Posted by: Donna Cunningham | March 9, 2013

More Observations about Uranus in Aries

©3-9-2013 by Donna Cunningham, MSW

When one of the outer planets—Uranus, Neptune, or Pluto—changes signs, astrologers’ first task is to observe closely what changes the new sign placement of that planet is ushering in. These slow-moving planets have such a long orbit around the Sun that they tend to remain in one sign for up to a decade or longer.

In the case of Uranus, the orbit takes 84 years, and its stay in a single sign is about seven years. Very few people are still alive who have Uranus in Aries natally, and I doubt whether a single practicing astrologer has lived through the transit of Uranus through that sign. Therefore, we’re all still groping to understand what Uranus in Aries means, and we may have some theories, but observing what is going on around us is the more valuable tool.

In the last post, I shared my observations about new phrases in our language that could be attributed to Uranus in Aries, and I invited readers to add their own observations in the comment section. As always, there was a lively discussion. It made me continue to think about Uranus in Aries, and to see more correlations between that sign and planet.

The first new insight was about the sudden rise in high-energy drinks like Red Bull. When you take them, your energy is hyped up, almost like an overdose of Mars/Aries unstoppable nature. (An aside: the term unstoppable is rapidly becoming a buzzword that in itself represents an extreme Aries quality.)

Those high-energy drinks used to be sold under the counter at truck stops and gas stations to long-distance drivers. Now they are advertised openly and available in the grocery store. There are even pink label versions aimed at busy women.

In my long observations, when it comes to drugs, only downers are represented by Neptune in the charts of users. Abuse of stimulants (uppers) like amphetamines, cocaine, and crack are represented in the chart by transiting Uranus. Thus, with the transit of Uranus in Aries, a legal stimulant like Red Bull is gaining in popularity. Who knows what other brand-new stimulants will come into popularity during this seven-year stint?

(Another aside:  Viagra and related drugs for ED must also  be related to Mars difficulties.  However, many men without that diagnosis are now using that as a recreational drug in order to have more sex and excitement, and they get it through illicit internet sites rather than a doctor’s prescription. Uranus in Aries, anyone? And, yes, it began during Uranus in Pisces, but we would expect it to become  more widespread during Uranus in Aries, a far more sexually driven sign.)

Another interesting observation was brought to my attention by a respected colleague, Diana Stone. She tells me that all of a sudden she is hearing from long-term clients who have experienced a sharp spike in blood pressure, and yet who say that hypertension medication is making them ill. She feels that 180/90 is the new normal blood pressure.

As Diana and I  tried to make sense of this phenomenon through astrology, our #1 tool for examining change, we again came to Uranus in Aries. You may recall the old classification of personalities by type, and recall that Type A personalities were driven and needed to be hyped up in order to handle the pressures of working compulsively.

My impression is that many Type A personalities have a strong fire component such as Aries or Leo. I also feel that Uranus represents a high-pressure type of individual who is accustomed to the excitement of a challenge. Therefore it would make sense that many of us would feel great deal more pressure under hard-driving Uranus in Aries. This high pressure placement might just create an adrenalin rush and higher blood pressure.

Just something to observe, and both Diana and I would appreciate your feedback. Please leave your observations on this and any other expression of Uranus in Aries in the comment section. 

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  1. Uranus transits my 4th opposite my natal Neptune in Libra. I have felt unusual (for me) energy, restlessness and pressure to move or do since Uranus entered Aries. It also squares my natal Mars in Cap.

  2. I just saw caffeinated gum advertised.

    • Oh, god! Get your buzz on and oral gratification all in one! LOL! Donna

    • The “Five-hour-energy” drink is enormously popular, even with commercials by one big-name golf pro in his 40s. There’s also a 6-hr. drink, but my wife says that one has too much caffeine.

  3. I work 7 days a week, writing my own fiction, posting to my blog, running client edits, or coaching. My Type A personality is very creation-focused. (empty 7th & 11th houses)
    So of course, up at 3:44 am to start my day Saturday morning, I sneezed, spraying soda on my Macbook– killed by a sneeze. Talk about more pressure! Luckily, my bp is much lower than the new standard. 🙂

  4. Hi Donna,
    Especially in February when this current Pisces intensity was first occurring with Mars and Mercury moving direct ogether, I was noticing a sped of frequency of everything in my life. I wrote about it relating to Pisces in my blog here:

    However, in larger context I think Uranus in Aries is accelerating vibration and frequency, things are moving faster, and we can still take our Piscean down time and inner meditative exploration, but there is still a universal acceleration happening I think. Taking that inner exploration or grounding or just getting more present in the actual moment of eternal now I think is how to handle the energy. A lot of people are resorting to all of these “accelerator” coping devices you are referencing, like energy drinks, to try and keep up with what’s happening I think.

    I’ve started exploring esoteric astrology somewhat and I find it interesting that Mercury is the esoteric ruler and goes with the concept of Divine Mind, and that Pisces is ruled by Pluto– and so in that Soul-centered perspective I feel like all this Piscean energy is bringing up issues and situations we can use to help clear grasping at our ego perspective and prepare for what is coming next with an influx of Aries energy.

    Next week following this New Moon with Mars going into Aries, but then especially later in the month around full moon going into April, there will be such a shift to Aries and toward Uranus in Aries, as the Pluto square ripens into being in May. So things are going to be getting more intense, but hopefully we can make it a “vibrant” experience for ourselves nonetheless!

    So in traditional astrology context, I think we are going to be dealing a lot more with our ego issues and issues of Will and how we are initiating action. Mercury and Venus will be in Aries like Uranus, as well as the Aries ruler Mars- there are so many world situations on the brink of bursting into more chaotic scenarios that such symbology reflects. I hope we can all use this time of Pisces dark moon intensity to help clear more of what can be getting in the way of us responding to well to this upcoming “vibrant” intensity!

  5. I think we will see even more daring pioneers (Aries) in the sphere of new technologies (Uranus). Also, more cut-throat competition in this field.
    Personally, I feel that the pace of my life has become a few times faster. Transiting Uranus will make a conjunction to my Mars and Jupiter next year but I already feel this restless energy. I took up going to the gym four times a week because I could not deal with this excess.

    • Yes, exercise is a good outlet for all that Mars/Aries energy and tension, as Aries yearns for action. I’m starting to swim a couple of times a week myself. Donna

      • Yes! I began walking 3 miles daily just to handle it and I’ve never been real active before.

  6. I am having a opposite reaction to uranus in aries…i’m mellowing and slowing down, things that i would normally get riled about are less of an issue. I am an aries and in my natal chart i have an almost exact square between mars in leo and uranus in scorpio (with my asc as the mid point)….maybe its so much mars/uranus energy i have short-citcuited!

    • Interesting, Vanessa, but I do often see a game-changing shift when we get transiting aspects that echo the natal planets or combinations in some way, and that’s what it sounds like in your experience. Must be a wonderful relief of all that Mars-Uranus tension. Donna

      • Just wanted to say that my 3 year old granddaughter is an Aries, born March 25th and she is a ball of fire and loveable energy and good humor! She never stops moving and grooving. I also think she is what Doreen Virtue calls a Crystal Child. These children don’t seem to need much sleep. My poor daughter and son-in-law. She had her tonsils out Saturday and today she was charging ahead. She is a lovely child and of course, since she is my grandchild, I am prejudiced!

      • Hi, Bonnie, from another ramped up Uranian type. I barely sleep anyway, and this Uranus in Aries is ennervating but exciting at the same time. I don’t mean to come down on the negative side about this placement–we probably need it in order to make the necessary changes in our world. It’s just kind of in its baby stages, and like your granddaughter, just learning how to negociate that energy. Donna

  7. Being a Uranus first house I am energetically sensitive.-With the latest ramping up of energies I have to adjust in order to stay grounded . I remind myself to ‘stay in my feet’, do a thorough process of shielding, and have purposefully slowed down.
    Donna,I hope your hands are better,

    Molly K

    • Hi, Molly, nice to hear from you, and it sounds like you’ve developed some good antidotes to the excesses of this transit. My hands have healed, and the use of the dictation software has proven quite a blessing and has both changed my writing to a more conversational style and has also made my column for Dell Horoscope much easier to do. Donna

  8. I have Uranus in Gemini, and a few months ago, was getting out of a railroad car, which suddenly closed on the upper part of my body and pretty badly bruised my ribs. Unpredictable, odd, and in my Gemini area, I attribute it to Uranus in Aries. I am not usually accident-prone.

    • Sorry to hear, Paula. Yes, I find that transiting Uranus is usually prominent with accidents. Donna

  9. In my case, as it progresses a bit into Aries, it will hit my Descendant and will oppose my natal Neptune ascending and square my Moon/Uranus on the MC.Pluto will square all that mess. Whoa doggies, this could be the emotionally jittery, confusing ride of my life! I
    Re: Aries & high BP. Aries opposes Libra,which rules the kidneys. High BP is a known precursor to kidney disease. March is National Kidney Month. If anyone has super high BP or long time elevated BP, please get your kidneys checked!

    • A good reminder for serious hypertension, Meloh.

  10. I feel that Uranus in Aries don’t make me more fast-paced although the times get more fast-paced (…maybe…but was’nt it like this all the last 10 years with still shorter cycles for technical equipment, faster cash desk handeling etc). It make me stand up for my “right” to do it in a more moderate, in a more autonomous pace! And even make me more self-paced when the doctor assume a high bp and want immediately that I take pills! Maybe because I’m from the generation Uranus conj. Pluto in Virgo: I feel it more as a refreshing quality: stand up for my right, trust my own decision and feelings (after the check up of the kidneys and the heart was perfect), I tailored for myself a programm with sport and meditation and herbes (take this with me from the Pisces – period, I guess 😉 ). All that happens in a spontaneaous, dynamic and autonomous way. Just did it.
    I feel it especially in the case of health and in service fields. It’s also a matter of our own attitude – how to handle the pressure and fast-paced thing – and Uranus in Aries can help to free from stuck to “authority advices of handeling” (Capricorn) if you have insights that another thing will work much better. So it can also be a time of spontaneaous, refreshing breakthroughs, I think!

  11. There is no doubt in my mind that I have a very strong Uranus plus the fact that my complete extended family, my family or origin, all my 5 siblings, my former spouse and my own two children all came into being in this lifetime with an extremely strong Uranus. Even though, I have never seen my dad’s complete set of planets because my ephemeris begins with 1900 and he was born on Sept. 14, 1898, I can easily figure out that his ascendant was definitely Scorpio and his important Sun in Virgo fell in his Uranian 11th house. Out of his family of origin, (4 siblings), he was really the most rebellious child, an extremely rebel type for his day and time. He was also a very strong humanitarian type. So, when I think of Uranus, I think of someone who absolutely has to have their own personal kind of freedom mixed with their strong desire to be a kind and humble humanitarian. This thread runs throughout our complete family.

    My mom was an Aquarian, born on Jan. 22, 1908. My dad, a Virgo, was her second husband. My dad’s life-changing decision to marry her was the Plutonic (Scorpio Rising) transformative decision of his complete life. When he met her, she was a recent widow with five children depending only on her. He was the angelic humanitarian who stepped in and saved my family of origin paving the way for me to be born on July 9, 1947.

    Being an extremely sensitive Cancer with three planets in Cancer, the Moon in Pisces and Jupiter in Scorpio, I absorbed all the dynamics of my family members. My mother’s important Uranus fell in my 3th house, near the cusp of my 4th and opposite my Sun sitting on my Midheaven. Her Neptune in Cancer opposed her Uranus and fell in my important 9th house near my Midheaven and Sun. Her Pluto in Gemini was almost exactly conjunct my important Uranus in Gemini in my 9th strongly activating my natal Uranus and giving me a strong mental focus to understand my life. Her Saturn in Pisces fell within 3 degrees of my important Moon in Pisces. Her Jupiter in Leo is conjunct my Saturn at 9 degrees of Leo in my 10th house. The reason why I am focusing on my mom’s influence on me so much right now is because her natal Mars in Aires is now being activated by Uranus in Aires.

    From my mom’s first family, out of the five children she had, her oldest child, a daughter, is an Aires, born when Uranus was at 0 degrees of Aires on April 4, 1927. Uranus had just moved into Aires three days earlier. Her youngest child from her first marriage was also a female Aires, born on March 27, 1938, just right after midnight. Uranus in Aires is quickly moving to conjunct her Saturn at 7 degrees and 42 minutes on March 15, 2013. Her natal Saturn has been the strongest planet in her chart being only 2 degrees away from her Sun. And, she is beginning to strongly feel the effects of Uranus in Aires aspecting her Saturn. Last night, she was unusually angry at me for not calling her on the phone to inform her of when I would return home from a day trip to Houston, a very long trip to make in one day from Austin, Texas. I do not have a cell phone and did not even think of calling her. She could have easily called my daughter in Houston to find out when I left Houston and would probably be back in Austin so her anger seemed very confusing to me. I was riding with my daughter’s friend and was not in control of when we left Houston. I would have liked to return sooner than we did but I was not driving and had no choice but to flow with the energy as it happened.

    Evidently, my older sister (nine years older than me) felt that she was losing her Plutonic Control over me and in a way, that was what was happening. Uranus has already freed me to a certain degree from the strong control of my sister and now Uranus is trying hard to give my sister the freedom from responsibility that she so rightly deserves. She is afraid of change in her life even though her Pluto trines both her Saturn and her ascendant.

    So, Uranus can be very frightening but also extremely helpful to us. We cannot resist the awakening change that Uranus brings into our life. He wants to release us from our old selves and introduce us to our New Life. Ultimately, Uranus is a very good planet who strongly desires for humans on earth to bravely and courageously march into our New Spiritual Futures. This is how I see Uranus. Elisabeth Barry

    • Thank you for that strong example, Elisabeth. I have longed believed that many families have a ruling planet due to the predominance of that planet in all their charts. Your family is clearly Uranus ruled, as was mine. My mother, with Moon in Aquarius marriedm may father, a man with a tight Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in Aquarius on the Midheaven, my brother was an Aquarius, my sister has Aquarius rising, and I am an astrologer, with Uranus as the lead planet and Alpha dog of my Gemini stellium, with Uranus conjunct Venus and Saturn. Donna

  12. Hi Donna,
    so so thrilled to learn that your hands are okay once again! As I have been learning astrology these past couple years your straightforward down-to-earth posts have been so insightful and helpful, and I really love your approach.

    One association I have for Uranus in Aries is rebellion on the internet, and I think the actions of the group Anonymous, particularly in the aftermath of young internet genius Aaron Swartz’s death are in indication that we will see more of this. Here is one of numerous links:

    Strikes me also that their action is an attempt to reform they perceive as a corrupt Dept of Justice– that Uranus in Aries is squaring Pluto in Capricorn.

    I am personally being hit by this square. My IC is 8 Aries, and I have been back and forth between my home in MA, my mom’s house (She’s an Aquarian with a stellium of Sun/Jupiter/Venus all in Aquarius; we call those her party planets 😉 ) in Michigan, my brother’s apartment in Chicago and my aunt’s house in Wheaton after her recent death (I am executor). I remember reading in one of your posts that if Uranus crosses the IC don’t bother packing more than an overnight bag. So true for me! And I have no idea where I’ll end up finally.

    One other interesting thing: That transiting Uranus is opposing my mercury, up there at 11 Libra. The merc is square to a 7th house cancer mars. I wouldn’t describe myself as mouthy, since these two signs are fairly genteel and considerate, but I’ve always been aware of my “inner verbal machine gun,” there at the ready when I needed it (usually defending another person (mars in 7th) or talking politics (9th h sun/pluto conjunction). What I’ve found lately, with this Uran/Pluto square, is that I’m swearing so much more, and sometimes have to bite my tongue!

    • Wow! I hadn’t heard about that group, but I HAD been wondering when the revolution would begin. I compare this period of the Pluto-Uranus square with the 1960s era of protest movements that lasted throughout the Pluto-Uranus conjunction. I was a hopeful young radical during those years and marched and demonstrated, and one of the slogans was, “The Revolution will not be televised.” Maybe this new revolution will happen on the internet, another Uranian media. Donna

  13. My progressed Moon just hit my natal Uranus in Leo a couple of weeks ago and I can attest to the supercharge of Uranus in a fire sign! Not good for sleeping, lots of restlessness and anxiety/tension. Doesn’t help that it’s the sensitive Moon — natal Uranus is 3 & 4 degrees from my Leo Ascendant & Moon, so this is heightening my usual Uranus/Moon aspects. I’ve never been able to tolerate much caffeine, though I do have some in the morning to get me started. I can’t even imagine drinking Red Bull — you’d have to pull me off the ceiling! I imagine Uranus in Aries is happier charging ahead than in Leo. Being a fixed sign makes it balkier and less comfortable.

  14. One word that’s bandy about is “wonder” . The wonder of the universe the wonder of the natural world.

    • Good word, wonder, and I would see it as a Uranus word–it shows the kind of shock and excitement we feel under a Uranus transit. Donna

  15. Im hanging onto my chair. Uranus is 2 degrees from my 7th house cusp in Aries and natal Mars conjuncts Uranus in Gemini so I look forward to an exciting new close partnership….possibly with two more little grand daughters joining our family. The court will pass its judgement by months end.
    With Uranus square to pluto which is smake dab on my nadar I need to make big changes at home.
    Uranus is 2 degrees past an opposition to my natal Neptune while transit neptune is 3 degrees past an opposition to my Sun. Neptune is transiting my 5th house and has enetered Pisces and seems to have already influenced my 6th house ruled by Pisces even tho its 12 degrees away from the 6th house cusp? Just saw a Medicine man for an unusual thing.Have to go back for follow up.
    Will let you know how this works out.
    I am comfortabe with Uranus but am keeping a jaundice eye on Pluto .

  16. the squares of Pluto to Uranus straddle my 10th and 1st house cusps. (the houses are ruled by their natural rulers in my chart.) the planets are both fresh into those houses.

    the day Uranus fell into the 1st, i could discernibly feel a difference. the anger, frustration and fear that, thus far, had ruled my life detached. i feel calm and no longer consumed by my internal fire. its easier to be objective, and im open to trying things that, before, would have terrified me.

    id been a bit worried of what this ingress might bring because Uranus’s transit through my 12th was a loss of my identity and ability to express myself. the loss was complete. but Uranus in aries – at my ASC and in my 1st house – has been like a pheonix rising – the pheonix being me.

    globally and personally, i think Uranus in aries is catalyzing awareness of our authentic desires.

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