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Full Houses vs. Empty Houses in your Chart—What to Expect

©2011 by Donna Cunningham, MSW

New-Insights-into-the-Astrology-Chart-220x300This is an excerpt from Donna’s New Insights into the Astrology Chart, an ebook collection of readers’ favorite articles, available at for $15.

When you scan a chart, some houses are empty while others are relatively full. Here, I pay attention only to the basic ten planets, not to a dozen asteroids or the Arabian parts, because those basic planets represent major focuses and expenditures of energy.  What factors you include in your scan, of course, are up to you.  

Given twelve houses and only ten planets, at least two houses will be vacant. However, when several planets clump together in a single house–as often happens with the Sun, Mercury, and Venus–even more houses are unoccupied. 

This is as it should be. We can only scatter our energies in so many directions before we become as fragmented as the asteroid belt. The person whose planets are deployed in many different houses tends to have many interests and to try to juggle many  responsibilities and connections. Whether they are successful at it or whether they become ineffectual dilettantes depends on other factors in the chart.  

Full houses depict highly significant areas of life, where we put lots of eggs in a single basket. Where we expend our energy is where we tend to get results, so a full house is an area where meaningful people, situations, and events are clustered.  

If you have several good planets in the eleventh house but nothing in the fourth, friends will be major supports and may outweigh family in importance in adulthood. Likewise, club officers often have significant eleventh house placements. 

The matters associated with a house with a stellium or the Sun and one or two other planets can even be a career indicator. For instance, a friend with a stellium in the third house started a very successful answering service. A travel agent had several planets in the ninth house. Many academics or spiritual teachers also have a ninth house emphasis. The eighth house can show mediumistic tendencies, when strong, and also is one indicator of the potential for wealth.  

Empty houses or sectors indicate that major planetary energy isn’t being deployed toward matters of that house, but instead is focused elsewhere. Therefore, matters of that house are apt to take a back seat to matters of houses where planets are massed. A woman with no planets in the fourth or fifth but the Moon in the tenth is likely to be more fulfilled as a career woman than as a traditional homemaker. 

Just don’t conclude that an empty house means nothing will ever happen in the areas of life that house governs. One of Jeanne Dixon’s empty houses is the third, signifying communication, and yet her columns and books have been the foundation of her success. We would look to Mercury and to Gemini, since they are related to the third house. They more than compensate for the empty house, because she has Gemini rising and Mercury conjunct the Midheaven.

Many novices freak out if their seventh house is vacant, thinking it means they will never marry. Consider what else in the chart may compensate. How strong is their Venus? Do they have major placements in Libra, especially the Sun, Moon, or Ascendant? Librans tend to marry, whether their choices are sound ones or not.

Where is the ruler of the seventh house? If the ruler of the seventh is in the fourth and the fourth is strongly tenanted, then forming a family and maintaining a home life is a stronger drive than marriage itself. The marriage may be a means to that end. 

Another thing to consider is that houses that are empty at birth don’t remain empty throughout life. Transiting or progressed planets that move into an empty house tend to remain there for years. They stimulate new events and conditions in the matters of that house.  

A long transit of an outer planet through the second house corresponds with a long series of developments in the individual’s finances. If there are no planets in the second natally, that transit means the individual will devote an unaccustomed amount of attention to earning and managing money.New-Insights-into-the-Astrology-Chart-220x300

This is an excerpt from Donna’s New Insights into the Astrology Chart, an ebook collection of readers’ favorite articles, available at for $15.

Readers, are any of your empty houses being activated by transits? Is that house “heating up,” and what’s new there? Tell us about it in the comment section.  

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  1. In my natal chart, the only active houses are the 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, and 11th. I have a stellium in the eighth. (Venus is located there. Hopefully I am wealthy :D) My other seven houses are empty but I feel their effects when under transits.

    I also feel their effects in my solar return chart. My natal 4th house is completely empty but in my solar return for 2010 I have a stellium in the 4th. With the Sun, Mercury, Mars and Pluto in my SR 4th I can definetly feel it. A lot of my energy is invested in my home. Right now Pluto is conjunct my natal moon and I feel my solar return Pluto’s energy. Been thinking about moving and other emotional problems with my family :/.

    As for transits, Venus and the Sun are activating my third house. With my natal ASC in Gemini I feel even more “Mercurial” with a ton of nervous energy.

    • Interesting about the Solar Return 4th being activated that way….should definitely add that to the list of ways an empty natal house can temporarily beactiivated. Thanks! Donna

  2. Ah, I have been having Pluto transiting my natally empty 2nd house (Sag on cusp) since fall of 2007, yes finances play a big part now and I am forever tingking of ways to improve financial matters through saving, IRAs, working, looking for the best deal-it’s almost an obsession and it is wearing me down. In the fall of 2007 I started a program at college followed by applying for student loans, using credit cards (they are paid off now at least) and work has just been erratic-feast or famine currenetly in the famine stage-lucky to get 20 hours a week, so I am looking into other sources of income, hmm it also squares my natal Uranus in the 10th, yay-but Jupiter is rolling through the 6th which houses my Sun, Merc and Sat..hopefully some help there!
    question- does a transit to an empty house work in opposition too?

    • A planet transiting opposite an empty house couldn’t form any aspects to planets in that house, so it wouldn’t impact the empty house. Donna

    • Um, Kim, do we have the same chart? I am also experiencing Pluto in an empty second house, with Sag on the cusp. For me, though, it’s squaring my Libra Sun.

      Donna, could the 8th house represent how we acquire money — I mean, even money earned was someone else’s before it was ours — and the 2nd house represent how we spend money, which would have a lot to do with our values?

      • Hi Chas, you never know! I have Pluto squaring Uranus-yay! I have been having Neptune sqauring both my sun and natal Nep-so much going on not sure where to look anymore..I have Pluto natally in the 10th, where’s yours?
        Intresting thought on the 8th, mine is empty except for a progressed sun and mars, does Pluto aspect any planets in your 8th?

      • No, Chas, the 2nd is how we earn money (and what we spend it on) and the 8th is money from other sources–even royalties, pensions, settlements, bonuses, and gifts. Donna

      • But the 8th is also taxes — and that’s not income other than earnings.

        I’m a guy who likes things to make sense. The idea of the 8th as money coming in, while the 2nd as money spent just seemed so…pretty. I can reconcile taxes with this: it’s our own money spent by others, (the gov’t) — the seventh house from the 2nd.

        But as we all know, pretty doesn’t mean workable. And I know better than to fall into the trap of adhering to a theory that doesn’t pan out in practice. I’ll defer to your experience in this, but forgive me if I’m not ready to completely let go of the idea just yet.


      • Taxes AND debts—the government thinks it’s THEIR money due for services rendered, whether you actually wanted the services or not. And credit card companies front you money you haven’t earned YET and and charge as much interest as they can get away with. Donna

      • Kim: my Pluto is in the 10th on the midheaven. It’s 41 degrees from my 8th house moon, so that would be a Novile.

      • Chas, just checked to see what a novile is… not conclusive yet on the orb but I dont think I meet the criteria..My Pluto/moon is 38 degrees. mmm, I think we might be taking up toomuch reply space on here..I’ll stop with the poster q’s 😉

      • For all the lesser-known aspects, I give 2-3 degrees orb. Another name for a novile is a nonagen–cute, huh? Donna

      • Yes, the other subscribers must be about ready to pummel us. Of course, we Leo Moons have a hard time believing that others are not hanging on to our every utterance. And the thought of going private — what, no audience!? OK…I’ll stop now. I’m not a hijacker. No, not me….

      • But the good thing about an out-of-orb novile is it’s either a decile or a semisquare. (I’m being slightly flippant at this point).

    • I also have an empty 2nd house, but with cusp at Pisces, and with a stellium in 8th. Just some sharing from my personal life experiences and observations of other people’s charts, it seems that with the empty house does mean that it does not have the main focus/energy. However, the only way that I can explain the money that I have (I don’t mean to brag) is that the traditional ruler of Pisces is Jupiter which is to “expand”. And I didn’t really earn my way through 8th house, although it’s my main focus. I also found from other natal charts that the 2nd (empty) cusp at Sag seems to be slightly “better”(?) materialistically because they don’t have the co-ruler of Neptune to add the spiritual/idealistic dimension (which can “dissolve” and give away money). I think the best explanation for the house ruler is that it is the auto-pilot that kind of works in the background. It’s more like the effect of “sign” that tells you “how” things would happen. But this auto-pilot (house ruler) will surrender most of its power IF you have planets in the house, and planets will supercede the house ruler, because they’re the actual “actors”.

      In any case, with Jupiter being the ruler of a second empty house, your values both in material and spiritual sense should be “expanding” throughout your life.

      The 8th house is always “joint” finance matters, Chasmatazz. It’s really not money coming in. Whether it’s coming in/going out for 2nd & 8th, it really depends on the individual & the phase in life.

      With Pluto going through 2nd house, you truly have a chance to “revolutionize” your spiritual values & material status. But you must work hard for it because it’s not Jupiter or Venus. Watch out for other transits in this period, because they can be magnified financially (both up & down) with Pluto in 2nd.

      • Sorry about my previous long post. Not sure if it’s proper here.

        I have learned so much from Donna’s writings. Her blog is my most frequently visited astro-blog. Her advice is always the best.

      • Hi Nathan, sometimes a long post is needed to get something across and I believe the whole point on here is to share what we know about empty houses and/or learn more about them. That’s an interesting tidbit you’ve brought up about Jupiter and the spiritual expansion, didn’t think of that one! and it is something I have been thinking about a lot and something I can foresee going deeper into over the next few years relating to energy work and mind/body healing. I actually have been feeling like I’m in the right field but not the right tools just yet relating to work matters. With Pluto rolling through it has been making a square to Uranus in the 10th which is opposite Chiron and will be eventually squaring that too along with my nice :p Uranus/Uranus opposition. and yes I too have been coming in here quite frequently soaking up info. Donna has one of the best sites!!

  3. I have empty 6th and 12 houses. Pluto is currently at 5 degrees of Capricorn (conjuncting my natal Saturn and opposite my natal mars – sigh) in my fifth house so will transit into my 6th house towards the end of 2012. I expect it will mainly have an effect on health and hope it won’t on work so much since I feel pretty settled in that area. But I’ve just had a diagnosis of arthritis in my spine (so Saturnian!) so I expect issues around this will come up.

    • The two major 6th house areas–work and health–aren’t in the same house by accident. What I’ve found working with clients over the years is that when they are dissatisfied or feeling trapped in their jobs, health concerns can arise…or work-related body concerns can arise…e,g. a bodyworker may develop back or shoulder issues. Donna

      • Here’s an anecdote about the work/health connection. I started having eye trouble and went to an eye exam. The doctor kept moving the lenses around and around, time after time, and finally settled on my (then) 20/20 vision, to which he responded, “How’s your job?” Smart optician! BTW, I hated that job and left soon after the exam. 🙂

  4. Since I’m of the Nordic births, I have some huge houses and some very small. Six are empty: 1,2,4,5, 6 and 7. Pluto is transiting my 2nd house, and since that house starts in Sag and ends in Aq, it’s there for a long time. I have had major changes in my income since Pluto got there. In the beginning I was struggling to even get work (translating and writing books nobody wanted to publish), now I’m a full-time writer. Pluto is a hard master, so I’ve had to work my behind off and swallow a camel or two before it got better.I got a new agent last week – the first in six years! And a good one too, a UK based New Yorker, so things are looking very promising. Uranus just entered my 4th house, so I was expecting the house to fall down around my ears, but so far, no worries. I’ve had to replace a few appliances and my computer, so I hope that’s about it.

    • Hmm. A good (i.e. sharky) agent is a good idea. Pluto transiting the 2nd is a bit like an 8th house emphasis, and I equate the 8th house with royalties and book advances. I have a good feeling about that transit, but naturally you’d want to avoid all the 8th house traps, like overspending or going into debt in anticipation of a big seller. Donna

      • Thanks. With that Pluto opposing natal Mars, I’ve been reading up on manifesting mojo. I think it’s working. Since I’ve never made that much money on my writing, I’ve never had the opportunity to really overspend. I’ve published 18 books and none of them has been a big seller. Hopefully this will change, but in the meantime I’m not running wild wild with credit cards. Much. I am a Virgo, after all. 😀

  5. I don’t have any stelliums but have empty 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 10th houses, although Chiron is in the 6th. Uranus has been transiting my 4th house for ever and finally moved into the 5th with Aries. So I thought my endless moving home was over, but I’m about to move yet again. I’m shocked and feel forced to go due to financial pressures (seems to be due to Pluto/Pluto square 11th to 2nd house). Where else should I look for moving home – my moon?

    • Aspects to the Moon, to the MC/IC, or a planet in the 4th or the ruler of the 4th. Donna

      • Thanks Donna. Uranus is ruler of my 4th – maybe I’ll always move! Groan. My natal Saturn-Uranus-Chiron t-square is being set off all over the place by transits. I might not like the idea of this job move right now, but it’s unstoppable!

  6. In my chart, Aries and Taurus are empty; both my fourth and fifth house cusp are in Aries, thus both houses are empty of major planets. I have three children whom I have devoted the last 24 yeas of my life to… (I am a single mother and since my divorce 12 years ago have raised them and supported them on my own). It doesn’t seem to make sense to me. Mars, Aries ruler is retrograde in Cancer in my eighth house, though. Cancer is about home, yes? Even though my children are older now, a month ago Mars slipped into my progressed fifth house. Hmmm…. confusing.

    • Is your Moon in the 10th or near the Midheaven–that could mean your children are your career. There are always at least 3 different astrological ways to say the same th\ing. Donna

      • interesting! I just peeked at my moms chart, she has moon in the 10th conjunct the MC and empty 4/5 houses and she stayed home and raised us brats pretty much on her own since my dad was busy in his own world and a bottle/can most of the time. She did occasionally do some part time work here and there when dad drank up the grocery money, maybe thats the Saturn/Uranus conj. in the 10th.
        looking at my own chart I have an empty 5th Aries on cusp and mars conjunct Venus in Gemini 7th house-both daughters have Mars conjunct the MC!! one has Venus in Gemini in 1st and the other has Venus in Aries elevated in the 10th. Neato!

      • My moon in Aquarius is near the end of my second house, but it is exactly inconjunct (150 degrees exactly) mars my fifth house ruler in cancer in the eighth house. My midheaven is in libra and I am a librarian/technology teacher whose relationships with other teachers has become my career as I try to help them change educational practices that better serve students. (That seems to fit). But I am very confused by my passion for being a mom and trying to do what was best for my kids. I have a stellium in Cap in my first and second house. Could I have tried hard with my own children because I cared what others thought of me? Ewww, that would make me horrible.

  7. Donna, what if the chart has certain quadrants empty (1st through 3rd, 4th through 6th etc.)?

  8. I have a full first house, with Leo Moon conjunct the Ascendant and then Mercury, Venus and Pluto in a Virgo stellium. The self-focus can get tiresome (to me and no doubt others). Neptune is in a long opposition to my stellium, which has helped shift some focus over to relationship (if you can actually say “focus” and “Neptune” in the same sentence). By progression, though, I now have 4 planets in the 4th house in Scorpio (Mercury, Jupiter, Sun and Venus) which I think emphasizes introspection, though maybe a little more inclusive of my intimates! (My bf’s Moon is there, which helps.)

    Maybe another way to light up your empty houses is to have people in your life who have a lot of those missing energies? I used to have a Pisces housemate that was so wacky but fun for me to be around because of that energy!

    • Hi Les,
      I’ve actually noticed with SO’s and family that we tend to “fill” each others empty charts- good point!! For example my hubby is a Cancer Sun/Asc which sits in my empty 8th house and my moon sits in my daughters empty 3rd house completing her T-square!

      • Hi Kim,
        Interesting, isn’t it? My concentration of planets land in my SO’s 7th and 8th houses (he does have one planet in his 7th), which is pretty good placement! His planets are more scattered, but do tend to land in my empty houses, of which I have many.

  9. According to your specs and leaving out asteroids I have 7 empty houses and 5 with action. My active houses are 9.10.11,12 and 5th. I can see where the empty houses are not much on my mind, except that my cousins and relatives are bonded closely specially on my fathers side but there is a lot of communication with my mothers side as well. Is that the 3rd house? Cousins definitely feel like brothers and sisters. We are planning a HUGE family reunion for next summer. Pluto is transiting the 3rd house now and inch worming towards my Nader. The Saturn transit through my 12th to ascendant did not seem to have much effect except when it squared transit Pluto during the gulf oil spill my car died and we walked for a year ( not all bad) and are back on the road again with a Plymouth Neon.With transit Saturn into my 1st house I am slowly losing weight and before that when progressed Jupiter crossed my ascendant I gained weight.

    • “cousins and relatives are bonded closely specially on my fathers side but there is a lot of communication with my mothers side as well. Is that the 3rd house? ” Yes, Aunts, uncles, cousins–I think “courtesy” aunts & uncles, too. Donna

      • Hi Donna,

        My computer has been down a few months but I am back now.Missed you of course. With how things are going its hard to tell how long it will be that I am here..

        I have full 9,10, 11 and 12th plus the 5th house aquarius moon in aspect to all my other planets.Its 12 hours before full. That leaves 1,2 3 4 6 7 and 8 empty unless you count the 4 astroids but 3 are piled up in or near the 2nd house cusp.
        The 3 outter planets Uranus, Neptune and Pluto have been getting me. The Uranus/ Pluto square has been hovering …pluto near the nadar and conjunct my south node while Uranus is nearing the 7th house cusp
        . I moved out of a Mobile home park last year at this time and landed in MY dream home with free rent for house sitting indefinately. Its a huge log structure with a dirt roof, easy to wood heat and chopping wood has returned my youth to me. Im 67 with the blood pressure of an athlete, the nurses tell me.
        The house is off the grid and deep in the woods in an isolated area with lots of wild life and abuts some state and national parks.
        About 2 month after moving the Trailer Park people were given notice that the trailer park was sold and now they have until this Dec to move. They said I was lucky to move when I did. They did not choose to move but had it foisted on them out of the blue and it will work hardships on them.
        It was a nice place while we were there and all the neighbors were friends and helpful to one another and of all sorts and ages.
        I have always had nature in my heart and I always long for the unsullied handiwork of the Great Spirit.Its not that I dislike people but I love nature more.The Great Spirit has written teachings in everything and its my favorite library.
        But now the owner and builder of this home has fallen on hard times and will need to come back for a few weeks he says.I really suspect it will be much longer, what with the economy. His problem is his wife whom he loves dearly and wants to please. She hates it there. They may have no choice to return for a while.
        I rented a small place a while back that is in town where I shop etc but it would be a nightmare to live there. Its where my computer, sewing machine, blender etc is and I got it for just such an event that they should need to return. PLUTO hasnt even hit the 4th house cusp Yet!!!! Its so near though.
        Then there is Neptune which is in the 5th house opposing my Sun…sawing back and 4th. 2 little grand daughters have been in foster care just over a year now and a lawyer told me not to INTERVENE unless they move to terminate the parents parental right. I have Cancer on the MC and now they did and I Intervened and a Trial is being set as we speak. I am already raising a Grand daughter who is 10 now and I had since her birth. I consider her a real gift. I like her mother and her mother and mothers family have all become close to me. But the mother of the 2nd two babiy girls is a real nightmare….yet I cannot leave the two little ones blowing in the wind. I am healthy and strong and could take them on but there is a lot of fighting coming up and its all so worrisome! Neptune has thrown its fog blanket over the whole thing so its not so clear cut as when I recieved custody of my first grand daughter. The father of these girls is my youngest son whom I have always had a hard time to make out. I dont think he can make himself out either. SIGH>>>>>>> Now the Father of my youngest son is trying to Intervene . He is an Aries from Northern England and is alone there in a big house, Can that be the Uranus Transit nearing my 7th house cusp? My natal Mars conjuncts Uranus in the 9th house paralle the MC.??????

  10. hi
    I have sun-moon-mercury in 8th house
    I never felt that I have power to become a medium,or becoming rich,but I get a portion of other people’s money..

    here I would like to say,cancer which is my 6th house,is empty
    gemini which is my 5th house is empty
    leo which is my 7th house is not empty( venus and mars inside it)

    so i guess,according to this article my energy related job and creativity would be spent through the mediumistic and “getting-rich” field?

    here I want to say my 8th house is virgo and I have mercury in mercury is in its house.

    • Given the strength of the 7th & 8th, it could be that your best chance of success is working in partnership in a joint enterprise. Donna

  11. Empty houses have ghosts. house ruler(s); transits and progressions to it. When pluto first danced over my 1st house mars (3º cap) (ruler of “empty” 4th) I was deep in the beginnings of new territory art biz proj and very stoked. Then the house where I lived went up on the market and everything got put on hold and my home was invaded constantly with others who wanted me gone. I moved to a bigger place – better for my new project ..but only for 18 months because…then that house went on the market. So everything on hold and again with the aggressive strangers in the home..I moved again. the new place was small but I could work with the landlord to create a custom space next to it as an ad-on. By then I was paying very close attention to the pluto conj and saturn (by then separating) square to natal mars in 1st., ruler of the 4th) and I sculpted the move to fit the patterns and now I am in long term great space with big studio for my artwork in an area I really love. It is all about working the transits through the house rulers. Especially with outer planets.

    • Agreed, I don’t pay enough attention to house rulers, although MY 1st house Mars rules my MH, and nearly every transit to Mars brings on new developments in my career. Donna

  12. Hi Donna, another question here..I don’t think you get into interceptions too much but I’ll throw it out there anyway in case someone else has a thought.
    would transits/progressions to a sign ruler, for example (Cancer)moon, activate an intercepted sign in an empty house? Thanks for letting me indulge here 🙂

    • oops I meant activate the house with the intercepted sign..

  13. My 2nd house has Natal Pluto and Uranus in Virgo and my 8th house is empty! Anything relevant? Thanks! Carla

  14. Forgot to mention my 1st, 5th, 6th, 10th and 11th houses are also empty. Would love to know something about that.

    • There are seveeral articles on each of the houses under the category “Houses, “right hand column of the blog. Also a free download of a chapter on the houses from one of my books:
      . Donna

  15. My 1st, 4th, 6th, 10th and 11th houses are empty and I have a stellium in the 8th. When Pluto moved into my empty 6th a few years ago, I felt the effects straight away… but some good has come out of it, though.

  16. i am makar lagan i hav 1 2 3 4 5 and 9th house empty…rahu n mars in 6th huse…sun n mercury in 7th house..venus in 8th house ..den shani in 10th and moon jupiter in 11 and ketu in 12th so will gambling suites me nn besides wat proffesion i go for plz tell

    • nikhil sharma born on 19 july 1983 tuesday 20:45 pm delhi

  17. Why can’t I post a comment?

    • When you post a comment for the first time, WordPress holds it for approval by the blogger. You posted in the middle of the night while I was sleeping.

      A vocational astrology question of such life-long consequences really requires an analysis of the whole chart and cannot be done as a blog comment. I am retired from doing chart readings. Donna

      • Hi Donna, thank you for your reply.

  18. Hi, Donna, I have read several of your articles and find that your work is excellent!

    Regarding my birth chart, six of my houses (2th-7th) are empty. My Sun and Moon are in the 9th house (Moon trines Jupiter that is in the 1st house), my Venus, Mars, and Vigo Mercury are in the 8 houses (Mercury is nearly on the boundary between the 8th and 9th house and conjects the Sun), my Scorpio Pluto is in the 10th house, Saturn (chart ruler) in the 11th house, Uranus and Nepatune in the 12th house (Nepatune conjects Assendent). My Mid-heaven is a Libera sign and conjects Juno, and I have an extremely strong Mercury, which is nearly off the chart.

    I stronly feel the Mercury trait in my life, say, I am a quick learner and can easily stand out in my study and work; but I am distractable and my focus shifts quickly. I am also quite ambitious and eager to achieve high. I am now a final year PhD in Psychology.

    I shall soon again choose my career. I am thinking of being a psychology academics, or pursuing business positions such as management consultancy. I would like to choose the career that entails much thinking and analysis. I am not sure about the career indicators of my birth chart, but I just feel that Mercury, Pluto, and the 9th house are likely to affect my career.

    Also, my Taurus 5th and Cancerian 7th houses empty, does it mean that it unlikely for me to give up career for love and family, or I may have a career with the help of my parterner? Three personal stars are in the 8th house, does it mean something?

  19. Hello Donna,Greetings from India! A happy and powerful Durga Puja in the offing,let the good defeat the bad.
    I have 7 empty houses and those empty ones are: Taurus,Gemini,Cancer,Leo,Capricorn,Aquarius and Pisces.
    I have a Virgo Ascendant and Jupiter,Mars in the first house in Virgo.
    Sun,Mercury and The North Node (Rahu) in second house Libra
    Venus and Saturn in the third house Scorpio
    Moon in fourth house Sagittarius
    And the south node (Ketu) in Aries

    At least 5 transit planets are about to occupy the houses as seen on my natal chart i.e Sun, Mercury,The North Node in Libra
    Venus in Scorpio
    The South Note in Aries
    This is about to happen in November 2013
    Please comment if I shall attain Moksha

    • HI, Anjan, I have no idea what Moksha is, and the faster moving planets (Sun to Mars) go through all our houses in rapid order, so they aren’t life-changing. The Sun, Mercury, and Venus go though all 12 houses in the course of a year, and Mars completes all 12 in two years. I am retired and no longer do individual charts. Donna Cunningham

  20. Donna, could you tell me what it means to have an empty quadrant in a chart? For example, my chart is very bottom-heavy (I know that means I’m an introvert) and the fourth quadrant (10th to 12th Houses) is entirely empty. Is that significant?

    • Empty quadrants mean that you’re focusing on other areas of life (the houses with planets in them) and that you have no particularly challenging patterns in those areas of life.

  21. I have an empty 6 and 8th house in my natal chart…12/17/1984 09:07am Somerset,PA USA check it out…female…let me know what you think

  22. hello

    I have sun house 2 sgitarius square plutoo house 11 virgo… is someone can help me to understand ?

    many thanks

    severine (from France)

  23. he other subscribers must be about ready to pummel us. Of course, we Leo Moons have a hard time believing that others are not hanging on to our every utterance.

  24. Myself hina.dob-21/10/ In my kundali no.5 n 7 both r empty n i hv breakup problm in my relationships olwaz.does dat mean i vl never get happiness in my relationships in life.n i dont get married? I m really very much worried as i wana marry to d one i desire but nothing is resolved in my life.pls anyone pls help. Ty

  25. When it comes to people’s concerns about not having planets in the 7th house, I tell them having them isn’t necessarily a good thing. I’ve found it often indicates a co-dependent relationship unless the parties are mature and self aware.

    • Hi, Barb, codependency would be especially likely with Neptune/Pisces or Moon/Cancer planets there, but not so much Mars, Mercury, or Jupiter. But several 7th house features like a stellium would indicate that relationships are a primary concern and possibly one of the primary life lessons or karmic agreements. Donna

  26. Hi. How do we look at the relationship between these as a whole? I am new to this.

    I have absolutely nothing in my 1st, 5th, 7th, and 9th Houses.
    I have Mercury and Venus in my 2nd; Sun in 3rd; Jupiter in 4th; Moon in 6th; Pluto in 8th; Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune in 10th; Mars in 12th.

    Any way to figure out what these indicate?

    I also do not understand anything like quadrants, etc.

    Thank you!

    • Lenore, questions like that, involving your chart as a whole, cannot be answered in the comment section, as it would take a long, detailed analysis. What I would suggest, for starters, is that you get a computerized interpretation of your chart, about 35 pages for $35, from Astrolabe or other software distributors. It would describe each of your 12 houses, with the signs and planets they hold. Donna Cunningham

      • OK. I will do that. Thank you.

  27. I chanced upon this page when I was looking up if marriage is in my nativity. Read somewhere that solar return transits don’t mean much if it isn’t promised in nativity. According to, my natal chart has an empty 7th House, my Venus only has two major aspects with wider orbs (5° and 9°), and the two co-rulers of my 7th House are in my 2nd and 10th Houses. Relationships have been difficult for me. Next year, my solar return has Sun and Mercury in SR 7th House and my SR Ascendant in Natal 1st House. Cusp of SR 7th House is close to cusp of Natal 6th House. Will it be a chance for better times re: relationships? Or, will it all be for naught? Thank you in advance.

  28. Donna, thanks for the follow. If you read my website, you’d see I am an actor, writer, healer, teacher, orphic. All my planets except two are in the fifth and seventh houses. I appreciated this post although with so many planets in the fifth, mercury, saturn, sun, venus, having all these “talents” has always made sense to me. And I’ve certainly wandered through lives and relationships! Finally, I’ve stopped. And married a partner and bought a house. Now that’s an anchor. Uranus in 4th and Neptune in 8th blanket this congregation. Father died when I was eight, and I’ve been a seeker all my life although an initiation by a curendara in Mexico brought it all into focus. It’s so odd how all this works. So glad I found you. J.

  29. I’m in the middle of an identity crise here because I feel very bothered by the fact that my 9th is empty. I feel like it is neglected! And all the things related to it affects me a lot, ’cause I like the idea of going to college and being a professor. I really love the academic life, and all the four stuffs I got on the third don’t seem enough, like sun, mercury, neptune and uranus. Everywhere I read says the same: those placement do not make for college people or academic professors. I don’t know, I’m going crazy here~

    • Pitanga, do not worry. The 9th house is not the only thing that would make you a college professor. Jupiter and Sagittarius placements in the chart are related to the 9th and, frankly, even stronger, so check for them in your chart. Also, you have a very powerful Capricorn stellium in the 3rd house, and that would make you eager to learn all you can and to communicate what you know through writing and teaching. The fact that Mercury is part of it makes you even more eager to learn all you can.

      Focus on the stellium, and read about it. I have written a book on stelliums and how to make the most of them. It devotes a chapter to the Capricorn stellium generation. It is called The Stellium Handbook, and you can find it on my website, Donna Cunningham

      • Thank you, you’re very sweet!
        I actually have only my mercury in Capricorn – the rest is in Aquarius – but I get that this placement is very important to my career somehow and the way I deal with people and informations.
        I got only Pluto in Sagittarius in the 2nd, and that doesn’t seem to be a big deal, and my Jupiter on Pisces on the 5th. This last one sounds actually really good and I love it, but, well, I’m still confused, so I’ll read more about this stellium. c:

      • There are two kind of stelliums. One is when you have four in one sign and the other when you have four in the same house. Triple conjunctions are also very powerful.

  30. this is doubt on astrology-reality combine.
    gemini ascendant,chart has mars conjunct(close) 7th cusp ,& no +ve aspects on 7th house or its lord..
    this can mean marital problems.
    But if such a person has doctor(surgeon)as life partner, can marital probs reduce considerably ? (logic is: mars as lord of 6th hose means healthworker involved with knife-cuts).
    pl clarify thanks. regards.

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