Posted by: Donna Cunningham | December 21, 2012

Stuck in Toxic Relationships? Check your Soul Contract!

 12/21/12, at long last!

Happy End of the World. I don’t believe it for a moment, because the world has already supposedly ended six times in my 45 years of metaphysical studies, and we’re still here. I secretly kinda wish it would happen, because humanity could surely use a do over at this point in time. Maybe if we had it to do all over again, we would be kinder to one another.

 In the unlikely event that today is our last day, there are still a few hours left to work on something practical – letting go of longtime toxic relationships that we feel we have to keep in case it’s karma. Did someone in particular spring to mind the minute you read that? That’s who you should start with.

 To help, I’m publishing an excerpt from Diana Stone’s remarkable new book, Playing the Ascension Game. She’s  both a master astrologer with decades of experience and a long-time shamanic practictioner.  I count the day Diana and I met and became instant old friends the luckiest day in my life.   

This 500-page collection of essays about Diana’s lifetime of courageous metaphysical and shamanic explorations answers many important and puzzling questions about why the spiritual path is so full of potholes in this era. With her permission, I am printing this excerpt that deals with soul contracts, the source of both our most blessed and our most toxic relationships.

“What are soul contracts? All this means is that when planning your next life, you forge agreements with other souls who then agree to play major roles in your next life drama. Brace yourself if you don’t already know this, but you also choose your parents. Do with that what you will.

“Once the outline of the life is cast, everyone shakes on it and takes the plunge. Each one of these relationships has a purpose, no matter how disastrous it may seem. However, if one of your traveling companions on the soul level falls so far behind you, evolutionarily speaking, that it retards your progress, eventually it may be time to kick them to the curb. That is allowed, even desirable.

“… One would expect that the intention is that these unions are for the good of both parties. Sometimes we enter into contracts with people here on earth, only to discover that a business partner has embezzled company funds, for example. Problems crop up with soul contracts as well.

“It is obvious that some soul contracts need to be severed. They are not sacred agreements that must never be broken. For many years, I was very queasy at the thought of breaking soul contracts. I was not quite sure this was kosher in the upper realms. However, a situation presented itself that so clearly indicated that the soul contract needed to be terminated that I realized it was a mistake NOT to end it.

“I have worked with clients who tell me they are trying to ‘work out the karma’ in a relationship. Sometimes a great deal of the life has been stalled out in vain attempts to make the unworkable work. For many of my clients, the most powerful healing was letting them know that they should have abandoned the relationship several lifetimes ago.

“Souls do not progress at the same rate. If we needlessly forgo our own progress for a soul who likes far behind, it is not helpful to either one. We need to differentiate between true sacrifice and needless sacrifice.

“You may not know at a conscious level with whom you have soul contracts. It is important to cultivate objectivity and discernment in choosing relationships, whether based on these agreements or not. Of course, some soul contracts are positive and reinforce each parties’ experience.”

Here are some additional topics covered in Diana Stone’s Playing the Ascension Game:

  • clearing negative energies
  • healing ancestral wounds
  • developing your psychic powers
  • spiritual emergencies
  • connecting with Nature’s kingdoms
  • secrets of the Mystery Schools
  • preparing for Ascension
  • cults, scams, and hoaxes

To order the book,  click HERE.

Visit Diana’s web page and learn about her astrological and shamanic work: The Web Page for Astrologer and Shaman, Diana Stone

Some relevant articles here on Skywriter:

How about you, Readers?  What are you doing to mark this day? Tell us about it in the comment section.



  1. To mark this Solstice day, I am baking orange cookies and starting up a batch of yerba mansa honey (best winter remedy in the world)! I am not surprised that the world didn’t end; I agree with Pierre Teilhard Chardin, who asserted that the world would continue until we all learn to love each other, and sadly that hasn’t happened yet.
    Uranus is currently transiting my north node in the seventh house; a good time to break outmoded contracts. Thank you for the information about Diana’s book and Web page!

  2. Today I am finishing off my penultimate book ‘How to Satisfy a Taurus’…great post, as usual Donna, and very interesting about soul contracts, seen FAR too many of them in my line of work…I get my clients to aim for ‘twin flame’ rather than ‘soul mate’ connections…less tricky:) xxxx

  3. Today, I figuratively joined hearts with others in the world to thank God(dess) for a beautiful Earth and a beautiful Sun. We would do well to see each other with new eyes, as children of Universal Love. Perhaps that is what the Mayans hoped for before they all disappeared.

    • Wonderful reminder, Roxana! My best to you. Donna

  4. Looks like an excellent book! Shared! (For those of you on Pinterest: – and also tweeted and Facebooked too). I think Donna Woodwell of Four Moons Astrology had the right idea where everyone needs to simplify, downsize, streamline rather than build right now – many of us are on complete “overwhelm” and we need breathing room! Thanks for sharing this today!!

    • You’re absolutely right–overwhelm is the flavor of the day. The Bach flower remedy Elm can be so helpful at a time like this. Donna

  5. Woukd appreciate all help with Cap wife married to Neptune in the second husband as we once again plan for home relocation while not being employed but committed to selling current home in Oregon.. My neptune has currently got saturn right on top of it and I am struggling with despair.
    great faith and committment and hope for this wonderful online dialogue

    • If you want to reply pls do!

  6. This book sounds great! I just ordered it on Amazon – thanks for the suggestion!

  7. May I make a suggestion? That everyone google and download free pdf’s of the following?:

    Anthony Borgia’s, “Life in the World Unseen”
    Leslie Flint’s, “Voices in the Dark”, and
    Arthur Findlay’s “The Curse of Ignorance”.

    Those books really cleared my head of some silly beliefs I’d entertained about life and love.


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