Posted by: Donna Cunningham | March 1, 2013

Grabbing Some Insight into Uranus in Aries

©3-1-2013 by Donna Cunningham, MSW

Uranus is the trendsetter planet, and when it shifts signs, we see new developments in style, language, and innovation. Most of all, it shows what the public is excited about. I’m noticing a couple of ways that Uranus’s shift into Aries has already affected our language.

The first is the sudden emergence of the word VIBRANT as a criteria for attractiveness. No longer is it enough to simply be beautiful or handsome, you need to be vibrant as well.

I see vibrant as a word related to the Cardinal fire energy of Aries, as well as the excitement that a strong Uranus conveys. Vibrant suggests a vivacious, energetic, and fascinating individual who is, essentially, unstoppable and impossible to ignore.

The other verbal reflection of the shift into Aries is the way everyone is now GRABBING everything:

“I need to grab a Starbucks.”

“When I can grab a few minutes, I’ll give you a call.”

“I’m going to grab myself some of those shoes that are on sale.”

“Let’s grab that table over there.”

Try to place yourself in the mindset of someone who is in the process of grabbing something. See how it feels.

Can you see what I mean? It’s a desperate yet aggressive feeling that if you don’t grab it, you won’t get it. It’s a very Uranus in Aries sensation, willful, selfish, and not caring what others need or want.

And, yet, perfectly nice people have taken to using that word.  Incessantly. No longer do they get something, receive something, or have something, they just have to grab it. It seems to mark some shift in how we deal with the world and with the needs of other people.

What about you, Readers? Have you noticed any other trends since Uranus shifted into Aries? Leave your observations in the comment section.

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  1. A stress on fun. If it’s not fun, it’s off to something else. Much more impulsive energy, too. I like it after the Pisces; the latter felt like a drain/slog. So, while people may be grabby, you can at least exit quickly. 😉

    • LOL! Well, there IS that. Donna

    • This amuses me, because my first reaction to Donna’s post, before looking at any of the comments, was “what fun insights!”

      I realize I’ve been using the word “fun” a lot since Uranus entered Aries. Sometimes people react by sharing their negative impressions about that word – as though having fun implied being thoughtless about other people’s needs and feelings. So I’ve been thinking a lot about what I mean when I use the word. I think it’s important to have fun in life – to have a sense of delight about the people we enjoy being with and the good things in the world around us. A lot of terrible things do happen in the world, but if we focus on those too exclusively and miss the joy, I think it gives the bad stuff too much energy and becomes counterproductive.

      • Fun is everything! It is not silly or superficial. And with this kind of energy, the side-step can be pretty swift for the more negative encounters. My only real fear is being hit by a car while on a run. Defensive jogging and all will be well! 😉

      • Well, more fun is what we all can use to counteract the Pluto-Uranus square and Saturn in Scorpio. Donna

  2. I’ve noticed that there has been a rise in individual violence and/or agression carried out by 1 person against others. Many lone gunman. Also there has been a rise in the utilitarian/military style of look. From Doc Martens to army fatige. Also suprisingly ‘grunge’ is back in.

    I haven’t noticed any change in people’s daily lexicon but defintly feel a willfullness when others think they are right and try to bulldoze their ideas through without considering any form of diplomacy.

    Also the Uranus in Aries has brought around many breakthroughs in the realm of Athletic Breakthroughs and Record Breakers. Every other time I turn on to see the sports news someone is breaking a new record. That form of individualism tied in with the body is very Uranus in Aries to me. Very cool to see.

    • Actually, you’re right about the violence, AC. But I wonder if Saturn and Mercury have added to it. Since the retrogrades, there have been two suicides and one murder that I’m twice removed from (so I’m totally fine), but this is wildly unusual/unprecedented in my life. There’s a lot going on in the sky at the moment (a critical mass factor) and while Uranus ups the impulsiveness, I think there may be other factors… those squares with Pluto, of course, too. Dunno — but you’re right.

    • I agree with you on the violence. It’s a lot of loose cannons out there. I’ve been counseling city folk like myself to distance themselves from aggressive strangers, as it seems like there’s a lot of random violence, and it’s important to know when NOT to stand up for yourself but just to walk away. Donna

    • Hi, AC. “Lone gunman” is one of the terms I used to describe Uranus in Aries back when Donna, Mandi Lockley, and I hosted the 2010 Blog-a-Thon. That term really fits. It’s such an independent volatile energy. If I were in a more urban environment, I’d definitely stay more aware of the loose cannons you mention, Donna. Maybe the heavily populated areas see more of this breakout/breakthrough violence on a daily basis.

      • Lone gunmen operating outside the system is a good description of Uranus in Aries, which forms an archetypal square to the sign Capricorn, representing the established order.

      • I agree. If Uranus is a 25lb bowling ball, he’s aiming for a strike on those Capricorn pins. In other words, Uranus wants to bust *everything* up.

  3. I’ve noticed the use of the word “grab”, too, and I don’t like it!

    As for “vibrant”–that’s a word I like; and as an Aries, I have felt more vibrant!

    • The ultimate ‘grab’ seems to be those hysterical Black Friday mobs, particularly at Walmart. Also flash mobs seem very Uranus in Aries to me. There’s even a show on HGTV that gathers flash mobs via social media to do quick home renovations!

  4. More than usual, people are bragging about how busy they are and feeling entitled to be very pushy, rude, aggressive and insensitive, justified by how busy and therefore important they are. But then – as a Taurus rising, Scorpio Sun, Capricorn moon, Aries does nothing for me. It’s the absolutely hardest energy for me to deal with, topping even Aquarius.

    • Ditto, Lainie. I’m noticing more ambulance sirens around me lately. Pushy, aggressive people are definitely receiving their justice.

  5. As a personal trainer for many years, now im seeing many new INNOVATIVE ways of working out in groups like crossfit etc.

  6. Funny! I’ve noticed the “gimme what I deserve right NOW!” Uranus in Aries energy, as well. It’s aggravating me. I have Libra in the 11th and Venus in the 7th. Assertion is necessary to avoid exploitation, but manners and common courtesy still matter in a social setting.

    Just gonna dance my irritation away to Q-Tip’s “Vivrant Thing”. He’s an Aries and he doesn’t give a damn if he misspelled a word.

    Then I’m gonna dance to Jill Scott’s “Gimme” and “Quick”. She’s an Aries and she doesn’t care if you think she should get to know you better before grabbing your dick.

    • L O L !!!

  7. I’ve been noticing that people are so overwhelmed and unable to commit to anything. They are totally involved in what’s happening in the changing moment of their immediate environment (Aries/first house). Even my best friend cannot take a moment to call.

    And Change is the buzz word. I have the Uranus in Aries transiting my 7th so I see this phenomenon in every “other” person in my life Of course doesn’t help that it’s been squaring Pluto

    • You must have Libra Rising. I, too, have noticed the hyper-busy thing. But in the past, in my case, it has always been others who have been too busy to care. But for the last several months, it has been me who has been too busy. My office has been short staffed since last July and the work volume has been increasing, even during a time it would normally slow down. I’ve been working OT every week for 8 months. It MIGHT slow down in late March and I can go back to my five planets in water, Leo Sun, Libra Rising lazy style. I enjoy working hard when I am at work but I hate having my whole week so consumed by my job. All I seem to do is work, eat, sleep and occasionally shop for household items or do do chores. Fun, what the heck is that? I vaguely remember fun but it’s been so long that if I don’t have some fun soon, I will not remember it anymore.

      • Yes, I am libra rising.
        Just thought of this from Ghandi:
        “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” That’s Uranus in Aries. Change yourself, and you change the world.

      • Good thought, Regine. Yes, I do think Uranus in Aries could produce much needed change. Maybe it’s just too early in the sign yet–like a baby Uranus. Donna

  8. Hi, everyone,

    I agrree that “fun” is important and helps us all cope with the bad news that is the background noise in life these days.

    Here in the Boston, MA, area there have been many “grab ‘n go” jewelery store robberies in the papers and on TV news.

    I’m wondering what will happen when the Pluto-Uranus square hits the US Sun. Parhaps we’re getting a preview now!

    And what about the Pope’s sudden resignation? The “head” of the Catholic Church, plus the Pluto in Capricorn influence (executives in business and government too).

    Best, Amy

  9. Grabbing is right. And more aggressive communication. It’s gimme, gimme, gimme, like Jara said.

    Uranus in Aries is transiting through my 7th, and in my world I’ve noticed more people blindly charging ahead, abusing their power or position by demanding rights for themselves, without necessarily respecting the rights of others. And enjoying whatever privileges they’re entitled to in their relationships (both business and personal), without living up to their responsibilities; these same people fully expect others to live up to theirs. These dynamics are playing out on a larger scale as well, just as other readers have commented. I also suspect the Pluto square is involved.

    On the positive side, I think some of us have become braver, more assertive and willing to put ourselves out there to achieve something meaningful, even if it means finally (and suddenly!!!) severing unhealthy ties or taking a risk we might not normally take. It’s a fine line we all walk.:)

  10. The butt-headed,name-calling, no compromise, greed and grab driven, my side is 100% right, your side is 100 % wrong style of politics in the US comes to mind.

    • Boy, howdy, Meloh!

      • With Saturn transiting the US 12th House (if you accept the Sag Rising chart) and Pluto kicking the US financial system’s ass in the 2nd, we had better stop that behavior or our collective ship will sink.

  11. Regarding the instant, aggressive fun thing: Have you noticed how much money and energy goes into creating instant entertainment? And VIOLENT entertainment? Imagine what we could do if we put that same amount of money and energy into positive actions for our collective future, such as green energy or innovative medical research?

    • I won’t even mention the trash tv with its glorification of he man pursuits: Duck Dynasty, Gold hunters, crockadile hunters, and now a series on life in a trailer park. Donna

      • In light of how unstable this Uranian energy is, though, I actually see the Trash TV phenomenon as a possible indictment against mega wealthy power, as in: the emperor wears no clothes. The US government is “yee-haw” in a suit. That’s the current power structure, not the necessary one. I think of Aesop’s or La Fontaine’s “The Wolf and the Lamb.” What happens when the lambs become no less psychopathic than the wolves? The wolves are in trouble. It’s bottom-basement ugly, for sure, but He-Men have been running this world and it *could* pinball in a different direction. Dunno… just a possibility. I think one has to come to terms with the sheer insanity of violence before it can be confronted. The Crocodile Hunter can only kill crocodiles… big whoop — and yet it may be a subconscious metaphor for the way many think and exercise power. Who hunts the Crocodile Hunter? (I’m thinking, too, “Only a Pawn in their Game” — it’s the same game, only small fry…

    • We are investing in the future by implementing innovative technologies in my state (California). 5 new green elementary schools recently opened in one city. The funding was immediately approved by a young, fertile voter population.

      More where that came from in the pipeline…

      • Agreed, Jara. That electric energy has some definite positives!

  12. Another Uranus is Aries phenomenon: Drones and the glorification of warfare.

  13. I have noticed since Aries emphasize the head and represents sports. Have you noticed the rise in violent head injuries and concussions in sports like, football, hockey, baseball. Surprisingly rise in head shots as a means of retailiation.

    • Wow! Since Aries is headstrong and head long, I’d expect a rise in head injuries from overdoing it, but the deliberate violence is a surprise. Maybe the square from Uranus to Pluto (vengeance and power struggles). Donna

  14. I first noticed Uranus in Aries on the highways – from a noticable increase in impatience and speeding to seriously risky driving and heightened road rage. It signaled the ‘Arab Spring’ with revolutions popping up simultaneously in several mid-east countries. People all over the world have been taking to the streets – from “Occupy Wall Street” in the US, to student protests and outright rioting in too many countries to list.

  15. I also think it is important to note that Uranus is making a square to Pluto. There is decisively more violence, especially gun violence. The Oscar Pistorius trial is a very sad case in point.
    On the other hand, more and more women are rising against violence. I think this phenomenon marks the transition from the passive Piscean acceptance to the active rebellion, which is characteristic of Uranus. With this square between Uranus and Pluto sex crimes are getting higher profile, for example recently in India. People are rising against violence and mistreatment.
    I believe the positive expression of Uranus in Aries can bring a sense of empowerment and courage for a lot of people to break out of the mould, to follow their vision ad get a new direction in life.

    • Good insight, Symbol Reader. As for women’s rights, I compare it to the 1960s conjunction of Uranus and Pluto, with all the rights movements: women’s rights, the civil rights movement, and the antiwar movement. The square seems more polarizing, and yet there is hope of progress, as you say. Donna

  16. This Aquarius Rising was actually excited about the developments of Uranus into
    Aries because I love change and I believed this would herald fast moving change and necessary regime topplings. Yet I have to agree with all the above about the ramping up of world wide violence, glorified warfare, war veterens, bullying, lone gunmen and the like. I am much more aware of the pervasiveness of “violence -as entertainment” and its’ saturation in the news. I am heartened by more individuals standing up and asserting their personal growth, evolution and staking their claims for change. Let’s all keep ourself safe and try to remember the highest manifestation of this energy: Innovation, Courageous Insights Brave Redesign and Evolution/ Changes in Thoughts about War. Thank you all for such an amusing and stimulation discussion!

  17. The sextile of Saturn to Pluto can stabalize Plutos square from Uranus. The sextile of Jupiter to Uranus can give Uranus the edge. On a personal level my Natal Uranus conjuncts Mars and they both Trine my Moon so I always enjoy any of the Uranus transits whether they are hard or soft aspects. Uranus is the strongest Planet in my chart.
    Just completed a Court case Trial for my two wee grand daughters and will know the outcome the end of March. Am poised to move if needs be.
    Natal Uranus/ Mars in the 9th with transit Uranus moving into the 7th house and transit Pluto smack dab on my Nadar.
    The observations on the general public are aprapo. I might ad that there has been a recent onslaught on the environment by huge Mining companies with no regard for the populations adversely effected.
    Much activites have been ongoing by North American Indian communities against the degradation to the environment and water ways in Canada and the USA but these do not get coverage in mass media. Neither does the efforts of the International Court in Belguim that recently found the Canadian Gov’t, The Crown of England and the Vatican GUITY of the torcher and mass murder of 6 million Native children in Canadian Residential schools. That and the coverup court cases for the Pedifile activity of the Vatican is why the Pope abandoned ship. A lot of skull Duggery going on.
    On another note since on Dec 21 we reached the cusp of movement from the 4th age into the 5th we will see evil expunged and there will be an ongoing process calling for public awareness and their appropiate response. The wheat separated from the shaft. Exciting times in which we must all put our best foot forward!

    • Forgot to say ( Uranus squre Pluto on the nadar) that this winter I have been jacked out of my home every two days it seems. I have wood heat so it takes a day to warm it back up( large home) and on the second day Im kicked back confortably when some duty calls and I am gone again! May be the stars are telling me not to be such a recluse and get out in the world more!

  18. OMG! I completely overlooked another HUGE Uranus In Aries thing: The INDIVIDUAL & their PERSONAL TECHNOLOGY Cell phone and your cell phone and what you can DO with it! “Everybody use your cellphone and change your world and make it your customized design..its all about you!!” link all YOUR favorite things and send them electronically Etc etc. In my personal world…the use of my computer and how much time it instantly something I am noticing and staying aware of. Recently there was a local power outage in our area ( again Uranus/Aries : Electricity big storm power outages )…and for six hours all of us, my neighbors and myself had to get in touch with our inner zen to (horrors be!) navigate hours with no tv computer or heat. How many of you have gone through this where you live?
    It is definitely time for the individual to survive and persevere using good old basic survival tools and back ups in case technology suddenly shuts down. I look forward to your replies folks!

    • I hear you. My Grand daughters other Grandmother lives in New Jersy and she lost all power. No heat, no cooking , no communications. My suggestion is to get a keroscene heater that can also help warm up food . Get plenty of candles and keroscene lamps. I live off the grid and have wood heat etc so its no problem for me .

    • I went through 2 weeks of no power during Hurricane Isabel back in 2004. Aside from having no refrigeration for the food, the lack of electricity didn’t bother me that much.
      Re: The I me and mine cellphone culture. It’s irritating as heck. So is a lot of the so-called social media. Those things are useful; they have their places but in many cases our ‘they’ve got an app for that’ culture has just totally taken over peoples’ lives.

  19. I sale cosmetics and was recently sat down, told to be more aggressive, and now we are in a position to grab people. Usually I like to build on relationships and offer my expertise so now lets see how this work. BTW in mid April Uranus transit (12th) will 180 my natal Uranus (6th).

  20. Uranus is transiting my 6th House (Pisces on the cusp 29 degrees). My natal Ceres/Demeter Retrograde in 14 degrees Aires opposite my natal Sun Libra 12 degrees. My relationship with my mother was almost always ugly, especially the older I got and the more I began to come into my own, but I am ferreting out more and more truths, as to perhaps what MD prescribed drug she took for her “hypothyroidism” when she was carrying me, but did not remember what she took (she was an RN who received her degree on an academic scholarship from an extremely prestigious world renowned teaching hospital – what an idiot for not remembering what she took, if she ever learned to begin with!). Every patient has the right to know what they have been exposed to, drug wise, especially in utero. So, yes, I am having “health” and employment issues, but I am also trying to put into perspective a very crazy life that started out from a pathologically crazy mother……bring it on, Uranus!!!!! Your truths are long overdue!!!!!

  21. As soon as Uranus entered Aries we saw the Arab Spring and other revolutionary activities all over the world. As it squares Pluto in Capricorn we see this fury to bring down establishments of all kinds to bring revolutionary change – banks, governments, and various churches which have allowed crimes to be hidden now have their weakness revealed to the public gaze.

  22. Sorry, I pressed the wrong key – I was going to add, I have 6 Aries on my Midheaven and when Uranus hit it I created my website to promote my artwork, blog and publications. But as I had no talent for technology I had to learn how to deal with computers, photograph my artwork and learn about all things digital. It was scary and a real challenge but something I needed to do to ‘revolutionize’ my career direction in life. It also opposed my Neptune in Libra conjunct my IC (home) and we are now completely unexpectedly (Uranus!) planning to move house!

    Best wishes to you Donna and all and i’s fun reading everyone’s comments.


    • Thats great Rohana, I have cancer on the 10th so for me uranus in aries will be a square to my Midheaven and an opposition to my Libra rising with the moon and neptune conjuncting. With my natal also having a Mutuable T-square involving uranus and mars . I can’t say that I’m looking forward to more challenges.

  23. going back to finding phrases and words..i’ve been searching..and one that is used a lot recently but most likely more of a Neptune in Pisces nature is the word ¨resonate¨…but it is used in the context , go with what resonates with you…or does this resonate with you…or go for it if it resonates with you…the you (which is I) …very Aries.. personaly my 11th is in Aries..(my mars sagg in 6th,intercepted) friends have come and gone often as the jobs ;)..and these days i have no ¨ real ¨ friends,no good or best friends ..the only like minded people i interact with are on the Internet (Uranus) :)(and Uranus rules my 9th)and i am learning sooo much from these virtual friends !

    • Hi, Louise, that’s a good one,”resonate,” it’s very vibrational, and as such, I think you’re right about it being connected with Neptune in Pisces. Donna

  24. What I’ve noticed is the rise in the number of people who are identifying more with, and becoming more outspoken about their beliefs in, atheism and secularism- particularly in the US. I think one of the reasons has to do with the fact that so many folks have suffered through major personal traumas at the hands of the very institutions that were supposed to be looking out for their interests (i.e. catholic church sexual abuse scandals, 2008 financial meltdown and subsequent bailouts, government’s abuses of power, etc.)

    • Good point, Shannon. I suspect it’s a combination of Uranus in early Aries semisextile Neptune in early Pisces. Donna

  25. Rohanna Darlington..i completely agree about The Arab Spring and the big picture of the cardinal square, worldwide etc. The trick is..will those individuals fighting for change via violence and demonstration achieve anything? The issues with Syria are so serious and just go on and on…will the current concentration of Piscean energy do anything to resolve and end Assad’s
    Reign of Terror? If any of you are interested Rick Di Clemente has an inspiring newsletter on this very subject:

  26. Yes!

  27. Pardon me if I relay a personal observation about something that is trying my patience and is the very essence of Uranus in Aries. Suddenly, I’m getting a rash of angry emails from demanding readers who want to dictate what I will blog about. (Direct quote: “Don’t you have ANY intention of writing about the stellium in Pisces? Don’t you GET how important it is?”) It is one thing to suggest a topic, but quite another to demand it.

    Uranus rules adolescence, and I have no idea how old these people actually are, but their tantrums are decidedly adolescent and petulant in tone.

    Unfortunately, I have just about zero tolerance for people with entitlement issues and lousy boundaries, so my replies have not been patient, tolerant, or diplomatic. I wish I were more saintly, and when I cool off, I will doubtlessly be ashamed of myself. Oh, well, maybe in the next incarnation. Donna

    • Maybe you’re being too hard on yourself, Donna. You have a large, loyal following, you’ve already contributed a great deal to the study of astrology (in particular Pluto and the Moon, and I know *very* little about your career, so for me to know that…), you reply thoughtfully to reader responses and engage your audience, and when I recently emailed you cold and quite spontaneously, you were nothing if not kind, responsive, and generous. So, I couldn’t disagree more. It’s great to be patient with others, but be patient with, and forgiving of, yourself, too.

      People really are short at the moment, but as I said — it’s pretty easy to get rid of them, too! 😉 Maybe that’s not such a *bad* thing!

      • Thank you so much, Kelsey. I am up in the middle of the night with the most recent scathing email received today, and you responded in minutes. You can’t know how comforting your response was. I am, after all, just a person and a fairly elderly one at that. One of my lifetime efforts is always to be kind, but it’s pretty hard just now. Blesss you. Donna

      • I am up writing, too. Your comment popped up on a break — it’s a slog! Although I just recently came upon your work, it turned out one of my best friends is a huge fan (she won’t shut up Pluto!). She calls you “the Grand Dame of Astrology.” Pretty sweet title, no?

        No one should tell a writer what to write about. That’s objectively terrible! Why don’t you tell them to start their own blog, if they’ve got big ideas about what’s important astrologically? Contribute! Certainly don’t boss those you wish to learn from. :/

        Seriously, the packets you sent me are great, and you really were kind and generous. That’s very rare. My guess is the emails must be pretty bad to be upsetting you so. Bless you, and let those emails go. They’re not worth your time and it’s ridiculous that anyone should be telling you what to do. To that end, thank you for all your contributions. I’m learning quite a bit. Exciting! 😉

      • Ah, me, God is so good in sending people like yourself when I’m struggling. Thank you. Our exchange prompted me to write and post a piece about kindness–just in the hour or so since we wrote to one another. Donna

      • I fear I wrote a too long response. Inspiration! I’m really curious to read people’s responses; it’s a good, sensitive piece — and the palm reader was so, so correct. Side-step the not-so-nice! I find myself using the term “light on your feet” (which I never, ever used before) with clients a lot this year.

    • I’m also sorry to hear that Donna. I think this demanding sense of entitlement (or expression of passive aggressive self-interest) has been far more noticeable during Uranus in Aries. And the square to Pluto (sextile Saturn) makes it easier to use the energy in a focused and determined way, which can be either ‘good’ or ‘bad’ depending on motives. I’m grateful you’re back online and sharing with us. You’ve always been very kind in your email responses to me as well, in the past even going out of your way to point out helpful online materials.

      Having just gone through something similar (also experienced via demanding emails), I know it can happen anywhere and with anyone, regardless of age, title or the illusion of respectability. Rights without responsibilities seems to be one of the manifestations of this energy.

      It’s hard not to allow someone’s bad behavior influence our own, hard to forgive, to turn the other cheek and not give it power, especially in a world that so often rewards aggression and ‘psychopathic’ behaviors. It’s dehumanizing and *none* of us are saints . . . even the saints were human.:) In the end, kindness is more powerful than cruelty, as is forgiveness, not to be confused with complicity. I’d love to read your thoughts on kindness, always a worthwhile topic. Something good can come of this.

      Hang in there Donna!

      • So kind of you, LB. Thank you. Donna

  28. “Oh, well, maybe in the next incarnation..” I say this to myself as well. I have noticed a lot of admin bashing on so many of the boards I am on……and the admins rightfully stand up for themselves. I guess relating it to Uranus in Aries may help me understand it better. I am appalled at some of the unsolicited, unwarranted and outright negativity and hostility, when the site is free, and the admin’s time is free. It is amazing!

    • Exactly, Beverly! (Big smiley face) Donna

      • Donna, Sorry you have to endure jerks that don’t have enough sense of appreciation for your work that they open their cyber pie holes and unload on you. I got news for those jerks: Donna owes you nothing. She gives her work out of her love for it and for the betterment of us all. So please, if you can’t be at least respectful, don’t bug her with you demands.

  29. I’ve noticed a strong impulsive urge for freedom in people. Freedom to speak their mind on any subject no matter how controversial. Nothing is sacred, everything is up for ridicule and scrutiny. Aggressive opinions, politeness seems to have all but disappeared and no one cares if their opinion offends someone else. It used to be a few individuals on the internet would do this, now I’ve seen bloggers “trolling” primarily to get lots of comments. Trolling, meaning purposely posting controversial topics to get a reaction, not a logical discussion like this blog, but to purposely get people to argue.

    • You are so right, Autumn–I’ve had some rude, aggressive comments here too. I didn’t know that about the trolling. Donna

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