Posted by: Donna Cunningham | December 12, 2012

Chart of a Mall Shooting at the Peak of Christmas Shopping

©12-11-12 by Donna Cunningham, MSW

 I’m watching continuous television coverage of a shooting in the food court of a local shopping mall by a man in a white plastic  Jason mask at the peak of Christmas shopping this afternoon. Close by, children were in line to meet Santa as a dozen shots rang out. Two shoppers were killed, one critically wounded, and ultimately the shooter turned the rifle on himself. The mall was locked down, and the police forces of several surrounding towns converged on the scene.

The exact time of the shooting is known, because a customer in the adjacent Barnes and Noble bookstore was handed a receipt just as the shots rang out. He showed it when he was interviewed on  TV. It was time-stamped 3:27 PM PST. It took place at Clackamas Town Center, a mall in a suburb of Portland, OR.

Here’s the chart:

Pluto was in the 8th as part of the ongoing Pluto-Uranus square, but that square could be mentioned with almost any current event. What stands out to me are two squares that are nearly exact and involve the 6th house.

The first is a square between Saturn in Scorpio to the Aquarius Midheaven, only 5` from exact. In 10 clock minutes, that square would be 2° from exact. Nothing has been revealed about the shooter yet, but with in Saturn in that sign the 6th house he could have been unemployed and brooding over the affluence of Christmas shoppers.

The other aspect is a square from the Moon in Sagittarius to Neptune in Pisces, just 4` minutes from exact—about 15 minutes of clock time. Mercury is also conjunct the Moon and square Neptune by 1°, making it possible that mental illness or addiction were a factor.  Again the 6th house is involved.

UPDATES: Several readers have contributed additional information from various newssources.   Livia sites ABC News reports:  “We’re now able to share the identity of the suspect in this case. And his name is Jacob Tyler Roberts.  He’s born march 16 1990.”  (See it at:  And EW says, “I read that he had expected his boss at the independent fast food place to leave the business to him, but that instead the business was sold. It  seems odd that a manager would leave a business to a 23 year old, so maybe he was mistaken and then disillusioned.”

What else do you see in the chart, Readers? Add your observations to the comment section.


  1. I see Jupiter, often associated with Death, highlighted in the 1st. I see the Sun, the perpetrator, in the house of Open Enemies. Pluto in the house of Other People’s money- he enters the mall where people are earning and spending money with the stolen rifle. Mars in the 9th, him physically acting out his ideas. Chiron and Uranus, Sickness and Surprises, in the house of Friends- people who knew him surprised at his sickness. The packed 6th house of work might refer to all the people working at the mall, all the chaos, fear, communications, their luck in escaping, in their lives right then. Very apt.

    • An excellent analysis, Tiabiamama! Yes, I have often read of transiting Jupiter at the angles (Asc, MH, IC) correlating with a person’s own death. Something to ponder–perhaps for those who suffer greatly, it is a blessed release. And he must have been suffering terribly, to cause so much suffering to others. I heard on the news last night that between the store employees and the customers, there were over 10,000 people in the mall at the time of the shooting. Donna Cunningham

      • Spoky you chose to mention this Jupiter background in light of the taboo about death with astrologers. I immediatly did a transit run on someone I am very concerned with and sure enough Jupiter is within 6 degrees of his MC. Should I care bout this or disregard it? Also I have to have the shooters birthtime to look at his chart seriously . I doubt any of us will find it but please let me know.

  2. This is just a little thing, but struck me anyway. The rising sign is Gemini, the sign of merchants and shops. Jupiter right on a person’s Ascendant can indicate being physically large. In this case, it could indicate a large shop, thus a mall.

  3. This is a small observation too, the near partile square from Chiron Pisces 5’20” to Gem Asc 5’19” – hiding from problems with relationships, hiding behind the literal mask perhaps. Chiron in Pisces = emphasis on victimization.

    Bob Marks had this to say of the square: “People with Chiron/Ascendant aspects can be great teachers or healers, but there is a wild side that can come to the surface. It becomes easier to “wound” others or be wounded by them. A positive way to use this would be to help others work through their problems.”

  4. I saw on one website that the shooter’s birthdate is March 16, 1990. If that is correct, in a noon chart, his Moon is hit by transiting NN and Venus. Doesn’t seem like horrible transits. There are other things going on regarding transits, I’m interested to hear what you see using this birthdate

    • Do you know where that birth date came from? It would put his Moon in Scorpio, but probably late in the sign. His Mars, however, would be at 3 Aquarius, near the Midheaven of the event, and squared, of late, by Saturn in Scorpio, so prominent in the event chart. Donna

      • I heard his birthdate, 3/16/1990 on the radio on NPR read by a spokesman for the Clackamas County sheriff’s dept. during a press conference the very first time they identified him by name. Also heard that his mother died when he was young, (all too common with Pisces) and he was raised by another woman.

      • That history of mothering could account for the close Moon-Neptune square. Donna

    • I saw it here too at

  5. there was a lunar eclipse recently, on the AC of the shooting.

  6. Both the Sun and mars are pretty isolated. Mars only aspects are a quintile to Asc. Expressing rage, violence. In earth, acting on it…the other one is the semi square to quiron, wounds. In Pisces, victims.
    Jupiter in asc trining Mc opp mercury and with the mutual reception between them (merc and jupiter) well, he is big news right now. Again the connection with quiron and wounds.
    I can’t put mi finger on what’s going on in the 11th but wonder what kind of friends (if) or what kind of advice he was receiving. Mmm if he was or felt isolated, online friends? Just thinking out loud, not sure this last part makes sense…

    • ooops I think I was seeing the chart as belonging to the person, not the event! never mind..

  7. Chart ruler, Mercury conjunct Moon square Neptune with those “snake eyes.” I would reckon drugs or alcohol were involved. ME also trines UR = explosive and happening quickly and unexpectedly. ME also opposing ASC. Chart ruler a busy little guy. PL in its own 8th also may point to drugs/alcohol.

  8. SCO intercepted in the sixth as well. Hidden issues kept from surfacing. Again, with PL the ruler, another echo of drugs/alcohol.

  9. The Nodes are intercepted in the 6th (NN) and 12th (SN). Responsibility is a 6th house concern (the house ruler, Venus, is conjunct the NN). The shooter fell back on the SN in the 12th – self-undoing, bad karma (injury to others). I’m not sure of the orbs used in a Yod, but Jupiter rising (sun’s ruler – Sun in 7th, house of others/public) is the point of a Yod, inconjunct both Pluto in the 8th and Saturn in the 6th — projecting self onto others with deadly consequences?

    • I just got a note from EW, who said, “I read that he had expected his boss at the independent fast food place to leave the business to him, but that instead the business was sold. It seems odd that a manager would leave a business to a 23 year old, so maybe he was mistaken and then disillusioned.”

      That surely fits with the Saturn in Scorpio in the 6th square the MH. Donna

  10. I would like to see the town’s chart and the mall’s chart before delving. That would be very interesting.

    • The town was Clackamas, OR. Perhaps on the town’s website you could find the date of incorporation. Donna

  11. The progressions/directions for the shooter are interesting.

    t.Saturn square n.Mars/Venus
    t.Mars conjunct n.Saturn
    t.Mars square p.Sun
    p.Mars square n.Pluto
    Mars/Saturn/Pluto for death

    t.Jupiter opposed sa.Pluto
    sa.Jupiter opposed n.Saturn
    These for poor decision making and feeling as if there’s no way out

    • Terrific analysis, Livia. Yes, in the wrong hands, a Mars/Saturn/Pluto combination could be quite a lethal source of rage. Donna

  12. And right after posting what do I see but the news out of CT this morning. time to run another chart Donna. This is really disturbing.

  13. Just looking quickly, I see Uranus is in a 3 degree square to the Pluto, Uranus resting in the house of groups. Shoppers in a mall… groups of like minded people. And with Uranus in Aries as part of that square it speaks to me of someone feeling on the ‘outside looking in,’ sort of ‘terminal uniqueness.’ Uranus rules/has an affinity for the 10th house, and this was truly a public event.

  14. Another shooter–now in Connecticut–also 20. That’s two at 20. I need to look up late 1992 early 1993 aspects.

  15. CBS is reporting the shooter is 24.

    • I CAN’T DO THIS!!!! This new shooting in CT is so tragic and devastating, I can’t even bear to look at the planets! Donna

  16. Yes, I just read where the shooter in CT is 24, not 20. His name is Ryan Lanza. He was living in Hoboken, N.J. Many children involved this time. Apparently went after his mother who was a kindergarten teacher. Tragic.

  17. The reports now are that Ryan is the elder of two brothers; it is purported that the dead shooter is 20-year-old Adam Lanza. I am so sad… It would be wise to look at those planets.

    Mars just crossed the Ascendant on a chart cast for today’s shooting. 😦

  18. CBS is now reporting that the shooter appears to be Adam Lanza, 20, and his brother Ryan Lanza, 24, is the one in custody.

    • Ah, so it was another 20-year-old?

  19. I read the event happened just after 9:30 a.m., so I made a chart for 9:32 a.m. EST. I see Neptune is at 00 Pisces (snake eyes) in the first house. Could that explain all the confusion and wrong identities that went on all day? Aquarius is intercepted there. Leo (children) also intercepted. Neptune is squaring Venus and the NN in Scorpio in the 10th. I understand he went after his mother. Mars about the cross ascendant and Aires on 3rd I suppose is the brother. Pluto and Moon conjoined withing two degrees at 9:32 a.m. in the 12th squaring UR in Aires in the 2nd.

  20. Donna it is so overwhelming. I took a Rescue Remedy pastille and the longest walk of my life today. Just to be completely present (it was on a busy state road; full attention is required). When I got home, my 23 y/o son yelled at me! I am picking up signs of domestic violence gone horribly, horribly wrong. It is tragic

    • Me, too, Belle–and I’m Donna Freaking Cunningham. 😥 Good to hear from you.

  21. In 1990 a book was published titled ” Behold a Pale Horse”, written by an ex Naval Intelligence Officer. In this capacity he saw a lot of secret files including the Assasination of JFK and the fact it was an inside job. This upset him greatly and he was going to quit his job but friends talked him into staying and document what he saw so that the public might be warned.
    One of the bits of information pertinent to the rash of shootings and suicides afterword were discribed in this book. He cited the college campus tower shooting as their first experiment. He said they get a emotionally/ mentally disturbed person and program them with visuals of the crime over and over. They put an implant usually on the shoulder close to the heart. When triggered the person does the deed and then they are programmed to self destruct. As I read this part of the book the Salina Texas thing happened. A man went berserk and drove his truck into a restraunt killing many people and then he shot himself.
    The reason they are doing this is to keep the population on edge and separated for easier control.
    If one examines history one will see that the ruling aristocracy has never considered their surfs as human and have always considered them expendable.
    The Colorado theatre shooting does not fit this M.O. Like I said elsewhere , the shooter was covered in so much military gear that it could have been anyone. His father was in court at the time and as an accountant was testifying to the irregularities of Big Banking. The son fell out of the news and was not continually harped on by Big Business owned Media like the other cases. Now the young man was recently brought out but he will NOT enter a Plea. Curious isnt it>
    A Dr Khols that writes for a Duluth Paper listed all the synthetic drugs the shooters have been taking. Here in Minnesota there is constant blather on the news about GUNS and Anti Riffle Association propaganda and no mention of looking at Mental Health problems.
    The Constitution advises the people NOT to give up their guns to protect themselves against tyranny. I find the big picture very disturbing.

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