Posted by: Donna Cunningham | July 23, 2012

James Holmes’ Date of Birth Revealed

James Holmes' Solar Chart(c)7-23-12 by Donna Cunningham, MSW

James  Holmes Birth Date—Suspect in Movie Theater Massacre

Solar chart, based on date of birth and location of the shooting, Aurora, Colorado. Note the curious 5-pointed star formation.

Below is a picture of his rifle range application, giving his date of birth as December 13, 1987.  I found this published in the UK’s Daily Mail on 7/23/12:

UPDATE 8/7/12:  Picnics writes, ”,_James_Eagan  astrodatabank is now citing his birth certificate for  James Eagan HOLMES born 13 December 1987  at 21:04 (= 9:04 PM ) PST h8w (is standard time)  La Jolla, San Diego County, California (32n51 / 117w16). Click on the link to see the actual birth chart.  Note that it places his Mars-Pluto conjunction in Scorpio on the IC, and among the things the IC shows is conditions at the end of life.   Thanks so much, Picnics!

James Holmes Birth Data


  1. Just playing around and a 12:51PM birth time puts transiting Pluto on the MC and transiting Uranus on the Ascendant.

  2. That stellium in Sagittarius and (mostly) House 1 is interesting, since he called himself “The Joker.” Must be a difficult combination of energies to deal with, that Saturn-Uranus conjunction especially, with a Pluto-Mars conjunction in Scorpio making an undecile aspect to his Sun. The undecile is a tricky energy with a potential for nudging people into really disastrous decisions, but also with a potential for healing when and if people learn to handle the energy with grace. It’s a shame Holmes couldn’t have had some good therapy to help him convert that painful Pluto energy into a deeper insight into himself and more self-discipline (something Mars-Pluto can be good at). With Uranus and Mercury as the outer planets in the stellium, enclosing Saturn and the Sun, the explosive Uranus energy could overwhelm his potential for self-control. Perhaps the shooting was an attempt to communicate something he felt unable to get across in a less destructive way. A tragic situation.

  3. Oops – missed that we don’t know his time of birth.

    • Would bet his birth time gives close square from Saturn-Uranus conjunction, some type of emotional disconnect & feelings of extreme isolation…

  4. As a numerologist with years of experience James Holmes has a line of aplanner with the 1 2 3 combination and a line of activity with the 789 line. NOthing in the center withn indicates he has a very short fuse and is intollerant of others HIs life numer of number 5 shows that he is a lose cannon at the best of times.

  5. The Mars/Pluto conjunction is powerful in Scorpio as they rule this sign and sextile to Neptune in Capricorn could indicate a tendency to acting out his violent delusions.The stellium shows an obsessive nature and all those planets opposite Chiron, with an exact opposition to Uranus suggests unpredictable responses to his inner wounds. And Jupiter in trine to his Sun/Mercury/Saturn conjunction show an all too easy flow of energy to exacerbate his negative thought patterns.

  6. Hi

    I direct you to a social site ‘Adult Friend Finder’ posted here

    wherein he lists his birth date as December 10, 1987 not the 13th

    It may be hard to see but if you use the magnification feature on your computer, hold down ‘Ctrl and +’ keys you can read the date easier

    I go along with the Dec 10 date with the Moon in Leo

  7. Very interesting in that he has so many planets in the first house. Could he be a little self absorbed compared to say Sun in 6th house placement. Also Mars conjunct Pluto in the 11th cause for violence/aggression in group situations. Transformation. Transiting Sun/Moon in Gemini in opposition to his Sagittarius stellium could have been a trigger to his violence.

    • We don’t know his time, so a solar chart for 7:00 AM 9s used. So the houses aren’t the true houses. Donna

  8. well, aspects of the planets draw the sign of the Satan in this chart, dear people

    • Do you mean the Grand Cross? A lot of people have Grand Crosses in their charts who never shoot up a movie theatre. I wouldn’t want to tell a client he had the “sign of Satan” in his chart!

      • No, Margaret, I think she’s considering that five pointed star as a pentacle, maybe because if you look at it one way, it’s kinda tilted. But if you look at it another way, it’s not tilted, and a star can be inspiring. After all, there were several hundred thousand children born the same day as Holmes, and they’re not out there shooting up movie theaters.

        And, I’m with you 100%, I’d hate to think that any astrologer would say that to a client. But they’re out there–I hear that and worse all the time from people who write to my advice column in hysterics about something an astrologer said to them. The worst is when they read a baby’s chart and tell a vulnerable young mother something terrible about their child. Imagine if they said, “Your baby has the sign of Satan in their chart.” Donna Cunningham

  9. Apparently only 5% of natal charts have the Grand Cross, and although it can be challenging, as Margaret says it doesn’t compel people with it to become mass murderers. My husband has the Grand Cross in Cardinal signs, and we’ve been married for over 40 years with no sign of him wanting to attack anyone so far!

  10. As I continue to ponder the chart, what keeps jumping out is that Mars-Pluto conjunction in Scorpio, which is intense and not well-tethered in his chart, so the resentments woud seethe and simmer. Of course, a great many people born around the same time would have that placement as well, so its not clear why he would explode that way. (I have a Mars-Pluto conjunction myself and have yet to kill anyone, but I do read 4-5 mystery novels a week.) We would need to know time of birth to get any more insight. In the solar chart, it’s in the 11th, so brooding about his treatment by peers may play a role. The solar chart DOES have some meaning for all of us. Donna

    • I agree Donna. The Mars-Pluto in Scorpio may manifest itself as someone acting out if they feel that they cannot control things. It also indicates a tendency to harbor a grudge.

  11. Ah. I do see the five-pointed star now. It’s not composed of quintiles, though; it’s just an artifact of the way some of the squares come together with other aspects. And if it were a five-pointed star composed of quintiles (something I have yet to see in anyone’s chart), it might, as Donna says, just as likely be a gift of inspiration. In my experience, the most common effect of quintile patterns is creative talent, which rarely leads to violence – rather more the opposite!

    • Hi Margaret, Carl Jung had a 5 pointed Star made of quintiles but one leg was missing so transits would fill it in. Stars made of quintiles , over laping grand trines or overlapping Yods represent states of concious awareness expansions. What type is influenced by what the Stars is made from. Yeah the one in Holmes chart is an optical illusion .

      • That would certainly fit with Jung! The expansion of consciousness, I mean.

  12. Greetings, everyone,

    I don’t have the USA chart right in front of me at the moment, so this is speculation. Doesn’t the national chart have an opposition between Mercury in late Cancer and Pluto in late Capricorn? That’s right where the transiting Cancer Sun would have kicked off that particular aspect around the time of the shooting.

    Also, transiting Pluto has crossed and recrossed all those Sag and Cappy planets for a number of years now causing a lot of turmoil regarding Holmes’ idenity (sun) and career in science (Uranus and Saturn). Transiting Pluto is still massaging his Neptune at 7 Cap. Impersonating a movie (Nep) villain (Pluto) gave him “relief.”


    • Yes, Amy.. July 4th chart has Mercury(r) in Cancer, at 24deg12.. retrograde.. seperating from its opposition to Pluto in Capricorn.. Yes, at the time of the shooting, at 12.38am, July 20, the Cancer Sun, was seperating from the same Mercury in Cancer.. & seperating from it’s opposition to the same July 4th Pluto in Capricorn…………. While *the Leo Moon was also applying to closely align with transiting *Mercury(r) in Leo… Also at this time the Taurus Ascendant, was applying to trine Holmes’s natal Neptune in Capricorn along with transiting *Pluto(r) in Capricorn.. while both also closely sextile the July 4th *prog Pisces Sun.. America is still living in a big fantasy.. out of touch with “reality”… ie. We all need to listen to people like mythologist & modern Shaman Michael Meade to learn what “reallity” really is.. the connection to the “Sacred” or “Divine” within us all & within all of creation etc et al.. not just being caught up in the material realm only etc…. And, not trying to “run away” from the “dark” or live in fear or fantasy about the “dark”.. ie. Back to the deep Wisdom & mythic stories of the Ancients we all must return.. Also transiting *Chiron(r) in Pisces.. also closely inconjunct *Mars in Libra.. while both also closely square & trine the July 4th Uranus in Gemini along with transiting *Jupiter in Gemini.. while all also closely semi-sextile.. opposing & sextile transiting *Uranus(r) in Aries….. Also Holmes’s natal Sagittarian Sun also closely opposes the July 4th Mars in Gemini……. “I am the Joker”…….. both also closely trine & sextile the July 4th Chiron in Aries!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Well…. yes I have a Mars-Pluto conjunction too.. in Virgo though.. along with Uranus as part of the 1965 Generation etc.. opposing Saturn-Ceres-Chiron in Pisces.. all square the Gemini NN & Sagittarian SN…. Yes, the Mars-Pluto in Scorpio, is no doubt intense.. But the major issues to me is Mercury, the Sun, Saturn & Uranus in Sag.. all squaring the Virgo SN & Virgo Moon.. along with the Pisces NN.. all forming a ‘mutable grand cross’ with Chiron in Gemini!!!!!!! a deep wound in the mind or one’s own sense of intelligence being rejected perhaps.. ie. “I am the Joker”.. obviously the exact house placements would reveal more.. also his Sag Sun & Nth Node ruler are Jupiter in Aries.. is square natal Venus in Cap.. seperating from & in ‘new phase’ to Neptune in Cap!!!!!!!!! another clash between feeling conservative values perhaps within.. negative Consensus Capricorn.. verus the Individuation Cap.. clashing with the need to break free… Jupiter in Aries.. Pisces NN Ruler….

    While all of this also reminds me of my own immersion in the wisdom & ancient tribal myth stories of this world with Michael Meade.. mythologist & modern Shaman.. trying to help us disentangle ourselves from the “modern disease” of the overemphasis of the rationalistic mind, & overreliance on technology etc.. versus the ancient way of Wisdom of the long forgotten Tribal Elders & Shamans of this world………. Sun & Moon square with Saturn-Uranus hints at difficult parental issues indeed.. ie. deep wounding issues, especially with Chiron thrown in.. to do with inner nurturing & lack of support in healthy Ego development.. And, yet we all must face our individual & Collective Fate & Destiny.. Yet, as Michael Meade would say, modern Society is still trying to “run away” from the “dark” within us all… And, I also wrote a blog on all this & my own recent confrontation with my parents about their being caught up in all the illusions of this modern world.. at the expense of “real” in depth discussions about our lives & life as a Whole……. at!/2012/07/on-stirring-up-necessary-trouble-in.html And, all this too as my blog says.. under some “heavy” Pluto & Uranus transits & progressions in my chart at this time….. Uranus in Aries, square Pluto in Capricorn indeed….

    • You have the same triple conjunction as Johnny Depp and Robert Downey, Jr.–Mars-Pluto-Uranus in Virgo, and though both went through their wild and self-destructive phases early on, they now both seem to live out that side of themselves with wild and dangerous characters in their movies. Donna Cunningham

      • Thanks Donna..

        Yes, it’s an interesting combo.. And, with Jupiter in Gemini.. While I myself lived a less rebellious earlier life.. However, I did feel seperate from the Consensus very early in life.. And, with this Pluto combo in my 5th house.. the death of my son & end of my marriage started me on my real deeper questfor the meaning of Life etc.. ie. In mid 1995, trans *Pluto in Scorpio, 8th house.. opposing my natal Taurus Sun, 2nd house.. all also closely sextile & trine trans *Uranus in Capricorn, 9th house.. conjunct my natal Cap Moon.. while Uranus conjunct my Cap Moon both also squaring my late Aries Ascendant/Libra Descendant!!!! And, my first Saturn return.. in my 11th house.. Leading me away from the “family” business & my home town.. off into the whole wider world & Universe beyond.. leading me to “Insight Seminars”.. & books like Jonathan Livingston Seagull, Illusions & The Alchemist etc et al.. & eventually leading me to >>> astrology, the tarot, philosophy, mythology etc et al.. ie. So the Universe said.. let my “real” individuation begin…..

  14. Yes Donna, that the power-house Mars/Pluto conjunction in the sign they co-rule (Scorpio) must be significant. Without knowing the birth time I wonder if they they are conjoined one of his angles, or perhaps in his Solar Arc chart they have progressed to an angle?
    Of course the great T-square in the sky, Mars/Uranus/Pluto, with Pluto at it’s apex was boring into his weak Neptune.
    Also, with all that Sadge, he will have been receiving the recent and future Sadge/Gemini eclipses.

    • BTW Donna…missed you!

      • Thanks, Vallie, I’ve missed blogging, too, a lot. It’s so much more fun than writing a book, especially the direct feedback from my readers. Alas, writing this book on stelliums right now may be the most important book I’ve ever done. Donna

  15. You’ve certainly got a very interesting case of a stellium to analyze in your book, Donna! Not the way you wanted to collect one, I’m sure, but maybe your analysis will help avert a similar situation down the line, somewhere, someday, by offering a healing insight. Certainly, your book on Pluto has been helpful to a lot of wounded people.

    • Thanks, Margaret. When a stellium crams together such difficult energies, there really needs to be a release valve, something constructive. Donna

      • Yes… finding a ‘creative’ outlet for one’s essential energies in the world is part of what Jung was all on about.. the process of becoming Whole & finding one’s true place or function in the world.. Although, as mythologist & Modern Shaman Michael Meade, author of ‘Fate & Destiny: The Two Agreements of the Soul,’ would also say.. we need to understand our deepest wounds & issues in order to do that.. But what is the “right” time to do all this deep inner work.. that of course all seems to be a mysterious part of our “fate” & “destinies”.. if we only can recognise those moments, when we are ready to begin the inner work.. in order to grow into a truly Wise Elder in this world.. Where Michael also suggests that it is within our deepest wounds that we will also discover our greatest gifts we came into this world to share…. And, yes with my last degree 2nd house Taurus Sun, involved in a mini-stellium with Jupiter, Venus & the Geminin Nth Node.. all square my 5th house Uranus-Pluto-Mars in Virgo.. I have been learning about the diverse & or infininite ways one can find pleasure & joy in this world.. as opposed to trying to seek it all in the one place etc et al.. as Steven Forrest would suggest.. with Pluto in the 5th.. While I also include as a stelllium, my natal 11th house Saturn-Ceres-Chiron in Pisces.. involved in a ‘mutable grand cross’.. all also trine my natal 7th house Neptune(r) in Scorpio…. Art.. music.. poetry.. nature, depth psychology & the entire deep contemplation of the mysteries of the Cosmos & the Universe as a whole has kept me endlessly fascinated & searching making all kinds of connections.. along with seeing the Sacred in the mundane.. along with also having a few mystical kinds of experiences along the way.. using Oracles & sensing all kinds of Omens & signs etc et al…. Then, there was the great Taurus alignment or stellium of mid 2000.. When I finally left my family & my hometown for the first time in my life.. on July 4th, my very own personal Independance Day.. Yes, ‘The World Behind the World’ indeed…. the titled of Michael Meade’s 2008 book.. interestingly coming out at the time of Pluto entering Capricorn….

  16. AND.. I meant to say that doing my blog titled since Sept 2007, with Jupiter in Sagittarius.. conjunct my 8th house Sag Sth Node.. has given me my 5th house creative outlet that I was looking for.. with my idea of writing a book eventually about my whole life experience along the way etc et al…. And, I have Mercury in Taurus rising.. with a late Aries Ascendant.. While also being closely trine my 5th house mini-stelliium, along with being the ruler of my natal Gemini & Virgo planets…..

  17. Using the Sibly USA birth chart, with the degree of the Moon given here, there is a conjunction with the USA Neptune- the so-called ‘American Dream’. The South Node is also conjunct USA’s Neptune…dumping out his old karmic trash into the collective dreams of the American People?

  18. Hi Donna,
    I havent really worked on the chart but had a glimps and will get back after really looking at the transits etc. Wanted to share my intuitive take when I first heard the news. He was so young and working on a doctorite …musta a went right out of high school with little time to discover the larger world.
    I base this next one on my experince running for Gov in 1990 just before the first mass murder of Iraqis for oil. During the campaign I saw some things that the big boys have that would curl your hair. Its worse than the public knows; to do with unlimited high teckin the hands of vested interests not to mention I was attacked 5 times without success. Jupiter in the 12th.
    After the campaign a book titled ” Behold a Pale Horse” was published. The Author was an ex Naval Intelligence Officer …he devulged a lot of stuff that would discust you about the duplicity and evil rampant.
    As I was reading the chapter on subliminal mind control on people who were mentally unstable to start with , citing the college campus ( 1960’s) where a student gunman shot others from a tower and then self destructed as he was programed to do: the Salinas Texas thing happened where a man drove his car into a restraunt and shot up people and then self destructed.
    I phoned the Sheriff there and said what I had just read and that he should check for an implant just under the skin usually on the shoulder near the heart. Never heard back. I wondered about Holmes in this light . He appeared confused in court and does NOT talk? Interesting how one sees a connection to the USA chart.
    The case was mum for a while….not how the MPR news behaved in the Trey Von Martin case.
    Great having you back on line!

    • Evidence all is NOT like it seems…..

      • More news tucked away on mnbc…. Shirley Wygal, mother of slain daughter , 32 yr. old Rebecca Wygal is sueing Cinmark, the owner of Cinema Century Theater because: #1 the Texas based Company usually employs off duty police as armed Security guards and on the night of an Opening when there should have been Security there was none. #2 the side doors which are usually locked were NOT.The day before and the day after the shooting they had Security guards.
        Besides this one must consider the fact that Holmes , if it was him, was so covered in gear, including a gas mask, that it could have been anyone.All Trey Van Martin had on was a hoodie and that branded him in Zimmermans eyes as trouble. Yet heres a guy armed to the teeth in a black jump suit with a gas mask on and no one notices??? Whats wrong with this picture….
        Such duplicity smacks of the USA charts natal Mars square Neptune. However since Holmes father is testifying in International Court which threatens BIG International BANKING ( transit Pluto in the 9th opposite Jupiter in the 2nd house) there is motive for an inside job. The YOD ( pointing finger) in the transit chart the night of the shooting definately points to Mercury conjunct Moon…the Nations youth and public at large.
        On the otherhand the interplaying aspects comparing the transits to Holmes birth chart and the USA chart , with mercury retrograde and transit Saturn so close to the 7th house cusp……isnt there an astrology rule not to do a chart where Saturn is on the 7th house cusp or in it? We wont be able to read it anyway. If that Court Case is able to prosecute the Banking Industry then hang onto your hats…The public Gov’t bailout was/is money blowing in the wind.
        Talk about demoralizing the public….Transit Sun right on an exact opposition the the USA Pluto. Wow what does that mean for Constituional Rights? Or is that just a prelude to when transit Pluto opposes the USA birth Sun? We should get some hints when Mercury goes direct and crosses 11degrees Leo again where the Moon and Mercury were that fatal night. Since media is under such tight control in the country , Mercury opposition Pluto we may never get the real news through usual channels.

  19. Meanwhile.. here is the Sabian Symbol for the James Holmes natal Sun at *21degSag.. from ‘An Astrological Mandala’ By Dane Rudhyar..

    A CHILD & A DOG WEARING BORROWED EYELGASSES.. The use of imagination & make-beleive in anticipating higher stages of development.. by imitating features belonging to a level of Consciousness as yet unreachable, the process of “growth” may be accelerated.. Eyeglasses symbolise intellectual development.. This is similar to the process of growth by identification with a “Master” or guru.. In a sense it is mere pretending or make-beleive, yet by wearing the “mask” of a god the medicine man at the time becomes the incarnation of the god.. Growth is always a heirachical process, even if the growing entity is not aware of it.. LEARNING THROUGH IMITATION…

    While the symbol for the Sun on the day of the shooting reads.. at *27degCan..

    A VIOLENT STORM IN A CANYON FILLED WITH EXPENSIVE HOMES.. A confrontation with a Social upheaval demanding the reconsideration of static values.. the Sociocultural elite can always see its position & security challenged by forces beyond its control.. The indivifual may not be able to depend on the standards & values he one has acquired through education & a relatively sheltered & rich life.. peace in luxury & intellectual development in terms of Collective Cultural values, then the challenge to meet a crisis situation produced by uncontrollable karmic forces that could lead to a successful, CATHARSIS…

  20. I think you’re looking in the wrong place for the answer, wouldn’t you the Progressed chart or Transit say more than his Natal chart.

    • Transits to the natal, yes, but it has to be a mix of natal aspects predisposing and transiting aspects setting things off. And without a time of birth, we don’t even know what signs and angles are being triggered. Donna Cunningham

  21. Well.. looking at his *prog Jupiter in Aries.. at 20deg39.. it is closelly aligned with the Silby chart Chiron in Aries.. at 20deg09 both trine his natal Sun at 21deg13, ie. Noon chart.. all also closely sextile the Sibly chart Mars in Gemini.. at 21deg22.. all forming a ‘Yod’ with transiting *Juno in Scorpio.. at 21deg27… While his *prog Saturn in Sagittarius, at 26deg12.. also applying to closely align with his natal Uranus(r) in Sag.. at 26deg33.. both almost exactly opposing his natal Chiron(r) in Gemini.. at 26deg17… While I also note any close or exact hard natal aspects.. with his natal Venus in Capricorn.. at 19deg30.. almost exactly square his natal Jupiter(r) in Aries.. at 19deg46.. the Consenus without & within, ie. Venus in Capricorn. Consensus values, in non-individuated state.. in intense conflict with a great desire for absolulte independance.. ie. Jupiter(r) in Aries.. along with the almost exact opposition of Chiron(r) in Gemini & Uranus in Sag…. great inner wounding issues withing the Collective into which he was born.. to do with “beliefs”, Saturn-Uranus in Sag.. Saturn-Uranus being a giant clash in itself.. Saturn also symbolised the Superego.. according to Liz Green, the voice of “judgement” inside that often speaks in a very ‘black & white’ Self-critical, demanding & harsh manner at times.. eg. “You must do this or else, your whole life will be a failure” etc.. Yes, dealing with one’s familial or Cultural inherited Unconscious “issues”.. versus knowing through “personal experience” or questioning, Chiron(r) in Gemini.. ie. the more exact the hard aspects, the more intense they will be.. Both of which I mentioned in an earlier post above…..

    While the symbol for James Holmes *prog Capricorn Sun at 16deg19 is also pointing the way towards a deep Collective issue in modern Society.. at *16dehCap..

    SCHOOL GROUNDS, FILLED WITH BOYS & GIRLS IN GYMNASIUM SUITS.. The need for physical activity & play, especially in adolescence.. Society has learned that a balanced combination of intellectual study & physical activity is necessary for the harmonious development of the human personality. Adults often forget this under the pressure of money-making & other duties, this symbol reminds us of it.. It shows how we normally depend upon physical stimulation & excercise for the maintaining of our health, & therefore of an equally healthy Society.. EXCERCISE…

    And as mythologist Michael Meade, author of The World Behind the World, often says, we have created a rather unbalanced ‘manic-depressive’ modern world, that is so focused on business, money-making, “success” & superficial material reality etc et al…..

  22. And.. or as Michael Meade would say from his lecture on the ‘Alchemy of Fire’.. talking on the idea that this whole modern world is so obsessed with Solar Consciousness… we have forgotten about our Lunar Consciousness.. the need to take time out, & reflect & think about our lives etc et al.. ie. the non-stop forever moving, 24/7 world etc et al…. ie. Too much focus on “goals” & high acheivement etc et al.. And, no time for real rest, reflection & connecting with one’s deepest feelings & or “issues” etc et al…. We are obsessed with being far too “Shiny & bright”.. ie. “A mania for the Light”.. So what about remebering the “dark”.. & facing our deepest darkest fears, says James Homes, as an agent of the larger Collective, trying to speak to us all about all this… And, all that is not faced within & without.. will not simply go away…. And, what about time for poetry.. opening up or getting in touch with the intuitive & creative imagination of the reflecive heart & Soul etc et al…. opening the doors of deeper “seeing” or perception into Life as a Whole.. And, into the unqiue Soul that we each came here to be on this Earth.. instead of living out a conditioined life based on the limited view of the Consensus etc.. A modern world that does not value taking time for “non-economic” things, like philosophy, the arts & poetry etc al…. In a world that has become far too rational & literistic.. But, what about the “hidden” world.. behind this world.. that the ancient tribal people of this world knew that we must remain connected to.. the Spirit world of the great ancestors etc et al…. Where a sacred time like ‘All Hallows Eve” has now become just another game, seen as something largely for children only.. And, that few understand the real meaning of any more….. As we continue to live in a kind of “Half-World” that has lost its heart & Soul… a world full of Half-people who have become afraid of all things that are “dark” within & without.. This discussion on ‘Alchemy’ & many other great discussions on ‘Fate & Destiny’ by Michael Meade are available at….

    And… meanwhile all this with my also going through my own very intense Pluto, Chiron & Uranus transits & progressions at this time.. being born under the mid 60’s Uranus-Mars-Pluto in Virgo, all opposing Saturn-Ceres & Chiron in Pisces etc.. And, despite all my years of working on & developing my own increasing level of Self-awareness of my “issues” & my understanding of life as a Whole etc.. I was still shocked by the intensity of feelings of anger that arose within me over a deep feeling of woundedness that rose up from the depths within me.. And, we all suffer, in various ways.. from our essential Self being rejected by the limited vision & judgements of the Consensus world in which we all must live & grow up in etc….

  23. More evidence to do with Big Banking which Holms father is testifying on.This came from DEMOCRACY NOW.

    Exhaustive Study Finds Global Elite Hiding Up to $32 Trillion in Offshore Accounts
    A new report reveals how wealthy individuals and their families have between $21 and $32 trillion of hidden financial assets around the world in what are known as offshore accounts or tax havens. The actual sums could be higher because the study only deals with financial wealth deposited in bank and investment accounts, and not other assets such as property and yachts. The inquiry was commissioned by the Tax Justice Network and is being touted as the most comprehensive report ever on the “offshore economy.” It also finds that private banks are deeply involved in running offshore havens, with UBS, Credit Suisse and Goldman Sachs handling the most assets. We’re joined by the report’s author, James Henry, a lawyer and former chief economist at McKinsey & Company. Watch/Listen/Read

  24. Oh.. And speaking of James Holmes progressed Sun, from this birth chart.. currently at about *16deg19.. I think the following Sabian symbol, the degree towards which is moving also fills in the main archetypal themes, or deep Societal “issue” or the great Collective “distorting” wound that he was “acting out,” & that he was also trying to wrestle with, for us all.. at *17degCap..

    A REPRESSED WOMAN FINDS A PSYCHOLOGICAL RELEASE IN NUDISM.. The escape from bondage to Social inhibitions & a reliance upon the wisdom of the body.. Under pressure of religions that have created a sharp & unwholesome division between Soul & body, Society has produced strict codes of values redarding the play of natural instincts, & has glorified them under the name of “decency” & “modesty”.. The growing trend towards nudism – which of course has nothing to do with “pornographic” display – is a welcome protest against the depressing & neurosis generating puritanism of the past.. Men & women are demanding a psychologically as well as physically healthful freedom of the body as a means of overcoming the hypocracy & constrictions of Social behaviour..

    Thus a contrast is established between healthy youth at play & the neurotic subservience to a Socio-religious tradition.. RELEASE FROM INHIBITIONS…

    NB: From ‘An Astrological Mandala’ by Dane Rudhyar….

    Meanwhile it’s also worth noting that transiting Venus in Gemini, on July 20, at the time of the Aurora shooting.. was at 15deg42, was also almost exactly back at the precise degree of the Transit of Venus on back in June….

    • And, so this very same Venus in Gemini.. at 15deg42, at the time of the shooting..returning to the very same degree of the Sun-Venus alignment at the same degree, as the Transit of Venus, where all almost exactly opposing his natal Mercury in Sagittarius.. at 15deg56, ie, using a midday natal chart… And, Mercury certainly does rule the mind………

  25. I just “looked” at the chart no deep analysis here but Wowzee!! the five pointed star jumped out at me as did the Mars/Pluto conjunction. this could have been the chart of a “master teacher” not the chart of a “mass murderer”.

    • Given that the conjunction is in Scorpio, it could go to either extreme. Donna

    astrodatabank is now citing his birth certificate for
    James Eagan HOLMES born 13 December 1987
    at 21:04 (= 9:04 PM ) PST h8w (is standard time)
    La Jolla, San Diego County, California (32n51 / 117w16)

    • Cool…I guessed 9:30 Am
      The chart I looked had a Venus Neptune conjunction sextile his Mars Pluto Conjunction….doesnt look like a murderer to me.

  27. Hello! I’ve been following your blog for a long time now and finally got the bravery to go ahead and give you a shout out from Lubbock Texas! Just wanted to say keep up the great job!

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