Posted by: Donna Cunningham | July 14, 2011

Troubleshooting: The 9 Biggest Blocks to Intuition

 ©4-10-2011 by guest blogger, Angela Artemis of Powered By Intuition

 Working with intuition is a bit like working with sand; it’s hard to grasp and easily slips though the fingers.

 So don’t make your intuition any harder to grasp by letting blocks get in your way.

When I talk to people about intuition I usually get a lot of the same questions, such as do you have to be born with it? What if I’ve never had any intuitive experiences at all? Can I still learn?The question I never hear is:

Are there things I may be doing that might be inhibiting my intuition? And what can I do about that?

First let me address the questions I hear with regularity. We’re all born with the equipment to be intuitive. As a matter of fact we’re constantly receiving information this way. If you’ve ever known who was on the phone before answering it you received information intuitively.

You’ve had lots of intuitive experiences.

Remember the time you were thinking about your grandmother and you went to the mailbox and she’d sent you a card? Or the time you had an inexplicable desire to go across town to the other drug store and ran into a school chum who just happened to be moving south and getting rid of his brand new snow-blower just when you’d decided it was time to buy one?

And yes you can learn.

All that’s required is your intention to learn and lots of regular practice. But there are a few pitfalls I’d like to warn you about first.

There are 9 key issues that will hold you back from hearing your intuitive wisdom you should be aware of:

Getting uptight about making a decision –

When we’re agitated we’ve put to much pressure on ourselves to be clear. We’re almost at the point of being desperate about getting an answer. When the stakes are too high it’s unlikely that we’ll hear our intuitive voice clearly if at all. The answer to this is to let go. You’ve got to get to place inside where you’re neutral – then the answers will come.

Being impatient –

If we have to solve a problem NOW we’re also unlikely to hear our intuitive voice. Intuition works best in the environment of a relaxed mind. If you’re under a deadline or just want to put an end to some situation by dealing with it quickly the best thing you can do is take a walk. Engaging with nature calms the mind and creates the environment where the answer can surface.

Beliefs –

If you believe you’re not intuitive, or that it won’t work for you, or that it can’t possibly give you the answer to this problem – you’re right – it won’t. You have to deal with your true beliefs about intuition before they sabotage your efforts at developing and using intuition.

Cluttered space –

There’s an old saying in Feng Shui, “If your feet hurt – clean out the basement.” A messy cluttered space weighs on your mind in the same way “hurting” your chances of having an intuitive flash. A space that needs cleaning out and organizing will distract you and pepper you with guilt about ignoring the mess. Deal with the clutter in your space and you’ll also remove the mental clutter that can block your intuition.

Stressful conditions –

When we are continually rushing, or have too many things to do at one time our minds aren’t at rest. Our to-do list is front and center at all times creating so much mind-traffic that our intuition has few opportunities to get our attention. The best medicine for stress is meditation. Learn to relax through meditating and you’ll be blessed with intuition, a more satisfying life and better health.

Not putting in the time to practice –

Reading articles and books is fine but the real way to become more intuitive is to practice. The best athletes are the best because they practice more than anyone else. The same goes for intuition. If you want to be really good at something you’ll make the time to practice.

Ignoring those still whispers –

Many people have those “V-8″ moments where they hit themselves in the head in disgust and say, “I knew that! Why didn’t I listen?” when they’ve heard their intuition but chosen to ignore it. The more you ignore your intuition the less it will surface. When you ignore your intuition what you’re saying is, “These thoughts are not important to me so I don’t need to be made aware of them any longer.” Pay attention and take action on your intuitive hunches and you’ll turn up the volume of your intuitive voice.

Not trusting your intuition –

When you don’t trust your intuition what’s really happening is that you don’t trust yourself. The only way to get over this is to develop the confidence in yourself and your intuition by starting small and taking a few risks with your intuition and having a few successes. The more successes you have the easier it will become to trust your intuition.

Being unable to differentiate between the intuitive voice and that of the ego –

Intuition comes to us as a complete idea. It’s not linear like thinking is. These complete ideas are also very clear and devoid of emotion. They feel rather “neutral.” While thoughts that emanate from the ego are concerned with being right, or not getting hurt, or have some element of fear tied to them. The next time you’re unsure ask yourself how you’d deal with the situation if you were completely unafraid of failing? That usually identifies the intuitive solution, and tells you if your ego was trying to pose as your intuition.

Becoming aware of what can trip you up is just as important as learning how to tune into your intuition. The next time you’re finding it difficult to hear your intuitive voice go through this list to see what the problem might be.

Readers, have you ever experienced any of these problems when accessing your intuition? Were you able to overcome them? Has knowing about the blocks helped you to develop your intuition? Share your  experiences in the comment section.

About herself, Angela Artemis says:  I’m a freelance writer, intuitive coach, clairvoyant and medium from the New York area. I’m also a financial salesperson with 25 year background in financial planning, private banking and real estate finance. My ability to navigate a demanding finance career while developing spiritually and psychically have given me a reputation as a very grounded and practical intuitive reader and medium. I’ve also been a meditation instructor, devoted many years to practicing and studying with spiritual teachers, developing my intuitive abilities, and learning how to shape my thinking to sculpt a successful and rewarding life. If you’d like to contact me, my email is:, or visit me at Powered By Intuition 


  1. Donna,
    Thank you for sharing my article on Skywriter.
    I hope your readers find it useful and informative.

    All my best,
    Angela Artemis

  2. Hi, Angela. I’ve always trusted my intuition. I can only think of one time in my life when I stopped trusting it. I remember saying repeatedly, “I need to get back in touch with my intuition.” I was very confused. Well, I was never out of touch with it. I was refusing to hear what it told me.

    The reason I stopped trusting it was because some one I loved very much was lying to me. My intuition was spot on, but love got in the way. Your first point ~ remaining neutral ~ is of utmost importance and I lost that neutrality. While we want to believe the things that people we love tell us, it’s not always the best thing to do. There was a battle between my emotions and my intuition, and I now understand that our intuition doesn’t run on emotion. They are two completely different things.

    Thanks for sharing these excellent points.

    • Hi CJ,
      I’m glad you enjoyed the article.
      You’ve made such a great point with your comment. If we really stop to think about it we are never out of touch with our intuition. We are only – as you point out – choosing not to hear it.

      I had a similar experience and learned the hard way about emotions clouding my intuition. Learning to go back to a calm neutral state is the answer but, once we’re really vested in a relationship finding neutral again can be tough.

      One thing I often find is that there were usually warning signs in the beginning of a relationship that were ignored.

      Thanks so much for commenting. It’s a pleasure meeting you.

  3. Thanks so much for this wonderful article Angela – I think we always need a reminder (I know I do!) about the ‘blocks’ we need to be aware of that can develop over time and interfere with our intuitive signals.

    • Hi Clare,
      A friendly reminder never hurts. I too need to be reminded even though this is “my business.” Writing the article helps remind me as well.

      Thanks very much for commenting.

  4. Excellent article!! I learned a great deal and will put it to use!

  5. nice post

  6. Thanks for the artificial.
    Do you see a strong connection to the intuition as a strong Neptune and a strong connection to the Heart Center? It is my experience that a strong Heart Center is a strong intuition. Its a detached awareness understood by the mind or consciousness. Emotionalism is connected to the Solar plexus.
    As a child I remember thinking that if my INTUITION did not agree with what my mother said or society said I would NOT do it. Of course that set me up and I stood by my intuition for all I was worth.
    There was a hiatus in my development and when mercury went direct ( born under mercury retrograde) I was 11 years old. It was then I began to analyze situations in depth. Before that I could see through BS but did not analyze but knew intuitively the game behind it.

    • Hi, Barehand. I have a relatively unaspected Neptune, but a strong Moon, and my intuition has been a guiding light in my life. And for me, the Solar Plexus/Manipura chakra is a great boon to my intuition. Quite often, I have wished on an intellectual level that a situation would turn out a certain way, only to check in with my “gut” and realize that I am deluding myself. I am interested in your experience at 11 years old; Rudolf Steiner’s theory was that children grow into their astral body sometime between the ages of 11 and 14, and I am witnessing it happening now to my nearly 12 year old daughter. And I recall for myself an awakening of intuition when I was about 12, too…I think I’ll check out the Mercury placements involved!

      • That is an interesting question, Mary.
        I give Medicine Wheel Talks. To enter on to the 4 directions experience , one must Know beyond a shadow of a doubt that they are NOT their body. We are spirits trying to be human, ie ground the spirit which effects all kingdoms in nature. Help Earth realize her essential Sacredness.

        The 4 tests in life are first the Physical, next is Emotional, Mental and finally Soul level. However all 4 levels are there , but one is dominant. None are better than the others but we must be proficient on all 4.
        Up until 11, I was brutally tested by circumstances from birth. I knew there was no death and that if I got killed in Indian Boarding School defending the other girls I would just get a new body. I had no fear. This was because my Grandmother played with me as an infant and showed me our Clan signs over and over. When 3 years old I asked my mother where she was? My mother said my Grandmother died 12 years before I was born.

        At 11 I was in culture shock because we were moved to a new suburb in the cities and my mother was remarried to a white man. I liked him but was severely disappointed my Dad was gone. I also had post traumatic stress syndrome, much like a returning soldier who has seen combat the last 4 years
        .It had served me well to transcend physical pain to accomplish my goals but now I transferred this to emotional pain. A big mistake and it took some time and doings to purify that and make it to the next ” hill”.
        The Astral plane has many levels from raw emotional to ratified Buddhic. I think ” gut” reactions are tied also to the root chakra…flight or fight instinct. Either instinct or intuition can be
        right and must be in harmony.


      • PS/ Another factor at 11 is that I remembered my most recent past life as a young soldier in WWII, where I died and how. This memory made me realize WHY I could do what I did in Boarding school and why I did certain things there and even explained the games I led other girls in when we were playing outside.
        I KNEW deeply and intuitively I was running a gauntlet in this life and strengthened my resolve. Indeed now it seems this is tied to a run of lives. Mission possible. Already had a glimpse of my end in this life and the next one coming. Hopefully it wont be long before we can have full memory from lifetime to lifetime. I hear there are people in India who do this.
        Did you know there is a book at the Pentagon about the work Rudolf Steiner did for Hitler?

      • Mary,
        I love the discussion you and Barehand are having here.
        I do think the moon has a huge role in intuition. Especially for knowing when someone is lying to us. It brings to mind The Moon card from the Tarot. I think I remember knowing I was not being told the truth when I was younger than 12. I do know that my interest and abilities blossomed when I was around 12 so, perhaps Steiner is right?

    • Hi Barehand,
      Nice to meet you.

      I think it’s awesome that you stubbornly stuck to your intuition like that. It must be very prominent along with some good ol’ stubborn aspects too! LOL (I did the opposite and second guessed myself until my natal Mars went direct when I was in my early 30s)

      Very interesting question your raise.

      I often wonder where my intuition/psychic ability comes from. I am clairvoyant and clairaudient and ‘see’ and ‘hear’ very clearly. I believe it’s my Uranus in the 12th trining my Mercury in the 4th that does this. The images and communications I receive are completely neutral and just pure information.

      As far Neptune and the heart chakra. I have Nept. in the 3rd – squaring my moon in the 8th house: Neptune is also in a generational sextile to Pluto conjunct my ascendant and part of a Yod with my moon. I think these aspects allow me to “know” and relate to what a person is feeling and going through however, I myself don’t “feel” what they feel so much as “know” it. This may be attributed to my Virgo rising though. If I had a Pisces or Cancer rising I might be an Empath – someone who literally feels what the other person is feeling.

      • Hi Angela!
        That Uranus trine mercury is awesome.
        I had some very strong and interesting experiences when Uranus crossed my ascendant. I have Jupiter Chiron and Neptune conjunct with Neptune conjunct the Ascendant from the 12th house. My experience when Uranus crossed was that I could do magic running like some Tibetan monks did and I could see in every direction at once. I also was brought back to the Sun Dance where I and everyone there experienced the return of White Buffalo Calf woman. A high spiritual being who has never incarnated on earth but who gave the Lakota, Dakota, Nakota their 7 spiritual disciplines.
        She was so powerful and we were bathed in her radiance. Wild flowers sprang up in a 5 mile radius from the place she visited,( that next spring) in 1976 in South Dakota. After that my body would change and I could tell which face of the four faces of woman was showing by how others responded to me. I also experienced being in every ones mind at once and giving prayers and teachings. These things would HAPPEN and were not caused by me.
        Then years later Uranus went retrograde by progression and these magical powers ceased. However I am always attuned to other life forms and they help me when necessary. Its as if we are all one mind. I attribute the running and seeing with Uranus and how awesome it would be to have its full impact and be born with it on the ascendant. According to Esoteric Astrology it rules the rising of the Kundilini to the Crown chakra. I do not think I am ready for that one but I got a little fore taste.
        All ones foibles and unresolved issues are jacked to the fore
        and it is the other side of the coin.
        My own Uranus is quintile my Sun and Uranus conjuncts parallels Mars and they both parallel Pluto.. I think that must be my stubborn Warrior aspect. My Sun and Pluto are in Leo and Leo is King of themselves…cannot be led or driven.
        Oh the Emphat stuff is a pain; as a child I could feel the attack on other little girls as an attack on me and I could also feel their regression by several evolutions. Half the Indian Children regressed by this brutal treatment; one even went back to her infancy while others forgot all their lifetimes of hard won spiritual development. It stung me to the quick and I gave it my all to protect them. I eventually drew it all off them and onto myself. I felt equipped to handle it and changed a few laws in that school.

  7. Hi, Angela,

    Have you ever used intuition when working in the financial world, and how much has it helped your career?

    • Hi Katley,
      Yes, I have. I usually “know” immediately when someone is going to be a worthwhile client to pursue or not. I’ve learned not to put a whole lot of time into those people whose vibes I don’t trust. It did help my career. I knew who to trust and confide in, I also was great at picking people to hire who were great additions to my team and I “knew” what my boss was thinking. LOL – great especially because he was not always on the up and up with me.

      I actually wrote a post about intuition and sales recently.

  8. DREAMING can be a door opening into intuition. Note your dreams, break them down into parts. How do/did you feel? You’re talking to yourself from an “elevated” viewpoint much of the time, in a language that is almost begging to be deciphered. For that matter, even taking the moment to look at a dream is exercising “intuition muscles.”

    • Bob,
      I love dreams. I think for many of us who are intuitive and psychic being aware of having extremely vivid dreams is one of the first signs we have about our abilities.

      Did you find this too?

      Most people I speak with who are intuitive have been having very vivid dreams since they were young. A lot of intuitive guidance comes through in our dreams.

      • My dreams are very vivid and complex. I have even gone so far as to have heard, smelled and tasted things in my dreams. My intuition is pretty good, with Neptune exactly trine Mars, both in water signs.

      • Wow Jack!
        That’s really cool. I cannot remember ever smelling or tasting in dreams. Hearing – yes.
        Yes, it definitely sounds like this is related to your Neptune/Mars in waters sign aspects.

  9. Very timely article for me! I was just saying the other day that I felt like my intuition was “broken,” and I just couldn’t get a “read” on some very important issues that are hanging over my head right now.

    So yes, I realize that I’m blocking it, especially after reading this article. I AM very stressed and worried about some decisions and issues, and all the angst in my head & body is blocking my intuitive insight.

    I actually did go out into the woods the other day and took some time to meditate. It did clear some things up, too! I was able to fully realize a few things that I’d been ignoring. Seems like the key to hearing my intuition through all the chaos is to get still and calm.

    Thanks for the great post!

    • Hi Merryweather,
      Stress and worry are huge intuition killers! I’m glad you went to the woods to calm down. Mother nature is a natural “sedative” for us humans! I’m so glad you found the post worthwhile.

  10. Hi Merryweather,
    Stress and worry are huge intuition killers! I’m glad you went to the woods to calm down. Mother nature is a natural “sedative” for us humans!

    I’m so glad you found the post worthwhile.

  11. Hello, Angela, this was a helpful article–Thanks!

    Thinking astrologically, our individual Moon is subconsciously processing and storing our memory (-ies) 24/7. Our intuition – signals about how we need to proceed – may be connected to this highly personal database, the sum total of our experience (remembered or not!).

    Probably the most success I’ve had with intuition are the times when I know a name or piece of information but just can’t remember it. I have learned to tell myself I am not going to think about it and the answer will come to me – and, sure enough, it does almost every time.

    I seriously pursued visualizing and dreaming a solution to a writing project one time. However, no intuitive luck to report with that kind of problem-solving yet.

    • Hi PDW,
      I’d like to encourage you in your visualization efforts. It has worked really well for me .
      I use it only when its an emergency situation and never to casually probe others. They usually have to be projecting themselves into my space in a big way and for healing of the situation. I first look at their chart to verify a karmic tie and have gained really good insights to understand the relationship
      . I have also received healing by doing visualizations. One time an African Grandfather gave me a healing stone he said to wear under my left ankle. The stone came to me and I put it on. It stopped my feet from hurting. After menopause it was one of the things that happened to me.
      Later I found out the meridian for the fallopian tubes was in that location of just under the ankle! Plus the stone was the color of the
      2nd chakra.

    • HI PDW,
      I think you’re right about the role the moon plays in intuition especially in accessing our stored subconscious memories. I love the example you give about not being able to remember something but, knowing that it will come back to you later if you give yourself a rest from thinking about it.

      I believe you can program your dreams to get the intuitive answers you need. I have written several articles about dreaming and using dreams to get guidance. Here’s a link to a recent one:

  12. Hopefully this comment will find its’ way to the section discussing your 14 degree leo planets etc…and I must say this explains a lot. Surely you know that 15 degrees leo is considered the WORST degree. Conjunctions count. And you are definatly in orb range at 14 degrees.. I find you aggressive and abrupt occasionally. You have a big ego with leo, and you are a gemini, which makes you a real pain despite your talents.

    • wow


      • wow


        This is my first comment on this blog, but I felt the need to say something. That is one of the rudest things I’ve ever read. Shouldn’t we give up attacking people with astrology IF we understand it? I see you apologized. I’m just wondering how you could have written it in the first place.

  13. by the way the above comment re 14 degrees refers to Donna

  14. Donna, please accept my regret and apology for my insolent comments.

    • Hello. Suzanne, you were, indeed, rude. I make no apologies for feeling good about the contributions I’ve made to this field over the past 40 some years with my books, articles, advice columns, lectures, seminars and volunteer services including this blog.

      Feeling positive about one’s achievements is healthy and not the same as having a big ego, as long as you don’t belittle the contributions that others have made who are equally as bright and have worked as hard to advance the knowledge base and quality of our field as well. Donna

      PS I am not a Gemini.

      • It was GOOD of Suzanne to immediately apologize for her outburst and Donna I loved your second paragraph of reply. Well said.

  15. Thanks for the encouragement, Barehand – and best with healing situations ahead.

    Coincidentally I happen to be reading a book about visualization, a fascinating tool throughout human history, and one of intuition’s best practices (exercises) it seems to me. Not looking for this subject matter – well, consciously anyway – this book struck my fancy and was an impulse buy. The synchronicity with Angela’s article here also strikes my fancy. 😉

    • HI PDW,

      I highly recommend visualization for working with intuition especially if you want to develop clairvoyance. What was the name of the book? (Just curious – as I’m a life long student by nature) 🙂

      • Angela, it’s a used book called Seeing with the Mind’s Eye, The History, Techniques and Uses of Visualization. It was first published in 1975 by Samuels & Samuels, a doctor and wife team. He has a website –

      • Thank you PDW. I love when I find a good used book. I really appreciate you sharing this..

  16. Great article. I try to follow My intuition, but what happen is that while I can see for example that something is wrong in à situation, I cannot identify if it wrong for me, or there is a problem that concerns other people. I am learning slowly to understand and deal with the energies I feel, most of all concerning work and friends…


  17. Great article. My intuition is very strong, but I have a tendency to ignore it. I think this is a result of being burned too many times in the past. Looking back, though, I’m pretty sure it was my ego telling me to choose a certain path that resulted in me getting hurt rather than my intuition. Lately, I think my intuition has been extremely strong because I’ll have a thought in my head and all of a sudden I’ll feel as though I’ve been punched in the stomach; not just butterflies – it’s much stronger than that. It literally takes my breath away. My birth chart contains a Venus Yod which also involves Pluto and Neptune with Uranus opposite Venus forming a Boomerang formation. Someone told me that my powers of intuition are high because of this aspect formation.

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