressive. Although, putting the brakes on is not a bad thing. With Mercury so strong in my chart, I tend to ride madly off in all directions at once.

    I also have T-squares formed by Jupiter (25 degrees, 28 minutes, 54 seconds Taurus, 6th house)-Saturn-Sun and Jupiter-Saturn-Uranus.

    Hope you find this helpful.

  110. I just realized…

    Chiron (17 degrees, 5 minutes, 47 seconds Pisces, Third House) is also in opposition to my Mercury, Uranus, and Pluto.

    I appear to have a weaker stellium in the third house, consisting of Saturn (Pisces), Chiron (Pisces), and the Moon (Aries) in the third house–none are conjunct, but Saturn and Chiron are in major aspect to the Virgo stellium.

    • Hi again, Colleen. It sounds like you were born in 1967-8 with that stellium in Virgo opposed by Saturn and Chiron in Pisces. You aren’t alone–masses of people were born worldwide at that time with the same aspects (plus trines and sextiles to Neptune in Scorpio). It’s a tough combination, no doubt about it, but also with very fine qualities in the two signs concerned with service. Virgo is such a capable sign and wants to make a difference in the world. I hope it helps to know that you’re not alone, but part of a generation. Donna

      • Donna:

        Thanks for the reply. You’re close–I was born in late August of 1964–about a week before Keanu Reeves. It’s precisely because those aspects were considered a generational thing that I never paid much attention to them until recently. I had read that generational influences are just that–and don’t mean much to the individual. But, as you say, they DO affect the individual–it’s just that it affects a lot of individuals.

        Until I was read your articles on stelliums, it hadn’t really occurred to me that the main stellium in Virgo was opposed by another in Pisces. Mainly because I had never considered Chiron at all, so I didn’t recognize it.

        Without going into a lot of personal detail, they have been very tough aspects to live with. I’ve received a lot of blessings from the stellium, and I wouldn’t trade them for the world. But (what I now recognize as) the opposing stellium made for a lot of difficulties in life. I do think I’ve become much tougher and more resourceful because of those difficulties. Saturn and I are starting to get along better as I get older.

        I can’t thank you enough for your blog. I’ve really enjoyed the articles and I’ve picked up so much information!

      • Glad it helps, Colleen. The generational aspects do affect individuals through changes in society that impact them directly. (I have a book about how that plays out–The Outer Planets and Inner Life, v.3.) But they become especially important when conjunct inner planets as well. Donna

  111. Very interesting and your information about stellums has been very interesting. If I score my “stellum” I think I get 136, but if I’m just scoring my 4 planet conjuction, I think my score is 109. My sun also falls into my first house/is also

    Venus-Uranus-Saturn-Neptune, all in Capricorn and in the first house. Venus and Uranus are also in conjunction with my Ascendant, which is Sagittarius at 22degrees. Venus is 0 degrees Cap & Uranus is at 2. My mid-heaven is Libra at 14 degrees, and Chiron is retrograde, at 3 degrees of Virgo.

    I was wondering if you could, briefly, suggest what you think some of the biggest challenges this configuration presents? I think I’ve realized the “obsessive” nature with Self. I’ve taken it to some pretty spiritual places…I think.

    Also, I’ve got a sneaking suspicion that I’ve got two “alpha dogs” in Venus and Saturn. Thoughts?

    I’ve always felt most strongly attached to my moon, which is in the 3rd house, and Pisces.

    Again, wonderfully insightful, and I’ll be browsing through more of these posts.

    • Hi, Alex, you are part of a very special generation born in 1988-89 with a rare triple conjunction of Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune in Capricorn. It hadn’t occurred since 1307, but every single child born on the planet in 1989 and 5 months of 1988 had it in their charts–about 138 million world-wide in 1989 alone. I am just in the process of finishing a self-help book about stelliums that has an entire chapter devoted to your group. It’s too complicated to explain in a sentence or two.

      As for the Alpha dog, the test in the book is slightly different, with points included for being in a stellium and a couple of other things. I suspect, since Saturn rules Capricorn and thus all the planets in the stellium, that Saturn would be your Alpha. If you want to be notified when the The Stellium Handbook comes out, sign up for a subscription here. Donna Cunningham

      • Yes, as I was browsing around your site the other day I did happen to stumble upon that little tid-bit.

        Also, on closer inspection, I noticed that Neptune, Saturn, and the sun, are all squared with my mid-heaven. I’m just guessing at this point, but I figure that could indicate some tensions… >.>

  112. I got 114 (I think!) I have 5 planets in the 5th house. Saturn, sun, mercury, Neptune, and Uranus. But three are in Capricorn (sun, mercury and Neptune) while the rest are in Sagittarius. From 24 degrees sag to 2 degrees cap. Even though they are in different signs they are still considered a stellium? I’ve read a little about the people born in 1988-89 and I’m not sure if I qualify? I was born Dec 23, 1987 at 9:09 pm. Would the descriptions about them work with me also?

    Thanks for your time Donna! This is one of my favourite astrology sites 🙂

    • Hi, Jessi, yes, the 5 in the 5th count as a stellium–but a stellium by house rather than sign. As for the mixed-sign stellium, the fact that they are all within 8 degrees total means that they are all conjunct, and that like the 1988-89 people, you do have a triple conjunction of Saturn-Uranus-Neptune. That did happen while Uranus and Saturn were in the process of changing signs. So, much of what I’ve written about that group would apply to you as well. (Although the Sagittarian placements would make it more upbeat than when it was all in Capricorn.)

      I’m in the process of putting finishing touches on The Stellium Handbook, and it has a whole chapter devoted to that conjunction. Stay tuned! It will be out in a couple of weeks. Donna

  113. For a stellium of transiting planets, I got 81 on the day of the 11/3/13 eclipse (yesterday). It’s in the 2nd house in Scorpio.

  114. I was born in Feb of 66 and have a stellium in Pisces in the 10th which consists of:
    Chiron 21 degrees Pisces
    Saturn 17 degrees Pisces
    Mars 14 degrees Pisces
    Mercury 7 degrees Pisces
    Midheaven – 1 degree Pisces
    Sun – 9th house, 29 degrees Aquarius

    I believe this gives me a score of 123 for my stellium. I interpret the sun to be part of the stellium, as it is conjunct Mercury. Is that correct?

    Just for fun, it is opposed by Pluto 18/Uranus18 degrees in Virgo, and squared off by Jupiter in the 12th conjunct my Ascendent.

    I find this all to be too complex for me to interpret, but I do like thinking about it. I feel like I’m supposed to have gone through all this inner work and healing to accomplish something meaningful in life, and thought I knew what that was, but have been in a lot of doubt lately. I was hopeful getting through Neptune transiting my sun and midheaven would lighten my load, and clarify my path but I still seem to be just as confused. Can’t say I’m looking forward to when it hits the bulk of the stellium 🙂

    Thanks for all your work Donna, love your writing, your insights and how much you share with your readers. We are lucky to have you!

    • Thank you, Sandy. Yes, *a stellium by sign* can be split between two houses. And, similarly, *a stellium by house* might contain two signs, so long as they’re all in that house. And, yes, the conjunction between Mercury/Midheaven/Sun makes the Sun part of the stellium. Donna

      PS. Tomorrow, I swear to God, my new book,*/The Stellium Handbook/*, will finally be released, if I have to stay up all night to finish getting it ready.

  115. Hi Donna!
    I just found out about your book and I am excited to read it. Here is my rundown:

    Score: 101
    Stellium in Scorpio in the 3rd house including:
    Mercury 0
    North Node 3
    Sun 5
    Uranus 7
    Mars 13

    Midheaven is at 13 degrees Taurus
    Leo Ascendant conjunct Saturn in the 12th
    Capricorn Moon in the 6th trine Taurus Jupiter in the 10th

    I have been practicing Chinese Medicine for 12 years, Tai Chi meditation for 17 years and obsessing over astrology since Pluto transited my stellium through my teens. I LOVE playing with multiple bodies of knowledge and hearing the truth. I also break the rules of healthcare and love my patients with all my heart. There certainly is enough to go around when I can tap into the 12th house Leo style! My process seems to manifest as an ability to viscerally mimic my patient’s pain and then follow the pathway back from trauma that I have done on my own through my meditations. After practicing meditation for this long, I am able to turn my brain off and merge with a sense of nothingness/ bliss. I bring my patients to this place of peace when I work on them so that their bodies can heal themselves.

    I found your book on Healing Pluto Problems when I needed it most a couple years ago. My brother, a Scorpio Ascendant and stellium in Aquarius, and I grew up raising each other and recently woke up to the fact that our parents are and always have been younger than us. We joke around now, as they age, and tease them: “If you two don’t stop bickering, you will have to go sit in the car while we finish shopping!” Just like they used to do to us.
    Having Pluto in Libra, I see how we are prime examples of our generation, seeing as we are biding our time partnered with our cat and our dog, respectively, until we become practiced at being whole enough to partner.

    I am mighty glad that you exist. Blessings and Love to you!

    • Those are some tight conjunctions in your stellium. With all that 3rd house emphasis, it’s not surprising that the relationship with your brother has been a saving grace. Donna

  116. Got 74 pts with a 4 planet stellium in my 3rd house. The house starts in Aquarius with my Sun at 29′ aquarius, saturn 2′ pisces, mercury 3′ pisces, and venus 7′ pisces. I’ve been told I act a lot like a Gemini, which makes sense with Mercury in my third. But, I’m not sure if Saturn and Mercury are combust. I feel that I fit the Sun-Mercury conjunction but not so much the Sun-Saturn conjunction. If anyone has advice, please let me know!

  117. Just like the commenter above me, I got 74 for a 4 planet stellium of my Sun, Venus, Mercury, and Jupiter all packed together in the 2nd house, which itself fits entirely in Taurus with room to spare.

    I don’t even have to guess that Venus is ruling the roost here.

    From what I skimmed from the comments, that’s strong but not way off the charts?

    For my 3 planet conjunction of Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune all around MC in the 9th and 10th I got 80.

    Hmm, I guess that sort of balances things out in my chart.

    • 74 IS off the charts for individual planets, but I guess what we’re seeing is that stelliums themselves are often off the charts. Donna

  118. I have a five planet stellium in the third house. Sun/Chiron are conjunct in late degrees of Libra and Jupiter/Mercury/Mars are conjunct in Scorpio. Chiron and Jupiter make an out-of-sign conjunction too. I also have Venus in Scorpio in the fourth house, so that makes all the Scorpio planets a separate stellium too, I guess, but I wasn’t sure if I should do a separate score for the stellium by sign, since that would be counting most of the planets twice.

    My total came to 91 without Venus. To include Venus, I think I would just add 4, making it 95.

    My whole life seems to have been about learning new things. I can’ t seem to get away from it! Two themes have been constant — astrology and computer software languages. About fifteen years ago I created an astrology web site where I can write about what I’ve learned. And now, I am enrolled in the Kepler astrology degree program.

    • Hmm, you’re right about not counting the stellium twice. I’d say by sign. However, the 3rd house concentration would be related to Mercury, so maybe it would show up in a test of the strength of Mercury. Donna

  119. I have a three-planet conjunction in the 2nd House in Sagittarius: Sun/Neptune at 0-degree conjunct, and Jupiter conjunct that at 5 degrees. I scored 70, with the Sun and Neptune being equal in power and influence, of course (I already knew this, but fun to do the math and get confirmation). Great stellium articles – learning so much by reading them!

  120. I have: NNode 21 Libra, Venus 27 Libra, Sun 2 Scorpio, then Neptune Scorpio, Jupiter Scorpio, Mercury Scorpio (ending at 15 degrees) all 5th house using Koch, 5th house except for Mercury (6th) using Placidus. I came up with a score of 110. And I can tell you what this stellium means for me in terms of transits – it means whatever is going to happen x 110 = what happens.

    With Saturn moving thru, all of the fun has drained from my life, my most fun beloveds have died, and I do feel as though I’ll never be really happy again. Soul sucking pretty much sums it up. And natal Pluto conjunct transiting Mars on my Virgo ascendant solar return opposing transiting Neptune on my solar return descendant, well, an immediate death followed by another one 6.5 months later. Talk about timing.

    But the good news is that now whatever happens – eh, so what – because the merde that has hit the fan thus far has made me realize that whatever happens going forward, I’ve already seen the worst of it. I like to find the bright side in things 🙂

  121. Are points added for the planets being near the Descendent? Because all the planets in my stellium are tightly conjunct the DC (2 x 0 orb, 3 orb, 5 orb) and from what I gather the impact of my stellium is strong. I have 83 points by the way.

    • Anything that is opposite the Ascendant is conjunct the Descendant, so you use the number of points the test allows for the opposition. The same holds true for planets conjunct the IC–they are automatically opposite the Midheaven. Donna

  122. 53 from a Neptune-Mercury-Sun conjunction in Capricorn in the 6th house, conjunct the descendent.

    Neptune has a score of 63, Mercury is 67, and Sun is 84. Those scores surprised me. The numbers were definitely pushed up by an Ascendant-Moon-Sun/Merc/Neptune T-square that ties in with an Ascendant, Jupiter, Sun/Merc/Neptune, Pluto kite (if that makes sense).

    (On the Sun test, it seemed like one of the questions was doubled. If I’m mistaken, add 24 points to the Sun score.)

    Thank you for creating and sharing these inventories; they’re good food for thought.

  123. Hello Donna,

    My score if I did the calculations correctly is 89. I have the Moon, Venus, Mars and Neptune in Scorpio all in the 7th house. I have Mars inconjunct my asc in Aries. I’m not certain if this is 4 more points. I was born in September 1965. My stellium is sextile the Uranus/Pluto conjunction in Virgo.

    Mars inconjunction Ascendant orb -0°44′

    Mars 26°08′ Scorpio, in House VII
    Moon 22°16′ Scorpio, in House VII
    Neptune 18°11′ Scorpio, in House VII
    Venus 17°26′ Scorpio, in House VII

    I am trying to figure out how to purchase your book.

  124. 122 points, got 6 planets in 5th house, Scorpio breaks the cusp. Sagittarius is inside the house and all planets are in there except the last.
    3 degrees Mercury
    3 degrees Saturn
    16 degrees Venus
    18 degrees Uranus
    35 degrees Sun
    3 degrees Neptune (Capricorn)

    Are trying to find something in my freetime to become my “work” for the moment and trying to overwin all my fears before my first Saturn returns…
    I’m interested in your book. But do you have an overview of what it contains?
    Best regards,

    • There’s a sampler, Nathalie, and I’ll send it to you. Donna

  125. If I did this correctly, I got a score of 98 with a stellium of 4 planets in my 9th house, Aquarius. That would be Mars at 9°, Moon at 9°, Saturn at 12°, and Venus at 19°.

  126. 80 points with Stellium in 1st house in Taurus: Ascendent at 15°, Mercury at 20°, Sun at 23°, Chiron at 27° and Mars at 28°.

  127. Got a score of 122. Six planet stellium in the 10th — four planets in Aquarius, two in Capricorn, though the stellium’s Alpha is Capricorn, in Neptune.
    This is pretty interesting. I’m new to this blog and really enjoying the articles I’ve read thus far. Thanks!

    • Hi, Ace, I’ve devoted a lot of attention to the generation with Uranus, Neptune, and Saturn in Capricorn, plus, for many born in the late 1980s-early 1990s, plus the faster moving planets in Capricorn as well. making up stelliums. You’re the first to report in with that stellium in Aquarius that followed, and that’s a big score on that test. If you haven’t already, check out the “stellium” tab on Skywriter’s front page. Donna Cunningham

  128. I got a score of 68 if I’ve calculated correctly. I have a four planet stellium in the fifth house that tightly trines the ASC & involves the Moon at 28 Leo (ruler of the IC), Merc at 1 Virgo (ruler of the sixth-house Sun), Pluto at 2 Virgo (ruler of the DSC), and Venus at 3 Virgo (ruler of the chart & of the NN).

  129. 54 points for stellium in Leo 7th house
    Sun Pluto Mercury Saturn

    61 points for stellium in.Libra 9th house
    Mars Venus Neptune Jupiter

  130. 5 planets in Virgo in the 10th: Sun, Moon, Merc, Venus and Mars/ 9 conjunctions inside the stellium…

  131. Composite chart of myself and first love. Our stellium score is 134, a 6th house stellium in Cancer with Sun, Uranus, Mercury, Mars, and Venus. Our relationship leaves us both gasping . . . LOL

  132. 2.7.1962 16:40 44.09°N 70.19°W Should be a high water mark… :♥)

  133. I scored 70 for a 5 planet stellium in the 4th house. 4 in scorpio, 1 in sagitarius.

    A) sun, moon, venus, mars, pluto
    B) sun, moon, venus, pluto
    C) sun, moon
    D) pluto
    E) venus, mars
    F) sun-moon, mars-pluto
    I) 4th

    what does the score mean?

    • Well, clearly it means you have a strong stellium, but in order to understand what all the pieces mean and how they all work together, you might want my guidebook on stelliums, which has the tools to analyze each part of it. It’s called The Stellium Handbook: An Owner’s Guide, and it’s available on my website: Donna

  134. I got a 94 for Mercury, Mars, Neptune, Venus and Uranus (the last two almost on top of each other) in stellium in the 3rd house/Capricorn. Venus and Uranus are both at 28, just a hair apart. I was surprised when I took your tests and found that Venus is the alpha by a long-run, with 59 points. This came as a bit of a surprise to me. I’ve always been kind of a free-spirit and found it hard to connect with people romantically. I wonder if that has anything to do with the Venus-Uranus conjunction.

    I also have Pluto, the moon, Jupiter, and the sun in stellium in the 2nd house in Sagittarius, and got 66 points for that. Jupiter is the alpha with 50 points.

    • Hi, Emily, I’d bet money your Venus-Uranus-Neptune conjunction explains why your relationships aren’t like a Libra. Read the articles on this blog about Venus-Uranus aspects and Venus-Neptune aspects.

      Also have a look at another blog called that will tell you more about your age group and these stelliums. Donna

      • Donna, thanks! I learned so much about myself from just your articles on stelliums. I was kind of surprised to find myself with a Capricorn stellium since I was born in 95, but it helped me answer a lot of questions I’ve had about my chart.

  135. I have a massive stellium in the 5th (Pluto, North Node, Vesta, Venus, Pallas, Sun, Uranus, Point of Fortune, and Vertex) spread out across Libra & Scorpio. The scary Pluto-Venus conjunction is within 2 degrees & some change, and I think it wreaks havoc on my love life (my relationships have, at most, a shelf-life of one year). When I am doing the calculation, do I include these asteroids and points? If so, how would I do so? Thank you!

    • At the bottom of the test, you’ll find a note about Bonus Points, which you can assign to any chart placement that you consider important. Donna

      • Thanks Donna. 🙂 I’m thinking of ordering your book. Do you think the fact that Saturn just left Scorpio, (finishing the transit of both Libra and Scorpio) means that the 5 years of suffering will come to an end? It has meant a major dislocation/relocation (in 2003), to another country, for employment purposes (I’m a researcher). It has really been an alienating experience living in Germany (without knowing the language, while being a racial minority). I felt a really deep, cleansing pain last night (3:40am), really felt the pain of a lost love. I was deeply in love (it was completely mutual) with someone who I recently learned married someone else. I felt that last nights tears came purely from the pain of mutual lost love, and not ego tears. Hoping things will get better, now that my stellium isn’t under the weight of Saturn’s obligations.

      • Boy, Saturn was hard in Scorpio–lots of pain, it sounds like, for many. Saturn transits can bring back the past, but to learn from it and to build a more solid and realistic future. Donna

  136. Hi ! I scored 52… Saturn-Jupiter-Pluto-Mercury. In LIBRA. In 4th house (Mercury in 5th house). I’d love to know wich one is my Alpha Dog. thanks a lot Donna!

    • Hi, determining the Alpha Dog planet is a process that involves the highest scoring planets and the lead planet in the stellium. It’s something no one else can do for you, because you have to live with a while and watch what happens when other planets like the Moon sets it off. There’s a lot more information about all that in my ebook, The Stellium Handbook, available at Donna

  137. 170 is my score in the nineth house in aquarius……

  138. I got a 67 (If the orb for the nodes was a tiny bit bigger [8 degrees, instead of 5], it would be a 71). I have a stellium of Virgo and an 11th House stellium. Stellium info is as follows: Moon in Virgo (12h), Mars in Virgo (11h), Jupiter in Virgo (11h), Saturn in Virgo (11h), North Node in Leo (11h).
    Moon & Saturn are conjunct; Mars & Jupiter are conjunct.

    Strangely, I don’t really identify with the 11th house. I’m very much a loner, and have very few close friends (and few non-close friends). The Virgo aspects are more apparent though. I suppose it helps having the Sun & Mercury in Gemini too – very mercurial all around.

    • Just wanted to reply to myself here… Got around to taking the Mercury test, and boy, I wasn’t kidding when I said I was very mercurial all around!

      I scored a 79. 😀 Not quite the highest I saw in the comments section for the Mercury test, but very close!

      • Yep, Michelle,that’s a high score! Even me, with five planets in Mercury-ruled signs, can’t top that. Donna

  139. Score of 93. LOL, guessing that’s high. I have 5 planets in the 5th. They span 3 signs and mostly aren’t conjunct. But Saturn is combust the sun on the Libra/Scorpio cusp. Saturn had already moved into Scorpio for a day or so before I was born. But the sun moved to zero, 18′ by the time I was born after a long labor (Libra when my mother started labor, Scorpio when I emerged). I do have other planets in Libra and Scorpio with Gemini rising. Have always* felt on the cusp, both Libra and Scorpio. Curiously enough, when I did your planetary test, none of the planets in the stellium emerged in the top 3 (unless I consider Mars as the ruler of Scorpio). Mercury rules!

    I could politely pick a bone with you though. I think the oddball elements matter a lot — the very low scores, missing elements, as do mutual receptions. I guess these are subjective elements to weigh toward the bottom of those tests.

    *When I say always, I do mean it. My grandmother was an astrologer and I grew up knowing my natal chart. She was quite troubled by Saturn and tried to shove it under the rug, but I kept harping on it. What is that darn thing on my sun??? In your planetary test, I was glad that Saturn didn’t score all that high.

    • I have a grand air trine and, with a strong Mercury (in Scorpio, not directly part of it), I long assumed I was an “airy intellectual” type. Except also not — not that abstract. Just took your tests for the elements and come out over 50 for each, about equal (which is the way it goes with Myers-Briggs and the Ayurvedic classifications as well). Even with fire, although I supposedly don’t have anything but Pluto in Leo. But with planets in the 1st and 5th, etc, it gets covered. I like your ways of measuring better than most I’ve come across. Thanks for your interesting site with so much good stuff to dig through!

      Oh, and as someone who has pondered the mysteries of the sun conjunct Saturn over my entire 60+ life, I totally agree that it makes for a strong earth vibe. I don’t think anyone would ever mistake me for a Capricorn or earth mama Taurus (very different personality), but it plays out in seriousness and ambition, self-discipline too.

      • One more comment. Actually I write an astrology blog. I found your site while doing research on the sun and moon in Scorpio and stelliums. Have you looked at Katy Perry’s chart? Holy moly, Scorpio stellium involving her ASC with Pluto combust the sun leading in the 12th, and the moon tightly conjunct Saturn. Everything is within 75 degrees — 7 planets packed between the cusps of the 1st and 2nd houses. She is enormously successful, but most of it must’ve happened while she was going through Saturn return. She just turned 31.

        Whoopi Goldberg’s chart I saw written about on a post here. Bethenny Frankel (moon in Capricorn) and Georgia O’Keefe have similar challenging Scorpio stelliums.

      • Wow! You’re right–that’s some stellium, especially because Pluto is the ruler of Scorpio in its own sign. Donna

  140. Just scored at 69: all inner planets in 12th H in Cancer/Leo. 3 planets in Cancer: Mars/Jupiter are BOTH at 21 deg. 1 minute apart; Venus at 26 deg, Merc at 1 deg Leo. Because of Venus being at midpoint between my twin planets and Mercury, I count them all as conjunct, though Mercury often feels like the odd boy out… though that’s just a feeling.

    I did find the idea of 4 teenagers living in the house all at the same time very meaningful: that’s exactly what it feels like to me, and the twins scrape up the most trouble…perhaps because they’re the “oldest”, or maybe its because Mars and Jupiter are such standouts on their own, that the two together are just explosive. But I could be wrong.

    Anyway they’re all in the 12th going on the Placidus house system, so I’m sure it’s affected my life in deep ways, especially when you pointed out that these planets staying in 12 means I feel their absence elsewhere: No planets (some asteroids) in my 7th, 10, 9th 5th, 3rd houses. 10th house has the North Node only.

    I’ve always been dragged, kicking and screaming to 12th house issues, good and bad. Trying to reconcile myself to this area life has been the big challenge.

    • Karen, there are plenty of good things about 12th house planets. If you use the onsite search engine at the top right hand corner of this blog, you’ll find links to more than a dozen articles on that house. Donna

      • Thanks for the insight: I’ll be sure to check them out!!

  141. Stellium in the 5th house in Capricorn
    Uranus Neptune Mars and Venus

    84 score

    Didn’t look up if chiron is there.

    I’m a classical musician and a teacher so I wonder if this is the root to my love of sharing knowledge with people but I also have moon sun mercury and Saturn in 6th house in Aquarius.

    What does a double stellium mean?

    • It means that you have two separate stelliums, so you have to analyze the contribution each one is making to your skills and gifts but also the challenges of each planet involved. The only book on this subject is my ebook, The Stellium Handbook, which you can find on my website Donna

  142. Hi Donna! Thanks so much for this stellium information. There’s not a lot of info out there…. I got a score of 97. Pluto, Saturn, Sun and Venus conjunct with mercury a few degrees away in the 11th house in Libra. In case folks are curious what that energy manifests as….I can attest to the fact that pluto and saturn rule here. It’s tough. Loads of social anxiety with self image issues…like a strong feeling I don’t actually have a place on the world amongst others. And yet, combined with jupiter rising, I’m full of charm and ‘confidence’. I have lots of self focus and a deep, deep need for transformation and truth. It’s really exhausting, and I frighten myself with my potential for force that I keep at bay. I feel at odds with myself. But it is exciting to know that transformation will be mine. I’ve been studying my chart for over 2 years now and JUST took note of the sun conjunct pluto. How fitting is that, for Pluto’s nature is that we cannot look into the mirror of self reflection and see him.

  143. Score of 74 for 3rd house Sagittarius :

    Saturn 9 deg 31′
    Mars 17 deg 31′
    Uranus 22 deg 09′
    Moon 29 deg 42′


  144. I got a 108 for Mars, Sun, Chiron, Venus, Mercury in Taurus- all in the 11th house (except Mercury 2 degrees into the 12th.)

  145. 63 points for 4 planets (Sun, Mercury, Uranus, Neptune) in Aquarius and the 1st and 2nd houses (only added 5/10 at the end because only 2 planets are in the 1st house—Mercury and Neptune).

  146. 63 points for Sun conjunct Mercury, Uranus, and Neptune in Aquarius and the 1st and 2nd houses (added 5 points at the end because only Mercury and Neptune are in the 1st house)

  147. I got 78 for my 2nd house stellium and 69 for my Leo stellium

    I have 7 planets in 4 houses (Placidus) H12 thru H3, but only two signs. I have Mercury and the Sun conjunct the AC with Venus tagging along at 28°44’ – all in Cancer. I did not count this as a Stellium.

    My stelliums include Venus 28 Cancer conjunct Uranus 5 Leo conjunct Mars 5 Leo. Uranus & Mars have a looser conjunction to the Moon 13 Leo. Pluto also tags along at 28 Leo, but in H3. Venus through the Moon are in the 2nd house. Uranus through Pluto are in Leo. Should I consider this as two separate stelliums? There is obviously quite a bit of overlap.

    In addition to this, my chart is in a bowl pattern, unless you count Chiron. All of the planets are below the horizon except Mercury at 2* above the AC. Chiron is at 16 Aquarius in H9 and is part of my only opposition (Moon 13 Leo).

    • The four Cancer planets are probably a stellium, especially if they’re all in the same house.) And the conjunctions strengthen it.
      You might find my ebook, The Stellim Handbook, helpful in sorting out how the planets in the groups work together. It’s on my website,

      Donna Cunningham

      • Somewhere, not on your Blog, I read that if Mercury, the Sun and Venus were the planets, they don’t count as a sellium, unless a 4th planet was with them. Does the Asc elevate it to a stellium? Even though they are all in Cancer, they are in 3 Houses , Mercury 3 Cancer in H12, AC 5 Cancer, Sun 8 Cancer H1, and Venus 28 Cancer in H2. I’m sure your book would be very helpful, but it doesn’t fit into my budget. Thank you for your reply.

      • Three planets don’t make a stellium, but if the are 10 degrees or less apart from each other, it’s a triple conjunction, which is a very strong influence. The Ascendant is not counted as part of a stellium, but it does add strength to the planets within 10 degrees of it.

  148. Scoring 89 as a mult conj in Capricorn, due to last planet over cusp 4 degrees into the 11th house. Moon cnj MC to outermost planet Saturn in 11th. So, Moon, Uranus,Neptune, Saturn lineup in ( 2,5,11,15 Cap while MC is Sagg)
    This chart is from Sept 1990.
    I am wondering how these formations work with a Yod. This chart has one that draws to the center Uranus-Neptune conjunction from 5th H Jup Leo and 3rd Mars Gem.

  149. I got 81 for my 4 planet stellium in the 4th. I’m still trying to understand the placement, but I know there are so many conjunctions between the planets, so it’s a bit confusing ; X ;

  150. I’m told I have a stellium of 6 Gemini in this exact order: Sun, Rising, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars. I’d like to take this test but I don’t understand where to get the information on houses or degrees. Can anyone show me how? Birthdate/time/place is: May 28 1968 – 6:29 AM – Van Nuys, California. This is an awesome site, and I’m trying to figure out if my stellium is unusual and has anyone read the Stellium e-book? Does it have information on a stellium of 6?

    • The Handbook has tools to help you understand all the pieces of your stellium and how they fit together, so by all means get the book, but if you don’t know about your degrees and houses. start with getting a computer printout of your chart that tells those things. Astrolabe has a free one on their website that does that much, but you may also want to get a more detailed interpretation (about 35 pages) from them for $35. Donna Cunningham

  151. I think I did the test correctly. My score is 71. venus-moon-uranus-mercury in Scorpio in the 12th house. They are all conjunct. The Ascendent is in Scorpio conjunct Mercury and Uranus. Mars (Leo in the 9th) squares everything in the stellium (which has been pretty obvious in my life). I didn’t attribute any points to this of course but I think it might influence what is Alpha in the stellium??
    Thank you!

    • Hi, Lara, there’s an article elsewhere on the blog about finding the Alpha dog planet in a stellium. One way is to do the test scores for all of the planets in the stellium, as the highest score MAY be Alpha. Also the lead (first) planet often is. But no one can tell you what your Alpha is, as it’s something only you can decide through observation of things like what happens when the Moon or planets transit the series.

      My ebook, The Stellium Handbook gives you lots of tools for understanding what role each planet in your (large!) stellium plays. You can find it on my website, Donna

  152. Thank you Donna. I’m pretty sure a Vedic astrologer once told me, in his own words, that Venus is the Alpha dog (which would be the first planet). Everything then according to that system is in Libra…anyways. I’ll take a look for myself to have a better understanding. Thank you very much.

    • That sounds right. Uranus is the 1st in my most powerful stellium at 17 Gemini, is trine the17 aquarius moon in the 5th and quintile the sun at 20 Leo in the 11th house. All with a Uranian flavor. Progressed Uranus went retrograde a number of years ago and the manic left with it. Left lotz a food for thought.

      • Typo…sun is 29 Leo

    • If that whole big group is in Venus-ruled Libra,then it’s quite likely Venus is the alpha. Venus would be especially potent in it’s own sign. Donna

  153. Very interesting test…got 60 for both my stelliums (if they can be considered stelliums with only 3 conjunctions apiece):
    Uranus-Saturn-Neptune in Capricorn/11th house, all conjunct each other
    Moon-Venus-MC in 9th house (moon/Venus in Scorpio, MC in Sagittarius), all conjunct each other but with moon/Venus exactly the same! Both 24.40′ in Scorpio

    Still new to this astrology stuff but it is so interesting! 🙂

    • Hi, Debra. A triple conjunction (3 planets conjunct) is a very strong chart feature. The Uranus-Saturn-Neptune conjunction of 1988-89 is a very rare combination that hadn’t occurred in 620 years. What’s important to know is that every single person born on the earth in the time that combination was in range had it in their charts–millions of you word wide. If you want to know more about that combination and its challenges, go to

      Donna Cunningham

  154. hi! i have sun, mercury, venus, mars, uranus, and neptune all in capricorn and all in the third house. im new to astrology and havent really learned how conjunctions work exactly, but i think i calculated my score to be 134. I think my stellium makes me very obsessed with gathering knowledge, I feel like I’m such an extreme mental collector that it leaves me very unblanaced in other areas of my life.

    • Hi, Kathy, you’re part of a very important rare and unusual generation with the stellium in Capricorn. While most of us with stelliums (mine is in Gemini) have what might be seen as an imbalance, what it does is to give a strong focus in just a few areas of life that can lead to exceptional accomplishments. Do have a look at my ebook about stelliums and how to make the most of them. There’s a chapter about conjunctions, with tools for analyzing them. It’s The Stellium Handbook, and is available at Donna Cunningham

  155. I got a score of 77. I have a tight triple conjunction in the 7th house including the moon, with Saturn on the cusp of the 7th house. I feel like my score is on the low side but maybe it’s because of other aspects in my chart. My triple conjunction is in trine with Pluto and the north node and sextile with the signs ruler

  156. Triple conjunction: Venus-Mars-Pluto. In Sagittarius. Venus and Pluto conjunct in the 12th. Mars in the first and they all conjunct my Sagittarius ascendant. I got 55 but it might be higher…

    • Did it again and it turned out to be 63!

  157. 80 points for 10th house in Taurus, 50 for 5th in Sagittarius. Career has been a source of frustration. I’m stubbornly refusing to subjugate myself to anyone else’s vision (authority issues?-yep!) while waiting for inspiration from my 5th house lol.

  158. I have an intense 12th house Stellium and scored 67….Not sure if I agree with the logic of High and Low Profile penalties. And a Libra triple conjunction scored 55. Using house and sign disposter charts is also interesting and related. so the 12th House stellium leads me to a Neptune Top Dispositor, gathering that stellium energy. But my Neptune score in the other test was not very high.(19) that seemed very off somehow.
    Very fun!

    • H, Rufous, there are many articles about stelliums on this blog plus many articles on the 12th (a specialty of mine). There’s even an article about 12th house stelliums. To have a look, use the onsite search engine at the top right hand corner of the front page. Donna

  159. Hello!

    I scored an 87 for my stellium in the first house with Sun, Venus, Jupiter and Uranus. I purchased your stellium handbook and took your planetary test on this site, and I am having a difficult time figuring out my alpha dog, or planet leader for the stellium. My sun scored 46 and my venus scored 41-52 (depending on if I use Taurus) They are both at 9 degrees, which is the lowest number for the stellium. The Venus shows up first, so I am guessing it is a slightly lower degree??? Do you have any insight on which planet I should think of as the ruler, or if I should think of them both as rulers? Thank you so much!

    • Hi, Juliette. Nobody can tell you which is your Alpha dog–you have to watch it over time as transiting Moon and other planets cross over it. However, since they are so close together, they might be functioning as one. However, given that the Sun represents our core being, I’d go with the Sun, especially if it;s in Libra or Taurus. Hope that helps. Donna

  160. 114. 5 planet stelluim at the bottom of the 3rd house in libra -Saturn, Pluto, Jupiter, mercury, sun (last 2 in Scorpio), with the sun conjunct with the IC…. in addition to being opposed by moon conjunct Chiron conjunct MH. It seems like my stellium is “heavy”

  161. 74 POINTS=
    GREAT BLOG!!!!!

  162. Hi Donna, thank you for your work! I am a virgo/asc sag. I think I got 99, with Venus-Saturn-Sun-Mercury conjunct in 9th house, in virgo. Venus also conjunct with MH. (Also in 9th house are north node and Jupiter but further away.) I was born Sept 10, 1979 in Bern, Switzerland. Happy to learn & share more.

  163. 126 points. I have a stellium in pisces in the 2nd house. The planets within the stellium are : sun, moon, mercury, mars, saturn and ketu (only ketu is in aries, the rest of them in pisces).
    Funny enough, since the day I was born I was ALWAYS afraid of being poor.

    • That’s a big score–but then it’s a big stellium too. Donna

  164. I got 111, multiple conjunction of 5. I should note that the planets in the stellium are in sextile to Midheaven and to another conjunction (a simple one though), which is trine the Midheaven. I am not sure whether those aspects count as well in some way.
    The alpha dog thing is tricky…I was surprised by the difference between venus and the next contenders when taking the tests (difference is over 40 points). The question is: is venus suited for an alpha dog role? Just saying. It’s my theme of the evening.

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