Posted by: Donna Cunningham | July 1, 2011

Living in a Purple Haze—Using Color to Release Resentment

 ©Ever so long ago, by Ivory Phoenix in Vibration Magazine

Donna says, In November, 2006, Vibration Magazine, the online essence journal published a special theme issue about essences, light, and color (August, 2006). This was one of the articles, reprinted here with Ivory’s complicity

Long ago and yes, so far away, I got involved with a lightwork school of the occult persuasion. I studied there weekly for a number of months until it became clear that I could not agree to their prohibition on sharing their teachings with others. I still have serious issues with suppressing knowledge that can relieve suffering and enhance evolution — at this crucial stage of human history, we don’t have time for that!

I pursued lightwork and color healing on my own over the years. It’s a bona fide medical specialty in England, Europe, and countries in the former British Empire, but it is essentially banned by the Americian Medical Association in the United States. Those who use it here and make claims of physical healing from it run a serious risk of being prosecuted for practicing medicine without a license. This intrigued me — any form of healing that diehard occultists on the one hand and the A.M.A. on the other don’t want you to know about must be pretty powerful!!

As I considered what color to write about, purple seemed the most compelling. Imagine yourself for a few moments in a purple haze — immerse yourself in it, taste it, let it seep into your brain, let your mood sink into it. What state of mind does that create in you? What memories or situations drift into your consciousness, and what feelings do those memories evoke? To me, it’s like brooding, bruising, or a deep funk. I would bet good money that resentments begin to stir in more than a few of you as you undertake this experiment. Not too coincidentally, drawing on a variety of metaphysical sources, it appears that purple is the color for healing resentment, one of the most poisonous of emotional habits.

When we hold onto resentment, nursing a grudge, or indulging in days and days of gnawing away at a grievance, the sheer drama of it can be quite satisfying. However, resentment pollutes our consciousness and our mood, feeding on itself so that it looks for further reasons to continue in that state of mind — living in a purple haze. We do tend to get attention and sympathy when we call ourselves victims of injustice, and yet when the resentment goes on too long, that sympathy and attention evaporate because few people care to be around such toxic vibrations for any length of time. We can wind up alienated and isolated, unless we learn to let go of these feelings. I worked long and hard with purple light to release clogged and stagnant resentments from difficult events.

 In its pure form, purple is made up of red and blue. In my studies, red is the color for energy, assertiveness, and the release and healing of anger, while blue is the color for healing fear. Thus we might reason that resentment comes about when we are angry and yet afraid of doing anything about it, so that action to resolve the situation is blocked. Nursing a resentment by going over and over it in our minds is an attempt to try to break through the blockage, and yet it tends to get stuck and remain internal. Are there essences based on the ways purple — or its component elements, red and blue — appear in nature that can help us break though the blockages?

A gem elixir that springs to mind is Amethyst, which does work on resentment but also on clearing out any accumulation of blocked negativity, the stagnant kind that puts you into a purple haze. Ruby helps heal the heart, always a plus when you are trying to handle conflict with those you love. Elixirs from blue gemstones like Aquamarine or Blue Topaz seem always to be described as calming in times of fear or stress. A primary red flower that helps integrate and heal anger is FES’ Scarlet Monkeyflower; and their Fireweed, which flourishes in fire-scarred areas, heals the aftereffects of trauma and re-energizes one’s being. Dramatic purple Monkshood, from Alaskan Flower Essence Project, heals those who have become alienated and averse to human company. (For resentment, my old standby has been Bach’s Willow, but that is not purple.)

The interesting thing is that there are many, many vivacious red flowers and many intense purple to lavender ones, and yet almost none that are blue naturally.

While gardeners and essence makers like to call certain flowers blue — like borage — to me, they are more than a little purple. Texas bluebonnets, maybe, but I make it a practice never to go to Texas. There are a few verging-on-blue hybrids that are products of long years of manipulation by growers, like the glorious giant pale blue irises available for $16 a bulb here.

Since Mother Nature herself created so few blue flowers, could we not conclude that FEAR AND FLOWERS DO NOT NATURALLY COEXIST? Immerse yourself in almost any lush flower garden, and see if anxiety does not begin to recede!! Possibly, then, flower essences in general may help us overcome the myriad blockages created by the manifold fears that we experience. Some teachers of the Course in Miracles, like Gerald Jampolsky, say that there are really only two emotions, fear and love, and that love is letting go of fear.

It being Spring as I write this, the lush hydrangea bush on the property made me start to wonder what an essence made from hydrangea flowers would do. They are an amazing, versatile, and long-blooming bush. Depending on what minerals you feed it — and on the resulting soil conditions — hydrangea blossoms can be anything from white to nearly red (various shades of pink) to nearly purple to nearly blue. Thus hydrangeas are a co-creation of the animal (human), vegetable (flower), and mineral kingdom.

The interesting thing here is that the gardener chooses what to feed the bush to bring about the desired tint and intensity of the flower’s colors. Likewise, we get to choose whether we are going to let our resentments feed on themselves (the purple end of the spectrum) or whether we open our hearts to loving the person (the pink end of the spectrum) and see the divinity in ourselves and those we are in conflict with (the white end of the spectrum.)

I did research on the internet to find out what companies are making Hydrangea essences and what they say about it, but didn’t find much detail. New Millenium Flower Essences of New Zealand has a Pink Lacecap Hydrangea essence that helps access hidden anger behind the façade of love — quite logical in terms of color healing principles — and a Blue Lacecap Hydrangea essence to help say no to invasions of one’s boundaries, even psychic or extraterrestial invasions. Other makers were quite vague and grand in their descriptions, with little in the way of concrete examples to back it up.

The research left me quite uncertain as to what could be expected of a course of this essence, and yet the odd botanical properties of the plant still suggest healing resentments and transmuting them into love. Perhaps rather than a single color of hydrangea, it should be a mixture of the whole spectrum of colors of hydrangeas. Perhaps it is one that, in conjunction with essences like Willow and Amethyst, could catalyze the conversion of grievance into forgiveness. If any essence maker cares to send me a bottle of this essence, care of the editors, I will undertake to give it my personal trial! (Did I mention that beyond being a metaphysical dilettante, I am also somewhat of a mooch?)

Do I hear you asking why I don’t just go on and make the essence myself? Moi? I am, I assure you, just a rank amateur, and have every intention of staying that way.

What about you,  Reader?  Are there any colors you’re instinctive drawn to in times of emotional upheaval?   And what effects do various colors have on you? 

An Assortment of Healing Tools: 

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: In her emails to us, the otherwise-anonymous Ivory Phoenix calls herself “an inveterate metaphysical dilettante and spiritual shopper.” We think she’s being too hard on herself — unless, as is entirely possible, she is merely having us on. We love Ivory’s writing, enjoying the way she vacillates between being a wise observer and a wiseacre. She is, indeed, an Essence User Extraordinaire, as you will find if you visit her Frequent Contributor’s Page, which has links to her earlier articles in Vibration.


  1. love this blog piece…
    purple haze and prince – heal me…

  2. Beautiful post, intriguing concepts, thank you! I’m a painter and a healer, this brings in a whole new dimension. Looking forward to playing with it!

  3. Ah yes………..I had some strong resentments as a teen, unrecognized of course but THERE for sure. I wore purple as much as I could. Amethyst was my jewelry of choice……….that carried through my marriage ( resentment making also) After marriage, as a small business woman with a great deal of freedom, compared to what is possible today in business……..Navy, brown, black, still purple, ( which I always considered to be the color of royalty & MY power color) Capricornian sobriety, but out on the town, girlfriends & I would experiment with colors to attract the type of man we wanted to meet, & it invariably worked! Reds and black snagged a Scorpio every time ( for my moon in that sign)
    Looking back on my more recent pastel,, peach, pink, lavender, baby blue……..I realize…business has been REALLY slow, until I fell heir to an uplabel red blazer 2 years ago, in tandem with my Scorpio friend’s life coaching, it has wrought a miracle in my networking. So I latched on to a garnet sweater jacket when Christmas shopping with the kids last year, and to complete, when I took my flourescent bulbs to the dump, there in the little shed labeled “take me I’m free” was a darling red cardigan, embroidered with red crewel work flowers…………….and the career is moving forward at a nice clip! I am also a painter & healer!

  4. Years ago, I painted a purple mermaid sitting alone on the rocky shore beside a flowing river. The lush green and gold forest that surrounded her was lit up by the purple evening sky. For me, it symbolized my sense of isolation and sadness over not fitting in as well as the private place I went to to connect with the divine, as represented by the sky.

    Although it’s clearly a sad painting, the process of creating it was very healing and brought a certain measure of peace and clarity.

    Thanks for sharing this post with us. I definitely think colors hold a lot of healing power. Coincidentally, just last night, I dreamed I was painting my room a beautiful rich shade of teal blue. Hmmm. 🙂

  5. I love how you write about color and its effect on mood, psyche, health and healing. I too am a painter and very much understand how color and images play hand-in-hand. I’ve been intrigued the the healing effects of essences., and hopefully I will be able to delve into this field a bit too. Lovely article really. Thank You!


  6. When i was 16 a plane crashed near my home. I’m working in that area now and today after work i went to the monument to place flowers there. They were purple.

  7. Several years ago, I attended a workshop with a sound vibrational healer who advised the class to “find a purple glass candleholder, light a candle within it, and offer all your problems to the divine purple light.” I did it for a while, and I do recall feeling some positive affect from the practice. I should dig out that purple candleholder again!
    On the flower essence front, I have had the good fortune of using my generous passionflower vine’s essence every summer for the past few years; I go to it early in the morning and dab the dew from the newly opened flowers onto my third eye and/or heart area. It has always eased any mental or emotional strife that I may be carrying…and the flowers have a couple of lovely shades of purple in them.

    • Do you have any impressions of what the passionflower essence is for, Mary? I know various companies make versions of it, but I think when a flower or tree grows around us and we have a special relationship with it, the essences we make from them are quite potent for us. Donna

      • Hi, Donna. I love this site and this topic; thank you for making these kinds of discussions possible! I feel/intuit that passionflower encourages relaxed opening, faith, and trust, especially in times of vulnerability;eg, when I feel too bombarded by the thoughts, emotions, and opinions of others. I have found that it counterbalances the impulse to shut down emotionally at those times.

      • Thanks, Mary. I like the ways you’re using your connection with the flower–washing your face with dew, and so on. If you’d ever write something about those experiences–even 500-750 words–we’d love to have it for Vibration, the essence journal online. We’re forever receptive to hearing from users of essences. Donna

    • Mary, you have opened my eyes. Each morning I stroll through my garden and have never once thought to touch the dew. I’ve watched as ants go in and out to drink the nectar and been a tad envious. 🙂 My morning walks will be changed forever. Thank you, thank you. ~ cj

  8. I found this post very interesting as my next novel has two Scorpio protagonists and the central theme is their struggle to clear the toxic residue of resentment left by betrayal so that they can learn to trust.

    I’d requested that cover be what I thought of as Scorpio colors, but the cover artist ignored my request and chose instead to drench the cover in intense shades of purple and lavender. It wasn’t until I read your post about these colors that I realized how appropriate his choice was. Since he also managed to depict my characters exactly the way they’d appeared to me when they told me their story, I am impressed with his spiritual insight.

    You can see the cover by clicking on my name below. Are those the colors you were thinking of? Will they appeal to people who would find an intense story about resentment and healing appealing? I sure hope so.

    • Hi, Jenny, what fun to see your Scorpionic star-crossed hero and heroine. Yep, the purples on the cover are just right. Congratulations on the publication. Donna

      • We ended up buying a full sized painting of the cover from the artist which I have in my office, and I had been noticing that if I gaze on it before I take my blood pressure I see a lower reading.

        That seemed odd to me, but with your explanation about the colors that makes more sense now.

        Thanks for the congratulations. I really couldn’t have written this book without Healing Pluto Problems. I’m not a Scorpio, have no Scorpio planets, and though I have a strong Pluto and a strong 8th house my whole emotional style is “wear your heart on the sleeve and blurt out every thought you have fifteen seconds after you think it.”

        So it took a lot of work to get into the minds and hearts of people who keep secrets and seethe. I’d been married to one, so I had experienced the Scorpio archetype up close and personal. but to write a character you have to become them, and let me tell you, the year I became two Scorpios was one I will never forget–or if I’m lucky, repeat, though the book is by far my favorite of all I’ve ever written.

      • I envy you, Jen. I wrote three mystery novels one year, and I never had more fun writing in my life. One of them, Hotline to Heaven, involves an astrologer and her best bud, a Tarot Reader. They were like imaginary friends with minds of their own, You can download it on the FREE tab at the top of the blog. Donna

  9. Great article – thanks for re-publishing here Donna!

    • Welcome to Skywriter, Claire. I had a great visit with your blog–know and love the Australian Bush Flower Remedies well. Donna

      • Thanks Donna – long time reader, first time commenter! Lovely to hear you are familiar with the Australian Bush Flower Essences, I could write for hours about them (thanks for visiting my blog)! Clare 🙂

  10. Thanks for this one! I’m working almost exclusively with color as it relates to flower essences these days… except when I’m not harboring resentment about the state of the economic reality a lot of us face these days! Loved reading the post in the shade of purple you chose and the very first photo. Some shades of violet / purple attract me, others actually make me feel ill. I’ll be visualizing the colors that work better now. Trillium Flower Essence from FES is a purple flower that might fit for resentment, anger and excessive concerns about material reward (or lack thereof).

  11. My Grand daughter always asks me my favorite color , hers is Pink . I love the rainbow of colors and use them all.

    This question is interesting and it occurred to me that the house walls should all be white and them have a full spectrum lamp and put up one color at a time and do visualizations immersed in it. It will be a while before I can get to that one. Am off to Canada for the week end celebrations and Pow Wow. get back on this later.

    Back in 1990 I remember the POWER color fade at the State Capital was Purple. Back in old Europe the only ones allowed to wear the color purple was the Aristocracy and may be even just the King.

    Thanks for the interesting , healing potential M.O. for Color.

  12. recently I am very much attracted towards purple colour.I buy/choose anything in purple.The colour suits me.

    Once i lost a purple top= i was heart broken ,still I have not forgotten that.

    this colour really intriguing,I think its a mysterious colour, its very deep and hypnotic in nature.

  13. I am a big fan of color – and especially purple! Blue is calming, red is energizing, and purple bridges the gap for me: I find it both satisfying and stimulating.

    I’ve heard the ‘no true blue flower’ concept before but, frankly, my personal experience suggests otherwise. I’d add blue hyacinths and delphiniums to the blue flora study.

  14. Ivory, you have included so much excellent info and warm insights here that I’m going to print it. Donna, thank you so much for sharing Ivory’s article with us. I hope we can look forward to more. This is very healing is many, many ways.

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