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Career Differences between the 10th, 2nd, and 6th House

© 7-18-11 by Donna Cunningham, MSW 

This is an excerpt from my ebook, The Outer Planets and Inner Life, Volume 1: The Outer Planets as Vocational Indicators, available at

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People with the 10th House Dominant:The 10th house represents the career, long-term goals, lifetime achievements, and one’s ultimate status in the world.  People with a strong 10th house emphasis are very career-oriented, rather than necessarily focused on money (2nd) or on work for its own sake (6th). If money is important to them, it’s more for the status it confers.  

These individuals are intensely motivated by long-range goals and by accomplishing something meaningful in the world. They yearn to make an impact on their world and often seek recognition.  

The career track would seldom be traditional when the 10th house features Uranus, Neptune, or Pluto or the signs those planets rule—Aquarius, Pisces, or Scorpio. Typically, it takes people with these chart placements longer to find their true vocation, since they are challenged to integrate the energy of that outer planet into the workplace, merging the transpersonal with the vocational.  

For instance, people with Uranus near the Midheaven might gain recognition by shocking us and shaking up the status quo. People with Neptune near the Midheaven—say within 10°of it—might yearn for a career that is artistic and creative. 

 The 2nd house is similar in nature to the sign Taurus. Those with a strong emphasis on the 2nd are often motivated more by desire for money and what money can do for them than by long-term goals (the 10th) or by work for its own sake (the 6th). 

Many people with the outer planets strong in the 2nd would object vehemently to such an interpretation, insisting that they are not materialistic at all. (Pisces, for instance, can be otherworldly, as can its ruling planet Neptune.) No matter how much they may dislike the emphasis on greed and possessions in today’s world, however, these people are confronted with the necessity to earn money for basic needs, so earning a living takes up more of their energy than they might like.  

The question of Right Livelihood becomes very complex when the special issues and concerns the outer planets represent are balanced with realities like paying the rent and making sure the children are fed. 

Uranian types who are strongly motivated by a need for freedom and autonomy may earn a good living for the freedom that money buys—and not so much for the worldly possessions money allows them to have. Uranus-in-the-2nd natives can take or leave the attention, so long as it gives them the money—and thus the freedom—to do what they want.   

People with Pluto or Scorpio planets in the 2nd often get hooked into destructive games where money is concerned. Money is fraught with hidden agendas for them and often represents power and control in their relationships. We’ll go into the distinctions between these three planets and their signs in the chapters devoted to each of them.  

The more planets that fall into the 2nd, the more complex the financial picture—and yet the more potentials for earning a living. If the Sun is in the 2nd along with these outer planets or their signs, self-worth issues are intricately woven into how much these individuals make—or don’t make. If the Sun were in Pisces or Virgo or making difficult aspects to Neptune, low self-esteem might contribute to not charging as much as they should for their services, but then the low income reinforces a sense of not being worthy. 

6th house types are interesting, in that—like natives of the associated sign, Virgo—they can be intensely involved in work for its own sake. Much of their energy is bound up in work and the workplace, whether that is a happy and fulfilling venue or the source of frustration. The particular 6th house planets, signs, and aspects tell us about their work and how they seek satisfaction in this area.

When the Sun is in the 6th house, self-esteem is bound up in the quantity and quality of their work. When the 6th house is stronger than the 10th, the person usually has a Virgo-like reluctance to be in the spotlight. 

 These folks are often indispensable employees who do much of the important work in a firm yet get little of the credit. People with several planets in the 6th are sometimes workaholic, for work comes to serve many basic drives and needs.  

This has been an excerpt from my ebook, The Outer Planets and Inner Life, Volume 1: Outer Planets as Vocational Indicators, available at 

Readers, which of your vocational houses is strongest, and do you fit the pattern? Share your experiences in the comment section. 

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  1. I hope you feel better soon.

  2. yowsa, so sorry to read about your wrist, I`m not in high standing with the higher ups, but you do have all my spiritual wishes for a quick recovery, I`m pushing 78 an your the absolutely the most wonderful giving astrologer I have ever come across,thank you for sharing your being, donald f

  3. I’m glad you’re taking the RSI seriously, if that’s what it is. I highly recommend alternative therapies: a combo of accupuncture, Jin Shin Jyutsu & Feldenkrais was what helped me the most. Also frequent short walks (20 min.) in which you let your arms & hands swing freely, & alternating hot & ice water (dunk your hands & wrists in each for a minute). Good luck!

    • Arthritic flare up.

      • Ah, a different animal from RSI but same painful results… best of luck with it!

  4. Oh, I’m so sorry for your hand. 😦
    Get well soon!

    I guess Mars in the 10th house means that I’m a thenth house person.

  5. Dear Donna. I have Uranus in my 2nd house which is ruler of my 10th house. I do want freedom in my work. I absolutely detest the strictness of a job having to clock in and out at a certain time. Yet, I am very conscientious about any of the jobs I have done and am always on time. I have a ‘thing’ with authority, I do not automatically respect them for their status, they must earn that respect from me. I have had many jobs and a few careers. I find myself suited best to the entrepreneurial aspects of making a living. At least I have control over how much time I put in. On the other hand, the security of a steady paycheck is somethng I covet. Having the Uranus 2nd placement is responsible, I believe, for taking time out when I just cant take it anymore. Money is not the be all for me and neither is the status of a career job. I do work to have freedom I desire so much. Daily work routines bore me or stress me out. If it weren’t for some other placements such as my Virgo Saturn messing with my mind, I would be shirking my responsibilites and get the heck out of dodge! LOL

  6. I truly hope you recover soon, Donna.

    Best, wishes,


  7. I have a tenth house Mars in Cancer, so career is definitely most important for me. With a second house Neptune, though, I am terrible at holding on to money. My sixth is empty, but now has Neptune transiting, forming a grand trine. Just plain, everyday work has never stimulated me, although that’s all I seem to ever do.

  8. Aw, sorry you’re still hurting! I hope your dr helps soon.
    I have nothing in the 10th or 2nd house, but LOTS in the 6th. I don’t work for work’s sake, I work to pay the rent. Having said that, you did nail me when you said “doing the work others don’t do and eschewing the spotlight” that would be me. but in a few months I am taking early retirement and it will be interesting to see just how badly that affects me after being employed for my entire adult life!

    • Hmm. Must write about retirement or find excerpt. 6th stelliums need to find things to keep busy happily or tend to develop health issues. More later, Donna

      • yes, i have to have a lot of structure and meaningful stuff to do!

  9. Donna,
    I hope your wrist feels better soon.

    You mentioned it was an arthritic flare-up? I take 2 tablespoons of Turmeric daily and it really helps to quell the inflammation of my arthritic wrists and thumbs.

  10. take care, donna. i am thinking positive thoughts of healing for you!

  11. Dear Donna,
    I hope you feel better soon. I use DragonNaturally Speaking and it’s wonderful. I couldn’t manage to even tap the keyboard, so it’s a useful piece of software.
    You will need to rest your wrist if arthritis is flaring….am sending extra-healing-energies to you and I have also lit a candle to help the process.

    Be well:)

    • Donna,
      Big wishes for a speedy recovery.
      I want to second the info on the above
      I’m getting DragonNaturally Speaking myself – because I am very dyslexic, it seems to be the best on the market.

      And as for suggestions re: arthritis flare-ups: consider cutting potatoes from your diet. That small shift in my diet worked miraculously for me.

  12. So sorry to hear you’re having painful hand problems. I do hope you find help fast.

    The only career house that has planets in it in my chart is the 10th. Neptune is widely conjunct Mars there in Libra, though only Mars is within 10 degrees of the Midheaven.

    Many years ago I asked Robert Hand about that placement at a class and he told me that all my careers would dissolve and melt away while I was in the midst of them. That was quite depressing, especially since as you point out, with heavy planets in the 10th it takes a very long time even to find a career.

    As it turns out, Hand was right, but what he left out was that each of my careers would fade away to make room for a new one that was better. I’m on my sixth professional career now in my 60s, doing surprisingly well at something no one would have ever predicted I could do, and wondering what my seventh will be.

    • Great & hopeful story. Please share what those Mars-Neptune careers were. Donna

      • In my 20s was a professional singer songwriter who played gigs in bars and restaurants.

        Needing to make a living, I went back to school and earned a degree in history and made my first sale to a major magazine after writing a biography.

        But that wouldn’t pay the rent so I went back to school and trained as a computer programmer. I ended up working on the team at IBM that produced the first commercial email program. (I have a strong Uranus on my chart too.)

        But then I gave birth to a baby with health problems (Neptune) and developed some serious health problems of my own so it was no longer possible to work outside the home. I responded by writing several books about computer careers, one of which became a business bestseller. (Mars, because my focus was entrepreneurial) To promote the books I built a web site that became a destination for computer professionals and motivated me to start my own small press which was doing very well until 2001 when there was a huge recession in the computer industry.

        After that, I used my software skills to build a website generator for friends to use, and because it had unused capacity, I used it put up a web site containing a bunch of health information I’d collected over many years of reading medical journals and participating in online support groups. (Neptune) Over time the site’s traffic grew to where when I published a health book based on what I’d found in my research it, it became the number one Amazon bestseller on its topic. (It still is.)

        But then, just as my health book took off, I was trapped in the house for three very snowy winter months so out of boredom I dusted off an old novel I had given up on, got involved with a wonderful online critiquing community, and ended up completely rewriting it. My revamped novel sold to a major romance publisher. (Neptune and Mars.) Suddenly I was a “debut author” under contract to write two more books with an astrological theme–Uranus again–in less than two years. That left me no time to write about health, but almost the very week my first book hit the Walmart shelves the entire publishing world as we know it started to collapse–Borders is closing just in time for it to decimate my next book’s print run. So how my subsequent books will fare will have a lot to do with whether I continue on as a novelist or do something else. All I can say with some certainty is that by now it’s very likely there will BE a something else.

      • Exciting story-rollercoaster career! Thanks! Donna

  13. Sending healing prayers for a speedy recovery. Get well soon.

  14. Donna,
    Sorry to hear your hand/wrist are still bothering you! Agree w/ the recommendation for acupuncture. Have you ever heard of / tried cold laser therapy? It’s supposed to be great for reducing inflammation & promoting healing. *Please God, heal Donna’s hand & wrist quickly and completely!* I just prayed for you out loud & in writing:)

    Thanks for the OPP 2/6/10th piece!

    • My 2nd, Pisces cusp, is empty (Eris). 6th, Cancer cusp, is empty (Orcus). 10th, Scorpio cusp, is packed with Sun, Mercury, Pallas, Jupiter 0-10 Sag and Juno 23 & Mars 22 sitting on 23 Scorpio MC.

      Money, never been very good at saving; too much “easy come, easy go” and too generous with others. Even on unemployment still give gifts to others, $$ to charity, which most would say is crazy. Generally always share with others.

      Work, I’ve worked hard and put a lot of emotional energy into my work. Health has been very good my whole life, some minor issues lately.

      Career, always worked, mostly in business. Everything from customer relations, customer svc mgmt, sales, marketing research. Now investing heavily in social media marketing arena. Astrology has been a lifelong hobby, along w/ counseling others. Have BA, no MA; wanted one in counseling. Thought I’d make a great marriage counselor (Moon-Pluto conjunction in 7th, squaring stuff in 10th), but in the past year have finally realized that God doesn’t care if I have a Master’s in counseling or if I get paid for it, I’ve counseled people my whole life!

      One would think having a packed 10th house would indicate someone who knows exactly what they want to do, but in my case, my career has been a meandering journey based on time, place, people I knew. What it does do though is make it a very big deal if you don’t have a job, or get let go, or don’t feel like you’re making a big enough contribution to the world at large. It’s a lot of pressure to do something ‘important’ or ‘meaningful.’ And while I would like to be known for doing something meaningful, I’ve never really had the desire to be famous. Always said I’d much rather be rich than famous; money buys you freedom of choice, while fame gets you TMZ & paparazzi.

      Donna, I really hope your wrist heals soon and/or you love your voice recognition software, because I’m chomping at the bit for the Pluto Q&A now. Read something on Daykeeper Journal this a.m., had a thought, went into and fast forwarded my chart 27 yrs and got chills. Ready with a humdinger of a Q for you; which is a 180 from why I suggested this Q&A in the first place (which very much was based in the now)!

      • hi
        i also have pieces 2nd ,cancer 6th and scorp 10th.I have found many many hings common with you. some times it feels good to find some one who has few things common with yourself, you know! it gives courage.for few years i am struggling to find a right career.
        I am not good with money either,i give away, i help-out people and it slips through my finger always, I have some fuzzy self-esteem issues too.I am good with imagining and art.

        i am also into counseling, although i am yet to take it professionally.this can be said because not only i have scorpio MC but my 8th house ( virgO ) has sun,moon,mercury.

        my moon is also conjuncted with pluto but not in 7th but in 7th house is leo with venus conjunct mars in it,this may be the reson i want to do something people-oriented creative things

        my 10th house has uranus conjuncr jupiter, i also feel pressure to do some thing ” great” for the humanity.I have not found what it should be. but some where i have read, people with outer planets in 10th take time to find their “calling”.
        may be i want to be rich and powerful.(scorpio MC)

  15. Donna,
    What if a chart has no ‘real’ planets in any of the career houses? (except for Moon’s node, asteroids and Chiron). Would the North Node and Chiron be as important as an actual planet when placed in these houses? Or, would you interpret career possibilities based on the element of the 3 houses, such as air, fire or water?

    • Element & sign, but wd also look to see which houses are full, as might provide some possible careers amoung the house matters. (See stellium series.) Sorry, can’t type. Donna

      • Oh, I feel so bad for you. I know how painful this can be. Definitely try the 2 teaspoons of Turmeric. I also gave up most grains and gluten products and I’ve been pain free ever since – I should have mentioned that in my earlier comment.

        When I was growing up I wanted to be so many things – due to having Gemini in an empty 10th house. There was never a real anchor (like strong planets in any of the 3 houses) for me though to drive me in any direction. That’s why I asked the question. I guess I’ll always “suffer” at the hands of Chiron in my 6th – lol

      • I can identify with this dilemma, because I have no planets in the 2nd or 10th houses, and Chiron alone in the 6th, but conjunct my descendant, so feeling very 7th house-like. My work history has been very basic, put-food-on-the-table types of jobs, especially when my husband was in graduate school and we had no kids yet. My Sun and Mercury in Capricorn in the 4th house are aptly suited to the work I do now; ie, homeschooling my two children. But with a Jupiter/Uranus conjunction in the 1st house, I am looking forward to the day when I move back into the work world. However, I have no idea what my future work will look like. With Chiron in Pisces transiting my sixth house, I have begun studying herbalism; maybe that will play some role in my future career.

  16. Sorry to hear about your hand/wrist problems and I hope the treatment goes well and you heal speedily!

    I have Mars in Taurus in my 10th – it does need to make good practical income as part of career considerations, though I haven’t been especially good at raking in money. That may be due to my Virgo Sun in the 2nd which is square Saturn (5th). My Mars is out-of-sign square a 1st house stellium of Mercury and Venus-Pluto in early Virgo (you’d think Venus-Pluto would know how to pull in good money!). That stellium seems important with its rulers of the MC and my Sun – I’d like my work to be meaningful and create a little beauty. No planets in the 6th – not much interested in work for work’s sake.

  17. Hope your wrist recover soon. I use inexpensive wrist wraps from Walmart when my wrists hurt a lot after typing on laptop for hours. They help to force your wrists not to bend and stay at the same position. But you do need to unwrap it once in awhile for blood flowing through. Also try some BenGay. It helps to increase the bloodflow to heal faster.

    Thanks for the great article.

    My 10th house is Scorpio with Neptune, and 2nd house is empty with cusp at Pisces. I don’t think I have found my calling yet, but I’ve got my ambitious plan (or rather dream) laid out.

    • BenGay rocks! Oldie but goodie.

      • Being a Reiki Master, you have your own built-in BenGay. Have you tried giving yourself Reiki?

        I’m sorry your wrist is bothering you, Donna. With a retrograde Gemini Mars (and lots of challenging aspects to my 3rd house placements) I know how that is. Sending warm, healing thoughts – take care and feel better soon.

      • Of course, I am sending myself Reiki, MariEL and the Reconnection energy. It doesn’t solve everything. Donna

      • You’re right about that, Donna – there is no one-size-fits-all guaranteed cure for everything that ails us. Humbling, but true. I only mentioned Reiki because your comment about BenGay reminded me. I hope it’s at least helped.

        Take care.

  18. Am sorry to hear about your hand / wrist problems, hope you get better soon.

    The only career planet I have is Pluto in the 2nd, as the 6th & 10th are empty. Taurus rules my 10th though, and I have always been drawn to the arts.

  19. Dear Donna,

    Brilliant as always! Thank you so much for sharing your insightful wisdom.

    Suggestions for your hand and wrist: do a daily soak in a warm bath-a bowl-of epsom salts and bentonite clay. It will soothe the pain and swelling, if there is any.

    And then keep them lubricated in arnica gell, aloe and coconut oil.

    Blessings of Light and Love to You,

  20. Donna, so sorry to hear about the flare up. I’m joining the write-in campaign for your recovery and visualizing success——-Best Ahead.

    This piece inspired a fill-in the blank exercise: Lives to work (how?); Works to live (how?)…

    2nd – Lives to work productively; Works to live well (…comfortably)

    6th – Lives to work efficiently; Works to live effectively.

    10th – Lives to work responsibly; Works to live respectably.

  21. hi
    this is a good article and very timely,i am really struggling to find the right career for me.

    i have scorpio MC and Uranus in 10th along with jupiter(jupiter conjunct uranus)

    and pisces in 2nd house cusp…

    I cant manage my money well.I am generous with my money and often help needy people…then at the end of the month i realize,but my virgo sun helps me a lot .

  22. Here’s to your speedy recovery, and thanks for the many ways in which you share your knowledge and love of all things astrological and otherwise.
    Take care our friend. Prayers X a million!

  23. Greetings, I’m a beginning student of astrology and first time poster and I want to share my 65 year old husband’s chart and path with you.
    Second house Uranus in Gemini. Sixth house is packed starting with Venus at the end of Virgo then conjunct Neptune-Jupiter-Chiron then 9 degrees and widely conjunct Sun-Mercury all in Libra. Capricorn rules the empty tenth with his moon conjunct MC in the ninth. Taurus AS.
    He chose his career of being a Nurse Anesthetist in his teens and moved heaven and earth to make it happen. He works tirelessly and loves it, I can’t imagine him fully retired. He is very good at his work. He chose his career because he wanted to “make a good steady living doing something he that interested him . Very generous with his money to all and himself, but is not good at saving any.
    Would enjoy hearing your comments on this.

    • Thanks, Myrna and welcome. His career fits the chart completely. I worked long years in medical settings, and the 6th was prominent in coworkers’ charts. Donna

      • Hi Donna, do you think that’s because the 6th covers both work & health (Virgo), so is ultimately the indicator of a “health worker?”

      • Definitely. D.

  24. I have 3 planets in the Cancer 6th: Sun, Venus, and Uranus. I’m nowhere near being a workaholic, and always sought out positions where I could leave the job at the job because home is where my heart was.

    I did pride myself on the quantity and quality of my work, as you point out, and could handle a heavy workload with time to goof off. I was kind of lazy, so I developed 6th house efficiency. A good trade.

    Uranus was very influential in my job history. I think more so than my Sun. (Uranus conjunct the Sun, btw.) I switched jobs a lot (to the utter amazement and distress of my Virgo husband, who is definitely a workaholic and will stay in a job until it kills him.)

    For the 6th house association with secretaries ~ I was always in an administrative position. Uranus, however, found me in all kinds of industries ~ a major dance school, television, banking, test kitchens, academia, design firms, and lots of temping (perfect for Uranus), Temping often led to permanent employment and always made me a little nervous, but my Cancer Sun and Taurus Moon loved the insurance and benefits. My first love ~ theatre ~ wasn’t providing those goodies, so I traded my passion for a paycheck, art for routine.

    My desk and workspaces were always extremely tidy.

    A Uranus in the 6th benefit was that I was usually among the first to get new technology in my offices whether that was the latest, greatest computer or to test new software. I always loved that.

    Having lived with this 6th house emphasis for so long, I never found it to be very exciting as far as the actual work went. What I deeply appreciate is the variety of my work experience and the amazing, fascinating people from all walks of life and places from all around the world that I met. I wouldn’t trade that for a long career in one industry. Uranus gets a little gaggy just thinking about that. 🙂

    Sorry for blabbing on with the long case history, but I fit your 6th house description so well that I wanted to share some of the details.

    • oh it’s YOU! 🙂
      I was going to leave a response, not realizing who wrote this post.
      I will anyway of course. I loved hearing from another 6th house person, even though yours is in cancer, mine is in Virgo and Libra – you did the same thing as me.

      We traded passion for paycheck, and art for routine.

      In april, I am going to go to passion and try to make art my routine!

      • I’ve got my fingers crossed for you, Mimi. I really do. Passion and art just make the days feel so alive.

    • Thanx, CJ. Uranus sounds like the Alpha dog planet there. Donna

  25. Right on. Thanks Donna.

  26. this is a very cool thread!!

  27. Adding my love and prayers. xxx

  28. Donna,

    Sending many prayers and healing thoughts for rapid recovery. And since I know my puns sometimes get a healing laugh from you, know I’m rooting for the pain to be a-wristed!

    As 6th-house prominent and also a Virgo (Sun in 5th or 6th, depending on house system), I can say that your take on work as fulfilling many needs fits me to a T. The reason for my workaholic tendencies wasn’t clear until I got to know another Virgo and saw it mirrored in her. For a lot of us Virgos and/or 6th house emphasized people, work is play, especially when we’re doing work we love. Maybe it’s not so odd when we consider that children play as work. Some adults work as play.

    Speaking of play, I played to my Cap Moon with a secure government job for 31 years. Now that I’m retired from that and doing many of the things I love, especially writing about astrology, I’m experiencing work-as-play a lot more … but I’m also working more than ever. Work does fulfill so much for me; it’s difficult for me to keep a rounded balance, but I keep–well–working on it! LOL! (If you’re very 6th house, remember that if you get what you ask for and work you love, you may have another issue to contend with. Still, I wouldn’t trade it for the bureaucrazy!)

  29. I began working in libraries at 14: high school & public. Then went on to jobs in page-layout at a print shop, nursing homes, end-stage care for the terminally ill, live-in nanny, machine shops, xeroxing clerk, investigator for deposition lawyers, bookkeeping positions, radioman in the Navy – that was a 7 year span of work.

    Later I blew glass, worked in purchasing & inventory, more libraries and then go into software.

    Now I write fiction and I coach beginner writers in fiction & memoir.

    I’ve got a Leo 2nd house with Mercury conjunct Uranus, and Mars conjunct Venus >> both conjunctions trine a 6th/Saturn rx in Sag.

    My Pisces 10th house is empty of planets, but half the house nearly intercepts Aries. just shy by 4 degrees. (I see this as internalize fire)

    The MC enjoys trines to my AC & my North Node in Scorpio 5th. And a square to Saturn in 6th.

    The 4-planet Leo stellium is opposed Aqr Chiron/8th – More uranian energy to deliver to others. That Chiron also squares the 5th/NN.

    My work life is about fiery creativity (fire 2nd & 6th house, 6 planets in Leo, [Pluto in 3rd]. MC trine to 5th house), and the joy-ride of that 2nd Uranus/Merc, and the Pisces MC allows me to become very sponge-like: I fit in anywhere and soak up everything.

    I’ve never had a job I hated. And for the most part, folks invite me to work for them, or I create something folks want and talk them into having me work for them.

  30. Hi Donna. Hope your wrists get better soon. At least your getting loads of good advice here!
    I’ve got Mercury in Libra the 10th conj the MC in Virgo. I work constantly and I love it, so I don’t see that as much of a problem. I have had a lot of different jobs to finance my writing, but none lasted very long. I would write at work, and not do a very good job. When I started freelancing I got more time to write, so that was good even if the money has been really tight at times. Pluto is transiting my 2nd house until 2024, and I have seen some very good changes in my career lately. With all my Virgo, I probably compensate for an the emptry sixth house …

  31. hello Donna, for very selfish reasons, loving your writing, I wish you a speedy recovery. But for your own sake, please take it easy, a wrist problem must be like when we singers lose our voice, nothing damages more in the long run than trying to force a recovery.

    Mars & Neptune in Scorpio 2 house, Saturn & Chiron in Pisces 6 house and Jupiter conjunct Cancer MC from Gemini. My career is and has been a wet thing, with a lot of willpower, wishsful thinking, hard work, sicknesses, and good luck:))

    best wishes, Mads

    • Yes, the wrist for a writer is exactly like the throat for a singer! Eagerly awaiting voice recognition software. Thanks, everyone for your prayers and healing wishes. Pain & inflammation lessening, but must move slowly. D.

  32. I’m a Scorpio Rising with Uranus and Pluto conjunct in the 10th house (Virgo) with Venus situated there too. With all that going on and my Leo Sun and Mercury conjunct the Midheaven, I’ve never been without the longing to do something IMPORTANT through my career that will earn me RECOGNITION on a Leonine scale, but my Neptune conjunct the Ascendent (and Saturn and Pisces in my 4th house) keeps the images of what that might be dissolving and reforming. I’ve been fired more times than Jon Stewart, pushed out of jobs I did well, or I’ve walked away myself, disenchanted. I take solace from something I once read about Uranus in the 10th: “you’re here to remind people how to be different.”
    Donna, thank you for continuing your posts despite your pain. They are always thought-provoking.

    • Phooie, I wish I were well again–this thread about vocational quanderies would make a great Q&A session! I can see the new software really taking my writing to a new level. At any rate, let me just say to you folks with outer planets or their signs in 2, 6, 10, BUY THE BOOK!!! For $15, you’ll get a whole new perspective. Donna

      • Second the motion on the buying Donna’s book! As a matter of fact, buy ALL her e-books, they are a treasure trove of practical astro-data. 😀

        Sorry to hear about your wrists . . . that sucks! Sure hope the new software works well for you!

        all the best,

  33. Hi Donna …sorry to hear of your wrist problems…heal soon. Try Comfrey packs,( bruise the leaves) with smashed up bean sprouts around the wrist just before bed time. Keep the pack on all night. The life force from the smashed bean sprouts will enter the wrist and help towards a speedier recovery. Is this fate telling us to slow down and smell the Roses? I too have been a traveling fool ever since I got a car mid June and now am laid low by a nasty cold in unprecedented heat and humidity! Misery. Have to be the INCH WORM to get things done now.

    TAMARA, I share similar aspects as you but with Libra Rising. My 6th house is empty except for the Part of Fortune . which opposes my Jupiter and Chiron Neptune Conjunction. Neptune on the Ascendant square the nodes with the No. node on the MC. Mars/ Uranus and Pluto parallel the Mc from the 10th and 9th houses. Yes we are different and the Hopi Elders once told me that was because the Great Spirit does things differently sometimes , and it was so, to keep others on their toes and test their true spiritual values. I also have the Venus/Saturn parallel conjunction exact in the 10th and I had a dream about a painting I have to make that will become very meaningful to others after my death! That’s cool, I am not so much into fame as I am in fulfilling my DUTY to the People.
    In some quarters the people cant get enough of me and treat me as a Queen ( Leo loves this) or I am a radical that they run off under a hail of bullets! My Mars/ Uranus / Pluto loves a challenge and an element of danger. There is no half measures! Ha ha ha Because of this I have been used in dangerous situations to get a job done and I am always protected by the holy unknown.
    My 2nd house is empty except for CERES which trines Juno and squares Pluto.
    Pluto and Ceres in Greek mythology have big doings together and I am trying to figure out what that could mean? Are they fighting over Earth? I do abhor the useless destruction of our beautiful blue and green space craft Earth! Why don’t people take care of where they are at, instead of sending puny rockets to the moon and creating boring environments to circle the earth with?

  34. Feel better, Donna! Healing thoughts are coming your way.

    What a fascinating topic! I’m still trying to find the career/vocation that I’m “really” here for. Due to SN intercepted in Scorp in the 6th, with Neptune in Libra just over the 6th cusp,(Placidus). I’ve spent far too much of my life in SN jobs. (Saturn and Moon conjunct in Virgo don’t help either!) The illusion of liking the job is always blasted away by a nasty and/or tyranical boss. Right now I’m between jobs, as the saying goes.

    Those nasty, authoritarian bosses eventually tick off my singleton Uranus Rx in Gemini in the 2nd — which rules my Aquarius MC. I don’t know what to make of my Part of Fortune in the 10th, the only placement, if you will, in the 10th. Certainly, with all that Sat/Moon in Virgo, SN in 6th, etc, holds me back from finding my carreer calling. Uranus in 2nd indicates flucuating earned income – my major security hang-up.

    Chile — Your Uranus/2nd and Aquarius/MC comments are right on!

    Best wishers, Donna1


    • Think about NN in 12th jobs–though they’d still be Neptunian. D.

  35. Yes turmeric is excellent. Bromelain & quercetin supps (from pineapple/apples/onions) are great anti-inflammatories 🙂

    This thread is an interest for a 34yr old with no career, but had many ‘jobs’.
    Would MC in the 10th pisces trump uranus in 6th scorp? (Empty 2nd lol…)

    • The planet is always stronger than the sign, thus Uranus would win out. Donna

      • Donna, some anti-inflammatory foods, etc. stuff for you:

        For Su, the many jobs part is a reflection of Uranus in the 6th … like cjwright mentions above, she had lots of jobs (love the ‘much to the chagrin of her Virgo hubby’ part). Maybe Su could capitalize on the software/technology part of it like cj also mentions?

  36. Hi Donna & Karen!

    Great video that. Yes to ginger and boswellia (frankincense), and of course white willow bark is the original aspirin. It is sad that these traditional medicines are becoming hard to source as drug co’s are synthesizing inferior prod’s 😦

    Funny that my day jobs (and art..) have been strongly re access to technology too.
    However now I am cynical about all that – keeping up with tech is a chore lol – and gravitate towards self preservation (self-worth??!)

  37. Hi Donna, Hope your wrist is getting better…I can’t imagine. I even need my hands to talk! I truly wish you a smooth and full recovery.

    I loved what you said about uranus in the second, money for the freedom it gives you, right on! I have a tight grand trine uranus in 2nd, mercury/jup in 6th and sat conjunct MC. Working my way to self employment, the aquarian energy pops in the work and creativity areas too.

    On another note: When you have the chance, I’m curios about mars in transit in gemini and if it has anything to do with your current situation, I know it rules hands, does also rule wrists? Or joints are saturn’s domain? Few things have happened to friends around the time mars was squaring neptune (i.e surgery+anesthesia, not good around those days..)
    Hope you don’t mind me astro-disecting your dear hands. (mercury in aq in see…)

    • Yes, the Mars in Gemini has definitely affected my Gemini stellium, now conjunct my Mercury–hoping it eases when Mars goes to Cancer. Don’t know about wrists, but I have Saturn in Gemini anyway. Donna

      • Hope you’re feeling better Donna.
        you know, two friends had accidents that affected their hands/ wrists around the same days! one was a nasty cut, but not terribly serious, and another was in a car accident (taxi from airport, how mars in gemini is that?) her wrist and hand got the hit. Surgery, physical therapy, etc…

        I have bot saturn and mars in gemini, just 20+ degrees apart…phew…

  38. I have mars in the 10th house in taurus and the MC cusp is in aries..
    Is that bad ? It also trines jupiter in virgo in my 2nd house and sextile venus and sun in 12th house in cancer.. Is that bad ? :/

    By the way , i’m very assertive and career orientated as a person

  39. there are 2 more aspects… Mars trine Uranus and Neptune in capricorn in the 6th house (but the aspect is not very accurate) and also mars opposite pluto in scorpio in 4th house + mars square saturn in aquarius in 7th house and mercury in leon in 1st house.

  40. Hi! Thought I would “bump” this interesting and important blog-site. I have my Sun and Moon and Midheaven in Taurus (a 2nd House energy) in the 10th House, along with Mars and Jupiter in Gemini there, so I am definitely a 10th House person. Although I have had different vocations/jobs, I would say that Music is my most heart-felt career, and that which has given me the widest range of 10th House public recognition, at different points of my life, although not steadily. There have been, for various reasons, perhaps resulting from transits, gaps that have lasted for years in my Music career. As the 10th House is also the house of Reputation, I am proof of the theory that a strong 10th House makes the individual exceptionally vulnerable to public defamation,as well as honor, and also that there is very little that the native “gets away with”, especially if it involves not following others’ opinions about how I should be, so there is probably also a strong anti-authority/establishment quality to the stellium in the 10th House. I also have a prominent 6th House in that my North Node in Aquarius is there, and, due to a geographical move, I now have the energies of Chiron there, also. I believe that I have somewhat learned how to balance the energies of these two houses so that I, and others, benefit, although the types of focus within each are very different. The Aquarian 6th House gives me a chance to be a benevolent “big sister”, and to be helpful to others, as well as become well-informed on alternative medicine and natural healing. It has taken me a lifetime to understand how to gain some comfortable mutuality between the two houses, but I am much better at it today than I have ever been.

  41. I have Uranus and the Moon in the 2nd house (Aries), Pluto, Mars, and Venus in the 6th (Leo) with 2 degrees Sagittarius on the MC. I have a stellium of Jupiter Mercury and Neptune in the 7th house (Virgo). I have always had careers with a high degree of communication. For 20+ years I was an interior designer. Then switched to legal secretarial and receptionist work. Now I am consiidering astrological consulting.

  42. I have a Capricorn stellium in the 6th starting with Uranus and Neptune conjunct( Uranus conjunct cusp) then mercury, node, Saturn at the last 3 degrees of Capricorn. This squares my libra moon in the third. I have mars in Gemini in the tenth in a trine to merc/ Saturn node. I am currently seeking a job in telecommunications, it’s a bilingual position at AT&T. I get kinda anxious about my second house ruler, mercury, in Capricorn conjunct Saturn! Oh noes! Empty second, I want money 😦 I think. Might just be that I make tons but get a late start cause right now I am broke, pawning things, and at 22 sleepily relying on my mom . Lazy libra moon.

  43. I have the Sun, the Moon, Jupiter and Mars in the 10th House (!!!!), involving the Sun and Midheaven, with squares to Pluto, and success came to me when I was traditional college age.There had been even the possibility of international prominence, however, I got knocked off my pedestal and my outer success was short-lived. I believe that metaphysically it was too much too soon, and I needed to learn the lessons of the the other Earth Houses. I also needed to develop my personality, especially, true self-esteem, versus “image”; I also needed to develop true talent, not just a superficial understanding of my creative craft. It has certainly been a very humbling set of many decades. My 6th House contains my NN, and depending on where I live, my Chiron. Lessons of the 6th House have always been pronounced and prominent, regarding routine, work habits, practicality, health, etc. Some of my best experiences have been around employment. My Second house has Neptune conjunct Saturn very close to the 3rd House cusp, and some astrologers interpret this as these planets being in the 3rd House, so I am not sure of how my 2nd House is really affected. The Neptunium “fog” around money has been a problem my whole life, as it is also elusive and “dissolves” the more I grasp for it, like a hologram. Anyway, I always found it interesting that my loaded 10th House made my chart “top-heavy”, and yet, success came relatively easy only once; I have had to work very hard for it since.

  44. All of them? Sort of? The second gets the most planetary action: my Sun at 3 Virgo shares the that house with the Uranus/Pluto conjunction. However, the sun has one aspect — a trine to my 29 Aries Midheaven. My 23 Capricorn moon is in the 6th house. Looking back at my professional life, I’ve definitely undersold myself and may have some Uranian authority issues. If I’m invested in the work, though, I will work for the sake of the work itself. I was very driven when I was younger, but lack the killer instinct of many who make buckets of money.

    • i personally think that the “killer instinct” prototype has been given an undue amount of applause, so I am glad that you have kept your humanity along the way. I believe that pursuit of one’s professional/financial goals does not justify abhorrent and unethical behavior even in a capitalist/materialistic society which would condone such behavior. When we look back over our lives usually it is how we have behaved in relationships, including business liaisons, which will be under our most severe self-scrutiny. Or, which should be.

      • Thanks, PD. I agree with you that it’s how you treat people that counts, not how much money you do or do not have. Donna

      • Ditto, Donna. Those of us who do have a conscience are usually tormented by our own deliberate manipulation and exploitation of innocent people, even if felt only on a subconscious level. I don’t think that the professional / employment / vocational / avocational / business / [ambition, power] areas of our lives somehow afford us non-accountability for “open season” on unsuspecting prey. For me, the rationalizing phrase “This is business, nothing personal…”, etc., can be used to the most unscrupulous advantage. We are still dealing with other human beings when we are interacting in any kind of enterprise. I am a believer in karma and reincarnation so, I try to be very careful.

      • With you every step of the way. Once, in the middle of some work on myself, I got in touch with one of my vows for this lifetime, and it was that I would never exploit the labor of any person.

      • Thank you, PlutoDame, and you, too, Donna. I agree with you. I certainly don’t think having a conscience or compassion is a bad thing. Ambition and material success at the cost of making a life — or paid for by stabbing others in the back — isn’t success to me.

      • Yes, thanks. The majority of us probably know when to back off from being too opportunistic.

  45. Dear Donna…thank you thank you thank you
    How a sentence can heal in a heartbeat…
    “when the 6th house is stronger than the tenth …Virgo-like reluctance to be in the spotlight”

  46. Yes your description of Uranus / mc fits the 10th house, even if it’s in the 9th. It’s the lead in a stellium and freedom always was the greatest word to me since I was 6 years old. As a child I thought that word had more meaning than any word I heard. It was the greatest! Moon Aquarius 5th h making exact trine to Uranus. Asteroid Urania conjunction moon .sun in the 11 th house quintile Uranus which is also conjunction Mars trine Pallas in libra in the 1st… So it’s a grand air trine. It seems all the planets and asteroids involved are of solar flavor. Just read Noel Tula book, “. Astrology of the fed” and heade a comment about grand tribes I never heard before and that was, ” people with grand tribes are a law unto themselves”. It needs a square or opposition to integrate into the chart. Have you heard of this? As always your blogs are learning enjoent. Thanks for all the te u devote!

    • ” astrology of the famed” by Noel Tyl . On grand trine . So sorry for the misprints, my computer is off and this cell phone makes up words for words it doesn’t understand.

  47. Ha Ha , your comment about Neptune influencing the career sector with fog , kinda cracked me up. One of my personas is as an O Gitchee Da Warrior Protector and in my youth was sent on a lot of adventurous missions…one favorite technique on the field is to lay down a fog blanket….so much fun then. My Neptune is 4 from the ascendant from the 12th house and squares the nodes with No. Node conjunct the MC from the 9th.

    • That’s such fun–and fascinating, Barehand! Bet you were really good at it! Donna

  48. PS Fog was a fav of the Druids as well.

    • I wouldn’t doubt it. I have the distinct impression that I was a Druid in a past life, a worshipper of the giant, ancient oaks. Donna

  49. My moon is in the 10th in Pisces and it’s ruler is in the 2nd House…and My 2nd house has Jupiter in Cancer and it’s the ruler is in the 10th. It’s like a cross of rulers so the energy is big between the 2nd and 10th and I feel it but since their both in water I feel like my career is focused on helping others. I also have a stellium in the 8th in the sign of Capricorn. So I’m very attracted to psychology and Astrology and occultic matters, Since my Sun is there I also think there is a link to my career around theses watery matters. Overall I see myself in counseling with the use of 8th house matters to help people. Also, I have Pluto in my 6th house in scorpio which im not so sure makes a big difference, I still havent looked into that. Do you have any advice for that combo?

    • Your career picture is very complex, and I think, over the years, you’ll progressively bring in all those factors into a career of working with people, probably with many of the same qualities and complexities you have. I’d say start with some basic training in counseling…perhaps something like life coaching. Donna Cunningham

      • Oh wow that’s exactly where I want to go. “Wholistic” life counseling that encompasses a lot of stuff, eventually even astrology…maybe some reiki, nutrition (i’m a vegan), etc. But yeah that’s def where I want to go. I’m a Psych major as we speak. Ultimately I hope to go from the traditional to focusing on the more non-traditional aspects of psychology. I’m glad you also see where I feel the Universe is pushing me. Sometimes things get hazy and complex for me but it’s good to know guidance is out there if we really are on the lookout for it. Anywho, thanks for your time!

  50. Hahaha very on-point! (My jaw dropped when I read the 2nd house description… until I saw the disclaimer regarding 2nd house Pisces, where Venus resides in my chart… I suppose I was naturally horrified 😆).
    My 4th house being virtually empty, save my sun conj 3/4house cusp by 1′, and Chiron hanging out there in the sign of Taurus… oh. Ok. Yeah, it adds up. Having Pluto (opposite exact Sun Aries), in the 10th conj midheaven by 1’… nicely assessed as well.

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