Posted by: Donna Cunningham | October 2, 2012

Saturn in Scorpio—Your Guide through the Dark

Donna says: Mandi Lockley has written a timely and useful guide for those who will be affected by Saturn’s transit through Scorpio.  Included are interpretations of this transit through all 12 houses and to each of the natal planets. This brief excerpt is reprinted here with her permission.

A book excerpt, (c)2012 by Guest Blogger, Mandi Lockley

Saturn moves into Scorpio on 5 October 2012. On 23 December 2014 Saturn enters Sagittarius. Then, on 15 June 2015 Saturn in retrograde re-enters Scorpio, before finally settling in Sagittarius on 18 September 2015.1

Saturn changes signs approximately every two and a half years. Saturn’s energy typically manifests on a social and physical level, but is also evident on the emotional, psychic, and psychological level.

Whatever sign Saturn is travelling through, we witness a crystallisation of that sign’s themes. From late 2009 to October 5, 2012, Saturn was in Libra (save for a retrograde back to Virgo from April to July 2010). This transit dealt with relationships, boundaries in relationships, peace and conflict and issues of sharing, yielding, compromise, negotiation and fairness.

Saturn was comfortable in Libra. This is because Libra is the sign of Saturn’s exaltation which means that Saturn’s energies are easily and positively expressed in Libra.

Now that Saturn moves into Scorpio, the theme of relationships takes a deeper, darker turn. Unlike Libra, Scorpio doesn’t like to yield or compromise. It likes to be in control and prefers to stubbornly hold its ground. In Scorpio, Saturn does not benefit from exaltation. It’s not a debilitating placement for Saturn. It’s just not an especially good one. Saturn in Scorpio is a bit of a lost soul, trying hard to find expression, often needing to go to extremes to get its job done.

There are, however, some definite synergies between Saturn and Scorpio. The fact that both signs are about control is one of the most obvious themes these two astrological characters share. The topics below explore this theme in detail along with the other key themes of Saturn in Scorpio, including some thoughts on how these themes will manifest in our personal lives and in the collective.

Keeping Safe

With Saturn in Scorpio, life can feel like a perilous mission. We suspect there are hidden dangers around every corner, that dark and secret enemies are lurking, waiting for the opportunity to pounce and rob us of everything we hold dear.

Indeed, Saturn symbolises fear and with Saturn in Scorpio our fears tend to feel deeper and darker.

When we feel scared, it starts on the emotional level and quickly manifests on the physical level, as our bodies prepare to either face our fears and fight for our lives or run away and hide.

In reality, in the developed world, most of us are fortunate enough that we very rarely, if ever, have to fear for our survival. On the whole, we have mastered our environment to the extent that most of us can feed and clothe ourselves adequately, shelter ourselves from the elements and raise healthy offspring to adulthood. When we step outside of our ‘cave’, we are not normally in danger of being predated by wild beasts or slain because another human has his eye on our territory.

The problem is that we have evolved so quickly that our physical and psychological responses haven’t had time to keep up with this new, relatively safe world we have created. Those primal fears of un-foretold calamity, unprovoked attack and relentless predation are still loitering within our psyche.

So, psychologically, the dangers are still there even if physically we are not really at risk. We can all relate to the feeling of anxiety brought on by a real or imagined encroachment of our physical or emotional boundaries. Any parent will understand the intense protectiveness we feel toward our children, that sense of doing whatever might be necessary to keep them safe from harm.

Of course, real physical danger does still exist. It is still a perilous world to some extent. Disease, accident, attack – we read about these things every day and will most likely experience at least one of them first hand at some point. We are right to fear them and we are taught to avoid them by staying healthy, taking precautions and avoiding unnecessary risk.

Problems occur when we let our fear of danger get out of proportion to the threat at hand. Losing the perspective, over-defending ourselves and giving in to irrational fears limits our choices and creates a barrier to positive change and development. Life might feel safer this way, but we also risk missing out on potentially exciting life opportunities and experiences. It’s all too easy to do this, especially in these current times, when the idea of feeling secure can be a hard concept to hold onto.

About the Author:  Mandi Lockley is a London-based-astrologer. A former student of the London School of Astrology, she gained the school’s certificate in 2005. She writes extensively on astrology and most of her articles can found at her Astroair Astrology blog. Mandi was the Saturn content coordinator for the 2010 International Astrology Day Blog-A-Thon, which was themed around the Saturn-Uranus-Pluto Cardinal T-Square.Saturn in Scorpio: Your Guide Through The Dark in October 2012 is her first e-book. It is available via Amazon or directly from her blog at


  1. with 4 planets in Scorpio including Saturn, I’m anxiously trying to be prepared…..

    • When Saturn moved into Scorpio which is my moon 29 in the 6th house, I have felt this extreme emotion. At the beginning I was crying everyday. My Mother said that’s what I did as a baby and a toddler. I cried a lot. It is starting to settle but it is definitely looming about it is also quincunx my sun and opposing venus in Aries in my 11th and 12th houses FUN. I did have a breakup for the better of course and great lessons learned as always and I just came out of a saturn return thank you very much. Thank God I have Gemini rising , Jupiter I love you. Neptune transit now direct over my 10th house. I have returned to the gym taking yoga and swimming like a fish. My dreams have always been incredible and look forward to that every night. It should be interesting the next 3 years. I’m also a snake so we’ll see what happens with all of this and in the snake year and Jupiter smiling down on my asc moving into my 2nd house by the middle of this 2013. Happy New Year to everyone. It is what it is. Surrender in Progress.
      Another words whistle while you work, it’s better than crying.

  2. I went right out and purchased this e-book. Thanks, Donna for pointing us to it!
    My T. Saturn is currently moving though my 5th house, (with Scorpio intercepted within the house) with an exact conjunction to my 29º Libra Neptune, and 6 other major aspects to natal planets, ASC included.

    Which means that Sa/Ne conj. will follow with a full 30º of Scorpio and these timely readings are just what I need on so many levels. My creativity is my life, a Grand Trine & Grand Cross are anchored in this house, and fifth house matters, with Neptune, my North node and Pt of Fortune all residing, can’t be ignored.

    You are such a life saver for me with Pluto & Scorpio info, Donna. Hope you post much more often soon.

  3. I just went through saturn in my 12th house and it was a very stressful time until it entered my 1st house. Things are much better now. My asc is 28 deg Libra and saturn was traveling back and forth over it for what seemed like months! I also had Pluto in 3rd squaring my venus and merc in Libra in 12th. Woe is me…

    • Looks like we have same configuration.

      Yeah it’s lot better now but looks like i am carrying some weight on my shoulder and i don’t know what it is to release it.

  4. Very nice post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wished to say that I have really enjoyed browsing your blog posts. In any case I’ll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you write again soon!

  5. Sorry to hear of all the troubles. It sounds gruelling. Donna

  6. An interesting take on this Saturnian position. In my studies I am attempting to get others’ opinions concerning (transiting) Saturn in Scorpio. It my own case it is transiting my 8th house after just completing my second Saturn return through my 7th house in Libra. Already a very close friend of mine passed 4 weeks ago and an old-girl friend and friend of over 35 years sister passed last week.
    Curious…how are astrologers augmenting, supplementing, or otherwise modifying their delineations of this placement/transit with the mutual reception between Saturn in Scorpio and Pluto/Mars in Capricorn?
    In particular what are some of the mundane insights concerning this configuration and current events on the planet?

  7. Hey I am so delighted I found your blog, I really found you
    by error, while I was browsing on Bing for something else, Anyhow I am here
    now and would just like to say cheers for a tremendous post and a all round exciting blog (I also love the theme/design), I
    don’t have time to look over it all at the minute but I have book-marked it and also added your RSS feeds, so when I have time I will be back to read much more, Please do keep up the fantastic job.

  8. I have to disagree with this assertion: “In reality, in the developed world, most of us are fortunate enough that we very rarely, if ever, have to fear for our survival. On the whole, we have mastered our environment to the extent that most of us can feed and clothe ourselves adequately, shelter ourselves from the elements and raise healthy offspring to adulthood.”

    Many people especially now, are worried about survival or survival of a way of life. Spain has seen a huge increase in suicides due to economic downturn, many in US have lost their homes, there are also always things to worry about with young people, such as substance abuse.

    I have been able (just barely) to get a new mortgage loan at 2% lower interest that saves me $500 a month. This makes my life on a new and lower income (1/3 of what I was earning) survivable. Thanks to Saturn transiting my 2nd. I think that in fact if we don’t align to Saturn’s purpose of discipline, things can go very wrong. During Saturn’s transit of my first house I was in terrible shape and looked years older, felt unpopular and resentful, aches and pains. I lost 25 pounds and got into a regular Bikram Yoga schedule. If I hadn’t done those measures, I might not be very well now.

    • I agree with you. I do find your gumption refreshing and useful and will try to be as effective. thanks.

  9. I think there is something the keyword “transformation” have done with me now. My chart has Libranian Saturn and Pluto, and their transit both aspect to Mar in 1st House, 7 Virgo. My appearance have changed from top to heels, I’m taking detal braces now, I think teeth are one sort of bones, and surely, it hurts like hell, 100% extremely and suffer experience for a life, I also loss weight a lot. In March, 2012, I painted a water color picture as a birthday gift for a new friend, a Piscean enchanter with Moon conjunc Venus in Aries, and… for she loved it a lot, she replaced all the clothes I had with a part of her fashion collection, “to help you find a better chance in love” she said. I was so surprised to see what a fitness looking when I took them on. Well, at that time, Neptune entered my 7th house. It gave the 31 years old woman me a felling of a good luck kiss from God. Yes, even in the days of Saturn, I’m a dreamer. I have a Venus, Neptune conjunction after all. Anyway, I haven’t ever found a soul mate yet, I was so busy with all my dreams when Neptune was in 6th house, a long long time, and sadly, all the men I knew don’t love them. My scorpio sun told me they impressed with my effort and love for “all those stupid things” and wonder whether I could give up and put the same effort to paint their lives. Now I want to paint someone’s life, but anyway, not a moron, neither a losser, it should be someone who know how sweet a taste of a dream coming true.

    • love it.

      • I think I’ll love it more when it’s done, but not now 😉 Thanks!

  10. I have sat. in scorpio @5 and moon @10 scorpio in the 11th. so I just had my little tryst with saturn transit (and moon return by progression which coicides). Top of that I have the nodal opposition in cap/cancer forming a trine/sextile relationship with this conj (rulers of each respectively) So I have been in the thick of it but in a way that has rarely overwhelmed me. Moon/rulng cancer and saturn/ruling capricorn is an interesting pair of opposing life partners when they merge and in that there are not any hard angled planets running interference with them. The moon/sat conj. is a separating one and so one I was born familiar with. Around my Saturn return of 29yr I began to travel and be held in some regard in the artworld I moved in. Same as is happening now and I find myself in front of people and holding their gaze, a very awkward thing if I try to engage “off stage”. Both returns I have experienced a very familiar cluelessness in social situations yet felt obliged to try nonetheless. if there is not a formal focus outside of chit chat no prob. I am in those situations more now again (different medium same artistic meleau). I expect it to be an active dynamic until saturn goes into cap and then over my natal mars @5 cap conj north node@12 (which sextiles the moon/saturn conj, south node trining them from the 7th). I think the ease with which one experiences the sat/moon conj is determined, in some measure, by the angles other elements of the chart have interacting with it. I my case it is all trines and sextiles and after getting used the idea of to not being the belle of the ball am more amused by it than vexed.

  11. Ah, so it’s your second Saturn return? I hadn’t heard from any of your age group yet about that, but it sounds like you’ve learned a good deal about how to use that tough natal Saturn in Scorpio well. Donna

  12. It’s inaccurate and terrible. To a vedic astrologer this is highly inaccurate. Sorry to say.

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