Posted by: Donna Cunningham | August 11, 2011

Astrological Insights into Your Finances

©2011 by Donna Cunningham, MSW

Here are links to some of Skywriter’s series of articles on topics of special interest. Today’s topic is personal finance. 

If any of these articles give you new insights into your own money patterns, share them in them comment section–or just say hello!

Posts in the Astrology and Personal Finances series:

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  1. Talk about HAVES and Have NOTS…case in point, poor youth in England s recent riots deserve an astrological look.
    You Tube commentaries suggest rebellion against heavy handed police stopping innocent youth all along and 3 murders of youth a year by police action. People say cutbacks on their Youth Centers and no jobs are at fault. However British Parliamentary discussion is all about REPRESSION and Imprisonment of Youth with no look see at their cause. Big Media backs them up. No surprise.Sounds like the legislatures hate their comfortable routines being disrupted, more than anything.Plus the Prison systems are big business. BIG BUSINESS routinely gets caught with their hands in poor peoples pockets , yet they are NEVER labeled criminals. Since when has GREED become a virtue? To TAKE more than a body needs to live ROBS food from the mouths of future generations. Most youth are NOT good at verbalizing their problems but they have sent an unmistakable message….something is wrong.

    On another note: ” The role of the least aspected planet”, by Robert Couteau; is extremely fascinating reading at his web page. He uses famous cases of famous people , astrocartography of the least aspected planet being key to ones life purpose. Its also the freest planet with the most objective ability to act. The most aspected being at the mercy of habit. he calls the least aspected the TRANSCENDENTAL PLANET and uses midpoints between it and the secondary least aspected planet with their intersection on the astrocartography map. Very enlightening stuff .

    • If I may post as neutral an opinion as possible here, today’s youth is definitely not the youth of the past. That’s a given. Most have no idea what it’s like to work, and work hard, for something. They’re more “I’ll have this now and pay for it later”. They rely heavily on computers and social networks– I see this all the time– and have little or no connection with the real world.

      And who allows this? Their parents. I can’t stand watching people around my age (I’m 31) decide to pop out kids they cannot afford to manage, financially and emotionally and mentally. A lot of people my age are just as entitled than kids today, and it is very very unfortunate, but this is why a lot of kids are the way they are. They lack proper guidance. They lack discipline. They lack structure.

      Parents today, at least many of them, are too busy to teach their kids what it’s like to work for something, and how good and rewarding it feels to do so.

      So I think it’s way to choose a side– it’s easy to feel that kids are to blame for what’s happening in England, and it’s easy to feel that kids are not at fault. I believe it’s a little bit of both. Please, please do take a look at the core of the issues we face before you make a judgement either way. I don’t think this is a one-way street.

      • I’ve replied to the wrong poster. And that last part is supposed to read “… I think it’s way too easy to choose a side…”

        Sorry about that.

  2. During the great depression my uncle left home at age 14 and rode the rails. He worked at whatever jobs that he could get, and he sent money home to help the family.
    Those young people rioting in England should be ashamed! (I expect that most of them dropped out of school and that alcohol is involved.) Shame, shame, shame!

    In other parts of the world, people are fighting for basic freedoms & human rights.

    As for personal finances… it is a good topic Donna (one of my favourites) but I can’t help focusing on the global financial situation. It feels like impending doom.
    Perhaps my 2nd house Pluto is showing itself?
    Miss you too:)

    • Yes, we need to be aware of how deeply global finances affect all of us and trim our own budgets in case it gets worse. Be RUTHLESS with our budgets. Donna

    • I disagree with your perspective that these youngsters should be ashamed. You are also misinformed; I can’t even count how many people I know with advanced degrees (ie, master’s, doctorates, etc) who have no or the most menial job. These people also aren’t being picky in most instances. I myself applied for approximately 2,000 jobs this winter (during a period of about 3 months. I have two undergrad degrees and a master’s, years of experience in various fields) and only ended up with one part-time job of $10/hr, 10 hrs a week after all that. I was taking any odd gig I could find- the worst music gigs (two of my degrees are in music so what I am ideally suited for), helping people with physical work (SO hard to get as a female, men assume you are not strong enough or will wuss out). I even went as far as nude modeling though I stopped short of donating my body for medicine or anything $ex related. I was hungry and living in a garage I was renting for “storage”.

      One problem I have found with trying to find work is that with so many jobless, people are looking for any reason to NOT hire you. People have a lot of preformed conceptions too- I would go for a job interview for say, a cleaning position, people would look at average white girl, and assume I would quit as soon as I got something else. The same happened for waitressing, office, any job, you name it. I went to career counselors who had no idea why I couldn’t find a job. Those jobs you mention your relative had during the depression are simply are not to be found, especially in cities where jobless rates are even higher than the norm. The system is set up so that people will fail, and so that us peons will turn against and blame each other. Violence and looting is never right; but the anger of the people is more than understandable. Not everyone has learned how to channel it yet, that’s all.

      • Agree. There’s a huge difference between the kinds of jobs available during the Great Depression and those available now. We’re talking about 80 years ago here. Machines do over half the stuff needed back then.

      • Is very sad what’s going on, is also important to note the ‘mob behavior’ takes place in situations like the UK riots (mars poking pluto and uranus). I’ve seen it close enough myself in my country. I remember a particular time when mars in taurus was opposing pluto in scorpio…
        Youngsters especially, get caught up and might never had done anything like that in other circumstances.
        I do agree that there is a lack of values. Consumerism and media have a role to play in the messages sent to society, especially when most can’t measure up with those images in this tough economy. But while some got caught with designer jeans, few others got caught with food, if I remember correctly.

        Dizzy I hope you find a fulfilling job soon, I had my share of odd jobs while uranus was transiting my 6th.

      • Besides which, there were a lot of people who couldn’t find work during the depression. It’s not really fair to look at one instance of someone who was able to find work and then condemn everyone who can’t because of one person who did. Riding the rails was one way during the Depression to pick up odd jobs here and there, because if you found yourself somewhere where it was impossible to find work, you just kept moving until you could. But riding the rails was then and is now illegal – it’s dangerous.

  3. we miss you too!

    • Yo Margaret! That reminds me of a trip I took across country back 30 years ago. I was driving through Montana with my 3 year old son in the cab. I saw a helping hand in the clouds and knew I was suppose to help someone . Then over the next hill I saw a Father and young son who looked dirty and tattered who were hitch hiking. It was a lonely stretch of highway and had I not seen the cloud I would not have jeopardized my son.
      I stopped and they were so happy. Said they had been standing there for days ,and had hitchhiked from Seattle looking for work unsuccessfully and were headed back to Seattle. I had them hop in the pickup and took them to Seattle. People can get down on their luck and its heart rending when there isn’t enough jobs to go around.
      Its not that people do not try. There just isn’t anything to be had.
      It helps if you are clever and can shuck and jive but some people don’t know how. Then again it depends on your age and size of your
      balls, so to speak.

  4. Hi Donna! We miss you too! Hope your hands gets better soon.
    I have Sag on the 2nd house cusp, with Cap intercepted and Aqu on the 3rd. Saturn is just inside the 2nd house. When I was younger I never worried about money. They would come when I needed them. Then as I got older, I started to worry more and more (virgo does that),and suddenly the money coming when I needed it wasn’t working anymore. What I have realised is that if I keep the optimistic faith of Sag without going overboard and the practical approach of Saturn without getting depressed about it, I’m fine. It’s a matter of balance. I have been on top with money to burn, and at the bottom where I wasn’t sure if I should pay the bills or eat. I find I can’t ignore either side.
    Pluto is transiting my 2nd and my finances are changing along with my career – slowly climbing in the right direction. I’m going to be very happy when it gets away from the 5′ Cap position as my natal Mars is at 5′ Can. When Pluto opposed that Mars the first time, my father died. When it hit the same spot on the retrograde, a bomb exploded in Oslo where I live, and although it didn’t affect me directly, it has left us all a bit shattered. I’m not sure what to expect when Pluto goes forward again!

    • Potent transits, Natlie. I always say, take care of Saturn (or Capricorn), & Saturn will take care ofd you. Ponder what messages your fathere gave you about moneh that you need to transform/release. Donna

  5. Just for saying “Hola”, hoping you are getting better, miss you Donna 🙂

  6. Hi Donna–Just wishing you the best and a complete healing for your hands. Hope you are able to sit back…relax some…and hey…take in some pampering. Don’t worry about us…geez…we will be just fine. We’re sending our best thoughts and prayers.

  7. We miss you. Thanks for the list of articles, it’s nice to go through some of your thoughts again. Hey how is your voice recognition thing going? Hope to hear more from you soon.

  8. Donna you are dearly missed! Hope the recovery goes well and steady, I know this has being a tough week for many…

  9. Hi Donna

    Missing your self here on the blogs I check regularly.

    Chrysoprase is the arthritis crystal ( have been reading about it recently – not sure your perspective on medical astro, may be a bit too ‘woo woo’ lol.)

    • I wish I knew what happened to my chrysophase–lovely stone. Donna

  10. Donna, hope your hands regain their strength soon! Sorry for over-posting.

  11. Hello, Donna! I greatly appreciate your work and I wish you a quick recovery!
    The articles are very helpful, because I am going through a period when I feel that the money I am getting is not really deserved, and I am afraid these thoughts might stop it coming.
    My family went through a very tough period in the 90s, and my mother still doesn’t feel secure unless she has a considerable sum against the rainy day.
    Please cheer up and get well soon!

  12. Another factor no ones looking at besides the fact that there are no jobs to be had is the ENVIRONMENTs deplorable state. Fukishima is hotter now than it was when it first went off. Media is NOT covering the dangerous state it puts the WORLD in.
    Then there is the NEWS about all the CORRUPTION in Government…graft and crime; and needless WARS to steal 3rd world peoples resources; yet these people get away with it and are NEVER labeled as the REAL criminals they are.
    Check out YOU TUBE and interviews that never make Big Media. Youth feel they have nothing to look forward to and nothing to lose. They have anger at their parents for doing NOTHING to stop it
    Todays.MSN coverage depicted white college students, a millionaires daughter and an 11 year old who refused to apologize to the Courts.
    Its not only poor youth who are angry. And its not all about jobs…its about a bleak future. YOUTH still has a moral structure to recognize this. English Legislature does NOT.

  13. What a sad shape the world is in. And it can be so beautiful.

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