Posted by: Donna Cunningham | January 25, 2013

Has Knowing your Astrology Chart Ever Kept You out of Trouble?

©1-25-2013 by Donna Cunningham, MSW

 I don’t know why astrology is never included in those lists they so often print of things you can do to prevent health problems, economic ruin, fallen arches, and other woes. It’s certainly saved my bacon countless times in the nearly 45 years I’ve been following it!

How about you, Readers? Has knowing about a natal or transiting aspect in your chart ever warned you away from a pothole on your path? I’d love it if you’d share the story with us in the comment section of this post. 

To start with the strongest example, I credit knowing about a pattern in my chart with saving me from emphysema or lung cancer. At age 28, I had no knowledge that, over the years, those diseases would make the lives of many of the heavy smokers in my family a living hell. All I knew was that I was sick of battling my weight, so I was toying with the idea of taking up cigarettes as a substitute oral gratification.

Though I’d only been studying astrology a year, I was already using it to inform my decisions. Knowing that Gemini and Mercury were associated with the lungs in medical astrology, I had a look at my chart, and found SEVEN clear indications that smoking might not be the wisest choice:

  • Four planets in Gemini, including Mercury and Saturn
  • Saturn in Gemini was the ruler of my 6th house, the house of health. (I was the third generation in a row with Saturn in Gemini at that same degree, so predicting hereditary lung weakness was no great stretch.)
  • Neptune in the Mercury-related 3rd house in the Mercury-related sign of Virgo
  • Neptune was squared by Mercury in Gemini on the cusp of the 12th.
  • The sign Gemini on the cusp of the 12th (the house of chronic illness and self-defeating behavior) alone could show chronic lung problems.
  • The South Node in the 8th house was squared by the ruler of the 8th in the sign Gemini. (One but only one of the meanings of the 8th is how you might die.)
  • Pluto, which is associated with the 8th house, was on the Ascendant quincunx the South Node in the 8th.

I may not have known much astrology at that point, but I surely knew enough not to pick up a cigarette! (The old timers taught that you need to find several indications in a chart in order to make a  definite prediction. See: Spotting Themes in a Birth Chart: the Rule of Three.)

Another way astrology has helped me make sound choices over the years is by consulting a horary practitioner. For those who haven’t tried it, horary is the only branch of astrology that can give you a definite answer. Here’s how it works. You first formulate a question in your mind, one sharp enough to get a yes or no reply. Then you look at the clock and set up a chart for that date, time, and place.

There are about a hundred classical rules for this ancient divinatory art, and I only have the patience for about 10, so when I’m in need of a definite answer for a major life decision, I call my friend Diana Stone. She’s a seasoned horary practitioner with decades of experience in this branch of classical astrology.

Whatever she says to do, I do immediately, as her advice has helped me dodge more than one mega-caliber bullet. (See some eerie results from this application of astrology here: Horary Happenings—Why I’m a Believer, Not a Practitioner .)

manholefall-a2dWhat about  you, Readers? Has the knowledge of astrology—whether you’ve studied it yourself or gone to a professional—ever saved you from serious trouble or heartache?

Or, have you, like so many who consulted astrologers, ignored the warning, only to find out—much to your regret—that they were all too right?

Share your stories in the comment section below this post, including, if possible, what the chart indications were. It’s something we can all enjoy and learn from.  There’s a great discussion going on there!

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  1. PS. I just looked on the internet to see if there were any articles about “The Rule of Three”. All I found was a WikiPedia entry not pertaining to astrology, but interesting to contemplate how it might apply:

    “The rule of three is a writing principle that suggests that things that come in threes are inherently funnier, more satisfying, or more effective than other numbers of things. The reader or audience of this form of text is also more likely to consume information if it is written in groups of threes. From slogans (“Go, fight, win!”) to films, many things are structured in threes. Examples include The Three Stooges, Three Little Pigs, Three Billy Goats Gruff, Goldilocks and the Three Bears, and Three Blind Mice.

    A series of three often creates a progression in which the tension is created, built up, and finally released. Similarly, adjectives are often grouped in threes to emphasize an idea.”

    But here’s an interesting bit: “The Latin phrase, ‘omne trium perfectum’ (everything that comes in threes is perfect, or, every set of three is complete) conveys the same idea as the rule of three.” Donna

  2. re: Astrology saves in my life – I had a Career report written up and found that areas I had been ignoring were where I was meant to be doing things for the good of my soul this life, rather than along the lines of my full Leo 2nd house, and 11th house South Node in Taurus (materialism) so it saved me by pointing to my 5th house Scorpio NNode, squared AQR Chiron, and opposed the 2nd house planets – I see squares and oppositions as opportunities to activate my two Grand Trines. So mentoring others in artistic ways and in creating my own art use the whole of the chart in stronger ways than just being a well paid leader because of the full 2nd.
    See if you agree:
    (15 July 1957 local time: 4:23 am. Los Angeles, CA (US) 118w15, 34n03)

    I am infinitely more fulfilled in my artistic, and coaching, life.

  3. Hi Donna,
    Funny you should ask. Astrology has saved my neck more than once and one of those times was just less than 48 hours ago. A conflict with a friend–everything in my being felt justified in taking the axe to our friendship EXCEPT I kept in mind that transiting Mars has been conjuncting my natal Sun while squaring my natal Saturn (in Scorpio!) AND my progressed Sun just hit smack dab on my natal Mars in Aries. So instead I howled at that almost full moon out there and “got a grip”! Still feeling edgy but at least I didn’t do potentially irrevocable damage to a very important relationship! I forget off hand where the full moon will be this month but I know it is a significant player as well in my chart. So I guess I will just keep howling until this urge to pick a fight passes, sometime next week. I know from experience that once it passes–despite the fact that the issues themselves will not have changed–my reactivity to them will be dramatically settled. Without the knowledge and understanding of astrology, I would have felt totally justified, in the moment, in taking a more destructive course and then, sometime next week, would have been shaking my head and saying to myself, What was that all about?


    • Ah, yes, Mars transits can make us do rash things (often in a fit of temper) that we later regret! And I have to say transiting Mars in Aquarius (in mutual reception these days with Uranus in Aries) has really put that Mars energy over the top! Donna

      PS, Readers, I have to say that I’m not liking Uranus in Aries much. It’s about like a Mars/Uranus conjunction on steroids. There’s a lot of rage out there in the world at large, and people seem to be on a very short fuse, ready to let it off at any convenient target.

      • Yes I know how you feel about the rage thing. I do find, though, it’s been great for creative innovating. If I remember to cut people slack when they go a bit postal and keep a healthy distance and my nose close to MY concerns apart from theirs’ and channel all that energy there I am having a good day. A lot of “ands” to remember. When it’s nuts I ask “what kind of mars seed does the mother of invention need right now in my chart to spawn something remarkable? I have uranus inching away from slow square with my natal mars and it’s been great for learning to separate out what’s expected of me and what I want for myself. This comes on the heals of a pluto conj to that natal mars @3 cap. I love cardinal squares. They really are a call to action.

      • I like how you’re thinking, Uhanepono, and will take it as good counsel when situations arise! Donna

      • The worst I have done during this aspect thus far(and it impacts my Asc/MC/IC/DSC/Moon/Ura/Nep) is stick out my tongue at an old biddy who was being a nosy parker and trying to monitor my actions at my condo complex .Ii wasn’t doing anything wrong or even unusual and she had to start lecturing me and shaking and pointing her finger at me. Out came the tongue! That is my standard Uranus on the MC reaction to public buffonery. The lady is lucky that I have grown more mature and civil. When I was younger I would have flipped her the bird.

  4. Yes, I was saved from making a financial mistake several times by consulting with Diana Stone. Back in2005 she told me NOT to sell a property that I was considering selling even though it had doubled. By the time she said to sell it, it had gone up 5 times as much. And, then this past summer, the same thing. She helped with another property and even though there were losses, they were lower with her help. And she was correct about the buyer and how to handle him.

  5. Yes, by checking the synastry and composite chart between me and colleagues and suitors I see who’s honest with me and who isn’t.

  6. Hi Donna,
    Astrology confirms that I should not gamble and as a result, I won’t even buy lottery tickets.

    As a child I gambled away a year’s worth of savings when the circus came to town. I was a little 8-year-old girl on the roulette wheel trying to win a big purple snake. I didn’t stop until it was all gone and went home with nothing.

    My chart confirms that I will continue to do this if I allow it. Here goes…..

    -My chart ruler is my Sag Moon and it is located in my 5th house. The house of gambling. It is also the apex of a T-square with Mars and my Sun/Jupiter conjunction.
    -The ruler of my 2nd house is my Sun. It conjoins Jupiter and squares that 5th house Sadge(Jupiter) moon. My Virgo sun has to work very hard to keep my Sag moon in check. 😉
    -A co-ruler of my 8th $-House is Saturn which is also located in my 5th house and it tightly squares Pluto in my 2nd.
    -Is this enough?

    On a positive note, I am a creative person and my Astrology chart supports my doing well with real estate, which is true.
    I have a lot of Jupiter to manage and so I just won’t gamble, end of, period.

    • Forgot to mention…The Mars is in Pisces with a Jupiter/Neptune Ruler. This means that my 5th Sag (Jupiter) Moon is the apex of a T-square with my Mars in Pisces (Jupiter) & my Sun/Jupiter conjunction.
      Jupiter & Jupiter in hard aspect to a Jupiter moon in the house of gambling! I ain’t going there!

      • Yup, those are all good reasons not to gamble. I came to the same conclusion with my Jupiter in the 12th. Donna

  7. When I first began studying astrology back in the early ’90s, I wondered why the only time I was happy was when I earned money through art, writing or the combination of both. Here’s the scoop:

    Chart ruler is the Sun (Leo rising). Sun is in the 2nd house (money earned).
    Sun is in Libra (arts)
    Sun is conjunct Neptune in Libra
    Sun sextiles (opportunity) SA (work) conjunct PL (transformation) in Leo in the 12th (natural ruler Pisces = Neptune)

    And that is just the Sun

    Then I have Taurus on the MC with VE conjunct the IC in Scorpio, ruled by Pluto (in 12th with NE as natural ruler), sextile Sun. I was wildly successful with my own home-based business of illustrating high school and college textbooks.

    Then, that Venus is in a Yod with Uranus in Gemini (communication) in the 10th house of career and the Moon in Capricorn (work) in the fifth house of recreation (having this business was like getting paid to eat ice cream). Uranus is conjuct NN there. Moon (connected by the Yod) also rules the 12th house where Pluto and Saturn in Leo are making their connections to the Sun.

    I made fantastic money, bought a house, new car and went on fabulous vacations for the entire 12 years I owned the business. Then, in the mid-nineties the personal computer came along and put me out of business. Instead of looking for another art-related, home-based business, I just went to work for a corporation.

    For the next 20 years I was miserable. Especially the last eight as I worked as an administrative assistant.

    So now, I retired. Already my art and writing are being noticed. With little effort, I have won several writing contests and had my sketches featured in some local outlets. I have also been accepted into a local art space for working artists.

    All I have to say is, pay attention to that chart!

  8. I also forgot to mention that I have Mercury (in Libra), conjunct Jupiter (in Scorpio), conjunct Mars (in Scorpio) in the third house of communication, which has Libra on the cusp.

    If anyone would like to follow the chart, here’s the 411:
    October 4, 1946
    Philadelphia, PA
    2:16 a.m.

  9. I was offered a job interview that required flying to Waco, TX. The chart for the interview or relocation, I can’t remember which, had 5º Cancer in a prominent position–possibly the worst of the Sabian Symbols. Although desperate for work, I decided the cost and the risk too much, and afterwards felt that I had acted quite prudently!

  10. I consulted an astrologer to help me find my wedding date (March 10, 1978). He thought I should wait until August, but in retrospect, I think that might have been a little paternal concern on his part because I had only dated the guy for about 6 weeks when I asked the question. I told him I wanted the marriage to last and to work. He told me it would be hard, and there’s no denying it, it was hard, but it was one of the best things that ever happened to me and I was married for 34+ years. Also, heh, if i had waited until August, it would have been more embarrassing, because when I got married in March I was about 2 weeks pregnant; not obvious, but by AUGUST? eeek.
    I too, used the services of a horary astrologer, she helped me with some little issues, nothing big. I consult with my astrological calendar before I make plans for trips or major purchases. The two trips overseas I made with Merc RX for example were so utterly different than the others, I could write a chapter just on that. Let’s just say INTENSE.

    I enjoyed going back and reading your articles again.

    • Cool, Mimi, thanks! It’s true we astrologers sometimes feel protective of our clients, especially ones we’ve grown fond of over the years, so objectivity can be hard to maintain. Knowing how much you loved your husband, it’s good you went with your heart. Donna

    • Funny! We were married 26 Aug 1978, with an exact Sun-Saturn conjunction AND an exact Mars-Pluto conjunction. I did not consider the astrology beforehand, but these two conjunction pairs are Novile (41º), and things have worked out well, expecting our 35th this year and more after that!

      • ah, gee, I wonder if my husband would still be alive if we waited until August… I am glad to know that those stars worked for you Tmclancy.

  11. Yes. I must say being of a reflexive nature and being a tad suspicious (moon in scorpio sextile mars in cap and sextile sun) of my own motives, till I can suss out a situation, has SMA many times. Especially under uranus and mars transits. Sometimes with Pluto, though I have learned to trust my gut and GO, cause it’s better to be the pluto decider than the pluto decided upon. So looking ahead i can mark periods of time to watch myself like a mother cat so’s I don’t go astray. Also relo. charts when traveling help to get oriented when the going gets weird. I think it may be harder for folks with a more impulsive radix. I notice that even with progressions that scream “drink me” I can step back and see if there is not some other way to test for poison. I could go into details but, well, I have moon in scorpio….

  12. I started paying close attention to my chart a couple years ago when my midlife transits starting hitting hard and I felt trampled. It helped me to understand myself so much better, my tendencies and how to manage them better specifically my emotions. I used to let my emotions control me, moon in cancer in the eighth, and now I manage them much better and know that the feelings the moon can bring will pass fairly quickly. I also don’t gamble and have never been lucky gambling, Saturn in the fifth. I also have mars in sag opposite mercury in gemini at my asc/dsc angle and had to learn to control what I say which took a while and still work on it. Now that I know the planets better and the potential effects good or bad I pay attention to the transits and try to work with what comes my way in a better more productive way. Sometimes I find I don’t even realize things are happening or have happened until I look back and think about it, that is interesting too.

    • The chart is such a great tool for self-awarenes, Cr, and it never stops giving us insight over the years, especially during that midlife passage. Glad you found it. Donna

  13. Hi, Donna!

    It’s the first time I read my dream using astrology and It did help a lot. I always count in dreams to decide what’s next. I dreamed a lot, but sometime, there’s some ones smelled really special, I don’t know why, but I thought about its meaning for years, and canculated every movements followed the dream’s advices. This time, astrology save me from my hopleless feeling about future, to tell the true, I couldn’t understand the dream with the smell about my future until I started to learn astrology and tried to use the keywords for my case.

    So that’s it, I dreamed that I was trapped in a cursing bus and couldn’t go out as I didn’t pay for a ticket, but I have no idea why I’m there, and surely, I had no money although I wanted to leave deathly, rule is rule and noone wanted to help. They left one after one here and there. The driver was out with his money, left me alone in the cursing trap. I cried out loud, but noone answered. And suddenly, I felt at home in a desert forrest. I saw two persons, they both was me, but chose different futures. One part of the dream coming true, as ones decided that I owned them and I had to do this and that for them, it’s not true, but I had no choice but kept silent and in almost case, did as they wanted. With Neptune conjunct Venus in my natal chart, I don’t mind saving a damsel in distress, but saving them from themselves or saving them from reality is too much of rubbish. Life is so complicated, and it’s hard to accept the reality in your Chiron’s time. Don’t you think so?

    In 2012, I had enough with my Mar in 1st house, Virgo 8. Anyway, now I know who I want to be and why I have to wait (the advice of the dream is “be the waiting one, lying exhausted with the seeds in head, waiting for the winter and dreaming about the news in spring”) With 11 Scorpio Sun and 15 Capricorn Moon, nothing good is waiting for me now. And yes, I know where the seeds lying, and I refused to pick up and cook them for a meal. No rescuer come for me, and the only way to make bread is saving some more damsels from themselves and say “Yes, yes, I own you a favor!” It’s how a Piscean Chiron meet a Virgo Mar to me.

    • That’s a powerful yet highly significant dream–and filled with emotion. That feeling, though couched in symbols, is strong in your psyche. It sounds like a strong Pluto as well as Chiron.

      I’ve had powerful symbolic dreams that stuck with me, too, also recurring dreams that went on for years until I made some progress in the areas that triggered them, then they disappeared. This topic would make an interesting exchange with readers, wouldn’t it?

      • This topic would make an interesting exchange with readers, wouldn’t it?

        I agree with you. And it’s hard to seperate Pluto, Saturn and Chiron at the moment. I think!

      • I’d love a topic on significant dreams. I’ve had many, many prophetic dreams that came very true, including one about New York City and a weather disaster that I dreamed about a month before Hurricane Sandy.
        I have also had some dreams that I believe gave me direct contact with spirit and God.

      • It sounds really interesting, but remind me again in about 6 months. Between the book, the 12th house series, and things like tax records, I’m stretched awfully thin. Donna

  14. Hi Donna,

    Mostly I watch Mars/ Uranus movement carefully and have avoided many accidents.

    Saturn by transit is near my Scorpio ASC nearing a square to 9th House Uranus. My grant-based job may not be there after the summer. I’m asking where I’m meant to be next when/ if that door closes. A return to school? Another charity?

    My 12th is chock-full -four -six planets depending on Koch vs Placidus. Libra progressions are in Sagittarius where Saturn is. Progressed NN and MC are at 20 Libra conjunct natal Sun and NN. Uranus and Pluto t-square my Venus. My work involves resources for battered women. Advocacy has always been my strong suit- not so much for myself. I match big legal guns to the needy. My natal Uranus is in Leo in the 9th square my ASC and opposite Chiron.

    Mercury progressed is conjunct Saturn in the 2nd. Mindfulness of speech and word has saved me many times. Caution, compassion and clarity keep my boundaries clearer. I am especially careful when invoking anyone’s name or quoting them. À la Byron Katie : my business/your business/God’s business.

    Rule of three: three kids! My son’s Gemini Moon conjuncts my retrograde Mars. We fuss and argue. Then deep discussions ensue. He has Scorpio Mars and Venus.

    My daughter is Pisces Sun/Aquarius Moon and Venus in Aries opposite my Venus. She is very sensitive and psychic. Eldest son has Virgo Sun, Sagittarius Moon/Jupiter/Pluto opposite my Mars.Mars in Libra. My egalitarian martial arts monk!

    Twelfth House mission -;devote yourself to a higher power! Our martial arts community and running companions have been my shelter, my sanctuary and salvation. Through cancer, death, grief, volatile life, as Rumi says, ” If you have sinned, return to the temple again and again.” My teens have great caring mentors in our teachers. It does take a village!

    More 12th house stuff: Social anxiety disorder rang bells when I learned about it. Then working through the negative stories/ programming have eased much of it. Also Bach Flower remedies! And The Work. Avoiding drugs/alcohol with all my 12th House planets. I ended a toxic co-dependent friendship which involved high drama and treachery.

    Too much Neptunian pouring out of words! I have studied astrology for 35 years and learn every day. I work on courageously making the authentic me emerge in real time. Your books and words have inspired and consoled me for many years and I am deeply grateful!


    • Hi, Kelley, you’ve learned so much about yourself from the chart. I love that astrology can give us new insights and guidance throughout life.

      It’s odd that I’ve been hearing from so many people with 12th house stelliums lately. Do you folks have a newsgroup or something? (Secret society, perhaps?) There are already about 7 articles in the archives here (use the onsite search function), but maybe it’s time I did a post on it. Donna, Sun Jupiter in the 12th.

      • Hi Donna

        Maybe Neptune and Chiron in Pisces is giving some juice to us shrinking violets! LOL! I’d love to see spots on 12th House stelliums. I neglected to mention that my husband has Moon and Mars in Pisces in the 12th. His Pluto/Sun cazimi in late Leo and Aries Asc get him out of bed into the arena. LOL. He is a gourmet chef- and criminal defense attorney. Venus in Cancer on the IC.

        I’ll check out your articles. I’m off to sing with our temple choir/ my other 12th house activity.

        Blessings to you and this great community!


      • Well, I got so juiced up, thinking about writing a new post on the 12th (“Juggling Multiple Planets in the 12th House”) I started pulling stuff together for it, only to realize it wasn’t just one article, it was several.

        And then I started searching the internet and found tons of good astrology articles on the 12th and non-astrology articles on related topics, so now I am planning to have a special 12th house week here on Skywriter soon (ought to wait until Pisces, but can’t do it.) It will include a Q&A session–haven’t done that in a long time.

        But folks, I am SUPPOSED to be writing a book on stelliums and MUST finish it by May in time for the NORWAC conference. Somebody stop me!! Donna

      • but Donna, this IS stelliums!

      • the 12th house is a lasting source of fascination for me; and 12th house stelliums would be a good subjecT

      • No sooner said than done. A 12th house series it is. See the announcement in today’s post. LOVE a good, meaty series! Donna

      • Donna,

        How exciting!!! Do you know how cool it is for us Cinderella 12th House girls to come out of the corner!!!

        Can’t wait to read all about moi!


  15. Donna, diving back into Skywriter found me diving back into my own chart. I’ve spent this a.m. pouring over Chiron. Know you’re not a big Chiron person, but I’d love a post where others comment, since we learn so much from comments too! I have Chiron 22.55 Aq in 1st squaring Mars 22 Scorp, MH 23 Scorp and opposite Uranus 21.04 Leo in 7th. I used to think my three Sag planets in 10th ruled me, but the more I examine Chiron, the more I think it rules. (Traditional chart ruler is Saturn in 12th with Cap rising.) Did Internet research this a.m. on both natal Chiron aspects and transiting because I’ve recently gone thru my Chiron return and transiting Chiron squares to MH, Sun, Mercury and now opposing Moon and Pluto in Virgo. (Hence the broken open comment on your previous post.) Found this on natal Chiron opposing Uranus: “Between 1952-1989 Chiron was in exact opposition to Uranus forty-one times, and in orb of opposition in the charts of most people born then.” Decided to check siblings; is it weird that all 7 of us have natal Chiron opposite Uranus tight within 2 degrees (except for two within 3 – 5)?

    • Hi, Karen, you’ll find a series of guest posts about Chiron on Skywriter (use the on-site search engine), but a really great blog with lots of material on Chiron is Joyce Mason’s Radical Virgo.

      It’s not weird that you all have Chiron opposite Uranus, its a generational aspect because it lasts so long and its part of what defines that generation. Every child on the planet born in 1988-89 had Chiron in Cancer opposite Uranus in Capricorn (in a triple conjunction of Uranus/Saturn/Neptune) and many of them had Jupiter in Cancer and several additional planets in Capricorn. But what part Chiron plays in all that, you’d have to ask Joyce. Donna

    • Hi Karen,

      Martha Lang Westcott has written brilliantly lot about Chiron and friends. Her website is

      Her main concepts on Chiron: exceptions to rules, departures/allowances for boundary/rule crossing, turning points, taking a stand, refusing to meet conventional expectations, where you feel unique or maverick, loopholes, entitlement because of perceived special circumstances.

      There are flavors of Neptune, Saturn and Uranus. Not so much emphasis on the wounding aspect.

      Have fun exploring!


    • Karen, You can also find excellent Chiron material by Melanie Reinhart, Zane Stein and Barbara Hand Clow

      • Thanks Kelly and Mel for your recommendations! I ordered Barbara Hand Clow’s book Chiron: Rainbow Bridge Between the Inner & Outer Planets from Amazon and it’s on its way:)

      • If you are trying to learn Chiron in depth and don’t have and can get Reinhart’s book, I would strongly recommend you do so. Joyce Mason’s e-book is also a great resource.

      • For what its worth…..I was canoeing and my canoe swamped and my astrology books all floated to the shore, including a Richard Nolle book on Chiron, which I have been using ever since. The only book to sink was Barnra Hand Clows book and I necver replaced it…took it as a sign.

      • Hand Clow’s material can be a bit airy-faeiry for some. I prefer the Reinhart. Coinncidentally, just a day or two before this discussion started, I had ordered the Nolle book on Amazon.

  16. Hi, Donna,

    I’m always careful about driving whenever Mars transits my Gemini ASC or my Sag Sun – both travel signs.

    Also, Saturn is currently transiting Scorpio (intercepted in my 6th with SN recently conjuncted by Saturn there). SN = elimination. Yes, I have a colonoscopy scheduled! Better safe that sorry (Saturn). Apologies for the subject matter.

    • Sigh. Scorpio planets so often relate to body parts nobody wants to talk about!

  17. Thank you so much for these online surveys, Donna! Reading everyone’s comments is like taking an astrology symposium.

    I used astrology to choose my wedding date (04/22/1993), and twenty years in, it seems to have been a good choice. Of course, as an astrology-loving mom, I use any bit of insight I can glean from my kids’ natal charts and transits to guide me through their various crises.

    The most dramatic single instance in which astrology saved me happened a couple of years ago. Transiting Pluto was conjunct my natal Sun. An acquaintance of mine started behaving bizarrely, filling my answering machine with rambling, accusatory messages, showing up at my front door early in the morning, etc. I tried to talk with her reasonably, but it didn’t work. I tried to avoid her, but she kept turning up.

    On the verge of desperation, I remembered that I could find out her birth data from the files of the group we both belonged to–it turned out that her Sun at 4′ Cancer was exactly opposite mine at 4′ Capricorn, and so Pluto was opposing her Sun. Much as it frightened me to have to meet with her again, the next time that she turned up in an odd place looking for me, I envisioned a full length mirror between us, reflecting towards her.

    She started talking, and talking, and talking…some of it made no sense, but I didn’t interrupt. Her eyes glazed over, and I could tell that none of what she was saying had anything to do with me anyway. When she started to run out of steam, I gently asked her, ” Is there anything else you would like to say to me?” Slackjawed, she shook her head. “I have nothing left to say to you,” I said firmly. Thank goodness, this worked. The bizarre phone messages and unexpected meetings stopped.

    I would not advise other people to handle a stalker this way, but in that particular circumstance it seemed that transiting Pluto, opposing her Sun and conjunct mine, had facilitated some weird projection from her onto me. The “reflecting back” exercise worked. But I hope I never have to go through something like that again.

    • Fascinating story, Mary. Sometimes astrology can help us reason our way thoroughly unreasonable and and unsettling circumstances, for sure. Donna

  18. I’ve had lung issues since I was a child and I’ve always tried to stay healthy as I can. I have a Saturn-Mars conjunction (poor health) in Gemini 12th house so I stay away from cigarettes! I stay away from ‘illegal substances’ as well since I have Neptune (said substances) in the 5th house (parties).

    I currently have Pluto in my 6th house (poor health) squaring natal Pluto in Libra in the 2nd house. Having art lessons and de-cluttering my belongings are a great help to me at this time…

    • A wise decision on the lung issues, congrats.

      So the 5th house rules parties? I never thought of that, and I LIKE it! Well, I like the IDEA of a party. With an empty 5th and Scorpio on the cusp, I’d rather eat nails! Donna

      • I’ve heard that the 5th house rules parties, and that you have to be extra careful if Neptune is in it.

        I think our empty houses can say a lot just as much as occupied houses…

      • A 5H Neptune often indicates “actor,” either literally or in personal behavior. Sounds like the party warning relates to going overboard, loving the attention. Paraphrasing Liz Greene, “Neptune is where we could drown,” meaning to be obsessed to the point of excluding food, sleep, etc., as I know with 9H Neptune. It can be a good focus, but needs to be controlled.

    • oh how interesting, I never realized that Saturn Mars meant bad health. My stellium in libra 6th house includes Saturn, mars, Venus and Neptune. Instead I always figured it gave me sensibility and self control.

      Yes, I think 5th house rules parties. I have Pluto in the 5th house and you know what? I don’t like parties either. Even my own wedding (which was a great wedding) had me very uncomfortable. Parties to me are anxiety-ridden or a big hassle.

      • LOL! I guess maybe it’s good I never got married. I’d never have lasted through the reception! Donna

      • Saturn has good qualities, but it is supposed to be like a ball-and-chain to any planet(s) it’s in conjunction with. 😦

  19. I have one astrological perception in my head that happened the fall and winter of 1976. I saw a transiting fill in aspect gastalt pattern and I remember thinking ” what the ….is that!” just as it came down and blew my wold apart!
    It was an overlapping two Yods making a Star plus a fixed Cross and Pluto on my ascendant! My mother unexpectedly passed away along with Mayor Daily in Chicago, Mao Tes Tung and Lame Deer ( John Fire) ….she went out in heavy company! I never cried up to this point and I cried everyday for a year after that. Lots of blocked pain I had refused to feel.
    Before that winter I had the most high spiritual experince I shall never forget, but standing in that rarified energy later broke out all the dark pain that burst out later.
    Cant say it was the Yod Star that raised all the havoc because years later I had a winter with occasional Yod and Equal lateral Six pointed Star patterns which related to States of conciousness that were enlightning and not full of the suffering of the first event in 76.
    Also some transits that are suppose to be buggers never seem to have effect.Like when Saturn crossed my ascendant…how ever when transit Saturn hit a conjunction to Ceres in the 2nd house and squared my natal Pluto my checks got lost in the system of Government but at the same time transit Saturn in Scorp also sextiles transit pluto and another unexpected windfall came in, way more frog hides ( money) than what got lost.Plus I have now recovered what was lost.
    I just watch… I know how significant Ceres in the 2nd house is!
    And my values have mellowed out a lot and I have become much more tolerant of our brothers and sisters with deep psychological wounds and have reached the conclusion for those unable and unready to deal with their issues that the best thing is just to be loving towards them.

  20. I’d rather like to say that the study of astrology has taught me not to avoid trouble, but to accept and embrace that every apparent disaster and change is the way to a greater stability in my life, and that going right into the fearful battles is the only way for me to tackle them.

    When looking at my chart there’s a kind of inner high way connecting all the inner planets, a Virgo Sun (balsamic) Leo Moon conjunction in the 11th house, Sun trining 2nd house Scorpio Mars, sextiling/trining 2 Cancer MC, Moon conjuncting 11th house Leo Mercury and sextiling Gemini Jupiter conjuncting MC.

    Venus stands alone unaspected in Libra in 1st house conjuncting my 1 Libra AC, as a Casanova without a cause, but also trining my 9th house Gemini NN.

    My AC/MC form a formidable grand cardinal cross. It looks pretty neat for an amateur astrologer like myself, but it wasn’t until I discovered (on this site) that not everyone is blessed by that cross, that I realised that I get the whole transit package delivered at the same time every time my angles are touched.

    And then there’s an outer highway, a Virgo Pluto/Uranus conjunction in the 12th house opposing a Pisces Saturn/Chiron conjunction in the 6h house sextiling/trining Neptune in the 2nd house. The only connection between those two highways is an exact Mercury/Neptune square.

    So, generally I’m a charming, intelligent, warm hearted person, well liked, I make friends very easily and am fiercely loyal to them, with loads of strength and a tremendous drive and charm and quite a lot of roaring deep sex appeal. My stories might not always be totally true, but they are well told… All very well indeed.

    And then, when that outer planet combination is touched, the boat really starts to rock, whatever seems secure is not to be trusted and must be abandoned. Change is stability and in order to find a new equilibrium it is necessary to relinquish control and keep faith that I am led to exactly the place where I am supposed to be to carry on on the voyage.

    To carry on the 12th house thread, I’d say that the study of the Pluto/Uranus conjunction in the 12th house has helped me extremely much to find faith in carrying on, to accept that I must sometimes be led rather than lead, and that all the bizarre events that happen in my life are keys to greater understanding and empathy, which might not be the case if everything had just gone smoothly as indicated by the inner planet high way.

    And Donna, your article still shines for me as one of the most enlightened that I ever read. Thanks a lot for your work!

    • Hello Mads,
      Well said and so very important. My initiation in a serious way into the study of astrology came about at a time of tremendous upheaval in all areas of my life–themes of shocking betrayals and disclosures by persons closest to me. In February of 2009, on my birthday, my mother, who had just moved in with me a couple of months prior, after breaking her wrist and who was suffering from early signs of dementia, left for a two week visit with my other siblings in another province and never returned. My siblings tricked her into entering a nursing home. She quickly deteriorated both physically and mentally and is now almost bedridden. I haven’t seen her since she left. (When she left my house, she was on the parish council of the local cathedral, just to give you an idea of the severity of her deterioration once she was institutionalized.) The day before she left, she disclosed a family secret about me and my father that, for me, was shocking and life-altering. (Revelation of a family secret by my mother had been predicted by my astrologer a few months before that. I had scoffed at her prediction, saying there were no skeletons left in my family closet!) At the time of this revelation, the Sun was obviously conjunct my natal Sun in Aquarius (H3); tightly square my natal Saturn in Scorpio (conjunct Ascendent); less than 1 degree opposite transiting Moon in Leo. Transiting Neptune and Chiron were conjunct the transiting Sun/natal Sun. Transiting Pluto was 1 degree conjunct my natal Venus/North Node conjunction in Capricorn (H2) and less than 2 degrees square to transiting Venus in Aries. Transiting Saturn was retrograde and about to re-connect with my natal Moon in Virgo (H10) and exactly within 1 degree opposite transiting Uranus in Pisces. The transiting Sun, Moon, Uranus and Saturn were all in the 20-21 degree range.
      Awareness of my astrological chart offered me the gift of profound validation that this was, indeed, a highly significant event in my life, requiring a response of equal depth. It launched me into a phase of life of extreme isolation, both personal and personal, still ongoing. Without astrology, I’m not sure I would have allowed the transformative elements at play to work their magic. I am a different person today–I am more me than I have ever been in my life. A former health professional, I now write plays and songs and I have just started to record books for my mother–beloved books she read to me as a child that I now will read to her. I have a feeling the time is right and she will derive deep comfort from them.

      • Hey Judy, good to hear! Four years ago, I had a hurricane of transits, most importantly Pluto crossing the IC, I got divorced, got sick and moved countries, from secure Denmark to Berlin which is at times one of the most destructive cities but also one that has rebuilt itself after every disaster. Coming there, I had a consultation with a Berlin astrologer who very kindly said to me, these coming years will be the most transformative, perhaps of your whole life, in the old days people would have sent you to a convent for the time. I suppose my moving countries and taking almost two years out healing the sickness created that recluse that I so desperately needed at that time. Another decisive encounter at that time was with a very generous palm reader who said, you must make peace with being a very dominating person, and have no fears, you will always be led by your warm heart. When I feel uncomfortable about my manipulative abilities, I always turn back to that sentence, and I do try to be so ‘clean’ as possible when trying to lead others. Being in Berlin, like a magnet I have attracted psychotherapists, theologists, healers of all variations and have had the opportunity to uncover (some of the depths) the great gift of that 12th house Pluto/Uranus conjunction. It seems like our exchanges work so well for all parties, since I work in a totally differently field as a performing artist, which still has so many parallels to the work of the therapeuts, they who are often supposed to be so strong dealing with all their clients can have a sanctuary talking to me, and I like a sponge learn and learn. And, of course, I try to merge all that I learn into my programs..

  21. my husband grew to trust my prognostications. He was a long distance cyclist; they would get on their bikes at 8am and after 10 hours or so they would have ridden 200 kilometers. I always checked my pocket astrologer, particularly for his out of town rides. And there was this one, the moon was void of course in Pisces that day until 9am. He got down there and it was foggy and icy. I begged him to reconsider. THey rescheduled the ride for 9am, when the sun broke through the fog and melted the ice and they had a great ride.

    Another time he was getting ready to schedule one of his trips, book a flight, motel, rent a car…. Merc was Rx, moon void of course. I begged him to wait until Friday to make his plans. He was disgusted, but he did. On Friday one of his friends called him; don’t book a hotel, don’t rent a car, I will put you up and we can use MY car.. His waiting until Friday saved us some $$.

    • Good use of astrology to inform our daily choices as well.

      So what house is cycling? The 3rd, I’ll bet–short trips. Donna

      • hmmm i bet long distance cycling is 9th house! there is a big difference between my kind of cycling and the big rides my husband did. thanks!

  22. I’ll admit I am better at helping others with their chart transits than I am on using my own. A slacker am I, I am! LOL!
    Astrology hasn’t so much helped me in timing as in knowing myself (a real chore as I have Neptune Ascending and Merucry/Saturn in12, Pluto Combust Sun, Uranus Conj.Moon, Chiron in 3) and therefore, figuring out my own emotions and place in life.
    Until I learned about Neptune Ascending, Uranus on the MC and Pluto/Sun in 11, Mer/sat in 12, I was at a total loss as to why I never seem to fit in anywhere, not even in groups of people or in situations that would seem to be a good fit for me.These days, it’s not that I am disliked or actively shunned in most places; I just don’t seem to fit. My youth was a different story but I have moved way beyond that.
    The uber-eccentric filmmaker, John Waters, once said I was the most unusual person he had ever met because you just couldn’t put a handle on me and I was the only person he had ever met that he felt was like that! Coming from him, that was both baffling and a high compliment, I think.
    But then he is a Batimorean and every single soul I have ever met or heard of from there was very, very unusual. Must be something in the water,

  23. The whole time Neptune was in my 4th House which is ruled by Saturn, I had a leaky roof. I lived in four different apartments during that time and each had a leaky roof and the landlords either didn’t try to fix it or couldn’t find an effective fix! Since Pluto went over my IC, the water/plumbing in my condo complex has been cut off no less than 16 times in less than a year due to repairs, part replacements, burst pipes,etc.
    Neptune is now sitting on my 6th Cusp, which is ruled by Neptune. I have Natal Neptune Ascending in LIbra. I have a severe kidney problem that the nephrologist can’t find a reason for and therefore, can’t find a way to slow or reverse the problem. Very Neptune.

    • wow, thank goodness neptune is never going to be in my 4th house!!!!!

      • Oy veh! Neptune is in my fourth. I have plastic sports water bottles that mysteriously open themselves and soak things in my car! LOL! Glad it’s not worse! Since I live with a sodden 12th house Moon:Neptune:Jupiter and Scorpio Rising maybe its not as drastic. How to appease the Trident Bearer?! LOL!

        Is anyone else feeling a surge of happiness with Jupiter going direct? Woo hoo!!!!

        Loved the Reinhart and Stein books on Chiron too. Liz Greene also speaks to Chiron in her book on Neptune.

        Wherever you are working Chiron, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and healing, I strongly recommend “The Work ” of Byron Katie to examine and appreciate the gifts and pitfalls of beliefs. Mother/Father/Church/Society/ whose beliefs do we hold and act upon?

        Can’t wait for Donna’s first 12th House stellium installment!!!!!


    • When Pluto crossed the IC in my chart, my father died and the pipes in my house gave out . The grieving process for my dad will forever be entwined with the imagery of plumbers and contractors ripping out walls and gutting old plumbing….it seemed oddly cathartic at the time. It still seems appropriately symbolic.

    • Check out “Medical Astrology”- Eileen Neuman and “The Zodiac and the Cell Salts of Salvation” by George Carey and Inez Perry. Both address potential remedies based on astrology. Cell salts can be invaluable in fluid regulation. Also Dr. David Brownstein has written about iodine and its role in health.

      Also, the work of Carolyn Myss “Defy Gravity” is a lovely book on healing and Neptunian tools.

      Wishing you deep and complete healing!

      • Thanks. I will check those resources out. I also might get in touch with Lynn Koiner. She has done some work on medical astrology and she is in the Mid-Atlantic area.

  24. When Neptune was on my IC opposing my MC/Natal Moon/Uranus conjunction in Cancer, I would break out crying for no discernable reason. And every time I tried to start a new goal or chart a new direction, I would feel quite literally as if I was walking trhough a gauze curtain into a fog. The feeling was quite viseral and very maddening.
    I also had an experience where I felt literally as if I was drowning in the ocean’s undertow. This was impossible as I was in my room over 100 miles from the ocean at the time.I later wrote about the experience and got a small article about it published in “Science of Mind” magazine.

  25. Actually, I really wish that astrology can help me more, but not yet. I invest substantially in the stock market, and it’s almost like it’s my karma. It’s always afterwards that I made those financial mistakes, and then I learned even more about astrology.

    First, I know nothing about Chiron aspects, or transits to Chiron. And it caused me lots of financial grief during Uranus conjunct Chiron.

    Then when there is no other major transits, and I thought the coast is clear (but not), it turns out that the usual quick transit of Mars through houses has a very big impact (at least on me) when the Mars retrograde and extend the two months transit to much longer periods.

    Then, I couldn’t grab the good luck that I had, when Uranus sextile Part of Fortune. I kept thinking that whether it’s an opportunity to buy low or sell high, for the triple transits. Later I realized that retrograde transit doesn’t mean that it’s the reverse action (buy low), but rather it has the highest impact in a triple transits, and will be the highest point (for sell high). In fact, all three hits are high point, and retrograde is at the highest.

    And then I am missing out again my Jupiter square Uranus luck. There is still one more transit left, but the highest point has most likely been reached. I finally realized that when the two hits are very close by together, that IS the best high point.

    It’s amazing to see how every transit played out in my life, especially the house transits which few people pay attention. The moment Jupiter moves out of my second house boundary, my net worth plummets right away. The moment Jupiter moves out of my fifth house even just so briefly into fourth house, my stock positions plummets, but a very long five month escrow finally closes just in time before the extended deadline, and I finally got the house. The house boundary based on topocentric system is essentially exact. Placidus would have missed that 7 days period of 4th house Jupiter transit.

    I have two engineering bachelor and master’s degrees, and I kept thinking that all these are just impossible to happen. Even then, the house boundary based on astrology is supposed to be blurry. But most of the time, it has been exact right to the very day.

    Even my time to learn astrology was exactly planned. I had Pluto trine Mercury triple transits. One would really wonder who is the Weaver to weave in so much complexity in everyone’s life and relationship down to the very day.

    • what a great post! Jupiter just entered my 2nd house, so I will be very wary…
      Don’t ask me about Uranus Conj Jupiter luck. it’s not worth the barbs it leaves in the package!

      • Right now I have Saturn transiting my 2nd and I am doing fairly well with the small amount of investments I do have. Scorpio/Pluto rule my 2nd House and I seem to have an instinct towards at least small time practical investments. Now if only I could find the right aspects/day and numbers to play and win that $34 Million lottery I dreamt I won. My predictive style dreams usually come true, esp, darn it, the ones about disasters and crime. .

      • Mimitabby, I have found that Jupiter transits tend to bring more of a feeling of luck, than actual luck itself. People can get too expansive and giddy and that can cause problems.

      • I think we astrologers often contribute to that scenario of expecting too much from a Jupiter transit and thus overexpanding. We so much want to find something good in the client’s future (especially when they’re going through rough transits) that we overstate what to expect. Donna

  26. Hi Donna, I

    I love your website. I love that you ask for comments – having a dialogue about one’s little astrology issues is really fun. Just posted in on of the 12th house sections.
    One way in which knowing my astrology chart saved and changed my life is this. With 12th house and Taurus Venus and Mars, 2 planets in the 5th, and Neptune in the 6th, I was very drawn to the arts. I definitely had, and still have a gift in the visual arts. However, every time I started excelling at a creative project, it would be accompanied by a lot of random external negativity. This never happened with other types of work, only with creative projects. I could easily excel in a non-creative field without problems. Finally I took a good look at my chart – north node in Aquarius, south node in Leo. I realized that because of my Leo south node, and other aspects, individual creativity and success was out of the question and that instead I should focus on activities that include creative thinking that is group rather than individual oriented. I also have a much easier time with technology based media rather than traditional.
    This conscious shift based on astrological knowledge was completely transformational and allowed me to start over in a most positive way.

  27. YES! The insight gained from my chart has and will continue to help me cut corners and avert danger! I feel so connected with the universe 🙂

  28. I love that astrology can give us new insights and guidance throughout life.This conscious shift based on astrological knowledge was completely transformational and allowed me to start over in a most positive way.

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